Hill rabbit ears - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rabbit ears Mountain is located in Minhou, Wing Tai, at the junction of Fuqing, in the river at the foot of the mountain dazhang can see a vivid named after the rabbit ear. Wing Tai from Fuzhou to the direction of travel less than an hour, they reached the beautiful scenery of the South Island town of Minhou County Ssangyong --- rabbit ears Hill area. Mountain View, which rise amid the region rabbit ears Peaks, steep cliff, waterfall and more Tam United States, risk-Walled surprising fun. Each spot has a beautiful poetic legend, the gods swiftly tree, an old woman out rabbits, robbing Zhu Yong, romance monks, Huang Chu Dong a monkey, and Sirius to see the United States, Shuilian Dong, Formation race, welcoming Sin And so interesting. There are many Yanxi pool and waterfall , Hill unabated into the Triassic, there waterfall - Ssangyong waterfall - Dragon Falls waterfall, and other components of the group. One of the top dragon falls gap has more than 10 meters, 2-3 meters wide waterfall, magnificent. It is worth mentioning that in the mountains of scenic spots Walled Formation, which is located near the top of a hill, steep mountains, caves more, in some hundred meters away from the , The triangle was distributed 3-dong, is extraordinary. Hill rabbit ears and a depth of 700 years ago, ancient people left behind by the country's smallest reservoir site, "Pei-yung." Not long ago, deep in the mountains and found a piece of well-preserved fossils of ancient pine. Here is the revolutionary war years, the Chinese Fu Provincial authorities of the site, in December 1943, the Provincial authorities across the border Wing Tai Qingxi County, in April the following year from Qingxi to rabbit ears, the area. In recent years, rabbit ears Hill area with the construction of the village Flavor of the farm cottage accommodation to visitors and other tourist facilities, but also to launch Carnival bonfire, play in the water rafting, Lo Barbecue, and mountain climbing expedition, such as spa tourism projects.

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Gushan King 18 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongquan Temple in West Lions have peaks form, such as lions, lions along the West downlink peak a few years, that is, the Dharma hole. There is a hole about 2 meters of Bodhidharma seated facing the wall; a boulder outside, such as Shek Pik Fu Xue, engraved on the Qing dynasty poet Daoguangnianjian Wei Jie, according to the nature of the here and folklore, finishing as the preparation of the King, 18, which is King Hill 18: Bodhidharma facing the wall, the Antarctic heaven, Shou-Xian Yuan Gap, the ancient crane nest clouds, giant fairy track, Fu-wide map, peach dock full, Yu-Sun forest, tidal wave and Dragonflies termites, Yu Deng shines, the Lions play ball , Jinchan Chu Dong, Fu-hu by the pack, listen to the Shenlong law, armor-dumping, Chi Hong planes sink, the cave Hydrangea, qianfoensis the Vatican Palace. This 18-hole After weathering the collapse, some years now washing can not see the spots, most attractions are still vivid, together with that wonderful myths and legends, so that visitors feel very nature of magic. Rock legend, the Qing Dynasty, the town of Tiger, an area where dozens of Gushan, often a few big tiger, often injure the people down Yamashita people, to catch up with the big tiger. Each catch up with here, all the tiger miraculously disappear, we think this may be a rock under the venture, then invited the Yongquan Temple Master chanting down to the tiger, a tiger in the town of Rock side bearing a "No South by Fushou ", And has used Buddhism to the town of Tiger, are still 18 to the west of King Fu-hu to build a temple, then on Tiger Hill is no longer suffering. Giant immortal tracks such as Taiwan, a flat rock, rock on "Ocean's Taiwan," the three characters in particular eye-catching. Legend has it that Han Qiao Ling embodiment of the Zen master, in this and in the Pat Sin Lan Tsai-meeting and asked him to teach medical Road. Lan Tsai and his superb medical skill unreservedly to the Zen master Ling Qiao, into Front has passed a breeze, but in the Ocean on the stage of the three left a huge footprint, known as the "immortal giant track." Ocean south on the stage 3 this rock, such as the shape of the three ships, in waves of Linhaibibo. Chi Hong drive sink Taipa legend dairy duties ?? Indica Songshanqianyuan quarter will be given Muqiangxiongxi ?? Zongyuanchiqi satisfied sword ?? Bohuiyujian Make a false charge regret Jae � U Shu-bound in a league just ugly woman shade Pa Su Mang Jing Le Ta She ?? groups say Suwa lie? "Avalokitesvara in the view of the scenic spots of Gushan, to return to the South China Sea. Blink of an eye, the annual event will be the advent of flat peach Guanyin to the Queen Mother on the proposed Gushan held at the Queen Mother Xiji. As a result, Kwun Yam allocated 3 ships loaded with various gods Xiangyun driving, flying Gushan. It was 3 on the ship to stay in the Gushan, "Chi Hong drive sink," the resulting. Foku in Ocean side of the stage, "Foku" for the auspices of the Qing Dynasty Gushan Yongquan Temple Road, Pei (1614 ~ 1702) the title of Cliff Inscription, the Road Master Pei Qing Emperor Kangxi in 2007 (16 8 years), wrote a forward to a "generous Kegon Guangfo Sutra on to compile" A total of 120 volumes and 48 packaging, wood block printing up to more than 2000. Master Hong Yi to Fujian in 1928, it had printed a separate set of scores given to the various temples in Japan, the Japanese people is commendable Gushan "version of the ancient Buddhist Guicang Baoku . This is a piece of rock on the left, the 55 engraved Florence, together with the Ocean's love setting the audience on the 33 Buddha carved into 000 88 Fohao, these are the original handwriting of the Master Pui Road. Here there is a clear spring cave as a mirror, not all the year round is not over dry, clean non-staining. Jade jade turntable ladder is a newly opened King , To be held on to the railing care chain, from the steep rock cut on the grade level and step on stage. Although only 128 steps, but the extent of the steep ladder of the people more to stimulate a sense, but narrowly. Ladder to board, before the wide field of vision, who have filled clouds, looking ahead, the vast Yan Bo, Rongcheng Maung panoramic view, looking at the foot of the near Linhaibibo, Greenfield off, not far from a cable car ropeway as a silver pearl necklace, around the peak in the Lotus. Looking up, on a cliff Inscription "Qian Yan Jing Xiu, dispute Among a Myriad flow," This is the title of the Qing Dynasty Wei Jie, he Among a Myriad of the magnificent landscape momentum, reflected in full . Daruma Bodhidharma facing the wall-wide, about 15 meters deep, about 8 meters, 4 meters high. Zuobi engraved inside the cave, "facing the wall," the two characters, Bodhidharma about 2 m high statue, is the longan wood carving. There are stoves inside Taiwan, according to legend Qiao Ling Shan Zen master when he first joined in the cooking here, inside the cave, there is a Stephen, Gan Han-to-drink, do not dry up all the year round. Vatican Buddha Temple, qianfoensis qianfoensis Um Um, Um, also known as San-fu, known as the original home without a net. Um the backing on three sides, and Jiang's own face Bailongjiang for the cultivation of nuns, known for a long time. For centuries strong incense, and from learning through self-cultivation of tens of thousands of nuns. Annei Buddha gradually increased, as well as to reach thousands of Buddha, very Concept, it changed its name to qianfoensis Um, also known as "qianfoensis the Vatican Palace." Sin Sin-dong-dong legend began in the Yuan Dynasty, the first word Tieguai Li immortal, the degree of Han Zhongli, Han Lu degrees, the two also share the Han Xiang Cao Guojiu and son, and the fruit old Zhang, Lan Tsai Ho Xian Gu is the difference into a total of eight post-enlightenment , Lan Tsai-strong recommendation of the Eight Immortals who have come here to gather together Mid-Autumn night. Liu and Chu Dong Jinchan Taiwan Jinchan hole in the Rock Road on both sides, the lower right corner of the possible gold-top rock-shaped hole, such as Chu Dong will be toad, for no reason at the end of a piece of rock, like a belly toad, the V in the grass next to the slope , Want to jump out of jump. Jinchan peach over the island hole to the southeast, several pieces of huge rocks, scattered by, as if a few peach stacked together around a lot of rock like peach, here called peach trees, there is a rock next to the hole on the Engraved with "Rock Manqian" 3 words. Legend: When Manqian Queen Mother is the Pan Taoyuan Village guards loyal officer. But in the end he can not stop the Xiantao the temptation to leave the venture to steal a few peach, Liu Xia world, came to Gushan, was fascinated by the scenery here, they kind of peach in the Gushan, the Queen Mother Manqian afraid to know After the blame, it has to stay in Gushan. After years after Cultivation, full of Xiantao around here. Later, the soldiers were aware of this Bingbao after the Queen Mother, Queen Mother Gushan in person, it is necessary to Manqian vindictive back to heaven, Man Qianning never return. Queen Mother fury, and here's the Man Qian peach all point into stone. He goes old nest caves France and China, two Qualcomm's cave, inside the Qing Wei Jie engraved with the inscription: "and open." This is a hole before Xiaoping, the legend, often in the past crane circled stop habitat, named "Cape ancient nest cloud." Fu-wide map caves on the right side of France and China pavilion, Huating name. Reportedly, from the bird's eye view Citing Rongcheng, roads, farmland, river , Criss-crossing the lake, the natural outline map of longevity, the designated point anyway, it is wow. Now, with the rapid urban construction, have seen the painting "Fushou map." Fu-hu carried out by the rock Dong Ding Fu-hu, like the first tiger, Tibetan reduce tooth claw, From a distance, such as the conversion of surrender was a tiger, back A stone-loaded, such as Buddhism loaded, it is named "Fu-hu by the pack." Feng Fu-hu Cisi Zen master Fu-hu, and each year on February 29 as the birthday of the Zen master Fu-hu, in the previous three days after the festival held to commemorate the birth of a Zen master Fu-hu. Yanhejufei Lotus rock as a rock canoe into the sky, Cliff Inscription "sink rocks are flying", describe, vividly described the landscape here. Armor rock sink a roadside rocks rocks, the stone surface, many of the rules of small cracks, such as the shape of ancient armor on the general scale, rock engraved with "Resurrection", so called "Resurrection rock." Yu-Sun forest station "Rock Resurrection", look to the east, the opposite can be seen around the clouds, Feng Yu-sun exposed on a number of large and small peak. Large rock out, as if springing up, unearthed bamboo, which is the most special of the landscape here, the ancients as "forest Yu-Sun," King.

