Underground forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Underground forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Forests on the ground floor (that is, the crater forest) is located about 50 km northwest Jingpohu, Zhang was located in the mountains of the southern slope of Yeongdong, about 1,000 meters above sea level, is a National Nature Reserve. When visitors set foot on the southern slope of Yeongdong to Zhang, up along the mountain road, the Peak fire on board, suddenly appeared in front of a The large crater in the 40 km long and 5 km wide strip-shaped zone on a total of 10. Their diameter in the 400-550 meters, deep in the 100-200 m between. 3, which was the largest crater with a diameter of up to 550 meters depth of 200 meters. Visitors standing on top-down crater Wang saw a steep wall, the green and luxuriant trees, green want to drop. On the ground floor is rich in forest resources and valuable timber and medicinal herbs; at the same time there is no lack of small animals, public television and the next, and even can see a rare setting of Qingyang, called "underground zoo." Visitors to the next steps to do , That is, until the end of crater. Rong Dong temperature anomaly, a thin ice summer, a severe winter Qingquan, very strange. Go inside more, the more feel cold, as if the final went into the general icehouse. Admission: 20 yuan

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Eight female sculptures - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eight female sculptures - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mudanjiang River in the Riverside Park, erected a huge stone Images - eight women, Jiang cast sculptures. The sculptures completed in 1988, 13 meters high, 8.8 meters long, the use of granite stone from Diaozao, "Jiang's eight women to vote", describe the writing of the CPPCC National Committee Chairman Deng Yingchao. In 1984 the country was listed as the second Protection unit. Mudanjiang City's Riverside Park and eight women, Jiang cast sculptures have also been approved as a patriotism education base at the provincial level.

Speaking of Jiang's and eight women for the deeds of people have so far been shocking the heart. It was in early October 1938, the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army women's college instructor cold cloud, with his West , A tributary of the Mudanjiang ust muddy river banks and Japanese puppet experience. Yanhubudui for them to break through and take the initiative to attract enemy fire, fighting to make bombs, took down the River Ouse, heroic martyred.

  Jiang's eight-woman cast of heroic feat, simply write a song, Qi Guishen anti-Japanese epic. To cherish the memory of the martyrs, education , Mudanjiang municipal government in 1984 decided to set up Mudanjiang City, Riverside Park and eight women, Jiang cast sculptures heroes. Large-scale sculptures from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Professor ZHANG De-hua, Mr Lighthouse Design, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts granite materials used to produce Diaozao in August 1, 1988 is completed, then State Chairman of the CPPCC guiding hand of Comrade Deng Yingchao, "Jiang's eight women to vote", describe.

  We should be such that they "do not change Yusui white, bamboo does not burn damage Day" steadfast integrity rather proud of!

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Moranbong Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Moranbong Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Moranbong Nature Reserve, located 10 km southeast of Mudanjiang City, located in the Laoye Ling Mountains in the northwest end of the East Pacific Ridge and phase, with the West ridge adjacent to Zhang. With a total area of 400 square kilometers, is a primitive natural ecological landscape, is also a National Nature Reserve.

Boreal is moranbong gas , Rainfall, high mountains and deep valley, the growth of a variety of valuable trees, known as the "green treasure house north of the Great Wall."

  Moranbong in history was a rippling blue lake, about 900 million years ago, volcanic eruptions, the formation of basalt in the main body of the volcano. With the lifting of the earth's crust, volcanic-washed by the floods, Today, such as the overlapping mountains, ravines cross the landscape, the highest moranbong 1111 meters above sea level, vertical and horizontal streams in the region, spewing spring seasons, is rich in water resources.

  Here in the northern temperate and boreal vegetation distribution, the characteristics of the temperate zone. Dense forest in the region, since under the To the growth of oak trees, Yang Hua Lin, broad-leaved forest, mixed forest. Plant is rich in resources, there are more than 500 kinds of higher plants. The tall pine, spruce, fir sturdy tall and straight; yellow pineapple, walnut, Ash, and other valuable hardwood can be seen everywhere; Xing'an Juniper, juniper from the boreal moved to this The Xike.

  The fern forest, Beiqi, Schisandra, Lily has a variety of uses of plants. Good natural habitat of the Siberian tiger, red deer, musk deer, and so on more than 30 kinds of mammals; birds are swans, geese, golden eagle, the waist, and so on more than 170 kinds of Yan, with the number of migratory birds, for most types; There are more than 400 kinds of insects, butterflies beautiful orange, yellow butterflies, silk and so on a total of more than 40 kinds of butterflies.

  Moranbong Nature Reserve in Northeast China is not only a study of secondary forest succession of changes in the ideal place, people still enjoy the beautiful natural landscape around the resort.

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After the site in the mountain city of Chengzi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

After the site in the mountain city of Chengzi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suspended in the water falls floor, 3 km northeast of the top of the hill, Yidong Xia period of the ancient city, that is, after Chengzi sites in the mountain city. The ancient city of east and west, north to cliffs on three sides, under the temporary lake to a natural barrier for the barrier. The ancient city wall built in accordance with the mountain, the only wall with a door-urn foot of the mountain. The ancient city of the existing soil battlement 15, North City East High Low Relatively flat topography.

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Dagushan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

After Baishilazi south, to Dagushan. It is the crust after the fracture of the debris left over from the mainly from granite, was Cattle-Hill, above the surface about 150 meters, ran a Jue, whose name on the resulting.

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La-wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wall-La is located in the central Jingbo, Xiaogushan the southwest shore, the Qiaoli rock. There is a site of the ancient city in the mountains, according to the research, here in the Bohai Sea for the country to Beijing Old City Road, Huzhou, Xianyao terrain, has gone through the millennium, but most of the walls still stand, then we can see his character, Gordon overlooking the city, Jingbo scenery, collected Fundus.

