According to Luo Ping River and more - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to many beautiful river landscape, the environment beautiful, rich style, the group covered waterfall, thousands of gesture, dizzying. Buyi area within the customs intoxicate more strong, especially in three of the third lunar month, Puyi dressed young men and women gathered in the river, bamboo raft race, the egg delivery kits, water play, Duige courtship, as if a piece of paradise, but also Tasted the rich ethnic characteristics of food: rice, flowers, fish Suansun, the brown, "Ma Jiao bar," is all mouth-watering.

According to many scenic spots

  Taiwan on board, straight river wide, open field of vision. Puyi's rich life at the riverside village; Cunpang towering trees, lush Xiuzhu Place banana, clear spring river overflowing, the growth of Orchids; slowly along the river line, Health Valley Orchids in Hong Keng-sheng, the mountain is covered with green Chimonobambusa over the river. Toyama confusing reflection in the river, near the original simplicity of the slow running water tankers, the two sides rolling That Shakes The Barley, a golden yellow. In the face of this quiet charming pastoral scenery, will be reluctant to part, nostalgia Back.

Taiwan board cataractes

  Taiwan is located in the village under the board. Herbie beach along the river, Yinhua Beach, Beach Gurong winding one. Taiwan falls from the base plate 6 high 1 to 3 meters, 30 to 50 m wide waterfall, located in the river about 100 meters, the rock-fill curved side bending, stacked Fan Yong, may Yinpen spillway, like pearls Tucui, tranquil beauty.

  Puyi words: top-satisfied. Taiwan is located in the village of South East River Plate Department. In more than 10 layers of travertine floodplain, Cuolayouzhi, every Qingbi; Thunder on the beach, according to Qi River scenery can, elegant beauty. Overlooking the high, with back to the days of Bi-Cheng, Ying-day moving Light, set up days allocated to the United States and the world no.
Yuanyang Falls

  Puyi words: Chapter 10 minutes. At Thunder Bay falls under the group of about 500 meters by 3 meters high 0.6-8, and 20-40 meters wide of the composition of the falls. Chapter 10 minutes for the larger falls, 8 meters high waterfall, with a total width of 60 meters, the waterfall cliff-shik was Stonehenge and is separated into left, middle and the right of the three, the central flow more drastic action. Falls off and flying, the Fairy overlapping flowers, the eyes were away, the sound of roaring waterfall, forceful momentum, it is stirring emotions.

  Keel water tankers

  According to Scenic River is located in more natural World Exposition Garden in water tankers. Keel, also known as water tankers Cars, by the Eastern Han Lingdi (AD 168-189 years), created by Albert Kong, has been in use for thousands of years. Keel is the use of water tankers chain wheel drive principle to the human (or animal) chain-driven and beginning to flip-week rehabilitation, mounted on wood scraper chain will be able to sink down to the river to the height and into the field For agricultural irrigation, water can also be used to rule out the possibility. Keel water tankers also be divided into hand-foot keel keel water tankers of water tankers. Keel foot of water tankers are divided into the two foot, three foot, four-foot, and even seven-foot keel of water tankers.