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Langqi Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Langqi Island-mouth of the Min River, said Pearl, a unique natural conditions, the entire island with a total area of 92 square kilometers, of which land area of 55 square kilometers (36.5 square kilometers plains, mountain 18.5 square kilometers), the entire island of forest cover by 20%. Land area of 37 square kilometers, has a coastline of 30 km Island 15.3 kilometers from east to west, 8.1 km wide north-south, which is equivalent to the Hong Kong Island area, as the fourth largest island of Fujian Province. Langqi sub-tropical maritime climate for the island, four seasons, the pastoral scenery.

  Langqi Island Gathering of Talents for the many historical sites. Such as: Bingbushangshu Wang Song, Song Cun-lin politics Libushangshu Chen Su-ming, Department of family doctor Jiang Wen-pei, Sima Shao Zhou Ting Qin Dong, Dong Yang Industry Yuanwai Lang River, Sichuan Bingbei Road Qing Chen, the Republic of China Navy Rear Admiral Ren Guangyu. From the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, had a Langqi Jinshi, Juren 40. Liu-chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of Fujian, the Recorder of the Standing Committee of the CPC Fujian Province, the military Minister Jiang Tao, and so on Langqi Island is the elite.

  Langqi ancient temples on the island of the existing four (Baiyun Si, Tianzhu Temple, the Temple in Cheonan, Nanshan Temple), ancient temples, ancient temples, ancient forts, celebrity more than 10 ancient tombs. 2 Christian churches, Christian activities, 3 points, Cliff more than 10 stone, Song, Ming more than 10 ancient port, A lake, heritage conservation district unit 9, a cultural point.

  Ten Hill on the island Lang: Baiyun, Chao Yin Yunlong, the two-turtle population, Sumon Five Tigers, India Tingquan, Luchou wild places, the Golden Rooster herald the break of day, the white monkey Zhenjiang, lying wave Bridge, Exploring the Pulin. Baiyun one day win the most. Legend of Fuzhou area in addition to the sunrise view of Langqi Baiyun Mountain, there are the outskirts of Fuzhou Gushan high mountain range of peaks and the Yunju Shan County. Gushan but too far away from the sea, vast Mimi; Yunju Shan too short, limited field of vision, but Baiyun Mountain, unique.


  Baiyun Mountain, 300 meters high, nearly , Baiyun Si in the 50 meters of new "concept of Japan and Taiwan." 8 meters high, 20 meters long and 5 meters wide, with full-Fang Zheng white granite block from base. The railings on the stage as a "saddle-shaped", such as the ancient battlements. Lishu Hengbian positive audience: "The concept of Japan and Taiwan." 2 inscription under the door, such as the ancient city gate. There are two wings The order, winding paths, such as corridors, is also on both sides of the fence, saying that "Taiwan ladder." "Taiwan ladder", "Taiwan Vice" to "Lord of Taiwan." The stage by the sea, hundreds of Minjiang River mouth, panoramic view of mountains and rivers. Langqi concept, known since ancient times.

  Langqi Island Black Point Beach Resort, the mountains and the sea, beautiful scenery. Resorts across the Long village to the East Village, the old North-South Gate Pavilion, magnificent. Resort, matched landscape, sea and sky blend, first of all to see is a wind into the woods ancient dune landscape, which has more than 10 hectares, as a green barrier beach stand. Sand dunes on the ground is covered with forest green and lush wild Her Groove Back, the numerous ancient Blot out the Sun towering trees, criss-crossing. Ancient banyan trees, deep-rooted. The protection of forest vegetation well, there are more than 30 kinds of plants. Every summer season, flocks of sea gulls, ducks, egrets, and sea birds live here.

