Aksu Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aksu River alluvial plain with is a wonderful and fertile land, which is Aksu. "Aksu" in Uygur language means "white water." As a result of Aksu River from flowing through the territory, so named. Aksu at the southern foot of Tianshan Mountains, north of the Tianshan Khan Tengri, East Point Tarim River, west China and Kyrgyzstan border, south Li Mu basin.

Aksu area, regardless of ancient Mexico, Wensu seat of the country, the Han Dynasty to the Western Regions Frontier House, in the Tang Dynasty and are retaining jurisdiction in Anxi House, Qiuci Dudu Fu. The ancient Silk Road city of one of the Silk Road is the middle way. Xinjiang Province in the Qing Dynasty, based Akzo Road. Inside trip A lot of nirvana. There are powerful towering Tianshan Mountains in the first peak - Tuomuer, a vast wonderland of the Taklimakan Desert, China's longest inland river - the Tarim River, "a peak of a desert river" to build a scene in the ecological landscape?????. Reflected on the Xuefeng Mountain Lake; cattle and sheep flocks of grassland; the Yixieqianli Li Mu River, thousands, Living a Yanshuigou Yadandemao; You Qingnong King, running thousands of thousands of Leiquan, the summer resort Stephen 9, Qi Shu-chuen, strange, Qi Jue's Old City, Tianshan Gobi Magic Tree Park; International hunting and the United Kingdom Hill, Tiger Taiwan; newly discovered authentic culture and tourism nirvana Tianshan mysterious, such as the Grand Canyon .

Aksu Prefecture, is not only beautiful natural scenery, there are quite national cultural characteristics, the 36 countries of the Western Regions "ancient Qiuci" at the site of Kuche County, was built in the Jin Dynasty period of China's four famous grottoes of the Temple One of the Kizil Thousand-Buddha Grottoes and the library Turpan-la-Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, and so on Cave Temple is a group of foreign culture and Chinese traditional culture combined with a product, there is the famous Temple determine presume Chao, Feng Sui Han Dynasty, ancient smelting sites, Islamic sites, such as Kuqa Temple. A long history and splendid culture, the development of a unique ancient Qiuci Aksu music and dance, and other fine arts, as the "town dance" Aksu vast flat terrain, deep soil, rich in light and heat, is a long history of agricultural areas. Boundless expanse of blue water in the spring, summer and fall over and over golden, fruit fragrance. Yixi Man Lake, waves and the victory of the reservoir dam is habitat for water birds. Rich variety of fish here. Lakes, channels, forest belt Fields, constitute a fascinating combination of scenery, is truly the "land of fish and rice" and "City of melons and fruits."

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Temple Hami Seoul ditch - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hami City, 25 km to the East, the Tianshan Mountains to the south of a Silk-ditch clearance of the Valley is the picturesque Temple of Seoul ditch. Hami IV Yusup Wang back in the summer palace built, Lei Qi, dozens of stone walls, planting a variety of trees and plants, with the largest number of apricot. Seoul is due to ditch the temple in the ancient Buddhist temple built here and , A small Buddhist temple located in the mountain soil, as a result of disrepair, the decadent state, Canbi and clear on the painting, gallery Zuofo faintly discernible. In 20 years (1931) Hamid war, back to the palace destroyed King. Now, this place has become the summer resort. Spring valley full of apricot like snow, birds Flowers; summer, the tall walnut tree and into a film Zhetianbiri Yulin, whirling shade; in the autumn, spring Cheng Cheng, Gao Jie Shuangqi, so that the regular visitors to this charming scenery and away.

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Beach Pier - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hami City is located in urban and rural areas in the first Qin Miyamura, through asphalt road, traffic is extremely convenient. Rock Pier at Bay to the west of the ravine, ditch 100 meters wide, mostly for the use of modern agricultural land reclamation, rock paintings from the stream flowing through the side. Located on a piece of granite rock, rock joint surface is very clear rocks for the irregular shape of the cube 3.3 meters long, 4.1 meters south of the strengths, 2.4 meters high. Cow for the content of the rock paintings of shape, size 45 � 45 cm, the other a goat to the shape, size for size 50 � 30 cm. Weathering a serious rock on the surface, Rock style, carving a simple way, rough, with the original rock Production process.

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Pine Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tong pine: pine Tong 73 km north of the city of Hami, 2200-3600 meters above sea level. According to Tang Nan Barkol Pine Hill, north of Barkol green grass prairie in the alluvial fan and the gentle slope mountain, verdant valley between tsugae, forest Man Po, has been extended to the spruce trees on the plains. According to statistics, only Barkol The area of primeval forest in the territory amounted to as much as 56,000 hectares, and the snowy peak throughout the year. Hong Liangji visit to the Qing Dynasty after "Wansong Pine Tong Song": "the same Wan Feng Feng Qian Feng, Feng Meng Rong-free legislation to make the cut. Wansong Pine thousands of the same song, thousands know there is no straight back to capacity. Kuangke curious At this point then, laughing a call to forget nine dead. Horseshoe peak before driving, want only to the end of the Ching Chung. "Ancient post located here, beacon towers built. Sima Han Shang Ren, Jiang line of the Tang Dynasty have been made here hehe military exploits, near the monument as evidence. Pines are now to the pond every tourist season, fluttering colorful flags, ran, Lawn of the "Knights" were running horse, in the mountains to save Guys and Dolls with numerous climbing figure, the color came off in Kazakhstan Zhanfang melodious voice in the face of nature's magnificent good fortune, not that people do not imaginative, bold. Pine Tong Jun Machang Yiwu is now the location of the field keeping the yellow red deer hip, highly economic value of tourism and aesthetic appeal. In recent years, the use of the National Education Committee Superiority in the snow and ice resources and ideal climate conditions of the slope in the construction of a pine tree on the north side of Tangxi Alpine skiing and skating rink. The pond and trees in winter snow and ice athletes have become a paradise.

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Hill rocks - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill Barkol rocks from the county seat 60 kilometers, there are more than 10 kilometers of road and the county seat to the coal tar-phase road, the lake is located Barkol 7 km outside the small north-west of the eastern end of the folder. Hill rocks of the most strange is that the mountain is covered with various shapes and small caves, several from the Peak Hill to the foot of a mountain is "riddled with problems," some "cell "Some of the" Thousand-Buddha Grottoes "or" shrines million, "and" thousands of cliff caves. "Whenever the next storm when the water flowed down from the top, it has become Shan Shui Liandong numerous small, the landscape is wow! There are rocks at the foot of the mountain spring water, is well-known Balikun one of the Eight - "Stephen mirror places on" on-chuen, where the child. This is for Stephen Well, water, the water quality good. On top of the sarcophagus of the tomb shows that rocks Wang, the area has a long history of prosperity of the Silk Road trade activities and a military Xian Yao, in 1999 it was found that the value of tourism and subsequent development.

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Ghaith tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hami is located in the western suburbs of the city's Tomb of Ghaith also known as the "tomb of a saint," "Green Gongbei." It is said that Tang Zhenguan years, should be invited to Tang Li Shimin, the Islamic prophet Mohammed sent his Ghaith, I Weiss, GAZ-three million Chinese to preach. GAZ-million died of illness in Guangzhou, and Ghaith my reach outside Changan Sri Lanka by the emperor of the Tang Dynasty Ying. On his way home, my Weiss died in the west of Fort Hui, Tang Zhenguan Ghaith in the nine-year (the year 635 AD) in the dead stars gorge, was hastily buried. Later, Wang sent back to Hami in the stars for the construction of a Gap Gongbei. "Xinjiang Zhi map," it reads: "Gap foot of the stars have Huihe tomb. Natives contribute to a feast for the payment of housing, review Great new varieties of pomegranate fruit ---- Rainbow Ridge, Zhe response to the prayer, filling reads Dong, Jin Shi also building on the tomb, Heng Chi Xu plot. "Gongbei was later demolished, in 28 years (1939), by Hami Muslims initiated the construction of the tomb of the existing Ghaith, Ghaith from the remains of the stars of this Qianzang Gap. Ghaith tomb Islamic architecture, about 10 meters high, the lower part of a square, for the upper arch-dome, green glazed tile set at the top of the block, surrounded by Lang Yan, the small tomb, but buried the "saints" is famous, and many can not go to Mecca pilgrimage of Muslims have come here to worship. The pilgrims Xian Jin-covered hanging scroll Munei Wall, overlapping the cover of "saints" grave.

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Barkol Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Barkol Lake: Gu Chen Po-type sea, is located 18 km west Barkol around. The lake into a slightly elliptical, things width of 9 km and 13 km long from north to south, covering an area of 113 square meters, 1582 meters above sea level the lake, the lake has a north-south berm, the lake will be divided into East and West in two parts. East Lake rippling blue waves, the West Lake White film, there are large areas of East Lake wetlands, lakes week is the vast ranch. The lake is well-known Salt Lake in Xinjiang. Shi Shan Qing Dynasty poet wrote a poem had been Tsan Chang said: "Yan Yan a wave Rongrong, the ancient reed fibers have no scales, Wednesday Barry bronze mill, Li Cheng Wan Qiannian Pilian" unique "blurred covers the city of mountain" qi King. Barkol Lake Chuan "Regardless of the Han Quan" and "Po-type sea," a beautiful legend. Every time this summer tent Star, cattle, sheep, camel, horse groups, Huguangshanse, particularly charming. Kazakh steppe lake in the regular pastor, held a grand "Performance will be aken."

  Barkol around the lake by the very nature ancient legend before Barkol Bottom water clarity, the irrigation of fertile farmland and grasslands, lake residents live and work in peace. But Hill a magic want to occupy the grassland, grassland enslavement of people, moved to the mountains 9, would like to fill Barkol Lake. Shepherdess brave Lark Group in order to prevent the move, crashed into a Group. Lark's flesh and blood into an instant rock, Eagle's Nest is. Hill devil trick again, Barkol Lake brine into the lake, and metamorphic water, brown grassland, Han girl in the Eagle's Nest Ice In any case before the final Qijueshenwang tears. In all of a sudden steep peaks shoot out of the top two springs, flowing into the grasslands, dry grasslands and revitalize. These two is the spring snow Tears, "Lei Quan," which got its name.

