De-day falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

De-day falls at the border areas in Guangxi Daxin County, Nanning, in the Sino-Vietnamese border at the junction of the Spring River, the magnificent waterfall, magnificent, with close to the board about Vietnam linked to falls, is one of the world's second-largest transnational waterfall.

Falls tortuous, between the towering flowers and shade trees, standing under waterfalls, water Transpiration, and then on Hon, the current rolling, folding Erfu together, and Fei Xie, Chong even three. Tao Sheng echoed in the hills, if the sound Julei.

In addition to the Falls, also along the scenic De Ming-day pastoral scenery, the sand Tuen Diebao multi-stage, the Heishui He Qi Jia Zhi, beautiful scene in which the wonders of the shore, Repin Lin, en city landscape, the Sino-Vietnamese border marker No. 53, and other attractions that are more clouds Piaomiao the meet is the 500-day Germany, galleries, and the Bamboo Tree Drive around the residential areas of pastoral beauty of water tankers.

Ming Garden, from the town about 53 km south-west, at the national level scenic spots. Ming river twists and turns circled River peaks Show, "Little Guilin" said, particularly Kiu Ming, Bamboo around the coast, dotted farm structures, agricultural Fuhe weed, water shepherd boy, a very rural southern flavor. Tuen Diepu also known as the sand falls at the end of Nim, 55 km away from Daxin county, in order to de-day well-known scenic spot in the Falls, is the second national spots. Falls are divided into seven districts, just Water curtain woven into the steps, gentle and lyrical, the two sides are mountains, winding Guteng, when Fisherman's bamboo falls in between come and go, but also to increase its natural charm of simplicity.

Anping it to shore from the power station 15 km Heishui He's the best scenery, the two sides along the river Cueifong order, towering old trees, water tankers to death, Cucu bamboo, the ups and downs in the distance That Shakes The Barley, with Ji Quan Wen, rich One picture of stability. Department alleviate the water rippling blue waves, the Department urgency around dragon and snake respectively. Lijiang is like outside, into the Yousi Taoyuan, Kai King abound, it is feast their eyes. Dah Sing is the de-day meet is the territory of the landscape along the road, towering mountains Tsui, show trends in attitude Hundreds of the formation of the "natural art gallery." Shuo Long Repin and the only area along the road there Du Xiufeng, in the wonders of spring, the peak five fingers, Stagecoach leap forward, viewing bridge, 19 more circled inverted stone, and so on, fascinating landscape.

Upper reaches of the waterfall, when the river with emergency relief, when combined time-sharing, tortuous, in the towering ancient , Shade plants, birds Dihuai, the river cliff Hu Yu, Fei Xie down. Silver is like a huge train, hanging on above the canyon. Standing under the waterfall, water vapor transpiration, and then on Hon, the current rolling, folding Erfu together, and Fei Xie, Chong even three. Tao Sheng echoed in the hills, if the sound Julei, could be heard a few years and look to the waterfall , If the floating peaks, giant waterfall, such as sea dumping, Shuimo flying, such as the Pearl hoh million, and in the event clear day, across the Rainbow Falls, the magnificent waterfall has increased a bit flirtatious. Its ability to take on its momentum, its presence, David Soul taken soul, rock Xinjing.

  Germany magnificent waterfall magnificent day, changing scene in Bristol Flows and never Break. Four Seasons waterfall scenery, the spring grass Fan Qing Ling, Yamahana Tu Yan, was set around the falls from colorful lace; gold shop terrace in the fall, do storied dye, silver curtain hanging mist into the sky; Joan winter glittering beads, Yu Ye waterfall flow , The mountain breeze blowing trickle Durian Sasa; torrent in the summer, such as lung, an avalanche, may million Pentium come.

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Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden Tour is a financial, scientific research, teaching and production in one comprehensive park, located in the 8 km away from Nanning in the urban areas of the mountains in the eastern suburbs, an area of more than 200 million square meters, is China and Southeast Asia's largest pharmaceutical One of the Botanical Garden. Park green trees, vines China, together with the decorative scaffolding during which Yaqu even more bridges. Here more than 2130 kinds of medicinal plant cultivation, Li is the "Compendium of Materia Medica" by the record twice, was a three-dimensional as the "Compendium of Materia Medica."

Drug park is divided into 7 drug: Guangxi specialty areas, areas of drug efficacy, shade plants district Woody area of drugs, herbal medicines district, Fujimoto area of drug and medicinal fauna. It set South drugs, drugs north, the area of drugs and specialty areas, the foreign substances in a park. Drugs are shrubs, trees, rattan wood, vegetation and so on, the zoo also keeping medicinal francoisi, rhesus monkeys, deer and tigers and other rare medicinal animals. Medicine Botanical Garden is a good place for leisure pleasure, but also a good place to see growth.

