By red Gulou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chong Drum Tower was built by Emperor Kangxi began 11 years (1672), Guizhou Province is the territory of the largest and best preserved of the Gulou Dong Jia. It is superb, complex structure, exquisite production technology, unique design, Miao, Dong Zhai come out on top in the Drum Tower. Unfortunately, because of the traffic is not easy, so far in raising people purdah Knowledge. Dongzhai is one of the architectural features of the Feng Yuqiao, also known as Dong Jia Corridor Bridge, is the other side of the Drum Tower and Drum Tower for the wooden structure, surrounded by four large wooden pillars into the sky, with next to a small multi-column, bottom-up and cornices Brackets, such as the pagoda-shaped, the top placed a large Pigu. Zhaizhong discuss something or step on song festival , The game will be big ring Pigu, Zhaizhong people have gathered in the hall to listen to the elders Gulou orders, and on weekdays, the Drum Tower are recreational hall of public places.

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Zhou Lusheng Creek Church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Rural Township of Miao people, most wearing short skirts, also known as the "short skirts Miller," a best Baizhe Qun, Yin Yi, Wei Yao embroidery, leg wrappings, such as Hua Xie, together with the copper-nickel alloy used to play on the crown of silver and silver jewelry , About 8-10 kg of body weight. Zhou Lusheng Creek Church in Rural Township boat I, on behalf of the Ming. Zhou Lusheng River Hall is an annual event Miao Lusheng One of the places, both within and outside the hall will play at the same time hundreds Lusheng, all wearing Yin Yi Miaojia girl wearing a silver crown dancing silver angle, very spectacular scenes.

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Hill incense burner - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill incense burner and incense resembles Yamagata its name, is located 15 km north-west city of Kaili, is the Han Chinese of all ethnic groups held June Jianmiao "climbing section". During the festival, while the size of the Town, incense burner on the hillside, has been organizing a variety of jump Lusheng, Duige, Bull and other activities.

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Lancaster Mao geomorphology - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Libo is located 26 km east of the county Department of karst forest Maolan state-level nature reserves in China's subtropical karst forest vegetation naturally Uehara, a well-preserved piece of treasure, with a total area of more than 130 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate Up to 91.59 percent. Here the growth of tree species up to More than 00 kinds, known as living fossils of Ginkgo biloba, Liriodendron and other rare species, there preserve and Lin musk deer, monkeys, musk deer, the South China tiger, bison, white monkey, and so many ancient animals. There are protected areas River Falls Township, Xiaoqi Kong, the cave groups, Yuanyang Lake, seven holes customs of the Yao, and so on the landscape.

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Fishing hole cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Carey fishing hole cave is located west of rural fishing hole is a natural karst cave formed, in 1984, found that development, has been developed around 2000 meters, there is not yet proven the dark hole 6,000 meters. -Stream before the two sides lush trees, green and luxuriant, divided into 6 layers 8 Chamber 5. Inside The amount of stalactite, stalagmite and stone columns, stone flower wares. Traffic: Carey from the cave to the fishing hole, the fare 4 yuan, about 2 hours by car.

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Southeast Guizhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guizhou is located in the southern county of Libo, with a total area of 273.1 square kilometers, with Zhang on karst water features of the river system and the vast vast forests as the main body, Xiaoqi Kong from Yuanyang Lake area, a large hole seven in Mindanao palace area, water Chun Zhang and scenic river canyon scenery along the Yangtze River belt, etc., there are 58 major scenic spots. Mao Karst forest within the forest nature reserve over, the focus on merging, native strong, relatively stable ecosystem, is rich in biological resources. A variety of biological protection in the region reached 2,000, of which about 40 new species of plants many countries are focused on the protection of the plants palm tree leaves, flowers and trees umbrella, and the wood, Wong Chi Keteleeria, Fang hemlock, Pinus Guangdong, Hong fruit trees, short leaf yellow cedar, Calocedrus, argotaenia and so on; state and provincial protection of animals Swinhoe's white, blue-winged Pitta, indica, Tufted deer, monkeys, Small indica, Su Ling, Lin musk deer, and so on.

  River on the south side of the group Fluctuations in the primeval forest, a growth of Monstera, which named Hill Cove. Hill Cove and connected Ye Zhulin, inaccessible, shade trees Blot out the Sun, actually refreshing in the world. Rattan trees in the forest wrapped around the tree, wrapped around the tree rattan, is the largest so far found in the landscape Ye Teng, during which rock package wood, stone wood package, it is to sigh Only. There are two near the dam, called Yuanyang Lake, Hubei and Hunan connected to the water area of about 13 hectares, more than 40 meters water depth, Dangzhou Lake, do not have a taste. Xiaoqi Kong from Yuanyang Lake area about 5 km of the seven big hole in Mindanao palace area, a high mountain in a deep valley, fast-flowing, there is a higher than 80 meters along the Tianshengqiao Weiran Of the Dong people during the festive season, often in the Drum Tower, Hua Qiao gathered to celebrate, or big song to sing or play to play, game or Lusheng, or guests protocol robust. Drum Tower, the Dong Feng Yuqiao to allow highly skilled people in the world renowned architectural skills; where people sing and dance. Miao resounding song of the high-spirited, hot Flights, known as the "Song of the fly." Miao dance moves chic, simple style, passionate; Dongzutaige Dihui euphemism, lyrical beauty, their natural voices, no more than cappella "Dongzudage" Dongxiangchangdao from the whole of China, Chang Dao France, to sing ... ... All over the world; this year there are more than 300 festivals Tibetan Drum Festival, will Lusheng, climbing section, the sister festival, a new food festival, dragon boat festival, Miao, Dong, clay figurines section, wrestling festival, the festival, Wang Lin, Song Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Wang Pan Festival, the King Bridge Festival , Married female section ... ...

  Qiongjiu difficult to make the cultural diversity of Southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture has been jointly World Foundation for the protection of local culture as the world's 18 ethnic minority cultural circle one!

There are many in the southeast of Guizhou has a long history, unique scenic spots and monuments. Xie Zhen Chen-yuan, the town of Cen intestinal Gong Si, Liping Defeng three ancient town, was the history of Qiandongnan Zhenyuan House, thought House, the House Liping resident. Chen-yuan city, the country's historical and cultural city, a splendid cultural relics. "Into the scenery Where Qian, Chen-yuan in the first city-Dong Tian." State-level key protection units in Tsing Lung-known both at home and abroad. Si, Si ancient city built in the town of intestinal Longjiang River, famous for producing Inkstone think, to think of the ancient state of relaxation and cultural community , A lot of monuments. Liping ancient town of wind and Germany, for one of the ancient town of Guizhou, the city-chuen, well, "Springs". A city on December 18, 1934 of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held a "meeting Liping," the site,??????held a mass rally venue sites. Story commemorate the late Ming Ming forces generals have asked Qi's "always keep the noble spirit," Cliff.

  Qiandongnan more famous, or its hung, or risk, or Jun, or quiet, or show, or qi, in the stands throughout the state. The central part of the territory of Thunder Mountain, is the main peak Miao Ling Mountains, 2178.8 meters above sea level, towering mountains, magnificent grand for the group in the southeast of Guizhou First, is classified as Nature Reserve in Guizhou Province. Yuntaishan Shibing the north-west, the rise of rocks, the separation of Qi, green trees, deep ravines, as a state-level scenic spots Wuyang He major attractions. Carey's incense burner in the western mountains rise steeply at all, stands, tall and straight in a critical situation, the magnificent spectacle for the ages of the peasant uprising Fort fight, this is a mountain resort festival tour. Congjiang the moon's southern mountains, Kong Ming Shan, Perfect Mount tall, Gangluan ups and downs, Lin vast, inaccessible, mysterious.
  Qiandongnan rivers and streams, long-term erosion by cutting, forming many Shen Jian Canyon. Three Gorges of the Yangtze River has hung, Lijiang River in Guilin of the dance show River, up to 95 kilometers of the river, there are 8 deep gorge, cross-strait Qi Xiu Ling, steep cliffs, the mountain Qushui, peak hold back water, up and down more than 200 Bay Road, more than 200 beaches, Bay View Bay , Beach Beach interesting, colorful composition of a natural gallery. An Giang heavy Canyon, the steep sides of the strait-waste-lifting, high-Feng Luan , Pan Zhi monkeys jump. 33 upper wave, fast-flowing, choppy; under paragraph smooth surface, Shui-Guang Lan Ying, with the dark scenery. Ao-long river of "possession of the world show" The reputation, stalagmites along the river, stone columns, stone and shrinkage of cross-strait Man Shek Pik, or mixed Anpang or standing in the cave lip service to the state were different. 8 counties across the state throughout River water, the two sides, which rise amid Pinnacle, verdant forests, river water with its Bitou and clear its name. Liujiang all eight river boat because of scenery is beautiful and pleasant linger. Qiandongnan high mountain water, pouring down from the cliff on the water, forming large and small waterfalls. Some, such as hanging Baichou, Wang Yao-feng Gone with the Wind, Congjiang Dragon King Lake Level falls, with a total drop 68 meters. Falls from the top Yashangfeixie Tan Zhong, issued by the loud noise came, sonic booms Valley. Ma Falls Lake down the river, about 70 meters high, dry season, down into the jade belt Zhuangruo Tan Zhong; during the flood season, like a cliff hanging Baidi, the sound of running, splashing water, fog Fimbristylis.

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Beach water falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beach water falls located in the Special Administrative Region 6 drop in the territory of other rural, 6 sheep belonging to the provincial Jiang Ke scenic spots onto the ear area, for the Huangguoshu Falls, 15 km upstream, as the source of the group Huangguoshu Falls, Cuoluoyouzhi to the mountains, and beautiful The Buyi village, 2 kilometers from the village for the multi-level waterfalls group (beach water Brazzaville). Beautiful countryside, Cascade Falls, quiet elegance of the Buyi village to form a beautiful pastoral landscape painting.

  As the distance of about 5 km east-ryong, also known as Guanling Great Falls, the largest drop waterfall called. It is Balinghe a tributary of the sudden fall from from seven, with a total Up to 410 meters; the last high-level waterfall beach, 63 meters wide, up to 130 meters, is the group falls within the highest waterfall. Guanling visit Great Falls, also paid their respects in memory of three built Guan Yu's Longquan Temple, and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" to describe the "dumb-chuen," and its "eternal dumb-chuen," Ban monument. Come together to form a vast river water trickling into a wide variety of Magic Falls. Beach water overlapping rock, cave under the water flow into the river. Beach water falls distinctive style, white waterfalls down as a Bailian, Dai on both sides of the fresh green moss on the rocks, backed each other, particularly beautiful.

