Zhang Kingdom - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang, which means "Da Pengniao place," Han recorded in the history of the "single" is the Tibetan plateau of the first centers of civilization. According to historical records and archaeological records, zhang in the 10th century BC in the Tibetan Plateau has been rising, and as early as the Tang Dynasty and the establishment of relations between Tibet. 6-7 in the first century AD, zhang been mainly based on animal husbandry, both The industry. Zhang-old civilization have been very high, not only to form their own unique zhang, but also a traditional indigenous religion of Tibet - the birthplace of the Bon religion, then the Tibetan culture in Tibet as a whole have had a profound impact. Zhang dynasty of great prosperity, has had a very strong military force, the Xinjiang Including the Tibetan Plateau and in most parts of Qinghai, Sichuan, as well as the western part of Kashmir and Ladakh. Later, the Tibetan plateau in Tibet gradually rise to the eighth century AD, thoroughly conquered zhang. Since then, the Kingdom of zhang and cultural suddenly disappeared, the text documents, such as the palace ruins Wucongkaozheng today, the suspect left through the ages.

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Ando - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ando is so vast, complex terrain, vast grasslands, many rivers and lakes, glaciers China, the unique climate, there are extremely rich in natural resources, the natural resources of the country's largest virgin land. On the first multi-steppe grasslands of the four northern Tibet is one of the steppe grasslands of northern Tibet area accounts for more than one-half, can make use of grassland 4. 10,000 square kilometers, the main plant is short humilis, small humilis, Kan put on grass, purple needle, such as Sophie, compared with nutrient-rich forage with a high-low. Three are high and one low that high-protein, high fat, nitrogen-free extract high-fiber and low. At the same time, Amdo County, is a natural wild animal kingdom. Animals have raised yak, sheep, goats, horses, and so on, common wild animals are: wild yak, Tibetan wild ass, Tibetan antelope, blue sheep and argali, the Mongolian Gazelle, fox, wolf, lynx, bear grass Leopard, lazy drought, rabbits, and so on. Of which: Tibetan wild ass, Tibetan sheep, wild yak, argali Department of rare species unique to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, there are The economic value and attractive, the country is the protection of animals. Japan pigeons can be divided into the main types of birds, ducks and pheasants types of species, the world-famous Tibetan frozen, black-necked cranes, swans, in Amdo under the jurisdiction of the regular grass prairie north to see. Andover Chinese rivers, lakes, the large number of fish rich. Well-known fault that the territory of the main lake There Schizothorax, the subfamily of fish, because not all the year round fishing, fish the larger units. Tibet has a unique flavor of fish, Rouhoubiaofei less barbed Wei Xian, the fish is in the treasures. Artemia eggs rich in resources and broad prospects for development. Woxian also extremely rich in mineral resources, is the county's three major advantages of At present, the mineral found as many as 30 species of principal for coal, iron, chromium, iron, copper, zinc, antimony, molybdenum, gold, gold-, borax, platinum, silver, rock crystal, jade, gypsum, mica, salt, Such as oil, most of the domestic mineral reserves are the first county, and Lu-high, easy exploitation. Amdo County For tourism and cultural relics, natural scenery, more territory there are 8 ancient temples, most of them built in the nineteenth century, the first day of the Temple built seven centuries; magical source of the Yangtze River Gela Dan East, because of snow, natural ice Crystal Palace into a magnificent appearance, Bing Talin, there are well-known Tanggula, magic Zi Xian-feng State. On the other more unique geographical environment of the Tibetan people's unique customs, traditions and costumes, its natural scenery and unique cultural charm.

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Xainza - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xainza Nature Reserve, located in the vicinity of Nagqu Xainza County, was founded in 1993. This is a bird of paradise. Inhabited by more than 120 kinds of birds there, the scene of spectacular anomaly. There is still the highest in China's largest black-necked cranes of protected areas and breeding. Xainza Qiangtang Nature Reserve is in a flow-intensive area in the southern Great Lakes Wide basin area, a large number of lakes are in the development of Gangdise Shan fault zone at the northern foot of the lake structure; area of 40,000 square kilometers, the region's grid co area of 476 square kilometers in the waters, surface elevation 4650 meters. As a result of southerly location, altitude above sea level slightly lower than the north-central Qiangtang, slightly higher temperatures, a small amount of farmland can be kind of Barley crops; annual rainfall of 300 mm, but the peak the Gangdise by melting snow and glaciers supply, low-salinity water, suitable for aquatic life and waterfowl reproduction and growth, particularly in low-lying lakes in the region widely distributed large Artemisia Such as the composition of the marsh grass meadow beach, together with the Palestinian zangbo Yu, Zhu Yong, such as possession of cloth inside the river, Here's a good development of inland wetland and water ecosystems and the protection of animals at the national level has become an ideal habitat for black-necked cranes, is the 7 black-necked cranes of the existing protected areas in the highest above sea level, are the largest. Xainza natural scenic area is a bird of paradise, life here has more than 120 kinds of birds, Species of birds here in the dancing, the limelight, the unusual scene of spectacular.

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Dangreyongcuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

When Jalan Yong-believers are wrong in the eyes of God Lake. Nyima County, southwest from the first, after about 8 kilometers into the left fork, about 80 kilometers further south, turn over a mountain pass more than 5000 meters, will be able to enter Jalan Yong wrong when the lake basin. Jalan Yong wrong when a deep lake at the bottom of it and when Yong wrong with adjacent. In fact, when poor and wrong is wrong when Jalan Yong in the same basin, the lake is not dead before this is the same lake. This is precisely the wrong name when the history of the poor, the Tibetan language, that is, when the poor little wrong when Jalan Yong wrong meaning. It is said that this lake in the day to transform the three colors. Lake on the east coast is continuous, like a standing screen Chu Shanbi red, which clearly recorded when the lake Jalan Yong wrong time and the decline in history. The water was washed into the lake from the top of the ladder enclosure has been another lap around the lake. When the mistake on its way from the poor about 5 kilometers on the northern Tibet to see the most famous lake of God: Jalan Yong wrong. When Yong wrong for the north-south, like the soles of the big lake, surrounded on three sides by Hill. Only the southern coast of Shandong Darfur fruit with a side of the gap. Total fruit a seven-Feng Shan, dark mountain, the snow cover the top, similar to the shape of neatly arranged in 7 of the pyramid. When it wrong along Jalan Yong-believers as God's holy sites. The lake is a built-Temple Cliff caves, temples, is said to Bon's oldest temples. Jalan Yong wrong when a lake more than 100 households near the small village - Rural Ministry. Most of the villagers and a half semi-agricultural, animal husbandry, in the lake to open a number of fields, planting highland barley, potatoes, cabbage and oilseed rape, and so on. At an altitude of 4,500 meters, has the gall Cultivation of these crops, really amazing. We owe this to the local climate Lakes region.

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Active volcano - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In 1990, the Hoh Xil area formally launched a comprehensive scientific investigation. In order to ensure to find the "active", before we heard the Professor Li Bingyuan, carefully reviewed the relevant information to prepare a detailed topographic map and decided to expand the investigation and pay attention to all the new generation of regional distribution of volcanic rocks in the region's volcanic Structure. In particular, Wu Dan Le ramp is the Hoh Xil Lake area north of the Cenozoic volcanic rocks focus on distribution, but also the focus of our search for active volcano. However, poor natural and geographical conditions, severe hypoxia and high mountain plateau of the changing climate for the active search for the manufacturing operations of the difficulties one after another. July 17 , The team from the Xijir Lake Le ramp to the transfer of Hubei Wu Dan. The trip started smoothly, despite the team in the barren hills and stone in the desert wind forward more slowly, and fortunately almost a whole day without incident. But who would have thought just over the watershed, came to Wu Dan Le inclined upper reaches of the lake when the encounter unexpected trouble. Lake The upper reaches of a few kilometers wide on the beach, scores of large and small, silver-white water flow from west to east over diffuse white sand flows in the Great Lakes. Marked on the map of the route only during the winter season pass, check in advance last year, when the car left no trace of China and India already. Had no choice but to distance, while forward into the roadside, Yingchuang white beach! Is that when walking in the front ranks of the geological team of four vehicles a settlement can not move to live, we only have gained a better understanding of the terrible white beach! Here, only white sand and water, turn a wheel, water and sand left leave vehicles to use the opportunity to subsidence, Sanxialiangxia, the whole car sitting on the sand. We also dug out a stuck car Toss nearly 3 hours away from the other side there are about 500 meters, then everyone has the exhausted. On the other side is planned to camp, watching the sun Xi Chen, silver and shiny white beach darken gradually turn yellow, we can only wait for reinforcements unable to do anything. Fortunately, behind the line of vehicles to change from the more The local touched the white sandy beaches. When we see pulling the baggage tent card on the beach drove a white, North Korea is moving forward at camp, feel relieved off; in the past has been to see the inspection vehicles have been several break off our head, warm heart is more . 14 Zhuanghan in front of the rope and Latin America, few people even in the back To bring up, we put together, to simply make a white car on the beach! It seems that only by white sand test before they can set foot on the road to look for active volcano. Wu Dan Le ramp near the lake was a lot of volcanic rock. In the double-headed mountains, volcanic rock layer side was isolated mountain, like Eagle's Nest, like to wear in the mountains The hat, but found no signs of volcanic activity. Black hump in the area of volcanic rock was like being distributed in the lava at the top of the layer also see dozens of square meters of a hill near circular, red-like pore trachyandesite and volcanic residue composition, to highlight the ground ten meters, is A small lava fumaroles. The first is a direct blame The isolated hill several hundred meters. The roots of the hills to see the motley volcanic breccia - rock-and-Hill Construction lava flows have developed, mainly at the top of the massive black lava. Central Peak in a nearly circular low-lying land, filling in the middle of the crystallization of a better porphyrite Ansan, more than 10 meters wide outside the rock as a result of baking to become red, brown Black color, and so on. All of the evidence that the blame is the head of a small ancient crater, but we look forward to is not found in "active volcano." Looking for work to continue east into the Hoh Xil mountain, Malan Xuefeng Mountain and five in the vicinity. Although the number of days to find as a result of only seeing the ancient volcanic lava and rocks floating mottled, Seoul to see only a small amount of dark brown volcanic residue and more or less reduced the active volcano, we found that the warm, but the floods in southern bank of the investigation and we are excited to make up. Aug. 6, when we came to the region of Qinghai Geological Survey team has three units as a resident of a small hillside, we found there was a Volcanic body. At first glance, seen on the hillside of gray and development not only has the flow of lava-like pore structure, but there are some gray Huang stomatal development of a floating rock from the basic characteristics of the rock can be found they are a product of the late volcanic eruption. Here not only to add more features in the landscape as the remaining half of the crater Geographical location and its relatively close to the latitude and longitude of the foreign reports, we would very much hope that this is the dream of "active volcano" Yes. However, after careful investigation, we are once again disappointed. This "break" a small crater with a diameter of only ten meters, around and no evidence of any reservation in the near future Made of volcanic material, and this has obviously gone through a long period of weathering erosion, rocks, including those floating rock alteration has taken place, which is not more than a decade ago before the formation of the volcanic eruption. Although we very much hope that through our own work found that the youngest of the "active", although They also are willing to continue to look for it, but this time we have to make this conclusion: the Hoh Xil in 1973 there have been no volcanic eruption activity. First of all, we did not find any new product of volcanic activity, regardless of the landscape or volcanic eruption, such as the product does not exist; Second, the volcano is no ground for The traces, not only did not see a temperature anomaly, the formation of snow on top of the ice cap, small glaciers do not melt or reduced; Third, in 1971-1974 over the past few years, aerial photographs of the area being plotted on the ground Work has been published in terms of the use of topographical maps on or about the year reported Where no record of volcanic activity. Finally, we made a bold assumption: Feng Fei Quan of the new group has been mistaken for a volcanic eruption? East Lake is located in the sun, about 15 kilometers north latitude 35 � 38.0 'N 92 � 52.5' new Feng Fei Quan group exposed at an altitude of 5,000 m The right front, with an area of nearly 3,000 square kilometers, more than 100 Stephen hole around the clock to run steam jet, Yier Bai meters up to the formation of the smoke. According to our investigation and analysis, the group rarely seen quan Feiquan China, and in 1972 of plotting topographic maps on which there is not a tag that is typical of the landscape Point, it may be inferred Feiquan groups in recent decades and appears to form. If the correct inference, taking into account the early 1970s satellite positioning technology could limit or calculation errors are most likely to Feiquan column of steam jet mistakenly believe that when the formation of the volcanic eruption of smoke. In that case, Hoh Xil to find the "active" should come to an end the work.

