Sheshan National Tourism Resort Park West Sheshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Sheshan 97 meters above sea level, there are attractions in the park: the Catholic pilgrims, "the way discount" on the road like a bitter 14, Hidemichi those towers, Cong Shu-Ting Road and the tiger and so on. Sheshan Observatory and the well-known seismic Sheshan also located in the West.

Sheshan Basilica of Our Lady, the Lord is with France's famous Basilica of Our Lady Catholic Church, Basilica of Our Lady the Far East said. The Church in 1871, founded by French missionaries. Completed in 1935. It set a variety of architectural styles in one, without using nails with no wood beams with steel structure with four, can be an example of asymmetric. From the 1940s onwards is the world-famous Catholic shrines, is also the Catholic Church The main pilgrimage to.

Sheshan mountainside in the West, there is a rising, and this is Chudo Catholic. As early as 1844, French missionary Paul Nange that is here to survey the terrain in preparation for the construction of houses. Since then, continued expansion of religious facilities. Now the little church in Zhongshan, was built in 1894, there Festival Hall Icon worship, can accommodate 500 people. In front of thousands of people have a capacity of circus, lean on a railing around the impressive scenery. Plaza on the west side of the slope, there is open space side, has a pavilion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Virgin Pavilion, Joseph Ting, collectively known as "Sam Ting."

Road show those towers, located in the West Sheshan Dongpo, built in the Song Ping rejuvenating years, the tower face 8, 7, 20 meters high, for the pavilion-style brick tower, the legend who has cultivation "show", lived here, built tower, set himself on fire, so that those who show Tower Road.

Sheshan Observatory, was built 25 years Guangxu (1899 AD), the French missionaries Li is China's first modern sense, the Hong Kong Observatory and is also one of China's astronomical research center. Astronomical telescope is its first in China, one Taiwan, which China has accumulated a great deal of valuable astronomical data. Sheshan in the Church of the West in recent years and the construction of a first astronomical observation platform equipped with an internal diameter of 164 cm Space Telescope Science, Taichung also two laser telescopes and radio telescopes with a diameter of 156 cm of refraction optical telescopes and other advanced equipment. Recently, the addition of the new landscape Sheshan Observatory ---- two new high-precision sundial and a celestial globe. Sundial two were made of white marble and stainless steel, Under the shadow of the sun during the day and the time-line determination of the spring and summer and autumn and winter seasons Terms; is the latest of the sundial. Since 1949, the Sheshan Observatory in the operation of celestial bodies and satellite orbit determination has been made in areas such as the 27 state-level scientific research, China is using new technology to participate in an international joint testing of the Earth's rotation of units. Taiwan earthquake Sheshan base, located in the shade of Zhu Shu Dong Lu Sheshan West side of the Sheshan benchmark Taiwan earthquake, the predecessor of the Shanghai Observatory, the 100-year-old has been. Taiwan's benchmark earthquake Sheshan State Seismological Bureau is a class of Taiwan, with a variety of advanced observation equipment and specialized personnel at home and abroad to provide high-quality seismic data , Has taken part in international joint testing of the Earth. Here, people can see that many of the little-known seismic data, such as the shock of the world's Tangshan earthquake in China and Japan, earthquake, as well as "animals with an earthquake" and other video data.

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Qushui Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qushui Park is located in Qingpu Chengxiang Zhen, 10 years in the early Qianlong Dynasty (1745), was the Temple of Hope Court. It is said that in order to build the park, each of the city residents have enlisted one penny, it is "a garden." Jiaqing three years (1798) to park "Qushui" park, as a result of large surplus in the garden next to the pump, check the ancients, "Qu Flow beginning "means. It is the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, Nanxiang ancient Yi Park, Jiading Qiu-xia garden, pool famous white drunk Songjiang, Shanghai is one of the five gardens. Qushui Park has been 230 years ago, has a high Jiangnan artistic value of landscape architecture, unique. Address: Park Road, Qingpu Town, 112 : 59732996 opening hours :6:00-17: 00 tickets: 2 yuan

