Kyrgyzstan Italian cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kyrgyzstan intended to cave located in the Ninglang Xian Xiang-hong, Lugu Lake is in the vicinity of the latest proven a big cave, money intended to Kyrgyzstan's Chui River from the east entrance to the village, Shan-ching streams, like drawing. Living in the village, the Mosuo people are, in the north of the village is a bridle Hill, along the ridge up a few years, is intended to reach the ancient cave. Yi Rong-ji Landscape rich, very strange, spacious inside, and many stalactites, a magnificent view, the maze can be on the ground floor. The multi-hole total length of 1 km from the main hole, the hole and a large number of teams composed of holes. Top inside more than 30 meters and a maximum width of 20 meters, before and after hole crossing a mountain cave of the whole area of distribution of 12 square kilometers, Thousands of people gathered, before the hole from about 400 meters from a clear spring poured out all the year round, clear to see fish. If the landscape inside the cave, some chandelier, and some like a lion, and some, such as the Buddha. There limelight stone pillars on the side open, there is the myth of "Ocean's 500" and "King Kong Group of Eight" in glitter, stars fight In the hall, the figures of animals and birds such as flowers, fish everything, realistic style, are thousands. Some of them were brown, green, some golden, magnificent. For the majority of three-dimensional shape of columns, stalagmites, stone or spend longer than bottom, or in the air upside down. During the Ching Ming Festival, in the vicinity of the masses of all ethnic groups to the inside of a giant view Like under a lot of people burn incense and pray.

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Lugu Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lugu Lake Lugu Lake provincial-level scenic spots, at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, outside the town of Lugu Lake, 258 km from the city of Xichang, like a time of great white pearl inlaid in the south-west of the motherland. Her pleasant picturesque scenery, ancient matriarchal alone keep the legacy of folk, Christian "Noah Zhou, "North Korea's Chung drum Lamaism, is open to that kind of attention, so that the eyes of many visitors this mysterious land.
  Lugu Lake, where he is called "microphone to thank satisfied" with a view to the sea, lake home, a bird's eye view from above, such as the Youth Pre-employment Training a Chebi Sichuan is also the largest natural freshwater lake, Water area of 50.8 square kilometers, and another million Caohai, 2688 m altitude surface, as the "Pearl of the plateau." Seven Island Lake, Tingtingyuli, verdant forest. Lake to the north-west of the magnificent ad Weiranchuli Hill, which is satisfied on the worship of man-made and the personification of the goddess of the ad. South East Lake, Caohai connected, rich pasture here, plump cattle and sheep, shallow Department of dense reeds in the wind waves, flowers, collect the nest were fluttering in the breeze, every winter, the swan, black-necked cranes, and other rare and tens of thousands of migratory birds in this habitat, and added An angry, a landscape. Lake Week, in which the dense forests, tigers, leopards, roe deer, Sheep, red pandas, monkeys, spot rare animals such as antelopes which come and go, giving people a bit afraid, a little Wild. Lake, China criss-cross paths, the pastoral 10,000 ares, Richuerzuo, sunset and interest rates pile of wooden buildings, smoke curl upwards, Pastoral Chen Chen, Yu Huo little bit, Age A-mei, go hand in hand, one good picture of thousands of agricultural farm So that visitors Hunbushoushe.
  Lugu Lake is satisfied Japanese banks of the living, a unique marriage, the unique customs, the families of owners are women, their family members by blood, are matrilineal descent. If the family members, ancestors and their brothers and sisters only maternal grandmother, mother only a generation mother, aunt and uncle. Ashok marriage Said the married father of the children go to "Awa" or "Ada." Here, everything is so magical, ancient, whether Lai-Lei Cheng, Ashok marriage, maternal family, burial, jurisdiction. Each ceremony, each custom, is a touching story of a beautiful, a beautiful young gifted teams idyll All a bit full of mystery, a bit romantic, a little poetry, painting intention a bit in order to give Si Yi and reverie.
  Lugu Lake water Shanmei beauty more beautiful, with the exception of the marriage and the strange customs, banks of Lugu Lake was a young girl's dress is unique and eye-catching. Lugu Lake is her daughter, The song is the Kingdom, once set foot on this land, people have lived for the last nearly that far, the long triumphantly, "Ahabala" by moving, such as the dragon that lived for a twist by rolling the temptation. Check it out, then drift to the far Zhu Caochuan carrying Mei, waving to you to put your throat: "Oh, friends, to go on Mo, Sister to accompany you to drop on the first Western Hills. "
  Lugu Lake in this fertile land, the people's food culture has also infected with a thick natural, rustic character. Today, the satisfaction of the Japanese diet, whether or non-staple food staple, is still mountain spring water, fragrant grass, nuts, grain cereals for seasoning, Brewed workers, since salt, baking since, Zhu Hou from the altar in place, put in the fire, the pot for a few days later, a few months until a few years before they have been open for food for guests from afar taste, which is well-known lake The Zhu Biaorou, Mary Sullivan of wine, acid fish, dry fish, rice Ngau Tau, pig blood, such as rice. These cuisine, head to make you too busy , The lot.

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Lake houses - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lugu Lake lake villages spread all over the place, peculiar architectural style houses, mostly wooden side into a pile of dry wood well Lenz ovary, in order to board when the tile, each about 1 meter wide, ranging from 0.17 to 0.26 meters. In order to meet its internal structure and composition of the principle of matrilineal family characteristics, where Huo Tang Zheng Shi, for the whole family at the center. Next Minors, the elderly and children live; the other a two-story building as a "room" for young and middle-aged women and their "Arab-injection" room, a matriarchal clan commune to retain some of the characteristics of the period.

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Treasures from the Famen Temple Museum (Museum) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Treasures from the Famen Temple Museum, located in Fufeng county in Shaanxi Province north, 110 kilometers east of Xi'an, Westwood, France and the highway linking soup, very convenient traffic conditions. Famen Temple resettlement as a result of Sakyamuni Buddha finger relic for the support of the Chinese dynasties of ancient China to become one of the four Buddhist holy sites. Famen Temple refers to the Buddha enshrined in the Tang Dynasty homes To really protect the country and who Seselj, there have been eight to 30 years for each emperor to open a palace Famen Temple, Li Ying Palace in support.

  April 3, 1987 found that Famen Temple in the Tang Dynasty palace, sleeping on the ground floor in the 1113's glorious Tang Dynasty cultural treasures - the World Buddhist dream for thousands of years of the Buddha Mami finger bone of Sakyamuni, the Tang dynasty to complete the last of the Tang Dynasty Buddhist Tantric Buddhist relic in the world to support Mandala, as well as thousands of worship Buddha Marie Tang royal family treasures available to these cultural relics, including: Buddha's four-Release Mami Muni Buddha finger relic, which is the world's only remaining Buddha's finger bone relic; dedicated to the royal family of a Tang 21 (Group) gold and silver; for the first time found the Tang royal family secret color porcelain; meters to ancient Rome and other places of the Glass-group; thousands of pieces of Tang Dynasty silk meta-wire technology (DRC) fabric, Wu Tang emperor, and so on, including post-embroidered skirt, dress, etc. are rare treasures; number of these gum, the category of complex, and so on High, the well-preserved is very rare.

  This is the second Banpo, the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses in China after another major archaeological discovery is a blessing in the history of the World Cultural Museum in 2001 and built a new display of the four "historical and cultural display Famen Temple" and "displaying the Buddhist culture Famen Temple," " Legal Drama Tang secret Mandala cultural display "," Tang Famen Temple treasures on display "and" Famen Temple in the Tang Dynasty tea culture on display. "At present, the Famen Temple in Shaanxi Province has become a cultural area of the West's leading tourist line units and the World Buddhist pilgrimage center of Buddhism Cultural and Research Center, both at home and abroad who long for the resort.

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Zhang Zai Temple (Temple Zhang) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang, also known as Temple, located 26 kilometers east Meixian County Department of Hengqu town. North-South covers an area of 82 meters, 37.5 meters east. It is the Northern Song Dynasty of China's well-known thinkers, philosophers, educators, school leaders Guan Zhang Zai's place to teach. Zhang Zai former Temple Chongshou hospital, Zhang set out in this study had young, old age live in seclusion, has been Museum set up to teach this Hing. After his death, in memory of his people, will be renamed the hospital Chongshou Hengqu College. Yuan Zhen first year of the Yuan Dynasty (1295), at the beginning of the original Hengqu College built on the former site of the Temple Zhang Zai. Thailand will be three years in the Yuan Dynasty (1326), Zhang Heng Qu set to resume Cinei College, "after the former Temple College" pattern. Zhang Zai Zhang set out at the Temple 7 km south of the town of Grand Valley fans Fox Ridge, an area of 87.2 acres, is contained in Zhang and Zhang Di father, the younger brother, Zhang Jian's burial place. Zhang set out to create customs, unique and different line in the history of Chinese philosophy of erecting a tall monument, in a significant impact on international and domestic.

  Zhang is a shrine containing a set of blocks north to south Construction of the main axis in order to lower priority, a subsidiary of construction as the central axis of symmetry are arranged in commemoration of the building. Jingmen in Hubei Province, according to the South, she kept the "family tree, she" set the record since the Yuan Dynasty temple. Qing Emperor Qianlong 19 years, 10 years Guangxu, and other rehabilitation. Wei Dai Ming integrated and are repaired many times. Since the creation of so far. At least 900 years History. The existing building is built by the Qing Daoguangnianjian, Guangxu years, there have been minor repairs. Xiandian the existing east-west wing, the Mountain Gate, Hou Dian, Hall 4. Houdian Hall, and as a result of demolition and reconstruction of the collapse.

  Since 1990, the Shaanxi Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage has allocated more than 50 million renovation of the hall, the school . There are relics of the subsidiary Qing Emperor Kangxi horizontal inscribed board a Royal Secret Inspector. Wanli Ming and Qing Emperor Qianlong, such as generation and rehabilitation of al-eight steles Temple exhaust, wood, "Kwong Hengqu six volumes of" "the 18th-sorrow on behalf of the temple," the original, and so on, for the mass version of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Qing Dynasty famous Hengqu College, had set up here.

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Charity Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Charity Temple Grottoes, in the town about three kilometers to the southwest, give County records, charitable temple there was a rock cliff Buddha, the clever way, Tang Yonghui is four years (AD 653 years) works. This is the charity's two existing temple cave grottoes and South Africa's Oliver, as about 4.5 meters high, stand tall, perfect shape, a complete outline of the outside, For high meat bun, eyes closed, serene deportment, plump face muscles, Wuguanduanzheng obviously, with big-solemn manner, in particular, saying poetry-handed depiction of a more full, mellow and full of muscle soft texture. The performance birds in the Yi Wen Law, Lee has a lot of unique Buddha, such as the scarf shawl fold the clothes Change, structured, the perfect structure to give the rhythm, the lower part of the body to fold clothes lays out a structure of the body, using realistic approach so that the Cristaria with a variety of changes in the thickness and size. Particularly valuable gains and losses, the Big Buddha statue as a result of future generations without decoration, still in the early Tang Dynasty era of the original features of sculpture, all reflected in the early Tang Dynasty sculpture As the powerful and exquisite detail of the superb way in the statue of the Tang Dynasty and became a model for the blade.

