Moon Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Moon Bay is located in North dao ten feet from the terminal to nine of the cliff on the road, about 2 km, a hook like a huge crescent. Crescent Bay Qingzhi most of the ball is that it's stone, can be described as a stone ball Zhuguangbaoqi the world, such as white Mei-yu, the crystal Amber tournament, no matter where you lift will be a Want to leave. In 1979, Ye Jianying to Long Island, is pleased to Crescent Bay for the inscription: "Long Island Moon Bay, the Agriculture, Fisheries and ground vehicles Ishida, the price of Aung Shi colorful balls, women and children far more difficult situation finger."

  Park in the main building to a high of more than 20 meters combination of Chinese and Western-style "crescent Pavilion , Standing on top of the cliff in "Mission Hills Pavilion" and the kilometers-long promenade. Promenade, there is a stone ball with decorative paving meters of "rock blanket" of his trip there, "Pearl Tap step" feeling. Qingzhi most of the Bay is a crescent of stone ball, it can be said is a stone ball Zhuguangbaoqi the world, such as white Mei-yu, the Jingying Amber, no matter where you lift, a city also want to leave. Party and state leaders came to the Crescent Bay, both in person for the inscription Bay crescent remaining poems.

  In 1979, Ye Jianying to Long Island to Crescent Bay is the inscription: "Long Island Moon Bay, the Agriculture, Fisheries and ground vehicles Ishida, the price of Aung ball Shisheng Color, women and children far more difficult situation finger "; in 1964 for the crescent moon Dong Wan's inscription reads:" Long Island travel, the very heart suddenly, "Where do the tour is too long and Dong Lao people will have the same feelings. In order to meet the growing Tourism, the Long Island county party committee and the county government decided to build Crescent Bay Park, the first phase of the project is a new Gallery, reception room, shower rooms and changing rooms, now have been completed; the second phase of the project will be to build a national standard swimming pool, facilities, construction of the garden, visitors need to be equipped with a variety of tourist facilities.

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Yantai Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yantai is located in the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula, Weihai, east, west Weifang, Qingdao and adjacent to the southwest, on the brink of the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea, with Japan and the Korean Peninsula across the sea, is the first batch of China's open coastal cities is one of the Bohai Sea economic East Asia and the international circle Point City Mall, tourism city. Yantai Banghai the mountain, gas Pleasant, non-winter cold and summer heat without, in the north of China is well-known summer tourism and leisure resort.

Yantai has a long history, Gu Chen Zhifu. "Historical Records" records of the First Qin Emperor unified China, the three-time Tour East, three board Zhifu Island; Han Also, your visit to Zhifu line ceremony accession to the throne. Yantai City has been built 600 years of history, the year 1398 (Wu Ming-hong 31), to prevent harassment of Haikou, Zhifu in the construction of pier Lang Yan, also known as "wolf in Yantai," thus named Yantai.

Yantai hilly terrain for the area, from the hills Gentle, criss-crossing gully. Mountain cent of the total area of 36.62 percent, accounting for 39.7 percent hills, plains accounting for 20.78 percent, the low-lying land accounting for 2.90 percent. Low mountain located in the city domain, mainly by the Dazeshan, Hasan, Luoshan, Asan, Magnetic Hill, clams Lu Shan Shan, Shan Shan Xi, Kunyu Mountain, Jade Mountain, Dr. Hill, etc., by granite mountain, 500 meters above sea level, the highest peak for the Kunyu Mountain, an elevation of 922.8 meters. Distributed in the hilly area around the mountain and its lower extension, 100 to 300 meters above sea level, gentle ups and downs, fell Weiyi, gentle slopes, shallow valley wide alluvial valley within-fat , Thick layer. Yantai domain as a result of a more abundant precipitation, moist air, mild climate all year round hilly verdant forests, beautiful picture. In the spring, the mountain is covered with green, light floral; summer, green and luxuriant, very lively scene; autumn leaves fruit trees, colorful scene; to the middle of winter, the snow-wrapped, visible Linglong City region, the development of a river network, many small and medium-sized rivers, more than 5 km in length of 121 rivers, which flow more than 300 square km area of the city's five r. River, Dagu, Ta Jiahe Wang river border, Xin'an River and Yellow River 7. The main rivers in the East and West Miangen Yu Shan, Asan, Hasan, Luoshan, Dazeshan formed by the "roof Jiaodong" watershed into the sea at the North and the South. Into the Yellow Sea south of the five r., Dagu; into the Yellow Sea north of the Dagu and Jiahe Xin'an River; inflow of the Yellow River in the Bohai Sea, and the Wang River border. Its features, lower than the river, the source of gossip , Off the storm surge, wind and rain is a quarter-river source. Its alluvial plains formed by a small slice of sand and fertile, rich in apples, cherries, pears and grapes.

Yantai rich tourist resources here Shanqingshuixiu climate, the birthplace of Chinese Taoism Kunyu Mountain, the native place Xu, Qi Island home, as well as many Beach, the beautiful scenery of the Harbor islands and other natural scenery and historical and cultural relics of the composition of the rich natural landscape and human landscape. In the summer, the sea breeze slowly, graceful cool; brilliant Yamahana, Qinrenxinpi; light sea scenery, add radiance to each other. Not only enjoy the cool air of summer resorts, but also tourists sightseeing around the ideal habitat .

Yantai Tourism has long been known as the "three zone with a Ten, four of the six lines in the five parks." Three areas are: Yantai Golden Sands Resort at the provincial level, Yang Madao provincial tourism resort, Penglai Scenic Area; Ten: Penglai Pavilion, Long Island, Yun-san, Kunyu Mountain, Luoshan, Qi Shan Mother Island, Xu Hometown, Cong Ma homes Mushizhuangyuan, Fengcheng ten meters of beach tourism Attractions; a band is:

Laizhou east to west Sanshandao Muping Yang Madao coastal tourist zone; four city: Chinese Folk City Expo, the city's play in the Yellow Sea, Tashan sports entertainment city, Zhifu Island coastal city of food; five Park : The World Water Park, Nanshan Park, Yantai Hill Park, Hill Park, Park Yu Huangding; six lines: Qin Shi Huang Tour East Travel Line, Xu travel east line, Jiaodong folklore tours, tourism Wonderland human line, heritage tours , Six sea island tours. Yantai has become a truly "excellent Chinese Tourist City "

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Anqiu Shijiazhuang Folk Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anqiu Shijiazhuang Folk Village, 16 kilometers southwest of the city of Anqiu Ling River. Lin Shu-high close of the village, the road straight Tian Fang; Chuang Chuang two-story buildings, arranged in an orderly, clean Ming-li. Roadside flower arrangement, the chic hotel generous, spacious flat square, elegant refined kindergarten, one of the new vibrant picture of rural prosperity. Jing-Zhongxiu the , The wind rural civilization, the masters of simple hospitality every year ushered in Japan, the United States and the South-East Asia, Western Europe and many other countries, friends, here goes with the farmers, farmers living places, farmers living room, eating rice farmers, to experience folk culture, Baoxiang pastoral joy in this village has a folk museum, built in the 19 8-year in April, the full use of local arts and crafts, deep base Matrix, fitted waist Jian-foot walls of lime, a small green-Blastophagus large tile-roofed house, Shijiazhuang in north China is a folk performances Lu in the vicinity of a typical farm house set Tetraena , Covers an area of 1900 square meters, construction area of 725 square meters. Museum hours for a whole room, Room, a hospital. And reflects on behalf of Lu in the vicinity of the end of the Qing dynasty and the founding of the early farm life and customs at that time to research the political, economic and cultural value higher. Private civil ceremony is dedicated to the Office of the gods, the line of New Year's ritual place. Arts and crafts room of the main display of folk crafts such as paper cutting, Embroidery, pictures, etc., show that local people can be art and taste. Non-governmental cultural festival room to display a non-spread prevalence of the dragon, stilts, Han Chuan, the Lions pack, as well as games and entertainment appliances. Farm equipment on display room with all kinds of tools since the late Qing Dynasty, Zhang hung, "the four seasons of production plans," vividly depicts a four-year farm The process of farming. Farmer's living room a variety of appliances category full of life, there is the simple home appliances, but also guests with the exquisite dinner banquet and supplies. Farmer's textile display room of the old mill, shells, spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing, and other tools, large-scale wall murals, "farmer's textile map." Cunshu school wall has put the word "Four Books and Five Classics" on the desk Chen, the four treasures out in a few, then again the face of private schools. Customs House on the door of the couplet: "Double Star crossing the sky, the earth into a six-li." Hospital placed palanquin, with the use of Baitian De Xiang An Anthurium. In the bridal chamber arrangement of the wedding display, full of atmosphere. Four of five Lake Guests can hold a traditional Chinese wedding classical and enjoy family happiness. There backyard roller rooms, mill, in both carriage. Visitors should be able to master a request to push a grinder, grind or push through the countryside to Discovery Zuoma Ju-de-sac, kite-flying, watch the pastoral scenery.