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Galindo Rock Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Nagqu down the hill in the vicinity of the many ancient rock paintings of the left, particularly in the Galindo shan of the most well-known rock paintings. With the season and time changes, many of the stones will be shown a different picture. Here are a few hundred square meters of hot springs, year-round heat evaporation chain and the scattered high and low spring water, gurgle or heat treatment Public Works and inflammation of the skin good heaven-sent.

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Grassland eight tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Qinghai-Tibet Highway when hung to about one-third of the Nagqu section side of the road on the vast prairie of the group Wu Li grassland so that the tower also brought a little color tragic mystery. The tower reported that eight years ago with Prairie King had Lvbing gallop in this campaign, Walking Tall, his King, a brave general who died here on Harper For Harper's recognition of meritorious service, King Tower will be built eight of them buried in Harper. Today on the 15th of the month of the Tibetan calendar, on the 30th, the herdsmen of the grasslands have a few dozen kilometers from the outside to worship as I wish memory of the hero, a hero to pray bless his memory of good luck. Some passing car here Religious people time to get off to worship, the car dropped onto the ground from a large number of horses in China and India have evildoer groups Benz pattern paper, this can also be said to drive away disaster shelter, safe bless this life.

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Hill nyainqentanglha - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At 100 km north of Lhasa, the standing world-famous Qing Nian Tang La Snowy Mountains, along the North is the Nam Co, the highest peak 7117 meters above sea level, year-round snowy, wind around the clouds, thunder and lightning Cross, mysteriously, Tou Chan Kam-like forging, clad in armor of God Ying-wu, high standing in the snow-capped mountains, grassland and re - Above the canyon.

In the ancient myth of Tibet, Bon in Tibetan Buddhism or the Pantheon, in the local shepherds and hunters, and the folk legend, nyainqentanglha Hill and Nam Co is not only the most high-profile Tibetan Kamiyama St. Lake, and is dependent lover of life and death and his wife, read Tanggula satisfied as a result of Wood Lake and set off even more handsome and tall and straight, because the Nam Co Lake nyainqentanglha Hill reflected more beautiful and moving, attracting tens of thousands of believers, pilgrims, tourists come to pay homage to visual impact, to become the world Roof of the largest religious sites and tourist attractions.

Nyainqentanglha days we have seen the mountains are wrapped in a snow-Xiong Feng, local folklore, there are a mysterious Crystal Palace, Gong Men on the set with a variety of precious stones, dazzling, at the end of Palace is a sea of mannose, Wind around a central glorious rainbow fog, long white-top palace, jewel-like when the rain stopped when the ups and downs, colorful fresh It's in full bloom in four weeks. Gaogaodidi the Xuefeng, such as Crystal Tower and the contrast surrounding the rise amid the sacred in the sun like a Lotus mats of the high mountains, the legislation of a swan-like gods horse, all kinds of precious stones embedded in Wah Kwai side of the saddle, King Kong has played a big flame of God, Baizhe color, with a smile, eyes sparkling three-fat , A long white silk wrapped around his top bun. Holding high his right hand decorated with golden Wugu Tengbian pestle, left hand holding a crystal beads, clad in white, red, blue satin cloak, to treasure for all kinds of decoration, looks young and handsome and dignified.

  Shan Qing Nian Tang La religion in Tibet is well-known law of God, Grassland in the northern mountain gods, the main god, and teach all Buddhists worship the mountain, the view that this is the Hill repair all of holding out Zhengguo's quiet self-cultivation and gather Department.

  In the ancient myth of Tibet, Bon in Tibetan Buddhism or the Pantheon, in the local shepherds and hunters of folk songs and legends, study Tanggula Mountains in Tibet and the Nam Co is not only the most high-profile Shenghu Kamiyama, and life and death is dependent lover and his wife, nyainqentanglha satisfied as a result of Hill-Lake and set off even more handsome and tall and straight, Nam Co Lake read as Green Tanggula reflected on the more beautiful and moving, attracting tens of thousands of believers, pilgrims, the journey Those who come to worship visual impact, becoming the roof of the world's largest religious sites and tourist attractions.

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For example, the wall skeleton and burial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

It shocked the world the skeleton wall, a solemn Tianzang Tai, the flight circled Yingjiu, unparalleled anywhere in the world face Tianzang Chang, a mysterious world, attracting numerous or coming out onto the Tibetan plateau.
However, in Tibet there are no skeletons in the end walls, and even many of the old Tibet, has only been heard and, There are several coming closer. Well-known Tibetan writer Ma Lihua in the "northern Tibet travel," a book of Tibet say with certainty that there is wall skeleton, in the northern Tibet, "many cards will become the sole preserve Tibet Tian Zangtai of the skull."

Search for burial and Tian Zangtai
A deep knowledge of Tibetan Studies Said to me: go and see the skeleton wall, which was supposed to end human. For example, to see if later in the county worked to shoot Mr. Cao Changjin a group of photos, I will never find the courage wall skeleton of northern Tibet.
From the seat of the Nagqu prefecture north of the city to the southeast of the town about 300 km away, that is, for example, county For example, the "mother of yak angle", was a legend here, "the mother yak tribal" settlers. Bodhidharma many card Tianzang Tai Temple is located on the western suburbs such as the county seat, the skeleton is also the location of the wall.
Burial is the most acceptable to the Tibetan people, Tibetan is the most common kind of Zangsu. Based on the ancient Tibetan Inferred sites, burial may have originated in the 7th century AD, some scholars believe that this form of burial by Kunga been cited by the creation. Straight Year in 1179 Goumba Ren Qinbei in Maizhokunggar County Zhi Gong place for the construction of the Zhi Gong Temple, and then to implement and improve the system of burial.

On the burial, that of Tibetan Buddhism, lit mulberry smoke is covered with colorful road and air are kindly invited to visit the mother Tianzang Tai, as the body offerings, presented the gods, pray for the dead to ransom during the lifetime of sins, the gods bring their soul To heaven. Tianzang Tai Sang smoke on the lead Yingjiu, in addition to eating the body, do not hurt any animals, Tibetan The "superbird scs." It is said that such a burial is to follow Buddha, "a tiger to die", Tibet is still so popular burial.
More card burial hospital in the middle, there is a size of about 4 square meters, paving stone from the body buried pool, a pool on the north side there are 60 cm high rectangular stones Is the burial of the body when parking. Burial in the hospital outside the South, erected around a 10-meter-high flagpole Jingfan, above a skull bone sculpture, hanging at the top of many faded Jingfan.
To send more cards to the dead Tianzang Tai, the body curled up, head to knee flexion, into a sitting position so that, with white Parcels were selected by the auspicious days back body will be sent to the body of Tian Zangtai, lit mulberry smoke caused Yingjiu, a further autopsy. Yingjiu because like meat, bones do not like to eat, the burial procedures on the use of flashback law, the first bone-feeding.

Skeleton of spirits intake wall
Tian Zangtai the whole house About more than 4000 square meters, about one four-week high walls, the wall in the West and repair the walls of a wooden stand, about four or five cells, each cell with all neatly arranged in a personal skull to form a long two-faced Skeleton wall, a skeleton skull of authority, people are sacred and deterrence sincerely amazing. It was then that I found out , The skeleton wall is a product of the burial.
In Tibet, all of the body after death Yingjiu Hey, do not stay, but the northern Tibet Dharma County, for example, a lot of cards Tianzang Tai Temple, to retain many of the deceased's skull, one of the world must move. Sub-text in his "World Tibet," wrote: up to the original wood (real One place. As Kim, the authors used different Chinese characters - Editor) Tianzang Tai is the skeleton walls on three sides, one high, as heavy rain later in a note the day, Cho-shui from rolling down a hill, down the wall of the Tian Zangtai. Now the two sides of the wall skeleton, with the rest of the skeleton in the last few decades slowly from Leiqi . Now the remaining two walls, only half of the original high.

Tian Zangtai yard of the west and south have a two door, Simon is out of the living, carrying the bodies of the south gate is the entrance to the north is a cottage, for chanting prayers for the deceased's Zhongseng use, also house a variety of worship Buddha And the scriptures. Go East and west sides of the plastic has a pagoda.
In many Tianzang Tai card with a secret garden - it is empty courtyard below, much like winter in northern China's food storage pits. Here all four sides and bottom of the base is built with stones from inside a plastic Buddha, a book store, religious and supplies offerings. The interest here is extremely low winter temperatures sometimes reached minus 37 degrees below. However, regardless of ice elsewhere in the body is much more solid, more in the cards as long as the pond's burial place overnight, the second day of Fed fully thawed, and to engage in normal burial, in which no one can say the reason is not clear. The mystery due to the existence of Make more far-card Tian Zangtai reputation. Many died in the vicinity of the county, have carried the dead to the burial here.