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Nanning Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a long history of border cities, here in the ancient Baiyue belonging to the Tang Dynasty Zhenguan years, will be named here, "Yong Zhou", which Nanning is referred to as the "harmonious."


  Nanning is the capital of Guangxi City, adjacent to Guangdong, Hong Kong, backed by southwest, facing the South-East Asia, linking the southeast coast and inland south-west of the important hub of the southwest province is the most convenient access to the sea, is the only western provinces and autonomous regions along the coast of the capital city. The implementation of the national development of the western region and the establishment of China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, with a commitment West, south and north of even the advantage of China's rapid economic development of the new regional and a new hot spot for foreign investment.

  Nanning is a beautiful city blocks, the city's green coverage rate of nearly 40%, has been described as "semi-city green trees tower and a half." Live here for generations a strong, the Han, Miao, Yao, Dong, Mu Family, has a variety of national culture and customs. Nanning has a total year-round after another traditional folk activities, the melodious folk songs and melodies behind Hydrangea, Clothing dance, fireworks robbery, such as the windmill step on the activities of civil society so that you can not help but be happy to follow up.

  Green Nanning tourism resources are ten Rich, this mountain, river, lake, river and making the other more beautiful flowers and trees, subtropical scenery and modern style into the garden city to the south, Nanning as the center of the tourist areas in Guangxi is one of the three major tourist areas, the temperature Qinglie Hope the water, Huashan Mysterious murals, the magnificent waterfall-day Germany, the United States Yang quiet town Zhuang people none of the nice folk song form the Nanning ancient landscape of the human picture.

  Nanning, Guangxi, as politics, economy, culture, finance, information center, is the most dynamic economic region and the highest level of export-oriented city. In industrial restructuring, focusing on the development of aluminum, sugar, Paper industry, and enhance scientific and technological transformation of consciousness, rational use of well-known universities and research institutes of technology, in order to speed up the development of electronic information communication, modern bio-medicine, environmental protection, new materials for high-tech industry; the implementation of brand strategy of the agricultural economy in order to "Company + base + farmers" model, further Large-scale operation to raise the level of industrialization of agriculture, and gradually to the characteristics of economic development; Nanning has strong commodity goods distribution functions of the tertiary industry has become increasingly active, information industry, transportation, and industry HA, tourism, catering industry in good shape , Nanning City has gradually become a major factor in economic growth. Foreign open Flexible and positive, the city government to encourage foreign-invested enterprises in a variety of ways to Nanning cooperation, not only for their enjoyment of the country's coastal areas, border areas preferential policies for opening to the outside world, but also to enjoy the western provinces, autonomous regions and ethnic minority autonomous regions and special policies to give foreign investors The most convenient and cost-effective.

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Black trench Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Black trench Rongan Forest Park located in the western suburbs of the city 3 km, with a total area of 17 square kilometers area.

  Scenic peaks in continuous, the main peak 1,000 meters above sea level, Lin Tse, towering old trees, winding Guteng, gurgling stream, abundant vegetation, Jade, fresh air. The growth of a country in which there is, Rare plant level, such as bamboo orchid, Cyatheaceae, rattan and so on the Quartet. Is an elegant natural environment, tourism-resort, tourist visits, Xunyoutanqi as one of the beautiful tourist park.

  Black trench tourism, Safe throughout the year, spring flowers in full bloom, Full, especially camellias, azaleas fight between Yan Attractive people win; Mid-level clouds in the summer, infinite magic King, the stream falls, Liang Yi attacks, the quiet forest is a hotel-stay vacation resort; the fall season, fresh air and mountain is covered with leaves and wild fruit fragrance; the winter forest Park tourism, due to the special role of forest climate, the temperature in the forest but some warmth, Can watch on the rise amid the silver makeup around-the winter snows - rare in the South charming snow.

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Bridge, Lowe agriculture and tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the southern suburbs of the city of 6 kilometers. Agriculture and tourism zone by the Folk Village, acres of Lake Tour, the Millennium Gurong, Taohua Yuan, tea gardens, water ring Takemura, Bi Fu Rong area, acres of grapefruit trees, beach spots such as the composition. Tourism agricultural area has beautiful scenery and mountains. Gardening site of the bridge Dole River, he may cap the two white jade , The twists and turns, while the market had to wear. Lowe Liujiang field along the river bank line of 7 km, Tsui Chuk Ying-clear water, a more beautiful land. Development of the club is now shooting, fishing, cruise boats, water recreation swimming pool, the cave ok karaoke dance halls, and so on, also held an annual Cross-sections, grapefruit sections and Camellia Festival holiday tourism activities They return to natural leisure resort.

