Yingshan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is located in Fengtai, Shijingshan, Mentougou district at the junction of three, with a total area of 80 hectares. Hirakawa is located, the valley, steep slopes, each peak scattered, with the top six, seven gully, a cliff, Hirakawa two. More than 100 types of plants grow here and a few species of 100,000, and LIN Hai has camping, flowers fruit taste, green needle leaves, Greenfield snow Four spots.

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Zhong Yu Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhong-Yu Ma Temple at Nanyuan Township back to the village of Austin. Zhong-you sit Temple south, kept in the main hall 3, the hard-Hill, Green Glass Tongwa. Houdian 3, Ming Bao Xia there. Mountain Gate 3. East side hall in a palace 12. There is a letter to the external walls of the "good guys Buddhist temple-you". A back wall in the main hall stone Fengtai District for the protection of cultural relics.

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Wanping County Department site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanping County Department site in two different ways: first, at the former site of the Tiananmen Square West to East Main Street Cabinet. Ming Yuan Dadu occupation, the Beijing-based government in this area, with Guo units are located in the Tainan County government, the jurisdiction Wanping County in the western zone, Yashu in three years Hongwu (1370) was built. Wanli 18 (1590 Rehabilitation. Department of the original to the South, door, instrument door, hall 2, fasting, and other ancient Mexican housing. No deposit is now, and its side alleys of deposit names Cabinet. The second is the former site of the Marco Polo Bridge is located on the eastern side of the city Wanping. In 17 years (1928) moved to the Marco Polo Bridge in the city very arch, the arch since the city is very Wanping Resident rule. Marco Polo Bridge Incident, Wanping County Magistrate Wang cold and fasting on behalf of the Japanese invaders in the negotiations. Wanping County Department of the Japanese army blew up most of the houses, only 3 main building. In 1986, built in the former site of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall.

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Qianshouqianyan copper Buddha statues - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanshou Temple site to poke in the Ming Dynasty bronze Buddha statues Qianshouqianyan Beijing is the largest, most beautiful form of Copper Buddha statue. Yanshou Temple at the site to poke Fengtai District, East Village. According to the remnants of the "pagoda tablets" contained, Temple Yanshou poke its first year of Wanli Ming (1572). To poke extension Temple has long been the collapse of the temple destroyed, as the Buddha at the Great Mercy Temple Houdian Court of waste on the base, from the date Angiopteris 8 meters high, headdress crown Po, under the crown for the three women as the face, a round face and a little thin, dignified and reserved demeanor. As are about 24 of the original hand, most of the incomplete, only 4 of the hands of different positions, showed the photogenic powder finger-ling . Like wearing a short dress, down on both sides of a streamer, Luo Ying Tong Shen ornaments. On-line dress cut flowers, such as Juan Cao decoration. Buddha Angiopteris Zuta, the seat of the positive relief Dragon Cloud II. Bronze statue cast in three sessions, and then carved into processing.

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Lugouxiaoyue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to Jin, "Heritage Mingchang" contained, "Yanjing Eight" began in Gold in years. Bridge two things in the one-Yu Bei-li, head east for the Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty Di Yu "Lugouxiaoyue" Monument, is sodu Qing Emperor Kangxi in 1698 account for the rehabilitation of the Marco Polo Bridge and the erection of the monument-Royal. Ancient times, here Water, such as training, like the Western Hills Dai, whenever inclined, Xi Chen Liming, moonlight reflection in the water, bringing a more beautiful, making it a well-known ancient Yanjing is one of the eight scenic spots.