Jiang's one of the three separate human skull base of the wall Tian Zangtai
Tian Zangshi cards from many of the population that the whole of Tibet in the past had reservations about the skull of the deceased were three temples In addition to a lot of Dharma card Tianzang Tai Temple, there are on the opposite Dan Tianzang Tai Temple and the lack of near-generation Tianzang Tai Temple. As the three are Tianzang Tai County, for example, but also the reputation such as earthquake. Unfortunately, natural disasters or accidents, so that within three Tianzang Tai destroyed most of the skull. Until the early 80's, even if the government drop The religious policy, but on behalf of the lack of Tianzang Tai Temple is no longer continue to retain the skull of the deceased. Dan Temple of the original reservation on the part of the skull of the deceased, the "Cultural Revolution" during part of the local people who have been secretly buried underground, so far there is still a part of the skeleton preserved wall, but the size of the card more than Tianzang Tai skeleton of the great wall As a result of Dan Temple on Temple Dharma and only a Nujiang River is separated, on the north shore of Dan-Temple, the Temple on the south bank of Dharma, plus two Tianzang Tai Temple by management Tianzang Shi, a respected, usually by boat can hide from The two sides.
Well, here's why Tianzang Tai skull of the deceased to retain it? At present, many say But there are two types of the view that, as early as 80 years ago in a village in Qinghai have a little boy, he was 8 years old that year witnessed the killing 3 people, scared that he went to go such as County V Dabney Living Buddha in front. Dabney Living Buddha Dharma Temple office for his burial Tianzang Shi homes. As a result, he has all the dead Remove the corpses lost in the southeast corner of the burial house, until the skeleton has become, and then they picked up a code of good. His burial from the northeast corner of the house began to place the order, his 50-year-old Death, basically to place on the southwest corner. He was said to do so, because they are afraid that the killer into the death of burial Chinese Wu. Another, to retain the death of the Dalai Lama XIII, for example, by the County Rural lack Shannon song playing on behalf of the Temple Living & P Danba Wu Chu (also known as Ma-white white bar) set by the regulation temple the specific motive is not clear so far . Sub-text in the book: "Tian Zangshi Ngawang Tenzin, said: 'skull to stay, piled wall, is that the Commandment alive, more good deeds, Sunian rare, no matter who died Buguoruci. ' "

All will carry on, now more cards Tianzang Tai Temple Dharma artists have been named as the "skeleton of the pyramid," archaeologist aware of this anthropological research will be of great significance; is a writer It inscrutable philosophy and the legendary shock and infection. I just looked into a lot of cards, Tibetan Buddhism's profound philosophy did not dare to make improper comment, but one thing is very inspiring to me: Although today's burial in the eyes of the world is a strange Zangsu, but Tibetans through Burial will be the relationship between man and nature-up , As the local people's way of life unique to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the unique natural environment to adapt, burial is also a natural in Tibetans and coordinated development of a unique way to survive.

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Fruit up to snow-capped mountains - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nyima County of fruit up snow-capped mountains, is an ancient legend zhang gathering of the gods, is to zhang 360 peaks of the main vein, reaching under the snow-capped mountains of fruit when it is Jalan Yong Yong of the three major Tibetan One of the lake, was as Kamiyama Sheng Hu. Attached to this lake called Lake cents Givenchy Muqie out the wrong door, she is 180 rivers, 80 cents main lake, which Wang blue in the Great Lakes, like King Kong a pestle, on the next round in fine minister, surrounded by mountains, clear streams into the lake, there are four pools of four-chuen, the pilgrims Stephen pilgrims bathing in the will, can be said to wash away sin and disease. When the eastern side of Jalan Joan is an ancient legend in the National zhang-country The site of the Royal Palace, Ming Zhou is also a cultivation of Tammy too Sau's master cells, or possession of the North were unearthed by V, there are many rocks in the letters traces of natural and prints, palm-prints, and so on. When the fruit and Jalan tat but they are all words zhang, up in the caves and when the fruit Jalan lake, there are a number of odd-born, such as the mysterious caves, natural stone, and so on gongs, North pastoral letter its very true magic, often, "the top post at the end of Sri Lanka and Ma Yong next to the lake, up to the middle of the fruit when the snow-capped mountains and Jalan Yong Lake, the read lower part of the Green Mountains and the Nam Co Tangla" disproportionate, side by side in Tibet Sheng Hu's three famous mountain, come here every year to switch to Hill Lake pilgrims flocked to his followers.

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Nagqu Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nagqu area is located in the northern part of Tibet Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and northern junction of Qamdo area to the east, south and Lhasa, Nyingchi, Xigaze City in the three places, Ali connected with the West. Area under the jurisdiction of the Nagqu Prefecture, Amdo, Nierong, for example, Jiali, Green Bus, cable County, Bangor, Xainza, such as Nima 1 Counties, 1 pair of Lake Special Administrative Region, as of the end of 1995, the region-wide population of 330,286, of whom 326,920 Tibetan people, accounting for 98.98 percent of the total population, and Han 3258, 108 people of other ethnic groups. Nagqu in Tibetan means "Heihe"; the entire region in the Tanggula That in Gangdise Range Mountains and the embrace of the mountains, snow-capped mountains to the west of Darfur fruit, snow-capped mountains to the east of Phuket, the resemblance ends Meng Shi, a guardian of this invaluable piece of land. This total area of more than 40 million square kilometers of land is often said that the Qiangtang.

  West was the high terrain of the entire low-East tilt West, Zhongping, low-East, an average of more than 4,500 meters above sea level. Midwest vast flat terrain, hills basin, spread all over the lake, river during the vertical and horizontal. An eastern valley area, multi-mountain valley, northern Tibet is the only crop-producing areas and a small amount of forest resources, grassland and shrubs, and its altitude in the 500-4500 meters, a good climate in the Midwest.

  Nagqu area is a sub-frigid zone climate zones, hypoxia in cold, dry climate, weather, high winds, the average annual temperature of -0.9 ? to -3.3 ?, in 48-51% relative humidity, annual precipitation 380 mm, 2852.6-2881.7 hours of sunshine for hours as a whole is absolutely no frost-free period. Each of the 11 months to March the following year, the drought is the windy, dry weather during this period, the lower the temperature, wind hypoxia, and long duration, May to September is relatively warm, is the golden season of grassland, During this period Designate a moderate wind weekdays Li, rainfall throughout the year accounted for 80% of green plants growing throughout the year about one hundred days or so, all focused on this season, this time a green grassland, all things Mao-sheng, who Huan Wang livestock.

  The location of the town of Nagqu Prefecture Administrative Office of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway is the only way, Tibet's opening to the outside world as a tourist attraction, each year in August (the Tibetan calendar in June) organized by the Jockey Club is a section of northern Tibet grassland event, then, the tourist visitors, all of the herders, local vendors gathered here, and so on. Tourists can enjoy the natural scenery of northern Tibet grassland, festive atmosphere and ethnic customs, but also Senate Tour Deng Xiao-Ming Si Temple in northern Tibet. Nagqu in the territory of the region, Qiangtang vast grasslands of northern Tibet and mysterious no-man's land, the tourists will be impressed, especially the endless no-man's land, the habitat of wild yak, Tibetan Antelope, wild donkey and many other The protection of animals at the national level, to this magical land has added more One color.

  Jae Nam Co Lake is located in northern Tibet, Lhasa City and hung when the Nagqu area Baingoin County, every year many tourists come to the lake and his followers. The town of Nagqu in Tibet have been listed as one of the tourist areas and opening up. August each year is the golden season of northern Tibet, the annual horse racing festival in Held mass tourism, industry vendors and guests have gathered from visitors. Summer of Nagqu grassland is from a blue sky, white clouds, rainbow, sheep and green brocade weaving on the painting, tourists will be here to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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10 minutes wrong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chung measures: measures that get 10 minutes Lake Toba, located in the township measures fruit measures high, 15 km east of NATO, is Basongco measures on the lake. Qing Fu breeze rippling blue waves, clear lake bottom, the three sides Hill; tree halfway up the sea, structured; Peak vast snow, the pleasant scenery. Maima times Basongco Lake wetland is one of the sources of life, this legend King was once the archery range. The rare black-necked cranes will be here from October until March next year.

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Eco-Village, the public garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nyingchi from the State Road 318 along two kilometers, there is a street of well-known Tibetan village - the village of the public, it is the first Tibetan to achieve every village with telephone calls. "Public" is the Tibetan language, meaning "rich fruits" or "Grape Harvest" was probably as a result of the village's prosperous mountain of wild fruit trees and high-yield and 000. The public into a village, the villagers will blow against our faces is the protection of the natural ecology and the idea of a good ecological environment. Public hillside village, the spring flows through the village in detail Niger River, the nourishment of a variety of wild fruit trees fill the fields. The Millennium walnut, Tao Liu centuries, the ancient mulberry ancient poplar no name, as well as a variety of There are as many as dozens of wood. Where more than 100 kinds of trees, exotic tree trunks, root section exposed film into a forest, the canopy shading, shows thousands of years Tibetan villagers live in harmony with nature and the simple and natural ecological protection concepts, but also shows simple folk here in Ren Jie Ling . At present, the village of the public have to be 100 years old as a whole Conservation, or stones, Mucha-block fence, the proper protection, opening to the outside world become a tourist attraction. Public included in the protection of the eco-village gardens and ancient folk culture landscape trees are more than 20, have a very elegant name: "Mani auspicious" (mountain spring water to turn up the tube by Mani), "Liu Lang Maqi" ( Liu Q Hebao Three Tree alliance), "Water Mill Banbi" (Zanba mill water mill and its anatomical structure), "ancient Buddha" (about the stone during the Tibetan Buddhist mantra on the sixth and stone scriptures), "Walnut Masterpiece "(King of the Millennium walnut trees) and so on. Moran was quietly making thousands of wild trees, with text The content and inspiring area of natural gas. Nyingchi has long been known as Tibet Plateau and the Museum of natural plant gene bank's reputation as a green, natural environment in its original state, is the development of eco-tourism wealth of resources. Public village neighboring countries, which are easily accessible, the Tibetan people in a wide range of modern communication and information links in the concept of a great change Old trees in the mountains to explore the use of tourism resources development, to help the Government planning, adequate support and develop into a unique eco-tourism village, the villagers living has improved rapidly. In the tourism industry, led by the village clean, civilized environment and ecology in the development and utilization of further protection, might well be described; a long time immemorial, Wang Fun soil, ecological diversity, species richness, man and nature in harmony.

