Long Valley alone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is a remote and mysterious valley, north-west of the Nu River in Yunnan Province is located in Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Gongshan Dulong Nu Autonomous County alone, r. territory on both sides of the valley area, the territory of 4963 meters above sea level the highest and the lowest 1,000 meters above sea level. November each year, the Long Valley alone on the outside and almost lost a , 10 meters thick snow are blocking all accommodation in the snow-capped mountains, only the arrival of the year in August to melt snow and ice, is the Valley of the most popular season. DULONGJIANG Chayu originated in Tibet, and Yunnan Province in the north to south winds of 150 km, an average width of the river is about 40 m from east to west on both sides of the single-long Walled people Across the audible conversation, shook hands and met for three days away, "This is not an exaggeration, and some even take place ten days it is difficult Woshouyanhuan. And the river rapids, crossfall reefs, the ferry is not possible, so that only people" to fly "Canyon had to constantly between the two sides must. Nujiang Canyon of the changeable weather, day and night temperature Great attention should be paid warm. Of course, to bring good drug commonly used is essential. It was seen, Dulong people really be able to "fly" over Canyon, but also a variety of "fly" it: The first people call the suspension bridge, Dulong people back no matter how many things can be both day and night " Suspension bridge, "flying the river Lightweight action, Rulvpingdi. Another way is the river Liusuo. In fact, both the suspension bridge or take the Liusuo is very dangerous, but the strength to survive so that only a trained person-long special, so travel along the Drung River, just look at single-long river of people can feel a great satisfaction. In Dulong, Attract the attention of tourists is the pattern of female face, Dulong of the two sub-surface patterns, is a thorn in his face full pattern, known as the Manchu; is a thorn in the denomination on both sides of the pattern, known as the semi - , This custom is still a mystery, but now, only the pattern of the Nu River area have been very few women, as a result of This custom is no longer in use. Gongshan can go on foot from the Drung River, the mountain is very steep, difficult to walk, please be back on behalf of local porters carrying luggage to reduce their burden.

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Mingyong Glacier - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kawagebo from the peak, separated from the Lancang-sighted, as if a mythical Bailian. Beiyi Snow Mountain glacier, have a natural deterrent. New visitors can repair the path along the cliff close watch on the glacier. Chartered line: along the Yunnan-Tibet Highway from the westbound Deqin county, 10 km, coming to the temple, you can see Meili Snow Mountain peaks Song Zhi. Temple coming from the car and then westbound more than 20 km, the Daming Nagamura. The entire process takes about an hour and a half. Tour routes: There are two mountains, is a walking, riding uphill is a walk of the Road (from the entrance to Prince Edward Temple, riding up 60 yuan /person, down 20 yuan /person Ma has not tired halfway multiplicative, the only entrance and Prince Edward Ma Temple). Road are two flat cinder path, a good walk. The mountains, walking in the Shan Zuo, riding in the right side of the Road. Walk about one and a half hours to reach will be able to watch the Meili Snow Mountain glaciers and the first place - Prince Edward Temple, this is a small temple, Many come to worship the mountain Tibetans, in the hospitals linked to burn incense and wish Jingfan. Prince Edward Temple on the left side of the road can go to the viewing platform, to the right of the Lotus Temple. Not far away on the start up of the board of formwork is the path along the cliff, in the middle of the path along the cliff there is a wide platform for sitting there, in the face of Kawagebo peak to watch carefully, very interesting. From the right side Lotus Temple, about 1 hour, the temple than the size of Prince Edward Temple to a number of large, the people who come to a relatively small, but sunny, here is a look at the best place Kawagebo peak.

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Bitahai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Means oak tree into a carpet, Shangri-La county is located 35 km to the east. Dark green perennial water clarity, good Qingli, the lake habitat of many rare birds and fish, mainly in the country for a class of black-necked cranes, a protected species, biologists have been called "re-Bita fish lips" of the rare fish. Shangri-La in the many lakes , To the best of a number of Bita Lake, a self-service travel experience, the arrangements take half a day in order to truly appreciate the beauty of Sheng Hu.

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Dan Tanganyika Songzanlinsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the Hua Si, Shangri-La is located 5 km north of the Ping Shan Buddhist, is the year 1679 and the Dalai Lama V Chi Jian Qing Emperor Kangxi, "13-lam". Yunnan is not only the largest community of Tibetan Buddhism temples, or in the vicinity of the Yellow Sect of Sichuan and Yunnan, known as "Little Potala Palace." Monastery hillside As if the shape of a castle, set the plastic arts of Tibetan Dacheng, "Tibetan Art Museum." Lunar New Year every year on November 29, the Tibetans held in the "Dance" (masked dance)-based grid Winter Festival, warm and mysterious atmosphere.

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Sino-Burmese friendship Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anyone who has been in southwest China's beautiful southern border town of Ruili visitors are attracted to the local well-known "friendship between China and Burma Street" shopping tour or visit the street. "Sino-Burmese friendship Street", referred to as the "Main", located in the border 81, one attached, attached II, No. 82 to No. 83 on both sides of the boundary, the whole About 1.5 km. In the "Main" in the middle, and erected a magnificent spectacle, the resplendent, quite the national characteristics "of the country." In our country for a "friendship between China and Burma Street," in a section in Myanmar, the border have called the "White Street."

