Weitou Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weitou sandy beach of about 1,000 meters, 100 meters wide. Fine sand from the beach, soft white, blue sea, an ideal bathing beach.

  Weitou Bay from the island of Kinmen is only 5.6 sea miles, there are two Kim Moon Bay and Sandy Bay beaches, clear water, clean sand. As the rocks along the shoreline Erosion, forming caves, stone pillars, and other unique scenery, and the changing shape of high ornamental value. Where the blue sea, the sea and the sky line, the soft sand on the beach of valuables, to step up happy and comfortable, and that heaven is given the wonderful landscape.

  Jinjiang is located in the southeast of gold to highlight the Department of Town Weitou Peninsula is the western side of the mainland from Kinmen recently, the two places separated by only 6 nautical miles, the sea is right close by home, with Ji Quan Wen.

  Weitou Bay along the sea-deep water, rich in fish, pomfret, mackerel and swimming crab, shrimp, lobster, Qi Babai tons of fish each year a variety of fish and shellfish as food, experience Fu also skilled local fishermen to catch fish Feinen of fresh grouper. This Haizhen are a large number of Hong Kong's exports and foreign exchange products in Southeast Asia, considerable economic benefits. Weitou currently have hundreds of small fishing vessels, increase the annual economic output. In order to develop the first Hong Kong Wai, it completed a major overseas Taiwanese ports, built Lu tai trading on the gold window, the local township has to raise funds to stop the construction of a terminal round of tons at the same time, fisheries, agriculture, transport, rural enterprises also go hand in hand.

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Shi Zhen Wumiao law - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi Zhen Wumiao law in the urban areas in the East China Sea town of Stone Street, built in the Song Dynasty, the temple dedicated to the god of water basaltic, Song as a "Wang-County Festival of the Sea" for the overseas transport of Quanzhou important historical sites.

  Shi Zhen Wumiao law is the protection unit in Fujian Province, Tien Temple for God is the embodiment of the Arctic basaltic Xingjun, also known as the real Great. The Zhenwu Miao built in the Song Dynasty, a thousand years ago, God called Tien Fujian in the first palace, "Wudang" said Fujian in the history of Taoism is of important significance. Tien was born of God's word is good wins Queen's ancient dream of swallowing, was pregnant. Prince in the mother's arms 4 months before the birth. The Little Prince grew up, had abandoned their homes, into the school Mountain Road. Wang miss his father, Prince sent searching for 500 mountain warrior, the warrior has also come to public school Road. Prince cultivation in the Wudang 42, the end of the story rather run-away day, the Jade Emperor, was a real person called basalt, 500 Warrior also become an immortal Lingguan 500. Early Tang, Tien said to the Lord appeared Zhuzhan meritorious, Zhenguan 2002, Tang was called St. Mary Help of Christians should be basaltic Ling Zhenjun. Cho Hyun Song Zhenzong later to avoid the long word of Hyun die, called to Chen-Wu. Members of tourists, why Chen-Wu Gui Yi step on foot, dressed in handsome clothes? Beigong basaltic astronomy of ancient term On behalf of our ancestors to observe celestial phenomena to the sky are divided into four palace, animals were named: Cang Long Orient House, the palace Suzaku, Nishinomiya, White Tiger, basaltic Beigong. The turtle is a known basalt, Black Yuen for that color Cove, after the time in Guiyi Han fit as a symbol of Bei Gong, so the Great Shuai more powerful serve, cut the meaning of the basaltic Taoist theory of the implementation of the Song Dynasty, in particular to highlight the "too sensitive papers on", and its Goodness Preaching on the theory post-school Shidao have an enormous impact. There are reportedly thinking of the good and evil have a good, but there are also negative side, which is said to contribute to the theory urges people to perform good deeds, but also easy to encourage people to wait for a negative sense. Chen-Wu is not only Good and evil, in a sense is more respected by the people.

  Law Shi Zhen Wumiao sea mountains, is the eastern side of the world famous ancient Erythrina Hong Kong - After the Houzhu Harbor, east of Quanzhou City, but many in the south and Jinjiang city across the river. Shi Zhen Wumiao law, which in Quanzhou in the history of overseas traffic has a very important Bit. As we all know Quanzhou Overseas traffic is flourishing in the Song and Yuan period. Song Dynasty is the most respected of Taoism, so that when there is navigation, County must sacrifice to the god of the sea here, seeking truth and the Great Wu blessing. Zhenwu Miao After five years since Song dynasty, incense focused. Jiajingnianjian the Ming Dynasty, the temple in the legislation a "sea swallow," Stone, Italy Force zhenwu said Sheng, the gas can swallow the sea. Here the natural scenic spots, ancient forests, mountains are in front of an ancient Ming Dynasty, known as the "three crab Longquan," Qinglie sweet spring water. Mountain Gate has a pair of stone couplet, "Yang Mi's high in Grand View, have been linked to this in the past and step up" in the Qing Dynasty Hanlin Yuan Zhuang Jun hand-written. These are all worthy of taste Places. January 1991 Hesse of the United Nations mission on the road to Quanzhou, also went to visit Zhenwu Miao. This is the Maritime Silk Road "Feng Qi" Security remains one of the aircraft.

Poseidon many temples, unparalleled in other places, it is the maritime Silk Road at the eastern end of Quanzhou with a convincing witness to history.

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Hill on the 9th - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill on the 9th is the starting point of the Silk Road on the sea. It is located on the north shore of Jinjiang, Quanzhou 7 km away from Jinjiang Airport, 15 km away from the bank in Hong Kong after 15 km, is to Nan Zhou Zhen Feng. Tai Hong far in the nine Western Jin Dynasty (288 AD), Min moved to the Central Plains during the Chung Yeung Festival immigrants should look into the distance on the Hill Central Plains As the Chung Yeung Festival for the Ninth September, so the mountain was named on the Hill on the 9th.

Hill on the 9th of "do not rock in the mountains without lettering," famous for the Quartet, existing since the Song and Yuan Cliff Inscription 70, is the most famous Song Dynasty Garden of the wind stone. Chi Feng Shan on the 9th stone base of China's largest existing wind pray stone China's most ancient maritime Silk Road monument, a national key cultural unit. Since the ancient times in Quanzhou maritime transport is very well developed, people seek to sail downwind, often to the "Garden ceremony Wind", which is an ancient stone Quanzhou overseas transport of important historical sites, but also between China and the friendship between the peoples of Asia and Africa To witness history.

  There are things sambong North Hill, their fractal such as the clamp. Xifeng as a result of the Tang Dynasty poet who lived here in the Department of Qin, the release said Gao Feng, Taiwan or the West. Five stone statues have peaked, Foshan, said Shi. Stone Buddha for the Five Dynasties inscribed with the topic of the Jin Chen Hong, 4.5 meters high, 1.5 meters wide, sit cross-legged on Tanxiong Angiopteris, clothing Fluid symmetry, Quanzhou for the first stone statues, the foreign shiting built to protect the stone, were all stone, the roof of the hard-Hill, Miankuo into the deep, with an all, was a square. Dongfeng prime minister in the Tang Dynasty as a result of Jiang Gong Li Fu-chuen, relegate, send track in the mountains, finally, after the funeral, with named Jiang Feng, or East-Taiwan, because of their resemblance to Kirin, known as qi Hill. North Peak to connect the two things peak, called the Northern Taiwan, surrounded by sambong into a dock, dock Bai Yun said. Bai Yun Chu Xiu in the dock, Bristol You Tan, a South Gap Note, for the Buddha Quan sites.

In February 1991, UNESCO to Quanzhou in the "Silk Road on the Sea" comprehensive survey, when it came to the Hill on the 9th Experts and scholars can not praise this sites and rock carvings left by the study notes, for the stone inscriptions on the 9th Hill added luster.

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Daiyunshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dai Ying-shan, also known as snow-capped mountains, the main peak is located in the territory of Dehua, a "central Fujian roof," said the highest elevation of 1856 meters. There are many countries in the mountains of the protection of rare animals and plants. Leung Ping was built in 2 years (AD 908 years), Dai Yun Temple. Zhejiang is one of the long history of the temple. Provincial Nature Reserve. Nine distributed source, welcoming song to express the extension arm pin. Ming it's beautiful scenery be summed up as: "Dai Yun Autumn," "Ying-spring snow," and "a pillared space", "Seven Mile Bangkok," "Six Dynasties really Monk," "Shi Mao Ding crown" and "Wind bun Tong Xuan, "" Zhou Jian banks of quartz, "" Tianchi sprinkling snow "," Shek Pik hanging loose, " Clouds stone factory "," Stephen days outside "," three in Shanxi drum, "and" East-stone bell "16 scenic spots. Home of Zhu Xi of the Southern Song Science, University of the Ming Dynasty who had plans to board Dai Yun Zhang Rui, left calligraphy.

