Redcliffe Monuments - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Redcliffe monuments located in the Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County of Guizhou's a sun in the mountains, away from the Huangguoshu Falls, about 7 km. "Redcliffe" and "Fei Bao" Jiao Hui matched, cultural and natural landscape Xiangyingchengqu. Redcliffe Monuments (Red Rock Monument), as the "central Guizhou first miracle," is the gem of central Guizhou, mysterious hieroglyphics, a significant Red ocher on the cliff above, it is for the age-old mystery. Since the Qing Dynasty, Chinese and foreign scholars to their study, set off again and again cracked the boom, Chinese and foreign Mingzao become a "culture of Redcliffe".

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Water Stone Forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Relative to the Stone Forest in Yunnan Province, Stone Forest Tian Xingqiao water to "water" due. In the stone forest in the river when the time is now hidden, through the Shi Feng, Shek Pik, a long stone forest between the large and small cactus bush, as well as a variety of plants so that the cold stone shade throughout the year, the so-called "water on stone, a stone water , A long stone on the tree "is water A true portrayal of the Stone Forest. Falls water poured out, running around 1 km, they Stone Forest water to the area. River water from the top of the stone forest separated on both sides of the circulation, and in the following intersection, the stone forest around in the water, the water level inside the area fixed, the stone forest in a natural stone formation of natural, processed through paved roads Visitors can walk above the surface. Stone Forest water main scenic landscape Silver Lake Falls fall practice, Star Gap, and so falls fei. Fan-shaped into a river bed here, under the wide and narrow, high, low and drop more than 20 meters. Due to years of shock waves and water erosion, river bed formation of numerous small pits, running water and under the top man. At To spread a statement, Stone Forest water to the day of your age + = few, and then in the first few natural stones on the wishes of a promise, you will be a dream come true.

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Piercing Paleolithic site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Paleolithic sites located in the hole Puding County in the northwest, about 6 km away from the county seat, Hill is located in the waist, is a limestone cave on Solitary Hill. Putin is scheduled to piercing Paleolithic sites of human life. From 1981 to explore the department has unearthed more than 10,000 pieces of Paleolithic 2, 1000 bone, the sheer number of archaeological shocked .

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Hua Jiang Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grand Canyon at Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County and Xingren, at the junction of Zhenfeng County, 80 km-long canyon, away from Huangguoshu Falls, about 40 km.

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Dragon King's palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon King's palace is located in scenic areas Anshun City, southwest 32 km, 132 km away from Guiyang, as a state-level scenic spots.

Scenic spots to cave, cave, waterfall as the main body, can be called a central Guizhou, including the Dragon King's palace, rape Lake, Xuan Tong, the four Whitmania Area. Dragon King's palace has the central area of Wolong Lake, Ying Tung, Lung Fei Bao, Longtan Tianchi, the Dragon King's palace dark lake, rock clam shells, ventured hole attractions, from top to bottom embraced the Journey Into Amazing Caves, just like the myth that occupation of the Dragon King of Crystal Palace. Tianchi is a mountain lake, green as jade Cheng, known as the Longtan, once dropped by the lake, down from the huge cave formation and, introduce legislation wall of water, wide-25 , About 50 meters high, surging waves, a magnificent view, that is the goal, said falls on the ground floor of China's number one.

There are five sections of the bead-like dark hole, lake-cave underground river, into the five-5, known as the Dragon King's palace into five with a total length of 15 km, a very strange shape, is found in China at present, Long karst water.

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Hong-Ya Shan Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the lower reaches of Shiyang River, is a desert area of Block medium-sized water storage basin, but also Asia's largest desert reservoir. Man-water season, Pitt 10,000 ares, at the end of the Treasury Raymond shallow fish, migratory birds show the public the water, desert green ring, Castle Peak Bibo Ying, Han Hai Pearl is relaxed and happy. In recent years, and the construction of a waterfront city of entertainment, song and dance halls, start-up Tour , Bath Beach, and other services. Reservoir around the tree-lined green shade, green vegetation, fresh and moist air, is an ideal summer resort.

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Baguimuying - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eight silicon tomb in the folk music camp 15 kilometers southeast of the county. East Hill as the site Danhuo ancient city, back to West Mountain, Au dustpan Hill, swelling on the skin disorder, such as Hill 5 hills, covered with ancient tombs. For the soil along the foot of a mountain cave tomb, for a small number of cluster Zhuanshi Mu and children buried coffin burial urn. Was flat rectangular tomb, top coupons, single room. Painted wood unearthed in a car Tower, the case, there are pottery cans, ear cups, Ding, a bronze Nuji, arrows, spears, bows and arrows, and other weapons and money to five baht. Tomb of the Han dynasty for more officers and men, according to legend Huo Qubing troops is the place. There are purple-British cemetery in the northwest town of troops and ancient ruins Ying Pun. Snow-capped Qilian Shan Lei is located in the north, Xianai through Qinghai, one of ancient military . Legend has it that from the castle hill into the hole, before there are dozens of hole can be out at the time of ancient tunnel; have found remains of samurai armor, spears still rely upon.

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Holy Face Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinan Yu located in the county before the early years of Ming Hongwu, integrated in the early years, the county seat moved northeast to build this site. Temple complex accounting structure of delicate, colorful, flavor, Yong your splendor, with its sloping plane filled with Buddhist statues and painted clouds, life, characteristics of high historical value and artistic value, 19 1 year to determine the provincial heritage conservation unit.

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The first Long Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first Long Nature Reserve is located in Shandan county of Gansu Province, 55 minutes east longitude 100 degrees -101 degrees north latitude and 38 degrees 55 minutes 58 minutes between -38 degrees, with an area of 25.6 square kilometers.

