South Cave Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as the East-dong, located in the east Jing Jingchuan County to the north bank of the village store. Beishanmianshui, surrounded by green trees and beautiful scenery. According to the South Cave Temple monument records, the Northern Wei Yongping 3 years (510 AD), for Zhouci Shi Jing Xi Kang-sheng created. Save inside the cave temple caves south of the monument, "Wei Yongping three-year" title in mind that the building can be seen late North Temple Grottoes year. Kukan Jing cut in the red sandstone on the north bank of the existing 5 Cave, the largest cave on the 1st East and West, 2 more to preserve integrity of the small cave. Great for the South East Cave Temple Grottoes of the main cave, up to 13 meters, 17 meters wide, 14 meters deep, unique structure, the grand design. After the three head-on into the cave wall Wai Li as high as 2 meters more than the 7 Buddha, there are 13 on both sides of the threat paternity Buddha, various morphology, life for the Northern Wei Dynasty style. Kuding full of relief, such as a tiger to die, the palace of the game like the story of Buddha. Concise summary carving, smooth lines, vivid, fully reflected the wisdom of the ancient craftsmen of the future and look forward to a better life. Yu Caves are small, peeling off his early murals Department. North and its style is very similar to the Temple Cave, the Cave sister said. Cave outside a small niche on the cliff more than 10 months, are in the Northern Wei Dynasty, in the late Tang cut.

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Tourism Pingliang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingliang yellow piece of land, and Ren Jie Ling, has emerged in a number of slightly Wu Wen Tao, a shining page in the annals of history culled from the lofty ideals. Chinese history is one of the 10 doctors, the originator of the Chinese acupuncture, the world's cultural celebrities, the Eastern Jin Dynasty well-known historians, philosophers, writers, scientists Huangfu Mi; in the Tang Dynasty famous politicians, writers, has three sections , As prime minister twice in the cattle-ru monk, and during the Southern Song Dynasty General Yue Fei's famous anti-king's gold-Kai, Wu P, Liu Qi; the Ming Dynasty, "Jiajing only one of eight" when Zhao Chun; famous modern painter Wang if South View Zhang Yun, Lu had been fasting, Liu Fang-ming, are born, grew up in Pingliang.

  Pingliang "Long Of the mouth, squat risk Mountain, "is always center in eastern Gansu, the military struggle between land. Zhouwen Wang cutting secret, Qin, the emperor, Han Xun Xing, General Mengtian journey rituals, the stability of the city, according to Ma Chao, a famous general Yuchi Gong, Jing Guo Ziyi he moved to the state, the main summer Helian scheduled to proclaim oneself emperor, Yuwen Tai Northern Zhou Dynasty and the rise of well-known "Don League's Fan" King Henry Tang complex insurgency, have taken place in the Pingliang. Lin, General Tso, Tan and Feng Yuxiang, and other patriots in modern history, also left a Pingliang performance hehe. In October 1935, Mao Zedong, led by??????Pingliang Fuyan An open base, the more the history of Pingliang added a glorious chapter Chapter.

  In the long historical and cultural influence of origin and flow of the river Jing-feeding, Pingliang have been formed in the region's cultural characteristics, that is, A Yang culture, kongtong culture, Queen Mother of the West culture, Shangzhouwenhua, Rui Ju culture, the Qin and Han culture , Bauhinia culture.

Ping Yuk Sau beautiful, unique scenery, landscape ecology and human history spread all over the landscape, traditional costumes and matched, is rich in tourism resources. The city's international ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 quality management system certification scenic two-a, the state-level 2A and 4A level scenic spots 3 National, provincial forest parks and gardens more than 10 Park Service.

  Well-known scenic spots at home and abroad are: the world is the first Taoist Hill - AAAA national level Kongtong Mountain Scenic Spot, the first palace of the Queen Mother of the world - back to the Jing Chuan Shan Wang Mugong human Kaiyuan City - the birthplace of Fuxi Jing Gu Cheng Ji, China's first Festival of Hope - Zhouwen Wang Gu Ling built by cutting close to Taiwan, Qin, Han emperor worship Yan and Huang Emperors of the Lotus Huating Taiwan, Liu Hu Longdong well-known landscape garden, the "Silk Road" " Cave and sisters "," two-Pearl, "one of the caves south of the Temple, Longdong" natural landscapes "Shun Longquan Temple, Hidden Dragon, as well as Temple Jingshan, the pagoda in the Ming Dynasty, the Western Zhou Dynasty and Huangfu Mi Ling-tai, cattle monk Tomb of Confucianism, and so many scenic spots and cultural relics, Zhuanglang Terrace, Jing Chuan, and other artificial ecological afforestation is more famous. Pingliang - image as the "Silk Road" golden tourist line of Pearl, is increasingly shine a brighter light.