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Sam Mun River National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sam Mun River National Forest Park located in Liuzhou 6 km in the eastern suburbs, parks, mountains, mountain fell, the twists and turns of the winding and Liujiang Los Qingjiang from across the territory of the park, there are a large number of Shan Tong Reservoir clear blue waves, colorful , Where the dense forest, the mountains are green, there are Bi-water, the clean water Castle, an integral whole. Park, formerly known as Jiang's three state-owned forest farm in Guangxi, Liuzhou City in the eastern suburbs and across abatis, as states counties. Forest area of 11,000 hectares, with verdant trees, flowers, hundreds of species of plants, animals come and go from time to time. Rich and varied landscape of forests, the spectacular mountain scenery strange, deep cave landscape Quiet, magical transformation Sky landscape, there are also many cultural attractions and beautiful story of the legend.

"Shu-Ling re-cover thousands of miles, like Qu Jiang Liu nine ileum." As far away as 815 AD, the great Tang Dynasty poet Liu was so vividly described in Liuzhou's beautiful scenery. Liuzhou is a 2100-year-old with the culture of the ancient city and new city. Qi ring out here, the river green, verdant Dicui, the United States and stone holes, a unique folk customs in order to the country was classified as Class-A tourist city.

Liuzhou is located 6 km in the eastern suburbs of Jiang's three national forest parks, mountains, even the mountain God-shaped life, different attitude, and the twists and turns of the winding and Liujiang Los Qingjiang from across the territory of the park, there are a large number of Shan Tong Reservoir clear blue waves, colorful; here dense forest, the mountains are green, there are water Pitt, the Castle of the clean water, an integral whole, mountain and water as a result of show, more water as a result of Green Hill, Castle Peak Cucu vast expanse of water, The cave more qi charming scenery. Liuzhou as everywhere in Wonderland, 3 Jiang Forest National Park more attractive spots.

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90,000 mt - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill is located in northern Guangxi 90,000 Qiannan, the core area in Guangxi water into the three anti-Miao Autonomous County in the town, Dong Wang rural area. Hill fell 90,000 peaks, with a total area of about 1204 square kilometers, the region has large areas of the former Sinian Proterozoic strata exposed, for the Guangxi region of the exposed one of the oldest strata.

Not because of Quaternary glaciers by the serious damage, and vandalism by small mountains and the preservation of a number of ancient relict plant, as well as a wealth of plant and animal fossils. To a large extent reflects the original natural forest in the north of Guangxi body. The mountains of higher plants have a total of 303 Section 1237 is a 3332 kind of, about the type of all-in Guangxi 45% of higher plants.
90,000 mt virgin forest coverage reached 98%, higher plants are rhododendron, magnolia, peony is a wild, and so are dozens of Lily is only belong to the wild orchid flowers up to 80, spend valuable treasures smile on 11. The species, second only to resources Two-Banna, is China's second largest gene bank. In the mountains, ancient Health Angiopteris is, Huperzine is still lush growth. States for a class of plant protection, and the dinosaurs from the same period, known as "living fossils" of the Cyatheaceae arch in the stream, can be seen from time to time.

Geological structure of a long campaign, 90,000 mt Northwest has become, south-east of the low frame Geomorphology, 1,500 meters above sea level in the region for more than 14 have the same peak, the highest Laoshan 1683 meters above sea level, the lowest water into the estuary village of 170 meters to form a steep ridge of the mountain, the valley And deep variety of terrain.
Created the terrain within sa 90,000 streams China's vast expanse of open ground water, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths landscape can be seen everywhere. There were water-Astral radiation throughout the region, and 3 to form the main valley, the bay together into a river in the Central Plains River, Yangjiang River and East River 4 small rivers, one after another into the Liujiang, reached the final of the Pearl River to the sea. Just to name a few of the pit, the gravel bottom, knot groups From the lower reaches of the rock out of the small fish, clear water bottom, at a glance. Together in a stream valley to produce 90,000 mt of many spectacular waterfalls.