  Convergence into the spring water from east-west width of 12 km, about 20 km north-south, the lake area of 112.15 square kilometers. Lake is also rich reserves of salt and Glauber's salt mine, the water contains aquatic organisms Artemia (harvest insects). Gu Chen Po-type lakes , Both noted the sea, said the Yuan Dynasty Bar nur kul, the Qing Dynasty of Mongolia sand, the sound of Baerkuer Barkol Lake said. Barkol on the lake there are many beautiful legends, the most popular is a legend: a Han girl and a type of sea known as the Po Kazakhstan together with the destruction of young mountain lakes and magic to fight, the girl was in sharp pressure Under the petrochemical, Kazakhstan grasp of young Shan Shen magic with the lake. They return to life for future generations may live a happy life. To commemorate them, people put the number of shares under the Eagle's Nest Qingquan "Regardless of the Han Quan", the lake known as the "Po-type sea." Regardless of the Han-chuen, is an excellent raw materials to produce mineral water, and now Hong Kong joint venture to build mine Water Works.

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Hu Yanglin original - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang by the Mori Mingsha Shan northbound 30 km, we can see a green and luxuriant, Zhetianbiri the forest belt, and that is well-known Hu Yanglin original. It is said that this area of more than 30 square kilometers of Hu Yanglin at least 6500 years of history. Although the vicissitudes of life through wind and rain, but still maintained the old style of the original. Hu Is a very strong vitality of the original species, human-being as against the Desert Warriors. Tree height up to more than 20 meters. Qiu dry iron tree, Hu Ju-long set, the better the sublime, and there are layers of green leaves, or leaves of different shapes like round eggs, or state, such as willow, layer upon layer, airtight. Hu Yanglin into, is a blow against our faces The original flavor, you feel a primitive rhythm of life. Bang Bo that the upward momentum, to show you the indomitable spirit of that uncanny workmanship-like shape, so that the more you feel the splendor of nature. For thousands of years, their strong will to fight against the erosion of desert. Amazing, these steel frame Zheng's trunk, the shape of thousands, and some like the Youth Pre-employment Kunpeng, and some like Yang Ti horse, and the girl Xianqian such. It is a natural art palace. Wrote a poem: "The low number of deformation such as dragon and snake respectively, Hu Ju Gao Gang Xiong, such as squatting. Play God, such as Fox 9, fierce-looking, such as claw ZHANG Yecha teeth." Hu Yanglin beauty, which can be a little poetry Evident.

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Shengyou Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mary Help of Christians in the Holy Temple is located in the northwest city of Yili Zhao Suxian, at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains that Hong Hai River, quiet and solemn, grand spectacle, 8 of the existing building, surrounded by walls around, while Hammer is a rare ancient architecture. Shengyou towering ancient temple, Blot out the Sun tsugae, Dengtangrushi, in order to give people a sense of extraordinary refined, and looked along the axis 8 Cuolayouzhi construction, symmetrical layout, with the exception of Zhaobi, Mountain Gate, Qian Dian, the main hall, according to Hou Dian axis of construction, there are about hard top and side hall in a palace double-double eaves octagon Court. The Main Hall is the main temple building, Hall 17 m wide, 7-room, flat square, a mast, hold high the break, steep housing , 1.40 cornices were leading to Sea trend, Yan Xia brackets for high-rise pick Fang's shoulder. Works fine, gold powder Lek, Diaolianghuadong, resplendent, the Hall of Juzhuqingqi Langshang have drawn rare birds and animals, the Tigers lion, unicorn Deer, Phoenix Macaques, a thousand attitudes throw off restraint. Basilica walls are painted also have Erlongxizhu, the pair of Phoenix, son Fishing, sheep, and other traditional Chinese Su Wu-style frescoes, is astounding. The magnificent momentum, the solemn ancient temple covers an area of several mu, the whole construction area of 2,000 square meters, existing Lamaism in Xinjiang is more complete a temple.

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Prairie kunas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yili kunas, the Mongolian word for "sun slope" in Ili in the territory of the new source is the home of Xinjiang fine-wool sheep, but also "Ma - Ma Yili," a well-known origin, Yili kunas-lying grassland ups and downs, the Meteorology Series. Mountain grassland, grassland Valley co-existence of the spring and summer, autumn and winter pastures are available, the rivers Jian Quan, wild fruit Hill , Rare animals, everything, looking kunas, it is fascinating to do a good place. Kunas Ili grassland scenery English seasons, with Spring for most, a herdsman from Kazakhstan in June, "Winter JINWOZI" transitions from Huaxiangniaoyu to make, the more bursts of Pastoral, Pianpian herd, the best Girls, riding a white horse to defend the , For the magnificent Grand Prairie exuberant vitality added. The new county seat away from the source of 3 km, just co-Fei Xie Pu River from the S & P falls just combined, swept over the region, kunas for one of the major tourist attractions. Kunas kunas refers to the grasslands of the main river through the valley of the mountain grassland, Yili is more typical of the type of grassland range. Sri Lanka is at a new source of most of the grassland area in the county, 800-2084 meters above sea level, grassland kunas vast territory, large valley, is well-known Xinjiang grassland, Xinjiang fine-wool sheep is not only home but also an important source of Yili Happiness. Kunas precipitation rich grassland, well-developed water system, a wide variety of materials. June-September every year is the golden season of grasslands, vast grasslands, beautiful hills, cattle and sheep groups and groups constitute bit Zhanfang Summer of the Living Prairie. Grassland like colorful woven into the carpet, green and silver side of the end zone to spend, particularly in the blue sky backed by gorgeous and magnificent. Snow Xuefeng, Wu Hua meadow of flowers, green Spruce forest, the silver ribbon of water, gurgling streams and springs BUZZ. Fox from time to time, Marmota, wild boar, frozen chickens and so on come and go in between the forest and grass. Every summer, many tourists at home and abroad to experience this beautiful prairie scenery and Yili rich ethnic customs.

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Kanas Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kanas Lake is located in the northern part of Burqin County, 150 km from the county seat is located in a dense forest in the mountains of Altai mountains and lakes. "Kanas" Mongolian, which means "beautiful and mysterious lake", surrounded by it in Altai zone in the forest. Kanas Lake 1374 meters above sea level the lake, 24 kilometers long from north to south, Were 1.9 km wide, the deepest lake 188.5 meters, covering an area of 45.73 square kilometers. Kana Si region is a state-level nature reserves, protected areas with a total area of 5588 square km, the altitude changes in the 1300 --- 4374 meters. Altay highest peak friendship --- (43 0 m), standing on protected areas in the north-east of the Mongolian-Russian border on the three countries. Kanas is not only natural resources and rich in biological species and tourism environment and human resources unique splendor, with Kanas scenery in the north of the powerful, and a landscape of southern Johnson show, plus there are the "sea of clouds Buddha," " Color "," Long Beach driftwood, "" Huguai "and other scenic spots, how can the King can not be said Fu Jia Jing of the Western Regions, xian JING?! To the north is hard snowy mountains towering clouds of friendship peak. Lake Week Luan heavily stacked peaks, such as the Shan Lin Hua Ping. Structured different plant communities, the different colors. Every autumn to be more trees Zheng-Hui: Kim , Red, was the Molv splendor. YE Mao shrub forest, moss, dead leaves rotten wood, weeds all over Health. Glade as strains meadow, bright Yamahana. Wind Jingbo Lake in peacetime like a pool of emerald, as the weather changes and the replacement of a different hue, from morning to also change the style change. Whenever the smoke-filled, Xuefeng, Spring Hill If it is hidden, Huangruogeshi. Qi Bayue fish were on board the early morning after the Hunan section of the cable Luotuo Feng is considerable wonders of the Buddha.
  Lake re-week peaks Luan stack, such as Hua Ping Shan Lin, Huguangshanse, beautiful. This is the only southern Siberia fauna distribution of animals and plants, the growth of Siberian larch Flora, the Red , Spruce, fir, and other valuable species and a large number of birch trees, 83 are known to have Section 298 is a 798 kinds. Different plant communities structured, different colors. Every autumn to be more trees Zheng-hui: gold, red, was the Molv splendor. YE Mao shrub forest, moss, dead leaves rotten wood, weeds all over Health. Forest air Bacteria such as meadow, bright Yamahana. Wind Jingbo Lake in peacetime like a pool of emerald, as the weather changes and the replacement of a different hue, from morning to also change the style change. Whenever the smoke-filled, Xuefeng, Spring Hill, albeit not very clearly, Huangruogeshi. Qi Bayue fish were on board the early morning after the Hunan section of the cable Luotuo Feng is considerable wonders of the Buddha. This The animals are also very rich in resources, living in the Kanas known mammals, 39 species of fish 5 Section 8, Kana Si Lake also survivors of a "Huguai "---" big redfish." Burqin from the road leading to the Kana Si, has been in November 2001 was opened to traffic, from the arrival Burqin Kana Si, only Hours, Kana Si in order to protect the natural ecological environment in the future, the only coach to reach more than 10 kilometers away from Kana Si Jia Deng of the valley, where the change from green cars to the lake. In addition to Ka Nasi Burqin to the road, approaching from the Habahe County also has a road leading to the Kana Si, where the wind to go through The first north-west of the beautiful village - white Haba village in the northwest and the first post - Haba white border posts, Kazakhstan is the opposite. Kana Si to the lake, you will find here is a holiday paradise. The river is not only dense forests, revealed a unique aromatic pine trees, water and a cool breeze in the air. High grass slope , Is the seat of a wood house, a new European-built structures as well as local traditional wooden Tuva. Vegetated lake, Lake trestle into the heart, standing on the bridge considerable Mid-levels and lake scenery of the morning mist, boarded the yacht, you can always open to the other side of the lake. Lake outlet mouth of the wooden bridge East and West Fei Jia, standing on the bridge to the If the ping is a mirror of the Wolong Bay, south Pentium is the roar of the Kanas River. In the evening, here everything will be shrouded in a layer of gold, the small house up the chimney smoke. Lake surrounded by dense forests, flowers, green grass. Therefore, there is Kana Si called "Oriental Switzerland scenery" location Kana Si only Lake outlet, it is necessary to watch the whole lake Kana Si, we must climb to the top Immersi� Pavilion. Immersi� pavilion at the lake on top of a mountain, lake with a relatively high degree of 700 meters from the artificial lake built along the stone, need to climb a half-hour or so to get in the booth Immersi� Hill, a Have direct access to the Peak Road, although it did not feel the. Pavilion Immersi� part of the peak suspended mid-air, but this is half of the Ka Nasi Lake view the most critical position. It is said that Ka Nasi Lake turn six, can be seen from here 3. Speaking Immersi� Pavilion, it was also called yunting view or view Yuting, as here As in recent days, as cloud is white, in Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, the four countries of the plot --- Chiang's friendship with pure white snow peaks stand proudly in the northeast, green Castle, is a film from the Peak Melting snow from the deep blue lake, and the lake, with the cloud cover change, a different color, such as Mirage. And when misty rain, the whole lake was shrouded in mist, when the air is so clean, the wind is so soft ... ... Huangrugeshi.
2, Bay Wolong Lake Kazan said the local lake bottom of the pot that is shaped like the bottom of the pan and select the name, location in the Wolong Bay Burqin County on the way to go before the Kanas City, 140 km, 10 km away from the Kanas. 1, from the Wolong Moon Bay along the Bay of Hebei Kanas about 1 km, you will see a Blue Canyon crescent bays, and that is Moon Bay. Kanas Lake Moon Bay with the change, is set in a pearl Kanas River. Lake to stay there when they wrapped A light footprint. Moon Bay is a beautiful quiet spot signs of Kanas. 2, Tuva villages were talking about Kana Si would be complete without acknowledging the Tuva, Tuva is a Mongolian, the use of Tuva Mongolian dialect, Gu Cheng, "forest people," Now, in the Altai Mountains Behind in Russia, In the Republic of Tuva, where Tuva is a unified nation. Tuva to the nomadic, hunting for a living, they live in wooden huts, the intrepid courage, good riding, good skiing, sing and dance, it is essential to maintain a relatively primitive way of life.

