Yang Guan Dunhuang Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Guan Dunhuang Museum is located in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province, 70 km south-west of Shenyang Customs Department, was established in the Western Han Dynasty, "Si Jun out, according to the customs of the two" period. With its water to pass, according to the Sichuan risk when, with the North and the South Pass echoed Han Dynasty for the defense of the invasion of nomadic north-west pass important, but also on the Silk Road leading to the Central Plains and Western Regions And other important gateway.

Precious stones in the East, West to the era of silk, for the East-West economic and cultural exchanges played an important role, so, "Yang Guan Road," Chong has been hailed as the Shining Path. People also often there for people to see them off the westbound carriageway of the "more-advised to do a glass of wine, a West Guan Yang for no reason," Great Tang Dynasty poetry Wang Wei to a "Qu Wei Cheng," Masterpiece to bid farewell to the age-old customs Yang to make a more universal sonic booms, Mingyangtianxia.

Guan Yang has a long history, rich culture, plus the location of special importance, and thus has developed a unique regional culture. The second century BC, the Western Han Dynasty to the fight against the Huns, operating Domain, in the Hexi home Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiuquan and Dunhuang Si Jun, Yang and the establishment of the customs and Pass, Yang clearance from the city's southern gateway of the Western Regions, the Silk Road throat, to highlight the important geographical location. In the long history of the years, with the Emperor Guan Yang Jiang Billiton, the people moved side of it; envoy Zhang Qian, Zaokong Western Regions; Qubing Zheng, Hexi recovered; Massimo day out, rejoicing Longyan; Kwong Lee Wan-cutting, the use of forces magic; Xuan Zang learn from their experience, the way back here; Quanjiu Wang, Wei Cheng wrote man of the hour, and so on, seamless historical events can not be separated, constitute Magnificent history, has accumulated abundant cultural, sung through the ages cast of famous Guan Yang Yang Guan heritage tourism area renowned scenic spots and cultural relics in Dunhuang is the distribution of the most intensive one. There are now 2000 years of historical sites, natural scenery and the desert oasis of modern human landscape composition. Pier stands in the mountains there are Han Feng Sui, the commanding point for the area, known as "Yang Guan Head. "Yang is it related to witness history. Yang Kuan Museum is located in the center of scenic areas, sites 800 meters north Feng Sui, South Beach has an antique, Yang Guan site in the Beach. Tangshou Chang-dong has a Pegasus and the city of the Han Ottawa pool Guzhi depression.

South-west line, the Silk Road in South Luan group of overlapping peaks in the extension of the wind. Near Forest Park lush tree-lined desert, towering trees, and more dark-chuen, streams, gurgling flow. High view, the Altun Mountains (the ancient name Kim in Anshan) of pure white snow, and the vast Gobi, the vast desert scenery of the magnificent panoramic view of Hong Kuo. Han and Jin tomb groups spread all over, covered with four weeks, combined with a powerful magnificent desert oasis since In the meantime embraced the landscape, a magnificent view of the entire area.

Modern people do Chan said: "East according to Dunhuang, Loulan to the west, north Yumen, South gold saddle Vision, the hometown of Pegasus, the Silk Road were related. Brilliant re-Yong civilization!"

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City and the Great Wall along the tunnel barrier repair - Chinese tourism scenic spots

City and the Great Wall along the barrier repair the Great Wall Chinese Tingsui west of Dunhuang County to the west of Yumen Pass, along the south bank of Shule, the kiln Bay pier, the pier days, Rod spit fire, after entering the North Lake County, rest in peace. Urn to the east, another county, then plug Juyan, Ejin River winding along the north title; winding twists and turns, magnificent. Another trend from the urn, the high-profile, Zhangye Shandan, Yongchang, Minqin, Wuwei, Gulang, and so on Yongdeng County, east to cross the Yellow River. In spite of the wall more than two thousand years sand erosion, but some sections are still strong integrity, standing in the desert in; better preserved city wall near the Yumen Pass. For the structure of local materials to Reed, Red, Populus, such as sand and gravel layers of Apocynum Building. Top wall about 4 meters. 5 cm thick reed, and so on, 20 cm thick gravel, very strong bond that can be said of China's ancient original "concrete." Gao Jun inside the Great Wall, the wind across the Taiwan Sui soil. Loess soil to Taiwan-based, with the upper part of adobe Lei Qi, who reached 10 meters high. Taiwan wall next to the dock with the Shuzu Small homes, prepared Gongnu swords, stones, and other defensive weapons. Top-fung, a small room for the guard on duty day and night Shuzu posts, such as the discovery of the enemy, the police each other. It is said that the wolf's largest cigarette burn manure so easy to see in the distance, his native Taiwan, commonly known as Lang Yan Tun, also known as beacon towers.