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Qingyunshan folk amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingyunshan folk amusement park covers an area of 3000 mu, AAA is the first national-level tourist attractions, all located in the International Kite - 30 km south of Weifang City, is a prominent feature of folk culture, tourism-leisure, entertainment, holiday shopping In one large-scale integrated tourist areas.

Amusement park Qingyunshan up natural landscapes, has Xiuse southern, ethnic customs, wildlife, recreation, folk and Qilu six functional areas for the Peach Blossom Spring. Amusement park and pleasant weather, abundant vegetation, three quarters of flowering, evergreen the four seasons. In the park around the landscape, beautiful scenery and picturesque.

Amusement park is rich in people Features colorful entertainment. Ethnic songs and dances, ethnic customs, local opera, the trial magistrate, and other performances will show the most north-south style, on Daoshan, under fire, fighting, fighting sheep, horse fighting, walking for Speed wall, and other performances, exciting, thrilling. Horse riding, archery, swing, bar-flying Indian New Year Metal, cloth, and other participatory project Yuebukezhi tourists, away. Qingyunshan folk amusement park has become an ideal world and foreign tourists. Landscape Garden District: Hill ring around the water, ocean waves: Bridge Tse Ting Lang, Cuoluoyouzhi; Xiuzhu Lam, want to drop green.

The main attractions are: Tower Hill, to remain cloud Lake, Qingyun Bridge, Tse-yun Park, Ting Yuxuan, Immersi� Dan Fang, Shi-Yun Park, Wun Chai, Woodland-ming, pay homage to their booth, then show booths, the southern residential areas. National Customs: Set the southwest, northwest and customs of ethnic minorities in one, had shown the border of the beautiful scenery, and mysterious Customs Reaches the Border.

  The main attractions : Walled Dai and Wa Chai, Chai Nu, the Mosuo people, Walled Hani, Baita, Kongque Yuan, Lam Park, Totem Square, Stone Forest, the yurts, obo, Luyuan, cave, such as bamboo.

The main show: the production of ethnic minorities live scene, ethnic crafts, costumes of ethnic minorities. The main entertainment Minority singing and dancing performances, acrobatics coaster thrills performance, small animals, sports shows, horse racing, archery and so on. Qilu Folk Village: a village late Qing Dynasty in the form of Qilu shows the earth's land and its people and customs.

  The main attractions are: the wind channel together, Xian Ya, a bronze statue of Confucius, the great stage, a rich man, East residential areas, residential areas in Shandong, with the residential district, northern Shandong residential areas, walls, bell tower, Park Hui Fang, and so on.

  The main show: painting, production tools, daily necessities, paper cutting, Stitch, woodblock prints, burned black, flying bar, carving the nuclear field, such as arts and crafts in the making. The main entertainment: customs, local Show, lion dance, folk art performances such as Pao Hanchuan, archery, swing, mountain climbing frame, into the maze, a single-plank bridge over the traditional folk entertainment.

  Recreation Area: modern recreational facilities and landscape the perfect combination of financial knowledge, in one interesting, ages, Fun for all.

The main attractions are: petrified wood park, botanical gardens, children's park, Wun tower. The main entertainment: practicing golf course, fishing grounds, arena, a large windmill park, the city of dreams, leisure pools.

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Shihmen Square - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shihmen Square, also known as the Shihmen room, also known as Shimenshan, Linqu located in the West Village more than 20, because of music to the south end, the two peaks such as the confrontation between the door and named. Shihmen natural wonders of the "night as" King of the eight UN Linqu first early as the Shang period, it was by Yang Mu history of 3,000 years ago. Shang Linqu Pang for the city of the country Pang Shimenshan for jurisdiction in the country. Pang Wang (Boling) loyal to the imperial court, people remember for its merit, in the scenic Li Miao Shimenshan of worship. By the Tang Dynasty, the building of the temple, carved Buddha, has become a famous place, Huang social flow, man of letters, gathered here, beginning Dun Ji Yong. Song, Yuan, Ming pagoda built when, God . Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, continued by Cliff stone, the new Hall of Wenchang, constitute the ancient buildings. Square Shihmen eight holes: Longdong, three holes, Fairy Cave, the hanging hole day, day-respect, the drop in holes, I hope monk hole. Longdong particularly, for the most three holes. Holes of different potential, attractive thriller. Shihmen Square Tsui-feng, stand like a wall a thousand Ren, Kui stone rocks, who Dai Qing, who are white chalk, who cut Qiao, who are peeling off. Red sumac hills around the canyon, the value of each late autumn, red leaves Shuangda, poured red dye; Cong sumac between Parkinson's, Man Hung Dai inlay, Dan-Qing Li-Ya, magnificent picturesque. Chung Yeung Festival, the Chinese and foreign tourists are attracted leaves the door Ornamental Stones, network Absolutely not.

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Yi Zhen Miao, Shandong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yi Zhen Miao, Shandong is located in Kowloon Yishandonglu I, on the eastern side of Dong Village. Phoenix Bei Yi Ling, Wunshuei facing, sheltered Xiangyang, a beautiful, elegant beauty of the scenery. East Mountain Office strategic position, very appropriate for the seizure of Siguan. Temple of model patterns for the traditional Chinese courtyard in the form, surrounded by the wall into a hospital, during which no longer Yonglu Huaqiang apart, divided into eastern, central and western three courtyards. The main building at the hospital, the former arch for the St. Paul-Mountain Gate, the main entrance of the above, Upper door reads, engrave on the "East Zhenmiao" three words. Pianmen about slightly lower, capping three are all green glass. Into the arch for a Mountain Gate, green glazed tile roof also be affected. Mountain Gate East and West, each of the two generals Hall , Also known as "Shen Jun Temple." Bring up the rear, the eastern side of the bell tower, drum tower on the west side, are the second floor of the Pavilion style. Into the "Yu Xiang Ting." Booths around the stage, about the famous Li Ke. "Xiang Ting Yu" is the main hall, main hall, also known as the East Zhenmiao the main building. Taiwan, surrounded by corridors, Shilan Linglong tidy, green glazed tile ceiling, canopies Jue Ling Flying out of masonry thorough, and time scales. Diaolianghuadong, resplendent, dazzling. The whole hall style, style, color, similar to the temples and the Imperial Palace in Beijing. Dianqian altar, nail steeplechase structure, is expected to Qingshi, Jiangxinduju design. Taiwan Zhizuo, Yubei build-up, right there Beiting Royal Dade million. West House residence Museum doors on the "depths of the mountains," reads the words, the word big-foot diameter, Xing Shu-odd Hunpu ancient, beautiful Qiu Jin. Museum's "net Xuan wind," San Ying, the middle volume Ha, Ha said, forehead, "spotless." East residence hospital, the regulation size, construction materials, masonry technique and so on, as West hospital. Eastern, central and western Hospitals, including the Temple Shen Tang, Ting Lang floor veranda, Housing Road, Chai Ying more than 170 homes and so on, Green Island is the largest ancient mountain temple. Hospital while you're Mingmugushu, towering Blot out the Sun; Yubei ancient stone tablet history, we Inscription, Cong Lin-chu, including more than 360 buildings, known as "Forest of Stone Tablets Dong." "Vulgarian less famous, ancient temples and more Tree." Zhenmiao ancient origin, Mingmugushu, there is no lack of natural. Han Park, only to the existing, Tang Huaijing, such as several million ginkgo trees.