China's reform and opening-up in the past, there have been Is a deserted beach and a meandering river of Nanliu. Home to cross-strait river border between China and Myanmar, drinking from the same river, and a national river habitat separated from live. Since ancient times, intermarriage between the two countries border trade, has a long history of "paukphaw" friendship goes back to ancient times. In the mid-1980s, in order to enliven the economy of border trade, Wing and the expansion of border trade to trade, with a full two years to expand and today the completion of the "Sino-Burmese friendship Street."

In the Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan state in the territory since the reform and opening up, has completed the construction of 15 border trade block, and was built in Ruili of the "Sino-Burmese friendship "Is one of the largest, most representative and most of the characteristics of border trade goods distribution center. Hing here in the past three days, a side street, a five-day Main Street. Now, every day is rush Street, not only during the day to catch Street night market and more Is a lively hot!

"Sino-Burmese friendship Street," only more than 1000 meters long, it is the construction of six Jie Xin Garden, on both sides of the road, the towering buildings Lantern. Silver market in a range of items, to attract the most visitors. Shop owners from Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries in Southeast Asia and China's various ethnic compatriots. "Sino-Burmese friendship Street" can be called "International Business Street" In this market, sales of goods: jade jewelry, jade agate, senior make-up supplies, teak carving products, Antlers, Ngau Tau jewelry, various types of jewelry, clothing, as well as wild Shanzhen, the Bay of Bengal's rich live seafood, in different seasons Produced tropical fruits and so on.

At night Business during the day more than hot! The market Lantern great Guang-yan. Business outside the shop colorful neon Yan race. During the day to visit the scenic spot of the day guests do not fear the trip Lawton tired, like a flood coming Shangjing browser market, tea dining, shopping and leisure. "Main" night market, The above-mentioned list of goods, even at night to add a lot of food and drink. Myanmar, such as coffee-tea, Pakistan off Baba, Thailand flavor of lemon tea, Jingpo barbecue, Yunnan-style food, and snacks were a lot of Chengdu and in the mountain city of Chongqing hot pot, and so on. With the wind at night, visitors to stimulate the appetite of the Front Hong oil blow against our faces, it is mouth-watering. "Sino-Burmese friendship Street," has become a border city of Ruili, a scenic port and an important window for international trade.

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Rubber trees - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rubber is an important industrial raw materials. China's rubber is the main producing areas in Hainan, Taiwan, Guangxi and Yunnan provinces, autonomous regions and Yunnan's Xishuangbanna in the main producing areas, there are more than 130 million mu. Dehong main producing areas is not only more than 10 million mu, but in the Dehong rubber feet planted in the history of our country have left an indelible contribution to the history of In 1940, Yingjiang dry toast on behalf of the 24th Xuanfu Si Ya knife Mr. Anren to study in Japan on his way home, when Malaysia to buy back the 800 rubber seedlings, will be aimed at Yingjiang new Phoenix urban and rural areas in the mountains. This is the introduction of the first rubber tree, it introduced the rubber than Taiwan as early as two years, the sea Introduction of rubber a year earlier. The rubber trees as a result of technology, management, a number of factors, such as war, on the eve of the liberation of only three. After another two died one after another, is a survivor, has been listed as one of the key state protection of the tree. This 20-meter height, trunk Wai more than 200 centimeters, a diameter of the root trunk More than 0 cm. China can be called up to age, the highest crown, the largest rubber tree trunks. Therefore, people call it China's rubber trees. Have a higher popular science, and scientific research value.

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Wanding nine Valley Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The smallest country to the border city of pocket-sized state-level ports, the local population of only 10,000 people. From here to the Myanmar border town Namkham, nine Valley, Lashio and Muse, tourism simplicity: Chinese travel agencies to pay the cost of two photographs and later, with outbound travel from China to pay travel guide to Myanmar, then return to Burma Hang She handed over to Chinese travel agencies.

Dragon River in small boats drifting is the most fun of a local tourism activities, 15 km run, the two sides along the dense forest, a lot of stones, very tropical. Nine Valley Bridge in the urban areas of the southern edge of the river Wanding, the two countries, both of the bridge sector Burma Road is also a port of entry to the country River bridge between China and Myanmar Friendship Bridge between the two countries. Bridge with customs and border check points of the People's Republic of China. 8:00 every day, the flag-raising ceremony held here every switch and the ceremony.

More than half a century ago, the nine Valley Bridge, only two side-by-side from the composition of the wood Simple Bridge, a path to Britain in a flash, it is fear. Burma Road opened in 1938, the rehabilitation of a stone arch bridge. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, overseas operations of the expeditionary force hundreds of thousands of Chinese aid allies and the Chinese Anti-Japanese War of the arms supplies have been nine out of Valley Bridge. Anti-Japanese war destroyed nine bridge up to 194 shares Years to rebuild the bridge steel, reinforced repair again in 1979, the bridge 9 meters high, 5 meters wide, 20 meters long. December 15, 1956, Premier Zhou Enlai, He Long, accompanied by Vice Premier Wu Myanmar Prime Minister Barry, and other distinguished guests from the nine-foot bridge entry Mans to participate in the border between the two countries have a get-together event. December 5, 1985, the King of Thailand sister came to the Valley nine bridges and tourist port Wanding.

