Gua Taishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianshui city is located 30 kilometers north of the territory of San Yang Chuan, Fu Hui gossip is a legend, the mountain still has a painting Gua Taiwan. Juanxiu peaks here, the stream water features, the Weihe River in the center similar to Tai Chi Department a few graphics to the beach, not only as a piece of bamboo brush the column You Si boulders, called SHI distraction. Most of the mystery And the painting across the river Gua Taiwan's Ma Shan, every cloud cover lock fog, the mountain-flickering Ma, Ma appeared to give people a sense. Fu legend for a gossip, Kusimingxiang day, hard work, to no avail, the day saw across from the depths of a cave in the clouds, there is a vibration of the two wings of the Long Martens To rise, with the Weihe River in Tai Chi was distracted by the graphics matched stone, the Smart can not help but touch immediately in the diagram Taishan draw on the natural world on behalf of the "Heaven, Earth, water, fire, mountain, mine, wind, Ze" eight natural phenomenon Eight Diagrams of the text.

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Tianshui, Gansu Shimenshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Away from Tianshui City, 50 km North Port. Shan Ren-thousand of its stand like a wall, surrounded by Qiao Ya, there is only one road linking North and South of the two peaks of the two peaks form a natural confrontation between Shek Mun, Shimenshan named. Shimenshan magnificent scenery, said a small number of Huangshan. Unusual plant species rich and lush. There are a number of temples on the mountain for the reconstruction of the Ming Dynasty, Zheng-Rong classical Diange Taixie shade of the Cuiwei white clouds, the charming scenery.

  Shimenshan by the North Peak, Feng Lun, South constitutes a peak. North Peak has immeasurable Hall, the Hall of Ling Guan, Wenchang Palace, San Qingdian, the Clock Tower. Kirin has a peak of Our Lady Palace, the Temple three Xiao, Sanxian Um. South Peak has a top three officials and Yu Huangge Hall. These large temples For the rehabilitation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the mountain on the power, style Cuoluoyouzhi delicate, exquisite handsome, and the youngest of the temples only 5-6 square meters in the Shimenshan green leaves when they are hidden when, as if an appropriate concentration level Clearly the landscape painting, Shimenshan formed a unique charm.

  Department of Shimenshan Xiaolongshan Yu Mo zone, the natural-resources-under move. Yun there are a variety of both the North and the South China more than 100 species of wild plants, many of them in the garden of treasures.


  For a long time, people "on the first floor, second-and third-qi, fir four or five animals, Jane six or seven flowers, Eight" to praise Shimenshan. Department on the second floor of the north peak of Kushiro floor, to preserve the building have 27 years of Emperor Kangxi's a big iron bell; the second hole refers to the Kirin Fengya intramural two caves, one Pangu hole for Nvwaniangniang, and the other Manual is a hole, according to legend Sun Simiao Manual for the tour in place; refers to the three-Feng Qi Qi, Qi Shu, Shi Qi, and the Office of Huangshan The United States; four mountain cedar for the four precious tree, that is, spruce, Metasequoia, fir, yew; five ribbon is a beast, Nanji, musk deer, deer, rabbit; that the six founder Jane Ma, Akebia, Jie grass, cool Bacteria, pine, pepper; is to spend seven Qionghua, magnolia, azalea, lilac, on show, the pearl-mei, the show line-ju; Eight for the Shihmen Ye Yue, Lu Ying-door, quiet Greenfield Road, plug-day volume of cloud, Wo Hu Ling eagle, dragon peak, the Pan-hanging, cloud-day view of the door, and so on, particularly in the areas of "Shihmen Yeyue" and "Bai Lu Ying-door" wonderful scenery, Legend of moving, fascinating.

  Shimenshan peak in the North and South, there is a pavilion building Mulan, the flight Linglong Yi Bridge, the fine-sounding name Xian Qiao together. "Booth there Ha bridge in the Qing Dynasty scholar Zhang-British" Long-month basis, "the inscription is" Shihmen Yeyue "King of the title. Legend has it that, in the Song of Kangding on August 15 2002, the Chang-e , Sin and his peach of the General Assembly to return to this road trip, Chang E as a result of attacks Jiu Li could not walk. At this time when 10,000 people to celebrate the triumph, To cover up for the Chang-e; Sin from Huangshan, Mount Tai, Emei, Huashan, to Qingcheng, carry, hold, the negative peak, pine, stone, Tubu become Shimenshan, He Xiangu will be in the hands of the foot days into a high-volume Into the cloud-day volume on the occasion of the tree, cover the moonlight. It has caused the dissatisfaction with Wu Gang, he won from Tai Fu-lun, Hill will be split And a half to form a North-South Shimenshan peak. Wu Gang of Xiangcheyunxiao ax, woke up drunk in the moth-Chang, Wu Gang, she hurried from the split of the gap, or on the moon, his face still red Fanzhao tipsy feeling. Assembly of Immortals to help twigs with flowers bypass look, this is the origin of Xian Qiao together. From then on, whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival, flush with the surface is Chang E Xian Qiao-to wait and see. At this time of the moon floating in the North-South Shihmen peak in the middle, the mountain is covered Or, dancing shadows, as if the whole universe, are dissolved in a silver, four-week silent Wan, forming a "Shihmen Yeyue" Kai King. Shihmen view on the Mid-Autumn Festival is also difficult to do so at the time. In case of cover Fei, Ye Yue Shihmen beauty will be no Greedy, but otherwise made available to appreciate the scenery: On dim, hazy night, Hill also dim, hazy tree, even the concept on the hazy twilight deceive people ... ... everything is hazy in the world. People often gathered in Tianshui Shimenshan 20 km west of a ridge on the concept of Yang Shan, is said to enjoy the full moon here, the King on more charm. Here, Yang Shan and "Ye Yue Village" reputation.

  In fact, North and South Shimenshan peak is not split by Wu Gang, but due to subsidence of the crust, caused by rock fracture. Xian Qiao-Da Zao is not immortal, but in the Southern Song Chun Xi Shimenshan the moon in the north-south between the peak-Xian Qiao floating above the spectacle of itself evidence that the stone Peak emptying out, towering trees and thick deep shade of the realm.