  Long Hill in the first for the northern part of the Hexi Corridor, at an elevation of 2100-3439 meters, gas Desertification is a continental climate and continental climate grassland.

  The main target for the protection of the Qinghai spruce forest and its ecological environment. There are countries in the region focused on the protection of animals, blue sheep, geese throat Ling, lynx and grassland birds, golden eagle, the dark belly frozen, such as kite.

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Heihe River Basin Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gansu Province is located in the high-profile county, 99 degrees 23 minutes east longitude -100 degrees 06 minutes north latitude and 39 degrees 15 minutes -39 degrees 49 minutes, covering an area of 48.53 square kilometers. Middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin, the flat terrain, adequate water and build more reservoirs has become an ideal breeding birds in summer, winter and stop movement Manner. The main target for the protection of migratory birds and their natural ecosystems. More plantations in the region and desert plants. Wildlife mainly birds, are known to have 28 branches 47, 12 countries have focused on the protection of the black stork, the Swan, Little Swan, kite, kestrel, and so on.

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Four good bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangye is located in the north of the city outside. Just get on the fiscal, official, Ding, four good life, the early years of admirals Su Chia-ching of the construction River. Is the moat (also known as Cheng Hao), under a bluestone base of the building, there are stone arches of the hole arch bridge, is spectacular. The bridge has stone, engraved on the dragon and tiger fight each other, as well as the Lions Gunxiu Qiu Ju Lan Patterns and so on. These relief balanced match, knife extensive, vigorous line, beautifully carved, life-like image, Zhangye is a unique stone and wood structure of the bridge. Hanging in the arches on the "four good bridge," Qiu Jin chic of the three characters and horizontal inscribed board, "the bridge to see the picturesque moonlight; field listening to the banks current audio" couplet. Every summer, visitors to the bridge Open, the concept of rural King head, do not have some fun. As a result of the current needs of urban construction into a cement bridge.

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Shanxi Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangye City, located in the small South Street, is eight years Qing Emperor Yongzheng (1730) off the people in Shanxi Zhao Shigui, Zhao Jiyu, Zhang Zhaoshu, such as construction. Zhangye is the ancient Silk Road trade gathered in the city, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other places of business in Zhangye opened dozens of large firms, they own in order to consolidate and expand the business scope of power As a result knot gang, set up Hall will be built in 2002 of Emperor Yongzheng of the temple into a center of Shanxi, the cost of construction by the fund-raising business. Hall will be court building and civil construction together to form Kaihe ups and downs, density and white, Cuoluoyouzhi courtyard of the group. Along the axis of a lower priority, such as the Mountain Gate, the stage (on Two-tier, for Taiwan, under the channel), the stands (for Taiwan, under the gallery), decorated archway, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, the hall, after the House. Peculiar style, solemn and dignified. Pavilion temples, garden flowers, colorful building as a whole. Exquisite wood carving, stone carving, painting, clay sculpture, across the hall, add radiance to each other, an important research ??. In addition to the Hall with all the construction had been dismantled, the other well-preserved. Before the liberation, Shanxi has established a private primary school. After the liberation, protection and proper maintenance on many occasions and for the enactment of heritage at the county level units. Zhangye City, is now a resident cultural centers.

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Minqin Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Second in Zhangye in the hospital, is a classical temple construction. County businessman was built 18 years Guangxu (1892), as a ritual gathering of procedure. Hall is the main hall of the building, the ancient brackets, to preserve integrity. In a central axis of the distribution hall, with Hall, room, 10 minutes Drum Tower, St. Paul, and so on, Symmetry, foil, scattered high and low, magnificent momentum. Constitute the characteristics of historical buildings. Before the liberation of Minqin in the front yard for private primary schools. So far the embassy building intact.

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Xu Bay City and three Graves - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xu and three Bay City is located in Graves County, Gansu Province, the high-profile new three-BA Xiang Xu Village, for the Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220) to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 years -907 years) site. Xu Sanwan plane for the city square, the city from east to west 66 meters, 84 meters north-south, open the door to the south, Weng Cheng. City There are construction sites. Graves around the city there are three, with gravel Fengtu burial of more than 3,000 seats, Feng Tu-intensive Department to connect with each other. In the 3 km west of Wudaoliang, the distribution of 1,000 graves. There are 1.5 km north of the city round the tomb Fengtu more than 200. City and outside the surface there are scattered gray, red pottery, and the city Have unearthed a large number of "five baht", "Stephen goods", "Kai Yuan Tong Bao", ancient coins and arrow copper, copper hook, and so on. Xu Bay City and three Graves 16 countries during the Han and Jin is the Hexi area of important historical sites, the study of local history, economy, as well as 16 countries during the separatist regime, and other important values.