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Cuanbaozibei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cuan (chuan four tones) Po-monument, called "Jin Zhenwei it in full Jianning, General Fu Jun Cuan tomb," the monument. Reform Movement of Qianlong (1778 AD) excavated in the South 70 Qujing county's flag Young field. Xianfeng in the early years, as a result of the repair records, was recorded in the first inscription, the value that before the Temple moved to the city. Qujing keep the first school built to protect Beiting. Gu Yuan Jia Dian people to Beiting wrote a book together: from the Eastern Jin Dynasty Tycoon, Po Zenghui 300 words. Cuan said the Southern Yunnan small, stone Yongshou 2000. Built up to now, has more than 1570 years here, "300", "2000" is to language Antithesis, and some lesser number. A total of 388 inscriptions actual words, an Eastern Jin Dynasty "in the B-year-old tycoon has been four years in early April." . South Africa's Cuan is the most common, Haozu. As early as the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang Qin Zheng Yunnan, South Africa and most common put down the rebellion, "men who received their" local officials, "Cuan Jianning Xi", "Guan Zhi Army "; Liang also" strong single-shift South Africa and China, "Shu Han enriched the army," its weak points, with large Xingjiao, Yong, Lou, Cuan, Bangladesh, volume, Mao Li-phase plan for. "(" South Africa and China Zhi " ) To Dynasties, South Africa and Cuan's already rule the roost. Luliang County in 1971 had unearthed one stone, a letter, "Thai (too) and the five-year-old Pro (Sim) is not on the 8th day Tiger Li Xiang Long Cuan Tomb. "" Long Xiang "is the general Jin, slightly lower than the status of Three, the South China Dynasties ruler, sealed," Xiang Long. " This steles, although only a few words, it proves that as early as the son of Bao Cuan before 80 years, some people do Cuan's General Xiang Long. His family has long been For a time, dominate the party. From the inscription, the premature death of 23-year-old has been in full, is the general Zhenwei hit the post. Signed at the end of the monument, the main book, recorded, Cao West, the captaincy general, easy, book and file, thousands of officials, Xiao Li, parents such as the size of 13 officials, which could see the powerful officials of flattery, the attachment can also be Test Officials set the time to fill the vacancy Shi. Cuan son Bao monument, in other words more than physical. There are more people Dynasty. Li Shu-kai in between the ancient structure, the strong side of Mao, and hence bring in Coincidentally, the ancient abundant gas. Claimed more than their predecessors: Lee said that the root causes of the monument "under Mao Jian, such as iron steel, such as Mei Zi goddess"; Kang Yu-wei His calligraphy, "Pu Hou Mao-old, full of odd position." Cuan Longyan compared with the monument, Cibei small number of words, a smaller stone (1.83 meters high, 0.86 meters wide), the son of Bao Cuan said after the monument as a "small cook." Jinan is the tycoon Ren Yin Tai year (the year 402 AD) to the year the following year and renamed Xing Yuan, B has (in 405 AD), Yoshihiro changed. Yunnan Province in the far frontier, the mainland do not know the year of change, it is still in use.

