Putian Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Putian City is located in the Pacific in the West Bank of China's East Sea, coastal Fujian Province in central Fusha gold coast, 108 km north of the provincial capital Fuzhou, Xiamen Special Economic Zone from the South 190 km, with Taiwan across the sea from Taichung to Hong Kong only 72 sea miles. Putian City Land area 4200 square kilometers, population 2,900,000 Is the territory of sub-tropical monsoon maritime climate, the average annual temperature of 18 ? -21 ?, with the winter cold and summer heat-free, four seasons, mild moist.


  Putian City, known as the "Xinghua," has more than 2,000 years of history, culture, Fujian is the ancient House First, since ancient times for the central Fujian political, economic and cultural center. In 1983 the formal establishment of Putian cities, dominates Xianyou County, Licheng Qu, Chengxiang District, Hanjiang District, Xiu Yu Island and the China National Tourism Resort.

Putian City has been re-teaching schools, history is full of talents, known as "literature of the state" "Lu Zou Waterfront" reputation. After the founding of New China, especially Jianshiyilai, won the country many times, "athletics village" and "Opera Heung Yee's", "painting a town", "martial arts town," and so on. South known as living fossils show the opera many times Xian Jin Jing Po Time and Taiwan were invited to perform in Beijing and the famous island. Putian City, has beautiful scenery, numerous monuments, is rich in tourism resources. There are four major Buddhist jungle Fujian and the "ten best scenic spots," one of the millennium so wide Huasi brake; "Sanjue Fujian," one of the scenic Jiuli Hu; have focused on the national heritage: built in the Tang Dynasty China's architectural art of flower Hyun San Qingdian view, the Song Dynasty Mulan water reservoir, set in the Song Dynasty architecture and the arts as one of the stone relics Shakya tower; there is the famous Chinese and foreign South Shaolin Temple; there as the "little world, few Chinese" Xiuyu natural deep water port in Meizhou Bay in Hong Kong; have the most complete existing domestic one of the Drum Tower, built in the early years of peace Song Gu Qiao Lou; "Merlin Buddha" Meifeng the temple, "Hillside Garden clean" folder Cottage Festival, the magnificent scenery ninghai in the early days, clouds filled the possession Smoke Shishi, the strange stone of the odd tree and rock Wing Yan Zi Xiao, Classic solemn Shihfang East Gate, thousands of fantasy ...... Xiao-Xu Dongshan area of these paintings as if the earth art Epitome of the carved, decorated in Putian between the mountains and rivers.

Putian is a peaceful sea goddess Matsu's home, located on the Meizhou Island of Heaven Temple is the world's more than 20 countries and regions, more than 1,500 Mazu Gongmiao Block of Temple, the faithful have 200,000,000 people, there are only Taiwan Matsu Temple 800 Block and his followers more than 1400 million people. Meizhou Island is to attract mainland compatriots, overseas Chinese, the largest, most concentrated in one place. Toshihide more natural landscape on the island capital, the Angels have the ring of satellite Chao Yin Mei, the Seven Wonders of the Industrial Qifengyidan, a vast golden beaches, thousands of follow-level domain of the green corridor, can win the holiday tourism . Meizhou Island in 1992 by the State Council as a state-level tourism resort.

Jiuli Hu, also giving nature in the city of Putian, a major scenic spots. Jiuli Hu at Dongbei Yu Xianyou County, about 25 million km of Hill Top, Lake here, holes, waterfall, Stone said the four-odd, particularly for the most Fei Bao, since ancient times To have a "world-Qi Lei Fei Bao Lake" reputation. Xu Ming Dynasty Great travel home with the Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Yuhua hole and said, "Sanjue." Legend has it that Emperor, Ho has nine brothers in the Alchemy, after the cross-Lei Sheng Xian, Jiuli Hu and thus got its name. It also passed a number of local Ho nine cents on the history and the men and women here to seek Meng Xian, "the story of. Plaster Jiuli Hu Cui-Qing Yang, is a beautiful natural lake surrounded by verdant forests, spring water Huguangshanse both Lin Shih-sheng, it is beautiful. Scenic spots in the mountains around the Cliff Inscription, is the literary history This victory look of letters left behind after Probe into poetry.

Songshan in Henan Province and The temple echoed Lin Shannan Shaolin Temple in Putian City, the site of the demonstration confirmed that it is China's martial arts, Buddhism and archaeological study of the archaeological community in recent years, significant results. April 25, 1992, the People's Government of Fujian Province, Putian city government in Beijing's Great Hall of the People held a news conference. Solemnly declare Reconstruction of the South Shaolin Temple envisaged to be the party and state leaders, experts and more than 120 Chinese and foreign correspondents evaluation of the high. South Shaolin Temple site is located in Putian, about 18 km north-west of the Jiu Lian Shan. Various efforts over the past few years, site Southern Shaolin Temple reconstruction projects have been completed. Mr. Zhao Puchu set with the written South Shaolin "huge arch of the Mountain Gate, as well as the Main Hall, WANG Dian-wu-day operation Museum, the exhibition hall, reception halls, car parks and other major facilities of opening up.

Putian City, rich, prosperous fishing, is well-known "land of fish and rice", rich in rice, sugar cane, peanuts, jute and tea, and here Litchi, longan, loquat, seedless pomelo is the name of the four famous fruit. There are eels, shrimp, mackerel, pike, sturgeon, razor clam, sea oyster, laver, and other characteristics of aquatic products is renowned at home and abroad, favored by tourists.

  Putian City, road traffic is very convenient, 324 Road, Fuxia Highway 7 and State Highway 2 to form a "three vertical and three horizontal" in the framework of the main road,?????up to 2841 km. Sea transport is also very developed, the existing Xiuyu, three Eguchi, Feng Ting, Meizhou, South Port, and so on. Xiuyu Meizhou Bay in Hong Kong for a class of the national ports, with 15 countries in the world There are between cargo areas. 3,000 tons of Taiwan Island Ferry Terminal has been officially opened.

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Pine water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ridge Village is located in the countryside on the edge, a total of film into a cork 72, as the world has discovered the only piece of water into pine trees, lush pine forest, tall and straight water, 60 to 80 cm diameter at breast height, is considered by experts as "living fossil group of plants" .

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Longjing Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pei County is located on the south-east power station about 7 kilometers downstream, the Five-Year Plan for the Jiangnan Bridge, one of the risk. Bridge was built in the Song dynasty, the Qing Jiaqing to 23 years (1818) rehabilitation of November. Bridge single line, broken wooden arch structure, 27.5 meters long and 5 meters wide, the water from the roof top of the bridge to 23.5 meters, roof tile surface, 52 column, a total of 12. Bridge-risk environment must, under the bridge Longjing raging water, the bridge is extremely difficult, it is the width.

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Ms. Jiang Shi Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone Bridge is located in Longgang, Ms. Jiang in Longgang Shi-Xun Shen tiger and the people, nine in Chifeng Xunan Ms. Jiang Shi.

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Sin-word - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hee Ling Xiang Village is located in the backyard of public cents bring up the rear, high-Zhang Xu are wide, smooth rock to the right as a mirror, the lower part of the "immortal" Cheng Wang Xin footprints, prints, palm-prints, printed the first one, concave. China and India within the first "true cents to stay in mind," 4. Chengdan red rock surface, 2 poetry, writing poems float a little wind, like an earthworm crawling, I do not know Yuan Shi, difficult to read , To know every word poetry is discernible. After stripping the words of its wind and rain in the near future is still as before, amazing. Shi said, "Figure out the form to send love Castle, the former shepherd boy play-off villages; sharp eyes and is still in the state, advised in a post-election look at Dan." "Remains an immortal here, only self-Su Wu Xian You see, crane-book to have a letter , Heaven to have mercy on this world. "Department WANG Cheng-fuzzy heart than the words.

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Woman lying peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Sleeping Beauty, Ting Shan is located west of the government, like its peak sit Lady, head and neck chest Wanran toe, it is indeed a singular.

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Gold river - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The fourth is called Yuanyang Xi, located in the upper reaches of the river huotong tong rural population and on behalf of the town at the junction with a total length of 6 km, this wooded, steep terrain, inaccessible, this annual winter of Yuanyang more than 300 right.

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Xiantanqiaoxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as the Second and Yuanyang Xi, Yang Xi, also known as white, middle reaches of the river mouth at Tong. I tong from the furnace Rural Village, next to the village of Tai-Bao Shan Shou Bai Xiang Bridge, about 10 km wide, deep tan fish, Qu Tam bend, insurance Lake Bridge, sokdam Wang, Chu Wan-Sen Tan, Changtan , The second line of Tam, Tam iron, the bridge on the Lake, Lake share row, Bai Xiang Tan, Mandarin Lions Tam of water, and so on. Tam is particularly dangerous bridge the most beautiful scenery, up to Yuanyang, the Tam Siu-tong at the mouth township foreign villages. Tam has a first round of about 2500 square meters River dock, there are 9 Kushiro on the left side of the hill-shaped, such as isometric screen arrangement, Taniguchi rock sizes, varying levels, different patterns, such as Tengu Water with one stone, Xu-xu As . Tam cliff wall, such as cut, leaving only the Yixian Tian, the two sides Guteng old phase, Zhuangruo bridge, named the bridge dangerous, and the United States vary King. The bank also monkeys, the Swinhoe's white, egrets, and other rare birds and animals.

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Temple Jiufeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ling Hee located in the Village at the junction of four, from the mountains to Temple Wuyi branch, the wind rushing, special bare hill, just a few of the nine co-yang, named. Temple Tai-ming Department of the first year (1450) created by the Zen Master Ji Zhao, Qing Emperor Qianlong 1968 (1793) destroyed, Jiaqing 2002 (1797) reconstruction of monk-chang, five light 1825) to build again for the county's existing large-scale temple with a total area of more than 3000 square meters. Main Hall covers an area of more than 900 square meters, about a Piandian Guanyinge, Kuixing Lou, and Sengfang floor, reading, painting houses carved beams, there remains the Ming and Qing dynasties, Dianqian flower garden there are 4 seasons of flowering red Cuckoo. "Great Cultural Revolution", the temple was Jiufeng Hee Ling Xiang Jiufeng occupied by tea plantation, only to recover them after the group was believed to be hiding from the part of the Buddha, the Buddha of which more than 6 meters high. Temple scenic Jiufeng.

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Hill crow - Chinese tourism scenic spots

County seat is located about 5 kilometers to the north-west, Feng Qiong Mountain around the city for the peak 1538 meters above sea level. Fine time, Dengfeng Ningde is expected to top the East, South Gutian Vision Reservoir, governance and the concept of the West, North Jianou bird's-eye view, the people of the Department of the Spring and Autumn one of the major scenic spots. Fen foot of the mountain village west Public Works has Baoqing Temple, built in the first year of Changxing Later Tang Dynasty (930 years) Feixing several times, in 1958 and then destroyed in 1985 by financing the construction of the masses. There are mountains Baolin Si, commonly known as the scale house, built in the Song Conduit 2002 (964), located in the Ping-yan, under the rock "Longjing" 2, the Rocks "Kui Dong Tian Feng", "Tan Yu" and "peace-palace "Cliff stone, and The text of several hundred ancient Chinese characters, not signed the years, word by the wind and rain erosion for a long time, the only crown for the first "balance of Longjing Jiu Yi Ling also" readable.

