Zhangjiajie Jiangya Hot Springs Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiangya Hot Springs Resort is located in the town of Jiangya Cili County, Zhangjiajie from the core was driven to the Wulingyuan scenic area just half an hour, is now set to become the development of spa, restaurant, guest rooms, entertainment, business, fitness in one's health, leisure, vacation , Tourism paradise. Resort Observatory in accordance with water, the environment elegant, pleasant scenery. Jiangya Bitou clear water springs, water temperature at 54 degrees year round, hot spring water is rich in the human body a variety of useful minerals. Accompanied by spring seasons, the sun and stars from the center of the earth non-stop Buxie poured out.

  Jiangya hot hardware of the main features of a high standard natural-style garden Day spa with indoor hot spring, has a pool of one mind, Westin soup, hot spring waterfalls, hot stone, hot coconut milk, hot spring flowers, coffee, hot springs, hot springs, such as red wine, reflect the layout of the local style, cobblestone, paving Qingshi Ban, a rockery Falls , Bridges, 20 more than the given characteristics, a feature of the spa pool set Among them, one Tiandan quiet poetic. Lord of the largest hot springs pool "of one mind Stephen", the shape of a red heart, the moral of one heart and one mind, one heart and one mind, Chi Chung-cheng. Stephen together for 200 Gong Yu at the same time, water temperature 38-41 degrees, can sit down, bathing them and look to the blue sky and white clouds, hung overlooking Hill Feng, along with the elegant country music, the whole body will feel like spring Wen Ai, very happy.

  Hot stone, also known as "tropical" Design has become a hot water heating below the smooth Shitai, visitors can lie on the hot stone therapy to accept the above, so as to improve blood circulation.

  Waterfall Spa, Hua Hua Water from a unique fly on the rockery and China, the hot spring area to bring vigor and vitality. Most young girls like this Quan, Li curtain in the stroke, Zhu drift sprinkling rain, dim vision, Youhei of silver hair and the waterfall, forming a black and white Bo hit, like a fairy came in Wonderland world. Cijing place, not first thought of Mao Dun Said: "created by leading landscape, it was the only local scenery."

  Hot Spring flowers, coconut milk and hot springs so that ladies can have interest in Canada and who are not beauty? Only heard that in the past before they can enjoy palace Empress of beauty care, is now the corner, can not love more? Like a cup of hot coffee steaming coffee, can be refreshing Xingnaojing, beauty emollients; hot water such as old red wine, wine-filled, dip in the hot wine, the hotel from the infiltration of pores, bathing in hot wine, you Li Shi Xian will be the same as Bold, the same as a "day does not love wine, without the sky Jiu Xian, on the ground without Stephen, "a heavy heart.

  On the right side of the hot spring area, focused on the characteristics of the six small pool temperature, "Westin soup", where you can feel the ginseng, aloe, Ganoderma lucidum, angelica, mint, Artemsia argyi Sanyaku of the six hot springs and the magical charm of traditional Chinese medicine The extensive and profound culture. Hot Springs has been the role of the physical make up a growing number of love Kang's acceptable to play Shujin active, fit and healthy, run-fu beauty, soothe the nerves, anti-aging effects, such as health care. With the improvement of living water to the concept of the development of tourism, spa tourism and leisure has become a fashion.

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Old field - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi old game over, the Department terraced villages overlap, the relative landscape, filled with Chunnong the pastoral scenery. Tour the immortal line lock, gathering franchise, air fields, Yuanyang Falls attractions.

Tianzishan immortal lock at the winding road, as the shape of fitness Shisuo; gathering franchise is the best at the end of Tianzishan Scenic Spot , Brought together more than 30 different patterns of peaks, as if to a franchise-day, hidden in dense forest in the mountains; air fields located in the left side of the Tianzishan 2000 meters of land next to the FORMATION, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, The following are the Valley into the abyss, there are trapezoidal Valley fertile farmland, boarded the "pastoral" Fuxiu breeze, Fog-ridden, Rulin Wonderland; Yuanyang Waterfall located in the old market of the west, like a Bailian Fei Liu Bai Yumi from the stone cliff top diarrhea, as a result of a stone block in the middle, into the water two, and then melt into the pool for One, it falls Yuanyang said.

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Jade hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jade hole caves in the city of Zhangjiajie Liquidambar Kong, 10 km away from the urban area. A large statues sculpture, crafts than fine art of the Qing Dynasty Grottoes. Jiaqing in the cutting of five years (1800), there are days the door, Kuixing, Wenchang, a lion, thunder and lightning, eye wear, Confucius, cause and effect, and so on eight holes.

  Jade hole by the local Fusion King cut in five years Jiaqing (1800), Ma in the steep mountains on the use of natural cave dug into. According to Shek Pik cave grottoes nine points "in the sky, earth, to governments," three days have doors, Kuixing, Wenchang, a lion, thunder and lightning, eye wear, Confucius, cause and effect, and so on eight holes. Like dozens of existing stone statue, the emperor, Saint , And so on Xianfo like some animals, and so on, all delicate shapes, vivid expression.