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Pearl door - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pearl-La near the door to leave, but see two exquisite hill, like a pearl, the confrontation between the lake in the middle is only 10 meters away, as if a natural gateway.

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La-Laogua - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Laogua son, also known as La Laogua Hill Lake in the south, the lake is a small island, which like a Laogua lying in the lake, it got its name. Calocedrus pines in the mountains, the forest habitat Laogua.

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Ryoko Great River National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ryoko Great River National Forest Park located in the eastern province of small Hinggan in Tangyuan County, south of Grand River Ryoko Korean pine seed market in the territory, with a total area of 7171 hectares, was built in 1987, 1992, approved by the Ministry of Forestry as a state-level forest park Park construction is the first state-level forest park one. Ryoko Great River State Park is Korean pine forest primeval forest landscape as the main body of the natural eco-tourism, to show KIWI Furuki, Austrian forest wide, strange rocks, beautiful scenery, rich and colorful picture of the four seasons, Jun natural scenery of the United States and pleasant landscape features, as "Pearl of Hung Yen, Sanjiang Jade."

Park Chi Chinese and foreign original Korean pine seed, observation towers, trees Island, Yuanyang Lake Tree, in conjunction secret anti-business, Wang Chung House, Shi Pan, the old millennium, 100 large nests, wildlife exhibition, the original house hunting, etc. The natural landscape.

  Korean pine virgin forest - with a total area of 2400 hectares, age 400 - 500 years Korean pine with its fine texture of the famous and valuable seeds, very little distribution of the world, is home to rare. View high, pine green and luxuriant virgin forest, range upon range of hills overlapping barrier, stretching into the sky, like a piece of jasper, embedded in the mountains, forests have a rock song, the black bear positions, Furuki ring attractions.

Temple would like to sea - in the first three rivers Temple, is one of the province's largest Buddhist temple. Architectural style flavor, the magnificent, here surrounded by mountains, clear water Ying-order, "building a total of Isshiki landscape, with visual Qiming Songtao." Buildings and the natural scenery add radiance to each other, complement each other.

Ryoko large river rafting -- Jiang first drift, Ryoko River matched Castle, the beautiful scenery. White water rafting along the dangerous shoals and white, accompanied by huge trees odd, gentle river at the bottom clear, the Department again and again down the rapids and downs, eco-tourism is nirvana.

Island trees - Tree, the number of distribution lines northeast of the island trees Yang Daqing, the largest diameter at breast height 2 4 meters, Climb, wide-hung, tall and straight, a river dry most of the dead poplar Daqing, but the top of the tender branches and leaves grow complex, it is amazing to fine-sounding name of "Tree."

Platyphylla - Lin in the first three rivers, covering an area of 1000 hectares of pure white birch, stretching into the sky. Tingtingyuli like tree trunks white, Na, for its great variety of girls, white birch leaf color changes with the seasons, the colorful and elegant, wide-hung to the mountains of poetic added.

Wo Hu-La - La steep steep stone tens high, stone pines on the stand Qiu Jin, fragrant rhododendron. This rock has been on the Siberian tiger habitat, so for the life Wo Hu-La. Anti-business sites close together - the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army of the Sixth Army headquarters site in the northern part of the park, a rifle unearthed here, toothfish, machine, telephone, lunch boxes, and other cultural relics. Xia Wei-order commander at the time the Sanjiang Plain.

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Tao Wen 10,000 city government - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tangyuan County is located in the town of Champlain Bridge Tangwang Fuyi kilometers. This study of the Yuan Dynasty City in Heilongjiang Province, the military and political establishment in the Northeast and understanding of the history of development, have great value. Yuan Dynasty in the lower reaches of the Songhua River water for up to the road, five soldiers and civilians under the jurisdiction of the House of Canton, Tao Wen 10,000 government is one of Nuzhen jurisdiction of the ministries group. As the Wang River Authority Moved westward each year to the end of the Qing dynasty most of the city into the river, is only one-third of the original city. The ancient city was rectangular, circumference of 2,500 meters, 750 meters long east-Yuan, Rammed earth version of the building, 6 meters high. West side wall of the five Arima, in the northwest turret there.

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Jingbian camp site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yilan County is located 15 km east south bank of the Songhua River. Is the years of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu (1875-1908), the Chinese people against Russia's invasion of Fort Jiang Fang, China has become an indomitable people against foreign aggression witness. 2006 Guangxu (1880) in May, the Qing government to send supervision while Jilin Minister Wu General in Jilin Ming-an, located in the Bayan-Hada, "a military Sui word" construction 5, Jingbian way that business, known as Camp Jingbian. Bingyong stationed more than 2,500 people. Nine-year Guangxu (1883) in the Qing government Jingbian camp 1.5 kilometers northeast of the Songhua River, construction of a fort-Bayan, an Gang Gun 5, Taiwan set up on both sides of the size of the arsenal of six, 10 Barracks. In the same year, with the Songhua River in Bayan-between, Lan Jiang install large iron chain. Platform located on the right bank of River related care. Guangxu July 26, Jingbian Qing and local business people three times a heavy military aggression against Russia, Russia colonel killed Official Weinikefu transport, destroy and blow Russia "will Qi Si," and "Odessa", and other ships. Camp sites are still Jingbian. Each camp site large square these lanes, a circumference of 480 ranging from 594 meters, Ben Zhu camp wall, the residual 1.5-4 meters high. The four camps are located in post east, south, west hills on three sides. Battery-Bayan is pouring lime mortar and , Still in ruins.

