Ting Creek Reservoir sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ting Ting Creek Reservoir Creek Reservoir is located in the north-west Tongan District, only 7 kilometers from the city, is a scenic area of tourism. Reservoir was built in June 1956, the dam 37 meters high, the dam 245 meters long, 8 meters wide crest, the capacity of 48,450,000 cubic meters; the upper reaches of the East River reservoir capacity of 14,080,000 cubic , In the main channel 17 kilometers Department also has a bamboo dam reservoir capacity of 10,000,000 cubic meters, three reservoir storage capacity 72,570,000 cubic meters of dollars, outside the West basin diversion canal each year could be the source of the introduction of a stream 30,000,000 cubic meters. Dry irrigation area, branch chief of 258 km, 16.5 million mu of irrigated area. The four workers Joint operation to form a hub for Ting Creek Reservoir, East River Reservoir, the source of diversion canal for the West to add. Penny for the regulation of the reservoir dam reservoir, is a flood control both the main irrigation, urban water supply, power generation and culture, such as the backbone of the multi-purpose project, but also the region's largest water storage, the reservoir is self - Health, the spirit of hard work completed, it is worth bearing in mind. Ting Kiln Creek Reservoir is located on the eastern side of the river with the Anting, about 10 km from the city, covering an area of 0.5 square kilometers. In the 1956 Tongan reservoir construction was found, a site-kiln brick kiln, Xia Bo, and so on as sub-kiln, has unearthed a bowl, , Discs, cans, pots, and other daily-use containers. According to textual research, there is a larger place in the Song Dynasty porcelain production of one of the workshops. Produced "porcelain Pearl" sold to Japan. The Song of the sites found on the study of the Song Dynasty in Fujian's economic and cultural exchanges with the outside world and of great significance. Xiamen visitors can take the right side of the Xiamen Railway Station to the Tongan A total of cars, taxis and minibuses to reach the city when the Tongan change to the Tongan buses to the small tourist spots to visit.

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Battlefield Park Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mishima war hero and Tourism Park is located in the south-eastern Dadeng Island, covers an area of more than 87,000 square meters. Is the only domestic-oriented Golden Gate to the great cause of reunification of the motherland as the theme for the tourism field, financial education in patriotism, national defense, education, leisure and entertainment in one multi-functional tourist areas. Dadeng, Dadeng small, three-Kok Link , To its 1958 "8.23" shelling of Kinmen and glorious, and the Central Military Commission, was awarded "Hero of the three islands," the glorious title. Tourist Park field with the "hero soldiers and civilians Mishima Historical Museum," "military weapons Gallery," "Hero Square, sculpture," "Battlefield facilities remains," "Mishima folklore , "Horse turbo shooting center," and "world famous and precious animals and Exhibition Park," "horse field," "Beach" and "barbecue", "square off firecrackers." Tourist Park into the field, you can see in a large number of artillery made in the illustrious military exploits of the aircraft, artillery, tanks, patrol boats, warships and -Light and heavy weapons; standing on the former King Broadcasting, the diameter of 2.95 meters, "the world" before the horn, green mountains and blue waters of Kinmen Island and the bunker, post and network protection, and other military installations fresh in our memory, close at hand; Amid more than 200 meters long tunnel in the field, surrounded by fire the laser, the skirr sound, vibration Shaking plate, the billowing smoke, you experience the baptism of fire. In addition, the Tourism and the National Park adjacent to Taiwan only a small commodities market in 99 years on May 1 has been opened, the prominent feature of Fujian and Taiwan, the two sides range of goods, cost-effective, but also the broad masses of tourists ideal shopping place.