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Three sand in Hong Kong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three sand is a coastal city in Fujian Province, as early as the beginning of this century into the Dr. Sun Yat-sen was the "nation-building strategy" under construction. She was on the verge of the national fishing grounds, one of the five major fishing grounds of Fujian Province. Three Saudi Fisheries Engineering Division, Fujian fishing ground command, Fujian ship-based monitoring stations and three sand Taiwan are located in the reception center here. Every fish flood Section, Su (Jiangsu), (Zhejiang), (Guangdong), Taiwan (Taiwan), Min (Fujian) and other fishing vessels gathered here, such as the mast wall Lin, noise sound waves. Fujian is a north-south distribution of goods and opening up the window. Three sand with Taiwan across the sea, the people of the same language, same blood, similar customs, the two Fishermen often in the same fishing grounds. In recent years, the Taiwan compatriots to stay away from trouble repairing three sand and sea are increasing business, so that the three sand trade with Taiwan, Fujian Province, has become an important port. Town is located in the northeast corner of the three ancient town in Hong Kong is well-known deep-water port. The Hong Kong and Hong Kong 800 meters wide, 2,500 meters long. In Hong Kong Ping and calm, tens of thousands of tonnage of the ship moored. Fuzhou, Shanghai has become a major passenger ships to and from the linked terminals, ship to ship to, Xiapu closely with the various parts of North and South.

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West Creek Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiapu tilt the terrain from north to south, was three ladder-like. Since the river valley into the territory from north to south into the sea. All seven river, the river Ocean, River Cup, the three rivers, five major rivers such as the long river is rich in hydropower resources. 1970s-built West Creek Reservoir and the completion of this year, Yang Bo, as well as water diversion project supporting one, two, three steps The power station made to improve agricultural irrigation conditions for the economic construction and the provision of sufficient energy. County power plant to achieve micro-telemetry, remote inquiry and the "cascade power optimization," a leader both at home and abroad.