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Ancient rock characterization - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Subei Mongolian Autonomous County in the territory at the northern foot of the Mustang and Ma Shan, the area, the distribution of a large number of ancient ruins Yanke nation. Big black trench, Buffalo Gap, the Bay-gray donkey and seven sites around Yanke Group of 55 pictures were found, more than 300 images. Great groove and Yanke, Subei County is currently found in rocks rich portrait of one of the most . A total of 34 group pictures, more than 190 designs, most of the contents of the screen for the Shooters, grazing, Lianwu, Cheng Ma, and other combat scenes. Various types of multi-screen carved with concave and convex forms of carving, sheltered in the characterization of the Xiangyang col steep, limestone and granite. Subei inside portrait of these rocks, although during the morning and evening hours However, figures and costumes reflect the nomadic life of the Shooters is basically the same. According to research cultural workers, these rocks are portrayed as the Spring and Autumn and Warring States to Western Han period, the region's ancient nomadic culture relics, which the research work during this live in the western section of the Hexi Corridor and Wusun Yueshi such as the size of the ancient nomadic To the nation An important image information.

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Jiuquan sites of the Western Han Dynasty - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan Park, also known as Stephen Lake Park, located in Jiuquan City, 2 km east, as a result of the garden there is named after Jiuquan, has been more than two thousand years of history. Jiuquan Park is a 2,000-year-old garden-park culture, the entire park covers an area of more than 400 acres. Park of the Qing Dynasty, "Jiuquan sites of the Western Han Dynasty" and "Ancient Chinese Jiuquan County" Monument, General Tso and hand-written "The Good Earth Daigo" horizontal inscribed board, Jiuquan become a tourist trip and must visit.

Jiuquan Millennium Park is not only to old-chuen, the sites of the Western Han Dynasty, Shi Bei Li Bai's well-known, but a group of the charm with modern attractions ---- ancient Shui Xie Fang, Kim Ju-on, the smoke deep lake on a rockery Spend two-month-ching, Tsui Chuk Garden, such as ginkgo garden, and other people in the painting. Stephen existing in the park, lake, pavilion, pavilion, monument, gallery, a number of ancient buildings such as temples, many literary history, letters, military, for both degree recite ancient poetry Jiuquan. There are ancient poetry wrote: sites of the Western Han Chuan future, still with late Zhou Lu Hua. Moss spent walking Xiaoyue Faso, Tibetan-Yun Cui Liu deep.

  Standing in front of the Gate Tower Building-like Han Que, Jiuquan is the south gate of the park is also the main entrance of the park. The main by the son of the mother constitute Que, natural style of ancient, majestic magnificent. Tang Shang flying in the two plaque, revealing the Jiuquan Park's unique scenery and historical connotations of the deep Among them, "Han Hai Pearl" is a Chinese calligraphy Association title by Zhang Xing Road, "Stephen Lake scenic spots," Cao was no problem. The horizontal inscribed board above the mosaic of a relief Ngau Tau, the Qilian Mountains is unique to the depths of granite carved into the stone. Legend has it that the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, often flooding in Jiuquan city, is said to have demons Cause trouble, people in the northwest corner of the bell and drum tower southwest corner of the building a temple to the town of evil. Because the two temples and Drum Tower 10 minutes to form the shape of a Ngau Tau, so people also Jiuquan City, called "Wo Niu city."

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Twin Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anxi Twin Lake, also known as a hundred Island Lake. 50 km is located in the county, Gansu Province is the largest agricultural irrigation reservoir with a total capacity of 240,000,000 cubic meters, 40 square km area of water, 312 National Highway in Hubei by the side of the crossing, is leading to Dunhuang and Jiayuguan, Jiuquan the tourism hotline on The necessary land.