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I Tianjin Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jin Street is located in the mouth with the lower reaches of the Heilongjiang River County, away from Tongjiang in the urban area 45 km north-east, Nationality, as one poet described by the "Street Jin I, Tsuyama Street, Wan Fung Wan, a water on three sides, should be to Ren Jie Ling, Serbs are not small southern North. " This is the Nationality of the habitats where visitors can be an in-depth local people, get Nationality of fishing-specific customs. Sino-Russian border port of Tianjin Street Heilongjiang River is a beautiful small mountain village, and Russia across the river, is the great family of nationalities in our country, "six small" one of the nation's Nationality settlements. Here a beautiful, beautiful scenery, unique natural, cultural, historical landscape, and so on tour Resources, in order to lay a foundation for the development of tourism.

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Three Jiangkou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Third, Heilongjiang and Songhua River estuary is the area, located in the same Jiangcheng 4 km north-east, after merging, commonly known as "Jiang's confused," named for the "three Jiangkou", Heilongjiang and from west to east, the water was dark green, gentle and Magnanimous; the Songhua River sediment more yellow, yellow and black of the Songhua River after the confluence of the river in Heilongjiang Chung surging water color is clear, where dozens of non-mixed east, the Northeast is well-known natural wonders one.

  Eguchi in the three-Jun Cheng, downstairs from the Yueyang travel by boat northbound 7 km, that is, the Minjiang up (this Jingjiang), Yuanjiang, the Xiang River junction - Jiangkou three, which is the mouth of the Yangtze River into the Dongting Lake, located in the city Rocky nearby. Chenglingji, the Yangtze River to the Rocky III, "the Central North-East river, Dongting bird's-eye view of its south-west."

  Today's prosperity and faction Chenglingji good weather. Jiangkou to ship three, you might see looked and saw billowing Jingjiang West, North mighty Xiang River, miles into the Yangtze River, east vast, magnificent. Long " Jiang Tao to sea water, 10,000 water floating island of light and air, "once said, praising the spectacular three Jiangkou. Dongting due to the water than the Qing Chang Jiang, where a strange phenomenon: Qingzhuo intersection, clear, the ancients referred to as" Jiang's will. "

  Three spacious Jiangkou surface, Baigezhengliu, Xiang Ji waterfowl, often finless porpoise, dolphin Floating opera. Historically, this is for the navy to land. The three countries, Huoshaochibi Zhou Yu, Sun Quan and Liu Bei 2 naval pursuit Cao, from here, after all. Today, Hong Kong Chenglingji, the paper Yueyang, Yueyang Power Plant, and other emerging industrial enterprises are located here. Nightfall, 10,000 light reflected on the water, such as the air is made up of stars Cai Yi-streamer, Isshiki Shui-Guang.

Three Jiangkou military history is vital importance, China's Hezhe, Man-Han soldiers and civilians on several occasions in Russia this blow to China's aggression, the "ancient battlefield." Jiangkou three is the "three togethers" the end of the road, after Jiang with the originality of the city government building has become a landscape The special tourism treasure.

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Port fuyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuyuan County, located in China's side of the Heilongjiang, Wusuli River meets the triangle, and Russia across the river, 275 km long boundary line. With the Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk) in a straight line distance is only 35 km, 64 km away from the water. Fuyuan points to make full use of its geographical advantage, and Russia's far east side for Co-operation. Fuyuan by the port and along the Heilongjiang up to the next, the third largest city in the Far East Amur Komsomolsk, which may be leading to the railway by the Soviet Hong Kong. To continue along the Heilongjiang and Kedi under the Heilongjiang river and the sea port city of Nikolayevsk, is the city of Jiamusi in Heilongjiang Province and the only water channel into the sea. Wide waters far, no bank in the River, the deepest port in the waters up to 10 meters, with an average water depth of 4 meters, is China's Heilongjiang Province on the side of the best deep water port. Fuyuan port waters normally parked 5,000-ton barge, the wet period may be leading to Heilongjiang Wan Dunlun boat to the sea, is the city of Jiamusi in Heilongjiang Province and Jianghai Yun of China's best side of the port change. Fuyuan a long line of the border control points, 9 township jurisdiction, six townships in the Sino-Russian border, and the corresponding region of the Russian population is relatively densely populated, economically developed areas.

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Jiamusi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is located in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, Wusuli River and the confluence of the Songhua River in the Sanjiang Plain in the hinterland, 340 km from east to west, north-south 190 km wide, separated from Heilongjiang, Wusuli River and across Russia, 580 km-long border. China's easternmost city, is second only to Harbin, Qiqihar's third largest city , Known as "Oriental City."

  Shuangyashan city of Jiamusi city to the east, according to West Harbin, Yichun City, south Mudanjiang, Qitaihe, Jixi City, north Hegang City. Border (Jiang-border) line length of 449 km, separated from the East River, separated from the north of Heilongjiang and Russia Khabarov Grams (Khabarovsk) across the border. As a result of this special geographical location, it is referred to as "Oriental City."

Jiamusi in the territory of the existing 441 kinds of plant resources, by end-use can be divided into medicinal plants, wild vegetable, fruit plants, fiber plants, nectar source plants, green plants, such as 15 categories. Mountain And the main varieties of edible fungus: bracken, Osmunda, gill tender vegetables, incense cucumber, dried vegetables monkey legs, Dasychira yellow, hazel mushroom, mushroom oil, green mushroom, and so on.

Jiamusi city is rich in treasures on the ground floor. Found in non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, metallurgical auxiliary materials, building materials Other non-metallic mineral more than 50. Useful elements and minerals are mainly raw materials: iron, manganese, titanium, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt, gold, mercury, silver, pyrite, iron phosphate, snakes Tibetan stone house mosquito, clay, silica, mica, kaolin , Marble, bentonite, coal and graphite. Found that the deposits, mining, mineral 3 points A number of 0.

Jiamusi city rich in forest resources, concentrated in the eastern part of Zhang Ling before, Wandashan Yumai Hinggan Mountains in the north and small. There are municipal forest land with an area of 863.9 hectares, and forestry, farm system, there is forest land, the city's forest coverage rate to 20.7 percent. Jiamusi City in the vast grassland, Heilongjiang Province is the second largest natural grassland. Pasture and a large variety of quality of the grass lush, for the development of animal husbandry provides excellent conditions.