  As Bai Lu Ying-door there is still a wonderful legends. Legend has it that long ago, one holding a White Deer Road travel far and wide to this in the interest of achieving a long round of large wooden club, the Shihmen break, the door only after the stone table piled high Silver, then throw away a wooden club and White Deer, get gold and silver. Did not reach, and so on, Hu Ting big thunder, the earth and the mountains shake, priests hurriedly flee Duo Men, Gang Chu Shek Mun, came tumbling out, Shek Mun has been closed, a small white deer have disappeared, until after rubbing in Shek Pik on the Shihmen A. From then on, Shek Mun will always be "false doors", Wang Kai, not meaning. These legends, it is beauty of this confusion, confusion, hundred times, so the help of imagination, into the wonderful myths and legends to express their desire it.

  In short, Shimenshan with a long history and rich resources, the odd quiet scenery, charming legend smoking All times and in all of the visitors, the people's aspiration to become land.

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Large Elephant Giant Buddha - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Clay stone for the child to the Big Buddha, located in the city of Tianshui Gangu County from the five-county Department of Gangu Village in Xiangshan big on the cliffs. Giant Buddha 23 meters tall, dignified appearance, face Fung-yee, Chuijian ears, magnificent physique.

Big Buddha Grottoes cut Wucongkaozheng exact age. According to the information and to archaeological finds , Gangu plastic Buddha statues dating back the Northern Wei Dynasty, 300 years or so, on behalf of the experience of the construction, Tang tend to be perfect,

  Xiangshan is great to see if the flag appears to be horizontal Long, the text of the old flag. Hui-song in the mountains to crop up over lilac color, pavilions hillside, carved-dong Gallery shade trees. Cliff in the mountains between the cliffs, there are Caves, stone-child sitting inside a clay sculpture to the Big Buddha, Sakyamuni, the Buddha Statue at the height of 23 meters three or four 10 m wide waist, and the heads of Yanshan, dignified appearance, face Fung-yee, Chuijian ears, Lo-fat meat bun , Magnificent physique, Phi Sha ramp, next to the lip was to be short-tadpole-like, in the end Jiafu Zuo Angiopteris above the serene and quiet to meet To tourists. Big Buddha Grottoes cut the exact age can not delay filial piety. According to the information and research on archaeological finds, Gangu plastic Buddha statues dating back the Northern Wei Dynasty. Grottoes in Gansu Province Museum of Art experts have observed that in detail to the Big Buddha, the Department of cultural relics of Tang. This could be the wind, Gangu Great Elephant Cave before cutting in the Northern Wei, Tang has to be more Perfect, one after another experiencing a total of four dynasties, three hundred years.

Gangu to the Big Buddha Sakyamuni. September 10, 1981, Gansu Provincial People's Government will go a long Elephant Cave as an official at the provincial level protection units and special funds for maintenance.

  Big Buddha on both sides of the cave, attached to the mountain and powerful A promenade, as a belt. Langshangkukan linked majestic spectacle, the existing 22 Kukan, most of the plane near a square. Great Wall is open arches and niches for high-altar, as well as the Zen Buddhist monk Cave, which is great Xiangshan unique Kukan, the country is also very rare.

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Maijishan Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the southeast of Tianshui, as a result of the Hill like a stack of piled up so named. Grotto built in more than 1500 years ago, mostly in the 20-80 meter high cliffs on the cut, Xiangdie layers, such as cellular density. Between the caves connected to the path along the cliff, and climbing up on top.

Maijishan Grottoes of the most well-known Is clay, and the size of the statue is similar to a real person, some whisper, some with Di Mei Yan, life patterns, as the "Oriental Museum statue." Although the Maijishan Grottoes in clay-based, but there are a certain number of stone sculptures and murals, exquisite carving skills, murals flavor, either of the Northern Dynasties "show as bone-ching" Sui and Tang dynasties, or "full round", a portrait of life, the amiable gentility, the very breath of life. Cave Xiucheng more unique, "Cliff House", Dongya in the clay head to the Big Buddha 15 meters high seven Foge is typical of China's Han Ya-ko construction, with a very high value. In recent years, also with Maijishan Grottoes Shannon opened the plot Temple, Temple-product, cross-long Temple attractions, scenic spots to make enriched the connotation.

Maijishan Grottoes, was a complete-Shan Tang Kaiyuan 22 years (735 AD), Tianshui-strong earthquake occurred in the vicinity, the Cave of the entire group will be divided into West and Dong Ya Ya in two parts. Dong Ya existing hole 54, 140 West Cliff. As the stone Maijishan are purple-brown water into a rock cluster, not the essence of small hard steel, the use of most of the clay sculpture and painting. Maijishan statue, a major theme of Buddhism, Buddha, his disciples, King, Book and so on, even though the statue on behalf of the Department with a, but it does not imitate copy, but maintained Since the characteristics of the times, the system reflects the art of clay sculpture of China's development, evolution. Whether it is as high as 15 meters Colossus. Or only small as 0.3 meters, are filled with feelings of the secular world, people feel that this is not sculpture, but a manifestation of folk customs.

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The earth's Bay site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianshui City County is located in the northeast five business Zhang Shao Village, 102 kilometers away from Tianshui City. Found in 1958, 1988 be declared as a national key cultural unit. The earth's Bay site is a large-scale Neolithic site, since 7800 has been a history of the site with a total area of 11 10,000 square meters, unearthed in 9000 near a wide range of items. One in particular is worth mentioning that the earth's Bay building sites, not just the grand scale and complex shapes. In particular those belonging to the late Yangshao culture (now about 5,000 years ago) the house is a three to open the door and Yanlang with large-scale construction, the housing In the mold of China's Neolithic archaeological culture can be said to be unique, more valuable is that there are still housing people or animals to draw patterns, is currently in China as early as in the original painting. According to the site of the land Bay strata can be divided into four phases: the land of a Bay, Yangshao culture early, middle and late. It found that Only to explore the eastern part of Gansu Province for years with the archaeological sequence has a practical significance for the study of the origin of Yangshao culture and multi-cultural source said new evidence and information. Tickets: 5 yuan