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Xiamen monitoring and control space station - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jimei located in the Town of irrigation, the environment beautiful, spectacular scenery, is a high-tech monitoring and control space station. Monitoring stations in China have developed a new spacecraft measurement and control equipment, communications equipment and computer professionals, after China Xi'an Satellite Monitoring Center and the Xichang, Stephen sprinkling, three Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to form According to the communications network. For various types of China's spacecraft and launch vehicle launch, operation responsible for measuring and control tasks, and bear the foreign commercial satellite launches in support of the track measurements. The space station's science and technology exhibition hall with "satellites", "International Aerospace outlook," "Application of satellite technology," Hall, The satellite launch had said that dynamic, we can see our newly developed TW-215 international standard C-band monitoring and control equipment and engineers to track, measure and control the satellite live scene. Give the person a feeling of its territory. Also available in the "test of China's space and air network", "O sing to launch the live" video feature, China 8 satellite and parachute recovery capsule in honor of this exhibition. Visitors can also be 15 meters in diameter and weighing more than 100 tons of?????antenna and the "Three Long March" rockets to mark the monument commemorating the pictures.

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Xiamen Lam Soon Crocodile Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen Lam Soon crocodile park, following the Jimei School of Aquatic "Whale Museum", Gulangyu "Underwater World" after the third exhibition aquatic animals, it is hard to come by in China's Exhibition Crocodile Park. Lam Soon crocodile park is located in Xiamen Jimei Dragon Pool southeast corner, and Jimei Mall, Jimei linked to the space city. Park and north of the Thai Lam The world's largest crocodile lake, "co-operation in the first phase of the project completed in early 1999, the crocodile park covers an area of 7000 square meters, outside of the provisional River Jiujiang, in reliance Dragon Pool. Lam Soon Crocodile Park in the first phase of the project, the performance has a pool, Ornamental pool 3, an Office of crocodile products. It also has a number of Western-style viewing booths, Stone model, and so on. Children and appreciation for the latter, lighting. In the pool to watch, to see a lot of crocodiles, and some Lateral Horizontal in the rock pools, motionless rest; some travel in the water; some climbing on the grass, they are the odd commendable attitude. Lam Soon crocodile park there are 200 large and small crocodile, he From all over the world. Some of the Nile from Africa, the Congo River; some from South America, the Amazon and Orinoco; some of the Mississippi River from North America; some from the Oceania New Guinea; from Asia are China Yangtze River Alligator and southern Thailand, Malaysia, the Indonesian gate tower Prince and other places. In the Office of crocodile products, there are more than 100 kinds of crocodile products. Crocodile skin, the most expensive and highest value of manufactured goods in a small purse, bag women, handbags and belts, and so on; also available for visitors to play the crocodile model. Crocodile Park has developed very rapidly, the ongoing second phase of the expansion project. The main item crocodile Thailand Museum, Folk Craft Museum Thailand, the Thai crocodile viewing area, sea-view dining and recreational areas around the world watch the crocodile, and other areas.

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Li Lin Lieshi Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Memorial House is located in the west of Taipei, surrounded by flowers Calocedrus is a bucket of Yan Memorial. Park was built in the spring of 1990. Li Lin Lieshi Department of Jimei School of overseas Chinese, the Sino-Japanese War in her gallop and outside the Great Wall, the enemy heroically, at the expense of old when the 24-year-old, of the CPC Central Committee has been praised as a national heroine. In order to promote Li Lin Lieshi Deeds, Jimei school in Hong Kong alumni donations to build the park Li Lin and Li Lin in the park near the Taipei side of the floor downstairs to buy, "Li Lin Lieshi memorial." Memorial in front of the monument is a rectangle, there is an inscription: "Linlie Shi Li, Hero Girls; sacrificed their lives for the country, go down in history." This is Comrade Bo Yibo The title in 1987. This monument carrying a pistol riding a horse shot in the rear face of the statue trend.

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Long Beach ten - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the past, the people of Xiamen and overseas Chinese look forward to Xiamen in the Strait of Long Beach to build a sea, land and link up to the aspirations of the 1950s achieved. Seawall length of 2212 meters, one after another with the Jimei Takasaki, so-called high seawalls, in 1953 to start in October 1955 completed in just More than a year's time, and Takasaki in the embankment outlook to build a pavilion, there are booths Chairman Zhu De personally wrote the "reclamation", describe their plant surrounded by eucalyptus, acacia, Acacia, graceful branches and leaves in the wind, Give pedestrians a cool Sheng Yi. In October 1955, Xiamen and the people building the Jimei -- Lin seawall with a total length of 2820 meters, the area of 5.2 square kilometers of Xinglin Bay, into a lake. This total length of 5032 meters of the two sea walls, collectively, the "Xiamen sea," Blair said, "Long Beach ten." If used by 370 Million stone, line 1 meter square stone wall, the equivalent of two Yingxiatielu Chang, reclamation is not it?