  Charity Temple in Dali Foku inside wall around each of the three Zunxiang a niche, Kannei the Buddha carved into a second three-Zunxiang Buddha, Bodhisattva paternity threat on both sides have a common feature of all wearing a crown Po, Naked body, wear a tight Luo Ying, Kushiro and Weigela arm, lower body Undaria light appears to be thin. The overall structure, with the exception of slightly larger than the head, body posture, as well as the proportion of the body depiction of very good can be said to be the perfect expression of the voluptuous scene in the performance of the out, crony-blade simple Yiwen It is also very desirable .

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Fufeng God Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple Fufeng County, the county seat is located on the north side of East Main Street East in the first, three years before Ming Hongwu (1370), have elapsed since the 633-year history with a total area of 6668 square meters. The condescending Temple, the layout of science, Cuolayouzhi structure, grand, solemn, solemn. The temple's main hall, before and after the Temple, Bei Lang, of St. Paul 17 Diaolianghuadong old buildings, old-world, the momentum, absolutely beautiful. , For God Temple in the Ming and Qing architecture, is located in a north to south, east and narrow high-compactor on the stage. Dan Yan Xie Shanding front of the temple there is a Xilou. 3 Miankuo door, and another thing brick side-door. The existing wooden temple construction of St. Paul 3, East and West car , 10 minutes, the Drum Tower, Xian Ting, and Xiandian on both sides of the side hall in a palace and the main hall and Qindian and so on.

Ming Hongwu three main hall (1370), Miankuo 5, deep into the four, Dan Yan Xie Shanding, decorated with painted brackets Wai Yan, Yan Zhu framework for the practice of both Shi and Kim Joo-brackets, both inside and outside the same column, After the settlement at the end of beam Column, Kim Joo-Yan Zhu pitch for the previous two planes. Two-step two-step beam frame do not have to, and by Yan Zhu and Kim Joo-arch on a long cross to pick Lin Chui Sai-chu, vertical column for the golden standard, hanging as hoists column like practices, which form from the previous trough and down brackets Lin column composed of pieces of the structure, quite decorative.

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Zhouyuan site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhouyuan site in Shaanxi Province is located in Fufeng, Qishan County, which borders, protection of the area of 24 square kilometers. The band is the birthplace of the week, a very rich cultural relics, historical relics unearthed so far have been tens of thousands of pieces of bronze ware unearthed particularly in the large number of inscriptions, archaeologists said a high-value, therefore, here as the "Bronze town .

Zhou Zhou is the site of the original culture and the birthplace of the Zhou Dynasty out of business before the settlements, and its center in this Fufeng in Shaanxi, along Qishan. Week in the history of the original area of north Qishan, Wei-shui south, east to the martial arts today, this Fengxiang to the west, along the Baoji. East and West for more than 70 kilometers north-south width of 2 Km. In the late 50th century, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Archeology and Heritage Commission of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Research Institute have in this investigation, the test dig. In 1976, the management of cultural relics in Shaanxi Province and the Committee at Northwestern University, Beijing University archaeological expertise in the joint than the size of a series of The excavation. Today, the original site of the week archaeological excavation has been the world's attention the achievements of these achievements include: several on-site construction of the Western Zhou Dynasty to explore the system; cache and burial bronze ware unearthed a batch of material; heard in ruins Bo Gu engraved with a large number of speech; unearthed a number of other precious art with price , Historic relics.

  Fat-week room Week was originally a place. The original Holy Land a thing of the past week, three thousand years ago. Zhou said the world's original site, is the capital of the Zhou Dynasty of the first location. "Great poem cotton," "old father of public Direct, North Zoumadai years, the rate of West Water Margin, as the next-qi. Jiangnv and Yuan, Yu Xu Yu. Week of the original prion protein, such as Viola tea-yee. Yuan Yuan before work, my turtle yuan Lease, said only say, is in Zhu Shi ", is described in the tribal week Jianbang Qishan at the foot of the founding of the facts. Zhouyuan site rich in content, the number of cultural relics many weeks of the original cultural treasures Jing broad exploration. In 1982, the original site of the State Council Zhou National heritage unit.

  Feng Group A child of early Western Zhou Dynasty palace-building excavation site in 1976. Beijing is located at the base when the young rural village south-west wind, large-scale, layout careful and precise in order to Yue, the former middle-order together and have been for the gallery axis, the East-West configuration on both sides of the concierge, rooms, symmetrical, the regular "House Gallery "China's open layout style courtyard building in the history of the first, the former Hall for the main building, is the court to deal with Wang Zhou, held funerals and ancestor worship heaven and earth, and other places of the ceremony, after the room is Bin Zhou and Wang Fei of residence.


  In the excavation sites, has unearthed gold, jade, ceramic tile, etc. Re more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics and a large ceramic materials such as water pipes, especially in the second Xi-site room to explore the use of divination bones of 21,050, of which there are 293 bones word. This is the first time found a large number of Western Zhou Dynasty Oracle, the significance of the Yin Ruins in 1899 as a major discovery Oracle. A The main text of record on the first week or Emperor Wen Wang, Kang Zhao down to the Western Zhou Dynasty during the festival Bu, Bu been, Bu, Bu access, hunting and Bo Tian, Bu Bu conquest and miscellaneous things, to explore the origins of the culture week to study the business end of the week Political, economic, military and cultural relations between the Shang and Zhou and provided valuable information. In 1989, in the Palace Sites around the town aerial survey found that qi (Zhou City) ruins. Shaopian was the ancient city of the West to the South, the week-long 1300 meters, with a total area of the city of about 945,000 square meters. Feng palace building child-appropriate sites in the city center, that is, Xiao Meng Dingming, "Wang cell Temple weeks," Chow temple, which is the first week of the Beijing palace; that the first week of the ancient city of Kyoto Ap.

  Since the Han Dynasty, Zhou Yuan in the Shang and Zhou bronzes unearthed in the region many of whom Yu-ting, the most well-known Maogong Ding, unearthed in the field and Guo Ji-white disk, the vector of the four who set the late Qing Dynasty as national treasures. In 1976 unearthed, such as respect for the bovine form the only current. In 1975, when unearthed in rural Beijing Turkish village cache bronze 37, Gui Wei, Wei silkworm, lazy turn, and so have a long history of the high value of the inscriptions were recorded in the Western Zhou Tian-for-land exchange, litigation judgments, grant policy and other important life events, is Study of the Western Zhou medium-term political, economic, legal, land system, the relationship between class and so is the Information. Zhou result of the original area known as the "Bronze town."

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Long openings Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long openings in Shaanxi Province is located in Baoji City Forest Park Longxian 35 km north-west, covers an area of 2104 hectares in the territory, at long openings, King Hill, Raytheon Hill of the three major scenic spots, 103 of the main attractions, nearly 1,000 animal and plant species. Long openings Hyun-risk area not only because of the natural landscape well-known Northwest, enjoy the "clearance in the second Hill "reputation, but also as a result of China's Taoism is the birthplace of door-to-door Long Quan-Zhen Religion and the well-known both at home and abroad, as one of China's five major Monastery.

  Forest Park, verdant forests, towering trees, mountain Qidong quiet, clear water pools, Piaomiao haze, the Temple of the temple, near the mountain hole in the plane cliffs, the vacant pavilion, Road over, the iron chain dangling, the odd dangerous magnificent, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, Xianzong shrines, attractive, immersive, especially in the "mountains Joan Tower" realm, there is a sense of floating in the air For cents.

Long openings Forest Park to the towering steep mountain, magical mystery of the holes, clear deep tan, beautiful Weng Yu Lin, Magic cloud of uncertainty, strange adventure of a Taoist temple complex. Openings Long Forest Park located in the temperate and warm temperate interchange, off cliffs, deep canyons, cave clouds, the splendid temples, lush forest, wind around Purple Haze, Ming Kum stream. Long openings Forest Park River 3, 4, Stephen, 6 waterfall, 24-Tam, Cascade Canyon, the show Runs, man wearing a stone-gap, when wide when the narrow, steep Hu Hu Ping, Chinese Restaurant and Tam, Tam black tiger, Huang Longtan, and so on Taohua Tan body of water that backed each other to form the "Alice in Wonderland Yaokan Congcong, a fairy-water Long there. Zhihen people not to adopt Chi, peach pan of water over Red River "and the beautiful landscape. Long openings with a long history, began in the Western Zhou, Jian Western Han Dynasty, the Jin and Yuan Sheng, Zhou Yin Xi doctor once lived here, named Ling Xian Yan, Han Jing Di Hou Jian letter Loujing Youju this old age, name, King Fu Shan, a Taoist priest during the Jin and Yuan Qiu Chuji taken up residence here, Road, Long creation of all door-to-door, to guide the national Taoism. , Around priests have come to this practice, in the unique sturgeon off on the landscape Qiuzu starting hole, Hun Yuan-dong, Tai Xuan Tung, Ceres-dong, Dong-yang, and so on as early as 36 holes in the Arctic and the palace, Qiuzu floor, too Shangdian, drugs such as Dian 17 pavilion temples, the hole has formed cents, to stay Under a number of sites, so that the forest landscape and human landscape an integral whole, each other. First day of the third lunar month every year in April to Chuba, Dachaoshan who gathered in Spring, adventure expeditions, sightseeing Lansheng, pilgrims seeking the true, mold, so long openings Forest Park cast a few mystery.

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Taiwan Golden View - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kim outlook for Taiwan is located in Baoji City in Shaanxi Province in the northern hills of the plateau, for the three Taoist view of Baoji (Taiwan Golden, silver and Taiwan, Yu Tai) of the first, 0.5 km north train station, built in Yuanmomingchu for the Ming Dynasty Well-known religious Taoist Master Department. "History of the Ming Dynasty," Vol 299 "-Master" set: "Master, Liaodong state Yi, A whole, one-bao, also, its Sam. ... ... It is to hear his name Dynasty, Hongwu 24 years (in 1391) to seek envoy's not. Baoji's home after conception Jintai. "
Overall construction golden view of Taiwan's mountains on the layout of power, the main building along the axis alignment, symmetrical, the concept of Taiwan's existing building at Court and West-house consists of three parts. The main buildings and monuments Yu Huangge, San Qingdian, Lvzu Hall, the Hall of Chi Hong, the Eight Diagrams Pavilion, Notre Dame hole, Sam-dong, dong Manual, Chaoyang Dong, and so on. Concept with a high-profile, the stage may be overlooking the city.
In concept, in addition to kiosks Court, Temple, outside, Cooper towering vitality, Chuan Master the hand-sik, now nearly 700-year history. There are also valuable in view of the stele, Master of medical treatment for people "can turn ears" and other cultural relics. They have a high art of calligraphy and ornamental value.