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Minamisaku site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Minamisaku site is located in Gansu Province Xifeng Shi 6 km southwest of the village after the official Minamisaku Zhai Xiang is the Neolithic Age (about 4000 BC - before 2000) of the site. Minamisaku site of the existing large-scale 9 Rammed earth platform, the northern part of a large-scale construction sites I have discovered. One site-to-ground construction site Rectangular, 33.5 long, 18.8 meters wide. There are three bone-Ben Zhu wall. Housing sites have a central east-west wall, the room will be the site is divided into two parts, the wall 1.6 meters wide-open three of the doorways, connected before and after the formation of the former structure of the room after the Church. After the room near a wall Dazao, to clean the walls of mud mixed with grass, and the barbecue. Housing site on the ground Black face. There are scattered outside the water Taiwan, but also drains Taiwan, and Taiwan, have been ditch barbecue. In one of a number of foundations around the distribution of small room premises. Minamisaku sites found in large-scale construction sites, the grand structure, and the land of Qin Wan similar large-scale construction sites, that it is Jing, Wei is another area of high-level Department of Sites, the study of Yangshao culture of the Chinese community plays an important form of historical value.

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Xinglongshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Xinglongshan Road to promote all of that. Legend has it that the Hill there is a 1 km east of the winding-yun, there was the emergence of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan heaven. People in order to hold a memorial ceremony for the Yellow Emperor, decided to build Panshan Cloud Taoist, only to God at night Fox Road will be colored flag to Xinglongshan title, so he built shoes. This is also covered with a layer of Xinglongshan God Color. About the Ming Dynasty in the late, and there is a building of the temple to-ching Junji, and Qing dynasty 72 years to achieve, mainly located on sambong.

  Temple Mount in order to build the most concentrated. Found along the east slope of the order and, as a result of three two-floor topography Lingguan built. Through the two-door, and then along the south side of the precipice Follow the road edge of the stone temple having a direct route to the main palace under the Mountain Gate. A temple along the way, Manual (Sun Simiao) hole, the three temple official, Lin Gong Temple, and so on, Cuolayouzhi layout, each with grace. And then a very dangerous step on a very steep 33 steps from the main entrance hall, "Baoshan prosperous", describe to head out. Into the Mountain Gate, for the Ancestors , Left a hundred-ko, Sakya Muni Hall, a right-Buddha Temple.

  Mostly brick masonry construction, Yan Jiao wings to fly, animal chiropractor look empty, flavor and solemn awe-inspiring. Dongfeng for the ten Yan Jun, Kuixing peak for the temple, the temple-towering, 100 7 Gusong proudly in the wind, Barry can gaze afar. Xifeng for Jade Longwang, Ma Wang, Niu Wang, Cheng Huang, land gods, matched Lin Temple, quite spectacular. Statue of the temple murals, all spirits, vivid, eye-openers. Taoism urges people to perform good deeds-based Dongfeng have a joint first door said: "The study cited liver (rape) any evil Dole incense good, honest-to-deposit Chi Wu did not see what anti-al Nuisances), "home to the couplets were commendable.

?? ?? 1935 years 10 15, a Red Army on the one hand, since he even shunt Bay to the east Xinglong, China and Jian-Ying, Deng made, Zhang Jingwu, and other leading comrades have to spend the night under the shrine, the headquarters staff and radio Office is located in the hall founder. Xinglong Red Army is in the air throughout the last Gansu a camp

?? ?? 1959 years 3 months, the County Office Tetraena former state-owned forest farm set up in the mountains, where the green has a new security situation. Autumn in 1967, has been Xinglongshan the "Cultural Revolution" damage, and many temples were destroyed. In order to protect cultural heritage Red Army memorial, in 1981, Xinglongshan listed as heritage unit at the county level, to restore the temple. The spring of 1982, the Central People's Government invested 10,000 yuan County and instructions to the county cultural centers for the remainder of the temple was built maintenance reinforcement. After building each year, 18 temples have been restored, significantly speeding up the process of closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation In 1999, Gansu Province Forestry Department for approval Xinglongshan National Forest Park. After the original Tetraena township Party committees and governments to seize the opportunity to develop the western region, was set up in a timely manner Xinglongshan Management Committee, Planning Park 1 million construction reference, to determine Xinglongshan Center for the 3 million regional ecological construction for the demonstration zone, the new oil-sik 1,500 acres of oriental arborvitae, the other 1.1 million mu of trees, so that the park has reached 2.5 million square-lam, the expansion of the original forest area than 4 times.

  At present, the area of 10 square kilometers Xinglongshan lush vegetation, a verdant. In 2001, Geng Bay to three-Xinglongshan gravel road opened, it is asphalt overlay work Has been approved to be built. Xinglongshan the future will be prosperous further, becoming into the traditional culture and modern civilization in one, a beautiful, beautiful scenery and the holiday, Bishu, a tourist destination.

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Huachi Twin Towers Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Huachi temple towers at Huachi Lin Zhang Zhen Xiang fork Village Twin River channel and leopard-Taiwan Interchange on the ground. The two stone statues and temples built on the tower is scheduled to Tai Masataka years (1156 - 1189) and was formerly known as the "Stone House", after years and Da changed its name to "Xing Institute." ?? ?? This is a Education temple. Temple epoch, next to the abandoned?????. There are existing temple ruins of the "three Temple," "Temple 3", "Garan Temple," "two-tone Pavilion," "Clock Tower" building Canqiang with the tower base and two statues. Tower statues carved all over the species Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, the disciples, to support, such as statues Jiyue days, Nirvana, such as Bunsen story tower full-body imaging as many as 3,600; small statues Tower II, 615 full-tower, 13 storey high towers 11.98 meters. Twin Towers model beautiful, well-structured, Diaozao delicate, it shows that ancient Chinese craftsmen skilled unknown process and improve the skills of the art form, the combination of ancient The wisdom of moving people and recrystallization of the art, high historical, scientific and artistic value. ?? ?? 2000 months to 5 years in July between the temple on the site of the rescue excavation, unearthed a stone tablet, Jing Zhuang, Shi Tao, and other building components more than 370 pieces of cultural relics, 267 specimens, in particular, a number of valuable text-ming , Recorded the name of the temple, built during the preparation and so on. For the protection unit at the provincial level.