Wanding Ju Kunming more than 840 kilometers from Kunming, the car passenger train went by, the plane can go to the car to the Mans.

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Hansazangfang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Stout" is known as the temple is a Buddhist monk self-cultivation, is also a sermon by the Buddha-place. Sa shout stout room was built in the village of the Dai People, which is surrounded by a Fengzhu, Yung Shue to be down, the special national characteristics of the building, the construction of Dai Jia is the essence of the Dai culture renowned treasure house of art. According to historical records Daiwen Set in ancient Meng Mao at one time had their Kyoto, and rumors that it is the first mandarin duck habitat in the rest. Jian Zhao quiet here, the Walled Village green path, the banyan shade, 4:00 flowers, fruit throughout the year end, which adorned Buddhist temple to form a beautiful landscape painting. Temple fat is a typical dry-column construction, the ridge Ding of a tower, stout Temple booth next to water, and riding a mandarin duck fairies, when the advent of holiday Daijia, the worship of pilgrims and tourists flocked to a number of TV movies will be here as a venue for location shooting. Domestic and foreign guests came to Ruili, this should be a visit here two of the motherland has become a tourist's long-sheng .

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Package tree tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

It is often said that rattan wrapped around the tree, but never heard of tower wrapped around the tree. However, Luxi City, there are incredible tree wrapped around the tower with wonders.
  Package tree tower is located in the middle of the pedestrian Mans. This column has more than 200 years of history, as a result of construction in the past out of the Walled sister, Dai said it is "widely out her mother," that is translated into Chinese, "Tie-cheng tower." Founded By the middle of the 18th century, is the 15th World Mans put Tusi fan for the inauguration period (1741 - 1770) in order to win a commemoration of the war built. According to "A Brief History of the Dai People," set: the spring of 1767, Mu Yong Shu Dynasty in the teeth by British and French colonialism, with the support of the war of aggression will be spread Dehong, witnesses Zhou Yu "From the Diary of Myanmar sign," wrote: "... ... Mans since military operations since the barren Tianchou ... ... cover even put Myanmar border, the thief to the post-torn, drought even more disabled." Wang Chang "a little sign on Burma," also said: "Tusi, the leader, Yi Ren, for the thousands of groups, both swing out from home, or with the military camp, or dependent Xiangshuai Tusi only habitat." Qianlong 12 (1767), the Ching court Extraordinary Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Mingrui for the general public, the Commission soldiers recovered Mans, put cover, Wanding, and get straight-watt city. 33 Qianlong (1768), the Arc de Triomphe Qing Wanding. Therefore, the time Tap should be built in 1769 or so. 19 Fang Cheng En inaugural World Tusi period (1826 -- 849) for the rehabilitation of the tower and Qiuzi. Department of the tower masonry structure, was Tazuo anise-like, cone-shaped bead for the tower, about ten meters high. Walled out after the sister also destroyed in the war, the exodus of residents do not go, no one pagoda management. About 100 years ago, the tower has been a long-Feng Zhong Yung, has made several attempts to storm, packing the wrong end of the roots gradually Tower wound package, announced today the formation of a tree tower package wonders.
  Trees tower package, Dai Jia was regarded as the "Tower of Love." Legend has it that in the years of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor in non-beauty contest, Territory Tusi also received imperial decree, carefully selected, select the sister out of the Walled Hanlun girl. Hanlun to 28 years, as pure as the clear spring, fresh General beautiful. But she has Shanmenghaishi lover. He called swallow rocks, is the Walled apricot Mountain Warriors, the two met in the Songkran, and packet loss to De Ding Qing. Hanlun selected after very anxious, with banyan leaves Xiushuyifeng quickly, so a little parrots to the customs border war in the long swallow of rock. Swallow Yan received a letter leaves, like riding through the night to return home . He arrived at the Walled sister out, the villagers died in the lotus pond is Hanlun the funeral. Partners in accordance with custom paint her makeup dressed as a bride married, next to the coffin filled with a variety of flowers. On seeing this, swallow rocks, very sad, Badaoziwen. They were faithful people who love deeply moved, so they will be combined and the burial tomb And to break the routine, in the grave built a tower of love. Parrot lost master, flew to the top Tijiao every day. Its title to a banyan seed, in the broadcast tower Fengzhong. Tianchangrijiu, Yung Shue take root and grow slowly, so today the formation of the wonders of the tree tower package.
  Renovation in 1985, in the plastic animals on Tazuo " Duo "4, 4 small tower, tower in both the respect for the shrines of Buddha, and increase protection of the railing. Today, towering trees, the thick fibrous roots firmly behind the tower in the middle, looking at the tree package tower, tower Package tree, the tree-in-one tower, totally natural, do not have in life and is rarely seen in the natural landscape. Wonders of this many visitors alike, Yunnan Province is listed as one of the relics in the class.

