Shiraiwa Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daejeon in the county of West Shiraiwa the mountains, built in 1983, covers an area of 500 hectares, the province is the largest county in the comprehensive recreational facilities. Magnificent park gate, a door, in the face of 24 meters wide is the 342 level, direct access to the Peak Shiraiwa. The mountains have View-door. Park has a promenade, the Quartet Pavilion Dragon and Phoenix Pavilion, bridges, towers, such as white clouds, Cuoluoyouzhi, rational layout. Foothills of the park covers an area of 32 acres of children, with an area of 30 acres of man-made lake, the lake dotted with miniature park pavilion Shuixie, Hu Xinting, and so on. Park has a small electric trains, water Youlong, the space shuttle, electric vehicles, iron chain bridges, tunnels, Stephen more than 20 kinds of recreational facilities and so on. And children's park is adjacent to an area of 70 acres of the Sports Center.

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Revolutionary Martyrs Monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Revolutionary Martyrs Monument was built in 1977, 18 meters high monument, with Pale into granite. Beishen positive inscribed "immortal revolutionary martyr" and 15 gold Chinese characters, in front of Beizuo engraved with an inscription and built on a two-tier platform to the upper 20 meters long, 15 meters wide, 40 meters lower long, 30 meters wide, dry 100 stone steps immediately, the ability to pay respect to those who walk on the road.

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Hill tooth comb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tooth comb Ninghua Nature Reserve is located in the northern part of the territory of rural Anyuan, Jiangxi Province, at the junction with the West, with a total area of 4733.3 hectares. There are rare and endangered wild animals, 69 kinds, of which at the national level to protect South China tigers are wild animals, Jinqian Bao, the clouded leopard, deer, Elliot's pheasant, etc. 5; at the national level to protect trees Shannon has fruit trees, species of wood E, 3 Taxus species of medicinal plants have a short Coptis E, strangulation shares Lan, Dysosma, such as money-lan, ornamental plants have to spend 10 minutes cherry, wild smile, Chunlan, cold blue, and so on; Spices and other plants Actinidia chinensis, Litsea, Ganoderma lucidum, Agrocybe, red mushrooms, fungus, and so on.

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Kamikaze Dragon King's palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kamikaze Dragon King's palace at the Ninghua scenic Swan hole group, is the 1995 New development of the underground river cave landscape. The entrance holes are emitted bursts of breeze, derived Dragon King's palace known as the kamikaze. The wind was "odd"; inside the cave, and thousands of square meters of the underground river rafting tour, Fujian for the current "no." Deep inside the cave, 5 , Is divided into three Dongting, an underground lake and an underground river. Inside the hall, three powerful magnificent, and this "magic gatekeeper", "Dragon tour of inspection" and "silver bell in the town tiger", "Ji Gong to realize their dreams" and other unique karst landscape design, bold lines, very "impressionistic" charm People outside of which goes a long way down regression of intestinal gas Sense. Inside the underground lake level as a mirror, into the lake on the pier of Lotus, a clear reflection of the karst shape heading into the "hen nest cry", "goshawks prey" reflection of life, as if the water is an "animal In the world. " Inside the cave, the most characteristic landscape, blurred or that deep underground river, boarded the small leaf , Dangqi sculls, the underground water is unusual in the world. Coral is in the water, sargentii, the reflection of Yushu, Dong Ding-intensive "goose control" with a sparkling crystal water. These beautiful scenery all feel like the seabed outside the Dragon King's palace.

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Fox hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

And a clean county in the sand hole, eliminating the rural village, an area of sand Library Station, as a result of a fox in the ancient legend, the immortal named after. Among the many limestone landscape consisting mainly of a fox hole, Yanzi Dong, the embodiment of rock, white rock, Rocky, and so on the first hole. Fox hole, hole to the south, near the river bed above about 80 meters deep hole 10 Meters, 4 meters widest point, less than 5 meters high. Deep hole remaining deposits of about 12 square meters, about the thickness of 3 meters. In 1988, the provincial cultural relics survey in the late Pleistocene cave discovered an ancient human fossils and teeth under the South China giant tapir, no neck bristle porcupine, bear, deer, wild boar, and other mammal fossils to fill the Paleolithic archeology blank, Fujian in the history of human activity to the 1 million years ago, but also for the ancient human migration from Fujian to Taiwan, Fujian and Taiwan from the same root to find a scientific basis for further study. Here was set at the provincial level protection unit. Yanzi Dong, the largest capacity of Dongting hundreds of people. Inside Singular form of stalactites, and Dong Ding from the shop and spilled under the small waterfall, and so on. According to County records, Dan Dakai the collapse of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the Department of the troops. Fox hole before the full development of the area, many tourists come here especially.

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Yu Xu-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the north-east county Mingxi 2 km down the mountain slope of yellow. Cause trouble inside the ancient legend dragon and snake respectively, were Yuxuxianweng service in the town, named; as a result of GAO Hong Kuo-dong to the top of the water year round, also known as the "rock water." Yu Xu-dong is a typical karst topography, such as the color white jade stone Huangla. Hole-clear, dark hole. Myeong-dong is not bright and dry, rocks Mindanao; dark hole is not dark tide, Shen You caves. Hole before the Ming Dynasty were Suozhuan "Yuxudongtian," "Sin Yu Xu Dong" and "plasma-day universe," Inscription. Kuan Yin Temple for the pre-dong, an area of about 100 square meters, from left, middle and right columns 3 natural support, there are Tianquan, "lion fight," stone turtle, "Cellular" Platform more than 10 landscape; post-hole peach, can accommodate 1,000 people, gorgeous crystal stone color, Xian Qiao, the first Buddhist rock, cloud-hidden rock magpie, Huang Shi, Shi Lei Yue, such as landscape, " Tin Drum "and" false alarms-how "Most ironic of all, Lo So pat, that is, a loud booming noise, not long way. Dark hole from place to place as a result of the King to install color Lighting projector, with the town of Shi Lei, "Guiyi hole," Yi Xiantian, Shen Kai, Tianhe, the "celestial bed" and "bottom sun" scenery. Song has been inside the cave outside the stone Cliff 100, also a residue of more than 40 Beizuo. Run inside the cave, all as long as 20 minutes, the landscape is hard to come by intensive cave. Qing Kang Years (1662 ~ 1722) for the "world famous travel notes," have received to write the travel landscape Fujian 8, "Open-water in mind" is a writer in the Ming Dynasty, "Seven" of the cases of Chen's works. In the text, he said: "This is rock-qi, it is also odd days." Kuan Yin Temple on the left side of clothing has kiosk vibration Dong Ding is expected to build the Moon. Have direct access to the highway before the hole.

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Wan Yan cultural sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Yan Paleolithic site of the state's key cultural heritage unit is located in the city of Sanming in the town before the rock to the north-east of this point, ten minutes by car, that is up to the foot of the hill. From the limestone rock composition, karst, generating more than a dozen caves. Lingfeng Paleolithic culture in the hole and buried inside the sail, with a total area of more than 1200 sites Meters, 400 square meters of excavation area, the lower the sail-away of the cultural layer was found about Shi Pu Er Wannian of the artificial surface, for the first time the country is the world rarely seen. Unearthed a total of more than 800 pieces of stone products, a small amount of bone angle and more than 20 kinds of animal fossils, the age of 18 years and 1-3 years. Wan Yan Paleolithic On behalf of the cultural relics found in the autumn of 1999. Wan Yan not only within the ancient ruins of human activities, there are abundant human and natural history of karst landscape. The three sites have been included in the Forest Park one of the eight major King. In 2001, is listed as national heritage unit.

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Are going purple condensate (Temple are going) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Are going to the temple of Sanming Museum of History, founded in the Southern Song Ci Miao will be six years (Year 1233), 700 years ago. Temple site is located in the River Formation in the West Bank, out east on the north side of the bridge, sitting south, was built during the first Sanming region, the most well-preserved wooden structure of a building, with classical Lin style of the park unicorn and the bustling commercial area of the sea. Youxi, Wing, Nanping, music, Germany and other places of all there are going to build the temple, the Temple of the largest, with a total area of 745 square meters, the most well-known. Kind of all over the temple to greet the spring, wide Magnolia, hibiscus, clove, Liu, Bo, Zhang, Guangxi, such as bamboo, Chaziyanhong Fragrant attacks.

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Bay gold at the provincial level forest park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bay gold at the provincial level forest park located in the mining industry Chenda Lin Yu-site, covering an area of 151.7 square kilometers. Layer upon layer of natural forest parks, Fei Xie Falls, visitors to the park are all kinds of rare birds and animals and plants by the odd admiration. Park as a whole has always represented one of the original ecological picture. In his spare time visitors do a Easy travel, to experience fruit fragrance, surfing adventure, enjoy the charming scenery is refreshing, do not really have a taste. Bay gold at the provincial level forest park consists of five areas: culture zone that is rare, ornamental bamboo areas, orchards tourist, leisure and resort areas Ruiyun drift. Visitors can experience hunting, Fishing, barbecue, a monkey show, tasting fruits of fun, but also in the Green Tea, Nabi Villa holiday break; only Enuoduozi experience of the Lady Falls, Cliff stone of the spectacular steep, the forest can be bathing in warm person and Romantic.

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Hu Toushan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Toushan "Tiger" was the ax "ax" as a result of such a tiger-shaped peak of the tilt Lifu named after. Shan mountain range and because ax endless, gorgeous like a big tiger, it was also known as the Tiger "Tiger" and follow the spread. The peak 1102 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the urban areas, "Tiger Feng Yun, animal husbandry," is in the urban areas of Eight . Hu Toushan rich vegetation, forest tsugae, and Juniperus, Tallow, wood and the Netherlands, spent palm tree wood, wood and Tourism, trilobites nan red, and so on more than 100 species of trees of the two. Shan Lin high density, the birds are naturally more than once here found traces of South China tiger, rabbit, chicken and other natural bamboo alone. When dawn or red rays Valley, Birds, rhododendron, Ikaruga, partridge, and other birds often open voice together with the mountain slowly, with water features music, performed with symphony moving mountains. There is an old saying: "The bone in Stone Mountain, Hill's interest in water, hills in the state tree, in the spirit of the steep hills, in the show, in the high." Hu Toushan to control, hill is not only surprising Rocks, dangerous cliffs Shen He, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, seguinii clouds everything ready, as surprising as, but also a plus Yunfeng temple, such as Nantian Men Garan Hall of ancient temples, religious and natural scenery cultural complement each other.

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Nanzhao Island style - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dali often with her beautiful and magnificent natural scenery spread all over Humanity of the King are passed out an endless stream of Chinese and foreign tourists, Cang-er of the magnificent scenery of dumping had numerous Chinese and foreign tourists, Xu, Marco Polo, Guo, and other famous for her Left a magnificent speech of praise. Despite the generation of Acura's behalf can not, however, always Mountain Lake can be exhausted of charm.