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Yu homes National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu homes National Forest Park located in Liupanshui city of Guizhou Province in southern Shuicheng Xian, 30 km from the urban area, the region is the only forest park, park with a total area of 50,314 acres, an area of the planned 12,000 acres, the park in 2001, 3 menstrual Guizhou Forestry Department Approved the establishment of provincial-level forest park, now have a memory The reception capacity.

  The park is rich in wildlife resources and the protection of plant Davidia at the national level, such as yew, in particular, the recent discovery of national protection of the secondary plant flowers straight teeth, merging area of 4,000 mu. For the protection of forest animals Golden Pheasant, White-bellied golden pheasant, arctic fox, musk deer, and so on. Public Traffic conditions, the two secondary water park 6 km away from the road, water Bai Yu homes railway station in the park.
  Green and luxuriant trees. Primeval forest falls between the groups, spring water features, different scenery throughout the year in the spring, the mountain is covered with azaleas in full bloom. The formation of a display; summer, the forest Songtao listen to the roaring, high concept In a sea of clouds; autumn leaves mountain is covered with sheets, a pleasure to look at; the depth of winter, Yushu Joan sticks, a silver in the world. Here is a leisure holiday village green, look for fang is the perfect place to find quiet.

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Jiang Ke sheep area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang ewe Game 6 at the scenic western part of the Special Administrative Region 6 from the central area of 67 km, the Department of the Pearl River valley, north of the river system disk. Game 6 sheep from the River Historical Records Sima Qian: "Yelang, sheep Pro Jiang Ke, Jiang Guang more than 100 step-by-step, enough to sail."

  District sheep have not Ke Jiang, also has a sheep Chai Ke, Wang Walled Festival, Walled Wang, Wang Walled some help, the Arab-Israeli woman Walled, wood between urban and rural areas; Pharaoh Hill, nine Hill, son of Wang Fen, the moon-dong; stone Mo Yan, the matriarchal society of the vulva totem, the ancient Yi Dao, post rock, ancient, ancient Wall, the ancient town of Dai Lang, Mau town population, is the legend of the Antarctic summer palace Yelang Wang Shan; there are city-monument, "civil and military officials to Dismount, "and so on, as well as the Bricks Unearthed" Yelang bronze bell, "Hill cliffs in the Pharaoh of the moon is the legend of the hole excavations Yelang Wang, Princess of human remains buried with the dead and the white arch bridge, as well as Tao Fu falls under the jurisdiction of the civil court Silver sewing box, bronze bracelets, sprinkling Cup bronze, stone weapons, and other cultural relics. Yelang Wang also has optional all Princess election, and so on a beautiful trap and kill the legend of the tragic and heroic.

  Jiang surrounded by scenic mountains, steep cliffs, only the shape of the mouth of the bag customs follow the path, go a long way "when Kazuo Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo," momentum has always been vital importance troops home. Ke Jiang's broad sheep, and the Pentium in Qianshanwanhe, washed Rocks into the rocks to form a unique landscape Road, Red Cliff Canyon, Canyon white jade, gold bars Canyon, Canyon basalt stone, two-cat Shoujiang Canyon, magnificent in a critical situation.

  Yelang is a descendant of the royal family of wood between urban and rural areas, every household cooking wine, boil sugar every household, rich wood Puyi city life, coupled with exotic tropical scenery sugarcane Lin situation So that the area is full of sheep Game in mysterious attractive color, 6 of the SAR is the highest elevation above sea level and the lowest legendary scenic spots. Game sheep is the oldest in the world and ancient Yelang Du Yi find room, adventure expeditions, rafting rock climbing, winter tourism and customs Puyi enjoy the best resort.

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Jiangnan eight small Buddhist Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danxia Panxian Hill water located in the vicinity of the Town of peaks, 1896 meters above sea level, from the look is the shape of a cone-shaped mountain where they stand, the shape of a crane standing among chickens, Han said to have in the air over the Xia-shaped crane, so "Danxia Mountain", Hill high-rise on its own, magnificent momentum, surrounded by verdant forest, surrounded by a green. Shek Pik on the south side of the mountain, there is a fuzzy Cliff, 23 years history of Qianlong (1758) One day in April, leaving cliffs Lei Hong, "North Danshan days," Dan words, people-to God, this site Surviving. Xu Ming Dynasty famous geographer Chongzhen in 11 years (1638) in early May a pro - Danxia Hill study, in the early days down the mountain after a meal, "Travels" in the description: "The more ridges south, south-west see the beginning of a special large-feng, Tianzhu, such as shape, and there are temples on the crown ... ... and Nangang rings A ridge of the West and, one by one from natural-chu-chu of Danxia ... ... Yan Gang from the West, among the Form class, the peak level geo-old quarry area of the West, even on the steep, Yier Suspended between secret shade, no-West Lian days, among the straight and a half years, and before the Mountain Gate. Its doors to the northwest, around and over the Peak. When the monks to sow beans Long Sakamoto, Mo closed the door to. "

  "Travels" also detailed record of the mountain toward the river's source and destination, transportation, and other administrative divisions, described the handling of Shanseng Entrepreneurial spirit and contribution to the temple-chee, and economic life profile. Lung poet Zhengxi Danxia the high mountains and show written in Shangri-la. Poetry: "Wanshan Peng Chu Feng-alone, high clouds play a scene beads. Ge Fei want to dump the wind starting to shake, spent a good Qi-Fang exclaimed birds, such as Habitat trees in the sky, I would like to take Britain drawing peak. Shengjing Heung-wu The first boast Why block looking for Penghu. "Danxia standing on the Peak, an area where dozens of panoramic view, Fumian breeze is refreshing.

  Danxia Hill now flies daily tourist flow has become a thriving tourist Panxian the Holy Land.

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Flowers each hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Panxian SAR Racecourse plate-like rural town 45 km away from the village, the village on the eastern side of a mountain hole, hole to the north, for the semi-circular arch, the arch cross 14 meters, 3 meters high and 60 meters deep hole, stalactite cave full development, There are not strange, the first lunar month every year to the first Five-Year Plan, the village neighboring districts of thousands of cellular Miller gathered to sing love songs, blowing Lo , Xiao straight, while blowing song side, a poll surge, a lot of young men and women in this way love, the search for the object, named "Tung flowers."

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North Panjiang Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhenfeng County, Guizhou Province during the Qin and Han dynasties in ancient Yelang is a territory of the country, North Panjiang Sima Qian is the "Historical Records" in the word "sheep Jiang Ke" and the ancient capital of the Kingdom of the country on the sheep in the area Game in the upper-Jiang, as Ban Gu "Han" says: "Yelang, Pro Ke Jiang also sheep. Jiangkuan hundred to sail." North set by Jiang Liu Zhenfeng 7 townships in the territory of the formation of a 94 km-long Grand Canyon, a valley in Guizhou for the most. The valley-peaks, caverns, rocks, waterfalls, Fu Liu, spend Beach, Xuan Tong and one in the primeval forest vegetation, both of the beautiful Three Gorges dangerous, but also the United States, Colorado Canyon's magnificent splendor. In this section of Canyon, also a haunt of ancient murals, such as the site of the ancient city of Yelang Culture fans, as well as the iron chain bridge, Cliff stone, the ancient Yi Dao, and other human landscape. It can be said that North Panjiang Grand Canyon in the western Guizhou Tourism is a new line of bright spots.

1, Huajiang Canyon
North set by Jiang Liu Zhenfeng Pan North Town section of the local people have been known to spend River. According to local people, this ancient site on both sides of the cliff on a very lush flowers and trees, suitable for every season in spring and summer, flowers bloom, petal after another crashed into the River, Green River's floating on the surface layer of brilliant colors, so it took North section of disk "Jiang Hua", this naturally Jiaohua River Gorge Canyon. Xian Yao mountains here, continuous, fast-flowing, the Pentium roaring, the singing of folk songs like this: "Peak into the clouds, to the foot of a mountain river. River should be vocal, half a day to meet."
(Zhenfeng view from the other side of the Guanling) on the other side Hill majestic, beautiful tall and straight, which often wind around the clouds, as in Wonderland. TV series "Journey to the West", "Liu Shahe Sha Seng closed" on the set
Jiang spent in the Valley of the film. If the other side of the mountain several together, sit-Xiang Yizun is the "sleeping Buddha." Sleeping on the Buddha, there is another legend: Buddha And win a monk to spend River bridge to the road for the benefit of the people. The monk has been fixed on both sides of the road again take up the bridge and then open the liquor ring, cheered the celebration of wine in Zuiwo shore Who knows heavy rain, the river rose, a bridge washed away. Buddha was furious, then let him into the mountains, always Zuiwo here. Hua Jiang Liangan is a typical karst topography, worthy of the name "Kingdom of the stones", rarely seen in the soil, much less dense forest. For tourists, this is a scenic, and the residents, this rocky desertification land in the living conditions are very difficult.

2, Jiang iron chain bridge
Pang Qing Dynasty poet, and there is a reference to spend Tiyong Jiang's poetry: "Blackwater old well-known iron chain, when millions of soldiers had Tianshui. Linchiung can Chijie off, what was the way to Kunming?" A poem written by the "iron chain" This is the Huajiang iron chain bridge. From the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the Government has on several occasions in the bridge with, Yao was flood waters, or destroyed Zeikou. Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty years, the military Jiang Zonghan door fund-raising to bridge construction, which lasted six years, finally completed the construction of the 71 meters long, 2.9 meters wide, away from the water about 70 meters high iron chain bridge. Iron chain bridge 100 years after the storm, after the impact of the floods, face pressure from the Japanese aircraft during the War of Resistance Against Japan and Hong Still shining Hanguang, Kuiranbudong.
The bridge is the link Guanling Zhenfeng and bonds, also in Yunnan, Guizhou and traffic on the road to a Suoyao, a throat. On the other side of the ancient Yi Dao through flower Guanling Town, and then through direct Huangguoshu Waterfall Anshun, Guiyang, which Zhenfeng
Side of the ancient Yi Dao By Xingren, Xingyi direct Kunming. In 1952, after a flock of sheep from the bridge will be laid in the iron chain on a large wooden Caiduan Square. Guizhou Province in the Communications Department in 1953 to repair. In 1984, the Guizhou provincial government once again to the iron chain bridge maintenance, making it more solid, beautiful and built a bridge Pavilion angle. Panel upstream of where to spend your Heung River Bridge was opened to traffic, will be gradually left out down here, more iron chain bridge as a heritage exists, so in the Guizhou provincial government in 1982 put it as a provincial-level key cultural unit .
Iron chain bridge Zhenfeng the south bank of the territory of the ancient Road, there are a number of large and small by Cliff stone, stone linking the calligraphy art gallery, on the bridge of "Feihong," "Flower Bridge" and "geo-million bridge," and "Gong Immortal" and designate a number of bridge The monument credit, and so on, can be savored like ancient history, and express some of Sigu exquisite feelings. 3, Guan Xing Bridge
It can be said that Jiang spent the last several bridges on behalf of a number of different century, the iron chain bridge was built in the 18th century, reinforced concrete plate of your rural road bridge was built in the 20th century, and this modern-style elevated cable-stayed bridge Is a product of the 21st century. From the Guanling county of Xingren Xian Guan Xing highway across the North River set to become the 21st century to connect on both sides of the new traffic hub, is the era of the ancient Ming and Qing Yi Dao in the 20th century and the Yunnan-Guizhou highway to catch up, The bridge will become a new channel on the Yunnan-Guizhou Suoyue and throat. This section of the North River Canyon site Particularly dangerous situation, in particular water fast, Cheddar 1 km deep valley more than daunting. Across the valley to do, we can imagine how the bridge has been magnificent. Its length is 388 meters from the surface of the water is 486 meters high, the bridge is similar in China in the first, Asia second.
This section of the bridge across the gorge, as the sparsely populated, well-preserved primitive ecological environment. Zhongshan Green Canyon water that the grass-feng Shumao, groups of wild boar, monkeys frolicked, egrets flying everywhere karst is the wonders of karst, is everywhere Tang and Song described a scene. Today, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, can no longer hear " Voice of the monkeys could not cry, "you can not see the" mountain is covered with leaves like Choi Ha ", and it can be heard here, you can see. A geologist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences study of the North River Canyon site, said after the : "We lost all of the Three Gorges, in the north of Guizhou Panjiang Canyon in the back. "A writer once said: North River Canyon site can help me get back lost thousands of Tang and Song of the mood. "

