Forbidden City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China, the country's political, cultural and foreign relations at the center is well-known historical and cultural city, as much as its monuments, landscape beauty, mountains and rivers of the world's victory in the long enjoyed a good reputation. Beijing is opening up a number of scenic spots, 200 of which are state-level key protection units 3 Department. Beijing has a large number of ancient palaces, imperial gardens, the mausoleum Tan Miao, religious Siguan, the former residence of celebrities, as well as many of the great modern buildings and all types of museums, memorial halls, exhibition hall and park features; as well as the famous scenic resort on the outskirts of the market and. Beijing not only historical and cultural resort, and natural Scenic areas, and modern recreational facilities-based sightseeing and entertainment district. After Beijing in 1986 and the National Award of tourists, Beijing has elected 16 new King; in 1992 and the first batch of top Beijing tourism in the world of the 10 human landscape. Today's Beijing is not only China's largest tourist city, but also visions of the world The international market. She has a style of the ancient capital, and modern urban landscape, new and interesting possibilities Gumao add radiance to each other, each brigade has a very strong person and radiation attractive.

  Beijing Forbidden City is the Palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, also known as the Forbidden City. Ancient palace "as the Legislative Palace days," the king said to the Son of Heaven " Life in the day. "King because of the emperor, the emperor's palace as the residence of the Emperor of Heaven," Palace Purple "prohibited place, named the Forbidden City. Ming Yongle Palace before 2004 (1406), 18 Wing-lok (1420) completed . After the Ming and Qing dynasties and 24 emperors of the two.

Also known as the Forbidden City Jin Cheng, located in the center of Beijing, has lived in the 24 emperors, is the Palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, now into the National Palace Museum. Hospital to display the various dynasties in China's art treasures, is China's richest treasure house of culture and the arts. The resplendent Palace of the entire building, the magnificent solemn, as one of the world's five Palace ( Beijing Palace Museum, the Chateau de Versailles, Buckingham Palace, the White House and the Kremlin), the United Nations and UNESCO as "World Cultural Heritage."

The Forbidden City palace construction, China is the largest, most complete ancient buildings. Palace along a north-south axis in the order, about Said Yongding Men south, north to the Drum Tower, the Clock Tower, throughout the Forbidden City. Thorough planning, great boldness of vision, very spectacular. In terms of layout, three-dimensional form, as well as the effect of the grand, grand, solemn and harmonious, are incomparable masterpiece. It marks China's long cultural traditions, showing 500 Years ago in the construction of China's artistic achievements.

  Scale of the Forbidden City, covers an area of 720,000 square meters, construction area of 150,000 square meters, housing 9999, is the world's largest and most complete ancient palace buildings. In order to highlight the supreme authority of the emperor, a Palace Miyagi through the north-south axis, in the central axis, in accordance with the "sleep after the former administration" ancient system, the layout of the imperial orders, a symbol of political power centers of the three main hall (Hall of Supreme Harmony, and Hall, and Paul Hall) And the Empress of living after the Sannomiya (Palace of Heavenly Purity, the Hall cross, Kunning Gong). Neiting in its part of the (dry-ching to the north gate) About the formation of an overlord to live in the palace - Ningshou Gong, and Tai Fei Ethernet palace residence of the palace - Cining Gong as the central axis of the secondary, and two minor axis and North Korea outside the door and Ethernet As the center and the left side of the Wen Huadian, the right of the Wu Yingdian echoes. Two minor axis and the central axis between Palace and the Temple support, which is then Bin Liu Gong Fei living things. For defense needs, these palaces built in the periphery of buildings which have up to 10 meters of wall, a corner turret, outside the moat.

Afternoon at the main entrance gate of the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, visitors can enter the Meridian Gate to the north. To the north of old son, for the South , The Meridian Gate is in the axis of the Forbidden City in the south of the location of Xiangyang, the "Meridian Gate." Meridian Gate was concave plane, the floor is Miankuo 9, Zhong Yan-style veranda Hall, the East-West confrontation of the two concept, the shape of the door there is only the emperor can be used, so it is the emperor's palace marks. Of course, this building is also conducive to the defense, as it formed A network of cross-fire. Meridian Gate is the emperor presented to the annual winter book, calendar, such as the war in the event of victory, would be held in the triumph of "enemy personnel offer" ceremony. Zou Kai Xian ancient times as a result of the first prisoners to the temple festival agency, and the Meridian Gate to Tai Miao (People's Cultural Palace this work) and Tan state (now Zhongshan Park) recently. In addition, the afternoon in front of the Ting Zhang is also a yard by the local officials who commits a "Long Yan," will be subject to the punishment of Ting Zhang. 1519 Emperor Zhu thick as to go to southern beauty, as the Secretary of State to discourage the public, angered the Emperor, there were 130 officials of the results of the Meridian Gate in by Ting Zhang, once killed 11 people. Hall of Supreme Harmony, also known as the "Golden luang "The most majestic Forbidden City, the most magnificent architecture, Miankuo 11, into the deep-5, Zhong Yan-Hall veranda, yellow glazed tile, white marble stands in the three-tier platform Xu Mizuo (35.05 meters high) above. Hall area of 2377 square Meters, existing in our country, the world's largest wooden structure of the existing building palaces. Hall and the ceremony is held, the Emperor Tang Ming and Qing dynasties very, announced the edict ascended the throne, Emperor wedding, Li's book, life will be off the annual New Year's Day, Winter Solstice, Wan (Emperor's birthday), and so this festival should be subject to the Baiguan Chao He and Ciyan.