If the famous scenery compared Cang-er - shiny top of the crown colorful, Nanzhao Island style is embedded in the top of this jewel in the crown! Nanzhao customs Island Lake is one of the three islands, located on the island Lake in the Northeast IEC dual Across the island surrounded by bad water, the open sea, land Pingkuang, and from the easy, comfortable living line, the humanities on the island, a rich natural landscape. East Gyejoksan by well-known Buddhist holy places, the north SHI Bao-shan, even Dali South West of Mountain Lake, due to occupy a unique tourism resources, it is known as "Dali scenery in the Cang-er Cang-er of the scenery in the two-gallery "reputation. On the island, visitors can tour the" Ten "wonderful," two "magnificent," a palace "and the magnificent" Three Village "charm.

Nanzhao customs Jingwo Island in the blue sky, clear water in the upper reaches of the Lake. It seems like a distant giant shuttle, Qi The unique topography, the owner unlimited hidden island scenery. The island has beautiful scenery, the sea and sky Isshiki, Fengyuewubian; Gurong Millennium Climb, quiet ancient temple music staggered plate holes; qing bank around the island of white sand, Cang-er Barry King Zhuang panoramic view can be described as "Long Hill colleagues, water And long situation. " By the mother of one of the island sand sculptures terminals, sea view villas, one by one lucky star Yunnan beziers lofty Ah Yin Plaza, Nanzhao summer palace, Master Bai culture and the arts plaza, a comprehensive Beach amusement park, Taihu Dan King and the fishing community of other proud King Eight such as landscape, with the distinctive blend of landscape art. People close to the large self - In the process of recovery is extremely rare that the original one by one and really make up the United States and the humble.

On the island, a Ruyan is a huge stone, sand known as the mother of one sculptures. This is based on the "Biography of Xinan Yi Han," recorded in the region related to a marble sculpture from the myth.

Nanzhao legend by the name of the ancestors is a "one Saudi," the woman fishing, fishing, touch and sense of Shen-pregnant, then gave birth to ten sons, one after another under the Ailaoshan And his wife gave birth to ten women, nine brothers on Long married a woman they marry, after gradually with the growth, reproduction Today. The legend was sand sculptor, Professor Ye Yushan to the mother of one of the ten-born son has been given to dozens of primitive life, work life aspects of justice, and Ke Hui people of God come to painting, life. Such as prayer ceremonies, hunting. Chong fire drill wood, stone houses, and so moved.

On the island there is a "Taihu Lake Scenic community "." Taihu Dan "is a valuable garden Ornamental Stones. As a result of this mostly produced in the Taihu Lake stone named after. Taihu Dan value is not a good student, and it is not easy. And this not only on the island of Taihu Dan A wide range of thousands of gesture, very strange; and large-scale, the forest into a film, constitute a community, Wei Spectacular.

Nanzhao palace, is the island's main building, is the summer palace of King Nanzhao reduction that Nanzhao antique palace and the palace was built at that time because of the Nanzhao by Tubo Dynasty and the Tang culture and cultural impact, the palace used by "The roof of the Tang Dynasty, Tibet's walls and windows, The building houses the basis of color and shape. "

Master Culture and Arts Plaza, there are a number of important plastic statue of the Week with a number of totems, allows visitors to see from a mysterious Mi Zong Bai Dali and cultural charm. Master Bai respected a lot, even more than Greece God more, but the Greek gods pure "God" in the form of, and Bai's This Week not only in God only, and is more secular figures in the Master Bai legend, they have their own stories, word for word Of life, wife and daughters. In addition, there is King This Week, the big rock, tree and swelling on the skin of pigs, dogs, Ma In the form of cattle, and so on. Supreme Master is a known as the "Master of the Central" characters, the name list of these paragraphs, Dali was founding the country think of Emperor Ping paragraph of the ancestors. Fuxing Plaza, Yunnan is the main island landscape, Fuxing Plaza, as a result of a white marble statue of Guanyin named after. As the total of 269 by the white marble structure , Audio-visual concept of two separate base 2 meters high and 1.2 meters, 14.36 meters high figures, the Department is currently the highest in the world of a Chinese white statue of Guanyin. This Guanyin statue known as "Ah Yin Ye lofty," Sanskrit is "over the Arab-Israeli Liye" transliteration of the international academic community known as the "lucky star in Yunnan", which means "line criterion is, Are disciples, while its track, high-Teachers hate the King said. "

Yin was male, his kindness, goodness, Yu Shuihuo the people, such as the Universal Life humanity and to give caring, having heart of love, the Yin people in the eyes of the gradual evolution of male-female. This concept of respect From male to female in the process of evolution and the evolution of the characteristics of Kuan Yin, China and other parts of the different statues of the Goddess of Mercy, has a typical representative. The folklore in the 33 incarnation of Guanyin, and Guanyin in the year, three important holidays, including his birthday, enlightenment and Japan, Monastery, an important section of these With the number 3, 6, 9, and therefore the square before the time for the 39 square for 39 meters in diameter; In addition, the circular plaza, also on behalf of the Yuantong Buddhism, the story rather than.

Guanyin and the relative, is a "green radish," the mountain, like a big Maitreya Buddhist saying, "The mountains are a Buddha, the Buddha is a Mountain" is about the meaning of this. Giant Buddha and Guanyin distant relative, as if the general Guanyin Buddha. Yin Dali in the eyes of the people is very sacred, and therefore there are many legends of Kuan Yin, Kuan Yin is on how to help people over evil, Kedi Sheng, which has become the spiritual people here, Li Song from the world admire.

Le snow on the beach pavilion is a small island part of a comprehensive amusement park, it was well-known because of the beauty of the Lake to watch the best place, it was said here in the landscape can be achieved triple realm: the first tier of the "Haitian Isshiki, Fengyuewubian" This is only the admiration of the scenery; the second tier of the "intense world, a sense of stars, animal husbandry," this person has been over the nature of heaven and earth, I have not reached the stage; and finally re - Is the realm of "Long Hill colleagues, water and long situation," tour at this time off has been in the hearts of a fairyland, I reached the two - A.

The island is one of the most precious there is a focus on 500 years of history dissolved the old tree, which is the oldest tree on the island, and the strange shape, and its coverage area of Arima more than 600 square meters, as if its fibrous roots down from the sky To the general on the ground, as if a Fei Bao, as a result Root waterfall. "Visitors can go to Nanzhao in the palace, savor the flavor of some ancient culture. Here visitors can get no pollution of fresh seafood, a taste of Lake unique products.

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Dali literature Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dali literature outside the South Gate House, built in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi years, the War of Resistance Against Japan withdraw destroyed. From its majestic momentum, you can enjoy the Nanzhao to the ancient king of style and character, and in the literature and the marble floor of the ancient city between the South more than 1300 meters of the street, that is, you can feel the Dali Bai strong national wind . Qing Shiban along the pavement walking in the streets of the literature on both sides of the road, Qingwa white walls, cornices brackets building equipped with light and ink painting, yet solemn and beautiful simplicity. The bottom of a clear stream from west to east along the street running murmur, and the United States played a laid-back song, a tree in front of the tree azaleas, camellias race Release. Street walked into the alley, you will, "Street Street, water, plant flowers in every household" of the rich ethnic customs and harmony with nature's way of life to the dump. The street shops. A natural increase of natural marble carving of the painting, with a loud voice thick accent of selling, Shannon Lee Cucu the heart of strong tea and characteristics of different Snacks, allowing you to experience the rich culture of the Bai and Bai's enthusiasm.

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Small Putuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

NATO Jinsuo island 10 kilometers to the sea, floating piece of rock keep it company, the Court there, which is small Putuo, this reef-side, such as China and India, according to legend is a big Guanyin who left the Zhenhai China and India. Small built in the Ming Dynasty Putuo, the Pavilion for the architecture, is divided into two layers from top to bottom, the first plastic-like Nyorai, the second Legislative View of audio and video. By Kuan Yin is here as the main, the small Putuo Guanyinge original name, because of their location Posi famous Buddhist Mountain, You Si Kuan mythology to the home of Putuo, it changed its name to "small Putuo." Putuo small tour of the best times are early morning. At this time, the sea mist curl upwards, the small hidden when they are at Putuo, like the palace of the moon, to be Putuo on small saw surging around the mist, as if white Qingsha. This is one of the Eight Lake, "Lan Putuo Margaret."

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Gyejoksan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the southwest border of the motherland, in the vast plateau of Yunling Britain, in red, blue sky between the long white clouds drift, a stand with the sun, blue sky Qing Qing's towering peaks. He is Xiangyu South Asia, Southeast Asia since ancient times and five, crescent, Putuo, Jiuhuashan famous Buddhist holy places, one of China's five major Buddhist mountains in Yunnan Foot Hill.
  Xiong Zhi Gyejoksan Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in the North Li Bai Autonomous Prefecture Binchuan County, 86 km away from the ancient city of Dali, 410 kilometers Ju Kunming, Tianzhu Feng peak of 3248 meters. With a total area of 2822 hectares, as a result of the mountain "in the forefront sambong, after dragging a ridge, like chicken feet," named after. There are full-Hill Hill 40, 13, Xian-feng, 34 rock, Youdong 45, Xiquan 100; higher plants have more than 80 species of Section 500; there are vast primeval forests, Mingmugushu, plants; there are dozens of rare birds and animals Species. The ancients used a bird, the tea and three-long, four-concept, five Sequoia, Jane six or seven animals, summed up in eight chicken foot Natural beauty.

  Like entering an eternal silence of consciousness, sit cross-legged sitting down Gyejoksan Binchuan territory in the northwest, Gyejoksan million Ren-chang cliff, squat monkey climbing ape, a thousand miles Cuiwei, pulled high and steep insurance, a vast boundless. Suohui predecessors such as "strong because of the high, high Hon Kon; towering old trees, the cold shade of Health; Valley Shen, bottomless; steep cliff wall, hope of Guli; splashing waterfalls, white-left Union; Among a Myriad Songtao, the wind process. Tianzhu Feng Deng see Buddha, is cloud-hong in Wonderland; China in the first station to listen to clear Lei Yue Mun, Chun-sing and a half trip River Cloud. "Zhong Ling is the good fortune of Yu Xiu, shocking, it is nostalgia. Ming Dynasty, China has made great contributions to the geography of geography, travel, Xu has been a writer on two Gyejoksan, and the first compilation of "Chi Gyejoksan." He Tianzhu Feng extremely board, the sunrise view of the East, Seomang Cang-er, see South cloud, Beitiao Yulong, can not help but exclaim: "East, West, South cloud, Snow, four, who have lent their home and one for Qi Jue, and a Tianzhu Feng Shui all over the world and a four-concept, this is not the chief executive of chicken Hill, is the first at home and its people! "

  Gyejoksan is the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, the Buddha more than 2000 years ago, his major Ru Ding Yi drink light Kassapa Gyejoksan China in the first door, lay Buddhist community in its lofty status. Yuan and Ming dynasties, the formation of a Hall of Kasyapa-based Temple 8 jungle 71. The development of its peak 36 to 72 Om Temple, thousands of Buddhist monks and nuns Permanent macro scale. Gyejoksan ages monks come forth in large numbers, the wisdom of the Tang Dynasty, security, Chi Song, Yuan Dynasty source of air, common origin Ming Zhou Li, Yong-Chul, Buddhist meditation, play, big mistake, center, Xu Yun's the End of Qing Dynasty are Savaka Dade monks of Kyushu. Gyejoksan thousands of years of history, the endless accumulation of culture, Emperor Ming awarded to the Tibetan mountains, thanks Ziyi dome; Guangxu and Empress Chi Feng "protect the country and I wish St. Temple", thanks to drive-luan, Ziyi, China and India, and other precious artifacts. Wu Daozi "Shou Ma"; Li Xia's "Ocean's 18 river map"; Xu's "Chi Gyejoksan"; Qu shuertai "Mo Long"; Xu Beihong "Chushan chicken", "Ben Ma "; Yang Shengan, Liyuan Yang, Li Zhi, Dong Qi Chang, Sun Yat-sen, Liang Chi-chao, Gu Yuan Jia, Zhao Fan, Zhao Park And so on a large number of poems left by the picture, all of our precious cultural heritage. Gyejoksan-to-hung, dangerous, extraordinary and show that a quiet, "opening-day Buddha", "Fodou Mountain," famous for Chan-sheng Xu, "do-view close wins Heritage", "is the first At home and its people! "Xu Fu Shi" Lingjiu a desolate land, far more than Cang Gyejoksan. "As a tourist destination, the Buddhist Holy Land," re-Yue Ling-hui "Gyejoksan is" like drinking light, "and look forward to welcome you," a Mountain "!