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Ning will join the Red Army House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ning will be in the county. Ning will be the old city wall has been incomplete, is the only city Simon (West Tianjin) and the north-south wall 47 meters. West Shing Mun base was built in Tianjin, a two-storey tower, built in the Qing Dynasty. October 8, 1936 in the early morning??????the first, second and fourth major victory in front of this realignment, in Workers and peasants of the Red Army Long March, the end of this victory. Ning will tower was known as the realignment floor.

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Wudu hole in Vientiane - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wudu County, located 15 kilometers west of the southern bank of Bailongjiang Yang Pang village halfway up the mountain. Shensui cave, stalactite wonderful, wonderful magic. To be free of, Zhe, Xiao Zhen Bi, named. Vientiane hole formerly known as Fairy Cave, the five-dong. In the immortal legend of the five named after practice. Vientiane hole formed in San Yinian to tens of millions of years ago, an Type of karst landforms. Unpredictable inside the cave, is the development of China's largest underground palace of natural art. Milk stone, stalagmites and columns, Shiman, Shi Hua, and so are thousands of natural landscape. Has developed 11 scenic areas, there are more than 120 waiting for the image of the landscape according to the palace, temple, the three Dongtian Dragon King's palace, into the hole , Walking King differences, such as in Wonderland. From the Northern and Southern Dynasties period since the Masters history by leaving the ink, the stone can be seen everywhere, a total of multi-hundred poems Inscription 768. Utah during the Republic of China in Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai to make the prosecution of a high-Han hole in the title of "Journey Into Amazing Caves," Zhao wrote and the "hole in Vientiane," the most eye-catching.

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Tai Shan Baoziwan sites and Graves - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Shan Baoziwan Graves at the site and Lixian County of Gansu Province 13 kilometers east, is the Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC - 771 years BC) to the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC) period of the site. Graves with a total area of 18 square kilometers, including the Baoziwan Hill, Zhao Ping Shan dome several Area, have been cleaning up tombs 14, Juma Keng 2. The "in" large-shaped tomb of the two should belong to the Qin emperor-class burial. Several medium-sized tomb, for the east-west Shuxue pit of the tomb. Tomb ride west to east, the first owner of the West feet East, with the city cemetery Yong, Yang Zhi cemetery, Shi Huang Mausoleum exactly the same, and as long as more than 100 meters ""-Shaped tomb of Qin also showed good build giant hills of the major characteristics of the tomb. These tombs were also unearthed a large number of bronze and gold, jade, bronze, cast some "Qin Gong to make use of cast-ding", "Qin Gong Bao used for feasts" and other inscriptions. Tai Shan Baoziwan Graves in particular the large-scale Qin's tomb found conclusive evidence of the band Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period until the mid-Qin at the center of its two-week study period, as well as the Qin Zhou Dynasty burial system of the Western Zhou and Qin Feng manor before the founding of the state system of Qin's movement and its social characteristics of high academic value .

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Beach on February 3 in the first nature reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first, second and third Beach Nature Reserve is located 17 minutes east longitude 106 degrees -106 degrees 34 minutes north latitude and 33 degrees 30 minutes -33 degrees 43 minutes, is located in Hui County, two counties adjacent to the border when the border, covering an area of 31937.8 ?O .

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Tianchi Lake County - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gansu is located in Xingwen County town 100 km north of the Wei days in the mountains. Since the ancient period of seismicity, with the result that the crust was broken and the interception of foreign Tanghe river was so high above sea level for more than 2400 meters above the mountains, they form the gourd-shaped - Tianchi. Gansu's Tianchi, a radius of 20 , The water depth of 480 meters by 9 come together to form a large bend 103. All fell across the surrounding mountains are mountains, the scenery very beautiful. Tianchi water, money can be seen at the end of the water was calm, uneventful. Ying Shan in the water, Tsui Ying-Chi Bi, Huguangshanse, a good map wonderful landscapes. Case of rain filled the sky, mountain Trees, water Piaomiao obscure, like a vacant state; to do when the rain and fog dissipated, the sky cleared, but see 10,000 rays reflecting on the lake, microwave light finishes, Ambilight, it is very bright. No cold here in winter and summer heat without vinegar, abundant rainfall and pleasant weather. 14.5 hectares of precious woods all over the hillsides around the Tianchi , Lush forests, green and luxuriant. Here is a game Shanzhen endless, expensive herbs ... ...