90,000 mt or wildlife park, according to the statistics, a total of 90,000 fish Hill Gang, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, 26, head of animal MAMMALIA Section 56 Among them, Lin dozens of animal habitat, and Zhenqidongwu amphibians and 30 kinds of reptiles, there are more than 50 kinds of birds. Among the many wild animals, belong to a class of the country to protect the South China Tiger has, clouded leopards, monkeys, Wawa Yu, Takahashi Syrmaticus pheasant, the national secondary protection of monkeys, Su Ling, indica Small indica, the Golden Pheasant, and so on. In addition to the South China no one has yet seen, dozens of other rare animals in 90,000 people found Hill, and black bears, monkeys, and other animals are often appear in the forest, had also occurred in attacks on human events .

90,000 mt from the bottom up showing a more comprehensive Vertical band at the same time as a result of topography, climate, soil, hydrology and other natural conditions, as well as the impact of the season, Hill has shown 90,000 colorful change: Yamahana spring bloom, like a warm Dicui natural flower garden; Summer Zhifan YE Mao, is a summer resort; Manshan leaves in the fall, many wild fruit One picture of harvest; winter cold but not cold, the birds beast roar, do not have some fun.

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Liu Hou Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu was originally called Lo Chi Hou Temple temple, located in the City Center, Liu Hougong West corner of the park is in memory of the people of Liuzhou in the Tang Dynasty famous politicians, thinkers, men of letters and Liu dressed in the construction of the tomb. Liu, word-thick (773-819 AD), east of the Tang Dynasty (Yongji City, Shanxi Province this township Yu), Ren Li Yuan Wailang Department, as a result of failure to participate in political reform have been demoted, Liuzhou Juguan his later years (815-819 AD), have done a lot of good for the people. He died three years after the Liuzhou, local people built a temple ritual he Lo Chi. Northern Song Dynasty, Huizong Zhuifeng him "Hou Wen-hui", the ancestral hall known as the "Liu Hou Temple . Now Liu Qing Hou Temple in accordance with the reconstruction of buildings, display Cinei There are many cultural relics and historical materials, reflects Liu's life and achievements. Traffic: 2 in the city by the way, 6 way to the bus.