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Dali - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dali 15 years before Ming Hongwu (1382 AD), also known as Ye Yu City, the Forbidden City, and in the town, located 13 km north of Shimonoseki, Cangshan back, facing the Lake. According to historical records, it walls ten feet high 5-foot 2, ten feet thick 2; North and the South East and West have one, yet there are tower, called, respectively: Tung , Cangshan, Cheng En, An Yuan; the corners of the city still turret, and each name: Yingchuan, Xiping, hindsight, Changqing. The brick wall to wall, the above dish moment, the next trench around the city. As if the city street, was the layout of the chessboard-like, from south to north there are 5 Street, from east to west, there is Lane 8. There is a moat outside the city, City Streets are North and South, the east-west, is a typical layout of the spreadsheet. The ancient city for the construction of all-green tile, it is the simplicity.

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Cangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain, also known as Cangshan point, in ancient times known as the Bear Mountain, Mary Mountain, is Yunling mountains of the southern tip of the main peak by the 19 peaks from north to south, from North Eryuan Deng Chuan, south Shimonoseki Tianshengqiao, about 50 km, such as a green barrier, Xiong Zhi in the West Bank Lake. Eight million of the century, different Nanzhao Wang Mu has been seeking regime modeled on the Central Plains, the mountains of Nanzhao in the territory for the Chifeng Sidu Sacred Mountains of China, has been called Diancang Zhongyue. Shi Jiufeng Mountain, towering majestic, and beautiful scenery of Lake In contrast, the peak Zibeiernan sequence followed by: get-yun, Canglang, five, Lotus, white , Hok-yun, Sam Yang, Lan Feng, snowman, music, Guanyin, and, Longquan, Yu Bureau, Malone, St. should be, Foding, Malta, the setting sun. These mountains, generally above sea level in the 35 00 meters, seven peaks as high as 4,000 meters above sea level, the highest peak Malone to 4122 meters above sea level. Cangshan Jiufeng, each of the two peaks are between a stream and the rush down, into the Lake, which is well-known 18 River, the river Sequence: Xia moving million to spend, Yang Xi, Mang Chung, Kam Kai, Lingquan, Whitehead, Two-yuan, hidden cents Meixi, Taoxi, in the river, beryl, Longxi, Qing Bi, Mo residues, Yang Nam. ?? Diancang towering and beautiful, deep and vast, cloud, snow, forest, Stephen, stone, flowers, and other components of the natural landscape, the people dumping. Hill Cloud View thousands of changes, the most well-known as "Wang-Yun Fu" and "Cloud jade belt." Wang Yun-fu each year often occur in winter and spring-board top, which appeared cloud Lake was big wind, blowing off the stormy sea, the sea fishing boats can not, therefore, hope Yun-fu also known as the "cloud-free transition."

  Legend of King Nanzhao hunter in love with the daughter, Yu fled to the Board peak married. Princess encounter cold mountain, the hunters would Haidong Route to steal Temple Master Dongnuanxialiang scarf, was found after Luoquan Master Lake Erhai into the stone into a mule. Wang is not the husband of Princess Margaret, died of depression, fine for gasification cloud. Whenever the cloud, then Zhuolang emptying Lake, which is the main public and blowing open sea, to see her husband died in the sea floor. Jade belt while there is a cloud in Xiamoqiuchu, when Hill Shijiu Feng Yu-shan after four Sam Rainsy, formed after another in the white clouds floating over the forest, and gradually brought together in the Cangshan Ban Yao, and quickly at both ends to extend into a The white jade belt, along the hundred miles, Jingri to leave. Jade belt is not only charming and moving clouds, but according to the white Nong Yan said, she was a harbinger of good harvest: "The Department of Cangshan jade belt, Egou rice to eat." Summer course in delavayi by the snow-is the famous Dali "romantic" one of the four King is also one of the Cangshan landscape must . Winter season, Barry Diancang, snowy, Yang Chun March, still above the snow line pile-silver-base Malone highest peak of the snow is not all the year round, more than halfway up the height of summer season want to drop green, and Feng Dian Ying-yun is still contained in the snow. Bai people from the top down, "Yin Xue ancient cliff," Honey, black plum tune into Qinrenfeipi of soft drinks. Yangsheng An "Southern Yunnan section on the word" Dali once wrote that "sell in May Snow" Scenario: "May polyanthum King Do not smoke, cool country without Fanre, Double-Crane who sell snow bridge, sip a bowl of ice, honey and transfer points Mei Joan crumbs."
  Mountain forests also form a landscape. The Four Seasons green hills and the formation of a young bottom-up grass areas, oak forest pine, fir Zamu belt, alpine meadow With a structured and changes in the alpine landscape of our seasonal landscape. Named to the Cangshan Mountain fir, with the figure of its Chuchudongren afraid of the cold wind and snow quality, ranked in the Cangshan 3000 meters above sea level and above on the brink of a precipice, is a fir tree in our geographical location South of the distribution of a species China is also a unique mountain landscape plants, known as the "gentleman's tree."
  ?? Cangshan flowers, a wide variety. Yunnan's flower of the Group of Eight, that is, camellia, azaleas, magnolia flowers, primrose, lily, gentian flowers, orchids, Meconopsis, in Cangshan have been looking for traces. Of these, only Du There are 41 varieties of flowers, from the foot of a mountain 4100 meters above sea level until the snow zone, layer upon layer, into a film cluster, the higher plants up to 15 meters above the tree was large (such as brown back rhododendron, azalea Lantana) ; Only ten centimeters shorter, paste-like crawl was born to form a carpet-like landscape (such as the dense rhododendron branches) The shape of the flowers are thousands more, the color red, white, yellow, purple, rose, and other 16 kinds of different colors. In this sea of flowers, and some varieties of Cangshan only one place unique, such as amiable cuckoo, cuckoo blue fruit, with some named Dali, Dali, such as rhododendron, azalea E Dali gland. The world's Rhododendron leaves in the A sharp CONVEX varieties of rhododendrons, grew up in the Cangshan. Cangshan, deserved to be known as the "natural rhododendron gardens."

?? Cangshan praised the spring. In addition to the 18 long chain and the flow stream, at an altitude of 3,800 meters above the top of the Cangshan, has many mountain lakes moraine Quaternary Ice Age that is left over from the traces, of which there are well-known Tam Xi Ma Huang Longtan, the Longtan and so on, Lee Ying water, spring water spilled Qinglie is unusual, bright Qingbi. Mountain Creek Group, Bi Xi Qing, the seven Dragon Pool-renowned, ancient and modern man of letters, many of the exquisite description. ?? Cangshan or the famous marble of the place of origin. Marble also known as Stone Mountain, is a calcium carbonate-based, inter-silica content, magnesium, iron and other metal, non-metallic impurities in the limestone. Marble stone delicate, smooth, such as fat, Chi Mei patterns, patterns in order to win the "flower color stone" by grinding it Show the thousands of landscape, flowers and birds, the natural character of the screen, known as "treasure in stone." The rest of the "water stone" and "white" and so is the quality of construction, decoration, sculpture materials, has well-preserved Ming Tombs and the Imperial Palace in Beijing, could see a large-scale use of marble from the marble. Cangshan The thousands of stone consisting of Shi Feng, the old quarry area, Cave, so that the tourists away.

?? Cangshan is also a paradise of wild animals. Here suitable climate, lush vegetation, still live in deer, muntjac, blue sheep, bison, mountain donkeys, wild boar, fox, pheasant, etc., as well as a small number of rare animals Neither fish nor fowl. "

?? Mountain Nature Reserve is not only, but also a scenic spot. In 1992, the local government in the 2600 meters above sea level jade belt goes a new source of jade belt road travel far and wide. Road travel from the south peak Malone, arrived in the North should be music peak, about 18 kilometers, will link sites in many of the Cangshan Together, visitors now can access Qifengyishi Cangshan, Fei Bao Lin-Quan, Cang-er of the earth can also view the magnificent scenery.

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Sea water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sea water is located in Kunming Xundian Yi Autonomous County of Hui Ren 14 km Town, "Bi-deep water, although not up after the rain at its turbidimetry-ching," named after. Hu Pang home to ancient times because of the large family car last name, also known as Lake car; because at county XUNDIAN the west, West said. According to records, 230 years ago in one night Xundian strong earthquake occurred in the area, split the valley from the river to gush, together with the involvement of the surrounding landscape, the formation of the lake, the water flooded a village. It is said that the weather was fine day, still can see the sea of trees and house them.

Sea water for the plateau karst rift lake, with a total Water area of 33.4 square kilometers, the largest water depth of 32.8 meters, the lake water by rainfall and underground water supply, no larger into the river. On the north shore of the sea water in the vicinity of the Mei, the outflow to the north-east, the mountains and rivers turned to the North, said Gong, Jiang source for the small, is the Jinsha River.

Sea water Cheng Zhang oval, about 5 km north-south and east to west width of 1.6 km, the lake area of 7 square kilometers. Lakeshore straight, 13.3 km long shore of Lake, the water volume of 118,000,000 cubic meters. Lake County, Xundian is the main water sources for irrigation, excavation of the 1956 victory of the channel, in 1972 built 297 Meters of the tunnel north and east-west trunk, irrigation gold, two sheep Street Bazi l 5600 acres of farmland. In 1979 built a hydropower installed capacity of 320 kilowatts. As the large amount of water for irrigation, water level drop quickly, but also due to the lake to the north-eastern shore of Lake Limestone distribution of a serious leak, the water level has dropped . 25 meters. Fortunately, now the water into the lake to take measures so that the plateau lakes still look well-maintained and have not been in the past some beautiful scenery. Now, the sea water has become a red trout breeding base for sea water to eat fresh red trout Kunming has become one of a kind of fashion for people to the city A good place for leisure.

