When the Kama Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

When the card Ma Temple in the county seat on San Zetang 29 km east of the card when Ma Temple, built in the county on mulberry approximately 2.5 km East of a mountainside on. Kama also known as Temple. Founded in the 11th century AD, when the faction Ga Temple, in the late 11th century solution to the Greek camp were about the year in the 17th century became the Gelug Sect monasteries, but still Greek solution to send some of the rituals. When the Kama Shiniandongluan Temple destroyed in the 1986 renewal. Moji Luo Ji Zhuoma Zhu Gong statue. Moji Luo Ji Zhuoma is the history of Tibetan Buddhism to open one door, a unique style of women. She Greek solution on the basis of Buddhist teachings were, to absorb some of the political parties Ga strengths MOK created Faction. Moggi was sent in Tibet has been widely disseminated for the advancement of women has played a positive role.

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The valley - - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu added that Valley County investigation that Yu Valley, 4600 meters above sea level. Laura holy knot because of snow-capped mountains of snow nourishment, lush pastures, verdant vegetation, the water around the four, there is a sense of balance outside the Shangri-la Laura Snow Heng Kong born, tall and straight beautiful, 5,000 meters above sea level, stands in the valley-and-poor fruit The . La riding in the balance over the snow-capped mountains in the distance, the attractive scenery along the way, the silver flashes XUEFENG the eventual Saga, backed with blue sky and white clouds Manshan rhododendron, constitute extraordinary beauty of the refined. God's famous Lake Ramla wrong God Ramla wrong Lake (also known as Guo Jie Wu Qiong), plus check from the county town about 30 km More than 4000 meters above sea level, covering an area of about 1 square kilometers, nearly oval-shaped, surrounded by mountains like a mirror. Ramla wrong in the Tibetan language and Italy as "days of female soul Lake"; according to Tibetan Buddhism and Bon concept, such as trees, lakes, jade and the like can be pinned as the soul. Although the lake area Is not a big place, but in Tibetan Buddhism living Buddha reincarnation system of special status has been respected believers. Every time searching for the Dalai Lama, Panchen Erdeni such as the great Living Buddha reincarnated soul boy before all this as divine lake view, to show by God, and every Dalai Lama to be the first to worship Sheng Hu. It is said that every North Korea This lake-rooted, can be magic show from the lake to see the images in a variety of oracle trillion phase, to see his next life, Xinchengzeling.

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Yu as Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple is located, such as jade Cisi Qusong County Shannon Hill at the northern foot karaoke. According to cliff built, for the original three-tier, below the two-story-hole practice can be accepted to Temple Buddhist monk; for the third layer Moggi were Moji Luo Ji Zhuoma founder of the practice holes. The existing second floor. In front of the building there is a Cooper, a legendary Indian monk to worship, will carry Kashiwagi inserted a stick in there, the future has grown into the lush tree Weng Yu trees. The monks will worship Jingfan, hada covered with branches. Jade Temple, such as under a foot of a mountain spring water from pouring in rock crevices, clear transparent. Legend of the water used to bathe, Xingnaojing refreshing to eliminate fatigue.

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Lamulacuo Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

La-La is located in Lake God Shannan Prefecture of Tibet to increase search County, Shannan and Nyingchi is located in the junction. La-La Lake in the spirit of God is well-known because it is well-known class of the Goddess Code to send the soul of the Ram Lake. Code ban on the Ram in the snow-covered prior to the introduction of Buddhism, she is already well-known gods, the people won broad Shun. According to Chuan, Buddhism in Tibet, was the master of Waibang Padmasambhava in the possession of preaching when the snow-covered offending the gods of the indigenous as "magic" and then launched a massive virtual and is the indigenous movement Shoufu of the gods, not only that Win the support of the magic of the snow-covered and the appointment of gods only "law of God" and even "law Benzun" In this culture of strategy, a well-known ancient goddess Code ban Ram Lamaism become well-known law enforcement Ben Zun. As a result of the myth motif of the high range, the lake is known by God. God to Lake La Mura, the first car to the fruit-Jean Temple (ruins), it would have on horseback, because the whole lake is close to God " "Shaped the Hill. Valley south along the right road to a red brown peaks, it is necessary to turn a corner, like a heart of the Hill, local herdsmen said that class is the heart of the Code of Ram. There are mountains of red brown gravel slide Down, the larger brown stacked stone base, then there is a large red brown stone forest, is quite strong And attractive. Hard flow stream valley there, to cover a wide range of people to push the river beach of a rubble base, which was carved on a stone in hand, guiding the index finger, then that means the hand that is a natural heaven. Referred to in the direction of the index finger down into the higher terrain of a valley, and then look back to red brown peaks, it is more like a heart of the The road in front of the La-La is to see the last of the Zhangbi. If lucky in the road, you can see in the pool or on the hillside of wild blue sheep. When the horse came from the Hill about 200 meters when only a walk Qi Ma. After a difficult journey, you can see the wood la la God of the lake. Range upon range of hills there are overlapping peaks Mirror-like Shuibo bright and clean, and that is well-known La-la God of the lake. In the Shan people, there will be reaction to high altitudes, have to break it. In the process, can experience the classic view of the lake is: what to see, not all of that out. I saw ... ... In fact, La La Wood was also known as Lake view of a typical example: When Shangbei death of the Dalai Lama to find, an important part of it is going to the concept of God to Lake Saint Film. As a result, this mysterious lake even more of a dignified human qualities. As a typical example of this response, the Dalai Lama chosen in the future will be enthroned to the lake god to a visual impact. According to the elevation of view, this They are also the most prone to the afterlife on the former Phantom of the sacred. People "climb" when the lake into everyone must see their former or future generations ... ...

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Sang-top temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sangding Temple is located southwest of Lake Yangzhuoyongcuo Xianyao a steep hill, a Tibetan Buddhist Gaju Pai Hong Baga give branches, is a 300-year-old temple. According to the "mirror the history of the origins of religion," recorded by the Hong Kong founder of the Palestinian brgyud Qiongbo Nan Chuan his sleep four grams of respect for the old building; another to say that in the early 15th century Dong Bo Baggio out Namgyal (1375-1451) built the temple for Buddhist monks and nuns shared by the only female living Buddha in Tibet Duojipamu abbot, Duojipamu (free translation for "King Kong Haimu") female reincarnation of Living Buddha passed Has been the world-12. The woman II Luosangdanbei Panchen living Buddha for the benefit of the West VI niece XII female Living Buddha Duojipamu Deqing Zhen Qu is currently the vice chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Political Consultative Conference, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, National People's Congress. Monastery of the 18th century there were 80 monks and nuns, the beginning of this century nearly 200 people, after the steady decline in female Living Buddha Duojipamu Haimu King Kong is considered India's body again, much Only respect, Terauchi generation Duojipamu calendar for the body. Terauchi Haimu King Kong majoring in law secret, Tantric yoga practice in India. Sangding construction of the temple just when only a small temple, Duojipamu II, Kunga Sam Hui mussels in Pakistan, a long Yasang 10,000 sheep and 10,000 Cho Chang and others with financial support, the expansion of the Temple Sangding. Duoji Pa V Tomka Home E. Sangding repair and expansion of the Temple Church Buddhas, and a new statue of Buddha, pagoda and so on.

