Chan River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chan Meng River originate in the county law will ditch Chan, a total length of 35 km, the basin area of 180 square kilometers in the city of Luoyang River into the East. Chan is now the river water normally Qing Qian, Sang lower garments may be involved; only summer and fall of water up, Pentium, rap, often irritable He did not coast.

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Equality of the Northern Qi Dynasty temple statues monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Equality of the Northern Qi Dynasty temple statues monument, also known as the "temple monument", in this 15 km east of Luoyang Old City in the Han, Wei Dong Yuan, the Yanshi County Tablet temple in Southern Village. Stone side by side, the lower part of the deep underground. The exposed surface, ranging from a high of about 1.5 to 2 meters. According to the elderly in the village, buried in the underground sections of four, as much as foot.
Ping Temple monument statues, exquisite carvings. According to the village of Qianlong in 1967 (1791 AD) monument reads: "Therefore, the East all week, of the Eastern Han Wen-hui also. Yuan Wei Jian at the palace too, said a temple of equality. Gao Qi years, the monument erected to four." Cibei to review the past for the moment by the Northern Qi Dynasty.
  The first pass, the monument in the first round of six-long V; for the middle Arch shrine, a laser Buddha, the Buddha, as the lower part of Yunqi, Lotus, and other components of the design. Under one, under the mantle of the vertical niche, Foqi birds with respect, both sides have their own legislation as the Buddha. Buddhist monks bottom line, such as carved-yang of the story to support the activities of those who Fig.
The second pass, with the exception of the first monument outside his ground on the second floor. An upper niche, Second, a Buddhist bodhisattva; gorgeous down in the lower mantle, the shrine of the two side by side, each carved Buddha, his disciples, the Buddha as a group, between the two niches for people to support title. In another milestone on both sides of the dragon in the first, it would be cutting of the second floor of the shrine, a Zuofo upper and the lower-carved Buddha Buddha II.
The third-dance sculpture in the middle of the three fly, Figures for the second floor. Cutting of the two upper niche left for the Kowloon around under an Oliver, a right of the road as Toutuo. Three lower niche, for a second Buddha Buddha, Sakyamuni on both sides of the small niche for Dubbo practice plans; vacated niches carved on the fly two dance; under the central niche carved lotus, squatting on both sides of the carved lion-shaped bed of the beast One image of the brave Force.
The fourth pass, the central arch of a sharp shrine, a laser Buddha Buddha II. For the middle of the six arched niches side by side, each with a carved Zuofo. The lower one for the arch-shaped niche, a laser disciple of Buddha and two second Buddha. Monument are no side-decorated, carved on both sides of the flame patterns. Temple statues equal monument is rich in content and subject matter varied, vivid form for the Qi down the remains of one of a small number of Buddhist art treasures.

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White Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tang Dynasty poet Po Chu-i (772-846), Li Daoli Luoyang to settle old age (this from the Lion Bridge area, the village He, along Datun), pipa Dongshan Longmen funeral single peak. Tang Dynasty poet Po Chu-i (AD 772-846 years) of the cemetery, also known as the white garden, located in Luoyang Xiangshan peak on the pipa. 196 , The State Council published the National Po Chu tomb of the first group of key cultural unit. 1982, the Luoyang city government funding rehabilitation of 1,100,000 yuan white garden, built in 1985 and opening up.

  Calocedrus surrounded by white pines of the mass graves, lying on the "pipa" in the first end. Po Chu-old resident Xiangshan, "the Fragrant Hills Home "Buried here, not only in line with the aspiration of the poet during his lifetime, but also coincide handed down its works," pipa "The implication, is originality, is impressive. Some people say that, like the poet during his lifetime Yique (now Luoyang Longmen) scenery, specifically asked for future generations He will be buried here, after the death of good news can quietly enjoy the scenic spots Yique. Not It was also noted that the poet buried in Pipa Fengdian otherwise. Po Chu-i get involved in official circles in many years, growing awareness of the darkness of officialdom. In the later years, dark poet career, so future generations do not want to follow their steps again. As a result, poet, left a will: the next generation will not again become a government official. Pipa see him in front of steep peaks The next Pro wide water, is not to block, the site of the Tomb of the election is taboo, deliberately Mangshan that the North give up all longing for the treasure feng shui, his tomb site in this election front of the Jedi Fengdian pipa, in order to cut off Its own air of officialdom. Po Chu-descendants, I do not know consciously abide by Zuxun, or really let off the official poet gas, the official also Very few.

White Dragon Park, including the entire east for the first peak pipa, an area of 44 acres, is divided into Green Valley, the tomb, poetry gallery three areas, based on the character of the poet, and the Tang Dynasty style appropriate to the principles of natural design of the construction of the commemorative landscape architecture. Ying-door to the Green Valley area, Zhu Cong Jia Dao, hanging Feisa waterfall, the cool Hechi Rising, Yi Keke on both sides of the tall trees, where legislation in silence, quiet and serene, rose through the trunk, mottled scales, Qiu Zhi flying volley, staggered around, Lvyin cover, abundant amenities. Quan Yin mountain river to sing, we can often hear the beautiful sounds, like the pipa to play beautiful music, the tone is Dunsheng Love, as if through a time tunnel of more than 1,000 years, and then return to the poet disgrace to play down the steep bank of Yangjiang in the first. Dutch Green through the swaying of the white pool, rocks on trails, Calocedrus came to the shade of the mountain, visitors will see a repeat hwangcho the top of the circular pavilion, Ting Zhong Wan-ting has a bamboo chair for visitors to rest. The simple circular building "Listen to the pavilion in Iraq", also known as Cao Ting, in memory of Po Chu-famous "give a farewell grass of the original ancient" and build. Poetry: "Li Li on the original grass, a one-year-old dry-jung. Not exactly wild fire, the spring breeze again. Invade Yuanfang Road, Ching Huang Cheng Chui then. And send to Sun, over luxuriant other reasons." Poem Langlangshangkou, as one of Luoyang Your paper.

Caoting meaning

Park Jin-white, green and the Netherlands through the swaying of the white pool, on trails and rocks, Parker came to the village shade of the mountain, visitors will see a hwangcho took the top of the circular pavilion, Ting Zhong Wan-ting has a bamboo chair for visitors to rest. Tingzhong sit and listen to the Iraqi front of Hua Hua River water, At the foot of the feel of this quiet valley, feel the solidification of the time, as if to rest beside the poet who was walking in Berlin, a recite a chapter for the nausea.

The simple construction of the circular is "listening booths in Iraq", also known as Cao Ting, in memory of Po Chu-famous "have given the original ancient grass farewell" Building. Poetry:

Li Li on the original grass, a one-year-old dry-jung.

Not wild fire, the spring breeze again.

To invade Yuanfang Road, Ching Huang Cheng Chui then.

Also sent to Sun, over luxuriant other reasons.

Zhenyuan poems in the three years (the public 787), 16-year-old poet of that year. Poetry is the examination of the exercises. According to Hall, where the designated limit of the title poem, the title of the current need to be "given a" word, poetry written to closely question Italy, and co-clear to play for, the antithesis Seiko, totally natural. Due to strict requirements, so little to the excellent work.

Tang Dynasty, Zhang "You Xian advocate" in mind moving poem on the story: Chang Po Chu arrived in the capital, with its own work at the time to visit the famous poet, Gu status. Po Chu-care situation to see Banda was a child, he felt a little look down, looking at the names on the Po Chu Shi Gao ha ha with a smile:

"The price of rice side , Ranking Inverness also easy! "

This is the name of the poet take a joke, saying that long your rice, white home is not easy to you! Words, this capital good Hunfan Chi. Having said Gu status, read at random from the Po Chu Shi Gao. Who knows Kanba first, the status of eye care of the eyes Dengtai; the second reading of the first, the status of the Advisory Board is to eat ; The first look at the third, the status of care not to say anything, and chanting, when read, "are not wild fire, the spring breeze again," the election of much reward, said the strike was called:

"Road of a language, ranking also easy to say!"

That is: to write such a wonderful poem, an official in the capital is not too difficult! Later, the state of Gu Chang Po Chu to talk about other people's poetry before, plus praise sung. Po Chu-i's name on the spread of the poem.

Then through narrow, curved seven of eight Abduction is the cemetery's Tomb of the body area. Po Chu-Tang Emperor Hui-chang in 2006 (the year 846 AD) in August after the death, on the remains buried here. A semicircle of Tsukamoto, there is legislation, "Tang Tomb Baigong toddlers," the monument, surrounded by pines Central legislation, Calocedrus place, surrounded by Yamahana, a solemn Qingli. Standing here, the East Vision Songyue less room you can, bird's-eye view of the West Changqiao wave lying level as a mirror, Gu North Mangshan Hill winding down, South Point Kukan, such as cellular density, the tour heads rein to one's feelings, double wonders, many tourists here Even pleasant.

Metella next to the poet, as a result of a terrain and the construction of the promenade, where poetry is the gallery area, displays focus on the well-known calligrapher, a painter to write poetry as well as tablets tile murals depict poetic works are for the most part a tribute to the achievements Po Chu-wen Gong Poetry. As local officials, every Po Chu , The best of its ability, 500 gram disadvantages for the benefit of the people, and isolation, and a clean, corruption is not a single cent. Such devotion to duty to serve our people and the world as the highest official ethics, praise for the posterity. Tang Mu were Changqing 2002 (the year 822 AD) in July, Po Chu-term provincial governor of Hangzhou. During his tenure, compassionate people , The implementation of the construction of embankments, water reserves, such as farmland reclamation project has greatly promoted the development of agricultural production, local people appreciate, Kebei to bear in mind his achievements. Po Chu also wrote, "only to stay a lake, and rescue Ru Xiongnian" deep feeling of the poem. Leave, he will be the remainder of the pension silver, all officers to stay in Curitiba Its successor to fill a vacancy up to 50 years, the time was legendary. TANG Jing Bao in the first year of calendar (825 AD), Po Chu-i switched to Suzhou provincial governor, he is still Feiqinwangshi, the hard labor center, Suzhou for the benefit of the people, of success, deeply loved by the people of Suzhou. Outgoing, Suzhou hundreds of thousands of people with Hui Lei , Po Chu was moved to write "Do not Suzhou": "the blue line officials, Li Meng gray out. Water al 1:00, with ten boat trip." Poet Liu Yuxi in the "white line in full," also wrote moving The scene: "I have heard that in full white, left to the lawsuit. Suzhou 100,000, so do babies cry." Po Chu also Love replied: "Tears Sumin ashamed, ashamed Liu's speech." Po Chu-old resident Luoyang Xiangshan, the well being of the people still did not forget. Treatment for Lung Tan repeatedly in the south boat crash caused by natural Rapids - 8 Beach, he will not hesitate to sell all their possessions, and again at the same time his reputation and qualifications, a number of efforts, the Public donations to address the problem of acute shortage of funds. When completed, Zhou Chuan smoothly through the dangerous shoals, the old poet could not suppress his inner excitement, immediately brush wrote: "there is joy in the hearts of other things, was a goal-8 beach."