  June every year here at the Sanjiang International Tourism Festival to Jiamusi is the best tourist season. Jiamusi tourism resources so as to the "three Jiangkou" representative of the diverse landscape and beautiful scenery. The surging river, black and yellow and white, well-demarcated, east flow of dollars and not mixed in, sight. I Tianjin Street, Yishanbangshui, pleasant scenery. Diaoyutai Wu Li River, Heilongjiang ocean thousands of miles, the shuttle boats. Sanjiang Plain A quarter of the vast snow and ice world for tourists hunting, skiing, gold up in the summer Hai, rice flower fragrance, stacked mountain peaks, rivers, vertical and horizontal.

Sanjiang Plain in winter snow and ice of a vast world for visitors to hunting, skiing, gold up in the summer Hai, rice flower fragrance, stacked mountain peaks, rivers, vertical and horizontal. Jiamusi have been opened up to Haba, Birobidzhan, Komsomolsk, Moscow and other cities day, Two-Day Tour, four Tour, Tour on the 8th and so on a number of international tourist routes. Jiamusi also has opened up to the same customs Nationality Jiang Yu; Huachuan, Fujin, Tongjiang, fuyuan cultural heritage tour; Honghe Farm Agricultural Tour;-Tangyuan Scenic River Tours primeval forest; forest Huanan steam locomotive traveled to watch.

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Kirin Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kirin Mountain is located in Heilongjiang Province Jidong Xian agriculture through the west side of town, 201 National Highway in the Kirin Hill 7.5 km westward Department charges, from Jixi city center, about 42 kilometers, which is characterized by beautiful natural scenery, charming, unique human landscape New, steep peaks, the beauty of the lake, its natural landscape and human landscape clever knot Is a rare tourist destination. Jixi is one of the top 10 spots, the municipal tourism protected areas.

  Scenic door height 8 meters, 20 meters wide, is used in traditional Chinese architectural style, glazed tile gold, enamel-painted, red posts, the granite base, the whole building Give people a sense of building momentum. The door into the building, the twists and turns along the winding road traffic not long on the Hill to the unicorn, the opposite is the famous mountain peaks kirin. The first mountain to the north, the south end of the north peak of the Tau like Kirin, Kirin's tail, look at the ups and downs of the mountains, like the unicorn Who, exactly like a huge Qilin disk lying there, it is called Kirin Hill. Kirin people Fengruoshenming Hill, as a symbol of auspicious auspicious. Kirin Hill is the most scenic areas of the main essence of the natural landscape. There are 10 major scenic spots: Kirin-fu to send, al Wofo days, Luotuo Feng, Taiwan will, artificial waterfalls, Lingbi stones, Ting Kok view of Lake Park breeding rare birds, fish pond view, Xie Fei Chao, and so on. Characterized by: Jing Feng Ling Xiu, Ling Feng amazing, each with its own characteristics, each with charm.

  Mist-filled valley in the mountains, but also often the magic ring of the three columns the morning mist, standing on the water days, people in Wonderland Rulin, marvel, therefore Name: "Heaven Temple incense." "Bainiao Yuan", is a return to nature's harmony between man and bird place. There are red-crowned cranes in the park, rare birds such as swans, but also the mischievous monkeys, and other animals, visitors photographers can take pictures, but also to the pigeons, turkeys feeding. Happy in the field, the friends can have the courage to get healthy and Mongolia Ma, running in the sand on the floor, when the riders to experience the fun. Hill and the opposite also is a deep lie, it is unique in China "exhibition of ancient instruments of torture." Into which, if involved in a long history of giving a leisurely reverie.

  In addition, there are thick forests, Winter Cheung's song welcoming all kinds of wild animal protection, nutrient-rich mushroom Hericium, rare mountain microlepis fish, 100 species of Huang Zhi, ginseng, and so on Schisandra valuable Chinese herbal medicine and cool solution Department, the longevity of spring , The pure natural mineral water.

  Scenic areas open to visitors all year round, the whole man-made construction , Around 375,000 square meters of lake Kirin distribution sites. 160 meters long and 13 meters wide and the artificial dam, blocking the lake. 35 meters long Quqiaotinglang, 3-meter-high statue of the Youth Pre-employment at Swan Lake stop in the water. Natural beach, a swimming pool, small playground, unique design, safe and reliable. There are style The different star-level hotels, including the unique pattern, the exquisite taste of the 12 on 24-villa, indoor letter Ya, pleasant environment, the most eye-catching, "Kirin Court" and "Heart Yuet-ting," Scenic Area is The main point of embellishment, not only for visitors to rest and watch the scenery provides a convenient, but also play the sun and rain Painting the texture, add to the Peak landscape, plays King collection. Service Center Building, set meals, entertainment in one. B is the floor accommodation rooms and indoor swimming pool. A two-floor, moving a static, embraced Xiangyingchengqu, complement each other. The completion of the new students to the floor, while Villa has brought cultural atmosphere. The stand services Heart looked platform, a rich southern-style fish Walled panoramic view, thought-provoking. The new students into the floor more unique flavor Yun, is the region's main tourist reception facilities.

  Hill's winter kirin can carry out the activities of skiing. As the second session of the China Heilongjiang International Ski venues, Shan-lin of the winter ice and snow entertainment is more desirable. 600 m long ski site, 60 meters wide, with an average gradient of 20 degrees, with mountain cable, as well as professional technical guidance, motorized snow, Mara Pali, gyro, ice balancer, it will cause immense c.

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Pat Hill Lenz - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eight Jidong Xian Leng Mountain is located 30 kilometers south-west, is a new scenic spot. In June 1997 to open park tourists, which is a mainly to irrigation, flood control into account, tourism, culture and more development of the artificial lake.