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Eight Tongcheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Emperor Qianlong between Funing Prefecture Lee Stubbs (Sichuanese) "Yung-Chuan Tong" Poetry: Jiazhi Kiriyama Haimen open, Jiang's two-thousand miles back to diarrhea. Who arrived in funding stream to the column? Hongbo 10,000 ares back together. Eight spots known as the Kiriyama said. "Eight said," There are two: First, Yu Ji Cui Ping, Lian Feng-shu, the large square net Ping Yu Huo, Shek Wu Chun , Autumn Tong Yu, Lung-Ji Xue, two-bun Lingyun, Lin habitat misty rain. Second, Zhao Ming evening light, misty rain habitat Lin, Zhong Xiao Yuan Jue, Lingyun two-bun, large square net Ping Yu Huo, Shek Wu Chun-up, Autumn Tong Yu, Ji Yongsan snow. Usually refers to the popular Eight Tongcheng the second try the following: two-bun ?Gun: Chia-ching "Fuding County," Volume II, contains mountains and rivers: the "double bun Hill, north-rule in Wuli. Bingzhi peaks, such as the shape Luo Ji, next to Guifeng. Zhi state: 'highest peak, there Xuan list of sites, Gong Xi Li, Wei Jian-open this'. " Song poet "double bun Mountain": "Two-bun stands a few Qianchi, Old Chang Teng Sese wind Table VIII void cold air, very pale blue Lu Tien-hua drop. Shadow Light reunion as sweet-scented osmanthus, monkey ape laughter long autumn, the last government forcibly imposed Guanghan Gong, Nichang dance a wonderful song. "Zhu Xi in the Chun Xi (1174-1189) years, to ban false, to avoid long River, in a glance Kiriyama Xuan (two-bun Guifeng mountain top) to give lectures, Zhu Xi and a number of his fellow, full of water, such as Young City series, the Kiriyama Gao Ying et al. This waste and the remaining sites, many old and famous literati have come to visit, and left many poems kuai Moxibustion population. List of two-bun-Xuan Cao Tang Kui-Ran structure, high-Yin Lau-fong, yet lectures. Mo Yan monuments moss fans, the list of Xuan met in Ziyang. ?Yongsan snow Ji: "Looking Pingsha Snow's clear, both Dragon becoming clear, Joan chaos shake neat's foot on slippery, as a result of Fei Xu Feng Ma adequate light, poetic thinking about the original dam bridge, old friends far more ruthless Qu Yan, Kaiyanquexiao ?? Huanxuan Wu Zhuo Xu Xian nose ?? ?? ??! Bixiuqiaogui ?? rates ?? acre Guangdong ?? Jiangnalongchu A ?? encyclical are ? Qiaoqiaxiaji ?? lip Yao Zheng Meng ?? bright halo disease ?? ?? ?? evil sword E ?? ?? stalks winding stem ?? Shou-ci V Germany turned evil "?? benzene mound ?? ? Gou Qiao feeding fermentation ?? penalty traitor ?? Jun scabies plastic ?? ?? Joe Hui ?? ?? M ?? ?? Sumac winding ?? ?? bad name Spoon fear Chenziquanguo ? Guan Tam ?? Youbayuke ? ?? satisfied and Huang Jian ?? Xinyahejia ?? their own hard coriander ?? ?? ?? be angry at Terrier Section ?? think: spacious dysentery? Today Haiyan Heqing, Lung Fung Ching Cheung, the mountains look, a new look. But only: Lotus Village, the building than the Cup, the Sun House, the factory buildings; Nanxi direct access to the mountain road, bridge on the River through the city, good weather prosperity. There is praise poetry: rivers of the East who complex barrier? Holy workers and peasants sing the "wind", to provide for an exorbitant Fu-hu, more reclamation Xiang, Wan Yan Shu Jin zone highway, buckling off the Rainbow Bridge, lonely Huangqiu into downtown, drawing in Tongcheng Eight. ?Park Xiaoguang sleep 10 minutes: Yuanjue Temple, located in the outskirts of a city-wide Fu Shan (Chuanshan review) Fuding a bank in the campus, formerly known as Luo Hansi, the next three years, Wing-lok (1404) West Park family Gao Jian Bo Tai Chang, for a round of the West High Hall, Temple Temple-in-one, in addition to the festival, but also the use of the building started school, the recruitment of teachers for teaching children with family. Ming Jiajingnianjian destroyed in Japanese patients, 20 years of Qing dynasty (1840) rehabilitation. Fuding City for the first batch of units at the county level protection. Ming Zhe Rongxian Wanli Inter-examination and, in politics Huguang Guanzhi Park tour, is due to Gao's nephew, a student at Yuanjue school hours. Before the ink had been left "title Yuanjue Temple," a poem: "The Circle of Love Palace, the Vision Pro may be late. No running water in spring and summer, when rock-year-old Stephen since. Shanren Dream on, over Yuhuo know, about his book, Return A total of Diaosi. "Qing Tong Gong Sheng Jia Shi Ting (Tai-word) also, "Temple Yuanjue title" Poems: "Yum tsugae over the ancient Temple, Bamboo flower-over and over, a bell-Que road feel, very light moonlight is round." Ancient Temple to the Republic of China Read the beginning of school, in 1938, to run for the Fuding County Middle School (at the beginning of Northridge Middle School), Since then, Lang Lang to replace the voice of the book Bell. ?Shek Wu Chun-up: Shek Wu Tong is located in the south of a bridge, on the foothills of Om, the dragon mountain. For the old wooden structure, after Shi-ping into Panchiao. Hachijo long, wide Yi Zhang, high-Er Zhang. Wang Xi You Seonwon Naengjeong craftsman had made 36 stone bridge, from time to time "ran the bridge the night wind and rain, how many poems in the world," Wing. Are now In his detailed, the most important matter alone keep the bridge. There is no test of the bridge was built, integrated next year (Year 1465) Tong Yu Rong Xia repair (bridge the remaining tablets so far and "ancient lianjiang," "business Kiriyama," "Fort Kiriyama" stone) and Qing Emperor Qianlong 16 Year (Year 1751) Xiaxun re-repair. Shek Wu Bridge is a scenic bridge when Shanmingshuixiu around, the broad field of vision, the attractive scenery, it has been set Jiuzhi: Shek Wu Qiaozhichunniu Pavilion (now the martyrs cemetery in the vicinity of) all the way Grass Long Beach, is a ladies spring tour, hang around molle for the community. "Shek Wu Chun-Up," "Eight Kiriyama". After the result of man-made and natural causes, Shek Wu Bridge scenery, major in the past. This Fen-line before the section of the highway bridge, also known as "Shek Wu Bridge", the landscape may be attracted. ?Ping Yu Huo large square net: large square net row from Xie Yu Huo Yuan "To Tau on" in my memory, there is a flash in the Jin-Liang Yu Huo's. In this Yuhuo tablets of the aperture, a flash of the old kind of face. A The flash fire was small, in the large square net fishing Paishang the elderly, but also very ordinary. However, far away from home in the days to come, but I miss him very much. My hometown is very beautiful, known as one of the eight large square net ---- Ping Yu Huo. Ping told them how large square net? Listen to people say that as a result of many generations of people with large square net row Fish because the water on a number of Mi-ranked large square net, from afar, Ping Huang Ruo, named Ping large square net. We can see that home is a long history of the Yuxiang. The large square net home row, is very original, simple fishing boats. It has few side-by-side with the big white pocketsquare even bamboo, bamboo containing the head of the support to do a square nets, the first bamboo To build the module, an implantation cabins, fishing gear, such as pots and debris. At night, lit Paishang large square net, "Ma headlights," people stood before the stent, at a time, they line up on the shelves in the rope, so you can hear the flutter of fish and shrimp net Lenz voice, which When they were shot with a small network of skilled to catch fish and shrimp into the Village Zhulou I am at home in front of the house is olive-tan. Hours, when the summer night, I love sitting in the banks of Lake Hebao tree under the shade of olive. At this time, only a floating pool, just waiting landing net, flashing a Liliyuhuo. Shuoshuo shining in the Yuhuo, I will identify a large square net for the elderly that Paishang Yuhuo tablets. When the tablets that I am familiar with the Yuhuo moved closer to the banks of Lake, I Happy to shout: "Grandpa!" At the moment, just listen to the clear voice of Penny, a large square net platoon together shore. As a result, I am bouncing off the waiting landing net for the elderly, to go fishing with him a piece of. First, I asked: "Grandpa, you have to do field day, night and discuss a small sea, the new hard?" Show grief for the elderly face, sigh, said: "hey! Human life General to do them, not to do, to live it? "He shocked me to hear, is Mangyou smile and asked:" uh! Men's men how to write the word? "I said:" The field is not the first word of a force under the right word? ! "Ha ha, he laughed:" Yes, Yes. Pressure in the men's head is a Qiutian, do not contribute all right? ! "I listened to the Ha ha laughed. Caught in the net, he loves to sing this song for the first water: "The scales are delicious Ilisha white, black fish jump monosodium glutamate-money ... ..." every night from the large square net Paishang home, he has to select few The prawns alive for me to play ... ... This summer, I urge Chansheng home, by coincidence, is ancient history, "June 6," is a popular Chuan " To the public, "Bank of drying time. My grandmother came Yun-fu, very happy. It is dusk, I-Ping Chuang Wang, the only Hebao the olive tree, although the wind going through the years, he still sticks Green leaves , Numerous solid. Ah! At the moment, my eyes flash as if a long and cordial Yuhuo. Yuhuo in the aperture A flash of the old faces. I eagerly asked: "Grandma and Grandpa also discussed small sea?" She nodded: "the review. Right now he can not for the Chaimiyouyan." Added: "Aha! He often asked you na." At this time I thought about the uncle from the olives. Hours, uncle to climb trees, olive picking me The. Ah! This is the same as he olives, leaves of the fragrant aftertaste for a long time. Yu Xiang summer night, is charming, I was sitting under the olive dream, carrying Zhulou uncle came. Jiubie as a result, he is very happy, said: "Oh! You back!" Added: "Incidentally, I would like to discuss it in small sea." Untie his department Olive on the cable, jump jump, and then gently Penny, a large square net defecation shore together. Large square net on schedule in the near future, Jiang Yuhuo has a bright. Ah! 1, 2, Yu Huo With the large square net at the fluttering, the reflection in the river, shining Shuoshuo, Canruo stars. Grandpa ruddy face, leisurely look to pull in the line of bamboo sticks The net effect on the rope, under the net, and soon caught Zhulou half of the fish and shrimp. He had to wash to wash fish and shrimp, then go into the pot boiling. Grandpa side pipe you clatter clatter while you said to me: "Tonight, we meet again Jiubie, it is good to drink wine." Belly off the wine glasses, he looked more comfortable, and took out a membership card, said: "I Carved for the elderly to participate in the association. "At this time, a shore house floor, bright lights, frequently heard voice of the wind and string. He pointed to the joy and said:" This house is old club association. At the moment, we have the old man a Coke, the Chuichuidada. "Added:" Do not Look chuff are, we will mile poetry. "I laugh: Oh! Yin's what poetry? "He looks like the fan-filled shaking, said:" The fan poetry Bai them. "At this time, behind Egami large square net slowly to a floating, in Yuhuo joy to a flicker. While we are drinking wine, the home side Xu Tan. I asked:" Grandpa, you are old but also to Banshenmeshi it? "He's sipping wine, said:" do you think? " With a smile: "That is not the holy trinity of devices to find ---- cemetery, launching Sun married daughter-in-law?!" He shook his head and stroking the beard ha ha laughed: "Hey! We have a few old man, would like to raise some money to build a Pavilion Road. "He pointed to the distant riverbank, said:" ready to build a pavilion there, so that passers-Bibi wind and rain, it is tough for the Tiaodan Break. "I laughed:" This is what is called Pavilion now? "He felt a beard, with a smile:" It is not known sons, first name. Savage Village, not culture, from a kiosk you happy? "I said:" It's a good name. "He's happy. All of a sudden, floated on the River's Song:" White Ilisha scales are delicious, dark flavor of fish jump Qing. "Music has an uncle, the interface will sing:" You want to eat fish and shrimp to eat, you eat on the glass of beer. "Paishang large square net far and wide after listening to the people, making laugh. Late at night, Jiang Yuhuo a more bright. Moonlight into it, into laughter, into the singing voice into the Tao, in a flashing, flickering , A fluttering, dancing Forward. I would like to: Liliyuhuo a flash, although it is tiny. However, it does not feel inferior, not proud, in due diligence and luminous. However, the run-Liliyuhuo together, do not seem brilliant?! Autumn By yu Tong: Tong Yu Tang Di, also known as Fort Fort, located south of 4 kilometers. There are mountains and water, Plain, a few acres of lush mountain field, even tight hectares wide sea, the sea is Zhongshan, in the mountains the sea, the mountains constitute a pleasant Grand View, is the multi-purpose tourist destination. Ming Jiajing 39 (1566) for the villagers and to build on the Japanese Royal. City perimeter 1600 meters, 6 meters high, Qianghou more than 3 meters. South facing wall , Rao Shan to the north, the North and the South East and West 4, North Gate in a critical situation, when the fortification as a result of loss of a stonemason and occlusion. Of the existing East, West, South 3, the tower has been destroyed, but the walls, Shing Mun more complete, some of the women on the walls around the wall, seven hill outside the city, said Tun Seven Star, was Kangwo military land , The only remaining board this pier. When Qi will have patriotic general unmanning here. Fuding is currently better to protect one of the ancient city wall is kept along the ancient ruins of war. Junji Bing-Shen (1656), 18 August night, breaking the city break-enemy, the ethnic minority-British resistance, but were outnumbered, the end corpses everywhere, the blood flow into channels, scorched earth everywhere, the smell can not be miserable Later in mass graves outside the east gate into the mass graves, containing the monument, "Tong Yu-yi Charpy graves" (heritage at the county level). To commemorate the martyrs of anti-Kou, Yu Ching Ming Tong to all the people of each chicken feathers to hold a memorial ceremony. Is the revolutionary tradition of patriotism will be the venue for education. Kinoshita Japan-along (Eastern culture studies scholars) to visit the castle at Tong Yu : "After the Japanese left the Chinese people a lesson." Yu Tong Castle in 1989 has been published for the first batch of units at the county level protection. Yu Tong backing sea, back Jinshan, Dong Gang left and right saddle, the former Xiyue for the screen, constitutes ray sea scenery, Yan Bo Long Beach, raft net fishing boat, fishing net Yuhuo row, fish and shrimp ponds, Zhugan Shadow, David makeup evening bath, beautiful, spring autumn fog, splash-ink like Dan. River head outside the city, old and slope Yanxi, multi-sik Fenglin, Sapium, sweet-scented osmanthus, and so on, fall, the leaves inside and outside a castle Dan Wong, fish birds, the scenery is very charming. Gu Chen, "Yu Tong in Autumn", is "Tongcheng Eight". Funing know Lee pulled a poem: "Ying Tong Shan Kwong Wei Du City, the fall can be Xiuse to Ching, boundless Leaves dance down down, not cracking sound of splitting Chan Sheng-ming, Gadao thick shade to stay far, the cliffs along the watery dust love song, Hudi look at more leisure time, a hundred gold-hi Tianchou port surplus. "Stream on the head in recent years, dozens of dining hall, the building unique, phototherapy night, five Six-color, Tan Zhong come to attract a lot of men and women, not singing and dancing the night. The ancient city of the Ming and Qing dynasties in ancient home, Guxiangguse, rational layout Huiqiangheiwa, generous simplicity, changeable gable, Guxiang Old Streets, paving gravel, along the street side of the city, River drainage, 7th Lane (7 ancient Lane) seven wells (seven ancient wells), residential yard, flower Liang Dong, carved, is a typical residential areas south of the Yangtze River, is to study the architecture of the houses treasures. Domestic buildings experts spoke highly of. There is also rich in tourism resources, the ancient city of East Gate centuries He Bao Rong Zhang, Jinshan on the back of towering old trees, its winding streets, this is a summer vacation resort, southwest of the city, many of the Second Rock walls, stone buildings, pneumatic rock, rock nun, and so on from Yixian Tian-sheng, another temple Peak, Haimen waves, the first Long Lingyun, Hu Ya Cui disk product, offer saddle show, writing books and air, Xixi India, South Fort condensate, such as Xia Yu Tong King 12. Unique folk activities, in particular mentioning that the commemoration of Qi Jiguang and left behind several Justice activities, such as stone drag, the ignition, riding a three-Malaysia and the allocation of bamboo, such as cylinder cars. The performances were said to have broken Qi Kang Wo-ray when the promotion of activities, events, like war, like sparks town, there are sound skirr, Kou afraid to let Hong Kong. Activities of the program is large, arbitrary, participatory, is the best trip Programs. ?Zhaoming setting sun: Zhao Ming Temple in Fuding for the well-known both at home and abroad of one of the ancient temples of the Millennium. City is located about 6 km northwest of Aofong Hill. Chase was built in the first year of Southern Liang (527), Zhao Ming to legend, the Prince Xiao Tong Chi Jian, a title reads, and therefore its name. At the same time, "Buddha made seven to Ma Wen. "Song and Ming dynasties, the House has. Mingjia Jing 13 years (1534), the pagoda and repair. Yuan for a long time because of age, the destruction of temples over. Since reform and opening up in Qingzhi release, so that community-Release Master Under the leadership of the entire public monks difficult start, Si Yu Chung-hing. In 1983, Singapore Master Tin Quang Binh distant ancestors Sightseeing, visiting the Temple, Zhao Ming, see ancient tower, the hall will Qingta, in the ex-monk Li ship can offer shall re-construction of the Mongolian economy. At the same time, 33 requests for an Tongfo Kannei tower. Ancient Fujian Zhao Ming as one of the first Temple. After re-construction, has returned to previous levels. Taki its area of 47 square meters, 25.6 meters high tower Fang Mu-style pavilion for the structure of the hollow brick structure, set up the tower elevator. After the restoration of the tower Cangjing Ge for the brick, 24 meters high, covering an area of 840 square meters, the old, majestic spectacle, Fujian's number one. Buddhist calendar in 2541, Singapore has much possession of rehabilitation, law-lin, law-hui tin Master Circular on a pilgrimage to the motherland, Zhao Ming ride, love the beautiful mountains and rivers, to launch a broom worshipers, this Kai built to land and water merit, offer financing to build meditation hall, jade, and so permitted. After the reconstruction, showing a new Siyu. "Zhao Ming ancient temples," Zhao for the title. There are Hall of Heavenly Kings Temple, Main Hall, to the Tibetan Temple, Cangjing Ge; hand about the respective clock tower, drum tower, the Buddhist Church, Hall, Zhai Yi Yi, Liu Monk, the concept of the five-tang, and so on. Shan Hui-ming there in front of the stupa, Tsui-Ting Fei, Zhao Ming Prince Edward school, such as Taiwan relics. Temple-wide area of up to 15,000 square stem. The existing 70 monks, in its scale of the jungle. In 1994, 1995, the county should lay Lin and Singapore 32 Buddhist request Law on land and at sea will be held separately. In April 1998, the community held Monastery abbot Shengzuo odd celebration. Party and government leaders in our city and the Singapore Buddhist, Wuhan, Wenzhou, as well as regional and Buddhist believers Fuding reached more than 1,000 people to congratulate. Every time the sun sets, the Temple of the glazed tile, Tong-ling, bell and making the other more beautiful sunset, accompanied by Array of low-Vatican bell, Zhao Ming Temple more resplendent. Predecessors this landscape known as the "evening glow Zhao Ming," Tong Cheng as one of the Eight. Deng may be temporary habitat along the temple, "18" (Ling) rising, rich taste. By the Direct Tongcheng can also drive. While you're on ancient views, mountains and rivers glance wall. Lin new house , Sungai Jin flow, it is intoxicated. Ancient people could not help but taste, "ancient temples of the Southern Dynasties, the struggle goes far to board, Hill singing outside the trees were riding Lingtou cloud, towering Taying to stay, Wen Yan with bell, think of the rise and fall of Emperor son, Huang Yela have." "Tower West Ramp red end of affect, since smoke is Tonglu. "Millennium few verses of the temple depicted Li addressed to do, such as the human habitat. Ming Lin Aimin to sign things, political participation, such as Park Tour of Ancient poems are celebrities. Qing Emperor Qianlong Academy Yu editing Xi Tai Ho Temple stay poem said: "I am visiting trick to win territory, Timor-off were still brown. To be separated from the top of the earth, Road Block Qingxin hear Heart. Article VI speech on behalf of China do, incense future Ping emotion. Do not have to Deng Even tone, the setting sun next to the cold East. "Migratory ?misty rain Lin: Migratory temple, 2.5 km from the urban areas of Fuding Aofong foot of the mountain." Sanshan county annals Kwong, "Lin habitat for the hospital, also known as the Migratory Lin Buddhist Temple. Fuding is the Millennium One of the temple, built in the Jin-fu three days (938), and Song-year period (1111-1 18) renovation, is now a new modified. Temples complete and convenient, clean environment, so that visitors linger favorite, is a travel, tourism, and heat in one small jungle. Song Dynasty scholar Wang Peng You have Cisi, title: "I want to Juanniao habitat such as forests, habitat pleased to see that penetrated Chan Seng, who lives in Plum creek, a chat North religious, "a famous poem Fujian and Zhejiang. Since the 1980s, one after another to repair ancient temples. Rehabilitation of Main Hall (Zhongyanxieshan-), King Hall, the Hall of Ancestors, Kwun Yam House, the Pure Land together to build the Tibetan Temple, Fa Tang , Sengshe, and so on, despite temples repair or rebuild, but still retain the style of ancient temples. Elegant layout, Technology Cham. Ocean's hall, King Kong, the solemn law. Song Xuan and "Miriam County case," one tablets and Songxuan wells and a still intact. Luan Monastery surrounded by peaks, the delicate and pretty mountains and rivers. The inclusion of ancient temples, "Tong Cheng Eight," one of the "Lin habitat misty rain." Every time the fireworks March, the Valley filled with misty rain, deceive hazy twilight, albeit not very clearly, for the old The author is a cluster Tiyong. Yuan Qing Dynasty Yilingyueting "Migratory temple tour," Poetry: "Tanqihaoxing not break the whole, to visit Dr. marshal escort. Opera hi bamboo hanging scroll Chui Yin Wang, Chou Ching-run coincides with the rainy season. People are not straightforward north-south, the river has chest Shan Chang Chou enough, all this dust Yan Di do, such as exposure to small-Chou. "