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Ruili port city of Wanding - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Wanding City Economic Development Zone in the territory of Yunnan Province is one of the national population, located in the Dehong Prefecture in the south, and neighboring Myanmar city of nine Valley near the town, across the river. "Wanding" Dai voice translation of the Department of the word, which means "the sun when the top of the place." The total population of 20,000 people, the land area of 95.34 square kilometers, the city I just 5 thousand people, China is one of the smallest cities. Wanding Before the Second World War is still a small stockade of the unknown. During World War II, Japanese troops sealed off because of all of China's sea lanes, Wanding in the United States and Britain became the headquarters of the allied forces and material distribution center, hundreds of thousands of Chinese anti-Japanese expeditionary force also Here enter and leave the country. Wanding and nine-Myanmar border town have freedom of movement, a long history of friendship and trade. Now, some businessmen have gathered in South-East Asia Wanding, so that Wanding has become the United States, Japan, France, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, cosmetics, jewelry, handicrafts, agricultural and sideline Goods, materials distribution of jade jewelry, very busy street of the border. On the south side of Wanding, China and Myanmar at the junction of the river, the border between the two countries is well-known bridge ? ? Wanding Bridge. The bridge was built in 1938, when the Second World War between China and the only international land border crossing bridge, so the reputation of earthquake. Is now firmly spacious Xiucheng Steel and concrete bridge, every day, thousands of businessmen between the two countries, border on the bridge from coming and going. From Mans Wanding to the fact that there are dozens of bus travel for tourists, better road conditions, very beautiful scenery along the way.

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Rui Lijiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dai Gu Cheng Rui Lijiang River South Uji, that is, the river fog, Lu said during the Yuan and Ming Chuan River, Longchuan River, said both the Qing Dynasty, also known as Ruili Jiang. The River irrigation on the two countries, must hectares of fertile land, raising nearly a million of the population, Ruili Jiang upper reaches of the Longjiang is called, originated on the west side of Gaoligongshan, flows through Tengchong Longchuan, and so on Lianghe County After Wanding, the inflow of Ruili in Myanmar, in Burma near the River Yi Niwa into the Irrawaddy River, 20 km Rui Lijiang is a border river between China and Myanmar, the western part of Yunnan Province, is one of the major rivers, is a long sub-tropical river. Ruili Jiang gentle flow, Qingping as a mirror, Leung Tin River 10,000 ares, Dai Jia village surrounded by bamboo trees, the beautiful Very beautiful scenery. Dayingjiang upper reaches of the Irrawaddy River is a tributary, Gaoligongshan originated in the south, where hundreds of virgin forest in the valley through later in the Yingjiang plain, slow flow rate, widening the river, the two sides is a vast farmland, Zhu Shu Wan The combined villages dotted In the meantime, several thousand miles of riverbank Fissidens Tsutsumi, when the river see the island green, blue sky and white clouds, Bamboo Green Island in the video JIANG surface of the long, lightly across the boat, Dai Jia melodious love songs floated in the wind, constitute a unique group of the lyrics. Rui Lijiang, Dayingjiang has been listed as state-level scenic spots. At present, the opening of Ga - Cheung Sha Wan Shui Kiu public Ruili Jiang quarter of the tropical rain forest drift Jiang Yu, a taste of the original sub-tropical coastal scenery.

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Yingjiang tiger jumped Shi, Luo Shuidong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yingjiang tiger jumped Shi, Luo Shuidong Yingjiang County is located in the city 34 kilometers of the dam end of the hillside, hundreds of relief to the Dayingjiang here into the pack all of a sudden become a seven or eight meters into the sky along the two sides of the strait, as the two Shek Pik Huge fan of the half-open door, shut the path of the river, the river's rage beat Jiang in the eventual stoning, stirred up the water And water, issued by the thunder-like roar, Fanjuan through the Shek Pik, we should like to destroy everything, give a magnificent, swallow-to-day sense. Jiang's standing in the middle of two huge stone called Tiger jump. Tiger jump from the stone and along the river, walk a few hundred meters, to the La Shuidong, stoning hole rocks The river roared to Mengguan hole, to shake the river running through the Cave, from the tilt out of Shi Feng, Shan a rock, passing jade-like water, and then hit shore of the Shek Pik, Scattered all over the sky into the water, is: "If the river do not have to bow cotton shells scattered flowers from, the shore like King Needless to crayons born King." Surplus Stone called La Shuidong tiger jumped the country's largest La Shuidong