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Steiner to help village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Wang cypress trees out of nuclear cypress trees Wang Bu Qiong Wang in the village, where Cooper has a forest area of about 10 hectares. The average of these cypress tree 44 meters high, 1.58 meters diameter at breast height. The largest tree known as "China's most Cupressaceae" height of 52 m, 5.8 m diameter at breast height, and since 2600 has been for many years Age, said Wang cypress in the world. Sim is a legend Bon Kaishanzushi meters around the tree of life and living. Wang Gang in Mulberry satisfied next to the village, and 7.4 m height, diameter at breast height 4 meters, over 1,600 years old. Climb trees, flowering is not only a result, people have been known as the tree-hung. Every time it rains before it leaves no To water for local people "Weather." Legend long time ago, and Niyang Brahmaputra flood at the same time, satisfied to help flooded villages, there are more than a dozen people climbing up trees to avoid death, Wang Fang, Wang Mulberry therefore referred to as "life-saving trees." Wang walnut tree in the village next to the village Miriam Tree 35 meters high, 4.5 meters high tree, trunk diameter of 2.66 meters, the crown to cover an area of 15 acres, walnut trees can be said Wang. It has more than 800 years old.

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If the cloth hot groove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Such as cloth crevicular Spa group, in the Nyingchi Prefecture group of well-known hot springs, not only distribution, and characteristics. The group springs from the work cloth mother up to Po River Township at about 8 kilometers, vehicle barrier, Wan Yan tortuous mountain road, riding about 1 hour or so to arrive. I Stephen steaming hot, mist-filled, magical scenery and charming; spring water temperature 40-50 degrees Celsius, containing a variety of trace elements, to the treatment of many diseases.
If the cloth is a hot springs seeping from the rocks, rugged rock, into a natural interest. One big Wankou spring, next to the Four Seasons evergreen trees and plants, Baiwu around. As the spring and underground water the same river, listening to the side Fuer Voice of Turpan-Hami. It is also known as "Tingquan hole." If the location of minimum cloth-chuen, people often come to bathe in the middle of the Lama is a hot bed side as large rectangular pool-chuen, to allow two to three bath, Chi-chuen, clear bottom, the depth of about 1 meter in this natural bath Outside, there is a huge sheet for the screen, the screen I just stay Wide people, for people in and out of the shower; on to Stephen Stephen nun, were stacked like Taiwan, Shitai water, mist hung over the middle and lower levels along a flat surface, a basin of water for the magical effect, the nuns often in the drinking water Tam Or purification bath. It is referred to as "hot nun." Hot groups around the dense forest, such as Cooper set Long Yao-sheng, gully-set Large sets of small holes, turbulent water streams, luxuriant forest in the distance, the towering Xuefeng.

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Niyang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Niyang is located on the north side of the largest tributary of the Brahmaputra and the Brahmaputra valley in one of the five major tributaries. It originated in the west side of the fault Mira la Mu Liang, from West to East, in Nyingchi County, who is in the vicinity into the Brahmaputra, the total length of 307.5 km, between 2273 meters, with an average gradient of 7. 9%. The source for its role in the ancient glaciers Wai Valley, about 5,000 meters above sea level. Niyang flow of 538 cubic meters per second the average annual runoff 22,000,000,000 cubic meters, the water reserves of up to 2,080,000 kilowatts. Niyang Kamiyama is a legend in the outflow of tears of sorrow. The River Forest-sik Well, water-ching, with less sand, is the work of the people of the cloth "mother river."

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Po mother ditch area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Po mother ditch work in cloth River County, about 50 km north-west, on the north side of Niyang is a tributary, from the upper reaches of its groove back, plus Xing groove, such as cloth crevicular ditch the convergence of three. From the cloth back Niang Po Heung such as the Gap, in the first trench with a karst cave, at an altitude of 4200 meters or so, a total of 3 Hot Springs, on the "hot nun" In "hot Lama," for "hot springs, such as cloth," natural bath and body temperature right. There are many hot springs in the vicinity of Gusong Cooper, caves and streams come together to form a picturesque Symphony. Po Heung mother in the northwest of sit-ditch Qi rocks, a foot of the mountain was built in the period of the fifth Dalai Lama Temple halodendron (that is, Rock Temple). Monastery is the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism (Yellow Sect), a natural cave at the top of the temple, decorated with statues have Sacred Rock, inside the cave, there are holes, and a bridge. Temple halodendron the bottom of a karst Geyser, spewing six times a day, all year round is not dead Ice-free. Following is a temple of the river valley shrub, After the branches of deciduous quarter Jie Liang Yu-hong, the formation of ten long, "Hongxia ditch," the river channel in the gravel, half water, spreading like a pearl, was vividly called the "Pearl Beach", the unique landscape, Beautiful.

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Jiang Palongcangbu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tibet Palongcangbu Grand Canyon can be found in the world's third-gelora turbulent Bay of Tibet, Lhasa, Xinhua Canyon Palongcangbu April 25 (Reporter more poor Hua Qiu Li), Chinese scientists here for the first time revealed to our reporter: Through years of study and scientific proof that Tibet is a canyon Palongcangbu World Level of the Grand Canyon, which is equivalent to an average depth of 1.67 overlap of the Grand Canyon should be ranked third in the world. By the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Zhang Wenjing and researcher at the Institute of Geography Yang domain is about to be completed and published a scientific paper Said on the depth, at least Palongcangbu row at the territory of the Kingdom of Nepal Karibian gandak Grand Canyon (4403 meters deep), and ranked third in the world. It deep in Peru's Colca Canyon (3200 meters deep) and the United States Grand Canyon (2133 meters deep). Tibetan Prefecture in the eastern county of Palongcangbu, mainly from the convergence of two tributaries of the second, the last in the door in the village and the River Zhaqu among the world into the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Grand Canyon. The basin is China one of the three original forest area, forest areas in southeast Tibet is an important distribution area, is also China's largest monsoon maritime glacier District cloth. Zhang Wenjing in an interview with reporters, said that the Pa-long canyon zangbo many steep sections of vertical rock, almost 90 degrees, but no matter the source or the main branch Gap Gap, the patterns are very integrity of the canyon. According to reports, including the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, the world's greatest depth of the Grand Canyon Methods are used in the confrontation between the two sides of the highest mountain above sea level on average, with the same profile after the elevation of Jiang's face as the difference between the maximum depth of the canyon. The two scientists using the same method proved to Palongcangbu Grand Canyon downstream section of cross-strait gala white base peak (7234 m above sea level) and mountain Zhaqu 5307 meters) as a cross-section Jiang, Palongcangbu in the upper and middle section of the Yigong Lake exports, as well as the ancient glaciers rural mud-rock flow blocked the export Lake, the river made a three-section, reached its depth of 4001 meters , 3397 meters and 3271 meters. Wu Yi Gong from the export-date source Palongcangbu Grand Canyon 50 km long, if the rural ancient glacier lake mud-rock flow blocked the export date, Palongcangbu Grand Canyon is 76 km long. "China will soon be as large national Shangri-La ecological parks an important part of the valley in Tibet Palongcangbu distribution of world-class features, its ecological, Maung and tourism resources system construction and development prospects are limitless, "said Zhang Wenjing, told reporters. Palongcangbu Canyon river basin stack the distribution of rice glaciers, Ran Wuhu, in eastern Tibet Yigong Lake, and other well-known scenic spots. Chou Yang today by reporters He said that as the landscape Palongcangbu sense of the complex patterns Grand Canyon-class community, both in the natural environment, resource allocation, development and utilization of such areas are of great significance, and it Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon as a complete system of regional natural and geographical considerations, any more of the world's Canyon Are irreplaceable.

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Southern groove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nyingchi not far from Millington, a beautiful place called Southern ditch. His Millington from the county seat, about 20 kilometers, is a national Luoba village. Southern into the ditch on the way is difficult to take, because once used to The transport timber. After about an hour's journey came at a primeval forest surrounding the village Luoba original. Surrounded by Hill, the wind around the clouds.'s Peach Blossom Spring mountain is covered with rhododendron, the mountain is covered with autumn leaves. Luoba Xiexie a village located on the slopes, construction of entire villages are built of wood. Luoba villagers came to our home. Lower housing Short, have to go in bending. Doggery howl. Huotang a house in, Huotang bed around them, Less than a ray of furniture can be said to be Jiatusibi. Huotang hanging on beef or mutton and sheep products such as these, the smoke was too dark. Luoba were very warm and honest, we have to Xiangzhua chickens, but chickens are very smart , And also how grasp, the catapult to play, to no avail. I think the growth in the sum of the original The chicken should taste different from the plateau it. But ultimately failed to a full palate, urge sympathy. Lhoba very strange, tall men, women low, but the face and Han, Tibetan is different. Similar to the Tibetan language, heard of their own Text, I can not see. Luoba people around the house, there are peach trees, vegetable garden Pigs and cattle and sheep are on the slopes, so the pigs mouth long, I heard that the taste is very delicious. From the Southern groove and then walking 30 km, on the border to India, would like to have a chance to look at.

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Kamiyama-day - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kamiyama-day Nyingchi County resident at the south-east of Cape together, on the north side of the Brahmaputra. Kamiyama on benzene was attractive because of a story. Daya Master Padmasambhava Legend of the River and Niyang Interchange, the wind trying to mobilize the villages along the river and trees swept away, the Arab-Israeli panic among the poor manner in which huge Crimping Trees not only this, now that the trees with all the distortion, that's a battle of wits Suozhi.

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Han Fei dresser - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long the domain up to the village by a huge Qingshi Taiwan, "Jia Sa," which means "Han Fei." Han Fei and that Princess Wencheng Princess Jincheng, the village on their many legends. Both legends have been framed in the small presence here after three years of marriage and the PO. Qingshi Princess is the largest piece of dressing.

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Rin chen temple collapse - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rin chen collapse County is the largest temple of the monastery, located in the South County village of Mara is in the mountains. Jiansi time the door was Pakistani Dongqian shortly after 8 generations ago. Reported by the Living Buddha of the temple Gan Gan cloth fabric of the building, originally a 12 north-south and east-west wall of stone and wood four-door three-tier structure of the building with more than gold-plated copper statue of Buddha. 950 was destroyed by an earthquake, after the rehabilitation of two things for the building.

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Day-Hill and Cliff Figures sculpture - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cliff Hill on benzene and statues carved in Tibet is very well-known monuments. Nyingchi Prefecture is located in Canton Township for a long time by up to the village of Southwest Long Domain about 300 meters, the Brahmaputra Pro. According to textual research in 1200 has been the history of the song is used to record red cloth praise local leaders and workers will be good for the AU.