  Since the tour in general "House"-the beginning of cause and effect, cause and effect inside the hall more spacious, have a plastic Yama, Ngau Tau, like a horse face. There are underground river bottom, there are many stalagmites and stalactites of these kinds, the different thickness, density Wrong, formed a landscape of Meteorology Series.

  Cause and effect hole to swim along the stone steps can be up to Santa Tung hole, the hole the original statue of Confucius has been destroyed, but the remaining tablets. Hole by hole St. eastbound to be a lion hole Cidong plastic like a lion, a plastic cut in Ci Dong Li opened the statue. Along a narrow channel, visitors can visit to Longdong, was built in the Qing Dynasty Cidong Jiaqing 2006 (Year 1801), inside a plastic Yao, Hou Ji, Lease, Gao Tao of the statue, representing the wise, the good harvest, Hing Education and look forward to the four peace. This layer was also Blackpool hole inside plastic statues Wenchang, engrave a number of chapters, such as poems and couplets. Mexico to the east by the pool hole to be Kuixing hole Kuixing like plastic, and having a carpenter Lu Ban stone. Eastbound, but also to Kim Yu-dong, the cutting of land inside the cave, like a god.

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Tea tray tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tea tray tower is a great resemblance to the Tujia tea tray platform, immersive, can enjoy the wonderful scenery around, floating in the air Dunsheng For cents a sense, added much fun. The tour of the main attractions are immortal line bridge, combined two-hole, Valentine's rendezvous, and difficult step, tongue-rock, the Son of Heaven, and other peaks.

Valentine's rendezvous for a show Natural in two hours for men and women embrace it like this with hills, You Mi extremely; is a difficult step Xiufeng, as thousands of years of geological movement, breaking open a rock 15 meters long and 1 meter Kuanjin stone loopholes , Shitai board view toward making use of stone around under the saw into the abyss, those who dare to overcome cowardice, left behind ; Tongue-rock peaks Cucu, the sea of clouds stretch run, and squat Turpan such as the wolf Baishi tongue.

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Sand trench knife - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sand trench knife at the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the wonders of the trench Celebration of the Arts, Wild phenomena, Mang old vines and over rocks, steep cliffs, staggered over legislation.

Sand trench knife into a "U"-shaped ravine, ditch the east and west banks of Jin Bianxi are located at the mouth of the "East meet," Tam shikonin. Where Wu Li Qi Lin Micronesia Slip. Viewing from the ditch, high-peak days away, Sham Shui Jian Qing, the myth is full of fun, "the human maze." From the "meet a thousand miles" into the ditch, and anti-clockwise along the ditch line, you can travel back garden, Taiwan, Ecstasy, bridge the best in the world, such as the Bai Lian-day suspended King.

Ecstasy King of the United States and Taiwan for its fans enough Heart and soul of its name. Where hundreds of Qi where they stand, like the summer Daoqiangjianji into the blue sky, the winter high-rise towers, such as Yu-Sun silver clouds. Bridge by the best in the world of nature to create uncanny workmanship, height, span and the thriller are rare in the world. Bailian days suspended, since the moon rock falls out of the Pentium, such as Zhixie Bailian off the horse, Wei Spectacular.

  The main attractions are masters and five women, the Dragon King's palace dancers, Herbie impossible, children's worship Guanyin, the Leaning Tower, and so on. Days, Gully there is a small door Wulingyuan II of the Kingdom of the birds. Round-trip journey of about 14 km.

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Huang Longquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longquan yellow line for the tour of the Northwest Tianzishan portal. Kui-Ran Yan Feng's stand looking up, stunning, clean through on the path of Orchids, very relaxed and happy. The main attractions are General Rock, Tianchi, Longquan, such as yellow.

Peak for the elderly
Yellow spots in the Longquan first meeting with you is like an old Peaks; he Fimbristylis White Pine, amiable kind, head-up the front. Look at the appearance of some age has passed into a ripe old age. He very much like an old pedant, is a calm meditation. According to legend, he was the Son of Heaven to Wang's father was a god point into an old life-long peak in the Tianzishan watching the side door. Yan Jun
General rock 90 meters high. The "General" old hands back, wearing a coat, burly figure, like the former general. It is said that he had to be one of his emperor Wang Hu Jiang, in guarding the South Si-yu fighting had great service neutrality. He used Li Jian, Li is now also in the near him, which is to Yan Li Jian is tantamount to the same block near the peak of the local mountain people are called "rock shaft."