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Return of the Church, Park return - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mr. Chen Jiageng Return of the Church's former home in the south every tankahkeei a way that is returned together. Return of the Church in 1962, Mr. Chen Jiageng anniversary of the death of a completed. More than 4000 square meters floor area by the main hall, the Court of worship, meeting rooms and courtyard rooms, is the main feature of the nation's rich Temple-large halls, houses painted cornices, solemn, generous and elegant. Hall door step is the Court of worship. Potted flower garden, tree-zhen Jamyang vitality. Return of the Return of the park south of the Church is the return of the park, adjacent to the two. Return of the park was built in 1983, in memory of Mr. Chen Jiageng-founder 70th anniversary of the school built, covers an area of 9300 square meters. Hall returned from the south gate to the return of the park is between the granite stone paving of the courtyard, is on both sides of the pot, lamp post, Calocedrus, symmetrical direction, decency and tidy, middle of the park at the north end, the erection of a stone screen, by Fang, Ling, ladder, fans, Kok, and other irregular paving stones, and 3 meters high and 7 meters wide, mounted above the Tan Kah Kee, Chairman Mao Zedong on the life achievements of character summed up: "The Chinese flag, national brilliant." Tan Kah Kee statue on the vertical rock in the legislation before the screen. China is a bronze statue of the famous sculpture artists created by Professor Pan He, 2.3 meters high, the base .6 Meters. Maung statue Xiao spirit, easy calm returned to stand in the front, left-handed cap, they stick right hand, and profound kind of looked at from afar, and look forward to their loved ones returned from overseas.