Tai outside the hall before a large number of special Chen , Dian Qian on the platform before the Tongding, copper turtles, copper crane is used when burning incense ceremony, which contain water-land of Italy. On the platform before the sundial and Kerry, a symbol of imperial power is used. Three-tiered white marble platform under each of the railing has a leading drainage, rain water can form a spectacular scene of Qianlong, the emperor used to display Granville. Dianqian Shuanglongxizhu Royal Road, Stone, for its Jixiangruyi Chu Chu, Ssangyong, a representative of the Association and the other on behalf of the emperors, kings by Tian Zhiming, a day meant to ensure that weather conditions in the country, the new prime minister. Ssangyong Shanhai the following pattern is a symbol of the existence of water land. Kowloon golden throne hall of the screen and placed in about 2 Gold on the platform, and Kim Joo Panlongcheng place between 6 to highlight the status of the emperor's self. Caisson middle of the mouth of the Beaulieu was a big ball dropped, referred to as "mirror Xuanyuan" This is a matter of evil spirits, Yu also has the meaning Mingjinggaoxuan.

  And this is the Hall of the emperor Tai Pro To rest ceremony before the official letter of acceptance and salute.

  Paul Hall and Paul Hall and for Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, Miankuo 9, was held at Li's book, the crown prince, and so changing ceremony when the Emperor, Qing Emperor Qianlong, the Palace also to security and Hall was held in. When the Qing Dynasty, the first lunar month every year and the first Five-Year Plan, Chang Tai hosted a banquet hall in this small number of people each cluster and the kings and ministers.

Three people in the hall You can see a lot of Royal Road, Stone, with Paul Hall and back for a piece of the largest and most ambitious, and with it the entire Diaocheng Ai Ye Qing, 16.07 meters long, 3.07 meters wide and 1.70 meters thick , Weighing 00 tons, Kowloon soar in the convective clouds and the sea, mountains and rivers as a symbol of unification husband's profile.

Empress is doing door-money palace, as well as Bin Princess, Prince, and other living areas at the main entrance. Yu Qing Dynasty door hearing in the door for stem-ching.

Palace of Heavenly Purity is the emperor's sleep , Junji, Kangxi period also serves as hearing and summoned the minister. Every New Year's Day, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chung Yeung Festival, Winter Solstice, such as Wan festival, the emperor at the ceremony held here in North Korea and Ci Yan.

Thai Temple in the Qing Dynasty to pay, pay-tai was Meridien in the Queen's New Year's Day, Chiaki (Queen's birthday), and other festival By Zhao He minister, and later stored in the exercise of the power of Emperor Bao Xi 25 side. In addition, there Tonghudilou devices and made Ziming Zhong Qing Dynasty.

Kunning Gong in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Kunning Gong is the Queen's residence, according to the Qing Dynasty Manchu customs, to convert it into a ritual of the field , East Pavilion obscure as the emperor's wedding chamber.

Imperial Garden is a Kunning Gong northbound Imperial Garden, it has Liugong the same thing with the door. Park 130 meters from east to west, 90 meters wide north-south, the main building is in the Hall of Qinan central axis, this time for next autumn and enjoy the great sacrifice the Great basaltic , Replaced the Qing Dynasty temples. Park, north-east of the Permian rocks Xiushan, the Empress Princess Bin, "Chung Yeung high". Imperial Garden is a construction as the main palace gardens, pavilions delicate structures, trees and rocks arranged in an orderly manner, the rich wood different rocks Qi Jing Yan, colored stone bridges connected extending in all directions, all visitors would like to do Watch, camera pictures.

This is what Bin Liu Gong Fei's place of residence, commonly known as "Sannomiya six homes." Now most of the East Liugong read ancient works of art galleries, including the Ming and Qing Dynasties Arts and Crafts, Ceramics Museum, the Museum bronzes, clocks and watches museum, painting museum, museum treasures. To visit the museum treasures and Table Hall was the largest, based hall clocks in the Fengxian Temple, located at the National Palace Museum Treasures from the northeast corner of the Temple of support, Leshou Tang, Yi Xuan and present together in this. Kunning Gong toy museum in the east of the East called the Housing Alliance board room. West Liugong basically not moving, still face the original layout.

Yang Xindian dry Yang Xindian the door, from the late Qing Dynasty Yongzheng nearly 200 years, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, most live here. In the Tongzhi, Qing Dynasties, Ai Yang Xindian East and Tsz Empress Pavilion is "behind a screen" to.

  Visit the National Palace Museum, Tiananmen Square from the Progressive, you can enter by the back door ---- Shenwu Men. Jin Tiananmen Square, a brick through the shop in the square, we arrived at the main gate of the Forbidden City ---- Meridian Gate. Here tall wall, floor, towering magnificent Mun, in order to give people the feeling of great dignity, so that people here feel that this is little use of the rulers of ancient architecture to enhance its deterrent force in the imperial service The most prominent example. Through the Meridian Gate, a large square, square one Jinshui Qiao. Tai Wo bridge by the door is the magnificent Hall of Supreme Harmony. From a height, and Jin Shuiqiao Yuhe that flows through the square, its shape just like a huge arch. By the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall and Paul Hall and through the door dry-ching, will enter Neiting Neiting at Road, East and West of the three routes. If Picnic, which can only travel one of the three routes, and generally take the middle. Road can go to see the emperor's bedroom (Palace of Heavenly Purity), the place where the emperor and India seal (cross-Hall), married the emperor's new house (Kunning Gong), Princess Bin reside (some of which have been provided Hall) and the Imperial Garden. In general, with half a day tour the National Palace, the comparison difficult. In order to better arrangements for the day. If, like to see more detail, Two-Day Tour can be arranged.

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Beijing Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Referred to as Beijing. The People's Republic of the capital. To have a long history of the world-famous ancient city. North China Plain is located in the northwest edge of the south-east, about 150 km from the Bohai Sea. Area of over 16,800 square kilometers. The city's total population of 13,819,000 people. North Hill there are forces in the west are the Western Hills, mountainous area of the city accounted for 62% South East is the Yongding, Chaobai river, and so on from the alluvial, slowly tilt the Bohai Sea to the plains. There are mountains of coal, iron and other minerals and granite, marble, and other fine materials.