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Guan water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guan water: The city is located 15 km north-east, the water is consistent Zhen Guan Cun, 104 National Highway and through this, is the starting point of Funing Expressway. The Taishun County, Zhejiang Province is located, and Fuding Cangnan County at the junction of the construction of "friendship Pavilion." Pass was built in the Five Dynasties, "Kai-Min Wang," Wang Zhi-trial, in order to ensure the safety of Fujian, Wu Yue Yu ( Meanwhile the minutes to "set:" Die Dan, two water barriers are built when Min Wang, Wu Yue for. "), The situation in Xian Yao, known as" the gateway to the Northeast Min. " Cut in the feudal era drama, water related vital importance for the military. Late Song Yongjia Chen in Fujian Optional Wang Fu show, this death. Funing Huangliang Lin Ming Jiajing, narrow room at making. Qianlong Funing County, said Lee Stubbs title "Xiongguan water." Qing Emperor Qianlong scholar Yu Yue (the word Qu Park) from Zhejiang Deqing to Xiapu Shengqin, questions remain over time: "Chengkungling water Guan Yan-Yan, Hill is looking back home, if the way back around Jian Shan Ling, the Wild Goose in the roof between right close by home . " Xianfeng 11-year-ching (1861) October, Zhejiang Yang money will reach Xiegong in the military uprising led by long-range water clearance, started fighting with the Qing, a landslide victory, the war killed outside the business, such as Qing Zhang Zhenbiao 100, Fujian Zhang Qu, Gong accounted for Kiriyama city. Today, the remaining water ruins customs, here are seven Tongzhi by Li Qing Qing soldiers killed in the tomb. In 1956, Fujian and Zhejiang Expressway ( State Road 104) from the north-south through the crossing, the water was cut to two customs, Canqiang surviving more than 500 meters, the high walls of about 2 to 3.5 meters, 0.90 meters wide, brick structure. Fuding County People's Government in 1989 announced for the protection of the unit-level.

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Hong Kong Bachimen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bachimen Hong Kong: Hong Kong is shacheng in Hong Kong harbor surrounded by hills on three sides, the sea area of 30 square kilometers, the depth of 2.7 to 14.3 meters, exports and narrow, fast-flowing, so there's Bachimen said. Bachimen access to the sea is not only the inside and outside the throat of the sea, tidal power station is also an ideal election, can be used to build 36,000 thousand Xi-wave power station. Construction of Funing Section of the A3 highway Fuding Bachimen bridge a total length of 1300.57 meters, with a total cost of 80,000,000 yuan. Use of pre-stressed concrete steel in a row.

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Egret small beach - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Egret small seaside: shacheng Hong Kong at the southern tip of the small village of egrets. A former village on the beach, the beach is a natural swimming pool. Long Beach area of 800 meters, 600 meters wide, clean water, clean fine sand. Bore can be here, step on the sand. Fishing, rubber boat ride, drive motorized water sports. Qualcomm is now Highway. Taiwan businessmen to invest in this hing Waterfront Village apartment, the first phase of the project nearing completion 10,000,000 yuan, have to eat, live, play, and other supporting facilities, is an ideal tourist sites.

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Feng Yuqiao governing yang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Feng Yuqiao governing yang: Yang Feng Yuqiao governing yang of the West, also known as the bridge for the elderly, Ming is only a year, so far nearly 500 years. Old bridge is in the Ming Dynasty to commemorate the 17 people are elderly and Fu Jian Qiu, has been retained intact. Fuding old bridge is located in the rural county governing yang yang administrative villages in the West Bridge villages for the elderly, sat in northeast towards the southwest, is a wood knot The arc-old bridge spanning the River above the dam, the scale is quite spectacular. 30.8 meters long bridge, 8 meters wide, the main (bridge) for five three-tier structure of the cross convergence by using the whole-cylinder 135, (excluding Heng Jia-Bin) of which both ends of the four "dragon tree" 85 cm in diameter. At the top of the frame bridge sleepers Qiao Ban nails, a pavilion on the bridge, the vertical column 56, 4 and well being between Long wood, nails shelf beam rafter tiles for buildings, bridges on both sides of the frame things in this column, Zuodeng based, full-bridge outside Were put on the side with wooden nails, so as to guard the storm hit. Well-designed, solid construction. Qiaoting shape of the promenade, the central shrine set up two, one for worship State of the Buddha, the Great Water officials, the Chen-Wu a stone, carved delicate art, such as an air of Health, a front stone incense burner. Investigations show that, as these stones, incense burner in the old bridge built from the pit Pan Bridge (in the first shop on the stem, this does not exist) of the move. Qiu dedicated to a shrine for the elderly, home-niche in "Kung Fu Ming Chiu Painanjiefen God "Shuanglongxizhu wooden relief of the god mounted gold card, put a lasting long before the stone incense burner, Juan" Qiu old public ", has broken the back side of the gap, is said to be the" Cultural Revolution "has been abandoned into Tanzhong Missing. Deeds for the elderly, the Qing Emperor Guangxu, the county magistrate by John Huang Dingye for the "local-chi," so there is a period of record: "Qiu Vanuatu foreigners, have teeth and Germany, far and near to row hard to dispute for decades, Moujia, defended by the very women and small suit anger. Fu advised to listen to Dover, from shame Debo, the water to die. Lvli their sense of honesty, the main bridge located Yisi, has called for clouds old bridge. "

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Yan River Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuding City Pipe Creek Town Hsitou Saijiang is the source of one of the tributaries, streams converged from nine, Yan River Falls is the most beautiful streams in the charming landscape of one of the hidden waterfall on the mountain folds in the River North villages in the first set, came from the North set in a village Department of Yamaguchi, before you can view a fascinating exhibition of landscape: a pulse-ching If the jade belt at the bottom and Wan Yan, Fei Bao Diego Chuanqi a hurry pools and beaches, the two sides Creek folder many stones, rocks Diego is strange, Hsinchu mountain is covered with old trees, swaying scene in the fog of uncertain , With a variety of changes in the charming scene of the most --- wow Falls Creek is Ngan, which falls 60 meters wide, about 13 meters high, Although waterfall and a spectacular waterfall Nanning De days of the great momentum, and not Huangguoshu Falls tall attractive gesture, she is dripping from the upper reaches down to stemming the flow of, books such as the Department curtain will be moving with the wind, pressing-meng Department, such as scratch see Top-level winds. Sophie when Manjuan see snow, just as when the fire festival, it is too busy then.

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Gong ancestral hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gong ancestral hall is located Fuding City Office of the water northward Ping Piedmont Park, Yishanbangshui, beautiful scenery and rich ethnic characteristics of the ancestral hall building, built 13 light years (1833), covers an area of 1430 square meters, of which construction Area of 680 square meters, the ancestral hall in solemn silence. Gong Department of the World Yanhuang helmet, Miao Yi Xu, Boyi, the Grand River in the closure, after Chu was out to the country's order, Zhengyang originated in Henan Province, since the first of Huaiyang, Jiyang, it said the "Shenyang" "Huaiyang" for the county No.. Gong Zhong Gong Feng Yuan by the name of the country, come forth in large numbers of excellence, Wei Jun Hou Zhen for the public Shixia; King public place with Du Wei Mayanja public office; German public Han Guan Yushitaifu; Rui Shi Han Yushidafu public office, marked by integrity and officials; tired of public officials Lin Ji Jiu-country, for the Emperor Chien-phase; flooded the public "dream pen flower" very Wencai membership, and hence old poem, "Jianglangcaijin" said; British public Chuan Ying-Jun, Gong temporary cover; Bei-year-old public official to Shang Ren Jin, Wu Yue Ren Jing Shi Lang Public Housing Song degree in public brother Miles left the prime minister: Wanzai, 10,000 ares, your significant gifts Zhou Tai Shi public. Since the election should be public (but elected) four brothers: The eldest brother dragon However, the second brother Feng Wei, Li Wei-third brother, in Wanli Xin Da-ming has been years (1584) by Hui-Min Quan An Xiaan moved to Fuding in the Ping Yuen, However, long the public soon after that, the home, moved to Zhejiang Central, Ao Lu, Li Wei-Ping Yu revolution movement Tam Hau, Ma Sun-transfer complex nose, but Feng revolution in Jiangxi Province to move the well anise, but the election still on the public square garden, Zhao base for the ancestor, thought to Three Daming Koji Tingzhou move by the 11-year-Song Yang, Han Kung Hui (1703) by the Shanghang from the first shop, and the Ping Yuen Temple and co-spectrum, 10,000 Were separated from their now-XVI, the proliferation of more than 493 in 1970.