Huang Longquan
Huang Jing Si Longquan a valley west of the South, which is located in a 4,000 acre Stone Forest, water day and night, throughout the year, is always flooded, Secheng golden, shaped like a giant dragon, hence the name. Huang Stephen water known as the "colored water" and "golden water", mainly due to the ground floor of sulfur-containing ore or mineral composition caused by antimony. Huang is Longquan Tianzishan King in all a great spectacle.

Dragon King Tung
On a mountainside caves, holes a total length of 3.5 km, 30 meters high. Hole hanging over the strange stone bell , The stone turtle, stone crabs, stone columns, stone flower, and so on, some of them like layers of terraced fields. The most peculiar is that there are two cave-long bed, the dragon 7, an Zhu, is a full-fledged "Dragon King holes."

It is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters high mountain peak, so-called "Tianchi Lake." Days With a total area of 200 hectares, adequate sources of water. Throughout the year, not long way flow; drought and do not litter, do not Jiuyu cloudy, clear bottom, the sparkling blue waves, it may be the Tianchi in Changbai Mountain in northeast rival.

Sister peak
Longquan in the yellow area at the center of the lot, there are a hundred meters out to high Qi, Tujia with the two girls, so Minghuan "sister peak." Looks fine, that a peak in the south, to be plump, people called her sister; little more to the north near the mountain people called her sister. Two peaks are for the rock matrix, in order to plant for the hair, even the eyes, nose and lips are clear to see, such as Xu-xu .

Feng Qi Shan
As a result of the shape of Mount Crested named after. Shi many different here, vertical and horizontal Valley, "Feng-lai, in particular light." Local folk song: "Feng Qi Shan, loud peak, peak as painting, people like Sally", the beauty of Hill Road this. If you have to Tianzishan can not swim Shan Feng Qi.

Solitary Single umbrella
Feng Qi-feng, a stone pillar, a pillar Qi-Song, such as the Ju San shape, so called "Gu Feng single umbrella." Legend has it that the uprising is the leader of the Tujia Wang to the emperor's full sister (that is, full of small means, dialect) pluggin in the Green Umbrella for Wake mother-in-law.

Qu Xing Yin
Feng Qi Shan to the north, Into a mountain, much like the ancient poet Qu Yuan of China is standing there recite a poem. His first carry slightly, and wearing a crown made of Magnolia. He was carrying Shigao, attention, as if being recited with deep feeling: "Wu Jin and Xi Mi Xi Festival, Wang Yan Mountain Er Wu Zi Mountain force; its long road repair come far, Wujiang and search up and down." "Yan Mountain Zi Mountain" The myth of the famous "long" to describe the long road, Qu Yuan might have read this far is living outside of the famous - Tianzishan, Chujingshengqing wrote the famous ones!

Well the emperor
To the east of Shan Feng Qi, a fountain, it will emit 1-meter-high water. Winter heating the water cooler the summer, especially Nine winter, the fountain water temperature is still over 20 degrees Celsius, can be used for bathing. Spring water contains a variety of minerals beneficial to human health, and use it to take a bath, can cure the disease, regular drinking can also live longer. According to the mountain, the Son of Heaven, many old wells in the vicinity of longevity, seven or 80 years old, or Hefa Yan, a very healthy body, which may be related to drinking water wells has Emperor relations.

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Pipa Xi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pipa Xi along the lush trees, rocks Yan Feng, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is also a wonderful scene. The main attractions are husband and wife rock, Kokonoe Xiange, Lang Wang Feng, the concept of the air, and so on.

Rock husband and wife: at the top of a mountain top Shi Feng, leaned as if to bear in the two-phase relief head, facial features and taste, Continuous smile, a calm expression, such as the two wrapped in a windbreaker, to send thousands of affection with each other. This "couple" have been standing here for as long as the Wan Yinian, the passage of time, earthshaking exposed to the elements, fidelity belief.


Lang Feng Wang: Yes, like a peasant woman's Shi Feng, said to be from different Time to watch, "she" will be presented in three deportment, from innocent girl into a mature and stable middle-aged women, and then into the Laotailongzhong old woman.

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West - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suoxi Yu is located in the West Sea in the northwest, the mountains is a, unfathomable, "barrels"-shaped Bangkok, there are thousands of Block Shi Feng spring bamboo shoots play as a few square kilometers in less than a deep gorge in Sichuan, beautiful and magical. Whenever the transpiration Wuhai, because of a more forceful, Ruiqi up and sank in the mountains in clouds loom Bentu, a good Mountains and rivers cloud map!


  Bai Yun in the West Sea to the King never said, You Yi Taiwan almost impossible to watch. With the thousands of Shi Feng. Into the west sea, as if outside the stone forest in the oceans. How many years ago, this is a real sea after sea water receded, the band will be formed today's rock-deep, 10,000 The lofty peculiar natural scenery.