  Beijing is the capital of People's Republic of China is the world-famous historical cities, cultural cities. The National Governance, economic, cultural and transport center. A Celebration of the Arts here on China's splendid culture and the arts, leaving many historical sites and cultural landscapes. Beijing is the country's political, cultural and international exchange center and a vibrant, dynamic and comprehensive industrial city. After the reform and opening up, especially the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, China Beijing municipal government put forward the "capital of the economy". Following the Beijing-based economic development to Beijing, the national service, the world of ideas, the economic structure and layout adjustment, the acceleration of economic growth mode transformation, so that the city's sustained, rapid and sound growth of overall economic strength to keep the whole In the forefront.

Beijing has rich tourist resources, tourist attractions opening up a number of 200, the world's largest palace of the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven Temple of Heaven, Beihai Royal Garden, the Royal Summer Palace gardens, Badaling, Mutian Valley, Simatai Great Wall As well as the world's largest Tetraena Prince Gong, and other relics in the House. A total of the city's cultural relics 7309, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of which 42 units, 222 units in city-level protection. Beijing tourism site of the existing 456 hotels, 407 hotels and 84,000 rooms, 456 travel agencies, 21 major languages Staff travel more than 5,000 people formed a global market. In 2000 received 2,821,000 overseas visitors trips, tourism earned 2,770,000,000 U.S. dollars. Beijing by the China National Tourism Administration as "China's excellent tourist cities."


  This is a City, a lifetime even if you do not have to leave, but you still attractive cities, will never let you down, you will never be lonely!

Ancient and rich in flavor and a mix of modern cosmopolitan, a large city, southeast of the vast plains spread, combined with Wei Meandering, guarding the city's north-west of Taihang Mountains and the Yanshan Mountains, the success of Beijing's unique charm. Garden sites, imperial tombs of ancient temples, to the city of Beijing into a deep human truth; steep cliffs sink Qu, Fei Bao Li Quan, suburbs to put up a layer of mystery; and the busy pedestrian street and spread all over the district, The ancient city for the addition of a new era of vitality. Beijing, history was once the capital of several dynasties, large-scale imperial palaces, gardens, the temple altar, and other ancient tomb 100 years after construction is still an orderly wind and rain, Cuoluoyouzhi, can be seen as if the former Imperial authority.

Beijing's Forbidden City palace building the most (also known as the Forbidden City), it is our country and the world's largest palace complex, was Ming and Qing dynasties of the Imperial Palace, the building has a typical Chinese classical style, is our most precious Cultural and artistic treasure-house; the Summer Palace, the exquisite combination of Jiangnan Water Village in the north and exquisite gardens Bold atmosphere, Zhongshan Park Shuilv Green, the pleasant scenery in the history of the renowned Chinese and foreign gardens; the Temple of Heaven is China's largest existing ancient ritual of buildings, the architectural art in the world's precious heritage, it is the Ming and Qing dynasties emperor, "Heaven "And" Garden Valley ", complete layout and beautiful environment; Ming is the Ming Tombs Beijing's largest group of ancient tombs, there are 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty tomb, in particular to the most massive scale Dingling.

Magnificent Great Wall is rare in the history of human construction in ancient military defense project, it has a long history, vast project, said a grand vision of the world, the United Included in the UNESCO "World Heritage List," one of the world's eight major miracle; religious buildings in Beijing have long enjoyed a good reputation, well-known Chinese Buddhist resort Biyun Si, Baiyun Taoist resort, the resort Lamaism Lama Temple Street, as well as Islam's mosque And so on; in front of the Forbidden City to Tiananmen Square to accommodate 1,000,000 In this assembly, is the world's largest city square, magnificent architecture, the extraordinary boldness of vision.

Beijing, as China's Cultural Center, with the exception of the cultural heritage of many of the Zhoukoudian, such as "Peking Man" sites, the former residence of Cao Xueqin, in conjunction stone arch bridge, as well as modern science and technology Crystallization - Zhongguancun. Many well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University, also in this together, you can try to walk through the campus imagine Zhu Ziqing, Hu Shi, and other old masters to teach at the school when the scene. Beijing there are many famous natural scenery, such as the beautiful scenery of the Fragrant Hills Park, over and over the bamboo forest Zizhuyuan, elegant environment Yuyuan Tan ... ...

. . There is a clear change of seasons changing in Beijing, will always bring you the feeling of the United States. Ming-chun and opposition from the summer of love with the charming, charm and maturity of the fall, winter and the purity of the crystal. She's rich features of the landscape, so that you Chuan Lin Yue Gu, rock climbing and rafting experience stimulation. In North Bustling city, not a few dozen kilometers, is one pastoral style: a few rivers indulgence towards mobility, 1000 magnificent deep canyon, cloud-filled mountains, dense forest meadow with fresh air, more people Hunqianmengrao And never tired of the vast Great Wall ... ... entertainment is the renovation pattern: mountain climbing expedition, wild Camping, off-road driving, hiking, stay Yang Bian, peace and tranquility in the water, and so on, whether you are sliding Hill (slide), water-skiing, skating, skiing or Huacao also, whether you want to swim, parade, air travel (Paragliding, bungee jumping), short, as long as you do not want to leave life-long regret, then you soon! Beijing's eight District and the outer suburbs of ten districts and counties, the time waiting for your visit!

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G Sin Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

G Sin Temple, Wenchang Pavilion at the eastern outskirts of the city of Zhuzhou 18 km, for the strain, Liu, a long, sweet wine town four spots, listed as heritage unit at the county level. G Sin Temple was built in the Tang, Qing Daoguangnianjian after the repair, Rise and Fall of Lvjing, this according to the Qing Dynasty, a new restoration of the old system. Show overlapping mountains, temples Fiat, the large tower sky, the Tibetan Temple was quiet. More Shitang India, Wan Zhong Yi Qing, and other Group of Eight landscape.

