Feng Yuqiao Longjin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhijiang County is located in Hunan Province, since 19 years Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1591, by the wide-Ming Seng Juan Jian-Yun to take the lead after the crash and several Yi, the number of repair, road traffic has been a stronghold of Hunan and Guizhou, but also between the tourists and merchants gathered in the downtown , Known as the "three-Chu southwest of the first bridge." Early in 1999, Long Jin Qiao again Repair work, November 7, 1999 completion. Feng Yuqiao Longjin re-repair of a total length of 146.7 meters and 12.2 meters wide, the largest in the world today Feng Yuqiao. Feng Yuqiao as a whole for the entire wooden structure, no nail a riveting, momentum great, such as a long line used to cross between the East and West, not only to retain the building Dongxiang text Taste, and fully reflects the contemporary art of landscape architecture.

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Xiongxiwuquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hongjiang ancient river rule the roost, five-chuen. First, in Er Quan Lao Ya at the foot of the slope, III, IV, V Ping-chuen, both at the White Horse (now hung Creek Park). In 18 years, Peng visits the elderly in the wealthy al-Tai door, to raise funds to build the five-chuen, and Stephen each side of the as-built to mark the commemoration. Hongjiang Zhengxuan inscription by the book. Quan Quan in the third to the best water quality, Qinglietianrun, but dilapidated, the water is polluted; fifth spring far more complicated, but also contaminated, are now in training in repairs. Stephen Fourth of water, large and clear, still consumed by local residents. First, the amendment Song Yun Er Quan as a result of the destruction of the road.

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Martin Gulou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Channel at the Dong Autonomous County Rural Yang Ping Tin Sam Village in the territory, was built before Junji years, for the construction of the Dong unique. A square two-story pavilion, nine eight columns, wooden structure. 8 meters wide margin, 20 meters high. For the octagonal roof, the occasional ding gourd. Canopy closure plate girder and the building painted a picture of civil, Qiaojiao canopy decorated with animal relief. Huotang-based, wooden bench around the home. The second floor of the positive activities of the Department of wooden partition, taking the stage. 1-8 layer are 1.40, 1.80 for the 9th floor. Four-watt light symmetrically on a plastic dragon, unicorn, phoenix, peacock, fishes, lion, deer Ben symbolizing good luck and happiness, and other graphics. Wang Chuan also painted a variety of birds, fish, flowers Grass, clear lines and brilliant colors. The whole structure of the body floor, delicate, beautiful shape, dignified and elegant, is a masterpiece of the Dong ethnic architecture. Tickets: Martin and Drum Tower are located in a circuitous Longqiao Rock Park alone, 20 yuan /person.

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Hongjiang ancient city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hongjiang ancient city according to Yuan, Wu Jian and water, forming in Yuanmomingchu still remains more than 2000 buildings, covering an area of more than 10 square meters and its faintly visible in the atmosphere of the ancient city of commerce.

Hongjiang city's ancient streets generally divided into two types, formation, a little straight and long known as the "Street , Built along the ravine known as the "red", red, between the street as a result of changes in the topography of the aisle to form known as "Lane." Cross-streets, around the stone steps, narrow curved, with the exception of Center Street outside the maximum length of 500 meters, in general 200-300 meters wide in the 2-4 meters, the road is paved with stone, is a typical Ancient city-building mode.

About 34 kilometers long along the intermittent remaining terminals and the level Qingdan Ban Road scattered stone-class forward, well-preserved with a large since the Ming and Qing Dynasties era temples to the Republic of China, Hui field, post, government offices, banks, banks, College , School, hall, workshop, co, Stack, opium halls, brothels, restaurants and newspapers ... ... Green Fenqiang ears, Diaolianghuadong, Guxiangguse, gray moss, fully confirms the literature on the records of more than 300 years ago, "seven of eight red Lane 9 Street" layout.

Like the maze of ancient Hongjiang city streets, dotted with many of the wealthy gentry giant House, and even some warehouse and residential customers in honor of the firm. House for more than two-two-two-or three-, four weeks for the bank up a fire of green brick walls, great Chudo Gochang. There are dry and wet courtyard patio, gallery-order with a very large formation of the Qing Shiban paved, and some to a long-Zhang Yu. More rare every door there is a Qingshi Ban made the peace set cylinder (elsewhere are earthenware), the largest of about two meters wide, about one meter high, each side is carved with fine patterns auspicious. There is a round or hexagonal to watch the fish tank, engrave poems on the fish and dragon flowers and birds, paintings and carvings are of high artistic quality, eye-openers. As the ancient city from the inside of the passenger business all over the lot, in order to contact the family hometown friends, fellow safeguard the interests of the business customer who began to set up Hall. Hall or located in Shen Xiang, or the construction of high slope, every Palace Museum has a name, such as Jiangxi, said Wanshou Palace Museum, the Museum of Fujian, said Tien Hou Temple, Baoqing said the Taiping Palace Museum, seven branches, said Guan Sheng Temple A main hall, Piandian, the main hall, living room, and rooms such as the stage for joint worship and the maintenance of homesickness.