Lenz face eight vast landscape, steep peaks, famous There are spots Xian Hu Tong, Heng Fa Chuen-po, Lu Tai small construction site of the Japanese army, the concept of natural stone, such as the stone forest landscape, its unique artistic conception of the good and the ecology of the area to establish themselves as charming. Lenz eight-rich mountain playground project, the thrills of rafting, standard swimming pool, 10-meter-high water slides are ideal for leisure, this Eight Leng Shan Shan Zhen-rich area - matsutake, mountain mushrooms, Rana Hill, and other products, carefully produced a variety of travel products, visitors can satisfy the shopping experience.

  Leng Shan Tourism eight provincial-level scenic spot is the AA-level scenic areas, Jidong Xian is located 30 km southeast, which borders with Russia, the geographical position Superior, the traffic is convenient.

  Leng Shan eight scenic tourist beautiful natural scenery unique, pleasant scenery, the small northern known as the Jingpohu known, but also the Wudalianchi quiet, full of mountains and a pair of Jade, from the dam looking down on down, then fly The sound of water spilled Bolong Long, can be Fei Liu turned down huge waves, the waves rolling to the east, "the magnificent landscape.


  Leng Shan eight scenic tourist facilities, European-style eight-leng Shan Hotel, the city of veteran Hill, the city government rent for the training center at the same time open to visitors. There can carry 60 cruise ships, such as lightning fast Speed, so that you enjoy nature, to bring you the fresh, stimulating, an area of 10,000 square meters of the water park, the new paintball shooting range to bring the children a lot of fun. Shek Pik on the welcoming pine, stone monkey view of the sea, Moon Journey, Buddha Shuangseng, stone forest standing, life-like patterns, especially in the post-war ruins small furnace , You can feel the bloody war, forget the past years. From a distance, the mountains of robusta Xianhu Hill, smoke-filled, charming scenery.

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Jixi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province is located in the south-east, north, east and Bo Lixian, respectively, connected to the city of Qitaihe, South Muling City, and Linkou Xian adjacent to the West, East, South East and Russia at the junction. With a total area of 22,531 kilometers and a population of 1,980,000, the Han, Manchu, North, Hui, Mongolian, and other 23 nationalities, jurisdiction three counties (cities) Area. Jixi City is the motherland as early as the sun rises, has now become the industry categories, all-round economic development, urban services are more well-integrated city.

Jixi city is rich in mineral resources have been discovered 56 minerals. There are coal, Mexico, sillimanite, K, marble, gold, platinum, palladium, such as mineral water. Jixi Coal widely distributed, complete coal, coking coal, gas coal, coal Feimei 7, and so on, the total reserves of 8,000,000,000 tons, with an annual output of 30,000,000 tons of raw coal: graphite reserves total 780,000,000 tons, ranking first in Asia, Annual production of 70,000 tons: Silicon Line Reserves of 40,000,000 tons, 3,000 tons of annual production: marble reserves of 630,000,000 tons, 3.29 tons reserves of platinum, palladium reserves of 5.66 tons, more than 5 tons of gold reserves.

Jixi-Hua Tian Bao, the beautiful river. With a total area of cultivated land in the city 554 1000 hectares, the land area of 440,000 Hectares, of the total land area of 19,4%, with an area of grassland swamp 220,000 hectares. Jixi City is located in the Wusuli River water system, 62 major rivers in the territory for most of the Wusuli River one, two, three tributaries of the total runoff 8,940,000,000 cubic meters. There are blisters on the lake 569. The largest rivers Muling , The flow inside track 502 km long. Groundwater reserves total 98. 400,000,000 cubic meters, the whole area of water resources for the total amount of 539,300,000,000 cubic meters, the water 434 million, a total of 46 small and medium-sized reservoir. Woodland with a total area of the city's 620,000 hectares, the total volume of live standing 45,920,000 cubic meters, cut 4 years . 60,000 cubic meters.

Jixi city is rich in wildlife resources, more than 100 kinds of medicinal herbs, 300 Shan She kind of product, bracken, Osmunda, and so famous. There are tiger, bear, deer, mink, roe, and other 39 kinds of wild animals survive; 65 kinds of fish, which alburnus Kowloon (big white fish) for the four Chinese Name one of the freshwater fish; more than 180 kinds of birds, of which at the national level for the Protection of Birds 4: red-crowned cranes, oriental white stork, white-tailed sea eagle, golden eagle: more than 460 kinds of plants, of which the State Plant II 9: hing Kathon , And Hung Yen Cypress, such as wild soybean.

Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, agricultural production is Comparative advantages of the pieces of one of the regions, also in Heilongjiang Province, one of the key grain-producing areas. Hill Jixi water around the ring, Woyeqianli, mild climate, moderate rainfall, a long frost-free period. Albic soil to soil, river silt soil, paddy soil, mainly meadow soil. Fertile land rich in rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and vegetables Is conducive to the development of green agriculture and agricultural characteristics. The city's 11 large state-owned farms, the average annual output of grain more than 1,300,000 tons. Since reform and opening up, "developing agriculture through science and education" strategy to promote industrial management, secondary and tertiary industries to speed up the pace of development, animal husbandry and aquaculture to become a focus of the aquaculture industry Village of the economic pillar industries, has changed the rural economy in a single planting traditional pattern. Rise of township enterprises, the rural economy to become the new force and new economic growth points. Farming and forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery reasonable proportion, agriculture, agricultural characteristics of the pattern taking shape. Jixi City have been Into a green food base for 12 months, 9 species, the 22 signs of green food products. Green food output value amounted to 600,000,000 yuan. Jixi city of good ecological environment, characterized by blue, to the net, has a clear head, is the seat of the emerging tourist city, with the development of eco-tourism, tour the border, cross-border travel on the basis of the conditions. 200 Years, Jixi City received 1.79 million domestic tourists, visitors and received 236,000 foreign tourists visitors, the tourism industry in the development of the national economy has begun to take shape.

