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This is a common Western-style buildings, the owner of the house - Zou Tao-fen, formerly known as Run-Zouen, "Taofen" in 1926, he was editor-in-chief of "Life" magazine later used the pen name "Tao" intended to hiding one's capacity, "Fen" tireless struggle for meaning . Taofen youth have attended St. John's University in Shanghai Arts. St. John's University The Americans opened the church school, founded in 1876, is the oldest university in Shanghai. Now the East China College of Political Science and Law, and Taofen Taofen floor is the statue of the park's landmarks. After graduation, he began to editor-in-chief "of education and occupation" and to compile monthly "series of vocational education." In October 1926, took over Taofen "Health "Weekly editor-in-chief, all of which are published in short, lively and hit the problems of the article, so welcome by the public. In 1930, Zou and his wife rented the French Concession ban Lu Lu Island Square as the 54 apartments. November 22, 1936, the Nationalist government and the illegal arrest of Zou Taofen The other person in charge of Congress, shocked the world created the "Seven Gentlemen incident." In prison, Zou Taofen Jianzhenbuqu et al. Taofen after his release from the High Island home in the Square. Died of illness in Shanghai in 1944. In commemoration of Zou Tao-fen, in 1956 in his former residence next door and 53 minutes set up Taofen Museum. The display is the original Zou Taofen used before his death. Right above the fireplace hung a large photo of his mother Taofen, the two sides have framed the landscape; left hanging above the fireplace wife Shen Zhen Cui of an embroidery (she was the expert embroidery). The sun in the middle of the wall from floor window into a long, appears to be Warm outside, away like waiting for the return of the Tao Fen. Traffic: 17,24,36,146,575,780,781,786,864,869,933,932, eight-lane tunnel, bridge line. Address: 205 South Chongqing get 54 Tel: 63 42811 Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9:30-16:30 Tickets: 1 yuan

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