In view of the construction is divided into three sections, the holes are known as the central hole in the repair, Chaoyang Formation. In East and build a palace for three, three-ching, and Hou Ji Timor's eight main hall. In the northwest have an octagonal Tung Wah Group of the Office. Yu Huangge view of the door for the two-story pavilion. Zhu Mei hospital full House, the towering Guhuai. Master, is about immortals Road, according to legend, he Baoji to the late Yuan Dynasty in Taiwan deposit concept of self-cultivation, as to Sichuan after Guanxian Road, Mount Qingcheng hidden , Also came to the Mission Mountain, at the time of the Road.
Yu Huangge Lvwa red walls, Diaolan Zhu Ying, China cornices arch, the arch, resplendent in Asaka, the setting sun, the more light streaming into the sky, the majestic spectacle, the reputation, "Liu Xia of the Golden Pavilion", as one of the Eight of the Baoji . It hit Wanli Ming, Jing 43 (1564) also to be rebuilt. Block south. East and West 12.4 m, 11.57 m north-south for the next two-story pavilion is the three-tier architecture. First, there are three around the corridors, before and after passing through the door can be, look high. Mountain Gate to the left of Ge's "lying Xia", to the right as "Yunqi." Pavilion A pair of stone lions, Yangshou squat, powerful momentum. HS Kevin bucket to have flags and flagpoles You Long Fei iron stands before the Court, imposing very grand.
Three Qing Yu Huangge hall is located within view of the north. Founded in the Ming Dynasty. Block south. East and West 10.7 meters, 6.34 meters north-south; Miankuo 3, into a deep . There are things this side hall in a palace hall, Prince Edward Hall for the East, Eastern blocks west; West Haven of Hope for the palace, east of the West Block. Yu Huangge and formed a small courtyard.
Dian Yu Huangge founder at the north to the east, for the construction of the Qing Dynasty. Block south. East 9 meters, 7.3 meters north-south; Miankuo 3, into a deep.
Yuen Tai Temple is located north of the Patriarch Palace. Founded in the Ming Dynasty. For the top-style Qing Dynasty. Block north to south. East and West 10.6 meters, 9.7 meters north-south; Miankuo 3, 2 into the deep.
Tai Yu Huangge Palace is located in the north west, the Republic of China when new. Block, 9.39 meters north to south East and West, North and South 7.34 m; 3 wide, deep into a.
Dong Hua Ting Yu Huangge at the north side, construction of the Qing Dynasty. Circle with a diameter of 9.11 meters. To save the roof angle, set up under the railing.
In addition, Sheng Mudian and so on. As a result of the entire building in accordance with the terrain has made building, the layout of the plane and therefore not regular. Triassic view after cliff According to Cliff drilled holes, opening the door Xiu Yun-stack canopy, inside the cave, you worship altar. On the left followed by Manual, the founder, Sam and the Duke of Zhou dong apartment, Sam practice field; to the right followed by white, ginger salamander, soaring, Chaoyang, Sakyamuni, and other holes. Permian for the Guandi cliff, the God of Wealth, such as Lagerstroemia hole. Hole had a statue.
After the founding of the PRC Government funding of the public on several occasions maintenance payments Taiwan view of the old buildings, then this building for the city of Baoji Museum, the Museum located in this exhibition ZHOU Qin culture and folk crafts exhibition Baoji, Baoji display area unearthed ancient Shang and Zhou, Qin And the bronze on behalf of Fengxiang, a thousand-yang County of more than 10 arts and crafts products.
Kim is the view of Taiwan Chicken landmarks. Kim concept in the history of Taiwan is not only a famous Taoist activities, but also a tourist place. Since the founding of the PRC, there have been Liu Shaoqi, Peng, Xi Zhongxun, Huang Zhen, Du Yide, Zhao Cang wall, scheduled for skin-Jun, Lu Jian, Yuan Weimin and other party and state leaders visited here. This Kim's view of Taiwan, with the Pavilion, Pavilion, Palace, the number of reinforcement maintenance dong, Diaolianghuadong more resplendent.

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Yan Emperor Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Emperor Temple is located in Baoji City Gate Bin poor rural areas (rural Shen Nong) on the territory of Yang Shan Chang. The mausoleum is the Yan Emperor Shen Nong, the Chinese people for Baizu the main places of worship.
The Chinese nation is Yanhuang Zhou Qing, China is the Chinese people. Shen Yan family ancestor only habitat in the ginger water, Xuanyuan clan ancestor of raw land in the Yellow Emperor began Kyi As early as more than 2700 years ago in the Spring and Autumn Period there is conclusive. "Jin Mandarin language," it reads: "water into the Yellow Emperor by Kyi, to Yan Emperor Kang into the water." Jiang water in Baoji, in which more than 1,500 years ago, the era of the Northern Wei Dynasty, China's ancient commentary geographers Road clearly written on the yuan "by the water Note ". Tianshun five years in the Ming Dynasty Chi unification, "it reads:" Jiang water in Baoji County South. "Baoji Ji Jin Jiang Wei, Henan waterside city of Chiang's.

  Baoji Wei-Sheng Henan has nine bath Longquan, there are Stephen Tang Jian Shen Nong temple, the temple has often Meiyukou Nan Meng Yang Shan, Chang Yang Shan Yan Diling there are in (the city of Baoji) Bin rural areas benefit the door (Shen Nong ) In the territory, many people are ordinary people worship the ancestors of the Yan Emperor place. Yandi Ling tour of the main building are: Shen Nong door, sheep foot pavilion, the door Yandi Ling, Yan Emperor palace, the first sheep pavilion, "Shen Nong city", "ancestor of the Chinese" of St. Paul, square altar, the Yan Emperor's Basilica, the statue of Yan Emperor, painted a large, stone tomb Bands, such as the tomb. Chicken Spring Festival non-governmental meeting on the 11th day nine of the birth of Longquan Yan Emperor worship; annual meeting on July 7 Tiantai Mountain hold a memorial ceremony for Yandi dead buried. In recent years, many times at home and abroad to bulk water basin Baoji Jiang Jiang Castle, nine Longquan, Tiantai Mountain Baizu roots, but the temple destroyed tomb destroyed in disrepair.
  As the home of the Chinese in Shen Nong - Baoji people feel guilty. Bin this area benefit the door of the township government has invited experts and scholars and research of local records Baoji comrades, to carry out field visits combines Shi documented proof. The city government, the Mongolian People's Political Consultative Conference, as well as Yugou located in the Yangshan port often under the leadership of the Baoji Bridge Plant, in the determination of the Yan Emperor Shen family ancestor was born, a With the funeral of the temple rebuilt and Yandi Ling Shen Nong, the Chinese people to hold a memorial ceremony for the ancestors Baizuyeling Yan Emperor construction sites. Carry forward the national culture, the history of Chinese gong down. Yandi Ling Ling division of the former area, worship area, Metella three parts.

  Ling ago: Jiang ancient castle there is a St. Paul-Zhong Yan, a letter: " Dili home, "the fourth. Castle East," San nine bath Longquan "There are bathed in Kowloon and the Temple Pavilion. Jiang Qing northbound section at the crossroads there is a marble pillar stone of St. Paul, the letter" a town of Shennong "4. The middle road Jiang Qing Crossroads I have an old-style arches, the letter "Renjiedeling" 4. Baoji Bridge Plant in front of the entrance to the Tiantai Mountain Mongolia , Sitting to the east of the West Block, there are cross-road of the old buildings, "Shen Nong the door" of St. Paul. Shen Nong bridge over the door by door area to the south is often Yandi Ling Yang Shan, winding road leading directly to Hall of hills; Naoto another Hall of the tomb stone.
  Worship: "Yandi Ling," which often Yangshan from the city of Baoji, about 5 km south. To enter the Mountain Gate, M level, television may Ye Ling Ling Tang of Taiwan, Taiwan's Department tomb of St. Paul, the Mountain Gate. To erect a monument outside the last moment, "Chang Yang Shan," the three characters, is well-known calligrapher Xian Wu's three original handwriting. Yang Shan Chang and pleasant scenery, year-round flow of Goudi Qinglie the spring creek, and running a never-ending story of a beautiful legend Yan Emperor Shen Nong was born in this beautiful land. Yan entered the temple door, a display room Zuoxiang Yan Emperor's life story and legend, the right wing hanging on the walls of various sectors of the inscription. There are things on both sides of the China Agricultural Exhibition Hall and the history of Chinese medicine exhibition. Yandi Ling and hold a memorial ceremony for the construction activities of the Yan Emperor Health The scene on television can display video in front of people. The front yard is the main hall, which can accommodate 1,000 people Dianqian is the worship of the square. Side hall 5, on both sides of the red pillar of Xi'an is a well-known calligrapher Ru Gui couplet written: "It was a founding set while you're Huang Qi Yan Emperor," and "down with an eight points of the compass, according to read Jiase Farmers. "Front door on the amount of" hall of Yan Emperor ", describe. Temple is the center of a large statue of Yan Emperor, the hall was ablaze with lights and incense constantly, the bell of the melodious music clear and echoed throughout the Valley joss ... ... in the region also built Jiang Notre Dame and Yan Shen Nong Court Palace. Xishan back a hundred thatched cottage, Manual-building is not only Chinese medicine research place, but also for the treatment of the masses.

  Tomb area: across the hall to the south, is a straight path to the top post. In this after Yan Diling on top of the hill. People can not wait to board the steep, Xiangdie layers of the steps to board up to the first 999 level, is Chang arrived at the peak of the Yangshan. This is a huge circular tomb, Metella with the surrounding masonry Qingshi, on the tombstone engraved with "Yandi Ling" 4. Song Bo Chenglin around. Access to the tomb of ancient emperors on both sides of the statue, the family mausoleum after the Yan Emperor merit praise for the poetry, paintings and couplets of the Forest of Stone Tablets.
  Even the grave of the East Taishan scenic spots, separated from the North River and the Mongolian side Zhuge Hill, south of Baicheng Lin Song, Lin Shao more high-rise overlooking one big cloud of Qinling San Kwan, looking down at the west-ha rolling in the ginger water, ginger water lingering in the Chiang Inflow Weihe River north of the city. Hill mausoleum as a whole to take power, the ancient groups, the air on three sides, in order to give the majestic, sacred, solemn Quaint, quiet feeling. "State of the event, and worship in the ring." "Gu Sheng cover of merit, but the biggest Timor. It has been reported to enjoy the future, the long curtain Timor." Of agriculture, medicine and the founder of the market, Shen Yan Emperor in the history Sidian , Has been living in the lofty position. Overseas Chinese, compatriots of Hong Kong and Macao and the mainland people from all walks of life Yandi Ling to have paid respects to the ancestors. There are Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Zhao, Zhou Peiyuan, Zhou Gucheng, Yang Jingren, Zhang Aiping, Wang, Qian Wei, Jiang Hua, Wang Renzhong, Geng Biao, Zhang Ping, Yan, Xiao Ke, Lo Chang, Qu Wu et al The inscription, the inscription, but also left the community of calligraphy.