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Hermitage - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China is the only remaining Manichaean temple, located south of Jinjiang Hua Shan table, is to study the history of religions in the world and China Jiaotong Shi importance of in-kind basis, the national key cultural unit. According to historical records, Manichaeism in the olden days in China, "Ming", Zarou is the doctrine of Buddhism, Christianity, from Zoroastrian, in the 3rd century AD Founded in Persia, Tang contained in the first year after the extension (in 694 AD) was introduced to China. To the early Ming, Zhu Yuanzhang suspected of forcing his Christian name on the national title, was the expulsion of his followers, destruction of monasteries, Manichaeism gradually by the integration of other religions. Hermitage Temple in Quanzhou, Manichaeism became only the precious relics.

Hermitage was built in the Song Shao Years, for the beginning of the construction of grass. Yuan Yuan Shun Di five years (1399 AD) to Xieshan stone architecture. In the early 1980s, have been unearthed here in the Song Dynasty bowl out of the church, confirmed that Song has been very active in Quanzhou Manichaeism.

In August 1987, the University of Lund, Sweden held the first international Manichaeism Operation will be discussed, the Hermitage Mani Buddha statues as a seminar to commemorate the mascot of. In February 1991, UNESCO's "Marine Silk Road" integrated mission visited the Hermitage, it is that the study tours of "the biggest discovery."

  According to historical records, Manichaeism in the olden days in China " Education. "Zarou is the doctrine of Buddhism, Christianity, from the Zoroastrian. Year 3 in the middle of the century Persian creation. Tang contained in the first year after the extension (in 694 AD) was introduced to China. At the same time, there is a high priest Manichaeism Master Lu called the Missionaries of Fujian Stephen Home, burial after death south of Qingyuan Shan. Out early because of its teachings on suspicion of Ming Tai Zu States, their exclusion was only destroyed his palace, devastated from this Manichaeism, a gradual integration of other religions. As a result, Quanzhou Hermitage Manichean Temple became the only precious historical sites.

Hermitage was built in the Song Dynasty Shaoxing years, for the beginning of the construction of grass named. Yuan Yuan Shun Di five years (1399 AD) to Xie Shan-structure construction. Miankuo 3, 2 into the deep, Yan Xia singled out by Arch. This is according to a circular cutting of the Buddha cliff-box with a diameter of 1.9 meters, an embossed circle Moni You seated Buddha, the Buddha stands 1.52 meters, 0.83 meters wide, round face, eyebrows uplifted, distributed shawls, 2 under the jaw to be a long face , Who, Third, some of the clever use of the natural rock of different colors based configuration, different style. Hao Guang Rear carved decoration in all directions, the Bank said, "Mani Buddha." In the early 1980's, this place has been unearthed in the Song Dynasty Ming Ciwan Church, confirmed that Song has been very active in Quanzhou Manichaeism.

Hermitage led Temple Manichaeism The academic community, the great religious interest. In August 1987, Lund University in Sweden held the First International Symposium on Manichaeism, the Hermitage Mani Buddha statues as a seminar to commemorate the mascot of. In February 1991, the UNESCO "Silk Road on the Sea" integrated mission after the visit that The study tours of "the biggest discovery."

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Shui-yen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Yan was originally called shui-yen, the North Song Yongchun wooded hill Shan Chen Pu-foot Zen master at this practice, see Quanshiqinglie, Jiansi name. 1101 Foot & P Zen master passed away. Chen Xiangmu carved local people as worship, "having clean water." With the relocation of the villagers, the furnace at King Si, Taiwan now has more than 60 water temple founder Block. Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia together, such as Penang Western Asia to the famous "snake temple" dedicated to having clean water.
Shui-yen mountains to build the temple, under the provisional Shen He, for the three-pavilion. I Haotian layer, two-story Hall of the Ancestors, three-floor, The Story of the Buddha. Three on each side Yue Tan Office, the Office of Guanyin, the Office of names. Song Jianqing water bring up the rear are having ashes "vacuum "There are three new building Zhongyanfangting. Temples red brick, tile Qinghui, the Court re-dangerous, hidden in Chuk Ching Chung, Yan Lan wind around the top of the hill, the spectacular and elegant.
Yu rock near the features of the day: "Lion throat", "Qing Zhu Lian", "Kam-side tomb", "north and pieces" and "Buddhist Pine" and "sleep Pavilion , "Li Shi cabinet", "rock chart Stele", "Sanzhong temple." "Qing Zhu Lian," "Yi Hong flow of water through the ages, around 10,000 base Cangshan weight"; "north and pieces" as the old camphor tree, according to legend was confronted by danger and a sense of Yue Fei Zhi Cha to the north; "Fig Tablet Rock," relief department of water Panorama rock monument, Li Ming Dynasty, is rarely seen in ancient, "tour guide . "Foothills along the ridge up there and a half booths, community care and Sha stone palace, stone vessels, Shijiu, thousands of stone dog ... .... There are temples after Fengdian 4 stalagmite, very steep stick in days, as sincere spectacle.
  Shui-yen peak, 767 meters above sea level, Yu Yan in the 500 meters hillside, backed by Dragon-lion, writing sambong arch , Shen He faced, Penglai basin-mountain in the distance ring together, look at the top of Deng, Cui Wei temples, the Office of landscape show, elegant scenery, often in the vast Wu Hai-Yun line, such as the United States, "Penglai fairyland" and famous at home and Office. Foot & P recorded a Zen master when Yang Road, only to Zhou, ranking between 19 Rock "cause-chuen, Taniguchi, elimination of the bridge from the mouth, block China Pavilion Road, Mei Fei Wan Ju, in Shi owned ", and construction pavilion in the ocean, as the role of life saving clinic for the community. By the military for 18 years to create fund-raising, water Dien Temple Gallery at the beginning, Yu Yan concluded. Yasukuni yuan in building Year (1101) on May 13, Pu-foot Zen master passed away, Chen Xiangmu moment for the local people as for the Temple , The curse of water from its pilots.
  Jing Yan Nanning from 2002 (1277) to modern times, shui-yen by the continued construction, reconstruction, expansion, alteration, repair up to 30 several times. Yu-build the mountain face, Shen He faces for style pavilion, three hours. I Haotian first tier, second-tier Hall of the Ancestors, the third-floor Caramel; about 10 minutes, the Drum Tower, Tan, the Office of Guanyin, the Office of names, Sengshe things on both sides of the sub-an invincible. Chong Ge Qu floor, layer Nursing back again and again, from a distant, as if the appearance of the "Emperor", the magnificent, spectacular Wei, Legend has it that there are 99 houses, existing for the Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern construction. Rock around the yu there are many cultural relics, King during different view of embellishment. Bring up the rear there are rocks buried the ashes of the founder of water in the Song Dynasty, "a vacuum tower," bring up the rear in a huge rock under the eyes of the deep natural cave, "Lions throat," Dian Qian Mountain Gate has a split bamboo, Zhu Lian Qing, Tong Kam-side, stone basin, Rohan Song, sleep pavilions, Su cabinet, relief, "rock map" and the monument Care Beiting, and pieces to the Tree, the last of the precious "rock map" and the monument Care Beiting, trees and pieces to the north, the temple Sanzhong, Longting bird's-eye view, Villa water, such as the Dragon King's palace, most notably during the Qing Zhu Lian refers to the Spring and summer, the Mountain Gate on the left side of the cliffs, stones, pearls, such as Flaring will drop, according to a sunny, like the United States and five six-Yen Zhu Lian's hanging, trees and pieces to the north is an exhibition congratulating each of the seven children of ancient Gebao difficult to pull camphor tree, because of topography, wind direction and the relationship between its right and pieces stretch to the north almost right.
  Legend of the early Southern Song Dynasty, anti-national hero Yue Fei Jin Yan had been the victims of Qin Hui-chen, moved to the camphor trees, branches and leaves it wide to the north Long, to commemorate that. Shui-yen of the Stone Tablets, Cliff stone, a total of 20 multi-involved age: Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing as well as modern. Book on the body, there are seal characters, Li, Kai, the line. To-kai, the largest acts. One of the Song Dynasty "rock map" for the precious monument. Shui-yen in the top 4 there Zheng Shi, Stubbs Nanchang, pretty rocks. Peng dishes from the crane before the bridge started along the pavilion there Ling and a half, community care Palace, Shi Sha, Dan acetabulum, chukars, Shi Zi hundred odd dogs, and so on the rocks rocks. However, King is the natural beauty, visitors like at this point, "Peng dishes in Wonderland".

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Mountain of the Holy Sepulcher - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Islam also known as the Holy Sepulcher, is the oldest of China's most well-Islamic shrines in Qingyuan Shan Mountain scenic area, a national key cultural unit.

  According to Mr Qiao Yuan Ming Dynasty, "Min Ji" records: Takenori years, Tang (618 AD -626 years), Mohammed came to China only sent four-yin Guangzhou-yin, a missionary; two-yin, the Missionaries of Yangzhou; three-and four-Yin Yin is the Missionaries of Quanzhou, after the two men panchor Mountain buried. Shan Kwong night for burial made remarkable. Tomb of the two existing side by side, the tomb covered with granite sculpture, tomb use nearby building after the horseshoe-shaped corridors, about 3 meters high, corridors in pillars of a few Posi weaving the shuttle. There are ancient stone Gallery 5 , The middle of the Arabic Tablet diabase, the two sages described in the law of the times E Fuer (research scholar: "E Fuer Department of the ancient Arab name of the emperor of the Tang Dynasty") came to this country.