  Ancient forest areas outside the original is a few acres of tidal flats, farmland reclamation has become More than 00 hectares of sea water farms and open water upper reaches of the park. Farm water like a lake, where aquaculture clams, Sinonovacula red Charybdis, Lo shrimp, sea bass, mullet, dancing flowers Bay Seafood, and so on. In the evening, the setting sun shines into this, the sea breeze blowing gently, by Wu Pengchuan water rafting, do not have some fun. Watch the wild water Xiang Ji, seagulls play, chasing Qunniao the landscape, there are people back to simplicity Pu, the return of the feel of nature. Over-the-counter sea-farming has stopped Dandi, which has more than 3,000 meters, dominating the waterfront as the Great Wall. Dandi shellfish that is outside the zone, and then the outside is the vast East China Sea. Whenever the lunar astronomical tide Five-Year Plan, are attracted to this Bore of tourists is increasing year by year, see Zhuolang emptying, such as the sensational wave to the impact of sea walls, stricken thriller, "Bore seawall," has also become a King holiday.

  Artificial lake open on the right side of the ground also has a horse field. Cursory view of the sea, is a most beautiful enjoyment.

  Shun Shan from the race track Bai Yumi cement on the road to the "Four Seasons resort in Hawaii," by the Hot Spring Hotel, Fuzhou and foreign joint investment to build, covers an area of 67 hectares, the mountains and the sea. 3-layer construction of the main building of resort hotels, three-star. Supporting a Village, Sea View Tower, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, swimming pools, and There are presidential suite, sauna, karaoke OK hall, multi-purpose conference room. First-class facilities, attentive service, has become a tourism, leisure, the ideal vacation.

  Following the "Four Seasons resort in Hawaii," upward turn, the cement Wan Ting Wan Shan Road Bypass, across the resort, the ups and downs, Qi East to the waterfront. Cement road on both sides of the villas, a restaurant where they stand, "Long House, Taiwan," "Seafood House," "Entertainment Center Chao Sheng", "Post Training Center", "Electrical Training Center", "Taiwan-related training centers" 50 to 60 buildings. There are 20 km of coastline, tranquil beaches, rugged rocks, The cloth caves and bitten spray of the sea reefs were seriously flawed. There is a sea rock called "stone Shek Kwu gong." Percussion with a rock, "rock gongs" and Qiang Qiang audio. Another shape of a stone drums, wave its impact on rock, issued by the drum sound. Here a broad field of vision, the view, the Minjiang River mouth, "the two-turtle population", "Sumon Five Tigers", "Gold Herald the break of day "and" white monkey Zhenjiang "Tianzaodeshe Shengongguifu such as the natural landscape, fresh in our memory.

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Lin ancestral hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuzhou Road in Macau, near Osan Scenic Area. Sanshiyinian Qing Dynasty (1905), covers an area of about 3000 square meters. Once occupied for residential areas. In 1982, as is the rehabilitation and Lin into the memorial. Provincial heritage conservation unit. Temple doors to the east, the first date for the red screen , Located about side door, the amount of questions, "Chung Hsing case gun," and "a great man left the sea", embedded wall "Humenxiaoyan" large-scale relief. The second-shaped gate for the wall decorated archway, for the main entrance, the amount of problem, "Lin Wenzhong Ancestral Hall." Door to the courtyard, for about corridors, a middle-Rock Road Miriam hall. Miriam hall for the hanging-Hill, 3-room, Office There are stone-Royal Road, Beiting. Pavilion for the square, Zhong Yan nine ridge top, there are 3 green stone shaped products arranged for the imperial one, for the oration, as a tablet, are single at the time thanks to Lin. North Pavilion Temple Office has, since the compound into the door sales Title, "Shuter together." Lin Si middle of the Office of the statue, put 19 light ( 839) Emperor Yu Shu "longevity" horizontal inscribed board, there is next to the Masters title in conjunction. As the former has a fine moment for Qingshi case. The hanging wall of a joint Suozhuan Lin: "Gou benefit to the national life and death, good and bad fortune as a result of a proper attitude tend to avoid." There are fish in the ancestral hall, and the colt floor, a rockery, bamboo, such as Albert architecture, beautiful quiet.

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Mishima hero - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tongan in history is a well-known local, county home in 1700 so far, the history of excellence come forth in large numbers, there is the fascinating natural and human landscape. Tongan District has a long history of the reservations of many scenic spots and monuments in concrete can be used are recreational areas Dadeng Island, Tongan movie, Brahma Temple, and so on. Tongan hero That is, Dadeng Island tourist resort island, located in the Tongan town of Dadeng from Dadeng Island, a small Dadeng Island, Kok and Lantau, the southern island of Kinmen for, only to the nearest Department, more than 1000 meters. Travel to this island, the island can enjoy the scenery of the village of fish, much to experience an island of natural conditions and customs, see Strait, Taiwan's Kinmen island of Yao Kan.

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The East Coast - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The East Coast National Scenic Recreation Area at the way the way around the island's east coast, west coastal Xiamen University, east of the International Convention and Exhibition Center, all nine kilometers of gold on the beach, sun, sea, beach, green space, so that you fully appreciate the magnificent scenery of southern seaside scenery. The coastal road around the island clean and spacious, green plants, better scenery , In particular Huangcuo 4 km section of the ocean side of the red asphalt pavement is dazzling. 4 beautiful Services Attractions' Ye Feng Chai ',' Park a few stars', 'Wan Yue Po' and 'Rhine Terrace' is located in the recreation area of the online landscape, beautiful shape, features, melting into the beach and the sea One that is casual, An ideal choice for music. Recreation Area is located in the eastern part of the sea around the island section of the city, close to?????and Xiamen University, in the region with luxury boats, motor boats, banana, water bicycles, boats parachute, at sea slip blisters, and other recreational projects, allows you to experience the thrills and excitement enjoy Enjoy the fun of the sea.

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Temple Qingzhi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingzhi Lotus Hill County is located on the mountain peak. Legend has it that in the past because of the mountains rich in Ganoderma lucidum blue, because KIWI mountain, named after the numerous caves. The front of Temple Heavenly Kings for the reinforced concrete structure, like the appearance of Western-style architecture, Jian Cai Chinese palace-style cornices Qiaojiao, into a single cell. After the Main Hall for, Wanli Ming, 931 was destroyed by fire in 1934 by Lin rehabilitation fund-raising. Another big hall with a disability, Plum F, Matsukaze Court, possession of bone towers, Xu Park, Park Mu, Ma, and other construction. Shrine dedicated to the former Qingzhi 2, is said to date from the Ming Dynasty down.

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He Shan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

He Shan scenic spot is located in Baita Township seven-step Luoyuan County villages, the mountains are 24-odd stones, scattered in the mountains, "who wish Road", "Yu Pan Chinese Restaurant", "Gu Zhou extradition", "peach Qing Shou "," see the old man fight, "and" cold shelter Palace, "" Blue Whale Yang Bo, "" Sin Yin Hu fluid "and other attractions, all spirit Xiao Life is to enjoy the charm of nature's nirvana.