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East Lake Fengxiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fengxiang East Lake, located in the east Fengxiang Kwan, Gu Cheng, "Fung Chi drink." Legend has it that the first year-den Hall Feiming Zhouwen Wang Yung-off in the water named after. Song Ren Jia You 2006 (1601) famous writer Su Shi Ren Fengxiang House to sign the book Magistrate, the Government and the public advocate expanding pool of dredging, cited in the northwest city of Phoenix into the spring, planting seed Lin Liu, Jian-ting Bridge for the tour, renamed the East Lake, West Lake in Hangzhou and elegantly called "sister lake."

East Lake Fengxiang unique natural landscape, cultural landscape known, possession of Su Shi, plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum stone original handwriting, poetry, history seekers can explore more than 150-stone, poetry paintings, wall Tinglang Court, to give Classic Park, the vast magnificent, extensive and profound sense. Ling Xu attractions are far from Vision, An Liu snow, rock spit Chi Gan, Canglang Fall, Immersi� Quqiao, the history of broken bridge and Syria, Rain Su Wai, Yan Zhi Jian wash, Diaogu gentleman, as Yang Su Temple, Mexico, pay homage to the sea, Yan peony, and so on. Shaanxi Province is the first approved by the scenic spots. Sushi has poetic: "smell the sound Zhou Xing, Cui Feng Xi-lan alone, Feiming drink this water, as do long-haired long-haired shadow." Fengxiang East Lake is the full name Shaanxi, Kai King of the Quartet-an ancient landscape. Ling Xu attractions are far from Vision, An Liu snow, rock spit Chi Gan, Canglang Fall, Immersi� Quqiao, the history of broken bridge and Syria, HI Su Wai, Yan Zhi Jian wash, Diaogu gentleman, as Yang Su Temple, Mexico, pay homage to the sea, such as peony Yan.

  Fengxiang East Lake covers an area of 16 hectares, duties, outside the two parts of the lake, pavilion, Taiwan, the floor, Hennessy, mainly lake. East Lake's lake district center, "Fung Chi ancient drink" on the door and into to two stone, a flower , The three sand is limited, the lake is divided into North and South, in the space of three in a row. Ting, Taiwan, which set out, very elegant layout. Has its own unique features of the "Broken Bridge Pavilion", "gentlemen's Pavilion", "Xiao Jiao Ting", "Spring Breeze Pavilion," "Mandarin Pavilion," "King Church will be" gorgeous painting, pleasant scenery.

  Kosai South Bank "Su Ting Wang." In the east slope of the east coast have washed "Inkstone days", "Yan-washing Pavilion"; there are old trees in the possession of Spring flowers in the "Yu Xuan"; have to pull the air "list Pavilion", rising, Jimu around, Yong wild scenery, panoramic view. On the north shore of the "Su Gongci" well-known mass of ancient and modern, "Yu Ting-hi," " Virtual Taiwan ", a collection of artworks east slope of bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum, plum and ink painting a variety of stone, the tall and straight Yun Bi, the idea of super-popular, Shen Chi is. Outside of Lake Villa, Quqiao is in the repair. Donghu every value Zhong, ran. Blossoms falling like snow, he could feel, East Lake was Liu Chuan-name far and near, the top Fengxiang "qi" In the first. The early Qing Dynasty poet Wang Shizhen (No. Yuyang) East Wing a poem: "There are complex around East Lake, to late spring when the time. Langguan like Lake, 000-degree as a result." This is his highly of the East Lake. With the opening to the outside world, the revitalization of Fengxiang, East Lake this star Lang Lang has attracted domestic and foreign guests and clients linked to Pina, suspended View of this, intoxicated with the United States in the pilgrimage. East Lake renovation day more beautiful, it has become the rest of the tour destination. Lake Yacht there for people traveling, Shanguangshuise, Liu Chi embankment in the Netherlands, this list could be the Northwest's "southern garden."

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Diaoyutai scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Diaoyutai is located 40 km southeast of the city of Baoji Pan River, according to the Southern Mountains, north Wei-shui, a beautiful, Pinnacle Cooper, beautiful scenery, long history, is renowned for all times and in all tourist resorts, is the provincial-level scenic spots at the provincial level and focus Protection unit. Diaoyutai famous as a result of the Western Zhou Jiang Ziya lived in this decade , Zi-dry case of Stephen King Wen and the fishing is world renowned, historical data are recorded in ancient books and records. Tang Zhenguan years: "Tai Gong military who stream, the river began to coil Li Miao." Bai Zhi and 4, still so far.?????to have 17 temples, there are too well-known temple, the Temple, mountain at the entrance, three Qingmiao, and so on the east bank of the River Diaotai sites, Central Road, "Huang Shi", Ha Tay, as well as Taiwan's Wang Yin Feipuliuxia, unpredictable sound of the waves. Diaoyutai elegant architectural style and charming natural scenery.

According to records, there are Taigong Diaoyutai 3, catch the beginning of Henan Xin-east, following the West Xianyang in Shaanxi fishing, fishing after the Baoji County valley cutting fish, and three in another pennant Diaoyutai the most well-known. This is because Jiang Taigong here fishing, paid respects to encounter the Zhouwen Wang, assistant court, only appeared in the history of our country's "civil and military administration of" peace and prosperity. From then on, the geographer of the Northern Wei Li Yuan Road, in the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, Xu Hun, the Song dynasty poet Su Shi have been around here, and Fu Shi Sheng Kee. Diaoyutai, the temple was built on this on behalf of the statue, through 3 rebuild times, people can see so far, "Kung too", "Wen Temple," "Wang-hsien of Taiwan" and "begging son Cliff," and "Diaoyutai" some of the temples, festival Fishing together, Hall Gallery, F, Taiwan and back with one stone, such as Parkinson's spectacular wonders of five. "Lu Spring and Autumn" (Shui Jing Zhu) " Stephen is public fishing, "describing the civil also," Tai Gong Quan back fishing "or" satisfied Zhouwen Wang Jian Yin invitation "," Wu Feng-home pay on behalf of the "legend. In the past, on the Diaoyutai entertain visitors with its reputation, the Song Dynasty Literature Su Shi's family had travel here to stay "banner into the night as the river into the gorge, according to Hill Juhuo scared off the monkeys," the famous. Station Cutting fish on the river south of the W-Village Vision, Qinling and downs lofty peaks, stacked heavily Luan peaks, lush, magnificent, magnificent. Look at the past, Qi Song Zhi, Calocedrus green, the magnificent temples, Bitou water color, brilliant attractive.

  However, the most high-profile stand or piece of fish-cutting in the strange stone - "Throwing stones." Stone throwing is a huge piece of granite, quartz and complete, the next big small bowl was, throwing stones at almost can not find any cracks. There are stone throwing on the north side of Qing Emperor Qianlong March 1970, Xu Wenbo Baoji county magistrate in writing or in 4 1 meter square of the vigorous Chinese characters: "Pregnant left-methyl-pu." 6.6 m high stone throwing, Department of 11.2 meters in diameter, the lower part of only 4 m in diameter, cutting fish river rapids Tuan Tuan and stone rubbing, a great touch down trend, however, thousands of years, it has always been "as stable as Mount Tai", is full of mysterious color.

  Jiang Taigong magnificent temple stone throwing in the upper right of the river. Housing a canopy brackets, carved beams Dong, Guxiangguse for Zhenguan the early years of the Tang Jian, Ming Jiajingnianjian renovation, rehabilitation of 26 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong. Li is in front of the temple of 4 40-meter-high towering Cooper, Zhigan thick and is deeply rooted, evergreen the four seasons, the legend of the Tang Dynasty to the planting, the landscape was one of the Diaoyutai. Temple Zhouwen Wang, Jiang Taigong by the temple and Panshan That is, to. Wen Temple hillside, re-tile temples danger canopies, the layout of strict, the south-pointing carriage. Mountain river, there are more ambitious scale of the Temple and Wu Wu Temple. Bukit Bukit an original temple Tam Chai undertaking with the iron, 60 kg weight, the "Cultural Revolution" in the loss. According to the Diaoyutai monument was recorded here since the Tang Dynasty established God Temple, including temples, the Festival Hall 17, Hall Gallery, embrace, with a total more than 40 years, now has the majority of the resumption of reconstruction. Shishun throw from the water, river water levels drop, spray flying, to the lower reaches of Zhixie to form a pit, after another as if snow lotus in full bloom. Stone throw away from the 100 meters, has a broad surface, water color Bitou Pit, "Stephen Zi", Quanbian a quartz granite stone embedded in the heart River, on the boulder to prescribe both 40 cm long and 15 cm deep and shallow trough parallel to the smooth, Jiang Ziya legend to live here, often in the fishing, Nianshenrijiu , Kneeling on the stone in 2 out of the trough marks. Diaoyutai is named after this, the lateral wall Diaozao "Diaoyutai" 3 Zhuanzi giant.

  Stone throw from the water and back on cross-strait confrontation between the mountains and narrow valleys, steep slopes Kuk, fast-flowing, "step by cutting across the river fish." To a canyon along the river valley, suddenly widened. A hyperbolic arch dam blocking the road, which is that "the Diaoyutai Reservoir" Diaoyutai Reservoir Dam 2 m wide, 200-meter long dam, the height of 50 meters, 45 meters water depth, with a total storage capacity 2,550,000 cubic meters, began in 1973, completed in December 1978, 2200 hectares of farmland irrigation. Dam at the eastern end of a octagonal, recorded in the dam started, Using human and completion dates, with pavilions of ancient and modern architectural style of a comprehensive, inspiring area of natural elegance. Dam in the middle of a viewing floor. Viewing boarded floor, panoramic view of the entire scenic area. Diaoyutai Reservoir here to add a lot of scenery. Summer and fall seasons, the water rippling blue waves, surrounded by high mountains Gualv Phi Hung, Light reflection, Shashi good-looking, small boats or yachts visitors roaming the surface, like exposure on the Lijiang River in Guilin, Hangzhou West Lake, very happy. From the side of the dam spillway, fell into a waterfall, 40 meters high, and waterfalls, such as hanging Bailian, like the Galaxy slump, the Voice deafening sound of a crash likelihood, the number of water splashing The long, light on the murky water of the rich, has turned out a magnificent seven-color rainbow immense cloud steaming Wei Xia, very spectacular, full of poetic. Winter and spring, the ice-covered surface of the water reservoir, such as the formation of mirror-smooth, Xuela mountains, snow-wrapped, and a silver in the world. The thick ice, has become a natural visitors Rink. Reservoir's natural beauty and man-made seamless, constitute an intriguing landscape.