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White Lotus Cave Science Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuzhou White Lotus Cave Science Museum (the Museum of white hole) is located 12 km southeast of Liuzhou City on the outskirts of the south of flour Hill, a road east Liu Dan, Liu South Expressway to the south, west Bailian Airport, 249.8 meters above sea level, covers an area of Area of 66,000 square meters, is China's first cave-science Research, science and tourism into one comprehensive museums, the main white for Kwu Tung. Hill flour is a great seat even the mountain peaks, in one area of 7500 square meters of the limestone cave, a total of 5 holes, the Office of the main entrance to the south, the center of the hole because there is a huge white stalactites, the shape of lotus Bud named after the white hole.
In 1956, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology ancient human research team to investigate caves in southern China in the well-known anthropologists, led by Professor Pei Wenzhong, Guangxi investigation into Gigantopithecus fossils and human, the white hole in the soil found four stone, A flat tip of the cone of bone and a thick The bone needle. These tools are system gravel from playing, for stone and quartzite siliceous limestone. Bone needle and cone body has been broken. After identified that the accumulation of Dongting Lake "the late Paleolithic Age." In 1961, Liuzhou City Government Lian-key cultural city as a unit. Pei Wenzhong at the Museum Initiative grant, the organization began in 1981, Lian-dong Museum, the same year on May 1 for Pei-Lian wrote: "China may become the world's ancient anthropology research center of Guangxi center is at the center." 1985 Spring Festival period, the white-museum is open to the China Central Television, Central People's Radio broadcast, the "People's Daily" and other news media announced the news. February to May the same year, Japan's national television station, the British television station, Television Hong Kong has come to send Lian-TV film.
  Lian-museum of ancient human beings because of their rich cultural connotations of the site and inside a typical karst geology And as to foreign experts, scholars and tourists attention. Many Chinese and foreign experts and scholars during a visit to inspect the white hole after both spoke highly of it. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Sciences of the United States for foreign academician Professor Jia Lanpo white hole found the site to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the inscription: "White Lotus fragrance is not dyed mud, piled up inside the cave, more than connotation" Chinese University of Hong Kong Professor Deng Cong: "Lian-excavation of the site, completely resolved the China Archaeological Society on the long-standing mystery in the Stone Age." Japanese scholars and phytoplasma Lang Cave and the International Society in Ford's White Lotus inspection holes, were obtained "with the Liujiang Japanese ancestry who were ancestors," and "is Liuzhou Community in the heart of karst terrain, "the conclusions.?????Lian-museum.
  Liuzhou White Lotus Cave Museum of Science is based on white-stone-age cultural sites established on the basis of the museum site, the display can be divided into two major parts inside and outside. Outside display by the display room (the original text of Liuzhou , Karst caves knowledge of biological specimens on display), "prehistoric animals and plants," composed of open-air display; display inside the ruins on display at the scene and geological phenomena on display inside the cave, all parts. Cave tour routes of up to 1870 meters, along the ancient human life in the scene to recover the sculpture as more than 10 groups outside a prehistoric animal-sik Park, a giant plastic in the park, saber-toothed elephant, rhinoceros, and other prehistoric animals, large-scale sculpture. Lian Dong, also known as "Prehistoric Garden" can be divided into 6-story cave tortuous, at all levels of stalactites, stalagmites, Shiman wonderful, elegant strange rocks. To the bottom of an underground river, about 370 meters, quiet water, Boating. Dang relief circuitous of air inside the cave, Qingyang mist.
  The site during its Bailian hole in the span of 3 years or so, across the Old Stone Age to the Neolithic Age. This is the human economy from production-type to grab a leap of the stage. The sites range horizon, is a rare sub-tropical South ancient global climate letter Repository. Lian-site there have been unearthed cultural relics, from 1961 to 1990 only, a total of caves from the layer of animal bone fossils unearthed in 3550, 390 teeth fossils and stone tools, decorative stone, and other cultural relics. In addition, also found remains of ancient human use of fire.
  Liuzhou original culture Chen Liuzhou historical and cultural heritage goes back to ancient times, starting from the early Pleistocene that is now more than 100 million years ago and accompanied by Gigantopithecus fossils of early Homo erectus, followed by, since there are 4.5 million years ago the late Paleolithic fossils of Homo sapiens Liujiang , In the suburbs of white-dong, carp mouth, Hill 9, around the size of the rock music More than 0 caves found in the late Paleolithic to the early Neolithic period, the mid-ancient human fossils and cultural relics. Liuzhou as a result of a collection of "Liujiang" and "white hole", "Longtan" tens of thousands of years, and other prehistoric cultural heritage is renowned at home and abroad, seeking to become the Japanese were looking for their ancestors. Showroom highlighted Liuzhou prehistoric culture in particular, white-culture series, to show the world Liuzhou of Guangxi as well as historical and cultural roots.
  Liuzhou karst cave geological knowledge Liuzhou display known as "the world's karst terrain heart" reputation. Liuzhou City area by the development of karst landforms and caves there are a number of 200, together with the County, about 500 large and small cave for the development and utilization of a total of more than 50. These caves by the cross-Carboniferous Devonian, again and again until credited with originating the new self-discipline are exposed; types of dry holes, water tunnel, the underground river, as well as the size of La Shuidong; surface patterns have skylights, such as Tianshengqiao. By Qi Shan, different stones, strange hole Beautiful landscape composition of the water. Lian Lian hole to hole Museum of geological phenomena as the central system to display the unique caves Liuzhou, for geological science education.
  Liuzhou biological specimens on display in ancient and modern animals and plants is very rich in resources, even the white hole to the museum and fossil specimens of Health is in the form of sub-gate Type of display, as the general public especially the young students universal biological knowledge.
  "Prehistoric Animals and Plants Garden" open-air display of white-dong site is not even a rare sub-tropical South late update Shi Yu-Ice Age climate since the ancient world's repository of information, the site and the pollen is rich in fossils. Museum There are more than 60 acres of mountain slopes, to restore the ancient forest ecological environment, the recovery Stegodon, giant panda, rhinoceros, and other ancient animal's image, to build it into a "prehistoric animal and vegetable garden."
  Lian-market cultural sites and cultural relics on display white hole is a contained, as in the late Paleolithic As early as the Neolithic Age to the medium-term three different times of cultural sites, the connotation is very abundance. After the excavation of cultural sites, using all-glass-enclosed protection, clearly demonstrated the white-line culture, as well as China's foreign sites from the same period stratigraphic correlation scale research. In addition, the site of the long and narrow Xuenei, the museum also uses a form of sculpture, created nearly ten reflect the primitive life of the production scene of the statue.
  The original is on display inside the cave, to a total length of 1870 meters Lian-dong, a total of 5 holes, caverns up and down, around the last song can be divided into six layers, with a total area of 7500 square meters, inside the cave Xuedao long wall, you can see a variety of geological phenomena and fossils of marine life. There are only tens of thousands of bats hidden in the depths of caves, underground river fish are blind Divertimento. Containing calcium oxide after the evaporation of water droplets to form sediments and dam days, circling the winding, rock gypsum, dolomite, calcite crystals sparkling. Karst Into the Shiman, stalagmites, columns can be seen everywhere, and form magnificent landscape wonderful. Visitors to the outside as if this myth throughout the day and at the same time can learn a lot about the geological knowledge of the caves.