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Paga Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At Daxian Works of Jiang cloth mother Po Heung, 5,000 meters above sea level. Ganden Monastery under the jurisdiction of origin, there are two dedicated to legendary Temple, Ganden Monastery to place one of the first red bus passengers were Pakistani master of shoes, such as clothing and headgear. Paga Temple was built in the 5th Dalai Lama during a Yellow Sect. Chinese Buddhist Temple for more than 1,000 large and small statue, about 100 monks. Si Hou Kamiyama Paga in the areas Burkina work very well-known, like Zheng Zuoshan Duojipamu goddess, in particular the Office of the mountain goddess belly-Duojipamu Department is true, God-called. The opening two holes Mani Dui, relatively deep hole, with holes big hole and sets up an extension, there is a window to the top hole, the inside walls carved with designs and Of the text, there are chains for tourists climbing trip. On the navel hole was considered to be the Duojipamu mouth. There is a hole below the navel and Geyser water tunnel, one of which was known as the local people to hole urination Duojipamu, Geyser dry seasons are not inexhaustible, every four hours a spray of water, the very day of six-time. This Stephen "Shenquan Paga," water is said to have always had an eagle from the hole on the fly out, Stephen is back to the rest. Following the three-dong rely on the water by turning the wheel. Paga temple on the hillside below a Tianzang Tai, quite well known. Another temple legends Paga, there are three areas in a blue, green, white and sisters of the lake, covering an area of 100 , 50 acres and 3 acres.

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Lama temple cloth for a long time - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lama temple is a long cloth Red, Nyingchi Prefecture is the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist sites. The whole temple in the shape of a positive 1.40, a total of 20 outside the ground floor roof angle, the second to the third floor eaves to 1.80, more than the permitted 20 meters, diameter of 10 meters on the Golden Summit follow-up, the pyramid was, surrounded by walls at Prynne four red and green colors Lama temple has a well-known master Padmasambhava Jian stone ruins, exquisite murals inside also can be a never eastern Tibet.

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Nyingchi giant Berlin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long County, to Millington Niyang along the middle and lower reaches of the river valley, often scattered distribution of cypress, the pyramid crown of the tree is very tall and straight, as well as eye-catching, which is unique to Tibet's old trees - Giant Park (also known as Brahmaputra cypress) . Nyingchi County Rural curry favor with the territory of the Nature Park giant trees are very focused, better growth, is Complete film giant pure Parker.

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Khan secret falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The more it flew through the clouds fog, Pentium Mountain by Fei Xie, fell quiet in the deep river. Multi-layer at the top of the falls from the clouds high into the Xuefeng and in Zhixie, Mungo among the misty water, "the rumbling sound of water" in the roar of the whole valley. The second layer urgent water falls, wide waterfall, from a height of the tree leaves out slowly, and then urgently And the next. The lower Xiechong to a boulder, diarrhea and twists and turns until the multi-hung River, forming a pit. As the gap between large multi-storey waterfall, according to a sunny, edge waterfall article reflected a rainbow of colors, the scenery on both sides of the valley will be a very beautiful dress.

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Chayu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chayu located in the mountains and cross the Himalayas lot of transition, the territory of mountains and peaks, deep valleys, well-known Meili Snow Mountain is located on the territory of Chayu, very many visitors each year.

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Michael Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Michael Tong is a pleasant climate, only more than 1800 meters above sea level, the canyon is a lot, often abundant rain on both sides of the valley of rocks destroyed, the wheat in the first 10-km Sichuan-Tibet line is Pa Long known for its natural barrier. "Palong vehicle, not allowed to look at risk Service," this is only 10 km long Pa Long Valley Road, which would take away 3 More than an hour to come through. Palongcangbu River from the wheat-flow, and it is the Yarlung Zangbo intersection of the famous horseshoe-shaped Daguai Wan Hu Ding's Office.

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Wrong Lake High - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the wrong high in the Tibetan language means that the green water, also known as "Basongco wrong", is well-known Red Lake God. About 12 km, the depth of more than 60 meters with a total area of 6,000 mu. Lake Tashi heart of the island Palestinian workers were at fault Temple, built in the Tang Dynasty, the island has become the rock carvings are unique animals, as well as the image of Buddha. Temple structure for civil cases, up and down two floors, Jampa worship the Buddha, and Avalokitesvara Jintongyunv. Palestinian workers were wrong Temple monks and believers are carried out by canoe exchanges. Tashi Island off the shore of the lake but in fact more than 50 meters, local ferry ride to the visitors, 2 yuan per person.

There are still a giant lake in the northwest , The Rock Center for Zuanguo one of the holes, as the famous Red Lake God, come here each year to Lake View by many people, many lakes Tibetan week people.
Basongco wrong clear lake bottom, surrounded by the snow-capped mountains which reflected. Huang Ya, sand gull, white crane, and other birds quietly floating on the water surface, If the fish is in weaving between the shuttle and the more quiet one. About 100 meters away from the shore there is a small island called Tashi Island, the island legend is a "hollow Island", that is, the island is not connected with the lake and floating in the lake on. Although only a legend, but Wei sanctified people think, you may also wish to try on the island to the island Duo Duojiao some places, to see whether there is a hollow feeling.

On the island and a slim, sleek 200-square-meter area of the temple, known as the "Temple Palestinian workers were wrong," was established in Tibet during the PO, is the Nyingma temples, dating back over 1,500 years of history. Zhu Gong temple Padmasambhava In a large golden statue at the foot of the weed, there are two natural stone above a recessed round of Waterloo, is the legendary King campaign here when the horses leave Tiyin. In addition, the small island of other places, but also over many magical legend: King motion of wielding a sword in a stone left on the Jianhen, there were leaves However, the formation of the Tibetan alphabet, "the letter tree," Song possession of dry cloth in the footprint left on the stone, wash the Padmasambhava Shenquan ... ... all these people can not help on this island is full of miracles Dunsheng admire the heart.

Lake Shore wrong Basongco a small stream, there is one full of magical legend of the "hole Qiuzi" In a boulder on a width of more than 20 cm, 40 cm deep hole, a hole of the round stone to highlight the whole shape of female genital shape. Legend of the holes have been added master Padmasambhava, to Qiuzi this is true. Not far from the beach, there are "Padmasambhava-hole practice." Lake of the West Bank "King trial Arrow Department", is said to the Tibetan calendar every year on April 15 that day, in the blue lake below the center of the lake to grow a long white ribbon, it is widely rumored that the local people dedicated to Gesar Wang's a huge white hada.

Basongco is wrong with such a magical and beautiful Picturesque scenery and beautiful heart-cutting a legend Philip Ling Yin-show host.

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Dragon King Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon King Lake Lhasa is the most favorite places of recreation and leisure, where the tea drink on a cup of tea, you can fully appreciate the leisurely pace of Lhasa. Possession of Lukang Dragon King Lake, or known as the Dragon King Pool, located in the Potala Palace in Lhasa City Hill, was built in the early legend of the Dalai VI central warehouse Gyatso period. VI Dalai central warehouse Kerry Lake in the heart of the three-storey building octagonal glass pavilion, often resting here. Dragon King Lake Park in a body of water, 207 meters from east to west, north-south width of 112 meters, was rectangular. Pool is due to the construction of the Potala Palace and Basang Gyatso the Red Palace and the Potala Palace, built by the Housing Sengshe, from the foot of a large number of soil and Cheng's. Legend VI, the Dalai Lama Gyatso had from the central warehouse Mozhugongka Celebration Tour Maizhokunggar Chin-lung and eight tablets in water to the north, the Dragon King Lake said. Tan Zhong island with a diameter of about 42 meters into irregular round. There are in accordance with Buddhist ritual altar in the city of F-up the construction of the pavilion. To connect the island is a five-hole Stone Arch . Dragon King Abdallah of the mountains around Lake flexible layout, is not built very regular polygon wall. Wall 610 meters from east to west, north-south widest point 303 meters, 20.5 meters narrowest point. The South East have opened a door. Festival will be here in time to perform Tibetan opera. Lake and along the Dragon King Abdallah There is a small road between the repair, around the turn of the Potala Palace one week after the roadside covered with frescoes and tube, Mani stone, is coming a time when there are a lot of export sales Mani stone, very fun. The entrance is on the west side of the Potala Palace, in the case of export markets and Culture Paul Kok.

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When hung Jockey Club - Chinese tourism scenic spots

When the Jockey Club is hung Tibetan calendar every year on July 10 began a period of three days in the Tibetan language "in reading from the Hui", which means everything is imported please Lama. Jockey Club was originally a celebration of the harvest, to carry out agricultural products, trade, cultural and entertainment activities, only to have been infiltrated by a religious color. When the horse-hung of the rich and colorful activities, which are Ma, archery, singing and dancing performances.

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Nie Tangsinietang Giant Buddha - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Although Nie Tang Temple is very small, but the Tibetan Buddhism is very important.

Gongga Airport by car from entering Lhasa, about 20 kilometers away from Lhasa about the local highway to the north there is a simple and clean the temple, which is Lacan Nie Tang Zhuoma Tara Temple, also known as the Temple Nie Tang. 1 Year Century, Tibet has just gone through Miefo activities and unrest, the spread of Buddhism has been greatly affected.

Year in 1046, Tibetan Buddhism after the macro view to having well-known Atisha, by the disciples, and so on Dumbarton Mr Tang Ying Nie go, here Shou Tu-law nine years, passed away here in 1054. Nie devoted disciple of the repair TANG , A master Atisha worship enshrined in the statues can be made by Tara, near the pagoda buried a master Atisha part of the exhumation.

Nie Tang Temple has set up nearly a millennium, the site of strong incense, to pay respect to the pilgrims who flocked to them from Atisha hometown faithful pilgrims of Bangladesh.

Tara temple near the east, there is the famous Cliff Tang Nie stone to the Big Buddha Temple, on the side of the road, in front of a very quiet waters, which is Chinese and foreign tourists to enter Lhasa before a landscape, almost all of them To get off to the Big Buddha Temple in the Tang Nie images of the former.