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Even Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Even park, located south of Green Lane even 197, years of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty was Wenhua Dian University Shang Xing Bu Ping Pu people and a private garden, the referred to as the local people, "Fung Ka Garden." Pingpu because officials in the capital when living in Willow Park, he would give the emperor in his Green Island House called "dual Park," check "comes in pairs Meaning. . It was "even a little garden in mind" records, even the main park of the building: one mountain (sambong rockery), a (good Church Hill), dihydrate (Falls water, spring water hole), Bridge (large stone bridge, cross the stone bridge, Baoshui Bridge), three Court (Pine Wind Pavilion, throughout the cloud Court, the Green Grid Pavilion), four pools (fish pond, reservoir, square pool, Pool), four-ting (Friends of the shiting, Caoting a recent Chiao-ting, lying yunting) Even the garden is not large-scale, but it is well-structured, the layout of decency, do not have a taste, and fully reflects the working people of our superb landscape architecture Even in the park, even among the most attractive garden rockery. It is a well-known by the late Ming and early Qing Die Shi Jia Zhang Nan Yuan Governor block design, is the only well-preserved Kangxi style with a man-made rockeries, she has concentrated Kyushu Xiushui mountains and rivers, Shi Feng vary, pavilions scattered, meandering streams, high waterfall deep tan, with a very High artistic and historical value as national treasures. In addition to the rockery, even in the park there, "Fu, Ting Kang, Ning "four stones. Linglong visible of these stones, bearing out of the ordinary at that time had" one or two stones Jan. 2 Yin ", it shows that these precious natural stone.

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Green Island Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Green Island Museum was founded in 1959, years in October, more than 30 years, 4 million pieces of cultural relics collection, dozens of state-level cultural relics. Self-built museum, the museum each year to receive visitors at home and abroad 450,000 people. Museum built east and west, north and south of the four exhibition halls, of which East and West for the two-story exhibition hall in the south, For the three-storey exhibition hall, exhibition hall 4 with back-linked to the promenade, with a total construction area of over 10,000 square meters, construction style using small tile Poding, cornices Qiaojiao national style. Whenever early as dawn, the resplendent glazed tile, particularly ancient, spectacular. Qingzhou City Museum's collection of a wide range of items, or only for the world, or At present, the only unearthed in the country, the study of ancient China's political, economic and other essential materials, by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and attach great importance to the experts. Longshan Culture period was planted by the Tao, there are primitive rendering of "breast-feeding map" is a very precious cultural relics at the national level; unearthed in Tuen Mun Su port operators "Asia ugly" group of bronze, the production of fine, for the bronze Shang Dynasty unearthed in China's products; the country's only a set of Fan Qi knife coin money for the study of Qi's economy provides a basis; the Northern Dynasties painted statues, whether sculpture Techniques of fine, golden chisel high technology, the design of advanced technology, the degree of preservation of integrity, both at home and make Experts and scholars are amazing; Wuping four years the Northern Qi Dynasty (573) Qingzhou, a businessman Tomb of the interior wall of carved portrait of a true representation of the ancient Silk Road, the scene, confirmed the ancient Silk Qingzhou, and even exported to Europe, Central Asia and the historical facts; to fill China's court file blank Wanli of the Ming 26 (1598) champion Green Bingzhong Hall of the papers, but only at home and abroad as a result of priceless, in recent years, also regained its legendary experience a sensation at home and abroad has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life. At present, China in 1996 only a clear layout, better preservation of the previous large-scale temple in the Tang Dynasty ruins Longxing Temple site was found in Qingzhou, a one-time The Northern Wei Dynasty were unearthed soil to the Northern Song Dynasty 500 years, more than 400 Buddhist cache, the number of its large number of varieties, Diaogong of Jingdao, the bright colors in the archaeological history of China are rare, is listed as China's top ten One of the archaeological discoveries. Buddhist Longxing Temple in the Chinese Museum of History, cause Community attention has to the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions on display.

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Cloud Gate Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cloud Gate Hill, is the Shandong provincial government in 1985 released the first batch of provincial-level scenic spots, located 2.5 kilometers south of Green Island, 421 meters altitude. Plain Wat set aside, enough to cover Songyin, although there is high potential of thousands of Ren and Lu in ancient times for the famous. Genting large peak, such as the door hole, the same north-south, such sighted mirror Hanging, summer and fall season, filled clouds, and piercing, such as the billowing waves, its up to the peak of the temple, albeit not very clearly, illusory, like a fairyland, a magnificent view, referred to as "Cloud Gate", or "Cloud Gate in Wonderland . " San Sui and Tang dynasties of the times there are statues Cave 5, 272 Stone Buddha, carved in the first Sui Emperor years. Seekers can explore history, such as Ouyang Xiu, Fu Bi, Wang Shizhen, is Zhongyu, and so on, to the Cloud Gate Hill left a large number of precious Cliff Inscription. Cliff San-Juan ancient China has the largest Cliff Chinese characters "shou", dating back 400 years. "Shoubinanshan" that is, from this. "Shou" high - .5 Meters, 3.7 meters wide, the only life under the "inch" on the 2.3 m high, so the local spread of "life than the mountains, no one inch high," said. Hill cloud openings on the west side of the famous "cloud cave" like a song well, bottomless, summer and fall when there is cloud transpiration, the clouds poured out of into the openings, in particular the sublime landscape. Yun Nan West side of the main peak of openings with a natural stone loopholes, and unpredictable, when the air pressure is low, the steam often Fan Chu, fine-sounding name, "Cloud Cave." Cloud Gate Hill, such as pine and cypress sea, green and luxuriant, Qiao Li Cliffs, charming scenery, the highest in the state Green South, as if a natural barrier. Cloud Gate cents a mirror, always Pode Buddhism and Taoism favor of the two religions. Cloud Hill, a large sunny, small caves 5, 272 statues. Sanin in the Cloud Gate, one of the rare sea giant stone Cliff, "Shou", called "Cloud Gate offer life." Department of "Ming Jiajing 39 years early in September on the 9th, value for palm House Secretary Jiyang well-written." Cloud Gate on the eastern side of mountain, there are well-Jiyang open-made " Chun-dong. "Cloud Gate Hill were the main peak" Genting "If the fish-shaped ridge, east-west, more temples temples, planting Mountain" Dongyuedadi "Temple Trees" Tarzan mother "of worship, to build things Langzhong Wind Pavilion, Pan Xiu-class rocks 968. Boarded the Cloud Gate Mountain, looking west, southwest and the size of a camel Shan peaks, undulating hills, Spectacular points. Jian Shan Cloud Gate "Ficus erecta Temple Girl," "Wang Shou Ge", Qingwa red walls, antique, Wei-wei spectacular.