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Queer Shan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Queer Shan Liu Park is located in the north industrial area of Liuzhou City, is a landscape gardens Parks and Recreation. As an ancient saying goes: "The South has the north saddle saddle ","," bird" is south of the Ma On Shan, Liuzhou, "bird" refers to the Queer Shan. Liuzhou has always been the Queer Shan, Ma On Shan, together with the Liuzhou as the main attractions. In a park mountain peak where they stand, 180.40 meters above sea level, the shape of Chelsea wing vibration, named Queer Shan, to the park named after Queer Shan. Area of 84.79 hectares, of which 20.71 hectares surface, the park "dark dense tree cover - Green Park, Yan Zhao Ming Xia Banbi red," the landscape has been named as the "bird Wei Xia ", as one of the eight new Liuzhou. Liuzhou Queer Shan is famous, since ancient times," the North imposing bird riding high crane, "the praise," the main town of Hill "(" Liu County mountains and rivers ").

  As early as the Sui Dynasty, Queer Shan area is so Liuzhou domain. Park Central, East and West Water. Guang Zhi lake sweet-scented osmanthus, Murraya Syzygium trees, such as water, the breeze whenever the breeze, Lake Lvyunshujuan, flowers floating dark, graceful charm of the Qing Yi Ge, Hong Ying Bridge, the bridge jade belt, bird Fang Qing Yin good things, such as landscape architecture is hidden winding Lishui , The artificial tree Tingxiu Lakes region, if still picture, intoxicated visitors. The Queer Shan to the north, along the tortuous, Wild Shi Jing-sheng of the winding can be straight on the Mountain, the mountain has taken on show booths, plastic rattan Ladder attractions, and poor near the peak of Cliff Branch, "Xia Wei Shan Bird" and "Peak" momentum that Xia Si food. In 1993, has completed 12 projects and entertainment, an area of 30,000 square meters of water amusement centers in the world, 999 years of the introduction of a new foreign Niaoyu Lin, Rosa Parks, in 2001 the construction of the capital rather spirited Huacao Chang's, so that bird park to become a large-scale integrated entertainment center. In recent years, newly-built village of ancient folklore, there are built-in kiosks, Taiwan, buildings, rooms and corridors, and so on. All of the main structure of the wedge is d Next, do not use a nail, stone block column foot nothing, and Qiaojiaochongyan. Old.

  Visitors to the village not only be able to enjoy is rich in local color of the minority song and dance performances, to the unique taste of the Dong delicious tea and refreshments, but also to watch the display of national costumes and folk crafts system In addition, you can experience the operation of production of non-fun work. At present, a set of cultural and recreational culture of popular science fun for the whole of the Botanical Garden is also in the planning and construction, mountains and natural water flows to the rich features of the landscape of modern bird park full of vitality, Liu has become an industrial area north of the Green Chu.

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Ma On Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma On Shan is one of the Liuzhou Ancient Eight, such as his saddle-shaped and named it Liujiang at the south bank of the city center, with fish-san to echo what is the Center City District's highest peak, from the foot of a mountain to reach the peak along the Shi Jing, look View, panoramic view of the city of Liuzhou. Legend has it that in the Pat Sin Tieguai Li and Lu in Anshan on playing chess, the mountain has left more than a foot long tracks and fairy stone chessboard, such as the Fairy Cave. Liu Shan, after this tour, here made vivid description. "Xu's Travels," Hill also made a detailed presentation. So far in the mountains still Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of famous poems dozens of stone.

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Liuzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the central province of Guangxi Liuzhou have is a 2100-year-old ancient city.

  From the archaeological excavations of cultural relics, in the late Paleolithic, live here, "Liujiang people." Emperor Yuan Ding six years (in 111 BC) was founded here in the capital, Tan Zhong name. Tang Zhenguan 2008 (the year 634 AD) called Liuzhou, the first year of Tianbao emperor (AD 742 years) located in the City County.

  Liujiang in Liuzhou City area around the back, surrounded on three sides by water on the north shore of the city center, forming a huge "U" word, the ancient books called the "three rivers Tetraena, If the city pot, "and it" city pot ", said it was also described as a" huge natural landscapes. "Liuzhou district consisting of limestone from inside and outside the Odd Perfect Mount Hill where they stand, are thousands, rich Tourism resources and natural landscapes, and Liuzhou mild climate, evergreen, at any time for all Yu.