  Jiang Taigong history, the family name Kang, who is still, Ziya words, bears, flying. Health providers in the world, as a result see no King Zhou, Qi Guan was away, lived here all day to eke out an existence fishing. "Jiang Taigong fishing, Hook to "save succeeding generations become the people's saying. He later was Zhouwen Wang finally found. Corporal Wen Wang Lixian, to the pro-cutting fish Ying-employed. As a result, the title of assistant military adviser of Jiang Taigong Man Wang was created in the history of China has Zhuo The achievements of the Western Zhou Dynasty BR, also go down in their own.

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Oldies Prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Oldies grassland Baoji City in Shaanxi Province is located 100 kilometers to the northwest, north-west China's inland areas to the only mountain grassland as the main body of the provincial-level scenic spots. Renowned scenic spot in the forests, grasslands, rivers, mountains, valleys, and other natural scenery, natural and simple yet spectacular. There Jinqian Bao Lin musk deer, golden pheasant, and other rare Materials, and hare, pheasant hunting, and so can the animals, wild life is much appreciate the interest of a good place.

  The ranch climate by vertical and geographical areas, border-free winter and spring, summer and fall connected, "Guan Shan June Ningshuang cold" as a true portrayal of the area. Qin in ancient times and the horse Feizi Of the world, Lin's largest pastoral areas in Shaanxi, China's inland areas in the eastern part of the largest and the only natural grasslands, 1995 have been identified as Shaanxi provincial nature reserve.

  Now there are scenic ranch sign tower, Qin Feizi Wrangler Beach, La County tower sites, access to the Han and Tang Dynasties school Racecourse Ma pier, viewing platform, shooting range Yurts, amusement parks, fishing ponds, the village folk, evening bonfire, and other recreational facilities, to be here to enjoy the charm of grassland.

  Oldies rangeland has good accommodation, Luyuan Hill to provide three-star standard. Oldies rangeland area was also the central area of Mongolian and Tibetan style resort style Leave the village, also in this camp, couples resort to provide tents, 100 yuan /top, can also bring their own.

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Jialing River source area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jialing River source area is located in Baoji City in the southern suburbs of the Qinling top, 33 km away from the urban areas, the Tiantai Mountain National Forest Park is the first focused on the development of scenic spots, as a result of the Jialing River named after the birthplace.

  Jialing River originated more than 2800 meters above sea level of the Jialing Valley. 40 scenic spots in various parts, unexpected Qi, Clear streams, lush forests, the charming scenery of the seasons. And seven women beautiful green peak, hectoliter relief, flying stone well that Feiyun waterfall, and the momentum of the Longtan grand ... ... the natural landscape, natural work of God, so beautiful. And a large number of scenic spots in the human heritage. There are Han emperor Liu Bang at the time of entry Jianchaling Ping, Liang Fa Wei at the north Will be Taiwan, Wu referred to the Song brothers Jinbing against the monks would like to ancient battlefields, on behalf of Wang Ling, and so on.

  Scenic areas within dense vegetation, Qi stands, Tam large waterfall, unique natural scenery, cultural heritage mystery. There are massive black Longtan, the Jialing River in the first spectacular waterfalls and watch Japan and Taiwan, Wu Song Dynasty against brother Jinbing the ancient battlefield of the monks Plateau, the world's more famous Guanzhong Xiongguan one of the four great ancient --- San clearance. Yamahana here in the spring bloom, trees Tulv; breezy summer, the mountains Phi Tsui; storied in the fall to make dye, Songtao sea of clouds; snowy winter, Yushu Joan sticks. Especially in the heat of summer, this should be cool . Early in the morning, when you entered the area, a sea of clouds in the distance in the wind around the hills, such as Smoke, like white; near the birds singing in the branches, as is entering the "cloud of Health at the foot of the bird in the ear-ming" fairyland . Service reception area is located in the hinterland of parks, mountains Jing Chu, Lam Xiuzhu, here surrounded by mountains, streams around Yamahana clusters, rich in negative oxygen ions, called "Tianranyangba." Park huts villas unique and distinctive hotels Louting ingenuity, lush vegetation around the resort, filling the river, many attractions, an excellent tour. Check-in area at the source Jialing River, to enjoy the world of Aura, abandoned downtown of fatigue, non-sen to 100 years, also non-saint Security.

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Shen Nong Shi herbs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the large area south trench 3km, 7 summit lined up here, as in fairy seven Xia Fan, a huge peak, still like wearing hats, carrying baskets of herbs in medicine man, flying Jiutianzhiwai You Si Stone, standing on the summit. According to legend, Shen Yan herbs in the mountains, to serve the people, the incorrect use of the death Duanchang Cao Death is still not forgotten the suffering of the people in order to survive boulder into the Qinling mountains, said after the stone as Shen Nong Shi herbs.

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Jialing River scenic spots two: the first Jialing River waterfall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fei also known as the waterfall, from the central area of 3km, the Jialing River is the source of water since the formation of the first falls, wide waterfall 8m, high-16m, from the river in dense forest along the river flow slowly, a sudden drop in here, the sound of music, fog vacated , Scattered water, like Xingyunliushui, such as jade belt vacant, it is imagination.

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Wu Zhang original scenic areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Zhang Plateau scenic area, located 25 km south Qishan County, an area of about 50 square kilometers. Scenic mountains with stones, the valley streams, forest trees, autumn rain and snow, and so many of the natural landscape and cultural relics of the three countries into one. Wu Zhang Plateau Piper-like loess is a former Taiwan, South Qinling Mountains on the north bend Wei , The air on three sides, Xianyao terrain, ancient customs outlined in the strategic channel leading to the Ba-Shu, military vital importance. Competition between the three countries, the prime minister Han Liang rate by the army for sending troops Xiegu Fawei troops here, and to the north bank of the Wei-against Sima Yi, the disease death in the military. After the Memorial human-Liang, Wu Zhang Plateau in the construction of the Temple. South Block, Temple North, while the original Song Zhi, exquisite architecture, the layout of rigorous, wooded, as the provincial key cultural unit. Wei also scenic areas within the city, thanks to Taiwan, off the rock stars, the sink off the city, Liang Yi Guanzhong, such as the history of human remains, sideways Hill, Jiulongshan, Xiegu Kwan, gourd Valley, Xiegu reservoirs, wheat Shihe, Stephen Zhuge, all Tian, and other natural landscape.

  Wu Zhang original scenic spots located in Baoji City Qishan County, 25 kilometers south county, covering an area of 50 square kilometers, 130 kilometers east of Xi'an, Baoji 56 km east, with scenic mountain stones, Valley Stream, forest trees, autumn rain and snow, and other natural landscape Many left with the three countries Cultural integration.

  Wu Zhang Plateau Piper is a loess-like Taiyuan, south Qinling Mountains in the north of Weihe River bend, the air on three sides, Xianyao terrain, ancient customs outlined in the strategic channel leading to the Ba-Shu, military vital importance. Competition between the three countries, the prime minister Han Liang rate Xiegu sent out by the army troops in this Fawei To the north bank of the Wei and Sima Yi against, the single disease in the military. After the Memorial human-Liang, Wu Zhang Plateau in the construction of the Temple. Temple Block North of the Southern Dynasties, Song Zhi edge of the original, exquisite architecture, the layout of rigorous, wooded, as the provincial key cultural unit. Wei also scenic areas within the city, thanks to Taiwan, off the rock stars, the sink off the city, Liang Yi Tsukamoto, such as the history of human remains, sideways Hill, Jiulongshan, Xiegu Kwan, gourd Valley, Xiegu reservoirs, wheat Shihe, Stephen Zhuge, Zhuge fields such as natural landscape.

  Seekers can explore history, officials of the common people, built inscription, the temple built Xiumiao, pay through the ages, many here shed valuable ancient culture, ancient monuments, special Qiyuxuanang Liang temple is the rich culture, scenic Celebration of the Arts. Liang temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, the temple sit north of the Southern Dynasties, Song Zhi in the first of the original, magnificent, resplendent into the Mountain Gate, is a tall order Xiandian, in the main hall, the Eight Diagrams Pavilion, the roof ridge animal, are thousands, walls painted, brilliant colors. Xiandian on both sides of the walls, a mosaic of Yue Fei hand-written before and after the "Inst" Stele, 40 Erchi Qingshi run-on from the square, the heart of table text-to-speech, writing outstanding; vigorous and imaginative writing, fluent earned ; Juan technical skills, become artworks, called "three no" monument. Yuen is a backyard in Berlin, Grass Flower bed, like spring all year round, fresh clean, Liang Yi Guanzhong Youju Berlin, off the delicate beauty of the stars of the pavilion stands in the backyard of the Central, Central Beilang get back yard, Wen-Chen Gallery generals on both sides of the separation, its winding streets, elegant environment. There are three well-known scenic spot in the ancient ruins more than two, such as Shu Jun Zhang remains in the gully off the city, Army base camp Jiulong, Shujun's water under the original Road 13, Spring water Zhuge Stephen, Sima Yi will be al-Taiwan, knows the valley got up, and so on.

Wu Zhang why the original "Wu Zhang", said there are three; I say this after the narrow width of the original before, only the most narrow Wu Zhang Department; II, Qin said the second round of the West to this point, the former head Wu Zhang wind blowing dust column; said that three former high-five Shiyu Zhang, formerly known as the original five-Shi Zhang, word of mouth, Wu Zhang Jian became the original. Wu Zhang of the original sites is a major Zhuge Temple (Temple), the temple is a plaque, inscription, tablets, tablets, murals, statues and so on. Outside the temple ruins as a "drop-exempt city", "Zhuge pot", "Qipanshan" "Stephen Zhuge", "Zhuge field", "set winding mountain path," "Wei City" and "ancient gourd valley sites," such as stone.