Poetry Gallery area also display a number of Po Chu-handed down the famous, such as " Too old to bid farewell to the original grass, "" Everlasting Regret "and" pipa "," Kariya view of Michael. " Passed down through the ages read these lines, the more respect in the Tang Dynasty during the full implementation of the new movement, the generation of great poetry poet of realism.

Po Chu Feng Dian tomb is located in the pipa, the goal back Dongshan Luan, is the front of the steep slope of the quiet, the slope is below the broad river in Iraq. Some people say that this is his favorite poet Yique scenery, future generations will be specially asked him buried here, after the death of good Yique can quietly enjoy the scenic spots. It was also noted that the poet buried in a will pipa Fengdian otherwise.

Po Chu-i in The bumpy period in official circles, it has become increasingly aware of the darkness of officialdom. In the later years, the poet cool career, just in Jiqing landscape. He officialdom from the strife, aside from the cold-phase concept should be more aware of the dangerous sea. As a result, his career was completely disappointed. Moreover, he does not want their offspring after his re-Step To officialdom Konghao life.

As a result, the poet's own account of future generations: from now on, from generation to generation to refrain from acting out. He also studied feng shui, see the pipa steep peak in front of quiet, under the Pro wide water, is not to block, the site of the Tomb of the election is taboo, deliberate on the North give up all that long for the Mangshan Feng Shui's treasure, his tomb site in this election front of the Jedi Fengdian pipa, in order to cut off its own air of officialdom.

Po Chu-descendants, I do not know consciously abide by Zuxun; true to the poet or broken gas officials, the officials are really few.

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Eight Du Yi Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang, four sanitation side, Lin Xiong Guan, solid-risk situation, known as "Du Yi Guan of eight."
Western Zhou Dynasty, Wang city on all sides of the border 500 years, have three points, then the communication between the country's feudal dynasty and a great role to defend the capital.
Eastern Han Dynasty, the first year of the Zhongping Ling Di (184 AD), Henan (Luoyang legacy) Yoon Jin-Ho as a major general, the rate of about five Xiao Wei Yu Lin and military camps have Tuen Pavilion to the town of the capital; in Luoyang around Hangu Guan, Yi Que, Guangcheng, Otani, House, the doors spin, Jin Meng, a small eight Tianjin Customs, Du Wei Guan eight home, eight related to Marketing politico-military affairs, security guards Kyoto, where the bulk customs administration ( Yi County of Henan Province in Northeast kiln card).
  Hangu Guan week in order to place the site in this Potou Lingbao County, North, South Shi Weiwei Qinling Mountains in the north of the Yellow River rolling mobility. Warring States Period, Qin Shi Chi Kwan, Qin Guan said. General Yang Han-floor boat servant "only on the shin," known as the Southern Han Han Guguan. Hangu Guan Luoyang for the West to the fortress East Los refers to all, Seomang Chang, Jianhe the south, according to the North Mangshan Hill. "When Kazuo Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo," the risk for the clearance of Luoyang in the first eight.
Guan Yi Que that Luoyang Longmen Mountains and south of Xiangshan Que mouth, the two Shan Jia Zhi, the Wye River which flows through. The Eastern Zhou Dynasty, as an important pass to the south of Kyoto, is south of Luoyang, Yu Ying The essential way. When the Eastern Han Dynasty Luoyang as one of the eight customs, which connected the valley since ancient times for the defense to have to. "Zuo Zhao Gong 26 years": "Jin Zhi Zhao Yang walk Shuaishuai satisfied so that the Ru Wang Shou-wide Que Cyprus", "Qin Gong Wei Wu will be in Yique rhinoceros, Jin Zhou Bing Gong, Yique lost." "Historical Records": "14 years Qinzhao Wang, Han Wei from attack on the army Yique "." Old book TANG ": Takenori three years, Tang (620 AD-year) in July, according to Li Shimin lead a large number of troops north Mangshan Hill, to send General Wan Shuaibing history," according to the South since the goal Yiyang "Gongqu was Luoyang. In March 1948, the liberation of Luoyang, is also the first win Yique then Gongqu Luoyang. Guan Yi Que site today, has a magnificent ancient arch bridge, even one of the two mountains.
Guangcheng clearance at the home Hanguang Wu Guangcheng south of the Court, named. Linru this site in the vicinity of the town, where the World "Two Mountains and a folder-chuan," Chang Chong has its North-East Shan, Niangniang Hill, monks Hill, Baiyun Mountain, Longshan site, Malaysia has South Hill, Ling-hu, leading to the ancient fortress of the Jing-Chu. Eastern Han Dynasty, in the vicinity of the customs Guangcheng, Guangcheng Chak, around 400, out of the water wolf Gao Shan, Yu-southeast into the water. Sui great cause of early this Mamupu home. From the north along the Jing Xiang Jing Luo, here is the essential place.
Otani related sites in this Yanshi Dianxiang water springs, and Songshan is Longmenshan valley between the Valley. "Luoyang in mind," said: "Otani, South Los Angeles 50, of the old-Valley." Valley 15 kilometers in depth, on both sides of the deep, vertical and horizontal gully, gurgling streams, peaks cut legislation, the thick undergrowth. Luoyang was the capital of this valley in front of a door. There are things related to this Cynanchum Hill Shan mouth cattle, sheep, the old slope, mouth askew Hill, mountain winds, which rise amid ups and downs, and the situation is natural. There may be a large number of troops in wartime ambush, cut off the north-south traffic, as soldiers struggle to capture the ages of the ancient battlefield.
Huan House clearance sites in this Yanshi and at the junction of Dengfeng, Luoyang to Xu, Chen shortcut hub. E-Ling Guan Department Sakamoto, Shao Shishan , Xian Ai Road, turn 12, circled circle, will also go to rehabilitation, the Customs House Huan said. E Ridge to the south of its mouth shut and for Song Yong Ma Zhongfu Yanshi County magistrate by cutting workers, spacious and bright road, would benefit the local population called E-Ling, also known as Huan of the new Customs House.
Xuan Guan Gate site in Henan this Rong-Yang Si Shui South Shili Pu area. Cheng Gao Xuan door to the Eastern Han Guan Luo Yang to the east of the capital for the first clearance. Ban Zhao, "Fu Dong-zheng," Cloud: "Wang Luo of the exchange, Cheng Gao look at the door of spin", referring to this clearance. Luoyang-off to the east of this, that is not able to briefly plug it maintains.
He Yang, also known as Guan Guan Jin Meng, Luoyang in the north. River site in this Nanmeng Wuli deduction Ma, Meng from the 18 counties south of the Yellow River in the heart of ancient Yellow River is an important ferry. That is, Wuwangfazhou week with the leaders of UNITA will cross the river, also known as UNITA Tianjin, Tianjin, also known as the rich. Western Jin Dynasty Fengle Du Yu Ting Hou has set up here in the Yellow River for the first of a pontoon bridge, "the bridge." Northern Wei and He Yang home in the Tri-Cities North and the two sides on the sandbank in the river, for history's strategic position north of Luoyang, the military is vital importance.
Small Tianjin Customs in this Mengjin site of the Old City of Garden Village in the northwest, the heart of the Yellow River, Yellow River is also on a Jindu, second only to the status of its rich Tianjin (Jin Meng Guan), named Xiaoping law.
In addition, Luoyang West also Tongguan, East Hulao have clearance, the north courtyard clearance (this county south of Taihang Mountain in Shanxi Jincheng top) and Zhi Guan (Jiyuan, Henan County, West). To pass these with the Luoyang portal, security guards, so that may enter into Luoyang attack or retreat to observe the military.

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To Green Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To Green Hill ( "to" "back" to pass off the words, as a result of pure green mountainside and 000) Nature Reserve is located in Xin'an county in the northwest city of Cao Village cliff in the vicinity of the village, 42 km from the county seat, the scope of the Northridge East from yellow, West Plateau to the western and Jie Jing Sheng Chi, from the North Field, Kurata south, including the size of 90 square kilometers. City Around the village to the main tourist destination. "Book of Mountains and Seas" set: "To the Green Mountains, but the real secret of Dili are competent ... ... Secretary of Luo, his face and leopard-like text (pattern) to small (waist) and white teeth, and body piercing are to (ju Ancient musical instruments, like 10 minutes), Yu Ming-ming, such as. "According to experts, research," Wei Di, "Huang is Xuanyuan "Secret" is the way the Yellow Emperor parade rest. Lo Wu is a close management of all the beautiful goddess. Cliff City to head the Department of Heyuan Zhen, the Four Seasons continuous stream; mountains are covered by natural forest, tree form, shrubs, rattan wood, vegetation, natural plant fungi competing show the natural botanical garden; folded, the peaks here The highest plateau of western 1385 meters above sea level; second national wildlife protection and animal Wawa Yu otter, leopard, musk deer, hawks, eagles, rhododendron, thrush, Braun, and so on.
In 1988, the county Environmental Protection Agency to set up nature reserves Wawa Yu, to be more careful to protect the natural environment has become so Linger favorite tourist destination.

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Xiaolangdi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaolangdi Water Control Project management is a key project to develop the Yellow River, the country is "Eighth Five-Year Plan" key project, the dam project in 1997, for completion by the end of 2001. Xiaolangdi is located in Luoyang, Henan Province, 40 kilometers north of the Yellow River, from the Sanmenxia Reservoir and 130 kilometers, from under the Zhengzhou Huayuankou 115 , The Sanmenxia Yellow River is the only way to achieve the following larger storage capacity control of the project.
  Xiaolangdi reservoir with a large number of the peninsula, the island, Xian-feng, so that the natural landscape as well as setbacks in recent winding River, there is much smoke color of the vast lake. Deng Zhou from the pier, the water pump waves Gaoxiapinghu access, Tours along the beautiful mountains and rivers, enjoy a taste of the mother river of style to the landscape of the United States, quiet, surprising wins, to meet the Code of the noble people back to nature and enjoy the pursuit, in both style and customs of rural flavor, and modern The luxury fashion vision.

  Xiaolangdi scenic area is located in Jiyuan, Henan Province 30 kilometers southwest of the junction of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River in the west alley from Bali, West Beach in the east of the Yellow River, 50 km long. 40 km away from the ancient capital of Luoyang. Here has a long history, renowned Humanity, surging rivers, the magnificent, vertical and horizontal gully, slope-matched, Feng Qi Luan show, thousands of posture, pose a unique King of the Yellow River Tourism . There Longshan culture, Yangshao culture, the culture of the early New Stone Age ruins, cliff love, the Queen Mother of the hole of the Yellow River and the Big Buddha, and so on.