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Yi Gu Yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yi Gu Park, the Ming Dynasty million for the last sentence of Henan-Min who's who of private gardens, the park formerly known as qi. The ancient garden designers Jiading is a well-known Chinese artists bamboo three-song. After the Wanli Li Ju Ren Li Yi Lau-fong, nephew of all. 11 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1746), Mr Yip Kam Shan Ren Dongting buy, build large-scale construction Ting Xie, expanding Base, renamed the ancient Yi Park. Qianlong 53 years, local scholars to raise funds to buy as the Temple Garden of Hope Garden. Jiaqing 11 years (1806 AD) renovation fund-raising, Tongzhi, Guangxu years, as the Sishen and local industry will set you places, in addition Chasi Park restaurant, expansion of park-to 27 acres. Now, with more than 400 The history of the ancient Yi Park bamboo garden, loft Ting Xie, winding paths and corridors, rockery pool, Shu Qi of flowers, very beautiful scenery. In addition, two Jingzhuang have been more than a thousand years of history. Transportation: Take the road 517 (station), 562 Road (Jing'an Temple), 822 (Haining Road intersection north of Tibet), 6A line (Shanghai Stadium) North Kerry (North Bus Station - Jiading), Xiang-hua (Huacao), Huang Xiang (Fantasy Land) tiger South (Mr. Temple), Ronan (Lo stores) direct. Address: Nanxiang Town, Jiading District in Shanghai Yi Road No. 218 Tel: 59121535 opening hours :8:00-16 30 Tickets: Tickets for 7 yuan, a small ticket line 4 yuan from driving: 1. Urban areas - Hutai - Wenshui Lu - Jia Shanghai Expressway (A12 highway Nanxiang exports) - Shanghai Yi Road (State Road 204) 2. Urban areas -- Wuning Road - North Road, really - really Road - Shanghai Yi Road

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Shanghai Wildlife Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Wild Animal Park by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the State Forestry Administration to build the first national-level Chinese safari park, located in Nanhui County of Shanghai Pudong Sanzao town in the territory, an area of 153 hectares (2,300 acres), from Shanghai, about 35 km . Garden of the investment 300,000,000 yuan, in 1995, 1 18 official opening to the outside world, is the first national AAAA level scenic spots.

In the park together with a representative of the world's animals and 200 species of rare animals, more than on the first (only), of which come from abroad, giraffe, zebra, antelope, white rhinoceros and so on, there are a specialty in China Animal protection of giant pandas, golden monkey, South China and so on.

Park visitors, hours into the car and into the two areas to visit.

  In the car into the area, you can see the gentleman with a giraffe, the elongation of its neck, and look forward to the arrival of visitors; You can watch the land to the largest breast-feeding Objects - an elephant, a modest tribute to the visitors; you can see three of our national treasure, one of the Golden Takin, pooling on your side ... ... Life here is also the world's fastest run of animals - Cheetah Speed up to more than 110 kilometers; the king of beasts in the African lions, when the predator shows its general demeanor; with a clumsy Flexible and cunning animal, "three outstanding heroes" - bear, monkey, fox, offer the skills to compete in the past vehicles begging food; the mighty tiger, drive-watching, to show his style of the King ... ...
In the area on foot, you can see the white lion, white tiger, white kangaroo, giant panda, Chinese alligator and so on in the world of rare move ; Sheep, a camel, camel, zebra, elephant, and other animals with your photo so that you are surprised to experience a rare opportunity; small animal park, Bao Bao small animals, pet Xiao Hou Wei Wei, when a person back to the breeder, to see the animal world The lovely wonderful family line.
Animal performance in the field, you can watch the large-scale Ren Yushou Performing arts field, the colorful; large tame animal performances, the thrills; Lane performing sea lions performing sea lions brought to you associate more with surprise.