  Qi thousands of rocks from where they stand out sen Valley. It seems the architects, such as Shi Feng tower, such as columns, such as screens, such as the floor, such as the castle, such as walls, sub-section Cuolayouzhi scale than in the grand blueprint for the show; artists in it, like Shi Feng, may Buddha, like , Like animal, like flowers, like trees, Weimiaoweixiao vivid, like a color picture; strategist at it seems, there will be Shi Feng, a soldier, drums, flags, cars, horses, Off a magnificent array of martial law, as an army of heaven. The Marshal He Long was as if the army chief, head windup is being made, Order.


  In the face of this peak forest in the West Sea, everyone was shocked! Conquered! Well-known geologist Mr. country said: "tours the world heard a lot of Shilin Feng-lin, but now known to be fair, with Zhangjiajie Sandstone match the peaks are not many." It was "Jue's peak forest" and "rare Jane's " Wonders of the world.

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He Long House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

He Long, one of the Marshal of the 10 People's Republic of China, was born in the city of Zhangjiajie Sangzhi Hung Kwan. He Long was born in 1896 here, here and spent the youth. Now the former residence of He Long, Sangzhi county government in 1975 according to the original repair.

  He Long's former home is located in the city of Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province Hong-sik County home Guan Cun. He Long is the People's Republic of the founding fathers, military strategist, is the founder of the Chinese People's Liberation Army -. Fight of his life, the risk one's life for the people of the Republic of the birth of the great achievements made for the motherland and building a strong national defense has made outstanding contributions, he is not only the best people Sangzhi Son, is an outstanding hero of the Chinese nation as a whole. Is the former residence of a ride south, 4 3 General Mu Fang, He Long was Heliang grandfather official in the Qing dynasty to build the afternoon, after the father of He Long Road Heshi inherited. He Long and his sister, sister, brother were born here, here and spend their And adolescence. As the population of their home, He Long father to three rooms with wooden separated into six. For the middle of a central room, the doors reads Rongji on the first Hongdi "He Long's former home," Deng Xiaoping for the hand-written words. In the past between the former central room is dedicated to God and family weddings and funerals using the hall, placed here to Marshal He Long Wearing a uniform body of the statue. He Long after the central room is the sister and sister's bedroom. Left for the winter heating light a fire of the fire house. Spring in 1916, He Long liaison pit of fire 20 people in the house had discussed the attack Mao para Salt River Inland Revenue Department. He Long is the back half of the parents bedroom. On the right side before the central room are the kitchen He Long is back and his younger brother Wen-charge of the bedroom. Where there is room to display all Wood Beds, blankets, mosquito nets, boxes, desks, chairs, lamps light aircraft and women's shoes with bamboo basket, laundry bar, and other common objects. Right side of the building is the former residence of Housing Housing Luoma, He Long was a teenager in order to make a living off former Luoma, where Guan Yang Ma, He Long was now on display are used saddle, whip and hats.


  In 1919, He Long's grandfather built this building houses the general reaction was "franchise" to burn, He Long in the near future by the rehabilitation of his father, to the expansion in 1925 into a courtyard. 1929 was the local reaction Anti-Chen demolition policy-hoon, left the door slot and Yibicanqiang. He Long was during the Cultural Revolution Wu Hai was down, the rest of the Canqiang have been destroyed, Wu Ji was formed as a rice field. Now is the former residence of He Long in 1977 provincial and county levels of government funding in accordance with the original restoration of the old. In 1983, the People's Government of Hunan Province He Long Home included in the key cultural unit.

  He Long Memorial located in the city of Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province Sangzhi County Hongjiadu Guan Cun, and the former residence of He Long, He Long Bridge horn into force in March 25, 1996 He Long 100th anniversary of the completion of the completion. The mighty tall bronze statue is erected in commemoration of He Long Ago.


  Premises of 9335 square meters area, construction area of 2080 square meters, is a financial modern building materials, techniques and antique style into one of the nation-building courtyard. Memorial water on three sides, Yuquan River, in the days of the river, the river fish around the museum by. Floor plan similar to giant A kitchen knife, He Long Yu hidden Naoge Ming kitchen knife two years ago. The door of the first color on the marble plaque inscribed "He Long Memorial Hall" hot Chinese characters, written by General Secretary Jiang Zemin personally. The Library has the VIP lounge, theaters and audio-visual exhibition showroom, He Long were on display during the lifetime of every 337 pictures, Literature-138. The exhibition is divided into "rescuing the nation's persistent ambition" and "excellent strategist of the proletariat" and "an outstanding New China founder of the sports" and "national defense and army building of an important leader" and "Long live forever in people In the hearts "of the five, fully demonstrated the fighting He Long Health and glorious life. In addition to the memorial open to visitors, but also into provinces, cities and youth education on revolutionary traditions of the base.