"Three Kingdoms" and other historical records, 12-year-ray Shu Han Jian (AD 234 years) spring, changed the former Liang Fa Wei 4th line, led by 100,000 troops from Hanzhong, along Qin and Han Dynasties era of the ancient path along the cliff, blazing, riding adventure together, in one fell swoop took over the roads of Shu Qin throat Fort oblique Guan Yu. Hui Feng immediately to the west, to occupy the original Wu Zhang, camped, Fenbing Dynasty, the right to pretend, protracted war. "As far as the risk of the original first-Wu Zhang, the garrison at Weinan open fields" is a very real portrayal of that time. Resourcefulness of Shu Han Often with clever moves, chest Ayutthaya possession of the marshal to understand Cao Wei. When Sima Yi Liang Shuaijun that go north, by way of oblique valley, said that as a result of Zhu Jiang said: "If the light of the brave, when the martial arts, the mountains east. If the West on five of the original text, armed services having nothing to do!" Why , As a result of martial arts to the east, Sichuan wide-field width, suitable for battle involving large corps Also there to fat food abundance, provisions added easy access. Sima Yi also worried about the site, not wise to seize and occupy, he naturally was pleased. As for the Liang Dynasty Junken for long term, he is Fuzhiyixiao. He is well aware of the "Bingbuyanzha," the reason. His insight Liang Fa Wei previous failure of the main As a result of, among other things, poor rations. Although this change in strategy, using the wooden ox food, but after all, limited. Dynasty, such as food, it is also desirable, but the original Wu Zhang, the Weihe River's south bank of a little land, that is, quarter after quarter Jin-feng, will not be sufficient to 100,000 troops by the Permanent Dynasty, is to deceive the public. As a result, Sima Yi-pin Shu lack of rations, fast profits in the war to a Shengougaolei. Not behind closed doors. Kong Ming sent several times under the war, he willing to show weakness. Kong Ming anxious not to give his clothes a woman would like to provoke him. Shui Liao, the wily marshal of the Wei, the shame will never be humiliated by the bite. Liang, even if we have to raise full of policy, Yu Zhao so stubborn Can not play; coupled with voluminous military affairs. Broken down from constant overwork him, so in August, died in the original Wu Zhang Jun Zhang, the year when the 54-year-old. To commemorate the loyalty of the people of Fuji Shu Han Liang Xiang, Wu Zhang in the construction of the temple was built at the north end of the original temple, the memory of pay, from generation to generation, has continued to this day. From the Yuan Dynasty, later on the open Wu Zhang Liang was in the building Li Miao Temple. On behalf of construction experience, is the imposing temples, steles problems, Cooper tall and straight, vigorous Laohuai. "Pan winding mountain path," Uehara. Temple of the brick gatehouse, tilt the corners, antique. Central lintel carved "allegiance to the Han Dynasty alone," 4 Chinese characters, stroke and Qiu Jin float in the air. Outside the West , Put up with a one-person-high monument Qingshi giant, for years Qing Guang Xu Jun Shan Hu county magistrate or initiatives by the legislation. He is the author of the sculpture above the "rehabilitation of the original Wu Zhang Wuhou Temple tablets." From the tablets and Su Shi's "original title Wu Zhang Wuhou Temple", it may be built in Northern Song Dynasty.

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Tong Tianhe National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tong Tianhe National Forest Park, located in the Qinling Mountains south of the territory of Fengxian, under the Baoji Municipal Forestry Bureau of Jiashan Xin. With a total area of 5235 hectares, from south to north winds 17 kilometers direct Qinling main beam. An average of more than 1700 meters above sea level, the highest 2738.7 meters above sea level.

Park River from the temple, and the colt through Zhao three of the original area consists of the original vegetation, mountains Stone Forest, River Falls Lake Forest Park is a distinctive feature. Verdant trees in the park, want to drop green, which rise amid permanent peaks, lofty cliffs sink. Jusan appropriate water features, the circular stream, gurgling water, may seem off continued. Tan Ying sparkling, flying waterfalls flow foam beads, and the mountain moving Junba Seamless integration, Xiangyingchengqu. Qi stands, the cloud line, stone million for a high sky line. More than 1800 kinds of forest plants, and even incense trees, grass leaves alone, magnolia, azalea, Viburnum sargentii, and other plants for the park has added an unlimited view, it is intoxicated. More than 280 kinds of wild animals, walk through the antelope, microphylla Tang, Huang Li Gao Ge, Phylloscopus Diming, people and animals live in harmony, and refrain from being complacent. The depth of winter snow-wrapped, nice and cool in summer, felt a sense of feeling relaxed and happy.

Park River from the temple, Zhao Xing and the colt through the three major scenic spots of the original composition of the original vegetation, mountains Stone Forest, Lake Creek Falls is a forest Park's distinctive characteristics. Verdant trees in the park, want to drop green, which rise amid permanent peaks, lofty cliffs sink. Jusan appropriate water features, the circular stream, gurgling water, may seem off continued. Tan Ying sparkling, flying waterfalls flow foam beads, and the mountain Junba seamless integration movement, Xiangyingchengqu. Qi stands, the cloud line, between high stone million Sky line. More than 1800 kinds of forest plants, and even incense trees, grass leaves alone, magnolia, azalea, Viburnum sargentii, and other plants for the park has added an unlimited view, it is intoxicated. More than 280 kinds of wild animals, walk through the antelope, golden pheasant soar, singing Huang Li, Phylloscopus Diming, people and animals live in harmony, and refrain from being complacent. Winter snow-wrapped, nice and cool in summer, felt a sense of feeling relaxed and happy.

Park, the seat of the Tibetan town of Gu Cheng Tang, "Tang warehouse city", an ancient grain store powerhouse. Legend has it that after Tang learn here. The children inside the temple River meandering to the west Qinling direct access to the roof beams, "Path West," meaning that the Park Named after, it passed under the many beautiful and touching story of legend.
Tongtian He went on into history, into the Tongtian He went on the nature and risk Hill here, Shi Qi, Shui Sau is your summer, leisure, eco-tourism and adventure tourism holidays.
The main attractions: 1 Lin Fa Shan; 2, Optimus Prime; 3 million years turtle; 4, the dog days of Japan; 5, General Shi; 6, Lotus Lake; 7, Tianhe Hukou; 8, to wash the heart pool; 9, Stone Forest mountains; 10, the original Spruce forest; 11 acres of rhododendron forest; 12, Oxygen Bar promenade.

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Thousands of Taiwan, Lu Yang Wang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Lu of Taiwan for the Spring and Autumn period of great educator Confucius Yan Ji-hyun only the building, located on the territory of Qianyang Xian, Shaanxi Province, more than 2,400 years ago, China was the first respect.

Ji Yan (former 541 - before 476), the word Zi Si, Qin and Yang Chun-yan Jiashan (this Qianyang Xian in Shaanxi Province Water Town Water Village) , The disciples of Confucius, one of the 72-hyun. Yan Ji Lu Cong Shi went to three life of Confucius. In the years after Yu Yang (this Qianyang Xian Pei Taiwan and Taiwan) to teach for 18 years, and actively teach the doctrine of Confucius, learn the history after the death of Zhao Ting sealed their big gifts: Tang Kaiyuan 27 (739), Xuanzong Ji Feng Yu Yang Bo; large and medium-sized Xiang Song Zhenzong 2002 (1009), had absorbed thousands of sealed sources designate; up-ming said that "our predecessors could only swallow." Confucian Temple in Qufu, Shandong Ji Yan for the memorial tablets of stone and the like, there are plastic saints Cinei also like Yan Ji.

  Yan Ji-cheng thick humble man, very popular with knowledge of Confucius, the well-pro. Yan Ji Lu from the second, after the BC 5 1, Yu Yang in setting up schools, the No Child Left Behind, widely disciples, the spread of Confucianism, Qin Long, Sichuan, Yunnan, Ningxia, Mongolia, and so on the new train a large number of personnel to promote local education, economy, The great development of cultural undertakings. Yan Ji is the only north-west on the land of Confucius yin only "open for the West Hall of teaching first," Carry forward the national culture, heritage, such as Confucianism has made an enormous contribution to. Yan Ji Yu Yang set up to teach in 18 years, as a result of the division eager to think, then every day after school at the edge of the Loess Plateau, high Lu Yuan Wang. In order to be able to stand higher and look farther away, Yi Jin Yan Ji daily lift up high enough to cushion Turkey Lu Wang, day after day, year after , Was to form a cone-shaped territory of Taiwan, the Taiwan soil later called "Taiwan's Lu Wang" or "Taiwan's Lu Wang Ji Yan."

Lu Wang-high 11 meters, 35 meters by the end of track, around the square and covers an area of about more than 8000 square meters, although several vicissitudes and changes of history, but to protect good, the momentum still Wei-ran, according to body Tall. It is not only the use of energy and Yan Ji Cuotu on concrete action from a long-term commitment of the true feelings of Taiwan, and is thought to Yan Ji Shi Shi Nian sense of division Teachers of Dade United States and Great character, the spirit of the layer increases with the casting of respecting teachers, Taiwan. Its rich cultural heritage and history implies the all-Yan Ji Jing Benedict's mentor and absolute sincerity on high Cuotu to look Respect of the complex, this is the truth Yan Ji respect, respect of acts of condensate and will be released, the Chinese nation's fine tradition of respecting teachers and to witness the true portrayal of history in the history of Chinese education is the great creative The feat. Yan Ji - the first person to respect ancient China, Lu Wang of Taiwan - China's respect first. Lu Wang of Taiwan have set up private school to teach the door, literary Kai, Shi-Ting thinking, six-rowed monument, the Temple of respecting teachers, folk palace, Yan Ju-yu, and so on the landscape. Renjiedeling here, a unique landscape, tourism and leisure, Zhi Chang Sik, mold, and enrich the soul, inspire the younger generation, chemical education and a good place for sub-ideal choice. Lu Wang of Taiwan, "provincial Point heritage "and" patriotic education "base, its huge size, as the body's qi, cultural implication of abundance, the value of history, deep soul stirring, in contemporary China can be the most!

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Tiantai Mountain (Shennong Township) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tiantai Mountain, also known as Tai Shan days, said the ancient West Qinshan. Tiantai Mountain in 1994 for the third announced by the State Council, China's major scenic spots. It is located in Baoji City in the south, at the northern foot of Qinling Mountain Range, the area Bin area. Away from the main scenic spots in Baoji city center less than 10 km, an area of about 133 square kilometers. Scenic Ping At 1,500 meters above sea level around Tianzhu Feng peak 2198 meters above sea level. Is a beautiful natural scenery, cultural meta-mountain suburbs of the national key scenic spots.

Baoji Tiantai Mountain has a long history, unique natural scenery and rich cultural. The old "Baoji County," set: "Central Zhushan , Kong Fu prominent, like the Mid built Palace of Our Lady, after the five-story Gui, there are streams hole next to the quenching Lingquan "scenic peaks in competing show, lush vegetation, clear-You-Lin and pleasant weather. As far as the history of literature "Jiang Yan Emperor into the water on." Baoji is the native place of Yan Di and Yan Di Tiantai Mountain is a legend, mining and tasted a hundred herbs poisoning victims buried Department.