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Ye Zhong francoisi Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wild Nature Reserve is located 10 minutes Shuicheng Xian, about 80 kilometers southeast of the field 10 minutes, there is a well-known nature reserve francoisi. It is said that the origin of the name of the field 10 minutes from the field 10 minutes of the canyon has a hole bell-shaped stalactite respect it as jade color, known as Yu Chung, and the local pronunciation of Posi "wild 10 minutes."
  Canyon side of the field 10 minutes, Panjiang Valley, North Panjiang the northern slope of prisoners is a home for the protection of animals francoisi the park. Francoisi lovely compact body, his head - group of mischievous hair and an upright. Protection of the monkeys there are in the region, UAE possession of a monkey, small countries such as indica secondary protection of animals, plants, as well as monkeys, monkey-dong, dong rattan, the small stone forest landscape, and so on. Shuicheng Xian and the Liupanshui towel Zhongshan SAR connection, the station has 10 minutes to the field of cars.

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Shuicheng Tianshengqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianshengqiao tourist spots located in the city of Liupanshui under the jurisdiction of the Yi and Miao Shui Chengxian Jinpen rural area of the wadi, Bijie area adjacent to the Hezhang, Nayong County at the junction; Liupanshui away from the inner city, 71 km, covering an area of 9.4 square kilometers, with Tianshengqiao Qinglin and Miao Village area, Flowering South field two separate ethnic customs point. Bridge is a limestone cave collapsed after the residual hole, 135 meters up to the bridge, the span of 60 meters, 15 meters thick arch-top, 30 meters long bridge. According to Chinese and foreign geologists karst research, Shuicheng Tianshengqiao the world's highest motorable road Tianshengqiao.

  Department-wide cross-strait bridge of a precipice, East Luo cloth for the big ditch in the western wadi for the big ditch, the bridge around the distribution of karst caves and underground river, with steep limestone, deep forests Qing, Tianshengqiao constitutes a strange, high-quality spectacle of the karst, which are downstream of the large number Tianshengqiao size of the group.

  96 years on April 2 by the Chinese Academy of Geological Institute And the Liupanshui municipal government here has successfully organized a "96 Nankai Miao jump Flower Festival and the first hole of the International Technology Competition", attracted many tourists at home and abroad and cave expert.

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Tourism Liupanshui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the new century, the western coal are displayed in Liupanshui plateau Metro grace, it is also gradually shedding the veil, showing its age-old charming Qishanxiushui.


From north to south, the karst landscape, and ancient cultural sites, more than 30 people Splendid folk culture and folk customs, like Keke pearl inlaid this Wumeng in the earth. Liupanshui in the inner city, "Fau Shan Hai" reputation of the park unicorn hole; Zhijiang in the six scenic spots, ancient Yelang legacy, the only Asian Longhorn Miao eco-folk museum, the North River Canyon set in Ky Son King differences Panxian a big hole, Zhuhai scenic spots, there are records of human origins, evolution and environmental evolution of the key text big hole in Paleolithic sites, in order to have the latter part of a well-known Tibetan Danxia Mountain, there are travel records of the karst Xu Jing You , The provision of the ancient plant evolution 1000 group of ancient ginkgo tree, and so on. In addition, the prime geographical ring "No winter cold and summer heat without the" climatic conditions, in order to show Liupanshui rich tourism resources provided excellent natural.

Liupanshui tourism eco-tourism is a major advantage. Yu homes in the National Forest Park and Mi Luo period of eco-tourism resort, we had a taste of the vast Lin , Feel perplexed about the whole forest is like a giant natural air-conditioning, air Qinrenxinpi cater to the needs of the people in the hot noon time and night are actually the same quiet, fragrant, cool.

  Liupanshui is a treasure of rich resources. Mineral-rich, clear three-dimensional climate, Health A variety of resources, tourism resources and unique.

  Rich mineral resources. Long-term coal reserves of 82,970,000,000 tons, the proved reserves of 13,760,000,000 tons, accounting for a total of the province's proven reserves of 26.9 percent; to maintain reserves of 13,480,000,000 tons (of which: 8,700,000,000 tons coking coal), the total Xingmei Maintain reserves of 26.6 percent. Full range of coal, and relatively wide distribution of concentration than the major coking coal, low-ash, low sulfur, high heat and easy exploitation. 200 to 1,500 meters coalbed methane resources in the deep 1,154,880,000,000 cubic meters, the most potential for development. In addition, iron, lead, zinc, metallurgical materials Building materials and so on more than 30 kinds of mineral resources, especially in metallurgy and materials rich reserves of building materials, the combination of good conditions, good quality, there are good prospects for development.

  Land resources. The city's total land area of 1494.8 hectares, of which: 565.78 million mu of cultivated land, garden 4. 9 million, 467.33 million mu of forest land, grassland 149.11 million, urban and rural residents, land mines and 40.92 million mu of land, 9.84 million mu of land transport, water 12.31 million mu, unused to 244.62 million.

  Three-dimensional climate significantly. The city's major Sub-sub-tropical moist monsoon climate mountain plateau area. Most of the sunshine hours of 1200 to 1600 hours, with an average temperature of 13 ~ 14 ?, the average annual frost-free period of 230 to 300 days, rainfall in the year 1200 to 1500 mm. No cold winter and summer without heat, hot shower in the same quarter, concentrated rainfall Vertical distribution of clear weather.

  Diverse biological resources. There are crops and 129 kinds of fruits, 223 kinds of tree species, 701 kinds of medicinal plants, 514 kinds of grass, 22 kinds of fish, 10 species of poultry livestock, in addition to a wealth of wildlife resources. Unique tourism resources. Shan Shui Sau Liupanshui surprising and pleasant weather, the capacity of national customs and karst scenery as one of the unique tourism. Representative: 6 Suojia Longhorn Miao eco-museum of international, sheep Ke Jiang Scenic Area; Panxian greatly hole Paleolithic sites, grassland plateau, due 1000 Ancient Music Apricot, old factory Zhuhai million; Shuicheng bell francoisi wild nature reserve, Tianshengqiao, as well as the Nankai Miao jump Flower Festival, and home-old Pu Yi Torch Festival, Buyi Bay dam, "Lang Hill section."

  In addition, there is the territory of North and the South River and set three main stream of the three main Chahe, as well as the 10-km-long tributary 3; the total 14,218,000,000 cubic meters of water resources; reserves of hydropower resources 1,166,400 kilowatt, the amount of development can be 705,300 kilowatts.

  Liupanshui is an important energy and raw material industrial base in southwest future is another important railway hub of the city. After the liberation, in particular, After the "three-line" and the building of more than two decades of reform and opening-up construction, Liupanshui has developed into a large category of economic, social cause of a more comprehensive emerging industrial city. Shuicheng have been completed and mining, industrial 6 (Group) Co., Panjiang coal (Group) Co., Ltd., Shuicheng Iron and Steel (Group) Co. Secretary Shuicheng power plants, Panxian power plants, cement Shuicheng Co., Ltd., Liupanshui coal machinery factory, Chongqing Brewery (Group) Co., Ltd. Branch Liupanshui, Guizhou and scenic spots, such as limited liability companies to build a large number of small, medium and large enterprises to form In the production of raw coal 21,600,000 tons, 1,300,000 tons of pig iron 1,300,000 tons of steel, 1,000,000 tons of steel, 1,750,000 tons of cement, electric power installed capacity of 1,100,000 kilowatts. Coal, electricity, metallurgy, building materials Liupanshui become a pillar industry. With walnut milk, potato chips, selenium-rich tea in the mountain city of beer, mineral water, as the representative of the biopharmaceutical industry has been a series of green The fast development, step by step on the scale of the grade, and will become the pillar industry in Liupanshui follow-up. City built downtown area of 25 square kilometers, population 250,000, the increasing size and features continue to improve. With the strain of six double-track railway, water Railway Park, Neijiang-Kunming railway, built in marshalling South Liupanshui, together with the Yunnan Railway, the Neijiang-Kunming railway, Liupanshui will be in South China, Southwest China Railway into a major thoroughfare and meeting point for the formation of the north into the River in Sichuan, Guangxi, south into the sea east of Hunan to the east, west Yunnan to enter the Southeast Asian Railway big "ten", will be the south-west Liupanshui The region is another important railway hub of the city, not only changed the West The network structure, increase the flexibility of the network to increase the inland provinces and coastal port cities, but also to ensure that rail links, security operations, to promote the exchange of goods and materials related to the region, market prosperity and economic development in the region have an important role.

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Gaopomiaoxiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Singapore is a high-Miao township jurisdiction Huaxi District, 31 km away from Huaxi for Karst karst terrain. The well-preserved ancient ethnic customs, unique features and beautiful mountain scenery, a common component of a high slope of the unique landscape of magic.

  High-slope tourism landscape can be divided into 4 line of 17 points North line for the expedition on foot, Xunyou Gorge, the mountains Lansheng, Buyi and customs, "Miao broadcast" (cave wonders) line of travel.
  The high slope for the rock-base and to uplift. Surrounded by deep valleys, mountain uplift in the middle. On the mountain at the entrance to the "Stone of the two Kawasaki, its potential as the door," it said Shek. Shihmen for Hmong Walled, stocky Zhaimen simple, entry-mountain, in excellent shape and face of the West Department, at the foot of the abyss, can overlooking Huaxi, Guiyang. Huge rock cliffs, a stone Shuanggou Cliff, "Yi Yong-side town," 4 Chinese characters for the ruling class to suppress the Ming Miao witness to the history of our ancestors.