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Qujing Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qujing located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in central, east across 102 � 42'-104 � 50 ', latitude 24 � 19'-27 � 03' between. East and Guizhou, Guangxi, adjacent to the west and bordering the provincial capital Kunming, Wenshan the south, the Red River in the north and Zhaotong, Guizhou linked Bijie, Yunnan is an important link with the land Road, known as "Yunnan-Guizhou Suoyue", "Yunnan into the portal" and "Yunnan throat." Qujing is second only to Kunming, Yunnan's second largest city, Yunnan is also an important industrial city.
In addition to the excellent location, where there is a long history and culture. This is the birthplace of the famous cultural Cuan, Longyan Cuan monument Cuan Po-high monument with its art historical value and the value of the world has been praised as the "treasure of South Monument", "Shen Pin in the first." Yunnan Zhuang open arrogance, Xiu Qin, "foot", Zhuge Liang, "Qin Meng Huo seven "...... in the long course of history, where the number of Kingdoms historical epic feat. From Shu Han Nan Zheng Ge, until the Early Tang Dynasty 500 years, there has been a Yunnan political, economic and cultural center.
  Qujing beautiful scenery and historical and cultural thick, rich ethnic customs created a rich and colorful tourist resources. 6 tourism resources in the country in large type, have basic Qujing, 7 Basic types of Qujing Lu has 50, accounting for 67%. Qujing there is the magnificent mountains, beautiful water. Shanghai has been awarded World Headquarters, Diogenes, "China's largest color Sand Sculpture Competition" to the national 4A level scenic areas Caiseshalin Luliang by Luo and Lubuge canyon scenery, Kowloon falls groups, according to more than River, Pearl River Malone horse across the river, scenic spots Fuyuan Kwan, the four State-level forest park space, Huize million hills and fascinating historical and cultural cities, such as the beautiful landscape.
Qujing is the first river in southern China - the birthplace of the Pearl River. Xu Ming Dynasty have been stepping all over the land of eastern Yunnan Province, wrote "Panjiang test", Pearl Exploration Sources in Qujing City, Zhanyi County, Xiong Ma Shan and Shan Xiong Ma praised the "one drop Sanjiang" geographical wonders. "Xiong Ma originated from" the trickle that flows through Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Guangdong, the four provinces and autonomous regions, to create a brilliant history and culture of southern Pearl River Delta and prosperity. Xiong Ma Shan scenic spot has been listed as national forest Park. Yang Chun March, the red horse as large cherry disk, a Congcong shrubs, azaleas fight between Qi Yan, so that visitors dizzying, away. Every year, the Pearl River Basin to attract a lot of people come to get Origin.
Stands in the north eastern Yunnan peaks, deep valleys. Wumeng Mountain, Yunzhewuzhang, mysterious Mo , Mountainside green grass and flocks of sheep, like exposure to the "Shangri-La" Diqing Plateau in general. Red Army's Long March that year had spent two Qujing, scared Laojiang (Chiang Kai-shek), "Qi Jia pipes lose," security troops quickly Kunming, where Mao Zedong wrote "Bang Bo Wumeng go Ni Wan" Poetic Masterpiece through the ages. In the City The clearance under the village, built to commemorate the Red Army had two Qujing of the Red Army monument. Has a rich local culture and the "fairy unicorn", "Liang and Meng Huo", "Ashima and the Arab-black" and "the hometown of fish," and "Xu", "hard work" to form a city in the Yunnan Good sculpture.
Qujing 167 kilometers east of Kunming, there is direct access to the highway, Kunming, the passenger car and a train to Pakistan; Guiyang City, 489 kilometers east from the eastern part of Yunnan and out of an important transport hub since ancient times "in Yunnan keys" Said. Guiyang-Kunming railway line that runs its length throughout the city, and a spur line to set the West Guizhou Fruit, is the construction of the railway from the vicinity of the adoption, from Kunming to Qujing a high-grade highways, transportation is very convenient. North Xiaopo from the railway bridge, south of Cambridge shopping Kirin Xiangyang Road, a total length of 8.3 kilometers, is by far the longest street in Yunnan, the transformation of the Old City to be completed, will be up to 10.3 km. Chui Lu Kuan and 60 m, Yunnan is one of the widest streets. Hotel shops on the streets, row upon row of restaurants. Has a rich local culture and the "fairy unicorn", "Liang and Meng Huo", "Ashima and the Arab-black" and "the hometown of fish," and "Xu", "hard work" to form a city in Yunnan Good sculpture.
  Qujing City is the reform and opening up of eastern Yunnan plateau on the rise of a new city, has become a reasonable layout, functions, convenient traffic and beautiful environment, the built-up area reached 25 square km area of 30 million people in the middle of the city. Qujing in the near future to build There are more than 500,000 of the population, the built-up area of 50 square kilometers area near modern city.
Qujing today's rapid development has been evacuated to (the region Administrative Office) to the city (prefecture-level cities) and under him: Qujing City, the city of Francis, Marlon County, Huize, Xundian Hui Autonomous County, Shizong County, land Liang County, Luo Fuyuan County and nine cities. Qujing City, the capital of the "mini KUNMING."

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Three Parallel Rivers - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the northwest extension of the Southern cross the mountain valley region, including the State of the Nu River, Lijiang, Diqing and the state of the region, the state of Dali in some areas, bordering Myanmar and West, North and Sichuan, adjacent to Tibet. There are scenic spots of the Nu River, Lancang River and Jinsha River Scenic Area 3, 8 scenic spots Center, 6 A number of scenic spots, with a total area of more than 3500 square kilometers. The three river in the northwest of Yunnan mountain valley cross-sectional area and flow hundreds of kilometers, Sanjiang nearest distance in a straight line from the 66.3 kilometers, of which the Nu River, Lancang River is only the latest Department of Nushan separated by 18.6 kilometers. The main landscape: Three Parallel Rivers Xuefeng Mountain, Canyon Rapids, Linhaixueyuan, Bingshi lakes; less wind plate collision, the vast snow-capped mountains and beautiful flowers Austin, a wealth of rare animals and plants, Baishui Tai magnificent, unique ethnic customs, which form a hung, insurance, Show, extraordinary and quiet, Austria, open, and other characteristics. It is the largest area of Yunnan Province, the richest landscape Armstrong , The most colorful ethnic customs, very fascinating, but is not yet developed a virgin area. It is named UNESCO survey by the State Council approved in 1989 as the second batch of state-level scenic spots.