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Formation summer Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Formation summer Forest Park, located in the city of Qingyang County combined water, which is the area Ziwuling forest cover most complete, the most primitive of the lot, with a total area of 30KM2, set up management services, entertainment, natural landscape, botanical gardens, Villa Resort, convention centers, nursing homes, and 12 regional nature reserves, Construction area of over 25,000 square meters.

  Park has more than 1,000 species of trees, the Millennium shuttle of the National Department of the jujube tree; more than 150 animal species, rare animals States 6; plants attitudes thousand odd, rare purple peony Wah, the world of rare plants. Ky Son district different stone, vertical and horizontal staggered Okawa River, Has become a unique natural landscape. Ziwuling companies are all over the cultural relics along the ancient tribal clan origin of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Joe Hill in the mountains (that is, Ziwuling).

  Tongyiliuguo Qin Shi Huang after the construction of the Great Wall and the famous one of the two major defense project - straight from the Qin Chengkungling through, as long as dozens of public . A passer-governance built successive Tun-feng, Dobashi, the city-impaired, temples, Mu Guiying will be Taiwan, Chuang Wang Zhaojun, such as stone grottoes and ancient ruins are still readable. To the parks can enjoy the natural scenery, enjoy the rare plants and animals, can experience the ancient people of the great pioneering work, your view of passers-by cultural relics administration.

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North Cave Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? North Temple Grottoes in Gansu Province is located in Qingyang City, 25 km south-west, and Puhe Ru River on the east coast of the intersection of follow-Chung Yamashita, 1083 meters above sea level. Jing and as a result of Pingliang southern Sichuan Cave Temple cut from the same period, North and South embraced the 45 km apart in a straight line, and therefore its name. North Cave Temple in North Zhaozao Wei Xuan Wu Yongping 2002, the year that In 2009, by Zhouci Shi Jing Xi Kang-sheng presided over the creation. After Western Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Song and Qing behalf of the amendment after another to form a larger group of caves. North Temple Cave Temple, including the main trench cave group, and 1.5 kilometers north of the village ceiling of a cave (the North One), 1.5 kilometers south of Stone Road, Singapore Cave spent Bustard cliff caves, old quarry area east of Taiwan, and other caves group, the north-south extension of 3 km. Kukan of the existing 296, stone statues 2126, the stele-8, murals 96.7 square meters, 150 square title in mind. The main focus on the essence of caves in the Cave Temple in the main channel group. Here there are 283 Kukan, 20 meters high in the clouds, 120 meters long north of the yellow sand on the cliff-section. There are caves on behalf of the Northern Dynasties of 165, 240, and the Cave of the Tang period, 32,222,263 Cave. Eagle-made content is extremely rich in their thousands of stone carving art of the Han and Tang Dynasties Longdong the enrichment culture is the crystallization of ancient Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges Buddhist grotto art in China occupy in the history of a certain location. In January 1988 by the State Council announced a national key cultural unit, is now a well-known tourist destination in eastern Gansu. ?? ?? 165 caves north of Cave Temple Cave of the class, the main trench cave temple is located in the central group, the North Zhouci Shi Jing Wei Yongping 2002 Kang Sheng presided over the cutting of the "seven Foku." Cave gate 5.90 meters high, 3 meters wide. Eagle 2 on both sides of the door 5.8 meters high Sumon King. Cave plane to cross a rectangular shape, repeat bucket-shaped top, 14 meters high, 21.7 meters wide and 15.7 meters into the deep, the wall is (Dongbi) and north-south wall carving 7 8 meters Gao Buddha and ten 4 meters high to be threatened Buddha, carved on both sides of the wall of the West 2 5.8 meters high to pay Maitreya feet high and 3.05 meters to ride as the Buddha, three of the four-arm Asura days. Qianfoensis all over the walls inside the cave, Flying, "a tiger to die", "Trade and resort dove", the Buddha and Buddhist Jataka stories-relief statues are more than 110. Most statues save more As a whole, the Northern Wei caves in the country similar subject matter, this cave style, the most typical and representative of the history of high archaeological and artistic value. ?? ?? 32,222,263, is the Cave of the Tang Dynasty on behalf of the cave, the vivid life-like statues, the great variety and rich. Graver skilled law, as evidenced by the Arts Quality, eye-openers.

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Pingliang the Ming Dynasty pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At Pingliang City, the Ming Koji years, robusta for the seven-cone-style pavilion Fangmu Zhuanta, 27.54 meters high and 12 meters in diameter at the bottom. The first layer has its south tower arched door, the embedded "that" Dan Bian. After all sides have doors on each floor and niches. A part of the canopy brackets for brick, flowers goes first, on the resumption of Glass Pieces, Kok Fung has been the first bell. Round steeple, there are iron pagoda in a temple. There tower wood floor, the stairs for boarding. Tower of the entire body Diaogong sophisticated, Lvwa yellow walls, resplendent. A plethora of views, and panoramic city view, Pingliang City is one of the main scenery. Gansu Provincial People's Government in 1963 for publication Unit-level protection

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Qiushui step scenic areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Oldies step Qiushui Tianchi, located at the Cheng Zhuanglang County Township Village on the northeast Qiushui shan (for the Tianshan Mountains) summit, 2535 meters above sea level, 30 km from the county seat, is the birthplace of one of the Weihe River. Qiushui step in because it is old, named Qiushui North Korea. Qiushui step lakes "Fifty-five acres of wide six minutes from the front and back Qiushui, loop-shaped, Unfathomable deep, water Qiushui clarified that the dust is not dirty. Qiushui Zhuangruo lying before the silkworm, as early as the summer floods may have increased losses, Qingdai ring around the arch, Jessica grass; after Qiushui meniscus shape, with times of Health Qiushui red water, as if into one of rouge. Summer and fall, the Green Wave within Qiushui waves, the sunset urgent solution, Qiushui banks of cattle and sheep everywhere, melodious Mudi, very poetic Painting. "Qiushui pool goes back to ancient times, there have been all kinds of legends. Chuan is a" soul ", according to legend Queen Mother had been bathing in the pond Qiushui; Chuan another" species ", as a result of water Qiushui" wave of noise while Xing Cloud. "While civil This is the legend Jinghe old Long chop, so far there are canyon in the dark red drops of seepage of water, "Sino-Taiwan . According to the "Historical Records" record, when the Qin in the Warring States Qiushui step Lici, the Shang Dynasty ritual Minister Wu Wei, Wu Wei pray Chu Tai Shen Zhu Ke Qin. Today, she is still Qiushui step of the ancient history of the graceful and fascinating deportment of grace.