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Kim Tucheng site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kim Tucheng sites in the Fengtai District Zuicun Phoenix area. Kim Tucheng top about 3 meters off and on, about Miangen Bai Yumi. Kim three-day Germany (1151) to five years, Hailing Wang Yan Wan Yanliang the old capital of the South East and West walls on three sides to expand outward, in the northeast corner of this Cuihua in Xuanwumen Street, North East Huang Yang Fangdian in this pavilion, in the south-east corner of Yongding Men station south of the four leads, Ji Jin Fengtai District, the southwest corner of Phoenix mouth. Germany five days from the capital Beijing will Ningfu this point, the name of all. Kim Mun-based capital of 13, 4 to the north, south east of all three sides 3 (some say all four 3 12 into the center of Miyagi, before the square, thousands of step-by-step gallery, for both sides of the institution, to the southwest Siguan garden, for the north-eastern districts. City covers an area of about 22 square kilometers, is the successor Tang You Zhou, Liao establishment of the Nanjing city, but also learn from the city of Bian Liang Song of the structure, construction Li knot luxury. Zhen dead three years (in 1215) was Ancient burned into the military. Existing sites, that is, in the southwest corner eastward extension of the capital. West Village high-rise walls in the ruins of a few meters remaining. Tucheng site south of the canal, should be the golden generation of the remains of a moat.

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The former site of the work-study program in France - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changxindian work-study program in France at the former site of the Changxindian railway schools in the park. It is a square two-story French, was Jing-Han Railroad train Housing Bureau Guozhang Tai Explorer's home. The summer of 1918 following the completion of the work-study program in France to become the preparatory classroom. Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall is located in Fengtai District in the city Wanping City Street, is a type of social science museum topics in history, to commemorate the Chinese people and great Sino-Japanese War to build. July 6, 1987, "July 7 Incident" broke out on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the completion. Written by the Museum of Deng Xiaoping. Memorial Hall And 26,000 square meters, classical arches positive shape in the form of imitation, dark gray top Tongwa to the ancient city of Wanping and style harmony. Memorial Hall as a whole by the middle of the order of the Office, symmetrical wings of the hall and the latter part of King's half-painted composition of the House. Office of the positive sequence is a 18 m long, 5 meters high large-scale relief. At the top of the hall by 1 000 square caisson, 8 plane flying ancient bell, a symbol of the Chinese people to resist foreign aggression sound the alarm bell. Around two sides of the wall set with "March of the Volunteers" and "March of the Eighth Route Army" of music scores, the performance of the national war of resistance was a strong will. Office of sequence, the two wings of the exhibition hall displays from the "September 18" Incident to date The surrender of the Anti-Japanese War historical period artifacts and photos. The exhibition is divided into "integrated Office," "Office of the atrocities the Japanese army" and "People's War Office" and "Office of the anti-Japanese heroes," four parts. Display used in the form of huge photos, graphics and image of the scene, and other forms of recovery, cultural relics and the use of plastic combined with the side Composed of three-dimensional space, have a strong impression on the audience, such as "mine warfare in the landscape" and "Landscape tunnel warfare," and "Water guerrillas" are three-dimensional model achieved good results. King and a half of the painting using sound and light display technologies become King, King and a half to make the painting arts display to reach the current level of-the-art, a reproduction of "77 things "The battle scenes. Martyrs in the Office of the theme of the sculpture to the tune of the shock effect of the soul - the fallen soldiers, kissing the earth of the motherland, but in the hands of the sunny bayonet point. Yiyu the indomitable spirit of the martyrs.