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Orchard - Chinese tourism scenic spots

If it came to Yining in the fall, must go to town to the west of the Han Bin and orchards in the southern suburbs of the Treasury Tacitus Luck to the orchard, where local people have been referred to as "guests of Yining Park." You can personally from the great achievements of the branches off his apples, grapes, Begonia, apricots, is now picking to eat, where to eat less than this delicious fresh Fruit.

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Xiata tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Zhaosu Xian Xia Ta is a tourist destination full of magical color. Summit here on the brink of many across the south of the northern Tianshan main vein from the mountains and peaks in a Xiata River spilled out of the designated open flat grassland, and into the vast Yanbo Turks River Canyon Xiata to the River Pass by, the old, ancient ruins, folklore and natural King The composition of a culture of the ancient landscape. Xiata Mongolian is the "sand over the Arab-Israeli plans," Chuan Yin, the "ladder" of Italy, is the ancient Ili Prefecture to the traffic post, is now the seat of government Xiata Kirgiz nationality.
Zhaosu Xian city from the southwest to more than 70 km on the place, during which a prior Xiata River alluvial plain formed by the top Shirengou distribution of grassland, large-scale tomb group Wusun Xiata and the ancient city ruins. Xiata Canyon, also known as the Tang Road, the Silk Road is the most dangerous route. It over the main ridge of the Tian Shan-Zhar thatta Osaka. Gap, from more than 30 kilometers, is quite Yili 000 Xiata the hot springs. Quiet environment here, have been completed and a spa, do not have the high and low temperature (42 ? 64), have a good effect. Canyon Xiata back up again 20 km, cloud-filled Zha Erte (ancient Turkic language, which means Bingdaban) would lie XUEFENG in front, which is said to the Tang Dynasty is well-known " On "must pass through Bingdaban Yamaguchi, Tang Xuan Zang over the westbound" Ling Shan "the Silk Road connected the south of the Tianshan Road, North of the most important channel - Xiata Road lies. Canyon mostly stone steps along the way, significantly Remains of the Department of Road.
  Wanting Road rugged terrain Xianyao, some sections narrow, limited, , Camels and so on through the people and livestock, vehicles difficult to climb, since ancient times, the trail is the communication between the Southern Xinjiang Yili and road traffic, by the people's attention, the folklore of the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang had to cross the Road. Road to reach the Qing Dynasty to the use of the golden period of the early Qing Dynasty, the Southern Xinjiang Hotan, Kashgar, Aksu, and other areas Many Uighur people after his family moved to the Ili Road area of Zhaosu, and then move to other places. Yili are now all over the descendants of immigrants at the time. Yili three areas during the revolution, the national army also made use of the Road to enter the southern border, also on the trail to retain the national army was there to commemorate the legacy of stone Stone inscriptions. Modern, off and on the use of the trail was often the southern border of the small traders in small groups in order to catch animals to the sale of Yili do, often at home and abroad into the adventure lovers Road, to experience the taste of ancient mountains. Road starting point in the broad-Xiata on the Turks, the Tang period of the ancient city of Xia Ta, Wall scattered chic, the construction of tiles left over from everywhere, to all of a sudden Siwei La tourists to the grand occasion of the Tang Dynasty, then imagine a team of military force, starting from this caravan along the Road to enter the southern border. Xiata south from the ancient city went into a Pass, a high-road on both sides of a screen of row upon row of tall mound to Wusun have demonstrated time and a strong grasslands of the national culture of the specific content, the hills, beautiful natural scenery gradually, on both sides of the dense forests of flying people in the line of sight halfway up the mountain, the west side of the trench modern local residents to use a small hillside Yang Luchang naturally semi-circle; Road roundabout up to the south, differences In a critical situation, in a short span of one kilometer, a relatively high increase of more than 200 meters in the mountains to go, suddenly in front. Looking up at the towering old trees, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks; Fengmao grass at the foot of it, flowers are blooming, the grass go further in reducing gradually, to be replaced by some low shrubs. Xiata hot on the show in your eyes Shan Feng Jian seeping from the hot spring water, the higher the water temperature, rich in all kinds of trace elements for human disease such as low back pain and skin diseases have special effects. This upward, look, you might see, we can see the tall Bing-Feng, magnificent. For the valley at the foot of the ancient glaciers formed the "U"-type valley, turned up ice into the terminal on the Osaka Prefecture Su Wen Inside. If the Road to be spent on horseback through the 2 --- 3-day journey on foot over about 4 days.

  Well-known writers, scholars, Mr. Zhang Chengzhi in his "Summer Love Taiwan" wrote: only on the landscape, I also studied a number of real landscapes, including many of the harder alp Mountains, from the United States until the northern part of Canada's Rocky Mountains, China's Sanshanwuyue, Taihang Kunlun, as well as all of Japan's mountains, the last to come to the conclusion - the summer of Taiwan's first-line more than 100 km at the northern foot of Tianshan Blue Song Snow, is the most beautiful areas on earth ... ... as the summer of Taiwan's direct written Merimee Rotorua: every step 10 will be able to hear a different language ... ... with the ultimate goal - in the future, given the possibility of my body, I must in the summer of Taiwan to build a small house of their own ... ...

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Gordon Stone Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gordon Hill at the Zhaosu Xian stone more than 60 kilometers to the west of the mountains Gordon, the full name of "Binh Dinh Le-ming, Junggar Gordon Hill Monument." Is the inscription of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong personally Zhuanni, Gordon is set in the mountains of granite stone giant party.

Stone was 2.95 meters high, 0.83 meters wide and 0.27 meters thick. The amount of dragon inscribed, engraved with a positive, "Qing Emperor", engraved on the back of the "eternal" word inscription for the sunrise relief pattern in the East China Sea.

Full use of its positive, Chinese, with the back of the Mongolian, Tibetan language inscribed a total of four, the full text of the vertical to a total of 210 Chinese-character, the major record Qing Department of Junggar put down rebel leader Dawa Qi And after the record. Gordon Hill monument was built in the year 1760.

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Na Lati Prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Na Lati northern grasslands located in the South to the traffic along the west a new source of the city of Yining county, and even after the National Highway 312 through the east along the ancient channel then Cumberland Road station. In addition, the Tianshan Mountains Trans-Dushanzi Kuche ? ? highway is connected by Na Lati grassland.

Located in the northern steppe southbound Na Lati Tong Road to the west of the new source of the city of Yining county, and even after the National Highway 312 through the east along the ancient channel then Cumberland Road station. In addition, the Tianshan Mountains Trans-Dushanzi Kuche ? ? highway is connected by Na Lati grassland. Na Lati grassland is the world's grasslands, one of the four major sub-alpine meadow flora, it is a time The ranch is a well-known, with the flat valley, the high and steep mountains, deep gorges vertical and horizontal, lush forests, grasslands stretch add radiance to each other and with local customs Kazakhstan combination becomes a sight-seeing, tours, a scientific study, recreation, summer vacation, Souvenirs for the purchase of one of the tourist resort. Western Expedition legend of Genghis Khan, Mongolia has an army by the Tianshan Mountains to the depths of the Ili, then value spring, the mountains are filled with snow, cold and hunger so that the army were totally exhausted and do not want to turn the mountains, before it is a tapestry flowers The vast grasslands, spring clouds, water features, as if to enter another The world is going at this time of sunrise, sunset, such as blood, it's not shouting "Na Lati (sun), Na Lati," then left the place names.

Na Lati is the development of grassland in the first 3 minutes ancient alluvial layer on the grassland in Zhongshan, south-east then Nala Ti kaolinite, such as potential barriers along the north-west kunas Cut off the upper reaches of the valley, large areas of terrain tilt, spring clouds, vertical and horizontal streams. Geo-foot deep gully, cross the river, dense forests, wilderness show slow downs, pine cone ditch along the Qing-chu, there is little Zhanfang, the herd goes up, kunas grassland is an important summer pasture.
Na Lati Scenic Area is located in the county that the new source To mirror the town, located on the northern slope of Shan Chu Root to the town of Na Lati tourist reception center at the core, including the surrounding grassland, and many other attractions of horse races. There is full harmony with the quiet of the village. River valley development of clear, gentle mountains, about 11-12 degree slope, a lush growth of small iris stems mountain meadow formations. Its The main categories are associated Phlomis, false gentian, Carex, wheatgrass, fescue, such as strawberry and thyme. June to September, all kinds of wild flowers all over the open hills, red, yellow, blue and purple colors, and grassland will be a wonderful embellishment.

Na Lati grassland areas are now beginning to take shape, the area is currently into the Step-by-step development of scenic areas, scenic spots should be dug connotation of development, relying on natural scenery resources, improve the tourist resort of quality and taste.
Na Lati Department of subalpine meadow grassland vegetation lush and brilliant students of weeds and grass plants constitute up to 50-60 cm, coverage of up to 75-90% Zhong season, took the high grass wang, Biyin will have a bright, beautiful and great. Na Lati annual rainfall of up to 800 mm. Is conducive to the growth of pasture, a high carrying capacity, in the history of the prairie Nala Ti "Luyuan".