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Whitewater River Biosphere Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Whitewater River Biosphere Reserve is located in Gansu Province in the south County, Wudu counties in the territory, covering an area of 210,000 hectares. 1978 was designated as the protection of giant pandas and their natural living ecosystem nature reserves in the region, about 100 wild giant pandas around the gross domestic wild pandas 10 percent of the total number of Right. There are 2160 kinds of higher plants, 77 kinds of mammals, 275 species of birds, 2138 kinds of insects. Among them, 56 kinds of rare and endangered animals and plants 67. In 2000 joined the Network of Biosphere Reserves. White River in the north and the ancient Oriental transition zone, a deep cut of the mountain terrain Northwest to southeast tilt, there are major peaks Motian Ling, the net Lau Shan, high mountains, two-cat mountain, the average annual temperature climate 15 ?, a White River water system and Bailongjiang for the upper reaches of the Jialing River, a Yangtze River water system.

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Eagle's Nest Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Brunei is located in Gansu Province in the south county, east longitude 104 degrees -104 degrees 40 minutes 51 hours, 57 minutes north latitude and 32 degrees 02 minutes between -33 degrees, with an area of 100.41 square kilometers. 820-3113 meters above sea level, humid subtropical climate for the North and warm humid climate zone intersection. The main protection As for the Giant Panda and its habitat. Rich in plant species in the region, the state has to protect the precious species such as yew; animals in 37 kinds of mammals, 49 kinds of birds, reptiles 6, 3 kinds of amphibians, fish 3. Among them 12 countries have focused on the protection of the giant panda, takin, Ling mane, black bear, musk deer Lin, , Indica, the cat, Ma Lan chicken, Golden Pheasant, pheasant Temminck, eagles, giant salamander, and so on. The survival of giant pandas in the area is a small independent groups, existing only 7-8.

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West County into a narrow Cliff Chung - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng is located in the county, 10 kilometers west of fish eyes in the courtyard foot of the mountain gorge, Huanglong, commonly known as the monument. Carved on a four-year Jianning of the Eastern Han (171), the Han Dynasty calligraphy is one of the three-song. "Anxi benefits" amount of seal characters, all of them Han Li artworks, recorded in Wudu Prefecture Li Xi Road to mobilize people to the courtyard to open the political track. Cliff is a stone monument of the ancient treasures, clear font, Qiu Jin touch, beautiful structure, a powerful blade for the treasures of calligraphy at home and abroad and Shufa Jie renowned historians. A monument under the dam, water yellow, according to legend has Tandi from the hwangryong fly out, as a result of Huang Longtan. Castle confrontation here, mid-stream Yihong, globin groups such as Tan, waterfall-phase short, steep cliffs, ancient footprints of the path along the cliff Utah . Gengxun milestone along the way there, such as peach Cliff stone monument in many twentieth. Mizoguchi Li Keran there, "Chung Xixia" monument title.

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Three Gorges of the Yellow River Wetland Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongjing County, Gansu Province, located in the central part of east longitude 102 degrees -103 degrees 58 minutes 23 minutes, 47 minutes north latitude and 35 degrees -36 degrees 07 minutes, covering an area of 195 square kilometers. The Loess Plateau belonged to the landscape, at an elevation of 1563-2300 meters. The main protection for the birds and their ecological environment. District Since the southwest section of the Yellow River to the north was "s" shape across the county to form a unique "westward flow of the Yellow River" scenery. Liujiaxia along the river there, Yanguoxia, Bapanxia are built power plants, the formation of 3 man-made plateau in Pinghu, the water area of 153 square kilometers. This area is more abundant wildlife, there are 10 kinds of mammals, birds, 5 More than, 3 kinds of reptiles, amphibians 4, 26 kinds of fish. One key state protection Youlin musk deer, sheep, Guangzhou, lynx and black-necked crane, swan, goshawk, kite, owl, Golden Pheasant, and so on.