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Yong Pumo wrong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Due to the border area, visitors rarely set foot in, no details

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Chol, l. - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zetang Chol to the ancient lake, the lake water Fengmao, flying the lake with a large number of water birds, the lakeside villages, groups of yaks, snow-capped mountains and lakes, virgin snow-capped mountains is a lake, the lake from the southern Tibet after a no man's land, to see a large number of The Tibetan antelope, Tibetan donkey, and then to the southern bank of Lake, Lake Shore sheep, from this point of view of Lake, the graceful Attitude, go at full speed 120 km Nagarze arrived. Yang arrived in Hubei An, Kang Bala snow-capped mountains, lakes throughout the sheep's successful completion of the journey

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Yalong He Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yalong He scenic area, located in the Shannan Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region is due south of the East, Zhanang, plus search, Lhozhag, six in Gonggar County, Shannan Prefecture and 6 counties are not scenic area. Shannan Prefecture is the birthplace of one of the Tibetan people. Snow Mountain glacier in the area, grazing fields, flood the valley, the ancient cultural sites and folk customs Folk paintings, such as the mysterious, ancient and magnificent screen. Plant species in the region rich in vegetation with vertical elevation changes with the distribution. Valley rain forest belt quarter, known as Tibet's Xishuangbanna. Scenic view of the body of the Tibetan people in the Shannan Prefecture of the earliest civilizations. Yongbulakang, the Tibetan word for mother of the uterus, is located in the County southeast, the east coast of Yalong He's the top of the hill. Legend has it built in the 1st century BC PO era la red, is the first Tibetan palace construction. Before and after the two parts are piled rocks, towering tall and straight, magnificent momentum. Inside the hall is dedicated to Tibetan princess and the Sultan of Songtsan Gambo, Nepal-foot statue of Princess respect, fine shape; also security There are many ancient cultural relics and ancient books and records. San Yuan Temple, Tibet's first temple, located on the north shore of the Brahmaputra Zhanang County. Gu Chen, "Wu Dengbo to come." The existing building is 7 Dalai Lama during the reconstruction. Tang was built in large calendar. "San Yuan" of the Tibetan transliteration, which means "incredible." Tibet is the first Monk of the temple monks degrees. Temple after the fire, renovation work has degenerated, but still retain their original appearance. The direction is east, with a total flat circle, surrounded by walls, on top of a wall, each about 1 meter a terracotta towers, walls and corridors to open, the center of the Ukrainian policy for the hall, a symbol of the world's center of Sumeru Hill. Three high-hall, ground floor Tibetan architectural style, for the middle-level Chinese-style, top-level tower five Xiangzhi India's architectural style. It is a very special construction of the temple for the country are rarely seen. National key cultural units and possession of Changzhug King. Changzhug Naidong County, located about 2 km south east coast of Yalong He, and Chan Tong Temple across the river. Founded in 7 Ji age 40, presided over the construction of Songtsan Gambo. Thirteen of the existing building is the restoration of the Dalai Lama. Tibetan Harrier, Peng, Chang for the birds, for the Lung-chu, into a temple named Chu Chang. The children with folklore, "cited the Long Lake," "Long broken into three". Temple relics, Liu Lin Si Wai, and a lot about Princess Wencheng. King , Also known as the Tibetan ancient tomb of PO, Qiongjie county seat is located opposite Jalan wood on the mountain. For the 7th century AD to the 9th century tomb of the ancient Tubo PO group, the tomb of the existing 19, up to a radius of 3 km, roughly the same shape, are flat-topped box. Legend has it that Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng and the Sultan of several generations before and after the PO are buried here, but To explore. These are distinct cultural characteristics of ethnic minority areas.

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Long Qu Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Qu Temple - Temple sang songs is important to the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism temples. Kamiyama-page Wokawode located to the north. Legend has it that Master Tsongkhapa is the Dragon Temple for the song to the end-result of the missionary. Keep this one bearing the fingerprints of Tsongkhapa master of the Sacred Stone.

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La Jiali Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Was built in the 13th century, Tibetan King is the descendants of the family outside forces after the Sakya Pazhu power and retained the symbol of royal power. The palace is located in Qusong County on the south side of the northern margin of the high mesa, 3800 meters above sea level. Large group of sites, unique style. Not far from its famous hot springs of my color.

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Kamiyama sea in a few days - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Samye Monastery is located in the sea in a few days Kamiyama East, about 60 meters, Tibet is one of the four Kamiyama. Legend has it that the construction of the Samye Monastery, the Group Demons are here to make chaos, Padmasambhava practice to master this huge rock in the mountains after Xiangmo Xiucheng to Samye Monastery.

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Green Park to practice - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Green Park Monastery is located in the northeast hillside at the facilities of the Wa Lane 15, 4300 meters above sea level, the Green Park with the summer heat and winter cold without, is a ideal summer to keep out the cold Hill, along the road are very suitable for hiking, not just here Pilgrims of the Holy Land, as the tourists get a lot more fun. "Green" The Green's family, "Park" is the upper valley of Italy. Green Park, where the ravine was "hollow" shape, surrounded on three sides by mountains to the south is gradually open mountain slopes and vast waters of the Brahmaputra. Death care, Padmasambhava, and other senior monks here have self-cultivation, leaving many shrines. Tibetan Buddhism in the period before the Hong Beam, there are many scriptures are buried here, many of the early period after the Philip-de-sac possession of the division in the possession of the de-sac. Therefore, the Green Park with a total of famous Monastery, Tibetan people believe in the Samye Monastery not to Green Park, it means not to Sang Ye.

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Sheep bar in cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhanang County is located in the village of al bar in sheep Hill, the main peak 4,500 meters above sea level, for Banyao cave distribution area, the legendary master Padmasambhava in this practice. Sheep bar in the south of the cave, there are three holes, two of the same hole, the largest of a deep hole about 13 meters, 11 meters wide, about 15 meters, 100 square meters Miankuo. Has been set up inside the cave, Church and the Church and have left behind exquisite murals. Present a newly built temple, there are four Sengshe outside a kitchen. Big hole is located west of the cliff above the hole, such as Guru Rinpoche is the spiritual hole, the smaller the hole, a hole connected with the channel. There are natural stalactite cave, and so on, like Fodeng, there are clear call-rock sound. Further west 0 meters is the third hole, deep hole about 55 meters, there are stalactites and so on.

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Zhu Min temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Min Tibetan Nyingma temple is the main temple, located in Zhanang Zhanang County, east of the river view bar area. Temple sit east of the West, was built 15 years of Emperor Kangxi, the Nyingma, a master of the creation of Terma. Zhu Min temple area of about 10 million square meters, Zula Kang Zhudian have long painted on the walls of Dobby, the hideous face of the Buddha, which Nyingma monastery one of the major characteristics. According to the interpretation of Tibetan Buddhism, the law of the Weihe anger the gods, the temple is the defense of the devil and an enemy guard, known as the "law of God." Art from the point of view, this extensive modeling, the exaggerated image of the gods, is the Tibetan Tantric art. Zhudian the third floor has two permitted One of the permitted Lacan Lama, has drawn well-known history as the Nyingma Lama. Zhu Min temple-oriented study mathematical astronomy, medicine, and a beautiful calligraphy said. In accordance with past practice, selected by Min Zhu temple monks, as part of the Potala Palace, located in the College of Teachers Seng Guan, who is the other part of the door to Zikang Calendar to study and preparation of amendments to the "Cang Linian table." Min Zhu of the temple monks can get married and have children, in the main temple is based on the succession of his son or Wengxu transmission is not fully qualified in the blood relationship between father and son. Zhu Min temple in the study of the history of the Nyingma, doctrine and so on, a very important position.