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Smoke floating Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Shan was smoke floating Yi Wei Lv Mountains, was southwest and northeast direction at 12 kilometers southwest of Weicheng district, 3 km long from north to south, covering an area of 11.4 square kilometers, 161.5 meters above sea level. Western Hills is a temple at the foot of the sub-reservoir capacity of 23,950,000 cubic meters, making the other more beautiful green mountains and blue waters. East is on the south side of Weifang International Kite Festival Flying field delegation and Taiwan, an area of 12 hectares.

  In 1993, at the top of the building Weifang educational television transmission tower, high clouds, grand Weiwei. Chiang Wei-provincial trunk road traffic from the southeast after, in 1995 and completed more than 6000 meters of mountain road. North-South Hill smoke floating out peaks, a time when cross - Wild, verdant trees, cliffs deep mountain stream, spring water features, beautiful. Chong Fengyan no cliffs, but the overlapping peaks range upon range of hills, beautiful yet still elegant, powerful vast. According to the Weifang municipal government's overall plan, Hill will be smoke floating into the integration of the large garden landscape pattern.

  Smoke floating Mountain Forest Park, located in the City Square in the southern suburbs of the West and strategic location, beautiful natural scenery, numerous cultural sites, in the history of the Han Dynasty Gongsun Hong former residence of the prime minister, the foot of Taiwan's College, Stephen Pu-Sheng, Zhenguan repair, Nan Yin Chao Murong Prince Edward school, the Yuan Shang Zhang Yan Li Bu - "Taiwan's Lu Moon," are built in this inscription.

The park is in accordance with the Weifang City People's Government Hill smoke floating tourist resort master plan and construction of a financial nature and cultural landscape in a furnace set tourism, recreation and tourism cities in the agricultural demonstration in one of the large-scale comprehensive park.

The park covers an area of 98 hectares, the completion of vote 20,700,000 yuan, and built a Niaoyu Lin, and Zhenqidongwu Park for the Performing Arts District of animal, forest homes, women and children park, botanical gardens, national defense education bases, kart track, Square on May 4, The Adventures of forest palace, high Ferris wheel, fishing lakes, Dragon King-ting, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 15 major scenic spots such as Park 99 spots. Of which: Lin language covers an area of 15 hectares, stocking more than 5,000 kinds of birds only, the province is a first-rate; kart field facilities, the thrills, in Weifang City, Zheng is the first; botanical garden planting flowers and trees of various luxurious 18,000.

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Weifang Kite Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weifang Kite Museum is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province, was built in 1987, the Department of National's first professional kite museum. Covers an area of 12,000 square meters, construction area of 8100 square meters. The size of the Library has 12 exhibition halls. Flying range of exhibits, displays from the 5th century BC, "Lu Ban kite" to Chinese and foreign kinds of kites.

Weifang Kite Museum is located at the whitecaps Wei Cheng Ya An east, covering 13,000 square meters, construction area of 8100 square meters, so far as the world's largest kite museum. Its style of construction selected for the Weifang Kite centipede leading characteristics of the house Is a complete portfolio of ceramic dragon, peacock blue glazed tile up to the roof, like flying dragon sky, hit Jiuxiao down. Museum has a nearly 1600 square meters of hall and the size of a total of ten more than 3000 square meters of showrooms. Today, in the main exhibition on the basis of the original, from the text, charts, and other aspects of adapt-charge , Initially formed with the characteristics of professional folk museum.

Museum's collection will display all times and in all of kite treasures can also reproduce the previous video Weifang International Kite Festival of the grand occasion, the audience on China's systematic development of Weifang kites, kite history and the school system Kite technical skills and inspiration derived from the broad prospects for human flight, introduced on display all over the world and the development of a kite bar, painting, kite technology. There are artists of the kite-flying on-site production.

Kite Museum also has a multi-functional uses, is a collection of ancient and modern display Kite, the professional folk art museum, a cultural or entertainment center. If the full package, it will be a kite all the tourism, culture, entertainment and kite Trade Center. Library to a large number of in-kind, photographs, a vivid image of the data to show the origin of the kite-flying and the history of evolution; introduced the kite Faction, the types and characteristics; demonstrated the Weifang International Kite Festival with bodies flying and people friendly exchanges.

The kites are on display: a traditional kite. There are a variety of small, medium and large centipede head, hard and soft-winged butterfly kite, seven stars, gossip kites, a variety of Pet Fishes, flying insects Cheese and flying figures and legends of the flying figure. There are also exhibition of Jilin, Jinan, Zhejiang's best works. Second, the Weifang Kite innovation. Weifang kites are amateur artists and new root system kites, stunt kites, flying characteristics, and micro-giant kites, Weifang kite enthusiasts to show a bold The spirit and imagination. Third, flying abroad.

  Foreign kite enthusiasts in recent years has produced its own characteristics and style of kite. The collection on display in the selection of kites, color and art, the nature of the thousands of objects for distillation of an exaggeration, of the processed crop used in kite Creative, so that the main content of the co-ordination with the kite shape, life style and local characteristics, miscibility, showing the fine art of Weifang Kites work Coincidentally, the immense generosity of the unique folk style.

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Weifang City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weifang City Museum by the Beijing Design Institute of the ancient architectural style of a large-scale comprehensive museum. The library is located in Weifang in the eastern urban development zone, since April 15, 1995 started in December 1999 opened an area of 36.08 mu, building area of 18669.7 square meters, To the country's largest municipal museum. Office of the Library set up in an orderly manner, the Office of Natural Museum, displaying A Brief History of the Office of Weifang, the Office of revolutionary history, academic Hall, the Office of Science and Technology, temporary exhibition halls, cultural facilities, such as treasury, 1.3 million pieces of cultural relics collection. The main exhibition hall: "A Brief History of Weifang display," the show - In kind, pictures, text and presentation technology demonstration, showing the history of the development of the Ba Qiannian Weifang. Xi, including the beginning of civilization, the three generations of Ying Wa, the charm of the Han and Tang, Song Zhen collect, some of the old city style 5. The exhibition features artifacts for the lead, Weifang which runs through the history of the Masters, has embraced a common history of Weifang development Lianmian brilliant painting . "Chinese calligraphy and painting replicas of ancient Retrospective" exhibition is the National Palace Museum in Taipei's ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting replicas of the treasures. "Collection of fine art exhibition" display thousands of pieces of family history real to the Qing Dynasty famous for, such as Yu-ting of the axis of apricot silk, Zheng Banqiao, Shen Huang and others Painting. "Space technology and maritime exhibition in the 21st Century" is a picture of the main exhibits and models, including satellite, rocket, spacecraft, ships of various models were 21, is a type of popular science exhibition. There are "photo exhibition on the life of Lu Xun", "Marshal of the 10 photo exhibition on the life".

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Yang Tian Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Tian Shan Qing Zhoucheng located 46 km south-west, 834 m above sea level, covering an area of 2.1 square kilometers. Han-dong as a result of (Thousand-Buddha Grottoes) there are skylights, "Yang-how to wear, launched under the sky" and its name. In ancient times, "Yang Tian hanging round Moon," a poem that praised the scenery Yang Tian Shan. February 22, 2000, the National Industry Council for formal approval of the Yang Tian Shan National Forest Park.