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Jiulixipu area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River carp nine scenic waterfall, Chow Tai Laoshan is located in the southwest side of the area, covering an area of 25 square kilometers. Nine carp, also known as Chi Xi River, originated in Tai Laoshan Fuding, Xiapu heads of the sea and the sharp ridge Zhe-wing Dongshan three big mountains, brings together 13 of the tributaries, 25.86 km long, extending to the lower reaches of Xiapu County Yang River, into the East China Sea Bending streams, the two sides of Castle Peak Jiazhi, verdant green trees, many rocks, water clarity, it seems Wuyi 9. Longting pocket by the South by bamboo raft, drifting downstream and, until the village of Tau, 7 channels of 16 beaches, the entire 11.5 km and will take 2 hours. Yanxi the two sides can enjoy the worship of the West Tang, fairy Xia Fan, facing the wall Bodhidharma Lions down the mountain, Herbie movie, and other soft-shelled turtle 72 uncanny workmanship, vivid scenery of the rocks. When the stream when urgent relief. Gentle, such as strolling, refrain from being; fast, like an arrow flying raft, scared yet unhurt. In the next Ping-yang, the water more than 100 meters wide, smooth flow, open River, can accommodate dozens of bamboo, side-by-side Watanabe, go hand in hand. Drifting in the Department at the end of the Tau, there are two pieces of an area of 250 acres of natural maple forests, flood land on the Woodside area have a folder of a hundred Tong Di Hua Hin beach. Early autumn each year, to make into Fenglin, Shan Hong Bian species; Dihua and then a snow-white, do not have a taste. 2 in the maple forest zone between, there are 17 trees For 15 years to 800 years Gurong of the woods, though going through the vicissitudes of life is still vitality, the sky interlaced branches and leaves, root Qiu coiled on the ground, such as a peacock screen open, and may explore Jiang Qing, a significant gesture. According to experts, research, which is the world's most northerly latitude Gurong a forest. Long Ting Falls: The temple is located in the village of Long Ting Yin-ting South Department 00 meters. Falls drops 136 meters, below the falls have a capacity of 200 Guanbao the boulder, the boulder is a 10-meter square of the Longtan. Yangguan falls, down Fei Liu, Bai Lian as if vacant, Piaomiao smoke, pressing momentum, and breezy. Falls from where they stand surrounded by tens of Yanfeng, "General Printing . "Plane written" dozens of Department of rock landscape. Xikou Falls: Grand Lake fields located in the lower reaches of the source, between 60 meters, down Fei Liu, filled with water vapor, Rainbow Day, falls below the Canyon of the two sides covered with thousands of rock-water, water Piaomiao, when the time is hidden, like the myth The underwater world.

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Sin Yan Feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Feng Xian is located in the city of Fu'an in Fujian Province in Osaka cents village pomelo, grapefruit cents village She is China's most populous urban area gathered to the highest Fu Shan Fu original location of the tower, with the changes in the history of the village of Sin grapefruit also experienced the vicissitudes of honor, changed in. The formation of a more profound cultural She accumulated. In the face of the four mountains, hills and ups and downs, City in a very unique place for a casual, very natural Wild. In particular, "Wang Yun sunrise" Ten Fu in not only destroyed one of the scene.

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Four Spring Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuchun River, the two sides of Castle Peak, all the way green water flowing through Fu'an City. In the Fuchun River has been the development of a "four-chun," Park, who has four parks combined, echoing the scene. Fu Fu-chun Park is located in the urban areas to places of abode and the Fuchun River got its name. In 29 years, into the "Zhongshan Park", after the waste. 982 years of reconstruction, covering an area of more than 20 hectares, into a mountain near the river fully reflect the natural landscape of Forest Park. According to the old "Fu County" contained, often in the past Fuchun River floods, in order to prevent flooding and extensive tree-planting bamboo, is strictly prohibited logging, Jinian after year to form a dense forest belt of flood control. Now Fuchun River Old Senate , Xiuzhu forest, pine, Zhang, Feng, Cheng, Bai, acacia, bamboo tail wind, more than 20 kinds of red beans and so on, miscellaneous four seasons with flowers, fragrance garden, quiet environment. Summer season, the park outside the park than the low temperature of 5C-6C; wide beach here Creek, gurgling streams. Xiu Xian distant peaks towering straight sky, near the Hill Guihu Lying on the water's edge, the heat can be nirvana. Park entrance tower are like the Ming Dynasty architectural style, golden glazed tile shop, with orange wall, looked elegant simplicity. Erected in the park with a piece of about 4 square meters of marble monument words, the ring around the green-sik, a tablet-like stamp sheetlet, embedded in the large square of color Stone. The smooth surface of the stone inscribed "Post-Wan Li, Guo Mai as a" gold-plate 3 characters, the bottom left-signed, "Zhou Enlai." In 29 years, Fu Xian any person Linzhuo afternoon of the total postal inspectors, to participate in meeting "the war of resistance behind the postal service agreement"; on May 9 the same year, Zhou Enlai wrote an inscription for his gifts. In 1981, Kenneth Linzhuo Song Zhou children's calligraphy will be donated to the country. May 9, 1981, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications this issue a commemorative stamp. In 1990, the local government in the Fuchun park built to commemorate. Park Road, small and medium-sized pebbles are paved, located right next to Shizhuodandeng. Park rockery dragon and phoenix, lotus ponds, Quqiao spent , And Cape turtle sculptures, giant bamboo sculpture show and booths Greeting Spring, Gui Hu Xuan, put turtle Taiwan, the ancient fort, and other landscape. Park is south of the "Ten Han Yang," one of the "evening glow Guihu": a turtle, such as rocks, Bishui exploration, when the sun sets, video Huguang stone, it is wow. Man-Chun Park Man-chun public Fu-chun in the other side of the park with a total area of more than 40 hectares, the park can be found everywhere in a century old, a "city within a primeval forest" reputation. Park in camphor, pine, fig, and other old trees, Guzhuo vigorous, or if the old man to be down, or if the Huating Cuigai. With the shape of "Tau" and "Boy," "Dharma facing the wall," "Ocean's meditation" "Turtle" and "snake" and "Long Feng door" and other exotic trees. Park Yang-Chun Ying-chun, and Park Yang-Chun Park with a total area of about 70 hectares, the garden has large areas of flood protection forest belt, mainly pine, Parkinson's, Eva, the tail Wind bamboo, and so on. Xiu Xian Ying-chun Park Hill to the main park more than 100 kinds of trees growing race, spend Problems, forest habitat has pangolins, weasel, partridge, skylark, such as dozens of wild animals. Unique climate here, "Hanyang Ten," one of the "Sally Qing Yun Xiu" here. Spring and summer, Fei Fei clouds, the peak in the dark days of rock can also see the "Buddha."

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Key Angeles rock Lian Kui village? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rocky rock Lian village formerly known as Tianjin, Fu in the urban area 15 km south-west. Leung Tin-supervisor of the Southern Dynasties period (502-519), Xue-Guanglu doctor from southern Fujian moved to and settled in various legal Rocky Stone. He's the sixth generation of Sun Xue's hard to study in 2002 Dragon Tang (706 years) finally became the first Fujian Jinshi, and Buque official delegate left, Prince Edward Shijiang. Li Linfu manipulate power for personal ends when the prime minister, was cold-shouldered by the Orient House official, Xue make resentment of injustice, the title of "condolences" in the poem on the wall read: "North Korea and Japan last round, according to see Mr. plate. After all what? Alfalfa long Langan. Spoonful of rice Shibuya difficult String together, share wide-e-thin chopsticks. Can only work day and night? Suihan degrees from what? "Said Xuanzong dissatisfied. Tang poetry see, how can we have tolerance? Immediately in the next and Shi Yishou: "peck-mouth from the long, short hairiness Phoenix. If too cold Kwai Chung, Sang Yu-by-term warming." Xue said would make the disease, resignation Return home. After the emperor to hear their lack of means, so long river valley given to the county each year, so that's always Xue receive a small, never To. Tang Su-tsung King, former teachers and students of gratitude for his friendship, Zhao Xue aims to make of Korea. When this is the SIT has died. Commended for his honesty and integrity, Su Chi Feng Village, for his "honest village." Water as a "water-lian," Ling "Ling Lian." When the Later Tang Dynasty (923-936), Chen Lian moved into the village. Grand View from the Northern Song Dynasty Bao Hu to the Southern Song Dynasty six years (1109-1258) 150 years, the village Xue Lian Chan of the two names out of a total of 17 Scholars have. Chen in particular. There is a five-examination, all three generations of high resolution. Lian village castle in the next 24 years Wanli (1596), "Fu County," there are records. Castle Town Central Village building and a total length of 1400 meters, 3.6 meters Qianghou the existing 4.4 m high, is a strong fortifications. 8 of the original castle gate, is still 6 months. Yanxi in the section of wall, two well be used to build a stone wall of the vault door stand, in front of a clean and honest Cleaner streams of water, near Weng Yu Mao-backed each other of Xiuse Gurong, added to many of the landscape. Crown Castle Street in the old classic tidy. Guan Dao officer on the street by 3 parallel to the longitudinal section dealing with measures to smooth the stone, embedded in the middle of an elaborate mosaic of small pebbles. The ancestral hall in front of the yard is to fight with pebbles embedded into a number of diameter] m Image. Together smooth lines, the solemn style of the picture. Alice Lane street deep in the high likelihood of wall paint, it is Qing Ming era of ancient residential areas, many families are still intact hall to display the ancient style of the past, large-scale Diaolou exquisite wooden screen. Lian said to the Song Dynasty Village peak hours. Guan Dao stands on both sides of the decade Block momentum prominent examination of the mansion, because the delivery time of war and Shan Bing Huo is now no longer exists. However, in order of Xue's former home sites before the remaining 2 small lions, should be honest history of the village to witness the most obvious. Yanxi south of the city wall, to retain the ancient Tang and Song of the pier in good condition. According to the old "Fu County," is contained, then this "Fishing boat and fish set. Yuan Ning Fu Jian Tong District, near the county-and village." Deep river bed here in the past, the streams open, the tide may be starting up leading to village. As a result, it is through the sea port and a communication Fujian and the northeast of the southern Zhejiang land and water supplies and distribution hub. Status equal to the current tournament in Hong Kong Qi. Along Is a stone paved the 5-meter-wide channel of the old, side by side with street parties mottled moss trace of ancient steles. Terminal with a huge stone a way forward, slowly into the stream. Lian Village, Fujian Province, is rarely seen in the village of ancient culture. In May 1992 and the Archaeological Institute of the Fujian Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Po Museum experts and scholars visited the village Lian Yong village landscape and ancient cultural sites. The protection of ancient buildings intact, the ancient port, the ancient sculpture, ancient Guan Dao, the ancient castle full of praise. Fu is now gradually opening up into the ancient culture and tourism.