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Yan Square - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The new urban area in Ha Tay, the momentum has built a grand, large-scale commemorative Leisure and Cultural Square - the square Yan Emperor, Shen Yan ancestors of the Chinese nation Billiton large statue stands in the central square.

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Shi Feng Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park profile
I, the magical land, strategic location Legend has it that Shun southern water potential, through the stone-san, Long Ju hung on the white neck ring of a sudden fall, father-in-law of land will be accepted for the bell to ring, under huge pressure. Today, visitors set foot on the stone, it will hear the clear tones. Shi Feng Park is located in the business And the industrial zone at the junction of the East on a main road in the urban area, south Xiang River, an area of 153 hectares, the main peak of 167.38 meters above sea level, a relatively high degree of 120 meters. Hill is not high, but Cuolayouzhi, or flat or steep, known as Metro, "Emerald."

Second, the landscape is rich in resources, to facilitate Levels of development and utilization. Domestic natural landscape, cultural landscape and traditional costumes and matched, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the steady stream of visitors. Feng Zhi Gaodian Park's Pavilion, 26.7 meters high, an peaks of Britain, the Court re-cornices, Qiyuxuanang, such as under the rock, like the sword, against the blue sky. Gordon Pavilion overlooking the water linked to the day, Bo vast, undulating hills, spectacular Wei-ran. Ge Yun-Feng south-east wind is whirling in the shade of Tsui Chuk Garden in the garden, "Rosa small concept." This park is quite Suzhou gardens, "Shen Shenshen the courtyard of many," the euphemism of the graceful characteristics. A new vista in the park, so beautiful. Tingtailouxie, spent four seasons bridges between the green leaves Aromatic overflowing, colorful. Garden, named after the King in order to separate two-Lianchi, Rose Gallery, Pei-Chun-sheng, Hong-Yu Xi, Yi Xiang hospital, Cuolayouzhi attractions, walking different King, Dunjue visitors to this exhilarating and refreshing. Swan pool is based on folklore in the construction of a national characteristics of antique garden spots Linked to the pool floor, forestry and water dependent, it is pleasant linger, like the world to Wonderland, Xanadu. Western Hills at the foot of the scenic west gate of Ambilight, style. In recent years, the park also has a "vegetarian heart" and "listen to the Moon", "Greenfield Gallery," "Wangjiang Ting", "Dream Villa" Scatter Garden Pieces In addition, the park up to 1,500 meters by more than 40 steles group composed of Forest of Stone Tablets in the road also formed a very Yaqu Park, the fragrance of the human landscape Langhammer ... ...

Thirdly, the unique entertainment project are: the creation in 1987 of China's first set of intellectual, physical education, science, technology and entertainment in one Ages of international sports - oriented theme park; the province's first race track, archery range, and so on and Resort, the city's first skating rink, Luyuan, tea house and so on. Park held large-scale perennial flowers, roses, National Day, the fall chrysanthemum show and bird painting and calligraphy exhibition, organized by various units in the city is the collective activities of the municipal party committee and the city Government organizations, the center of holiday celebrations.

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College Rongquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rongquan College is located in north-west of the town, was built only 18 years of Qianlong, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the first worker-peasant army in the first round in the Division.

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Monument to Revolutionary Heroes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan revolutionary heroes monument at the county seat of the West. In memory of the revolutionary war period in Yanling Xian at the expense of the more than 10,000 martyrs and built in 1980, 19.28 meters high, with a solemn silence.

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Hill Taoyuan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taoyuan Hill area of the plot area of about 2.5 square kilometers. Taoyuan Hill is a sacred place of Taoism, and cultural center. From the late Ming Dynasty to the Western Jin Dynasty to the relics in the Taoyuan-based Hill, having such a reputation. Western Jin Dynasty was founded last years in the mountains of Taoyuan Taoyuan concept of a gradual expansion of Tang, said that while the Northern Song Dynasty heyday. There are a Xiaoxiang House Office of Water Tower, the Jiangnan Peach Palace Palace chuan, a Chinese Academy of hospital days Ning monument ... ... When you pilgrims, "Tao Chuan incense" time enough to enjoy a taste of Palace Road-purple, then put Liu Xia, the Homebound Fishermen, the wind around Xian Qi Yuan Xiang style.

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Eight Taoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Taoyuan Eight: Sin Chuan hidden peach and white Maxue Tao, Yang Xun temple, misty rain Meixi, clear green radish painting, Chu Chun Xiao Shan, Zhangjiang Ye Yue, Fang Tong night crossing.
  Sin Chuan Tao is hidden Taoyuan Eight of the first, refers specifically to scenic spots for the Peach Blossom Spring.
  Ma Xuetao white landscape at Yuanjiang, not far from the door after the Peach Blossom Spring. This is the landscape Jiangan fast-flowing, if see a visual Pijun Ma in the take-off in the river, Dangqi towering waves. Reported that the landscape of the Later Tang Dynasty and also named Wu Ling Liang Song Prefecture, is a white horse crossing under the cross-Liang Song and Jiang Shen.
  Yang Xun temple was built during the unknown, but according to research at least as early as the Song Dynasty. This scenic spots, Myanmar Cangsang sigh of history and the rise and fall.
  Amidst the Meixi Taoyuan is one of the Eight, in Yuanjiang Meixi Import Department. This means that whenever Amidst the misty landscape, the gurgle of the stream is still Meixi with its misty rain over the Xiangxie constitute a beautiful scene of the Ming and Mongolia.
  La-money green landscape painting at the peak of green radish on the wall. This refers to the landscape La Feng Yan Cheng Wen-wall paintings in the rain, the portrait of the sun seemed to shine in the next. The naming of the landscape with myths and legends, the kind-hearted people's desire to better integrate them.
  Chu Chun Xiao Shan green landscape at Luofeng kilometers to the East 1. This means the landscape in the early days of spring, flowers, Chu Shan before elsewhere Issued by the formation of the scenery.
  Zhangjiang is located in Zhangjiang Yeyue landscape into Yuanjiang Department. This landscape means an Zhangjiang Court Shanguangshuise can look far and wide, sunny during the Spring River, could be seen there at the end of Jiang's shadow on bringing a wonderful.
  Tong Fang landscape at night crossing the northeast extension of Taoyuan County Department of Xikou tong Zhou Fang. Island Air Zhuangruo a tong Ship, an Island on the evening sunset view of the King, like the setting sun in the middle of the Jinhui gently navigation.