  Liuzhou, Guangxi's largest industrial city in southwest China is an important manufacturing base. The city's existing industrial enterprises in 2100 more than 4 companies to enter the top 500 countries, 11 countries entered the large-scale enterprises. The city has now formed a three pillar industries: Mini-cars and tons of car-based vehicles and parts manufacturing, mechanical engineering and general engineering-based manufacturing machinery to steel and non-ferrous metals and processing mainly for the metallurgical industry. To the three pillar industries and light industry, chemical industry, papermaking, building materials, and other leading industries as a leader, Liuzhou has been preliminarily established Cover more than 30 industries, over 4000 species of modern industrial system with "SAIC-GM-Wuling," and "Dongfeng" Liu Vapor, "Guiliu Gong" and "liberation" Liu special, "Golden Melody", "two needle" "Pharmaceutical bonus", OVM prestressed anchor and a number of other well-known enterprises and famous brand products. Liuzhou of the national economy as a whole showed a sustained, steady and rapid growth momentum in 2003, the city achieved a GDP of 32,782,000,000 yuan, representing growth of 13.2 percent over the same period last year, ranking first in the region. The industrial added value reached 7.9 billion, an increase of 14.5 percent; all - Investment in fixed assets will reach 10,936,000,000 yuan, the first time tens of billions of dollars, an increase of 52.52 percent; capita disposable income of urban residents reached 837,000,000,000 yuan, up 6.0 percent.

  Liuzhou, in southwest China is an important regional transport hub, the National Have a regional headquarters of the Railway Bureau of non-capital cities. Railway networks Unicom Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangdong, five provinces and cities, is to communicate with the East China Southwest, China and South Africa, South China's railway hub.

  Liuzhou, China's 45 main highway hub cities, and high-speed Guihai Wuzhou to your Liuzhou expressway at the intersection, 209,322 and 323 national meet here, Liuzhou expressway network has been co-Wai, 4 hours south to have direct access to coastal ports can be run through the north central and western hinterland.

  Liuzhou Airport Lian 4D to achieve State-level standards, has been opened To Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou routes. Liuzhou has a port at the national level, five-channel, a full year free shipping 300-ton vessel, can be traced back to Guizhou, under the flight up to Hong Kong and Macao.

  Liuzhou, which are easily accessible, good location, abundant products, known as "trading port in Guangxi" reputation Central South and Southwest has always been an important material distribution center. Economic location, Liuzhou east Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and other economically developed areas, south of the Beibu Gulf, South-East Asia, such as high-speed development of the region, goes west, Guizhou, and Sichuan in the north arrived in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze, which backed the formation of China-South Africa, South-West , For South-East Asia and the eastern coast of Location. Liuzhou-commerce activity, the types of goods and improve the wholesale market, supply and demand booming, smooth logistics. Have the largest market for construction, the development of big business, big invigorate the circulation of the region to build a modern logistics center and a good geographical advantage.

  Liuzhou has basically taken shape all-round, multi-level, wide-collar The pattern of opening to the outside world, and has more than 45 countries and regions established economic and trade relations. With China's western development strategy of China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, with the accelerated pace of opening to the outside world, is becoming a Liuzhou are full of hopes and opportunities of investment in land development.

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Grand Canyon cliff a hundred - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grand Canyon cliff a hundred for the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region level scenic spots, Wu Xuan Lai Binshi located in the rural county hippo territory. Is a typical Danxia landform, the maximum altitude of 1200 meters with a total area of 13.66 square kilometers. She rise amid steep, rock Xia Bi Kong; Baizhe stream, Fei Bao spectacular; forest green floral attacks; towards the Seiran, the screen is satisfied Xia ; As the "Canyon of the world rarely seen scenery."

Main Canyon, 10 km in length, are bent 37, the Department over waterfalls, pools 7, there are hundreds of valley side. Scenic areas within verdant trees, rocks Saga; Guteng suspension, Baihuiyixiang; stemming the flow of the stream, inexhaustible year. Water quality is not Any debris in the fresh spring water, beauty Cleaning, enhance appetite, eliminate debris in the body of the effectiveness of body-building. Primeval forest, there are lizards, monkeys, Wawa Yu, and other rare animals and Cyatheaceae, vertebral red, white vertebra, flowers and incense, tourism, and other valuable wood species. The average annual temperature is 16-24 ?, sufficient oxygen, negative ions per 100,000 square centimeter or more. All scenic spots of surface water projects are in line with the G3838-2002 "surface water environmental quality standards" I water quality standards and have good water quality, water temperature of 13 degrees Celsius, is a rare summer and health resort. The main attractions are: "Tiannvsanhua waterfall", "Yuanyang waterfall" Wang Sai waterfall ", and Wang Xiao Chaogui of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of the West's former home site.