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Longquan Temple area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shun the county seat is located in Longquan Temple 2 km north of Fengshan mountain, 1215 meters above sea level. Inter-mountain water seeping from the cliff to form a two-chuen: a strong say Luquan, a consistent Zhu Quan said. Always on top of a steep Zhuquan a Cooper, the shape of a dragon, Lin Zhao awe-inspiring, in the winding cliff above a thousand years old already. And Long and Stephen, mountain Ying-water, Longquan Temple be named. Longquan Temple Hill for a low gully landforms, faintly Castle, the long green water, water over rocks, through Feiquan beads in the form of its area of less than two acres of scenic spots, the combination of eastern Gansu Loess Plateau landscape of the essence of Lotus-known, high altitude winds, Cooper Lung Poon, the fish de-ling, Chu waterfall afraid of rain, Step on the bridge, Qiushui Chi Lin Yu, the Valley Eight spots such as haze, the slim, sleek and attractive, the landscape of eastern Gansu called "natural landscapes." Longquan Temple in the West of its units, the current site of a Qijia culture, which can be developed. In recent years, Shun County People's Government to strengthen the building of scenic spots, not only solved the water, electricity, hearing, the Road " Tong Yi-ping, "added services, improve the management and reconstruction of the Longquan Temple Court, the barometer of the rehabilitation floor, and the Mountain Gate Bridge jade belt, an increase of the Jade Emperor Peak Peak, the mountain stream water dragon show, Rainbow Ying And so on the new landscape, so that its Longquan Temple in a more beautiful charming grace to welcome visitors at home and abroad. 20 1 year in February, the China National Tourism Administration that Longquan Temple AA national-level scenic spots for tourism.

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Cloud Temple scenic cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ya-yun Temple, grotto art and natural beauty all in one, and contains the history of Kongtong Mountain, a par Maijishan, at an elevation of 1402-2875 meters above the Oldies, suspended cliff, Love overlapping layer peaks, Waterinfo Ningbi, is a natural tourist destination .

  The main peak at East and West, North and South four, Xiuba its peak, such as the wall . Dongtian each, of which Taiwan by the North Beacon Hill, board-feng, a god, and so on the table from Wufeng together with a synthesis of the main peak Ya-yun, "the old concept of the five Tai Chi" picture, abundant charm. West Cliff Zhi Han, the volatile ups and downs, the first base platoon barrier rocks like Ocean's seat. Jimu around, the shade of Cuise Qi Xiu Ling such as lion, tiger, such as such as travel Such as the Cape legislation, such as the array soldiers, such as Gao game, lifelike that visitors past the image of a lion called Ridge, the hump, repeated cattle Mochizuki, Herbie water, marching peak, peak, and so on board.

  Has been since 1600 since the Northern Wei Dynasty years, craftsmen in the ancient Temple Mount cloud cliff about 300 meters, 80-meter cliffs on the thinking entirely dried up consideration, construction of a large number of exquisite sophistication of the Court suspended dangerous Diaozao many different styles of the Buddhist caves, especially in the white group of caves in the "five-Buddha" color clay birds with the most Exquisite, the late Chinese grotto art is the combination of different opinions, to the late Chinese grotto art and Buddhist Institute Has a very important historical and artistic value-sik. Cliff goes to temple as the center outward radiation, followed by a Zhulin Si, Temple, West Temple, Qiao Yang Temple, the Temple tile, ditch Buddha Temple, taught three holes, Han-dong, Redcliffe Temple more than 10 groups around the caves in broad Lin.

  A foreign expert in the swim Cliff Sihou evaluation of the cloud: This is the natural scenic spots in China to protect the most good is a treasure. In October 1993, the State Forestry Department announced Ya-yun Temple as a state-level scenic forest park.

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Zhuanglang terrace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A modern social and economic development of brilliant achievement - 400,000 children Zhuanglang after 30 years of arduous efforts to build the 100 million level terrace. The expert was identified as "Home of the international leading level of Soil and Water Conservation Project", Gansu Province, made the 18 counties of drought, the 40 countries focused on poverty alleviation, one of the Zhuanglang County, as "China model county of terraced fields." From the 1960s, the Ku Shu not scare cold, hunger and poverty Yabu Kua of 400,000 people Zhuanglang self-improvement, hard work, imposed more than Hill, over water, to make unremitting efforts to carry out the terrace level of irrigation as the center, introduced Hill , Water, fields, forests, the way the comprehensive management of Health Environment, the Spring and Autumn Period more than 30 hard, and finally completed the construction of the county accounted for 90% of the total cultivated land area of more than a hundred million level terrace to Jubi Sword Zhuanglang wrote a history of the most glorious chapter also wrote a string of This amazing world figures: terracing to pay 475,000,000 yuan worth of labor, land mobile Volume of 296,000,000 cubic meters, one meter square Duicheng if the walls can circle around the Earth six and a half. Of terraced fields into the county, laid the Zhuanglang agricultural industrialization and sustainable development strategy;'s western region development strategy and cultivate the tourism industry into a pillar industry in the western economic policies for eco-tourism made Zhuanglang To create a good opportunity. Today, John Hill traveled wave of water, Bi Ye look at the blue sky, as the "Kingdom of terraced fields," the land of Zhuanglang, Wang Shanshan Cui, to see horizon, layers of terraced fields, such as birds, such as plastic, picturesque, "Hill Seabuckthorn top hats, mountain terraces wrapped around the waist, dam Herbage lock ridge edge, shoes Goudi "ecological staircase Comprehensive management mode, making the visit to come here especially for Japan, agriculture experts, Israel can not help but praise: "This is the people of Zhuanglang carefully painted on the Loess Plateau in the charming scenery of a landscape, it is a miracle in the world!"

