Tian Xinge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianxin Ge is the ancient city of Changsha, the only remaining sites, located in the center of Changsha City, South Road days with the heart of the ancient city wall junctions.

Tianxin Ge built in the Ming and Qing Emperor Qianlong period have been rebuilt, destroyed in 1938, "Wen Xi-fire" and reconstruction in 1983. Tian Xinge now a total of three, with a total 17.5 meters high Cornices green glazed tile, painting ZHU Liang Dong, supported by 60 wooden pillars, antique, chic style.

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Yuelu Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuelu Mountain located in the Xiang River in Changsha City in the West Bank. Jiuzhi said when Hengshan (Mountain) on the foot, the foot of a hill to 000. Northern and Southern Song Liusong "Nanyue in mind," set: "Nanyue around 800 years, back to the wild-led, as being in full." Area of 8 square kilometers, the highest peak 297 meters above sea level, Bristol-screen peaks open, as Zhuoyu show, Cui large range upon range of hills , Mountain-Zhang Deep. Since the Western Han Dynasty, ancient relics are looking for may be to Yuelu Academy, love late Pavilion, Lushan Si, Xiang Wang-Ting, Li Yong Tang Lu Shansi monument, engraved with the Song Yuwang for the best-known monument. Yuelu Mountain in Hunan Province is also important to educate the district, Hunan University, China and South Africa Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Hunan Normal University, and other research institutions and a number of exchange This city. Another near the Orangery, in 1975 into the park. Xiang River Bridge in 1972, Yuelu Hill, Orange Island and the Changsha urban area into one that is extremely convenient to visit. A national natural scenic spots.

  Yuelu Mountain with a total area of 36 square kilometers from Lushan, Tianmashan, Taohua Ling, Jia Ling four spots and the former site of the New People Society, South Castle Town who composed the first two spots. Lushan scenic spot for the whole region where the essence of an area of 6 square kilometers, the peak of 300.8 meters above sea level. Bi-screen peaks open, as Zhuoyu show, Pinnacle range upon range of hills, streams Shenyou.

  After being in the renowned scenic Shan Xiang Chu culture Many historical sites, set Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism together, around the shrine of the revolution and rich plant resources. Stephen Crane, Yuwang monument, the stupa, flying stone, unsolicited bell, clothing, etc in the mountains Shi Po-take between the sink; in the mountains of the existing 174 plants are 977 kinds of Section 559, of which the Jin dynasty Podocarpus Tang On behalf of the Ginkgo biloba, Song Zhang, Li Feng Ming and Qing Dynasties were old millennium, the Lao Gan Qiu Zhi, vigorous tall and straight, lined. Located in the mountains of the Millennium institutions for the Yuelu Academy College of the Song of the four major crown; Lu Shansi old known as "the first spots in the Han, Wei, Hunan in the first gym"; Taoism are the top 20 virtual Jian really blessed Yunlu Palace Road; Qingfeng Gorge is located in the I Four kiosks were one of the night love Pavilion, built 57 years of Qianlong, the best place for scenery, is also involved in the early years of Comrade Mao Zedong's revolutionary activities.

  Yuelu Mountain Scenic Spot line-level key scenic spots. By the low hills mountains, rivers, lakes, natural flora and fauna and cultural heritage as well as in the past Celebrity graves, to commemorate the revolution, and other sites, for the city-mountain scenic spots. There has been an open scenic Lushan scenic spot, Chau Tau orange spots. Lushan scenic spot in which the Department of the core area, a scenic spot with Yuelu Academy, love late Pavilion, Lushan Si, Yunlu Palace, the new society of democracy, and other attractions. Planning an open area are: Ma , Taohua Ling, Shi Jia Ling and Tucheng, and other scenic spots in the first, with a total area of 36 square kilometers. Yuelu Mountain Scenic Spot Hengyue the south, north of the Dongting, the vast wilderness west, east bird's-eye view torrential flow Xiang, Yu-Ping, Ma, Phoenix, Orange Wang Chau in the show, peach, green moth has Chui and after Jinpen, Jinniu, Mica, who left arch Guifeng , Wei Yi-jing, such as dragon and snake respectively, Fenti activities such as horse, looking down at the air like a miniature bonsai, too, as measured wall like a natural screen. Heavenly Creations is the Creator, the wonders of the world, Grand View of Changsha.

Yuelu Mountain scenic area since ancient times to that of a beautiful world, it mainly breeze Gap area, Lu Yun-feng area Landscape Garden with 10,000, He Dan Po area, a place of Confucianism, Exploring the Buddhist temple, Yunlu Palace Road, Orange, first-class scenic spots.

Love late Pavilion

Red formerly known as kiosks, also known as Ai-Ting Feng. Yuelu Mountain in the breeze after the Yuelu Academy Gap hill. All around the Fenglin, when the spring green, cool in summer and late autumn leaves are Yan, do not have the interest Guangxi. Pavilion for the 1968 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1792) building, due to take tandoori, animal husbandry, "love to sit Fenglin stalled car late on February Shuangye red flower" and poetic name. Guang Xu, Xuantong years, the Hunan Higher School Pro-Governor Song Zhang Nanxuan million and the money will tour South Park Hill Seven Poems carved in stone on the Chinese pavilion, entitled "II Poetry inscribed, "carved stone pillars against Tingqian said:" Hung Shu night trails, 500 new species have to die prematurely peach; droplets-Cui Xia Yun Shen, a pair of tame crane to be caged, "Ting-ching Fengqiao right there, following a stream Called Lan Jian, in 1952 by the booth and repair, Zhu Lan caisson, a new look, the title Mao Zedong's "Late Love Pavilion" amount.

Huang's Tomb After being in the mountains. Tomb of the three-step progress into more than 100 class, the tombstone for the entire 14 4 white prism cut into the rock, all about 10 meters high, as a result of Yuelu Mountain peak is located in the open, especially large drawing, Tingxiu, look Xiangjiang Jiang, Changsha into the eye every scene. Huang (1874-1916 Zhu Zhen name, Park, Qi, No. Keqiang, Hunan Shanhua (Changsha today), an important leader of the Revolution, the history of the "Yellow Sun". Hua Xing Hui Organization in 1904, the following year in August with the Sun Yat-sen, Zhang Taiyan Chinese Alliance organizations and others, has led a vivid and Qinzhou, Lianzhou (Guangxi Hepu this rule), the town of Xian (This Youyi Guan), the mouth, such as the Guangzhou area anti-war uprising, Renmin wartime army commander-in-chief. Nanjing to set up the interim government, he served as chief of the army. After Yuan Shikai proclaim oneself emperor, he served as army commander-in-chief Taoyuan. In 1914 the United States for medical treatment, and in 1916 returned home seriously ill, on October 31 in Shanghai died, when 43 years old, Bier shift in Changsha, the country buried Yuelu Mountain. A national key cultural unit.

Lu Shansi
  Yuelu Mountain in Ban Yao, a temple in the early Jin, who is a Buddhist Xiang a first Temple. When it changed its name to Ming Emperor Wan Shousi, the early years of the Republic of rehabilitation, the ancient post Lushan. Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu had "Simen high Dongting open field, Palace insert foot red l." praise poems Hall of grand words. Main Hall and other major buildings, were destroyed in 1944, only the Mountain Gate Guanyinge and is now finishing a new one. Mountain Gate, "a foot of the ancient temple," the banners on both sides of the "first spot in the Han, Wei, Hunan in the first gym" , Outside the ancient towering maple, shade coverage, Yan door garden flowers. Guanyinge for the brick, had to be repaired in 1955, finishing again in 1980 to restore the original appearance, and in the shrine hall in the concept of home audio and video. Yan often held in small-scale painting and calligraphy exhibition. Guanyinge before Podocarpus two on the left is a North Korea remains, "the Six-Song," in 1700 than in the old, Flora is Yuelu Mountain "veterans" of the new Lao Gan Zhi, Weng Yu complex, very valuable; on the right side of the Qing Dynasty was a huge wind and pulling Replanting of people in the Qing Dynasty. Gusong Court on two Bingzhi, visitors through the trees, into the pass, so there is Guan Song. "

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Hunan Provincial Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan Provincial Museum is the history of Chinese art museum. Hunan Changsha, Hunan, located in the park on the north side of revolutionary martyr, an area of more than 50,000 square meters, construction area of 20,000 square meters. In March 1951 to build, opened in February 1956.

The library collections more than 110,000 pieces of a goods 63. There are collections of Neolithic stone implements, pottery, bronze Shang and Zhou, Chu heritage, archaeological finds Mawangdui, the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Sui and Tang dynasties Xiangyin Yuezhou kiln and celadon kiln, Tang and Five Dynasties Youxia Changsha Kiln porcelain color, copy Tong Yan Wang "Lanting Xu" Volume and late Ming and early Qing Wang Fuzhi well-known thinkers, such as the original handwriting. Too Heaven and Hunan peasant movement in areas such as cultural relics have more. There are treasures unearthed in Ningxiang face FANG Ding Wen, Wen as large Nao, Liling, like the statue, Xiangtan hog the Shang Dynasty bronze statue, and so on and Changsha 3 Mawangdui Han Tomb Unearthed in the more than 3,000 pieces of precious cultural relics and woman . 1 Changsha Mawangdui tomb unearthed in T-Bo Hua 2.05 meters long, has painted the sky, earth and underground scene, myth and reality of an integral whole, is the owner as "the soul to ascend to heaven, cited" the "Ming-jing" and buried in the tomb.

3 tomb unearthed in 28 of a total of more than 120,000 words of silk, including "Lao Zi" and "Book of Changes", "law", "Warring States Wang Letter, "" Spring and Autumn matter "," account for five-star "and" astronomical weather miscellaneous accounts "," Fifty-two patients side ", has already lost most of the classics, the study of ancient philosophy, history, astronomy, medicine All have high value. The library in order to prevent damage to the natural heritage and adopt modern science Traditional technology approaches to protection. Jie taking on the silk, decontamination disinfection, pest control and strengthening the protection of mold, and so on, trying to find some way or the success of the experience. Qimu dehydration in the shape of bamboo, bronze relics restoration and reproduction, also bear fruit.

The Basic display of "historical relics on display in Hunan" and "Mawangdui on display." Mawangdui on display are stored in the basement and the woman's internal organs, the recovery of huge ? coffin, as well as to preserve the scene of at Mawangdui 3 and 2 Fendui grave. Mawangdui archaeological finds and other cultural treasures that have Many provinces, municipalities and Japan, the United States and other countries as well as on display in Hong Kong. The library also held a "revolution in the history of Hunan display", "an exhibition of Chu", "the Ming and Qing Painting Exhibition Collection," "the Ming and Qing Dynasties Crafts Exhibition", "Qi exhibition" exhibition displays more than 40.
The library published the "Hunan Province Museum "(large-scale in the catalog," Museum of China "Series Volume 2)," One Changsha Mawangdui Han Tomb "(large-scale excavation of the report)," Mawangdui Research "," Hunan Archaeological Journal series "(1 to 3 Set), "New Citizen Information Society" more than 30 kinds of books.