Hongjiang city's ancient architectural style is typical of the Ming and Qing Dynasties to create a southern French, both significant Yuan Xiang Te color. Every house there was a feeling of harmony between man and nature in harmony, only bricks, wood, stone for the Expected, do not have a nail on the Block to create a solid, practical and beautiful building. Exquisite window lattice, the fan frame, carved doors and sophisticated modeling of the railings, cornices Qiaojiao Zhanchiyufei, although complex and detailed, yet simple and natural, reflecting China's ancient architectural art of the extreme.

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Xiang Jingyu's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang Jingyu, Xupu Xian, the Communist Party of China early well-known leader of one of the women's movement, was born in 1895 in the town of Frank Lu Xu Puxian. Xiang Jingyu's former home for the courtyard off the front three all-wood structure, simplicity and low-rise housing, doors and window frames page has the unique geometric patterns and decoration, in the courtyard of the path he used eggs Paved, but also design patterns. There are on display inside the former residence to the police to the young age of some of the artifacts. House to the police for the eastern side of the square, stands at the southern tip to the police to the monument, 9 meters high, there is a statue to the police to the body, engraved with the positive Chen Yun wrote "Comrade Monument to the police to" gold-plate the eight Chinese characters, the other three sides carved Mori and Suozhuan "to the police to the mass comrades." There are new to the nearby memorial to the police. Tickets: 5 yuan /person.

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Square commemorating the surrender Zhijiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhijiang the county seat is located 3.5 km of the Seven Mile bridge, the KMT used to force air command base auditorium, in August 1945 Japan announced its unconditional surrender, August 21-23 of the Kuomintang government in the surrender ceremony was held. Zhijiang Square commemorating the surrender of China's only victory in the Sino-Japanese War Memorial building, built in 946 in February. Memorial Square is to the north-south, three-column arch of the West, on the green brick, cement stucco, stone inlay, Yuan. Square face engraved with Chiang Kai-shek of the Kuomintang military and political dignitaries, Li Tsung-jen, Yu Yu, Sun Ke, He Yingqin, Bai Chongxi and others wrote that couplet. Memorial Square back in "Square commemorating the surrender Zhijiang in mind," Ming 206 words . Zhijiang Memorial Square, built in the vicinity of the exhibition hall commemorating the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, part of the exhibition in the "eight-year war", "China surrender", "history can not forget the" three parts of the large amount of text, photos and in-kind reflect the Chinese people against Japanese aggression The course of the struggle. Not far from the Zhijiang Airport, covers an area of 48 0 acres more than that was the summer of World War II Allied armies in the Far East with the second airport, General Chennault of the Flying Tiger hybrid China and the United States and the United States, the 14th Battalion of the Air Force had used as a base. China and the United States Air Force near the airport are in the eastern wing of the airport control tower and are still well preserved. Admission: 20 yuan /person.

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Giant Salamander National Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, located in the area, covering an area of 14,285 hectares, in 1995 by the Hunan Provincial People's Government approved the establishment in 1996, was promoted to the national level, mainly for the protection of giant salamander and its ecological environment.

Wulingshanmai located in the eastern section of the region, mainly in the territory in the mountains, the most Feng Shan mantle 1890.4 meters above sea level, the lake is the Nan Xiang, the capital, Yuan, Li birthplace of four major river systems. As the south-east of the Pacific monsoon Wulingshanmo by the block, the formation of the rainy season climate, characterized by four seasons, with summer heat and winter cold without appropriate climate conditions and send the water system for key state Wildlife care giant salamander habitat and reproduction provides a good ecological environment, and thus protected areas has become the focus of China's giant salamander one of the distribution area.

  In addition to the giant salamander, the region's other wild animals are also very rich in resources, known to be up more than 3,000 species of higher plants, Davidia, Metasequoia, and so was Liriodendron For state protection of rare and endangered plants. Wildlife, the state primary and secondary protection have clouded leopard, indica, Temminck's Pheasant, pangolins, otters, and so on, have a high conservation value.