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South Jishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Jishan Chengguan located in the south-west of the city of Ningde, 1 km from the city. It was first developed in the Song Dynasty, Song Fei Quan Temple in the proper way to build on the site of the concept, the Ming and Qing period of reconstruction Feiquan Temple, Qiushui Dragon Temple, South Temple peak. South Jishan is the center of the three temples and its unique Shanguangshuise as a tourist destination. South Jishan 5 spots: They are the lake, the South Festival, the Dragon Qiushui, South Peak, the white crane. Jishan scenic lake to the south of the entrance, where can watch the whole South Jishan. Festival the Southern area to the natural landscape, supplemented by artificial embellishment, even more beautiful. Long Qiushui area is the arch-volt show hidden, natural folder Jian Fei Quan Qiu He Local records: "Long Yan possession of four fashionable cloud", the name "Dragon Qiushui." The main attractions here are the "two-Shek Mun Gap", "Lin Feng Gang," "Taiwan, Liu", "Qingshitan rock", "Yu Longtan", "Yan Yan Tsui." South Long Qiushui peak in the scenic mountain, sheep along the winding paths, rising evident that the "five Stone, "" Bi Feng "," Shirengou facing the wall, "and" General holes "," South Fengdian "and" South Peak Temple "attractions. Foothills of the Southern Festival of the Royal Pavilion Xianqiao the former site of the crane for the area." Baihe Ming Kong "And" white crane top "attractions, and so on. Crane was built in the Song Shan Road winding, history seekers can explore, at Aston Huan This left many questions and carved Psalms, including Xu Ming Road Patrol seized with great books: "we have a brighter future," Lee County has allocated title Qing said: "He Luan Zhu Xiang" and "a drop in the ocean," knowing that the county has more high-him "He hung view of the sea" and explicitly mentioned Xiongdun Science Park "day-ching Haiyan," county magistrate Wang Qing big run "looking down at all" and other Stone.

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All three days at sea Lake O - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Third, all three also known as Sandy O, in the southeastern city of Ningde, 30 km from the city for the coast of Fujian Province's "gateway to access, Wuyi throat," the sea area of 714 square kilometers. City by the Australian peninsula, the official foreign wells, foreign ting complex and all three, Castle Peak, Doo hat, white bottle gourd, Jigongshan 19, and other islands. Bo-depth, big belly , The number of parking can ship 100,000 tons. 10-meter deep waters more than 173 square kilometers, and so can the development of deep-water shoreline and 72 kilometers, ranking first in the world. Sun Yat-sen's "strategy of nation-building" in the world known as the "most Ice-free port." As early as the Tang Dynasty in the past, all three have been the development of Australia. Qing Emperor Kangxi for 23 years (16 4), set up in the mouth of the total tax Ningde, 9 under the jurisdiction of the port. 23 Guangxu (1898), formally opened as a foreign port; the same year on May 8, the establishment of the customs Fuhai. Then there are the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Japan and the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, and other 13 countries of the 20 public In the three and firms have set up subsidiaries.
Three are in Australia and there are many different patterns of reef rocks odd, such as "Herbie Tuo Guozhu," "Youth Pre-employment Training Kunpeng", "Looking back on the Lie Ma," "African Elephant", "Link cages," "Australopithecus", "Beacon Hill".

Bucket hat with a huge island, "Luo Ke", about ten feet 2, smooth shell, is a hollow shell, and at the same time into five or six individuals, through Luoke pores, to be able to watch the official view of the ocean well. Castle Island shrimp down the eastern side of the tail, one Shek Pik Wu Li Linhai, rock show faint STONE Guan Yunchang riding the majestic knife, rain clouds, water vapor due to the fold , The image clearer, commonly known as "fairy painting." The establishment of People's Republic of China, Ye Jianying, Li Xiannian, Hu Yaobang, Chen Yi, Luo Ruiqing, and so have the three tourists have visited Australia. Fuzhou, Ningde daily departures to Australia have three.
The natural world Palembang, like a pearl in the ho The East China Sea Yi flash. He not only has Mr. Guo Moruo praised the "depth of Hong Kong, like wide-day Lake" natural port, but also the beautiful scenery and tourist village.
Boating "Heaven Lake" as the three are Australian waters, amazing when you ship 10,000 tons of easy cruising at the same time, you might see around, but also look at The rugged mountains and powerful Qi, the flavor of even the ship home, Meaningful strange stone in the water, as well as the unique shape of these old buildings ... ... not only feast for the eyes, and fully appreciate the nature and ancient culture of good luck charm, but also contains the Folklore stories and your thoughts will be taken to the myth of a better world Hall of the history of racing to go, fascinating, so that you intoxicated.
Now, with the large yellow croaker fish treasures form of artificial yield success, more than 700 square kilometers of three Australian waters have shown that China Sea known as the Venice of the fish rafts, 10,000 ares, three are Australian and added a beautiful landscape. Visitors can This view of the sea, fishing tours, fishing and seafood tasting, enjoyable.

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Chian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiapu county seat is located in the East, 5 km away from the Chengguan. Song, Yuan, Ming and inter-called "golden Taiwan and Hong Kong," "North and South are stripping this ship", who come to the goods rather prosperous. As a result of the red rocks named after the coast. This is Don King so that the assassination of 30?????Lin Song and Song, Wang Shenzhizhengshi big place of birth, still have reservations Chian Castle Site, and Wang Youjun sites in recent years to repair the 30 local celebrities Don King's assassination so that the study Lin Song "Guizhi Pavilion", Wang Song?????Canzhizhengshi big "farming to stay together," Song Long Tuge straight bachelor, too House Lin Si Nongqing Yes "is a well-ran" 18, and other historical monuments. At the same time, there are "pagoda", "Bridge Chian tablets Weng and pieces of stone, Shishou, and other cultural relics. Also here is Japan's monks into the Buddhist monk Kukai Tang landing place. Since March 1984, Japanese followers were a few lines for pregnant devout ancestors, tracing to the pursuit Xiapu County Chian visit to visit. In 1992 to over 33 batches of 595 people. The formation of a "sea and air travel" Tourism line item. October 10, 1986 will be approved by the Fujian Provincial People's Government in Xiapu County into the village of Chian's tourism spots open. Chian festival is built Hai Ting, Wang Hai Ting, sea and air floating monument to the reception room (with Chian Heritage Room).

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Pearl Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Ning, which rise amid the territory of Chui, lingering jade belt, Yuk Sau Chung-Hoon, poetically painting wins, is a fascinating tourist destination. The territory of beautiful, unique tourism resources. Kowloon falls on the occasion vast group of grand, magnificent, won the first of the 10 provincial-level scenic spots of reputation; River carp swimming in the scales of God, Shoe Carnival, so that travel Away; water splash Chu Yu Xie Yan, constant effort brings success, known as "the first Fujian King"; about to build storage capacity of 320,000,000 cubic meters of the mountain lake fascinating; ancient temples of the Millennium Lingfeng Temple, Temple Hill to wide deep ancient temple, famous ...... 800 meters above sea level on average throughout the county, the county seat above sea level 88 Meters, the entire province crowns of the first winter without freezing, Ku Shu-free summer, the daily average summer temperature is only 24 degrees, to enjoy a "natural air-conditioned city" reputation, tourism, vacation and summer holidays.

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Kowloon Fall Festival group - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kowloon Fall Festival is a group of provincial-level scenic spots. Week seven-step at County township, 14 km southeast from the City Office. 9 by the size of the falls, the total drop to 300 meters. In ancient legend has Kowloon-state to form a 9 Longtan, which got its name.
Nine waterfall odd position in various posts, their own. The first-level waterfall The most spectacular, and 46.7 m high waterfall, 76 meters wide, high-flow period of up to 83 meters. Hard flow through the top of a steep cliff fall Tengchong, Zhixie pools, such as the voice of Hong Lei, shocked the valley, took flying waterfall, for the intensification of misty smoke filled the valley, the setting sun every mapping, Heng Kong Magic into a rainbow, bright gorgeous. Giant waterfall at the top right there A diameter of 14 meters Tam mosaic waterfall hole, called "longan." Elata Level IV as the waterfall, 46 meters long waterfall, waterfall area in the towering stone, the shape of elata, falls to pull in two, named. Two Watarfall burst into an area of 2800 square meters of "lying Longtan."
The sixth grade to ninth grade Waterfall waterfall phase, called "Four Die Pu." 4 flow falls 692 meters. Between the rocks around the waterfall, the different forms of magic realism, "Longjing", "Dragon's Back" and "Long Kok", "A Long" and "Alondra," "Pearl." 9 falls below a maximum of 120 meters Changtan, rafting during which visitors watch Around the Mountain View, dangerous fun.
Kowloon festival falls around the group of mountains rising peak stones different life, "Feng doves", "Feng goldfish," "Dragon Peak," "Luotuo Feng", "wall-climbing toad," "stone monkey Guanbao" And so on.
  Kowloon Festival falls group known as "the first in Fujian" "East China goes for the" in 1987 as the first provincial-level scenic spots. Roads are already through scenic areas, scenic spots "Kowloon festival management of scenic areas," the building has been completed, built Guanbao Ting 2, 4 pavilion for visitors Guanbao, to rest.

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To support Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ningde is located 50 km north-west city, 127 kilometers away from Fuzhou, which is the main part of huotong Hill. "To support" in Sanskrit means "gathering Ford." Buddhist scriptures, "Kegon by" record: "The mountains of the South East to support fine-sounding name, crown-day Buddha with a thousand families who say permanent," said "can not support Wang Wei Monk. "There are four mountain resort, are the teams to win games (to support Temple), water-Chou, Dong Tian and huotong Narayana Cave. Sticks to Temple is the year for 971 years by Chu Wu Yue Wang Qian Building. Terauchi out there Wing-lok, Wanli Royal Secret Inspector "thousand-day Saint crown" Tiefo, "Kim Dae-lau Pilu" Tongfo, cairica Long Ziyi, as well as "North Canon" and other rare treasures. Since the Ming Dynasty, here as the "nest Foku cents." 4 period in 1983 included in the approval of the State Council of the National Buddhist temple focus. At the foot of the mountain to support the Hong Chau Chu rural population in the ancient village known as the "Chou." There is a 20 km long river's flow has been Child in the town. The river there were 30 9 Seto, a coast before it is too late Hui Zhao, Admiralty to review, Zhu Lian-volume, the bride Xia Jiao, Pearl floating fish Wells River St., two-and-drink-hong, such as Chu Dong Hornets Landscape. Bank of China in the river by boat, after a number of swift current will flow at great speed, very dangerous, and therefore referred to as "water-Chou." Huo Hill Huoshan original name, said to the Western Zhou period, there was a real person Huotong in this practice. Tang Tianbao 2006 (747), Chi Feng "Dong Tian huotong." The mountains are the size of TONG Feng Huo to hole, Taiwan Reaching for the Stars, and other attractions. The temple is located in Lo Pui-Hu Township, was built in the Tang Dynasty, the temple for the two-story wooden structure, there is no shelter. By-laws There are holes Rohan, the ancient pagoda, Fox called on monkeys, five birds Pan Zhi, Kowloon site, the France and Taiwan, Yin weaving, pearl, and other attractions curtain to form a "Narayana Cave" area.