After a year in June, the group transferred to the Livestock and Grassland into the gold quarter , A variety of grassland were also meeting to be held here, so it was said that Nala Ti grassland is the place of assembly.
That Lati Ha-Sterling from the ski town 12 kilometers of new sources, Nala Ti from the airport is only two kilometers. During the winter, that endless snow fell across the mountains with the ups and downs connected to bear in the sky, mountain Days between the mosaic of dark-green row of pine trees, as if a natural ink. People ski resort or ski, or by motorized snow tourism, there are groups of children sat round of the snow, play hard play.

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Hui Yuan city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ili in Xinjiang's history is an important gateway to Central Asia, the Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the Ili region in order to strengthen governance, located in the Ili General was built Hui Yuan City, and they are being built around its eight satellite, known collectively as the "Yili NINETOWNS. " Are preserved better known as "Ili NINETOWNS" of the Hui Yuan City, the city also security The former site of the General Office.
  Hui Yuan city, a historic city in Xinjiang, it was Xinjiang's political, military, economic and cultural center, after years of changes, the precarious now benefits far into the city, into the general government, that was still serious, the elegance The atmosphere in the history of dumping.
  General Government 2 I-hsiung as prone lions, lions in the South delicate carving patterns in Xinjiang and the rough homogenizing the skills which they differ from the general ferocity of the majestic stone lions in the north, appears to be simple, humble foolish. General government for the construction of the main courtyard-style, the structure of the civil cornices "" I-beam cottage, simple and elegant eaves, no painting Leung Moment. Hospital towering old trees, old trees 4 is a living witness to history. Stand in vestibular seems to be looking forward Cha Shi-chi to stay, inquiry flying combat has been reported.
  "Hui Yuan" is the name of Emperor Qianlong in the name of the pro-Chee, is taking the Qing emperor Ende meant to benefit from afar. Hui Yuan bustling Old City for a while, at the time of construction in the city tidy, four vertical and horizontal Shing Street, through four: East Gate Jingren, Simon said Ze, South Gate Kai Sun, the North Gate Lai'an. City Center has a tall majestic bell Gulou to the town of the Quartet. Outside the city, many military installations, training officers and men of the martial arts school field. Many inside and outside the city of temples, mosques, Lama Miao ethnic minority is the main venues for religious activities. The streets with many shops, department stores Tuen cloud, the city is extremely busy in the market, "Little Beijing". Hui Yuan's Seongnam Wangjiang floor, located in the Ili River, red green glazed tile columns, often elegant Official letters or celebrity Denglou Tea Fushi, Yili enjoy the scenery. Well-known patriotic general Lin has lived here for two years and a On left is a recall of all kinds of stories. He was leading a vigorous anti-smoking campaigns and world-famous industry, but it was a result of Touxiang Pai frame slandered and was exiled to this official leather. Many far-hui came to the ancient city of sightseeing tourists, Lingong also want to know when this life.
  Since the war, sand Aggression, the city is also building destroyed by the war, many of the building were removed. Hui Yuan has since been gradually Ili wall of water erosion, remains on the ground floor of the multi-cultural Ili was flooded, the city buildings is no longer intact. North surviving today, the east part of the old city wall and the East Gate pier wall, that is, the benefits far from the Old City.
  Today, the benefits City is eight years Guangxu (1882) in the Qing government benefits far north of the old city 15 miles along the lines of the old city was built. Hui Yuan and the New City, Ili General Office Building at the same time period were 10 minutes away benefits Drum Tower, Drum Tower is located in the ancient city center 10 minutes, East, West, North and South are the four directions of the four Shing, 10 minutes for the four-Gulou three break canopies Peak wooden Building structure, with a total 23.76 m high. The base layer with the outside brick warehouse block, the edge of the platform are green-Hua Qiang, the ceiling for the base Wood side fight shop, gossip has drawn maps, wall also used to wood, brick set by block. Southern right arch wall to open a small door into the order and pick up on, to board the platform base. Platform on a wooden structure built Three-floor, cornices brackets, painting houses carved beams; have big four-terminal roof Zheng Ji Jun, and Aquarius in Tieji, the closure ridge to the top decorative animals have immortal, Lung-watt light with a hook in the first water. Canopy surface layers and all-green glazed tile roof covering, roof beams and columns are painted the amount of Fang Dynasty. Old, hanging on each floor Yan Jiao Tong-ling, the wind Ding-dong "sound, clear and sweet. Home on the second floor of the drum has a big bell for percussion of the time, day of the night at Shing Mun closed as a signal. The whole building towering tall and straight, powerful and magnificent, shiny. 10 minutes Drum Tower in 1927, 1964, three times in 1981 for maintenance, are well-preserved, is There are only a distant history of high-level traditional wooden structure of the building.
  In 2004, the state approved the project far from the ancient city of Yili Lin Hui-tourism projects implemented, the project strongly to restore the original old city, plans a total investment of 180,000,000 yuan, of which, the area of infrastructure investment to support construction 8,930,000 yuan, with a total construction area of 3313.9 square meters, the ancient city back to the Drum Tower 10 minutes as the center plans to build 4 of the North and the South East and West through the streets of the Shing Mun, each of the 1.5 km long street, and 8 meters wide, North and South, West 3 asphalt pavement for the streets, Main Street East are counterfeit-money Qingshi road; General repair will be completed by Yili Prefecture, East Gate (Jingren), Shing Mun North (for An) and the ancient city wall, and so do the existing buildings and construction of the museum, General, Housing Management, Wax, General Park gate, Folk Museum, museums, Exhibition Gallery, Zhao Bi, the former residence of Lin Gong, Mingshi Court, East Gate, and other old buildings. By that time to restore the original style "Fang Yuan" and so on a number of well-known restaurants and shops. So far, five have completed 87% of the project tenders, in addition to general Museum, Museum of Ethnology is not completed, all the other projects have been completed. The photo shows: what's new general government.

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Jingyuan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jingyuan qapqal Xibe Autonomous County is located in Temple City, 5 kilometers west of Sun's Zach village, the Xibe Eight soldiers and civilians in the camp in 1893 (18 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu) plot together to build the silver and donors. "Jingyuan Temple" magnificent scale, the construction area of 1000 square meters. There are built around the tall wall in front of the Hill have Yingbi carved, engraved above the main entrance of the tin, Chinese, "Temple Jingyuan" He, neat strokes, vigorous strong. Wide quiet courtyard, the Hall of room to connect the roads are paved brick. Jingyuan Temple Cuolayouzhi the entire building, symmetrical layout, engineering, fine, Diaolianghuadong, cornices different angle, very beautiful. Temple construction as a whole are Jingyuan With brick, wood carving art, with painting, clay sculpture.
Temple Jingyuan, the research Nationality moved westward from the north-east after Yili's history, culture, religion, arts and crafts building and the exchange of culture has a certain significance. In recent years, special funds allocated by the state for maintenance, repair is now the new one.

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Horgos - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yili to travel, the time squeeze should go to the Horgos Port, located in the Horgos 42 km from the city of Yining in the territory of Huocheng Xian, in China's border with Kazakhstan, it is the countries of Central Asia and Xinjiang An important trading port, with Khunjerab, tied for the Alataw Pass of Xinjiang in the third to the opening of the three major Chinese ports Horgos port town located at 3 km to the east of the bridge. Horgos in the history of business is Tongqu Road, the famous Silk Road north through Central Asia into the ports, which have been in the history of Xinjiang is the largest volume, renowned for its ports. Horgos Port history, "Yili NINETOWNS" Gong Chen's located near the city.
The port reopened in 1983, in cargo capacity 1,000,000 tons, 500,000 passenger trips. In November 1992 began, and the transport of goods and opening up, China has become a connecting China and Kazakhstan, countries in Western Europe as a bridge to the west and put the important work of the An already begun to take shape into a border town, and has an area of 1,000,000 square meters of the inter-border trade market.

In the port 28 kilometers away from the town water, make full use of the geographic advantage through large-scale development and construction of a processing import and export-oriented economy Qingshuihe Development is the rise of surgery.
Horgos in Xinjiang has become a bustling border city of Yili and an important tourist destination in the world.
It is located in the State Road 312 lines (Shanghai - Horgos Port), the most western end, the Longhai - Lan-Xin Railway of a new international channel of the most western end, from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region House Urumqi, 670 km, the Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, Yining, the capital city, 90 km; from the Kazakhstan city of Almaty, former capital of 378 km, 35 km Yaerkente City. Western China is one of the oldest and best geographical location of radiation in Central Asia market, the best of the natural environment, the most comprehensive volume, Gong The most complete of a class of the national highway crossings is an important gateway to western China. Port passenger and cargo transport all the year round access by land, our country and Kazakhstan in Central Asia countries, such as economic and cultural exchanges, international channels and a bridgehead in the promotion of China and Central Asian countries and between regional economic cooperation and cultural exchanges play Important role in an important strategic position and advantage.

In 2002, the national development of western China, Xinjiang, to speed up the pace of opening up the situation, the port management based on foreign and domestic markets and resources, initiated industrial park. In less than two years Inter, 80,000,000 yuan of investment, the completion of the initial area of 4.5 square kilometers, "a five-level" and achieve the goal of 535 million investment. Industrial output in 2004 amounted to 244,000,000 yuan, the park has been built within 7 business 73,350,000 yuan industrial added value, up 8.4 percent. This Will be "a multi-district park," the gathering of different industries development strategy, focusing on the construction of the four major parks: the leather processing park, food park, electrical and mechanical assembly Park, the Park production of chemicals. September 24, 2004, China and Kazakhstan signed an intergovernmental international border cooperation center framework agreement. At present, between the two governments counterparts Turning to the planning and construction of the tension is, in an orderly manner.

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Altai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Altai Mountains to the northwest to the southeast toward the west from West Siberia, Altay Prefecture, east to Mongolia, stretching about 2,000 km. Jun Qiao Wei in the mountains of rock, there are more than 2000-3000 years ago in ancient rock paintings left by nomads. Ji Munai from the county, Habahe County until Altay Most of the eastern part of the Green River County, has almost every rock in the mountains. Therefore, this mountain range known as the "journey of a thousand miles Altay Rock Hill corridor."