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Zheng He Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zheng He Park in Kunyang on the mountain, 60 kilometers Ju Kunming. Park, formerly known as Zheng He's Kunyang is the native place, the tomb of his father, Mahathir only in the mountains on, so in 1979, this changed to 000. More than 250 acres of park, forest, Berlin, lush fruit trees; high-sighted, broad picture. Very promising Park.

Zheng Xing Ma to the present, three small security. Hui nationality. Kunyang was born in the year 1371. Li park is a "three-Ming Bao eunuch Zheng He's Hometown" monument and the monument was found near the house construction sites. Zheng's father and grandfather both went to the Islamic holy city of Mecca, when young, he's on the foreign situation . The beginning of next, so Rugong eunuch, after serving in Beijing, Yan. In Yan and Qi Bing Zhu Di built for Emperor Zhu Di Wei in the struggle, "meritorious, tired, pull out eunuch" ( "History of Ming Chuan-Zheng") as the next Ming Chengzu dignitaries.

  (When) the Dragon Boat Festival Wing-lok three Japanese good doctor, Li Bu Book and left the spring of University Square, who wrote Lawrence Lee. In the upper right corner of the back of the monument and the other three lines of shallow engraved with the regular script, the text says: Markov second son, eunuch Zheng He, was ordered on November 22 in the nine-year Wing-lok home to the graves up Jisao recommended to Run December 12 auspicious days are still fresh. Zheng's family, "History of Ming", he said only a "cloud "And" Makung epitaph, "provides a place of origin, background, the incumbent, Cixing such as the exact information; Zheng He became a prominent, if home, history books containing Que, three lines of the title Beiyin in mind that reflects Zheng in the second, Three times between the voyage home has sweeping festival. As a result, Cibei Zheng's research has become a precious cultural relics, Beiting has been built to protect. Makung in the epitaph on both sides of the legislation also has two stone side, one teacher (Li Fei) recorded in the "History of the Ming Dynasty eunuch Zheng He's Miho Biography"; Xia Guang First, the South's "Tai Gong Zheng epitaph travel," are in 24 years By Li. Zheng He to the understanding of the inscriptions and have some reference value.

On Zheng He Lawrence Lee for his father to write the epitaph of the year, Zheng Ming Chengzu were led to King Philip for Fushi, the rate of sailors, officers and soldiers, more than 27,800 people, by "Bao Chuan" 62, Western voyage. They were in 1405 from Hong Kong, Suzhou Liu (now East Liuhe Town, Taicang), to Champa (now in southern Vietnam), claw , Sumatra, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), and other places in the West Bank after returning to India to return home in 1407. Later in 1408 ? ? 1411 years, 1413 ? ? 1415 years, 1417 ? ? 1419 years, 1421 ? ? 1422 years, 1403 ? ? 1433 yearly Voyage, before and after 28 years, the 7th voyage, Li Yu, 30, has reached as far east coast of Africa, Red Sea, high-risk ships, the largest of the 148 meters in length and 60 m wide, can accommodate 1,000 people. These navigation than the West Columbus, Vasco da Gama's voyage, and so on as early as more than half a century, the size of the fleet of vessels with large, Far beyond them. Zheng He went, all the silk, porcelain, iron and gold and silver and other objects, in exchange for local products, "the unknown treasures can not be taken into account wins, and the Chinese do not spend a lot (non-quantifiable)." Some countries also sent an emissary came to the Chinese ship, the promotion of international exchanges. Miho too Under the West, is one of the world voyage in the history of the creation-as "the beginning of next event."

Zheng He set up the park, expressed his people's memory of the navigator. Park entrance door on tall sculpture of a thousand vessels brave the wind and waves, to move into the design is a symbol of Zheng He's not Difficulties and obstacles, the country hit-gong establishing national spirit. Park also has a "Wanghai Lou"; to the end for the giant boat-shaped, three-set floor, which display as Zheng, Zheng He's navigation maps, Fujian, "Tianfei panacea of the monument" and the historical records, and other artifacts, this board Block "flat boat" and is expected to be 500 in Dianchi Lake, Duwu think, therefore, miss And the feelings felt ... ... do not have to hesitate to say that Zheng He's back to Yunnan, under the Western, and also to find the whereabouts of about Wen Jian.

  To commemorate the life of its own energy dedicated to the cause of the motherland navigation, for the development of China and the Asian-African peoples to contribute to the friendship between the characters, Zheng He Park, "Zheng He's Monument Pavilion" and "Zheng He Memorial Hall." As a eunuch Zheng He, no child, according to legend in his brother's son for the issue, Ma, who lives in Nanjing House Street, the self-proclaimed "Mr Ma House"; second son after his brother moved to Yuxi, two children and grandchildren will continue to proliferate so far in the last 20 algebra A hundred people. Over the years, they were the first cattle to the mountains and Yang Shan, grave.