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Park Hong-Linxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linxia city located in the western suburbs, is a flower and ancient architecture-based Jiangnan garden. Red Garden was founded in 1958, covers an area of 40,000 square meters, construction area of 4500 square meters. Building a strong national characteristics, by Xuan Hui-ching, Ruyi Lake, bonsai house, Rose House, the Office of Yile, composed of six parts of the zoo Red Park in order to pool halls, trees add radiance to each other, both large and small in the middle, was shaped gourd. Flowers and trees in the park, Chaziyanhong; the lake like a mirror, trickling streams. Park Hong-sophisticated structure of the building, wood structure of the main entrance of St. Paul with 6 big Column hold up in the middle with support from seven-Doo-Yun Xie Shan-main building, on both sides of the border have Xieshan-shuttle Yan Xia elaborate decoration are wood, brick reliefs treasures. Red Garden's unique architecturally brick, wood carving and painting River State Long known for three, in particular the brick art, variety, vivid image, often amazing tourists so.

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Liujiaxia Dinosaur National Geopark - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gansu Liujiaxia Dinosaur National Geopark, with a total area of about 15 square kilometers. In August 1998, after a geological survey found that the field of domestic rare dinosaur footprint fossils. To date, more concentrated in the fossils of 2 square kilometers within the framework of a total of 10 fossilized footprints of dinosaurs, Group 46 include a total of 400 Four dinosaur footprint. Liujiaxia giant dinosaur footprint fossils in China and the world's major study of dinosaur footprints found. The type of fossil-rich fossil groups, the scale of many types, it remains a complete, high-definition, and the two-level, are in the world.

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Butterfly House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linxia in the city of Nanguan. Ma Buqing warlords in the northwest for the resettlement of the concubine house, built in the early hours Yong-named park, following the conversion of ground floor security, the main building is completed as a result of the shape of butterflies, named. House, 56 meters wide east, 74 meters long from north to south, covers an area of 2660 square meters for the two-story brick. Middle of the main floor of the north, Miankuo 7, Peak Tiaoyan. Then about two corridors Liu Jiaoting rectangular loft-like a butterfly wings. Upstairs are the next four weeks around the corridors, three South East-West corridor floor will be tight around inside to form a square courtyard. Fangzhuan paved trail to cross the courtyard garden is divided into 4, the front of the green Lan Bo, with miscellaneous Me, linked to criss-cross paths. In the architectural design of new and sophisticated technology, well-preserved, both rich and unique national characteristics.

  Butterfly House, the Department of warlords in the northwest of Mabu Fang Ma Buqing brother's house, as a result of foreign Zhanchiyufei only the image of the butterfly named after the color. In 1941, riding a five-strong army commander Ma Buqing married Shaanxi opera actress Zhang Xiaoying Was forcibly occupied five villages, hurriedly left more than 120 families, has revised the Butterfly House, Zhang Xiaoying to live. Butterfly House, covers an area of about one-third of the Linxia city, the local "Linxia city of nine three years, the Butterfly House, Seven Mile three."

  Butterfly House is now the location of the troops. Fan Kai re-entered the door, there are embedded Circle nail the door in the face of a flower bed. Park were planted flowers, flowers, Zhengfangdouyan, Xie did not spend a flower and open all year round, the flowers can not. Electric butterfly standing on the floor of the central red flower in green. Right at the center floor, the title of "Butterfly House," the words of the important details, shining golden light, dazzling food. Two main building A column hook promenade has been extended to 10,000 in flowers.

  Butterfly House, the Department of brick buildings, Hong-li style, layout stringent, particularly eye-catching is the butterfly wings on both sides of the floor, the delicate in Linglong, free and easy Qingli, as if the whole floor, like a gorgeous butterfly is like Zhanchiyufei. Pavilion building fine , Diaolianghuadong, in particular the wall of the brick wall in the gallery design, modeling new scene in magic. Linxia Hui people of brick is traditional folk art, the idea to new and rigorous composition, vivid style, exquisite Diaogong known, and the Butterfly House, the brick are masters of the integrated works, the essence of Linxia brick. Both Type screen, or for the small, freehand brushwork are free and easy, elegant life, is rich in national and local flavor, showing the creation of the working people of high intelligence and superb skills in the arts.

  Today, the Butterfly House, after finishing the protection force, an entirely new look. The gatehouse has a new hook Choi, flower beds were added Pa, very ching Su.

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Orient House Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linxia located in the urban south-east, an area of 50 hectares. Was the "field" font is a courtyard-style buildings.


  Founded in 1938, is a former army deputy commander of the Kuomintang 40, Qaidam settlement Ma Buqing supervision of residence. Northeast main hospital, seven brick building sitting North South Liangjiao repair a corner on the second floor of the four-Mulou.