Geological geological structure on a tank in Altay fold belt. Hill first appeared in the Caledonian movement, the SP to form the basic outline of the end of the West, since the mountain was Yi later this plain; Himalayan mountain so that the movement followed the North West to the fracture displacement occurred block up before the formation of the modern face of Altai.
Geomorphological rounded Altai mountain, a slope widespread moraine stone, U-shaped valley sets of U-shaped valley, cirque ancient layered arrangement, the stone sheep back, side moraine, in the moraine, such as the end moraine-ching Can be seen. Altai how planation surface level, it is generally accepted that there are 4, 2900 were above sea level to 3,000 meters, 2600 ~ 2700 m, 2000 m and 1800 ~ 1400 ~ 1600 meters. The landscape with vertical clear from the high and low: the modern role of snow and ice with an elevation of 320 M to friendship and Kuytun peak to peak, the development of the valley glaciers, glacial cirque, the hanging glaciers. In addition, the Ak Curitiba around the lake, Ake Turku roll with the Arab rolling on the river bank is also the source of modern glaciers; role of the frost belt, 2400 ~ 3200 meters, the ancient terrain Bingshi clear snow up to 8 months to cold Weathering mainly; role in the erosion zone, 1500 ~ 2400 meters in order to cut water-based; denudation dry zone, 1,500 meters below. Kanas integrated natural protected area at the edge of the zone.

Climate Altai Asia stands at the abdomen of drought and desertification in arid and semi-desert Zone, west of the Atlantic circulation brings water vapor, Shun and Kazakhstan Irtysh River valley-zhai in. Sang Valley, north case of Altai, the uplift force of precipitation. With a high degree of precipitation increases from west to east and descending, summer and winter, spring seconds small, low annual precipitation Hill 200 to 300 mm, 600 mm up to the mountains Above; rain than snow, snow and a high degree of time with the increase in extended snow in the mountains for up to 6 to 8 months, Hill is only a low 5 to 6 months; changes in temperature and decrease with height increase. Altay mountain vertical gradient of climate change significantly, with a long winter and short summer is not significant features of the Spring and Autumn.

Wen Altai rich runoff, with the development of the Irtysh River uran Furukawa. Two Rivers are typical pose asymmetric comb water system. Irtysh River in Xinjiang is the only river outflow, the country drainage area 50,000 square kilometers with a total length of 546 kilometers; the main source of water supply for precipitation, snow and glacier melt water , The average runoff of 100 billion cubic meters, accounting for the Altai region 89% of the total runoff into the studio Sang Park, the last into the Arctic Ocean. Uran Furukawa, a tributary of the mountain, lost for the Piedmont area, a total length of 573 km, the final destination in Wulungu Lake (Buluntuohai, Fuhai), in more than two stations, watershed Plot for the 22,000 square kilometers, the source of supply is also the main winter snow, the average runoff 1,100,000,000 cubic meters. Two more upper reaches of the river canyon and fault basin, the largest drop, clear water, with less sand, water reserves of about 500,000 kilowatts, the development and utilization of the current low.

Vegetation and soil 3000 ~ 3500 meters above the vegetation for the type of cushion moss-like plant; for the 2600 ~ 3500 m high mountain - sub-alpine meadow grassland; 1300 ~ 2600 m for the forest steppe zone; 800 to 1300 meters is a shrub steppe; vegetation distribution of the minimum increase from west to east Such as the lower limit of the forest for 12 0 ~ 1900 m, shrub steppe for the lower limit of 500 to 1,500 meters, and desertification is the upper limit of 500 to 1100 meters.
Soil high to low, mainly marsh land ice, alpine meadow soil, sub-alpine meadow soil, the soil of Health Cao Hui, gray forest soil, chernozem, chestnut soil, brown soil, and so on Altai's rich and varied natural resources, there are a variety of mineral resources and good pasture, forest resources, particularly in high-quality timber in the Xinjiang occupies an important position, there are also abundant water resources.

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Erqie Ke-cut tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Altay is located 12 km southwest of the urban area, surrounded by large tracts of the Gobi desert, this is the burial culture of northern grasslands.

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Hot Springs, Western Inner Mongolia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Springs is located in Alxa Fuhai County, northeast of the Altai mountains in Alxa in the mountains, not far from the Butterfly ditch. Hill Alxa 1400 meters above sea level, rocks rocks, Ta Song green, luxuriant fragrant grass, water features, Yi Xuan, for its great variety of natural scenery. Hill has exposed the "breast-chuen," "hot spring", "Stephen Blood," "Cold Spring," " Stephen "," Shuangquan eyes "and the" snake-chuen, "renowned 8 spring.

  "Stephen breast" white color, with special treatment for stomach the value of the title of "Shen Shui", tied Quanbian filled with God imperative be white. "Hot spring" and the "blood-chuen," as one of the twin sisters, two Cup I both spring from the rough rock Poured in, the water temperature over 40 degrees Celsius, two through ten-meter-long into Mucao "Shuangquan" bathroom. Clear spring water as a mirror, smooth water, containing carbonate, sulfur, phosphorus iodine, radon and other trace elements, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, stomach, trauma-induced pain, as well as a variety of skin, has a good The effect. "Shuangquan" the bathroom every year to come here especially to receive thousands of tourists and convalescence. "Cold Spring" cold pressing is a good drink Jieshu "fountain" of stone halfway up the mountain from the hole in the smoke, water temperature above 30 degrees, some good effect; "fountain" of the two wings of rock Liexia, there are two healthy stream Such as Charged with diarrhea, commonly known as "Shuangquan eyes."

  Eastern, Western Inner Mongolia came to the valley, looked up the mountain, only Qiaoba peaks, cloud-filled, steaming hot. In the golden sunlight shot in the clouds, reflects the vision of a CMV. Halfway up a wooden Xiaoge, and the Observatory built, slim, sleek, beautiful large . Wei Xia in the steam cloud, albeit not very clearly, such as "mirage." There is a more than 10 meters high, "Ladder pass" through Xiaoge. Shun wooden ladder to climb Court. Stephen Genei sound Hua Hua, Wang Qingquan a wharf with bursts of hot air from the egg-sized hole in the stone gush out, the water temperature reached 30 degrees, the white color, as if Ock Falling into the pool. Stephen this fine-sounding name "fountain" of water quality and "blood" of the two-chuen, the same rule to arthritis, skin diseases, and so on. Stephen splash in the water on the hard stone, there are many large and small nest hole, it was spring water from Tianzhangrijiu drop. I think that if each of us young people, are like drops of Zhuo Shi Quan, dedicated, enthusiastic and up Ideals and engaged in the cause, we will surely win the laurel wreath and glorious.

  Hot water treatment. Has a long history in China. Zhang Heng in the Eastern Han Dynasty, "given hot," said: "sick, Yan-Park Hot Springs." Li in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" also cited the hot springs can cure many diseases La Shan Shan Hot Springs is not only beautiful scenery, wonderful spring, but also Wu, Codonopsis, Lily, Rose, Paeonia, Ganoderma lucidum, Lucao, the snow lotus, and Chinese herbal medicines such as Cordyceps Hill deer, lynx, Marmota, squirrels, frozen , And other animals.

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Birch Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Birch Park, also known as "Manpower Island", is said to be one of those years were named after the EC this summer. It is natural for the birch-lam, the main landscape and garden built with a total area of 52.5 hectares. It is located in the urban areas of the north-west corner of Altay, the upper reaches of the River Crane, a flood plain areas, flat open, the Crane River to split Six small islands, forming a water-lam, beautiful scenery and white.

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Tianshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great mountains of Central Asia. Trans-Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in central China, the western end into the territory of Kazakhstan. 2500 kilometers long, located about 1,700 km in China. East-west. North-South 250 to 300 km wide. The average mountain 4,500 meters above sea level to 3500, a number of peak More than 5,000 meters.

  Khan Tengri region is the most generous of the most towering Tianshan mountain, Khan Tengri peak 6995 meters above sea level, Tuomuer 7435 meters. Changes in the snow line in 3500 ~ 4500 m, north south high-low, there are a lot of mountain snow. There are wide of the Tianshan Mountain Block the fall of the valley and the basin, such as the Chinese territory of the Hami Basin, the Turpan Basin, Yanqi Basin, both yule Basin, the Yili River valley, and so on. Mountain Basin and are subject to the control of fracture.

  The Tianshan Mountains in China is usually 88 � east longitude near the border to Dabancheng, East and West divided into two parts. Paragraph high and steep mountains, the mountains continue, I Hydropower small fracture; Valley Basin area of small glaciers and Development, North-South transport difficulties. In addition to the eastern section of the Bogda Shan higher, because of a more moderate low. Smaller glaciers. As the uplift of the Tianshan in the Junggar Basin and Tarim Basin, the climate has become an important dividing line. On the north side of the more humid, Side of the drought. The northern slope of a spruce forest distribution, the southern slope of the mountain grassland and more. Plants, soil vertical change significantly.

  The northern slope of the spruce forest in 1600 ~ 2800 meters above sea level, the importance of forest resources. Have originated in the Ili river mountains, the Manas River, the Aksu River, and so on, or in the mountains Before the formation of large oasis in Xinjiang has become the main agricultural areas.

  Yili River valley rich in apples, grapes rich in Turpan Basin. Vast mountain meadows, pastures for good. Yili Ma, Ma Yanqi, Xinjiang fine-wool sheep are fine varieties. Mountain mineral resources are iron, nonferrous metals, coal and so on. Lan-Xin Railway by Mi Basin, to Urumqi, Turpan Basin, across the Tian Shan mountain range. Yili by Yanqi to the Tianshan mountain roads have been opened.

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Tianshan Mountain Safari Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjiang Tianshan Mountain Safari Park, also known as the south of Bogda Wildlife Park, located in Dabancheng area of the original ranch Tianshan two teams Wulabo ranch to the east, west Baiyang Gou village, north spit Ukraine major highway about 1 km away from Urumqi in the urban area of 25 km, north to Willow Lake, covers an area of 63.12 square kilometers, is the new Sheng-day investment group, the Urban Society for the Protection of Wild Fauna and Flora, Chaiwopu the construction of the joint management committee, plans to build a two-year period. Xinjiang Tianshan Mountain Safari Park is the proposed nature reserve in Bogeda south, covers an area of 75 square kilometers.