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Samye Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zetang from along the Brahmaputra to Zhanang County, where Jiang deep water for a boat crossing in the past, people had to rely on Blue River ferry boat, now used motor boats, even the car can also be crossing the river by boat, crossing the river to the north The sea is well-known in a few days in the mountains of the Samye Monastery is located, is the south bank of Min Zhu temple.

Ye Temple built in 762 AD, is of Tibetan Buddhism in the history of the first things Buddhist monk of the temple, a well-known in the history of ancient India, Buddhism and the Buddhist doctrine of the Han Tei dispute occurred here. Samye Monastery is the ancient dynasty in India Borneo magadha built the Temple Wu Dabo blueprint for the construction and expansion of the amendment through the ages, To an area of more than 4900 square meters, the grand scale.

  India's well-known in the history of Chinese Buddhism and Buddhist teachings to battle occurred here. Samye Monastery is the ancient dynasty in India Borneo magadha built the Temple Wu Dabo modeled and built. Zhudian completed, the expansion of the amendment history, accounting for An area of more than 4900 square meters, the grand scale.

The whole complex of Buddhist scriptures in full accordance with the layout of the universe: the grand hall of the Ukrainian policy on behalf of the Sumeru World Shan Center; the sun, moon, a symbol of the two Hall of the universe, two months; Ukraine hall policy pagoda on behalf of the four corners of the four kings ; Hall of uniformly distributed around the four main hall, eight small hall, said four of the Aral Sea in the Ministry of the four continents and eight small Island; temple surrounded by a circular wall of the external world, a symbol of the Wai Shan Rail. Building area of more than 11 square meters. Ukraine at the entrance hall has a policy of "Buddha-hing vows" monument. Duoji De outside the main entrance hall on the right side of a Tibetan stone, 3.8 meters, 0.8 meters high seat, ancient inscriptions for the Tibetan (Chinese for "Tibetan recorded in stone"). Zhudian there in front of a pair of stone lions lion 1.2 meters high, 0.47 meters wide and 0.76 meters high, for a square stone blocks, carving on a square lotus patterns.

Temple also as a pair of white marble stone, 1.05 m high Simple shapes, lines, mellow, rich carvings of the Tang Dynasty style, is the Monastery of the existing stone carving art treasures. Temple was also a big bronze bell, 1.1 meters high 10 minutes, 0.55 meters in diameter, have cast bell on the ancient Tibetan language, very rare. According to "The Wedding Banquet Sage" set, this is a bronze bell in Tibet Suozhu I first 10 minutes. Main Monastery Side hall in a palace and the corridors are beautiful old wall paintings.

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Tibetan King's Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tibet is located in King County were Nanqiong Shan mountains south-west, away from the town of Zetang about 90 km. Fengtu the tall tomb, Tu Lei for the high-profile as the tomb mound. The mound for the upper oval, very flat-top pier, about 130 meters east, the lower rectangular Taiwan soil, not the surrounding neat. The number of Tibetan King's Tomb is difficult to determine, to look at There are 89. The big river near the tomb is said to be the tomb of Songtsan Gambo, the adjacent Chisongdezan is the tomb, next to the tomb of the story rather than a huge monument. 9 in the century after the slave uprising, PO whole tomb was destroyed, the possession of King Yi Guanzhong only just.

King possession of the Department of the Year 7 9 century, generations of Tibetan PO tomb group, is preserved in Tibet, the largest of the Capital Cities. Graves back Pi Jalan Hill, overlooking the Yalong He, at that time that Tibet has attached great importance to "Beishanmianshui" "feng shui". The entire group of tomb with an area of about 10,000 square meters, the tomb of Feng Tu tall, above the surface about 10 meters. Tomb Was flat-top shape, with the mainland is clearly different from Feng Tu-shaped bread, which is "Tong Dian" by the "Tomb of the Founder, stone base which, in the first Zhuangruo-house" is essentially identical records. Feng Tu as lay a solid foundation, rammed a clear layer, each about the thickness of 20-40 cm.

In the tomb of a king of the Tubo period stone Second side. Songtsan Gambo and the neighboring tomb of the praise song is said to be red (798-815 years in office) of hills, in the hills on the eastern side of the slope stands a tombstone Chan Chi Alfredsson party. Qiao Jiao Bao-zhu monument review covered the top, below the top of the relief convective clouds, 1.40 for the fly-blade lean, smooth lines. 78 cm wide on the front, under the 83 cm, are carved on both sides of the Dragon Cloud. Beishen below have been buried in sand, exposing the ground as part of the 2.3 m, the departments concerned have been dug under 3 meters, is still not Beizuo. Ancient Tibetan positive moment, the main inscription describes Chek Chan-song performance of a lifetime, he was praised as a "resourceful, and generosity, not out dauntless Xiao Wen Wu Xian "PO.

Another piece of legislation in the Stone King not far from the Tibetan side of the bridge. Cibei shapes and Chan Chi song similar to the tombstone, only a bit different from the top of the monument. Top-heavy as beads, under cover for columns, carved convective clouds, but no flying on both sides of the clouds for the Dragon. Beishen to 3.56 meters above the ground Monument to the south of the ancient Tibetan carved, weathered stone have been more off. Some research, for the Chisongdezan (754-797 years in office) of the tombstone. Chisongdezan for the fifth-generation PO Tubo Dynasty, second only to his Wenzhiwugong Songtsan Gambo, the inscriptions are singing the praises of the words: "Chisongdezan PO, the incarnation of God, Kings side, unparalleled. "

King not only reflects the possession of more than 1,000 years ago, Tibet's funeral and burial system level, at the same time it studies the rise of the Tubo Dynasty, the decline of great value. In 1961 listed as key protection units. In addition, the other in Tibet Area, but also a number of tombs scattered groups.