  Xiaolangdi Project at the point where it enters the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River valley last mouth, 83% of the volume of works on the territory of Jiyuan, China is not only a milestone in the history of the Yellow River Water in the world of a masterpiece, with a total investment of 40,000,000,000 yuan, hit a three in the world, most of the six Chinese. And upon completion, will form a vast 272 square kilometers of waters, staggered Harbor, the blend of landscape, constitute a Shanqingshuixiu north of the southern magnificent screen.
  Huang provincial Xiaolangdi scenic area with a total area of 1262 square kilometers (296 square kilometers of which the water) is the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River in Henan Province Water Control Project, the river valley as the main feature of the Yellow River reflects the history, culture and natural beauty of the large-scenic mountain lake. Scenic areas within the Xiaolangdi Dam, the water tower Large-scale hydraulic construction of the Chinese nation is a magnificent feat in the history of the Yellow River, is well-known patriotism education base, with scenic Ya Shan Bai, Huang Lu Shan, Hung Ya Shan, the ancestor of the mountain, Shan Zi Jing, Dai Mei Shan delicate and pretty scenery, renowned scenic, Bali alley Gap, Gap dragon and phoenix, Gushan deep canyon gorge, known as "Yellow River Three Gorges", 29 The vast square in the waters of Lake River Inlet Lane China over islands spread all over the peninsula, luxury cruise ships, such as weaving shuttle, "North Lake", "Central Plains Beidaihe" The reputation of the Yellow River was carried out on tourist resorts and leisure travel in the best place.
  Henan Yellow River Xiaolangdi scenic area with a total area of 1 62 square kilometers (296 square kilometers of which the water) from the Xiaolangdi Dam, Shan Zi Jing, Pali Gap, the Sanmenxia Dam Area of the four, 13 scenic spots, 113 spots, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River in Henan Province, is the key water control project , The river valley as the main feature of the Yellow River reflects the cultural and natural history of the wind The large-scenic mountain lake.

  Xiaolangdi scenic area from the Xiaolangdi Dam, Shan Zi Jing, Pali Gap, the Sanmenxia Dam Area of the four, 13 scenic spots, 113 spots composition. Golden State at the scenic tourist routes in Henan Province, "3.1 lines" of the center of the area to South and North sides of the strait, to the south bank of Xiaoshan support over the north-east, the west-Fen, Wei-Basin, North China Plain to the east. Wong Uk and the Taihang Mountains on the north shore of a mountain, area of the Xiaolangdi project is based, to mountains, rivers, forests, grasslands featuring large-scale ecological landscape. Xiaolangdi Water Control Project is the most beautiful scenic landscape, China is the only monument in the history of the Yellow River, water conservancy project in the history of the world's most challenging masterpiece. The total installed capacity of 1,800,000 kilowatts underground power house, 1667 m-long rockfill dam, intake tower of the majestic, spectacular, and other outlet, so that the Xiaolangdi have a flood, the Ice Prevention, power generation, and so on a number of sediment Can, tourists watch the Yellow River is one of the great changes the landscape. Reservoirs in the upper reaches of the dam formed by the vast surface of the water, the river twists and turns with the majestic mountains Lane combined constitute one of the Yellow River Xiaolangdi scenic Lake in the north. Three Gorges of the Yellow River is the Xiaolangdi Wong Uk Shan and the birth of the essence, at the Xiaolangdi Dam on 20 km with a total area of 40 square kilometers, is the Xiaolangdi scenic area of the essence. Bali narrowest alleys at the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, such as cross-strait love setting cut, the middle of the river rushing, with the presence of the three gorges: Solitary Hill Gap uncanny workmanship, thousands of Ren rise steeply; Gap dragon and phoenix dragon snake away, circuitous twists and turns; Dayu open Gap Chin, Meteorology Series. In particular the nine push Lotus stack, push nine 9 and sequential increase of hope if Lotus in full bloom, like Waterlilies, the so-called "gun Shan Yu ax." China is the North's few landscapes landscape, and could rival the Three Gorges. Xiaolangdi scenic area is the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River in Henan Province Water Control Project, Gap For the main features of the river, the Yellow River reflects the history, culture and natural beauty of the large-scenic mountain lake, is the tourism and leisure, the best place to vacation travel.

  Scenic areas within the Xiaolangdi Dam, the water tower, and other large-scale hydraulic construction of the Chinese nation is a magnificent feat in the history of the Yellow River, is well-known patriotic Yi education base, with scenic Ya Shan Bai, Huang Lu Shan, Hung Ya Shan, the ancestor of the mountain, Shan Zi Jing, Dai Mei Shan delicate and pretty scenery, cultural galaxy alley Pali Gap, Gap dragon and phoenix, Gushan deep canyon gorge, known as "Yellow River Three Gorges", 296 The vast square in the waters of Lake River Inlet Lane over China, Luo Star Island Peninsula Cloth, "North Lake", "Central Plains Beidaihe" The reputation of the Yellow River was carried out on tourist resorts and leisure travel in the best place.

  Jin Meng of the Xiaolangdi scenic area is the Xiaolangdi Dam Area, located in Mengjin County Xiaolangdi, Huang Lu Shan, Wang, the four island township, the area around 48 square kilometers, of which 20 square kilometers area, is based on the Xiaolangdi reservoir formed by landscape natural scenery composed of large-scale water conservancy projects and tourist areas, by the Xiaolangdi Water Control Project, Bai Ya Shan, Huang Lu Shan, Hung Yashan composition of the area.

Yellow River is the cradle of the Chinese nation, gave birth to brilliant ancient culture, there is Long Culture, Yangshao culture, an early Neolithic cultural sites. Here is a glorious tradition of revolutionary struggle. Armed resistance, "Du eight together," left many touching stories of the epic, has a well-known village to remain "a hero militia camp," Jiyuan gallery County Party Committee and the Anti-Japanese War Memorial location of the Temple Mount Tai West Beach is the only inhabited miles of the Yellow River in the heart of Oasis. As the water barrier, its clean air, lush-Chou Lin, secluded cottage, as if Shangri-la. ZHANG Ling Peninsula High Dam in a straight line distance of 2 kilometers around the rippling blue waves, not the Yangtze River, southern increasingly, tourism is on vacation, summer leisure Manner. As a result of the Three Gorges area of the Yellow River and Yangtze River Three Gorges Project can be comparable to those of the Three Gorges of the Yellow River its name, Tai Yu Xia, Gushan Gap, Gap dragon and phoenix beautiful natural scenery and folklore stories add radiance to each other, it is away.

Xiaolangdi project is the most beautiful scenic landscape, it is not only a milestone in the history of the Chinese Yellow River Water conservancy project in the history of the world's most challenging masterpiece with a total investment of 42,000,000,000 yuan, the whole project to create a world record of the three, six Chinese record. The total installed capacity of 1,800,000 kw power plant on the ground floor rooms, 1667 m-long rockfill dam, intake tower of the majestic, spectacular, and other outlets, Xiaolangdi have a flood, the Ice Prevention, power generation, a number of functions, such as flushing, tourists watch the Yellow River is one of the great changes the landscape. After the dam reservoirs in the upper reaches of the formation of 272 square kilometers of the vast waters, the Gaoxiapinghu, staggered Harbor, the blend of landscape, beautiful scenery and landscape, constitute a water Shan , North of the southern magnificent screen.

Jiyuan City of the Yellow River Xiaolangdi scenic spots are easily accessible, good service, quality tourism projects have visited the Xiaolangdi project of the century, the luxury cruise tour by the Mother River, Yellow River Rafting, West Beach and travel style, and so on, pay homage to the Yellow River Three Gorges.

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White old quarry area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White spots at the old quarry area in Luoyang Luanchuan Miaoxiang Lions territory since ancient times to be unique, "San Jue," renowned scenic land of the Central Plains.
According to record: "Sanjue, as a Qi, Shiqianfeng cut wall, white cliffs, such as silver; II for the Valley, such as the valley line, the deep quiet song; for the three-Fei Bao, three flying waterfall, For the spectacular. Sanjue scenery, Zhu co-wall joint, integrated, skillfully painted in Wonderland world. "
White lies in the old quarry area of the United States and also show her cliff Shi Qi. Welcome Erxian stone, stone Journey, General Shi, Shi longevity, Niangniang stone, stone palanquin, Tengu stone, stone sea lions, and so lifelike, Linglong visible; Cheung Pei Shan, imperial jade seal wall Yutu top Sophora tower shape of spirit, well that thousands of tourists to wow hands.
White old quarry area of the cave and more strange. Laojun hole, the white snake hole, hole Yunyang Zhongyu Xiu-dong, white Yadong, crane-hole Karst so skillfully, stalactites form of life, a region in western Henan is a rare group of cave landscape. Canyon of the old quarry area of up to 3.5 km, on both sides of the confrontation between the Valley in the high vertical cliff at around 1000 meters, drilling to install in the day in Gap Yashang iron wood mixed a total length of the path along the cliff 1830m, over 1300m in height, above the People's Bank of China , Many people walking in the sky, at the foot of Baiyun Piao feeling, so-called "road on the first day of the Yellow River Basin .
White old quarry area or the Central Plains region Xionger mountain range of rare plants and animals survive in the. Wu Jiaofeng to, winter jasmine, such as pecan represented by no fewer than 40 deciduous tree species; to rhododendron, acacia, see ghosts worry about the bush species represented by no fewer than 10 categories; Magnolia, Malus, Lin rotor, Tuberose Wild flower species in more than 30 months; forsythia, Campanulaceae, head strains of wild lily represented by as many as 40 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials; mushrooms, fungus, day lily delicious taste; fox, wild boar, civet cat, Golden Pheasant, and so on more than 30 Species of Wild Animals, Kang cited or singing or playing chase, often in the public's attention .
Now the road leading to the tourist area extending in all directions, food, housing, transportation, travel, purchase, entertainment facilities, such as the complete set, it is eco-adventure, the best place for summer recreation, the industry has been referred to as eco-tourism in southwestern Henan gold online Jiang Dian new.

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Yu Long Bay National Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longtan Gully scenic town 30 km away, the total length of 12 km area, the last drop natural kilometers of cross-strait magnificent rock spectacular waterfall group off the stack, to fly down muddy, Sham Shui Tan quiet, the stones around the whole mountain as entrenched Ssangyong And a few small dragon dancing, Longtan green, white Longtan, the two-Longtan, the level scenic spots, such as distribution, Attitudes capital, dizzying, as "an absolutely central plains, the world-xian JING"

Longtan ditch ecological Funiu Mountain Scenic Area is located in Henan Province, the heart of the town of Xixia County, Ssangyong, 30 km from the county seat of the 311 National Highway and next to the convenient traffic, concentrated spots as "an absolutely central plains, the world cents "Longtan ditch 12 kilometers in length, the last drop natural kilometers, the two sides Shek Pik steep, granite magnificent spectacle, the group of overlapping waterfall drop down Fei Xie, Tan You-Sham, over stones, the whole mountain like a giant dragon two entrenched and There are several small dragon dancing, Green Longtan, the Longtan white, yellow Longtan, the Longtan two-level scenic spots, such as the distribution of all , Are thousands, dizzying down, all visitors to and from lingering. Scenic areas around the towering old trees, three quarters of flowering, evergreen, the North-South convergence of animal and plant species diversity, can be called pure natural beauty of virgin land, rich and diverse biological resources "gene bank" is a casual, cool, Xunyou, adventure, science and education , The popular science Would like to place, people are really getting back to basics natural feel of endless fun. Longtan Mingzhen Central Plains, nourishing holy water on earth. The hospitality of the Xixia children with open arms to invite Haibin Peng Lai Zuoke ago.