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Snow sedan chair - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Snow sedan chair in the land of Yunnan where they stand, the air soar, the risk-hung, the magnificent, rare in central Yunnan for its beautiful, and can be hung risk magnificent charming and beautiful as one solution, it is the only central Yunnan. Early spring season roaming the hills, the road lying between the branches, vines road leading clothing, old trees down on the rock radish, and even put flowers in the forest, branches Jane Ming, meadow and animals come and go. More perfect, more than 80 square kilometers around the area, azaleas everywhere, especially in the core is scenic spots fill dizzying, from top to the foot of a mountain, picturesque scenery, structured, luoying foot of the Day, Sihuoruxia mountain, Peak Hanbaoyufang; into film The cloth Wumeng beautiful fir tree crown, Tingtingyuli; Yashangfeibao risk, such as left-training, dancing elegant, refined extraordinary, is ecstatic. In this magical world, people can feel the Shan Bai Yun with, the source of deep haze, Hui Wu Yi-ching, monkey monkeys play with, Tiger Balm competition, the brown bear bear each other's taste.
Snow son of its high risk, Jun, Yu Qi has been referred to as "the first Central Hill," Snow sedan chair is not only very spectacular mountains and rivers, flora and fauna are very rich in natural scenery, but also a deep historical and cultural heritage, ethnic folk customs Brilliant human culture spots.
Dianzhudongbiao and Diancang
Ming The early Qing Dynasty, will Luquan seekers can explore some of the scenery spots in the territory of the line "Eight", the sedan chair in excellent shape to snowy mountains landscape, "Wu Hui-snow" and ranked the meantime. To the Qing Emperor Kangxi, Yongzhengnianjian, Bachelor of writers have been on the "Eight Luquan" chimed in poetry. Among them, Yang's first "snow-hui Lake," a poetic performance of the sedan chair of the snow The mysterious, snow-capped mountains and the back of the sedan chair Diancang, Gaoligongshan Mongolia Leshan, the Yulong Snow Mountain with the closure Sacred Mountains of China, the chair of the snow-capped mountains come out on top among Dongyue facts:
Huang Yu-Shan Ren million waves, wave fairylakea possession of the sky.
Product-by-year cold day, setting July Ling Qing Hua cream.
North Cong Wang Qiong low in the first, and Yunnan column marked Diancang East.
Han and Tang Dynasties of course, a cave clouds, the man's illegal Lao Meng Feng Zhang.
Hill said the high-take, because "the King was also Xunshousuozhi" This is obviously a difference between the rule of the region mean. Ditch, said that in order to flood the world of trouble. Yue Cheng said the trouble, is to be famous Chuan; and illegal ditch Yue Feng, non-king can not. In the political culture in the history of China, Yue Feng illegal trouble has always been a big earth-shattering.
Early Tang Dynasty, in most parts of Yunnan, "tribal incoherent" and "Star head broken," the late Tang Kai-yuan, Chao Meng homes reunification of the six Chao Nanzhao the establishment of the regime. Tang Li-large for 14 years (the public 779), Mu different look onto the political stage of Yunnan. Then his successor, the Tubo Dynasty to be called "King Day" and the political status of the brothers from the country's lower chen is a state. Political status and personal self-rule authority have damaged the search began to seek different Mu Gui Fu Tang Dynasty Central. Yue Feng trouble structures become different Mou The return of a series of political activities in a Nongmozhongcai.
Liu Zheng Ming Suozhuan "Dian Chi volume of 33 found the behest of the 14th meeting Jimi II" set: Dai-zong large calendar for 14 years, died Luo, gamma-feng different first single, different Sun Mu Sili ... ... to look for the national title Dali, the illegal closure Diancang, goes down, Mongolian music, Li Gong, and Yulong mountain for the Sacred Mountains of China, and Hui, Lancang, Lu Jiang, for the Lishui Sidu.
Here said that the "drop-yun," sedan chair is the snow-capped mountains. "Dian Chi Volume II of Geography of the first two mountains and rivers" is contained, Wuding House, "said Wu Mengshan three hundred years, a snow-capped mountains, and Dongchuan for the community. There are 12 peaks, hung out No, circled Qishi Li. Top Wulongquan there, he made a mistake for the low-down. Ba Jiuyue often snow fall, also known as Lu Yun Shan. Bounded by the Jinsha River, ranks first in Zhushan, Montessori Dongyue called illegal. "
Mou apparently seeking to understand differences, Yue Feng ditch is illegal, "the King ordered the" political act "Yixing restructuring" significant signs Political actions are in violation of the rules of the game. However, the differences found to be making the effect of this is that he "Wang Zhe Zhisuo" political means, to the Tibetan government made clear its own political power by the brother of Jackson State fell to a state of dissatisfaction, but also to the Tang central authorities Dynasty shows that the resumption of a "large southern Chao", said another Wang Yunnan, "the wishes of the title.
Historically, the sedan chair is located in the snow-capped mountains Wuding House and House at the junction of Dongchuan, and for a time by the Dongchuan jurisdiction, and Dongchuan in Yunnan and Sichuan, which borders the two provinces. Therefore, the regime in Nanzhao growth and expansion, Luquan, Dongchuan area has become a political force by the Nanzhao Luquan hung by the direction of expansion of the Sichuan important areas, and the sedan chair is also snow-capped mountains in the region of the heart. As a result, snow-capped mountains sedan chair of the special geographic environment and natural conditions for the Nanzhao political groups as the ruling forces the edge of the area and an important indicator of attack can observe the strategic pass of the military. This should be a sedan chair snow Dong Yue Feng-cheng another underlying causes.
Law sedan chair standing alone win Hill
Yi in the books "by guiding" the snow-capped mountains sedan chair, known as the "Arab-wood off the white." "Arab-wood off the white," Yi is the Chinese transliteration of the names, "wood" for the day, "Ah", "white down" as the snow-capped mountains, snow-capped mountains Ji Jin sedan chair. Arab-wood off the white, "Yi is the birthplace of one of the Yi people return to the soul of the place," Ah wood off the white "music Song Jing, the sedan chair for the snow-capped mountains painted religious culture.
Sedan chair in the mountains, standing alone law and the law of the legendary King lance story has a broad and far-reaching impact. Law standing alone, the full name " Mi standing alone, "as Kim Yi, to the domain name, translated into Chinese for" rock-head of the local. "Within the meaning of the geographical range of this country Shicheng Luquan snow-capped mountains where the village part of the region, the sedan chair is located at the northern foot snow-capped mountains. About In the first half of the Ming Dynasty, and Yi Yi Lu branch of the clan name of a legendary ancestor into the soul of the Arab-wood off the white law microphone standing alone. "To the late Ming, Chen clan has gradually grown in strength into force, Dongchuan, two governments, prominent families of the most common border. Qing Emperor Kangxi years, France's Paul microphone standing alone in the door there was a very influential Li's character, and that is was add strong civil legendary Paul God. Lu God Save the growth of the times, The Qing government was in the southwestern region to implement large-scale soil to the flow of time, has become the minority leader of a certain region of God Paul, and organizations involved in the direct leadership of the resistance to flow to the soil. Qing Emperor Yongzheng in 2006 (1724 AD) in the old Wu Qing captured killed by snow-capped mountains. This process, the authority of the official history "Record-ching" in the record are as follows: Wu Wu Qing Emperor Yongzheng in May 2006, the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor shuertai E sparse statement: "... ... Dongchuan although for a long time to flow, and six battalion commander, the head group of nine, all along the old habits, According to the party. There are up-Lu Shi Hao battalion commander, standing alone law partner Paul God-head, said aggressive to the detriment of our local. God has captured this Paul, now an Second Flood Control ... ... Yasukuni is fierce, all-Ning counties. "(" Qing Emperor Yongzheng Sejong Record, "Volume 67, No. 69)
Because of its extraordinary courage and resourcefulness, combined with the tragic experience of resistance, God Paul was later seen as not only a strong and brave, outstanding strategy heroic Yi, and a legend was able to visit Japan , The powerful, beans spread into soldiers, the myth of Tiger Geshan figures. Luquan National Song and Dance Troupe of God Paul has folklore as the main basis for creative, director, large-scale rehearsal of the opera Yi folk tales "standing alone", have aroused strong reaction.
Zhang Shijing and "snow-capped mountains set"
As early as board chair snow-capped mountains, and heart-to-heart singing of letters of the poet is both Guanzhi Secretary of the book Qian Yi Zhang Shijing upper class.
Zhang Shijing (1687 ~ 1760), the word Om Yen, sleep-fu, Yi, Long Gui-quan Luquan to people. Wu Qing Emperor Kangxi Boxer cited Section. Yongzheng five-year (1728) , As a result of repeated military exploits, officials have granted the Secretary Qian book, it non-music, Zhang declined official Paul, "Song Sok Du door, none of the personnel, good Song Zhang Cheng Shao Zhou, Qin Shi forget to explore, good at night easy to come to You win. "
Zhang Shijing sedan chair very fond of snow-capped mountains in order to become famous martial arts and served its purpose and lived his later years sedan chair in the snow , Called Hill to his, when people call for Zhang's snow-capped mountains. There is a cluster, is also writing his name said, "Snow" and open the territory of literary creation Luquan end of the first integrated book. Existing works of poetry, there is the ancient verse, "Wu Mengshan" and the last verse, "Snow Wing" and "heart-poem", "60 Chudu" various articles. Collected Poems exercises had been Yi, but keep the existing variety of local records recorded in the literature can still see the creative achievements of leopard spots.
Zhang Shijing writing poetry to make more use of snow-capped mountains sedan chair for the subject matter. Tan, a famous scholar of the Qing Dynasty and Crafts compile the "Department of Agricultural chain recorded", Zhang Shijing only record entitled "Snow Mountain" Wu Yan Shi Yishou law:
Peak days for a column, Ren Yi for the snow.
In the immortal Town, Mount Xiao thin trail.
  Zhong Ling-cheng show, quite different then air-wei.
Completely white, the troubles Rihui.
Nagai sedan chair in the snow-capped mountains in Zhang Shijing, "said Snow," said: "The matter is the thick and high mountains, clean and white like snow Mo. Hill is Stone to the bone, it is standing strong, high into the thick body; for clothes in the snow, it is not Yingbai pollution, white and good at the position. Hill, the gigantic special ears, so I still can; Ling-man, non-shan will be enough, not high do not mind this can not be thick mountain, who do not dirty this can not be snow white. "Sedan chair of their preference for the snow-capped mountains, was the personification As its Step-by-step, given the snow-capped mountains sedan chair a particular cultural meaning. Now, that ran in the face of cutting Fupi, chair of the work of God Guishi snow-capped mountains, and several continued to Zhang Wei Yin? Under the blue sky and white clouds, ask bone palpable heart, that few dare to face the abyss?
Zhang Shijing may not be the first sedan chair into the snow-capped mountains and Snow described writing sedan chair, but he was the first to own the true feelings and the sedan chair into snow-capped mountains, snow-capped mountains into the sedan chair and praised the author's intention. Zhang Shijing of the works, whether poetry or text chapter, the sedan chair with a mysterious snow-capped mountains are attractive, beautiful and magnificent, extraordinary refined features. Moreover, until The late tenth century, people have yet to describe the sedan chair of the snow-capped mountains out of Zhang's vision.
Tan and extraction, "Meng Yue Kee"
And Zhang Shijing, the first Yang slightly from the same period and the subsequent stripping Tan is also a heart-to-heart sedan chair in the snow-capped mountains of well-known scholars.
Iris Tan (1725 ~ 1806) How can the word fields, Zhai Mo, also in old age, Whitehead, Weng waste, the new BA Xiang Wangjiang County, Anhui Province, 26 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1761 AD) examination, the selection of Guizhou Qingxi County magistrate, 43 (1778) as Luquan county magistrate. Tan and Crafts "Man of Anopheles school, indefatigable priest earnestly." 46 years after the Qianlong 1781), "Yuanmou the right to know", 1960 (1784 AD) were delivered as a result of Yunnan Copper capsized on the way to Beijing, Suizhi exile dismissed from office, traversing central Yunnan.
Tan learned extraction, known as Jiangnan's reputation as a gifted scholar. Yunnan its calendar for decades, writing Deng Shen, "the Department of Agricultural chain recorded" Yunnan is the local history One of the most important works. Research for future generations of the late Ming and early Qing Yi people in Yunnan form of social, political, economic, cultural atmosphere provided a detailed and accurate information. Snow-capped mountains in order to verify the sedan chair of the history and describe its mysterious landscape, "Meng Yue Kee", "agricultural chain recorded in the Department of Water" for the opening of shows on the sedan chair of their snow-capped mountains of Health Influence and status of great importance.
Sedan chair for the Snow Mountain Range Liang Wu Mengshan many Ling Xian-feng one of the show. "Meng Yue Ji", Tan Snow Iris account of the sedan chair of the geographical location and its research into closing Yue after the famous historical origins. Through between the lines, hundreds of years ago where the Chief Executive Luquan Their own exclusive area of the mountains and rivers proud of all diarrhea-like Bi Duan, proud of paper filled with love: "the mountains north of the Jinsha, for Huize Yin, Yang Luquan for. There are 12 peaks Miangen Circling a few hundred years, transit Ji Cui, Zhu Shan central Yunnan's number one.'s Look into the distance, Cheng Yue gas there. "This is perhaps not at all "Yue gas," Snow added a sedan chair for the faint touch of mystery.
Snow-capped mountains in the sedan chair has a history of the Wu Mengshan, Jiang Shan Lu Yun, Shan Oolong, Yunlong Shan, could cloud mountain, snow-capped mountains, and so many names, the erudite and informed Shui Tan in a comprehensive study of the "Dali Chi House," "House Dongchuan Chi "" Yizhou "Shi local literature on the basis of the combination of real field trips, pointed out that the origin of the name:" "Yizhou in mind," says: Oolong argali, gas and days pass, their dignity and having different solid. Often Yunqi a misty, dark Ukraine does not argue, Wumeng Gu Yue, Yun said, do; sometimes striking Tong Yun, mannose condensate Dan, Jiang Gu Yue Cloud ; Shenwu by submarine, did not dare to sex, Gu Yue own, said Yunlong; 4:00 snow, the left-training, Gu Yue snow-capped mountains. "Yizhou title, how far away; and gas-day pass, how high-risk; dare to sex, how mysterious! In the faint yellow light volume study of snow and wind, tirelessly pursue Tan Cui sedan chair the face of natural snow-capped mountains Historical and cultural origins of the depth of the sentiment of snow-capped mountains sedan chair of the political culture of a particular background, a sedan chair to detect the thickness of the snow-capped mountains inside our national culture. The results of their study, so that the sedan chair on the snow-capped mountains added touch of a mysterious color.
"Meng Yue Ji", Tan and Crafts chair concentrate ink painted a snow-capped mountains and beautiful lakes Hui Concept, and he describes can be exposed to all kinds of myths and legends, the sedan chair to make even more mysterious snow-capped mountains.
Named "Eight Luquan" Hui Snow Lake, located more than 4200 meters above sea level sedan chair the summit, the local people call it the sea, formerly known as the Hui scholars delicate Lake, Lake benefits. By melting snow and ice around the lake together Cheng, the sedan chair is the most beautiful snow-capped mountains of the charming landscape. King and dawn, the lake Qinglie to be learned, Lake plants spit Yan Fang; wind around the clouds, well below the horizon and lakes, rare visitors to be seen; middle of winter, the lake reflected the benefits under the blue sky and white clouds Gusong strange wood, ice hanging Yu-zhu. King often their four seasons, four times It is representative of the area Hsuehshan sedan chair spots. With regard to its origin, in the past and seekers can explore the folklore of different patterns and the renovation of its interest. Representative of folklore: a long, long time ago, a beautiful and pure love Xiao Long Nu sedan chair of the snow-capped mountains and extraordinary beauty of refined Xiumei, Yihong into the clear spring was to stay in the Mountain Accompanied by two small Yahuan into two small lakes also remain in the side of Xiao Long Nu. Iris Tan said: "Sri Lanka are also under the Emperor also, the Kunlun and hanging garden Yan match. Feng 12 to 12 assigned time. Roof, each with its own Tianchi, but the benefits delicate deep Lake connotations of the Baptist, King was the sun . Dili next to the pulp of Taiwan, Emperor Gods will, beginning Its, the bathing pool. "
As the extraction Tan learned, Yinjingjudian account, Xinshounianlai, it had a letter; volume release modern people, not give birth to the Hill You are not in vain this time sigh of Health.
"Meng Yue Kee," In addition to describing benefits of all kinds of rare birds around the lake and animals, but also for the entire snow sedan chair The regional geological features, meteorological features, ecological landscape detailed description. Perhaps because of age reasons, can not be extracted Tan sedan chair on the snow-capped mountains of natural causes of climate science to form a reasonable understanding that he would only be in the mountains "to fly away ice hail, refuse to be hit; the piercing cold, stiff enough teeth unable to speak, falling Jiyu Split, although heat-Yan Fu Li still narrow fine cotton. 4:00 Yun Feng, a rare find the path "to explain the complexity of climate change for many of the gods to protect the cliff Lin He, even if visitors encounter the" path of the Hard to Find ", but also because the sedan chair and the fate of it is not snow-capped mountains . In short, Tan described the extraction, the snow-capped mountains sedan chair with both wide-hung magnificent, "Yue "There is also the inviolability of the" air ", but also has a lively and charming" Aura. "Iris Tan, Zhang Shijing, Yang first ancestors, and other civilian sedan chair on the snow-capped mountains and a description of understanding for our knowledge and understanding of the sedan chair is still snow-capped mountains are important Inspiration.