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Zhang Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In 1958, Fuqing people in the middle reaches of the Longjiang, Dan Zhushan Pa built under the river, and built a 15 square km area of artificial Pinghu - Zhang reservoir. Reservoir water storage capacity 185,000,000 cubic meters, the water flow through the Treasury 15 townships, 233 villages and three farms, to benefit from an area of 17,000 Ha, accounting for half of the county's arable land. Zhang into the reservoir, a fundamental solution has changed in Fuqing, "10-year drought nine no food," a history of changes in the structure of agriculture. A Spring Lake, Barry has brought good harvest, 10,000 well-being.

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Park tea kiosk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Quanta tea kiosk at Park Road and Middle Road on August 17, was built in 1986, covering an area of 3.57 hectares, of which the surface area of 2 hectares. North Gate Park-way mass, Guangda arrived in the East Gate Road, there are 3 Gurong, shade cover several acres, has a concert hall, chess room, reading room and tea house, and so on. In the Park 996 years in September for the construction and dismantling of illegal buildings in the park, garbage collection, all-round renovation of antique buildings, the renovation of the wall, the formation of Park Road, the laying of block and brick or stone pavement; construction of cross-lake 2 Bridge, a stone arch bridge for, were drunk On the bridge, a reinforced concrete structure for Fangmu Pingqiao, on the north shore of the construction of more than 100 square meters Ping Taiwan, with flowers blooming flower beds, benches Cuoluoyouzhi; An Qing Zhang Nan more than 10 of Shizhuodandeng stone so unique taste; new floral planting in the park south of the precious flowers and night. Yi Park; inside the main building for the wooden structure of the binary hall, now split root for the painting and photography exhibition hall. In the courtyard of a home Fupi caused by the large stone rockery, its potential and natural Wei-cheng. Garden planted with trees in the southern features more than 1,000 trees, the laying of a variety of lawn more than 4600 square meters.

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Luo Star Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luo Star Park, covering an area of 2.33 hectares. Foot of a mountain along the Min River revetment but keep fighting, Wai railings, stacked rockery, wide planting vegetation. A mountain Cave, Cliff stone, "Shen You". There Sujiang the west side of the building, south of a Wangjiang Ting. Here in Taiwan there are Park, Lake Ming Court, Xuan friendship, and so on. The Peak Tower stands Luo stars. Near the Chao Temple, Fujian boat school governance, and other sites.

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Jinniushan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinniushan Park City is the creation of China's excellent tourist cities of key projects with a total investment of 10,000 yuan over 9000, the park covers an area of 44.24 hectares of the total, Fuzhou is the only modern park. It Jinniushan blueprint for building a mountain, pristine nature, Chinese and western walls, garden experts at home and abroad into the collective Hui carefully designed. Park on the mountain the potential to protect the environment, local transformation, an appropriate home for the principles of the King, the planning and construction of Nanshan, "Green Wave Artesian Bore Baths" area, a Western Hills "flower fragrance Valley" area, a center, "Niu Ling-chuen, on" the northern area and the "Golden Song Wind "scenic spots. It is now completed the initial, 20,001 years 1st opening to the outside world is a project "Green Wave Nanshan scenic Artesian Bore Baths", with a total investment of 65,000,000 yuan, as well as the cultivation area of Zhongshan, Mr Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party vice-secretary general of the gift, a symbol of Sino-Japanese friendship of more than 200 cherry trees line Form cherry blossoms of the garden. Relying on the northern slope of fruit Court's original olive and longan trees, Nearly 200 acres of land planted peach, pear, litchi, Yangmei, and loquat fruit trees such as pomegranates, Lagerstroemia, Hongmei, Lamei, such as ornamental flowers and trees Magnolia 3000. Area-natural woodland display grasslands in order to cluster of flowers with the theme of spring flowers. Scenic areas are: Taurus sculptures, fountains, Great Falls Ying-square Sanjeong music can take-off and landing spots, such as open-air stage. Other attractions: - Select - left the sea to the park stone drunk Temple Law Tibetan Temple Dharma Star Tower 18 King Mountain Trail ancient Confucian temple in Fuzhou Gushan Gushan Cliff stone-water peak in excellent shape and Kaiyuan Temple (Tie Fosi) leader Han Tao Quan qianfoensis Tashan Shek Kwu Mountain Gate Square to listen to the water Yongquan Temple Chai Hospital shrine tower, drum tower Hualin Si Min Hot Springs Resort Center Lane Lane Palace Square Guanglu Huang Ji Lane Bailey Lane Langguan Lane Tower Lane Confucian text Square Yangqiao Jin Zhu Yi Lane Square Square neighborhood alligator Zi Long Point Park, Park Road, West Lake Park, Taiwan's Lin Sanjeong Memorial Bridge on the rooftops Osan uta Pavilion potato Baita (Minaret will be) who make up large Shan Jing She Temple (Guanyinge) set light pagoda (White Pagoda Temple) nine cents Qigong Ci view of Vientiane Spa Pavilion on the Park Hill in the semi-Feng Shan Bei Lang champion side note Shifan King Kong wide-leg Tomb of Jinshan Temple Lin Ling Yansi in a pony tail Min River Mawei Port Pingtan Island Chishan Qing Zhi Qing Zhi Shan Temple in Fuzhou National Forest Park Xi Shi Zhushan re-eight million-ji Wang Zhi-trial Tomb of the Five Tigers Shanxi Xuefeng Temple Monastery Xuefengshan Yan Fu Zheng He's tomb monument Sino-French naval Song Ma Wing Tai Tomb Qingyunshan scenic spot 36 feet Hai Tan Lake scenic area and the Ryukyu cemetery Third Place 7th Lane Museum of Okinawa on May 1 star Park Plaza Park Lo-European countries Smelter Pool Chishan Forest Park Rock Hill dark clouds left behind Mawei Shipyard Park lake Shanghang Zijin Mining Co., Ltd. Baekundong tea kiosk Park Navy Museum of Chinese Modern Literature Museum, Zhang Bing Xin Reservoir Scenic Area Heshan Dragon Falls

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Ryukyu Okinawa Museum and cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Okinawa cemetery in Mountain City baiquan Um. In 1986, buried in the Qing Dynasty in China at the death of the Ryukyu Muqu personnel within the framework of the construction, the cemetery covers an area of 3120 square meters, with 8 Tomb of Okinawa. Wu Ming-hong five-year (1372), China and the Ryukyu began exchanges in Fuzhou has been designated as the Grand Qualcomm port. Where the Ryukyu tribute to show their gratitude and make the boat, so to celebrate, and make the pilgrimage in high-risk students, and other vessels to be landed in Fuzhou. It has been contained in the before and after the death of the Okinawans have a 578 people, most of the buried on the spot. Fuzhou is the tomb of Okinawa in addition to the cemetery 8, there are around 4 baiquan Um, to build high-Hill 2, Building schools and building on the tower crossing the village of Aberdeen, and even the Town, a sea town, a collection unearthed in tomb tombstone 10 multi-Okinawa. Okinawa tomb for more than a single funeral, in the form of armchair, for the case, the monument signs side of the screen, ding (turtle-shaped), such as gable 5 parts, simple shapes. Monument unlicensed Chinese books, including the country , Name, title, address, birth date and size of the cemetery, and so on, a reflection of sulfur in the history of exchanges between the kind of valuable information. Fuzhou switch in the second factory next to the Ryukyu Museum, formerly known as Rouyuan station. Integrated next 10 years (in 1474) before and after construction, hospitality is the basic object of Okinawa Lairong staff. At that time, before and after And the size of the bedroom, such as 63, are only the end of the Qing dynasty into a building, have been rebuilt.