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Second Longquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longquan II, also known as the Second longan, located in the scenic southern tip of the drug Quanshan foot of the mountains, spring water from a stone bridge leading large stone out of the mouth, big head and two small on both sides of the head, three in the lead Tang Chu of the spring constitute a mini-waterfall.

  Sweet refreshing spring water. According to a Japanese scientist Measured, and its water quality indicators such as the Eight-free up to international standards, it is a rare mineral water Piangui Suan. It also has high medical value for ophthalmic diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, myopia, acute keratitis, and so have the effect of the disease, the eye also known as Stephen.

  Two mountain spring water from Longkou in the long Keep water, not ice in the winter, these two legendary dragon was also a small defeat Black Dragon, Lao win the support that they had in town medicines under cultivation Quanshan ransom, regardless of dry years older floods Spit in drinking water for people.

Legend of spring water is flowing in from the Shan Fu, Pamela Qinglie imported spring water, wash in the face Abnormal smooth, long-term use of spring water here will play a beauty wash effect.

  Springs from the "drug Quanshan" by the Shan Fu in "Shilong," the two eyes to the smoke, is the legendary Dragon King the old tears, for there are people illnesses and diseases of the eye. Pamela cool spring water, washed his face in the smooth cool head. Borrow Tears of the Dragon King I Xinmingyanliang washed again. Look at those with head shaved their heads in the face of painted mud spa visitors, in their treatment of hair loss. Cool penetrate to the bone mineral mud, hair beauty at the same time, enough will take the heart and soul of your pain and frustration, rheumatism, skin disease patients bathed in the spring to spend up soup God, Exhilarating sense, as if descending from the Jade Pool.

  Members of the sea SHEK convalescence after being water bath sunbathing, "Nanquan" Shen Shui for your illnesses and diseases in addition to health insurance, "Stephen North" Pulp God for you to raise the quality of life. Clear spring water, mountain breeze, you get rid of all the pain and sorrow.

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Nanquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Quanshan medicine at the park in Nanquan, and not far from the North-chuen, cold seeps are Wudalianchi series of the most famous spring is also the famous mineral water Wudalianchi one of the two main sources of water. In the spring there are at the top of a floor booths will be protected throughout the spring.

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Lao Heishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lao Heishan is my typical volcano is one of the top 14 in a volcano. High mountain, 515.9 meters above sea level, the mountains by black pumice stone, as a result of the "Lao Heishan."

Hill East, the North has on both sides of the winding up Peak Road, The Peak has a funnel-shaped crater with a diameter of about 350 meters deep 140 m, steep wall, awe-inspiring sight. It was around the crater line trail, overlooking the crater at the end of daunting.

  Lao Heishan is also called Black Dragon Hill, commonly known as the immortal Hill, 1719 eruption, in 1721 another eruptions, historical records have been eruptions over 6 times, as the typical landforms like a Long, green vegetation in the summer and pure white snow of the winter have not conceal its black gloss, so called Black Dragon Hill. Black Dragon Hill an elevation of 515.9 meters, 165.9 meters above the ground, Wudalianchi is the second largest volcano. Here the landscape integrity of the volcano, the landscape is so extraordinary that geologists have been hard to come by as the volcano to Gallery, mainly from "Shi", "Shuilian Dong", "fairy palace", "volcanic forest", "crater" spots such as the composition. Crater diameter of 350 meters, 145 meters deep crater.

  Black Dragon Hill covers the southern slope of the volcano is the gravel, also known as volcanic ash. Li is a volcanic gas Hair product, when special gas abundant in the magma, the eruption was on the bubble-shaped lava, condensation, as the wind scattered around the volcano. According to the distribution of volcanic gravel, volcanic eruptions that can blow here when the wind is from the north or north-west.

  Mountain by early evening the two sets of overlapping volcanic cone from as early as Cone was the eruption of the late occupation and destruction, from the density of vegetation can see the difference sooner or later, it is a dormant volcano.

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Xiangfang Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Harbin Xiangfang World Carnival to be in December 24, 2005 -2006 year on February 15, the city of Harbin in Xiangfang Park (now Park Shangzhi) to organize. Have been included in the 22nd China? Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival important activities. Xiangfang World Carnival is the world's light, light ocean. Xiangfang lantern by the World Xiangfang District, the area hosted by the Government, Xiangfang District Urban Management Bureau contractors by the country's largest lantern production company - Sichuan Zigong Haitian Culture Co., Ltd. is responsible for the dissemination of design and construction. From the main venue, the red tour, tour business, cultural tours, northern trip and five scenic tourist interaction And sales area, a large group of 37 lanterns. "China-Russia friendship" as an opportunity to the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Fascist War and the early years of life in Hashi. To design a new production of sperm and the principle of high-grade traditional lantern "shape, color, sound, light, action, the Senate" feature art, sex-watch Interactive, interesting and entertaining as one would be different genres, different styles, different materials with lanterns and beautiful landscape parks combine.

  Has three characteristics, one in form, that is, the traditional lantern art practices, highlighted the sound, light, electricity, and other high-tech means of action, fashion, Ying; Second, the content, to adapt to the different needs of various groups to take part in the interaction of strong; Third, in terms of scale, the highlight of the lantern into the country's largest You Yuanhui.