  Tianshan Mountain Safari Park quasi - 1147 a 69 kinds of animals, which are plant-eating animals, mountains 6 145, 9 kinds of desert plant-eating animals, 168, 275 birds, 45, 15 tigers, 15 lions, 14 leopards, wolves 21, 23 Bears, monkeys 200, 2 white tiger and so on. To protect the animal meat can Adequate food, Tianshan Wildlife Park is also keeping 1,600 sheep, 2000 chickens, rabbits 1000. Xinjiang Tianshan Mountain Safari Park geographical location within the many wild animals, including animals at the national level to protect snow leopard, ibex, argali, black stork and the Great Bustard; secondary brown bears are a protected species, Deer, crane and so on. Park, the major stock Xinjiang desert animals mainly of 62 kinds of wild animals, on a total of more than just the first.

  Tianshan Mountain Safari Park Museum is also planning to building a tiger, lion Museum, the Museum leopard, bear museum, Monkey Island, the White Tiger Hall, the Museum elephant, hippopotamus Museum, Museum giraffe, zebra Museum, Museum orangutan, Popular Science Museum Tourist shops, children's park, tourist hotels and so on.

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Wulabo city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulabo the ancient city is located in the southern suburbs of Urumqi in the urban area, about 10 kilometers, for the present-day city of Urumqi has been found in an era of the earliest and most complete preservation of the ancient city pool, has reached the millennium or so ago.

The ancient city of scale, the momentum out of the ordinary. It south of the Tianshan Beiyi, East and South Xinjiang Turpan-brief account of the necessary routes Shan Bai Yanggou population, the highest in the hub. Slightly ancient city square, more than 2 km circumference. Ben Zhu wall for the Tucheng, is the residual of up to 7 meters or so. City four corner there are still remains of a square turret. Each side wall are distributed more intensive projections on the walls of the horse's face it, there will be a wall in central door Weng Cheng (North Wall urn Shaopian West Gate). All of this shows that the ancient city that year with the functions of the military. In the inner city, on 3 Benzhu ancient city walls will be divided into 3 parts, separated into the northeast, northwest and south of the city kid 3. Some of the city also opened a sub-Weng Cheng and the turret. Son of the city in the South, has retained a damaged Benzhu Taiwan soil, may be In an important sites.

  Scattered around the ancient city within a more or less for the Tang and Song period of pottery have been unearthed in a small number of tiles in the Yuan Dynasty. Farmers near the ancient city from within picked many of the Qing Dynasty on behalf of the square hole of the round coins. These relics of a different era, one can imagine the ancient city has gone through a thousand years Vicissitudes of history.

The city of Urumqi from very near, so the study of the history of the city of Urumqi, Xinjiang's development is of great value

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Shuimogou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Urumqi, north-eastern suburbs have a large mountain park, which is well-known scenic spots Shuimogou. Shuimogou scenic, clear spring mountain, towers Hill, Hongqiao Hill, four Shan Shan Hot Springs Jiazhi, tall Xiaoyu Liu, on the hillside around the flowers, the shade pavilions in the shade between. Hill Baiquan spewing at the end of a long inexhaustible Flow Meeting Shuimogou flow from wear.

  Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the early years, this has become the tourist resort of Urumqi, the text of letters linger here, wrote many beautiful poems. Today Shuimogou Jade spring, the mountain is covered with fruit in the fall, people in the mountains Yechui self-entertainment, spa bath Adventure down the lake, take a cable car at high altitudes, enjoyable.

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Yaner scenic Waterloo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Urumqi, Yan Wo Seoul is located in scenic areas in the southern suburbs of Urumqi, from East Seoul Yan Wo Road to the east, west Lan-Xin Railway, the railway south from the quarry, the North arrived in Seoul Yan Wo junction gas station, covers an area of about 350 hectares. Yan Wo scenic city of Seoul is the only city in a scenic natural forest, 5 km long from north to south, east wide public 2 . Pumila mainly to trees, followed by Yang, Liu and wild rose bushes, and so one hundred years old accounted for 40%.

Yan Wo woodland Seoul, the capital of Urumqi is the "natural air-conditioning green", but also guarding against wind and sand of the natural barriers. Here lush old trees, flowers Jing Yan, elegant environment, the development of "the protection of old trees Lord, supplemented by eco-tourism "scenic spots.

Yan Seoul plans to scenic Waterloo integrated travel experience into old areas, eco-tours to experience travel zone, flower garden display area, Ukraine to resume broad-leaved River area travel tours, tour historical and cultural tours to recall the five district and a part of the visitor center for the development of Building.

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Tianshan Tree Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tree Park, located in the Tian Shan Wensu county in the northwest 60 km, 1700 m above sea level, covers an area of 600 acres, known as the "Pearl of the Gobi." Park, towering old trees, exotic patterns, set in the magical and beautiful one, the mountain is covered with the "Kowloon up the sea", "Liu revive", "happy Ping" Little King, the top Park Service "springs St. , All praise immersive wow. Tree Park is also unique because of its location. Show grams of wood from the Turpan-forward, is the endless desert, no trees, no grass, in addition to the distance to see the mountains and near the sand, the other can not see anything. Forward dozens of kilometers, far To see on the Gobi there was a small green, it is Tree Park. People come as a surprise, unbelievable.

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Customs street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Er Daoqiao market is the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2001 of the 10 major markets in construction projects. It marks the completion of Erdao Qiao to the center of the national tourism trade to form the circle, marking the national economy and integration into the world economy. 2 Urumqi is located in Orange City, the collapse of the liberation of South 37. Accounting for ground 8818 square meters, 135 meters from east to west, 40 meters wide north-south, the construction area of 35,000 square meters. Xinjiang Erdao Qiao market full of rich design of the Uygur architectural style. The market for one to three business district, all-minority businessmen to use their unique enthusiasm and sincere, very special The national non-governmental arts and crafts, Xinjiang's unique Ganxianguopin eight points of the compass to attract tourists. Urumqi is the largest of four comprehensive national Ballroom dancing. Shouzhua attractive meat, the delicious baked buns, crisp and tender of Kaoquan Yang, the Zhuafan shine, the full flavor of the sauce and Latin America, as well as those notes are not simply called on the name of the snack Over your eyes, your appetite with traction, exposure to the market Erdao Qiao, a style of exotic closely you will be surrounded, then you involuntarily to a warm, relaxed then, 365 days, so every day. Offices are five to six stories, industry and commerce, taxation, banking, post office into the market to operate to serve the population in households.

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The geographic center of Eurasia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East longitude at 87 � 19'52 ", latitude 43 � 40'37" location, is located 30 km southwest of Urumqi, the Yongfeng Township package Caozi home village. The center in 1992 by the Xinjiang Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences of the determination of several scholars, and it further defined Urumqi is the world's most isolated ocean City. Caozai home village, only 30 households, looked looked from here, there is the East Bogda Mountains, south of the Tianshan there, the West has Toutunhe, is the northern Junggar Basin, the kind of an "Asian Heart" feel very proud .

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Hongshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Red Mountain is a symbol of the city of Urumqi. It is the fault of a folding mountain, towering stand in the urban center, mainly due to the mountain from the Permian purple conglomerate structure, named Red Hill. It separated from the Urumqi River and west of Hill Yamalike us from across the sea.

  Was east-west mountain, the main peak above sea level 13 1 meter. Whenever the twilight, rock video, red Yi Yi, which got its name. As a result of the mountain like a tiger, the extraordinary momentum, Qiaoyansechi, it is also known as the "Hutou Shan", "Red Mountain mouth." Hongshan and the lack of kilometers away across the Yamalike Hill (commonly known as demons Hill) with confrontation. Yamashita, the Urumqi River north-south North and South. Red legend Tianchi is flying in a red dragon, ground into rock, but not to law-abiding slowly to the Yamalike Paqu Hill, once the closure of the two Shan, the Urumqi River has been blocked, the city put into Wang Yang flooding. As a result, in 1788, Urumqi all Shangan Commission (talk about a superstition of local officials Manchu), then So that the two "dragon" head of the construction of a green-9 "Po Town." Red Hill tower on top of which has been retained, and the hills of Yamalike tower in more than twenty years ago, winds were blown over in recent years before the new repair.

  Chia-ching 2004 (1799) has built a Yuhuang Miao, Cimiao "towering temples Chalk terracotta wall ", commonly known as the son of Hongmiao. Foothills also built a large temple, the Beidou Palace, and Temple, and other religious buildings. Officials of the local people boarding a Red Hill to the east," Yao Ji "Bogda customs. After the war, These temples were destroyed in the war. Now the Peak in recent years for the new temple.

  The past, by the Urumqi River Flooding, raging disaster, in order to "lock Hill town water", the Qing Emperor Qianlong 1964 (1788) and Qing Shang Commission have ordered the Red Hill in the top of the construction of a 10.5 m high of reunification 9 solid blue "Town pagoda", so far intact. Hongshan pagoda has become a symbol of the city of Urumqi, "Ying-inclined tower "Urumqi has become one of the Eight. After the liberation of the mountain water, wide planting flowers and trees, to build religious pavilion, the provision of a park lake building, floor, building the temple was built to have been built over a total area of 506,000 square meters of the Peak Park. Visitors climb Red Hill in excellent shape, can be majestic panoramic view of Urumqi.

  In ago ~ 270,000,000 .25 Million years ago the two Ji Diego, Urumqi is the vast inland along the ancient lake basin, the ancient lake basin in the proliferation of large quantities of ancient fish, amphibians ancient, ancient birds, insects and arthropods as well as the ancient dense Ancient plant. After his death they were buried in sand in a timely manner, through complex geological become fossils have been completely Kept down. Urumqi Hongshan and demons, the area of formation buried in a rich fossil, which was in general Geologic workers and even residents can find convenient and collected. Fossils is an important geological heritage, it reveals the ancient geography of the ecological environment of paleontology and evolution history, but also for a watch The study of tourism resources. Eco-old geographer, Mr. Haitao Hongshan area of the ancient ecological geography more than 20 years of careful study, collected nearly 1,000 pieces of rare ancient \ Health on behalf of the stone, with the exception of cod a large number of ancient, ancient birds, ostracods, the type of gill flap Ancient insects, Lo wood, such as the fern fossils of ancient animals and plants moving, but also found And the population of rare fossils.