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City generous plate - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as River City warehouse, in Dunhuang City, 90 km west of NATO on the Gobi Desert. Located in the small town square plate (Han Pass) 10 km NATO, as a result of a small square plate than the big city, the city named generous plate. Tang possession of London, "recorded in Dunhuang" River City warehouse storage of rations records, so people think it is the River City warehouse. According to research, in the urban Generation, is a reserve Liangmo warehouse, is currently found only in Gansu a. Rammed earth building for the city board, was rectangular, 132 meters from east to west, 17 meters wide north-south, Canyuan top 6.7 meters. North-South direction of the city to build two block walls, separated from the whole city has become a part of the 3. North and South Canbi left on the hole. Appears to pass ??. Every part of the south gate opened, the external east and west, north side 3 plus 2 to build the wall, the wall of the first surviving love setting. National City is a generous plate key cultural unit.

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Yulin Cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

With the Mogao Caves in the content, style, painting the form of the same strain, the same as the Cave sister Jiao Zong. At home and abroad to a certain extent. Cave 25, Cave 3, 29, called for representatives of the cave. "Land in the West changed" and "Buddhist view of life changed immeasurable," described the kingdom of heaven in the world, the Pavilion up the house, a reproduction of the Tang Dynasty high The Art of skills. Tang Dynasty, the good times will be happy scenes, turned into nothingness Piaomiao in the Buddhist world. These two large-scale murals copying products, as a representative of the Dunhuang frescoes is now on display at the Great Hall of the Office of Gansu. Five Dynasties, the early Song, Western Xia and Yuan a variety of subject matter content is very rich and cultivated by, marriage, feast, David , Wine, iron, music, dance, and so on the screen reflects real life was the real scene. 29 cave murals of the Western Xia, "Xuan Zang learn map", is a high degree of historical, artistic value of the rare treasures. Yulin Cave has also been unearthed rare artifacts Buddha carved ivory.

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China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center since the reform and opening up, lifted the veil of mystery, it is not only the Chinese people know more, but there are many foreign guests come to visit.

  Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is located in Jiuquan, Gansu Province in the north, covers an area of 5,000 square km and is building China's first satellite launch site. The launch Heart of the main satellites to complete a variety of test and application of satellite launch. The launch angle can be large, low-orbit satellites, can also be carried out, the long-range rocket tests. The center in 1970, China launched its first satellite Dong Fang Hong, 1988, a total of the successful launch of 19 satellites, and its 11 for the satellite. In 1981 for the first time successfully used a rocket to 3 satellite into space, causing the world's military industry attention.

  Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in 1987 for Chinese and foreign customers with satellite launches and missions, has made gratifying achievements Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center has assembly and testing plant, site and corresponding facilities. There are advanced equipment, optical measuring, remote sensing, radar tracking and communications, weather protection systems; there are chain of command, control security systems and data-processing centers. Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is a vast, and special thermal power plant Railways, highways, airports, as well as a variety of social security system. Therefore, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China at home and abroad enjoy the reputation of the satellite.

China's well-known of the three satellite launching bases. Since its inception in 1958 for the development of China's space industry created a remarkable The first eight: April 21, 1970, China's first satellite up here; November 26, 1975, the first retrievable satellites in the sky; May 18, 1980 , The first long-distance carrier in the Pacific is scheduled to fly here airspace; 1981 September 20, for the first time a rocket will use three satellites to space. At present, the domestic tourist attractions are open: the satellite launch site, command and control centers, rocket Long II, Test Center, Satellite Launch Center field history Exhibition Hall, revolutionary martyr cemetery, Dongfeng Reservoir, Hu Yanglin desert, and so on.

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Suo Yangcheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Valley City, formerly known as bitter, in Anxi County, about 70 km southeast of the Gobi Desert, was built in the Han, Tang Kwok-hing in other generations have varying degrees of repair and had to use. Its shape to preserve the typical style of the ancient city of the Tang Dynasty. City to the north-east has a large department in the Yuan Dynasty temple construction, 14.5 m high tower, 1000 neat little tower Arranged in a line. Suo Yangcheng in the Han Dynasty is a legacy of Dunhuang county Ming County, for the Western Jin Jin-chang County, for the Sui Chang Le County, for the de Don-gun. After the war, after that closed out the royal family after being abandoned. Suo Yangcheng in the name of the Qing Dynasty due to civil and around the city as a result of a number of delicious sweet Cynomorium, as a result of later generations-named Suoyang Cheng. Cynomorium Silk Road is the throat of a major city. In the ancient Hexi political, economic, cultural and military aspects have played a very important role. Suo Yangcheng ancient near a large oasis is open, Jiuquan County is a link with the Western Regions. Surrounded by dozens of the ancient city of Office, ancient tombs, grottoes, temples, particularly to preserve the scale of Suo Yangcheng most. Suo Yangcheng two hours inside and outside the city, outside the city with a total area of 800,000 square meters, with a total area of the city with 280,000 square meters. 18 meters high Pier north-west corner, there are enemy units, such as the ring of ancient military installations. Suo Yangcheng China has the most well-preserved ancient military defense system and the ancient irrigation system. At the same time, Desertification is the evolution of ancient pioneering vicissitudes of a typical specimen is in the western Chinese ancient culture and unique natural landscape remains the most perfect combination of tourist attractions.