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Town Kong tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tower is located in the town of Kong Changxindian Yun Heung Village, built in the Jin Dynasty. Kong is a town of tower blocks of the solid structure of the flower tower. Ride south, 18 m-high, 24 meters in circumference. Was octagonal base, stocky low, flat-seat double-arch re-copy shop to make five brackets, each of the one to save face. Arch eye wall flower, Therocephalia Exquisite simplicity of relief. The north-west of relief also has two samurai, the two Mirs Garuda and the civil service. As an octagonal tower, a short canopies, brackets and the beast down, the angle of each cylinder has a vertical. Between eight and a relief for Linghua lattice implicit straight lattice windows and doors. Xu Mizuo there is a layer of the upper tower, the seat over shrines around with the wrong , And gradually inward Shoulong, from the niche above the second floor, each shrines in a sitting Buddha, and some held their palms together and give some hands on some first-hand Ping Shen, a solemn look realistic. Is no longer with a Pearl of Tasha, Tasha Xu Mizuo under a layer of support. Tower's appearance marked the resumption brakes for much of northern China The ancient tower. Rehabilitation of the Ming Dynasty had on one occasion, in the year the tower had been broken, the War of Resistance Against Japan, the tower at the bottom of the iceberg and Tasha Japanese troops blew up again. In 1958 carried out a repair, build up the destruction of part of the tower. Taki in 1982 and the lightning rod repair and reinforcement of the tower under Slope.

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Beijing World Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Set in one of the world famous Beijing World Park, located in the Fengtai District of Beijing Hua Xiang Fort large units with a total area of 46.7 hectares, 16 km from the city center, 8 km from the Beijing West Railway Station, next to Forest Park Huaxiang.

  Beijing World Park, the world renowned nearly 50 countries more than 100 well-known And the text of the natural landscape, according to the original scene to carry out large or miniature replica, is the large proportion of Asia's largest miniature park landscape. In the tour, not only to watch King of the wonders of the world, all countries enjoy the customs and folklore of the world enjoy the parade and take a romantic boat trip Global simulation, but also to taste exotic food Tourism to buy souvenirs and a variety of interesting recreational activities, the realization of a dream day throughout the world.

Beijing World Park by the Fengtai District government and the township government Huaxiang joint investment of 150,000,000 yuan to build. Park started in 1991, after 18 months, builders of the joint efforts of Fen , To speed the completion of the "no country, traveling around the world," the intention to build the park in the world, and in October 1, 1993 officially open to tourists.

Park as a whole in accordance with the layout of the five scenic spots into the territory to 40 countries in the world's 109 well-known monuments The miniature victory for the main attractions, renowned the world's most famous pyramids of Egypt, France Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the White House, Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Australia Sydney Opera House, such as construction, as well as Italian-style, Japanese-style Garden . Park set in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, North , South America, Africa, Oceania and West Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and other 17 spots, four water distribution in accordance with the shape of the ocean-wide connectivity Park. The sculpture park, there are nearly 100 pieces of sculpture, the Statue of Liberty, urine and girls, Denmark Mermaid, David, Venus, Chopin, Mozart, and other figures carved, such as Xu-xu . Park fountain with laser, plant maze, children's entertainment world, and so on. Park also has a set of dining, shopping, entertainment program for all, reflected in the international exotic Street and the International Folk Village. International Street at the northeast corner of the park, about 200 meters, covering an area of 15,000 square meters, with the wind in Europe and America The construction group, including Italy Outlets Street, Building cuisine Goethe, Germany, Switzerland, and other gifts Street, the main countries in the operating style and travel souvenirs, to carry out full of exotic entertainment, and other characteristics.

  Park entered the door is wide in the face of Italy's magnificent garden platform, and then shun Direction of the needle into the Asian area, first of all to see Japan's Katsura Imperial Villa, followed by Chinese gardens throughout the voiceless, the Great Wall, Mogao Grottoes, the Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County, and palace ruins Persepolis (Iran), Borobudur (India) , Gate of Babylon (Iraq), Taj Mahal (India), Pagoda in Yangon (Myanmar), Wu Temple (Cambodia), Thailand Grand Palace; and then cross the bridge into Sydney, "Australia", can watch the cottage Maori (New Zealand), the Sydney Opera House (Australia); then enter the "African" desert, visiting Africa to see the tribe, who were lions Facial (Egypt), the pyramids of Giza (Egypt), Abu Xi Bell Temple (Egypt), Temple of Karnak (Greece) and the Lighthouse of Alexandria (Egypt); over the Bosphorus Bridge, to enter into "Europe", can enjoy horse (Turkey), Saint Sofia Cathedral (Ukraine), the Acropolis (Greece), Roman Colosseum (Italy), Leaning Tower (Italy), St. Peter's Cathedral (Russia), they travel to Park Center, the Arc de Triomphe (France), the straight Serge cloth swim followed by the first citizen spots (Belgium), Germany Castle, the Eiffel Tower (France), Notre Dame in Paris House, Big Ben (England); walk through the Tower of London Bridge, will go to the "Americas" Can be seen at the U.S. Space Center, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the White House, Capitol, New York, the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan, across the Grand Canyon (USA), crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (United States), then to 12 Portrait of Health, the Netherlands see the windmills, but also possible Yang-German musician Chopin Mozhaisk and paternity as can be seen, "Warsaw Mermaid", to reach the final, "Moscow's Red Square." Roaming the "World" week, and then to the "International Street" shopping, food, leisure, the world's really wonderful?????sigh.