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Chian Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiapu county seat is located 5 km north-east, in ancient times was an important harbor, the Coast because of red rocks were named after the red. Tang Zhen 20 million, Japan monk Kukai by boat to seek China's law, passers-by case of a typhoon, then landing in Chian. Sea and air, and other senior monks who worship at the local fruit benefits for teachers, school were a few lines, and learning Chinese calligraphy Poetry, painting, sculpture and other traditional arts. Today, a few lines in Japan has more than 1,200 followers, a number of more than 4,000 temples, is Japan's largest Buddhist sects. Then the monk Kukai landing Chian Japan has become a mantra in the minds of the Buddhist holy places, every year many of his followers to come to Japan to worship. Chian festival has Hai Ting, Wang Hai Ting, sea and air landing monuments, Chian, and other cultural relics room for visitors to pay respect to the viewing. Japan Buddhist Association, Abeno in long queues in front of a worship activities with deep feeling: "more than 1,000 years ago, sea and air from the master of landing here, Chian by villagers for their hospitality. 1,000 years We trace the footsteps of the master's life came to this place, but also by the people of Chian's warm reception. Chian is a sacred place. I believe that after this visit, there will be more and more followers came to a few lines which were Chian! "In addition to the previously mentioned attractions, the village of Chian castle ruins there, Wang Youjun sites, Guizhi , Tong Geng to stay, and other monuments to visit. Transport: From the Ningde Chian have direct access to the highway, the traffic is convenient.

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Ningde Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ningde areas located east longitude 118032 `` -120043, 26018'-27041 north latitude and between `. Fujian Province is located in the north-eastern part of Taiwan Province and across the sea. South and North part of the mainland about 155 km east-west width of 191 km with a total area of 13,400 square kilometers, the size of the island 344, on the southeast coast is an integral part of the Gold Coast. In a subtropical marine monsoon temperature of 13.4 ? -20.2 ?, the average annual rainfall in 1250 - 2350 mm yuan frosty period 235-300 days.

Ningde areas is a volcanic area, a wide variety of mineral resources, especially non-metallic mineral rich. At present, the metal have been found and 97 kinds of non-metallic minerals, has proven reserves of 33 kinds of minerals, ores and more than 100. A molybdenum ore, zinc, tungsten, silver, cadmium, such as rare earth, non-metallic minerals are kaolin, leaves Stone, perlite, wollastonite, alunite, purple sand soil, silica, granite, basalt, dolomite, river gravel, building sand, graphite, peat, crystal, mineral water and so on. Chi Fu Road, one of molybdenum, lead and zinc associated with the Fuding Silver Mine cadmium, silver and wollastonite mine tunnel, when the member of granite mining, large granite mine chapter, Hill shines Kong quarry, BAI Lin basalt mine, Pinghsi Shouning pyrophyllite ore, kaolin mine after Zhou Ning-an, Ningde Chixi kaolin mine, Tian Ling, ancient Pyrophyllite mine are all large and medium-sized deposits. These deposits not only large reserves, high grade, and easy-to-exploitation.

Ningde Banghai the mountain region, Fung Products . Agricultural production are the main planting, breeding, animal husbandry, fisheries, village and township enterprises, and so on. The main crops are rice, wheat, sugar cane, sweet potatoes, vegetables, nuts lines, such as tea, Tremella, township Lentinula's reputation, check the water and a large variety of rich Furong quarter of the four seasons, late-maturing lychee, longan, peach, a nuclear-free , Chestnut, sweet orange oil, and other votes. Fuan Du animal husbandry products has spent pigs, water buffalo Fu, Furuta and Muscovy duck, Xiapu goats and so on. There are two seafood Ningde mud cockles, oysters Sha Kong, the official foreign Well large yellow croaker, shrimp, kelp, seaweed, grouper, fresh water eel, Scylla, soft-shelled turtle, and so on.

Ningde Local industrial zone on chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, ship-breaking, electrical appliances, light food, construction materials, such as the main industry group, compared with a full range, the level of development co-ordination. The main industrial sectors are the distribution of metallurgy, ship-breaking, mechanical and electrical power, electronics, chemicals, machinery, building materials, forestry, food, textiles, sewing, Leather, pharmaceuticals, paper, printing, toys, cultural and educational supplies, such as 14 sectors, industrial products amounted to thousands of species, there are a number of famous products, sold at home and abroad; focus on products used in 60% of the international standards and advanced foreign standards; There are more than 240 kinds of products won the gold medal of the international and domestic gold product award, Product quality; electrical products exported to Europe and the United States, South-East Asia; become the country's edible fungus output ranks first; activated carbon exports ranking first; in order to build a ship-based ship-breaking industry, dominated by basalt stone plate industry, as well as Foundry industry in the province, the country has a unique advantage. Fujian inspiring area of natural landscape by the bell, the outer gallery book not mean that there are many well-known scenic spots at home and abroad, enjoy-the "sea Xiandu" reputation of the national key scenic spots Tai Laoshan Fuding, majestic rock, turning Youdong blurred, Di Yu Han Feng one of the famous 36. Emperor Yongle of the Ming dynasty was thanks to "the world Mountain "Ningde support to the Mountain Temple is a branch of the National Fodu Siguan focus to the precious collection of Buddhist relics of history that have possession of inside Wanli emperor of the Qin thanks cairica Ziyi Jinlong, the Royal Seyou Bowl , The heavy emphasis on High-meter gold Vairochana a Buddha, an iron, "a thousand-day Saint crown," Buddha, and enjoy " Not to mention support for the monks "reputation. Pingnan of Yuanyang County, monkeys Nature Reserve has been named national key scenic spots, where to experience the incomparable beauty of nature." Fujian Province in East China in the first few "must Zhou Ning Long inter-group falls and ancient folk customs, with mermaid-music is the source of the river carp away. Tangzhen 2 million In the space of the Sea Master Tang's Xiapu to Chian, as well as built in the Tang Zhen 8 million in the palace has been gutian Water foreign pilgrims never Luo Yi. She is still living in Fujian, Walled She still preserved ancient village of folk customs.

  Fujian sea transportation is very convenient, all - County (city) and township (town) all-road, with a total mileage for the 4598 km network, arrived in the north of Zhejiang, Fuzhou, south, west-northern Fujian, Gutian County Town, was yellow Levin (state)-fu (state) transit railway station To form a land-based Fujian highways and railways, the transport network. The region has built thousands of tons of commercial grade 7 Pier, fishing pier 21 . Australia has three Wan, as well as the Zhangzhou Yao Island, three sand, under Whitehead, shacheng, and other Chinese ports to foreign trade transportation lines origin, three are Australian city of Ningde Australia and opening up transport, water and land transportation hub in Fujian and material distribution center Qi Hong Kong tournament, is "round the country," foreign trade transportation loading and unloading points race ? ? Qi Hong Kong by sea-freight services Three Sandy trade with Taiwan Province is an important port and import Fei Gangchuan sea in the region handover has been opened to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, and so on nine routes from time to time. Ningde areas Sinotrans branch of the company to undertake the export of goods by land, sea and air transport. Convenient traffic, in order to expand economic prosperity and opening up to promote tourism Favorable conditions.

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Bow Tan Qinglian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bow Tan Qinglian Temple is located in Baoshan District south of Jianyang City, Yamagata for the shape of the Tsing Lung Fu-hu, a lion trend Chaoyang, board Qinglian Temple of the Goddess of Mercy Peak Tower, overlooking not only Jianyang City area, but also look distant hills . Temple Qinglian might well be described as a "welcome thousands of people worship day, night lights 10,000 reward." Qing Lian Tang Kai Temple was built in the first year of inter - At that time, around the temple are Hasuda, the beginning of summer flowers in full bloom, try Yan, charming scenery, Qinglian named after this temple. Bow Tan Qinglian temple reconstruction in the winter of 1990, from the World Master Jue mountains to the Control Yuan. Through hard work, the public only from power, have been completed and is now Maitreya Hall, Main Hall, West Third Temple, Guanyinge, Cheung House, wishful floor of the five Hall concept, sea tower will be unique antique temple complex, Zhong Yan Qiao Fei, staggered brackets, Diaolianghuadong, resplendent.

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Jian'ou City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jian'ou Jian'ou museum is located in the Confucius Temple area, for the city of Nanping comprehensive one of the museum. Was built in March 1985, covers an area of 4800 square meters, the exhibition displays more than 1200 square meters, the Treasury area of 80 square meters, the specimen room area of 60 square meters. Museum collections of various historical relics 5000 Pieces. 7 existing staff, in addition to adhere to the collection, exhibition, publicity, research, it also supervise the city's heritage.
City Museum was founded in early 1985, in Jianou Confucius Temple, covers an area of 5400 square meters, cultural relics exhibition hall layout for the General History of Jianou display area. Since there are on display Late Stone Age, under the Ming and Qing Dynasties North Korea until relics, and important towards the show and utensils. Reflects the basic geographical Jianou?????up and down by the primitive age of mankind, gradually to the slave society, feudal society into the back to the history, fully reflects the Jianou for thousands of years of rich history and the accumulation of human origin. After the liberation of Jianou one after another survey found that in urban and rural areas around the ancient ruins, tombs and sites, ancient buildings, nearly 100 stone, unearthed a large number of cultural relics. Jian'ou City Museum is to preserve cultural relics are more than three thousand, there are the Neolithic stone implements, so far under the Ming and Qing Dynasties of ceramic kiln, a collection of silver, a wide range of These relics from different sides, reflects the ancient wisdom of working people, but also reflects the ancient Jianou political, economic, cultural and historical development of the general picture of the development process. Is the location of the museum, "Ning Fu Jian Confucius Temple" is the rehabilitation of 1986, Fujian Province has been included in the key cultural unit. The main temple building Cheng Dian, 17 meters high, 31.4 meters wide and 22.9 meters deep, covers an area of 750.5 square meters, nine spinal Zhongyanxieshan architecture, to retain the original construction of the more obvious features of the Ming and Qing dynasties, ancient architecture for the province's rare. Museum of the positions for future generations to love life in his hometown of patriotism education play To the role. Hall open to display more than 10 years, to receive the central, provincial, and leaders at all levels, the masses, students of thousands of people in recent (times). Hall was on display in 1997 Nanping Municipal Government announced a base for patriotic education.

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Wuyishan City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The city of Wuyi Mountain Museum is located in Song Palace Street, Tung Tau, is a built in the early 90's, with a total area of 1400 square meters of antique three-building complex, there are "Wuyi cultural Mystery" exhibition hall, as well as state-level key protection units in urban and rural areas Seoul heritage sites, Shang and Zhou dynasties remains Mountain "in an Chuanguan sink" , Exhibits rich, it is worth a glance.