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So do big Lake Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At Aksay Kazak Autonomous County of Gansu Province in the south, away from the county town about 80 kilometers east longitude 93 degrees 46 minutes -94 degrees 01 minutes north latitude and 38 degrees 51 minutes -38 degrees 55 minutes, covering an area of 35 square kilometers.

  So big dry lake in Altun Mountains, the party with the game even Nan Shan Tang Hua Shan Hai Zi between -- Dry Lake basin of the color Tuen Le (Hai Zi) grassland in the northwest end of the basin for the lowest. 2795-2808 meters above sea level, water area of 100.89 square kilometers, is a saltwater lake. The average water depth of 2.84 meters, water storage 172,000,000 cubic meters.

  To the inland climate is cold and semi-arid climate. For the protection of birds and their habitats. The protection of the region are known to have 61 kinds of birds, 44 kinds of migratory birds. Migratory birds in the summer of 28, leaving his gull, hawk hunting, white-tailed Harrier state protection for the birds; 3 kinds of migratory birds in winter, white-tailed sea eagle, sea eagle jade belt to protect the key; Brigade 13 birds, swans, cranes, grassland birds Merlin for the protection of focus; 17 resident birds, the kite, the Wu eagle Hu, the Wu eagle, vulture, the common kestrel, for the protection of focus.

  There are 16 kinds of mammals, the state of the secondary protection of Tibetan Gazelle, Mongolian Gazelle, laryngeal goose Ling.

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Jiuquan arts and crafts factory - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan arts and crafts factory is located in Jiuquan City, mainly in production, sales of the famous "Jiuquan card" Remanbar series of jade carving and handicraft-based tourism.


  Jiuquan in Qilian jade as raw materials such as jade Remanbar production has been more than two thousand years of history. Wang Han Tang Dynasty poet, "the United States and grapes Remanbar "lines, so that Remanbar famous through the ages.

  Factory is a "sentinel of the National Tourism goods manufacturers," Seiko Remanbar of grinding, fine quality, natural texture, smooth and transparent.

  Arts and Crafts Factory visitors can enjoy hands-Remanbar workshops in jade and other ingenious Zhuo fine crafts, and the favorite to buy jade treasures.

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Home-ting site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinta County, including the large bay Gu Zhi, in Bay City, Gu Zhi, Gu Zhi Jin Kwan part of the site and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Grand Bay is located in the city 120 km north-urn, ranking Heihe on the east coast, the site of 350 meters long, 250 meters wide. City 8 meters, 6 meters Dikuan, plate compactor to build, repair and future generations, well-preserved For the state-level key protection units. According to the research, here is water Du Wei Han shoulder seat of the government. Bay City is located in Grand Bay, 5 kilometers north of the city of Heihe on the east coast of the Gobi Desert. The total area of 22.15 meters square. Fort wall 5 meters thick at the base, 8.4 meters high, the Department of plate compactor to build, are north-south direction, the door at the Western Wall, Outside the walls of houses and two sites. 1930 Northwest science to this mission of digging a Han Dynasty more than 2,000 pieces of bronze and iron, a number of pottery pieces. For the state-level key protection units. According to the research here that is water-designate official seat of the shoulder. Water shoulder at Golden Customs in Bay City, about 2 kilometers to the east coast of Heihe home for the Han Dynasty Cypriot customs City, with the impregnable Italy, named Golden Customs. Close to 6.5 m � 5 m rectangular floor of the two organizations Canbi to a maximum 1.12 meters, 1.2 meters thick, the middle floor of organizations Road 5 meters wide. Foot wall on both sides of the remaining four and a half embedded in the walls of the fork column row. Building organizations adobe floor outside the customs wall. In the southwest side of the dock closed, Rammed earth system built into a wall, 70 a 80 cm thick, the maximum for the remaining 70 cm. Dock-feng of Taiwan and the remnants of the southwest corner square fort, a castle door Jiadao circuitous, have lived on both sides of the room, Zaofang, storage, in courtyards. For the state-level key protection units.