  Yu Long Bay National Park in Long Beach valley tree farm on the basis of the building from the city of Luoyang Second Forest Park, the park is located in the Funiu Mountain peak, with its rich resources, elegant environment, world-famous mountain single show.

  Yu Long Bay National Park is the predecessor of the Long Beach State-owned forest farm valley, 150 km from the city of Luoyang, in the May 1994 opening to the outside world, with December was approved by the State Forestry Administration as a state-level forest park, in 1997 became National Nature Reserve, in June 2001 by the National Forestry granted only in Henan Province "civilization of the National Forest Park," the title of 2002 August was awarded the National Tourism Administration Named "national AAAA level eco-tourism spots."

  Yu Long Bay is located in the subtropical and warm temperate areas of transition, Yu Wan-long investigation, according to a variety of herbal, more than 1,900 species of woody plants, which are protected by the State 42, Long Beach valley there are all kinds of wild animals, insects, about More than 00, in which the national one, two, three-level protection of 48 species known as the "Kingdom of wildlife habitat." Yu Long Bay or the Central Plains region of the "treasure-house of Chinese herbal medicine," there is a lot of countries to protect species in Chinese medicine. Yu Shan Zhen Long Bay has more than 20 species, 50 species of wild fruit. Qian Feng Jing Xiu

  Chicken head like a sharp angle and angle, 2212.5 meters above sea level, as one of the Funiu Mountain peak. Long Shan cap, such as wind dragon, may rise amid Hat, 1507 meters above sea level. Red stone wall, cutting brown Shek Pik Wan Ren, sheltered; candle-Feng Yu, silver candle-pronged plug two peaks, straight into the cloud ; Pre-and post-isolation, Gufeng out, like Hosta; mitral Shan Buddhist monk's robe may put on a crown-old monk, sitting futon Song Jing; General rock, like helmet through a top general, to rely upon horse to be off. If the other Blue Dragon back, top-seven, first-cliffs and so on, there are many nameless peaks, cloud steaming Wei Qi Xia extremely dangerous. The size of mountains, mixed high and low, competition Dou Qi, 99-feng said. Japan eyes, Xiang Yun birds, which rise amid Pinnacle, Red Sun Jin Ying, up 10,000 rays; rain fog lock Teng smoke, dim scenery, white beads rain dance, the 1000 silver vertical line. Overcast weather eye, is different, and good luck God, changes in Vientiane.

The valley rocks

  Yu Long Bay red buildings groove Black Dragon Valley, Gap Qingshi, trench mill, Au 8, kiln horns, antelope nest, such as the trench off Hill Valley more than 20. Simo Yunshan, profound You Yuan, Qing Zhang Lian air, Jimu boundless. Sky Yang Guan, Yan Lan steaming, such as exposure to sea of clouds; overlooking the bottom line loss, sleep shocking. Next to the Valley, there are rocks and more rocks Jianbian If people like animals, are thousands. Such as the "rock fishing", standing in the river, flat and smooth, like a table, the board can rest Guan Bao, a fishing game. 1 meter away from their offices, River Center, a structured natural stone, stone lying on the birds, eagerly looking water, fish and shrimp may travel concept, "Luan Immersi� bird tower." Lin made larch , The Mountain Gate open, straight-chu rocks, sitting on Maitreya, Geshi turn a blind eye, Ruding facing the wall, known as the "Indemnity Buddhist meditation." There Alondra stone, gravel tired Woniu stone, stone goshawk, Shi Fu-hu, plunging stone pillar of the day, etc in his name and image.

Fei Bao pit
  Long Beach territory of Hong Luo River valley, turbulent Flow anxious, to wear over Shi Jian, the formation of a number of pit falls. The pools are well-known "White Horse Lake", that is refined into white legend. Area of 50 square meters, arc like a bow, falls rush down there, the Green Wave ripple, and unpredictable. "Heilongtan" falling three, the formation of San Tan, the buildings on the spit-spraying beads, green water Tan Zhong Spin. On the mountain next to the Black Dragon Temple to build, Black Dragon Wang Si-Yu Han and more rain, Yinyun cigarettes. "Tam sunshine" like a round, Jin Guangyao head; "Crescent Lake", like in the early months, Eun-joo again; "Star Lake", water points, blinking, Canruo Stars. San Tan Sun Moon Star comic, frightening tourists. There are pearl-tan, green Longtan, set Between the valley, such as Kekelvzhu. Pools above the falls are more upside down. Ben white waterfall, 30-meter gap, the Pentium scream, such as days off the Galaxy; and three Longtan waterfall, Langjuan surge, gushing Yin-hua; Solitary Hill Falls, over the narrow stream, pouring jet; Whitewater Falls 000, Zhichui fall, the roar Made so much noise.

You Qingquan

  Long Bay Valley Forest Park, Shek Pik between holes around the shrine, the size of more than 30. Forest and mountain, and other Yaonong cave shrine in the rain to cool, Yechui degree night. There are days the size of the famous cave, located in the "jump Bali" on the south side of the cliff, there are only Gu Feng Zhi, Shen Jian, under the Provisional Valley, all sides must , The monkeys can not climb. Days away from the kiln the size of 50 meters, which lie at Tai Tam. Small-day 10-meter kiln mouth wide, about 3 meters high, two holes at things. East-wide under the narrow end of the West Dongding match. Climbing curb, iron chain step, the suspension bridge over, big day up to the kiln. Large-day kiln mouth wide 10 meters deep and more than 20 meters, 7 meters high, can be satisfied People around the Caoshuwengyu, trickling springs. "Virgin hole," name "Lady hole", for mass Dragon "bedroom", were not allowed to spend the night in the cave, which places such as strong or offensive language, it is rumored, is often "carried away outside." "Cap-helmet" deep and wide hole, bright and grand, can accommodate 5-140 Dongfeng-brand cars, Cangbing animal husbandry for the Dragon King of the horse. Side of the hole or holes are more clear spring BUZZ, such as drum Qinse, Greenstone Jingying, Journey Into Amazing Caves.

Hong Luo River

  Legend has it the old white horse into a fine white horse Tan Zhong, anger and landing, even if a Bali (the current "jump Bali," 000 villages) harm people and livestock from time to time presided over the Buddhist temple People into the fight Tam Ma, Ma monk to die together, the water blood red, named Red River.

Luo Hung Temple

  Red River Rod Temple is located in Hong Luo Zhuang village, was built during the unknown, Duanbei test, since the Northern Wei Ming Yuan have rebuilt, its peak, the temple covers an area of several mu, hundreds of monks. Ming Emperor Zhu Yijun million Years (the year 1573 - 1619 years) chaired by Wu Seng rounded Terauchi, Road Buddhist practice Bingwu Bai Jing, dominate the party. Henan court rule to send military forces in the door Wang Bangzuo, in Wanli 36 (1608) Lvbingjinjiao. She Fu Bing Wang Bangzuo cloth Liyingwaige, chaired by Wu Seng Qinsha, burned the monastery. Gong as Wuwei or generals, admirals Shanhaiguan. Baili court based on a radius of forest land grant Wang Bangzuo. Until the eve of the founding of New China, Wang Bangzuo descendants are still here, Wang Hui, a operated. Luo this red stone temple ruins still grind, the remains of stone pillars and so on, the temple site after ditch, "ditch the dead," Wu Seng Chuan for the body to kill. Folk legend "Red fire temple Rod" story.

Xian-feng Danzhai

  Here, also known as the "rock hit Lui" or "tired rock collapse." Ray goes to fight or electric shock, the formation of the Qi; or celecoxib Laojun Learjet-riding cattle off the green, Hill will "collapse tired" from. Xian Yao due to the terrain, since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Hao Shen Chai Bibing building well-off accordingly. 1 47, Temple-Pa Bandits Zhang Qian, according to Chai Xi Xiang Ting put up a desperate struggle, the Chinese People's Liberation Army have been overcome. Is to commemorate the revolution in the history.
Yu Long Bay

  Yu was originally called Long Beach Long Beach bath, as the ancient dragon-bath. Or the name "Dragon valley digging," dragon after the bath water, dig Alondra And on. This still left "Alondra" Yihen.

Yang Shan

  Song's Yang Chuan-for (Rokuro Yang) has been demoted after the troops for the community. "Rokuro kiln," "Walled pregnant woman" and "Ping-purpose", "pile embroidery" and "Ying" and other sites. Late Qing Dynasty, Wang errant Zhongzhou days and even Luanchuan Tan Chai headman In the upgraded anti-Ju Yi Yang Shan, said "Yang Shan of the 10 brothers." Revolution period, Henan Liu Chunren people of the Kuomintang, Wu Tang Cang Zhou Yang Shan, King persuade, fuel, the first component of anti-revolutionary army of peasants in Henan Province, Luoyang attack, after the entry of Shaanxi, by Zhang Fang Qin Long term captaincy general of the Henan Han Zheng Fu Army. It

  Long valley west Bay View Room Hill, founder of Taoism-for Learjet, the West had Hangu Guan, the reclusive by. Wanli next 23 years (1595), the court sent SHEN Jun made with Ban Zhao Jin, Jian Golden Summit
Taiqing concept.

  Yamashita "towards the Royal Palace," "too uterus," "Prince Edward "Ruins, left the Ming and Qing-five tablets. According to recent research, in order to Cihuang Prince Edward Chong Ming in the death after the escape and hide here," Huang sign up "for 35 years, burial after death.
  This westbound 5 kilometers, with 000 million Shangtang St. Yiyin place of birth, Gonggeng "Tien ancient" when Tai-ming and Li Bu Keng-Yu's book "Mountains Gunn." There are key protection units of Henan Province, "the first sub-Man Ruins."

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White Horse Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White Horse Temple, located in Luoyang City, Henan Province, 12 km east, according to the North Mangshan Hill, South Point Waterinfo. Yongping the Eastern Han Dynasty was founded in 11 years (68 AD), Buddhism came to China to build the first temple. Its Chinese Buddhism spread and development for Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, is of important significance in Chinese Buddhism In the history of special status, the title of "Release the source" and "Zuting." By the State Council in 1961 as the first batch of national key cultural unit.