  From the top of the north into the canyon, the rock Chi-Hong, "Chong Hongyan," Canyon. Valley more than 10 kilometers long, on both sides of the cliffs, thick, stone rattan disputes, monkeys playing, flying dozens of Fei Bao, gurgling water. Billy Lam, Leiothrix contend, Camellia Mungo, Mrs Magpie, Xiangyingchengqu azalea.
  "The" Road, Gordon hanging on the ladder Top South, mountain plains, mountains and scrambling around for the Walled Pouilly. Buyi people's hospitality greeted Zhaimen, guests sang songs, King Welcome wine. Buyi at many rituals and customs: flagon, spoon chopsticks, bench, red letters are posted, unsealed singing songs to be; During the meeting, the customer is praise songs, old songs, songs of wine, exclusive Four Seasons songs, lead singer and passengers, Joy's lengthy Red rice, glutinous rice wine, pickled cabbage bean soup, bean curd blood, people's authentic dishes, very attractive.

  Walled Beishan Dai-color ink, Shanfu a cave outside the ancient underground rivers across North and South. Middle of the river, the erection of a vertical hole-up, Li has Shilianghe along the hole to form a "bridge." Using the footbridge, Bai Shi-step on, a hall, high-meters near large stone curtain wall close to curtain hung upside down, each tent leaves more than 10 cm thick, more than 10 cm white, crystal white to light-hit, a different scale leaves the women's apartment Varies throughout the Dongting can not answer. Stalagmite this area, there is a huge strain, tens high, white snow layers straight On the stack. Office under a "valley", overlooking the valley, such as stone hippopotamus, such as turtles, dolphins, as are tens of thousands of years by the drop in a build-up of magma. A number of stalagmites on the floor and hanging Dongding under the stalactite or one after another, or from the phase will be right close by home. There is an already linked into Yu-zhu, unexpected movement on the ground floor, folding in the Yu-zhu, in two Separation of dislocation.

  Back to the footbridge in the north mountains, red rock canyons in the soles of the feet. In a deep valley more than 400 meters, a height overlooking the whole panoramic Gu. Mungo Dicui shade, and wind around the clouds, a few huts in the forest, Qiao Song of the valley in the inter-A.

  Mid-levels on Shi Jing Xu, 1, there are Mountain grasshopper grams Tong . Walled after the dissolution porosity Stone Forest. Its vacant stone visible, if Mo Qing Dai. A huge rock, such as the penholder like, You Si crest. Its shape is divided into two large fork, like a small shrine of the base Xiangwen Bump. Around the vacant, wind shake. Shi Lin Feng under a cave, the stock springs gurgle out, not 30 meters that fall under the rock. Rock Concave space, such as canopies, every mountain Shuinian car, containing dozens of grinding surface rice for the benefit of the masses. Fallen into the water to form rock falls, it will be Shuinian Falls, Yi Ya sound, very fun.

  Falls View to see Shuinian, Canyon access to the Buyi people drink wine, the taste of their endless.
  East, Chuk Yuen summer, Bull Hill, the grass gallop.
Sloping field surrounded by high-melting-hole, Stone Forest, like Yu-zhu, mushrooms, an imperial crown. Su Walled Garden next to the stone dependent, with 4:00 Calocedrus Moqing white stone forest, through the maze is like, dangerous fun. Chai Yuen, Cong little bit of green far, nearly concept cornices up the house, white walls Qingwa trees. Zhaiwai 300 meters, Tiger Field for the Bull, July Fung Yin, the mountain led to the "horn", Kok arrived in fight, tens of thousands of visitors. Tiger off the market, in line 3 to Genting grassland, the vast mound relief, boundless. Bushes, pheasant wings and Jiaotu cave search. Cross-Lie Ma, up bow and arrow, hunting Wai fierce-looking, Fun for all. Peak "Tianchi Lake" as a mirror Flocks of ducks and geese in a pond, the little egret. Miao Village cottage Yuen, Chung Miaonv pestle, push a grinder, sift rice, bran toss, Ma Ji, weaving, embroidery, sewing, since the kind of self-made, fresh from their own use. Mountain clouds and wind around, when the volume Shu, if Piaomiao living immortal.

  Night, the raging fire, or roast leg of a hare, pheasant A song or tune ancient ancestors, encouraged by the wooden dance barefoot, heavy alcohol drinking horns, people forget Dayton outside the hubbub of city life.
West lines, tour Fort hole, falls view, looking HANGING COFFIN, Miao protocol guests tours. Fort on the ground floor with holes (reservoirs), before rock arch (reservoirs), a guest Miao Village (Songping), Long wind tunnel (cape-lin), and other attractions. Reservoirs located in the high mountain slope south of the field, Alexander and abdominal air, a lot of caverns. Hill has a water tunnel to the south, linked to the hole, open hole, not even bear the hall, over and over the slow stalactite stalagmite stone; human Shijing created a hole, the stone house, stone kitchen, stone barn. Hole deep underground undercurrent gurgle out, the ancient Miao people live in holes , Neat stone wall deep hole, the arch is built, the door has visited Taiwan on the wall, looking hole, shooting eye, Shek Mun Shishu threshold stone pillars, rugged simplicity, the number of Royal ancestors 100 years ago by a foreign enemy on the ground floor of the repair holes fort. Every foreign invasion, into the caves in order to avoid the defensive to the offensive.
Under a water tunnel, the Pro-place bow, deep canyon, opening-day first-line From east to west there are ups and running water, the formation of 36 meters, 70 meters, 86 meters a total of 3 falls, the odd risk amazing. Yan River cliffs Camellia, Rhododendron Congcong, if the bottom gravel washing. Bow before rock cliffs, can be seen in the distance HANGING COFFIN, and can not be high.

  Walled into a valley, into the Ping Shan Miao village. The arrival of guests, the rate of chiefs In a nation of men and women dressed up to greet him Zhaimen. Lilium, firecrackers, Suo Na, trombone, bronze drum, drum, the ring together, one in a warm atmosphere filled with the horns of wine to drink, with the host and guest musicians, jump up happy Lusheng dance. Long before I, presented folk snacks, drinks to pay for the Cup, Cup double for drinking, Quanjiu voice, singing voice frolicked Filled with the hubbub of a stockade.

  Ping Shan Chai 2 km to the south, Lam Tsuen cape "Long wind tunnel." Hill seems empty shell, the hole in the mountains, the mountains undercurrent on the ground floor had holes. Cave divided into two levels, the upper mature, hit-wonders of the chicken. In the lower strange, very empty hole, the water flow which, when emergency relief, such as the swift current Service Runaway horse, the gentle calm Department. Water depth, or knee-and-off, or unpredictable.

  South line, Xunyou Castle, possession of secret burial holes, Labyrinth room, towering old trees, walk through the forest. Return to nature tours. Castle with (high-Walled), the burial hole (Long hit rock), wood (Long Yun). The southern section of high-Poxiang is karst peaks Strip. Winding mountain road twists and turns left when the right time, then suddenly the East West, in the indirect nature of the cloth out of the maze. Zhunbao old, our ancestors are the enemies of Islam fortifications, built on the hill, intact. Castle election the construction of the Mountain Gate to the east and west, stone arches off, two Xianyao terrain, Peak Road to live alone, Fumo million to open. Things lying down, set up as a result of double doors. Baoneidanjing, stone house, Shizhuo, Dan Deng, Shi Chuang, all natural heaven. West very top of the top, sitting on the rock west to east give birth to a "king-dong", smoke wall, full of deserted, leading to the UN Wang Walled no doubt. Stone house to live, eat chicken, drink Wine, Kok-ming, bow and arrow up, put guns, Xunyou Castle, long taste.

  Tunbao 2 miles to the East, dry cave air permeability, which display in a coffin Baishi, placed in a special wooden stand, caused by a tidy, 600-year-old legend, is of the Miao nationality of the deceased rest in peace, Zangsu singular. Jin-long fight Miao Village, Guests can enjoy the wine, liquor Zhai Jing, complex wine, liquor retention, watch commander of the hole funeral song and dance performances, Miaojia kind-hearted and hospitable people, you will be impressed.

  South to move forward inter-Chuan Lin Road, Long Yun to the village. Towering old trees, many peak cluster, there is precious four-wheel-xiang, the rare coconut money Unique sweet tree, Zhu Lin Cong Long. Miao Village in the shade of pines Calocedrus.

  Miller enjoyed the rural, simple folk customs, folk preserved: a strong protocol of the ceremony, guests, the cheerful tragic jump-jump field, Qinggemanwu "Si Yueba" mysterious cave castle, the ancient burial-HANGING COFFIN, Micronesia Penny tight encirclement Miaojia cottage, unique clothing and Miao, Sheng Bull July noisy drum section, the drums flows, sentimental Lusheng, it can not bear to leave for a long time.

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Jia Xiulou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jia Xiulou located south of Guiyang, in a Nanming He Ngau Tau Angeles, only 26 years of Wanli Ming (1598). Jiaxiu Lou is a wooden loft, height of about 20 meters, for three three-Zan Jianding canopies, red carved lattice windows, white stone pillars up under the eaves, carved around the Shilan care, the grand gorgeous, unique special It can be said that Guiyang City landmarks.

Fei Jia Yu-qiao floating downstairs north-south cross-strait and a clean circle, the Bitan Yihan form. At night, Qi Lantern, Bridge House, which is reflected pavilion, Huangruo in Wonderland. Jia Xiulou, authentic work of ancient stone inscriptions, ancient furniture, paintings and calligraphy works of famous collection of many available People watch.

Jiaxiu Lou is a three-three-four Zanjian Ding attic eaves, the structure in the history of Chinese ancient architecture is unique. We can make a big fuss about this feature on, to increase the visibility of the floor, and appreciation of nature in order to attract the majority of the fans travel and construction to tourism experts Study. Height of about 20 meters, Meng Fei Qiao Jiao, 12 columns up canopies, took care to the white stone sculpture railings, Qiao Ran stand, smoke water window of Lantau, such as in the painting. Denglou view, the scenery around, fresh in our memory. White Dragon Yu-qiao such as the floating bed waves, a total length of 90 meters, through the downstairs, through the two sides. Bi-han have booths on the bridge, bridge Bitan-han, Taiwan, the moon in the water, there is Cuiwei Tower Bridge, echoed.