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Mogao Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Commonly known as the Mogao Grottoes: The Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Dunhuang City of Gansu Province is located in the southeast city of 2 5 km Mingsha Shan Dong Lu. Qian Qin, founded in 2002 yuan (366 AD), until order to preserve Northern Liang, Northern Wei, Western Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Western Xia, Yuan Dynasty, which lasted more than a thousand years of various types of cave 735, There are colorful murals and the 492 caves. Mural 45,000 square meters, more than 2,400 colorful body, the Tang and Song timbers canopies Cave 5. In 1900, in Cangjing Dong (now the No. 1 7 Cave), was found by the Western Jin Dynasty to Song Dynasty, Shi, son of the various instruments to collect paintings and more than 5 pieces. Mogao Grottoes is when The size of the world's most ambitious, most rich, most exquisite art, to preserve the integrity of the Buddhist temple caves.

Chinese grotto art from India, India's traditional stone grotto statues are based mainly as a result of the Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang and does not rock carvings, the statues in clay-based murals. Cave of the entire round for the former general And then gradually reduce the high plastic, plastic film, plastic wall, the wall paintings in the background while the last, plastic, painting the two arts together. Tang Mogao Caves have more than 1,000 holes, the 492 existing caves Dong, Wei-dong Cave 32, 110 Cave-Sui and Tang Cave 247 holes, 36 holes Cave of the Five Dynasties, Song Dong Cave 45, Cave 8 million dong 45,000 square meters murals, colorful statue of 2415, down five points grotto, now numbered "17" had been found in caves from the 4th century to the 14th century's precious cultural relics 56,000, the result of the formation of Dunhuang Studies, There is also a heritage of Dunhuang Research Institute.

Mogao Grottoes is Keep the largest "treasure house of art in the world", in December 1987 by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. Mogao Grottoes Art features the performance of the construction, the statue and mural on an organic combination of all three. Cave-formed into meditation cave, the cave temple, Tamiao Cave, the cave roof dome, which has affected a variety of shapes, such as Cave Colorful plastic sub-round, floating plastic, plastic film, plastic industry, and so good; category Zunxiang mural paintings, painted by the change, story, historical Buddhist paintings, architectural drawing, landscape painting, drawing support, and animal paintings, decorative painting and other content, Sixteen system reflects the country, Northern Wei, Western Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Western Xia, Yuan, and so on more than Dynasties and the East-West cultural exchanges in all aspects of human culture, rare treasures.

  Cave's largest higher than 40 meters, 30 meters square. Not the least high-Ying Chi. Are colorful clay statues, as a single and Images. Buddhist center to the people, on both sides of the disciples Shi Li, Buddha, King, Who, at least 3 to as many as 11. The largest 33 meters, 10 centimeters smaller. More exaggerated to the performance of the character color, the air is. Buddhist mural content, Buddhist relics, the change in the myth of a dependent person, such as decorative motifs and themes.

  The most ancient map of the "Mount map" more than 40 square . From the flower leaf, God, Buddha, by the time the performance of the local activities of the historical figures, "Zhang Chao Yee and his wife travel plans", Fine Composition, lifelike. Cave in the resplendent, brilliant dazzling. If the screen by 2 meters high rank, can constitute up to 25 kilometers of galleries, existing in China's largest and most abundant caves Treasure-house operation.

Since the Mogao Grottoes in 1900 Cangjing Dong found more than 50,000 volumes of religious and secular instruments, the Dunhuang Art shocked the whole world, "Dunhuang" has become an important school of learning in the world, but because of the Mogao Grottoes was chaired by Wang Daoshi ignorance Ignorance, almost all of these treasures stolen abroad. Mogao Grottoes in the opposite danger three Yamashita, donated by Japan, by the construction of the Dunhuang Academy in Dunhuang art exhibition center, the imitation of the original large part of the cave, so that visitors viewing the contents of the Mogao Grottoes in more colorful.