Tomb of the front there is a natural stone, wind and want to move to push Huang, commonly known as "stone wind," the Ming Dynasty to know Inscription light week, "Alex jasper," the three characters. This stone is a pneumatic Quanzhou one of the eight well-known, said "the ball-pneumatic."

  Weng Yu mountain forest, green grass and halfway up the mountain there is a style of ancient foreign land. Tomb for the square, there are shiting. Grave of the Islamic tower paracytic two side-by-side, carved base A lotus petal design, support a long-suk covered arch-shaped stone tomb. Tomb ride south, the East and West, North Central mountains on three sides to build horseshoe-shaped corridors to stop the decoration and mountain torrents, the invasion of quicksand. Tomb, corridors, Tomb of the court and Shitai the ground is all carved with smooth granite paving, very clean, elegance and old .

  Islam was founded in the early missionaries in response to Mohammed, "the knowledge you seek it, even as far away as China," the call of the sea, along with Arab businessmen to come along the Silk Road, Quanzhou, Islam has become the first Chinese into the region One. "Min" contains: Mountain, "there are two countries that Mode Yan, also ancestors of the Hui. Back home words: 'Mode that state-owned call you ba-de (Note: Muhammad) saints, the disciples have a big four-yin, Takenori Tang (618-626 AD years), to North Korea, then China missionary, a missionary-yin Guangzhou, the Missionaries of Yangzhou-yin, three-yin, the four-yin, the Missionaries of Quanzhou, finally, the funeral Hill. But what about the Tang Dynasty when two people. Since the two are buried Hill, made a significant night, different from spirits of people, fine-sounding name of the Holy Sepulcher ... ... "" Min-copy book, "they said Ye, a sand reservoir, I am a cross. Legend has it that they buried after the supernatural Vision, said Taiwanese saying "Santa" said "Hope." Therefore, to be called "Soul Mountain" grave "of the Holy Sepulcher," the village "Le ", With supernatural and the double meaning of respect.

  There are hundreds of near the Holy Sepulcher and the Yuan Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty before the Arab Muslim tombs in Quanzhou, and the Ming and Qing since Quanzhou Muslim graves. Each Eid al-Fitr and Id al-Adha, many areas of Quanzhou and Hui Muslims must collectively come to this "grave Tour" First of all, paid respects to the tomb of the two sages, Songnian, "the Koran", and then Jisao their own graves.

  Right in front of the Holy Sepulcher, there are a hundred people could sit boulders, holding a piece of stone on dozens of tons of stone, hand-pushed to Huang, Zhe wind action, known as the "stone wind." Quanzhou Zhi Fu Zhou Wanli in the Ming Dynasty inscription light , Named said: "jasper ball." It is considered to be Muslims at home and abroad Shen Yi of God, it Isfahan, Iran and the ulema-i-Islam, the tomb of Huang's value the same tower; also attracted thousands of tourists come here especially.

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Street No. 1 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Street No. 1 cultural tourism features Licheng District Street at East Back Street, is a pedestrian street. The street in the mountain west, bounded by the East, is in the middle Xuanmiao Guan, has unique characteristics of St. Paul Quanzhou, Fujian known as First Street.

No. 1 Street about 500 meters long, elegant environment, mainly engaged in tourism and cultural workers , And other goods. Street is divided into three zones, in the first quarter Jhainei is a pedestrian street, two, three-phase Corridor Bridge have also set up three of St. Paul - "Lu Zou Waterfront" and "Yue Xian Shanghai gang" and "Bachelor 4" , A central more than 700 square meters of public leisure Square: The second block at the entrance to the "popular Hui Chun" Bai Yun to the ancient "," Tai Hong beginning, "three of St. Paul, in the region on both sides of the square on the wall of the" see-Lao "and" a Lao customs, "Two large carved wall; in the third quarter to be the most high-profile operator in the Street I Font top of the stone arch, the arch has been engraved on from the dragon, Ke Liang, Chang ZHUANG the occasion, Miss Lu, and other dynasties from the Quanzhou - Name. Champion and next to the stone arches of the "Lei Yue Longmen", "Qiao fish farming time," relief is cultivated time Quanzhou reflect the ancient pass on from generation to the profound cultural heritage.

  Street No. 1 by a long history of "Zhuang Yuanfang" transformation from street with Yuan Miao Guan, a clean source of wells and other important cultural attractions. The improved top Street Quanzhou to stay the traditional residential architectural features, through the red brick and white stone contrast rich architectural piece, constructed of a strong culture of the ancient streets of the space environment.

  Street No. 1 since the beginning of this year has been completed, has attracted many foreign guests came to visit. In particular summer night, this satisfied Leisure steady stream of people, which led to stall business is booming.

It is understood that as soon as possible in order to promote the prosperity of the district champion Street, specially formulated by the relevant departments of preferential measures, including the business sector to allow operators to hold pilot operating procedures relating to 6 months before the formal registration to register and receive According to procedures, and some tentative charges of Business Administration in relief; worst in the tax department to the extent permitted by taxes and fees to be concessions; law and order in a comprehensive public security departments do not charge fees, external reminders of the population may be suspended a month temporary residence permits, and so on.

Optimistic that the people concerned, with the well-known champion of the street further , Is bound to be more engaged in this business to operating characteristics.

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Guan Huai-Yuemiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guan Huai-Yuemiao Quanzhou Licheng District at St. James Gate, commonly known as Tu Temple Gate, Guan Yu Zhu Si, in three years (1914) by Si Yue Fei, the name is changed. Is the ritual text (Confucius) Wu (Guan Yu) of the well-known monuments St., Fujian Province is the largest existing temple arms.

  Guan Huai-Yuemiao at Licheng St. James Gate, the ancient city of Quanzhou is a religious text (Confucius) Wu (Guan Yu) Saint one of the famous monument, dedicated Zhudian Han Guan Ting Hou, Wang Yue Zhongwu, well-known history Peisi Chungmuro 24 officers and men of the left temple just three, Dedicated Liu, Guan, Zhang, Pei Si Kong Ming, Zhao, for the right to Sogo Temple, dedicated to Guan Yu three generations of ancestors. Miaocunsongzhu "Righteousness" and Zhang Rui-ming map "world full of" important ancient relics and other important.

  Temple Block south from WU Cheng Hall, the first Hall of Chong, Sanyi Temple of the three side-by-side temples, are three, which has been replaced by less effective intervention for the three-story building with a total construction area of 1294 square meters. WU Cheng said the main hall, three Miankuo , Deep into the five, Dan Yan hard top, Chuan Dou-wood framework. The whole building has exquisite decorative wood carving, stone carving and clay sculpture, quite splendid grand, magnificent.

  Temple of the existing heritage, Stone Tablets: Qing Emperor Qianlong 43 official written offer of the Yao "Stephen rehabilitation County Huai-Temple Street monument" and Qianlong 42 Xiu-Huai-stone of the temple income and expenditure, money Xianfeng seven years, "Guan Sheng Di ancestral tablets grave", "Li guard monument," Chia-lin of Taiwan Retrocession 24 years by stone book, written Su Tingyu light of 20 years "Mr. Shi Zhen Jing Guan Di." Miao Menwai Liangbi stone inlay has two: the left carved Song Mi Fu Shu Shi Yishou right carved out Dong Shi Yishou book. The temple also kept Zhu Xi wrote the "righteousness", written by Zhang Rui map "full of Heaven and Earth" and the modern Cai Jun "Han Ding Li Song," and so on board. Couplets of "cunning traitor Diao, to dump the temple Yi-cheng; Gongpingzhengzhi, do not worship entry-harm".

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Arab-Miao Yang's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Arab-Miao Yang's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Miller's former home at the Arab-Israeli southern town of Licheng District Village Pavilion, the Qing Dynasty period (1875-1908 AD), 13 years to building grand Wealthy, famous and unique layout, feature rich southern residential areas.

  Arab-Miao Yang, Jia species name, Filipino Chinese, Qing Dynasty house 10-year (1894), to Xuantong the year 1911 (1911) completed and will last for 18 years, three five-room, Hill-hanging roof, things have on both sides of the house a group of security guards. Wai boulder in front of the house to the courtyard walls on three sides, before the main building of a production large courtyard, on both sides of the east-west inter-Blastophagus rooms between East and West and the formation of their own A compact vertical garden, known as the "five plum courtyard."

  The whole building looks nice, spacious and bright. Housing inside and outside the walls, Yan Xia, intramural, stigma and the doors and windows are decorated with very fine wood, brick, paint birds, birds and gray diabase and granite stone. Toudiao use, relief carving of peace France, carved a large number of rare birds and animals, flowers and birds fish, landscape character, the story of the three countries, the pattern Bogut, the main hall of the Tang Mo Ke Yan Zhenqing pile wall, Song Su, Jui-ming map, Wu Lu Qing, and other ancient paintings and calligraphy works of art home. The whole magnificent building, civil construction in southern China rare.