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Island Paradise Eco-fire - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lantau fire, Xiamen is the domain of the largest island in the West Sea, land and water area of 27 hectares, 900 meters long from north to south, west width of 400 meters, 34.7 meters above sea level, from south to north high angle scattered descending, the three form a headland. Lishu the west is very much like to see, "Hill", from west to east looking Poxiang letters of the alphabet "M". Here Line ups and downs steep slope, the peculiar geological structure, rock Banlan color, different wave-cut caves, the shape of various Bay Beach is a beautiful small subtropical island. Lantau fire vertical Tabuse hypogastric Haicang Bridge, West Tower Bridge on the stand at the north end of Lantau, the central control outlined in the West Sea, the South Island have a rabbit, monkey Island, Lantau, Gulang North Lantau have Jingtai, cats Island, Pearl Island. Reported: the ancient farmers often on the fishing island, named "Islands." Southern Song Dynasty, Shi Tong million villagers to escape the military, moved to the island for a living farming and fisheries. Yuan after the military burnt down houses, forced the villagers to move back to the original, together with the island full of color, such as the fire burnt rock, it said " Link burning. "In the 1970s, the garden city fire department on the implementation of Lantau closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, plantation and greening. After 30 years of protection, are now over the island's dense Acacia, Casuarina, black pine and rhododendron Hill, Myrtle, Tree fern, Kei Mans, as if virgin forest. Lantau fire in size within four lakes, is a Hold an island characteristics, financial and natural ecology, culture and education have a higher grade of people and animals without border exchange of Cape Paradise Eco-environment-friendly. There are: peace and tranquility the mountains on Lantau District forest Wan Ting Road, staggered to form a path around the boulevard and around the island, during a stroll and watch the sea Shang Jing, builds character and a great quiet A cliff top viewing booths, there is Yabian view of the sea corridors, sharp cliffs with special viewing of rare marine species, David White Dolphin "platform for dolphin watching," sitting in the black pine forest, carefully look at the white dolphin in the air rolling Bibo Li Timmia of leisure, visitors to the heart with the white dolphin by the flow away! Peak viewing tower there, visitors board Look at the sea, mountains, urban look, look at Haicang, look at Jimei, Xinglin look to see if the lake to see Newport, look at the bridge to see reefs, due to geographical location, outside of which, we have a brighter future, see the scenery, with the sunlight On the rocks seen totally different, is a brand-new air and sea scenery, natural oil. Four Indian Lake District Lantau fire on four man-made lake, two small sophomore, and three freshwater lakes, a sea water lake, a total of more than 60,000 square meters. "Two small" fine-sounding name: heron habitat, Lu Lin. Haoyue until the breeze, viewing tower stands, only four save the lake a bright moon to form a unique "four-tan and India on the" scenic spots, the sea breeze blowing gently, Moonlight You Qian, this is the "east Feihong" Shangjing best season. Resting on a small bamboo Lake, visitors can spend here, the fish can touch crabs, barbecue Yechui. Can also roam the lake in the forest, the relaxation of tension about the physical and psychological complexity, Chang Shu easily pick up time. Jade Lake on the attached 200-meter stream, Break down rock, water features, Huan poultry birds, the birds were fun, man and birds to form a natural border-free exchange. Heron Lake Habitat has more than 30,000 square meters of the water, the lake habitat Heron Island, transparent crystal and plasma Lake down, making fun, play tired, they can open on the island, fishing, flying is to restore feelings of fatigue on Place. Lu Lin lake water for the lake, there are more than 30,000 square meters of water, Lake Heron Island, to enjoy sunbathing. Water can be a platform of the lake impromptu performance, in particular, may be unable to enjoy the sea not turbulent tide of visitors savor the taste of the sea. Cai Yan watch the sea area south-east Lantau fire, Rock-chip strange stones, "fire stone," "worm stone relics", "knifed Stone," "chrysanthemum stone" and "cloud-shaped stone", Ban Lan colors, unique shapes, similar to the "sea lion pillow" "Youth Pre-employment Training goshawks." Visitors can walk up the vacant Tengqiao path along the cliff, so that your feet do not step on the surface of rock to protect the rock Cai Jing . Under the rocks are in the urban areas of Xiamen and Gulangyu, a tourist platform will be built for visitors to appreciate the full-color, riding the sea sand bath in order to enrich the travel-hing. In addition, the fire ecology Island Park will be carried out visits from the sea, comfortable yacht in the south Lantau to be Teng's grave, Lantau, Wu Island, up the Pearl of the North Island, and around Xiamen , Look at the sea in Xiamen, Jinmen sea view.

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Bridges Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bridges Museum, located in the Haicang Bridge anchorage on the east coast, this is the huge bridge in Anchorage, to build up China's first museum bridges. Its design, content-rich, advanced technology, high-tech display of the level of Haicang Bridge to add to the scenery. The building of the museum by the Haicang Bridge Exhibition Hall China Looking back a century bridge and Haicang Bridge Exhibition Hall Monitor Center has three major components. They displayed three points: one is the construction of Haicang Bridge Exhibition Center, from the bridge design, construction, scientific research, investment and financing, supervision, multi-angle landscapes, and so on a full display of the bridge-building process. China is the second floor of the bridge 100 years Retrospective In the history of latitude for for science and technology as a bridge for clues, systematic review of China's ancient and contemporary bridge-building achievements, as a bridge to introduce scientific and technological knowledge of the world and different historical periods representative of the famous bridge, as well as the planning of the 21st century The great bridge. China's ancient bridge in the preservation End The Zhaozhou Bridge, Quanzhou in the Song Dynasty Luoyang Qiao, also built in 1937 Qiantang River Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and so on; in modern bridge in Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Shantou Bay Bridge, the Xiling Yangtze River Bridge, etc. , Shantou Bay Bridge for pre-stressed concrete suspension bridge. Bridge is a five-story control center. This is the Haicang Bridge in the heart of traffic, she has a data collection, data communications, statistical analysis, a high degree of control, document management, self-image graphics and report to the police and other modern management functions, show that China's high-tech level of the bridge.