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Ming Great Wall Ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming Great Wall of Jiayuguan City, site of the West from Jiayuguan, Jiuquan, the high-profile, Linze, Zhangye, Shandan, Yongchang, Minqin, Wuwei, Gulang, such as Jingtai County, five from the Buddhist temple of the Yellow River had, in Jingyuan County along the south bank of the Yellow River Extension of the ups and downs, has been Shanhaiguan in the east. Gansu is about 1,000 km in length, with full-Huang Ben Zhu, thick rammed 13 - 20 cm. Some compactor layers of the lot Gacang wood piles, weeds or sand foundation. 10 meters high, on the 1-meter-high wall of women, with Duokou. Thick at the end of 5 - 6 meters, 2 meters Dingkuan, close to the Great Wall beacon towers inside, as a result of more than 10 meters high loess Ben Zhu, known as Pier flames. Tun distance of about 5 km, and even looking at each other, very spectacular. U-Pass, Pass, the mouth of the Great Wall in the hope that Taiwan has been outside the building. Jiayuguan, Shandan, Yongchang, Gulang, and other cities and counties to preserve the territory integrity, standing in the Gobi Desert, the magnificent momentum.

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Jiayuguan tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan City in northwest Gansu Province is located in the middle of the Hexi Corridor, is the ancient "Silk Road" of the transport hub of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the starting point for the western end of the world ? ? Xiongguan named after the Jiayuguan. , Known as "city of Ha Tay," "Suoyao border." "Jiayuguan," meaning "beautiful valley", the city of Victoria on the South Qilian Mountains Bei Yi Ma Zongshan, east of Jiuquan Basin in the west to the flat desert, the western section of the corridor is located in the narrowest point. Jiayuguan City, with a total area of 1298 square kilometers, has a population of 100,000.

  Jiayuguan Pass tourism resources related to the city, the tomb murals in the Wei and Jin, the first pier of the Great Wall, Xuanbi the Great Wall, Great Wall Bo Hall, Montenegro of the most well-known rock paintings and so on. Jiayuguan is located in the middle of the ancient Silk Road, Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the starting point for the West. According to her South Qilian Mountains, Ma Zongshan north, the Great Wall to connect the two mountains to make things Jiayuguan ranks throat hub, to become the world Xiongguan. Pass around the many monuments, many attractions, the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Guan Yu tower, Xuanbi the Great Wall, 71 glaciers, such as the famous tomb of the Wei, Jin, combined with local Remanbar, strokes of the cane seeds, such as camel hair Tute technology products, so that the Pass has become an important tourist destination. Jiayuguan well-developed communications and transportation facilities, IDD access to overseas countries; civil aircraft every day -3 Flights, is a direct route to Urumqi, Dunhuang, Xi'an, Lanzhou and other places.

Jiayuguan tower is located in the throat of Ha Tay, south of the Qilian Mountains have snow, fell across the north is very undulating terrain Ma Zongshan Xian Yao, the first since ancient times known as the Hexi Pass, the ancient feudal dynasties is a garrison Security is also a powerhouse of the ancient Silk Road and cultural exchanges between East and West traffic links. Jiayuguan large-scale, magnificent momentum, the entire building from the inner city, outer city walls, and other components, "a city within a city", as the Mainland and the Western Regions, the Central China Desert and disputes between and integration of the witness, tragic and brilliant. Tower at Jiayuguan Pass in Gansu Province southwest of the city of 7 km, the Great Wall is the western end of the end. Jiayuguan Ming Hongwu five years, as a result of the city named Lu Jia Yu, for the military since ancient times.

  Customs throughout the city to build a solid majestic, magnificent, Kwan was the city ladder, the circumference of 733 meters, covering an area of 3350 Square meters, 10 meters high, 1.7 meters high pile wall, what wall to open the door, tower symmetrical, three-, five-, surrounded by galleries, the city has Siyu turret, a north-south wall in the middle Dilou. Two door on the north side of City Road, Arima top. Guan middle of a city official well. West of the protruding wall in the middle to open the door, the door engraved with the amount of "Pass" words The original tower, both East and West and the shapes of the same floor, third floor, East and West line. Custom-built customs clearance time, the craftsmen are very accurate calculation of the material to be used, only after the completion of a brick. This brick today after the deposit of the West Gate Tower Weng Cheng canopies on Taiwan. Outside the West, there is a stone tablet, engraved on the "Xiongguan the world," words; East outside Weng Cheng Wen-ge, Temple Xi Lou, the city government offices on the north office of a guerrilla, were built in the Qing Dynasty.