Ancient man of letters on a lot of Tiyong Jiaxiu Lou, Qing Liu Yu-shan Suozhuan word length of 206 people in the United Sunburn kuai, which claims to be the best in the world linked together over the long Kunming Daguan Lou together more than 26 words. It summed up the mountain city of Guiyang Geographic And potential changes in history.
Set in one of the Jiaxiu Lou Shanguangshuise a unique charm of the United States. As night fell, Huadengchushang, this visit is a unique taste treat.

Jia Xiulou long joint:
"Ao the envy of almost 500 years - Rocky, alone up Tianyu, let me layer , To open vast horizons expand. Heng Xiang pillow to see East, West Yunnan Jin Chao, Guangdong, Hong Qiao Nanping, north Pakistan with Qu; remote quick closing River, two cross-Xi Yu-hung, and that support for the Central Plains Banbi. Qing Zhu Gong is good to sweep, Wu Sa destroy Tibetan stone house, chicken speak for the business, insurance-long fan briefly, to create a Lao Lao, Lu Sheng Ge constitute loaded, beautiful mountains and rivers. Man-yun Bamboo shortage of soil, hard and God To win over.
Thousands of cattle Gao Ling Ren Hui Wing-side corner in the town, ask the two-pillar re-engrave, Wan Zhu rolling waves. Qin Yi-spine, Chi Qiang Han River, and TANG Jing-Lan, Song Feng Luodian; Qimi wind and rain, a few celebrities sigh generation, sales of the old mill trace future. Than to call on into a lion Gang, Xia Ling as the meal, Phi Gang Feng Yu, Luo Feng fog attack Evaded board, a taste of this Jinbi pavilion, drawing smoke King. Peng feel disappointed, right close by home, then travel frequently called Xianlv disappeared. "

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Hong ditch paper - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong ditch paper at the Guiyang City houdeng 35 kilometers north-east area of the new BU Xiang, which is one of the world's delicate and pretty quiet, it is natural for a simple cottage. Distribution of the Qing bottom of the pot, Temple, Nanjing, Longjing Bay, Majiao 7, and other red scenic spots. Here are some fresh air, the Clear stream, the mountain quiet, green mountains, green Marks; there are ancient paper-making workshops, rolling back and forth grind of cars, planes and left the canal, a pair of shade farmhouse; more secluded mountain music, as well as the bamboo forest, the smoke curl upwards, Quanfei cock.
Tourists in Hong taste of the local paper can also ditch the rice farmers, Zhe Ergen fried bacon, fresh vegetables, such as Dou Hua, full of special , The price is very cheap, popular.
Hong ditch paper scenic 960-1563 meters above sea level, the annual rainfall in more than 1200 mm, the average annual temperature of 15 ?, area of surface water and groundwater, leakage gush turn of the frequent increase in all kinds of karst decline in more than 60, forming a natural deep Ditch, steep Path along the cliff, cutting, knife ridge, a tributary of Baishui He should be formed as a result of the drop of water again and again, falls, constitutes a scenic landscape of the karst.

Hong ditch the paper mountain, the beautiful mountain style, rich and moving Skyline, a precipice, Qifengyishi, touching the heart soul; incense paper ditch water, the water quality of the clear bottom, Fei Bao The great potential, trickle, bridges add radiance to each other; ditch the paper incense trees, towering old trees, dangling Guteng; Hong ditch the paper lush bamboo forest, lush want to drop.

Hong ditch the paper the natural landscape, the set mountain, water, stone, forest, bamboo, into one hole, with the best, both landscape; Hong ditch paper people The landscape in its original and unique handmade paper. "March III," Song of the Buyi will be strong in their national conditions and customs to attract visitors eight points of the compass, paper incense at the same time the groove and loop Buyi stickers painting, unique technology, ingenuity special and I love to have guests inside and outside the province's Green ignorant.

Hong ditch paper is a territory of Guiyang " The colors gem "is the age-old Cai Lun Paper Museum, is a good place for leisure.

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Xifeng Hot Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xifeng Hot Springs is located in Xifeng county town 41 km north-east, south-west China is well-known hot springs. Hot springs around the undulating mountains, beaches and rivers, river water during the convergence of the two river area, hot springs gush 3 hours, the water temperature reached 53 ? -56 ?. Contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and so on more than 10 kinds of elements, long-term drinking can cure Of the disease, in spring water containing radon is to have medical value of the radon-chuen.

Now here has a nursing home, the main industry in the roof Lin, Qing Liu Qin-ming, Whitehead Yongquan, Guanpu stones, Wan-sheng Buddha, the ancient flood, horn-Jun-yun, Takahashi natural attractions such as the G-8 is a health resort tourism. Xifeng Hot Springs relevant in the local Miao people have such a legend, the king of Yelang groom single fish, or a broken leg after his father, then to the foot of the mountain, hot spring water to pick his feet and finally, the legs to the rule Well, then, we found that the medicinal hot springs, as a result of the discovery of the Xifeng area, named Xifeng Hot Springs. Xifeng Hot Springs geological formation and is closely related to the role, it is located in central Guizhou down from the north end of the. There have been frequent movement of the geological structure, leading to formation fracture, fracture rock, mineral water poured out of the ground fissures along the rock formation. Hot water crystal clear, spring emergence of a continuous string of bubbles, like countless The move Ock.

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Tian Tan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianhe Lake Scenic Area is located in the southern suburbs of Guiyang City West 23 km, 13 km away from Huaxi, in both areas of Huangguoshu Falls-hung, the Dragon King's palace with the Huaxi singular of the show, set Fei Bao, clear spring, pools, stones, strange holes and In a natural stone bridge. Is a typical karst mainly to the cave, inside the cave, artificial flavor Very often.

Tianhe Lake scenic area with water tunnel and the dry hole, the general first boat tour inside the cave wonders of water, 10 per boat, the hole is about 1,000 meters, 80 meters widest point, the narrowest point is only 20 meters , Dong Ding top 50 meters inside the cave, hidden deep in the river 21 meters. A stalactite cave Stalagmite and stone columns, such as karst landscape.

Galaxy tour through the palace after the dry hole, dry hole for the three-tier, full-length 200 meters, the hole has a natural stone bridge ? ? Naihe Qiao, holes in a row between the two cliffs, the bridge is so unpredictable and ever-yin Tam, can be uncanny workmanship. The different patterns inside the cave, stalactites, Zi attitudes, it is wow.

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Park in the southern suburbs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park is located in the southern suburbs of Guiyang, southwest corner in the urban areas, parks, founded in 1966, after many years the building has begun to take shape, with Guiyang is located in downtown Riverside Park, east of the city of Forest Park, the urban areas such as the Qianling Park, Guiyang together City municipal park system.

Park to the main karst landform, the park has Of the underground cave, "Bailong Dong", as a result of cave-body twists and turns, and wall-karst condensation was white, as a full Yin Lin put on the White Dragon, which got its name. "Bailong Dong," a total length of 587 meters, the Road hole large difference between high and low width, there are two "window" to the natural air-conditioning inside the cave, in the colorful lights of the young , The stone-dropping For 10 minutes, well that's like a dazzling three-dimensional art gallery. A long time ago, it is an ancient underground rivers, as a result of crustal movement and formation changes, river diversions, development gradually become the stalactites of various shapes, form the Dongjing magical scenes and attractive.

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Dongzhai Gulou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongzhai Drum Tower is a symbol of residential Dong Jia, Dong language known as the "Church card" or "W Hall," Drum Tower is divided into more than two types of columns and columns alone, more than 4 columns from the main column and lined with 12 columns group Cheng, single column from a column in support of the central standing in the Drum Tower, the top Zhishen, 4 lining the bottom of column. No matter what the form of construction, which are top-level Drum put together, it was known as the Drum Tower.

Guizhou in the south-eastern areas inhabited by the Dong sightseeing, often seen in the cottage, a village next to the towering pagoda-shaped building, with its fir condiments, not a riveter Shih-pin, columns, across the Fang, oblique Hang straight up, using all joints Hanging column structure, solid and serious.

Dong Jia has always been the same family were living in a stockade built a name of a Drum Tower, a multi-Walled name was built more than Gulou. Outsiders to be a guest here, it may Zuxing symbols to tell local residents Zuxing situation.
Gulou Dongzhai or independent or connected side-by-side, However, they formed a unique architectural style of each other, Guizhou Tourism to be an indispensable program.

Gulou division multiple columns and only two types of columns: column that is more than 4 main 12-chu-chu lining; single column from a column in support of the central standing in the Drum Tower, the top Zhishen, 4 lining the bottom of column No matter what the form of construction, the top-level drums are placed together, it was known as the Drum Tower. Drum Tower by the craftsmen of the Dong own self-designed, no drawings, hundreds of root beams, columns, like every inch of the balance depends on the hearts of Guizhou. The whole system as a whole wooden structure, in order to leave room for further deliberation between cutting of fir, I do not have to nail a riveting, up and down match, With the principle pole, and the layers of support. Gulou form has three, five, seven, nine and even ten-ranging. General sub-upper, middle and lower part of the three. The upper part of the Department for the top by a top central invincible iron posts, put ceramic Bao-zhu, was gourd-like tip off the air, standing. Multi-cap for the umbrella There are four corners, hexagonal, octagonal shape. Central to stack layers of floor, like Po tower body. There are four floor-sik, hexagonal, star anise, sugar every angle are Qiaojiao and animal sculptures, both God-school period, such as Health. Qiaojiao layers, and heavy on the coffin. From the top down, more than one layer of large, very spectacular. Zhi-long on-board painting Birds and animals, ancient and modern characters, flowers, the Dong Yu Chong, as well as customs and life painting, Ling together elegant, colorful twist disputes. Mostly at the bottom of the square, with wooden benches around the floor for the rest of people sitting in the middle is a large circular Huotang. Gulou unique architecture has given rise to the relevant experts and scholars at home and abroad. Officials praised a United Nations agencies, said: The unique architecture of the Dong Drum Tower, China is not only a treasure of architectural art, and architecture is one of the world's treasure. "

Drum Tower is Dongzhai auspicious symbol of unity, symbol of prosperity together. As a result, there is that there is Dongzhai Drum Tower, or family room to build, or build a family name. A total of county Gulou 321. Zhaoxingdongzhai the Drum Tower 5, the most concentrated, it is known as the "Drum Tower Dongzhai group"; dam Zhai Xiang Zhai Qing Drum Tower is the county's oldest existing Gulou: Heung Shu-dong-dong village alone Gulou column is At present, and found that only preserve the integrity of the more peculiar Gulou; Zhaoxing Norman Yuen rural village two Drum Tower, built The most beautiful, Feb. 13, 1982 is listed as the provincial key protection units. Norman Yuen-storey building and most famous division, according to Pat Carey Gimcheon Lake, star anise, the 17 storey high and 33 meters of the Drum Tower Beijing Chinese Garden, Shanghai Grand View Garden of the Chinese nation's Drum Tower, Lu Wen-li from the division-storey building, such as hand Multi-Walled Drum Tower built in the central, and the stage, Song Ping combination is the assembly procedure, and cultural entertainment places. Gulou magnificent, the sound of Chinese and foreign Pei, is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Dong people, but also Liping Dong Xiang scenic tourist life in the warmth of the chapter. It's deep with a smile, represents a nation, Jin Xiu Li of China in the earth above.