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Fugong Mountain Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fugong County Gaoligongshan Biluo and snow-capped mountains, the distribution of dozens of mountain lakes, which are by the snow-capped mountains on the water from the pool. One of the most beautiful to count up to the mountains of Los Park Lake. Park reached down the mountain lake locals call it "thinking than the hot clothing," it Biluo located in the snow-capped mountains, which rise amid the 3200 meters Between. Clear lake bottom, sweet water. Around the spruce, fir trees around the growth of rare, and so on, handsome tree tall and straight, with the Huguang shore snow Xuefengshan matched, charming charming. Along the tapestry of wild flowers in the spring, azaleas in full bloom, into which, it is refreshing is that the local people Would like to travel, adventure, Summer made the place.

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Bingzhongluo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bingzhongluo Gongshan county seat is located 42 km north of Dan playing. From the Nu River in Tibet and to the Pentium, Bingzhongluo around a big bend, forming a small Pingba. Nu River in the Grand Canyon is also the Autonomous Prefecture of Nujiang largest Pingba. To live here with anger, possession, Dulong, Lisu and other minorities to form a The nation's cultural and religious pluralism. Both the original totem worship, and Lamaism, and the Catholic Church in the West. A variety of religious co-existence here has dissolved, become a religious spectacle. The Nu, Tibetan sing and dance, song and dance of the Nu River is the town. Here There's Nu known "festival of flowers," Baba stone, stone houses built, such as customs and scenery.

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Hump route wreckage - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Half a century ago, from May 1942 to August 1945, in the south-west China, China and the United States to fight alongside the people of Japan and France, which has unleashed a special game, opened up a known as the "Hump route" The international strategic air passage into the aircraft more than 2,000 aircraft in Yunnan to India River opened up a world of the worst in the history of aviation a "dead line", Chinese anti-Japanese battle for the delivery of more than 80 million tons of military material, during which a total of 609 aircraft crashed at the expense of nearly 2,000 pilots. Many are still scattered wreckage of a plane crash in the vicinity of Gaoligongshan. Anti-Japanese aviation in China The monument to the 30 people on the surface 60, 3300 were engraved the names of martyrs, including 2200 Americans, the young American pilots, their young lives dedicated to China's??. Each of the Chinese people will express their respect, they have nothing left, I stay in this world, only those names on the monument. Hump route to visit the wreckage from the car to film library six horses, the whole 180 km

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Gaoligongshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Nu River in the West Bank, the Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve is located. Protected areas west of 9 km wide, 135 meters long from north to south with a total area of 120,000 hectares. The steep mountains, valley north-south alignment phase, a very typical mountain gorge with vertical natural geographical landscape and rich variety of animal and plant resources. This is a cross-sectional range of a pearl, the forest coverage rate of 85%, high mountain valleys of the complex terrain and poor ecological environment, for a variety of animals and plants provide favorable conditions for bottom-up. Gaoligongshan huge mountain to block the cold north-west of the invasion, and to keep the warm air currents of the Indian Ocean, so that is located in the lower The high elevation of protected areas, the formation of a typical sub-tropical climate. East and West 1600-2800 meters above sea level sloping areas, nature reserves is the main body, which connect eastern Himalayan area, the most eye-catching composition of the original broad-leaved forest. Here, a period rich in forest resources, rare plants can be seen everywhere In the world today there is a large species of rhododendron -500 years old rhododendron trees; have been referred to as "green longevity" of ancient relict plant - at the national level to protect rare species Taiwania flousiana; there is the cherry blossoms of the original species in Yunnan Province, Yunnan Camellia The native species, as well as other rare species, rare species in China's pool of forest

The extension of the North-South cross mountains, zoologists have called it fauna of the North-South Corridor. As the "ancestor of mammals split" the birthplace. The protection of the region live in a variety of wildlife, is to protect the country's 30 kinds of wild animals there. And the Yunnan golden monkey and giant pandas enjoy the same voice The antelope is the old protozoan Gaoligongshan. There are gibbons, Slow Loris, francoisi, gray leaf monkey, the monkey bear, monkey face red, black and musk deer, clouded leopard, golden cat, such as indica. There are more than 300 kinds of birds, white-tail pheasants shoots red, Temminck's Pheasant, Swinhoe's white, golden, golden pheasant White-bellied, Golden Pheasant, peacock green, the sun and bird species The multi-thrush, and so on.