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Halahai wetland - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Halahai wetland at the northwest end of the Songnen Plain, south of Da Hinggan Mountains, Longjiang County in the northwest with a total area of 300 square kilometers, the core of the waters of 30 square kilometers, the water level drops more. The proliferation of wetlands reed, fish fertilizer many birds, China Lake, China is the only lake of the original wetlands. The most valuable wetlands Found in its original rare in the world, the large area of wetlands has not carried out any development, there has been no pollution. His good nature of the original, in the world are also rare. In addition to the wetlands in a very small number of those seasonal fishing, the eternal silence of the wilderness has never been broken off. There are wetlands surrounding areas The area of grassland, forest and semi-desert, and very few man-made destruction. Wetlands of the existing 242 kinds of birds, including red-crowned cranes, swans and other countries 42 kinds of rare and endangered birds, the total amount of more than 1,000,000. Other wetland animals and plants are also very rich in resources, such as mammals, there are wolves and foxes and so on.

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Wangjiang Floor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in East Lake Lonza labor River Park, formerly known as non-Yu Ting, built in the rockery above the party and state leaders, including Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Dong, Comrade Deng Xiaoping has come in Qiqihar City, Denglou Lonza to watch the scenery. Comrade Zhu De pro title "Wangjiang floor," the pro-Dong "Miles Lonza" horizontal inscribed board. 19 0, Qiqihar Municipal Government decided to floor as a Wangjiang level key cultural unit.

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Ancestral Hall life - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ting Shou-shan, also known as Ancestral Hall, General Temple. Lonza in Qiqihar City Park. In 1926 to commemorate the late Qing Dynasty famous patriotic general Shoushan built. A three-yard from the Mountain Gate, Qian Dian, Houdian, things such as wing components, an area of 1650 square meters. Shou-shan (1860-1900), surnamed Yuan, Mei Feng word. Yes Bingbushangshu the end of the Yuan Chonghuan descent, was born in Ai Hui. In 1894, China and Japan in the Sino-Japanese War, General Shoushan brave enemy, and repeated to build military exploits.

  Qing Emperor Guangxu 23 (1897) in order to Ai Hui Jun Tongling side of town. The following year, Russia's invasion of China Jiang Tuen 64, Tuen Shoushan sent to protect the flag. Guangxu 15 years, was promoted to Fudu Tong Ai Hui, 26 years of the Qing government ordered Guang Xu Shou, General Department of Heilongjiang, in July the same year Russia to more than 100,000 troops to attack our country, to fight courageously General Shoushan, the last in the line of duty, in order to focus on the provincial level Protection unit. Is the ancestral hall has been renovated, the original "Mei Feng inscriptions martyrs", re-Fu Li Within the ancestral hall.

  The temple was listed by the government to control the three monuments, but the old temple, the local people by the donors in 1990 to rebuild is already missing the original monument.

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Chung pheasant hunting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chung Shan hunting opening to the outside world is opening up China's first closed-wide pheasant hunting. Qiqihar is located on the northern outskirts of the city, 50 km from the city. Located in the dense forests of. Hunting in the region have water, and berry bushes and trees, a beautiful ecological environment, pheasant for the proliferation of interest-bearing provides excellent self - Conditions.

There is a modern hunting pheasant breeding grounds, we have a quality kind of chicken, pheasant hunting in working capital can be more than 10,000. Hunting has closed two areas, one area of 1,000 hectares, will be open hunting seasons.

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Mahayana Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the largest Buddhist temple. In the city of Qiqihar in the vicinity of the railway station. Built in 1943, covers an area of 31,000 square meters. Ride south, before and after the two main hall. To the south door, the door to a middle floor. Huang You are the great hall and the gatehouse of the glazed tile covered by the Eight Diagrams wall construction, the use of the temple-construction brackets, glass tile Cover, Main Hall ridge of the Central Kirin piggyback an exquisite pagoda by Asahara, green glazed tile with a "Mahayana Temple," the three characters add radiance to each other, with a strong religious color.

Temple and outside the towering old trees, and elegant environment, though built in modern times, as a result of using the traditional forms of ancient architecture and unique Georgia, Heilongjiang Province is the largest of the existing glazed tile building one of the key cultural unit for the province.

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Angangxi site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Angangxi Neolithic site is located in the city of Qiqihar Angangxi District. A number of sand dunes by the composition of the typical small stone tools unearthed in the ruins of the group. In 1930 China's famous archaeologist Liang Yong for the first time here to explore, unearthed a large number of small pressure cut stone, pottery, and bone ornaments, both at home and abroad have a significant impact. In recent years, in the vicinity of the area and discovered a number of similar sites, the site of this group of a total of 39 sites; at the same time, unearthed a large number of fine cut stone, bone and pottery, and so enriched the connotation of the site.

Angangxi sites unearthed in order to suppress a small stone as the main The cultural and types of levies fine stone implements, not only in the traditional process along the middle and lower reaches of Nenjiang wide distribution, research shows that it is six years ago, Qi Qiannian before the Neolithic period, Chinese people were the ancestors, evolved here.

  Grassland areas in the north is in the late Neolithic culture of representative category , And its culture known as "Angangxi culture", it found that the excavation and research into the grassland areas in the north, the small stone for the traditional characteristics of the cornerstones of the New Stone Age archaeological research. A national key cultural unit.

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Island bright spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bright Moon Island is located in the urban area of Qiqihar, about 7 kilometers northwest of the middle reaches of the Nen River, is an area of only 0.8 square kilometers of the river island. Yi Wan as the shape of the moon reflected in water, which got its name.

The island is divided into resort center, forest areas in the north garden flora, the garden area and production activities .

  Harbin Sun Island Scenic Spot and a sister island of Xiang Xie said, is the northern part of the Wild Frontier abundant natural scenic spots. Jiang Yu here is by boat, sleeping on a picnic, Bishu leave an excellent venue for viewing in the north is winter scenery and activities of the ice and snow tourism to Sheng. In 1982 into the natural landscape and Building Code scenic resort. 1994 was approved by the provincial government of Heilongjiang provincial-level scenic spots for.