Luoyang as the Eastern Han Dynasty at the time the country is the country's largest city, was also well-known cities in the world. Tianzhu (now India) Monk photo Matanga Zhu Falan missionary now, a lot of Buddhist scriptures, Han Ming Di Liuzhuang decree in accordance with Buddhist tradition style built the first temple, according to legend is the white horse from the Taiyue Shi (Afghanistan this area) contained Tuo Buddhist country, and the Buddha Therefore, named the White Horse Temple. White Horse has Siwai 2 of the relative standing of Shima, is the Song Diaozao, rather than works of the Han Dynasty.

To the Sui and Tang Dynasties period, due to the rise of Buddhism, the White Horse Temple reached its peak, as well as the country of the world Dade monks have come to worship, which will have to Sino-Japanese friendship and made a significant contribution to the monk in the Tang Dynasty monk Jianzhen. Wu also visited many times, air show Prosperity. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Wang Changling reading "see out on the temple, the high forest floor. Southerly open promenade, as Liangqiu Summer Night." Praise throughout the elegant temple of the famous poem. In the late Tang Miefo nationwide, so that the White Horse Temple, were greatly affected. Song Zhao Guangyi King also ordered the rehabilitation of the White Horse Temple. Yuan Shun to four years ( 333), by the great calligrapher Zhao Mengfu carved book "White Horse Temple in Los Beijing Zuting in mind," the monument is still an Terauchi, is a rare art. Today, we see the White Horse Temple for 35 years Ming Jiajing (1556) renovation, the door is horizontal inscribed board at the time set. Now the White Horse Temple in the area about four Square meters. Ming Jiajing 34 (1555) cast a more than 1,000 kilograms of the clock, the hall is still suspended.

White Horse Temple, Buddhism came to China to create an official from the first temple. Its construction and the well-known in the history of Buddhism in China "for Yongping" closely linked. Legend has it that Han Ming Di Liuzhuang Night Palace, the King dream God put the first white light, flying around the court hall. Dream for the next day that the Buddha, the envoy Sui Qian Cai Yin, Qin Jing, and so seek to worship Buddha of the Western Regions. Cai, Qin and others in the Yueshi (Afghanistan this area) in the event of the tour to the education of India (ancient India) Jiashi Mo Tang monk, Zhu Falan. Cai Qin is tantamount to invite Foseng States to preach Buddhism, and white pack containing Buddhist scriptures, Buddha, Bashansheshui, in the 10-year Yongping (67) came to the capital Luoyang. Han Ming Di royal decree construction of the temple style like India. Bearing in mind that for the white horse through the pack gong, then temple named "White Horse Temple."

From the beginning of the White Horse Temple, China's abbey will be known as the Pan-Temple, White Temple also is considered to be the birthplace of Buddhism in China. Mingseng foreign monks even history has access to this demand by the law, the White Horse Temple, also the title of "Zuting" and "release the source."

Jiansi White Horse Temple, several times during the Rise and Fall, has made several attempts to repair, particularly in the era of Empress Wu's largest construction. White Horse Temple longer Courtyard, sitting south, inside the main building there are Hall of Heavenly Kings, the permitted, the main sanctuary, Jieyin Dian, Pilu Court, QI Yun tower, and so on. Tour the White Horse Temple, not only to pay respect to those grand, solemn Diange vivid and lifelike statues of Buddha, but also contains some vivid experience the story of the history of the landscape.

At Shannon's color Ancient White Horse Temple Hill inside the compound things on both sides of the thick tree leaves, each with a graves, and this is a well-known "Tomb of the second monk." On the eastern side of the grave stone inscribed with "Han Kai Yuantong Road, Mount Master Tang tomb", on the west side of the grave stone inscribed with "Han Kai Zhu holders of the total teaching method Tomb of the master." Metella these two masters of worship is invited Han Chuan granted by the law of eminent monks ? ? Teng Jia Shimo and Zhu Falan. Stone is on the title Huizong of Zhao Ji Zhui Feng. There are cool on the stage in the two monks of the statue. They hope the Chinese Buddhist followers of the two monks admire them.

Taiwan cool to be known as "air courtyard," the White Horse Temple is the scenic spots. Kangxi years, the temple abbot monk has lured such as poems of praise: "Taiwan-Hong Bao Ge Bi exquisite, long-Yoon & Yang around the Vatican Palace, hanging stone stile to the Han people, when they heard nothing Meng Qing Qing." 43 meters long , 33 meters wide and 6 meters high, set by the blue block of the high-profile, with the ancient architecture of the distinctive characteristics of the East. Pi Lu Zhong Yan Ge rest , To fly out Kok Wing, a magnificent view, side hall in a palace, Sengfang ancillary buildings, neat layout, into a courtyard since. Cooper Hospital in gray, Kim calm, quiet environment. Legend has it that Han Ming Di was Liuzhuang childhood and summer school premises, the monk was later changed to stay in India and Translation.

Mountain Gate on the eastern side of the White Horse Temple, An exquisite old fashioned, tall and straight Toshihide the pagoda, which is famous tower QI Yun. QI Yun tower is a square Zhuanta Miyan Shi, 13 level, 35 meters high. Its unique shape, in the ancient tower in the unique, hard to come by. QI Yun tower, formerly the White Horse Temple Nyorai The Story of the Buddha's stupa, the tower QI Yun Kim for the Tenth Five-Year Dading (1175) reconstruction, for the first Luoyang existing buildings.

Baima temple there are many kinds of pomegranate trees. White Horse Temple, the famous capital during the Han, Wei and pomegranate. Pomegranate rest in peace in the country of origin (now Iran), the Han Dynasty in the same Buddhist, Buddha came to China together, and the largest in Luoyang, settled in Chang'an. At that time, people U.S. pomegranate as a symbol of exchanges between the Chinese and foreign people, double the value of the pomegranate, pomegranate of the White Horse Temple, there is the "sweet white Liu, a real cow." White Horse Temple, as China's first ancient temples in the history of Chinese Buddhism in the history of cultural exchanges with foreign countries and occupy a very important position.

  Chinese history The first Buddhist temple in Luoyang White Horse Temple in Luoyang City more than 10 kilometers, the North back Mangshan Mountain, south of Waterinfo; sunset, the sunset reflects the White Horse Temple, green glazed tile walls of the hall, set off Calocedrus pines, the solemn weather. Mountain Gate to see the face of the "White Horse Temple," three words, people can not help asking: "What is the white horse and customs ? "This from a number of books on the record about the well-known story - 2064 Year (60 Buddhist calendar for eight years, seven of the Eastern Han Yong Ping), one night, Han Ming Di Liuzhuang golden dream of God, who brought Sunlight, flying in the imperial palace court, it is heart-yue. The next day, Liuzhuang Qun Chen asked. A learned and knowledge of the great Said: "The Western countries India (ancient India) has called the" Buddha "God, the emperor might be the dream of the Buddha."

  Liuzhuang then sent to fight for the West. The pedestrian crossing of the Tianshan, the more Cong Ling, Tai Yueshi the Western Regions in the country (now in Afghanistan) encountered in India and Morocco photo S. Tang and Zhu Falan, on the invitation to the two Chinese Loaded with white statues of Buddha, in 2067 (10 years of the Eastern Han Yong-ping) to return to join the Kyoto Luoyang.

  The next year, according to the decree to form India Matanga, the flange to build the living temple, known as the White Horse Temple. "Temple" is the original meaning of the institution, as a result of Matanga, Chu Laishi flange to the institution and a foreign guests, in order to show courtesy, That is still home to Temple; Since then, the Chinese Buddhist temple construction on the Xiang Yan said. "White Horse", is said to be taken from the pack by the white horse.

  While generations of scholars and the legend of the Buddhist mass and Turkey at the beginning of time, such as the controversial path, but the general delight in talking about this Buddhist, Han Ming Di law for China to become the Buddha In the history of basic accepted facts, the White Horse Temple, Buddhism is as the first sign of the mainland of China, renowned all times.

  Zuting Buddhist temple in the present situation

  The history of the storm, the White Horse Temple, destroyed several built a few, Temple, but the site has never changed. The seventh century under the Wu Tang Ye, the main Buddhist temple in Xuehuai Yi is a pet , The popular White Horse Temple, amounted to more than 1,000 monks. Shih Hui-chang and the law difficult, the White Horse Temple, destroyed by the larger, such as the Tang Yong: "The white matter has been carried by air, Duanbei would like to see a trace of residual brake. Xiao Xiao hut autumn wind, the rain kept thinking the night strong." Decade of the century Ye Song Dynasty under repair at the White Horse Temple, "Wei dingxin structure," " Amamiya category. "Today's White Horse Temple, formed in the sixteenth century, laid on the leaves when Mingjia Jing Shi Qiba century Qing Emperor Kangxi and rehabilitation at the" White Horse Buddhist temple. "In 1961, the White Horse Temple has been identified as key state protection unit .

  Now the White Horse Temple covers an area of 40,000 square meters, as compared with more than 100 inter-hall Code Chinese Buddhist temple to the vertical layout style, the main building is located in the north-south line. Entering the Mountain Gate, a stone on each side, on the eastern side of the "White Horse Temple in Los Beijing Zuting monument in mind," by the author of the Yuan Dynasty monk Wencai, calligraphy works Li also cool. Before the line again, off-Xie Shan King Hall, on the whole temple to the Great Hall of Zhudian, Buddha hall Mid sit right hand Nianhua, Kasyapa, two disciples Ananda next lap, Monju, Fugen sitting out the second Buddha, two days after the woman paternity. Xiang An in place for five, the visual hanging around, hanging Man Zhang, ranked futon, a solemn silence. This constitutes a scene that is often said that Chinese Zen Buddhism "Nianhuaweixiao."

  East Grand Hall Ming Dynasty, pta have a cast iron bell, the weight 2500 kg, have inscriptions on the "bell resounded through the Vatican Palace, under the House to pass the specter of shock. ... ..." "White bell" for Luoyang one of the Eight, it is said that whenever Yuebaifengqing Night, Dawn here, everything is Shangdian monks, chanting blow up with the bell, the White Horse Temple, dozens of melodious bell, Inside the clock tower on East Main Street, the clock since also be able to resonate with the other hand, hit the town clock tower, also from the White Horse Temple bell will resonate.

  After the Great Hall is to support the Main Hall of the Buddha III, HS Ocean's 18 points. These were sitting like Ocean's potential, different attitude, look different folder with the Department of the Yuan Zhu Qi-made stem Autopoietic process, very precious. Zhu Qi folder of the so-called dry method of imaging, is generally used to paint, Ma, silk, silk wrapped in layers mounted on Nitai, and then revealing Nitai, a statue made of, Zhu folder statues paint dry, has a long history in the Sui and Tang Sheng, After Song was gradually lost and keep the world statues are extremely rare. After the hall is Jieyin Dian, after further White Horse Temple is the last of the permitted Pilu Court.