Three Mawangdui Han A total of precious cultural relics unearthed more than 3,000 pieces of the vast majority of well-preserved. There is a yarn-like clothing, Securidaca thin, 1.28 meters long, and there are long-sleeved, weight only 49 grams, weaving skills are superb. Three tombs unearthed more than 10 million words of silk has been lost, as well as outside of the book Yi. Two tomb unearthed in the terrain Drawing skills and generally similar to the modern map, a high evaluation.
One Mawangdui Han Tomb Unearthed from the woman's physical integrity, and enrich the body, can be part of joint activities, there is soft tissue elasticity, corrosion is the study of a miracle.
Can not come to Changsha to see more than 2000 years ago, the museum's splendid Ming.

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Changsha Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changsha is the provincial capital of Hunan Province, the province's politics, economy, culture, science, education, information centers, the State Council released the first batch of historical and cultural city and the first opening of the tourist city. Hibiscus jurisdiction, Tien-hsin, Yuelu, open-fu, five Yuhua District, Changsha, City Point, three Ningxiang County and Liuyang City, the city's total land area of 1.1 10,000 square kilometers, the urban area of 556 square kilometers, 170 square km area of built-up area; the total population of 6,018,000 people. Changsha, Shanqingshuixiu and pleasant weather, the scenery alone show "Shuangye red flowers in February," After being in the mountains, water Chau embracing the "Spring of the river, such as blue-green" Xiang River; Changsha, Renjiediling Has a long history, have a good reputation both at home and abroad in the world's eighth largest Mawangdui miracle, the institution of the Millennium Yuelu Academy and the three countries Soochow Jian Du; "However, Chu Youcai, in Sri Lanka for Sheng", in Changsha in China's modern history of the emergence of a more A group of well-known statesman, military strategist and writer.

  Reform and opening up 20 Over the years, increased economic strength, urban and rural construction with each passing day, people's living standards continue to improve. In 2003, the city achieved a GDP of 92,822,000,000 yuan per capita GDP reached 15,425 yuan. 2004 Shashi senior GDP (GDP) 1,000 billion yuan, up 110,885,000,000 yuan, calculated according to constant prices, up 14.8 percent, faster than the national increase of 5.3 percentage points; faster than the province's 2.8 percentage point; GDP growth over the previous year to speed up 0.8 percentage points since 1994 for the fastest-growing one?. According to the household population, per capita G P reached 18,296 yuan, an increase of 2769 yuan, up 13.4 percent; according to the resident population, per capita GDP reached 17,638 yuan, an increase of 2828 yuan, up 14.6 percent. Preliminary accounting, Changsha City in the first half of 2005 to achieve GDP607.56 billion Year-on-year growth of 14.3 percent.

  Changsha rapid industrial development. At present, Changsha has Changsha High-tech Industry Development Zone and the Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone of the two state-level development zone, and is planning the construction of national Yuelu Mountain City University, the shape of electronic information, machinery manufacturing, tobacco Chemicals, new materials, bio-medicine, and other pillar industries, the emergence of a number of brand-name products. Pak series single-brand cigarette sales, as well as computer terminals, direct-fired central air-conditioning sales volume ranking first in the nation with the industry first; concrete pump sales in the domestic market accounting for 60% of the continuous strip of foam production capacity in the international Leader. Pak, Chinese Meng Jie was the title of well-known trademarks. Xiangxiu, Tongguanshan ceramics, Liuyang Fireworks, chrysanthemum stone, and other technology products long enjoyed a good reputation with strong local characteristics.

  Changsha Agriculture distinctive characteristics. China is an important commodity grain, commodity pig production base, aquatic products, Vegetables, fruits, flowers, tobacco, Xiang Lian, tea, edible fungi such as the rich variety of agricultural and sideline products.

  Changsha business prosperity. Since ancient times many merchants, traders thrive, namely the late Qing become one of the city of four rice. A number of modern facilities have been completed goods, the volume of goods-distribution in the city Volume of transactions, commercial activities in the province as well as radiating an important national status. Food, culture, tourism, real estate and other service industries unique. Banking, insurance, securities, foreign exchange transactions have become increasingly active with the international financial integration to speed up the pace significantly.

  Changsha education technology. Now 37 ordinary institutions of higher learning, 270,000 students, 97 scientific research institutions to develop various kinds of more than 270,000 scientific and technological personnel, especially in systems engineering, information engineering, biological engineering, materials engineering, and so have a number of high-tip Personnel, patent applications, the capital city in the nation in the forefront, hybrid rice, the giant galaxy Computers, in vitro fertilization, genetic engineering, such as magnetic levitation train technology in compliance with international advanced level.

  Changsha traffic to facilitate communication. Has been basically formed a land and sea and air traffic system modernization, Changsha Huanghua International Airport is the airport has opened 39 routes, non-stop in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and other mega-cities and regions. Changsha to the center of the province's highway network has taken shape, 107,319, such as high-speed Beijing-Zhuhai Highway Department are located in urban areas, Changsha has 45 listed as the main highway hub cities. Changsha is the national railway transport hub, double-track railway runs through the north-south Beijing-Guangzhou, Guizhou, Zhejiang , Long-term stone linking the east and west; Changsha main hub port Xianing a port project has been completed and put into use, with production capacity kiloton. Changsha integrated communications capability ranks No. 3, and all over the country and the world more than 180 countries and territories to carry out communication links. Changsha with a long history of civilization, has a splendid ancient culture, ancient monuments all over the territory. Changsha left a long history of the many historical sites, of which the most famous monuments Yuelu Academy, Mawangdui, the Temple, and so on Tianxin Ge, a well-known tourist attractions have Yuelu Hill, a martyr Park, Orange Island, which Both sides should be careful to visit.

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Ping An Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ping An Forest Park located in the territory of Shehong County, more than 3,000 acres of forest land, the province is one of several Forest Park. Respect for the traditional architectural style aesthetic taste, Lvwa red walls, doors connected Que Langfang, different pavilions, Qiaojiao cornices, Jiangxinduju, there are more inscriptions title in mind. Chai Ping Conglong forest park, Zhetian Japan. On the Peak, overlooking the Fujiang River flows through the county seat of the picture, rolling Fujiang River Runs this, the formation of huge alluvial dam, the electrical engineering flight diverted, to return water peak, the two rivers were diverted away beltway. Sunset, thousands of miles to practice, such as Fujiang, Shashi spectacular scenery.

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Akagi Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Akagi Lake is located 45 km away from Suining, Peng Xixian west. Castle Peak crowded ring, Yan Bo vast, vast lake calm, in-depth more than 20 Wa Lane, Lake Akagi for the artificial lake, island lake spread, spread all over, or between the islands have a small bridge connected to cable or passenger ships. And each of the scenery on the island, customs Different. Boating on the lake, the water micro-Lian Yi Pan, Ruoyouruowu scenery, Xu Qing-feng, Health Cool Fumian, it is refreshing, the two-I forget. As the "small West Lake."

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Guangde Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddhist temples in Sichuan Guangde Temple, located in Suining Three Mile west of Wolong Xu Shan, was built in the Tang Dynasty (around the year 618 AD), formerly known as Shifosi, calendar 2002 (767) changed its name to Tang Bao Temple, 13-year Dali ( 778), Albrecht "Temple Buddhist temple," the early years of Dezong Jianzhong (780), Shin Ji Temple of Albrecht, Zhao Zong Three-year restoration (903) and Albrecht were "re-Hing Temple Buddhist temple," North Xiang Fu Song Zhenzong 2004 (1011) Albrecht "Kwong Lee Temple," Emperor Ming Tak Chi Ci years, "Guangde Temple." Since the first year of Wing Tai Tang Daizong (765) grams of monks quiet Zen master to explain was presided over the mountains to teach, a monk times, incense and a sophisticated ya Well-known. Especially because of the Tang and Song dynasties, the Ming Dynasty Chifeng a decade, boosted reputation, the heyday in the Ming Dynasty, more than 1,000 monks, who lead the main Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan more than three hundred mountain, the title of "West to the first Buddhist temple," Longing to become the proximity of Sichuan in the southwest of the famous and well-known Buddhist holy sites each year will be Shannon February, the birthday of Kuan Yin September, the Hong Visitors like clouds, Jiubu-year decline. 1300 more than a century, has experienced vicissitudes Guangde Temple, destroyed several times, and several reconstruction. Since 1985, Suining City in Sichuan Province reported to the People's Government to open the temple, after more than a decade of maintenance, renovation, expansion, the capacity Temple on a new look, especially booming gym, into the Dachaoshan , Lansheng tourists flocked to over 000 million.

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Dragon - - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A magical underground cave - Dragon Cave, as a singular extraordinary on the ground floor of the palace, hidden in Yanbian County of Jiangxi rural village of Po-Tsang Qinglongshan under. Blue Dragon in the vicinity of the hole, it shares a few year-round continuous flow of groundwater. Among them, I barrels a thickness of spring water, food mountains drains. It is meant by "holy water Longquan" Inside the cave, you can still karst formation of the "dragon", there are the end of the first, there is a shadow, and that is Blue Dragon. According to local villagers said the hole could pass Huaping County, Yunnan Province, Wing Hing township. One year, seven local people who volunteered to boldly go caving in the hole for a whole has not gone away Qitianqiye Hole.

  Hole in the Dragon King different scene, a strange Cheongdam of the clean water, and dry with a hundred odd strange stone forest add radiance to each other, it can be "Xizai Hu" and "Tianchi" match! "Lotus pond" and "River of Stone Forest" and "Play by the Water Dragon" and "mandarin duck pond downtown," you say it is It is like what! Root stalks at a scale than the size of the jade stone columns, some like "Dinghaishenzhen", and some like "walking stick leader"; its run here, just dance, large curtain, where only half of the draw of the "group of crab crossing", "turtle Rabbit Race "has been much enjoy being there," Rohan to sit, "" group of Luo Buddha " Xia Fan seven fairies "- is a just to name a few. What is most amazing is that the Jade Pool in Wonderland, which is covered with stalactites of a wide hall.

Dragon-central stand a few gray Juzhu the hall hung upside down on top of layer upon layer of a different form of stalactites. These rocks, like giant bell, Si Bing Such as stalagmites, the eventual mixed. Meteorology Series. Stalactite head dripping water, fleeting. At the foot, clusters of columns, and the hall is on top of the staggered columns, as if against the armed forces, forcibly imposed swords and guns, if we take a look around, and Shek Pik on the "Sea Stone Flower," Yu-Sun rocks, magnificent.

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Su Tielin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Panzhihua City in the Western District of Palestinian-owned clearance on the right bank of river, the distribution of a very precious natural Sutie Lin.

Tieshu also known as cycads, first appeared in about 200,000,000 years ago in 8 million years ago the Earth's Paleozoic Diego two minutes. It has experienced vicissitudes of life, the rise and fall several times. Existing Cycads, a Section 10 is only about 1 0 kinds, plants known as "living fossils." In 1971, Sichuan Agricultural Science and the city of Panzhihua the original forest vegetation aerial survey and found that this was an area of 300 hectares, a total of 10 Su Tielin of 10,000.