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Tan Rock Hill site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tan Rock Hill site is located on the north shore of Min River in Fujian Province Minhou County Cunpang tan stone, is to the New Stone Age ruins of the Shang and Zhou. The site has been discovered in the tomb 76, the former site of the Tao 5, the two tribes and many of the protective trench Huikeng. The main piled up for the late Neolithic burial, was named "Tan Rock Hill culture." Tombs For three-and bottom-up, were 5,000 years ago, 4,000 years, 3,000 years or so, Crimping stacked on the Shang and Zhou dynasties loess type Lun burial. The unearthed cultural relics and specimens with a number of people, animals, bones and fossils of a large number of pottery, stone tools, bone, shells, etc., in which a number of important discoveries, it is rare in the country. Rock Hill Tan culture and Taiwan's Kaohsiung Fengpitou cultural connotation of similar age similar to those of dark clouds on the Rock Hill site study of ancient culture of Fujian and Taiwan relations is of great value.

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Wing Tai Qingyunshan Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wing Tai in the county from more than 10 km of rural Ridge Road, off the ground as a result of the summit, named after Qingyun stands. Scenic area of 47 square kilometers, 1,000 meters above sea level in the mountains there are more than 7 to a maximum altitude of 1130 meters. Gao Shan Lin, Piao Miao clouds, rocks blame Qi Dong Bi-chuen. Flora and fauna is rich in resources, rare plants - Cyatheaceae and antelope, monkeys, and so on. The main tourist attractions are the sky Stone Gallery, Falls fire smoke, heavy 18 River Stone Forest, grassland Fujiyama, and the Tianchi No. 1 hole, hole, such as the Red Army.

Stone Gallery in the sky near the Peak Yun-Feng, also known as "Gallery next to impossible", as a result of hard and soft rock weathering by the difference between layers formed long Channel. Stone Gallery 4 layer, with a length of about a total of more than 300 meters, which the People's Bank of China, but not surprised risk.

Fujiyama around a few hills, flat slope, alpine meadow vegetation in the main, known as "mu of grassland," is an ideal summer resort tour. Fujiyama there at the top of an ancient volcanic eruption of Tianchi form, was Oval, about 400 meters week, with an area of 12 acres or so wet that the average water depth of 1.5 meters. Pool rippling blue waves, Chi Pang green grass, there are many around the volcano, such as volcanic smoke bombs and so on. In the Ukraine after the Ukrainian village near the Tianchi after an area of about 6 acres, is the ancient crater into a pool of stagnant water.

Fire smoke Dragon cloth that falls, drop more than 80 meters, the flow of falling rock cliff erosion by the Amoy was half groove, the great small, such as the inverted funnel-shaped. Diego falls in three, the upper part of the cliff-shun water slide; over the cliff in the middle part of the Fei Xie down to form a curtain, the water in different directions, filled with water; the lower part of a rock, played at the Hard flow , And then streaming down along the cliff, into the final green at the bottom of the Longtan. In addition, there are Fissidens Falls, Zhulian falls, falls Shilong and crescent, such as falls, which falls Shilong, and a half from the current near-vertical slopes of the cliff fall, with a total drop of 150 meters. In addition to the Green Longtan, there are scenic spots in Longtan, Lei , Long life and Tam Tam Jisheng, and so on.

Red is a hole artificial modification of natural caves, central Fujian was one of the guerrilla activities. Was semi-circular hole, about 25 meters high, 24.5 meters wide, the hole has piled stone walls. Deep hole about 30 meters inside the cave rubble piled by the platform layer 4. Qingyunshan - Stone Gallery Canyon area of the main volley steep landscape, the wind fossil gallery, known as "sky Stone Gallery." Far from impressive in recent feasible, the promenade more than 1000 meters. There Feibaosantan, wonderful flower pen, the town of Alexander bell, day openings, rock Ganoderma lucidum, top boots, golden rooster fight, Music Square, Sin-Dian, and so on View of majestic Mount magnificent, the sea of clouds and fog have said. Qingyunshan - White Horse Canyon area has a total area of 16 square kilometers. Water falls thick fog. Long Lake Falls, such as turtles, the prince falls, falls under the ocean, and so on. The white horse falls more than 130 meters high, the water falls Dragon is 10 times the area of White Horse Lake 200 M, clarity as a mirror, clear bottom; own Gap, Gap unknown, Sungai Gap, Prince Gap, Gap response, the White Horse Gap, Gap door days, Pinggu Gap Canyon features such as the G-8; rock like real stone forest, Like a Dream Flower pen, machete-Feng, Yan Lei, Wang Feng, Yan Journey, white peaks, giant stone Lo, five MA Feng, turtle rock, Kameyama, stone arm, Stone Avenue, Prince bath, and so lifelike. Twinning groups of monkeys, gill Cyatheaceae even point into films, is another of its characteristics.

  Qingyunshan - nine scenic valley curtain nine stacked, drop 588 meters, very spectacular. Unique landscapes, such as love rock, sheep-feng, Goddess Peak, Shi Yin, Peach monkey hold, rock wall, three-door, HANGING COFFIN, Royal India, the Royal bed, Royal hat, the highest honor in peaks Callosciurus stone, stone monkeys, rock rabbit, lifelike, Rainbow waterfall, the curtain palace, Tam hole Very characteristics. Qingyunshan - Cyatheaceae Canyon scenic valley, also known as rattan million, the cliff Taniguchi prominent Gusong passengers, a stream running through out Hit rocks, Tam into the Millennium. Feng lion, tiger, Wang Shan, Xiangshan, 2 watts, and Wang Dong, a couple holes, dragon tree, the carp into space, pine snake, Condor, drainage Sin, Kwun Yam falls, the roof falls, the Temple of Heaven constitutes a waterfall feature attractions.