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Qin Village area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Qin scenic village of 2.5 square kilometers, of which more than 1,000 meters long bamboo corridors, in the form of classical, delicate structure, the world can be a must. Attractions along the trail, you can step Wuling traces of fish Lang, to visit fairyland on earth.
?? through the ancient Qin hole into the Shangri-la. Outside is a shortage of the ancient world of magic. When bright, shining ancient; Zhong drum, the transfer of desolation; ponds and fields, the free flow; Chuitiao Wong-fat, Yile share. That the ancient Qin home, the aromatic Leicha; that the Shen Xiang Quan Fei, Britain's chicken Sang Ming; that the classical stage, the shepherd boy's village flute; Youzha that "eating throat", a water tanker, which Qingyao; that Qin Sword Knives, stone jar; that came rattan trees, wind-You Quan, Zhennai wonders of the world.
?? Qin Village area of the main attractions: the ancient Qin hole suddenly Taiwan, Qin Habitat, bamboo corridors, public Miriam Hall, Fengxian Temple, the Yu Yin Tang, Qin workshops, music from the bridge, the odd museum and disappeared, until Hall, Nuo altar. An area of about 2.5 square kilometers. Qin Village is a paradise, the Folk Center. You Wuling Shan Department of deep abdominal and mountains around barrier, called the Pre-Qin Yu unofficial history of the cultural situation in the southern thriving. How much more time hole, several Spring and Autumn earth? Qin isolated village to the ancient, soil, wild, Qi Zhong drum and the face to the world of tourists pour out their hearts to the sound of loud The long history and years of desolation.

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19 Rendui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jan 12, 1928, the mouth area of workers and peasants Lu Lu Self-Defense Forces attack against Bureau population group lost 27 soldiers at the expense of self-defense corps. Lu mouth piece of white terror, the families of martyrs can not come to Shoushi, with the exception of relatives and friends come forward to take the lead part of the body, there are Zhangqi Mao, Zhang Huashan, Yuan Yi-sheng, Yuan Shu-fat, tend to rise Tsui, Zhang Gui, Feng, Tang Wenshen, such as 18-l Waixiang martyrs and victims of the bodies left in the Yang Shan. Young people in their homes immediately to raise funds to buy a coffin, with 19 bodies buried in a mass grave, "the 19 Rendui (mound)." Feng mound 25 meters long, l-meter wide, 0.7 meters high, the tomb of Li-l-meter high, 0.4 meters wide of the Stone tombstone, the monument engraved with "grave Nineteen people in their homes 17 years, Yang Chung-li name".

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Luozhelieshi tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Malaysia Luozhelieshi family tomb is located in Township High Tong, 17 km from the county, west-southwest Metella, three of sand into a building, bottom diameter 2.3 meters, 0.5 meters high heap, the tomb of white marble monument erected at the top of Wai 3, and the border monument Crest of granite, with a total of 2 m high. Chairman Mao Zedong middle of the tombstone incised hand-written "Luozhelieshi Tomb" Epitaph for both sides, record the life stories of the martyrs.
Luozhelieshi early Chinese Communist Party members, at the expense of 1928. August 1956 l1, Chairman Mao Zedong wrote a letter to Luo family members, the inscription and the title will be 300 yuan together with grants from, in order to repair the tomb Luo, in Xiangtan County People's Committee for funding Who built the tomb in the near future. In January 1962, Zhuzhou City People's Committee to re-repair, reform legislation Qiyang stone tombstone epitaphs and Canada.

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Temple customs and the king tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kwan Temple located in the tower and the king Hongxianxiangguan Village. Revolution period, Liling Guan Temple for the Northern District Farmers site of the second. Farmers organizations and the armed uprising against Tuhaolieshen Mission Board and an important place for the fight. After the failure of the Great Revolution, the Kuomintang reactionaries in the North will be the second in the district of the Chinese Communist Party members were arrested and hundreds of activists Farmers Kwan gathered near the Temple of the king tower before the killing. After new China was founded, in memory of revolutionary martyrs, education and future generations, the Party and the government of the temple, the tower restoration.

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Fu Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu Shan Pingjiang County in Hunan Province is located in the southern territory of the Village thinking, and Liuyang City, adjacent to the town agency, the peak of 1572.3 meters above sea level, with a total area of 100 square kilometers, 96 percent forest cover, with an average annual temperature of 12.0 ?, the most extreme high-temperature 30.5 ?, the State Council issued the country [1988] 5 Document published by the "Yueyang Dongting Lake Scenic Area" by including one of the nine spots. Fu-Shan Mountain Show, the United States and water, forestry and quiet, Shi Qi in one, with the natural landscape, scenic and cultural longevity with the construction of eco-tourism, summer vacation, leisure convalescence, mountain climbing adventure, pleasure boat, Popular culture, education, equal to one red-integrated tourist areas of the ideal.

Fu Fu Shan Mountain, including Forest Park, Valley Falls-Pak group, Baishui Hu water amusement centers, convalescent Fu Shan mineral water district, Fushou summer resort, the Nodong Folk Culture Village, Fu Shan ecological farming Tourist Park, the Red base in education, and so on more than 100 of the eight scenic attractions, is a high-capacity, multi-function, high-grade tourist areas.