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Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Forest Park is located 2.5 km southeast of Guiyang city, was built in 1960, the existing forest area of 3900 hectares, is the first to set up and is also currently the largest urban forest park. Azusa points, camphor, grapefruit, oak, Tan, pine, fir, poplar, Camellia oleifera, and so on more than a dozen forest, rich in resources.

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Hongfeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guizhou state-level scenic spots Hongfeng, one of the scenic spots are not even local people in Guizhou are love to visit, it not only as a result of its large area of lakes and more as a result of its Star Lake Luo step-by-step moves of the island and attract The local foreign tourists. Its waters with a total area of 57.2 square kilometers and water storage capacity of up to 6 Cubic meters, Guizhou plateau for the most man-made lake, according to research by experts show that the Ming Tombs in Beijing Hongfeng than 12 times the big reservoir, which is equivalent to 6 of the West Lake in Hangzhou.

Hongfeng located in the outskirts of Qingzhen, 33 kilometers away from Guiyang, the car will be less than an hour. He's Lake Victoria water West of up to 2 km, 25 km long north-south. Lake Victoria around all over the red maple, the fall season, Maple Leaf Sihuo, soft water, lining each other mutual-yiu, the fine-sounding name: "Hongfeng" very poetic.

  Hongfeng Hokyo like a side of the crystal, inlaid in the central part of Guizhou Province and Qingzhen Pingba County . Lake area of 57 square kilometers, equivalent to Beijing's Ming Tombs Reservoir 13 times, 10 times the West Lake in Hangzhou, about 100 meters deep, "Pearl of the plateau" reputation.
Hongfeng no need for a special trip to travel distances, as long as the gateway to Kunming and Huangguoshu Falls Road to the traffic stop, will be able to Wu laid. As a result, both the tourists come here especially, or the pedestrian pass by here, stay here all about it, enjoy the beautiful scenery here.

Hongfeng Department of the Yangtze River and Pearl River watershed in the Department of a man-made lake, the two sides of Qingxi stack of continuous rise amid heavy million, was a pool of clear water submerged The formation of more than 100 islands of different sizes. Boating here, you can not help but think of Mr. Guo Moruo Lake scenery of the praise was a poem: "West 3000, lost the high mountains, which rise amid become the islands, waves and flat volumes."

Heading towards release, the panoramic beauty of Hongfeng. Such as Dai Peaks, the colorful buildings, the bright pavilion, blue sky, the light blue of the lake, as if a start slowly and no landscape at the end of the volume. Dunsheng is "back to the water a few startling boat into a blind alley and see a re-Hill open day", "Castle Peak Pack a screen, a green water of a Cam Bay," the poetic.
Maple Huguangshanse lava to the landscape and featuring both the landscape in Guilin Toshihide Bili, and the "island plateau," Zi Bai Yun. Lake distinction between North Lake, in the lake, after Lake and Lake. Four different charm Lake: North Lake boundless expanse of blue water, the water in the Sayama odd, Lake Hill heavy water complex, after the lake water peaks ring. South Bay General cave group General hole, 600 meters long, 3 hole Lake, white and transparent stalactites reflected on a variety of surface, like a crystal palace, the mountains have formed a lake, a lake island, possession of the island hole, a hole Lake, Lake the same hole, melting mountain, forest, water, Zhu Jing-dong one, "wide show, the odd, cool," the four unique scenery. Roaming in the Valley of the shuttle boat, and the Stone Forest Approach, is like entering Sin Temple.

Hongfeng's aquatic resources are very rich in many types of fish, tender and delicious, locally famous. The restaurant can be found everywhere on the island nation. "Fish" is expected mainly of vegetables dishes, there are hundreds of species. The beauty of the lake stop visitors to the island if any ethnic restaurant, I eat a fish, both full of Yan Fu, also a full tasting, you will be very worthwhile trip.
In particular, the national Hongfeng village. Nation from the village of Dong, Miao, Buyi village 3, 3 villages were built on the island, Across the water, echoing each other.
Village not only of the Celebration of the Arts nation southwest of the original 16 national customs and performances, but also from all over the country to introduce a circus acrobatics, rare performances domesticated beast, and so on. It also held once a week, "Folk Night Carnival", songs and dances of various ethnic groups in the leading position, so that visitors big eyes .
Maple Lake stroll and enjoy her Huguangshanse, thousands of customs, one can not help it stunning.

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Guiyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China to the ancient Yin Shan to the north, Shannan for Yang. "Guiyang" as a result of your city is located in the territory of South Mountain got its name. Guiyang rich in ancient bamboo, bamboo in many parts of the name "Bamboo" and "build" homophonic, the Guiyang referred to as "the building."



  Guiyang City is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau On the slopes, are in the eastern plains to the plateau in the western zone of transition, and diverse topography, high elevation, low latitude, with a humid subtropical climate characterized by mild, rich in resources, energy abundant unique natural environment. Guiyang City, Guizhou Province is located in the central part of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau east slope zone, located in east longitude 106 � 7 'to 107 � 17', latitude 26 � 11 'to 27 � 22' between. East, South and Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of the Weng'an, Long, the benefits of water, 4 Changshun County border, west of the Anshun area Pingba County, Bijie Prefecture and the Zhijin County, Bijie Prefecture of Guizhou north, Sands counties and the city of Zunyi Yixian. Total land area of 8046 square kilometers, accounting for 4.56 percent of the province's area.


  Guizhou Province of southern and exquisite beauty, the Saibei boldly into the Qinghai-Tibet stretch of the holy, and so on, otherwise a unique charm.

.... Mountains of Guizhou, layer Overlapping peaks, many Xiufeng, a grace. Guizhou in mountains meandering water, wear Pentium diarrhea in the deep gorge Valley.

.... Lake to the mountain province a little more charming. Caohai the western part of Guizhou, artists such as Green, scenic, as the "Pearl of the plateau." Dissolved limestone Guizhou Province is the rock of the main features of the landscape, karst cave located across the province can be described as "non-Hill did not, no hole is not surprising." The weathered limestone and dolomite, many tall and straight, Zi-million.

.... Guizhou is also a colorful ethnic customs, one can not. There are 49 people across the province Element, an element of ethnic minorities in Yunnan and Xinjiang, second only to the number, ranking third.

Miao ethnic minority resident there, Buyi, Dong, Tujia, Yi, Gelao, Aquarium, the Hui, Bai, Yao, Zhuang, Maonan, Mongolian, Mulam Qiang, Manchu, etc. 16. A resident here and Han Miao, Dong, Buyi, Yi, Shui, Gelo, and other 17 ethnic minorities, ancient customs and splendid culture Weiweitaiguan. Dong Jia Feng Yuqiao and Drum Tower, Diaojiao Lou Miao, Buyi Dan Touzhai, exquisite flowers with Silver, the beautiful batik Cross, and colorful ethnic clothes , Whether Dongzudage, Nuo opera singing and dancing, Tonggu Lusheng, whether it is spectacular Bull Contest, on adventure of Daoti, under the sea of fire, click one's tongue is all praise about their preference.

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Caohai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Caohai is located 2200 meters above sea level next to the Weining Xian city, the waters of the original area of 45 square kilometers, is about 20 square kilometers, is the world's birds were symbiotic, living in harmony one of the top 10 places for migratory birds and is also a natural freshwater lake in Guizhou Plateau , To keep the water in the area of 30 square kilometers of natural plateau next to the mature woodlands Constitute the region's unique natural environment.

Birds here is rich in resources, the habitat of migratory birds to stay up to more than 140 kinds of birds, red-crowned cranes, White-bellied Kam, and other rare birds and pheasants, is one of the national bird sanctuary. Caohai climate, Cang Shu-Hua Yun, flying kite flying, Wang Dayan autumn. Each year, many birds gathered in late fall this spring, there is also a habitat of the world's only plateau crane - black-necked cranes, the bird-watching is a winter and spring, summer and fall heat of the election to excellent.


15 years ago, because of strong crustal movement, Caohai rising around the block, and Lake Subsidence relative, a fault basin, was due to obstruction and karst water, a plateau lakes, that we see today Caohai. Caohai because of the animals and plants and unusually rich in aquatic resources, not only in our country are classified as state-level nature reserves, but that also is the world's most complex types of aquatic plants , Black-necked cranes wintering in the world live up to Ukraine and the world's best lakes in the area, in the scientific community is also known as the "species gene pool" and "open-air Museum of Natural History."

San Siyue annual report, although they have not really entered the spring, but has Caohai is the wild flowers everywhere, but it is open Underwater, in the open water. Although there is no view that the vast grassland in the spring, but a wealth of aquatic grass has made a very beautiful scenery, a real underwater grasslands. Caohai of aquatic plants is made up of different types of ecological components, such as growth or the lake shore, the water is very Objects, such as reed, cattail, their stems, leaves most of hang in the air, rooted in the growth of mud and water. At the same time, submerged plants, it is not the whole surface of the water, only civilized when exposed to water below, and its roots, stems and leaves in the water there, so I submerged plants. In addition, there are Water plants, and its stems, leaves as a whole are afloat in the water, only rooted in the water, rather than binding in the mud, for example, duckweed, as well as floating-leaved plants, floating-leaved plants with floating plants like, but It's binding in the mud, in water following a long stem, and leaves it is floating in the water above. We know the water lily, Is the kind of water chestnut plants. This is the ecology of the four types of plants common form of grass vegetation.

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Barry rhododendron forest belt - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Barry is located in scenic areas rhododendron and generous Qianxi County at the junction of the natural rhododendron forest belt, China is by far the largest native rhododendron forest, 50 km in length, width from 1.2 to 5.3 km long and narrow hills on the distribution of Ma Ying, E Huang, Lily Qinglian, a Purple 4, 23 varieties. The most rare is the "tree of different flowers", that is, a tree out a number of different species of flowers, the most spectacular of up to as much as 7.

Each of the three, in April for the full flowering stage, the concept is Huashan, the display will travel a good time, the spring and summer, colored azalea limelight, Choi Ha Canruo, it is Drunk.