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Temple Iwaizumi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yiliang Jinxing village of the county seat, lying Zhuangruo mountain lion, called V Shishan. Wufeng stand like a wall, thousands of Ren Yan Qiao. Iwashita clear spring water features day and night, good water quality, large flows. Xiushan water-jun, Lam Xiuzhu, Yajing quiet. Landscape as a result of it, also known as rock Quanshan. "Famous since ancient times, accounting for more than Monk." Yuan positive at the beginning (about 1341) set Mingseng To founder, for Jiemao Um, carry forward Buddhism release. Man left edge, having built Tuzhong Hall of worship, so from generation to generation. After the priests have found here is a "treasure feng shui", which ranks. Iwaizumi temple was released into kai Road Home, his Siguan for the community.

Tai Ming-year period (1450 ~ 1456), that is, Zhu Fuhai House who only repair, Xing Wanli between monks wide renovation. A "rock-Quan Shu Yu," as one of the eight Yi Liang. 26 years of Emperor Kangxi (1687), Yi Ling Gao Shi Lang, Wang didactic kai was invited people to invest in civilian town, built from Tower Pavilion, a half pool built. Stephen has since become a natural rock, scenic spots are all good . Bingxian with salt, Diange damage. In 1915, the county magistrate money Chun-liang rehabilitation pavilion, the title "Ban Shanting." In 1929, the town gentry Ma Yunxiang Prospectus Amendment fight Mother House, Yu Huangge, cool new kiosks, wide planting flowers and trees, and large-scale stone for Cliff. Siguan a new look, into its most prosperous period. In 1940, Japan Kunming bombing, moved into the hospital wounded, the inevitable damage to the landscape.

In July 1987, Cliff released stone for the Yiliang County key cultural unit. In February 1993, the county government approval, rock-chuen, was placed under the ownership of the Temple of Venus offices. In recent years, the Office of the large-scale comprehensive reconstruction. New Main Hall, King Hall, Yu Huangge, financial Temple, the Mountain Gate, such as swimming pools, wide planting flowers and trees, lawns and repair roads, additional Shizhuoshideng, making rock-hwan, Stephen changed yin Shengxi today. In April 1999, the Kunming World Expo in Yunnan Province and the Tourism Bureau headquarters Shoupai for the World Expo site to receive travel unit. In 2000, the temple management committee Iwaizumi memorial tablets engraved with three links: "Professor Qian Mu Department of the book" Monument, "Gu Yuan Jia Department tea," the monument, "possession of real Pavilion site," the monument. Iwaizumi Temple recorded in modern times the historical facts of three very creative, has greatly enhanced Iwaizumi Temple of cultural quality.

First: "Qian Mu Department granted the book "Monument

Qian Mu (1895 ~ 1990), four-pin words, Jiangsu Wuxi people. 1913 to 1919 and began to engage in small self-taught way. Starting in 1923 to engage in education, the completion of "Introduction to Chinese culture", "Department of Pre-Qin", and other works. 1930 "Liu Xiangxin son Chronicle" published academic shock. Gu, as recommended in Renguo Wen lecturer at Harvard University, not for a long time, into the office of the History Department of Beijing University associate professor, professor, Jianke Qinghua, Beijing Normal University. Anti-Japanese War broke out, with the school Zhanzhuan. South West Academy of the General Assembly established the beginning of Mengzi, the home of the two Chen Xi sincere, contributed to Mr. Qian wrote "Outline History." School will soon put pen to paper to move back to Kunming. To avoid interference continued to make, Rock resident Stephen Temple. Fuan three days, three days into the school board the altar. The autumn of 1939, the "Outline History" completed spin to write a "primer" copious amounts of press coverage. The following year the book was published. "" Outline History "by the publication and distribution, then became the National University Branch, popular in the country. Anti-Japanese War of the students, and enhance national cohesion has played a very good role. "(Luo Jun," Qian Xue case ")," Qian Mu-Quan Xia Temple wrote in the "Outline History" is a modern Chinese history at the immortal works. ... ... He believes that Chinese history is like a poem, and as a Xiyang Shi . "(Tang Mei-lin Seoul," Qian Mu and seven rooms of the World Bridge ")," "Outline History", when no one in the generation of less; ... ... Chinese historians in the use of historical materialism to explain the history of China, so proficient Jing Dao, Qian, the little people. "(Cao Juren," Qian Mu ")," General History of Chinese writing, ... The book has many, but few achieve the desired level, ... ... Mr. Qian's book and the last out of the most innovative. "(Gu" Contemporary Chinese History ")," "Introduction," an article, that Mr. Chen Yinke modern times for a large article. Although the text of Mr. Chen as a professional, but a general should have this theory! "(Wang Yan Geng Fourth, Mr. Mubin money with me ")

The autumn of 1939 from Mr. Qian Kun, after the former West China University, Sichuan University, the University of Qilu, five Kunming Institute of China, Yunnan University, Southern Yangtze University professor. In 1950, the Office of New Asia College, Hong Kong, the president. In 1955 by the University of Hong Kong Honorary Law Bo Awards, in 1961 by Yale University Doctor of Letters. 1965 has been president of the New Asia-free post-shift teaching University of Malaya. In 1967 to settle in Taipei, Taiwan election to the Academia Sinica. Ren researcher at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, the Taipei Society of the history of Supervisors, China Institute of Cultural History doctoral main . He is an encyclopedia-style academics, more than 80 works up to as many as 17,000,000 words. August 30, 1990, the Western Cape on September 6. Modern well-known historians, Beijing University and Tsinghua University professor Liu Guisheng employ two-Wan: "The income from various schools as science, to history, as far as jurisprudence and literature. Son reached school, the school that the letter History Neo-cheng, ya literature. Heart-two birds with one stone, Jing Bo I, on behalf of a number of people do not; love the nation and culture, the revival of hope, hope for reunification of the rich and powerful, deep thought, cause that the weight of homesickness, Zhuo knowledge, all worried, always knowing and doing, the yin and yang of the two relief, the World More later. "Xue Qun Wang," A Critical Biography of Qian Mu academic thinking ", he said:" He is not writing Life, to defend and promote traditional Chinese culture, the spirit of the shoulder 'to the following St. Juexue' mission is the backbone of our nation. "

The autumn of 1938, Southwest Associated University professor Yu Qian wrote the temple to live "in an outline history," by Tom Tong, He Lin Xiang Song in Sri Lanka. Yao Wu from, and Chen Zhang Yun visit one after another, to stay Iwaizumi disappeared.

Second: "The possession of the site really Pavilion" monument

The early Qing Dynasty, Longquan in the possession of really building on the south side of Court, commemorating the German high-Yin Lee Muslim priests, it is also known as the "Yin Zhen Ge" and "hidden truth Court." Ge Li-stone ring. In 1939, Qian Weichang to be abroad, kai His Kong Xiangying marriage to the temple to see Iwaizumi Qian Mu uncle, really hidden in the Corner "wedding" and "over 100-day honeymoon."

Qian Weichang (1912) Yixing people. Tsinghua University, admitted to the autumn of 1931. "Science of National Salvation" rationale for abandoning literature. 1939 graduate students, taught in conjunction , University of Toronto in Canada to study spin, and a doctorate in 1942. Return in 1946, the former dean of Tsinghua University, Vice-Chancellor, deputy director of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University of Technology, University of Shanghai, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, honorary president of Management, Jinan University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, honorary president of Chinese Vice-chairman of the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese chairman of the Chinese Information Society, such as the post of Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee. Xuebuweiyuan the Chinese Academy of Sciences elected in 1955. For the first time tensor analysis and differential geometry for the study of elastic shell and the establishment of a unified theory of thin shell, shell theory put forward line of non-linear differential equations, the , Called the "Qian Weichang equation"; for the first time succeeded in using the system perturbation method to deal with non-linear equation; made generalized variational principle and the analysis of the shell ring solution; the successful development of a new Chinese character input code and the computer program "key money" . He is "Applied Mathematics and Mechanics," editor-in-chief, vice chairman of the China Democratic League Central Committee. June 23, 1994, Qian said he and his wife returns to visit Hong Kong, wrote: "Yan Qing Jian Quan, Yi Fan."

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Bai Yi and tourist areas of the Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunger breeds discontent, food and water sources. Water is the most basic food, but also the source of all food, food can not begin to talk about "water."
  Bai Yi-ming County and is ryongdam water from the small landscape is the source of life, there is water there can be an oasis, there may be only living things that may be of human civilization. At Drawing more than 1800 meters of altitude in Kunming have as the "Pearl of the plateau" of water Yihong - Dianchi Lake. Dianchi Lake water where it?

Panlong Jiang to the north and along the back line, to reach the edge of Bazi, we can see a majestic tall dam, which is famous Songhua Dam reservoir. Dam before In the Yuan Dynasty, is famous race Siding possible cure for the Code Red and Kunming flooding into the plan. Flood water during the rainy season, dry season for drinking and irrigation, so far, hundreds of years for the benefit of the people.
Songhua Dam reservoir's water storage by no means rely on rainwater, mainly from the upper reaches of the river. Songhua Dam reservoir along the northbound Up to Songming County Baiyi Township. Shao Bai Yi, also known as Austin, Xi said the source of Yunnan. This is the upper reaches of the Songhua Dam reservoir, the Department of Pan Longjiang is the source. Here and throughout the spring, there have been "Bai Yi Longtan 99", said. Today, there are more spring green Longtan, and Longtan, the Longtan white, yellow, and so on Longtan.
Black-Longtan Bai Yi Longtan Village South, Yuan Wang is not a high hill, repair the foot of a temple there, "Black Longtan Temple", built in the Ming Dynasty. The three existing main hall, the five north-south wing, the three north-south side hall in a palace, a stage, a Caishen Miao. In the main hall before an Emperor Guang Xu wrote the board, the letter "Panjiang Zhaoyou , Describe the right questions: "Qinming Prince Edward Taibao Bingbushangshu Department of the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Tang-san in Iraq Phuket Dan," on the left side is inscribed "13 years of the Qing Guang Xu Ji Chun-wan, on the next day Dan Ji", a seal in India: " Guang Xu Yu Bi treasure. " In the spring on the Longtan temple. Looking Tandi, Green was black, black Longtan named. About water flow, a lot of water, said local people described as "cattle of a large body of water." Tan Zhong from the water poured out, forming a river, stream gurgle to the south, into the Songhua Dam reservoir.
The clear water, the growth of cauliflower sea. White petals and yellow-tipped stamens. This noble character to spend only the growth in Excellent quality of lakes and rivers. In the past, the Dianchi Lake in the growth of nukhaylah flowers, not long ago is now a trace.
Tree-lined hill, where the natural growth of the Longtan is a golden thread fish. Longtan of local people and great respect, the first lunar month every year have to worship here Dragon King, Dragon King to thank for the benefit of the world. For thousands of years The people who would dare not cut down a tree in the mountains, there is no one-stop-ri who would dare to catch fish. At this fish, which also has a story.
1949, the KMT army stationed in the fifth Songming. Fifth corrupt military discipline, Feibing become, people around fish, people abhor, hate If the bone. So far, people have said that the bad guys Songming is often said that "a certain ratio of the Fifth Army also bad." This year, the Fifth Army led his troops came to a head of black Longtan, Tan Zhong see many big fish, the fish will tell the people go. The people come here is of the gods, can not catch the fish food Tan Zhong. Officers laughed: "Today, Lao Tzu Eat, eat the set! "People do not want to live or die under the fish pool, a non-commissioned officers who beat up people, just under its own dam to catch fish, catch a few big baskets after cooking cooking cooking, deep fried, on the up and down , The big Sinseong-hoe. All of a sudden, no one is not that delicious flavor. Question the officers and men of liquor Baofan enough, strange things to come: a Body itching, grasping, grasping, grasping, grasping, the more disturbed the more itching, redness upper and lower body bulging bad, very painful, of course, very few days. The people are met, Renjunbujin. In this way, this group of officers and soldiers obediently left the Longtan and no longer afraid to come to the trouble.
Longtan not far north of the Black, Green is the Longtan, there are also long , Dragon Temple, the ancient stage. Longtan water, the more green, a few years of spring Chung-yu, clear spring water pooling into a river rolls south to flow, people note Songhua Dam.
Bai Yi is a treasure of the water, she poured out of the water, Songhua Dam reservoir still has water storage capacity of 90%, accounting for Dianchi Lake in exchange capacity 42%.