  Province Yang Miao Arab heritage unit's former home not only to the construction of the magnificent sculpture known, the details of the construction of sculpture, painting, also belong to the construction of Taiwanese products in its main hall wall seal a stack of the Tang Dynasty Yan Zhenqing, Su Shi of the Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty map Zhang Rui , Wu Lu Qing Dynasty, such as family Painting and Calligraphy of the ancient works of art. May be due to natural as a result of Human factors and the long-term impact has been marked by various kinds of diseases, especially in the most artistic value of construction on the surface decorative painting a very serious disease.

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Chongwu city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chongwu city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chongwu scenic city is a set of coastal scenery, historical relics, folk customs, art sculpture in one of the characteristics of tourism scenic spot. The world has always been known as the "natural Ying Peng", "Beidaihe in the South." Chongwu the only city in China is a relatively complete Stone City, Hai Phong in the history of our country is also a more complete Historical Sites, "the national key cultural unit."
  Chongwu means Chong Shangwu prepared. It is said that the Song Dynasty, known here Chongwu Township, Shoujie. Song Xingguo Pacific 2006 (the year 981 AD) resettlement Hui County, located in a small pocket Walled inspection. In the early Yuan Dynasty replaced by solicit small Inspection Division. Hung Ming Three years (Year 1370), in North Korea and China's piracy along the coast of Japan a group of Japanese pirates all of a sudden landing Xiangzhi cockles River, Quanzhou pose a threat to regional security. 20 Hongwu (1387 AD), Ming Zhu Yuanzhang to defend against Japanese pirates invaded, to appoint Jaap de Jiang Zhou Dexing patrol along the southeast coast Zhou Dexing is a military engineering specialists, according to his Quanzhou coastal shoreline twists and turns, terrain features Xian Yao, "were set up by the county, County were set Lian Wei." At that time, located in Quanzhou Yongning Wei, governed by five, that is, Fuk, the center-left, the Golden Gate, high-, five Chongwu. 5 establishment of Hoi An town, that is, Chongwu town, Rex Cave City Small Town Zuo, Huang Qi Town, Mei-feng city. Shung-wu city for one of the five City, Fujian Province under the Secretary of the Guardian a Yongning 1000, the city has been six years.
  28.8 km-long zone of twists and turns along the coast, 12 Sandy Sandy always delicate, beautiful charming, 4 large peak Diego rock group rock base, Drop-stricken. China's current most complete ancient city of the Ming Dynasty stone shaped pool ? ? Chongwu on the ancient city stands in the area of the East is, the process of building a unique reasonable referred to as "ancient systems engineering case." The ancient city is located on the south side of the "Chinese stone carving Exposition Garden process," China is one of the few a renowned quality of the stone Park title. The park covers an area of 9 hectares, a total collection of different styles of stone carving art of art of more than 500 pieces, and the ancient city, the sea an integral whole, and originality. Scenic areas within the country's largest works of art Yandiao ? ? land of art by famous painters Chang Hung-ching old spent a few years from the creative efforts of its Products based on the sea cliffs of the reef original shape, depending on the potential take shape, through rock style, to create a variety of Xingshenjianbei more than 170 pieces of art images, said the stone carving art of a very great spectacle. Chongwu and is located in the Dongshan's great, put up a 20-meter-high sculpture Hui women, the benefits of women folk has kicked off construction of the village. At present, the area was Tourism Authority of the State House as 4A-class tourist area and the province's best tourist attractions, Fujian Province, Department of Finance, Tourism Authority of the province's tourism as a key construction project was announced in Quanzhou City People's Government for the first batch of scenic spots, nearly?????Millions of people.
  The ancient city gate
All the way up the age Listen, understand that the city has four Shing Mun, east and west, north of the Shing Mun three similar to the Shing Mun to prescribe both, in addition to building on the city, built on the tower, the Shing Mun on a beacon towers located in the south is the Shing Mun plus According to one wall. Legend has it that when the Japanese shelled the city, the city's Temple Yunchang related to a wave Yanyue Dao Qing, artillery shells were off the dial Next to the wall, and then a wave, back to the pirate ship-launched artillery shells, so Chuan Chen Kou death. I think that was the peak of the temple incense owes something.
Simon's 2 Shing Mun today to retain still in good condition. Shing Mun lap of shady and cool a few small stall, stall pulling each other everyday matters, did not forget to wave home-made hand-Danzi hurry to fly Mosquito flies. The new branch, wild flowers in the spring of Shing Mun left the shadow of the wall, the old Gurong fibrous roots hang down, silently enduring all the ancient city.
By Simon east, and north, the south gate to the end, cross the street linking the city with four of the Shing Mun, Sun Street in the stone on the road to cast a long shadow.
In the small town Left more than 30 Block Song, Ming and Qing dynasties built by leaving the temple, these old buildings, the city added to the vicissitudes of life in much simplicity.

Ancient city wall
For Chongwu, the stone is the soul of the town.
2567 m perimeter of the ancient city wall of granite bearing the town's history, see A small town in the past, the history of memory remain today.
Follow the steps of stone, slowly onto the wall. Happy Valley Road over the weeds, clean the Green Fan Zhao. Mottled walls of the ancient city is the books, sailed off the wind, turn the page in the annals of the page: Qi Kang Wo's visit Chongwu, Hui destroy Japanese, the Japanese put down disorder; Zheng Chenggong army troops on the east, the recovery of Taiwan and Taiwan to the motherland; Chongwu with the People's Liberation Army soldiers and civilians to sail Nan Zheng, the southern gate of the liberation of the motherland Xiamen Island; 1956, Premier Zhou Chongwu naval command, sinking Mei Jiang's invasion of the wounded, "Wing Tai", "Yongchang" warships.
Hundreds of years , The ancient city of generations of soldiers and civilians with natural barriers and a strong Shicheng, after the baptism of blood and fire, life and write a poem epic battle. Here, "Chong reported Temple" and "Yuan Palace feeding", are to commemorate the sacrifice of heroes Kangwo built.

Ancient residential areas
Down to the gate, walk, While the noise seems to be in every city outside Street surprisingly quiet. Street is plain on both sides of the residential, stones houses, red-brick house, wooden houses are not too many decorations. These different years revealed the construction of the track spot, the precipitation is still light.
Possession of an article in an alley between the residential blocks. Walking in the narrow Rock tunnel, the door of the old house all day be uncovered, there is not no quick fix to ease living a life of leisure.
Women sitting in the yard of the sea filled with oyster shell of the vat, skillfully to break open the oyster shells, and pretty soon, the feet of oyster shells have been Duicheng hill. Her dress was funny was known as the "feudal head of the Democratic belly, saving shirt, and waves Pants. "Wearing yellow hats, scarves Vintage small white garb, covered lower cheeks, Xie Jin, wearing a blue shirt, short and narrow exposed belly, have a silver Yaolian wear his waist, to wear under the leniency of the ethereal Drop Waisted a pair of black trousers. This unique national costumes in Chongwu from time to time you ran into the line of sight, because the benefits are hard-working woman who Can be seen everywhere.
From out of the narrow alleys of an old man, Huang Zhao vigorous steps to ease.
It can not help but suspect that their ancestors who will be stationed in the Old City of officers and men do? Is a "Family Names, Rending million" in which branch?

  Chongwu Peninsula in the ancient China's coastal defense Occupies an important position on. 20 Wu Ming-hong (Year 1387), in order to guard against Japanese pirates, Jaap Jiang Zhou Dexing Chongwu in the city construction. Built in the early hours, 37 Ming Jiajing (1558 AD), the Japanese siege six days and nights, the fall of the city, the lives and property of people suffered serious losses In this lesson, advised Overhaul. Ming-Lung in Qingyuan (1567 AD) in April, Fujian Zongbingkangwo national hero Qi troops here, the city defense irrigation, Yanwu training and establish a complete set of city defense system and military facilities. Also in the Qing Dynasty carried out a large-scale renovation, when the city perimeter 2567 meters, 500 meters long from north to south, West 300 meters wide and 5 meters-wide, 7 meters high wall, Wopu 26, 1304 battlement City, Arrow Window 1300. Its doors on all sides, there is something to build on 2 city, the walls are beacon towers, observation deck and put this virtual gun pistol Taiwan. There are two walls of the three-to four-Happy Valley Road, one each side of Lake City, a city well and to Han's groove. The city has to defend the former Walled, Piers, Guan Yi, barracks and Yanwu Office, which form a relatively complete system of military defense.
Since then, the city defense has lost its military role, due to the long-abandoned, dilapidated walls collapsed. In 1983, state funding for full-scale restoration. Once in the history of Under the National immortal merits of the ancient city, standing in Chongwu Peninsula. To be held in 1987, "the ancient city of Chongwu anniversary of the creation of 600" and the symposium has attracted great interest in Chinese and foreign scholars, it is national pride, historical monument.

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Longshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Longshan Temple" in the town of Jinjiang city of Hai, the provincial key cultural unit. Founded in Sui Huang Tai-year period (618-619), the S & P 000 is the beginning of Temple, Zhu annexation of Temple, rebuilt after the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Monastery calendar year 1000, spread far. Taiwan now has more than Longshan Temple, the Temple An Haizu points from the furnace. On a pond in front of a depression, the Mountain Gate Paul Stone, engraved on the "India-Vatican bell", describe. Into the Mountain Gate, but see the temple before a stone inlay on the walls, engraved with "Longshan treasure."