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East and West Temple Wudang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple East-day Zhangye City 30, Yu Hua's co-Shan Li, Guo is a well-known scholar of the Jin Dynasty and the Netherlands Department of seclusion. There are doors, House, Temple, no monk, no Road. Yu Shan entirely pilgrims and those who play King's Hall maintenance of security. Diaolianghuadong hall, rich and colorful decoration, especially on Dianding "Erlongxizhu", "Samsung high as The sculpture, unique style. The amount written on the door, "Palace of Hope" words, commonly known as "Black Tiger Temple." Dachaoshan Buddha who Xiema stop to this, only one person entered the narrow passage, take about five or six Wa Lane, suddenly, in the mountains between the cliff, a long stream, through dense forest, breaking rocks, not from the odd quiet In seizing territory Out, the two went straight to the face-Gap, "Ling Guan Temple", drip into the stone into undercurrent. Looking up at the peak there is a small temple, 20, most of the Ming and Qing Dynasties era concept of instructors Road. Bee called the North's main South Temple, south of the main bee called North Temple. North Temple is the highest, "Zhenwu Ge"; halls of exquisite architecture visible, the houses paintings carved beams, cornices Back, and the Observatory building, step-up level by level, magnificent. There are plastic-Li Lao Taoism founder of the giant statues, Cimei good eye, looked serene. South Temple pavilion floor again and again, in the mountains. North Korea and Japan in the early, hazy shade, like Penglai fairyland. East Temple from the foot of a mountain to the peak flowering walk, see Yangshou trees echoed with a green The rhythm. West is located in Wudang Zhangye West Village more than 70 of the Qilian Mountains, it is also beautiful scenery, Fan Yu Lin, the pleasant scenery. Long had the first castle, south-west line along the foot of a mountain, there is a loft-style ancient temples, called "Luo Jing Gong." Zhou Dian smoke curl upwards, the bell off, melodious voice. According to the mountain to build sub - Kind of temple. Leading to the cliffs, there are three main peak in the middle-class in power, people call the day the door. In the days of the door, the main peak, as some large-scale, unique style of the "Golden Summit" for Hong Jun Laozu. Yellow glazed tile roof cover, resplendent in the sun. There are 2 column Hall of couplets: a joint "I Tengyun spring brush-off; Qiushuang drive guests fog . "Banners" longitudinal goes on. "Alliance is a" who goes, when the middle line; who has no guts to let us see the sky. "Ying amount" in days. "There is also a pine forest known as" pine swamp, "when opening Songhua , Purple and white, Weichenglvjing, and the breeze blowing, four Taosheng, such as Wanmabenteng. "Pine depression" after the Han is deserted . Green trees, Fu Ye Chen Ji, retains the original vegetation, showing the ancient wilderness gorge scenery. From afar, the mountain stream a lot of shallow rock crevices, the legend: in ancient times many pigeons, doves, also known as Waterloo. The annual mid-summer, visitors like clouds, white clouds drift, dove gray soar, Fei Di Hui, Cao Chong calls, is to hang around Back. Now these two scenic spots, forest landscape remains the same, temples seen for a long time, the landscape is still Bujiandangnian.

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Ganzhou ancient tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Gan Zhi state" set: "a city Shan Kwong, Semi-Taying City, merging Wei River, the ancient temples everywhere," This is a unique style of Zhangye; Zuozuo that size, various shapes of the tower, do pose a hundred State, Shashi spectacular. Is the Silk Road city of Zhangye. Buddhism in China, quickly flourished. Many Buddhist temples, Buddhist Tuzhong , Zhong drum, around the cigarette burn, cited a number of very devout monks came here for sightseeing law; territories of the West in which the monks are quite a number of years, then build this tower will be in the form of the spread. Buddhism was spread more widely, the number of towers are also more and more. Zhangye in China to see the tower and the tower is a tower of the India-integration. Construction of the tower is divided into Pavilion-style tower and two towers. Tap into solid and Ashoka Tower, the Tower Miyan, La Mata, golden pagoda; pavilion-tower-style pavilion is divided into Miyan, brick-style pavilion, Zhuanmu mixed. The main materials are wood, brick, stone, glass and iron five. There are four towers form a square, hexagonal, octagonal-shaped, angular and 12 Shape, and so on. The odd check-rise tower. "Ta Ying-city", there are relatively well-known metal, wood, water, fire, earth element tower. Wooden Pagoda, only the existing soil and the tower. Wooden Pagoda is a pavilion-style tower. Soil tower, built on the Big Buddha Temple, is the follow-up bowl-like tower, also known as La Mata. Follow-preserved bowl in the form of the graves. This type of Tower, built a lot of Zhangye, such as outside the east gate of the Qi calm tower, outside the north towers of the White Pagoda Temple, South Temple Sung Hing outside the fire tower, Anyang high tower Jixiang Temple, and so on, are for the monks, monks, They lamaiin cremation of the body of a tower built, so people said the monk graves. This tower of the special style of art is to close Hollow-tower, fill in all the entities into and become a solid tower, it is not the top board. The increase in the lower part of the tower a tall Xu Mizuo, the seat of Buddha carving Wealthy, Buddha, Ji Yue, as well as lion-like pattern, and so on. Zhangye ancient tower, the only major Buddhist temple urn Dianshang the Pavilion is Pagoda-style single-storey square tower, tower Buddha set up direct placement. Since the pavilion-style tower, although the tall majestic, but the project expensive, only emperor and Daguan in order to build rich, people do nothing. Therefore, in the ancient architecture in general follow-up bowl-rise tower, tower-style pavilion gradually decline, so many of the ancient tower is Zhangye review of the bowl-La Mata.

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Nankang Long Su Temple hunting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nationality Autonomous County of Sunan, located in the recreation area, Red Shi Wo rural territory, 80 km away from the Sunan county, 91 km from the city of Zhangye. Field area of 2400 square km, Gansu is opening up one of the three international hunting. The main hunting grounds by the Uncovered Rock mountain, forest and mountain shrub steppe, above sea level in 2000 -4500 Meters. Feng Mao Kang Long Prairie area, towering natural Blot out the Sun, especially in spruce, juniper-based. There are hunting snow leopard, red deer, horse musk deer, roe, mink, lynx, Tibetan Gazelle, laryngeal Oh Ling, MA chickens, frozen chickens, bears and other wild prey, the type, number of large, easy-hunting. Kang Long hunting ground for the temple to tourists Suitable for hunting in the wild live in tents, generators, food, medicine, cars, horses and other basic living and transportation facilities. Special care: to go out hunting on horseback in the main, you need to self-cool suits, and some drugs for emergency use; hunting to be hunting in the early period of 5-10 months ago, is scheduled for procedures And 40% of the scheduled pre-paid deposit; If you want to cancel, in accordance with provisions of a certain amount of compensation costs, hunting in the 60 days preceding the date of the abolition of the statement, received 500 U.S. dollars /human consumption take between 30-50-day declaration of the cancellation, Bookings close to 50% within 30 days of the cancellation of a statement to all the pre - As a cancellation. Best time to hunt: Tibetan Gazelle, laryngeal Oh Ling, MA chicken, wild Tibetan antelope, wild yak, and so on throughout the year can be frozen; blue sheep, white-lipped deer, and so on to the coming year to September than in April; Red Deer October to March next year to be better. Each takes about 10 days hunting around.