Beautiful natural scenery, Tiantai Mountain, Qinling Mountains to show the magnificent broad vision can be described as "three thousand feet protruding Ping", "low pressure Kunlun Tianzhu"; enrichment Qinling Mountains in a beautiful, with Perfect Mount, the Valley, green, green water Four landscape characteristics. Perfect Mount: Tiantai Mountain Chongluandiezhang, Wall confront Among a Myriad between the mountains, clouds and hazy, the Meteorology Series. Scenic rooftop of Lotus Peak, Tianzhu Feng, MA sent, head-feng, Feng Shen Nong, chicken-san, San Ling, and so are the peaks of granite peak forest landform, for hegemony peaks, steep volley. Valley: Tiantai Mountain large gully, steep cliffs in a deep valley, trees Blot out the Sun, Exposure to people, "Lan Ching-kwong also Margaret, Yu Shu-color still Cang" "Songtao even hear the sound, but Wan Jing" is reached. A lot of deep inaccessible so far, the unfathomable mysteries. Green: Lin Tiantai Mountain vast, hidden in the stone peaks Calocedrus pines, the composition of the colorful paintings of the natural scene. Shanmingshuixiu spring, rotten Yamahana , A hundred birds twitter; changes in the summer, the roar Fengtao, the Green Wave Bay cluster; the fall of Hong Kong in Full, science; winter when the vast mountains, snow-wrapped. The rich wood varies throughout the rock in rock crevices, and some Enuoduozi, climbing Fuyao; some Laotailongzhong, Qiu Longfei air, fresh and beautiful to give people the enjoyment of the arts. Green Water: days Volume of water rich in rivers, lakes (reservoirs), stream, waterfall, Tam, Stephen taste, mountain water around the ring, criss-crossing. Its clean water, ocean waves; stream water features, the trickle; Longtan Kam, the vast green water; chicken Lake, quiet demure.

Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area by area can be divided into six major scenic spots, 1 Attractions more than 0. Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area in accordance with the characteristics of the natural landscape can be divided into five categories and a number of categories: mountain landscape, including the peaks, rocks, cliffs and caves of the four categories, there are 45 spots; waters landscape: rivers, lakes (reservoirs), River, waterfall, Tam, Stephen six categories, there are 26 spots; Sky landscape: Including sunrise, the clouds of the two categories, there are 7 spots; vegetation landscape: landscape, including forest and tree landscape of the two categories, there are attractions 8; landscape animals: birds, mammals, the other three categories, there are scenic spots 20.

Tiantai Mountain rich in scenic, ancient mystery, has a long history, rich and colorful Has four basic features: a long history: The Legend of Tiantai Mountain herbs for the Yan Emperor Shen Nong of the victims, many relics of Yan Emperor. There are deceased, "the rooftops of the ancient world, the rooftops of the ancient world" reputation; naturalization cultural, natural and cultural landscape of people: cultural and natural landscape are exterior and interior, has embraced not only in Space layout and aesthetic taste each other combination of infiltration, but also have demonstrated historical, religious architecture blend with the surroundings and set off; Taoist culture to the world that, for the Taoist "Zuting" and "mysterious" place. Tiantai Mountain mystery of its beautiful natural environment to attract well-known ancient Taoist figures support of seclusion Mission practice, more than 1,000 years of continuous incense, the prevalence of Sishen, a rather formation of local color of the Taoist culture; human landscape in order to have a deep, rich local customs and cultural characteristics as the background. Tiantai Mountain since ancient times as "saints to practice", held in this ancient ritual activities of the Yan Emperor, temple festivals are held frequently, Here, the fire temple in society, opera, and the festival features a variety of rich local folk customs, not only has the color of ancient simplicity, with a long history and culture of Baoji in the same strain, and add the Tiantai Mountain and the mystery of the human landscape and colorful . As far as the actual investigation, there are religious relics Tiantai Mountain 30 Folk Culture 6, 13 stones, 8 stele, ancient ruins 4, the activities of the Yan Emperor remains of 10, 2 Road, Temple 5, artificial reservoir 6, 7 artifacts, stone Cliff 5, ancient relics 7.

Tiantai Mountain rich in unique natural landscape and cultural landscape, high Brigade The value of which outside visitors, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the magnificent wonders of exploring the mysteries of nature's magic, heart and eye Shuang, cultivate character, but also from that of many little-known story of the Lost, myths and legends, learned a wealth of Historical and cultural knowledge. As a result, today has become a well-Baoji Tiantai Mountain Sightseeing, leisure, the excellent state of scientific research.

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Yong city sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin Yong city - is the Spring and Autumn Warring States period to the mid-Qin nearly 300 years of political and economic center, located in the south of Fengxiang, Yong water to the north. From Germany to the year 2002 public offer of more than 290 years, the city Yong Qin has been a political, military, economic and cultural center. 19, after the monarch has so painstakingly built up for later Shi Huang unified the country has laid a solid foundation. As countries, Yong build a city the size of a huge wall, built a magnificent grand palace to become a developed country was one of the city. Qin Yong city in China during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty ruins of the Qin capital. Spring and Autumn Warring States period to the mid-Qin nearly 300 years of political, Relief centers, located in the south of Fengxiang, Yong water to the north. Starting in 1952 discover the investigation, released in 1988 for the Chinese national key cultural unit. "Qin Shi Ji Ji this," said: "Germany Year, the beginning of the UN-Yong Cheng City Palace, Buju ... ... Yong, Yin Ma in the river after the children and grandchildren." Offer the public "2002, the city of Yang Shuo "From the year in Germany (former 677) offer to the public two years (before 383), more than 290 years, the city Yong Qin has been a political, military, economic and cultural center. After 19 of the monarch's hard for the later Qin Shi Huang National unity has laid a solid foundation. As a capital, Yong city built a huge scale City Wall, built a magnificent grand palace to become a developed country was one of the city. Dong Qian public offer, although the city Yong lost the political center, but as a one-time capital, the ancestors of the Qin mausoleum and temple are still here, a number of important Sidian Yong also be held. Yong city wall, in accordance with drilling data confirm This is located south of Fengxiang, the Yong River to the north. Zhifanggou River to the west of the Loess Plateau over Taiwan. The plane was irregular square, from east to west 3300, 3200 meters wide north-south, an area of about 10.56 square kilometers. Yong In addition to the city outside the city, east and south to Zhifanggou River, Yong river water and other natural barriers to natural things. Nishigaki also Cheng Hao artificial mining facilities as a defense. Exploration is outside the West Yuan Cheng Hao of about 1,000, a 12.6 wide, 25, 5.20 meters deep. China's archaeologists 1973-1986 to the Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Research Institute Yong city was the site of large-scale surveys, drilling and excavation, preliminary Yung-ching of the city's location, size shape, as well as the palace of the three major areas of the city and suburbs such as the construction site of the palace, and was found south of large-scale and small-scale Qin Gong cemetery burial area. Cheng Cheng Yong inherent in the Spring and Autumn when Yao has established a post near the palace, Ma Chuang in the vicinity of the palace area and channel iron, three high-oji Dian district. Yao Gang in the city in the central west, could be unearthed more than 190 Tibetan ice cube operation of the Ling Yin (icehouse) and the site of a palace ruins. Ma Chuang Yung site is located in the central city of southwest, is better preserved in the late Spring and Autumn large palace temple area, may be living Qin Huangong "Yong sleep too much" about. Iron ditch, Wang Yong Temple is located in the palace area in the northern city, explore the site and the village of Pteris oji cache bronze. Three palaces in the region found that a large number of pottery, pots, cans, tanks, urn, Ge, bowl, beans, container, water pipes cord, Jingquan, Ban Wa, as well as Tongwa Moire, Wadang Wen-kui, and so on. Yong in the outer suburbs have also found that Qin Hall and other sites. In Qi Gong is a well-known of the Qin Dynasty palace, the king has the political line of this coronation ceremony. There are unearthed, "Qi Gong in the" Han language and Wadang. That its construction as the Warring States era in the late Western Han Dynasty is still in use until. Chengguan found in the North of the Spring and Autumn period, a handicrafts workshop Qin sites, with bronze pits , Unearthed 28 bronze.

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Baoji tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baoji in Shaanxi Province at the western end of 800 years Hirakawa, a tributary of the Yellow River at the western end of the Weihe Plain, in western China is an important political, economic, cultural, transportation center, Northwest is a new medium industrial city in Shaanxi Province for the first Second largest city. Baoji City, 179 kilometers east of Xi'an, Xianyang and, China, Gansu, Tianshui, Pingliang, and other places, which borders the city.

Baoji terrain, mountains of the original Xiong Jun, mainly in the territory of Baoji Weihe River, Jialing River, thousands of rivers, river rock, and so on, for the community to Qinling Mountains, rivers belong to the Yellow River, two of the Yangtze River, Weihe River is the largest tributary of the Yellow River is the city of Baoji Habitat The largest rivers. Weihe River from the torrential flow through the city center and had become a major Baoji landscape.

Baoji existing machinery, electronics, electricity, steel, fertilizer, chemicals, coke, food, building materials, textiles, paper-making industry for the province, and other emerging industrial city. Baoji-Chengdu, Lianyungang-Lanzhou, Po in the three railway This convergence is leading to the motherland in the northwest, southwest of the transport hub.

Gu Cheng Baoji another. Ancient times, ginger, Ji has two clan live, reproduce and grow, this prosperity. Legend has it that the Yan Emperor Shen was born in the Baoji-ginger water, he taught farming, a medicine in the history of our country to stay A glorious page. Zhou tribe 3,000 years ago to Baoji-based, development and growth, the establishment of a powerful dynasty of the week. Who then Hou Qin Feng Yong City-based, horse feed Ma Li Bing, one of China's reunification and the establishment of the Qin dynasty unified. 7,000 years have elapsed since the first ridge north of Neolithic sites, the whole world The week of the original site, the site of the pre-Qin Yong City, the palace relics Famen Temple and Buddha's finger bone relic of China as well as the detached palace of the Tang crown Jiucheng Gong in China and so on, the site of cultural history, the history of archaeological, architectural history and religious history of the development of an important position In the history of civilization in the world of rare gems.

Bao Is rich in tourism resources, has long been known as the "hometown of Yan Emperor," "Bronze Town" and "rural folk arts and crafts of" reputation. Visit major tourist attractions are Famen Temple, Zhougong Miao, Wu Zhang Liang of the original temple, grassland and Oldies, Jiang Taigong Diaoyutai, Yong Qin Gong big city and the tomb site, Taibai Mountain, Yandi Ling Temple, Baoji Green -Museum, the concept of Taiwan, the first North Ridge, East Lake, site of Jiucheng Gong, and so on. The top 10 tourist attractions in the city of Baoji to Famen Temple, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, Diaoyutai, Zhougong Miao, Wu Zhang Liang of the original temple, Fengxiang East Lake, the source of the Jialing River Scenic Area, grassland and Oldies, Yandi Ling Temple, Baoji Bronze Museum.

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Tai Chi Town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi Province in the south is a beautiful mountain city Xunyang Xian, Li ring around the town of eight peaks, respectively, shows the "dry, was from that shock, kun, Burgundy, Hom, Sunda," eight position. Yin and Yang were fish-eye position with a green and luxuriant growth of Cooper, making the county seat to become a natural tai chi town gossip.

  Ten days County has a long history as early as 6000 before there is human activity. Han emperor 5 years (202 years BC) and home counties.

  It is understood that the "natural Tai Chi City" is caused by the peculiar landscape. As the next ten days he cut, erosion, accumulation, so that the riverbed was "S" shape. River flows through ten days around the Xunyang Xian , In the old town and into the East River, a natural component of tai chi patterns. Here, our country can feel the ancient city made of the unique location of Taoism and the ideas of "harmony between man and nature" of thinking.