  Herbivores - herbivores-range area, 21 hectares, is the largest car into the zone covers an area of the region. Simulation of the survival of animals in the area of grass, Hill, forests, lakes, such as living environment, and there is no room elephant, rhinoceros Archive. Stocking a wide variety of animals, a huge population, a national animal protection elk, Takin, such as Asian elephants. African Animals - 98 years on October 6 in China and South Africa after the establishment of diplomatic relations ushered in a group of special guests - South African wildlife 9 150 of these animals is traveling in the plane arrived in Shanghai, China, 34 giraffe, white rhinoceros and the remaining 2, 2 antelope, white Jian Ling 30, jumped 25 Ling, Ma Kok Blue 19, Pointe-Noire 10 Ma, sea lions, South Africa 4 Kok and Cheung Ling 24. Lions - entered the car into the area Three area in the district live in the grasslands of the African group of ferocious predators of African lions. They hung in the form of multi-female groups of life. Carnivora are African lions, cats in a volume of the largest, robust physique lion, head and neck to have a mane hair, a smaller female. Cheetah - car into the area of the second region. State by the Central African territory to be tropical and semi-desert grasslands, the stock from a group of African cheetah, the domestic component of a larger group of cheetah.


  Adult cheetah and other types of carnivorous beast is compared to the thin, however, been able to cheetah 80-113 km /h speed into the animal world sprint Army. Tiger - is the car into the area of the fifth area. Open sub-Yangzhuo Northeast and the South China tiger. Take boreal conifer forest planting the structure of the subtropical broad-leaved forest structure, the simulation of natural living conditions of the green-sik allocation for the category of ex situ conservation Tiger provides the basic conditions. Tiger will be unlikely to climb, but good at swimming, HI Bath. Whenever the tour after a tiger waiting for the group fed live food, and then ran fast to launch a surprise attack. Bear - Bear majority of the area, covers an area of 5 hectares, has a high Bear Mountain and habitat aircraft. Here are stocking brown bear, black bears, sun bears are three types of giant pandas and monkeys and a fox. Bear in the area of clumsy bears, monkeys and the agile fox The alertness of the sharp contrast. Panda Tingjuelingmin and the sense of smell, poor vision. Into the tour, monkeys and bears will be around in the lane on both sides, and visitors to discuss food, an interesting scenario.

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Century Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Century Park is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area Administrative Cultural Center, the Shanghai Inner Ring is the center of the largest in the region's rich natural ecological characteristics of the city park, enjoy the "Holiday Park's" reputation.


Park Master Plan program designed by the LUC Britain, covering a total area of 140. Ha, with a total investment of 1,000,000,000 yuan. Design reflects the thinking of landscape art in the West and between man and nature, the idea of integration with each other. Park to a large area of lawns, forests, lakes as the mainstay, has a local rural areas, Lake District, woodland lawn area, bird sanctuary, exotic park and mini golf course seven Area, and spent 10 minutes of the century, the Mirror Lake-day, high-column fountain, southern style, the Oriental Hong Zhu bonsai garden, a green relief in the world, music fountain, music square, edge pool, Bird Island, Montreal and head Aoermeijia Park IV 15 scenic spots. Paradise Park with children, leisure cycling, sightseeing cars, boats, green fans , Fishing area, pigeons, and other types of recreation areas and pleasure to participate in 13 projects, at the same time will have exhibition halls of the Montreal coffee bar, good cup Court, the restaurant of the century, the sea takes in hundreds of rivers and cultural and recreational homes for sale, to provide you with convenient services.


Qiaoguan embracing the park, flowering seasons, the lake down , The meandering stream, mottled Zhu Ying, lush vegetation, the city is an oasis of prosperity in a quiet, is the leisure and pleasant vacation nirvana.

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Sheshan state-level tourism resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Here, Shanghai is the only mountain resort; here in Shanghai is the birthplace of history and culture; here in Shanghai is the largest base for the development of the tourism industry; here is Shanghai's only state-level tourism resort ... ...

  Sheshan, Shanghai's only natural scenic mountains, southwest of Shanghai, located in the territory of the ancient city of Matsue, Twelve-Feng Shan Wei Yi ups and downs more than 10 years, beautiful natural scenery, cultural Celebration of the Arts, since ancient times, is a popular tourist resort. Shanghai to enjoy the root, the Shangri-la reputation.

  June 1995 the State Council approved the establishment of the Shanghai Sheshan in the Sheshan National Tourism Resort, planning a total area of 64.08 Square km, of which the first phase of the development of the core area of 10.88 square kilometers.