  Dayaoshan Hill south of a natural trough. As the nature of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial good luck to give a hundred slots, which rise amid steep cliffs, canyons Bi Kong, the stream Baizhe, show a spectacular waterfall, forest green, light floral, a North Korea Seiran, satisfied the morning Xia Hui King charming, with Xiushan, the clean water, stones, Youlin a wonderful world of "Wonderland." Cliff slot for up to a hundred more than 10 km, a total of 37 bends, the size of Falls 5, 7 pools. As the trough on both sides of the long side there are many large and small trough, the "trough of a hundred cliff."
  Lin entered the depths of the trough, the air You. Gap to switch back to the Valley, rather, "Fu Shan heavy water have no doubt, the prospect of" feeling. Quan Yong-Qing Yi-tank, Bixi flow all the year round. One of the "Fei Bao-day trough", "Ying Xia Zhu Lian," "Dong Tian unique" and "screen painting the air", "Hidden Creek Stone," "colorful stone upper stream, the water Huantiao long music, as a result of Many wonders of the changes, Li Kan-color super-Jiuzhaigou. "

  Reporter to the feeling, not only trough cliff a hundred beautiful scenery, but also rare and valuable natural animals, plants and treasure. Here the production of vertebral red, white vertebra, flowers and incense, maudiae, olives, Huang Qi, red wooden warehouse, box, and other valuable tree species unique and different . Specialty trees II national tourism wood species protection. Many live in the forest Zhenqidongwu valuable, such as pangolins, Wawa Yu, rock Gecko, apes and monkeys, small Marmota, Huangyangchuan, thrush, pheasant, Flying Tiger and so on.

  All the way down, unknowingly taking a number of scenic spots, feeling not only the United States and water, water , The customs are very strong, and can be felt here in a very refreshing feeling very comfortable.

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As the state stone maze Lane - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lane stone maze at Xiangzhou Xian city, about 4 km of the village of Castle Peak Chengkungling Shaalan, an area of about 20 mu. According to experts: Stone Lane in the maze of rocks around 3.5-4 million years ago the Devonian era, changes in the earth's crust from the seabed and sea water erosion and the formation of long-term, is a rock erosion capacity Structural landforms. Ancient marine life around Stone can be seen everywhere, Chuishou desirable. Lane stone maze by thousands of pieces of rock, weighing several tons pose. Office of stone labyrinth, Ishii, Shek Mun spread all over, criss-crossing Stone Lane, circuitous twists and turns that can tunnel through the Department wide available capacity while the two side by side, only a narrow Department satisfied one side, or even bend over and Quxi, Lane The connections and, odd song Bagua Zhen, such as bending to shape, if there are no signs or guides, just do not pay attention, easily lost, stone maze Lane be named.

Maze of problems in the bush, Ye Teng from the air shuttle intertwined, so that the rear lane of the shade cover, during which the Fujinawa Raoshu, tree-reliance, rock Lian Teng, paintings wonders Health scene. Even more unusual is the maze Posi Castle, was due to the dense shrubbery, Ye Teng coverage, the maze is extremely subtle. Anti-Japanese War, it was a bunker for the protection of civilians in the village of Shaalan made a "contribution."

Stone Lane is surrounded by a maze of peach, plum, pear, persimmon, Consisting of fruit trees such as forest, and every peach blossom in full bloom season fruit maturity, or in small groups under the trees enjoy the cool air, Yechui barbecue, or play cards on the table in the stone entertainment, or the election in the King camera, or Village leisure rocking hammock, do not have some fun.

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Kim Soo-Dayaoshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dayaoshan Kim Su Yao Autonomous County is located in scenic areas in the territory, 154 kilometers from the Liuzhou City. Scenic area of more than 500 square kilometers. Scenic areas in mountains, gurgling streams, is rich in tourism resources, is an ideal summer resort and tourism. Dayaoshan generations living in the vicinity of the Yao people, the local share Park's unique folk customs and folk, some charm. Has been the development of the main Lianhua Mountain View scenic areas, scenic Hill church, the Laoshan area of primeval forests, scenic Hill Heaven, the Lake herb and the village folk, and so on.

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