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Regardless of La Zini Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiju Si to the Tibetans is almost a household term, but few people know this famous temple behind, and planting trees to a famous local gym Nepalese people, it is La Zini Regardless of Temple. In mid-October 2003, I participated in the Tibetan Branch of the Buddhist Association of China Buddhist eighth-generation The General Assembly of the interview, told La Zini Regardless of the Temple afforestation and greening of barren hills has made outstanding achievements in Tibet every year by the relevant departments of recognition and rewards. After the meeting, I will go to his interview with La Zini Temple Regardless of the idea, told the China Buddhist Association Tibet Branch of the Chu Kang, the new president of the Living Buddha, after listening to him Quick to say: We are of the Buddhist Association of afforestation in the future should be a priority, is also a religion to adapt to socialist society, the implementation of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and go "to support Temple Monastery," an important measure of the road. Although the work we are very busy, but we Paiche sent to you to support your work. As a result, And the Tibet Buddhist Association of Nyima Tsering hastily on the road, Gyangze County, Xigaze to look for afforestation so as to the well-known local gym nun. Regardless of La Zini Baiju Si Temple is located in the back slope of a hill, take the Northern Dynasties East, there is a river winding in front and over. The temple inclined opposite is the famous white home . Legend has Kou La Zini Temple, the predecessor of a gang called the Ching-jen has a long history of the temple. According to historical records, construction of the temple on the fifth Dalai Lama period. "Cultural revolution" before the temple there are more than 70 nuns, is a very influential local gym one of the nuns. 80 era, the early Qing Ren Temple from elsewhere moved to this place today, before the temple were also changed to today's Temple Lazi. The temple on the past history of the young nun who does not tell many, it let us feel how much regret. Gaisang song is the Jane La Zini Regardless of the Temple Temple Management Committee, she referred to us Said: At present, there are temple nun 30. Since 1985, they began planting trees and greening barren hills and the activities of the day. At that time, they are only 7 nun. Lama donate money to build a big three of the largest pagoda. Later, the monks of the temple were also up. The temple nuns, mostly from the by-laws The families of farmers and herdsmen. In addition to everything is to be held at the Buddhist temple activities, they are the most important thing is to afforestation and greening of barren hills. I asked why Zhen Qu Gaisang afforestation it? She said with a smile: "Because we moved here in the early monastery, where the wind did not expect a large, very cold winter. Is a solution to the problem of fuel. In order to wind as well as for heating, we began to plant trees. "Speaking for more than a decade of experience in planting trees, Gaisang Zhen Qu very excited. She said;" In the beginning, we do not have a clear idea of greening barren hills and ideas, only to feel that this is also the country Introduction of a national policy. It is also the implementation of the Tibet Autonomous Region put forward a "temple to temple support" one's religious policy. Many of the benefits of planting trees, the wind first, second, beautify the environment and the third is to address fire for heating. Although we are not the temple, but also afforestation funds it needs. Our funding is a matter of fact To the people we have to do everything Busch Buddhist activities, there are believers to the temple when the pilgrims to donate some of the proceeds. To say the number is small. Since 1985, our annual tree planting at least 10,000. At present, there are survival of the saplings 140,008 1000. Green area of 400 hectares of barren hills. We temple back The almost barren hills have been green. It also plans to go before a higher barren hills to plant trees, but now it will be difficult to achieve the look. Hill because of high water do not. We bought two pumps pumping water in the mountains of trees, but such high costs, we have more than 2000 yuan per month to spend money watering, a little bit difficult Up. So last year, we planted area will be no expansion of the number. "Gaisang Qu Zhen told me with emotion, rather, afforestation and greening of barren hills and also encountered many difficulties. In the beginning, many local people do not understand them, they said, unlike the monks, nuns, unlike , For example, the Forestry Bureau of forestry workers. People believe that they should as a nun at the temple, as a good read, do a good job in Buddhist activities, rather than planting trees in the mountains is. This tradition of the old-fashioned thinking has made their work in planting trees by the pressure from all sides. After years of efforts around the temple And the territory of the village's small change in the environment, a small sand. In the summer when an entire hillside trees, people started to change after seeing the traditions of the past. Ani had praise for the local people have done a good thing, but also recognized the green barren hills and the surrounding environment and changes in their lives are good . As a result, local people have begun to join in planting trees and greening of barren hills and among the ranks. In order to bring the local people to actively carry out afforestation work, they began to engage in seedling breeding, and a good education seedlings sold to the masses, do so not only to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people in planting trees, it can be Yang Temple, the Temple of the increase in revenue to address some of the temple's day-to-day expenditure, reduce the financial burden of local people. Now temple each meeting, as the music director of the Jane Gaisang have repeatedly stressed the importance of afforestation. In her view afforestation as a temple "in order to support Temple Temple" system needs a long-term Scheduled to go on to carry out. In recent years, La Zini Regardless of the Temple, led by Gyangze the territory of the other temples have also started planting trees around the temple. This is so hard for decades afforestation and greening of barren hills and nuns who are very happy and pleased to many years of hard work has finally received recognition with the people that . Since 1987, their temples have been the Tibet Autonomous Region Forestry Department and other departments as afforestation-the-art collective, has also been Xigaze Prefectural Party Committee and government, in recognition of many. In addition to planting trees, Lazi Temple nuns also opened up more than 4 acres of vegetable base, the main planting carrots, potatoes Chinese cabbage, and so on. Last year, they have an income of vegetables more than 30,000 yuan, not only solved the problem of eating the temple, but also to facilitate local people to buy food difficult. Having said that, it seems that Cangbu Zhu Zhen Qu Gaisang inner joy, his face is a pleasant expression. Lazi Temple since 1985, also As the young nun in the discipline, and so on Buddhist learning and culture. Khenpo former alive, they follow an old Buddhist nun to learn she passed away, there is no temple by the division, they had no choice but to invite outside the temple monks who were preaching to the statement. Perhaps because of their relatively Baiju Si from the past because they Please Baiju Si as the Khenpo Geshe or to their school. Gaisang Zhen Qu said: They are the division by Dan rin chen Tony Gyaincain Baiju Si is the Khenpo, has a 81-year-old, the body was not so good, so they go to classes and teachers there. Say three or four times a week classes, including study of the origin of Buddhism, Buddhist India , The history of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan history, every period of senior monks in the Buddhist writings, and so on. Gaisang Zhen Qu special emphasis on the study and founder of the Gelug Sect of Master Tsongkhapa on the big three, as well as the Venerable Atisha Kadampa founder of Buddhism, and so on are. Regardless of La Zini left temple, is in the evening at dusk when . Sunset, Canxia touch of mapping in the verdant trees on the hillside, the whole hillside temple and Lengji very quiet, Gaisang Zhen Qu Jiang wearing a red scarf to stand among the trees waved to us.

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Chogori peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chogori peak, 8611 meters above sea level, it is often said of K2, the first true. Hollywood movies "Vertical Limit," the story takes place. The world's peaks over 8,000 meters in the most difficult one, it can be said to be the world's most difficult peaks to conquer. Base camp on the north side of the vertical elevation to the peak reached 4700 Chinese people still can not conquer it. It's pure difficult to climb higher than Everest, the climber's death rate as high as 3:1.

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Kangsang Sang Dan Snow - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In an awesome spectacle of numerous peaks, snow-capped mountains Kangsang Sangdan more well-known, it is Tibet's 25 highest peaks of one of the religious statue was appropriate for one of the 25 lay in Wonderland, dependent on the Hill God is called "Gang Ye Cha Busang Bu", is the magic power of God to protect Buddhism, around the many lakes and the rise amid all her De-camp. From the south, Sangdan Kangsang shape of snow-capped mountains on the throne of the King; from the west, as if Silver Lion Air jump; from the east, if the majestic crystal tower; from the north, is like silver drapery. As the seasons change, the summit has taken a different color: color milk was summer, winter was silver, white and bright autumn in the spring. The foot of the hill Walk down the walk down the valley temple, Tibetan Buddhism's Karma is a move to send one of the four walk down the main cited Tanganyika Temple every year, many believers come to worship pilgrimage. From then on the Qinghai-Tibet highway through the front of the Hill, so it is not hard to see its Zunrong.