  Han River in Sea, on the banks of the River-year-old Yangcheng, Tai Chi, also known as the city. Constant ancient primitive, to move on move-year-old, standing like a son Department Fertile soil on the side of the southern Shaanxi. Xunyang a long history and established the Qin Guan-year, the home county of the Western Han Dynasty, known as "the first Qin Chu Mei" and "Jiangnan in the north" reputation. Accumulated a deep Qin, Chu, Prachuab, Lingnan, Wu Yue, and so on a long and rich history and culture of the Han River valley culture. County landscape is extremely unique, a Enuoduozi, Wan The year-long river around the city 270 degrees into the Han River, as if "S" type of old river town will be divided into yin and yang of the two natural-do, and the surrounding ring of 8 summit legislation outlining a form of a realistic, vivid map of Tai Chi, the Seven Wonders of the Industrial As China has created a mysterious, magical, sacred city of Bagua tai chi. Since ancient times Seekers can explore a way to describe her magnificent: "Liexing city lights, a year-round water tai chi," "Soul Mountain carved hieroglyphics on the characters, Tai Chi-year water plans are ready," "Ren Wang Jiang overlooking the river, Tai Chi in the mountain city of emergent show "" Wang-South Han River, North River town of ten days, ten days Suoyao rivers Yangcheng; East Hill Cliff Ling, West Park, Yi Lin, the charming beauty A city "... ...

  As early as Wuliuqiannian ago, our ancestors have been in the Tai Chi area of the city where 800 land reclamation life evolved, in the history of mankind is not only a good place for production and living, but also a strategic land and water. As the Tai Chi Xunyang city with the advantages of geographical location, which will become a military history Place. Today, most people honor the city of Tai Chi, the city still has a long heritage and the graceful scenery. Has a long history of ancient civilization, and tai chi for the glory of the city. Only now on display at the museum in the city of New Stone Age and the Warring States period, the Han Dynasty as many as several thousand pieces of cultural relics. One of the most famous ivory chip count, lonely letter polyhedron Meijing India is rare, and other treasures. 60 at various spots in the territory of the existing listed as key protection unit in Shaanxi Province, the Ming Dynasty Confucian Temple, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes red rock, the tomb of the three countries and the Mengda river Shu Huangzhou Hall is leading talent to do. Tai Chi water on three sides of the city are numerous scenic spots: Monument Park shade of copper, Chi ryong'am grass Qushui around the city, Point trace left behind ... ...

  Tai Chi city rich products, tobacco, minerals, turmeric, chemical among the top 10 nationwide, Alpine Rush, the perfume of pear, apricot purse, the sheep's head, and other well-known throughout the province. Tourist traffic obvious advantage, Sai Hong, Xiangfan, S102 provincial highway, G316 national highway in the intersection, the north An ancient capital of Culture and Tourism Zone, east Wudang in Hubei Province, the Dragon aircraft Nature Reserve, south of the Yangtze Three Gorges Project, west Ying Hu Ankang, Xiangxi hole and Nangong Mountain.

  National well-known writer who had come 3rd Tai Chi City, she said, the landscape here made heaven and earth-based, win-one, the man in the mountains Park Generous, pure girl Shuiling, cultural attractions clouds, the deep cultural heritage, is a good place.

  This is the natural good fortune, with Yin and Yang hold, unlimited spiritual Tai Chi City; thousands of years is the interpretation of the style of tai chi Qinba City; this is mounted on the hill in the Qin a pearl -- Tai Chi-yang City, are open to the embrace of the world, waiting for you into this magical land.

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Ushiyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Niutoushan, located in the well-being of rural Garden City, and at the junction of BA Xiang Tan, 45 km away from the urban area. Mountain 14 km long from north to south, east 13 km wide, the main peak reached 1547.6 meters above sea level is the highest in Central City in the mountains. ?? ?? shan tall and straight high and steep mountains, towering Qi, like Tau, as a result of Got its name. Ushiyama green trees, a beautiful area there are existing shan Temple, Jinniu hole, defense Shicheng, Shuai flag pier, and other relics and scenic spots. Shan Temple, founded in the Song Dynasty, and later converted Lvjing maintenance, keep in mind are built, the existing monument 17. Ushiyama peak on the "stone Wangjing," Huang Chao is a legend in the uprising Ushiyama training on each Completion of training, legislation must be in the stone, the north side vows to overthrow the Tang Dynasty, Xijing flattened, so people would call this stone "Mid hate" or "Wangjing stone." ?? ?? shan is one of the well-being of the four famous mountains, is one of eight well-being.

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De Qiuchi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

De Qiuchi big ditch resort corridor, Li Shangyin descendants of the ancient sites, lutetium crown on the head of Jinshan, Chaoyang tortoise, a hill deep in Xian Jia, Guo Tai Shen Nong meeting, the viewing platform to see the sunrise, mt pond, such as the eight scenic spots.

?? ??

  Tang dynasty poet Li Shang-yin, "Yeyujibei": "Jun asked not Guiqi Period, up Bashanyeyu Qiuchi. He cut a total of Xichuang when a candle, but then when Bashanyeyu. "De Qiuchi left a sum of the most exciting.


  Contains the history books: "The number of acres of wide pools and muddy throughout the year, if the stone, in a moment of heavy rain, named Kanda." Heyuan less than God km, the river winding paths, Bay 9 and 99 grasslands Kanda backpack to form a wonderful frame of reference. Land package between the size of the lawn 32, more than 10 pools, the largest lawn, about 1000-2000 acres. The largest pool of about 3000 square meters. It is strange that there are around Rock Hill, with the exception of grassland Land is a profound, almost no stones, people walk on the grass like riding in the same soft sponge.

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Lan river rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lan River is located in Langao County, River because of more gas-lan, named Lan River. ?? ?? "Shui Jing Zhu," said Gu Lan. According to "dominate the Qing Chi," it reads: Lan Lan River Sandor gas, he named Lan, a poem of the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei: "Song Shan Chang rain falls, the sun suddenly Cai Cui Lan Cheng." This is the most beautiful river-lan The prize presentation. Lan river rafting as a special tourism is set adventure, tourism, sports as one of the high-quality entertainment is a great joy to life. Drifting from time to time the two sides reach an open flat, narrow and sometimes fast, but most of the river sections in urgent relief, relief in the flat. Wa Lane 24 Run, gorge to water, sometimes like the level of a mirror, sometimes Tuan Tuan water, sit tight in the bow of the ship, trustworthy to the rudder, the waves stop Fei-zhou, they are allowed to fly splash Chu-yu, with the boat and waves, with one ship, there is the feeling of attention No fear of risk-Lan River Warriors aspirations of pride, which is: "The sound of monkeys the two sides could not cry, Adventure million over mountains."

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Thousands of Jiaping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jia Ping thousand of the park is located at Yongsan. Lung Shan-Yu is at the junction of the Daba Mountains peak, is located in the southernmost tip of Shaanxi, located in the Ping Lee County, south of the town of Sin and critical Zhenping County, its main area belonging to the thousand-li-owned forest farm Jia Ping, the main peak of 2917 `2 meters above sea level, so "Bashan roof." Lan is a river, river waves, Hongshi , The birthplace of the River Ping. Primeval forest here has a charming scenery and mysterious culture, is a unique natural scenery and resources to develop high value tourism, is a set of tourism, summer vacation, adventure, scientific research and Taoist culture in one of the largest museum of natural history. In 1982 the provincial government will Hill as a nature reserve and to declare National Nature Reserve. Complex geological structure, the moist monsoon climate, created a rich landscape of forest resources. Park vegetation belonging to the mixed conifer and subalpine coniferous forest, forest cover, relatively complete, many tree species, mainly rare species Davidia Picea, Abies, Abies pine, camphor and pine, thick head, sumac, and so heart-meter, and some single forest, such as tall fir into a piece of pine, the large production of refined cane to the head of bamboo, neatly Spectacular, such as the review of the troops; some mixed forest, catch up, even for high-phase; here is also rich The reputation at home and abroad, "Sin Chrysanthemum dangshen heart," such as the shape and the Alondra grin, Angelica, Tianma, living alone expensive medicines, herbal medicines. The unique geology, forests, climate so that the formation of a Full Park, the changing landscape of forest plants and natural landscapes. As Guo Song, "Paul landscape," said: "The truth of the landscape Lan, 4:00 different: Spring Hill, such as laughter and Zhan Ye, Xia Hill and in the case of drops of green, bright and clean and Akiyama, such as makeup, Dongshan, such as sleep and going from bad to worse. "Landscape Park, an area erosion, gully clouds, mountains and downs, many cliffs, Shen You Cave, constitute a magnificent natural landscape. Along the road Line both sides of the confrontation between the peak danger, Wei Yi mountains fill the fields as green piece, by car, as if sitting in the car, the car in the sea-green line; if instead of using cars, as if to roam between the two Ping, walk-for - King, Mao and pleasure. To board the main peak, there were white clouds in the blue sky Shujuan, under running water to Raoshan, Shiratori and ears in the Ming If the early morning air around the lemon, fog Man Juan, Lin Cueifong, when the time is now hidden, empty landscape Piaomiao Ming, Ruhuan Like a Dream, Sin Dunsheng people travel far and wide experience here. Acute mountain breeze, the indemnity Hill Hangyunliushui like fog off the air, blue sky thousands of miles, clarity, such as washing, You He Cueifong, trees and a clean, graceful show grace, who is Shen Yi Kuang, and from the reluctant.

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Moon owner (owner Creek) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanming City, is at the end of the 1950s the emerging industrial city, more than four decades of construction, is the country's reputation ya civilized city, the national garden city. Garden City benefited from the blue waves of the mighty River sand. River sand is the main tributary of the Min River. In 1992, Sanming city government to raise money to build water in the river owner Station, magnificent, magnificent on both sides of the dam and flood control embankment in the urban areas to make up to more than 20 years the river has become a water park, is one of the beautiful garden city. God the coast of Peru trace cattle, gold water, chemical Star, as the arch Lion, the majestic New Town, Riverside Park, and so out of the relative beauty.

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Yan Wan site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Wan site is located in the city of Sanming in Fujian Province three-zone before the pre-rock village in the northwest town of limestone Gu Feng, a Paleolithic site. The site found 100 pieces of stone products, including core, stone, choppers and scrapers, and so on, along with a variety of mammalian fossils. Times for 20 million years ago or so, Early Paleolithic cultural sites. It also found that the world's rare relics of early artificial stone pavement, stone pavement to expose an area of about 120 square meters, and found that the Chinese rhinoceros, tigers, brown bears, beef, and other associated animal fossils more than 10 species of more than 400. Wan Yan Paleolithic sites, the ancient human Fujian life history of more than 10 million years earlier, to fill the age of archeology in Fujian Province on a blank section, also in east China has so far found in China as early as the early Paleolithic cave types of cultural sites.

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