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18 heavy Creek - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Attractions keyword: national key scenic spots in Fuzhou, about 20 kilometers away from the Minhou County, Nantong rural territory, originated in ancient South County Ya Shan Mei Dong Lu Kun, Zhang Tai the south bank of a tributary of the lower reaches of the river. Basin with an area of about 62 square kilometers, during which the level of Queensland length of 500 meters above the stream 2 , Named "18", to describe its more. The third provincial-level scenic spots. Queensland scattered in the region posed by volcanic peaks, rocks, cliffs, valleys, holes, stone, landscape mingled with the natural Hunpu, Fall River, Quincy, play mistake-chu, Tai Mo Shan, Bi Feng, Feng Pagoda, the three-dong , And other attractions. General visitors from the three or four River began to tour. Quadruple the river, also known as rock scenery, near the peak of the crown inside the tall and straight, with a peak under the 8-meter inclined Du Feng Kun Li, greeted the guests as lean over the waiter, known as "peak waiter." Five Yellow River, also known as the Hang Hau, the main attractions are Shirengou, Shima, windsurfing, and other stone. Shi-kun sailing in the dry Residues in the river a huge stone, 5.2 meters above the water surface. Six heavy river, the river has re-seven holes Yuanyang, rhyolite, the three-tier rock, and other attractions. Eight of the weight of the Longtan River, a bosom friend, and so on are all well-known waterfall. Queensland water depth of 10 meters, Tan Zhong reflection peaks, beautiful scenery. Falls are the size of the local Friends 12 Khumbu on behalf of the waterfall, more than 40 meters high waterfall, more than 10 meters wide, is spectacular when wet. Eight heavy Kokonoe River and the river for 40 meters wide stream by every other, there are bamboo transition. 13 Queensland river following heavy inaccessible. Scenic north-east of Tai Mo Shan, also known as the ancient Mountain, an elevation of 786.3 meters. Clear The top can be re-list of 18 Xiuse River landscape. In addition, the Pagoda Peak volley handsome, stone Girl, monkey-dong, Queensland dump tank falls, have Tianzhu Falls, also feature. Strange volcanic landscape, a typical seasonal river, flocks of wild Macaques for the area's three major characteristics of Queensland.

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Hot Spring Tourist Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At 79 East Lake, completed in February 1987, is the use of the spa for guests Yang Shen, entertainment, leisure venue. Center covers an area of 23,300 square meters, construction area of 22,000 square. Park has two open-air swimming pool, 401 square meters, 0.4 meters deep pool. According to climate Public water temperature regulation, there are shower rooms reprovision. Pool surrounded by more than 80 kinds of planting 5,000 trees (Cong) and 700 square meters green flowers. In June 1990 by the Hong Kong Industrial Co., Ltd. and co-Zhuo hot springs tourism co-founder of Hot Springs resort, on the basis of the original company to improve quality and the level of new Regent Night Will, in the East China Sea floor, seafood, and other entertainment, food and beverage facilities, there are 100 guest rooms, a 24-hour supply of hot springs.

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Confucius Temple in Fuzhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple is located in Fuzhou Road, Tai Tang Li-seven (772) so that the observation of Li from the north west of this building. Song of peace and rejuvenation period (976-983) officially switched to the Palais for the Confucius Temple. Song after Xining, Qing Ming-hong and Wu Xianfeng fire three times, to narrow the scope of the original temple. The existing temple for the first year of Xianfeng (1851) In February to four years (1854) reconstruction in June. There are stars axis lattice door, hall-yee, Dacheng Hall, the Gallery has on both sides of the veranda, Guanting, Xiang Xian Temple, and so on. Dacheng Hall for nine Zhong Yan ridge-top, on the platform at the top for the city of Fuzhou, the most magnificent temples of a. 4 hall pillars, each about 32,000 jin. In the early 60 changed State Children's Palace.

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Fengshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fengshan Temple, formerly known as Guo Shan Temple, also known as General Temple, Zhen Miao Wei, Quanzhou is located in the northwest corner of Town Fung Nam Poetry foothills, was built in the early years of the Five Dynasties Tien-fu Hou Jin (936-947 AD), Guo worship of Silla. Guo Silla, the name Guo Zhongfu, Guo Shi-Shan Shan Ren, Hou Jin was born in Tien-fu three years (AD 938 years) eight On the 12th. Guozhong Fu legend from long-term employment, 7-year-old death of his father, the mother of pension cattle, Xiang Lin Guo Xiaozi. Because of his hard work at a young age, body not entitled died in the wilderness. Future generations to study its filial, Li Miao as gods, pray 4:00 BU good and bad in God, to worship ceremony of the General, the General Guo Shan Temple, also known as the temple. Shaoxing years, the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor (AD 131-1162), Chi Feng "Granville town of Chak Kwong Hou," and thanks to the amount of the temple, "Wei Zhen Miao." Song Ning Zongjia set up 16 years (1223 AD), Xiang Lin amendment of the temple, so that Hall of sleep, veranda Gallery, Menting, full-order layer. Song Qing open until the early years of Methodism (Year 1259), and sealed "mighty Zun Wang Guangze strong "and thanks to build Siyuyisi. Terrain category as a result of Shan Kuo-feng set dance since changed its name to" Fengshan Temple. "300 years since then, the wind and rain down, although Yu Dong repair, but the appearance is not Temple For the extension of the renovation. Fengshan size of the Temple, even if Joe was 16, Wang Joe 1.4. Ji Temple Hall three hours before and after. Main (in) a high-Hall 8, Joe, grab a room, the East Room of strontium Zunwang folder, such as respect for Princess, from sitting Guteng incarnation of the old track, after the room to sleep in; West folder room dedicated to Buddha, Guanyin of the South China Sea Jin Shen. Qiandian ten feet high 1.85, in Zun Wang Si, Si Zonta next to Hou, a significant al-you, too Huang Wei Chen, General, in his power to the king. Shu temples in the courtyard Around the wall to. Yuan-wing house in about 30-odd for the monks-satisfied. 1.4 door ten feet high, Ju Ren Ming Dynasty, Yongchun Yan Monastery important channel title "Lansheng Fengshan." A huge stone door, Qiao Shan Zhuo Li, Zhuangruoyunhuan, Xi Ren Feng called bun. Outside the brick out for the court, Qu Dengkou order to wear several layers out.

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Gushan Cliff stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cliff stone, Gushan is also one of the spots. According to records, Gushan Cliff Inscription A total of 180, it is estimated that no fewer than 300 full-shan a number of stone, of which there are well-known rock under the water Shek Pik engraved on the "life", the word diameter of 4 meters to the famous Great Southern Song Dynasty calligrapher by Zhu Xi?. Taking a panoramic view of Gushan stone, from the Northern Song Dynasty, under the far-ching As well as contemporary, before and after the continuation of the last millennium, rich in content and font seal characters, Li, Cursive, and taste-kai, called Forest of Stone Tablets in Fuzhou, the study of ancient Chinese art of calligraphy an important reference value. Fuzhou City, the top-ao, Qigong Ci, Peng Lai Feng, Taiwan Rise, etc., also from the Song Dynasty to the modern stone Cliff 100 Ao the first year of the summit on the Northern Song Chunhua Lu urged the stone title since 1000 has been for many years, and this is the first of Fuzhou in the Song Dynasty stone Cliff; Cliff Hill in stone, only preservation of a number of excellent art of calligraphy, most of which also Historical value.