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Yadong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yadong morning, a small town filled with blue mist, even the dawn of the sun is blue. 8 o'clock in the morning I get up with a video camera out of the hotel in the town center. Parry from the car last night to open Yadong, dropped the night, deep on both sides of the high peaks as close as mussels, only to see dim night in the town of fuzzy Shadow. 36 years later, after another night of the smell Oriental flavor, while hate feeling excited, because here sufficient oxygen, and one day running of Lawton, and I Xinxin Ran into the depths of dreams. Yadong is like a blue dream go on the streets in Yadong, who has not seemed to wake up from a dream and walked into the Habitat. June is a color of the Oriental world, Chaziyanhong plants of different colors, colorful. Due to changes in terrain, elevation and the poor, and plants were natural vertical distribution of a wide variety of coniferous and broadleaf trees, Manshan ditch full of plant communities form the rolling green corridor. However, this morning all infiltration Among the blue atmosphere. The omnipresent blue, the hills, col, the Valley, there are rows of ornate wooden buildings between the layers are filled with a blue mist Cucu, Yadong is like a blue dream. This is a brand-new Yadong, two of the three-storey building most crowded in a ravine Chlamys time scales than Housing and pretty soon, to pay a one fog blue in the face of the Yin Yun opened the shop, a variety of clothing and merchandise displayed outside the door, showed the prosperity of the town. I remember 36 years ago, Yadong is not like this, the ravine where only two streets are a two-tier Mulou. Mulou old, quaint, but also Letter, it is the hunter's hut, the estate or Mulou tropical rain forest wood house ... not ... yes, a bit like both. I was seriously for the first time to experience the feeling of Yadong, it is a myth in the world now, there is no myth of the bizarre, there was a number of secular life style, it is a fairy tale now, no The children's innocent, reversing some of the old charm. Finally, I found that it is only a dream. The dream of the new look for missing Yadong, and even that left no traces. Unfortunately, with this in a magnificent building before the old one I asked my mother, she told me: "In the past, the old buildings are demolished, which After the reform and opening-up are to build a new building. "She's voice satisfaction and pride, so I never Yadong reason for the disappearance of the old and the regret. Yadong of the old and new buildings of the Oriental I get too old. 36 years ago to the day, and I peer The two students in the East Asian shopping, we wear them Tibet Institute for Nationalities uniform coat made of cotton, so that the two Yadong in the Tibetan female students to recognize, warmly invited us upstairs to drink butter tea. Now I can clearly remember both her head out of the window Mulou we call the scene. We go up wooden ladder from the outside, the building is very dark, separated from the attic as a passenger , All wood structure. There is very obscure, very classical. There can not remember what furniture and furnishings, and always feel that there is a very strange, very substantial things so that the people have Mulou in detail the experience of beauty and charm. New Oriental House, I would go up, outside the ornate building Yadong show people Nongyan Color preference. Again, two of the three-storey building, up a kill. Street into a large open window of a wall, window lattice of fine, suspension of the curtain, the flower terrace, and inside the TV, all kinds of household appliances, sofas, mats, spent many of the cabinet ... ... Xianli very light in color Good in the room flying jump ... .... In any case, I still miss the old Yadong, especially those represented by the Mulou unique architectural style and cultural implication, it is a history of precipitation and the dream combination. However, any construction is a product of the times, the emergence of new Yadong is bound to a new life, new building Style, a new aesthetic, a new way of life is in the development of society came into being, only people living there have the right to choose. Of their choice, that they must be the best. Yes, I am faced with the best in the history of the Yadong.

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Qin Gang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Saga Prefecture in the search-speed rural counties in the territory, 45 km from Xigaze City, 3,800 meters above sea level. Founded in 1447 by Sangbuzhaxi (I disciple of the Dalai Lama) presided over the construction. Monastery believe in the Gelug Sect, had 8 Hall (Tara Hall, the Hall of the road sequence, the Temple of law enforcement, etc.) and by a large Hall, 2 Warehouse, 5 mi village. After a large halls of Sangbuzhaxi dedicated to the main worship Buddha as a master Tsongkhapa Sangbuzhaxi and 3. Temple 50 meters away from a "lake concept", according to legend was dug up Sangbuzhaxi use a walking stick, you can see Lake view of the future.

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According to Ma Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kangma County in Xigaze, located in the motor saru rural village north of the foothills, according to Mary Hill, from Kangma County, 12 km south-west, was built in 822 years. Temple sit west to east, is surrounded by double fences around the center has 108 small tower, the relief art of great research value. According to Ma Temple, a total of 3 halls of the Middle Temple There are Buddha, the Buddhist life, and other immeasurable 7 clay statues; Temple on the south side of law enforcement for 11 clay statues and the law of God 2; Jiang Mo Temple on the north side, there are all kinds of ugly plastic on the walls of the ferocious beasts and demons, and so on .

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Nanni Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kangma County in Xigaze in the north, 12 km away from Gyangze county. Tubo Dynasty built in the period had lapsed since 1200 years. Nyingma Monastery has been an envelope, Kadampa, are taught from Georgia. Nyingma in the prevalence of the period, the Monastery 6 Zhacang, nearly 10,000 monks. In 1904, the British invasion of the South Area, a hero Lama to come forward, holding a large Cangdao killed the head of the British, rescued a large number of people and monks. Monastery of the main worship Buddha Sakyamuni as a master 3, by the large halls with a collection of bathing the Buddha Thangka. Tibetan calendar every year on April 15, Temple held a love for 3 days Dance activities.

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Gyangze Zongshan site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gyangze standing on the cliffs of the central city. In 1904, the British imperialist aggression and military occupation of 600 cases of Gamba, at the same time Gyangze invasion from the north Yadong, in the case by Hill Gyangze death of soldiers and civilians to resist. Gyangze people in the mountains were built Fort Tupao use, guns, "the ancient Duo", swords, spear and bow and arrow Enemy invasion heroic launched a bloody battle, fighting lasted for 8 months. In early May 1904 a night, more than 1,000 soldiers and civilians to attack British troops annihilated. In June, the British sent reinforcements and heavy artillery in Kuanghong Fort Hill, a bastion of the British arsenal of artillery fire hit for the explosion. Gyangze soldiers and civilians at the last minute Death by stoning is still resistance, and insist on a 3 days 3 nights. Finally, all the Warriors Ningsibuqu Tiaoya martyred, and wrote a glorious chapter in the tragic and heroic. Since that time still preserved in the mountains of the Anti-British fort. Zongshan or the old Tibet, the seat of government in Gyangze, the minister of years of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty while visiting the remains of four well-preserved stone, The important points of heritage value.

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Hot Springs cambron - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cambron Oriental Spa is located in Yadong County cambron Township, is a physical, leisure, health, accommodation, entertainment for the whole of the rehabilitation center. A total of 13 hot spring, the water temperature varies, rheumatism, skin diseases, fractures significant effect. The spring water can cure various diseases.