Nature Reserve in the center has been built Yao Jia Ping forest tourism resort. Resort is located 2540 meters above sea level, 21 kilometers away from the Lushui Xian city, from horse-chip port 42 kilometers, which are easily accessible, in the six-film library to the horse on the way. As a result of nature reserves Lin types, the vertical distribution of vegetation, which in the day Yao Jia Ping can be realized Gaoligongshan four seasons of spring and summer, autumn and winter climate and landscape. Can be seen here as the Great Wall of snow and ice Gaoligongshan main ridge, you can watch the "waters of Yinshan dart" reputation of the two-river water falls, hill climbing, to reach the mountain Corrosion Lake - Lake orders. Resort on the current capacity of 200 people, 60 of the available accommodation, the Nu River and the national song and dance performances and handicraft exhibitions. Lu Shuixian forestry sector is also a holiday village Gaoligongshan a rare yew tree seedling breeding base. In the Valley of the hot Summer season, this has become an ideal summer resort.

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Lancang River Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Green flows through, Tibetan, Yunnan into Myanmar's Department of Lancang, in Deqin County, Diqing process 150km. Jiang's above the surface elevation of 2006 meters, Kage Bo in a straight line up to the peak 6740 meters above sea level, elevation above sea level in the valley for more than 4734 meters. Congjiang surface to the top of the slope distance of 14km, on average, every kM 337 meters, a canyon near-vertical slope. Lancang River Grand Canyon is not only a deep valley to a long and well-known, and known to fast Jiang Liu. Clear and urgent winter flow, and turbidity in the summer of emotion and Jiang in the runoff 838,000,000 cubic meters. L50km in the gap for long, 504 meters, lower than the .4%. Kuang Tao Jiang narrow side hit shore, the water thundering sound, very spectacular. Such a steep mountain valley terrain, so singular perfect geographical structure, it is rare for the whole world. This is the face of the surging flood, thousands of years of human endeavor to open up this river Zhou Ji of it, people across this great and deep rough By the bamboo bridge, the founding of New China, Jiang during the above-mentioned area to set up the "Red Bridge" and "Xiang Yang Bridge."

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Snow White Mang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tanganyika to leave the bamboo forest along the Yunnan-Tibet Highway Dandong up into the vast white snow-capped mountains nature reserve in the hinterland. Protection of the terrain in the region from the northwest to the southeast gradually tilt the mountain and Podou, deep valley. Peaks above sea level in more than 5,000 meters or so, up to Zara bird Peak, 5640 meters above sea level; if a minimum of Xia Township, elevation 20 0 meters, vertical different climate, was a typical three-dimensional climate. The protection of major rivers in the region have the Jinsha River and its tributaries, r. Palestinian beads. Yunnan-Tibet highway cut through the habitat area, in Yunnan Province for the highest segment of the highway, the vast white snow-capped mountains nature reserve in Yunnan Province is currently the largest, highest nature conservation . There are more well-preserved mountain in the frigid zone mainly coniferous forest primeval forest, is a typical cross-sectional mountain canyon. Summer is the vast white snow-capped mountains to visit the best season, this time along the roads to melt snow and ice everywhere gurgling streams, such as Chi-azalea, forest birds light-ming, Qunhou play, it is heading Shen Chi fans. Paul District open to the public, Gongkayakou, you can watch the animals. 117Km Department can visit the garden plant specimens. 128Km can be viewed along the fir and rhododendron flower community. 138Km road to the highest point of view are snow-capped mountains and forest scenery. More attractions, Gongkayakou to provide accommodation for tourists Video about animals and plants. Access to protected areas, subject to the command staff, not to destroy a variety of natural resources, in particular, prohibit the illegal hunting of rare and the value of the stolen objects, and that keeping a good fire, so as not to cause forest fires.