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Jun Machang Shandan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qilian Mountains that Malaysia pasture camp, located in the Shandan county of Zhangye region and South Asia is the largest of the race course. Jun Machang Shandan flat, Fengmao water, is the proliferation of horses, the ideal place to grow, since three thousand years of history of horse. Dan Hill is the local horse Mongolia and Western blot good horse out of training Well-proportioned body, strong sturdy, vigorous Biaohan, rough-resistant feeding, good adaptability, speed and stamina are good, it is rare Liangji. Jun Machang Shandan beautiful scenery here on horseback in addition to tourism, camping, horse racing or visit the equestrian show, one can most out of the green grass of natural scenery.

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Chen-yuan Floor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhenyuan known as the Drum Tower Building, located in Zhangye City, west of the four north-south street intersection here, Hexi Corridor is the largest of the Drum Tower. Lau Tak-ming in 2002 (1507) built on a package of high-brick platform, platform 32 meters wide, 9 meters high, the base to the top of the building over 30 meters. For the three-floor, wood pyramid structure, cornices Alice , Diaolianghuadong, compact structure, magnificent design. Base "ten" hole to the North-South and East and West Main Street, the four convergence. Upstairs there are four horizontal inscribed board hanging: East "Jincheng spring," West "Guan Yu Xiao Yue," South "Qingxue Sabina," the North "Juyan ancient animal husbandry." Drum Tower is south-east corner of a bell hanging Tang, is based on The main cast alloy, superb technology, immense magnificent. 10 minutes 1.3 meters high, 1.15 meters diameter and weighing 600 kg. 10 minutes are decorated with flying and Suzaku, basalt, White Tiger, Dragon patterns. This ancient bell for more time or fire alarm.

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Large Buddhist temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the southwestern city of Zhangye, the Western Xia Dynasty was founded in the first year of Wing On (1O98 AD), formerly known as Kassapa Nyorai film Temple, Gansu Province is the largest of the Western Xia building remains.

The existing building has permitted large, Cangjing Ge, soil Tower 3. Large permitted 33 meters high, Miankuo 9, the scale of the event, with Sakyamuni Mou Profile of Major Wofo, Wofo wood for the clay-child, the painting equipment, body length 34.5 m, 7.5 m Width, light ear had more than 2 meters long, is China's largest indoor Wofo like. Wofo behind a plastic Kassapa, 10, and other disciples Ananda, the hall on both sides of the North-South Ocean's 18. Dianmen on both sides of the set 6 square meters of a piece of brick, to the left, "Gordon-day Paradise," "Saint-Western" right "to Morocco", "Gion speech law." For the hall walls, "Journey to the West" and "Book of Mountains and Seas" mural. There are collections within Cangjing Ge Ming Yingzong Banci more than 6000 volumes of Buddhist scriptures, the scriptures well-preserved, particularly in the areas of scripture written in gold and silver powder For the valuable.

Si Hou is a land of 33.37 meters high towers, one each Siyu two-story pedestal built a small tower, style, rare for domestic.

  Chinese ancient architecture is the art of a comprehensive arts. The ancient architecture in general, not only the wooden structure of the main arts, And there are many sculptures, and murals. Zhangye is the largest Buddhist temple is an integrated combination of the arts. Mainly in three aspects: the first is to figure sculpture, a total of 31 people sculpture, beginning with the Wofo, followed by 10 disciples, Ocean's 18 and two support people, is a total of 31, these people The sculptures are very, very tall people as dependent, and the Ocean's 18 is a form of Pan Shou young and old, the tears of laughter are not the same, very lively.

  In addition, there are a lot of wood in the past we have not paid much attention to those who see that as very attractive to the Big Buddha, they'll lose sight of other lost Zhangye's real wood is also very prominent. First of all, it is below the eaves of a lot of flowers, birds Ruishou Swiss, and then it's the two-story Geshan on the whole is a big row, all flowers, trees, birds Rui, Kyrgyzstan animal, what Tiger Balm, lions, Monkey, Long these auspicious animals. These reflect the Northwest The level of technology and sculpture. This is the South and there is a difference between sculpture, sculpture in the South see minor work, exquisite fine. Sculpture in the South, such as Guangdong's sculptures, ferocious beast that Tiger Balm is a very delicate carving, but in the Buddhist temple as Bear, Tiger Balm, a monkey ah, compared with those of the ferocious animals, a sculpture The very powerful and ferocious, very simple lines and crisp, on behalf of the Northwest Territories of the sculpture process.

  There are also a part of it in the permitted at the main entrance there are two sides of the brick, the two pieces of brick, according to the shape of its characters pagoda and the flame door, we have identified it as the early Qing Dynasty carving . The two sides brick and other brick and distinction, which is by 50 small parties with carved turn, and every piece of it have become a relatively complete classical Chinese painting, which is the origin of noodles made law, on the other side Shengjing in the West, many people inside it, and pool Qibao, Garuda, a prominent feature is Some people, the Buddha Sakyamuni, the Buddha, and Buddha, and pagodas, are gold-plated positive, so the brick has become magnificent, and the wood and Diaogong different feel very fine, People Have carved a very realistic, so the two pieces of brick, Zheng Zhenduo time to time Zhangye To see the brick on the marvel that in such a remote place to have such a high brick of the art technology. It is now two pieces of brick protection is still relatively good. Shengjing in the West as the gold-plated statues of what are still very much intact, we have a chance to look at.