  It is one of the world so far found that the maximum latitude, the largest plant , The distribution of the largest concentration of the original Su Tielin. Identified, confirmed that this is a new species of rare cycads, known as the "Panzhihua Cycas." Turner Cycas international experts to study this amazing post: "This is the wealth of China, the world's wealth! Cycas is a well-known garden ornamental tree species with high aesthetic appeal. Panzhihua Cycas odd, odd as it Suisuihanbao, mid-flowering. As the saying goes; "Tieshukaihua Kok Sheng," "Millennium Tieshu flowered," Cycas can be seen blooming hard. Panzhihua Cycas growth and good flowering year after year can be male, two female can be a flower. This can not be said that the world is not a surprising March to June each year, Su Tielin saw tens of thousands across the stem into limelight yellow flower, plant, such as Buddhist beads hands, like a forest carpet shop in color. A pair of little green yellow, a strange landscape. Since 1990, the city of Panzhihua Cycas named to the organization's annual trade fair of goods and watch the cycads, Pan Zhi Cycas name has spread like wildfire, the famous Chinese and foreign. Panzhihua Cycas with the Zigong Dinosaur, Ping Wu was hailed as a giant panda, "Prachuab Sanjue."

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Fushun martyrs cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fushun martyrs cemetery is located in Fushun five-Hill House. Built in 1957, covering an area of 23304.5 square meters, there are martyrs monument, the monument, museum, Muta, and other buildings, the Library engraved with the name British 975 martyrs, April 28, 1989, Zigong City People's Government approved for release Municipal buildings to commemorate the martyrs Point protection unit.

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High-stone forest park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

High-stone forest park with a total area of 182.13 hectares, the provincial Forestry Department in 1993 had been approved for the provincial forest park. Park the landscape strange, Stonehenge, Qi, the valley, the mountain formation of a typical southern Sichuan Hill area of low natural landscapes. High natural stone as early as scenic 33 Guangxu in the Qing was Church of Christ in West China Education As the four foreigners in Sichuan Bishu one of the resort. The main landscape: the top Jiuxiao - swan eggs take top Jiuxiao Department of the peak, but also the mid-point travel, the mountains do not have to re-Luan peaks again and again, there are more than 30 large and small peaks, as the top Jiu Xiao Yuan Wang, a dish, Spread like a winged Anderson V, are incubators of the Swan, "Swan hold eggs." In the top half-slope side, he dug "Swan eggs" pebble, the size; as big basket, like a small football. "Swan" positive, there is a red rock, shaped like a side of their "cell skin disease Bao", is "as the frog Delays Delays", for "Swan" To steal opportunity, "Swan eggs." Worship Shuangshi like - high stone at the north end of the "old Linkou", wooded terrain Xianyao, Yamagata strange. Hill, two of which have the shape of a lion, a smile like Ocean's like an elephant. From a distance, laughing like Ocean's lead two lions, elephants towards worship, "such as worship Shuangshi." Stalagmite the air - "Suspension "One hole drilled through and over a ravine, the cliffs on both sides of the mountain and potential risk, terraced fields along the ditch, quite the" Taoyuan outside "feeling. Goudi, a towering peak, to stab the sky, said Hill stalagmite , Groove "ditch stalagmite." Legend has it that in order to shoot elephants for food, should like stalagmites and Health. Stalagmite that there are a red azalea, At the end of summer, the fiery Hongyan, the most spectacular. Yang Si-rock - and stalagmite ditch across the furrow, semi-Ya Shang cutting holes in four rooms, walls are embedded in the Qing Dynasty Stele 6, the villagers Pole-day point lights are still ringing in the residual scar. Legend coming from the Emeishan a wooden statues, Yang Si-000 can levy Shanzhan. To maintain peace villagers, the temple was built to cut holes General Yang Si-placed statues, named "Yang Si-yan." A stone sheep-level, entirely hand-pedal in order to climb into the cave.

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Longtan cave scenic areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longtan easy meters from the cave scenic areas Panzhihua City, 104 km, 26 km from the city Mi Yixian, Long elbow at the foot of the mountain, Riverside peace. Shanqingshuixiu, picturesque cliff, the Four Seasons Changchun, the pleasant scenery. Longtan scenic spot by the cave, Gap & Dragons, natural bonsai garden, wild plants garden, Long elbow Peak District scenery, and other attractions of the five groups , Odd, quiet, the show, Blair is cold Summer, sightseeing, the perfect vacation leisure premises.

Dragons were the original ecology valleys, gurgling streams, waterfalls stacked Diego, different attitude, Tengluo intertwined, and repeated claims made by the birds, wild flowers in full bloom. Natural bonsai garden Shi Qi Shu-ya, the natural form, materials comparable extraordinary There are very high aesthetic value. 40-acre cactus garden of wild plants Bristol Green, the little red flower in the spring, summer and fall fruit numerous gold, the form of thousands of plants, vines dangling sway, do not have the charm. Dragon Peak elbow Songtao million, Bicao hectares will be reasonable and easy-meter panoramic view of mountains and rivers, Quantm Kong Kuo, the number of stones, one stone of a story, described Strange and ancient history. Mi Yixian located in the scenic area, 100 km from the city of Panzhihua, Chengdu-Kunming Railway and Jinbang 108 National Highway, accessibility, cool climate, is a tourist, Tan Qi, pay homage to, the ideal place to vacation and leisure.

  Its main area of the Longtan more than several thousand meters deep cave, inside the cave landscape solution , Stone and water together, 9 Great Hall Yu Tan, 4 Falls (falls, some as high as over 20 meters). Gurgling water inside the cave, continuous, or the beginning of Sixian, or if the Tigers & Dragons, or rivers may burst. Stalagmite stone flowers, like white crystal; Lianchi Wolong, the Snow Lion, the south-pointing carriage; terraced landscape like universe Qionglou Xian JING like. Shanqingshuixiu outside, Jade, possession of Jasper Hill; a hole Bitan, there Bitan Fei Bao, under Yongquan, mannose forever, do not litter throughout the year.

  Qi's Longtan in the water, yet hole, the Longtan water will let you eyes, until the hole, seven of eight around the bend, you are heading relaxation Shenmi An Tan creation of working hours, all the way Banjun shallow stream gradually, Eer giant rolling sound, and water vapor will blow against our faces, give the head look, you see a hole Fei Bao! And Longtan, numerous waterfalls, different patterns, Amamiya before a waterfall, then on Cangming, the whereabouts of their lives, I do not know to what his years, I do not know to go HE Chuan, who looked into Hao Ran long heavy sigh and said.
  Longtan a two-King, Cang Long ago, as far as disk, stone colors are deep, Qiu Jin, falls in this poly. Deng after the stone staircase gradually began to have small white stalactite, the water will also ease, stay in the temple, Ying Jie, you might see, even in all of Zuta stalactite, the only word to describe a luxury. The water has been soft It bit by bit.

Through the temple and return to the world, has become the Peak, distinctly beautiful, clear sky, and on the way, walking briskly, not boring down the mountain, there are two-to be King.
  Longtan first arrived at a time when the hot summer, the trip all the way, Hard hot, the taxi companies become high heat dissipation Next to a car, he could feel the cool breeze, a cool mind, but not Yingzong Tong, the only sound of distant water. Downward along the mountain road, straight into the valley, only to a few steps, the King is another change, green everywhere, right next to Tengluo, green cedar bottom, water Shengjian strong, and scurry a few steps, turn-off time, suddenly open, find Pavilion Taiwan into the mountain, waterfall for Triassic The wind, the meniscus of the bridge, over the Bitan, now, I do not know muddy material HO heat. Rising, Tsui shade tree, the hole is, the meandering of the bridge, like the tongue-long welcoming, is the rest of the midfield throughout the map without regard to the next.

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Temple and the Temple of high peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

List hanging at the lower reaches of Shan Temple 7 km high in the mountains. Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties destroyed?????, 100 Cliff Figures of the existing statue, caves 2, the plastic Meishan five brothers, heavily armed, very unique. Home Peak Tower, Su Qing Dynasty Juren Minghe presided over the preparation. A total of 8 layers, about 30 meters, respectively, each Yuandiaoyuanshi Zun, Chen Guang days later, Wen master icon, and so on. View high, relaxed and happy, Chang Huai celebrity tour in history, Tiyong place.

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West temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Neijiang City heritage unit. Urban areas dongxing at Neijiang Tuojiang resistant shore of the mountain. Southern Song Dynasty, founded in Xianchun five-year (1269), burnt end of the Ming and Qing three Jiaqing (1798) reconstruction. In 27 years (1938) nuns to live more than 30 people. The main temple building by the Hall of Guanyin, the Wenchang Temple Composed of three main sanctuary hall. Were the top-Yi Fei, the roof color carved figures, animals, the dragon image. Buddhist temple to pay an existing building, the ancestral hall and watch together, the temple floor, and so on. Terauchi Shihfang the Ming Dynasty has a single column of the two doors, rustic style. Zhaobi front of the Ming Dynasty has a positive for the Wanli in the Ming Dynasty Liu Yiren as the rock "Zixia "The words, back to the Ming Dynasty scholar Ji ZHAO Zhen" Jiyu original handwriting, the pen vigorous strong and powerful. Towering ancient temple week, Yamashita Tuojiang such as training. Songyou Ren Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai Shi Jin Qing Fan "North Castle Wang Guo, white water around the Lower East Side" 000, the Qing Guang Xu Yi Ren years in front of resistant Hill Taibai floor of a building,? Retained to . In 1976, Neijiang resistant to the Municipal People's Government attached great importance to the heritage, in addition mountain flowers, trees propagated, repairs temples, parks and scenic spots resistant to an entirely new look.

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Yu ancient lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Neijiang ancient lake located in the scenic eastern city of Neijiang Longchang County, 2 km from the county seat. Scenic areas, including goose-Fei Bao, the ancient group of St. Paul, Guan Yunfeng, Walled Genting, Genting field, shengdeng Hill and the ancient buildings such as the Lake. Yu ancient lake surface 5 square kilometers, the reserves of 56,000,000 cubic meters, 32 kilometers around the perimeter. Wide lake Clear water, there are small islands in Lake 6. Zhou steep mountain lakes, many rocks, tree-lined mountains, beautiful scenery, the river and geese from the east, in the back before the Yongsan into two, and around the mountain, from 40-meter-high cliff on the cliffs down Fei Liu , The formation of two rows of large falls, the flood season is particularly spectacular. County North of the customs of the two groups of St. Paul, Daoguangnianjian built, mostly four-post Fangmu three five-story stone building, the 11-meter-high, about 9 meters wide, is the main merit of St. Paul and the arch, is North Guan Cun-6, Nanguan 7, the high architectural art of stone carving and artistic value. Genting Walled town 20 kilometers away from 530 m above sea level is located in the Genting hill, was built in the Ming Dynasty Hongwu four years, to 11-year-ching Xianfeng completed. Zhaiqiang a total length of 1640 meters, 75 meters-high, 3-4 m wide, 6 Zhaimen is to preserve the integrity of the ancient castle. Wa Lane 1 of the stockade from the cloud top, is a time to adapt to the Zhaizhu fun while they play cards at night Shopping, dining needs of the people entering the middle of the night trading, morning shows, this custom has not changed.