Visitors walk through the Beijing World Park, where blocks and blocks according to the ratio of 1:10 of the miniature Buildings you will dizzying, and feast their eyes. These spots in the world built along the lines of miniature buildings, sophisticated design, modeling fidelity, stay here, you will really feel as though traveling around the world. Can one day enjoy all the world's most famous scenic spots and historical sites, how many people dream here today to Reality.

  Park has a total area of 467,000 square meters, is divided into two parts, one with the world famous miniature of the main attractions of war, according to the five continents, the territorial partition of the park area; II Europe and the United States is the main architectural style, dining sets, Shopping, entertainment has always been embodied in the international exotic Street. Fair Park area of the world's most famous scenic spots and historical sites, China's Yingxian Wooden Tower, Japan's five-storied pagoda, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt, France's Eiffel Tower fight for hegemony power, high competition. Golden Gate Bridge in the United States, the United Kingdom's Tower Bridge, the Italian?????? , Turkey Boss Bridge Tower in Sydney, Australia, the air Fei Jia, Xiangyingchengqu. The voiceless throughout China, Japan, the Katsura Imperial Villa, Italy's platform Park show the world a different style of garden art.

  The sculpture park, there are nearly 100 pieces of sculpture, the Statue of Liberty, urine and girls, Denmark Mermaid, David Venus, Chopin, Mozart, and other characters statue, as the stone, Shima, and other animals in the image of the decorative monuments and weaved Bicao in red. Park originality of the water system, according to the five continents of the territory in accordance with the four oceans at the beginning of the Huguang Taying, Feihong off the bridge so that people feel good. Park also regular folk large organizations in the world Bank and other activities, so that the list of tourists and customs of the countries in the world.

  In the tour, not only to watch King of the wonders of the world, enjoy a taste of national customs and folklore of the world enjoy the parade and take a romantic boat trip Global simulation, but also to taste exotic food, buy souvenirs and the Fun leisure activities. Day throughout the world to realize the dream.

  Spring, summer, autumn day, there are theatrical performances, film movement, an elephant show (Thailand), there are summer evening, as well as laser fountain.

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Wang Township - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang rich rural tourism resources, there are Buddhist in the northwest ditch, Paradise Peak ancient mountain caves, such as the ancient group of cultural sites; million mu of orchard to the west and man-made forest; Qinglong Hu for the south-west of the park, for the central palace of the new modernization in rural areas. It is worth mentioning that the village palace. Built a palace here, Park Court, the palace Rural area, Palace Street, and other business and cultural landscape, and will be completed during the year-fishing, viewing, in one science Special palace of aquaculture, agriculture palace park, special flowers and leisure centers, places of entertainment. Rural areas also have a distribution of the Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient stone arch bridge, stone for Wu, Micronesia Tower, Tang Shi Siming the tomb monuments and so on, as well as the August First Film Studio, the base location, into a modern high-tech companies Xuan agricultural demonstration zones, such as human landscape.

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