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Tourist of Zhangye - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qilianshan Zhangye South pillow, according to co-North Lebanon, the first two Long Hill, throughout the whole territory of Heihe, forming a unique desert oasis scene. Territory of the flat, fertile land, Lin Feng grain, fruit and fragrance. Snow-capped mountains, grasslands, water, desert Xiangyingchengqu, both southern charm, but also with the Frontier style, it left a "do not want to accept Even snow in the mountains, Ganzhou will be wrong when the Jiangnan "such lines.

Zhangye Heihe have irrigation water, the flat, fertile soil and rich products to the most Wujiang meters, rich in wheat, corn, rice, rapeseed, sesame, and other crops for the country's key commodity grain base of 12 ,. Types of melons, vegetables, good quality, onions, peppers, eggplant, watermelon and the introduction of a new fine of melons sold more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, is well-known dishes East West transport base. Red dates, apples, apple-pear, peach, grape and other fruit quality famous. At the same time, Jiang also produced live, such as ephedrine 80 Chinese herbal medicines. Zhangye City, also has abundant mineral, land, water, light and heat resources in the labor force. The metal has been proven non-metallic resources of coal, gypsum, clay, brick, copper, iron, zinc, tungsten, and so on, the accumulated reserves of the province's first home.

Zhangye City, has a long history, has been 200 Years. Si Jun ancient Hexi for one of the ancient dynasty in the Central Plains in the northwest region's political, economic, cultural and diplomatic center. For the state-level historical and cultural city, Zhang Qian, Ban Chao, France and significant, Tang Xuan Zang, and so on have to pass through the Western Regions Zhangye; Emperor in 609 years, Zhangye has been convened in 27 Western States monarch Giant, held a "World Expo."

In 1985 the State Council was announced for the second batch of historical and cultural city and the city opening to the outside world. Zhangye City, many historical sites, cultural landscape unique. Both large Buddhist temple, Hsi Lai Temple, the soil column, floor, Chen-yuan, Shanxi Hall, next granary, and other ancient architecture Blackwater and country sites, Han group, the ancient city wall, Feng Sui Great Wall and other historical footprints; both Oasis Park, Desert Park, Villa Heihe, I Ono, and other natural scenic area into southern Xiuse and scenery beyond the Great Wall as one of the magnificent natural landscape As well as the Han, Hui, Mongolian, Tibetan, Yugur, and other colorful ethnic customs. Large Buddhist temple Wofo length 35 meters, the country's most Wofo with Bao, Chen-yuan floor downtown majestic form, the ratio of co-ordination with comparable clock tower in Xi'an; 32.8 meters high nine of the Sui Dynasty Wooden Pagoda, the delicate structure, Wei-wei spectacular It has always been seen as a symbol of the ancient city. These rare tourist resources Years to attract a large number of foreign tourists pay homage.

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Minqin desert botanical garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The establishment of the Badain Jaran Desert in the south-east edge, an area of 400 hectares, is China's first desert botanical garden. Minqin, Gansu Desert Botanical Garden in order to desert, as early as the introduction of domesticated plants as the center, mainly to explore the resources of wild plants in desertified areas, good breeding Branch, to promote the breeding and so on. At the same time to carry out desert plants Physiology, ecology observation, and the determination to explore the use of economic means, such as pilot study for the development of animal husbandry in desert areas to provide good agricultural and para-agricultural seeds and seedlings, technical and scientific basis, is the transformation of scientific research and the use of the desert base.

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Buddhist Grottoes days - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 50 kilometers south of Rural Road lights Village, is one of China's early caves. Sixteen States was founded in Northern Liang, after going through cut-generation, large-scale, magnificent architecture, some scholars have referred to as "Chinese grotto originator." Cave within a few hundred square meters of mural preservation of the existing three-cave, the size of 17 shrines, Buddha more than 100 , And Wei, Sui and Tang period of the Han, Tibetan, as written, such as Early Juanhua precious cultural relics. One of the main building large Foku Nyorai seated up to more than 30 meters. Big Buddha standing around on both sides of the Kasyapa, Ananda, Fugen, Monju, wide eyes, King 6 statues, life-like expression, the image of different fine shape. As a result of repair Huangyangchuan Reservoir Most of the statues, murals, such as the relocation of the volume in the province to preserve the museum. Cave is in the Big Buddha statues mountains, the center column, shrines and some of the surviving frescoes, is a precious historical relics.

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White Pagoda Temple Site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White Pagoda Temple site is located in Wuwei City, Gansu Province, 20 kilometers southeast of Baita village, 1,500 meters above sea level. White Pagoda Temple as the Yuan Dynasty Kublai Khan (1260 -1295 years) during the Sagya Sect of Tibetan Buddhism to the king of Tibet liangzhou reunification talks and to reach an agreement to live. White Pagoda Temple by the temple ruins, Ta Yuan, Tajikistan Such as the construction poses. There are temple wall, 420 meters east, north-south 430 meters, 3.1 meters wide wall base. Hospital proven 6-Temple, the wall base for the stone or brick. Ta Yuan-exist in the Hall of brick-wall, floor tiles laid on the ground. Tayuan in the Sarbanes-ling bone for the main tower building, built in the Yuan, Ming and Qing rehabilitation. For the existing base Heart brick structure of the table, while 26.75 meters long, 5.1 meters high residue. White Pagoda Temple is the site of an important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, the Chinese Yuan Dynasty's history to witness the reunification of the motherland. Its shape and construction of the relics unearthed study the layout of temples of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism spread, and other high value.