  Pilu Pavilion was built in the early Tang Dynasty, on the stage in the cool, cool green-brick structure from Taiwan, nearly seven meters high, nine-meter-long, three meters wide. Pilugenei for the Sakyamuni Buddha Pilu bodies of law, clean, next to the Legislative Monju, Samantabhadra. Court set with the posterior wall of the monument, engraved on the "four Chapter II. " After the brief introduction of basic Buddhist thought, generally considered to be the first Chinese translation of Buddhist scriptures, taken by the Moldovan Teng, Zhu Falan translation. Pilu Chongyanxieshan Court, the pick-wing flight angle; Pavilion things from a side hall in a palace Matanga, like the flange. Tang Yong who had been Wang Changling White Horse Temple: "See the moon temple, the high forest floor. Southerly open gallery Cool in summer, such as the fall. "In fact, as early as the Northern Wei Dynasty, the White Horse Temple Gardens has been famous moment. White Horse Temple in Sha Guo Zhi many, grapes, pomegranates, and so on, the fruits of" Sweet is delicious, in the crown in Beijing, "the emperor was also sent to pick. However, these scenarios No longer has, today, the most attractive Department that is cool and Taiwan. Pilu Pavilion on the stage with the week Construction, into a pattern of self-constituted a small courtyard house in water Yihong, Lotus after another, several strains of Cooper, Weng Yu Yu thick, refreshing and pleasant; looked from the audience, if the whole garden in the air, such as the release early Qing Joint show had written: "Taiwan law sprinkling rain Parker wind up a fruit cool weather, Shan Kwong Kok Hin swallow is mixed on Pilu bodies."

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Luoyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang is located in the ancient Waterinfo as a result of Yang's named after, the State Council released the first batch of historical and cultural city. Luoyang in the center of the Luo region is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Ancient Chinese Fu, Nu Wa, the Yellow Emperor, Tang Yao, Yu Shun, Yu, and other myths, this mass. Tai Hong summer capital, as appropriate, the capital of the West Shangtang cents; Wang Zhou, Zhu Hou 800 will Mengjin; colonial Duke of Zhou, to move in Jiuding Luo Yi. Dong Qian Wang, the emperor Mindoro, ZTE Guangwu, Chan Wei and Jin Xiang, Xiao Wen restructuring, Sui, Tang and prosperity, Tang Hou Liang Jin, which is due to the onslaught with a total of 13 dynasties. Han, Wei, Luoyang has gradually become an international metropolis, Sui and Tang dynasties, when millions of the population, the Quartet tribute, States to North Korea, prospered.

  In 1948, the liberation of Luoyang, Luoyang City People's Government of the Democratic establishment. Analysis of county area for the city of Luoyang, Luoyang and the county and home. In December the following year, the Luoyang City People's Government of the Democratic People's called the city of Luoyang. In 1954, Luoyang City Grid for the municipalities of Henan Province. Luoyang County revoked the following year, into a part of the city of Luoyang, into the rest of the Yanshi, Mengjin County, and so on.

  In recent years, the city of Luoyang in order to create good Chinese tourist city and national garden city as a leader, have been implemented in order to "building a bridge 7 Park Road 5, 3 King regulation Do a good job in 3 public facilities "as the main content of" 75133 ", green, light, net, the United States, Chang as the main content of the" top five projects the image of "the building of scenic spots and governance, urban environmental improvement as the main content "Create a civilized area, a civilized city" project, large-scale transformation of the city into the I roads and urban road network, construction of the East and West as long as 14 km green 1,470,000 square meters, the surface of 1,480,000 square meters River scenic resort, a new urban water supply, sewage treatment, gas, central heating, and so on Public facilities, urban service functions and image quality has improved significantly. Luoyang city built over an area 105 square kilometers, the total length of urban roads close to 300 km. Pay attention to the ecological environment, green courtyard, green roads, green spots such as Green Square project achieved remarkable results, and built a Peony Plaza, Luopu Park. Qingnian Gong Plaza Central Square and other public green space, improved living environment. Green coverage in built-up area of 37%, 7 square meters per capita public green land has been adopted by the national garden city acceptance. City continued to strengthen the integrated management of city clean and tidy appearance Chang Liang. At present, Luoyang is famous features outstanding, the realization of North and South River issued the corresponding As the goal, further widening the framework of major cities, improve infrastructure, strengthen the protection of historical and cultural city style, and continuously improve the quality of urban environment and cultural quality, and strive to realize the ancient civilization and modern civilization unified integration.

  Luoyang products rich in resources and broad prospects for development. Proven Molybdenum, aluminum, gold, silver, tungsten, coal, iron, zinc, crystal, the Group A lead of 26 mineral resources, mineral reserves of these large, high-quality, easy-to-use exploitation. Molybdenum ore reserves, which ranks first in the world one of the three major molybdenum.

  Luoyang is located in mountainous areas in western Henan, Song Yue to the east, according to the West Qinling South Point barberry, the Taihang the north, the terrain, complex and changing the landscape, gave birth to the famous mountains and rivers, lakes waterfalls, hot springs and karst caves, forests, and other scenic spots. There are 25 North axiom of the Chinese nation and the world of the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Water Control Project, the vast, 270 square into the water and mountains Constitute a spectacular pictures of the North Lake. East of Justice has 80 Zhongyue Songshan Shaolin Temple and attractions, Castle Peak Pinnacle, which rise amid Song Zhi, temples Weiwei, Wu school buildings. The south and west of 50-160 km, the distribution of Baiyun Mountain National Forest Park, Long Beach valley, and Huaguo Shan National Nature Reserve Ushiyama, Luanchuan Laojunshan, Luoning Walled gods, Songxian Tian Shan, to Hill, and other new Anqing 8 provincial-level forest parks and nature reserves, but also "the first cave in the north," Ji Guandong, "the North severe water ditch Luhun reservoir and tourism resort, and other attractions. Scenic spots of these clouds and Jing Jing linked to the natural landscape, or Shan Wei Lee, Feng Qi, or Shek strange water, or narrow-You-dong, or bamboo Cui Lin, Qing Quan or waterfall strong financial Xiong Jun, Qi risk, in a beautiful stove, set just wild Yang-ho, gentle show for the next one, and A North-South charm of natural scenery. With the area's infrastructure gradually improved, in particular, the Xiaolangdi to the natural scenic spots in the southern quickly Tourism Road construction, the long-sheng Lai in the world is drawing an increasing number of Chinese and foreign tourists.
  Peony blossoms and traditions of our country, magnificent, Guosetianxiang, wealth and good fortune since ancient times, meaning prosperity, on behalf of the Chinese nation's great style. "Luoyang clock to spend the most desirable, particularly Peony days Odd. "Luoyang Peony rooted in the earth Luo began in the Sui, Tang Sheng was, in Jiatian Xia Song. Legend, Wu Tang hosted a winter flowers, flowers to bloom, not only from the peony, of Luoyang derogatory. Qizhi moved to Los After Turui was in full bloom. Wen Wu Hou know, life Peony fire. Peony branches were burnt and the following year, but still made Ye Ronghua, and the flowers Great, more color-yan. Luoyang peony was the world so well-known Miss, who Luoyang peony cultivation, and also to watch the increasing prevalence of Peony into vulgar. As the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi and the Chan Po Chu: "The only country really Peony color, flowering season move the capital", "Flowers bloom on the 20th, a city of Ruokuang everyone."

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U.S. S & P - Chinese tourism scenic spots

U.S. S & P (F Jiang Yong Shu culture of the village), a beautiful oasis of water, less than one square kilometers, was down gourd-shaped, mounted on the lower reaches of Xiaoshui. Is also said to blame, the upper reaches of the "Yi Yi Xiao up" water, named Xiaoshui (elimination of water). Putin to the United States and the village, water suddenly calmed down, blue water, such as the level of a mirror, clear bottom Exploration is a few meters deep. Xiaoshui here to be divided into two, the U.S. S & P around the village of Wai, and then to a foot of water and the convergence of the two, while the broad surface calm, as if the son of American & P down to the ground floor of a large gourd of water from the Hulu Kou down That the water would suddenly, like a lot. Is several hundred meters further down County Road And therefore the community, also known as Pu end here, which means that Xiao-Mei's.
Qiao said that to have this oasis was gourd-shaped back, and the Oasis on the villagers also Xinghu. Hu Xing is the ancient name, with the Ho family name is the same as 4,000 years ago arrived in southern Shun with the cangwu. Gui Fu Chu in the Warring States at the end, he had a beautiful Orchid, marry Wang Chu were concubine. Hu Xing was an integration of the Yao has become one of the last name twelve thousand dong. For a long time, both here Agriculture, farming, fisheries rich Chinese cultural obliteration, the women sing Jiang read the book had a female fashion. The 1950s, out of a poor young men of good days, Hu, the Sun Life People's Committee of the first county office of the Sixth (1954), the successor leadership at the county level up to more than four decades until retirement.
S & P is now the United States and 40 to 000 villages, 200 bearer, is a natural form of female Jiang Yong Shu Culture Village. Jiang is an outstanding female high book-to-human transmission Sally Silver, the former residence of Tang Baozhen. High silver Died when 89-year-old. She's with the same period in the United States and Cape village women, who most of the high silver cents nurturing, "Jinzhuzhechi, Jinmozhehei", near the high silver cents on the book are from women Jiang Yong. Murakami, 40 people can read and write female singing Jiang's book has almost 40 people. 80 percent of households have time Yong-female book. Jiang Yong Shu brocade with women is even more common. High-sen's family silver, Jiang is the female family book. Gao's daughter-in-law Sally Silver, grandchildren, Sun Xi, a total of 6 grandchildren will read and write to sing with women Jiang Yong, Hu granddaughter on the United States succeeded to the grandmother of the United States and Germany is Yong Shu-human transmission in female leader. In February 2002, the S & P Village collective decision to be changed to the ancestral hall in the village of Jiang Yong Shu-female school. Hu is now on the United States and Jiang Yong Shu-female school teachers, Yongzhou City People's Congress. High-grandson of Sally Silver Hu Qiang Zhi, Sun Xi-Yi Yun, the granddaughter of Hu Feng Jiang women will book. Hu Qiang Chi-chul was Miyazawa by soldiers, Xie Zhimin, a professor, and so inspired, twice to Wuhan Grandmother to help organize the information society for women Jiang read the book sing. Hu in the United States on Jiang's book female school, had a total enrollment of more than 20 young women who study women Jiang Yong, half a year through the "weekend" of teaching, they are learning there is progress. Pu Village of female Jiang Yong has done a very fine crafts books, articles for daily use as well as decorative The process of environmental quality, are the older generation of women Jiang Yong Shu Jiansuoweixian-human transmission, unheard of. Jiang F & P book culture in the United States and the village has been carried forward into the future.