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Luoquan town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoquan town in Sichuan Renshou, Weiyuan, funded in three counties at the junction of the deep-Hill, hidden in the Tuojiang River adjacent to tributaries of the beads. It's a well-known in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, the salt well, then Luoquan gathered in the town of merchants, unusually lively. Today, leaving only a well-preserved even salt shows the ancient temple of desolation. Through the ancient town Temple Street, turn 10 in 9 of the Qing Wa-room into the town's leisurely pace. After the vicissitudes of the hard-working people Luoquan simple, simple and honest generous. Women like to close the chat in the hands of their busy sewing, while the old people drink tea while listening to opera, the warmth of the sun as they meet in the face. Wuli only long Street There are a dozen tea house, business is booming. I went to sub-bridge with a courtyard of the house, called Wangai a cup of tea and listen to people talk about the old glory of the ancient town yesterday. Production of salt is known to the world's Luoquan, its long history can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty when the development of salt industry has peaked, the Qing Emperor Guangxu years, Stephen has more than 1500 Salt eyes, the Well Salt produced in 1925 by the Paris World Exposition gold medal. At that time the merchants gathered Luoquan, Masiran called mule, great excitement. Yue Huajian the elderly rose Muchuang away, tells us that the other side of the temple of salt is the best witness. Salt Tongzhi temple was built seven years (AD 186 ), Salt is the temple of the ancient town was an important symbol of glory. Guan Zhong salt to the temple for God, Guan Yu and Guan Zhong as the Vulcan was accompanied by assistant about salt throughout the three-Zhong Yan Temple, Gao Qiao-wing angle, the roof of the main hall of the scramble play Qun Bao map, a century despite the wind Rain is still vivid. Today salt into the Parthenon People of the town meeting place. People sitting in the hall of the temple of salt on the stone steps lazily in the sun. Dianmenzuanguo into the old stage, came to the open square in front of the temple, around the floor of the ear, the side rooms, corridors, as the years have been scouring the loss of its former color. Order hall boarded up, I visited the local people cited the courtyard, through the courtyard to Qing Baiyun Piao see the blue sky on a cross. The root of more than 10 large wooden pillars supporting the temple, on the eaves of the wild, swaying in the wind as described in the ancient town with a long history.

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Re-Yongsan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Re-located in the capital city of northeast Yongsan-ri, there are built in the Ming Dynasty temple Yongqing, and other ancient temples and the Sui and Tang Cliff Figures carved niches 160, 1648, the most well-preserved. Since there are many statues next to the Masters title since the Tang Dynasty in mind that the inscription. Temple Yongqing existing collection of more than 1700 pieces, including Su, Huang Tingjian, etc. Monument's calligraphy and Yuan Mei, Zeng, Zhang's paintings. Huang Tingjian to "give Orchids," the most valuable monument, it is rare treasures. According to the "side wins Meanwhile access" set: his "mountain plate Qu, Hidden Dragon if the U-turn" got its name. A lot of historical sites in the mountains, Temple Yongqing, to Heting, and other ancient buildings, and Northern Rock gentleman Together, it is a time for sightseeing destination for the cultural units at the provincial level. In 10 years, the capital of the county governor Liu Shan-long re-build the park. At first, very small scale, in 15 years, Joseph Chan, Wang Xu-park expansion, repair homes Hillside Garden Palace, built Although Tingquan floor. After the park also has a tea garden, showroom, the zoo, Hall, the number of park visitors, the famous Sichuan. Dragon Temple in the weight Yongqing on the south side of the peak, was built during the unknown, Wu Ming-hong at rehabilitation, Jiaqing 1949 (1559) and Peixiu be. Yong Chong Hong-ji temples, houses listed. Standing in front view, view of the city fresh in our memory. As Ancha Shi Yang Shun-ming Poetry: "Play Castle lofty space, up the house, festooned with Vatican Palace, Subaru Xiao Ling Yuan Tang Yang, as with in the globin Health care means." Truthfully depict its beautiful scenery. A stone in front of St. Paul, on the "heavy-long heritage," both sides of the Joint said: "Double-Crane Hengjiang, Myanmar officials cents trace left behind, there is room floor in the first search aircraft crane; weight around Long Guo, Ming Xian site, Ferry Point three gantry. "On the back of a letter of St. Paul," Xi Shu temple. "On both sides of the Alliance have said:" Han Gun Hill, the West is truly in legal careers; Jushui heard clearly Buddhist resort. "St. Paul after a" text index gave birth to life, "decorated archway, followed by Hall of Heavenly Kings Temple Yongqing, Zhong Yan bring up the rear there are octagonal floor. Chuan to the Song Dynasty "Heting to" after the pavilion has Putuo Temple. Bring up the rear there is an inexhaustible drought "Tianchi Lake." Tianchi is after the Main Hall, there are on the right side of the pool. Northern Rock re-carved in the northern slope of the Longshan. "China's famous Dictionary" is also included: "The capital of the Middle East, West, North and South have four rock stone, and to the north of the most beautiful rock carvings." Cliff made Stephen gentleman in the north and the ancient rock wall between the top two, a total of 160 niches, 1648. North intramural rock-chuen, a gentleman, intramural Su has written a powerful smart "call a fish pond," the three characters. Northern Rock and counterparts of the Royal West of the stone rivers. Ocean City-East also carved rock A reputation. Rock the Middle East, "The Story of the Buddha say Nianhua map" for the country only. Since the Tang Dynasty carved up the river in Hunan Wu Yan Lugong the "Chung Hsing Chung Tang Dynasty," Yan Lugong life is the first calligraphy. Wu River has carved the original destroyed in the Sichuan capital and jiange only in two.

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Tourism Neijiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Neijiang City, located in the south-east of the land of abundance, is located in the beautiful and richly endowed Tuojiang Sea. Chongqing east, the west of Chengdu, Zigong, Nantong, Yibin, Luzhou, Suining to the north, Nanchong, Sichuan is the city, Sichuan Province plans to build one of the major cities of 8. Geographical location, longitude 104 � 15' - 105 � 26 ' North latitude and 29 � 11' - 30 � 2 '. The whole city area of 5386 square km area, 185,600 hectares of arable land. Central dominates the city, Dongxing District, funded in the county, Longchang County, Weiyuan County, a total of 3 County District 2, 87 towns, 24 townships, at the end of 2001 the total population of 4,200,600 people, the Urban population of 734,900 people live.

Neijiang has a long history. Neijiang the development of the earlier Prachuab Fuxin city, county to build the Eastern Han Dynasty, Han said security had, in the River, called at Sui Wendi Neijiang, has been more than 2,000 years of history. Established in 1950 Neijiang Area in 1985 into the provincial city of Jiang's jurisdiction. In 1998, the approval of the State Council, Neijiang for re-adjustment of administrative divisions so far. As the rich history of sugar, sugar industry developed, known as "Sweet City."

Neijiang agricultural firm. On a hilly regions neijiang, climate temperature (The average annual temperature is 17.5 ?), rainfall (an annual average rainfall of 1056.9 mm), fertile land, rich, rich food, oil, pigs, cane, Ma, silk and a variety of agricultural and sideline products, Sichuan food and cash crops The main producing areas. Neijiang both the national commodity grain production base in Sichuan Province and the city Industrial production of pilot cities, China is also a good local pig breeds, "Neijiang pig" to the production. Longchang County jurisdiction is the base of the county-level water birds. Central City, Dongxing District, vegetables, aquaculture, the Longchang water, grass cloth, the capital of the loquat, lemon and a number of Weiyuan of agricultural industrialization bases in the ascendant. Neijiang industry categories. Neijiang is the old industrial cities, industry categories, a complete system, the shape of the support of more electronic information, metallurgy and building materials, light food, medicine and chemical and machinery industries, such as a pillar industry. There are relatively stronger in the direction of the high visibility of the domestic photo-chuan Iron and steel, construction co Weiyuan, Baita groups such as enterprise groups, there are huge resettlement, Neijiang China Resources Blue Sword, Chia Tai Neijiang, the Power Plant in Neijiang, Sichuan Songlin Si-long re-plant shares a number of radiant energy, such as power, there is great potential for development The backbone of the enterprise, a large number of leading edge products such as liquid crystal display, steel, diesel engines, glass Ball, cement building materials, rare earth products, high-density cotton yarn, medicine, silk and so on, not only in the domestic market share of high and sold abroad. With the adjustment of industrial structure optimization and Gongyeqiangshi strategy to promote comprehensive, industry will be economic Neijiang play a more important role in support. Neijiang-commerce market developed. Neijiang has always been to numerous merchants, Sichuan is one of the important trading port. In particular the reform and opening up, Neijiang market infrastructure will be further development of the full range of the market, more reasonable layout, the introduction of a comprehensive modern logistics, expand the scale of the flow of , Expanding the growing area of circulation, the shape of both urban and rural areas, both inside and outside the flow of trade patterns.

Rich cultural streams. Neijiang known as "Chang's Hometown" and "cultural town" reputation, Sichuan is one of the cultural areas. Since ancient times, Gathering of Talents for talented people come forth in large numbers Confucius division of Philip Chang, the home of the Western Han Fu Wang Bao, all of the Eastern Han Dong educators, scientists Deputy Song Chen Tuan, traditional Chinese painting master Chang Ta-chien, a famous painting at home ZHANG Shan-margin, giant News Fan Changjiang, Sun Yat-sen was awarded one of four general Yu Peilun major general, are outstanding Neijiang a shining page in the annals of history on behalf of. The territory of the existing school at all levels 1947, in which a tertiary, secondary 6, 4 Normal School, in the S & P 281, the level of 26, 1111 primary schools, 760,000 students, education in the city, Gaokaoshangxian rate Admission rate has been highest among the province. Scientific research institutions in the city there are 3, various types of high-mid-level professionals More than 10,000 people engaged in scientific research and technology development staff to 4,000. In recent years, a large number of scientific research has received national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements of scientific and technological progress prizes or awards.

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Wang-hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon Lake Point, formerly known as the reservoir tea tray, as a result of the lake and surrounding mountains, such as the shape of a dragon, it was the name. It is located in the northern city of Ying Shanxian 7 km from the southern outskirts of the rural Peng Chai tea tray, the water area of about 1 square km, Shuitianyise scene constitutes a "journey of a thousand miles tea tray water color, with Han Yan Bi, in Blue" intoxicating Screen. Lake Week Side by mountains, the peaks show competition. And the rocks were accompanied by the Manshanbianye multiflorus Lam animals, Molv cypress, pine forests of the deep indigo, Dicui of Ginkgo biloba, green mountain is covered. A radius of ten forests, wild animals come and go, Wild phenomena.