  And the Office of East and West rooms are 7 to save Kim Dae-beam house hold five. Southeast hospital floor for the concept of flowers, around the corridors slim, sleek, chic new. Southwest and Northwest are courtyard-style pattern. Four adjacent to the courtyard, there is a courtyard, the due north Three big-screen opening Yingbi, carving on the "land map," a piece of. Northeast, northwest Jiaomen on both sides, the Peony flying brick Aquarius couple. The hospital connected to see the wall, Yingbi, Heart Gallery on the walls are brick mill brick mosaic from sewing. Orient House Museum Art brick house, he brought together the best state of art sculpture, brick works can be called " Park View. "

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Shihezi Junken Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shihezi Garden Jiexin due south, to preserve the integrity of a house, which is the original pioneering leadership of the Corps, 22 hours of live site, people used to call it "Tao Zhiyue residence." By the end of 1994, Shihezi Culture to recover and repair integrity, as Shihezi Junken halls of the museum, at 199 In an official opening in October. Museum covers an area of about 460 square meters, three exhibition halls, for the first door on the left side of the hall, "Shihezi ancient." Here displays the unearthed pottery, stone tools and fossils, more than 100 pieces of bronze ware, and so on. Ma toe Eight fossils 300 million years ago, in search of the region as early as Shihezi The original human remains provided clues. Stone's arrow found in the first of its kind within the framework of Xinjiang, the Xinjiang Cultural Relics and Archeology provided important information. Turn right at the door for the second showroom, a display Junken the cause of the "glorious history." Junken more than 100 pieces of Reclamation when soldiers used farm tools, clothing and through the Health Daily necessities, to show a soldier Junken of Reclamation history, the history of business, talk to a Metro Junken Shihezi from a desert wasteland to develop into a modern garden city. Next to the exhibition hall is the third "footprints in the extension of the" main display of Reclamation Junken soldiers during the work, life, photo, And the central leadership to inspect the photos Shihezi, a total of more than 80 pieces. Junken museum shows the development of Shihezi since ancient footprints, especially in the past 40 years Junken majority of the sons and daughters of the glorious history of hard work. In a sense, it is our development of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, a microcosm, is Jiang Jun Ken cause of a window.

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Shihezi Premier Zhou Enlai Monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shihezi Premier Zhou Enlai Monument, located in the northern suburb of the city of Shihezi, 3 km from the city center, the door is a solemn monument to the late Premier Zhou Enlai, Premier Zhou Enlai is on the south side of Memorial Hall, is on the north side of Premier Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall. Monument engraved with a positive, "Eternal glory to beloved Premier Zhou Enlai," 12 Rongji, on the south side of the monument Premier Zhou is a 1965 inspection Corps inscription, the inscription on the north side of Premier Zhou is the third in the National People's Congress to make the government work report in the extracts, is built on the back of Bei Zhi Wen. EC view of the monument, towering tall and straight, shapes grim, forceful style of simple, Beiqian flowers and a long pine and cypress, in order to give people a sense of moderation seriously. 965 years on July 5, Premier Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi, vice premier to inspect the work of Shihezi, Shanghai, met with youth representatives border. Jan 8, 1976, Premier Zhou passed away, to cherish the memory of Premier Zhou's great, with a total market party committee decided that the monument building. Monument building site in Shanghai was met with Premier Zhou border The representative of the year when the host. Premier Zhou at the age of 78 years, so build Beishen 7.8 meters, Premier Zhou Enlai visited here when 67-year-old, the inscription 6.7 meters high. Are building a commemoration of the Office of the Prime Minister Zhou Enlai. Hall for the expansion of the original Premier Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall.

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Open Square - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shihezi Junken the first floor, a stone's due south, there is a miscellaneous peanut tree, throwing Dicui color of the beautiful square, and she is the Shihezi City's open plaza. North entrance to the square, three Dutch-ju of the fence around the lawn, the lawn each, 9 blue green red spruce, a component of green plum. Lawn next to the high - Gao Gandeng blue sky silver, added to the square a few brilliant night. Into the square, first of all, the eye is the silver spray-spitting, jumping jubilation of the fountain. She is located in the North and the South East-West axis of the intersection, the plaza is the most attractive landscape. Stephen Fountain 6 surface-to spend, there are 106 Stephen nozzle, the most in the middle of a component Level, the highest level for nearly 20 water meters, water Xionghao, quite spectacular; King of the lining around as a small fountain, the water column of different patterns, and the main fountain of Xionghao backed phase, do not have some fun. On the south side of the square, stand high, "Wang Zhen, General" Qiyuxuanang the statue, one can see that year by General Wang Zhen Ma-spot survey, Metro looking forward to glory. There are two things on both sides of the square sculptures, is on the eastern side of the "new frontier fortress movement," sculptures, is on the west side, "Li Jun Ken first" sculptures, and "General Wang Zhen," the statue was echoed font products, together Junken Metro Chengdiao unique, beyond both sides, and "Green Wind" and "clear spring" of the statue People's hopes and aspiration to pursue. These revolve around the statue, is intertwined with large and small, scattered in more than 30 altar trees and flower beds; altar of green trees, thick affordable solution; flower bed of flowers, colorful color, favorite people linger.