Hunan House is a common hair-watt wooden cottage at the same time in the hospital with a new showroom He Long life, this is a brick houses, were not on display at the same time He Long The 185 photos and 50 pieces of cultural relics. Feng Yuqiao there in front of an old home, built in 1916, He Long after the famous "He Long Bridge." For the wooden structure of the bridge, ancient style, full of national characteristics. He Long's former home is now a provincial heritage conservation unit.

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Wu Lei Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To the east of the city of Zhangjiajie in Cili County, in September 19, 1994 (Lunar August 15) held unprecedented, "Wu Lei Shan-Yu in the first religious culture." Hill the other day tour of the masses sea of people flooded. From this day onwards, Chunan Shengjingwulei Hill to the official opening of the Chinese and foreign visitors! From this day onwards, Zhang In many circles the city's landscape and in addition a large scenic spots! Wu Lei Shan convenient traffic, beautiful scenery, and Shek Mun, Yuen adjacent counties, Shi Yuzuo size of the mountain, the main peak of more than 970 meters above sea level. Peak wind around the clouds throughout the year, Cliffs cliffs, magnificent, well worth a visit.

One of the five The origin of the name of the Hill

  Wu Lei Shan Zhen-wu as a result of having ordered the five Raytheon Leixiang five grom sound, named after the suppression of five Nielong. It was also said to be due to "sweep Xinhua Wu Lei" named after King.

  Legend has it that, in the year of Chen-Wu Mountain Zhengguo Xiucheng, the wonderful music from heaven, he met with Senior's Jade Jade Qiyuxuanang to see him, out of the ordinary, they face-to-face for him Zhenwu major general, served in the Sun Palace. Jade also give him a three Seven Star sword, a gold armor, specializes in the Gorgon denounced the town of evil, pesticides for the people. The general be wu really thanks to the Jade Emperor of these treasures after constant visits heaven. At noon one day, when he Chor-nam as to the direction in the vicinity when the sky suddenly angry clouds rolling, the wind started. Far from clearing his head of a cloud, was 5 Nielong struggle, which is the East Tsing Lung, Chi Long in the South, the Western White Dragon, Black Dragon of the North China Huanglong. This marked the evildoer 5 power, before the market force. They set off some monstrous waves are Evil wind blowing off, a time to stir the Feishazoushi, Tianhundean so that the people were unfortunate Min. On seeing this, Chen-Wu, furious. He Qiazhiyisuan, was 5 for Wu Lei Nie Long Hill in the Holy Land to the throne. He then immediately raised his command five Raytheon Hammer of God, the voice of Charlie Leixiang 5, 5 Nielong together towards split ! An instant, the only true white sky, cloud angry demon fog swept away. Then the sky cleared, the Wulong are down. Wu seeing this really great generals, three Qixingjian out one by one point to 5 Nielong five immediately turned into a demon on the Hill 5. This is what we see today, "Wu-long pilgrimage," a King. Since then, Hill has remained in the 5 Xu Long live as students in general stands on a pilgrimage there.

Second, Wu Lei Shan geographical location and climate

  Wu Lei Shan, located in the eastern part of Cili County, located in the town of Chengguan, Kwong Fuk Town, Mongolia Shimen town, as well as the zero-Rural Township, the township spent Tau and the Taoyuan Township at the junction of calamus ( "33" at the junction, that is, Three counties Three rural and three town). It Linli the east, south of Taoyuan, West Chengguan Department, arrived in North Shihmen. Longitude 111 � 15'-111 � 18 ', latitude 29 � 23'00 "-29 � 27'30" between. The maximum elevation of 976 meters, the minimum 123.7 meters. In the highest temperature of 32 ?, the lowest Temperature 15 ?, the average annual temperature of 11 ?. Here moderate climate, four seasons, is an all year round for a good place for pilgrimage tourism.

  Wu Lei Shan, transportation is very convenient, from the Cili county only 25 km away from the city railway station Miao only 3 km away from Zhang


Home community airport Only 108 km. In particular the train, Miller City, 3 pairs of trains each day between East and West, through the branches (the Board) Liu (state) line. To the east, you can go to Shek Mun, Lixian, Zhicheng, Yichang, Xiangfan until Zhengzhou, Beijing; west, you can arrive at Zhangjiajie, Meng Donghe, Jishou, Huaihua, and then can transfer to Chongqing, All,


Guiyang, Kunming and Nanning, and other places. Zhangjiajie, such as the transfer station, but also by direct express Changsha, Zhuzhou, Hengyang and Chenzhou, Shaoguan and Guangzhou.

  Now, Zhangjiajie has a civilian airport open, direct multiplicative Boeing aircraft Changsha, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. From March 28, 1995, can directly fly to Beijing from the second quarter, but also to fly to Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Guilin, Yichang route. In the future, can also direct flights to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok and other places. As a result, tourists on a pilgrimage to Wu Lei Shan, you need not worry To inconvenience!


Third, Taoism, Taoist and the Road to call

  Taoism is China's major religions, with Buddhism, Islam, Christianity par.