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Montenegro stone portrait - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Montenegro stone portrait of Jiayuguan in the west of the urban area, about 20 kilometers, Jia Yu. Here because of the steep, dangerous terrain, 24 meters wide ravine. Portrait of stone scattered in the cliffs above, a total of more than 30, about 1 km long. Guzhuo screen, a powerful means rough, rock and was purple, shallow stone reliefs. Content And hunting, Jishe, dance, and so on. Montenegro may be the portrait of stone Qiang, Tai Yueshi, Xiongnu tribe in the early culture.

  The full name of rock Montenegro, "Montenegro Cliff shallow rock stone", located in Jiayuguan City, about 20 kilometers northwest of the gorge and cliff, was discovered in 1972. According to investigation, were found to have Rock Paintings of the Ming Dynasty to the Warring States 5, a total of 153. People's Government of Gansu Province in September 10, 1981 as announced at the provincial level protection unit.

  Montenegro, Dongting Gu Cheng Shan, Ma Zongshan department is a small branch. On the rock paintings in Stone Gap, customs, Sidaogou, red and XIAOLIUGOU such as Mount Zaigou , 2 km stretch of the gorge and cliffs on both sides of the. Montenegro rock at its base from the lower half a meter, the highest in more than 5 meters, screen sizes, in the 0.2-2.4 meters high, 0.3-3 meters in width, Zaoke techniques, although very simple, but throughout the ancient painting , Vivid images, powerful wild, with only Style.

Montenegro rock paintings at the portrait and animal figures. Animals have a horse, cattle, sheep, chickens, dogs, fish, deer, tigers, wolves, snakes, turtles, eagles, camels and many other. There are scenes depicting the dance, Weilie, wild shooting, horse riding, camel, cattle and sheep by a tiger, even buffalo, hunting, archery and so on parade Lianwu Which is divided into single-hunting and hunting, Weilie and three hunting groups. Screen reflects the ancient herdsmen on the pursuit of a strong spiritual life.

  According to research, Montenegro for the Rock and Qiang cultural relics, the study of ancient Qiang of the Hexi Corridor in social life and important historical and cultural value. Shiguan Gorge rock paintings, there are four Lama Tibetan paintings and ancient monuments, inscribed with Buddha sitting in the pagoda.

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Tun best in the world - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan is located 7 km south of customs, and the Qilian Xuefeng across the river, the Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the western end of the first pier starting point for Taiwan. The first pier from the town of Suzhou in the Ming Dynasty in Gansu Han Li Bing Bei Road, built in the 18-year Jiajing (1539). Taiwan's original length, width, height of 14 meters, was a square pyramid, was part of the wharf collapse destroyed, only Taiwan in accordance with the existing pier wall standing, its very dangerous. In order to protect this precious historical relics, Jiayuguan City in recent years, investment, construction of the first pier has more than 30 meters on the north side of the Great Wall of the antique city walls, setting Guardrail and the first pier to be envelope. You can pay forceful broad ancient civilizations and enjoy the Hao Han and the walls of the desert scenery of the exotic.

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Great Wall Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinhua South Road, located on the west side of the city of Jiayuguan, built in by the end of 1988, China's first comprehensive, systematic display on the topic of the Great Wall Museum. Museum of the Great Wall area of 12,312 square meters, the display area of 1766 square meters, and beacon towers were the main form of construction-like phase Feng Sui . Content of the display is divided into the "Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period of the Great Wall", "Qin and Han Great Wall," "Northern Wei, Sui, Tang and Liao, the Great Wall," "out of the Great Wall," a four-part, the "great wall" as the theme from the Warring States Period To the Ming Dynasty Great Wall built between 3000 to chart the history of the model, text layout, color pictures in the form of thick In the more than 1100 square meters of exhibition space, not only for researchers of the Great Wall to provide a wealth of information, so that the people in a short period of time, the Great Wall of China in time and space on the evolution of a whole, intuitive understanding. Transport: Bus in the urban areas or "stop waving," the Xinhua Road, Xinhua get off shopping To. Admission: 15 yuan opening hours :8:30-12 :30,14:30-18: 30 (summer and autumn); 8:30-12:00,14:30-18:00 (winter and spring)