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Shihezi People's Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shihezi City People's Park, located in the North West all the way with three-way cross the southwest corner, an area more than 1,500 acres, the mid-50 began construction and forestry production in the district and the resort. Park to the south of the forest area, a verdant, expensive Scotch Pine, red spruce, juniper, such as planting a few dozen, where home Hundreds of families actually show the growth of trees. Accounting for two-thirds of the park area is a resort. North Gate is on the eastern side of the garden, Hanabusa, up more than 600 varieties of flower species, Xinjiang is most varieties of flowers. In the northwest corner of Park Zoo, the Museum has a monkey, Bear Mountain, Bird House, and so on, dozens of kinds of animals. Peacock opened the screen, the Tianshan Mountains Red Deer, and that the brown bear, thousands of miles through a marriage, having children here have become Xinjiang's animal kingdom for a mouth with approbation. North Gate Park is man-made lake and the island lake. Rippling blue waves here, weeping Yiyi, pulp designated Qingyao, boating on the lake, the better leisurely leisure. Lake in the heart of the Lake Island, Hong Zhu green canopy, Louting Yu, one Jiangnan scenery. Paradise is the natural children of the world of children, there are entertainment-controlled aircraft, flying in the air chairs, bumper car entertainment, is a children's play "Paradise." Park Swimming Pool, Folk Village but also visitors to stay pleasant, non-music phrase it says that Sigui

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Shihezi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"I have been to many places, several of the city's youngest, she is so beautiful, it is at first sight, Han Hai is not a mirage floor, not the Penglai fairyland, and her plants are cemented in blood and sweat." It described the Gobi Pearl Ai Qing - Shihezi. Shihezi is located in the middle of the Tianshan Mountain, the southern edge of Junggar Basin, which is Block the beautiful and rich, colorful, beautiful scenery and fascinating land. Shihezi City and a quality living environment is well-known garden city.

Shihezi, is named after the stone. Historically, Manasixian Shihezi is a remote area, after the Under the jurisdiction of Sandy Bay. Reed problems here and go wild, just a red light red gravel of the trenches, like a flowing river of stones. Therefore, this left a simple and honest, simple name. Shihezi Zhunkenshubian of the people, work hard in unity, hard work, dedication, in the ancient wilderness, Gobi Hanhai to create a A miracle. Now the edge of the desert without the Metro in the past been the scene, the city of Shihezi like a huge emerald in the mosaic at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, and Ching-ying dazzling. UNESCO officials visited the Metro Shihezi, all praise is the world's desert control, to create an oasis, to restore the ecological environment A major miracle! Shihezi have been to people who are here to praise the elegant Garden City.

Along the ancient Silk Road came to the Shihezi, where you do not Sigui music, heart oasis. Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, the only national monument, a bronze statue of General Wang Zhen, Ai Qing Poetry Archive, you can be with To pay respects; North Lake Park Reservoir Vast Desert, you can enjoy fishing; "Dream Camel slope" Desert Park, lets you listen to the music side of the Tuoling Sheng, on the side to enjoy the desert scenery; purple mud-chuen, a vast natural grassland, you will see brothers The nation's "race" and "chasing girls" magical presence. Shihezi City of the United Nations is "a good living environment to improve the city," she located in the middle of the Tianshan Mountain, the southern edge of Junggar Basin, the unique Western style of the "Silk Road"; her location by the military, military design, the construction of military personnel; She created the "people back into the sand," the miracle of the world; she is a Chinese "Tunkenshubian" Gong model; her beautiful, unique culture and splendid civilization was the world as "Pearl of the Gobi."
She has a legendary history. In February 1950, Wang Zhen, General People's Liberation Army into the rate of Shihezi, pulling the "first Junken plow," than the creation of the Republic of only a small of the shihe-year-old Metro. She has a unique culture. Jobs by the officers and men, young people, such as border consisting of Shihezi 600,000 people of all ethnic groups, from all corners of the country. In half a century of history in the process of forming a strong set of "ground-breaking, the masses, openness, pluralism," as one of the Junken cultural characteristics.
She has developed Ji. After half a century of development and construction, has become Shihezi "to rely on large-scale Farms, as the central city of Shihezi, vice agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery development of a comprehensive, integrated service providers to build Gongjiao operations, industry and agriculture, urban and rural areas, trade, industry and agriculture Integration of the "new economy of the Commonwealth. The national implementation of the "western development" Slightly today, Shihezi, Xinjiang has become a bridgehead for developing the western region, west of the open forward position and prosperity in Xinjiang, the show features the Corps an important "window."
She has a beautiful environment. She "military city" award characteristics of a "national double-support model city"; "Green City" won the national characteristics " Health and the City "and" advanced urban landscape "and autonomous regions," urban civilization "and" garden city "; again," Poetry City "features well-known both at home and abroad.