  For 10 minutes on both sides of the Drum Tower, there is a gateway to the former lions, a pair of the Shek Kwu the door hanging places, "Wan was" Mubian. Inside there is al-ting, al altar, the altar there are booths. Main Hall Potential grand, wood carvings, stone carvings, Cisu, decorated with painted all over, the Museum of fine. Shilong which a pair of columns, set Fei Yi-teng, superb technology, the Alondra arrested a drum-up and hit the drum-fat, exhausted voice, clever magic. There hall Qianshouqianyan legislation like the Buddha, a giant wood carving on the line, 4.2 m high pass. Buddha wearing a crown, crown The first of many carved Buddha. Buddha face kind doing so well, He Shi-handed chest. Foshen 1008 sculpture on both sides of the hand, such as the double wing, Cuoluoyouzhi, different attitude. Bracelet with each hand, the hands of an eagle eye, or they books, instruments used, Diaogong absolutely fine. Tong Shen plastered with pure gold Buddha, Kim Guang Cancan, Yong your splendor, World treasures. There is the temple of the Ming dynasty calligrapher Zhang Rui map title "skill-eye" horizontal inscribed board, and Ming Yuan Zhuang Jun, modern celebrities such as Master Hong Yi ink.

  Longshan Temple also have a lot of celebrity calligraphy, authentic work: Qiandian door together, "especially 12 hour hate love New Zealand bonds of this world continue to flail, 500 was drowning his hands to save the lives of the Buddha eyes Limitless, "Department of Qing Yuan Zhuang Jun artworks, the North Hall of Yanxia giant inscription" Shao-Lung kinds of Buddha "Master Hong Yi authentic work; the Temple of Heaven have a pro-Zhao title of" Dragon Temple "important; Song Zhu Xi and authentic work," Hall & P now, "the prime minister Li Zhen title , Cong Huang Ju Ren Ke writing, "the country town of Dover" important; and so on.

  Longshan Temple Longshan Temple Wei Macro, with a long history with far-reaching implications. Since the Tang and Song, An Hailong of the Temple incense as they can be found in Anping merchants spread overseas. In Southeast Asia, especially Taiwan, only Taiwan has more than 200 Block of the same name Siyu, the most famous of which is the Lukang Dragon Temple and the Longshan Temple in Taipei small boat.

  Temple, with its macro The size of the extraordinary momentum, thorough, and the layout and structure of the wonderful art and sculpture representing the Mingzao overseas. At the same time, her all over the island hundreds of hours of the soul, as when Stephen sons and daughters of Taiwan's development of Taiwan and Taiwan Zuozuo monument has become a close relationship with Taiwan-chuen, one of the important bridge.

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Zheng tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zheng tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zheng tomb is located in Nanan City, Town Water and Culture Village on Chuanshan review. 30 kilometers away from Quanzhou, Zheng Chenggong original Chau Teng's grave buried in Tainan, Taiwan, the Qing Emperor Kangxi 38 years (1699 AD) in Qianzang site.

  Zheng of China's great national heroes, who sum, the word Yan Ming, the big, wood, stone, Fujian Province Nanan , Former government officials and businessmen in the family. 1624 Lunar New Year on July 14, was born in Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan Hirado Hamamatsu City, thousands of miles. Seven in Japan through the Spring and Autumn, 1630 between his entourage Zhi Yan tert-home, and so on, to live Anping (the town of Jinjiang city of Hai) Zheng House. At an early age wise Koxinga agile, eight-year-old can read the Four Books and Five Classics, 10 Be able to write a stake, the article extraordinary, elegant rhetoric, 11, the two-year-old, and the Spring and Autumn Zuo Xi, Sun Wu's Art of War, and sword dance school shooting. 15-year-old ex-Health, 21-year-old scored the Imperial College of the Nanjing Imperial College, imposing gas word, brilliant, teachers receive praise: "This heroic people, from more than inhuman." Long Emperor see the success of young and handsome, Wenwushuangquan, asked on the day, "Jiang Shan Wei Yi, from what I even do you?": "The money does not, and Wu are not afraid of death, the land can carry on insurance." Emperor Wu-long very much praise him , That is, thanks to his name, the name of "success", sealed in Royal military camp captaincy general, granted sword, with the instrument attached to a horse, of course, said salt Guo Xingye. "

  Zheng life's greatest achievements is the recovery of Taiwan and the Netherlands to expel the invaders and the large-scale development of Taiwan. Yongli 15 years (1662 AD) Dec. Gan day, Lvjun more than 30,000 people, most of Quanzhou, the Dutch invaders from Taiwan and Taiwan of China's drive away. Zheng Chenggong is He had recovered Taiwan and Taiwan's development of long-term vision. At that time, Fu Shi Yishou "opened up by He Yi Jing Zhen, 10 years before the first to overcome the base. Tianheng there are three thousand passengers, mushrooms can not bear to suffer from inter-related." Recover Taiwan, he visited four groups, and public understanding of social conditions, In that desolate island of Taiwan, "Yu Bing in the agricultural" France, land reclamation settlement, "Gap is training farmers to Wu, there are police Hege to war, no police were to be held in order to farming." At that time, Taiwan's new land environment is very bad, Li malaria epidemic, "seven or eight of the ten patients, Quito, the deceased" and even a few Shizhang Python infestation, land reclamation very difficult task, Zheng Chenggong all officers and soldiers of the new rate, positive Fat, at the same time take measures to step up the consolidation of Taiwan's defense, which insists on the position from the Dutch invaders "revenge", Taiwan's total weight. Zheng Lvjun blazing, blood and sweat, hard pioneering work. As the 10-year campaign, he said the battlefield, broken down from constant overwork, Yongli in 16 years (1662 AD) in May Lunar Chuba Taiwan passed away at the age of thirty nine, burial in Tainan, Taiwan, Teng's grave. After more than three decades, the Sun Ke-ching nice down after 38 years of Emperor Kangxi (1699 AD) on May 22 Maoshi bier to move on Guizang Nam County, pat buried in the Village and Culture Zu Ying Zheng, along with transfer The funeral was also his son Zheng Jing's coffin. When In addition to the Kangxi Emperor Albrecht sent officers and men under the pallbearer, but also thanks to a pair of elegiac couplet, Japan: "Four more Janus-faced town of Tuen Island division of the two brave enough to fight Southeast Banbi; Kings without a corner to defend their territory against Zhi Zhi Fang Zhong overseas alone." Then Guards were also guarding the tomb Shou-ling. At the same time Qianzang Zuying music studio in public with his father, also Long Zheng, his wife and his mother's tomb, the tomb of transfer Li heavy tombstone.

  In 1929, Zheng Ling stolen, the immediate rescue of two stone epitaph, Zheng Jing for a home repair graves in 1674 when the legislature (the Mount of Olives Epitaph). Zheng Qian Zang is a nice time "to the tomb of Zheng Juventus Epitaph." Zheng coffin coffin with a two-tier profile, inside a layer of red paint To taek, Guannei full of mercury, bones intact, will be out of a helmet, a robes, jade belt waist-17 set, the pair of Footwear, but also a precious cultural relics, such as hair, Ishii Nam by Zheng Chenggong Museum collections.

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Quanzhou Overseas Jiaotong Shi Gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Quanzhou Overseas Jiaotong Shi Gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Quanzhou Bay Ancient Boat Exhibition Hall in Licheng District Kaiyuan Temple, the main showroom in 1974 from Quanzhou Bay in Hong Kong after the bank discovered the wreck on behalf of Ning and associated objects unearthed.

A long shipwreck residual 24.20 meters, 9.15 meters wide residue. Voice of wide flat boat, at the end of a sharp, hull plate with 2-3 weight composite plates, 13 water Bulkhead, keel at both ends of the main junction have been engaged in "security hole life."

According to the study, which is a 13th century building in Quanzhou medium-sized ocean-going cargo ship, 34 meters in length, 11 meters wide, 4 meters-deep, 200 dead weight tons.

  "Quanzhou Overseas Exhibition Hall Jiaotong Shi," We will A large number of precious cultural relics and models to understand the ancient Quanzhou, to understand the rise and fall of ancient Erythrina in Hong Kong. Quanzhou, Gu Cheng, "Erythrina" in the Middle Ages as a "marine Silk Road" starting point, Quanzhou in East-West cultural exchanges, an important historical status.

  According to the records of the earliest residents in Fujian is Minyue As early as the Spring and Autumn period, they had been "good at building a boat." From 1920 Lianjiang in Fujian unearthed remnants of the canoe, can clearly see that there are traces of fire roasting, which at the time that has been used to fire axes and canoe manufacturer for marine activities. By canoe from the development, "wrote sampan boat" As a life-like water-fowl, which has the blessing of some of the characteristics of the vessel can be said to be a blessing, the predecessor of the ship. In the year after the 16 century, the blessing of the ship to its excellent performance, advanced technology has become the world's most advanced types of ships.