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Mans - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mans is the capital of Dehong in Luzhou City, a town of West, is to Ruili, or Wanding border trade activities and to participate in the Myanmar border for travel abroad must pass through the land. Dehong ethnic customs resort, is a tourist area in Yunnan border to focus Dehong colorful display of national culture resort. Luxi is located in the urban areas Mans, or the ground Near acres. It urban and suburban scenic spots together Peacock Lake, a change both within and outside the province at present "National Park" and "national conditions and customs garden" concept, and the use of natural classification of the Dehong combination of all ethnic groups in history, culture , Art, style with organically, with the emphasis on intellectual entertaining Together, to visit and participate in the combination, folk customs and natural scenery combined with static and dynamic combination of the overall display and demonstrate the specific combination. There are resort in the activities of the National Center Plaza, village life, financial situation Village, Pagoda palace of culture and religion, but also the simplicity of the local ethnic minority villages There are botanical gardens, flower garden, a children's playground, restaurant-style national Street, Mall of national handicrafts and so on. National Culture Palace is the building of the mid-1980s, is one of the provincial-level scenic spots. The area inside the "Premier Zhou Enlai Jinian Ting" in memory of Zhou Enlai in December 1956 total He Long and Deputy Prime Minister to visit Myanmar with Myanmar Prime Minister Wu Barry Mans came together to participate in border areas between the two countries have a get-together by the General Assembly building, booth 27 meters high, the base for the all-shaped, marble railings, there are 20 portal, the Yellow level, multi-level Zhong Yan, 28 Golden Peacock Cuoluoyouzhi ceramic decorations in the cornices , The architectural style is the keynote for the construction of the Dai People, a Myanmar-style building into the character. Dehong Mans is the seat of state government Luxi City, another name, it is also the seat of the city of Luxi City. By Mans, that is to Luxi.

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Dehong Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province is located in the western border with Myanmar - and Japan, linked by mountains and rivers, southwest China's foreign relations is an important land transport, border trade in the country's fastest-growing and largest. Jeonju area of 11,526 square kilometers, population 980,000, Ruili jurisdiction, Wanding, Lu Three cities and Longchuan, Yingjiang, Lianghe three counties.
Dehong Golden Peacock is home to many well-known film's location shooting land. Take the Mountain to the welcoming song (one tree forest) for it, dozens of television films have been shot on location here, such as "War Reaches the Border" and "Peacock Princess" and "the passenger band handcuffs" "Journey to the West", Wang Xiaotang played in this tree swing, Liu Xiaoqing away in the woods phrase it says Ruili Jiang territory, is Dayingjiang-level scenic spots, natural wonders are many. Rui Lijiang's beautiful, subtropical rain forest spectacle - bar duo River Falls rainforest, a round you dream of getting rich mushroom South River Taobao , The country's largest tree - Wang Yung, rubber trees, the charming Kay Bin Ya Lake, the national forest species to retain the most - Tongbiguan Nature Reserve, the only explorer in order to climb the Hill aunt, and so on.
Dehong of the United States is also not the case. Dai in the region, Jingpo, Achang, Deang, Lisu, and so colorful, Went different national conditions and customs of the border, allow you to dizzying, Dai, De Angzu of Songkran, the head of the Jingpo Song of the longitudinal section of the brain, such as Baotou Achang big, you will make a fresh (see national conditions and customs). The development of border trade, so that tourists come here to get the best of the world's most beautiful and most expensive jade jewelry ; Can see a city street, a Yuanba, belong to the wonders of the two countries.
Luxi City (Mans) for the seat of the state, is the state's most populous city, state political, economic and cultural center, many scenic spots, rich in high-quality rice, "Millet Mans put over rice," since ancient times, said . And Kunming, the provincial capital 778 km away from the land, 427 km away from the air.
Wanding City is the smallest county-level cities, only 10,000 of the population, the south-west of the motherland is the customs border town, the state-level ports. And nine northern Myanmar town across the river valley, Wanding - nine Valley Bridge across the border between the two countries.
Ruili City is The country's largest land port on three sides and bordering Myanmar, Quanyajiaocuo borders with Myanmar's Muse, Namkham the formation of the "one country two of the three cities Bazi" geographic landscape.
Achang Jingpo and Longchuan is the relative concentration of the county, strong enthusiasm for the national customs deeply memorable one. Zhang Feng is On behalf of the South Silk Road, a major channel port at the provincial level.
Yingjiang state is the most wide-area, the largest Bazi, the longest border of the county, the ancient Silk Road south of the main exit routes, ancient customs in the Ming Dynasty ruins old haunt. Li Yi Dayingjiang scene in Bang Ya-kai lan-ray film Hushan, a tiger jumped La Shuidong magnificent stone in a critical situation, Guan wall blurred ancient tropical rain forest, their original natural ecological landscape.
Lianghe County is the hub of the ancient Silk Road in the South, Ming and Qing dynasties business will trade between China and Myanmar Road. There are state-level key cultural relics - the only well-preserved ancient palace-style government offices toast, "the South's government offices toast." As early as the Neolithic human Dehong regions have evolved. Archaeologists in the Longchuan River in Lianghe mengyang, Luxi five fork in the road, Longchuan and Ruili Mans Mans about the New Stone Age ruins found in bile.