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Fig Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To-Artux "fig" and a town known for the quality of the figs first. Fig two crops a year, in July for the summer fruit season, in October for the autumn season fruit. So often in the July-October between the mature fruit, the guests during the tourist season, tourism is the best. Fig in the garden beneath Putao Jia compensation Sweet and delicious fig, giving a feast for the eyes, refreshing warm happy. As early as the fig tenth century AD before and after the introduction of Artux. The male and female flowers of fruit trees, the flowers are hidden, people not only see the fruit of their flowers, therefore its name. Although little fig fruit, sugar content is as high as 74% or more, but the business Rich, containing amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a wide range of human needs. With tonic, spleen, and Qufeng Shi, and other anti-cancer effect. By the local people call the "fairy fruit," visitors can imagine into the "fairy fruit," Park, as if into the Shiwaitaoyuan.

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Sudan. Mazar sand Tucker - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjiang's Kizilsu Sudan. Mazar sand Tucker Artux City at the southern outskirts of the West Song Take two kilometers to thank the township to buy the village, the year is 10 - 13 of China's Western Regions peach of a place government ------" Khan dynasty stone kara "group of ancient tombs. Sudan. Tucker sand. Bogollagama Kara Khan Khan is the third-generation dynasty King Khan, Xinjiang, the ancient first to accept Islam, the members of the royal family. He also will be a Khanate Islam the state religion. And the promotion of Xinjiang. He died in 955 AD (344 years back to the calendar) a thousand years ago, the mosque is the tomb of Sudan. Tucker sand. Bogollagama Islam Khan accepted baptism, the Buildings as early as Kashiaiti Ga mosque 880 years, more than 680 years as early as Kashi Xiangfei Mu. Sudan. Tucker sand mazar of the former mosque is?????for the construction of the Prince Nasir, Sa is Tooker convert to Islam and Christians launched?????to attack the palace, after Mosque Collapse Repair, and still retains the characteristics of that year. Mosque to a level of architecture, from the neat rows of carved wooden pillars, supporting the white wood-ribbed roof, no paint painting Liang Dong, staggered cornices, the Circular Gallery Labyrinth, but robusta white wooden pillars, Of the Uygur ethnic motifs carved eaves of peace on that beige brick Inscribed on the rows of symmetrical patterns and designs of white brick pier, it gives a solemn, solemn, majestic, simple feeling. The spacious rectangular hall, bright and clean, adequate lighting, low brick wall pier Mulan, quiet generosity, fill a clear pattern on the pier, beautiful, harmonious and win attractive people. The Jiang's oldest mosque, the millennium does not decline, during the Islamic religious festival of Muslims come to worship stream. Tomb and a mosque wall apart to the mosque for the front yard, back yard for the cemetery. Ling's largest hospital has a room of the tomb is the burial plans Tangsa Sullivan hills Kebogela Khan. Tucker Savimbi in the hills The northeast corner, there is a slightly smaller room of the tomb to tomb Sullivan Tangsa Tucker's friend - missionaries,?????Nasr of the dynasty tomb of Mansour. Tucker Savimbi's tomb to the east, arranged side-by-side with the graves of their children and grandchildren.

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Kizilsu Kirgiz Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is located in the southwest, known as "fig town" known, is located in the south of the Tianshan, the edge Tarim Basin of the West. Aheqi east, Keping County, south of Jiashi and Bachu, at reduced pay three counties, only Wuqia County, West, North and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan for the community. Border Line 128 km. East-West wide, narrow the North-South, South low-lying North High. 4562.3 meters above sea level the highest, lowest 1260.1 meters above sea level. To the north of the mountains, valleys and plains to the south. City, state Department latitude in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, is a warm temperate continental arid climate. The main climate characterized by four seasons Ample sunshine, drought, frost-free period long, large amplitude on the temperature.