Yang Tian Shan National Forest Park to develop a total area of 2400 hectares, the park magnificent mountains, the landscape strange, ancient temples, rich heritage, beautiful environment, forests, construction sites all over the mountain, celebrities are pitching Inscription yes. Yang Tian Shan forest cover The brakes have been included in the landscape, "Guinness World attractions." Yamanaka: ancient temples, cliffs, clear spring, trees, flowers, birds, Xian Yun - Tianzaodishe, picturesque. The peculiar nature of the human landscape with a rich, integrated with each other, add radiance to each other, is a charming exotic tourist destination. An Zhiyuan well-known writer of the Qing Dynasty, to his first-hand experience, described Yang Tian Shan: sink peak round-Ju Huang Danfeng, the concentration near and far. All villages in the evolution. Man-Yi Meng be up and down, who word from tobacco Cuan, a number of Wu Lei have no homes. This record really works than the Tao Yuan-ming for the Peach Blossom Spring, but also some of the United States. Nevertheless, Yang Tian Shan before entering, visitors can also enjoy on the road to a scene. This is the Shirengou the top of the hill to the north of Stone Forest. Stone Forest from 9 sudden huge component of the legislation, as a 9 Road of people gathered together. Moreover, well that different patterns, very fun. An Zhiyuan in the eyes: Some of these Road Gongzhuo Hand, some bent back, and some turned to recall some decent sit upon, and some rest to sit, it seems, a team of Akiyama travel all the way tourists. An Zhiyuan also said that they are really made him look suspect. Experts say that the geographic research, which is limestone areas, only one of the wonders of the landscape. This nine-Road King can be regarded as Yang Tian Light off.

  Yang Tian Shan into the first to greet the visitors, is the mountain forests of green color. Layer upon layer of it, as the mountain peaks, the wind is enough to Fu Dong-Feng Wang heart rate, see the Valley favorite. If the late autumn season here, can also be seen from the sumac, red maple, Chinese pistache, and other color The species composition of the 100 hectares of red leaves Lin. Manshanbianye red, yellow occasional embellishment, the composition of the Huashan spectacular scenic spots. At the same time, and ginkgo, cedar, Metasequoia, oriental arborvitae, weeping, Pterocarya, Carpinus foliage, and other species; Spiraea, Rosa, Bauhinia, Mei Shan, Ying-chun, mallow, pomegranate, Drugs, peonies, azaleas, lilac, jasmine, lilies, such as the Red flowers and trees and vegetation; chestnut, hawthorn, apple, Bunge, apricot, plum, date, persimmon, cherry, Li Yu, grapes, Chinese wolfberry fruit, such as edible. A total of 48 branches, is 92, 166. That really is a rich and varied. No wonder the ancient Yang Tian Shan " However, a hundred Garden. "


  In addition, there are a must. In addition to the fruit could be here for many tastes, there are more plants flowers, leaves, roots, could be on the table of delicious food. If the Chrysanthemum, Chinese toon, wild ginseng, fungus, mushrooms, dandelion, yellow, Qin Ye, Allium Hill, mountain When dozens of peach. As a result, Yang Tian Shan of the United States, not only can, and can eat. When visitors to this point, to watch the beauty of the mountains to listen to the birds with Lin Tao, a taste of delicious Shanzhen, you do not feel carried away, and that it will be strange if.


  If Yang Tian down the west side, but also To roll like a landscape painting landscape: Hui River Reservoir. Mountains, can accommodate more than 2800 cubic meters of water. Pure water, microwave does not panic and reflected peaks, Jing Ying Bi Sheng, Heung there appears to be a cave near the green mountains Siluo, between Castle Peak in the flat. Pianpian boat on the water surface, you can make in a pair of mountain, Sea tours of the charm. At the same time, the water of carp, tilapia, shoot floating fish, silver carp gray, soft-shelled turtles, ephippiatus ... ... It is also sufficient: Commodities Yangtianshanzhen before, he also Ren fresh seafood. For cents a sense that, here again attractive aftertaste.

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Wenshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wendeng is located in Wenshan in the urban areas on the eastern side. "World peace in mind" records, Qin Shi Huang Tour East, scholars convened by the board of Shan Gong Songde, Wenshan be named. Then Wenshan towering old trees, row upon row of palace temple, called the text a Fengdian Taiwan. Wenshan park built in 1980, covers an area of 8677 square meters. 1991 Wenshan expansion of the park covers an area of 316,000 square meters, more than 800 million investment to repair response, such as Taiwan relics in the text. "Wenshan Park," the Department of words in modern well-known calligrapher Qi Gong original handwriting. Shihfang huge positive side incised couplet: "Zu Long clear streets for the emperor in ancient scribes mountain named after the county began Zixi, drying farmer Qianshou know the word Yu-kun book a much-told tale Chuan today, "banners" trace left the Qin Dynasty, "for the well-known calligrapher, educator and author of the million-sik book. Rising, a clock tower right, the left-wen shiting stars. Is a great positive response to Taiwan text, 12.3 meters high, 480 square meters floor area by the amount of Zhao title. Up and down at a two-tier Taiwan, to the top of the First Qin Emperor Wen called Taiwan wax Hall, the lower the "Wendeng science museum," the book by the amount of Fei Xiaotong, Gordon Chin-man, inside the ancient writings and deeds of famous people.

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Weihai Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weihai Park in February 2000 started on May 31, 2001 completed on June 1 formally opened park. North Park from the Quartet Road, south Pingdu Road, Granville for the Gulf. 3218.6 m total length, the width of an average of 144.3 meters to South Beach for the community, the park covers an area of the east and west sides with a total area of 46. 10,000 square meters. Central Park has culture, a central square, from north to south there are four main areas, namely Ya sea, sea and land, sea and song, sea-hui. In the central square and set up four spots correspond to a large main sculpture, scenic four theme sculpture and a number of small-scale sculpture. Green Park to the ecological landscape Li As a guide to native trees for the skeleton to form a clear primary and secondary, and white density, Cuolayouzhi, concise and forthright attitude of the ecological community, and fully reflects the richness of plant species and diversity. To facilitate the fitness and leisure, the area also set up a playground for children, elderly fitness area. The whole tree-lined park, flowers Kam And the sea, forest, green, flowers, sculpture, rocks, organic architecture, embraced constitute a beautiful coastal city of the ecological picture.
Ya sea area: North and South about 360 meters from east to west for about 75 meters, with an area of 6100 meters. Children play activities, but also the elderly to enjoy days Music. Ya sea area as a whole by the theme of the sculpture, fountain, sand, playground, leisure pool, a maze of plants, such as the composition of the stadium doors. The main sculpture "shell" 6 meters high, and set "carry kelp," "Penguin" and "top attack" and other Group 5 sculpture piece, to express the son of the sea, the Chinese people of vitality and is complicated Prosperous scene, meaning the growing prosperity of Weihai.
Love in the sea area: at the sea area south-Ya 580 meters, 153 meters north-south and east to west 75 meters, covers an area of 3800 square meters. Sculpture of the main "end of one mind" 4 meters high, symbolizes the sea love in Weihai landscape beautiful landscape of dependency, so that visitors to hang around Back, had a boundless sea of nostalgic feelings, and expressed love for the people living in Weihai, in the future is full of infinite yearning for good.
Center for Cultural Square: Central Park is located, 580 meters long from north to south, the whole square into the sea to the extension of the maximum distance 107 meters, covering a total area of 67,000 square meters, Place of 39,600 square meters, green area of 24,000 square meters. Cultural Center Plaza, also known as the Sea Spirit Square, the theme of large-scale sculpture "Ode to the Sea" high 10.75 meters, 27 meters long, the sea reflects the all-conquering strength and indomitable spirit, it is not only a sea of soul, the soul of Weihai is also China's national soul.
To increase visitors to the popular science knowledge, to arouse people's awareness of environmental protection, on the south side of the square in the center with 3550 square meters of forest tree fossils, over 100 trees of the ancient tree fossils not only to the people of the United States enjoy, but also aroused people's history Life, thought of the time. Song-Hai area: the cultural center is located on the south side of the square, covers an area of 4500 square meters. Song is a scenic sea to sea to start?????triangle of 45 degrees. Square pavement for the wave-like, meaning the singing of the sea, the theme of the sculpture "picture-in-picture" 10 meters high, 12.2 meters long, through the picture-in-picture, Sculpture and nature of the sea linking the park and social ties, the Acura into the sea to raise the tens of thousands of people Enze, praise the people of Weihai in the party under the leadership of the development of the oceans, to protect the marine achieved fruitful results.
Hui sea area: Park at the southernmost tip of the area of 2306 Meters by 5 arranged orderly composition of the circus. Place the largest diameter of 30 meters, the theme of the sculpture Settings 6 meters high, the use of visitors to the collection of abstract modern science and technology network, information lenovo and feelings. The other four square diameter of 20 meters, respectively, to China's Ancient Observatory, the ancient civilizations of the compass, modern Compass navigation device, such as charts for the content of the sculpture. Place the performance of the marine science and technology to promote the development of the cause, the meaning of science and technology is the engine of modern civilization forward.