"Shang" and "Yu Gong," recorded in the BC 2 33 years since the Xia Dynasty in 1562 BC the era of historical events, some of which referred to the Dehong regions. "Blackwater Huayang Liang Zhou Wei, Wei-Yong Zhou Blackwater River. Guided to three Blackwater crisis, in the South China Sea into." Historically, according to the research of historians, that the South China Sea into the Blackwater were nothing more than Dehong in the vicinity of the Lancang River , The Nu River Large Jinsha River (Irrawaddy River). Whether these three Blackwater River in which one can show Hongyuan in Germany over 4000 years ago is an inseparable part of Chinese history. In 364 BC, the ancestors of the Dai People in this valley Ruili Jiang Meng Mao fruit accounted for the establishment of the Kingdom of the wall (Dai said Mao Meng get), Lei Yun Jian City, site Deposit. About the fourth century BC, Chinese history, one of the first international land lines, "Xi Nansi Road" opened the Sino-Indian trade began, Dehong Xinan Si is the inevitable road to. In 122 BC, Zhang Qian's mission to explore the Western Regions "by Yunnan and Vietnam as the country", meaning that this part of Myanmar and Dehong regions. 109 million years ago, Emperor open Xinan Yi, Dehong benefits for the county to Ailao. ??

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Chuxiong act responsibly and protect the law-Ming Wan monument Cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chuxiong City is located west of Justice of 20 Purple Mountain's Su Qing cliff, according to Chia-ching "Chuxiong County" records, e-zhen in Inscription for the legislation, then the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing for 28 years (Year 1158), Dali country is above Lung Hing-hing Three years. 3.6 m-high monument, the amount of 1 meter high and 0.55 meters high idle. Inscriptions 25 trip, the 46 words, the arrangements will be written. Inscriptions praise for the marble into a country with high volume and do. It has been contained, as a high volume of Dali country to seize the throne Duanshi the establishment of "Dali" high-Qin even great-grandchildren. Shaosheng the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty (1094 AD twist) Dali King is next paragraph to avoid places for the monks, the country with a high volume of Qin throne "large and medium-sized . "After a year at Duan Shi, the son of a high volume of Qin's son into high-volume 37 active rebel, nicknamed" the public and law enforcement, "then phase. Digits in the year after giving way to Mr Igor, China, from the public. High volume Yongzhen as in the first year (1148 AD) retreated to Chuxiong, Cibei that this matter is contained. Cibei is Dali study and a family history of the country Gao Dali History rare precious cultural relics. In January 1983, the Yunnan Provincial People's Government to release the second batch of provincial-level key protection units.

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Chuxiong Ailaoshan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chuxiong City, double the county's part of the region, an area Ailaoshan. In 1981, the Yunnan provincial government will be as important Ailaoshan Nature Reserve; May 9, 1988 approval of the State Council, sadness and Hill is listed as state-level natural protection zone poker; after anti-Chinese Academy of Sciences, also listed as Ailaoshan The United Nations "Man and the Biosphere" Forest ecosystem in the positioning of observation stations. Ailaoshan Nature Reserve in Chuxiong throughout the state, is listed as Chuxiong, two double-district. Linked to the North-South Division, in the middle of the northeastern part of Ailaoshan, covering an area of 15.76 million mu, Ailaoshan Nature Reserve is an important part. The main protection in the region As for the sub-tropical moist Zhongshan Permanent green broad-leaved forest ecosystem, as well as gibbons, green peacocks, and other rare wildlife. The protection of various types of vegetation in the region, the integrity of the vertical band, is divided into 8 types of vegetation, 19 formations; a total of about 1486 kinds of higher plants under Section 207, a 702, Section 35 plants, 61 are 123 species of gymnosperms Section 7, 12 genera and 15 species of angiosperms Section 165, 647 genera and 1344 kinds. State to protect rare and endangered animals and plants in the secondary list of protected plant meter tree, Ginkgo biloba, there are three levels of plant protection in Yunnan Aesculus, Calocedrus, To Keteleeria, Lin mango, red glauca, Simao ultraviolet tofu, East King-wing tree, Terminalia thousands of fruit, red-chun, Cycas pectinata, and the wood and so on. To protect the region's dense forests, as well as the humid climate is ideal bottom-up wildlife habitat, activities and the proliferation of places. According to preliminary investigation, Chuxiong Nature Reserve in prison, double the total partition of the two 86 kinds of mammals, Section 27 sub-Li, a 63. Among the animals included in the state-level protection, black gibbons, monkeys, the Philippine's leaf monkey, tree rat, pangolin, a small indica, indica, the cat, leopard cat, clouded leopards, sambar, Ling mane, and so on cranbrooki, Have The amount of black bears, wild cats come and go in the jungle. The protection of the region, there are 323 kinds of categories, of which 260 kinds of breeding, bird trip, the winter migratory birds and 260 kinds of birds to stay (brigade birds and 63 kinds of migratory birds in winter), Yunnan endemic birds of 20 species. These birds, listed in the national list of protected species of rare and there are types of mandarin duck, pheasant Pheasant, peacock green, Shiratori, White-bellied golden pheasant, the first brown gull, Fei chest parrots, crested eagle, eagle wings brown sparrow hawk, black vulture, magpie Harrier, snake eagle, fierce hawk, and so on. The protection of the region, there are 39 kinds of reptiles, under Section 9, 27 are; 26 kinds of amphibians, under Section 8, a 16, in which the mustache Ailao toad, Xenopus Ailao , King East tooth Ailaoshan for the toad species. Protected areas with forest soil micro-organisms to thrive. And the decline of forest-surface soil, the table is a fungus, Aspergillus, Trichoderma, Cephalosporium an active fungi, and other small places. Lin branches of fallen trees, is the mushrooms, fungus nutritional base. In this protection There are 14 kinds of natural edible fungi. Nature Reserve is located in the upper reaches of the Honghe River home ceremony, complete with water conservation, outside its geographical location, the reservoir species and the preservation of the forest area and the ecological integrity of the system of protection, mining, development and rational Since the use of biological groups The evolution of the law, forest resources play an eco-efficiency of the economy, plays an important role.