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?? Lhotse - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Lhotse 8516 meters above sea level, the fourth summit of the world. At 86.9 degrees east longitude, latitude 27.9 degrees, is located 3 km south of Mount Everest, between them across a col, known as the "South Pass." Mountain ridge to the north and the south-east ridge for the community, on the eastern side of the Tibet Autonomous Region in China , Is on the west side of the Kingdom of Nepal. Tibetan language as "small knot Sangma Society", which means "beautiful blue fairy", the "fairy" extremely dangerous terrain, the environment is very complex, large and small, glacier clouds, the vagaries of climate. May 18, 1956, two Swiss climbers from Nepal Dorsey sloping top successfully for the first time. However, it was not far from the east slope of a successful climb the side of the territory of China. Climate characteristics: Everest is slightly lower than the wind speed, rainfall, but also larger than that of Everest. A year early June to mid-September, heavy rains have been frequent avalanche occurred, causing unrest Xue Wu sky. In mid-November to mid-February the following year, the South West Wind up, so that the lowest temperature peaks of up to -60 ?. Only in early March of each year to 5 at the end of the spring or early September to 10 at the end of the fall, a more stable climate, may appear several times about the good weather. Jin Shan line: by car from Lhasa along the China-Nepal Highway, as Gyangze, Xigaze to the Association Nagel, a total of 6 0 km, about a two-day trip, and then by Pazhuo zone along the easy road to the south, 110 km journey to reach an altitude of 5145 meters after the end of the Rongbuk Glacier - Rong Busi.

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Sentimental wrong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There will always be a summer that is the best season for tourism in Tibet, wrong, it should be the beginning of autumn in September -11. The most beautiful at this time. Summer climate is suitable only (no more than the maximum temperature of 25 degrees), but because of the rainy season is often the weather Good, bad light, if Tibet rainy lost Tibetan characteristics, beat out Not a good film. Landslides and mud-rock flow because of the rainy season in many places go Hing impact of travel. The most beautiful in the fall, such as sky blue wash, bright white clouds, Avon as a mirror, red grass, the golden grasslands, snow Xuefeng, clean air, not a fairyland on earth What is it? Spring, early summer is also true that low-elevation areas Flower, azalea Manshanbianye, the new green grasslands, lakes, such as jade, and artists such as the sky, but also very beautiful. Winter is also suitable for tourism, the scenery is somewhat bleak, but can still make a lot of beautiful pictures, this time one of the most melancholy, as if Tibet was then a desolate, Xiaosuo. West The most beautiful lakes, as far as I personally think it should be the sentimental Yadong wrong, really, friends and capable of feeling thin, like a donkey. I have been to different seasons sentimental wrong, but also very fortunate to have seen her most beautiful side, in particular, Is the two most recent, on October 11, 2002, we are passionate in the evening after a fault (8 in the evening _9 Points) down the mountain the sun had, we drove through the lake from the sentimental wrong, you know, I think the feeling on the Journey to the West, Xiao Shihou look at the description of heaven in Wonderland feeling. Bingqingyujie group of snow-capped mountains such as the arch fairy general, blue lake Quiet, sparkling, Fan Zhao's cold light, slightly lakeside grassland Color, the water gently in the wind blowing through the grass. Silent, quiet, the stars hand removable, such as the silver moon, friends, you do not want to go? A lake (unknown), from the very sentimental wrong. No Who have been to, China has not been to a few people can be, beautiful, sentimental than the United States is also wrong, but As to those who can not, can not be found. I was due to the long-term stay in Tibet, my job is to look for Tibet to explore the United States. I am a friend of border guards who told me to leave in Gyangze to Yadong on the way ( Not wrong to love) a path into the open, about 40 kilometers an hour or two, reached the And the Bhutan border, where around 3 6000 m above the snow-capped mountains, snow-capped mountains, there is a great group of beautiful lakes, blue lake year round, not year-round snow-capped mountains, the lake has a very white sandy beaches, there are Grasslands, spring, summer, the lake full of small flowers small flowers of wild flowers (unknown), however, that Border, not yet open to traffic only to allow off-road vehicles, but also on foot to the lake

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Temple Sangding - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sangding Lake Temple in the west of the southern coast, the specific location from Nagarze County about 30 km west. The temple has 300 years of history, is to send Gamagaju Hong Baga branches give (White Sect), at the same time, it is also the only female living Buddha in Tibet under the auspices of the temple, the Living Buddha reincarnation system of inheritance has been going on a II.
  The woman II Luosangdanbei Panchen living Buddha for the benefit of the West VI niece, XII female Living Buddha Duojipamu Deqing Zhen Qu is currently the vice chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Political Consultative Conference, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, National People's Congress.

Monastery of the 18th century there were 80 monks and nuns, near the beginning of this century 00, after the steady decline in female Living Buddha Duojipamu Haimu King Kong is considered India's body again, followers of much admiration, Terauchi generation Duojipamu calendar for the body. Terauchi Haimu King Kong majoring in law secret, Tantric yoga practice in India. Sangding construction of the temple just when only a small temple, Duojipamu II, Kunga Sam Hui in mussels , Long Yasang 10,000 sheep and 10,000 Cho Chang and others with financial support, the expansion of the Temple Sangding. Duoji Pa V Tomka E. White home repair and expansion of the Buddhas Sangding Temple Church, and a new statue of Buddha, pagoda and so on.

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Xia Lusi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xia Lusi simplicity, purity, this temple is different from all the major temples of the Yellow Sect A striking feature. Xia Lusi was founded in 1084, the building is rich in the Yuan Dynasty style, and the wall of the temple and garden and a traditional Tibetan style, the Sino-Tibetan co-wall construction, it is easy to think of the Sino-Tibetan at the time of the two To the text The exchange scenarios.

Xia Lusi by Xia Lu Temple Zhacang and 4, 4 Zhacang today has become a residential, scattered around the temple. Sakyamuni Buddha worship hall floor and his statue of the Group of Eight, on both sides by the respective halls houses the memorial tablets of Tripitaka "Kanjur" and "Dan Zhuer." No. Chinese-style courtyard is the building, a positive worship Buddha Temple and the statue Bouton rin chen-chu, Chang Tan side hall in a palace at about city hall, Qiandian Cizun worship Buddha and the Ocean's 16. As the old mural, a very high appreciation value.

Xin Cheng's case Donors Mianshan, Terauchi old monk handed down will come up with a few Bao Temple of the year for you. That a total of 4 Baby, is a form themselves into the number of sandalwood by the board, is a bronze altar of holy water package, is a West Jiong around the stone is used to wash basin, and is engraved with a 6 Mantra of the foundation stone.

Sandalwood by the board that is 108 small form themselves into the number of the board, is said to have 70 For many years, with a review by this board of the printed text can be used as a meaningful collection. The copper altar of holy water, red cloth, and seal. It is said that the water inside the first 12 years to add that the 108 kinds of dirty water to wash away.