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Philharmonic Orchestra - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1998, in Xiamen city government and the Gulangyu district government support under the artistic director of the responsibility of professional symphony orchestra. Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the conductor is Professor Zheng Xiaoying, deputy director to act as the command is a young conductor of the original Liao. The orchestra is made up of 60 members playing , Brought together various national elite. Since its establishment, has staged hundreds of games, introduced by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, and other outstanding Chinese and foreign songs in the first 100. Especially in the new millennium approaches, a new orchestra in the Haicang Bridge opened to traffic on the play for Cang Bridge, which for the Violin Concerto, "Psalm" and Beethoven's ninth symphony "Ode to Joy"; in the well-known pianist Yin is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the musical art career at the meeting, Mr. Yin and the orchestra also performed a number of co-operation is very difficult Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto and the Piano Concerto "Yellow River" Famous, are very successful, well-known. Philharmonic always uphold the "Spring Snow, and the more people who" aim to spare no effort to popularize knowledge of a symphony, community-oriented regular organized music lectures, Miss Zheng Xiaoying personally came to power on command, received by the audience. Orchestra adhere to the current year in the dark Link Concert Hall (Huang Lu-1) every Monday to Friday 9-12 am, 1:30-3:30 pm when the five-hour open rehearsal, 7:30 every Saturday night held a special symphony concert Visitors can enjoy listening to the standard approach, see the bands style.

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Jin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jin Park is located in the southeast coastal Xiamen, Huang Siming Qu Village, take the bus up to 29. Park Jin Department of Taiwan businessmen to invest in the construction, tourism, leisure and vacation in one, is a comprehensive new playground, park Banghai mountains, elegant environment, opening to the outside world in early 1995, the park has Europe Garden, Heron Island, the Rose Garden, such as free dozens of fun to watch, another 30 projects are several charges playground, which features the most tourists to fruit trees. Road its high water-skiing and surfing pool, is the largest in Fujian Province, Xiamen is also the first company to launch the project. With European-style restaurant in the park.

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?????(glory Treasure Museum) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?????located in the southern tip of Xiamen Island, Hu Shan waterfront, was built in 20 years Guangxu (1894), there are more than 100 years of dismal history of the rise and fall. Battery is a platform with Ukraine camphor tree juice and glutinous rice, brown sugar, lime, stirred by sand, very tough. Fort whole by the barracks, tunnels, command floor and watching post units, bomb Treasury, security components, such as Cheng Hao, Cheng rectangular granite stone castle, with an area of 13,000 square meters. Xiamen had been in the history of imperialist aggressors against the people of the ancient battlefield. Fort at two things, there are two main guns (now only one gun), from Germany Krupp to buy Arsenal. Gun length 13.13 m Weight 50 tons. Muzzle diameter of 280 mm, the effective range of 16,000 meters. Fort also on display from the Xiamen sea area and the infrastructure of the site unearthed a few doors cast in 50 of the Ming and Qing Dynasties formolongi. East and West Block, two guns have the same tunnel, the tunnel exit of the barracks there. Cheng Hao outside care, there are patrols, for coastal defense fort. 9 6 in Fort front of the building, "the hope that Taiwan" or "I hope that the Taiwan", visitors can look through the telescope Liao under the jurisdiction of the Kinmen Island and the second largest Tam Tam Island.?????is a key cultural relics units in August 2000, also included in the "2000 Guinness Book of World Records Book." In recent years, the Fort Finishing carried out, a new large-scale wall carving of "national soul", swords and guns from the storage performance of the Fen Wu Chun-wei, the course of the fight against the enemy, the mood stays population Kushiro 1 Lian Bo W ?? loquat law? Quot; Rongquan, "rather For the novel. Carving the back wall of the small garden, green grass and there are many small-scale sculpture and cactus Jinhu, Recreation Department to build a viewing pavilion, a natural harmony. Small garden to open up the northern part of the "Moonlight Rock" spots, created the "Longquan Falls" and "Yi Xiantian" and "Poetry?????wall." Treasure Museum glory?????Museum in the former barracks, is the Office of Singapore?????billion trillion Po Private Limited set up a joint exhibition of cultural institutions. Museum exhibits all of Singapore by Mr. Zhang Rongguang provided by the collector. Museum hours, "Stone World Gallery," "Ancient World War artillery Gallery," "World of ancient sword Gallery," "Ancient World Gallery guns" and "old Stone to display the "five parts. Exhibits will include all countries in the world since the 13th century gun pistol, guns, expensive samurai sword and a shield 455 and bright color, texture clear, realistic image of the river there are mountains and rivers, birds, flowers and insects birds And other natural landscape image of the 3850 natural stones. "World Stone Exhibition Hall "series of sub-characters, landscape series, the series Songjukmae, text series, animal series, precious stones, such as family, town homes treasure" of the Yellow River water to the sky ", from Myanmar, weight 2.5 tons, a screen Since the north-east to south-west of the joint vein patterns, like the Yellow River water to the sky; its south Buy a wide valley, the valley small and medium-sized spots, like thousands of vessels, there are many overlaps between the two sides of the lofty mountain peak, like the Three Gorges image. Two stones in the museum, a "three-meat," Stone article, hung on the iron, like a three-tier pork from the skin, fat, lean meat, cartilage, and other parts of Cheng, it can be real ones. Other figures such as the Garden of Eden in the series, the landscape of Mount Fuji series, the Galaxy; Songjukmae series of double-sided bamboo, bamboo and so on the air, animal series, the goshawk, two-Yan, precious stones in the series will be peach, flowers and so on. There are sword sword series of Jordan's King Wong Sword, and many others, it is lovely, so there may be to create "the day after processing," suspicion, but the best first-hand look.