  Over the years, always grasp the Sheshan resort "back to nature, leisure," the development of ideas and functions, and actively implement the Shanghai municipal tourism services building purposes. Has invested more than 10 billion yuan, the focus Strong local road network, electricity supply, water supply, sewage treatment, gas and other infrastructure projects, have been built and widened brick Shen, Fang Song, She North Road, the number of road skeleton to build 10,000 international and domestic program-controlled telephone exchange room , 70,000-ton water plant, the 6,000-ton sewage treatment plants and other critical infrastructure; At the same time, focus on optimizing the ecological environment and gradually built 800,000 square meters of beautiful to watch, one after another into East and West National Park, Sheshan Forest Hotel, Pegasus Golf Club and other tourism-tourism, recreation and leisure-tourism landscape of the whole , The resort hotel.

  Sheshan resort to the rapid Fair, established as the Shanghai Sheshan the region's largest tourism resort base. At present, the region has set for pleasure, tourism, business, leisure, holidays, accommodation and so on a number of functions into one integrated tourism resort type of shape, has attracted a large number of tourists come to visit and tour. In recent years, an average annual passenger traffic to reach 1,800,000 Over time.

  To enter in 2000, with the Sheshan resort core area covers an area of 500 acres of artificial lake built, to further improve the "Hill due to water as a supplement, the blend of landscape" of the environment, the formation of the Shanghai the only mountain, Water, forests combined with the unique landscape. Sheshan resort by the Shanghai to become the region with the best ecological environment, the most beautiful natural scenery, the most development potential of a treasure.

  At present, the Sheshan resort combines the core of the artificial lake and the surrounding area of land development, real estate development, construction of the resort facilities, sports and leisure facilities and related projects as the development of the next step Focus. Warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to Sheshan resort sightseeing, investment and development!

  Sheshan resort development and construction is in full swing, her eye-catching today, and tomorrow she will be even more full of hope and vitality.

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Bund "love wall" - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as the "wall of love", was built in Xinkaihe to the Huangpu River, is about 1700 meters, is the construction of Taiwan tourism in the River into the empty box-type structure on Fangxun Qiang. Empty boxes on top of the construction of Taiwan's tourism, its surface is 140,000 color tiles and granite-paved, the Taiwan Tourism Linjiang 32 semi-circular iron floriation The viewing balcony, 64-Ting Zhu side lights. Tourism on the stage there are 21 bowl flower beds, and Fang Ting Liu Jiaoting column for the rest of the tourists of different forms of man-made marble chair. Taiwan tourists on the west side, there are evergreen the four seasons of the green belt, tourism has become Taiwan's green field wall, not only to guarantee the safety of visitors and tourists to make tours Eye.

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Shanghai Science and Technology Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum by the Shanghai Municipal Government to invest in the construction of the new century's first major socio-cultural projects, "Naturally, people, science and technology" as its theme, in order to enhance scientific and technological literacy of the public for the purpose of Shanghai is an important base of popular science education and leisure tourism Base. It flowers at the Chief District Cultural Center, Century Plaza on the west side, Century Park neighborhood. 2001 APEC informal leadership meeting was held here. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum project covers an area over 68,000 square meters with a total construction area of 98,000 square meters, to display content from the World Museum, Museum of life, the wisdom of the museum, to create Museum, Museum over the next five main exhibition hall and temporary Hall, with a total investment of 1,755,000,000 yuan. Construction Co., which installed 855,000,000 yuan, the first exhibition of 500,000,000 yuan, the second exhibition of 400,000,000 yuan. Science and Technology Museum crust with sea exploration, biological Vientiane, the light of wisdom, audio-visual paradise, the cradle of the designer, children's science and technology park, such as the Natural Museum of seven and three-dimensional area Screen, ball screen, 4D theater and three Hall, tourism souvenir shopping centers, temporary exhibition hall, multi-function hall and banking facilities.