  Uniquely beautiful natural scenery, cultural landscape is far from the source of flow . When the three countries said to General Zhang Shu was looking through the march to war Dragon Lake, Thunder rock climbing, due to the steep rock Qiao, such as the cut may split, Zhang only to seize the rock climbing, where the hand, five fingers deep Depression, which so far Fingerprint clearly visible, so called "stone hands." Zhang Fei when climbing the mountains, has tired haired sweat Sitting in the bottom of a huge stone, the stone when it left a big resistance, Indian stocks have capacity of about 20 people, it will be called a "sit stone shares." Zhang left "sitting stone Unit", went to the Peak, planted the Union Jack Shuai, the powerful army command fierce battle, the enemy hit awkwardly on the run. Zhang won, immediately The north division, he "called" to look away when the Union Jack Shuai, the top of the hill they left a two meters deep Cave, also left a "Chishan Play" Qu Tan.

  Walled Lake Zhou Feng Zhang Peng for the first name out of it is a fresh story. In the past, "King of Eight" Zhang Xianzhong destroy Sichuan, Long Lakers hope will be annihilation. A local named Zhang Peng Ying-Wu Zhongyi of the Warriors, the rate of population immediately fled to the mountains, taking Walled stone, it was guarded by insurance, so that people survived. After the man-made to commemorate the Zhong-Yong Peng, Hill will be named "Chai Peng."

Hill as a result of water and surprisingly, water as a result of Hill Health and quiet, landscape The Legend of the United States significantly. Dragon Lake Dangzhou water in sight along the trails Xun Gu, Shun Probe into stones, to enjoy the beautiful natural forest can enjoy the rock, stone, cave epitomize the surprising deceitful, pursuit of the three countries Road, Ming and Qing Dynasties act The historical can enjoy the rippling water rafting leisurely amendment, the Wild Things may experience mood.

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Langzhong city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Langzhong Shi, Gu Cheng Langzhong Court is located at the northern part of Sichuan Basin, the middle reaches of the Jialing River, east of Yumai de pillow, West JIANMENGUAN reliance on the wrist, Prachuab is the hub of the northern city of the Warring States States for Pakistan, Pakistan Qinmie home langzhong County 2300 so far for many years. In the history of this county for state, office, the legacy Road, Zhang Shu Han guard langzhong , Langzhong died and was buried langzhong; Tang Gaozu the son of Wang Teng Yuan Ying, Lu Wang Ling Feng Zhi Kui have langzhong; late Ming and early Qing to the provisional capital of Sichuan Province reached 17 years old. Langzhong has been seen as the feudal emperors Kawakita political, military and cultural center.


  Langzhong from Chengdu to at least three Access to, the most recent one is from Chengdu to Deyang, in the River, three, Yanting, arrived in southern prefectures, is about 300 kilometers, but often take the road not too good, the other by Suining, Nanchong, Filling the West, arrived in southern prefectures, more than 330 km, about the entire process, Chengdu to Nanchong 200 high-speed justice Road, the other for a highway, beautiful scenery for the QIU LING; the third is to Mianyang jiange from jiange to Langzhong, about the entire process more than 300 kilometers, all asphalt surface, but after a period of Cuiyun Gallery, the beautiful scenery along the way The air is fresh, is a good choice.

  In addition, Guangyuan from the langzhong via Cangxi Xian, the entire 130 km, if not encountered on the way road, traffic is also very good. Take this road can be a line of travel Jianmenshudao Link, will increase a lot of the fun of travel.

  Langzhong the ancient city is located in Metro Langzhong the next Jialing River , One of the ancient city of the four so-called national (the other three are in Lijiang in Yunnan Province, Pingyao, Shanxi, Anhui County), but also to preserve the most complete ancient city, Tang Dynasty is in full accordance with the astronomical theory of feng shui city, known as the ancient city of Feng Shui .

  Indeed, when you walked into a Langzhong city, to see four Fang Fang of the Qing Shiban tidy streets and roads, hanging red lanterns along the street, you have walked into a sense of history. Maybe not langzhong Old Town of Lijiang ancient city that bridges like Jiangnan scenery, but also lack the kind of minority the charm, but the method of its unique ancient city rich history of the Jialing River in a broad sense of caring Full of characteristics of residential areas, to show its unique charm.

  Into the city, but see Changchangduanduan, thin fertilizer, the Jishi Tian Shui Po ANGLE streets, most of the Ming and Qing Dynasties wear funny wooden structure of the building construction, building a small amount of the Tang and Song, a Kyoto courtyard into a series of deep Article Lane, like the Beijing Hutong.

  Unfortunately, the Metro was due to the repair and demolition of many old buildings, but also because of the lack of a unified city planning and management, so that visitors entering the city to enjoy, I felt quite sorry. For example, within the ancient city of shops, restaurants, if there is a more unified or Renovation of old, will feature some of the streets division, there should be more of the characteristics of small inn, in particular along the Jialing river's edge and put things in order to carry out the sale of some of the characteristics of Sichuan specialties, believe that the city can retain visitors. However, the ancient city of Langzhong still worth visiting.

  After A few years of publicity, Langzhong city landscape has changed significantly, greater visibility, more visitors to visit the goods and more enriched, especially in the ancient city began to change for the original construction of a tourist inn, so that Visitors to the ancient city of more things, stay for a longer period of time. However, there are very ancient city Ancient buildings set the threshold for admission tickets everywhere, including some of the inn as the use of the building also received tickets on the gas appears to be too small and there will be exclusion from the visitor's sense of individual service attitude of the crude explosive (such as Du Inn) is so Difficult to accept visitors.

  Zhang Fei, the word Yide Shu of the Three Kingdoms period is a fervent, in the middle of the three armed services will take the enemy's head as Tannangquwu, with a total of Guan Yu said the people of the enemy. Zhang's death, in memory of Zhang Fei, a lot of construction in various parts of the Zhang Fei Temple, the most well-known Three Gorges on the Yangtze River is the Yunyang Zhang Feimiao (now the relocation of its new location) and langzhong Zhang Feimiao. Zhang Feimiao of Langzhong, its official name is "Zhang Huan Hou Temple" because it has been called after the death of Huanhou the whole temple covers an area of more than 10 acres, from ancient buildings, the tomb of Zhang Fei and composition of the back garden. The temple is located in the ancient city of Langzhong, Zhang Fei was guarding the Lvbing langzhong also killed in Langzhong, it should be langzhong Zhang Feimiao all To fly the most valuable of a temple.

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Langzhong Gongyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Examination of the Qing Dynasty in the tent city of St. Xue Qing Jiajingnianjian reconstruction of the reasons the Mountain Gate, corridors, examination room, hall, the Second Temple, Houdian candidates and the composition of the hostel room. There are existing corridor-Juan Peng, China has more than 50 meters long, on both sides of the corridor's Mulan on a chair Formation. There are about two rows of examination rooms, each room apart, decorated with carvings. So far the protection of , Is the only one of the two test studio. Examination of the Qing Dynasty studio, is known as the North Sichuan Road, Gong Yuan. Feudal dynasty imperial examination system was subject examinations to select civil and military officials, a talented back-up system for 10 minutes. Ming and Qing Dynasties, Langzhong to act as the provisional capital of Sichuan Province for 10 years, where a total of four Examination to be held. The provincial capital of movement, Langzhong Gong Yuan test also shed for county trial, House try to place the abolition of the imperial examination system.

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Xishan Scenic Area (Nantong) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xishan Scenic Area is located in the western suburbs of Nanchong City Shunqing District, covering an area of 8 square kilometers. Dance from Fengshan, head mountain, officials Baoshan, Leshan habitat, fire Fengshan, Ma On Shan, Play and so on Chishan mountain pose, like a green screen, surrounded by urban west, commanding height of 480.7 meters above sea level. River slowly from the foot of a mountain stream, the formation of mountains and rivers Then, verdant forests of the natural landscape well, known as "Western Hills Xiuse" reputation. Western Hills is well-known scenic spots of Nanchong, not only have to thank this beautiful natural Flying Legends, Nanchong and Li were "three-March tour the Western Hills"-setting effort. Eight Nanchong old King had three this. "Ye Yue Jin," Chuan Yuan for the day-gang Nobile from water; "Autumn Fruit Hill" has mountain is covered with yellow fruit, cool autumn locust Lin is well known; "Migratory Le Chi Ling" Although home Zhuan Shan, but no matter how the drought, the full surplus Chi Qingshui not dry up, when Qing muddy water to people and sentenced to weather. Western Hills has been concentrated since the Han Dynasty of a large number of cultural relics, to show the cultural traditions of the city of Nanchong The degree of civilization. Poetess Xue Tao Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty poet Lu You, and so have Nanchong Liu Yu, Fu Shi praised the beauty of the Western Hills. Xishan Scenic Area Planning of six River and a scenic landscape composition. 1, Fengshan dance area in order to view the main Taoist temple. 2, Leshan habitat areas on the Xishan Scenic Area re - Area, management is also located here. There are peak habitat Le Temple, Shun Lu uprising Nanchong Battle headquarters site. Mountainside "Qixia hole," Ren Han "easy time", Shuangjue poem to the original handwriting Huang Hui "fly-dong," Cliff stone, grave Taishi, Zixia Gallery Pavilion, habitat and the Eastern Han Dynasty music Guzhai Yamu 90 Abalone. North Slope West Convent, Mrs. Letters life, such as the tomb. The southern slope to build a "revolutionary martyr memorial Nanchong", such as the Forest of Stone Tablets. Scenic spots, vertical and horizontal stone-class trail, service facilities, tourist spots and urban areas connected to the bridge and the construction of playgrounds, swimming pools, climbing cable car parks and so on. 3, Baoshan official scenic area for convalescence, Resort to build nursing homes. 4, Fengshan fire to forest areas, fruit trees, mainly of sweet-scented osmanthus, there are "Chen Pi in the tomb", under Liu Lin Restaurant, and "Weng Ting Fang." 5, a fruit of St. Paul's Bay Hill area, accounting for Xu Biao Chan Road, the monument buildings, the Heritage Tour to Taiwan and Ganlu Si, Xian Qiao, the Jade Emperor, and so on. 6, rolls of floor The main area for the floor, rolls, Yu-Ping and cultural centers, cultural centers of the three countries, three villas. There are stationed Xiaoqi Ying Zhang Xianzhong of the site, under the River landscape, pink Liulv the two sides along the river, the river Adventure Race, lying Changqiao wave, pleasant scenery. Ming Dynasty and the West have Revolutionary Memorial Bridge, and so on. West Is stepping up the development and construction of scenic areas, habitat has been Leshan area, rolls of floor area, a dance area Fengshan opening to the outside world, and every year a large number of visitors to this Lansheng.