  Taoism in China have Shun Di of the Eastern Han (AD 126-144 years) years have elapsed since the 18 0 years old. If the spread of the Warring States period immortal side of the operation, "mystical side" of the Western Han period and asked the old gods of the Yellow Emperor operation, as well as care in terms of Lao religious life support "by the yellow", then the spread of Taoism in China has more than 2,000 years has been! This shows that Taoism is China's oldest religions One.

  According to historical records, as the founder of Taoism Zhang Ling Road. He began a meter, the major classics as "Lao Tzu-wen 5000", "peace through a hole."

  For the ancestor of Taoism from Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu wrote, "Dao De Jing" as the main Taoist classics. Lao Zi on, Taoism and the academic community to hold The same point of view. Lao, also known as Old Dan, Henan, China's Spring and Autumn Period of the late well-known philosopher and thinker. He had been in possession Shou-room history (quite a curator of the National Library today), profound knowledge, the "Dao De Jing" and other books.

  Lao Zi in the history of his people there, but Buddhism and Taoism in order to contend with, A myth, and unlimited exaggeration, to put it very Xuan Hu, the mass Shenhuqishen. For example, they said Lao is the result of too many 81,000,000,000,000 Long live 81, child care in the mysterious Lady in the body of abdominal and pregnant with her pregnant 81-year-old, the last born from the mysterious Lady Zuolei down, so too as a result of pregnancy Long (8 ), Is born white-haired, so Minghuan "Lao Tzu." Also because of the birth of Lao Li in a tree, it means the tree for Lee,'s "Lee" surname.

  Some of the Taoist book also said that in 2500, Zhou has a "palace door," called the Yinxi, he one day at the "grass floor concept of" observation days , Saw the East Ziqi, predicted that it must be passed by saints. In the near future, Lao Tzu really cattle riding a green entry, so please be Yinxi Lao grass into the building, also requested the Lao Zi, wrote a book, that is, "Dao De Jing." They also said that Lao Tzu wrote, "Dao De Jing", to go on without a trace.

  Lao Zi was a myth, have been The rulers of ancient worship. Especially in the Tang Dynasty, the emperor as a result of Lee, Lee's elevation to the door of their younger brother, the tug pulling hard, simply from the Tang Dynasty over 1,000 years ago, the Lao Li made the emperor's ancestors, also called "The Emperor Xuan Yuan" . For this reason, Taoism in the Tang Dynasty will be very popular, almost became the state religion of the Tang Dynasty Taoism has been developed.

  Taoist worship of the "three-ching" as the supreme God. The so-called "three-ching", is Senior's Yuan Shi, moral and Lingbao Senior Senior's (also known as Lao, that is, Lao Tzu), "three-ching," Shen Jun is the general term for three.
Senior's Yuan Shi is the "three-ching" God first, the book said Yuqing living in fairyland, born before the formation of the universe, he also said that in the initial heaven and earth, in order to teach Midao Yu Zhu Xian, used to deliver people to open robbery. Later, he was with China's ancient mythology linking the Pan, Pan is the result of an epoch-making great God, which happens to coincide, which is more Yuanshi Senior's a myth to provide support. Lingbao Senior is the second largest Taoist god, he opened a symbol of the beginning of chaos, yin and yang clear. It is said that he was living in fairyland-ching.

  Senior's moral (that is, the Lao), said he was living in the highest circles of the third floor for three days Taiqing in Wonderland. He said the "Dao De Jing" is the main Taoist classics.

  Taoist worship The main gods, with the exception of the "three-ching", there are "four Royal." "Royal Four" adjuvant "three-ching" of the four Great God: Extreme Huangtianjinque Jade Emperor, Ziwei transit the Great Emperor of the Arctic too, hook array on the Great Palace of the Antarctic emperor, Cheng Yuan to follow the example of post-Wang Huang Only.

  In the "three-ching", "Four Royal" Face, there are many small Taoist gods, here is not introduced one by one.

  Taoism's Road surgery patients are accounted for, recorded Fu, Chi-Ruang, Jinzhou, the inner and outer Dan, yellow furnace, the valley walls, among the Bank, the Housing, Xian Yao, and so convinced. Taoist worship of God and cents.

  The main precepts of Taoism and regulations, there are fewer Wu Jie, Ring, of the Ten Commandments; more than 1200 people have quit; generally have about 300, divided into upper, middle and lower Sanpin. These precepts are mainly used to thinking of the words and deeds of believers bound to prevent them from the "evil nausea For" and "good words do violence" to promote Ji-shan, Xiude, the justifications are.