  Shanghai as the main base of popular science education and an important base in spiritual civilization, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum "natural science" as the theme to promote all - Scientific and cultural qualities of the people, raising the city's comprehensive competitiveness for the purpose of the display with the financial participation, education and scientific research, cooperation and exchange, collection and production, leisure and tourism in one, subject to a means of a comprehensive and entertaining way so that Each visit to the audience in the activities of the feast for the eyes, to accept modern science and technology Knowledge of education and nurturing the spirit of science.

  Shanghai Science and Technology Museum of opening the first phase of the six galleries, a branch: to experience a variety of geological changes in the earth's crust into the dense area; show rain forest terrain, tropical plants, wonderful species, the secret life of the display area of biological Vientiane; children to observe World external To take part in the practice of science and technology activities of the Science and Technology Parks of the Child; to reveal the laws of nature, a variety of scientific phenomena demonstrate the wisdom of the light area; emphasis on "good idea" Innovation is the source of the designer of the cradle area; display of modern information technology, audio-visual and video park area ; Display of more than 3000 of humans, animals, rare paleontological specimens Legends about the life of the Natural Museum branch. To the big sky of the universe, as small as biological cells, a large number of scientific and technological achievements and scientific principles to be here Shengqingbingmao display to visitors in order to inspire and education. In addition, in order to give new and strong feelings of shock IMAX 3-D IMAX theater, cinema screen and four-dimensional ball Hospital. Is planning the second phase of the project exhibition will also launch a number of galleries, the show is much more comprehensive, more advanced display technology to display the form of a more substantial one.

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Underwater World Ocean - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World Bank located in the ocean depths of the lake hoe, an area of 10,000 square meters, as a magnificent grand palace of the seabed as magnificent.
Underwater World in the world using advanced artificial life support systems of sea water, the Museum's 300 more than 10,000 articles of the marine fish to refrain from being life; to the main museum, "South Chau Andes "," Amazon "and" group of coral reefs of the Caribbean "and other well-known as the center of the biosphere, the idea of the style, the beautiful shape of the wonderful landscape: in order to win the stones of its natural beauty, the thrills of the great white shark ... ... Museum is the perfect place attractive.

Here, we can see the lovely kissing fish, red arowana fat, thin black-and-white color man, even a terrible line piranha and sharks. So much marine life, as if people really stay in the depths of the sea, to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

I entered the aquarium, first of all to see Shi Lei Inca temple into the wall, and then forward it is the birthplace of the Amazon - "Andes", along with rich tropical ornamental fish world-famous "Amazon" and downstream, can come to a Department circular pool touch tank for children, visitors can touch a hand to the beautiful coral, shells and lovely, clear feeling of the sea , All have the same sense of the real and natural! Through shallow pool of former deep-sea coral reef tank, will see under the blue coral fibrillation, observed a variety of fish of a happy life, this is the natural state of life ah lovely. Underwater World into the transparent circular channel, where the museum is the main pool - pool shark. Can be The Sharks head from the past, it really frightened!

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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall at People's Square on the eastern side of the city government building, the people of the north park. Is a display of the Shanghai Urban Planning and Construction of the important achievements of the window. It set the exhibition, tourism, reception, business and leisure in one. Planning Museum in Shanghai is not only one of the landmarks, the People's Square is the latest area of the city tour Bright spot.

  Hall 2 million square meters of floor space. In the more than 7,000 square meters of display area, all-round display of the Shanghai Urban Planning and Construction achievements, the full expression of the "city people, the environment," the theme of the show, members of the public as "the window of the city." Library use of a large number of high-tech means All-round display to Shanghai in 2020 the city plans for the future. Planning Museum as a whole are highly professional, intellectual, interesting, artistic, financial history and future as one that gives unlimited reverie. Bang Bo momentum, the large exhibition style, modern first-class high-tech means of display, the image vividly deduced City of changes have taken place, the better to show the Shanghai today and bright future.
  Museum's main exhibition hall 4 has a 43.3 m high, with a total construction area of 18,393 square meters. Its theme of "city people, the environment, the development of" all-round display in Shanghai "yesterday, today and tomorrow." Museum to display a Shanghai to reduce the actual size of 500 times the production of the model city, the Shanghai nostalgia food in the 1930s Street style, as well as the use of virtual reality, Mirage, and other high-tech imaging means of a Shanghai urban landscape in the future. Its main features:
1, virtual reality: the first for domestic tourists The high-tech virtual video tours.
  2, Mirage imaging: 14 meters of Mirages imaging system - Nanjing Road, past and present, reflecting the Chinese Commercial Street, the first cultural history, is the longest Mirage imaging system.
3, port: Shanghai port to show that e-commerce, industrial design, City management, remote education, health care revolution, as well as intelligent family, and so on the recent development of information technology. Through virtual reality, digital film and surface acoustic wave technology and other high-tech touch to show you the future of social networks endless charm.
  4, large model of urban planning: more than 600 square meters of city regulations Link model within the 6-story building all the more vividly demonstrated. This model is the world's largest urban planning model. It's 2020 urban planning blueprint to show you in the face of a record?????.