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Tashi Peninsula - Chinese tourism scenic spots

June 11 morning, we and his entourage, by Toyota vehicles starting from Lhasa along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway north, soon to enter the vast grassland Qiangtang. Damxung County after a car after pulling into the valley to Na, Na across the root la Nam Co will be looming. The event is the headquarters of the three lakes are facing multi-wave and the Tashi Island. Although I Two days ahead of schedule here on the island or take over the tents, Shashi excitement. We have a tent in the hotel to settle, regardless of fatigue, I can not wait to come to long fascinated the Nam Co Lake. Li sunny the next, Nam Co Sheng Hu Wei's tall and straight, snow-wrapped study of the Qing Tang La Kamiyama's beautiful green lake Tianzaodeshe of Emerald Buddha is shown in front of us, I was physically and mentally throughout the lift. The vast lake, float to the surface ripples coming one after the other to beat the shore of Lake, the lake a little bit of reflection golden light, fish gulls circling in the air calls, the heart is relaxed and happy, I can not help but Juqi I want to go on the water's smooth cool water Qin Ren Spleen, in this calm Shenghu the good fortune of nature, that I have been long-standing secular Xunran chaotic mind at the moment it was strange to deter Huguangshanse, physically and mentally completely intoxicated with this Xanadu-like fairyland in the world can not bear to leave for a long time. Sunset from the Nam Co blue into gold, night soon come down By the turn of people are still surging, I reluctantly returned to the resident. Nam Co is said to win at Le King Kong Semantic who Chatu 3, that is, Tashi and multi-island body for the Chatu, more than just words to that island Chatu, Maqia Dostom Chatu intended for the island. Tashi multi-wave and Nam Co is located in the east of the island. Here's the most religious activities , Is the only thing we can set foot. There are as many as uncanny workmanship of the strange stone wall in the middle, it is these strange cave at Mount Nam Co so full of mysterious color. The next day, I first came to Tanganyika translation division is said to be hard on white-sleep, now known as the Temple of the next. Hall is a natural cave, which for Buddha, incense filled. It has been a monk, said here the original integrity of the translation division dedicated to Tanganyika, now translated Tanganyika possession of the division dedicated to teeth. There are walls of bribery naturally occurring Mandala, such as audio-visual concept of the Sacred Stone, the hole in the middle ground and placed a piece of hada round stones, is said to have read the Green Tangla amount of good and evil god of the weight scale. People come here on a pilgrimage That will be competing under the weight to mention a few, I could not understand its meaning, the monk asked hole, can be informed of the wisdom of evil. Not far away from this one hole, two holes are nuns recite scriptures, I asked about the hole, estimated that the Niger Cidong called Mani Temple, in the past to have a huge Mani turning round now for Lotus As chemical and biological weapons. As I run through people Deep into a self-like, raised in Ma Tau foot rock Department has alleged green read Tangla white cattle footprints of God shrine, south of angry parents called the gatekeeper of God as the legislation is Tashi multi-wave and the entrance to the island, In fact there are two huge stone pillars, the people here, such as Lake Stream, Yin Yun Sang smoke; pillars of numerous articles over the five-color Jingfan fluttering in the wind fluttering It has been turning people, to the two pillars of a few laps with everyone in line with the age. Qiu anger in the columns parents not far from a Cave, it has been in practice Cidong the nun said, for Cidong Tara hole, since there are as white as the mother. I have to watch carefully since been found as of whiteness as the mother, asking to know but have not smoked for many years as a result of Show, turning down the trail I went to the permitted Xia Zhong, is said to the Hall of Sakyamuni were lung A Langjie of yoga practice holes that are permitted on. Xia Zhong, the permitted between Lotus is a positive body statue, the side of the glass box placed for Nian Qing Tang La statue of the god riding a white horse, but at this time of the Qing Nian Tang La followers of God has been presented hada Cover, rarely seen real capacity, permitted the top of a self-Padmasambhava into the hat, not that it is hard to see. Temple, the large number of devout men and women lining up to accept a monk's blessing Guanding. King Kong hand-held bell followed by monks in each of the heads of believers to touch you, and thanks to a Canadian who had the yellow rope and the body of a small plastic bag White called the package "Dian" a blessing to the complex (there are more than open, such as rapeseed and grain-like tablets of stone). The monk to be told from the people of this matter is satisfied wood Stone Lake, to evil, and asked: 7 into the body bag, edible 1-2. Xia Zhong in a small room next to the hall, a gas Yuxuan duck cultivation of white hair who is Top followers feel blessed. The practice who keep a long braids, which may be retained in his life. His followers say he is a practicing recluse for many years, similar to the rule of the evil disease, many patients have been cured ... ... Tashi in the multi-wave and turn the island by the roadside there is a big cave, known as Padmasambhava Tung is said to There are naturally occurring chemical and biological weapons is dedicated to Lin. I am going to climb to the top men and women, saw some people holding bottles on the wall next drip of water, and some smashed take the ice cave. They said this is holy water, to drink the evil Nafu. Xia Zhong from the temple and then move forward, Wu Jian-dong, Pam hole, hole up positions Dawa, Sen Hole and air-line spiritual mother, pharmacists practice hole, hole-chu times, and is said to Tanganyika translation of the original construction of the division of the urn, the town of evil tower; brgyud hole, the God of Wealth hole, read the Green Tangla and Nam Co-hole , Monju hole, and other shrines. Since there as the Buddha, Manjusri wins and music, like King Kong.

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Temple Dezong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"This is the most beautiful piece of pure land" is the Dutch Hunter said. Hunt in July last year to travel in Tibet, and drove to the Zhi Gong Maizhokunggar County District Rural bus doors inside red hot German tourist district. , Where a beautiful, the United States and grass fertilizer, cattle and sheep fat, Jade. I can not praise him to the translation said: "I have passed away Many countries have seen a lot of scenery, I can see the true colors of nature, where the fresh air, cliffs and rocks, the jet stream, the water Hua Hua, a warm breeze, is so obsessed with the real, live here Like to heaven! "

Foreign tourists camped at the Hot Springs area. Germany red hot 4,500 meters above sea level, water temperature all year round at about 40 ?, the water containing sulfur, Hanshui Shi, Shi asphalt, Kuan Donghua, coal and other minerals beneficial to the human body, often in the bath here, such as ulcer treatment Visceral disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other bones disease, sores, skin diseases such as scabies, There's blood transfer, Tong Jin Luo, health and so on the efficacy of leptin. Spring and autumn, to those who come here to bathe. Today, more and more domestic and foreign tourists, who enjoy the hot springs more natural scenery: a stream of stones has been named the hippo viewing, drinking partner, Lao Gui look after, the lion dance, and so on, there are streams Falls Flow down, stone heads, and pull back from the brink in the forest and pasture; full of cliffs of the valley, there Yixian Tian, craggy rocks, such as landscape, is dizzying.

From the hot springs near Chong Tak Temple, there are 105 nuns, the longest in the 87-year-old. This is a picture of Temple de red. Not far away from the hot springs there is a red-de Temple, temple 105 nuns, aged up to 87 years old. They sell their wood morning, afternoon, sending water heating cushion for the visitors, and will house rental space. Si Wai have to wind through cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, such as turning, fluttering Jingfan decorate the ravine more bright.

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Lhasa River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lhasa River originated in the south of Shan nyainqentanglha Jiali, Phuntsok la Ma ditch. Flow through Nagqu, when hung, Lin Zhou, Mozhugongka, Dazi, Chengguan, Deqing-long heap at Qushui Xian, the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River is a tributary of the larger total length of 495 km, the basin area of 31,760 square kilometers; the largest flow 2 30 cubic meters /second, the minimum flow of 20 cubic meters /second, in-flow of 287 cubic meters area /s; altitude 5500 meters from the source to the mouth of 3580 meters, the highest in the world is one of the rivers. This river belongs to the type of snow and rain-long, the size of the water as the temperature is high or low precipitation and the number of change .

Lhasa River region for most of the mountain, towering peaks, steep slopes, the terrain tilt from north to south, Mountain Range will have the education and small scale of the modern glaciers, most of the tributaries of the right bank of the river basin originated in glaciers, most of the tributaries originate in the left bank of the lake Or swamp.

Lhasa River in Linzhou County, the ancient Tang Dynasty over valley was "V" type, the following Maizhokunggar County to change the wide valley, 1-1,5 kilometers wide, began to have heart River flood plain, good vegetation on the flood plain, this section of a river Regulation is, the distribution of cross-strait three in a row of terraces: three terraces above the river bit 40-50 , The table for the Department of 50-80 cm thick sand soil, the luxuriant growth of grass, is a good natural pasture; second terrace above the river-meter 20-30; a terrace above the river-meter 10-20 , The majority have been cultivated into arable land.

The two sides along the river valley are alluvial The original, the width of up to 1-10 km, an area of about 57 million mu of cultivated land in these areas, mild climate, flat terrain, thick soil, abundant water is the main grain-producing areas of Tibet.

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Lalu wetland - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wetlands, according to the International Convention on Wetlands in the definition, refers to natural or artificial, permanent or temporary wetlands for a long time, the wetlands of the original, peatland or water zone (shallow lakes, rivers, flooding areas, etc.), including static or flow of fresh water, and a half Salt water or salt water, as well as marine and low tide when the water depth of no more than the shallow waters 6m Lalu wetland is an important part of environmental protection in Tibet as the "lung of Lhasa City," "City of Lhasa kidney," Lalu wetland located in the north-west of Lhasa City, Tibet was a noble Lalu's home territory, is a lush aquatic plants , The largest area of the city's highest natural wetland, the existing area of 6. Square kilometers. Lalu wetland of the city of Lhasa this lack of oxygen, dry plateau city has a pivotal role not only in the urban area of Lhasa play a regulating climate, increased air humidity and increase the role of oxygen in the air, is more than 20 million members of the public health Lhasa The protection of God; plateau is also a variety of unique animals and plants Interest rates, the more it is worth noting that it is the urban Lhasa surface water and groundwater circulation between the key link.

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Long pile Deqing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chu monastery for Tibetan monks Tabulajie Ga Jupai missionary disciples, the founder of the Tanganyika Gamagaju were soft Madu Pakistan, in the year 1189 with the topic of construction, Gaju Pai is the main temple. Tibet Autonomous Region is a unit-level protection. Long Hot Springs heap, mainly from coal, sulfur and minerals, and so constitute a solid yellow. Can help to heal rheumatic Yan Festival, skin diseases, elephantiasis, nephritis, such as high blood pressure and stomach disorders. Pakistan-hung for a long time and Latin America (South Side), hot colors at the rural village of Ma-color. Stephen species of exotic, bright color patterns, surrounded by green trees around, beautiful scenery, in recent years, come heap long Deqing Tourism pilgrims and visitors.