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Ancient Battlefield - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancient battlefield at 1000 dong dong I wear Rock Peak. There, we can feel that 700 years ago fought fierce. Through rock, Sophora looking canine, stretches a few years. In between the cliff, the 1000 stone wall dong dong Wai I was impregnable. Overall, the Qiqiang stone, there is no trace of the processing A glance to see is thousands of dong Yao's cell in the Road, officers and soldiers to surround this critical juncture of a hurry to build up. This is to protect cell Peiyao 1000 primary safety barrier. Dong are surrounded by thousands of kilometers above sea level over the mountains, Yamashita I dong and only one person, as long as I hold the dong dong and I on this barrier, Kazuo when Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo. It is putting the natural design of Qiao, all odd uncanny workmanship. The most surprising thing is on the ground in front of this piece of legislation convex stone, we call it the "oath-taking rock", also known as "Ju Zhang Shi." It days to swear like a big hand. You see: five fingers up side by side, the back of a hand out, palm inward, hands Qing Jin meat uplift high, symbolizing the infinite strength and confidence to win. Twelve nine-Dade surname Yuan Yao officers and soldiers to prevent cell invasion, cell Yao in a show of hands here to swear-day: 12 people surnamed Yao solidarity to defend their homes. Juzhang piece of stone, just like their cell Yao rock Like the body, like the mountains and the character of the Canal The indomitable fighting spirit, inspiring generations of descendants.

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Pangling all nature reserves - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pang Ling Nature Reserve in Hunan Province are located in Yongzhou County market and Jiang Yong County, for the geographical coordinates of longitude 111 � 05'02 "111 � 23'50", latitude 25 � 15'25 "25 � 36'39 ", With a total area of 20,066 hectares. Hunan Provincial People's Government of protected areas by 1982 Approved the establishment of the 1000 County Road hole, Jiang Yong Tai Yuan merger of the two provincial-level nature reserves, mainly for the protection of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest ecosystems.

Nanling Mountains area is located in the central, eastern side of the Pang Ling, Jun kaolinite peak in the territory, deep valleys, cutting a strong, leek highest ridge above sea level 20 9.3 meters, 100 meters above the mountain seat. As the protected areas located in the subtropical sub-tropical south of the transition zone in the region flora composition of the complex, which is central, southern China, East China flora of the three major areas of convergence and fauna for the Oriental area in central China and south China have become fauna Infiltration to the area in central China Southern China Characteristics of the cross. Well-preserved forest vegetation in this area, rich in biological resources, the distribution of low-lying areas there are large areas of structural integrity of the evergreen broad-leaved forest in order to protect the main focus of the region at the same time there are also large-scale distribution of the Fujian Community Park and the long Tsuga community ; Have been found in 214 vascular plants have 861 branches 194 are Species, including fir, Taxus, by simple tree, fruit incense, Liriodendron, and so on more than 10 plant species listed as national key protected wild plants, not distributed in the region is rich in all kinds of wild relatives of crop quality resources; have been found in terrestrial 70 Section 146 vertebrates are 202 kinds, including national key protected species Tuatara, the clouded leopard, python, monkeys, sambar, and other 25.

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Yangmingshan National Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangmingshan National Park is located in Hunan, Guangxi and Guangdong provinces zone at the junction, east of Xiangshui, the two-county license Dongbei Yu. The main peak 1625 meters above sea level. Five yellow road through the foot of the mountain. An area where dozens of years, Shan Shui Sau high, dense forests, the environment beautiful, charming scenery, is a natural Shengjing tour. 70% of the territory of the Yangmingshan mountain at 1,000 meters above sea level, fell across the mountains, the peaks Central legislation, the Buddhist peak hope Taiwan 1624.6 meters above sea level, overlooking Million Dollar Baby, Jimu journey of a thousand miles, on up to nine Yi, can be seen under the Heng Yue, Chicago Xiaoxiang wind and cold areas, are fresh in our memory. On a high mountain valley quiet, the strange stone-Feng Qi, Sen Dense, diverse species, Greenfield and-ming, Zhu Di Cui show, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, Wu Hai Yunshan, to the way back to the peak, Chong Ming birds, plants, has embraced. Tateyama people, as if to enter, "Hill birds more quiet" fairyland on earth.

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Kai-yu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ran was originally called River, commonly known as river pollution. Liu changed its name to "ignorance" and "Eight Poems Yu" and "Yu Shi-Kai Xu," and the beautiful landscape of the poet Aura, matched the life-hui became the fascinating destination. Dong Han on the day, the snow long, no Niaofei, who trace out, Shuitianyise, snow-wrapped CD-only bridge Shi, Wan Ran a wonderful map. Yu Snow Creek Vision "has become" Yongzhou Eight ".

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Hong Shan zero - Chinese tourism scenic spots

It is a stand in Yongzhou City Mao Xiaoshui Bridge southwest of the central rock island, famous for the old vanilla production, Gu Chen Lingling County, that is, as Hill 000.

Hong zero Rocky Hill for the natural stone structure, located in the mid-stream, with the potential Xiaoshui and show a different scenery, such as the ocean is vast and mighty and powerful in one of the boat, The weak force is plain Island Pavilion stand. If the sun after the rain, smoke lock foot of a mountain, rain hazy fog between Zhou Ji, albeit not very clearly, giving a mood of the vast Yan Bo, and thus "zero misty rain incense," said one of the eight for the Yongzhou. Liu has been the subject of "Deng Pu Zhou Shi Wang Wangjiang Rocky I, Tam Island back to the deep-ramp to the zero-Shan Hong," poetry, miss Hill beauty zero.

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Liu Zi Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in southern Hunan, Guangxi and adjacent. This is a long history Shanqingshuixiu a good place, King wins the large number of monuments Zhao-zhao. Speaking of Yongzhou, first of all think of Liu. Liu Zongyuan (773-819 AD), a famous writer of the Tang Dynasty, one of the?????. Liu Wen Wang to participate as a result of the failure of reform Yongzhou disgrace demoted to the UN for 10 years, wrote "Yongzhou eight", "Jiang Xue" and "catch a snake said" a large number of poems and at the same time as a result of heart by the people and love people. Although there may be in Yongzhou scenic spots in the women's apartment did not know people, but Liu Yongzhou in Yongzhou to write so much on the Chinese poems, famous for the dissemination of Yongzhou made Xian. Liu Zi Temple is the people of Yongzhou in memory of him and the construction.

Liu Zi Temple is located in Yongzhou Xiaoshui Liu Zi on the streets of the West, was built in three years and to the Northern Song Ren (1056). Siheung 14 years of the Southern Song Dynasty (1144 AD), three-year Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1877 AD) re - . Liu Zi Temple covers an area up to more than 2000 square meters, brick, in the face of Kai-yu, backed by Castle Peak. Liu Zi engrave on the door a stone temple words, both sides have a joint. We can see the door to enter the temple for three three-opened, first of all, 1 pair of eight-column canopy stage. Later to enter the Middle Temple, and then after three, is the main hall, there is Dian-zhong Liu As for worship. Stele a lot of history, "Lai-monument," "snake song capture", "Ye Liu Zi Kai-yu find the temple" and other cultural treasures can be called. Back wall in the main hall of the monument is also a monument San Jue, Han Yu Suozhuan for inscription, written by Su Shi, which is extolling the deeds of Liu, the first sentence Cibei "Come litchi Dan sallow" Lai Chi, also known as the monument.

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On the village of Kom Tong Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The picturesque mountains and rivers, the old building, simple villagers, went on to the village of Kom Tong Hall into a paradise like.

Jiang Yong from the village of Kom Tong Hall at the county seat 25 kilometers southwest of the existing 453 residents, a total of 1865 people, with the exception of 7 people are moving into the village after the founding of the Yi Xing, the others were clan Week . Zhou people from the Song Dynasty began to settle in before the village of Kom Tong Hall, reproduction from generation to generation, continues to this day. The village is now found in Hunan Province during the most ancient villages in the old millennium.

The village has preserved more than 200 buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties era of the ancient residential areas. In addition, the village has left a large amount of built in the Ming and Qing Such as Wanli Ming Wen of the Court, 48, Koji next six years, the entrance tower, 10-year Mingjia Jing Qing Ying-step year Qianlong Bridge, in 2002 the stone wall, and so on, there are a number of obvious characteristics of the Song Dynasty with the ancient architecture . Founded in the village of a thousand years ago, after the Millennium in the wind and rain, the village name of the village, location, family living The same end. Archaeologists said that the village of Kom Tong Hall as the construction at the same time, business, college, religious and cultural features well-preserved ancient village, it is a miracle.

In the village of Kom Tong Hall "on Singapore Pavilion" Cliff has a stone, according to the research, which is a stone from the Zhou family in the village of Kom Tong Hall in 1000 between Inscribed continued down the main content is to eulogize the village of Kom Tong Hall on the beautiful scenery and the Zhou family in the village for the construction, a total of merit monument to advise, Gan Huai Shi-, eight to 24 and so on ancient stone inscriptions, stretching Song , Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties 4, is a stone of the Millennium family.

By the Department Families in a thousand years of history inscribed down to reflect the specific family history of the Millennium Development Cliff in the stone was found in Hunan Province was the first time. For its study of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties of the village history, folk customs, in particular, local history, culture and religion plays an important reference value.

Gan on There are three holes of a village south of the stone arch bridge, fine-sounding name, "Ying-step Bridge", SONG Jing Kang of the bridge was built in the first year, after the Yuan, Ming and Qing repair, maintain a village for thousands of years ago, the ancient Yi Dao, 27 meters long bridge , 4.5 meters wide and 9.5 m span, arch 5 m clear height. Use of semi-circular arch bridge arch thin, compact design chic, with the text The Court solemn high as a foil to each other, King structure into a map, into the corresponding interest.

Is a stone arch bridge in Hunan Province so far found only a bridge in the Song Dynasty. In addition, Wen also found a calligraphy inscription, "Lim Chung Day" and the 1980s at the end of school in Changsha palace ruins unearthed four-year-ching Jiaqing "Lim Chung Day" font, the same style of calligraphy, almost all sizes.

The discovery on the village of Kom Tong Hall into a heritage experts study of feudal society to provide a complete cell. In the agricultural society, villages in the blood is an independent cultural circle or full circle, is to maintain social Characteristics of the smallest units. On the village of Kom Tong Hall on the discovery provides us with a general from the natural and social point of view of human history, complete information.

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Chaoyang rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yong Zhi Shanqu Xiaoshui located in the city in the West Bank. Shanguangshuise because, beautiful scenery and ancient "sun Chaoyang," said one of the eight for the Yongzhou.

Tang Wing Tai first year (765), when the famous poet Road Zhouci Shi Yuan Jie include all soldiers go through Yongzhou, the Department of Zhou Yan, Jia-Sheng landscapes of their love, I rock the East named to the "morning sun" and was "rock Chaoyang ming" and "Chaoyang rock poetry," Liufangqiangu Since then, the mass of Jesus Christ. Liu Yongzhou disgrace home during the search, pay homage to singular, often travel to this tour and there are questions that the "shot", "Jiang Xue" and other poems. Since then, successive civilian Tiyong poet wrote a poem many of its stone monument for a certain The value of history.