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Daluo port - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daluo, Menghai Xian is located in the south-west, and small Meng La, which borders Myanmar. "Da Luo", Dai, which means crossing the multi-ethnic. Daluo Tourism Development Zone, located in the border town of Da Luo 3 kilometers with a total area of nearly 70 hectares. Has a border trade market, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities, such as Office. Fight Jiang scenery: Luo Jiang, also known as the South beat laid River, from east to west across the dam Daluo, the influx of Myanmar. Luo Jiang played only 36 kilometers of the river in the town of Da Luo territory, more than in the rest of the river, Myanmar and the border between the two countries. Jiang on both sides of the two countries, is the village. This unique forest is a large banyan tree form of tourist attractions, Age about 900 years, covers an area of 120 square meters.

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Doo-Man Folk Village activities - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located six kilometers away from Jinghong City, the beautiful scenery of the Lancang River. Guests here for the organization's rich and colorful folk Dai, the new Pro allows you to the Songkran revelers, Dai wedding ceremony, packet loss, folk dance performances, so that when you first Dai Jia, "habib post" (little girl), " Bu take "(boy).

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Wu Yi town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Yi ancient town in Xishuangbanna Mengla County in the northwest, away from the city of Mengla County, about 110 km away from Meng wake up more than 30 kilometers in the mountains, the climate than Mengla Meng and Bazi cool bar. In the past, Wu Yi who is the county seat of the town more, but it withered abnormal shelter, only a few dozen families of small towns and villages. Today, Yi Have to build new stores, supply and marketing cooperatives, food halls, hotels, finance, taxation, posts and telecommunications, hospitals, brand new building, all of the small tile-roofed house in the shade of trees has become a new frontier town. According to historical records, Wu Yi at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty when the "quasi-Han to Wu Shan Yi-fu warrior to the awarding of the total." "The total land to" The toast. Wu Shan-fu is to defend the border against foreign aggression meritorious Hill, which became the toast of here, Xiang Yan hereditary until 1927 set up the more the county town, Wu Yi for the Fifth District. In 1930, will become the town from the county government moved to Mengla to Wu Yi. Wu Yi again in 1933 Tusi-owned land, zoned One area wu Yi jurisdiction in the town. Wu Yi for a long time since the border district is an important town.

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Chahe three wildlife observation station - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Observatory Mengyang Nature Reserve is located not far from the road, take off after walking a few kilometers of road in the forest to get to. Here dense forests, the birds come and go. In the elephant, and other places frequented, Biyou an artificial reservoirs, the water placed on the elephant, buffalo, and other animals eat the salt (Glauber's salt in the water because it has its own . Not far away from the reservoirs cover repair a bunker-like observation room, the reservoirs on the other side of the tree, with the simple observation of crack, one can hide inside observation from harm. As long waiting here for a day or two, it is not difficult to see, such as elephant to water, mud and roll play. However, this need to know the local situation You lead the way, do not go in without authorization risk.

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Man Lan Jing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Man Lan Jing at the southeast corner of the Jinghong City, next to the urban areas. Man Lan Jing whole of the existing stockade Zhulou more than 130 buildings, the Phoenix surrounded by trees, mango trees and chestnut trees, beautiful scenery. Is a well-known national flavor food area, due to a variety of ethnic restaurants in the points on both sides of the road, people call the ethnic flavor of food The street. Here you can enjoy Dai-style dishes such as fish Xiangmao Cao, Suansunzhuji, fried moss, incense bamboo rice, pineapple, purple rice and so on, the delicious taste delicious, dining, also singing and dancing performances. Man-lan is King to understand the customs of the Dai people, a good opportunity for local conditions.