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Anti-British site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiju Si back the top of the hill, stands the castle, which is well-known "in Fort Hill," Anti-British Hill in the famous ruins. So far here in 1904 still retains Gyangze soldiers and civilians to defend the territory of the motherland's Anti-British fort. Fort next to the red brown rock stand proudly, stone, covered with purple flower spike. If you look at The movie "Red River Valley" for its natural beauty and touched by their bravery have been touched by the story, then you have to come here, feel this sacred place. Hill were given to Gyangze brilliant luster, but also to the heroic spirit to Gyangze!

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Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sakya Monastery in Xigaze Prefecture located in the county, is the first to send Sakya monastery, known as "the second Dunhuang."
Sakya Monastery by the creation of the founder of the sect have been 900 years ago, when Sakya dynasty has ruled Tibet more than 70 years, Temple has retained a large number of cultural relics, including the Sakya said to be Siba bastard then the entire collection of books written thousands of pieces of home copying of thousands of Sanskrit Pattra Sutra, and hand-detailed murals, and so on, Dunhuang and the difference is that now a thing of the past Dunhuang relics, and the Monastery are passed from generation to generation Legend has it that manner.

  Can not go to the Monastery in Xigaze. Monastery - Xigaze, 130 kilometers southwest of the county Sakya, the self-hours a day to and from lunch available. The vast temple of art, artifacts and high value, so people call the "second Dunhuang."
Xigaze from the westbound 170 kilometers, more than 5000 meters above sea level over the measures to increase sa is In the Gangdise Mountains and the Himalayas in the middle of the basin, Sakya, standing in the Central Valley near the purple "Castle" is the Dingdingdaming Monastery.
In fact, that the "castle" is just Sajia Nan Temple. Monastery at South Temple and North Temple, South Temple, built in the flat on the floor of the valley, north of the Temple built in the north The slope. By the name of the mountain-wave mountain lanes are white, "Saga" means gray soil. North Gongjue from Sakya Monastery, founded in 1073 Jeb, and thus gradually forming a well-known Sagya Sect. North Temple is gone now. Looking at a glance, that some of the north side of the ruins there was immense qualities of the trend Spread all over the foot of a mountain cottage along the plains to the start up and connect the county seat. Those unique housing arranged in an orderly manner, the ancient alleys are also rules, which shapes the distinctive cottage in Tibet can be few and far between.

Sa Jianan preserved temple complete it in the construction of 126 , Is a typical Yuan Dynasty castle building, covers an area of about 45,000 square meters. It's a very special way, there are twice walls, walls Duokou there, there are four towers, also outside the moat, Shing Mun as "workers" shape, the whole plan is a "back to" a small set of "back", rather It is war Defense flavor. In addition to the purple color of the walls, there is also black, white and white, this is an important indicator of the Sakya sect. Manjusri purple symbol, a symbol of black King Kong law of God, a white symbol of the Goddess of Mercy. Tri-color flower, so-called "teaching to spend."

Zhudian "Lacan Mo ", which means large temples, Dian-zhong there are 40 large pillars, of which 4 pillars of the rough to 3 individuals can Hebao, most of the crude has a diameter of 1.5 meters. To the local people that they had some humorous Names, such as most of the rough Flanagan called the "color Qin Gawa Ghana", which means the Yuan Dynasty sent to the post. Non-circulating Thanks to the emperor column, "the story of legendary pa irrigation South Temple, the Emperor heard, then gave his 4-foot diameter pole, the pole Hao Shihao is too high, can not be transported to Tibet. Sorry pa Sakya return. I did not realize that, even columns appear in the Temple of North Zhong Qu River. The legend was Shayouqishi have. In addition thick columns 3, respectively called the "pillars of the public to send the tiger," "wild yak sent to the post," "Poseidon sent to the post," As the name suggests, also have an interesting story. This is a few pillars of indomitable spirit, no joints, according to research from Saga Prefecture to the south of the valley Chen Tang, an Himalayan Nature Reserve.

Great Shakanai III hall houses the memorial tablets of Buddha Sakya and Legend, the hall dedicated to ancient Sakya also dedicated to the king. This is almost the local Saga Legend knows that many people can say a few paragraphs on the story. Sakya sect of Tibet once dominant denominations, Leaders from both Queensland's family. Queensland's family is the Tubo period of the old aristocratic family, Chisongdezan legend in the period, Queensland's family were done in phase. Jeb Gongqiao after the faction leaders of the five Sakya Sect Legend to be respected.
Monastery of the Yuan Dynasty murals on a total of 10,000 square meters, king of Sakya Thorn and the most unique, there are only 130 pieces of wall paintings Thorn. The vast classical Tibetan Monastery, there are more than 2800 letter is the Yuan, Ming and the classical period of writing, originated in ancient India, there are a thousand years of history by the Bayeux has been rare in the world, but also preservation Monastery A large number of medicine, astronomy, calendar, and so within After the Bayeux, 3636 leaf is used in Tibetan, Chinese, Mongolian writing of the text 3. With gold, cinnabar copy of the large Tibetan Monastery only kept up. In addition, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty to the Sakya local officials closure of Letters, Yuxi and India and so on.

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Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake, also known as Yangzhuoyongcuo (the local people are usually referred to as "the sheep Lake"), the Tibetan language as "wrong" is the "lake". From the geographical division of belonging to the Shannan Prefecture of Nagarze County, but a lot of tourists choose to travel by way of the Xigaze area here.
Sheep Lake 4441 meters above sea level, covering an area of 48 square kilometers, the lake in the distribution of more than a dozen small islands, the lake water Feng Mao, Tibet is one of the famous ranch. In addition, Lake is the largest in Tibet waterfowl habitat, every summer, numerous swans, gulls, and other water birds often sand in the lake to play.

Shuilan like a Swan Lake , Circulated a mysterious Juyou angry, together with the surrounding snow-capped mountains, constitute a typical landscape Shangri-La. This is a completely original Shenghu static Lake, there is no outflow into the water, the lake water level is declining year by year, water experts have estimated that the lake may dry up completely in 20 years.
?? ?? from Latin America There are two roads to Xigaze, which is the original South of the old road to Xigaze, can be passed from Lake County and Gyangze. From Lhasa, Qushui over the bridge, turn left is to Gonggar Airport, Lake is to take the right road, the road on the right side of the lake can see the sheep station. Sheep Lake and the Brahmaputra phase Mountain, the Department recently only 6 kilometers wide, but the height difference between the water level as high as 800 meters, water resources are very rich. The world's highest pumped storage power station - the sheep station on the lake is located here. Sheep Lake Power Station is now in operation, southern Tibet is an important area of energy supply center. This has been the way to winding road Climb, dirt roads entirely, although the bumps along the way, it is not hard to go back. 30 km by car, arrived in the Lake over the 5030 meters before the Palawan Gan Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi-off on Lake can be seen in the distance and Jun Qiao Ning King of the anti-sand peak.