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Shishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shishan park in the urban areas on the eastern side of the road, the main peak is only 220 meters above sea level. Shishan, also known as Wan Shishan, the stone is to win the Mountain View, the mountain by Wan Shiyan, in rock, rock Pacific, Ziyun rock, rock, etc. Huxi composition of the mountain. The strange rock, bell shaped, like, bamboo, screens, camels, tigers and so are thousands Victoria Wei Xiao. Shishan landscape, different stones with holes, clear spring water for the prominent, is Mountain View, Shi, water features, King into the tree, "Taoyuan small" and "Shek Wu million," the most well here Cliff and a lot of stone, high research value. "Xiao Shishan fog" rising sun Not Dongsheng, the vast Shishan the morning mist, floating clouds long, uncertain Mok, known mystery. Qianlong years, the poet had Zhang Xilin poem: Cebu North Korea even lock rocks, Shishan Road is not really recognize. Grass smoke deep rock fans stone tablet, partridge call pedestrian sunrise. Is a poetic said: "The morning mist rises when they are not clear about the true face of Shishan To be out of the sun, the mountain is covered with talented people to hear Partridges tour of the Timing. "

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Botanical gardens - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Botanical Garden in Xiamen, Xiamen is located in Zhongshan Park in the urban areas of the South East, Shishan, Wu Laofeng to the north. Built in 1960, the entire garden shrubs of about 1,800,000, there are well-known tropical and subtropical botanical garden in all of the park, there are overlapping Wanshi Shan mountain peaks on all types of rock King, with an area of 26 square kilometers, of which sik Park area of 2.27 ha, 1.5 ha area of the lawn, the green area of 213.6 hectares. Park's botanical gardens all around the periphery Shek Wu million, which is based on Chinese-style layout of the garden decoration, the main Park: Park tsugae, Penny Drive, Rosa Parks, Forest of Stone Tablets in the new, small Taoyuan, Palm Island, the Office of flowers, South Cedar lawn, introduction and domestication of the district, District cactus, the Rose Garden, longan, Lai Chi Yuen, the District of medicinal plants, flowers such as orchid plants in 29 special zones, and water park, and decorated with floor, Taiwan, Pavilion, Pavilion and modernization Entertainment and sports training facilities, is a beautiful, fragrant flowers around the entertainment park. Tsugae Park