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Former Residence of Comrade Ren Bishi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Comrade Ren Bishi former residence is located in the city of Guluo Bute Bute at the village of the town when the new house. April 30, 1904, China's outstanding proletarian revolutionary comrades of the birth of Ren Bishi here. House for the structure of the canoe, the three-two-three-layer covers an area of 1204 square meters, the small-cap Qingwa, there in front of Comrade Deng Xiaoping in 1980 Hand-written "comrades at Bute House," horizontal inscribed board.

Forward by Comrade Mao Zedong's central room are hand-written "Comrade Ren Bishi of the immortal revolutionary spirit" of a huge horizontal inscribed board. 3 south and the house is a house-turned into exhibition rooms. There are at the north side of Bute's home and his wife of the study. Bute House in preservation with Used before his death-bed, tables, chairs, bags, copybooks and so on of the 138 precious cultural relics. In April 1989, completed the bronze statue of Comrade Ren Bishi, Vice President Wang Zhen opening comrades in person.

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San Yanqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the urban areas in the eastern suburbs, also known as Man Bridge, across Lake 650 m long embankment, Song began the calendar year. Full-bridge from the granite block on the door, as secure as ever.

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Cien Ta - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stand on the banks of the East Dongting Lake in Yueyang City Xinan Yu, the tower was built in the first year of opening inter-Tang (731-741). The existing tower for the reconstruction of the Song Dynasty, the structure of brick, seven-solid 1.80. 39 m high tower, Tajian round with iron, weighing about 2 tons. From the second floor, each floor there are small shrines. The existing tower for the first Hunan ancient architecture . Cien Ta the origin of many legends, there is only one of the election. It is said that in ancient times there is a girl, her father died, unfortunately ill. As a result of poverty at home, Liu Dang Yueyang, the father can not be buried, the girl had no choice but to the "Father of mass prostitution." She moved to the arrangement of a Juren, Juren will be funded buried the elderly and women and to bring its own Home surrounded by children, and later married the woman for several other people, very rich. Juren owe gratitude for the special stone pagoda built so that future generations in mind here this ex Germany. As a result, the tower will be named "Cien Ta."

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Hall of immortal - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gushan medicine at the following peak, a Hall of the Eight Immortals. Legend of Eight Immortals crossing the sea a long time ago when there rest, the main peak of the mountain and Xianci old Longtan distant relative, the great scenery, then tried to Shan Shan Jian into the back of a fork of the eight-shaped peak, as a souvenir; peak in the next to put up A monument, known as the Eight Immortals monument. After the commemoration of their man-made Here built a temple named Sin Temple.

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Four Stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Regardless of medicine at Hill worthy of immortal Dianqian foot ridge on the Hill, there are four high stone Yi Zhang, is the legend of the four Buddhist monks in this immortal, buried in the death of four major Gang Li, after a man in every Cylinder built on a stone pagoda to show their sincerity of self-cultivation.

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Old Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longtan old, that is, Lake Xishan, in manholes white South, East and West sides of the strait, Luan Jia Zhi Gang, as the Xishan East, that is, sa East, back to the Longshan Mountain area; the best peak of the West, this Hunan Normal where the first.

Xishan water springs the United States, the old Longtan satisfied Xishan Yongquan, the Four Seasons Heng-ching is not muddy, red vent into the Xiangjiang, within a few Shizhang Utah and the turbidity of the river, with voicing sentence, even take up the past banks of Lake towering trees, lush bamboo forest, the huge water potential. Tang and Song dynasties, when more people boating during the beginning of Wing. Mr. Zhang Mushi also cited the flow of water into the old Longtan Lake satisfied (that is, the swan pond), Chi-fang Rain, in which Zhou Cailing. Daru and Germany show really depends on the old Longtan for the "Long Zeling" Long Tan Temple on the banks and stay Leshi article, spoke highly of the old Longtan.

But with the rapid expansion of the urban population and future generations of war, the old Longtan in the vicinity of the felled trees were wiped out. Official feudal Changsha repeated that the settlement opponents, the need for retaining Pei Changsha's "vitality Dragon", was filled Yi-Shan Tam, the Serbian population of the West water flow To modern strains of a long north-south railway old Longtan old Longtan was split into two, whimper prostrate on both sides of the railway embankment. Tien-hsin of the National Government to build parks, travel the road to repair old Longtan, the sense of landscape and its quiet way, has proposed to the old Longtan into the aquarium, only to the Japanese invasion, civil war broke out in the old Longtan Qifengkuyu, only By the earth will, filling one of ash.

Today, along the old Longtan Guzhi northbound and a half kilometers Xu, Changsha white spots manhole, it is running the same old Longtan hospital from the same root Xishan last point of blood and Aura, who I hope will not again destroy the surrounding environment.

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Sipailou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is for the people of the Ming dynasty imperial official commemoration of the repair Wang Yan. Wang Yan Liu and building officials in the same period, successively as principal Hyobu, Ducha Yuan Yu Shi, the family left the Department of Shi Lang, Chi Shang-Jin things you doctor. Wang Ju Guan Yan thirty years, the integrity of the Ching Ming, Zhao Ting adjuvant, the weeping Thanksgiving, known as gods, and in the town center to build four arches. "Sipailou , The old no-deposit, but thousands of years, Wang Yan and his "four arches" long-enduring.

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Bao-Ci view - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The site is located at 15 east, the Peach Blossom Hill Shimenshan extension of the stack, according to legend fairy pore opening in the security chain or fly Road, Jin Zhang surprises hidden in the peak, the Road cents to study. Song Dynasty, "three priests," Chiang-turtle, Sun Xuecong raise of repair, and then going through amendments on behalf of Canada, Taiwan, soaring, the pool of Alchemy, the Fairy Cave, and other monuments.

