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Park is the revival of Shanghai opened the first one of the park. More than 80 years ago, here was a fertile fields, home to hard-working, poor farmers. At that time, there is a name of the Gu family has ten hectares of land in the construction of a small private garden, it is referred to as "taking care of the home garden," This is the revival of the original park Shape. After the Opium War in 1840, Shanghai has divided Britain, France, Japan and other concession. In 1900, the French bought the home garden care and the expansion of the 10 hectares of farmland, as the French troops. July 1, 1908, the then French French public institutions in Shanghai to make their board decided to Gu Garden into a park. Thus began the expansion of land, provision, altar trees, a rockery Lei Qi, the construction of Ting Lang, in July 14, 1909 opening to the outside world, the name of "taking care of home park", also known as the "French Park." After the outbreak of World War II, the French have evacuated Shanghai, in July 1943 Puppet Government to take over the executive power of the French Concession, with the "French Park" was renamed "Tai Hing Park." After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan in 1945, changed its name to "revive the park," there was a total area of 119 acres, facing the opening of the general public. After the liberation, the Government in the new park, the expansion of all types of recreational services Facilities currently a total area of 138 mu. Park for the rejuvenation of the city's only French-style park, the tone for the rules of garden layout, south-west side were graded natural style. In recent years, a large number of new trees, shrubs total of 140, more than 1 strain, towering as much as a plane tree, the proportion of city parks , And horse chestnut, linden tree, Liquidambar, and other valuable trees. Central Park is located in the flower bed blankets, also known as Shen-bed garden, all year round in a variety of different color or colors, the carpet into line with the general pattern of the pattern, it is also known as blanket flower bed. In addition, color with a fountain in which to become renaissance of the park features scenic areas. Park Department of Marx and Engels double statue, is on August 5, 1985 Engels anniversary of the death of 90 completed, the statue 6.4 meters high and weighing more than 70 tons. Transport: Bus 02,17,24,36,42,146,575,780,781,831,864 869,932,933,911,920 Road, Huaihai Road, free sightseeing cars, travel routes 7, 10, the eight-lane tunnel, bridge line, green fields, up to Subway.

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