  Taoist view of the Road, Palace Road, is the Festival Temple of the gods. The earliest Taoist temple in Shaanxi is the concept of grass floor. Road construction is the main concept of three-ching, five Emperor, Ling Guan, and so on with the Hall of the Mountain Gate. Taoist temple in the country has a well-known Baiyun (in Beijing, dedicated to the "three-ching" s), Lou Guantai (in Shaanxi Zhongnanshan), the extension of the first concept, Wan concept, Yongle Palace, Wanshou Palace, Xuan Miaoguan, View Road, immeasurable concept, Yuquan concept Zixiao Gong, and so on. Wu Lei Shan palace, its name has more or less the same with them.

  We Wu Lei Yu Shan, look at the Taoist Temple, the Temple, doors, Taoism case of how to call?

  According to the rules of Taoism, Taoist Fan in presiding officer, said, "presided over." Generally referred to as "Long Road "Road" or "cents off." Taoist priest also referred to as "Huang", "one feather." Nvdao Shi on the "crown of women" or "Taoist nun." On the Taoist priest learned in that high self-cultivation, said the "Master" or "a real person." Taoist priest to the minors in the "Road child" or "Fairchild."

Fourth, the main Shan Wu Lei Landscape and scenic spots

  Wu Lei Shan in the city of Zhangjiajie is the door to the East, but also the city's many attractions of another scenic spot, Daoist is to travel on a pilgrimage.

  Wu Lei Shan Shan has more than 120 seats, 15 of the streams, mountain surface area of 160 square kilometers. According to the "Cili County," set: " Shan Lei Kaohsiung-Pingtung County, South Central 30, for the really top-wu, a leading rock, all wins ... ... Xian Qiao, Road out of the water. Temple for the concept of Changde Wu Lei Wang Rong, Wang Li Zhou Huayang help repair. "From a cultural point of view, Wu Lei Shan Taoism is the construction of the palace Ciyu. According to historical records, here's a Taoist temple complex was built in Yuan Completed in the next, there is to build more than 100 large and small temples, including Temple 36, Temple 72, Walled 48. This piece of ancient buildings in this pattern since the beginning of his 8 and 7 outside. The whole complex is built upon the mountain, built-in 1-km-long ridge of his back, like a long line up housing, guaranteed. 8 only in the palace together, apart Scattered homes. Within 8 from south to north, followed by Golden Palace display, Guanyinge, Dian Wang, Yu Huangdian, financial Temple, Chidi Palace, the Palace Doumu, pilgrimage and so on the door. This ancient building a total construction area of more than 8500 square meters, second only to the construction of China's Taoist Wudang in Hubei another large group of ancient buildings. This The most famous temple construction of The Mirage, Guanyinge, Academy Hall, Zijin palace, the door on a pilgrimage, dressing Pavilion, Palace Doumu, Dian Wang, Kwan Temple, the Temple Maye, Zhao Hall of God, God Wen Temple, Chidi Palace , One day the door, the door for two days, the pilgrims as well as the arches and so on the door. In this large group of ancient buildings, as a result of Wu Lei Shan temple built with the name of the Style with big Wudang in Hubei their identical or similar, coupled with its geographical location in the south of the Yangtze River, the Hill and Wu Lei, "South Wudang" Blair said.

  From the worship of statues, and Wudang Shan Wu Lei is also the same as their own. Two Golden Hill is dedicated to the great god of Chen-Wu. However, the Wudang Mountain is a real-wu The birthplace of Dili, so Hall, statues, Alexander Wu Lei than some of the momentum. Wudang Mountain in Golden, the Chen-Wu, he only sit tight in the Mirage, put on black hair, holding a sword, foot Gui Yi, Wei will be Black Flag, both sides have Jintongyunv, and

Second, the water and fire, Pomp, a good Wei Universal Statues of the Great!

  On the Chen-Wu, whose origin is such that he was


Reptiles - turtles and snakes fit the shape of, originated in ancient times of China's constellation of worship. Of ancient China, people will be the stars of the sky into 28 constellations, known as "Ershibasu." People Ershibasu again be divided into four groups for the North and the South East and West. Not only that, but also people in each constellation 7 to imagine the image into an animal. According to the allocation and Ancient five of five colors, divided into "four images." This is the Eastern Dragon, rose in the South, the white tiger the West, the North "basaltic" is not different, that is, "Gui Yi" "Zhenwu," alias the Great. "Basaltic" Why become a "truth force"? That as a result of the Song Dynasty emperor to avoid their ancestors, "Cho Hyun Boy" and avoid mentioning the name, change it, "basaltic" for the "truth force." According to ancient times people say, the turtle as a "four spirits" one of (the other three for the Long Ling, Feng, Lin), the snake is also considered to be in God The animals, so as basaltic Guiyi the embodiment of God, the more Yue-God, he's also getting higher and higher status, as well as the tree was ancient emperor as "Ti." Taoism and the need to invigorate education,


And fabricate a set of mysterious and mysterious, God and God's story. Zeng said that the basaltic child care in the net music Queen's good win, and he gave birth to Zuolei, long very brave. Queen's basaltic want to have inherited the throne, but he did not want the throne, only to learn bent Road immortal. Later, a purple Yuanjun granted by the law secret, thanks to the Jade Emperor, and his sword, so he will be 42 years practicing Wudang success, Ascension day, has become a "Chen-Wu .