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Sea Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuwei City in northwest 2.5 km, also called sea-possession (Cang) Temple, the temple around Linquan thick, as if the sea Temple, named. During the creation of Wucongkaozheng now, the existing relatively complete an ancient building, covers an area of 11,600 square meters, the temple is a temple of Ha Tay, a provincial-level key cultural relics Intensive care unit. Temple Mountain Gate, the main hall, Taiwan Ling-kwan, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Temple Wuliang intact, and so on. Temple and the South Sea opened face, a red wall, a four-post three three-storey wooden structure decorated archway, the exquisite simplicity, the south-pointing carriage, rather national characteristics. Cursory board book, "Sea Tibetan Buddhist temple," 4 Chinese characters, and wanton-hui . Each sunrise to noon, on the eastern side of arches ray wave smoke straight up, circled in the wind around Topol, weeping willow, misty indistinct Piao Miao, Tibetan temple to the sea has added a wonderful magical atmosphere, known as "Yan Liu possession of the sea" , "Han Yan sunrise," a Temple for the wonders of the sea.

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Cloud Temple large bronze bell - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in Wuwei City, the northeast corner of the Temple big cloud, and the Confucian Temple, the Temple Roche, Sea Temple, the old buildings LEI Taiwan, and other echoes. In September 1981 l, People's Government of Gansu Province have been re-released for the provincial cultural relics protection. Xiao Yun Tai Chung as "one of the eight liangzhou." Tai-Yun Temple, formerly known as Acer possession , Has a long history, the grand scale, is the world famous Buddhist temple for the Eastern Jin Dynasty Sixteen States seven years ago, the good times cooler (363) ZHANG Tianxi by the construction. Tang contained in the first year of the beginning of Key 689) July changed its name to major renovation work Cloud Temple. As a result of repeated earthquakes, Bingxian, the temple was damaged. 16 Wu Ming-hong (1383), The monks S. Chi Man has come to Yuanduchongyang liangzhou large cloud temple to worship and to collect alms presided over the renovation, called for Sino-Japanese friendship in the history of the section of a much-told tale. April 23, 1927 in Hexi 7.8 earthquake occurred, Temple Cloud was severely damaged, but keep the old clock tower inside. Ancient bell tower in the construction and drawing From the brick platform package, the South 7.8 meters, basement, about 125 square meters. Upstairs hoisted a giant bell. By the cast alloy, is said to be 10 minutes Tang, visual belly, high-2.5 meters, diameter 1.2 meters and weighing more than 600D kilograms. Kevin Chung-eight ears, three-tier design decorated with 18 cells, the first floor decorated with flying, wearing a crown, Decorated with bright sound of metal, bare upper body, under the dress, hand fruit set, Exploration foot cloud, fly fly. The second floor decorated with Guizu King, the three kings image of Wuwei, holding various weapons, wearing ear cap tower, wearing a suit of armor, riding a sit Yecha, the boy next to the two-li, naked shorts, look different. Decorated with wild animals under 12, a similar gesture, Go head-lunged. The third layer of the two cell decorated with dragon, a decorative frame King and the rest wear incomplete. Buddhist bell for the adders, the Buddhist practice of thing, the monks called for percussion purposes; there, "Xiao-breaking night were hit, police Sleep" and "twilight sleep then hit faint value, Shu Ming taste". So big bronze bell Cloud Temple, also known as " 10 minutes "or" the morning bell. "Button bell cast in prison as Po, Po-long jail is the son of Ngau Tau, Antlers, shrimp eyes, Yi Shen, Talon, the Lions rolled into the end of that hideous image, raw sex-ming. For this Bell button, a symbol of the bell is probably clear. Fung of the first lunar month every year on the 16th, May Dragon Boat Festival and other traditional festivals, there are civil liangzhou hit The custom of good fortune. Each sunrise to noon, the rays thousands of miles, from west to east Yang Guan Zhong Xiao Yun great, but see species be Asaka Giant simmer 10 minutes into a red, four-week revealed a true golden Shwedagon. At this time, if the board the bell tower hit, the bell came, Xiangcheyunxiao, "ah Lang - Lang -" Voice "is far to hear dozens of years, thought-provoking."

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Tai Chi Wan site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Chi Wan site is located 45 km north-east city of Qinan five Township, for the early New Stone Age and the early Yangshao culture, middle and late stages of cultural sites, since 7800 - 5000 years. Here is not only well-preserved Neolithic site of the room, Hui Keng, burial, and trench sites, but also to the fine painting, color And the size of a large, complex structure of the housing sites. Have been cleared from the site has 240 rooms, more than 340 Hui Keng, 79 tombs and 38 sites, a wide range of items more than 8,000. Land of four sites in the Bay and found that the size of some of the grand hall-style house, showing that the complex was superb Architecture. There is a grand palace-style architecture, sub-Zheng Shi, Ce Shi, the latter in front of the room and 4, most of the construction subsidiary, with a total area of 600 square meters. The main room of basic well-preserved ruins, the interior pillar, column diameter of 50 cm and external Caoni fire. 8 each way around the diameter of 30 cm or so Bi Zhu, in order to have large pieces of green stone column for the base. Of particular note was the formation of hard indoor surface, such as gray and smooth as marble. This is the wisdom of our ancestors and work to create the crystallization, is also splendid culture of ancient treasures.