  Sun Wu of the three countries, as a result of Jin Yong's chaos across the border. Now Quanzhou region, Wang Lin, Chen Huang, Cheng Tang, Qiu, Mr Hu, such as the ancestors of the family name, from the Central Plains. They came to the two sides of the Jinjiang, live along the river, the beginning of this article Jiang referred to as "Jinjiang." Wing Wu Jingdi three years (AD 260), as a result of people across the border in Jinjiang, Fujian area population. States set up to strengthen the management of the East County. Nam under the jurisdiction of Jinjiang, the Tongan three counties, the county government in the State of Nan Fung, Fung so that the state be at the time of the Taiwanese political, economic and cultural center. In 1980, unearthed in abundance, "Tai Hong five years on June 6" on the basis of earthenware and a number of funerary items, so far, Fujian Some of the products of rural life still retains the style at that time.

  Quanzhou ancient wisdom Maria excellence, as early as a thousand years ago, they would be able to "nail tung oil plus" to create the world's most advanced types of ships: Fu ship in Quanzhou ship. In 1925, Quanzhou Bay, after all Hong Kong people have been out of a Song Dynasty Ship, 24.2 meters long residual, 9.15 meters wide, recovery, it could be the length of 36 meters, 11 meters wide, more than 200 tons deadweight, was created in Quanzhou medium-sized cargo ship. From its profile model, we would discover that there are 13 water every position, every watertight warehouse in China's Yun Began in the Tang Dynasty more than 1100 years before Europe. In addition, we will consider it from this mold was found on the ship, which anchors the mining complex is a wooden structure Shihting claws. In the past century Japan, North Korea and other places have found a lot of Quanzhou with the same boat with the anchor stone, which shows ancient ship can be found in Quanzhou.

  In recent years, We found in the vicinity of the port in the sunken vessel. One method Shek Wan in 1980 found a dead weight tons of Song on board, there is nothing a fan of the remnants, is the only one of the precious cultural relics. Quanzhou is nothing fan of ancient ship with a type of fan. In the Southern Song Dynasty, cotton textiles has not widely , Guan Chuan was only affordable for expensive silk fan. Quanzhou with a clever chip nothing, the natural plant materials such as bamboo leaves made of nothing fan, until the Ming Dynasty is still widely used.

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Phu My Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phu My Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu Quan County Palace is located in the United States and South Quanzhou, Jinjiang, the lower reaches of the United States and Gu Du Fu in the first of the banks at the end of South Gate Lane, named Phu My palace. Gong Ming Tak years before (1506-1521), on the west side of the original in the Phu My Tau; seven-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1881) moved to build this site; the first year of light (in 1821) re - , The surviving monument; 25 years of the Republic of China (1936) re-expansion.

  Prince's Palace of the Western Han Si-Xiao Wang Taifu of God, such as Wang, Wang Quan County photo Secretary General of the temple, Man Mo Zun Wang Pei Si, Zhang Xun, Xu and Yuan-round Division. The original place for the protection of God, later to become the only Quanzhou, "Wang palace" Xiao Taifu belief in the place of origin. Flourishing incense, and around the furnace at around, and Quanzhou as the ancestors emigrated overseas to make a living, belief Xiao Taifu also introduced to Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

  Block palace south, into two by the Mountain Gate, the two corridors, and the worship hall Pavilion, Palace on the west side there is his wife, mother, with a total construction area of 200 Square meters. The former palace built according to the original wall of the stage, have been destroyed. Miankuo deep into the main hall of the three, hard-Hill roof, carrying wooden beam framework. Mountain Gate and the hall decorated with exquisite wood carving, stone carving. Although the palace in size, is quite spectacular grand. In recent years, are building new Houdian, the hall has to be rebuilt, and the board of directors has to do Floor. Has become a pilgrimage of faith at home and abroad Wang's monuments and tourist attractions.

  Gong Fu Mei Xiao Taifu Taiwan has also become believers in the ancestral beliefs, deeply rooted in the hearts of the broad masses of Taiwan compatriots, the annual pilgrimage to the Quanzhou Taiwan's religious stream. Gong Fu Mei-chuen, Taiwan has become a cultural exchange To tie, in May 1989 Mailiao Township, Yunlin County Everbright Jubao organized a palace of more than 200 pilgrims on the mainland, in Taiwan for the first time through the legal channels to mainland China via Macau, to achieve a pilgrimage to the Temple in Quanzhou desire .

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Tzu Chi Hua Qiao Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tzu Chi Hua Qiao Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tzu Chi Hua Qiao Song palace was built in Shaoxing-year period (1131-1162). Quanzhou famous Northern Song Si Wu (979-1036 Army) Wah words, cloud, red. Wu called Taiwan a real person, the public's Road, Hua Qiao public and Tati. According to Shi set, his life "to the world of medicine to save people relief materials for the study, and justice A person taking money, "and" non-or low medical industry, according to the award's disease drugs, such as the arrow-breaking. "Gu Zhi Hua Qiao for his medical practice.

A four-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1878), Quanzhou, a gentleman and business people to set up Stephen Chang Hua Qiao intrauterine County Board of application, absorb, draw upon the source of drugs, Shi Guang people to carry forward the real Wu to serve the medical industry, the lives of poor Spirit. 2006 Guangxu (1880) renamed the Bureau of Quanzhou House application.

23 Guangxu (1897), Stephen County rampant plague, Gong Hua Qiao Shi coffin care medicine, Xu Gu helping the poor, has done a lot of lives, poor public disaster relief charity. This year, the charity called Huaqiao palace hall. Board attached to the application Give local government units under the jurisdiction to grant drug-based medical facilities, and facilities to do the coffin, degree-year-old (the year of relief), Tiao-ping, and other disaster relief charity. Was more than a century of deep social worshipers from all walks of life, enthusiastic home and abroad and overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and religious leaders to support the sponsorship, annual contributions continue to send medicine dedication of love.

Five Age has named Quanzhou drug patriotic gifts Department. Huaqiao in 1978 to restore the old name, donated drugs known as the Hua Qiao Department. March 18, 1985 to restore the clinic, known as the Quanzhou Huaqiao use this medicine donated by the clinic, medical facilities donated medicine to date has 121 calendar Spring and Autumn.

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Master Hong Yi's Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Master Hong Yi's Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kaiyuan Temple is located in Licheng District Court Zunsheng, are on display one of the pioneers of China's New Culture Movement, modern monk Master Hong Yi (Li Shutong) life in the last 14 years living in Quanzhou of historical materials, photos, books and calligraphy. Master Hong Yi after the death of the buried remains of Hangzhou and Quanzhou Qingyuan Shan Hu Pao Temple.

Philip-law (1880-1942) Li Shutong name, Zhejiang calm, was born in Tianjin, arts educators, generation of monks. "20 Article frightened at home and the" Great Master Hongyi's talented, poetry collection, word, painting and calligraphy, seal carving, music, drama, literature and all in one, in many areas of culture and art have opened trend. He The art of calligraphy to achieve a "satisfactory Puzhuo, if muddy natural" state of Lu Xun, Guo, and other cultural figures have to be a master of the word proud. He was also the first Chinese to the spread of Western music, he composed the "farewell song" After several decades has become a popular classic songs. At the same time, he is also a painting in my community to open Painting the human body's first teachers. His excellent knowledge of the art of cultivating a musician and artist Feng Liu quality equal number of celebrity culture.

  End-off in the heart of the youth, Master Hong Yi in 1918 in Hangzhou, Hu Pao-ji monk, began a hard Xiangfo, the law school acquired the simple life. Lvzong by Buddhist disciples as the 11th-generation generation.

Master Hong Yi's life is full of legendary, brilliant, he is extremely dull attributed to the typical Qing Ji. Tai Xu was a master mechanic gifts: China and India to teach the heart to strict legal body, clean inside and outside, as a result of the Buddha. Mr. Zhao Puchu evaluation for the master's life: World for a rare eye Full Moon Yiu Tien-hsin.

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Quanzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an to see the Mass, speaking in Quanzhou. Quanzhou, Xiamen is located in the northeast, with Taiwan across the sea, the State Council released the first batch of historical and cultural city. Quanzhou maritime transport is very well-developed since ancient times, as early as the Tang Dynasty, China has become one of the four major foreign trade port. Song and Yuan Dynasties period into the heyday of silk into the sea Qi Mao's, with more than 100 countries and trading areas; At the same time, the world's major religions also with the economic and cultural exchanges and the introduction of Quanzhou, it has become a worldwide religious and cultural characteristics of the city.

  The city has a rich cultural heritage, to preserve many of the Chinese nation Good tradition, it is also well-known hometown of overseas Chinese each year Yezu roots back to the steady stream of overseas Chinese. Quanzhou has beautiful scenery, Zhong Ling landscape, heritage sites spread all over, there are 50 units in various cultural, and national key scenic spots and a national nature reserve in all, tourism is a good place to Tourism can not miss the construction of Quanzhou.

  Quanzhou mountains and sea, the mountain territory of ups and downs, hills, valleys, basins scattered In the meantime, the meters have more than 455 mountains, mainly in Germany, Yongchun, and Anxi Nam part of the mountain. Dai Yun from the mountains north-east to south-west extension Peak 1856 meters above sea level, "central Fujian roof." Lying in the territory in the northwest and south-east high-low, from Zhongshan, low-shan to the coastal hills, plains basin transition. Wanting the coast of Quanzhou twists and turns, the bedrock for most of the coast, with a total length of 421 km, Meizhou Bay, Quanzhou Bay, Shenzhen Bay, Wai Wan in the first four Harbor Xiaocuo, Chongwu, Houzhu, Merlin, Ishii port 14.