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Luo Ruiqing House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shunqing District from the city, 10 minutes north by car, you can reach is located in the outskirts of the town of Qingquan dance Feng Luo Ruiqing of the village's former home. May 31, 1906, the General Luo Ruiqing born here, lived here for the past 20 years. Qing Guang Xu's former home for years to build a San Heyuan-room wooden structure Chuandouqingwa An area of about 300 square meters. House is the middle of the central room, is on both sides of the main building and the rooms. General and their parents for the west side of the bedroom, kitchen and debris in between. House Yuanba before the middle of a standing half-length bronze statue of General Luo Ruiqing. The eastern side of the main building, room, displayed more than 200 installed along fine, of various styles of calligraphy and painting Works, in which both party and state leaders of the inscription, but also well-known painter of calligraphy and painting, there are people in his hometown of King book. Former Residence of the west side of the showroom, to show the general army horse's career. Items on display include some of his generals and in-kind precious cultural and historical data 10, literature and history more than 100 pieces of paintings and photographs. It was to Kai And the power to inspire people to inherit the unfulfilled wish of our ancestors, continue to forge ahead.

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Zhang Lan Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To commemorate and cherish the memory of the historical merits of Mr. Zhang Lan, 1986 Nanchong city (now Shunqing District, the district government) decided to Jian Hua Zhang Lan vocational secondary schools to commemorate the establishment of room, and on April 2, 1992 officially Open. Zhang Lan Zhang Lan Memorial Room in the original courtyard of the residential and office - St. palace, a total of 6 showroom for Chuandou Little Green wood tile-roofed house, two hours before and after the progress in the modern high rise buildings in the show's charm and elegant simplicity. Antechamber for a total of three, hanging on the door of Comrade Hu Yaobang personally wrote the "Memorial Hall Zhang Lan," Mubian raw lacquer. The door is hung on both sides of the wu condolences to Zhang Lan "50 years of struggle with my Republican People's Party won the same ambition has been, unfortunately I have to make 36 contained without the public see the liberation of Taiwan keep grudge" for United. Into the ante-chamber, for the flowers around the middle of the screen show the foreword, about life as Mr. Zhang Lan Gallery, the exhibition before his death, Mr. used in-kind precious, Cultural and Historical Data Photos, 100 pieces of paintings. Vividly recreates the President of the Chinese nation to independence and self-improvement chain and the struggle of life. Lobby of the posterior wall on both sides of the room with a wooden screen, were recorded in Mr. Zhang Lan wrote poems. Right-hand door to fly to write Shi Liang's "outstanding educator of the people," reads, indoor display, "Mr. Zhang Lan Jian Hua Secondary School "stories. Zuoxiang door hung Lin Boqu written," Mr. Zhang Lan immortal "horizontal inscribed board, indoor display," Mr. Zhang Lan and ideological education achievement. "Before and after the one between the Office of the ancient architecture of the courtyard. Connected through to the middle of the courtyard after the Hall, on each side of a pond, rockery Linglong beautiful pool, water Camellia four of which are fully covered, science, Calla, Jinchantuoke such as bonsai. After the Office for 3. Office of the middle of the room with plastic half-length bust Mr. Zhang Lan, Liang Bi hanging around Mr. Zhang Lan Shoudan 80 at a time when Mao Zedong, Zhu De's message. Right ventricle was Mr. Zhang Lan's Office, Mr. Zhang Lan display a map of activities during his lifetime , And part of the book to commemorate the article. Left the bedroom department, is now recovery, Mr. Zhang Lan displays used Wood Beds, books, furniture, etc. Jian. Diaolianghuadong to commemorate the entire room, old-world, contains the ancient Chinese folk art of architecture unique charm. Zhang Lan Memorial Hall from opening up, it has attracted public The Department of tourists has become a well-known revolutionary base in the traditional education. In 1999, Zhang Lan Memorial Room was set at "re-take the Long March Road, Jiang Shuai, Hometown Tour" one of the main attractions, has been all-round development and construction, Mr. Zhang Lan revolution, fighting, the glorious life with a brand-new Show the face of the World Before the follow-up for those who never paid their respects and mourn with!

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Yuanwang Dong area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiqiang nine Yuanwang Dong Huangshan Scenic Spot is located Kitagawa Qiang Autonomous County in Sichuan Province in the territory, tourism Jiuzhai East Link area had to wear. And the "hometown of Li Bai", "native place of Yu", "Forbidden City in the mountains Baoen Si", and the city of Mianyang Science and Technology "The second Dujiangyan - Wu cited the reservoir," constitute the "Golden Triangle" area tourism, science and technology from the Chinese city of Mian 58 km, 28 km Jiangyou City, Chengdu, 170 kilometers, Jiuzhaigou 230 kilometers, Jiuzhaigou Tourism Link is another ideal tourist destination.

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Longquan Temple Goddess - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Goddess Longquan Temple is located in the northwest city of Sichuan in the territory County, 40 km from Mianyang, Chengdu, 130 km. Mianyang is to "technical tour" of Asia's largest wind tunnel route, and Baishui Hu, Luo Shan, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Temple and other famous scenic spot in the same line. Easily accessible, direct line of vehicles to cave .

Cave grand momentum, scattered palace, the towering cliffs, stalactite vacant, and thousands, the underground river pools, water features, elegant Xianqi air Mengqi magic.

Longquan Temple Goddess mountain a few shallow hill at the exit, all hidden in the original film into a dense forest, underground caves as a whole, according to detect about five to Kilometers from the ground floor of a four-kilometer underground river connectivity, the development of all boating can be directly Changjiang security, is to open directly into the "hole best in the world, on the 2nd hole Tour"

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Sin Sea Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mianyang City, Hoi Sin is a scenic water diversion project WUDU rely on the backbone - Shen anti-dam-building scenic areas, with urban water supply, tourism, aquaculture, fruit development and other functions in the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, Huanglong , Jianmenshudao gold, and other tourism center line.

  A wide variety of trees in the region, Beautiful natural scenery, there are many, such as Qin Shi Huang, the three countries, such as history and the story of the ancient Yi Dao, a famous scenic spots fairy trees, islands, peninsula Block 40, Scenic Area by the Tsinghua University Architecture Design Institute of the overall plan, the starting point for the design, function Qi, Singapore has some of the attractions in conjunction architectural design firm to conduct a detailed planning. Planning scenic area of 38 square kilometers, an area of 13.8 square kilometers development, the scenic spot of water, electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, broadband multimedia, mobile communications base stations and other infrastructure facilities, and violence sen formed a designated scenic 18 km The road by the sea.

  Sally sea water to the main scenic areas Entertainment and water sports for the characteristics of both resorts, leisure, tourism, commercial and other functions, is currently the big city from the most recent full Huguangshanse show, into human landscape into a garden city-based leisure resort.

  In the past two years, the scenic Authority has put people in more than 100,000,000 yuan , Conducted a comprehensive infrastructure. Scenic spots in the road, water, electricity, natural gas, posts and telecommunications, communications, broadband multi-media facilities and property management was basically completed, to meet the project area into the building and operating needs. Cruise terminal, the sea cents Square has been completed, and other utility services delivery. Water was also flying umbrella, the air slide More than 20 projects for tourism and entertainment to visitors.


At present, there are still areas in the southwest planning botanical gardens, hunting and so on more than 40 large-scale projects for the development of the reference to the investors. I believe this charming scenery and excellent investment environment to attract a large number of people with lofty ideals will join us in a better Tomorrow!

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Wanglang Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanglang National Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province, Sichuan is located in the territory of Pingwu County. Longitude 103 � 55 '- 104 � 10', latitude 32 � 49 '--- 33 � 02', then south-east of the Tibetan rural white Pingwu County, south-west of Songpan County, Huanglong Temple and then , And the north-east and north of Nanping County (now the Jiuzhaigou County), Jiuzhaigou, not to angle for the neighborhood, and so on. With a total area of 322.97 square kilometers, accounting for the county's total land area of 5.4 percent. Management of protected areas sheep farms from Pingwu County town 94 kilometers away from the city of Mianyang, 265 km from Jiuzhaigou Tourism Line 41 km road, outside the protected areas have direct access to asphalt roads in Mianyang and Chengdu, more convenient traffic. 34 km road in the region.


  Wanglang Nature Reserve was established in 1965, is the establishment of the first four in order to protect the giant panda, golden monkey, takin, and other rare wildlife And their habitat mainly of one of nature reserves. The world's biodiversity is located in the heart of one of the regions of the Himalayas - Hengduan Mountains, to maintain the integrity of natural ecosystems, and its original, diversity, rarity, the famous Chinese and foreign representation. In the region rich in biological diversity, protection of animals at the national level there are giant pandas Golden monkey, takin, the clouded leopard, leopard, spotted the end of the chicken Zhen, Hong Mei Green Pheasant (Tony hen). The area is a habitat of giant pandas an important corridor, which connects the hub Minshan giant panda population; composition of the plant complex, the origin of ancient, as there are many types of herbs, vegetables, ornamental flowers and forest. Wanglang protected areas of virgin forest in the northwest to preserve chuan is the most comprehensive piece, the large fir and spruce, red cedar against the sky. View all four seasons in the region, clean air, rivers, plants obvious vertical band, is reluctant favorite. Cool in the summer, with an average temperature of 12.7 ?, Summer for the summer, watch the flowers, Forest vegetables taste good place; Manshan leaves in the fall, the storied dye do, magnificent scenery; winter Shangxue can watch wildlife. Wanglang Nature Reserve tourism projects World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) from the capital, technology, expert assistance, the protection is for the purpose of, in the true sense of eco-tour , Introduced an appointment system. Eco-tourism infrastructure facilities have already begun to take shape, there were 50 of the reception capacity of tourism products and tourism routes has been formed.

  Tai Wo Wanglang Taipa area of information (vegetation, other): sheep from the field, the Jumbo bridge (there are signs) Service to the right, into the Tai Wo King Taipa . Back and clear rivers, flood land along the way is thick conifer forest, mainly in a variety of willow, sometimes on both sides of the highway through the willow branches of the winding each other, the sky will be covered with a Yanyanshishi, the People's Bank of China , To feel closer to nature. In sunny, depending on the elevation is a basic shrub, grass, and Uncovered Rock, and Uncovered Rock Blue sheep is near, the antelope's activity area. From seeing the sites along the earthquake, for it to see (different seasons were viewing azalea, plum pearl, rose, plum Hill, Pedicularis, etc.)

  At an altitude of 2700 meters or so, there is a large gap between the rivers, winter Bingbao Artesian Bore Baths, Pearl Summer Splash is Photo a good place to stay. Vegetation on the lot spruce cold dark coniferous forest dominated forests better, and many grew up in the river or a rock fell on the cross-river is still healthy and strong growth of the trees, people feel that the manner of nature . 2800-2900 meters above sea level is about preserving the integrity of the cold - Cheng, Yun - Cheng Under the arrow into a piece of bamboo, the giant panda habitat is the restoration. There is a very dense growth of the young growth, will cover the top of the road, people walk under, do not have a taste. Or to turn a Force fare Ya Shan, suddenly in front, about 400 acres of the Great Lawn, a distance of Lin, the sun's snow-capped mountains, the The wild grass, Tai Wo is the essence of Taipa area.