  Artux City has a long history goes back to ancient times, is the capital of Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture is located. 60 BC (Xuan Han Shenjue three years) Artux City territory included in the official version of the Han Dynasty . Was one of the 36 Western Regions vegetables Le States States. Over the years 2000, the city has jurisdiction throughout the territory of a change, but China has always been an inalienable part of the sacred. In 1938, Xinjiang's provincial government approved the establishment of set rule Artux Board, 6 rural town of jurisdiction 4. In January 1943 set up a formal Artux County, Li Second Administrative Region of Xinjiang. September 1949 Artux County's peaceful liberation. March 1950 the establishment of the county people's government. In July 1954 after the establishment of Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, was placed under its management, and become the seat of the state. In June 1986, the State Council approved the establishment of the Arab-Israeli withdrawal Artux County Even the city.

  Magnificent Pamir Huju on the magnificent piece of land, high terrain, over the Xuefeng Li, known as "mountains of their ancestors" reputation.

Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture is located in the south of the Tianshan and Kunlun Mountains and the northern section, the Tarim Basin in northwestern New China is the most western end. Aksu Prefecture, east of the neighborhood, south of the junction with the Kashi region in the north and west the next day and Shannan vein adjacent to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, more than 1170-km-long border. Northwest High Low-lying South East, 1197-7719 meters in altitude, terrain with the territory Great elevation, 3,000 meters above sea level on average. In the southern, western and northern mountain areas are located in the Pamirs and the southern Tianshan Mountains, is the state's major animal husbandry areas, standing at the end of the West Kunlun public Nagel peak and the "tip of the father of the" Ata-feng, Elevation of 7546 meters and 7719 meters, is the territory of Xinjiang The peak number one. Is the only state in the south-eastern foothills of the plains above sea level in 1197 - 1500 meters.

Here complex geological structure, rich in mineral resources; rich products, "fig village" that is, Artux here. Here, not only has beautiful scenery of the plateau, Ke Style is unique and rich, well-known hero here is the epic "Manas epic," the home, Kirgiz people lived a nomadic life for generations here, and still preserve traditional customs. Ethnic songs and dances, Manas epic Performance people are fully appreciate the unique customs of ancient peoples. Artux City is rich in resources. Mineral resources and wildlife resources are more abundant. The main water resources for agricultural irrigation, Bogut Zi River and River cakmak the two main water system. Metal ore: iron, titanium, vanadium, copper, gold, lead, zinc and so on more than 10 kinds, a non-metallic mineral lake salt, coal, phosphate, limestone Marble, mica, crystal stone, gypsum, Ying Dan, and so on. Both wildlife animals, there are fish in the water, and a large variety of broad distribution of a total of more than 60 species currently included in the scope of state protection of the brown bear, crane, lynx, snow leopard, long-tail pheasants, swans, Qingyang, argali , Wolverine, snow, and so on. Ueno Medicinal plants have dangshen, palm Senate, before the Qing Lan, living alone, licorice, ephedra, wild flowers, such as the Chinese.

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Dushanzi in Karamay City mud volcano - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Karamay mud volcano is located in the northern part of a mountain Dushanzi, the two main vents are about 100 meters away, a larger vents about 60 centimeters in diameter, more than 1 meter above the ground. Vents in the mud is thick, green mud Cheng Hui, slightly smell of oil and kept out of the mud bubbles up, the pool of mud Southwest side of the opening of the spill. Poured out of the mud flow on the surface to form tapered dome, 10 meters in diameter at the bottom of the above, the surface is dry mud of the block. Dushanzi where the mud volcano is also very characteristics that the North-South Hill, about 7 km east-west width of 6 meters, 1283 meters the highest peak, isolated towering above the plains in the tilt Kuytun separated from the West River and Hailie's non-Wusu County across the Hill. Mud volcano, also known as fake volcano, is the folder with water, mud, sand and debris on the ground floor of natural gas, under constant pressure in the Duicheng emitted by the surface of the mud mound. For the end of volcanic activity, but also a product of natural gas emitted Miller. Belongs to Dushanzi mud volcano Persons. China's Taiwan Province and Kaohsiung, Tainan There are a number of mud volcanoes. Dushanzi mud volcano has high scientific value and higher value from the last Dushanzi City, which are easily accessible, with the first well in the first pot I attractions such as the relative mix, is overlooking the scenic spots Dushanzi City, only to Shan Sub domestic and international travel Often come to watch.

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