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Guo South Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guo South Temple, also known as Miao-sheng hospital, known as Si Yueba Hill. Tianshui city is located two kilometers south of the Dragon King ditch on the eastern side of the sound-hui col. Yishanbangshui it, and momentum. Ji fronting the water, carrying Youlin, Cooper green, towering giant hoe, spring water flows north, beautiful scenery, is well-known far and near the ancient "Eight Qinzhou," one of the "old Nanshan "Seat of the first temple known as Tianshui. Guo Temple in South Block, north to the south, three from the Mountain Gate from west to east component of the West House, in hospital, three Eastern Hospital compound. Guo West South Temple hospital is the main hospital, which includes the Mountain Gate, Drum Tower 10 minutes, King Hall, Main Hall, the Second East-West side hall in a palace, the Second East-West Buddhist temple, as well as hospital bed Hospital. Among them, as tall and straight in front of the Hill to build the "Tang Huaijing" Main Hall and the North-South Hospital Wang Yi ramp up the "Cooper", referred to as "rare treasures"; East and the Buddhist temple at hospital, "Du Shaoling Temple", a plastic Shi-Sheng Du Fu And their two sons were, as were Wu; house is now a Buddhist temple in West South Temple Guo reception and office parks; Wofo hospital Pro Buddhist temple West Center, has permitted a lying, for a Yutiwofo Myanmar, the hospital Zhuanta a relic of the original seven have been destroyed collapse. Court-related Temple (also known as the Temple Choi, the legend was the first South Guo Canon floor of the temple, destroyed by fire in its?????clearance into the former site of the Temple), the Rose Garden, and bonsai garden Channel frame. Eastern Hospital are well-known "North Artesian Bore Baths" and the new "two-Xuan Miao," Shi Bei During the gathering, as well as the promenade, and so on. Guo Temple in the northwest side of the South, also has a "general Jinian Ting Deng Baoshan," Deng Baoshan General portraits are on display on the life and performance of the exhibition and was listed as a "patriotic education bases in Gansu Province." On the eastern side of the Xianyao potential, viewing pavilion built, high public view, panoramic view Tianshui City. In addition, the South Temple Guo bear on the hillside, there are a range of Tianshui city in the only natural poplar forests, lush, green added to the monastery and a new life.

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Straw ditch Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaolongshan located in the south-eastern Gansu, a western section of Qinling Mountains, the Weihe River and Jialing River watershed. Straw in a nature reserve forest trench Cyclobalanopsis Xiaolongshan Forest District. Its geographical location, longitude 106 degrees 15 minutes north latitude and 34 degrees 18 minutes, the western section of the southern slope of Qinling Mountains, near the watershed for the origin of the Jialing River One. Straw ditch various types of oak and other types of secondary forest in Xiaolongshan forest area is representative of the typical secondary vegetation, warm and humid areas for the study of secondary forest ecosystem structure and function, secondary research operating reasonably, to play a wide range of forest benefits, research Secondary vegetation of the law of succession, provided an important base.

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Jieting Hot Springs Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Maijishan distance of 26 kilometers and is located 4 kilometers Jieting town of Hot Springs Gap. The spring water temperature around 40 degrees, Sunrise 3600 cubic meters of water, water rich in 19 kinds of trace elements of chemical, mineral water is of high quality, excellent health care more warranty. Has now completed a variety of grades of bathing facilities to provide services for tourists One common bathroom more than 400 square meters, Zhuang bath rooms, baths, swimming, restaurants, shopping facilities, more than 1200 square meters; a resort swimming pool and works inside and outside the room, shower facilities and services more than 5400 square meters. The second phase construction will also house floor, and a variety of fitness and physical therapy services for More than 4000 square meters. The hot water bath after the delicate skin smooth, comfortable physically and mentally, and neurasthenia, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke sequelae, arthritis, skin diseases, such as athlete's foot has a unique effect.

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Weiyuan Baling Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bridge, also known as lying in Weiyuan county seat of Qingyuan outside the South River. Ming Hongwu years before (1368-1398 AD), "both pedestrians relief, rehabilitation opening of the Ma", was destroyed by the floods. 1919 Bridge into bed like Lanzhou, known as the "Chang Wei-shui." Of the deck to the north-south length of 40 meters high 15.4 , 4.8 meters wide and 29.5 m cross-song. The entire bridge is divided into 13 46-chu, &127; bridge deck and are scheduled every 10 sturdy logs, 11, tied for the team, the two sides from the pier at the bottom of the successive delivery level, while on the air to form a semicircle-shaped bridge. There are three-channel deck level, with a handrail bannister Bridge for the top pick cornices Court of Lang Fang-style roof, all wood structure, sophisticated spectacular, Wei-shui has become a major landscape. Mr. Yu Youren had written a "road trip" horizontal inscribed board.