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Weihai International Beach - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weihai International Beach is located in Weihai Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, is a natural beach, clear all year round, Dongnuanxialiang, is typically maritime climate. Beach coastline length of 2800 meters, the East has flail Ma Shan, the West has Yandun Hill, echoed, with around mu pine, coast A total length of 2,800 meters, the beach area of 100,000 square meters, soft sand, clear water, gently sloping beach, at the same time to accommodate tourists 4-50000, dotted along the coast in the flowers, stone carving, Cai Peng five colors, more Beautiful scenery, constitute a mountain, sea, forest, people in one beautiful picture, tourists travel , Entertainment, holiday resorts. Beach Management Office in accordance with high standards and multi-functional, modern planning program, is accelerating construction has been completed and put into use of the amusement park, water world, and other recreational facilities on the beach, set up boats, cruise ships, pleasure boats, and other water projects , And with this set of Low wash changing rooms, rescue at sea. In addition, catering, accommodation facilities and other services to meet the needs of consumers at different levels. The annual May 1 to October 1, is the Weihai international tour of the best beach season. International beach easily accessible from the beach to Hardaway Only 50 km from the airport, railway station to reach only 15 km,

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Yun-kwong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yun-kwong fell trees at the top of Longjing Hill area before the Huai a flat on the ground, the landscape here is very quiet, the West has a clear bottom of the stream, gurgling water, the constant year round. North of the rock and staggered mixed pine and cypress, Shen Jian to the east, there are vast expanse of the South Sea. Yun-kwong Department Babao: Ginkgo biloba tree, Tengluo, water holes, Stephen Wells, fairy bridge, stone tomb, the itch tree, the Buddha temple, also known as cloud-ray Babao hole. Taoism advocates of the "NABI Kingdoms" light goes on the hole made detailed and vivid descriptions. According to historical records, Jin Dading years, Wang Chongyang to the East and apprentices, the creation of the China Taoist Quan-Zhen Religion. East Wangchu Yi Mou, Yang Yu words, the Kunyu Mountain Xia Wang Chongyang al-division for the exercise Road Act. After completion of his studies, Wang Yuyang East tour also hew Hill, came to light Yun-dong, Quan Zhendao continue to study the law, Quan-Zhen Religion in Kunshan were created. The famous "cloud-light" in the light goes into the hole. Despite the long time span, but the hole Yun-kwong, the former rock Zaoke "cloud-light," the three characters However, very clear. Thus, cloud-light Taoism is the birthplace Quan-Zhen Religion Kunshan faction. Cloud-light tour, to the understanding of the history of Chinese Taoism, have important practical significance.

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Li Qin Shi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In 219 BC, Qin Shi Huang led a tour to East Wenguanwuqiang Chengshan that reach the end of the day, it will make the prime minister Li Si wrote, "Qin Tian Jintou East Gate" and built at the summit Chengshan. As a result of old, stone broken into two parts, half on some of the characters are falling into the sea, the top of the existing base of 120 cm high, 145 cm, 75 cm thick, according to research experts, "Cibei for stone-rock, and stone Chengshan, indeed," Li Qin Dynasty stone. "

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CCTV film culture in Weihai City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Tsui tourist district, with a total area of 464 mu comes on the heels of Zhuozhou in Hebei, Jiangsu Wuxi, the construction of the third major film to the location. It can be divided into three parts: First, children's entertainment district, the park has been completed Knight, the main entrance of the castle, Country Club, a large windmill, such as King Junior Golf , Was 96 years on June 1 formally opened to the public; second, "Flowers in the Mirrors" zone, will be used to shoot the Chinese classic "Flowers in the Mirrors"; Third, the services area. Canada acres of the villa group. It is a resort and the construction of a joint venture of Canada, with a total area of 1,400 mu, to launch the first phase of the three-like style House, is now at home and abroad for business rental sales. Each villa covers an area of 1000 square meters, the well-known designers from Canada, Canada Architects supervised all decorative materials and equipment were imported in Canada and abroad.

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Liu Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weihai is located away from the 2.1 sea miles to the east of the mouth of the Gulf of Granville, 4.08 km from east to west, north-south 1.5 kilometers wide, covering an area of 3.15 square kilometers, 14.95 km long coastline, the peak flag shan 153.5 meters above sea level. Has long been known as an "unsinkable ship."

Liu island history For a long time, the gateway to hold the Beijing-Tianjin inter-island maritime squat form a natural barrier, is the Eastern frontier guard coastal areas and territorial seas of military areas. This is China's first modern naval Qing Government Date birthplace of the Northern Navy, is here in the ancient battlefield of the Sino-Japanese War and Japan, the famous naval battle in the Yellow Sea took place here. Today, the island has established a Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese War For the museum, a collection of a large number of precious cultural relics. Harbor salvage them from the giant naval guns, more than 20 tons weight, only to the world.

  Sino-Japanese War during the Battle of the island there are small navy of the Northern Rail Terminal and the ancient fort, to commemorate Sino-Japanese heroes of the Northern naval monument Here, the display of Chinese weapons have made History of the Museum of Chinese weapons, to maintain the original vegetation in the national forest park, then the Northern naval command of the Northern Department of the Navy admirals, but also through the building, sculpture, painting, video art, and other means of a comprehensive display of moving and tragic history of Sino-Japanese naval Battle of the Sino-Japanese War Museum .

Liu is the AAAA level scenic island . Weihai is a natural sea barrier, in the defense that there are an extremely important position.

  In 1888, the Navy into the Northern Army, based Cable and Wireless on the island, the naval college, to build the Northern Department of the Navy admirals, iron pier has become China's first modern navy, "the Northern navy," the birthplace. In 1894, in Sino-Japanese naval battle took place on the island in the eastern waters. Today, it has become a well-known to tourists and patriotic education bases on the island have a General Secretary Jiang Zemin wrote the name "Chinese Sino-Japanese War Museum," St. Paul, the Northern Navy and the Department of Ding Ruchang the former site of the home, Sino-Japanese War during the Battle of credit Northern Rail navy And the ancient fort in the first, to commemorate Sino-Japanese heroes of the Northern naval monument Here, China has demonstrated history of the development of weapons of weapons of the Chinese Museum, to maintain the original style and features of the national forest park, through the optical sound reproduction, and other modern means of Sino-Japanese naval battle scenes of heroic Sino-Japanese War naval museum. China Sino-Japanese War Museum in which a large number of precious Objects from the seabed salvage the giant naval guns, more than 20 tons weight of the world only, the eye-openers.

  Museum through artifacts, photographs, wax, sand table model, and other means, a vivid representation of the Northern Navy and the Sino-Japanese war was the face of history, people Rulin its territory. Sino-Japanese War Museum is a sea battle Construction, sculpture, painting, video art, and other means of a comprehensive display of moving and tragic history of Sino-Japanese naval battle of large-scale memorial, by the Office of sequence, as the Northern naval forces, naval college in the Summer Palace, Toshima battle, the Battle of Pyongyang, the Yellow Sea World War, the fall of Port Arthur Base , Weihai bloody battle, such as the Office of the end of most of the nine components. As if visitors to enter Like the "time tunnel", first-hand experience of the Sino-Japanese War of the tragic and heroic.