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Metro Wei and Jin tomb murals - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan City is located 20 km north-east of the Gobi Desert of the new urban and rural areas, have been found more than 1,400 brick Graves, is a multi-Wei and Jin Dynasties (AD 220-419 years) on the ground floor of the murals, large-scale, "the world's largest underground gallery ". In the opening part, there are 8 brick is painted murals , Unearthed a total of more than 700 pieces of brick wall paintings, only now on the 6th and open to visitors on the tomb on the 7th. Wei-Jin tomb is divided into two kinds of two-and Room is a brick into the Lei Qi, a family cemetery. There are carved Mumen Moire, water and fire map, chart or four statues of animals such as Faerie painted patterns; shop on the ground to all kinds of patterns ; Tomb walls for the performance of the production and living of the working people and the luxurious life of luxury owner who painted the brick. Portrait of a brick is a brick painting, writing concise, vivid image of the system reflects the Wei and Jin periods of political, economic, cultural, military, customs, science and technology in areas such as content, the traditional Chinese painting with realistic hand Mainly, as early as the Mogao Grottoes in the arts, to fill the art of painting in the Wei and Jin periods of blank ticket: 31 yuan opening hours :08:30 - 20: 00

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Sang Ye Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sister show from the German town along the south bank of the Brahmaputra continued to shun the road eastbound 24 km, to reach Zhatang, here is the county seat of Zhanang, 3556 meters above sea level. Zhanang County small, only 02,000 square kilometers. Tibet is famous for "Pulu town" almost every family has a loom Pulu Pulu with an annual output of more than 30 meters. More famous in the territory of the Samye Monastery, and Zhu Min temple, Qingpu Scenic Area, the old aristocratic mansion Long Ridge Manor game, and so on, are worth a visit. Brahmaputra crossed Zhanang County, the county will be divided into northern and southern parts of the Jiangbei district which has been Scenic Area into Sang Ye. Sang Ye Feng Including the Brahmaputra is located in the area north of Zhanang County Sang Yi, Song Ka, al Sango many parts of the territory of the human landscape. There are the Samye Monastery, on Shihab Hill, Nie Ma Long-Sheng, Green Park practice holes, in sheep cave bar, and so on. In the region need to cross the Brahmaputra, Zhanang to Zetang Songka a first-line or your mother, and other ancient fruit chuka Ferry, across the past only by ferry boat human and animal hides, now with the ferry, car ferry, very convenient. Sang Ye is a scenic mountain valley climate zone, with an average temperature of 8.4 ?, the high temperature 31 ?, the low temperature 13.2 ?. June-August is an ideal tourist season.

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Hot Springs Woka - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wo Ka-San, God and the wonderful Stephen Mulberry River County on Woka, 3720 meters above sea level. Sang is located in the south, plus check Wodegongjie counties at the junction of the snow-capped mountains, the main peak 6,000 meters above sea level, overlooking the Brahmaputra, silver crown armor, majestic beauty. Tsongkhapa in the creation of the Gelug Sect had come to live snow-capped mountains De Gongjie With self-cultivation, the Falun Dafa. Some people think the Gelug Sect teachings of Tsongkhapa passing on from the start here. As a result, De Gongjie live snow-capped mountains regarded as Kamiyama, the song Long Woka Temple, the Temple sang songs also have a good reputation. Long Qu Qu and Sang-ji Temple was built in the early 15th century, Tsongkhapa by the pro-building, known as the Gelug Sect of the first temple built. Legend Tsongkhapa years in the music sang through the temple to pray, the decision to build the main Gelugpa Ganden Monastery. Later that year in prayer and built a pagoda, so far intact. Long Qu temple is also a collection of Tsongkhapa left hand and the head of Western rock, as well as for mass Tsongkhapa by riding a yak's legs, and other sacred objects. Woka have a view of the river Black Dragon River, Wood River and Germany said he regarded as God, a legend on behalf of the Goddess of Mercy, holding King Kong, the law of God. Woka there are hot springs 7, the star was scattered Woka grasslands in order to have a significant effect, said. Among them, the Dalai Lama for the past Qian Zhuo Luoka of the most famous hot spring, the widely rumored to rule Stephen diseases. Zhuo Cameroon to the north of sleep Qiongbang Hot Springs 1, 10, Zhiwei Bing, is a legend Tsongkhapa was bathed frequently. There can cure arthritis in the vicinity of the hot springs Pablo, governance eye, sinusitis and the people of Ma-hot, the skin can rule Bangga 1, 10, and other hot springs. The spring and summer season are attracted to Woka hot springs are very public.

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