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Shangri-La Grand Canyon - Bi-Valley soil - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Diqing in travel everywhere to see James - described by Hilton described the scenery of the plateau, and the soil to Bristol-based Canyon Canyon in the northern group of Zhongdian, but also thrilled visitors, collectively, the "valley of Shangri-La group." Shangri-La Gorge, a deep mystery to the world, said. These canyon in 3000 the average sea level Above, this canyon in a good ecological environment, around the mountain is covered with verdant Dicui of fir, spruce. Although the high-elevation areas, can see palm trees in the meantime miscellaneous. There is also a canyon when Zhongdian of largest karst cave - terracotta Fairy Cave. Shek Pik hole on a natural step, five fingers and taste, is considered rare in the world Strange scene. Another spring water called "Stephen shouted," spring deep hole, who shouted to a few holes before the sound of a spring water from the cave spewing out of the entrance-social, its sweet taste, but also medical treatment. In addition, there are still a canyon known as the "Benguela" Tibetan Buddhist temples, the Temple both nuns and lamas, Unfortunately, only 1937 have been burned so far not been able to repair. Canyon in the Red Hill gold mine, gold Blazy, Bisang gold, the mining boom has been the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and adjacent to the vanilla Pentium alluvial gold produced by the same as "possession of money", when wood was the emperor's toast Donor 12,000,000 for the construction of both the Ming Tombs. Visitors have been most interested in soil or Bi-Valley's natural beauty. Bi-Valley soil, in vitro (Austin) and township (town) Highway near. Along the road into the village on the canyon, roaring sound of water along the way, the fog kept empty, full of cross-strait slope of 70 degrees to 90 degrees steep cliff, Yangguan on the verge of collapse. High wall in the 1,000 meters and above Large sky, at least, alarming appalled. Bi into the soil, such as into a canyon twists and turns of the Shen Xiang, the 80-meter gorge widest point, the narrowest point only 10 meters, Ji Yu collision. "Bird Road, sheep have no peak, Tao Sheng Yin wind roar Department to help." Pitt is the right description of the soil of the majestic canyon narrowly. If you pay attention to observe Vaguely visible in the cliff carvings on the rough rock. Some experts think that this is the migration of ancient peoples left behind by the symbol of their intention hard. Tourism Diqing to those who can not be Shangri-La through the canyon base. However, Pitt entered the canyon, it had a taste of Shangri-La group of the main canyon scenery.

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Catholic Church in Mainz - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deqin County in the southern town 80 km away from the good times Liangya the Lancang River, a mountain surface water, quiet and beautiful small mountain village - in Mainz. "Benz", meaning village, "", in Tibetan. Old village in the first group of six jurisdiction of the village named. Villagers are Tibetan, Naxi and Han nationalities of the three. Here layers of terraced fields, tree - , Whenever the Spring and Autumn season, the mountain is covered with flowers, the limelight. When the arrival of summer, the refreshing sense of Muyu, Qinrenxinpi. Mainz in the 2000 meters above sea level is not, the mild climate, the main rice production, known as "land of fish and rice" reputation. Mainz in the middle of the village, stands with a French Catholic Church, which is 198 Year on December 21 by the provincial people's government issued a document released by the provincial heritage conservation units - De Qinci in the Catholic Church. Mainz site of the Catholic Church in China and South Africa, about 15km Regardless of the village of Mainz, 1867 (2006 Tongzhi-ching) to build, in 1905 (Qing Qing Sanshiyinian) flooding occurred in foreign religions Regardless of Mainz burned church After the Qing government may claim, in 1909 in Mainz in the construction of the church, completed in 1921, lasted 12 years, spent a huge amount of human, material and financial resources. After the completion of the church, that is, "Yunnan Duo" auditorium bishop, has been running a school and a female seminary. Church buildings reservations so far, and In 1989 by the Government to allocate special funds for maintenance. Mainz in the church building is located in the wooded hillside, the back line Castle, the former farm structures have Zuozuo embellishment, construction groups with the natural landscape into one unique. The entire building in order to support the church as the central combination of Chinese and Western, primary and secondary appropriate, Including doors, front yard, churches, as well as to backyard kiln, gardens, vegetable gardens and vineyards, and so on, compact, spectacular scale. There are doors along the outside containment building, construction around the room and open space, the provision of a flower bed, planting fruit, matched red and green, chic elegance. Church Block west to east, for masonry French (Gothic) architecture, Cross-cheng, riding wishful stamp 1.30 meters high, arched stone gateway to be used as and 6 meters deep into the three meters wide, the porch and then piled on top of three-tower (the tower), 20-meter-high. Cuanjian Ding-roof pavilion for the wooden structure of the building, with 4 columns and 12 columns supporting the outer ridge purlin, both within and outside the block between a stone pillar fence. On the clock tower, the panoramic view of Mainz, also laid considerable surrounding mountains. Church doors for the two-door, an expert 2.72 m, 0.74 m wide, in the main hall (chapel) into 22 meters deep, Miankuo l2.7 meters from the hall row 6 square pillars supporting the roof the church, with both sides of the purification, Ceshi changing. House church Covered with glazed tile. In the past, and in Mainz Koto Liusuo depend on the traffic, people are now set up a cable suspension bridge, the good times from the town by car along the river downstream, the South Khalib meters near the village get off the bridge to reach. Chinese villagers there who know.