  4, the Library has a style all kinds of meetings , The top-level open-air platform can be a bird's eye view of the Panorama Plaza area, suitable for holding a variety of business activities. On the fifth floor of the auditorium can accommodate meetings of 231 people, where you can hold all types of academic seminars, press conferences, and recognition of small-scale exhibition. When you entered the hall on the first floor, huge carved Shanghai landmarks Particularly noticeable. Marble-like surface mirror, the whole hall, elegant style. Suitable for a wide range of celebrations, conferences, receptions, corporate get-togethers. B2 floor conference room at the two-story underground museum planning, clean and spacious conference room for training, discussions, lectures and so on.

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New - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At Huangpi, Taicang Road, Xintiandi is Shanghai, one of the new attractions. This is a Shikumen building as the mainstay, has a European style pub group. During the day, you can see a lot of Chinese and foreign tourists to this tourist, have their pictures taken. In the evening draws near, here are filled with romantic European style. Lu-day bar Coffee bar owners and most young foreigners are welcome. The house features a restaurant or shop ablaze with lights or weak to create a light romantic atmosphere. In addition, there are still new boutiques and so on. However, the number of catering to a more prosperous business. Go inside the ring, you can go Near the green bridge of peace, enjoy a different style.

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Pudong International Airport - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pudong International Airport is located in Pudong New Area, south-east side of the airport and the town of Nanhui County, Zhu Qiaozhen territory on the brink of the East China Sea, covers an area of 32 square kilometers away from downtown People's Square 30 km. An investment project 12,000,000,000 yuan, started in October 1997, completed in September 1999. The main building of the new airport construction Youth Pre-employment Training shape like a giant seagull, has a strong sense of the times and symbolic significance, with an area of 278,000 square meters, is the Hongqiao Airport's Terminal 3 times to 36 aircraft at the same time to provide services on the bridge, located 13 luggage wheel, to meet the 126,000-year movements, the 2000 million The passenger traffic in and 750,000 tons of cargo. The world can take off and land on any large-scale models of aircraft. Airport to the second phase project in 2005 as the goal, will be built a runway of 4,000 meters, 800,000 square meters of the new Terminal 4 and the high standards of the north-south runway. Airport fully completed, will be 70,000,000 visitors with an annual handling passengers, cargo throughput in the level of 5,000,000 tons for the development of Shanghai in the new century to lay the groundwork. Pudong International Airport to the world's only visitors allowed to enter the Terminal Tower Air Command Museum of openness and spectacular momentum, fast becoming the modern large-scale tourist air travel to Hong Kong's hot . Pudong International Airport to the tour, the most characteristic is the command center to see the aircraft taking off and landing. Ping Station is the control center of the airport command of the ground control center. 6 on the floor of the Center for Tourism platform overlooking the terminal, runway, the aircraft parking apron, a close-up view of large passenger planes with a roar from the Jianli And the landing of the majestic, the other is a lack of airport experience. Self-driving routes: 1. Urban areas - Nanpu Bridge - Long Road East - the Far East Avenue - Yingbin Avenue (A1 highway) 2. Urban areas - Xuputaiqiao - Outer Ring Road (A20 highway) - Yingbin Avenue (A Road) Tickets: adults 20 yuan, 15 yuan student

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