  Rhododendron of the entire forest belt stretching over 50 km, 1-3 km wide, was a half-distribution park with a total area of 180 square kilometers, has become a major natural garden, western Guizhou is an important tourist spots. The world's azaleas are a total of five Asian, "Barry cuckoo," an account of the four sub-2 Species. Me or Qiu vigorous song, the more high-Shu Zhang, Enaduozi or more than one shoulder; flowers or sparse or dense, large or small; variety of colors, bright red, pink, purple, golden yellow, light yellow, white, whitish, light Green, and so on, colorful, the limelight. The most unusual is "a different flower tree" that is not out of a tree The color of the flowers, some up to as much as 7. March to May each year is spent view of the best period almost see Qianjiaobaimei, air-attacks, too forceful momentum, rolling Cai Tao, a flowery marine and spent the world, to show you a beautiful picture of the cuckoo. Manshanbianye azaleas, thousands, to build Ridge Hill shop, color Day, Qianshan shop Kam, Wan Li Ying-mining, Qianshan Wan Ling packed with colorful display in front of you. Some piece of white, snow-wrapped, brilliant colors; Some of letting a hundred flowers bloom, the fight for Yan, flowers; have a bright red, if Yan Asaka, Chaziyanhong. There are rhododendron forest microphylla, Syrmaticus, rabbit, , Franch, Eucommia, Tianma, mushrooms, fungus and many other plants and animals, Fei Bao spring, Fu Liu cave, meadow grassland and other natural landscape mosaic during the annual April 8-26's "China Guizhou Azalea Festival" Integrate a variety of ethnic customs and songs and dances, attracting tens of thousands of tourists at home and abroad. In recent years, in order to take full advantage of Barry rhododendron forest development, at the end of Putin, the two sides of the slope of the Yi people, "Day flower arranging flowers Miao jump slope" to move to the center to spend large lawn area, to be held in the traditional way, then, dressed in national costumes The young men and women in the audience ignited the fire circle, dancing Duige, wrestling, sama, Such as cattle, the rich ethnic customs, so that Lin added a few hundred miles azalea culture.

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Chiang's estate - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chiang's estate, located 15 km east county Mizhi meters along the road of good turnout River Bridge Township Liu Mao village, the richest man in the village by Jiang Yaozu please Beijing design expert, Zhao Ju County craftsmen are built, 13-year Guangxu (1874 ) Ground-breaking, 12-year Guangxu (1886) completed a 13-year period before and after use. Park backed by mountains, green face, on the mountain and powerful, powerful strange, the whole ancient building covers an area of 40 acres, is the largest cave-castle estate. Zhuangyuan Zhu Jiang Yaozu people, the largest in northern Shaanxi is rich man, owner of Manor by the Qing Emperor Guangxu in the years to vote heavily in 13 years. Xiu from prison in person. Manor The lower house, the Intermediate People's Court, the House of Lords and Zhaiqiang, and other parts. Zhai Men arch for the Cave. Zhaiqiang facade is inscribed personally wrote the owner of the "Ping Fan Yue", describe. The lower house in northern Shaanxi is a typical courtyard of the cave, the door to the production of hard-Hill fine, "Dr. No." giant wooden plaque were seized momentum. Hospitals in the door for five hard ridge six animal Hill , A letter, "Wu Kui", to show off the owner's uncle Wu cited results. After the entry to the east wing of the home, pick up order and the supremacy of the house, facing the door Chuihua produced very carefully, Peng Ding Qing Wa volume, four-post double-door Queti, such as the relief magnificent production research. "Wu Kui" Menbian prominent again. Chuihua into the gate area is in northern Shaanxi The high-grade "next five to four dark, six car kiln" cave-yard, wearing Baoxia Gallery, the cross-brick, symmetrical things, fine technique.


  Chiang's House of Hospitals connected Andao, Zhaiqiang surrounding high-rise, internal communications with each other, the foreign strict prevention, as a whole Kit Kat architectural design, superb technology, layout Arguments. An integral whole, is the construction of the Chinese Han nationality of the treasure, a high historical and artistic. Scientific value. In 1998, the Beijing Museum of the Chinese nation decided to Chiang's estate as a typical building of the Han nationality ratio of 1:1 to imitation of the Chinese nation park revenue. Chiang's estate is now published for the provincial key cultural relics protection Unit.

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Temple incense burner - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple incense burner best located in the north-eastern town of Yellow River cliffs, because of a foot of the mountain-shaped stone, such as incense burner, so named. Wanli Ming Temple, the main hall, side hall in a palace, the Mountain Gate, stone arches, and so on, standing on the temple incense burner, overlooking the Yellow River and its magnificent potential forceful, in particular, every evening, under the setting sun reflected on the temple construction Yellow River water, beautiful scenery of charming.

  JIAXIAN The Stone City to the north-east of the Yellow River extends to the old course, like all of a sudden, like Fupi vertical cut off. Department off three meters, erected around a cut, such as the boulder. Stone more than 20 meters high and 15 meters in circumference, flat-top rock, covered with red temple, looking up, Yan Such as candles or incense burner, they named Temple incense burner. There is a 3 m-long bridge was never made, the temple will be connected with the Stone City. Many people dare not cross this bridge, because exposure to air, standing on the bridge, such as in the clouds. However, after crossing the bridge into the Tingzhong overlooking the Yellow River alone, there are some other feelings. Looking ahead, rolling waves from the two-shan Between the Pentium came in at the foot of the Fan Juan and, bending toward the lower reaches of the canyon confused. Majestic and the kind of impact, you feel an upsurge of emotion, it is difficult to forget.

  According to the existing Stone Temple records, incense Wanli Ming Temple 42 (Year 1614), is the main hall on the mountain shrine of Our Lady, Right side hall in a palace there, a Mountain Gate to the south, such as stone Square. "Censer night as" Eight is one of the JIAXIAN, because every time the sun sets, the afterglow of the sun will be alone in the projection booth of reflection in the water of the Yellow River, the picturesque, the local people call it a "small Penglai ", As in Wonderland.

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Ming Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yulin region of the Ming Great Wall from the East Fugu, the west side will be, many castles along the way, the scale of the event. Although the damage is still often able to see its magnificent year, particularly in a period of Shenmu in Yulin to the most well-preserved.


  Yulin City, the Trans-Habitat. Yan Sui-ming for the integrated town governor are led by Chun Yu Shi Yu 40,000 people who took to build into March. East of the Great Wall of water from this camp (this Fugu County, Shaanxi Province in Northeast), west to spend Machi (this Yanchi County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in Northeast), the total length of 880 km. Yulin in its territory from the east wall of the Shenmu Jiabao high wall entry through the Fort Jian, double-Fort Hill, Chang Le Fort, Paul Fort Benning, the west Wang Fort Baltic counties to leave the country, winds over 100 kilometers, there are more than 210 beacon towers Block.


  This section of the ancient Great Wall as a result of close to the city of Yulin, Wanli Ming has taken a fresh and critical repair. Rammed earth and the walls are piled Chengzhuan, filled with mortar, mud, rocks. Qiang Ding has the inside brick about 0.8 meters high Wall (or wall F). Gao Qiang Ding outside brick Duokou of about 1.5 meters. Each of the upper Duokou I look down there, under the hole shot, the wall is also equipped with drainage and spit Tap. Yulin City, 5 km at the ancient Great Wall built around a set Xiaojun City, the military garrison for the living. And Xiao Jun in the city on the walls of buildings which have raised the Son, for the patrol, sentry, the look-out.

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Taiwan Town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

About 5 km from the city center, was out of the Great Wall of an observation post, is also a Mongolian negotiations for the two communities. Taiwan's Square for a total of four-story, brick outside the stone in the top of the central Taiwan, is a look-out shed. Town on Taiwan, the entire city of Yulin and the landscape surrounding mountains and rivers glance, to enjoy the desert north of the Great Wall Light, horse riding can also tour the Great Wall scenery.

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Tongwancheng site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

NATO is located in Jingbian County, 80 km, is the "Xia" the capital of the sites, our country is still the basic well-preserved ruins of early imperial capital. A unique form of construction, the large number of precious cultural relics, is the study of more than 1,500 years of Chinese history, culture and architecture of an archaeological tourist destination.

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XIE Zi-long martyrs cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

XIE Zi-long, 000 million and Germany, the son of long words, long-County (formerly stability County) jujube tree in the town fork Li Ping, born in January 1897. For the Shaanxi and Gansu, two revolutionary base in northern Shaanxi??????and the 26th Army, one of the founders of the 27th Army, in 1922 at the start of Taiyuan, Shanxi Yan Xue Army Corps study . Back in 1924 the stability County County Office of Civil Guard, he served as Tuanzong. The following year went to Beijing and Tianjin, to join the Communist Party of China in Beijing. After the soldiers transported back to northern Shaanxi to carry out transportation and agricultural work. Qingjian uprising launched in 1927. Qingjian uprising following the Nanchang Uprising, the Autumn Harvest Uprising, the direct leadership of the Communist Party of China from the third uprising, broke out of the North and northwest of the people's armed struggle against the Kuomintang rule, fired the first shot. The following year, also participated in the leadership of the uprising Wei-hua. Northwest has served as anti-imperialist allied forces commander-in-chief, Shaanxi and Gansu guerrilla commander, the 26 Red Army political commissar of the 42 division, Northwest Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and other key posts. In August 1934 to lead the troops storm Qingjian River , Was shot in the chest, injuries command until the victory of the KMT and thoroughly smash the revolutionary base in northern Shaanxi for the first time the "encirclement and suppression." After the deterioration of the condition, the following year on February 21 in the death of stability Erigeron Bay County, when 39 years old. In the same year in May, Memorial XIE Zi-to long-General, the CPC Committee of the Northwest to stability County Zichang County.
  XIE Zi-long martyrs cemetery in accordance with local characteristics and construction, the park stands a revolutionary martyr monument, 11 meters-high, the tower on three sides engraved with the sub-county chief for the revolutionary martyrs who died in the 300 name. East and West on both sides of the tower after the breakdown of the two galleries. Both East and West Pavilion, many of the monument engraved with the inscription of the famous people. XIE Zi-General for a long marble statue of a total of 6 meters high, the martyrs Jianpi cloaks, dressed in uniform, the middle-, a step before the right leg, was dynamic, showing the revolutionary spirit of the martyrs Yongwangzhiqian. Grand Central Beiting have links with Li Mao Zedong Stone inscriptions were written: "national hero" and "Suisi Utah Health", "the former servant Following the defeat enemies of the people, "and written by Mao Zedong in 1939" XIE Zi-long Shilue martyrs "stone monument. Tang tomb is located in the backyard, the South middle of the horizontal wall" XIE Zi-long comrades Tomb "and XIE Zi-long life of Comrade profile; heroic portrait was hanging wall, the lobby Beilang stand around with Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Yun, Yang Shangkun, and other written more than 20 leaders of the granite stone monument. XIE Zi-long among the people enjoy a high prestige, the masses have been referred to as "Ken Xie days", and include folk songs to praise him.
  XIE Zi-long martyrs cemetery located in the sub-county chief, was founded in 1942, 1947, was Hu Zongnan troops Heavy damage. After the founding of the PRC Premier Zhou Enlai instructed to re-build, and long known as the son of the martyrs memorial, cemetery with a total area of 12,000 square meters. In 1989, was approved by the State Council for the second batch of national key protection units of the martyrs monument. Weekdays and to pay respect to the visitors continued to visit.