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Chinese national culture city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuyishan City is a national culture of the Chinese city of wholly foreign-owned enterprises, mainly from Beijing's total planted together Baoshu Mr. Xie Kunzong, Taiwan and the Philippines, Mr. Huang Shibin Miss Lin Peili, such as investing in the construction, the city of Wuyi Mountain is located right next to large, with a total area of 40,000 square meters Mainly in order to provide diversification of tourism A comprehensive leisure, entertainment and tourism to promote development of related industries development. The total investment amount is estimated to be 60,000,000 yuan.
At present, a project was completed in May 2002 and began operating, has now invested more than 3,000 yuan, the construction area over 12,000 square . Main current projects include the theater, department stores and gourmet restaurants, the second phase will start in 2003, the construction of the main ethnic customs Park Plaza ethnic song and dance, and the nation, such as houses, the project will be held to account for completion in March 2004, Will complete the formation of a more comprehensive travel service park. National City into the summer, hoping to enrich the content of the Mountain tour, in order to bring more tourist Wuyishan services.
Chinese national city every night at 20:00 on time release of Min Yue Dynasty story of the history, China and the United States scene, a warm atmosphere, with a splendid artistic appeal, and when foreign visitors Min Yue Dynasty common people feel splendid history and culture is an important bright window.
Large ethnic Chinese city-new song "Min Yue Dynasty" will take you to walk through time and space to enter the pre-2000 Mount Wuyi, Minyue visit to the Kingdom of the Year demeanor, experience the beauty of Baiyue flirtatious tenderness, exotic feel Rural unique art, listen to the king and the love story of the Girl.
"Min Yue Dynasty" feast-court dance, the war scenes customs feature singing and dancing, magic, acrobatics, costume shows, strange customs and other forms of performance and imagination into one. To show you a style of the royal family, the reproduction of peace, prosperity Min Yue Sheng .

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Baiyun Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiyun Temple is located in the Dolomite Feng Yao. 9 raft traveling north look into the distance, the building can be seen in the Dolomite Sibei of the ancient temple of the same name. Creek provisional cliff near the temple built, like a form of a left temple. If we are to set foot in the temple, it would take through the village of Star Bridge, Shun Road to the north-east and Wuli line after the arrival of dolomite foot, and then television Gordon can be reached. Temple was built in the Ming Dynasty, after the repeated destruction destroyed in 1994, completion of the restoration. Dolomite temples along the narrow waist of a rock and take advantage of loopholes construction, as at the end of the Mountain Gate, the main hall and to reverse Shanfang. Fitness hall built loopholes in the rock high and deep, and are therefore constitute a two-tier, slim, sleek form. South Point lean on a railing, then River floating in the air with songs such as, far from the river southwest of Lang Lang Huoyanshan in the head. Xu Wanli in the Ming 44 (1616) the board wrote: "Deng Lou upper reaches of the South Point 9, a store in Island, from west to the river, the divide-and-loop. Song to a compound. Chau outside of the two Involute Hill, 9 to do. "Mountains and rivers are close eye, Weiweitaiguan Qing Ming Seng holding on so large a monk on Mount carved dolomite in the "Grand View". Cliff side stone found in the posterior wall of Baiyun Temple Shrine Basilica.
  Bai Yun from the back door of the temple is expected to see the three peaks to teach, such as cats otolith spots. There is a back door of ancient mountain peaks from the foot of Road leading to the temple. Shek Mun Road at the end of one. Xu mind : "From the Stone loopholes in the class and tired, Li Liang Bi folder, Posi Huangshan days of the door. Poverty level, to Yi Li Yan, Jia Wu Yan as a result of (refers to the Baiyun Temple) as well as sub-drum (peak) ... ..."

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Mountain Grand Canyon Rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuyi Grand Canyon Falls area has a Blue Dragon and Grand Canyon rafting tour the two projects, Blue Dragon Mountain is located in Great Falls Park on the west side of the Grand Canyon, the sum falls around the dense wood, water rich, deep valley on the precipice; can be called "the first East drift" Grand Canyon river rafting Paulownia is a section of the river, the river is the source of Jiuqu Xi One of the most clear Wuyishan is the most pure water. Look forward to stimulate! Look forward to adventure! Look forward to working with the natural fight! Looking forward to "narrowly" easy! Look forward to the back-to-nature experience! That is, in the busy city life, people have been looking for is an exciting, different from the ordinary life of a single Feelings. Jiuqu Xi upper reaches of the Grand Canyon for a period, a total length of 40 kilometers from the skin to Tai Hang Hau palace about 14 km, 28 km away from scenic areas. Canyon relative gap of 300 meters, the river because of the Paulownia - Otake tectonic fault-lan control and development of cutting the strong currents to form near the West to the East Daxia And more than 500 meters deep valley, along the rise amid Valley, the rolling of a precipice. Uchiyama return water to the valley, the water flow have Hill, stands peaks two sides, Pinnacle trees, rocks along the rocks, dangerous shoals around the rapids, Fei Bao hanging Artesian Bore Baths, clear stream bottom, fish Xiangyingchengqu stone. Enjoy the magnificent Tsing Lung Falls The soul-stirring experience the Grand Canyon Rafting, is the tourists yearn for the eco-tourism projects. Grand Canyon of the streams in the region originated in the Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve, the main peak - the south of Shanxi Province Huang Gang, from west to east, rich in water resources, water quality class. "Little River middle reaches of the raft, the two sides go Danshan Weiwei" by Penny You Jiuqu Xi's Leisure; into the rapids, dangerous shoals have been, by canoe drifting is entertainment, fitness in one, to participate in extremely dangerous to stimulate travel. 28 km from the Grand Canyon drift from Services Department, the Royal Palace Tai shore, 6 km long the entire process will take about 80 minutes. Tickets 100 yuan. Canoeing jumped, the people " "In the water, he was in the hands of the paddle, the Grand Canyon of the wind, crowded into the back of the jet before the beginning of a period of nature's most perfect experience, given the quiet enjoyment of nature, the comfortable happy. Of course, visitors can also hit Tao stroke Lang, seek to stimulate the Grand Canyon rafting. Jubao Tam, with the pulp of the Longtan Move to start drifting canoe, flowing through 10 meters of calm, enter from a shallow to deep Bitan. Legend has it that Mount Wuyi mountains Peng ancestor of the third generation successor to his sons education, they pretend that there is treasure here. Sons, and so there has opened up this mountain, said his father would understand? Quot; Tony, "the true meaning, so after this I call for Jubao Bitan Lake. Jubao pass through the dam, on the left is a cobblestone beach, a stone in the long-term water erosion, the gradual disappearance of edges and corners, into a round ball or block party, Size was miscellaneous, colorful. And then into the unpredictable, as the dragon-deep at the Longtan. The Longtan, to accelerate the boat forward, is a nearly 50-meter-long "big slide." Shun small "ladder" and Ji Chong, soul-stirring over the rapids, streams and quiet down. Water close to the animal kingdom 25.5 km, flow depth of urgency, the noise of the swift current along the one-meter gap, scattered in the Fei Xie The rock sequence, passing a spray Road. Shi Yi Zuzu is the two sides, the dizzying: two large stone side by side, the previous one, like pigs Journey look in the mirror; Wu Li is a stone lion, the majestic lion show; also Zhanchiyufei the crane, the smart Rabbits, deer quick, active monkeys, lazy Kazakhstan Dogs, people here said that water is the animal kingdom. Grand Canyon action was a static, one-Chi, a loose combination of a tight, drifting to combine elucidation of the head. Ping Shek Mun to the screen. Ping, also known as screen here, "Fu Shan heavy water have no doubt, the new vista." Two large stone blocking the way, Paper Boat forced into submission, and can stream together, carefully from the friction through a gap. In some cases, Ba Shi Heng Kong, almost a blind alley and had to return half of the three, only to find an export. As a result of a canoe and diarrhea, an instant, as if visitors hanging in mid-air, Xin Jing shook and then fallen into the water from the bottom up, Hun To make wet, as if they had to withstand washing Di pulmonary heart of the shower. Golden had a small waterfall, is a strangely shaped stone of the Golden. The way like the polar bear, or the rest of the group, such as pigeons fly, or as a peacock screen open, groups such as duck or leisure, revealing various Visualization the United States. Longmen drifting to the best and most stimulating "Yuelong Men" reached a climax, that is 2.8 meters down the gap. Some timid tourists here had no choice but to abandon the boat ashore with regret that only the brave dare to break through the white water, come into the huge gap between the gantry, and soul-stirring experience the Grand Canyon rafting panic and dangerous, extraordinary items.

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Gospel Meishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanping Meishan Christian Gospel Church was originally called, was founded in 1901, 1993, but dangerous as a result of the removal, in-situ redevelopment of the same year. At that time, only 160,000 yuan foundation of the Church, people with confidence and rely on God's almighty and strong support from all levels of government concerned, deacons and priests Sunren Fu in the lead, efforts to Fighting, more than 100 million fund-raising, in October 1994 for completion, built to accommodate 1,500 people worship gathering, construction area of 2400 square meters of new churches. At the same time, more than 200 million fund-raising, in August 1995 completed construction area of more than 5000 square meters floor of an integrated subsidiary. Church of the existing Division 2, 3, Mission, a missionary internship, volunteer 1, Saint worship music ministry, finance, instruments, books such as the Department of a total of 20 people, responsible for day-to-day affairs of the Church and the Church of the management of urban and rural areas.

In order to practice the teachings of Jesus "the Son of Man, not by serving the people, is to serve people," Ping Meishan church in 1998, in the provinces, cities and united front, the religious sector with the strong support of the use of old founder of the Christian Charity Housing homes for the elderly; in May 2001, caring homes for the aged and by the Nanping City Civil Affairs Bureau for approval of the social welfare agencies, For all sectors of society, regardless of faith, for the conservation of old people, Rehabilitation, such as hosting services for the elderly in need of access to a stable home for their old age. 7 years old people's homes for the elderly to admit a total of 110 people, four of them can not afford to the elderly. Old courtyard of the existing 52 old people, of whom the oldest of the elderly has been 104 years old. Start-up homes for the elderly, have been Will be from all walks of life and the Church overseas, Hong Kong will Aihua, the Nanjing Amity Foundation with the help, support and praise.

Nanping Meishan church from the beginning of 1984 started kindergarten bud, the Department of Chinese churches run by the earlier one of the kindergarten. Fu has been done in 1995, the number of students from the first of dozens of people up 267 today, from a kindergarten class to the development of today's 7 classes, teaching and administrative staff from 5 to 23. Each year from kindergarten to primary school graduation of as many as a hundred people, not only solved the nearest school child care issues, but also help solve the employment problem. Kindergarten has been the provincial and city War, religion, the concern and support of the education sector, Hong Kong will Aihua, the Nanjing Amity Foundation to help support. Fujian Southeast TV, "in northern Fujian Daily" and other media reported one after another bud nursery school situation. Caiyan Xiang, the first director for the sisters, the current director for the sisters, Zheng Jianping.

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