  The island was surrounded by bright blue waves, the height of summer season, with shipping lines and around the island, color matched into a tree Shui-Guang-hui, as if a Shiwaitaoyuan. To abandon the landing, exposed along the path of yellow sand, they can come to the "six "Train the child to visit the island moon station. By a small diesel locomotive traction, with six cars, the total length of 49 meters of the train station, carrying tourists heading for guests, swimming station, the station Yunbo, Wan Shan Temple Station, the moon Station Island.

  Tree-lined island, the proliferation of flowers, natural scenery, Li Qi. In the center of the island , Has a sophisticated and elegant old buildings, built around the island and across the country's longest railway train children to visit. In the summer, Jiang Yu here is by boat, sleeping on a picnic, Bishu leave a very good place. Winter is here and watch the scenery of northern ice and snow activities in the tourism resort.

  Center to visit the region Repair of a new painting of the four ancient buildings cornices, the pavilion within the large-scale painting and carving color fidelity modeling, different patterns. There are four new, hexagonal, octagonal-Muslim gutting and 9 large-scale murals for public Yaxing Tim had. The forest areas and sports areas, is to resort island, travel to the effect Yechui.

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Zhalong National Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhalong China is well-known rare birds Nature Reserve, located in Fall River Wu Yu, in the northwest 30 km from the city of Qiqihar. Here, the main object is to protect red-crowned cranes and other rare birds and wildlife, birds and water birds known as the "natural paradise."

Zhalong Nature Reserve covers an area of 40,000 square kilometers, the river Wang, swamps and lakes spread all over, wetland ecological good. Si Wuyue Ba Jiuyue each year or about two to three hundred species of rare birds and wildlife around here, Zhetian shelter, a magnificent view, is to visit the area the best season by the Qiqihar City of protected areas to have direct access to the automotive, transportation Facilitation. The scope of protected areas, thus can not be Only in the area around the Authority, a visit can get the whole picture.

Zhalong Nature Reserve in the world, said a crane, a total of 15 kinds of cranes in the world, that is, possession of the District 6, which is the red-crowned cranes, Baitou He and White-naped Crane, Crane Minowa, crane and white crane. Red-crowned crane, also known as a very rare bird who, Only exist in more than 500, accounting for about one-fourth of the total number of red-crowned cranes in the world, so that this area is the home of Red-crowned Crane is not excessive at all. This area of rare birds and wildlife, with the exception of cranes, swans are large and small swans, egrets, spoonbills grass, white stork, and so on, might well be described as rare birds and wild kingdom.

Zhalong Natural security Gangnam District is north, the beautiful scenery. Every summer late spring, green reeds, in the clear water, floating water lettuce, Zizania angle, and other aquatic plants, grass around the green, wild flowers fragrance, visitors to roam in this water flooding in the northern part of the country, rare birds and wildlife to enjoy the freedom of travel , A real sense will return to nature But Health.

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Boli Red Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Boli Red Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Red Star Boli Boli Xian is located in Forest Park 25 km south-west, and in the eastern sky-II linked to the forest, forest in the north and the River Jixing phase, with the western Chaoyang Linkou Xian adjacent forest in the south and north-west Linkou Xian Leng border operation. Climate, the average annual temperature of 2 ?, annual rainfall of 600 mm or so. Wild Animals Red deer, lynx, Sable, and dragon, and Rana, and so close to 20.

  Boli Red Star is located in the Changbai Mountains Forest Park networks in the northern end of the line Laoye Ling, steep terrain in the mountains area dominated the landscape Hill, for most of the slope between 15 � -28 �, with a total area of 92,220 square meters of forest, low-lying North High South, Are 600 meters high above sea level, the highest altitude of 900 meters.

  Boli Red Forest Park, founded in 1958. Reforestation area of 832 hectares, including young growth area of 494 hectares, Lin Ling in the area of 88 hectares, Lin cooked nearly 250 hectares, and natural forest area of 8020 public . Felling in order to gradually cutting, clear cutting, optional way of cutting education, to nurture the growth of bringing up, bringing light, bringing special timber, shelterbelts, etc. They may be bringing up the production operation.

  And develop a diversified economy. Planned and organized to the wild vegetable, edible fungi, medicinal plants, such as product development and utilization of Hill. According to the Red Boli Forest Park of the site conditions, the use of forest resources, develop herbal medicine, edible fungus, cultured Rana, indigo, and other fruit base, adjusting the industrial structure and form to timber production, wood processing, a variety of economic co-exist in the form of the pattern.

  According to Red Star Boli Forest Park natural advantages, combined with West Circle of protected areas, use of the existing 25 natural scenic spots, the development of field investigation and sky-ditch Ridge Scenic area, a small ski resort construction, Resort, the development of two industrial sites drifting team and other functional areas of forest parks and forest-garden plot. Can be accepted by a large number of tourists come to visit and vacation. Forestry resources strengths to as a leader, cited Foreign investment and advanced technology, wood processing to increase efficiency. Indigo base for the expansion of fruit, fruit processing base built indigo, indigo production of fruit wine, foreign sales of berries, fruit seeds and seedlings for sale indigo, wild vegetable processing, expand sales channels.

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Momoyama Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Momoyama Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Momoyama Qitaihe City Park is located in the center of Peach Mountain, founded in 1985, covers an area of 39 hectares, with the exception of construction and Yong Lu, almost all of the lawn, flower beds and trees covered. Park-wide total of more than 6,500 flowers planted trees, 24,000 square meters of artificial turf, and juniper, weeping willows, cypress, camphor Song, Mongolia oak, hazelnut, willow, poplar, from afar, the lush, colorful flowers, the joy of spring.


  Momoyama Park hillside, magnificent. Originality of design and seamless natural landscape, has praised the visitors. Momoyama Park Plaza East, Heilongjiang Province was named " Cup "Top Ten Square boutique, the design of the park Huoxing park design for the top prizes.