  2880 meters above sea level, the forest road to the end, this is the best preserved Wanglang one of the primeval forest, vegetation typical of sub-alpine dark coniferous forest, thick spruce cold against the sky, at the age of 400 - 600 Years, 100cm diameter of the old trees can be found everywhere. Can be great to enjoy sunbathing on the lawn, the grass in the mountains far, Hua Cao, look for Exploring the dense forests there. Foreign groove along the hole can climb on foot Jiuzhai. Tai Wo along the groove from the Taipa is 2880 meters above sea level to 3600 meters, followed by seeing the dark coniferous forest, the spruce pure, bright Ye Lin, pure alpine azalea, mountain shrub, alpine meadow, stream Beach, and other vegetation cover band.


  Disporopsis Wanglang fork of the area: Treasures from the bridge to the left, the needle passes through broad-leaved mixed forest, dark coniferous forests, that is, Disporopsis fork into the lawn of the large, white sand ditch area, a car required to pass through about 3k The original pure spruce. Great Lawn is shooting "The Ivy League covered with small wooden" film locations, many of the human landscape, where the open terrain, background, for pictures. Disporopsis bifurcated from the ditch on foot Pak Sha River is up to Huanglong Temple. Is to the azalea from seeing the ditch forest, alpine meadow and forest red, and so on the original landscape. 3,000 meters out of the primeval forest Department, a radius of 10km, is a neat piece of the growth. The forest of flood large areas of debris flow is rest, good camping sites. Pak can be inspected on foot ditch, takes 5 hours, watching the earthquake ruins and rodents. In different seasons to watch birds and flowers. Wanglang surrounding mountains: Wanglang near the top of the mountain range to Xuebaoding in Songpan County, 5588 meters above sea level, is the main peak Minshan Mountains, the rest of the mountains are an integral part of Xuebaoding.

  Minshan Mountain is a north-south the Interlocking tall mountains, about 200 km of the main Jiuzhaigou, Songpan County, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Temple, Wang Lang, and other protected areas in the mountains in Minshan Mountain. Minshan the Yangtze River in China, two of the Yellow River watershed. It's a series of south-east out of more than 5,000 meters high, snow-top package for the 5400 meters, Pingwu County is the largest peak Motian Ling Mountains: lie in the northern part of County and Jiuzhaigou County, Gansu Xingwen County border, east-west by a series of recent composition of the mountains. Wanglang Nature Reserve on the border Taipa Tai Wo Ping is the Mo Tianling Lara Minshan Mountain Range and the western section of the interchange.

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Temple of the clean water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple is located in Mianyang City of the clean water Fujiang River on the east coast. Looking from the city, stretching to the foot of Kameyama, Fujiang Sea mountains and buildings to create the right circumstances Cuoluoyouzhi. Temple of the clean water of the main building Qiaojiao cornices, referring to the blue sky, even under the blue waves. Jia-Mu old trees, Zhetianbiri. Shanguangshuise, gardens and monuments constitute a beautiful natural painting art .

  Green Water Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, Tang and Song Dynasties have Shuige hospital said. Cliff as a result of spring water flows all year round, sweet-BUZZ, it is also known as the Republic of China Temple water. Song Dynasty, monks who according to a letter of the clean water expansion of the cliff temple, named Temple of the clean water. Temple Rise and Fall of the clean water through to 1981 for public protection unit, Keep the old and broken at the end of the first floor of a temple. In 1985, the city of possession of the text by the beginning of the Temple of the clean water for maintenance protection, after several years, built over an area of 60 acres of ancient cultural relics Temple scenic area. Sichuan Provincial People's Government announced in 1991 for the provincial heritage conservation unit.

  Menting of flavor, suspended Mr. Feng Qiyong a painting of the "water temple" horizontal inscribed board. And along the stone steps from the twists and turns came to the riverside avenue open, with a towering 3-story-Xieshan hall. There are stone ground floor hall of the Tang Dynasty as Li Yin, Cliff Buddhist shrine made 18, King Kong by 32 stone products.

  Yin Li Yuan Diao for as high Meters. Head of a Buddha Golden Delicious, Golden Ring wear ear, neck lines Luo Ying, co-light eyes, a smiling, serene expression, extraordinary refined; Tanxiong, Phi scarf next to the skin, waist, under the jade skirt, waist up fine Wear ornaments; Jingping holding his left hand, right hand and India Shi immeasurable. Full body, big-kind, elegant with a legacy of the Tang Dynasty. Cliff As relief for the deep, large statues of two meters per square niche, small statues of the high non-Ying Chi. Like dozens of multi-carved statue, only a few.

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Baishui Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Provincial-level scenic spots Baishui Hu County, located in the northern West Sichuan Plain, close to Mianyang, Mianzhu, Deyang, Chengdu Economic Triangle. 68 km from Mianyang, Deyang 50 km, 120 km Chengdu.

Attractions around the numerous attractions, from Sha Ting's former home town of Sui Shui County 2 km away from experimental science and technology base Chau's largest wind tunnel base 30 km, gravel cave on the way there, "Longquan Temple gravel", "Luo Fu Shan Buddhist resort" and "Wo Fosi," Stephen Southwest in the first, "Fei Quan", but also caused a stir in the world geological circles of the geological wonders of the sea Jin "reefs" in the geological zone on the lake.

Bai Shuihu 664 meters above sea level, water Area of 3,000 mu, the water storage capacity 16,720,000 cubic meters, with an average water depth of 10 meters deep in the 20 meters in 1993 by the provincial government for approval of the provincial-level scenic spots. Provincial Construction Committee in 1998 were granted scenic spots of civilization.

Baishui Hu beautiful environment, climate, mountains and lakes weeks Hold, the broad surface of the lake quiet, clear water, the breeze light, sparkling. The crystal has a clear head to the mountains and rocks, trees and inspiring area of natural pure water. 23 small islands to natural as dazzling emerald in the white water dispenser on Yu Pan, a few acres will be divided clever combination to form a three-dimensional and multi-level scenic spots and many twists and turns of the deep harbor. Wild Baishui Hu charming, old trees on the island Zhetianbiri vines, weeds Xianhua luoying Day, tall and straight Xiuzhu Lam green, forest trails winding circle, take you to have been concentrated deep-meng. Volume feeding fish in Lake waves, Oulu water in groups, enjoy fresh mandarin duck kiss, egrets circling the Youth Pre-employment. Lake-rich California perch , And its flavor, its unique meat; winter and spring a few 100,000 egrets, ducks, and other waterfowl on the lake together, forming a natural water park. 99 years in April by China Central Television, TV production center in China continued to shoot the television series "Journey to the West," "Lions blocked Camel" and "Ocean's Dapeng received" three sets in play outside the territory Lake water shooting. Director General Yang and six well-known actors such as small-age children on the Baishui Hu Shan-ching, Water Pik, the United States very much appreciates the island and is pleased to write "Green floating blue, Oulu refrain from" lines.

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Mianyang Bao Ensi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bao Ensi Scenic Area is located in Mianyang city in the territory Pingwu County, 184 km from Mianyang. At present, China is the most complete preservation of ancient buildings of the Ming Dynasty. Sichuan Province in 1956 as a key cultural unit. In 1996 as a national key cultural unit. Full-called "Albrecht Xiu Bao Ensi" before Ming EC five years, Tianshun be completed in four years, so far 560 years of history. Baoen Si structure similar to the layout of Beijing Forbidden City, so called "palace in the mountains." Bao Ensi area to the center, including the Wanglang Nature Reserve, the White Horse Tibetan areas, scenic spots, such as Rhododendron Hill. Bao Ensi sit west to east, covering 27 00 square meters, construction area of 3500 square meters, from east to west while the sequential increase. Mountain Gate, Jinshui Qiao, King Hall, Main Hall, Foge million in the construction of a 300 m long central axis. Jing Zhuang, Ni, the Great Mercy Temple, the Temple of martial law, Beiting promenade ramp Gallery, Sengfang symmetrical layout strict majestic Armstrong . One Baoen Si palace design, web does not end at the same time and a high degree of seismic technology, Chinese and foreign experts have been referred to as "the beginning of next rare configuration of the left" and "originality of the anti-seismic buildings." Bao Ensi painted sculpture of plastic, skillfully crafted, Buddha hall, sleek, vivid image; plastic wall paintings, the composition subtly, Let the rich. Hall of Great Mercy of up to eight meters of Xu Avalokitesvara, is traveling abroad with a huge Diaocheng Phoebe, hands behind 1004, thousands of beautiful spectacular. Kegon runner by the possession of the hall is absolutely beautiful, like a hold up of the seven-volley Buddha.

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White Dragon King's palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White Dragon King's palace is located in Mianyang city of Jiangyou City (hometown of Li Bai) 16 km west of the surrounding mountains, is a new set of caverns, rafting and mountain lakes in one of nature tourism.

White Dragon King's palace and the spectacular mysterious cave, discovered late, rich in natural scenery, well, strange, sub-sea areas of the two Han Lu , In the sea - in the underground river boating on the ground floor view of Great Falls. "Journey to the West", "true and false Monkey King" and other scenes of the election for the White Dragon King's palace cave "Huaguo Shan Shui Liandong" for the shooting, Sichuan is the most amazing karst cave. White Dragon King's palace and the associated river-mouth (Panjiang), an alpine river valley, many beaches and waves, the two sides Hill into the clouds, like towering view. After several years of continuous development, in May 2001, launched 16 km mass drifting tourist projects. To participate in this drifting, narrowly, and Fun for all, the relevant department will be as follows: "First of Sichuan drift." There are supporting the project in the mountains and lakes - Lake perfume, cruise concept of multiplicative Leisure.

  Jiangyou White Dragon King's palace is a mountain, water, holes in one of the tourist spots. Natural geographic advantages make it unique in the surrounding area, emitting a unique charm. The odd holes, Shan-ching, Shui Sau, rich human landscape, visitors can intoxicated with the Shan-ching of green water. The cave Is characterized by a primitive, natural, simple, with a total length of 1.2 km, water, dry in two parts, in addition to an air of thousands of stalactites, and underground river boating. Mei-yu splashing waterfalls fly, full of magic show cave landscape. China Central Television in 1999 will be Cidong as "Journey to the West," a sequel to the film base. Cave close before rippling blue waves of Lake perfume, after the pleasant scenery of the Shangri-la - Huaguo Shan. Especially breathtaking, the Crusoe to stimulate even more memorable visitors. Real experience: "By mid-stream water, the waves stop Fei-zhou," the realm of life. In order to better develop the area has been set out sightseeing, Leisure and adventure into one of the novel and unique tourism project.