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On the Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill is located in Fuzhou City, according to legend, when the Warring States has a "more people in" this move, which will be named the mountain "on the Mountain", top 58.6 meters above sea level, covering an area of 11.9 hectares, such as the shape of Zheng Zuoshan Ju-ao, the six-ao sites: Ngau Lam Ting, upon Ao Hin, Ao Shi, then the door Ao, ao-step slope, Aofong.


  Hill is always on the tourist attractions, many historical sites in the mountains, King, 24, on the 9th, such as Taiwan and Shi Ziyan, set Xianyan, Huafeng small, and so on; also commemorate the famous Ming Dynasty Kangwo of Qi Qi Gongci, Ping Yuan of Taiwan, Stone drunk, Penglai Pavilion. In addition, there are a lot of slim, sleek booths , Vientiane, such as booths, booths aspiration Tsui, Shan Jing She, and so on up. Ting Xie Gangluan in accordance with these ups and downs, in the faint Shochiku flowers, beautiful scenery and attractive.

  219 words, the word 20 cm diameter, 3.3 m wide section of high, 4.55 meters wide, Fuzhou is the largest stone Cliff. Song Jiang Yuan Prefecture of hand-written Rise of Taiwan "3 Zhuanzi, calm vigorous; Wanli Ming Zhang Wei Min County, the book" far-Taiwan "Xingshu, powerful thick; musicians from the Song Dynasty named Yang Chen, the monks hung hand-written copies of the" Taiwan Kuoran " 3 word Tingxiu free and easy. This list three books of various styles, Fuzhou is a famous stone. Cliff Hill in stone, not Save a lot of good art of calligraphy, most of which also have historical value, the Ming Dynasty eunuch Governor Shang-chun of the ship carved poems, is a history of the Fuzhou Foreign Trade.

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Fuzhou nine cents concept - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nine sen founded in view of the Northern Song Dynasty, Ho Si-nine brothers. Qian Dian Qing Dynasty "Heaven's Soldiers Temple", enshrined in the "Wang Tianjun"; Houdian "Xiange nine", also known as Yu Huangge, the Jade Emperor worship. Green Dragon and Phoenix before the Court, columns, in order to master a masterpiece in the Qing Dynasty.

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Long Point Park, Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Point Park, Taiwan, and Taiwan is located in Riverside Avenue River Min River. The write-CHING river park, open field of vision, Rome column, and Jiang in Diaotai old Chun, Xiangyingchengqu Temple, or the river bank to swim a good place

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Temple million - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple is located in Fuqing million fishing town in the northwest, the generation of monks hidden yuan abbot of a Zen master, so that once Monastery on the southeast coast of Fujian Buddhist temple and cultural center. Hidden million after his death spread east, in Kyoto, Japan, to build million-ji Huang Qi were created, leaving behind a much-told tale of the Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges.

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Dharma King 18 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

18 Dharma King Gushan Yongquan Temple is located in the West, also known as the "Dongjing 18." Daoguangnianjian Wei Jie Qing Dynasty poet, according to the nature of the here and folklore, finishing 18 into the preparation of King, carved in the rock face outside Dharma: Dharma facing the wall of Antarctic heaven, Gap Shou-shan monkeys, giant fairy track, Fu Quan Fig, peach over dock Yu-Sun forest, the ants ferry boat Chao, Yu Deng shines, the Lions play the ball, Jinchan Chu Dong, Fu-hu by the pack, listen to the Shenlong law, pass the rock armor, aircraft Chi Hong, Sin-dong, qianfoensis the Vatican Palace.

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Min River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is the first river in Fujian Province, Fujian Province is the largest water system, originated in Fujian, Jiangxi Province at the junction of the Wuyi Mountain, flows through 36 counties and cities, the total length of 2872 km. Drainage area over 60,000 square kilometers. Min River flows through the city, Fuzhou is an important sea routes and scenic boat tour line. Fu Min River flows through The more than 50 kilometers to create a lot of landscape, mainly in Jinshan Temple, the river park, King Kong leg of the five world-famous Humen and Mawei Port. This section of the Min River, Fuzhou, a total of 6 Bridge, from east to west are Aofong Island Bridge, River Bridge, the liberation of the bridge, three counties Island Bridge, Golden Hill Bridge, the bridge Hongshan, Bridge and the liberation of the three counties Island Bridge landscape is better. Traffic: 20,805,813 visitors can take the road to the liberation of the bridge; can travel by bus line to the three Island County bridge under the bridge, the green line in the way Hill attractions.

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Osan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

And in the mountains, such as the old Ping Shan Ding three dominating, standing in Fuzhou City Center. Osan in the West, at the East Hill, Ping Shan in the north. As a result, the "three mountains," has become another name for Fuzhou.

  Wushishan also known as Osan, 86 meters above sea level, around 25 hectares area. Tang Tianbao 2008 (749), Albrecht named Min . Song Xi-ning County in the early engineers Meng Deng Shan, pay homage to that with the Shan Tao Peng Lai, the abbot, Chou, to be known as the Hill Road. Dong Lu in the Department, said the First Emperor Ling Shan; outside the city in the south of the West, said the leopard in the first part of the mountain, also for Leopard Ping Shan. Wushishan craggy rocks, You-sheng Lin He, Xiao natural shape. King points Shandong, Shan , Sanin, Sanyo, 5 Ridge Road, JING 36 of the most surprising, known as "Penglai fairyland" reputation.

  From the mountains south of the East Ukrainian television mountain climbing, the Shu Shibu, tianxiang to Taiwan. Discount to the west, into Taiwan, is one of the wonders of 36. Regular script engraved in the posterior wall of the ancient "put Heting" 4 words. There are next to Taiwan Cheng Shih-meng Zhuanshu of stone "into Taiwan" in the words 3. "Taiwan into the" two banks of the great rock Jia Zhi Fang, Yan Ding sideways be a natural rock, which is "Bridge on the rooftops." Bridge the odd risk, it is said that only "willing to sacrifice their lives", before they could board a go.

  Shun Shu Shibu step further, that is, Sanjeong Road. Citing Cheng Shih-meng is built, side by side Sanjeong Inscription of the Road. He also was asked to Fuzhou Prefecture and former Fujian road leading MA jurisdiction,?????Zeng Gong, one of the "Road Sanjeong in mind." Zeng Gong as a result of the article, Zhang Yang, Sanjeong Road, more well-known far and near.

  Road from the Xixia Sanjeong along the Shek Kong, Taiwan chapter to-day. This is the Yuan Dynasty La Sa who recite all the "cool evening at Osan, Zhang Zhi Jiu-day Taiwan," the poem is located. Chapter 3 days Zhuanshu Taiwan stone still jump at the word rock. Chapter days over Taiwan, climbed a small peak on the "Charlie Rock." This 10-meter-long stone, split in two, to stay in the gap.