  Quanzhou is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots Han's ancestral home in the main. The city's overseas Chinese, Chinese have more than 620 million people living in Hong Kong and Macao compatriots have more than 80 million people, Taiwan compatriots Han Chinese 44.8 percent, about 9 00,000 people, whose ancestral home is in Quanzhou. In recent years, Yezu roots to Quanzhou, visiting relatives and friends, business investment, tourism overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots more and more people enthusiastic Sangzi trip outside the building, in Quanzhou of economic and social development plays an active role.

  Quanzhou is the first of the State Council announced 24 historical and cultural cities, from the Tang Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty, Quanzhou, "Erythrina Hong Kong" has always been China's major foreign trade port, is the ancient "Marine Silk Road" starting point to enjoy the "oriental port in the first" reputation. Unique scenic spots in the city, many cultural relics, the inclusion of key cultural units at all levels 6 4, a number of which 14 national and 44 provincial level.

  Quanzhou is approved by the State Council's triangular southern open economic zone is an important component part of the national comprehensive reform pilot city one of the reform and opening up, Quanzhou from reality, and strive to make good use of the national and provincial given by the Special policies and flexible measures to regulate the market-oriented, export-oriented economy, the development of multi-ownership economy, the comprehensive economic strength has markedly increased. In 2004, the city's gross domestic product 160,297,000,000 yuan, the total fiscal revenue more than 13,000,000,000 yuan, 2.5 billion years of ultra-income, 24.5 percent Bizeng , Continue to maintain the province's total economic output and national level to the forefront of the city.

  Quanzhou footwear industry has developed textile and garment, construction and building materials, products, food and beverage industry, machine building, and other five major traditional industrial advantage, and is working to cultivate oil chemical industry, electronics and information industry, tourism, etc. Large-led industries.

  At the turn of the century to the special historical period, Quanzhou will further emancipate their minds, seize opportunities, forge ahead, speed up the development of large economic Quanzhou, carry forward the great culture of Quanzhou, Quanzhou building large cities, to promote the cause of national economic and social development of faster and better For the city to open The new glory.

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Yan Zi Xiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Zi Xiao in the urban area, 10 km north of the West last Kau Wah town in northern Shandong. The rock through a long period of weathering and water erosion, rocks stones, thousands; if at the same time in different parts of the rock percussion, will be issued by a variety of different voices, so there are "rocks Zixiao" reputation.

Ziyun over Tingquan on the bridge, along the winding and winding trail, a huge confrontation, such as doors, carved on the "rock Zixiao" three words. Shihmen through, even as the two "human" even the shape of Li Yung, deep-rooted, old squat stone, the ancient dry Lingyun. Not far from the glass Gap, a slim, sleek roof-top Fei Jia Bridge, is a legend, the Song Cai Built. Bridge with a stone. Percussion, such as the sound of drums, so called "Shek Kwu." Shek Kwu after Gurong rock and Health, Blot out the Sun shade, whirling to be the root, known as "rock song." Up is the creation of the Tang Dynasty, "Fu Ying," next to the "Hall of cloud." Hall has a natural right back Cave, quite spacious, with clear spring Wang, Yi is not inexhaustible, Blair said, "Chi Yu Hu." Rohan stone cave there, the legend if visitors dip, "Chi Yu Hu," water, sprinkle on the surface of the Ocean, Ocean's expression can be seen trance, like to laugh by smiling, fun. One hole before the streams, DC Yamashita; Wang Jian on a stone, such as boat-shaped, and stone exciton water, such as the voice of Ming Lei, "Shi Lei Hong." Health streams in a shrimp, red all over, as if cooked the same; Jian also a breeding ground for small-Lo, Lo Mei seems to be cut, are extremely rare. It is said that they were leaving the ice before the paleontological species.

Natural Cave after the cliffs, such as barrier like screen. There are in excellent shape and a giant , "Long live rock", Ji moon out, a myriad of mental Dragon-like. Million Dollar Baby and stare, Bishan Qiaoyan, bizarre, no stone is not surprising, and some like lions, like some beautiful, vivid. In addition, there are "mass graves immortal", "warm Japan-Taiwan", "three-Qing Shi", "House too Houses" and "Sin Jin-hat", "Shi Yin", Shi, Look very much like shape and attractive. There are a number of stone in the mountains, local records have been recorded in the Song Dynasty is Su Shun, Cai Xiang celebrities such as handwriting, it has weathered many, can not identify.

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Ninghai Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ninghai Putian from the bridge about 15 kilometers into the sea Mulan, the ancient ferry to Ninghai, named Ninghai Bridge. As a result of the river where the sea together, the wave of radical stream, rolling sand, the bridge project is very difficult. Yuan Yuan Dynasty from the 2002 EC (1334) to the Qing Emperor Kangxi 19 (1680), three hundred years, six six-Yi Jian. Keep the bridge is 10 years from the Qing Emperor Yongzheng (1732), spent 15 years of construction. Bridge-Shilianghe for a total length of 225 meters, 5.8 meters wide, between two piers of the net in the span between 8.8-11.8 meters, the province than the well-known Wuli span of the bridge and Luoyang Qiao also large. 75 bridge with a long of 13 , 1.2 m thick stone laid by the. There are railings on both sides, carving look forward to stigma gesture different lines of concise lions relief. The two ends of the bridge, the original vertical high of about 3 meters armored wear helmets, long hand of the statue of General Nursing Bridge 4, is only 2-to-deposit. From the view of the sunrise on the bridge, golden light 10,000 Direct under the bridge as if Long Zhu Bo, deportment million, sight, it is "the beginning of Ninghai day" reputation. Ninghai bridge to the provincial key cultural unit. 1983 Canadian shops on the bridge in a layer of cement bridge, Xiu Yu Han Jiang to Hong Kong from the adoption of the road, the road link with the Fusha.

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Millennium litchi trees - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Hong-British Lung Street in the urban areas of the original Song Hall site, planting a tree in Tianbao years, Tang (742-756 AD), has more than 1,200 years ago ancient Lai, "Song", is rare in the world of the elderly fruit trees. According to the book in four years Songjia You (1059), Cai Xiang's "litchi spectrum," it reads: " Lai public support, high tree, the tree has Shichuan three-year-old. "Estimated age." Hong Song, "a long period of time, the calendar was cold, disasters such as typhoons and Binghuo, but tenaciously living down the old indemnity and strong, with a very special life. Height is 6 meters, backbone Week 7.1 meters long, tree crown cover Area of 65 square meters. Green and luxuriant, fruits-year-old, Daniel highest output reached 352 jin. Fruit was oval, thin shell color red, juicy Rouhou, moderate sweetness, crisp slippery residue-free, fragrance Qinren. Has always been praised as "odd smell incense-free world", "goods in the first." "Hong Song" is different from general Shu-Li. It's cutting-edge one-third of the leaf margin from the site there are micro-dent, Gu Cheng, "Wai jade belt." Legend has it that Huang Chao-yi of the Tang Dynasty was, after soldiers at Putian pay for tree-felling, when a soldier hands cut, "Song Hong," Wang Shu-old woman proprietor to prevent the radical, free Kuku Qiu, the soldiers stopped as a result of that, the only one left ax Traces. The beginning of this century Putian litchi seedlings transplanted to the United States successfully grown in Florida. Is now gradually be extended to the southern states of the United States and Brazil, Cuba and other countries, by people of all countries enjoy, as the "king of fruit" and "Queen of Fruit." It is China's long history of horticulture science, technology and sophisticated Chinese and foreign scientific and cultural exchanges between the live witness, Specimens.