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Lang Zixia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Langzi building at the old city of Lhasa Balangjie the northern section, according to South Temple, is a typical Tibetan architecture covering an area of 720 square meters, was built in the mid-17th century AD, the Lhasa city government was later to become a The larger prison.
Although located in the downtown, but since 1959 on March 28 Was officially closed since Langzi Ha almost never been open to visitors.
Lhasa each year to people who travel a lot and they are keen to visit those magnificent temples, bustling with the excitement of the crowd turn Balangjie, in the near side of the building Langzi never voted to go too much attention, in their eyes It may be many temples in Tibet in a way.
2003 a bright and sunny afternoon, we walked through the concession Langzi building, hoping to understand the old Tibet, some of the true face.
Zhongxing Fan Kuan courtyard of the dungeon
Ha Langzi the door open in the first Layer. Push open the door to a sickening smell of Xingxiu assail the nostrils from a dark prison building, outside the bright sunshine can only come from a skylight shot, lit in the dark, people feel cold gusts.
First of all, the eye is a dungeon courtyard, look down from the wellhead, only the table The small piece of the sun, the people here who can drink rain water. This is in custody, "Zhongxing Fan", which has implemented copper horse riding, Station cage, wearing a wooden flail, put stone ring neck, chest pressure on the stone, wearing a cap stone, such as torture. Riding a horse in which copper is to allow torture of prisoners sitting on the copper to do immediately, copper horse in the stomach burn cattle manure Heat the copper horse, the red-hot, roasted alive who could eventually die. In an interview with the reporter was trying to down the dungeon, but a block tunicoides.
And exhibits on the second floor of the penalty
Ha Lang Zi 9 on the second floor of the cell, each only a very small window inside the dark. In general is being held prisoner. All of a sudden, we come to accompany the Central Tibetan girl exclaimed Jane out, pale and quickly ran out to go. It turned out that it is displayed on the walls of the pictures to frighten her. Photo, is out from two people live off the whole of human skin, there were hand-foot-Duoqu women, the two-Cixia The young men ... ...
We are in the prison a few wooden poles were found bite marks, which was left by the hungry prisoners. In a corner of the display letters deduction hands and feet aircraft, whips, iron ball, leg irons, handcuffs, and other instruments of torture, has been rusting, it is still appalling hideous.
Instrument records, the prison had been implemented all kinds of torture: cutting the tongue nose, cutting off their ears, cramps, heart dug out intestine, cutting off their head, genital cutting, peeling skin were buried alive, under the pan, and the living will section five internal organs exposed, Balangjie swim lap after the killing. These penalties, aimed at the civilian population can not afford to pay the tax and petty criminals to torture To allow the Dalai Lama. And the instruments used in offerings to provide
Due to the short notice, we have to find Langzi Ha did not have custody of Tibet University asked Brown Root home base of the cell culture. The "snow-clad monks odd" because there is not to please the ruling class's remarks have been detained here and being beaten and brutalized Released soon after the death.
XIV Dalai Lama is still that: Tibet is an old one that everyone is equal, the well-being of the Buddhist paradise, most of the Tibetan people fully enjoy human rights. In fact, the old Tibet, the "Code": "Everyone has the upper, middle and lower third-class, per person, and so was divided into upper, middle and Three-level ", and so on the next person commits a first-class people it is necessary to impose a variety of penalties." Code 13 "and even states that" there are people hierarchy, so life is also high and low price. "First-class people to kill others under the only Payment "fee give a life for a life rope."
At that time, the Dalai Lama's private time to time each year Tong by example Nian "by the Curse" ceremony, Ha Lang Zi will be ready to provide "offerings." This makes some of the serfs of the skull, leg, the whole of human skin, the integrity of the child's body into the offerings of sites for religious activities or processed into leather boy Buk, a virgin thigh, as the instruments used in ancestor worship.
In addition to the building other than Langzi At the foot of the Potala Palace and a more terrifying, "Snow empty out the" prison, where there is an unfathomable hole, which was to deal with civilians dungeon, the people known as the "scorpion hole", has been raising numerous inside the palm of your hand The size of the scorpion, specialized Shiyao prisoners.
Lang Zi out of the building and saw this Balangjie of the busy, turning those who flocked to the Jokhang Monastery Golden Summit dazzling in the sun, the children playing in the street chase.

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Sheng Hu Mapangyongcuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mapangyongcuo Gangrenboqi peak at 20 km south-east, the satisfaction on the north side of tree Unani Xuefeng, 4588 meters above sea level, covering an area of 412 square kilometers, the deepest lake up to 70 meters, is the world's highest fresh water lake. Fine weather at the lake blue, light blue plaster, which reflected Xuefeng Bai Yun, Lake Toyama week looming, Chi Mei color.

Many religious books and legends have described Mapangyongcuo records. Legend has it here, said India is great God Shiva and his wife - the daughter of the Himalayas bathing goddess Uma, and Tibet's ancient legend that is here to live Yip Dragon God. Ma Yong next to the Yong also known as the Marfa measures, the Tibetan word for "the eternal unbeaten Jasper Lake", it is said to be in memory of the 11th century to teach the local Buddhist victory over the name, originated in the 11th century in the Lake for a religious war, As a result, Tibetan Buddhism Ga Jupai Waidao victory and teach, "next to Mary" is the Buddhism commemoration of the victory, Thus its name ... ... monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty in his book "Datang Western Regions" in the side of Ma Yung measures have also been described, this will be referred to as "the Jade Pool West." Buddhist scriptures will be a lake known as the "mother river of the world" and is referred to in the famous tied Kamiyama, "Sheng Hu" - Ma Yong next to the measures. There are around the lake in the past 9 Temple, which is located just east of Kunga give color to attend the Walloon Temple, located in the south-east of the NIE were Sakya Monastery fruit, south of the Gelug Sect of fruit blown Temple, south-west of the only big move Kunga Germany fruit warehouse watts to attend the fruit ancestral temple, to the west of the master Padmasambhava Qiema to attend the temple, north-west of the monks to attend hole, north of bamboo Gaju Pai Lang's Temple and that the north-east of the Gelug Sect of Japan Temple stupid.

The pilgrims have always been to the lake to turn for the bath as the greatest blessing of life. In fact, Sheng Hu Mapangyongcuo as the king of the status, even if only for the general tourist travel is also beyond doubt. Followers believe that this The holy water to wash people's minds, "Wu Du" (greedy, angry, stupid, lazy, envy), who clear the skin on the filthy. Ma Yong on the Indian side of Lake admiration for them is also due to India's well-known leader Mahatma Gandhi's ashes also be cast into the side of Ma Yung Lake. So every summer, India, Nepal and Tibet, pilgrims come to the Pilgrims bathing in order to merit, they will also Shenghu the water to take home thousands of miles away, as a precious gift, the gift.
Yu Sheng Hu has four doors: Lotus bath for the East Gate, South Gate for the sweet bath, decontamination bath for the West Gate in the north of faith for the bath door. Chu title of the sanctity of the temple around the beach. Sheng Hu also surrounded by Fourth, the source of water: to the east Quan He is a horse, Shiquanhe is to the north, west Quan He is like the south is Kongquehe. Kingdom of Heaven to the horses, lions, elephants, peacocks four named Shen Wu's four rivers, respectively, is well-known South Asian Association for the Ganges, Indus, Jean-Paul Sartre tired quarter of the Brahmaputra River and the source.

For Weight and protection of Tibet and neighboring countries all over the followers of the religion, the Chinese government from the beginning of the 1950s on the formulation of the relevant provisions, with India, Nepal and other neighboring countries have signed a letter to allow Catholics on a pilgrimage to the relevant provisions of the Immigration and issues. In 1997 the State Council of China on Tibet, Ali Hajj matter of opening up the region Step made it clear that the more convenient from all over the world's Catholics on a pilgrimage activities.
Ancient Tibetan books, "Shanhai Gangdise Chi" is the narrative: Mapangyongcuo Sheng Hu in a broad fiscal Dragon King's palace of the Dragon King, Dragon King's palace in the world brought together many of the treasures. The pilgrims who come here as long as around Or around the lake will be a small fish in the lake, a small stone, the birds of a feather, it is considered to be a gift from the Dragon King. In Buddhist legend, the lake that Mapangyongcuo Kamiyama directly from the snow, is holy water, use it to bath to remove people's hearts and minds of Wudu, the skin on the dirty, so that The purity of the soul. The Hindu story is that God Shiva and his wife, the goddess Uma in Kamiyama, the goddess Uma, Mapangyongcuo in the shower every day, so the lake has become a holy water.
? ?Legend
Mapangyongcuo to be on the legend of its more. It is because of Bo Qin Gang, along with Hui for Buddhism, Bon, Education degrees enshrined, he was given to different religions and different interpretations of the function.
In Tibet, the early-believers call it "Ma-down measures," Legend of the lake gathered many treasures, the Dragon King in the name of "Ma-down" name. Mapangyongcuo gets its name from the 11th century in the Lake for a religious war, China and Italy in the Tibetan language as "the eternal unbeaten Lake." Ni Duoji song written by "over Mapangyongcuo said" this is the case, introduced the formation of the Lake: Mapangyongcuo before the birth, had a heart of the Buddha King wood collapse, going in the jungle on the way people see music sickness and death The hard-like, it will seek in its division: the suffering of these should be yin You gentlemen? The answer is: should belong to all mortal beings. King will ask to lift the suffering of the law. The answer is: only Busch. So King is a lot of repair the house and invited all the poor victims of music to provide them with food and clothing for a period of 12 years. With the cooking of the more Taomi Shui-more, 12 years time will be a success Park.
In India, its name is Ma-Sha Lo made that Seoul - Mana Shahu. In ancient India in such a classic record: who touched the body Mana Sha Lo Seoul made the land, or in the wave of people who have bathed, Bo Lama walked into the Paradise; those who drink it over the water Will be up on the Shiva temple And free a hundred times reincarnation of sin.
? ?Tour routes
That is, from the 1st day Ukraine to the Temple Hall (7.5 hours)
Ukraine is the Temple Hall of the trail is not difficult to follow, but there is a way to leave the Lakeshore line in the mountains away. The beginning of the cliff on a number of abandoned cave, several World Ji been pilgrims of the spiritual places, some of which have now become a civilian housing. Went 1 /3 of the time will pass by well-known that Lambert Temple. Lambert then from the Temple Hall on the way to go through a great swamp, to the north along the edge of the marsh walk. Hall is in the vicinity of the center of town, The store can buy instant noodles, beer and some necessities. Can live in simple local guest house, 20 /bed, but to the local police barracks accommodation will be better.
Day 2 from the Hall Seralung Gon (3 hours)
From Hall continued to turn clockwise along, is to Away from the lake not too close, in the soft marshes of the road after 2 hours to cross a bridge, and then the next is a place to live Seralung. With all the soft sand road. The Temple is still rebuilding after another, there are several nearby homes, shops and no houses, no tents, with the words A good spend the night. Only the local residents do not understand most of the Chinese words.
Day 3 from the Seralung Gon to Trugo Gon (7 hours)
Seralung to leave for a road car can pass a simple road, but some good sections away from the lake far 12 km walk around the time to pass through TrakTsongpo River, was difficult to walk, now a concrete bridge repair.
The first 4 days from the Trugo Gon to Chiu Gonpa (9 hours)
Seralung Gon from the Trugo on 23 km along the lake is also the small beach, take up relatively easily. However, the consolation is always able to see the clear water.
Kamiyama Sheng Hu on the legend of the temple into a real Trugo. Sheng Hu Kamiyama and distant relative, from the Temple Trugo Huguangshanse here to enjoy, Beautiful letter. Trugo Temple is the only band that belong to the temple to send Ge Luba, as it is the bathing ceremony, held an important place got its name, Trugo means "wash your hair." August full moon day every year, many of Nepal's Hindu Brahmin from the Terai of Nepal, along the Road through the Himalayas Everything is here, to pray, and then naked into the cold water, really impressive. 2 front row of houses about 40 people for accommodation, D0 /bed, good condition. In addition there are beds to sleep, all the rest take care of themselves. Temple floating in the water around the decaying weeds out of the water to far. Live India is one of many pilgrims, legs or wear slippers, carrying the hands of a stainless steel kegs, who casually wrapped a number of banners. If you go to Kaplan Taqin the road, there is a fork in the road by car to be here.
From Trugo can see the far shore of Lake Gotsuk Temple in the arc on the other side of the line And then never seems to be a long and the sand at the end of the road. Trugo Gon from Gotsuk Gon to have 5 hours on the way, there are a few satisfied Nani-peak into the snow into the river Mapangyongcuo. When less water ankle deep, however. But during the rainy season will become very rough, and even to the waist, When a person is gone it will be very difficult.