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Guandu town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guandu a long history of the town at the south-eastern suburbs of Kunming, Kunming is well-known historical and cultural one of the ancient town.

Guandu was originally called "cavity" the shore of Dianchi Lake is a mountain of screw shell fishing village. Margaret Miao cloud water here, with the wind fragrant sea, the beautiful. As early as the Tang Dynasty, "cavity" is Wang Nanzhao tour Pool an ideal time to stop it. Song Dynasty, about 1180 to 1190, stationed at the "Shan explain" the World Health Gao exercise, regular boat tours to the cavity. World Health high on the shore of the boat rope So the cavity named "Guandu." Gao Guandu seems to be a soft spot, just as the Guandu their direct control The legacy, in the cavity Guandu County home rule and the construction of the city.

Guandu as a scenic tourist spots have become villas VIPs construction of the palace, the leaders of celebrities to hang around to patronize the treasure. "How many pedestrians to and from this, Wu Geng wear out Horseshoe cream" and "curtain here and asked me to drink wine, every ship Sheng gave me the drum" Guandu immersed in the age-old piece of string and wind sound of the Philharmonic.

Of course, the first stop on this, not only Nanzhao and Dali country's kings and nobles and their servants, and Xing Ying hand in hand with their religious culture. Guandu the first time in the construction of the temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, dedicated to Mahakala (large black god The main Temple and the Song Dynasty soil statutory Temple. Now the main temple hall of soil larger body, after Qian Lang Ha, Tan Chuan Dou seven-Liang Jia structure, especially under the eaves of the front hall-style Qing Qiao wishful nine foot four brackets, the size of Hong-li, Fu-Mei Fan. Temple is not a statutory body volume, but give a higher plane. 45 degrees brackets wing arch, and be fitted . Wai Yan positive ornate, decorated with Ming Yan Xia between Sheung Fung Toudiao Chaoyang, Yan Zhu top decorated with wooden unicorn, 1.40 Liang Feng etched in their early shape, form a lively, still retains the architectural style of the Song Dynasty, a high architectural value. They are provincial-level protection units.

Guandu "six of the first Temple" Cham Temple was built in the Yuan Yuan 27 (1290), completed in 1295, after being flooded as a result of the collapse, in 1325 in the relocation site of the ancient town of Central. Temple built east and west, two 13-square Zhuanta solid Miyan. West Tower was destroyed by an earthquake, while the east tower has been retained.

When , In Guandu religious buildings in the ancient town of fame maximum, the most eye-catching is the key state protection unit Miao Cham tower in front of the throne of King Kong.

Shun tomorrow 2002 (1457) Cham repair Miao Temple, "is that before the temple complex built to provide a regulatory Fu Tu", "Fu Tu-regulation" is the King Kong Bao Tower. King Kong's throne tower building is a special advocate into the doctor guarding the Yunnan Zong Bing Rong Lu Mu-lin, who was guarding the capital of Yunnan eunuch gui Luo, who is a prominent figure at the time of the rule of Yunnan. New stone for the purpose of "making merit" and "Yan-demand" and "shun practices steady support of the people", "The rule also died with." This , Said the "steady support of the people shun practices," referring to the civil screws have a strange legend of the waves, so as to build towers of the town. Shiyu Zuo of China in the existing tower King Kong, King Kong Miao Temple Cham tower construction is the first time, has the longest history of a. The tower King Kong, Miao and Cham Temple of the two-phase Miyanzhuanta embraced not only reflects the Greatness lies in the capacity "," Xianmi both "the spirit of Buddhism, and building on scattered high and low, the distribution of goods words, very spectacular, the ancient town of Guandu constitute the core of the building.

King Kong throne of the original tower in India and Nepal city of Gaya even Zen-Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha attained Office Tower, known as the "Great Buddha Gaya . "Also known as the" City Forum "," altar. "Tazuo 1.40 each to build a small square tower, protect the middle of a tall conical tower. On behalf of the five towers of the five Buddha, the middle of the large tower on behalf of the big day Nyorai, according to clockwise around the four representatives of the Arab-Israeli Chu Nyorai, if they Bao, Amitabha Nyorai and air Nyorai.

Guandu golden throne by the tower base, most of the two-tower, the base is flat for the four-party type, while for the 10.4 m long, 4.7 meters high. The air base at the bottom of the cross, the North and the South East and West 4 tickets the same door, past pedestrians traveling. On the base, the tower stands five. The central building of 16 meters high main tower, with 1.40 8.84 m of the small tower. The main tower of the magnificent giant Acer, the small slim, sleek tower. The main tower and a small tower by Xu Mizuo, the tower, tower and Tasha neck, but a different style, different style. Tower matched the size of traditional costumes, very harmonious. Tasha's handsome high-rise, surrounded by stands, as if springing up, the ground-breaking each other, the image of light Qiao There is a beauty of flying.

Guandu the throne of King Kong and Tajikistan not only the idea of the overall image of elegant, it is thought reverie. Copper detail of the stone is very beautiful. Both the main tower on Xu Mizuo five animal mounts and the image of King Kong Hercules 1.40, or shrines of Buddha, Diaogong are extremely fine, no Realistic detail, vivid. Copper canopy on the sword hand, the pipa, an umbrella pearls, flowers, and other instruments used in the fox mink four kings, as well as cross-empty tower block at the top of the center of the cast are embedded 9 bronze statue of Kingland, carved cast It was extremely fine, shows the high level of technology.

Tibetan Buddhism is the Guandu Kunming into the landing area, Miao Zhan Stone Temple construction left a deep mark on Tibetan Tantric pagoda, which clearly reflected in the La Mata-tower building. Later, the construction of Beijing's Ching large Temple, Hohhot and the Biyun Si Ciyun Si King Kong tower towers are typical of the Han-Mi Yan multi-storey tower, tower of La Mata - National Tower has just only one example of this.

Guandu the throne of King Kong tower is saturated with religious culture of Emmanuel, filled with poetic charm of architecture, gives the United States in order to cultivate the spirit of enjoyment. So far, we have no way of knowing who designed and built this beautiful piece of art, history books only record the initiative Officials of the donor's name, but this has eternal value of the art of stone, they will always be the wisdom and talents in the minds of future generations to establish the monument.

Yuan Dynasty, the House of Confucius are Guandu established, which Guandu children learn reading text had a profound impact. Subsequently, the well-known scholar here out of the King Paul. Xun Wang Qing Emperor Kangxi is 45 years (1706) examination, and Jiangxi have any political science, he was a former teacher of young Emperor Yongzheng, Kangxi Emperor had rolls of thanks to his book. Wang Xun returns home, thanks to build the book collection together. Hall still has the book thanks.

In the Qing Dynasty, the ancient town of Guandu in this Luo Feng Xiuying, John West and Shangyi 4 within the framework of the village has become filled with a deep culture "six-ji Temple in seven of eight House" building. These spectacular natural scenery and architecture integration, constitutes a beautiful drawing, forming a so-called Eight Guandu, that is, "Guduyudeng", "Luo Feng Pinnacle", "Yunnan, as" "Apricot orchard Shepherd," "Gun Smoke wind," and "Southern Lawn," "King Kong Night language" and "pen to write the firmament."

In the past, into the Guandu, only endless waves ha Dianchi Lake, Gull show fish fertilizer; vast cloud the sky show Yunshu, endless change. Lakeside reeds play with a group of wild , According to Lo-san 100 cypress stacked to the foot of a mountain top, cascading green. The temple bell has been exhausted and the voice of Lang Lang College, studying voice floated through the long Zhaoyun Mu Yu; Miyan high-rise tower and the tower King Kong against the sky, as if waving a large sum great people of God, heaven and earth praise, blessing the world. Large tracts of forest, shore apricot, shepherd boy to catch fans , To play the game, full of childish cheerful; Fushi tourists, drinking, fun games, melodious flute rhyme. Market on the train to come, Rentouzandong, every temple, not only in the urban area residents to attend the temple, residents flocked to neighboring districts. Teranishi grain on the open space next to the lawn, the sea of people, unusually lively, was far from As the market can match. At night, crossing the lighthouse rising from a string of bright red lanterns, Guan Chuan lead fishing boat came slowly; on next season, Yunnan Palace in annual Shuiqing reflection as a mirror of water, the wind blowing through the breeze, rippling impact palace; King Kong bridge , Occasionally whispering from King Kong.

However, with the On the passage of time, the gradual retreat Lakeshore line, Guandu the natural landscape has changed. The ancient temples of the old dilapidated building gradually, and some have even been removed, the famous golden throne tower is also the one-meter subsidence, the formation of a huge pit. In April 2001, the ancient town of Cultural Monuments Guandu rescue works After more than two years of hard work, all levels of government for money will be 1350 tons of the throne of King Kong as a whole tower 2.4 m uplift and reconstruction of the Temple and West Zhan Miao, to repair the temple, the temple arms, thanks to the book together, the statutory Temple, soil Main Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, and so on mezzanine under the old buildings. The town's traditional houses are planned Shan, at the same time, the folk cultural activities, as well as traditional folk-style snacks is gradually restored in the natural ecological environment protection are also planned. We have seen a link with a long history and splendid ancient and glorious future of the young new Guandu.