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Guang Hua Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guang Hua Si, located in the urban areas of the West 2 km in the southern suburbs of Phoenix Mountain Xu (also known as Nanshan), Shan, Fujian is famous ancient temples, is one of the jungle Fujian Buddhist large. Fujian Province recently was named the "Top Ten" one of the scenic area. Temple was built in the early 2002 scheduled for Chen Nan (558 AD), who began the "Golden Om Sin." After the expansion of the Temple for the Tang Jingyun 2002 (711 AD), Rui Zong Ci Ming emperor, "Lingyan Si", a famous calligrapher Liu Gong by the amount of power, peace and rejuvenating the first year of Song (976 AD), Song Dynasty emperor renamed the "Guang Hua Si." Guang Hua Si Song Dynasty is the peak, there were 10 homes under the jurisdiction of the Om 120, up to a thousand monks People. "Ying canopies with Morocco, Yu Hin-out" if the city of Mountain Gate, pilgrims like clouds. Now buildings are still the early years of Qing Emperor Guangxu of rehabilitation. In recent years, the enthusiasm of overseas Chinese under the auspices of the widely Huasi also conduct a comprehensive renovation of the expansion. With a total area of over 32,000 square meters, construction area has reached more than 16,000 square meters, the whole cloth By Zhao Bi, of St. Paul, the Mountain Gate, Fangsheng Chi, King Hall, Main Hall, Fa Tang (for Cangjing Ge), the ancestral hall and (for Wofo Court) for the axis, sitting north to south, a total length of 385 meters, the magnificent. On both sides of the wing has a spacious veranda century portico, the entire complex closely tied. Zuoxiang followed by Wofo Court Church of merit, sound Creek Court, Rural Water and Clouds, Ketang respect, Garan Temple, the concept of the five-tang (for the Treasury, after the plot for the Hong kitchen) to the Clock Tower; Wofo followed by the right hand side of Wisdom Tong Ge, look at Hill House , The abbot, the haze Cave, net line together, the Hall of Ancestors, Hall quit school to the Drum Tower. The upper left corner of a magnificent new Guanyinge, for a Up to eight meters in the audio-visual concept; the top right of the new small and possession of Nanshan Temple. Fangsheng Chi in the right and left. Ocean's four new 500-tang. Temple's overall well-structured, well-proportioned layout, the ancient Taiwanese show temples of traditional architectural style. Zhudian Main Hall built in the 2.7 m-high platform lift for the beam structure of the temple. Dian 22 meters, covering an area of 837 square meters. King Dianqian two Northern Song 2002 (1065) by Shi Jing-built buildings, about 3 meters high, with an engraved with "Fodingzunsheng dharani Jingzhou," This is the Sanskrit into Chinese with studies of local Relations between the dialects of precious materials. S & P on the left side of the door in front of Um , And the first year of road Song (1165) before the completion of the pavilion type Shakado Wen Fang Mu pagoda, five octagonal-shaped, 30 meters high. Tower Room hollow, embedded stone wall level, assistance for boarding, at all levels to be outside the tower. Diego and the outer wall of Shibuya between relief Buddha, the head feathers, flowers and birds flying Leji, such as design, exquisite beauty Imitation brick tower carved eaves, Ling-feng cite Gone with the Wind trend, its architecture, rare for Fujian, is listed as national key cultural unit. Terauchi Zhao has personally wrote the "solemn Wande," reads the "solemn land, Tetra Pak Affairs of the Heart" eight characters. Wide heritage Huasi for key provincial units. Shannon Temple Its peak, the stream of pilgrims. There are urban road through the Mountain Gate.

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South Shaolin Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots


  Shaolin Temple site at the end of Putian County town of West Jiu Lian Shan mountains, about 17 km away from the urban area.

Jiu Lian Shan in Linquan Block House, built in the Southern Dynasties Chen will be the first year (557), to the North Song Jiayou years (1056-1063), has become very Cisi of Wu Feng-sheng, Cheng On the southeast coast of China's martial arts center. Legend has it that the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan, 13 monks to help emperor of the Tang Dynasty unified China, thanks to the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, "monk soldiers," and throughout the country to allow the establishment of 10 sub-temple. According to the test, Putian County Jiu Lian Shan Institute of Linquan, Shaolin Temple is 10 minutes earlier temple built at one of the temple. Because The ambitious Modulus (an area of about 30,000 square meters), the peak wind force, the impact of South China, the Shaolin Temple known as the South. According to the test, the Monastery in the early Qing Qing had been burned.

  From 1986 to 1988, Putian county in the survey of cultural artifacts, found in the annihilation of hundreds of years of temple ruins, after careful excavation, 5 are engraved with "soldiers Monk," "Ocean's bath from San Jianchaling" Shihcao text of the Northern Song Dynasty. History is contained only in order to crown the Shaolin Temple "monk soldiers". Accordingly, the approval by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, in December 1990, Fujian team of site Temple Hill Jiulian archaeological excavation, unearthed a "really great sleep Leather exports embankment Tower, Linquan hospital, God, "the Tang Dynasty stone and" 2004 Year of the Changxing Guisi day, "the words of the Southern Tang ceramic owl's tail, and other precious historical relics.

April 25, 1992, the Southern Shaolin demonstration sites will be the reconstruction and Shaolin Temple in Putian, Shannan Jiulian a news conference in Beijing, People's Assembly To be held. December 8, 1998, Shannan Jiulian Shaolin Temple reconstruction projects completed at home and abroad began to open. June 4, 1993, Fuqing City history, after a hard worker in the town of Zhang Shaolin Shaolin Village to find the site. Since then, more than three years, the archaeologists to investigate, research and To explore ancient, have made a variety of data confirm that: The town is located in Fuqing City, Zhang Shaolin temple ruins of the village is in line with the historical records of the Shaolin Temple in Fujian, that is commonly known in the history of the South Shaolin. The major achievements in November 15, 1996's "Shaolin Temple Fuqing South to explore the site and research findings of the report", All over the country to more than 20 experts and scholars of full recognition.

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East Shenzhen Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East Shenzhen Reservoir in the urban area 8 km north-west of Putian County, Hsu Chang Chun Mei Tung township too. East Shenzhen Reservoir in our province is one of the large reservoirs, with irrigation, flood control, power generation, shipping, culture, the role of the tour, and so on. Lan He reservoir dam 360 meters long, 58 meters high and 8 meters Dingkuan, as a huge barrier, lie in the Pegasus, Long Hill Canyon between the two, since stopped Xianyou Jiuli Hu and torrents of water to form a surface area of 10 square kilometers, the storage capacity amounted to 435,000,000 cubic meters of man-made lake. In 1962, to Guo Po visit, he spoke highly of the Fushi. Today, East Shenzhen Reservoir has become a new resort. Undulator paddle, boating on the lake, Fun for all. Qixiu the two sides of the mountain, Weng Yu of the woods, with the Chengbi Xiangyingchengqu lake. Lake has a variety of home entertainment, visitors to this interest has doubled. In the urban areas have access to highways in the reservoir area. In the urban area, 8 km north-west of Putian County, Hsu Chang Chun Mei Tung township too. Tung Chun Treasury province is one of the large reservoirs, with irrigation, flood control, power generation, shipping, culture, the role of the tour, and so on. Lan He reservoir dam 360 meters long, 58 meters high and 8 meters Dingkuan, as a huge barrier, lie in the Pegasus, and Dragon Hill Canyon between the two, since stopped Xianyou Jiuli Hu and torrents of water to form An area of 10 square kilometers, the storage capacity amounted to 435,000,000 cubic meters of man-made lake. In 1962, to Guo Po visit, he spoke highly of the Fushi. Today, East Shenzhen Reservoir has become a new resort. Ling Po paddle down, boating on the lake, Fun for all. Qixiu the two sides of the mountain, Weng Yu of the woods Chengbi Xiangyingchengqu with the lake. Lake has a variety of home entertainment, visitors to this interest has doubled. In the urban areas have access to highways in the reservoir area.

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Choi Kai Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Choi Kai Yan Xianyou county seat is located about 40 kilometers Xibei Yu as the Rural Township in the territory. Legend has it that the Tang Dynasty Fengshan 9 Chi Kwong Temple monks pass by here, do not?????to wild plants for food. The local people see the river are often abandoned in the wild leaves drift, named. River rock legend dishes, there are more than King. There are an ancient mountain House, near as high as two meters, 300 meters wide near the boulder off, in an open, that is, Shek Mun. Shihmen the cliffs to the north, such as screen after every rainfall, the mountain water pouring from here to form a spectacular waterfall, Longtan Zhixie. Longtan on the eastern side, a high tens of Weiranchuli boulder, known as "flying stone." Wanli said to be out from the roll down the hill. Flying stone, another Lateral Horizontal stone, engraved with the "marble sleep," the words. Stone standing on the West Vision, the only lion Jun Qiao Feng pressing. Peak on the stalagmite and stone realistic image of the parasol, arch. Sleep under the marble is "Magic You holes," small holes before the lake, the ancient Yin loose, vine shade . Choi Kai Shek Kwu there on the right side of the rock, stone bell, lions, like rock, all-Ocean View. Ocean's deep hole The spacious, legend yore Jiuli Hu Chang Ho nine cents to this play. Choi Kai Yan view of the new regular season, the endless changes. Nissan also in the mountains, "Senate vegetables River" (Senate fu), Ganoderma lucidum, and other precious herbs. County roads have been Yamashita. Choi Kai, who back a long, it was "Xinghua County," records of the Tang Dynasty, 9 Fengshan Temple monks travel far and wide to this wide-chi, feng shui see this famous treasure, it Jielu practice, preaching a sermon. He did not?????to pick wild plants for food, often in the stream as a result of vegetables, leaves and Sui Bo, the foothills village Streams on the leaves drift, so that the river here for the food. Yan Guang Han Qing Dynasty famous poem has said: Shishi open waterfall do Yunfei, Wanshan Yuhuatai worship. Mo River startling visitors famous dish, stem and root Zixi by water. In the Northern Song Dynasty years, Longhua, a family name of Chen Yi, the word-employed, so that the monitor was in Beijing with Wang and not political views, so Returning officer, after the great-grandson and Cai Xiang Xijing to school with the Secretary Caishu You Rock Creek vegetables, Goddess of Mercy dream that night the brilliant golden light, we live here. Cai Shu temple has been built in the foothills of the river vegetables, Gu Yue Cai River. (Xiangshan Temple in the back seat of this historic temple still Cai). So the history books also known as Cai River, and local people still call the river dishes.

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