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Ye Xianggu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the city of Jinghong mengyang north of the town called a three-Chahe. Mengyang Nature Reserve, located in the south, away from the capital, about 50 km from Jinghong City, the traffic is convenient. Ye Xianggu, is frequented by elephant named after, in view of the elephants go, here's the source of Lin Sen Natural capital is not required to make too many repeat. 1990 to invest in the construction watching elephant tours and travel tropical rain forest as the main content of Forest Park. In 1996 the official opening reception of tourists at home and abroad. China Valley area, dense forest, a tropical rain forest scenery, the growth of the Asian elephant, buffalo, green peacocks, monkeys and so on Zhenqidongwu. As the Mengyang area in the protection of the natural combination of Eastern and Western Area, dense forests, many birds and animals, for a variety of animal parade route. This brings to the activities of the elephants have been so busy, Xishuangbanna has become the only reward to the elephant. In this forest park, watch the Animal built areas, reception areas and forests Adventure Center With a total area of about 3,700,000 square meters, of which more than 2,800 square meters of construction area, 8000 square meters surface. Continued construction projects currently being implemented will be continued construction of elevated corridor concept as 2936 meters; the construction of high-altitude 1886 m cable, the new Road Tour 3380 m walk.

Visitors to the wild Valley during the day to watch the trained elephants performances from the forest at night can come here and see the real foraging elephant grace. Some days there were no black elephant from the elevated promenade next to the blatantly to move around to see visitors also stop for a moment, looking at these "uninvited guests" several times. Sometimes groups of elephants will also be seen in the Valley, as each group to drive the roaring sound of one after another, so that upon their arrival to the beginning of a far-away visitors to traumatise. Some groups did not elephant panic, in the presence of the same visitors leisurely feeding. In addition, here also to the snake park to watch a variety of snake, a snake and the black-bone chicken with a taste of cooking "Dragon and Phoenix soup." At the same time also to the Butterfly Garden to watch colorful culture of butterflies, with the purchase of handicrafts produced by the butterfly, but you must not be fooled by these man-made landscape. The real natural beauty hidden in the forests of fabulous, into the forest, only the clear stream water flows slowly, wooded stream growth. Here be visible in strangling plants, Board-root and flower stems, such as old as the concept and many rare plants, so that you do tours of tropical rain forest features.

Adventure travel on foot, pour in the forest along the south bank of the stream and downstream, the central area of the park from the other side of the forest trail to return to the reception center, or a snake into the garden and butterfly garden to return to farming In front of Park Avenue. The 4880 m long walking tour Kam Road, across the valley to rain forest, mountain rain forest quarter, subtropical monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest, along the way from seeing the root plate in the rain forest, killing patterns of plant, the old flower stems and Guteng Old Man climbing tall trees woven into a rattan network landscape, may be able to enjoy orchids And the tropical rain forests in many of the plants Jane value.

Walking along the forest, the elephant can be seen everywhere to come and go and traces of activities, visitors may also fortunate in the evening or at a time when the dawn of time to see the forest elephants roaming the base. Ye Xianggu in, visitors can watch the elephants performances here of the existing domesticated elephants 6, which is China's first elephant trainer school, these well-trained giant will bow to the visitors, welcome for the head, the feet into the air inverted, and melody to join the dance music can have a single-plank bridge, Trunk with a "kick" the ball ... ... performance, as tourists in the back, or Keji sitting in the trunk, and Pictures and even lying on the ground so that elephants with their feet to massage you ... ... and their spiritual clever, you have to wow.

Ye Xianggu full of mysterious, strange, its beautiful natural scenery, cardiac shock the soul of adventure activities, we will let you feast for the eyes, never forget, you have a back-to-nature Long-cherished wish.

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Daluo border town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daluo border town, 134 kilometers away from Jinghong and Menghai Xian is located in the west, and small Meng La, which borders Myanmar, the country is the second port. Daluo Dai is the translation of the phrase, meaning "multi-ethnic mix of live crossing", it is a time to live here with Dai, Hani, Brown, and other nationalities, is a population of 16,000. Daluo humid climate, No cold, no summer heat, the average annual temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, Miangen small town surrounded by mountains, dense forests, for coverage of 45% in the red-chun, the triangle of rare species such as fir. Daluobazi from the flow of the majority of the South River through neighboring Myanmar, the two sides of rivers, the two countries adjacent to the cottage, in the beautiful, the border between the two countries Made the same dress the same, since ancient times, when a foot of the gray Airline paukphaw friendship. Daluo the border, the border is very well-developed tourism, food-service facilities, places, purchase, as one tour a day to meet a large number of Chinese and foreign guests. 3 km south, also a taste of Man Long Qiao like to flash the strange landscape. An old 200 In the old banyan tree height over 70 meters, the trunk full of numerous massive root system, such as mountain valley, and China, firmly seize the land. Tree branches, then dropped like a root a root sticks like the roots, root deep into the soil, root formation of packing, even sticks of branches of the huge deep-rooted as a whole, making tree covers an area of 1 0 square meters, have gone through hundreds of wind and rain erosion, is still Climb vitality of the tree, like a small forest.

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One tree forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

One tree in the forest landscape of the tropical rain forest in Xishuangbanna can be seen everywhere. In addition to the big banyan trunk, but also from the branches give birth to the root of many columns to insert in the soil, root and become a pillar of another tree, the tree formed tree of Health, the root of the root spectacular scene. Daluo Daluo in the south border trade zone, on the border, with growth A forest of trees large banyan tree, about 900 years old, height about 70 meters, covers an area of 120 square meters, 21 remain on the ground root, branches and leaves flourish, both as a fence, like a green barrier.

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