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South Temple profile - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Temple profile at Tianshui City 2 km south of the col, Jiansi have been more than a thousand years of history, beautiful scenery here, towering old trees, Han Bo Tang Huai legend. Tang Qianyuan years, the village of Qinzhou Liu Yu-fu, had Tiyong: "The mountain profile South Temple, water, North Artesian Bore Baths. Trees were empty chamber, a channel ap-ching. Hua Qiu Shi Wei at the end of the evening 10 minutes while lying. Pitching sad life, Wind River ran for the mad. "Profile of the South Hall of the temple has begun to take shape when the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Song Dynasty said," Miao-sheng hospital, "Qing Emperor Qianlong 15 Chici" protect the country and hospital Buddhist temple, "Qing Emperor Guangxu years will be East of the original Buddhist temple changed Dushao Ling Temple hospital. Profile South West Temple in front of St. Paul are two of the Millennium Guhuai, up to 9.7 meters Wai Tree 25 meters high. South Temple profile is based on the three-arch gate for the axis to form the eastern, central and western compound of the three. Zhongshan Hospital before and after the door there, East forecourt, Kan Lou West, for 10 minutes after the Drum Tower, the East-West Institute Buddhist temple. West is still the "house Buddhist temple," Du Shaoling for the East Hall, Cinei a statue of Du Fu Shi Tong and 3. For backyard Between the two wide-scale into the Hall of Heavenly Kings. Hospitals have a growth in 2300-2500 of three branches of a tree Cooper, a Dai to the South Paper cream color, such as dry fuel, in-line roller, but the top is still full of youth, lush foliage. Northwest to have a litter. North to a tree in the frame Qiao Zhi Cha, a more magical is that the split has been dead Parasitic in the chest with a 108 cm and the egg tree (Hackberry), and Xiangyiweiming old. According to the national exam only this tree, the audience are amazing. Eastern Hospital Dianqian Guanyin with a 1.80 Zanjian Ding Ting, there are wells, clear bottom, the United States and Sweet Water, 4:00 inexhaustible. Legend has it that this is the meaning of Du Fu's poem "North Artesian Bore Baths . In recent years, South Temple profile of the two King added, for a second set of the early Qing Dynasty poet Wang Song Wan Jin and other law books by Ledoux and Industry Qinzhou miscellaneous stone poems, one for the new "General Deng Baoshan Jinian Ting." Traffic: 9 Accessibility by bus in the southern road to get off and walk up the mountain. Travel about 30 minutes

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Cliff immortal - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Maijishan 15 km away from the area, located in the northern city of Tianshui Road in the town 45 km south-east of the post-Zhu Chuan. Legend has it that here in the past often lived an expert in this practice, the fairy named Cliff. Immortal scenic cliffs of three cliffs, Wufeng, the temple six, Siguan peak in the construction of the cliff or to fly, well-known scenic spots "to send fairy lights", "Land Tao, "" Huguang Xianshui ", its magnificent scenery both north and south of the beautiful, connected to King King, as if in Wonderland. Which is located in Sichuan after Zhu's Land Temple, Tianshui is the most famous Pure Land Buddhist temple. Traffic: Tianshui railway station in North Road area or have access to the scenic cliffs immortal line coach. Votes: 15 yuan

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La slightly Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Big Buddha Temple, also known drawing a little cliffs, caves Shuilian Dong Wushan is included in the group Vision pool, pull a little temple, Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Shuilian Dong, the three Qing-5 one of the famous landscape, Tianshui City, located in Wushan county in Northeast About 50 kilometers to the clock tower of the mountains. Ge Shan Shui Liandong and the relative, for the Mingdi Northern Zhou Yu Wu Yuwen into the first year (Year 55 Years) Zhouci Shi Qin Jiong Yuchi built, the Temple save a great deal of the Northern Zhou Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty of the grotto art. In a huge cliff on a Cliff relief to shape up for more than four-meter statue of Buddha Sakya, the cliff face for two-thirds of the frescoes, some of the existing extremely valuable. There are steep cliff relief 3, is holding on both sides of the Lotus Who stood threat of paternity Buddha. Mid Fozuo, engrave a lion, deer, as the row 3, 6, the upper lions, deer middle-9, 9, as the lower, many around the shrines stands a small statue of Buddha in the Song Dynasty. Department of protruding surface of the cliff forward, and increase building canopies to shelter from the wind storm, the canopy side carved animals Fei, Tong-ling suspension, the breeze off, the jingling of sound, Theravada Buddhism throughout the shape of the traces left in the grotto art in China is rare.

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Gangu Great Elephant - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gangu large Xiangshan, located in the city of Tianshui Gangu County from the five-county Department Wa Lane. There is to see if there is a flag, Wang appears to be the dragon mountain where they stand, the text of the old flag, who are big Xiangshan. Hui-song in the mountains to crop up over lilac color, pavilions hillside, carved-dong Gallery shade trees. Cliff in the mountains, there are big cliff caves , Sat stone-child inside a clay sculpture to the Big Buddha. According to research, Gangu plastic Buddha statues dating back Northern Wei, one after another experiencing a total of four dynasties, three hundred years. Big Buddha on both sides of the cave, the mountain is attached power amendment has a long corridor, as a belt. Langshangkukan linked majestic spectacle, the existing 22 Kukan, most of the plane Square. Great Wall is open arches and niches for high-altar, as well as the Zen Buddhist monk Cave, which is great Xiangshan unique Kukan, the country is also very rare. Gangu to the Big Buddha Sakyamuni. Large Elephant since changed its name to the Big Buddha in the world to hear, the people of the world along has been that large as Hill. Zhao, president of the Buddhist Association in-depth study of the Buddha Born in history, after the story, according to the Buddha "by Rutai as" the legend that the big name Xiangshan more precise. Although only Yizizhici, and the same sound, but far-reaching. Since then, big as Mountain View, officially named the Great Elephant. September 10, 1981, Gansu Provincial People's Government will be officially classified as large Elephant Cave Unit-level protection, and special funds for maintenance. Transport: Elephant is located in the city of Tianshui Gangu County. There are 87 km away from the railway station. Gangu have direct access to the station in the car, but also directly from the train station and get off Gangu.

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Vision pool - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Vision for the pool of natural caves, grottoes Shuilian Dong Wushan is included in the group Vision pool, pull a little temple, Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Shuilian Dong, the three Qing-5 one of the famous landscape, located in Wushan County, Tianshui City, the northeast at about 50 Kilometers of the clock tower in the mountains. The canyon peaks overlapping peaks, tall and straight KIWI, Labyrinth You Lin, Jade, the water hole Rushing, gurgling mountain stream, it is hard to come by the Holy Land in Wonderland. Cliff caves painted on the surface there is a huge ancient Buddhist murals, Temple, Taiwan, the floor, according to Court of natural caves have opened a joint, Cuoluoyouzhi and attractive.

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