  Charlie rocks on the left side Gao Chu Shek Kong with a Rectangular pavilion, is the commemoration of the Ming Dynasty's Kangwo Le Cong Li Pengju of the pavilion. Step away from the more than 200 booths, there is a turban shaped as Fu's rock, engraved with "In the Wushi, Le Cong in the" regular script 6 characters, known as Le Cong rock. Li Pengju, Chongxiao words, Anhui Hefei people. Ming Jiajing 37 (1558) as command , When the Japanese violation of the mouth of Minjiang five fall of Humen, Fuzhou critical situation. Li Pengju lead a contingent of naval, Luo Star Tower in Mawei, Fujian Jian Zhen big enemy in the vicinity, so that the Fuzhou pull through. Citing built later, Ji-yong of his achievements.

  Charlie rock to the right, the original of a cold Taiwan, leading to the foot of clearance is The door, which is positive 24 million (1364) Executive, the highest in Fujian Province - conduct of public affairs, Zhang Yan Chi-hua is not built. Su Jing cold is the meaning, intended to encourage ourselves to the State Director-General. But he said that the return, return to do so, from time to time during the feast, copies of throwing cold cloud nine. Serving a few months, he would ruin Pavilion also collapsed. Only regular script inscribed "cold-Taiwan" has been retained, and indeed a great irony.

  Cold set foot on Taiwan by more than 30 stone class, the first potato booth. Potato is the first pavilion in memory of Ming Wanli introduction and promotion of the sweet potato Returned Overseas Chinese and the Fujian Provincial Governor Chen Zhenlong Kim Hak has been built. Chen Changle, Fujian origin, moved to Fuzhou. To the early years of Luzon (Philippines today) to do business, find a local potato, sweet and delicious, filling food, try it on the back to Fuzhou, and Kim Hak-governor had with the help of trials to promote. Fujian was just famine, the sweet potato growing, promotion, so that the people had Shortage. Kim Hak-sum has also Zhen-Long Chen and his son on the basis of experience, China's first written about the sweet potato monograph "The little potato-learning." Since then, the sweet potato gradually extended to all over the country.
  Mountain Wu Shek Cliff stone are more than 200 paragraphs. Kegon to a few of the most famous rock side of the ice Li Yang, "Wisdom Taiwan "Zhuanshu stone. This is the first central Fujian Cliff stone. Stone 5 meters high, 2 meters wide, Xiao Zhuan, a total of 24 words, the word 43 cm diameter. Zhuanzi Li Yang of the ice along with Li Qin Dynasty, known as" the size of Lee. " This piece of stone with the state Department of Zhejiang Radio Station in mind that Jinyun Temple in mind that to the Lishui forget that the world is known as the co-ming, Taiwan's four .

  Wu Shek in the mountains of the Song Dynasty stone more. Many well-known scholars and officials, such as Cheng Shih-meng, Chen Xiang, Zhan Yu, Zhao Ru Yu, Zhu Xi, Liang Ke-house, are left in the mountains and poetry title in mind. Show next to the rock days, still leaves to the prime minister of the Ming high poem engraved with a cursive: "outside the threshold Lin not even a hundred pheasants, Jiang horizon Hong double down. Xue-feng what this person? Plain wine bottle into the air does not. "Yunbijiru flying dragon and snake respectively. Taihsi in the cold," Yin-lan, "2nd stone, Zhuanshu line, the word diameter 50 cm, is the painter of the Qing Dynasty Guangling Yu-ting of the title.

  From the first potato out of the North Pavilion, be visible in Shek Pik Yin. Legend has it that one day the original here Rock, in more than 1,000 years ago by Leihuo attacks on the rock appear vague. Their descendants will be processed into relief as the Avalokitesvara. Incomplete part of the soil used to complement and become a combination of clay and stone works of art. This group of Buddhist relief and a late Tang Dynasty style, Fuzhou is the area earlier in ancient sculpture Operation.

  There are a Wushishan Shek Pik Yin, also in the early Ming Jiajing Leihuo bombardment from the descendants in this big building with disabilities Court. The existing building is the Qing Emperor Guangxu years of reconstruction. Tai Kok people at the main hall, Ke Tang, another Hall of the external wall, a famous Mongolian-chuen, Qinglie spring water seepage in the rock near the Xijian now here Set up the Office of tea.

  Crow bath in the south-west Shek Pik Yin, Lei Huo also hit into a stone pool. Pool of about 2 meters wide, there are pool-chuen, the drought does not dry up. Every evening to ancient times, "Xiao Shu sunset, the Crows bath in this chaos," it is known as the crow bath. Crow Qinglie spring bath, tea is an excellent spa. Masters in Chronicles Son Stephen goods, Meng Qing Dynasty aloof boast it: "Tea by Lu Yu do not have to bear in mind that the world is still the first-chuen."

  Rock-day show in the bath in front of Manado, Bei Yi Xue Feng old, tall and straight by a group of large rocky KIWI. Rock-day show in the name of the original 18 million positive (in 1358) Chek-yan, will not Shundi million by Crown Prince The "One Man Mo" 4 words engraved on the rocks here, to show itself as a single day. More than 100 years, every Xue (Tang Xian Tong Hou Guan for the order, there are performance) later in the reconstruction of Lao Zi and Zhuang Xue. Ming Wanli, Fuzhou poet in the village of association by more than poetry. Ye to the prime minister should have high-Xue Shi invited to future generations, in this sing, and to stay Cursive engraved with a poem.

  Stone steps along the road to Feng Xiang Yang, Jiang Observatory, Mountain scenery. Xiangyang from the peak to the north, the peaks of up to dream, dream Mountain peaks there are two huge prostrata, such sighted two people sleeping in between the dream. There are two stone after Taiwan's Peak, Peak Wushishan Taiwan is the highest point in a broad table, Hundreds of people. Old Chung Yeung Festival, people here will be high, kite-flying. Cai Xiang Song Dynasty calligrapher wrote, "Deng Ling Xiao Shi-Taiwan", the poem "concluded Qingyun, the beach ... ... Deng Lincang look at midnight, Cliff was cloudy after the spring of Sanshan air lock broken, down 10,000 from the dust ... ... "To describe the Osan Qiaobatingxiu and at the same time that 8 0 years ago, Fuzhou Nantai still a wilderness, the sunrise and considerable Deng Wu Shan Wang Min River Rapids sailing. Peak Taitung, there are three large natural rock each other up into a large cave planes. Dozens of people can sit inside the cave, rocks inscribed with "stone days" of the two characters, in order to get stone for the meaning of the day. Shi Tian many famous people around the Inscription, Siwubainian is the former works.

  Wushi the mountain to commemorate the history of the construction of many of the ancestral hall. If the marble to commemorate the Song Dynasty scientist Zhu Zhu Xi's Temple, Fujian Province, to commemorate the nine well-known scholar Yang, travel health, Juan, from the Law Week, Li Dong, Kwai Wencai, Shen Tsai Huang dry, it xiu Tak-yin, nine Hall, to commemorate the Ming Dynasty Japanese star Qi, Yu Yu Qi Dayou's Ancestral Hall, to commemorate the first potato Zhen-Long Chen Temple, and so on. Wushishan Amitabha temple or against the people of Fuzhou, the British imperialist occupation of the struggle remains one of the Monastery.

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