  It faces intense suffering of the Yellow River Water and Clouds, back then the blue-wei in the Gulf, known as "non-Ping Fan Corner" and the "unsinkable ship," said the marine park called, is the world famous city of Haiphong. Reported, the Eastern Han Dynasty, the royal family, Liu Branch, in order to avoid the persecution of Wei and moved on the island. She is a good honest, regular economic rescue fishermen. After the man-made and they mark the construction of the Liu Gongmiao. As a result, the island is also known as the son of Liu island.

  Liu if Yuanwang Island Lions recline, and Weihai Tsui area to form the "Second Long-chu of the" trend. North Island South steep relief, West 4.08 km long, north-south and a maximum width of 1.5 km, the narrowest 0.06 km, 14.95 km long coastline, covering an area of 3.15 square kilometers, the top flag shan 153.5 meters above sea level. Clear Water, Blue Island East 10,000 ares, the vast Yan Bo, and the urban areas of the West Island across the sea. The entire island of dense vegetation, green and luxuriant Mainly to black pine, up to more than 2,700 acres, has been named the 1985 National Forest Park. In 1999 the Ministry of Construction Liu island was named "national scenic areas of civilization."

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Yanshou Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Palace is located in Rongcheng Prolonging Life Croucher Mountain south of Longjing top. Jin was built three temples into the structure. It fronting the deep, the back-light clouds, the scenery is beautiful, "couch low clouds hanging trees near windows Doo-Star." Outside the meantime, the people have access to Dongtian feel blessed. Unfortunately, the simple elegance of palace life extension of war destroyed, leaving only Duanbei disabled people pay for the stone tablet. In 1991, Rongcheng City People's Government for the development of tourism, investment more than 100 million of Yanshou Gongmiao group carried out a repair. Intrauterine cut and polish the statue is beautifully brought to life. Each year, a large number of visitors to this tourist worship, a very strong incense.

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Rongcheng Bay Isle Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rongcheng Bay Isle provincial tourism resort, founded in August 1992, planning land area of 10 square kilometers, south Isle Bay, and every other Bay Ishijima, ROBOT Ye across the island, according to Chaoyang North Hill, and Ning town, Dong Shanzhen, exclusion linked to the town, lying down, scattered in an orderly manner, the traffic is convenient, beautiful natural scenery, gas Pleasant. Is the area since ancient times, Japan and South Korea friendship between the people of the well-known business center in the north there is "little Hong Kong" reputation. Based on topography, geomorphology, the planning for the resort: the beach recreation areas, the protection of flora and fauna Hill Chaoyang District, the district administrative offices, living quarters, high-tech industry in five major areas, so as to the direction of development Travel, leisure, business services, finance, teaching and scientific research industries, taking into account the development of high-tech industries, and gradually built the area for tourism, Branch, engineering, trade, science into a modern seaside town. 10,000 m Beach, has been built on the sand in the shape of the hull to the two-round as the main hotel, surrounded by crabs, shellfish Jellyfish, conch, sea urchins, and other marine life like the construction of the decorative piece for the perfect service facilities, where primary and secondary school students has become a summer camp and summer visitors, the ideal heat; Beach Recreation Area, has a unique landscape. The area from the port of opening up the country for a class of Hong Kong Island and Isle of international fish trade and fishing port 2 km of Hong Kong, the cargo ship when guests can pass Dalian, Tianjin, Yantai, Qingdao, Hong Kong, and other large and medium-sized cities, and direct flights to major ports in the world.

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Sea Island donkey - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengshan is located in the northern part of the sea, on land recently from a distance of 4 sea miles. As the scenic, far away from land, it attracts numerous seabirds to the habitat, spawning and reproduction. Every spring, tens of thousands of sea gulls to the spawning habitat, row upon row of bird's nest in the chimney, just to name a few, known as the "Kingdom of seagulls." Admission: 35 yuan and 65 yuan Chengshan coat-tail, and Chengshan, the largest wildlife park together 90 votes.

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Qin and Han Wen Shiguan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin and Han Wen Shiguan in scenic areas within Chengshan. Chengshan to the Library and scenic areas related to the Qin and Han literature and history, cultural relics on display as the main contents of the writings, paintings, photographs, and the sand table display, and other forms of photo display for the means to make both the exhibition hall also has a separate block in a row Sex. Hill is not only success but also has far-reaching features of the calendar , Both ethnic and modern style, so as to achieve the Chinese nation to show a long history, vast numbers of tourists to carry out patriotic education purposes. Museum Library by national experts who have made outstanding contributions, China's famous ancient literature and history professor at Dalian University Teachers College, honorary president of Mr. Yu Zhiyuan wrote.

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Tsui House Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in Weihai City, Shandong foot of the ancient boast of the West, while the use nearby building. Tsui House, built in the Ming Dynasty, houses paintings carved beams, cornices gate stack, because in the mountains, surrounded by greenery, mountains and rivers and the sea of victory, Shuiguang scenery of the United States, and "Wan" on the crown. 1944 Japanese troops have been destroyed. Now the floor is 19 Tsui 8 years on the site in the reconstruction, the three main building, 16.8 meters high, glazed tile roof was covered with layers Xieshan-canopy, the media-carved window, floor, eaves by the son of a famous calligrapher Shu written with the "Wan Tsui House" Yi Yi characters of the three luminous, the inscription floor back, "Central Court, the air" from the hands of well-known calligrapher Huang Miaozi. Building on this board, Liu looked Island, Hong Kong City Weihai most out of the city scenery, the square in front of the park also has a bronze statue of Deng Shichang national hero. Tickets: 5 yuan

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Wildlife Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Safari Park is located in beautiful scenery, scenery show, the beautiful and rich longan Ocean Shores, at the foot of the mountains, is a stock-wildlife park.

Park, the zoo from all over the country to introduce a class of multi-national, provincial and II focus on the protection of animals, tigers, leopards, black bears, African lions, blue hole , Mi deer, kangaroos, deer, etc., will lead you enjoy the natural scenery, return to the "virgin forest."

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Mountain Bible - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill is the Shandong Peninsula in the first - the extension of the south Kunyu Mountain branch, located in the town of Wenden Ge in the northwest, an area close to 8 square kilometers, 65 kilometers away from Weihai. Kunyu Mountain is a historian of the Northern Wei CUI Hong has been hailed as a "sea of mountains ancestors," Thai peak fill the top, 923 meters above sea level, south Yellow Sea, the North has storage capacity Li 10,000,000 M high mountain lakes, is a wish to deal with the summer tourist destination. Bible Hill is not only its unique natural scenery, rich cultural resources of Taoism, China is the birthplace of Taoism Quanzhen Pai. So far, the Bible Hill also left behind Hall of Hunyuan, San Qingdian three official Hall, the Assembly of Immortals grave, Chaoyang Dong, Laojunmiao, Long Temple, the Temple Hill, the Tung Wah Group of Temple, Tung Tung, Yu Huangge, the day the door, lying Sengoku Taoism and many other sites. Formed a set of Taoist culture, ancient and modern calligraphy, stone, the scenery and modern civilization in one of the "cultural landscapes" characteristics. May each year, held the Bible Hill Wendeng Kunyu Mountain will, then, the sea of people, very hot . Bible Hill cable 1680 meters in length, is the most advanced single-cycle pulse of high-altitude cable car team van.