  Which is very valuable in the Permian strata found in the ancient amphibians have tail fins head shoulder - frog salamander fossils, fossils of the ancient times, will head to survive the end of an era by the continuation of the Devonian to Permian, that is, the whole Extended about 1.3 billion years. The new findings, the study The type of habitat into the 1970s, evolution, and its division into the floor again and again in the geographic distribution of discipline, of great scientific value. More valuable is that he has in the Hongshan area 2.7 million years ago before the formation of the Second Diego Ji collected 6 cases of "fin-winged bird" fossil specimens. The fossils of a bird-winged birds with the characteristics of pectoral fin fish, the Generous and long, it is referred to as fin-fin, shark's fin about to start a considerable length of the body length, it is a "fin-winged birds." Fin-winged birds have been initially developed forepaw back feathers, a bird head, neck birds, but still retain the dorsal fin and tail fin fish, which fish may be critical to the evolution of birds ecological fossils. Hongshan fin-fin era of fossil birds than Germany Luo Ji formation found in the "archeopteryx" as early as 1.2 billion years. Fin-winged birds found in the world, or the first case, it may be revealed directly from birds evolved from fish, birds and thus the impact is the evolution of amphibians to the traditional concept. Fin-winged birds and found that its further scientific research is likely to add to or To write the history of the evolution of paleontology, is of great theoretical value. Fossils of these rare occasions in Urumqi on public display, attracted much attention from all walks of life and sensation.

In recent years, Lin has established a national hero in the Qing Dynasty stone statue commemorating the Red Hill and the sculptures of a green, red hill on top of the board House view, "Border Town panoramic picture.

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One glacier - Chinese tourism scenic spots

One glacier is the source of the Urumqi River, located 125 kilometers southwest of the urban area of Nagel days in the mountains, elevation 3860? 476 meters, about 2.2 kilometers, with an average 500 meters wide, covering an area of 1.8 square kilometers, around the distribution of more than 150 large and small Mixed modern glaciers. As the modern glacier cluster , The landscape of glaciers and the sediment is very typical, ancient glacier remains intact, and so I have the ice "glacier living fossil" of the reputation of our country ice observation and study of modern and ancient glaciers remains the best place.

Ride along National Highway 216 southbound, I can reach the proximal glacier, where there is light Crystal and the silver ice waterfall in the tongue, researchers Zaocheng the 80-meter-long large ice cave, such as the fairy tale Snow White in the Hall of silver. Marmota around the cliff that there are areas, but also lucky to see snow lotus. Round-trip en route for viewing the Tianshan vertical landscape with unique scenery.

  From Gap to the south line Heyuan reached Urumqi River District, where more than 120 kilometers from the city center, an elevation of 3740-4480 meters, the snow line average height of 4055 meters, 1-5, here are five modern glacier, the largest is the Nagel-day peak of the northern slope of a Glacier, the world's cities from the most recent glacier. 19 9, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou Institute of frozen glacier in the Tianshan Mountains Glacier established a research station, which is China's only state in the international exchange and opening up the high mountain glaciers Research Station.

  One 2.4 km long glacier, with an average width of 500 meters, covering an area of 1.85 square kilometers, the largest thickness of 140 meters, Velocity are about 5 meters at the bottom of the height of 3740 meters above sea level. Internal crystal blue glaciers, ice vertical and horizontal fracture; of the pyramid-like peak angle, serrated knife ridge, arc-shaped terminal moraine of the glacier and the glacier river Xuanteng unique charm, it is shocking. One glacier in the following more than 3500 meters above sea level, we can see into The valley, rock, rock basins, and the cirque like sheep in sheep's back, and so Bing Shi dorsal stone landscape, at an altitude of 2800 meters above the valley to preserve the period of ice deposits.

One away from the glacier near the city, public transport, and preserved remains of ancient glaciers clear, "glacier living fossil" reputation China's observation, research and the best place to watch the glacier. Fortunate enough to stay glacier, surrounded by a white winter landscape of the world, covering the strange and wonderful ice-cold silence, you will realize that an extraordinary level of the refined, as if they are soluble in Bingqingyujie.

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Tianchi and forests - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianchi Lake Forest and share weal and woe, the Tianchi Lake virgin forest, most of the all-Picea spruce, Picea also Siberian larch and spruce, Picea spruce and poplar, white birch mixed-Lin. Tianchi Lake in the south-west of the hillside, spruce Picea Mimizaza, layer upon layer, there appeared to be a spectacular Lin. Micronesia Deep shade of a tree Weng Yu, Lu did not Rise; lodging messy aspect of the Lao Gan, Zhe-Zhi Bai Ye, covered with moss, blueberry and Wintergreen. Tianchi is far from some of the mixed coniferous forest, a few meters high rose, honeysuckle and hawthorn, and so on, are full of tall trees under the canopy of space, so that particularly dark, dark forest. Hang Yin has edge More than 10 years of the Qing Dynasty poet Xiao Xiong wrote: "Bogda Shan from peak to see dense, not income alone, the dry rot was a lot of the plot, say several dynasties." Tianchi Lake from the dense forests of the This can be seen. Picea Spruce Pine, also known as Tianshan, evergreen trees, trees of up to 400 years old. Straight trunk-side, very vigorous , The general height of 30 meters left, chest diameter of 50 cm.

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Khan Tengri Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Khan Tengri Temple is located in Urumqi, the south gate. In 1987, originally in the Nanguan Mosque on the basis of the expansion to be in favor of this, "Khan Tengri" (King of King of the meaning). The two-floor building for the ceremony, shopping for the lower and upper class is a mosque, were set up on both sides of the floor outside Denglou semi-circular steps, the Islamic - Integration of modern art and architecture all in one, unique style.

  Reconstruction carried out in 1902, 1987, in the original Nanguan Mosque on the basis of further expansion to be in favor of this, "Khan Tengri" (King of King of the meaning), the city is a large mosque Uygur One. After the reconstruction of the Temple, located in the South Gate street, sitting west to east, the appearance of magnificent, beautiful shape, the four tall minarets, surrounded by a large dome in the middle, and another two on both sides of the foil dome, with a rich and elegant architecture of the Islamic Style.

  Temple-Tower as a whole, from 4 layers, and Two-, two-floor; temple to the bottom of shopping malls, that is, two-story ground floor, living space is a temple, the third tier for the hall of worship, is the four-storey building after school classes. All-style temple with a forthright attitude of the rich Islamic art and modern architectural styles into one tower dome, crescent Tajian, solemn, solemn, grand, strong , Eye-catching.

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People's Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

People's Park an average of 800 meters above sea level, located in the "Yin Ma Bridge" sculpture hundred meters west of the Department. In 1755, in the northern Tianshan Junggar Khanate of extinction, the Qing government troops began the construction of Urumqi City, 3 years after the city of Urumqi in the shape of the formation of Red Hill in the south, where a swing as a result of the Urumqi River and the formation of the left Park officials have been turned into open land, the lake was known as the "Hai Zi" A few years later, things Urumqi Minister Wu Mi-tai here to build the first building that is "wild show booths." This is a major scenic spots Urumqi at the time, there is evidence of doggerel: "Hongshanzui Hai Zi-along, the scenery beyond the Great Wall Jiangnan win." Later, I do not know why, "Hai Zi" called "off Lake." In 1878, General Tso recovered Ili addition to the outside of the Xinjiang region, four years after the reunification of the motherland Ili, Xinjiang Province in 1884, Xinjiang is now the rule of the Center for the Urumqi, Xinjiang's first new governor will LIU Jin-tang, "Wu Guan" Take on all sides , "Wu Guan" clear if the mirror and take Zhuang Zi "In view of the water," Zhu Xi and the "concept book felt", "Kam Kai-Banmufangtang a" sentence, called "Jian Hu" (now available in the summer Jian Hu Boating).

  People's Park was originally called "Fun Park", commonly known as "West Park", the Department of the city's largest park, which Urumqi River in the West Bank had only a piece of the lake, surrounded by old trees Weng Yu. 20 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1755) the construction of Urumqi city, the officials into open space to land. Nine-year Guangxu (1883) park began to build. In 1918 the administration of Xinjiang by Yang also be a new expansion, lake dredging, the whole Lake, modeled on the Central Plains region of ancient palace style, built Danfengzhaoyang Court, and then build Longwangmiao, drunk Xia-ting, Xiaochun Ting, Ting Jian Hu, also in memory of the Qing Ji University who built the "micro-cottage reading" And so on. Park is now in the towering trees, flowers everywhere. There are winding streets in the garden park, the bizarre, "water Palace ", the pre-trial booth next to the sculpture, and children's amusement park roller skating and field facilities, and other attractions. By the spring and autumn, when Flower Show, bonsai exhibition, painting and calligraphy exhibition, a photographic exhibition. Midwinter ice event held 39 regular and carried out Skating movement.

  In 1898, the Department of households left Zhangyin Huan Shi Lang was a result of the Reform Movement of 1898 "to the party, Culture and Sport The first of the "exile Urumqi, Zhang Yinhuan the following year donated small building repair heart Jianhu Lake, named" Ting Jian Hu "(now turned into" Hu Xinting tea ").

  March 15, 1912, the central interim government to power in Xinjiang governor will be re-captaincy general, on May 18 the appointment of Yang Yuan by the new Xinjiang captaincy general, After taking office, not by the new few years, Jian Hu will become a public official to visit places that people call it "Jian Hu Park" or "West Lake Park" (now referred to as the "West Park").

  In 1918, Yang by the new exile in memory of Urumqi to the Academy Bachelor Shidu Ji Xiaolan, a row of the promenade construction of the cottage Named "access to micro-cottage" (1995 reconstruction). Ji Xiaolan in Urumqi to write the "micro-cottage reading notes," China's Qing Dynasty one of three well-known novels (the other two are "stone of dollars" and "Strange Stories").

  In 1921, the council president Li Rong Xinjiang raised like Beijing Hall of Supreme Harmony Design, construction, "Danfengzhaoyang Court." Upon completion, but also set up "drunk Xia Pavilion", "Changting train", "Xiaochun Ting", "Eight Diagrams Pavilion" Jianhushuixie "and" access to micro-cottage Memorial Promenade "and" Danfengchaoyang Court, "the former Building "like home Pavilion", erected by the new home of Yang uniform stand face gold statue. This Pavilions built, Yang by the new check, "Zhou Wenwang to all people alike," meaning, changed its name to "Fun Park" (now only your own pavilions to identify, because most do not specify).

  In June 1928, the end of the Northern Expedition, on July 1 by Yang on its own new office in Xinjiang Provincial Government And commander-in-chief, on July 7 was stabbed to death. November 17, the provincial Chief Minister Jin Shuren Nanjing was appointed Chairman of the Xinjiang Provincial Government. Jin Shuren came to power after a year on July 7 of Yang Ji Chen Qun Liao rate in the bronze statue of the former Zhiji to show Zhuihuai.