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Zhongshan grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongshan Grottoes, also known as "Puji hospital", "Puji Si", "Stone Temple Palace", "to poke rock." Western Jin Dynasty was founded in Tai Wo-year period (336 years -370), its history than China's four grottoes earlier, China is the first in the world a rare group of grottoes, its artistic value with the United States and the West God Venus match, Both within and outside experts as "the second Dunhuang", a national key cultural unit.
  Zhongshan District, including the protection of their caves, Xiao Gong Temple, the Temple Cave Zhuanta, the good monk Hui Fu Tu Tower, Grand Master Fu Tu Songyan Tajikistan, with the development of high value. Mining is now out of the stone Buddha Grottoes in tens of thousands , And are even carved stone, its delicate way, shape vivid, uncanny workmanship, called David. Since 1980, a number of countries to carry out renovation Zhongshan grottoes, the park has now completed a preliminary-old cultural tourism spots. Now, the caves of Yan'an City has been identified as a priority the development of the tourism industry, come here especially for the Domestic and foreign tourists is increasing year by year.

  Zhongshan before one stone grotto of St. Paul, 8-meters, was built 53 years Qianlong (1788). Followed by the Mountain Gate temple, carved above the door, "Stone Temple Palace" 3 words. Before the wooden structure of the caves have ? Gallery. A total of 6 Zhongshan Grotto Caves, from right to left turn , 4, the main Cave Cave, Cave 5 and 6, some of the caves there are statues, most of the rest of the cave statues weathering annihilation.

4 Cave 3 Cave doors are 3.5 meters high, 2.6 meters wide. Zhuanshu in the door "to poke rock" 3 words. Cave 16.4 meters wide and 9.5 meters deep into the high - .5 Meters, was flat rectangle. Cave central altar stone, 11 meters long and 5 meters wide, 1.4 meters high, there are 8 columns and Kuding phase. 3 Tan Buddha carved on the previous threat to the waiter, a disciple of Buddha and Bodhisattva support. Cave walls and columns walls, carved over qianfoensis, disciples, such as the Buddha. Anterior to the bottom 16 Han, as are about 70 cm high, or co-head or smile or meditation, looked different. Zuobi eagle release Jianie ? map. Zhongshan grotto statues, simple realism, personality and full of flavor of life.
Zhongshan gold in the caves, Yuan, Ming and Qing generations have repair. 1983 repaired with State funds Line maintenance protection. By the sub-county chief in charge of management of Zhongshan grottoes protection and management.

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Labor Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Labor Mountain Forest Park, located 30 km south county Oasis Village Donggou Zhiluo trench with a total area of 52 hectares, more than 80% of forest cover, is the core of the park to open up an early 2.9 million, the main channel up to 30 kilometers in depth. Park to forest resources as the main body to the natural landscape and cultural-based, is set Lin tourism, leisure and entertainment for the whole of the provincial-level forest park, the large area of the forest's vegetation, the natural landscape of the show, can be the first in northern Shaanxi. Park away from the 210 National Highway 18 km, only 68 km away from Yan'an, is an excellent place for leisure travel.
Get into the park, but see the dark green Lake Reflected on the mountain is covered with green, loitering in a boat on the lake, it was in the middle reaches of the painting, a sense of the clean water into the blue sky. Valley, filled with the Enuoduozi Sha, the yellow leaves and branches, like geese yellow ribbons in the wind approaching from afar. An Pang, near acres of plantation Tingzhao powerful body, line up a neat square, such as training The etiquette of the military-Gongying with the arrival of guests. In the tree-lined walking trail, or take a rest next to the stone, or dangling in the lift on, or pleasant to listen to the birds, it was a return to the enjoyment of nature.
Entry is a dense young growth, are more than a decade ago by the survivors of harvesting artificial forest, today This is a doggedly up oasis, even the shade on the ground on both sides of the channel want to drop the grass, careful care of this resort to a tree for the Prevention of Cruelty to arouse the conscience of mankind.
Into a trench more than 10 kilometers, a number of parties to extend Zhigou away, and there are more than 100 meters on the block Shek, narrowest point only for one Through. Shek steep in a critical situation, Guteng upside down, daunting. Shek through, before suddenly everywhere is the rough Hebao giant trees, tall Keke tall and straight, such as the tower Juzhu general, Zhetianbiri, most of the rough three Hebao, about 200 years old or so. Outside the meantime, here are Zhennai-day China treasures , Is away, feeling very much.
Along the path of the original forest and climbing, Ziwuling to the main peak, a more than 20 meters wide, straight Qin Road along the long ridge and off the shuttle. Qin not far from straight, is an old military depot station, the existing forest in the Old Kilns Can Yuan, Shuanma pile, Yin Ma slot peace Happy Valley's Leung, who is here indicates a large, lively unusual to have to station troops. Search for monuments, hearing the sound Lin Tao, Shi Huang Shi Jue two thousand years ago by Luang Meanwhile North Suozhi Tour, Qianshengcheji, Masiran Le-ming, better spectacle. Qin Road, now of breakdowns, barren post, ran off the China Millennium dream come true Zhao Shi Ago. Qin straight Southeast Banpo Hill, a burial Emperor Tomb of Kyi Aifei thin, it is contained thin with her visit to this North Emperor died. Emperor quite sad, for the Aifei no longer subject to the hardship of long-distance was chosen Houzang of this treasure, meaning Aifei to sleep surrounded by green, with Shan Yue Changqing. Monuments stop concept, Deng Right next to the main peak, around a bird's eye view, is everywhere Wang Budao edge of a dense forest, stretches down the mountain peaks overlap, the mysterious hills of the valley, such as dumping million in the choppy green ocean. This can not think of the Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi, there's this so intoxicated people stuffed in Wonderland, it is refreshing, imagination, Do not feel the broad expanse of nature, the small moment on earth.
Leisure travel around the forest, the park also opened a 20,000 acres of hunting grounds, set up a high standard mu Botanical Garden Flower Nursery, in northern Shaanxi is planning for the largest wildlife rescue center, the culture has a lot of different rare bird For visitors to watch.
Mountain Forest Park workers to the tourism and leisure tourism, is a spiritual baptism, the sentiment temperament, the distillation of sentiment, among all people who love nature, longing for nature, the nature of the return of Ying Ying feelings.

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Shi Hong Temple Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi Hong-Chuan Temple Grottoes, also known as River Cave, located in Yan'an City, 65 kilometers west Fuxian straight-Jincheon the north bank of the Luo. Founded in years, the great cause of the Sui Dynasty (605 ~ 617), Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties off and on the construction of more than 1,000 a year, completed the final cut, such as stone, located in East and West about 70 meters, the word row The size of seven caves. The main hole before two-story wooden structure of the three-room building. Then front of the temple, the house is the top of the sculpture "Shi Hong-ji" horizontal inscribed board.

1 Cave, the cave was a rectangular plane, near the posterior wall of the cave and around Liang Bi Bi You Department Tan-to-positive as Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, Confucius statues, cave wall out there Jing-year period (1796 ~ 1820) title in mind that this record for the Cave of the "three-hole teaching." 2 Cave, Cave rectangular plane, based on the altar as a disciple of the Buddha as the second, open Dongbi cave shrine, a laser Buddha Buddha II, the shrine next to the title has in mind, "Song Kai-Po 2002, Li Bao made the Buddha Sakyamuni, A total of 3 Buddha. " West Song has statues of two Po-Kai-ming, a, the cave mouth about a relief on both sides of the law as King. 3 cave, Caves rectangular plane, which was based on one central Buddha and two disciples as the Second Buddha, Bodhisattva the eastern side of the screen on the back engraved with the Song Bao opened the first year (968 years) Atsushi 3 million people were made subject in mind as the Buddha. Dongbi two niches linked with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas 5, the next five years, Tang Xian Tong (864 years) Zheng Ya statues title in mind, and Tang Xian Tong three years (862 years) Chen statues a title in mind. 4 Cave, the plane was a square, the central Buddhist altar on the Monju has made Xiang Yizun Yuandiao riding a lion, a former Lion Road, Kunlun Nu tame lion. Liangbi cave shrine to open the second, making a total of 3, next to the shrine are the first year of Xiande Later Zhou Dynasty (954 years) statues in mind three questions, I left the caves a relief, like King Kong Book. 5 Cave, the plane was rectangular, with Cave and the structure of the cave is basically the same as No. 2, 3, 6 and the west side of the same cave, with the great cause of Sui 2002 (606), Tang Long years (7 7 ~ 709), Tang Zhen 2002 yuan (786 years) imaging title in mind. 6 Cave, the largest and most statue, the main cave.
  Cave former three-room two-story wooden structure of a main hall, a square slightly plane Cave, Cave 10.4 meters wide, deep into the 10.65 m, 5.35 m high. Cave of the Central into a stone quarry , 1.40-altar even have a roof pillars ground, positive-Tan Buddha statues for a two disciples, the Buddha Sakyamuni in the balance beam Jiafu Zuo Lin Xu Mizuo on God. Buddha-high 3.45 meters, 1.59 meters high seat. Sakyamuni Buddha Kuding the top of the caisson ornate, engraved with "The Story of the Buddha Nyorai," "flower show to support" 8 characters. Sakyamuni Buddha Kassapa his side Shi Li, Shi Li on the right side of his disciples Ananda. Pillars on the eastern side of the altar, as Manjusri, colon Diezuo sit cross-legged on the waist Lin Yang Xu Mizuo, Xu Mizuo Central lion carved in the first. The walls are carved stone columns over the Buddha, Guanyin, the Ocean and thousands of small statues, a total of 3305, the statues are the main color makeup. Cave in mind that there are questions see Tang The first year (785), 2002 (786), the first year of integration Golden Crown (1141), 2002 (1142) imaging title in mind. 7 Cave, the plane was trapezoidal, with Tan Buddha are based on 20, Kuding 1.80 a caisson, a relief Erlongxizhu pattern, and another dragon and snake respectively Feng-lin and flowering pattern, For the Ming and Qing when cut. Shi Hong Caves temple during the years, scale and number of statues, sculptures of the renowned fine. Yanan Liu Zhi Fu Ming Jiajing poems Chan said: "The Pavilion fly up the low clouds, clear spring around Lam," "Danya two-green water, the Vatican Room Feng Cang-reliance."
  Is now focusing on heritage conservation unit. Cassia Road can be rich Pass in front for tourists to visit Yan'an important attractions.

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