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View of holy water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the city Rong Wei De Xi Lu Mountains, 30 km from Weihai is one of the birthplaces of Taoism Quanzhen Pai. Really one of the seven full-Wang Yuyang exercise Road here in France, for the concept of holy water Shizu mountains. As a result of view, there are named after the holy water. Legend has it that the year 1164, East Wangchu Yi Mou, the word Yu Yang, travel far and wide here, only The weather is very cold outside, and here was gurgling streams, grass-mao sinense, was built in this view, there is still a master Yu Yang from the cutting of meditation and the stone house is full of Yu Qing Zhen Qi. In 1167, Wang Chongyang immortal missionary to the East, the creation of Quanzhen Pai, Yu Yang Kunyu Mountain in the haze away from the concept of al-dong Wang Chongyang for the division. Road into after years of Taihe Back to the concept, and widely disciples, to carry forward Quan-Zhen Religion. Since then, his disciples, and so bearing in mind the Sun Road, the ancient teachings mentor, religious devotion, and pass on one's valuable, since then, this has become reclusive ancient sages and priests Dongtianfude the practice. Baiguo and Lao Zi Xia Yuanjun, which climbed 33 Qingshi the sky like red level, all came to the Sally's meeting, "Ling Xiao Bao Palace", look around, panoramic view panoramic view of holy water, here is surrounded by mountains, feng shui, an exercise treasure, Yu Yang is no wonder that a real person would choose this as a real practice of the gong, and this strain of branches under-sik Fan Ye Mao, and the very rich spiritual yin and yang of ginkgo fruit of old trees, the number of guests come here especially for Buyuanqianli Just for the sake of a bottle of holy water, take a ginkgo leaves, its spirituality in order to protect the health of their families safely. Admission: 25 yuan

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Tsui tourist resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Provincial tourism resort, located in Tsui district on the west coast. Resorts on both sides by mountains on both sides by the sea, mountains and rivers dependency, love Lin, Yan gull around the island, licking white sand and strategic location, easily accessible from downtown Weihai only 8.5 kilometers. The entire resort has been planning for the seven functional area. Holiday in the region have been completed and the King Include: CCTV film culture in Weihai City, the Green Coast entertainment centers, horse turbo clubs, such as the Bay Bridge. Bay Bridge on both sides of the standing sculpture of Adam and Eve, as if to explain in this place of love and romance.

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Xian Gu top - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weihai top Xian Gu, located in Weihai, only five kilometers from the city center, the highest peak in sight Hill Island in the northwest, 375 meters above sea level. Qi stands, the rugged rocks, towering trees, plants all over, production of deep quiet, vigorous old, charming scenery, Deng Feng extremely relaxed and happy, bird's-eye view to the sea and Liu Dong Island, the city Beitiao King Panoramic view, Seomang green and Castle Peak Bay. Strong natural nirvana created by the Holy Land tourism, together with the magic of the legend, made more beautiful. The main attractions are Xian Gu Temple, the tomb and licensing, together Xiange, Lvzu hole, hole Xian Gu, stone, the stone turtle, Hai Ting Wang, kiosks and longevity. Accessibility here, Hill is a summer tour A good place, Jade and pleasant weather in spring and summer season. The temple incense prosperity, visitors flocked to the temple during the day as many as tens of thousands of people, local known as the "holy place." There are large temple with a four-year German SONG Jing Liao Han-two miscellaneous text engraved, written by Zhang Wei Song temple a monument, was found in Weihai of the oldest Monument, as well as the multi-block monument Qingmiao ago, and stone cats, lions, and other cultural relics.

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Weihai Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beautiful seaside city of Weihai Garden, Flower streets, shady trees, quiet, clean environment and so this has become China's most livable cities.

---- Shandong Peninsula, Weihai is located in the eastern part of the Yellow Sea in a bright pearl, and South Korea across the sea from China's Han Recently. Approved by the State Council's coastal economic open city with a class of the country opening to the outside world ---- the port of Hong Kong Island. The biggest East-West Cross-Island 135 km from the North and the South's largest vertical distance 81 km with a total area of 5436 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 731 square kilometers. With a long coastline 98 .9 Km. Jurisdiction Rongcheng, Wendeng, Rushan City, 3 and Tsui district.

  Weihai with a total area of more than 1300 square kilometers, population 700,000, the total length of coastline to reach more than 1000 years. The sea on three sides, mild climate, beautiful scenery, many historical sites. Chengshan, Sanggou Bay, Ishijima, Croucher Hill Grand Scenic wonderful, unique, tourism constitutes a journey of a thousand miles coast line every year to attract a large number of domestic and foreign guests sightseeing.

Weihai, near the Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea, the three major fishing grounds in the East China Sea, a unique marine resources, fisheries is the first large county. Rongcheng scenic, cultural and death . Ancient Qin Shi Huang had this East tour, the former state leaders have been visiting. Rongcheng County, is well-known general.

Long history, rich, well-developed transport, clean and comfortable environment for the hospitality of the people of Weihai, simple folk customs of the Hou ... ... fishing family customs like to savor ? Would like to embrace the vast sea of it? Well, come on!

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Mount Tai Qinhuangdao stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mount Tai Qinhuangdao stone at the East Daimiao Throne hall balcony on the west side of the former, Mount Tai is the stone of the first times in the works. Engraved with the merit of the First Qin Emperor Ming II and the imperial edict by the prime minister Li Si Zhuanshu. Girl in the original stone Daiding Chi Pang, moved here after Diego. 222 words original stone, after vicissitudes, is the only Cross: "Chen-chen disease to please Hill, "the seventh integrity," Adams ignorant of death, "write the words disabled. Taishan Qin as a stone at the national level cultural relics, most rare treasures.

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Yu Huangding - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xia Yu Huangding located in the North Hall, Mount Tai was in excellent shape, the formerly top-Pacific, also known as Tianzhu Feng. Yu Huangmiao at Yuhuang Ding, Gu Cheng Tai Qinggong, the view of the Jade Emperor. Dongting is expected to be "rising sun", West Pavilion significant "gold zone of the Yellow River."

  Yu Huangmiao built in the very top of Mount Tai, was founded in the Western Han Dynasty, in order to build the highest-lying Taishan From the Mountain Gate, Yu Huangdian, Xu Ying-Ting, Ting Wang River and the composition of the Buddhist temple thing. Jade Emperor worship the statue in the main hall, shrine on board, "Wang Chai legacy." In the more ancient emperors burn firewood Heaven, mountains and rivers offer sacrifice to gods look. Temple hospital has a central stone top, there are stone-tablet, engraved on the "very top of Mount Tai" and "1545 meters" Kind. Dongting is expected to be "rising sun", West Pavilion significant "gold zone of the Yellow River."

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Japanese concept of peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Huangding located in the southeast, Gu Cheng Kai-rock hill, the sunrise view known. View gallery on a total length of 30 meters, Tinglang convergence seems Xiange stands, the dazzlingly beautiful. Gongbei Shi Shi, also known as the sea view. Shi 6.5 m long, 8 North West, 30-degree angle with the ground. The board can enjoy scenes of the rising sun. Li Xingzu poem: only listen to-day Sound herald the break of day, the sun Fuso to the beginning of next. Lian vast air-sea animals and people do not rock the upper reaches of love.

  Integrated 18 years in the Ming Dynasty (1482 AD) and Japan under the concept of peak and off because of heavy rain Chien-yu; 12-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1747 AD), the mason in the stone quarry on the side view of peaks, have been two-yu Box, Kim seized in order to bring to justice, is one of Dengfeng Yu Song Zhenzong list. Peak concept on the north-east, there may be another round of the flat stone to cross a long, Xieci blue sky, showing the strong efforts of the Mount Tai Wei-wei and masculinity.

  Peak around the concept of stone, such as "pandering to review million Class" and "head to make the sky". Peak on the eastern side of the concept of a promenade, the whole More than 30 meters. Tinglang phase, it seems Xiange stands, the dazzlingly beautiful. North Peak has a long stone cross that Xieci blue sky, commonly known as rock into the sea. Chao Teng-stone can view the sunrise, sunset tours Choi. Stone Mountain has become the exercises had been an important symbol.

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