  Zhenwu as a "Ti" Therefore, the Wudang Mountain for the construction of the Mirage that he would be unique in the world, especially brilliant. The Mirage is building all Copper gold, and the Chen-Wu Liu, Copper is gold, copper consumption up to 10,000 jin. Hill, Wu Lei Chen-Wu Nai-Mirage, although the size of the building with less Jin-wu equipment Hill brilliant, but apart from the Wudang Mountain, Taoist and other buildings compared Shan Wu Lei is still faster and have the.


  According to local records local records: "... ... Shan Wu Lei Pang Bo Barry, Bringing out its whenever North Korea will, prayer, such as Chi-lin, the sea may flow, as many as 30,000 people." Since ancient times on the civil Of the clause: "North Korea is not North Korea, to 108,000 a year." Whenever the Taoist festival seasons, such as the third lunar month (Zhenwu founder's birthday), early in September on the 9th (of God division Yuanri heaven), August 10 Five (Academy), with the winter months on the 19th (birthday of Goddess of Mercy) to Shan Wu Lei pilgrims have flocked to the pilgrims, day 2 Temple incense hours continuously, constantly on the road, there is no flame stoves, wooden fish continue to sound if the door is the city, people such as weaving, drum Zhong, great excitement.

  Wu Lei Shan temple is not only building walls brilliant gold and at the same time, also extremely valuable cultural relics. Tianshun six years in the Ming Dynasty


(Year 462 years) to Hangzhou, a county magistrate Wu Lei Xie Qi Shan with a small sightseeing tour, scenic spots to stay at the head of this ink: "Judge people by their rock-shaped, leading Ruofei, the eventual emergence, Zhenwu monument, a natural Qiao, Chor-nam I also Shengjing. "Tablets has become a piece of his precious relics. There are mountain lions, stone and Shihfang as the "Second Zhu show "more than 300 tablets and other pieces of the Forest of Stone Tablets is not only a resort, is also a renowned art of calligraphy. One day in the door, there is a well-preserved 24 years of the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1759 AD), large tablets, calligraphy and painting not only the best can be called art, is also a study of Li's home to witness history. Its text : "The temple has never been brilliant, Wheeling statue, dedicated to Xian Huang, Pizhen the Quartet, Kenya is cheap! Piaomiao Penglai, a few decades, the argument cited know, Dauner cultivation to the temple statues, stone buildings completed in three ... ..." In addition to these heritage sites other than , Wu Lei Shan Tongfo also heavy, and Dan Hu Shilong, and other cultural relics. Wu Lei Hill, prominent human landscape, natural landscape is very rich and beautiful. From the foot of a mountain climbing to the top, above all the way, we can see that many of the natural landscape. A variety of odd shapes, such as Shan-feng different, clear and green bottom of streams, such as silk, with the ancient spring of Mimi, and valuable trees and plants unique differences, Hill was to come, large Cliffs Tsui, contend birds, walking for King, you might see a downturn, the visit here, we can see the magnificent beauty of mountains and rivers, but also to see the magnificent ancient buildings. Standing on the Peak, Jimuyuantiao, one can see the magnificent scenery of the jungle.

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Yuan Jiajie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuan Jiajie trench knife at Sand Mountain, Wulingyuan is another focus of scenery to.


Bai Lian-day suspended: sand at the end of trench knife, a touch of spring water from more than 200 meters high and floating in the air to the top of the cliff, visitors to the viewing platform on the opposite looked, I saw a long white train from falling nine days, fly-splash Health-lan steam fog, rinse red Gu Jian. In case of rain, but also Meteorology Series, after the rain of increasingly Huangshan Jiulong Bao.

Bridge, the best in the world: an essence of Wulingyuan scenic spots. Seven Wonders of nature, will be 5 m thick piece of natural stone, Heng Kong "frame" on top of two peaks, the peaks of the two things connected. Height And span the world are rare thriller, it is referred to as "bridge the best in the world."

Ecstasy Taiwan: the best in the world at 400 meters east, the Taiwan sub-levels, from east to west in the first class was a gentle slope, about 100 square meters, the second-class lower than the first level of about 2 meters, is a tight First-class cross-linked to vacant stretch of the Board. Sitting on the stage, we can see sand and Jin Bianxi trench knife fight between Qi Qiao, rolling clouds, mountains and hidden when the time is unpredictable, people difficile Love Will Tear Us Apart.

After the Garden: a "natural landscapes." Shi Feng thousands in the park, around the peak and stream flow; towering old trees in the mountains, clouds filled the air, just like in ancient times The palace garden the same.

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