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Qu Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qu Yu Temple is located in Yueyang Miluo trunk in the mountains, built by the Department of?????. There are three houses, during and after the binary-off between the booths around the courtyard have the right and left. Dan Yan single Department of Architecture, brick, stone walls inscribed hanging Qu Yuan dynasties Cifu poetry, Giant sculpture in the main hall to Sima Qian's "Biography of Qu Yuan." Houdian Li with a 1980 remodeling, like Qu Yuan, the moving spirit.

  Yuan Ping 000, when the state of Chu in the Warring States, was born about 340 years BC. He learned, is a well-known poets, politicians, who only left post Chu, Sanlv doctor. He loves the state of Chu, advocate harm toward reform, law-ming Country. But he dreams of the revitalization of the state of Chu and Chu that violated the interests of the old aristocracy, those who were opposed to the frame up and, finally Chuxiang Wang exile, drifting in the Yuan, Xiang River Basin. In Guluo River, Qu Yuan's patriotism and conscience in order to study deep fire disaster-ridden country and the people, although they live in the studio Suocao still worried BC period of 78 years, Chu has broken Qin Ying, Qu Yuan Cross grief, all the hopes were shattered, was the Chinese New Year on May 5 Gu Luo Shen Jiang Huai Sha since died. Here Yat generation floating in the air, left us, "Li Sao", "Days" and "Nine Songs" and "call back" more than 20 great poems, the poet Loving the motherland and the people of the country's concern for the good of the realm of longing for a stay in this hot spot on. Year in 1953, Yuan was Gongtui World Peace Council for the four major cultural figures in the world, our great national pride and pride forever, has also become a shining beacon of history. Qu Yuan Yu tomb is located 5 km north of Shandong trunk of Lienv Ridge. Tomb mound for the closure of a tall, stood on the ridge, such as small-Yuan Wang Fu. There are 12 suspected mass graves, of which there is a tomb, "it is clear Sanlv Tomb of the doctor," the monument.

  Qu Yuan Temple, also known as the temple, now into Qu Yuan Memorial Hall, located in the northwest city of Miluo Jade Peak trunk. Start In the Han Dynasty, the reconstruction in 1765, covers an area of 7.8 acres, is to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan of the ancestral hall. Spring and Autumn Period, Chu poet Qu Yuan was exiled, in the River Yu Quan confused trunk lived in the mountains. Later Qu Yuan was no hope of salvation, for Jiang's death, in memory of his descendants, then revised in the temple.

Qu temple covers an area of about seven or eight acres, the house is a three-, medium-and backward-off between the booths, both before and after, have left the courtyard. In the courtyard there are planting more than 200 years of the two sweet-scented osmanthus. For the construction of the brick temple, solemnly quaint, elegant silence. In the aisle on the walls, many inlaid stone, engraved with the future generations pay Qu Yuan Fu Temple poetry.

  Qu for the brick temple, sitting north to south, three, three holes for the front door of Temple, in St. Paul for the door-mounted following Wulong holding down white stone sculpture, degrade, "Qu Temple" words. Men Fang Shan and the wall 17 on Qu Yuan's relief, such as heart-Fisherman map, Jiang Huai Sha vote map. By being Into the Middle Temple, we can see a huge screen carved, engraved on Sima Qian's "Historical Records. Qu Yuan's biography" The full text of the beam is hanging on a "light out for days," Hengbian. There are wooden pillars in the Office of Guo Qing, Li couplets written by degrees. Dong Jin in a written language together. Backward in the gold-plated statue of Qu Yuan's Home Office, such as 3 meters high. There are two sites on both sides of the Guo Shu-Kwan, "Li Sao" saying: "Lotus think-Sang, mu of trees Loh; Shuai Yu-yun from Ni, if we look at the four to shortage." West wing for the exhibition room. Office of the lateral line can be seen Dan pool, pool with Taiwan, the two spent the tree planting Kim. Dan pool later to binary, for the worship of the Middle Temple Hall, the shrine set up for "it is clear Sanlv Qu Yuan's husband tablets "brand. Shrine over the arch can be seen kiosks, kiosks side of the courtyard planting over 300 years old gold, silver and Guangxi. That is, and then later to three, the Middle Temple Shoufu Legislative Yuan a sword of the statue. The rooms on both sides of the Middle Temple is introduced into the life of Qu Yuan's showroom, there are displays of the history of the Qu Yuan Works card.

To the foot of a mountain temple stage has 119 stone steps. Temple for the three-brick structure. The main entrance of the temple are painted on the wall decorated archway 13 Qu Yuan's life and his performance on the ideals pursued by the portrayal of relief. Houdian stands a 1980 remodeling, like Qu Yuan. Du Xing built near the Pavilion, Sao Tan, Zhuo Ying Bridge, peach-dong, Taiwan longevity, scissors pool, Tun Hua, Wang Tun God, and other monuments to commemorate Qu Yuan, known as Yu-Shan trunk "Eight." As a result of a number of historical sites have been in disrepair for many years and gradually into oblivion, or only vaguely identify, but there are still many local people visit and those who come here especially to express their loyalty to the patriotism of the different memory of Qu Yuan.

  Temple by 1979 After the renovation, is a different place each year around the Dragon Boat Festival, temple to tourism, and pay steady stream of Qu Yuan. Prior to 1981, in the Miluo River held a grand dragon boat races, to watch the competition at home and abroad up to 100,000 visitors or more.

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Du Xing Pavilion - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu-Shan River at the trunk. "Du Xing Pavilion" is based on Qu Yuan, "people are drunk, I Duxing" named after the sentence.

Pavilion for the hexagonal shape, granite-Fu, Hong Zhu green glazed tile, painted caisson, drawn in Erlongxizhu. Du Xing rehabilitation of the Year 1541 Pavilion, booth stand side of the mind.