?? ?? Yangzhuoyongcuo, the Tibetan word for Swan Pool ", Tibet is one of the three major Shenghu, 4441 meters above sea level the lake, 130 km from east to west, 70 meters wide north-south, the total length of 250 km Lakeshore line, with a total area of 638 square kilometers of deep water are 20-40 M in the Himalayas is the largest inland lake at the northern foot. Sheep Lake bifurcation more like-shan Chi, in the Tibetan language, it also referred to as "above the Coral Lake." Lake in the distribution of more than 10 islands, of which can live 56, is smaller than 100 square meters only. Sheep Lake is a low concentration of salt lake each year in mid-November to start freezing, ice up to 0.5 meters thick. Microlepis fish-rich lake in Tibet cracked Fish such as carp bare plateau, and reserves estimated at 2-3 million kg, has been farming here today the formation of large-scale, produced by the fish not only supply the market is far from Lhasa to the Mainland for sale. Here or possession of the South's largest waterfowl habitat, South Qunniao resettlement during the winter now, in the heart of Lake and Island Lake area, swans, water pigeons, Huang Ya Bar-headed Goose and Osprey are very many. Pass under the sheep from the Lake Zhuo takes about 30 minutes, and then have been able to enjoy the road along the lakeside scenery of the Lake. Up to 60 km have been re-opened after nearly Nagarze County, this beautiful face in the mirror and then gradually disappear in your line of sight of. Take this course of action , Over a period of Nagarze County after about 40 kilometers can be seen close at hand when the anti-Sha Feng Ning Jin.

?? ?? Brahmaputra and the Lake is a separate stretches over 360 kilometers around the mountain, the Tibetan people call it La-track Kangri Hill. Jin Feng Ning is drawing anti-sand track Kangri Hill Feng, find it on Shenghu above, the Tibetan people call it the "anti-Ning Gold Sand", which means "God Yecha living in the snow-capped mountains on the noble", 7206 meters above sea level, located at 90.1 degrees east longitude, latitude 28.9 degrees, and is located in Gyangze County Nagarze County to the junction. Erected around the block more than 10 000 meters above the mountain, in central Tibet is one of the four snow-capped mountains.
?? ?? Ning King-mineyama anti-majestic sand, rock Saga, towering at the top of the tip, sloping ridge of snow gully between the development of every glaciers, snow and ice have collapsed from time to time. Only a year in April or September, -5, -10 in the Spring and Autumn season, is Bank of mountaineering activities in the best time. April 28, 1986, China's Tibetan climbers Samzhub, the Palestinian side, such as Gabrielle and 12 from the peak of the south-west along the southern slope of the ridge line for the first time on its peak. Jin Feng Ning anti-sand south of the glacier and Latin America if the card has been extended to the end of the road in less than 300 meters, so Almost no tourists here who can Dikangdezhu's Gui Qi close to the case of the tip of the temptation of the landscape. Many travelers will stop here and in the vicinity of the photo yak "as a souvenir."

?? ?? Lake on the west side stands Also many well-known peaks, such as Kang Sang Lamu peak speed reconciliation Kong Song Feng, and so on, are Travel, climbing and adventure holidays. National Day in 2001 about Tibet in Dengshan Jie Kang Sang Lamu held peak, Mount Jade here is no less than the primary training base of the snow-capped mountains to climb.
?? ?? Lake in the west of the southern coast, Nagarze to the county is 10 km north of Temple Sangding. Temple has long Sangding 00 years ago, the Living Buddha reincarnation system of inheritance has continued XII, an incense Palestinian faction Gamagaju brgyud branches (that is, "White Education") is worth mentioning that it is the only Tibetan Living Buddha presided over by women The temples, monasteries, apart from outside the auspices of the clergy are men.


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Rikaze - Chinese tourism scenic spots

People come here all the way, in order to see the "Third Pole of the Earth," Wei, harbor aspirations of the people here eager to challenge the limits of human achievement of the dream, and this is the charm of Mount Everest. Xigaze region in order to have the peak in the world for pride, it has become Tibet's most attractive tourist destination . Tibet is located in the southern city of Xigaze, located at the junction of Nianchu River and the Brahmaputra, the former capital of Tibet, after up to 3,800 meters above sea level, Tibet is currently the second largest city, was in possession of the church after the center as well as successive Panchen Zhu Xi's place. Pleasant and beautiful scenery, unique Tibetan life here as the "most beautiful manor well."

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Cho Oyu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as "Qiaowu Ya-feng," 8201 meters above sea level, the world's sixth summit. At 86.6 degrees east longitude, latitude 28 degrees Sino-Nepalese border, the mountain ridge to the northeast and southwest ridge for the community, on the north side of the Tibet Autonomous Region in Tingri County, is on the south side of the Kingdom of Nepal. "Cho Oyu", the Tibetan word for "respect of the Chief" It's massive for its majestic stand in the middle of the Himalayas, the world's top east of Mount Everest in a straight line distance of 100 km. Cho Oyu mainly in the northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast and five Western Hills Ridge, the peak body was snow all the year round and numerous articles covered by glaciers. Jia Bula long glacier on the north side of 10 M, on the south side of the Lamba 14 km long glacier, and heavy cell bus more than 20 km-long glacier. Types of glaciers in Glacier Valley-based, followed by flat-topped glaciers, glacial cirque, and so on. October 19, 1954, Austria 4 team for the first time in the northwest along the slope on Cho Oyu peak.

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Bangor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bangor County is located in the northern plateau of the Nam Co, Lin wrong color between the two famous lakes. Area of 101,992 square kilometers . Can make use of grassland area of about 4305 mu. The total population of nearly 29,000. A jurisdiction area, 18 townships, 134 village committees. Ban Tibetan word for "auspicious air to protect the territory as a result of the" wrong Bangor named after, the period of the Qing Dynasty, Tibet belong to the "four tribes of the North" in cases such as Long, in the jurisdiction of the minister of Tibet. In 1942 the Tibetan government in the establishment of Nagqu-Qiang Explorer, such as Long and the Martial Law in separate areas of Martial Law cases. July 1959 Blue Dragon was set up on county and Bangor County, Qinglong County in 1960 was renamed Saga Prefecture-up. May 1964 up to Saga Prefecture and the wood Baingoin County. In 1978 the Office of the Shuanghu establishment of the Bangor-color tile County District Office was placed under the jurisdiction of the Shuanghu. Baingoin County in 1987 of the new unified district Kyrgyzstan Also under the Xainza County. At this point, has been that the regional graphics. Bao-rong in the county. South Qiangtang Plateau is the county basin area, because of gentle, open grassland, low-lying North High South. 4700 meters above sea level on average throughout the county. Bao Pu Valley county will be divided into two parts, North and South, located at the southern banks of Nam Co, abundant water, adequate Niumao feeding cattle. In the north for more than cold dry and semi-desert grasslands, Tibetan sheep is the natural pasture. There are up to the main peak of Yushan, for a long time cards Hill, Hill nyainqentanglha

. Plateau is a semi-arid sub-frigid zone monsoon climate zone. Cold weather, thin air, is not clear four seasons, winter and summer no longer, and more snow Gas, temperature difference in the relative temperature difference than the Japanese. In the hours of sunshine to 2944.3 hours. In frosty period for the 347.6 days, there is no absolute frost-free period. Annual rainfall of 308.3 mm. Natural disasters have snow, wind, frost and so on. Every spring, continuous strong winds. In the spring to autumn, often snowstorm. The average annual ice The number of days within 30 days.

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