Built on the hill Yashang Gotsmk Gon, there are 3 Lama Temple, a very warm person. Terauchi a Zhacang on the walls of the mosaic pieces of stone relief Buddha Bai Shi-jun. Temple top of the platform is Shenghu appreciate the beauty of the best places. From here, Mapangyongcuo Like a huge sapphire, is thrilled. Several nearby caves there are always a lot of pilgrims camp. Is on its way to watch the magnificent wooden satisfied Nani peak (7728 m) the best position that this is the Buddhist goddess of wisdom Saraswati Zhu Xi's place. You can watch it took to the cheerful All day, then arrived before dark Chiu Gonpa, wash a hot spring bath. And then decide how to leave here: the west is to Lhasa, is to the north and Shiquanhe Kamiyama, Kaplan is the south.
Zhou Sheng Hu, about 90 km lake to take 4 days time, in accordance with generally shun when Direction. Two-thirds of the way (clockwise from the Temple Seralung to Chiu Gonpa) is close to the shore of Lake Road, the line, the northern part of the way to go through Rural Hall. This road can run cars, beaches, gravel, the turn of the marshes in the south-east of Lake into the river there are several Mapangyongcuo, Tang Shui need to cross the river. To bring their own food, along the way for a temple stay, but extremely poor conditions. Although there is no remote lake full of Kamiyama up and down as hard slopes, but the road is soft sand, take up very easily. In particular, the difficulty is in the south bank of the lake to face the challenges of streams. When the river streams encountered on the road, and only Tang Shui There is no other solution. To Lake person is not so much to the mountain, whether pilgrims or travelers. Although the beautiful scenery along the way, but the lack of change, and then the United States and the scenery will be boring to watch a few hours. If the rainy season, on the road after a few of the river will be created trouble. Most travelers only Chiu gonba spend a few days, hot springs bubble to enjoy Huguangshanse appreciate. Where to start from the lake does not require as long as depend clock to complete a closed circle on the line. As easily accessible, most of them from the north-west corner of the Sheng Hu Chiu Gonpa start. If only travel from the Ch u Gonpa started by the anti-clockwise Trugo COn, Seralung gon to Hor is also a good idea. This will not only enjoy the beauty of the Sheng Hu visited the main scenic spots and historical sites, and can also hit in the face of the pilgrims, make a lot of good films.

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Tibetan Capital Cities - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Capital Cities Tibetan city of Lhasa is located in the southeast, across the county Qiongjie Jalan wood in the mountains, is the seventh century AD to the ninth century tomb of the ancient Tubo PO group, up to a radius of 3 km for the state's key protection units.
According to the history contained in the group burial should be 13, but is visible only 3 are rammed earth and rock guitar Cheng. Ling tomb of a square flat-topped shapes, sizes, arranged in order, the majority of up to 10 meters long by the wind and rain erosion, like mound.
Legend has it that Songtsan Gambo, Culture and princess, and several generations before and after the PO are buried here. Chisongdezan tomb of a pair of stone lions have pre-high 1-meter and a half, the vivid image of that blade Chang. Li next to the tomb stone of a cylindrical well, high-3 Joe 3, a stone monument top hats, caps a week of carving patterns, Beishen also engraved with positive praise Chisongdezan merit of the ancient Tibetan life, the Millennium after the storm, still clear Discernible.
  According to Tibetan history books "ulema-i-Festival", "Tibet Wang Commission", "Tibet WANG Chen Ji" Records, a total of 35 during the Tubo Dynasty on behalf of PO (King) hills, that is, on the second tomb, six good hills, hills Pate in the next five Ling Chan, on behalf of the hills for good fortune, good fortune and Germany five hills, the bottom of a tomb. These tomb Empress and the PO also known as the Tibetan King's Tomb.
  The largest group of Muqu King at the South Brahmaputra , In the south of Shanxi, Cameron River, the poor end of the Tibet Autonomous Region County under the trees in the mountains Jalan. Here on the ground near the open and pleasant weather, land plump, beautiful mountains and rivers, good natural conditions. As a result, a long time ago is ancient Tibetan Fat of the Land, King Songtsan Gambo is the start of the home. Since capital Savimbi, here became the Tubo Dynasty Hing-establishing themselves as a base by a high degree of attention. In addition to the natural conditions may be, there are a number of Songtsan Gambo miss his native land you love, then put his mausoleum here, then many of the King are buried here.
  Jalan wood in the mountains, is Can save the King tomb identify a total of nine, an area of up to a radius of 3 km. Each tomb is the shape of a square base of the flat-topped stone Takaoka Rammed earth, but also to preserve the Central Plains early Fengtu "side" in the form. "Tong Dian" in the records of the "Tomb of the square, stone base which, in the first Zhuangruo-house" was described in the same Tomb of the existing nine of the same shape. Over the years due to long-term nature of the wind and rain erosion, and some of the tomb has become a circular flat-top, not exactly the same size, not the rules of order.
  9 This is the grave of King, according to historical documents and Epitaph records, the current owner can be recognized as one of the following:
King : Tomb Songtsan Gambo
  According to records on Epitaph, Songtsan Gambo gully tomb Qinpu located in the mouth, which is now remote node on the poor county, which felt Hirakawa on the mound generous, was Quartet appearance, in line with the status quo. Epitaph, with nine cells, the main room for the permitted, the central Li Ren a long long coral light, 1.40 Reserve Hall Bao. Mubi stone into the Israeli side, away from it to build thick walls, Mumen to the West, outside the tomb complex with gravel to form a mound on each side hundred paces wide, six high-Zhang Yu. Described in similar circumstances and now. According to legend the tomb under a grand palace, there are Songtsan Gambo, Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy statue, and so on and a lot of There are gold and silver inlay, jewelry, agate, and other daily-use of containers as well as the use of armor, weapons and so on.
  Songtsan Gambo in the middle of the roof of the original tomb of a temple festival, the next floor, there are more than twenty years, Dongnanxibei have a small hall, for Cinei Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng, Chi Princess respect, and the Minister Lu Dongzan Tibetan Year Maysan Buzha people swallow the statue and others. As the old, original building had been mutilated in recent years has Ciyu and internal restoration of the statue, pilgrims visit the Tibetan, Chinese people of all ethnic groups come to power in the development and possession of the Tibetan and Chinese national unity of the King That respect.
Tibetan Capital Cities: Alfredsson Chan Chi-ling Chan Chi Alfredsson for the PO in the late Tubo Dynasty, from AD 793-815, more than two decades in office, after his death on Guizang poor king of the hill County. According to the September 1984 Tibet Heritage Management Committee of the tomb tombstone to explore clean-up confirmed the tomb. From the tombstone inscriptions, that Chek De Chan is the king of a competent person. He said that the inscription: "foresight, the grim order. He Xuan powerful country, all over a Ford, Sheng is well known in the past. Quartet size of the Kings, also succumbed to" (for the Tibetan inscription)
Tibetan Capital Cities: Pine Mountain are cloth knot hills
  Every song end fabrics Mans tombstone Ling, Tang Tibet In the preservation of the most complete, its artistic value than the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa before the Tang Fan League will be more prominent monument. 7.18 m-high monument, built by the monument, Beishen, Beizuo of three parts. Monument to the top of a huge Angiopteris Baozhu, flat rectangular monument built for the four-slope roof note, Wei Qiao edge up, there are around four or convective clouds Pattern. 1.40 monument built relief at the bottom of the upper body naked, flying ribbons, beautiful gesture of flying four. Monument 5.6 meters tall, rectangular flat for the last great small, there is a clear admission points. Beishen contour so beautiful and rich sense of stability. Beishen carve the top of the positive image of the sun, which is under its horizontal ancient Tibetan 9 line. Beishen relief on both sides of the Dragon 2 liters pattern, flying in Yunqi are rising. Beishen under the seat for the stone turtle, is also a very fine carving. Stone not only as a whole is of great historical value, but also a very fine carving works of art, not only in Tibet, that is, in the whole country in the Tang Dynasty stone is rare Zhen . Now this has been newly built monument to protect Beiting.
Tibetan Capital Cities: Capital Cities possession of lions
  Tibetan Capital Cities-lions at Mid-levels Jalan at the foot of the mountain, there is a large-scale high-earth and rock, according to the "history of Ming-jian" Tibetan history records, there should be both Mountain pine knot the cloth tomb. In addition to the construction of the ground here Tai Feng Tu, the most valuable to be considered before the tomb of a pair of stone lions. Shishi 1.55 meters high, rectangular elements, and 1.2 meters long, 0.76 meters wide. Ling Qiu sit for lions, heads held high chest, a vivid image of the vigorous. Cheng Chui-out mane in the back, no formation bristle head, a look at the early knowledge of wind lions . The carved stone lions of the entire technique of high-strength, smooth lines round, in the Tang dynasty stone carving in the country are also high, it is rare in Tibet.

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