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Zhang Middle Kingdom, the United Kingdom - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang located in the British town of Yueyang county, so named because of people. Together to form a clan in the village there is a group of ancient buildings, the Qing Ming period, covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, housing more than 1300 large and small, "the first southern housing market", "best in the world village," said . Even the courtyard patio, to Church hall, an integral whole, the long house, canopies Convergence, the eye is not exposed, rain is not wet shoes, to show our traditional civil construction and the characteristics of the ancient customs.
  Jessica grass, stream water features, fluttering blossoms. Two deer, grass mouth of Ganoderma lucidum; 8 Biaofeitizhuang horse, or graze leisurely, wanton or play or rest in bed, or Lu Zhao Review A birdie on the floor and the free food. This is the Yueyang Zhang ancient buildings within the United Kingdom's relief, "Chun Figure Eight." Wonderful idea, sophisticated fine-blade, is a vivid portrait of one of the "swords and guns in storage, Nanshan Ma put" ancient picture of a harmonious society.

Zhang relief of the British far more than the "eight-jun map" . Five into the Hall of China board, column, beam, brackets, balconies, the courtyard around the top of the screen door Geshan, sashes and the steeplechase at the bottom, Liang, Fang, rooms with Taiwan, stool, tables and chairs, a few, and, beds, boxes, Cabinet, chair, and so on, are cleverly set up thousands of wood. Zhang walked into the British ancient buildings, you enter a non-wood The Temple.

Non-performance of the customs and traditions of wood materials can be more na. There are people loved by the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, the rats get married, Erlongxizhu four downtown Long Hai, holding four Long St., Danfengchaoyang, asked Confucius ceremony, Liu Yi Chuan, Tan Mu Shiro, a birthday Guo Ziyi, Jiang Taigong fishing; there For a better Health Longing for more than a year after the (fish), Lung Fung Ching Cheung, Chun eight maps, Fu (bat) Paul (deer) life (Nanshan) hi, Jade, and money-Aquarius,?????, Songzi unicorn, about to happen Are high, Shoushan sun, noise hand-mei, Songhe Yannian, Kingdee de opera; inspire future generations of Han Chuang, smell the chicken dance-year-old Friends of the three, as well as the "world wide to allow wide-third day, a little heart-to-deposit Sungeng sub-species," and "Filial Piety is simply pass on from generation, through thrift and hard work by the World article," warning against. These carvings are able to separate relief screen.

The same subject matter in the form of expression is flourishing. Han Chuang Bingleng a window, the window snow, Three kinds of Flower window, Erlongxizhu 32 different types of content. There is also a type of wood reflect a variety of styles. There are carved bed water bed, closed beds, chairs, a corrugated chair, chair Rose, chair compass, and so on ARMCHAIR. There are several types of wood to express a combination of artistic conception. Hall and the main wing separated between the screen door can be opened together in a flexible manner May reflect the personality development of small families, but also reflects the large family of each other's needs.

Zhang used wood hollowing-British sculpture, relief, the shallow carving, three-dimensional Yuandiao, hollowing the decals art means blade Shuangjie a crisp, nuanced sculpture. People deliberately portray the performance of the movement's vivid portrayal of the highlight Zhizhuo-based, simple, Xi Lian, pleasure-ming, in the form of concrete into a vibrant, exaggerated and even humorous momentum. In the composition, often in different scenes and characters in a combination of images, patterns with patterns, primary and secondary attention to the actual situation, the partition lines, the rhythm of the level of processing, the pursuit of the screen structure and strict , The full composition and balance. None of the 3680 wooden nails, used mortise-splicing.

Zhang Qi of British carved wood, in the odd start at the beginning, the designers have an overall plan. The windows of buildings in general are not out, but toward the site of the courtyard, with the basic hollowing Huadiao sashes, the attention of both the light source Also conducive to the flow of air. Pane in use under the flat-fan decorated with delicate carvings, one-third of the windows in the lower part of the window with a steeplechase, the dialect known as "window sills clothes", which means the windows of clothes, can block line of sight, wind and rain best record at the same time not Lighting effects. In particular, asked Liang, Liang Jia brackets, eaves, carved on the beam, the need to be carved Before installation, the use of the content and form of what is considered to be beautiful, but also practical and does not harm the function of load-bearing column.

The wood material is also very important, with more than Parkinson's, Azusa, Chun, Zhang, box, ginkgo, Class A cedar tree, and so on. To demonstrate the high quality timber, when the paint is still worried after a post-impact Carved detail, do not add paint. As the true qualities of soft wood and wood Physalospora years of natural beauty, making them more vivid carvings, although the calendar 600 years wind, the light of the cultural moment has not been bleak.

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Qu Yuan's tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuan Gu Luo tomb is located in the mountains, 12-closure hills mounds scattered on the hillside of 1500 square meters, the mound before the legislature "it is clear Sanlv Tomb of the doctor" or "doctor Sanlv Chu tomb," Stone is 12 Yuan Suspected mass graves. BC reported that 278 of the Lunar New Year on May 5, Qu Yuan Jiang vote since Shen, Jiang Guluo Hua Zhao people have their own boats to Yuan Jiang vote, would like to rescue the patriotic poet. People fear the fish and shrimp Kenshi Jiang Yuan, to the rescue boat at the same time, to have its own board of the dumplings into the river to feed fish and shrimp, which formed a Dragon Boat race on Tuen Ng Festival, the custom of eating dumplings. But the generation of patriotic poet It is impossible to rescue survivors, Jiang Yuan for a few days after the fishermen had been raised, the head of fish and shrimp have been part of the bite, his daughter, son-in-law would give him gold in the first half with burial, son-in-law was worried that the exhumation in the first Pirates of the gold, Suiyiluoqun pocket earth building suspected mass graves, Shen Zhu met overnight into a building has 12 suspected mass graves.

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