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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in 1982 was commissioned by the State Council approved the establishment of the State Development Planning Commission of China's first national forest park. It is original Dayong City, as a result of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is world renowned, the State Council for approval by the People's Republic of China, Hunan Province, the original Dayong from the city on April 4, 1994, -Changed its name to the city of Zhangjiajie. He and Tianzishan, Suoxi Yu linking nature reserves, scenic spots constitute Wuling. In December 1992, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee formally approved by Forest Park as the main body of the Wulingyuan included in the "World Heritage List."

  Zhangjiajie National Lin Park is located in northwestern Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie City, 32 kilometers away from the urban area. Park area of 4810 hectares. Moon Rabbit highest peak 1334 meters above sea level, the lowest Shuiraosimen 426 meters above sea level. The average annual temperature is 12.8 ?, the average annual rainfall 1228.5mm, are in sub-tropical in the north Staging area, Forest Park microclimate obvious.

  In 1983 the establishment of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Zhangjiajie hosted the village, the village of Yuan Jiajie, parks with a total area of 4810 hectares, the forest cover 98% of the timber volume 350,000 cubic meters. Park Permanent Population 3800, Office dry 1,500 employees. Park's unique quartz sand that the peak forest landform, set "-hung, odd, quiet, wild, the show" as one that is "shrinking in Wonderland, the expansion of the bonsai." Park has been open Huang Danzhai, Jinbian Xi, Chai Yao Zi, Yuan Jiajie, such as fine lines around, the 130 best of a number of attractions. Park not only natural Strange and unusual wealth of animal and plant resources. There are 93 Section 517 kinds of woody plants, 720 kinds of ornamental plants, 41 kinds of Section 13 of the birds, 28 kinds of mammals, there is a "natural botanical garden," "Animal Kingdom". With the continuous development of tourism, the park constantly undergoing new changes. From the past to forest Production of a single operation mainly to the development of agriculture, forestry, and the eco-tourism as one to protect and coordinate the development of the entity. Tourism led the implementation of the strategy, ushered in a growing number of tourist guests at home and abroad, has also brought good economic and social benefits. Park built, received 16,000,000 million foreign tourists To achieve 2.7 billion in tourism revenue.

  Park area covered by forests 98%, 93 Section 517 kinds of woody plants, which are at the national level to protect the rare species 7. Than all of Europe as a whole more than a few species of woody plants more than doubled, such as "Davidia" and "Ginkgo" there is "activation ". Here birds, mammals rich, but also very valuable. There are 41 kinds of birds, mammals, 28 species, among them the protection of the country there are 7 kinds of rare animals, as the" natural zoo. "

  The amazing natural beauty to peak to valley You significant to see Lin Yu, in order to see the water show in order to See God. During 3800 there Cueifong column of that relatively high degree of 100-300 meters. Cong green mountains covered with evergreen the four seasons; stone peaks, such as animal person, such as browser-like, life-like image, a spectacular momentum. Feng, gurgling streams, deep gorges, Blot out the Sun shade. "Cuiwei 3000 peak, eight glass of water" reputation Yamahana in full bloom in the spring, everything looks new and fresh; Lin Shigeki close in the summer, breezy; Qishuang autumn sky, red leaves of good times; winter snow and ice cover, Yinshan-wrapped.

  Zhangjiajie is to come out of purdah from the elegant, a girl, is a landscape of the hinterland Wulingshanmai Pearl. Park is now open 6 Access lines, 136 sites, of which Huang Danzhai, Jin Bianxi was to promote international gold tour line.

  Park, public transport, communications, tourism services, cultural and recreational facilities, "food, shelter, transportation, travel, entertainment, buy," self-service, tourism, leisure The ideal business talks.

  Park built more than a decade, the park has always been to maintain the "protection of the First, Second Development", a unique rational use of natural resources, to strengthen the protection of scenic areas of development and construction. A high standard stone paved Road travel 35 kilometers, the construction of hotels, posts and telecommunications, commerce, medicine , Banks, schools and so on, the opening of the cable, set up a passenger ropeway, the new "six-Qi Ge", "Xuan welcome home" and "Song," "Zoo" and other human landscape. Park attaches great importance to the protection of forests, the implementation of network management, forest protection Huang Danzhai has built a fire observation deck, and built a forest fire Nursing 7 points, to create a forest fire 52 km, 19 km to build a fire road, 75 km of forest roads fire. Now 43 years in a row without the realization of forest fires, forest pests and diseases without the occurrence, won the "civilization of the National Forest Park," "AAAA grade scenic tourist", "advanced unit of the National Greening" "National Scenic Spot-the-art system of collective", "No forest fire advanced unit" and "state-run National Forest Farm 100," and so on, in March 1994, the Ministry of Forestry to determine Zhangjiajie National Forest Park for 20 of the National Forest Park one of the demonstration. Park built, the park expanding source markets, forest tourism Step-by-step development. Well-known, continuously improve the degree of beauty, "Sen international security section," as an opportunity to "section to set up the stage, singing Mao", so that the natural beauty of Zhangjiajie magic famous at home and abroad. China's party, government and military leadership of the main entrance after another inspection on March 27, 1995, the General Secretary Jiang Zemin visited the park and title "Zhangjiajie into a well-known tourist destination." Give very high marks from the park. Domestic tourists have been spread to 30 provinces (cities, districts), visitors from outside Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan to expand into Southeast Asia, North America and Western Europe and other places. Over the past decade, the park had received more than 1,000 Chinese and foreign tourists million in economic The total profits and taxes and income growth year after year.

  Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a well-known scenic forest is a window opening to the outside world in Hunan Province, is a model of social order. Park to the "safe and civilized, health, and orderly" as the goal, with strong management, foreign Shuxing Xiang, the government is committed to the community And scenic environment of comprehensive management, the formation of social stability, civilization, honest and warm atmosphere. She is moving "in the first park in the future" ahead. As the first national forest park of the building, constantly on the road to explore, and made gratifying achievements, Forest Park has played a leading role and set an example Has been the national and provincial departments of the full recognition and social recognition. Park has won the "National Model units of national unity and progress" and "civilization of the National Forest Park," "National Forest Fire Prevention advanced unit" and "National May 1 Labor certificate of merit" the glorious title of the park belong Huangdan Zhai tube Administration Committee , The CMC has Jinbian Xi was awarded the "National Advanced grass-roots party organizations" and "collective national flag on March 8". Unremitting struggle, always forward, is the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the spirit of the people, the first Chinese garden, world-renowned garden is gradually achieve the goal.

  Zhangjiajie National sen Park, with its wonderful scenery, endless charm, and look forward to your close embrace! Since the city of Zhangjiajie in 1994, formally established in cities, the work has made unprecedented Development, Zhangjiajie traffic is very convenient, accessible by land, the train has been opened in Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, a long , Wuxi, and other domestic and medium-sized cities; flights have been launched in Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhanjiang, Changsha, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, more than 20 routes. In 1995, President Jiang Zemin visited Zhangjiajie to put forward a "Zhangjiajie into a well-known tourist destination" Instructions, so that the development of Zhangjiajie the face of unprecedented opportunity for development. Zhangjiajie city party committee and government are in accordance with the instructions of Jiang Zemin, has spared no effort in every possible way the development of tourism. Zhangjiajie is a year to receive nearly three million domestic and foreign tourists, and was growing momentum. Zhangjiajie Ming Certainly better!

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Folk Tour - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tujia is a good hard-working people, honest folk Hanshi, to Zhangjiajie in the folk tour quite fun.

  From the urban area around the countryside to visit, regardless of what the village can let you enjoy. Tujia into the village, as if you entered a quiet elegant Xin world. You can do it one day Tujia Villagers to Tashui car, pushing Nianzishan, they can go hunting in the mountains, fish in the water. If you happen to encounter Tujia marriage, birthday celebrations and so on, you can Tujia villagers with the same music, with dance, get drunk with.

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Show Museum of Huashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangjiajie is located in the center of the Huashan Museum show is China's first museum Tu Jiaren, where a long Tujia culture and the arts and rich folk customs of the performing arts reached a high degree of unity and harmony, known as "the soul of the Tujia," "West Hunan The epitome of the culture. "

Xiu Hua Shan Museum of the main building used soil Residents in the well-house structure, scattered high and low, well co-Wai Hospital, all doors and windows, Yan Jiao, the cornerstone of western Hunan from the collection of counties from old-world, the United States Meilen Huan. Museum's collection is known as "the patron saint of Tujia culture," Chen Chuhua of the Tujia and his wife, Gong Show Road 20 to the perseverance of crystallization, basically covering Xiangxi Tujia the Ming and Qing Dynasties carved wooden furniture, Tujia folk costumes, Tujia brocade Cross, Tujia silver ornaments and other unique and beautiful life appliances, custom appliances, production equipment, appliances, art and religious ritual utensils, particularly in the areas of Tujia water-carved window of the Ming Dynasty and known for colorful stone. Show Museum of Huashan When the museum broke through the inherent model of the ancient Bogut will be static and dynamic tour of the Tujia customs combination of specialized mining Tujia display of song and dance music, festivals, history, religion, marriage, and other funeral Health unique folk culture, so that Show Museum of Huashan become famous Zhangjiajie scenic. Show Museum of Huashan with Tujia ethnic architectural style, the beautiful and distinctive style. Room flavor, the mood ultra-long garden, home territories is the traditional architecture of the perfect embodiment. Museum collection and preservation of a large number of areas of western Hunan art of the nation, is the main hall Chen Chuhua, Gong Road Show and his wife sustained close to 20 years Crystallization. Tujia collection to the Ming and Qing Dynasties luxurious and elegant as the main body of ancient furniture, with the Tujia dazzling costumes, folk costumes, folk embroidery, calligraphy and painting antiques, ancient wood carvings, and so on, and use of family layout, rich in content. Hill House has also set up a customs Tujia-time performances, visitors can be full of Tujia style House to participate in activities.