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Yuanjiang rouge Lake District tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rouge Lake is located in the southwest of the city of Yuanjiang, about 10 km from the city, 25 km from the city of Yiyang. Legend has it five boating Fan Li Xi Shi with the lake, see here a beautiful, happily named bathed. Lake rouge five fingers spread like a great hand, the perennial water area more than 1430 hectares of river basin area of nearly more than 90 square kilometers Up a national water quality standards.
Dasan around Pinnacle, orange shake Ling Jin, always fresh flowers all year round, evergreen trees, around the hilly tangerine, peach, tea, bamboo verdant, Red Lake red line with the clean water Xiangyingchengqu Castle. Especially in spring, spray snow orange flowers, tea Han Xiang, filled with the smell everywhere. Lake aroma , Visitors do not drink and get drunk, carried away a great feeling. In the fall, only hundreds of millions of red orange wrapped in green, decorated like the mountains, the lake rouge sent best wishes.
Lake rouge or a huge aquarium. Whitebait, mandarin fish, mackerel, snapper, more than 220 kinds of aquatic animals such as Hebang With life in the water park, play to play, passing from time to time, bright water.
Rouge in the lake tour, we can see that in addition to drug and Long Shan Gu Du Bao Ensi, as well as the temple ruins, and so on, can also see many of the wonderful landscape.
Rouge Lake in Hunan Province are now included in the tourism landscape of the 10 water areas , In May 2002 by the provincial Tourism Bureau of AA class tourist attractions. The main attractions are the educated youth, Yong Chang on the beach, farmer's music, two turtle worship the United States, drying Ping shame. Educated youth from the House of Hunan Investment Group of Friends of China over 700 million, followed in the 1970s when the youth delegation of Yuanjiang farmers living in a new home, youth products on display More than 100 pieces of exhibits to reproduce true to the time when the life of the educated youth.

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Zhuhai Taohuajiang tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Zhuhai Taohuajiang" Taojiang County is located in the south, "China Bamboo Town" (the State Forestry Department and named Shoupai) Taojiang County, a bright green jewel Township is a unique feature of the landscape, have been included in the Hunan and National "bamboo trip" tours. Peach County from the Town only 1.5 kilometers east and Taojiang A beautiful tourist attractions Waterloo Resort linked to the Southern peach benefits for the community-level highway in the west and the adjacent road gray peach, peach benefit from the original North Highway set with a total area of 761.2 hectares. Here hilly rough waves, there was a barren peak, the general elevation of 100 - 250 meters above sea level the highest Xuefeng Pass 335 4 meters, the minimum altitude of 37.0 meters, the magnificent seven million mu of bamboo, Changsha to Zhangjiajie is a new online tourism rising a shining pearl, and each year attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists at home and abroad to come here as tourists.
1, Qu Temple
Legend has it that Qu Yuan's southern exile, in Nianzhuan Peach Blossom River, It is man-made amendments to commemorate Qu Yuan Temple. Qu temple covers an area of nearly 2000 square meters, Qu Hall Gallery, into the footsteps of Qu Yuan in the Peach Blossom River, deep memory, the immortal three-part poem, side by side there are large steles, inscribed with "Heaven" and "Li Sao." There are around the exhibition hall of the Buddhist Church, a carving the ancestral Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy, pilgrims stream.
2, Zhu Yin-ting
Taojiang people love bamboo, bamboo-zhen, bamboo fans. Since ancient times, like bamboo Yinshizuofu seekers can explore, so Citing building. Zhu Yin-ting, located in the mountainside Huoyanshan Kwan, a long-term perspective, the concept of bamboo poetry, do not have a flavor. Legend has it that Qing Zheng Banqiao poet had the pleasure to Yin Shi Yishou: "Ya Qi Xiao Xiao Zhu lying to listen to, the suspect predicaments of the citizens is sound. Caozhou this small Xian Li Wu, a leaf of the total customs situation."

3, Folk Village
Li Jiacun Folk Village is located in the reservoirs on the canyon, 13 Zhulou by verdant green bamboo Shade, Zhulou by small water from bamboo weaving, Guxiangguse, Dongnuanxialiang here, quiet elegance, is the music lovers on vacation and leisure.

4, Water Park
Water Park is located in Chestnut Ridge on the eastern side of the monkey, according to Hill here, water, mountains and water, mountains dominate the landscape matched, the water only a few Boat for the waves of visitors.

5, view Zhulou
Located in the octagonal, said at the time octagonal, Zhuhai, also known as the Red Chamber, in 1991 Chen Bangzhu Denglou governor of bamboo concept, the proposed name Zhulou view, the board Zhulou view, the endless panoramic view of Zhuhai, you feel good , Suddenly Long.
6, Om Jinpen
Legend has it that West Tang learn Taohuajiang passing, throwing a Jinpen, a local Lost Siu-man, the amendments to show to commemorate Jinpen Um, this is a temple of more than 600 square meters, is located in the small side of the Hill, there are Guanyin Buddha, Songzi Niangniang, Ocean's 18, which Incense strong stream of pilgrims.
7, Donglin Temple
Donglin Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty is a well-known general Yuchi Gong has been built in recent years to repair the relocation, which is located in the 200-meter Jinpen slopes, an area of 1,000 square meters wide Ciyu here, incense constantly throughout the year, is Buddhism in the history of the Holy Land.

The world can be called a landscape of Zhuhai
You Taohuajiang, all boats in the Red Chamber Zhuhai, the Jimuyuantiao here over the Bamboo Hill, the mountain is covered with green, around 7 million, Shan Hill, even the slope slope, a boundless hope, of the National rare.
Hongshan Forest Zhuhai public Rich tourism products, quality fresh white bamboo shoots, dried bamboo, tea, Lei Cha, Cha to fog, the shame of female face, and so on. Bamboo range of industrial products: bamboo flute, bamboo flute, Zhu Sheng, Hu bamboo musical instruments, Zhu Chuang, tables and chairs, sofas and so on, there are sophisticated weaving of blue flowers, small flying saucer, slim, sleek Writing case of bamboo, bamboo root, and so on.

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Red Rock Scenic Area Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongping county, 10 kilometers north of the Red Rock Scenic Area is well-known Hunan provincial nature reserves, scenic spots and Spring are intricately linked and consists of Xiang Yang, Hongyan, Taoyuan small, the four major scenic spots, such as Xian Chi. Xiang Xiang Yang Feihong existing scenic spots, listening to rock trails, 12 scenic spots such as flowers. Xiang Yang Hongyan Reservoir is Feihong Aqueduct District, a total length of 180m, single-arch cross 100 meters, 25 meters high, Hunan Province, is currently the longest single-span water of the highest pedestrian bridge.

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East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

1. Wetlands: East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve in Hunan Province.

2. Included in the "List of Wetlands of International Importance," Time: July 31, 1992.

3. Geographical coordinates: 28 � 59'-29 � 38'N, 112 � 43'-113 � 15'E.

4. Rationale: at the northern part of Hunan Province, Changsha City from the northern part of 110km.

5. Area: 190000ha.

6. Wetland types: INLAND WETLANDS (5).

7. Altitude :30-35m.

8. Wetlands Description: East Dongting Lake is a large lake-wide river, for it satisfied the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in Hunan and the Hunan capital, Yuan, Li 4 river water. The lake is surrounded by vast plains and marshes.

9. Geographical description: East Dongting Lake Dongting Lake is the largest lake system, the average had reached the lake 3 2,600,000,000 cubic meters. Lake annual capacity of 17,800,000,000 cubic meters, the depth of 4-22m, the largest water level drops to 17. 76m, ph6.8-8.6. It was the landscape of Hong Kong and China ditch wetland landscape. Turkish soil for the lake and river marsh soil. The average annual temperature of 17 ?, red-crowned cranes in the lake with an average temperature of 1 . 5 ?, the total precipitation 1200-1330mm, frost-free period 258-275 days.

10. Ecological Description: The lake is rich in water Shen, the very water and floating plants. Recorded 131 kinds of aquatic plants, under Section 40, a 75. Shen common water moss plants, including grass, and algae, floating Lotus plants, and duckweed Euryale ferox; very water plants with water and reeds, such as a candle. Wetlands surrounded by rice paddies and other crops.

11. All the land: the land and waters of all countries.

(1) of protected areas: land and has jurisdiction over the waters of 67500ha; other 124600ha of the tube Have the right to protected areas and other common units in all.

(2) the surrounding area: urban, agricultural and forestry land.

12. Measures have been taken to protect: ? local city government in 1988 promulgated a circular management of protected areas; ? 1984 since the ban on hunting in protected areas; ? each year of martial law Fishing, fishing and fishing methods for meeting; ? the first week of April each year the "Love the Birds Week" in October each year and is scheduled for the "care on Cape"; ? protected area management agencies and local units together The natural environment and natural resources protection and management of the Joint Commission.

13. Land use: man-made To:

(1) of protected areas: nature conservation activities; scientific research; tourism; fisheries production (seasonal); flood control, and so on.

(2), or around the region: urban residents living; agricultural production; poultry, and so on.

15. Interference, threats, including the Land lee The main change and development projects:

(1) in protected areas: None.

(2), or around the region: in some areas around the industrial pollution; population pressure; agricultural development projects and construction of scenic areas.

16. Hydrology and natural value: the lakes and wetlands play a huge However, the role of the storage reservoir in the Yangtze River and Dongting Lake to control around the summer flood water level play a key role. The Lake in Hunan Province was also an important production base for the fishing industry.

17. Social and cultural values: the area around Hunan Province is an important agricultural production areas, rice and other agricultural crops is the main Income. Yueyang City, adjacent to the lake's many historical and cultural monuments, have important cultural value.

18. Well-known animal species: the migratory waterfowl and is important in winter, the main species of water birds: wild-type, Baitou He, crane, black stork and 11 types of ducks. Dolphin mammals, Dolphin often appears in the east of Dongting lake, there are 20 lakes in the economic value of fish such as sturgeon, white sturgeon, and so on.

19. Well-known plant families of the community: wetland vegetation in order to willow branches, flower-shaped Die Lianhua Branch, the grass family, Asteraceae, Cyperaceae, Potamogetonaceae, water-based plant communities constitute 20. The current research activities: is the number of types of wild ducks to carry out the investigation.

21. At present, the protection of publicity: the annual "Love the Birds Week" and "Cape Care Month" activities and use of radio, television, pictures, and large-scale propaganda billboards to protect wetlands and water birds.

22. Head The entertainment and tourism activities: a number of summer visitors to protected areas within the scope of Junshan scenic spots to visit. In addition the international dragon boat race held every year; November to March the following year is the winter bird-watching season.

23. Management: East-Lake Nature Reserve Management Office.

24. The higher jurisdiction: Southern Province Forestry Department.

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