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Shangri-La - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shangri-La in Yunnan Province is located in the northwest of Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet, "big triangle" region, the country is "Three Parallel Rivers" scenic spots of a pearl, Shangri-La is located in the Diqing Fuxin Strip. The world is a rare perfect natural ecology and traditional culture of the Pure Land, known as "big mountain Garden," "Animals and Plants "," Kingdom of non-ferrous metals "reputation. Dali from the Yunnan-Tibet Highway north along the 315 kilometer, up to Zhongdian, the capital of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the town center town, 659 km Ju Kunming, up to 50 minutes by plane. Is a Tibetan as the main body, vast territory and rich resources of the county. Zhongdian a total of well-known tour 24 attractions, is a natural landscape, cultural enrichment of the region, state tourism hotline, one of the eight gold.

  "Diqing," in Tibetan means "Jixiangruyi place." As the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is located in the southeast edge of the southern section of the northern end of the transverse mountain ranges, "Three Parallel Rivers" in the hinterland to form The special melting snow-capped mountains, valleys, grasslands, lakes, mountains, forests and national conditions and customs into the landscape, for the multi-functional tourist scenic spots. Area fell within Xuefeng, Kage Bo highest peak in Yunnan Province towering peaks, and so magnificent. Zhongdian County alone, more than 4,000 meters above sea level on snow-capped mountains up to 470, vertical canyon Deep, there is the most famous Tiger Leaping Gorge Jinsha River, Lancang River Valley, such as the Grand Canyon, there are vast mountain grassland pastures, the vast primeval forests and lakes spread all over the mountain so that the Diqing magic of the natural landscape in a critical situation and inspiring area of natural beauty. Here live in Tibetan, Lisu, Han, Naxi, Yi, Bai, 13, and so on and so on back National, unity and harmony among them, in the way of life, costumes, customs, as well as residential construction and other traditional ritual practices, have maintained their own characteristics, all ethnic groups formed a unique style.

  "Shangri-La" is a 1933 American novelist James Hilton (Jam sHilton) in the novel "Lost Horizon" ( "LostHorizon") described in a land of eternal peace and tranquility. There is a canyon Xuefeng, resplendent and full of mystery, the temple was surrounded by a forest of the quiet lakes, beautiful prairie and flocks of sheep Taoyuan outside. Diqing is vivid and the owner of the James Hilton (JamesHilton) described in the book all the more a coincidence that the "Shangri-La" is the Diqing Tibetan Zhongdian, "the sun in the hearts" of Italy It is the minds of the Tibetan people's living environment and high ideals to the Shang Community. Diqing Plateau is looking for people for half a century of "Shangri-La."


  Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the distribution of many large and small meadow and Bazi, they are people of all ethnic groups live and multiply Diqing, fertile land, oxen and horses in groups. In this quiet land, there is quiet Water, sacred temples, Kham's simple, if all people dream in the Garden of Eden - Shangri-La. "There is no need to be able to see Tibet Tibetan style." Diqing Tibetan plateau is not only snow-capped mountains and valleys of the Tibetan life style, but also to enjoy the prairie of Inner Mongolia, "the wind of low grass see cattle and sheep," as the magnificent scenery Yunnan is located in Diqing, 3280 meters above sea level of Shangri-La will be from low-lying countries and regions, more comfortable and at ease and enjoy the natural beauty of national conditions and customs, without fear of a "reaction to high altitudes." Pure white snow-capped mountains, vast expanse of grasslands, bright red flowers of scopolamine, God The Lama Temple ... ... the eyes of foreigners what Shangri-la look like? Shangri-La, has always been the best of the Tibetan people's "ideal treasure," the Tibetan people singing: "the sun shine first place in the East end of the pond, the world's most Shusheng breast-Land is the Shangri-La."

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