  Show Museum of Huashan?????, China Central Television, "Chia Tai Arts", "Oriental Horizon", "China Tourism" and "literature and art wide-angle" column many times, made the cover story; People's Daily, China Daily, World Journal, Nanyang Siang Pau At home and abroad, such as hundreds of news media To promote the publicity; Beijing Film Studio, unlimited TV, the Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV also as a location to film production program. Xiu Hua Shan Hall and received the National People's Congress Vice Chairman Peng Peiyun, Lei, Bu He, Wu, Zhou Guangzhao; of the CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman Zhou Tienong, Mao Zhiyong, Qian and other party State leaders and Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa, the master of his credentials Guan Shanyue, literary master and Yu Kuang-chung in dozens of countries, diplomatic envoys to China at home and abroad, and other celebrities from all walks of life, are very high praise evaluation.

  Xiu Hua Shan Hall in order to promote the Tujia culture for the purpose of the collection to display, publicity, research the history of Tujia culture Yung, is a window of the Tujia culture. Show Museum of Huashan use of the residential Tujia well-house structure, building Cuolayouzhi, antique, galleries flavor, originality. Museum's collection of Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou Tujia ethnic ghettos of art of more than 15,000 pieces of Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Tujia furniture, ancient Eagle, Tujia clothing, non-embroidery, calligraphy and painting, such as antique as the main body, there are daily Tujia Ren, Tujia Cross series, Tujia woven cotton series, bonsai root series, and so on, the number of its collection, full of variety, the process of sperm As a family museum, it is a rare, highly appreciate the artistic and research value. Xiu Hua Shan Museum of Art Tujia wood can be a must. Library building is divided into wood carving, furniture, sculpture and crafts display 3 categories. Building a sculpture collection of the Museum of Tujia hundreds of pieces of furniture such as beds, tables, chairs, screens, racks, wash racks, dressing box, and so on, especially Tujia water beds, a new pattern , Exquisite technique, style, absolutely beautiful. Xiu Hua Shan Museum of Tujia wooden covered a wide range, in addition to a small number of mostly abstract patterns based on outside Tujia Ren love to see and hear things that are mainly three aspects auspicious motifs, such as "more than auspicious," "Deng Xia Feng grain" and "dragon and phoenix Ching Cheung "" Songhe Yannian " And Fu, Lu, Shou, such as using symbolic xi, the analogy to express the good wishes of the people. Second, ancient heroes, opera characters, myths and legends, such as a fable. Third, the performance of the Tujia Ren daily life, social life, such as the production work of the subject matter. There is also a large number of livestock animals and birds, plants and flowers. Wood material to make more use of white Wood, camphor wood, Lei Muk, boxwood. Various forms of sculpture, reliefs, Toudiao, have Yuandiao.

  Xiu Hua Shan Museum's collection of thousands of Tujia show Spurs series, Cross-series, woven textiles such as cotton fine line utility. "Thorn Hall Show" on display in the Hall of the canopy, canopies account, Beimian, clothing, wallets, pillows, and other files Woven cotton Pimian series, was leg, covered skirts, and so on; Cross series handkerchief, and so the burden, the Tujia people reflects the unique style of textile art.

  Hua Shan Museum will show silent audio, static and dynamic, excavation of the Tujia songs and dances, music, marriage funeral of Health, religion, history, unique culture and the arts, etc. Tujia scheduled to perform a variety of traditional programs, such as Mao Goose, Baishou dance, quinoline Dong Dong, lutetium-play, and Tujia folk songs, such as lanterns, so that's good literature and art performances rich ethnic customs and harmonious unity.

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Rooftop - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulingyuan is the highest point, East and West two. Here is extremely broad field of vision, a bird's eye view on the stage in the West Sea Panorama, the competition could see peaks show, Tsui Ping-out, scattered high and low, broad stretches. Shi Feng white clouds lingering in the top, like Longtenghuyue, Qian Yan Among a Myriad of the surging.

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