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Egret Island Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Egret Island Park when the lake is a member of the party platform, covering an area of 10 hectares, is a new city recreation, amusement, shopping centers for the city park. Egret Island Park, a sculpture egret goddess, she is a symbol of Lu Dao city of Xiamen is a sculpture of products. Egret goddess figure beautiful, demure and Guizuo A piece of rock, combing hair, still parked on the shoulders of a little egret, and many tourists stop here all have their pictures taken. Egret Island Park, 400 Guangchang Ge imported from the Netherlands, the second day to feed, visitors can visit with the pigeons in the park with music, can also bring their own rice to feed himself, a theater play with the pigeons, Le endless! Egret Island Park fountain music is also very much appreciated. Summer Night of the people here enjoy the cool air, a festive can enjoy beautiful fountain. Egret Island amusement park or shopping center, painting and calligraphy art, calligraphy and painting have a hospital, art gallery, character gallery, crystal gifts, wood Dragon, Pets age of the world bonsai wares. In addition, bowling alley, seafood, football clubs, night clubs, and other places of entertainment.

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Haicang Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen Haicang Bridge is the second in the world, Asia's first super-sized three-span suspension bridge of steel box floating-wide, is the city of Xiamen in the history of the largest investment in transportation projects, projects a total length of 5926.527 m, 648 m main span, the Haicang Bridge Design Capacity for 50,000 /day, traffic speed of 80 Where /when the project?????2,870,000,000 yuan. Haicang Bridge project in December 18, 1996 groundbreaking, the main project in June 1997 started, the whole bridge in December 30, 1999 opening of the well. Xiamen Haicang Bridge is not only with the outside world Department of another important channel, but also an important symbol of the modernization of Xiamen, Xiamen is also a new tourist attraction, the beautiful flowing style of the bridge, a unique lightweight anchor, tower structure, coordinated with the surrounding environment as a bridge color, soft night results And so on, all with modern international port city Xiamen scenic tour Suited to the city. Bridge construction also proves that we have reached the level of bridge-building in the world.

  Haicang Bridge by the East Interchange east bridge approach, the bridge Eastern and Western Channel Bridge, West Approach, Shitang overpass, and other large-scale project comprising a total length of 5926.572 meters, is China's self-designed, self - Construction, and most of the material is made of. It's built in this century, China represents the highest level of achievements in bridge construction. Haicang Bridge is the first in Asia and second in the world (after Denmark) of floating-wide three-span continuous steel box girder suspension bridge.
From the landscape, Tower Bridge, the use of gantry structure, the pillars Structure of the curve used for modeling the tone of the design concept, based on body fluid lines, soft, and the bridge itself is a treasured work of art. Silver Bridge, the blue sky with blue-and embraced the wave appears to be lying Changhong, like a jade belt recline in the sparkling sea. 110 steel beam parallel Sisuo shares, hung on the gate-tower, which is a The beautiful picture.
From a macro point of view, the bridge towers, anchorages, bridge, structure and the surrounding areas coordinated, sea, blue sky, ports, urban Yuet-color harmony, is more humane and natural beauty into the United States, in particular, the advent of the night, on the Bridge As a non-dragon, the bridge towers, such as white day, the bridge Vertical cable was ablaze with lights, like the Galaxy Star Summer Night, Yao significant flash-to the "Sea Garden" of Xiamen icing on the cake.
General Secretary Jiang Zemin wrote the name "Haicang Bridge," Bridge, dazzling.
  Haicang Bridge as a Yinlong stretch in the east of Hong Kong and Xiamen Haicang Investment Zone between the West Sea , And the Haitian unaware win a hand, looked, you might see, in vehicles as if flying in the clear water and blue sky, the maneuvers, one of the vast weather. Xiamen Haicang Bridge is the second bridge after the Xiamen Island's second channel. All roads lead to Rome, have unparalleled momentum Wei, the island if the United States and outside the party Pianju Isolation, may be the second story of the legendary Robinson or singing across the seas year after year with no heart no choice but to depend on. Chinese literati of the poet has often read Kwu nostalgic feelings, they Tafang a city in Canyuanduanbi love, desolation everywhere in less tolerant of many self-confidence, and the Haicang Bridge has given us a further In the accident, one of the unique, one of modern civilization has brought us pleasant surprises, one after another, from the outside to the physical and mental pleasure, for a visitor, at this time may be the easy comfortable for the next The sprint power.
Haicang Bridge, the scenic setting of human nature is full of light . Central sea anchor in the West stands a young Science and Technology Museum, 270,000 square meters and set fire to the Lantau Link as an ecological park, which is China's first development of uninhabited islands into tourist spots, many of the wonderful scenes of nature do not The magic is no longer science fiction, has become a touch of the hand can be simulated. The children's novel Plug in light of the wings to imagine that in adults grim with an implicit understanding in the face, we have been thinking of the continuation of the continuation in the future into our lives today.