  The main venue: Xiangfang Park in the North Gate Plaza, the north gate to the main entrance of the park, set up 30 meters, 16 meters long large-scale color LightScribe door; is Set up on both sides of 23 meters long dragon's Royal, Ching Cheung Cai-feng two lanterns, arouse the head of the dragon, a strong movement, shows the prosperity of the Chinese festive and peaceful, rich and auspicious Cai-feng expressed the joy of a better life Situation. Zhao Shangzhi set up long before the statue of 14 meters, 14 meters wide with a square background of the stage, the stage elevation Lighting, lighting around the facade, above the stage floriation 40 - 60cm. Searchlights will playing with a statue light, and then a large rainbow, cloud, red stands. Lighting set up around the square, the use of abstract lines, mainly in red, and so warm, happy contrast of the festive atmosphere. North entrance doors on both sides of the loop Small home lighting arch.

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John River rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

John River only 80 kilometers away from Harbin, for drifting above 17 km, takes 7 hours. West by the spring and scenic areas downstream, the water all the way around the Hill, Central, 9 turn ten, and seven of eight urgent relief, picturesque scenery, rivers clear bottom, with an average water depth of 1.2 meters. There are a total of Terminal 5, the time may be drifting sub. Ancient, natural beauty of the Dongchuan Nishikawa leg to the main attractions include the West Reservoir spring, wild ducks Bay, crossing rivers and mountains, Mandarin Bay, three stone, Motian Ling; bold, loud and strong, stimulated by Nishikawa Du paragraph to the attractions there A sky full of stars, Dadukou, trigeminal River Gorge Monster, pigeon holes, White Tiger Gorge; magic Beautiful, spectacular Du Lei home to the above attractions are Yintan ring, Qinglong Xia, Whispering Gallery, Stone Ocean, Sea Point stone monkey, black pool; mine home to natural attractions have a section of the Huilong Wan, Xuelang reef, Yangshuo Hill , Tai Gong Shi, Guilin small.

  River rafting: spring scenic spot down by the West and, along with 5 First, the time may be drifting sub. Landscape along the way: Hill all the way around the ring of water, Xiquanyan Reservoir, the wild Bay, Monster Gap, pigeon holes, spots, such as white tiger Gap has its own unique features.

  The drifting, the choice of tools is also very important, according to the different sections of the drift, the choice of different tools. Three more commonly used tool is Xiangpi Fa, a small bamboo and wooden. Xiang Pifa adaptation of the very strong, even if the encounter between the larger falls in a critical situation or the valley, and always saved the day. Flexible rubber material as good as well as can be Yiroukegang inflatable bag, it is regrettable that the rock in general may not, generally speaking tourists do not have to , Drift in the process of its own Duogong, Duogong main task is to grasp the direction and balance, the dangerous shoals and rapids encountered rock when handled properly. Xiang Pifa generally with a few films for tourists Jiangban operation in the flat sections, visitors can have Duogong under the guidance of an oar to paddle the addiction.
Bamboo (or bamboo) in general should not be used in dangerous shoals in a rapid, easy to be stuck or capsized, but when Piaoxing calm, but full flavor. Penny's hand-held tourists, while deep to shallow pluggin side of the river bank to watch the landscape, carefree travel Kenya. Of course, this is not the strict sense of drift. Small wooden referral Xiang Pifa with bamboo, adaptive abated over Xiangpi Fa, the technique is harder than Xiangpi Fa, who generally take 8 drifting in a small drift of the Three Gorges Shennong Xi and often can be seen by the name of a "pea Angle, "a small boat. Xiang Pifa small wooden board or should not have to stand or walk, it is important to maintain the level of the hull . There are also equipped with personal equipment needed, such as drifting gloves, water sports gloves, boots drifting, life jackets and so on. These supplies should be based on the choice of place of the current drift speed and security to be equipped with.

  In drifting, we should have a sense of self-protection in the event of accidents Designate to know how to save themselves, which are very important sense. Before drifting to change into bathing suits to prevent the spray has been playing warm clothes and at the same time must be put on life jackets. Before drifting, we must see ourselves as a condition of the physical feasibility of bad health were not easy to try. Their valuables should not To drift, carry-on items can be loaded plastic bags, the Department of Safety in the ropes. Once encountered dangerous situations, first of all, do not be alarmed, should be Duogong under the guidance of a concerted effort to tide over the difficulties. If unfortunately into the water, swimming should shore tour as much as possible, those who can not swim in the river as far as possible to seize the rock or Xiang Pifa Safety rope, waiting for rescue.

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Harbin Golden Resources Development International Cultural Tourism Zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Harbin Cheng Jin Yuan Culture and Tourism Zone, located in the city of the Arab-Israeli South 2 km, the country's key cultural unit, Jin from 1115 to 1234 between the capital, is far more well-preserved only a capital of the Jin Dynasty ruins. So far, the Meridian Gate and the Imperial Palace construction sites are well preserved, outside the city walls Weng Cheng, Ma face, turret and moat remaining sites.

Cheng is a rich cultural heritage has a history of the city. Year in 1115, the head of Nuzhen Agu Da here Wanyan established a distinguished reputation in the Empire Daikin, after Kim Dynasty, King, Xizong, Hailing Wang Dili, when 38 years. Here was a 12th century the largest city in Northeast Asia and the political, economic, military and cultural center, resulting in many of China's historical development has an important impact on the characters and events, remains a long heritage of Jane indemnity. Golden Resources is a splendid culture and land an important source of national culture, Chinese The treasures of national culture and civilization of the Chinese nation has become a long process of a unique branch, to be built for the Golden Resources Development International Cultural Tourism Zone to give a rich cultural history.

  Harbin Cheng Jin Yuan Culture and Tourism Zone is the second batch of national 4A level tourist area, located in the city of the Arab-Israeli South 2 km, for State key cultural unit, Jin from 1115 to 1234 between the capital, is far more well-preserved only a capital of the Jin Dynasty ruins. So far, the Meridian Gate and the Imperial Palace construction sites are well preserved, outside the city walls, Weng Cheng, Ma face, turret and moat remaining sites.