  April 12, 1933, ulu - Occurrence of the "four? Coup on January 2," 14 and "commander-in-chief East Jiaofei" Sheng Shicai by virtue of military power grab by the highest authority in Xinjiang. Sheng Shicai ruling, Yang was destroyed by a new bronze statue, "like home Pavilion" were removed. "Fun Park" was renamed "Dihua Park." (1763, Urumqi The four-door completed, emperors Qianlong to the city of Urumqi Ciming "Dihua Town," "Dihua" was intended to have been inspired, not "enlightenment education" means. )

  August 29, 1942, Song Meiling Urumqi to persuade to join Sheng Shicai Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Kai-shek Sheng Shicai to express his "submission" "Sincerity" in the Sept. 17 under house arrest all of the CPC Xinjiang, and the following year on September 27 will be Chen Tanqiu, Mao Zemin, Lu Lin secretly killed.

  Chun early in 1944, Chiang Kai-shek's 29th Group Army Headquarters from Jiuquan, Gansu Province moved to Xinjiang Hami, Xinjiang's total military and political control of Chiang Kai-shek was . September 2, 1944, Xinjiang's Yili area, Nilka County, the outbreak of armed uprising. Since then, the armed struggle against the Kuomintang rule, the fire spread Yili area, Tacheng area, Altay Prefecture. October 14, 1945, Zhang Zhizhong, led the country to fly Urumqi, Xinjiang delegation peace talks with the three districts, political revolution The delegation of the negotiations. The following year on July 1, Min Zhang Zhizhong of the party and the Government as "joint Xinjiang provincial government," Chairman of .1947 in on May 21, three districts of Chiang Kai-shek in order to counter the growing political influence, was appointed representative of the Pan-Turkism number one Max Takenori Xinjiang governor. In August, three representatives of the withdrawal of the Yili area, Joint Xinjiang Provincial Government, "broke down.

  In January 1949, Chiang Kai-shek adopted the recommendation of Zhang Zhizhong, Bauer became Khan as governor of Xinjiang. In the KMT era, "Dihua Park" has changed its name to Zhongshan Park. "

  September 26, 1949, Bauer Khan, governor of Xinjiang Province issued House power uprising, the peaceful liberation of Xinjiang.

After the liberation, "Zhongshan Park" renovation to be known as the "People's Park." Park now have a new monument to the martyrs of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang (built in 1956), a children's playground, public stadium, park in the garden, flower bed, and so on.

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Dinghaishenzhen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Dinghaishenzhen" days is a century old elm tree beside the pool. Legend has it that the Jade Pool in the Queen Mother was held in Sea peach event, the various gods were invited to dinner, but had not been invited to Tianchi Monster, the Monster waves and then, suddenly rolling clouds, winds masterpiece, the monstrous waves. Queen Mother's fury, Tram Bi head off into the pool Monster lived. Later, the root has become a major Tram Bi elm, Climb for thousands of years, stand in the Tianchi Lake on the north shore. 1915 meters above sea level here, not elm growth, so the only one, and have never been flooded Tianchi Lake, lifetime is staggering.

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East small Tianchi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianchi in the small eastern shade dense virgin forest, thick undergrowth beside the pool, the boulder out. Molv dark water is often a turmoil. East Tianchi small inaccessible, is particularly gruesome and mysterious. Although it is not as small West Tianchi, but the special landscape, without any modification, the good mood. East small Tianchi formed when water spilled Article tall waterfall. Bailian such as this falls vacant, and Fei Liu, the sound of thundering waterfall. Falls of impact of the water stirred up when the smoke blurred in the sunlight, will flash a little rainbow. And strong and thick drizzle as water, the rocks on both sides of the moss and a new washing plants. Tianchi water from the northeast Having diarrhea cliff, forming a spectacular waterfall. This falls down Erosion from the pool is small eastern Tianchi.

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Urumqi Mo Guicheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The mysterious Qitai Mo Guicheng Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in Qitai County General hidden deep in the Gobi an unfathomable mystery of the ancient wall. The area around the city of 80 square kilometers. Every night the wind from time to time, the city will issue a gloomy Qice voice, sounds like the devil in the myth of the call, so that the people here for the Magic City. Devil in the city, there are many lifelike model of rock, such as the Arab mosque, Cambodia's Angkor Wat in the west of the Potala Palace, and so on Mao. Some also like the peasant woman Wangui, the concept of Monty days, the monks chanted Buddhist scripts Journey to sleep, work cattle, Panda play stations, water Lu Lei, Moriyama monkeys. These people may like objects Type, all of life.

  "Mo Guicheng," Wuerhe is another name of the Windy City. "Wuerhe Windy City" refers to a region Wuerhe Yadandemao. On the ground there, due to the lack of surface water and large areas of dry ground, a crude substance, over and over the sand, there are thinly scattered in a number of mainly small sparsifolia Cong. To open, originally from red ocher and Chenopodium table-shaped rock formation consisting of Hill, after millions of years due to the impact of wind and water erosion, the form has become fragmented, looks like an ancient seat of the wall, a fortress and palace , The Gothic, Chinese-style, Egypt-style, as if a "Window of the World . Among them, there are many vivid visual style, its towering stone on the mushroom, stalagmites, shiting, columns, cut into the rock below the surface of the wide street, in alleys, caves, the temple tank, the personification of the bird-like, Animals, Yu Chong, the human body, summer and fall season each year ... ... often wind blowing 78. Wind along the valley breeze, The gravel, issued by the mournful sound, like Guikulanghao, gruesome. Under these circumstances, it is man-made Wuerhe wind began an image of the city's name - "Mo Guicheng."

  "Mo Guicheng" Qitai County north of the city, about 110 kilometers south of General temple site 40 kilometers, geographic coordinates for the East 89 degrees 42 minutes north latitude and 44 degrees 58 minutes, nearly 900 meters above sea level.

  The city is Yadandemao for the cause of physical weathering, erosion and collapse of intermittent flood erosion is cutting the city in the form of "building" and "Street" Lane's main power, wind power coupled with the appropriate cut and polish, they formed a variety of A wide range of building Rock. The composition of the city's formation in the last level of the Jurassic, Cretaceous of red, yellow and gray color and its transition types of sand and mud. 20-50 meters high in general. Seven Wonders of nature in the long-term effect, to form a maze of dream-like world, "the Potala Palace," "Angkor Wat" Rome Colosseum, "" Mount Fuji "," Lunan Stone Forest "...... everything all times and in all the famous sites; so-called "stone monkey view of the sea", "working cattle" and "recline lion", "Xiao Hou Before the end "," Youth Pre-employment Training Mirs "...... a wide variety of landforms dazzling landscape, vivid Mo Guicheng exposure to set the image you can think of to maximize long to play.

  Many well-known building in the world can find it here in miniature, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Tibet's Potala Palace, Egypt's pyramids, the Sphinx, on the Mongolian steppe, Arab-style mosque everything There are lion sculptures desert, a Tuodui Silk Road, the sea turtle group, arrived in mid-stream ... ... can not win column reference. Outside of which, like the construction of the world into the art museum, so dizzying, awe. These masterpieces of nature, can be uncanny workmanship, endless wonderful people admire a five-way vote, so that visitors flow Pleasant, but also caused Xiasi unlimited.

In addition, there are two Mogui Cheng, a Taiwan-General at the odd desert along the north and the other is the colorful Jimsar in the northern city.

  In geology, geomorphology Mogui Cheng referred to as wind or Yadandimao. This is the landscape of the Triassic sedimentary rocks of different colors, Jurassic sedimentary rocks of different colors and feel of the Cretaceous sedimentary rocks composed of different colors, through the rain and wind erosion of the cutting, Tianchangrijiu on the formation of such a gesture of thousands of colorful natural landscape.

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Ya City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Ya", also known as "Jarre as" Uygur on "the dangerous steep hill," the call, the terrain around the park in the Romanian side of the Ya development of the most typical regions, the most widely distributed area. The most spectacular is the "City", is located in the ancient Lop Nur lake in the Northeast, is a wind of the strongest areas of high and steep mound like Profile palace, the shape of Fu Wo Long, a huge mound of Taiwan as much as 12-20 meters, the wall rise steeply, it is extremely difficult to climb. From the section on the wall can see clearly that the water into the bedding; is the lower part of the thick layer of gray-green sand and silt in each layer, is the top layer of reddish clay silt layer of calcium carbonate cemented by the very Kennedy To form a protective layer, so that the top surface is very smooth mound.

"City" and "building" colorful shape: Some of it is as if "Castle", dignified and solemn; some may "wall", Hu Ju Lung Poon; as some high-rise buildings, the sky. Wrong in the distribution of these features between the wide article Au wind to the streets as if every road, appears to be deep, quiet, do not have the charm. Exposure to the "City", Pojue front of the "City" is not a city, the ancient city increasingly capable of real ones.

  China's vast Xinjiang region, surrounded by mountains, in North and South are on both sides of the larger Yamaguchi. Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean Pass into the air flows through the northern part of Xinjiang, and then bypass the eastern section of the Tian Shan into the Tarim Basin, along the way in various parts of the region's strong winds caused a long time. Xinjiang, the wind, long duration (up to 100 days a year above), widely distributed, wind, so we often hear weather forecasts of cold air from the Xinjiang Interest rates.

  As the "Kingdom of the drought" in Xinjiang, the wind on the shape of the landscape is of special significance. Ya, City, Mo Guicheng, and other special types of landforms Fengshen is a masterpiece. "Ya", also known as the "Jardin", is on the Uygur, "the steep hill in a critical situation" of the call, the terrain in the Lop Nur Ya Wai development of the most typical regions, the most widely distributed area. At this point in the late 19th century leaves beginning of the 20th century, the British and Swedish Sven Stein, to Lop Nur area study, the author uses the term. As a result, "Ya" has become the world's geography and archeology of the generic term, Refers to the dry areas of a special landforms.

  "Ya," the landscape is usually dry areas in the development of the Lake Plain plot, as the lake dried up, as a result of shrinkage of split clay, the prevailing winds continue to blow along the corrosion cracks, fissures expand gradually, so that the original flat surface into a number of irregular , The prevailing wind direction with Shun Line extension of the steep ridge Kong (Piers) and wide-shallow trench different phase of the unique landforms. Half a meter high mound to more than 10 meters, tens to hundreds of meters long, is the element of silt, sand and clay spinning; the narrowest part of a trench 12 meters, most of the tens of meters wide. In the ancient Lop Nur lake's east and west, north, there are 3000 square kilometers Kind of "Ya," the landscape.

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