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East and West Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The beginning of the 21st century, the city of Kunming in the south east of a new book Lin Temple Street East, west East walking Sijie West Temple Street. Whole street to be stone-paved road. Street on both sides of the Li-chu, 26, like the late Qing dynasty D (1847) made of stone street, the eastern section of the street, there are plastic copper, "Gan Ma" and "Da Geng" "Carpenter fill bowl", "Shuanzhuo to sell eggs," "games". South Street Gallery in central Antique built a building floor in recent days. Recently, the original floor, in South Road, just head for the south gate of the city of the Ming Dynasty brick tower has been dismantled. 1946 to 1948, Kunming, known as the "bastion of democracy" in recent days on the floor, walls plastered with anti-imperialism The poetry, essays, it is known as the "Democracy Wall." In 1950, the Second People's Liberation Army Corps through four wild in recent days into the floor of Kunming Cheng. Street on both sides of the wooden structure built with the old tradition of the Kunming-style buildings, and some open house, and some tourism operators handicrafts, native products. The street in the East, If the trend Temple tower; West, West Temple towering tall and straight. East Temple, the pedestrian street, a synthesis of West Temple and cultural characteristics of the old Kunming area.

Yuan Dynasty, Kunming poet Wang put up "very twin tower of power" as one of the eight Kunming. Out in the early history of Kunming would like to describe the beauty of the poem "Seongnam Saga high tower, north of the city such as Qianshan Chung Bo. "Guo's poem also" Lake For potential floating to the twin towers, Yamagata, such as China over five years. "Qing Dynasty, Sun Tai Guanlou long beard joint author of" Da Guanlou "poem" to listen to small bamboo Wing-sing, and then double-drunk look Taying Gone with the Wind. "South Park the money in" A Gu Temple, "the poem" night wind Western Temple, Air constantly ring tones. "Prior to the Ming Dynasty, the literature said that East and West Temple for the Twin Towers.

East and West Temple Pagoda Temple in Yunnan is the first to create one of the ancient tower, the construction of the tower, literature, are "Nanzhao get Jiedushi Dong Wang Jian lofty summit, Yuchi Gong Da Jiang Tao made." But During the construction of the tower there Different types of records: "The rehabilitation of the East Chang Le Temple Temple Story" set: "Five South East China's two towers, high into the sky, said Tang Chi Zhenguan years (627 ~ 649 years) to create" he said. "Reconstruction of the East Temple Written by Zhong and Tower Square, three tablets of "set:" The tower was built Nanzhao get Jiedushi Wang Dong lofty top hand for three years in office Wen-zong ( 27 to 839 years). "Ni Metamorphosis" Yunnan Yun-year "," Tang Wenzong the first year of Tai Wo (827), Feng Shan-you explain to build the East Temple, 250 feet high; West Temple 80 feet high. "Wanli Ming," Annals of Yunnan, "is that Tang Zhen Yuan (785 ~ 805 years) to build. Daijiong Sun" Kunming County " Tang is for the million and three years (808 years) to build. Ruan Yuan was "unofficial history Nanzhao" set: "Tang Emperor Jia Xu eight large and medium-sized (854 years) to build the East Temple, 250 feet high and 80 feet high West Temple, Yuchi Gong Da Jiang Tao made. Arrogant and three Year (829 years) in 13 years to Tai (859 years) End Gong "; the Republic of China 1 "Kunming Zhi" set: "East and West since the Second Temple ... ... Wo Tang Wenzong three years (829 years) started 30 years before the complete calendar." Jian Wang lofty top of the tower is Nanzhao Quan Chen, Ren Dong get Jiedushi for the first year and Tang Xian Zong Yuan (806). 829, Wang lofty top Rukou Sichuan, made off with tens of thousands of children Baigong South "Da Jiang Tao Yuchi Gong" and other craftsmen at this time is to Yunnan. 859, Wang lofty top single. From 1983 to 1984 for maintenance of the West Temple, the tower block there, "revealed 10-year (849 years) on the 25th day just above brick-made Office book title" Tang brick for the construction of the tower during the reliable evidence provided. Can be , The above-mentioned document, when Ruan Yuan to voice "Nanzhao unofficial history," In 13 years, "Kunming Zhi" contained in the tower during construction for the yes.
Temple built in the former East regular East Temple, said Chang Le Temple, often known as Le Temple for the East Temple, named the East Temple, 40.57 meters high tower, is the base for the quadrilateral, 12 side . Tower for the trip to Miyan Shi Zhuanta hollow, a total of 13. Tap the bottom of a provision in the south, starting from the second floor eaves on both sides to open a hole coupons, each own a small hole shrines, there are stone Buddha Xiang Yizun. 1.40 each of the top brass of a Garuda gold, each about 2 meters high, customs call for the Golden Garuda, the tower also known as the Golden Rooster. This foot-4, in the winter and spring seasons and more, but also "Wo Wo," Ti Jiao, can be heard far and near. In August 1979, was the top Chuiluo storm in the top of the tower restoration, found that the chicken is called "secret." Tongpi original Golden Rooster is done, hold in mouth there is a quarrel between two of the holes have copper, the metal reed pipe, the head Neck, abdomen are all empty. Whenever the breeze blowing, chicken beaks of brass by intra-abdominal air oscillation room, as if in a position to make sound ming cry. Tianchangrijiu later, Sha filled brass, reed gradually corroded, the Golden Rooster will never called. Buddhist, "Hyun exploration in mind," Xiang said that Garuda can. Yunnan is mountainous and mountain torrents Hair into a more flooding, the ancient tower in Yunnan are home to the town of Garuda flooding.

13 years of Qing dynasty (1833) earthquake in Kunming, the East Temple dump completely destroyed. Xianfeng 2006 (1856), Chang Le Temple Bingxian also destroyed. Guangxu nine years to 13 years (1883 ~ 1887 Reconstruction of East Temple, "as a result of the lower-old, considered thin soil Vladimir Kennedy, is a shift in the winding East within a few hundred", according to West Temple style reconstruction of the tower design retained the Tang Dynasty style architecture, its shape and Both the structure of marble and Chong San Chihiro Temple Tower, the same as Hong San Temple. In 1983, as a provincial-level key protection units. After Tower built around the park.

Temple built on the former West Huiguang Temple, West Temple, commonly known as Hui Guang Temple, West Temple named. Miyan Shi square tower for 13 Zhuanta hollow. 35.54 meters high, three-tower, 2.38 m high, the bottom side of 12.5 meters wide. Nanbiquanmen pass a tower. Tower Back-shaped wooden ladder to the top board. The second layer over vouchers or shrines set up at all levels of holes in the shrines soongorica stone seated Buddha. The top four home a golden bronze.

Koji next 12 years (1499), Kunming, earthquakes, dumping more than half of the West Temple, 16 years (in 1503) like the East Temple style Repair. Qing Emperor Kangxi six years to 12 years (1667 ~ 1673) and constant maintenance. 13 years light (1833) earthquake destroyed Tasha, tilting tower. Xianfeng 2006 (1856) Bing Xian Hui Guang Temple destroyed. From November 1983 to September 1984, on West Temple for maintenance. 1 85, West Temple built around cultural and recreational parks. In 1983 as a provincial-level key protection units.

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Yuan Tongsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Palace. Jiao also cursed to Taiwan, Shuixie, Qulang such as construction. Main Hall, a huge pool, an octagonal floor of the pool, a stone bridge connected the North and the South, Yu Shui Xie contrast Hall. Bring up the rear odd dangerous cliff, the momentum appears to be more majestic, magnificent. Temple incense rampant. Many visitors, have a good reputation in Southeast Asia. Now The seat of the Buddhist Association of Yunnan Province.

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Yangzonghai Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangzonghai Lake Holiday Resort is located in the provincial highway Ashmore tourism gold in the middle line, 35 kilometers Ju Kunming, Ju Kunming Airport 30 minutes by car. Convenient traffic and beautiful environment, clean water, the "Pearl of the plateau," and "Hawaii plateau" known.

Yangzonghai Lake Beach Playground, is the first in Yunnan First-class tourist resorts in the region opening up new tourist attractions, seaside playground is a pleasure to water projects as the mainstay of large multi-purpose recreation area, covers an area of 140,000 square meters, consists of empty land and water recreational projects in more than 40. 11.5 square kilometers surface, the lawn area of 60,000 square meters. Since 1992, construction And opening up, to receive guests at home and abroad more than 100 million investment over 60,000,000 yuan to build water, land and air for pleasure more than 40 projects, of which the seaplane, parachuting water, water very fast, motorized water sports, sailing for the South-West provinces Exclusive, on-site lawn are all open to tourists, left to its own Interest rates are currently high altitude in order to rely on fresh water lakes, large-scale project of the odd-to-date integrated tourist destination. Organize an annual large-scale cultural and sports entertainment, "Folk Song Festival", "Songkran" and "dragon boat race" to attract tens of thousands of people took part, the majority of the impact.

During the holidays, this Beach is the hot-air balloon, You Yongquan, beach volleyball, marine hammock. Swimwear densely covered with all kinds of beach, this constitutes a beautiful golden yellow in the Dianran. People seem to have this kind of instinct, the less the less wear fetters, the easier it is to relax, Wang Qing easier. Therefore, sun, sand and water seem to always be Class enjoy the joy induce oestrus agent. Fortunately, you have provided to the Yangzonghai Lake, the plateau is warm but not scorching sun, but it may even occasionally Luo your foot on the beach of the rough, and Jing Cheng Bi film can be self-Ming-jian of the fresh water, and , Where the sea breeze tepid, slightly fishy no moisture suspected Johnson, to remind you Carved not forget to stay where they have no sense of nuisance. At dusk, lying quietly on the beach, the lake had raised micro-Ting Feng-lan voice, you have been on cloud Yufengerxing.

If you think Yangzonghai Lake is a quiet piece of water, it would be wrong. Every time the wind from the southwest, this water will be difficult to hold gentle, have gone after , Wave a few meters, Jingtao the shore. Human beings, it will lose forever the more subdued personality and charm, Yangzonghai Lake occasional attack of small temper, she would not undermine the quiet shadow of Chengbi image of the ladies, only for a few minutes added to the quiet atmosphere of mystery, so the sea The highlight of personality in the waves, step by step close to the beach, the impact of By waves of mind.

Yangzonghai Lake near Yiliangbazi, but Yiliangbazai higher than the lake more than 200 meters, then formed a unique irrigation Yiliangbazai. Existing and still play a role in the Tang Chi Wen Gong and the drainage channel (the source of seized things by the Pro Road Wen presided over the construction of the value), as early as the Ming Dynasty have been opened . Wen Gong has been built in the Ming Dynasty white Drainage, constantly Continuation, which has gone through more than 500 years of rough years.

Bai was a hero along the Po Mallotus walk in the footsteps Yangzonghai Lake, give the first 2730 meters above sea level can be seen the peak of old Yi Liang Shan, the Nanning-Kunming Railway and more Dianyuetielu close parallel to the lake Back, through the myths and realities of the edge of the colorful life of sun bathing suit and thick history, the Qing Piaopiao it will have a heavy feeling.

Once upon a time, Yangzonghai lake rich in magic, "fish hole", there are fish in this article parasitic worms, can grow up to bite through fish swim into the water, fish Transparent, internal parasites in the clear. Unfortunately, this fish is now extinct. But here a good son restaurant's special of live fish boiled it is worthwhile to have a taste.

Tang Chi Yangzonghai Lake is not far north of Hot Springs. Tired, there bubble soup, warm water, as there are wonderful Meaningful story, you Read carefully products needs.

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