  Momoyama Park because of the shape of the mountain peak named after Momoyama, on the origin of the Momoyama, a beautiful folk legend. It is said that prior to the last million years, the Queen Mother peach organized event, hosted various gods, so lady-in-waiting to pick Pan Taoyuan , A lady-in-waiting are not careful, will fall a peach, peach this temple from falling down on the Momoyama turned into now, we really like to see a Momoyama Avenue. From the Hill to the top three at the end of the winding and bumpy road, two artificial level. The order pick up, tree-lined Blot out the Sun, deep trees, scenic Tired halfway up the mountain in the rest of the pavilion, while a break to enjoy the beautiful scenery while, stop and board the Peak view, emerging coal city glance, Yuanshanjinshui, panoramic view.






  Yamashita high-rises, vertical and horizontal streets, Shuttle cars, pedestrians, such as weaving. Looking far away, from time to time there are carrying out a Wu Jin and the roar of the train, beating out the new coal-heavy city of rhythmic pulse. Zuta Momoyama top, you will Dunsheng "For a grander sight, a higher level" with emotion, near the foot of hope, flickering shadows, hidden in the forest when the visitors when they are, color Xiangyingchengqu pavilion with the red tree, mountain, water, who constitute a three-dimensional landscape of the volume of the head as far as I can, you will coal Barry Leighton made such a beautiful city of sighs.

  Early in the morning, Momoyama Park is the most dynamic moment, people have come to the park Momoyama. There's Niuyang Ge, the shadow boxing There are playing badminton, with a walk, a sea of people. Everyone's face are blooming well-being of a smile. Momoyama Park is not only a great people a good place for leisure, but also a paradise for children, young parents can bring their baby, the elderly can Shuangbin white with a beloved grandson, granddaughter, bouncing in the bed ~ Bouncing off the back, or use child car drivers have a small addiction, in the children's laughter, much to the enjoyment of good family happiness. In recent years, the government has increased investment, more than 700 million investment in two new square, with a total area of 12,500 square meters.

  2001 Construction of the East and the Tianfu Square, the same way, unique style, has been revised from the foot of the mountain, a total of more than 100 steps, then a period of repair at a small square, decorative plants and flowers, unique design, unique, and gorgeous The street, every night, shining Lantern, was ablaze with lights and by the end of the road to the Tianfu Square, looked Street as strings of bright pearls, has been leading to the Peak.

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Qitaihe Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qitaihe Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qitaihe city is a new industrial city, she is like a shining pearl inlaid on the land in the north-east of the motherland. She and the vast Sanjiang Plain, which borders for the industrial city of Mudanjiang in the province, the hub of Jiamusi, 460 kilometers from the provincial capital Harbin, the Russian Federation and the closest point 130 kilometers, the territory of the mineral-funded Rich, the country's four major coal bases in the development of a protective one, accompanied by gold, graphite, and other resources to be developed. City Administrative waters in the region, a vast grassland, fertile land, development and utilization of land resources to be nearly 700 square kilometers, the development of agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and fishing is great potential for 17 major rivers, through Dry river woken into the Songhua River, the formation of the reservoir is now 26, Momoyama reservoir storage capacity for 264,000,000 cubic meters, ranking second in the province. Administrative area of a three-county area (Boli), with a total population of 820,000. For the province and municipalities.

  Yesterday, the Qitaihe Used to be the cradle of entrepreneurs. Since reform and opening up to the resource advantages of Qitaihe that ushered in the spring of her beautiful, "market-oriented and rely on science and technology, in-depth development, harmonious development" of the overall local economic development strategy under the guidance of the concept, the Qitaihe All walks of life have made great progress, the state-owned enterprises Over the reform, restructuring, transformation and the activation of funds, production scale, product mix, the average water management into a new grade, production and management of science and technology in the process of growth factors to increase significantly, the market mechanism and modern enterprise management mechanism to bear fruit, To the backbone of the coal industry, coal processing, construction The food industry, chemical industry, service industry, such as branches and leaves for the shape of the industry group; the private economy in recent years due to lax policies to improve the investment environment and a more rapid development, at the end of 1996, the city's industrial and agricultural output value 2,230,000,000 yuan (price unchanged ); Individual industrial and commercial revenues reached 15. Billion, local economic development has become an important pillar; at the same time, with the rapid economic development, urban construction is a different place, commercial, cultural prosperity zone, increasing tourist attractions, improved sanitation, education, sports, health care , Transport, posts and telecommunications, urban and rural water supply and drainage and electricity supply matter of public etc. Significantly enhanced, simple folk, to live and work life, a better business environment are one-hing, the prosperity of the people happy.

  Qitaihe the CPC Municipal Committee to determine the implementation of the second development strategy to accelerate the coal, chemical, electric power, "the city of three" building and promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises, to develop non - Non-state-owned industries and the economy, strengthening agriculture as the foundation, "Xing Shi Science and Technology" strategy to improve the quality of workers, the realization of the economic system and a fundamental change in the mode of economic growth, and strive to achieve 2000 GDP 4,000,000,000 yuan, total economic output on recycling A Qitaihe, 2010, the overall economic development Slightly. Can be convinced that by strengthening the leadership, do solid work, widely mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects and give full play to the wisdom and strength of the broad masses of people, to fully tap the potential of economic growth, and give full play to the advantage of the resources comprising a wide range of talents and wide-financial resources, Daxing education, Tai Hing science and technology, Qitaihe tomorrow will certainly be more Rong and prosperity. In accordance with the "three favorables" principle, our city will actively adjust the investment structure and improve the investment strategy in the most preferential policies to encourage outside, foreign-invested business or run enterprises, the development of special policies to support the establishment of high-tech, export-oriented enterprises.

Qitaihe city party committee and the city House to hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory, focusing on economic construction, the implementation of the "secondary development, Xing Shi and enriching the people" strategy on the one hand and push forward the reform of state-owned enterprises on the one hand and non-state-owned economic development, the city set off in investment, development and opening up, Great efforts to develop non-state-owned economic boom. And loudly suggested that as Funding for the Lord, who was introduced as the hero, government officials, investors willing servant for the majority of investors to provide the best environment for the most preferential policies, the best service. Qitaihe the hard-working and hospitable people of insight at home and abroad warmly welcome this invaluable piece of land to show vision. Let us join hands to seize opportunities Work together to forge ahead and work together to create brilliant tomorrow Qitaihe.

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