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-Buddha - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddha-Li Bai at home - the city of Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, 14 km north-west, God is the secret of the northwest Sichuan's largest karst cave. Then here on Kuang Shan (also known as Dai Tianshan); Li Bai even under the Taiwan study; fog view to the east, Mission Ridge; West, according to Ying-hua, Qianyuan, it is the gateway to the scenic Jiu Zhai necessary land. Hill ring around the hole Round, green trees, beautiful Qi Jue. In 23 years, people in sky-ching river found a squat three-meter-high stone Buddha like, so fine-sounding name Buddha-hole. Travel to the region as a whole Buddha-oriented, while the remaining seven-dong, dong horns, and so on throughout the West is gradually developed. Buddha by the three-room, two , Constitute a river, three full-length Qian Yumi, more than 60 spots inside the cave. The whole is divided into three holes from top to bottom, from the first level, "bergamot welcoming" to "Nantian Men." This layer breezy, Qinrenxinpi, dust and wash out the heart. Into this layer, in the face of bergamot is a great extend from the Dong Ding, you are welcome to come. Is a "three hearts together," the three-day heart and mind, the center of the earth, people. There are "shengdeng" and "On Golden Monkey fishing", "Di Bo tree", "Lei Yue Liu concept of" life, and other attractions. To the front row, from left-Jiao Yang set a park, a right hook on silver, fine-sounding name "Sun Moon Gate." Over the stone steps along the side door, right next to a head Helmets, wearing a suit of "Ju Lingshen" guard thoroughfare in Wonderland. Shek Pik on the right side of a hall inside the cave from the Serpent Shentou For Ben, a large stretch their necks glans, Zhuangruo race, opposite the old Shek Pik on the United States and longevity long sideburns Gone with the Wind, smiling to watch the matches, it was known as the "Guiyi Gate boun days. " Thoroughfare on the left to see considerable: "Lions Teng "" Qianfo Yan, "" Dharma Langbi, "" Ganoderma lucidum Hill, "" Looking back on the Condor "and" Yu Bei, "" Gold Mountain, Yinshan, "" Saw Taiwan "or" bridge "and other vivid shapes of stalactites , Is like a Museum of Art's dazzling relief. Nantian Men from the right, along the rugged "rocky road" to enter Second Temple, as "a pillar of the Office" and "half-day Mountain" to reach about 450 square meters wide, "Dragon King's palace in the East China Sea" where "Dinghaishenzhen" vertical "Shenquan colorful pool" crystal clear water color, there is a chilling, "White River Indiana , "" Look stupid monkey "," Lin sea lion show, "" Do not Jinsha Town, a Condor, "" Dragon King Chest "and other natural forms, the magnificent, very spectacular. Dragon King's palace inside the cave there are holes in the King King." Wuling Park "Horn, dustpan days, there are conch holes," Crane for the clam grapple, "" watch the battle conch "," Prompting Zhu Zhan "," Shi Chuang "and stalagmites, stalactites form, Xiangyingchengqu, dizzying. However, "Dong Tian Shan there is not a surprising number of negative River in the first row." Bay Bay after another along the way jumping leg, hearing the sound of water flow, to watch the "Cross-Sea Whale," "camel frog lotus" and "Peach Heaven and Earth" and "Monkey according to mirror the United States" and other attractions came to the river boating Yam Department - "Arc de Triomphe", only faint of the clean water, micro-ripple pan, a variety of light King reflected on the water slowly floating lights. Open boatman singing voice, sang folk songs, set your search Probe into wins. Hanoi negative attitudes size of the capital thousands of stalactites, plastic head blurred, it is dazzling. There are the famous "Ping-opened Peacock," "groups such as drinking water," and "Glacier Falls" and "river island," "Islands" and "mountain dog," " Turtle Beach sun, "" Star Wangjiang "and" natural kelp, "" mainstay "of the 10 scenic spots. Dangzhou direct access to the territory in the West. Play, freely. Rocks of the two steep mountains, winding streets, covered with unusual rock crevice Dendrocalamopsis and weeds. Peak and a pile of stone each other, the risk varies large, are not attached. Cijing watch the heart is Shen Yi, to become non-sen cents a sense of victory.

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Shan Chuan Dou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chuan Chuan Dou Shan Shan, also known as Sichuan is located 20 km north of the city of Jiangyou Fujiang River on the east coast. Chuan Dou ape who first gate Shan Shan, as a result of more apes and monkeys in the mountains, Yamagata named as the door. After the beans Jisi Hill as a result of a large stone structure, such as Yamagata Chuan (Tsaotun), it said Chuan-shan.

  Why is it called again after sinus Shan Chuan it? Since the Tang Dynasty Ming County, has a master called thin-ming Douzi (also known as Shi Dou Zai), have a strong admiration for sinus Shan Chuan-ching, odd, quiet, the show will live in seclusion in the mountains Qi Guan, Xiu Xian Lian Road. His iron chain for the bridge repair and rebuild the temple in the mountains, after three years of soaring success, Hill from the entrance of the Department cliff jump down, change the gods. "The mountains are not high, there were 000 cents," Here, after the commemoration of man-made him put Dou Dou renamed Shan Chuan Chuan Shan.

From a distance, Shan Chuan Dou group was shaped, north-south, 2.8 km long, 1.68 km wide, with an area of about 4.7 square kilometers. 1140 meters above sea level, a relatively high degree of 540 meters. Geographical coordinates: longitude 104 degrees 49 , Latitude 31 degrees 55 minutes.

  Shan Chuan Dou Flying possession in 1956 in Sichuan Province People's Committee has been announced for the first group of provincial-level protection units.

Sambong hill, from where they stand, more than 100 meters. Each peak of a temple, were Dongyue, sinus true, the Lu Ban. The only way sambong peak Risk-way, up and down the other two peaks from two components of iron chain hanging bridge. Feng Yun Yansi is not far away, was built in the Tang, Bing Huo in the burning end of the Ming and Qing Emperor Yongzheng three years (1725) rehabilitation. Teramae outside Tang Shan Li Chuan Chan title of a stone-Hill, said: "Gengzhe lumberjack and, in Huaping out."

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China Engineering Physics Research Institute of Science and Technology Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Speaking of Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, many people may be unfamiliar. In fact, on October 16, 1964 China successfully exploded its first atomic bomb, they embody the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics scientists efforts. Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics enjoy "national treasure" reputation, Mianyang will have as a result of China Engineering Physics Research The hospital was known as the "science city."

Covers an area of 4 square kilometers of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics is a large-scale construction, facilities and beautiful, "science city." China Engineering Physics Research Institute of Science and Technology Museum --- the only national museum of nuclear science and technology. The 1998 10 27 before the official opening of the Science and Technology Museum, every day from all over the visitors.

Science and Technology Museum in the exhibition hall --- the second theme of China's development of nuclear weapons, I have seen a fall of the flat-Piece Cookware Set, an old blue coat Bumian, these are 6 In the early scientists at the remote base in Qinghai used.

July 13, 1958, an ordinary day for the birth of an unusual scientific research institutions --- China Engineering Physics Research Institute, the predecessor of the Beijing Institute of the ninth. China a significance to the unprecedented nuclear weapons Into the great battle quietly started. Zhu Guangya, Tang Jia-xiang, Guo, and other famous Chinese and foreign scientists began a difficult and challenging course of the secret. By the end of 1962, scientists at the foot of the Great Wall from the old field artillery moved to the natural conditions and very poor living conditions of the open land of Qinghai --- , In 7 years after the trial moved to the base of the ravine in Sichuan. In September 1983, the state will "Zhongwu Yuan" to concentrate in Mianyang, built a modern science city.

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Mianyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mianyang City, Sichuan Basin is located in the northwest, under the jurisdiction of Fucheng District, Youxian Qu, Jiangyou City, County, County zitong, Pingwu County, Sichuan North County, three counties, Yanting County. Area of 20,249 square kilometers, the population of 5,119,900. Mianyang Fucheng Gu Cheng, Mian Zhou, known as "roads of Shu throat." Chuan-Shan Road, Baoji-Chengdu All the way through here, is an important area of northern Sichuan material distribution center.

  Mianyang has a long history, Renjiedeling. Since the Han dynasty in 201 BC Fu County has been set. 2200 has many years of history, legacy for the ages-gun, military vital importance. "Shudao throat," "Sword locks ". In the past, this has bred water Yu heroic, the mother of silk Lo ancestors, the great Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, Ouyang Song dynasty literary giant, modern writers Sha Ting, the father of the two bombs Deng Jiaxian, wheat breeding expert Frederick CHARLES ROBERT, and so many outstanding Characters.

  Mianyang pleasant climate, fertile land, Sichuan Province, an important grain, oil, pig, silk, fruit production base. Mianyang has abundant natural resources and hydropower reserves of more than 3,000,000 kilowatts, 10,000,000,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas, coal, iron, manganese, and other industries are mining the value of the 57 kinds of mineral resources, Ophiopogon, Aconite, ginkgo, Tianma, Chinese caterpillar fungus Eucommia, Codonopsis, Fritillaria, and other traditional exports more than 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, the territory of a primeval forest of giant pandas, golden monkeys, clouded leopards, cow-ling, black-necked cranes, lesser panda, the Tufted Deer at the national level, such as 55 kinds of rare and protected species. Mianyang rich tourism resources and great potential for development, in order to Wanglang Nature Reserve and the Thousand Buddha Mountain, Luo Fu , Xiaozhaizigou, Yuanwang Dong, Xian Sea on behalf of the scenic spot for eco-tourism, rich and the Leshan Grand zitong Miaoshan represented "the three countries relics", pay homage to, in order to Zhongwu Yuan Science and Technology Exhibition, Asia's largest Wind tunnel base, Changhong and trade center for tourism on behalf of the engineering. As well as in the western Sichuan is becoming a new tourist hot . Yue is the reconstruction of the floor is the history of China is one of the four House members.

  Mianyang is important to the national defense and military research and production base. Have the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, China Aerodynamic Research and Development Center, and other national defense scientific research institutions 18, Southwest University of Science and Technology, and other tertiary hospital 7, Changhong, Jiuzhou, the state-level Technical Center 2, two-horse, East, and other materials at the provincial level technology center 8, Changhong, Jiuzhou, the two-horse, Brilliance, China Resources, Shuanghui, and other large and medium-sized enterprises 50 , State-level hi-tech industrial development, science and education, entrepreneurship and Southwest University of Science and Technology Park, National University of Science and Technology Parks, economic Operation zone, modern agricultural demonstration zones, industrial parks in the southern suburbs, about immortals such as the pilot area economic development zone 6, various types of scientific research and 100,000 engineers, academicians and 25, enjoy special government allowances for outstanding contributions More than 800 experts. In many important fields of science and technology together with a large number of Level personnel.

  Mianyang city infrastructure, relatively well-developed communication network, water supply adequate electric. Refuse to deal with the realization of sound, air quality, urban green coverage rate reached 32.48 percent. Have been completed and customs, inspection and quarantine, and other foreign agencies, the opening of the railway II Shore. Established in the western region's first public bonded warehouse. Has been named the national civilized city, the National Health City, the National afforestation top ten cities in the country's most advanced cities, landscape and the United Nations to improve the living environment of the Model City, is currently striving National Environmental Protection Model City. Mianyang City-based culture Perfect comparison, there are 320,000 books in the library and Mianyang construction area of 20,000 square meters of Mianyang Museum.

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