  There 8 Hall: 1, the Beijing Exhibition course of development; 2, the Beijing economic and cultural exhibition; 3, Saibei Mawangdui - Kim King Qi Wan Yan Yan Fu Xi Wang Chin He Zangmu; 4, bronze mirrors show the topic; 5, collections Cultural relics exhibition; 6, calligraphy and painting exhibition collection; 7, works of modern technology, licensing painting and calligraphy exhibition; 8, Imperial site.

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Unit 731 site evidence - Chinese tourism scenic spots

No. 731 Japanese troops evidence at the site in Harbin cottage areas, covers an area of 6,100,000 square meters, during World War II, Japan and France in the establishment of a war in the history of the world's largest germ warfare unit, here with the Austrian Nazi Germany Si Weixin concentration camps and extermination as the world's two killings of Mankind Cave.

More than 60 years ago, the Japanese militarists in China committed the most brutal in human history, the most brutal crimes is no one to obliterate away. Remember it was 1933, when the fall of the Northeast, the Japanese aggressors in the first of the five permanent members Yam Pui River County medical establishment, led by Shiro Ishii, "the Institute of bacteria" Kanto Department of Water Supply and epidemic prevention, Ishii said foreign troops or forces Kamo. Not in the original study, gradually expanded to 3,000 troops of the secret of bacteria. In 1937 moved to Harbin cottage areas, troops called Togo. After that in Hailin, Linkou, Sun Wu, Hailar, such as the establishment of a sub-detachment. Renamed in 1941 the Japanese Imperial Army troops Diqisanyi, said foreign troops Diqisanyi Manchuria, the task force is ready to combat germ warfare research River. The Department is divided into eight classes based aviation right, airports, such as a testing ground for Anderson. Cultivation of several tens of thousands of 10,000,000 rat fleas, the monthly Health 300 kilograms of plague, cholera, typhoid bacteria, and extremely tragic for the living to carry out a variety of bacteria experiments that end, "on July 31," an ad hoc force can accommodate three or four people in prisons, prisoners were mostly patriotic Japan's aggression against the people with lofty ideals, the Japanese called the "wood" or " Lu Tai ", suffering from the bacterial infection, the bombardment of germ warfare, such as frostbite. Such as: the Japanese are very cruel to the plague and other bacterial transmission to observe, study, people looked at what happened. They were also put Special to the high indoor, but also gradually warmed up to people to get steamed deformation, live Steamed death. Winter world of ice and snow are still people in the rat-tat-tat wood piles, two naked arms exposed, to a certain extent, a cold meat and Latin America, two left arm last only a skeleton. Even some of the children still alive and anatomy. Japanese through a wide range of these experiments were tortured to death, hacked into pieces in the furnace Out. According to incomplete statistics, only from 1939 to 1945, died of bacterial direct experiments on up to 3,000 people, the inhuman acts of fascist, has become a fascist aggression of the Empire of Japan launched the Northeast conspiracy bacterial war, massacre of the Chinese people, the main evidence . Was established in 1936, the year is the seat of the restricted area, the aircraft are not allowed to fly over the train through here to be the first stop of the curtain down, if a person into this restricted area, waiting for him to the scaffold is life, people This mysterious place called "60 years and borders." During the 12 years, the Japanese army in the maiming countless innocent people here, just do Test of the living room to test the tragic killing on the Chinese, Mongolian and the Soviet Union at least 3000.

Unit 731 site is evidence of Japan and France to witness China's history of aggression is to expose China Japanese troops of war crimes and patriotic education historical materials.

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Children's park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Children's park built in 1925, formerly known as the garden railway. June 1, 1956, accompanied by Chinese children from his first children's railway management and "juvenile" children's formal opening trains, the official name for children in Harbin Park.

Park covers an area of 17 hectares, there are Chinese and foreign "juvenile" train children, rich and colorful "World entertainment for children" and other recreational projects, is a vast number of children, the benefit of children's physical and mental health of a comprehensive park.

  Nangang the original park was officially named the children's park in Harbin. Park covers an area of 17 public It is a vast number of children for the services of a comprehensive parks, in 1993 was named Class A provincial parks, in 1996 promoted to the rank of "civilization municipal units pacesetter" units in 1997 was named the primary and secondary school students in Harbin and moral base in Harbin Community education base.

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Songhua River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Songhua River is the largest tributary of the Heilongjiang, northeast China's main artery, has two main tributaries. The first was from Mt Tianchi the second Songhua River and the other for the Xiaoxing'anling from the Nen River, two tributaries of the Songhua River, said before the convergence of Fuyu Xian, the discount to the north-east to flow into the Heilongjiang Tongjiang County. Full-length 1800 10 km, the basin area of 540,000 square kilometers.

Songhua River basin within the framework of overlapping mountains, covered with primeval forest, the accumulation in the Greater Xing'an Mountains, small Hinggan Mountains, the Changbai Mountains, and so on the timber, a total of one billion cubic meters, is China's largest forest zone. Is also extremely rich in mineral reserves, in addition to the main Coal, there are gold, copper, iron, and so on. Songhua River basin fertile land, rich in beans, corn, sorghum and wheat. In addition, linen, cotton, tobacco, sugar beet and Apple are also of good quality. Songhua River in Northeast China is a large freshwater fish market, the annual production of carp, Secretary of State, sturgeon, the fish Hucho, and so on, up to 4000 Kg.

The Songhua River cold winter climate, in some cases to drop to minus 30 degrees Celsius, freezing the five-month period. But in this rich hydropower plant has never frozen, is said to be due to the adoption of Jiang's power flows caused by high temperature. This is the aim for a warm current of the river, the emergence of a continuous round Steam, condensation on the shore of Liu Si, pine needles, to form a Cucu, a string of Siyu Ice crystal, ten exquisite Long Beach has immediately become visible, Yushu branch of the World Bank. This is the famous "hanging tree" The Greatest Places.

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