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Dadeng Mishima - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dadeng Tongan islands located in the town of Dadeng from Dadeng Island, a small angle Dadeng Island and Lantau islands, the southern island of Kinmen for, only to the nearest Department, more than 1000 meters. If there is interest in the use of one or two days time, so you can come here and enjoy the scenery of the island fishing village, perfectly natural experience the island, quiet, comfortable atmosphere, the body Island style fishing village, overlooking the Straits and the island of Kinmen.

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Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

When you traveled around the sea scenery, can also visit India Mountain Forest Park to enjoy the forest scenery. The resort is located in Xiamen City in the northwest suburbs of India's state-run inside the mountains, 36 kilometers away from the urban area of Xiamen, Zhangzhou, 35 kilometers away from, Fu-Zhang from the south side of the highway passed, the traffic is convenient. Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park of the total Plot for the 2651 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 96.8 percent; pine tree layer to the main tree species. Peaks in the region fell ups and downs, most of the more than 700 meters, 933 meters above sea level Tianzhu Mountain peak, peak times Faerie flag 916 meters above sea level. There are five large and small artificial lake, with a total water storage capacity of more than 1,000 li M, with Chitou's largest lake-surface, up to 11 square kilometers. Tianzhu Mountain Forest leisure resort of forest landscape moving charming, rich and varied animal and plant resources, because of Bang Bo, Feng Ya spectacular, Huguangshanse picturesque, cultural landscape has a long history; visitors to the sight-seeing and pleasure can be planned ahead of time travel To carry out forest tour, mountaineering expeditions, hunting, camping open, summer activities such as convalescence.

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Return of the Church (former residence of Mr. Chen Jiageng) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mr. Chen Jiageng House is a unique single-storey building, covering an area of 4000 square meters, taking Qiqiang Whitehead, Lvwa top cover; is a Taiwanese representative of the characteristics of construction, Tan Kah Kee's statue stands on the front in return. Tan Kah Kee body after the statue engraved on the stone screen Chairman Mao Zedong's "overseas Chinese flag, national light "Inscription. Return of the Church, built in 1962. There are more than between rooms and halls. Tan Kah Kee Hall middle of the stone placed seated, and the order hoisted and a couplet written by Guo and the National Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Tan Kah Kee's memorial eulogy. Now, in the former residence of the two Side, Mr. Chen Jiageng built-story exhibition hall. CHAN Hall is a three-story, 800 square meters floor area. The main display pictures, graphics, mainly in kind, the image of Chinese leaders introduced Mr. Chen Jiageng's life, there are precious cultural relics and the only remaining "Jimei Chen's family tree" and other relics. Return of the Tour Hall (former residence of Mr. Chen Jiageng) so that you can understand Chen Mr. G's life story, but also enjoy the natural beauty of these Jimei, to visitors at home and abroad has become a must visit the Xiamen to.

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Gulangyu Concert Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the bustling commercial street leading the way on foot to reach the Hall directly. Hall covers an area of about 3500 square meters, the main building in the shade of an ancient banyan trees and camphor trees, often from time to time in a year to hold a number of chamber music, classical music concerts and so on, there are often some of the well-known foreign musicians or professional groups to come to Xian It is also the many music lovers to exchange an ideal world.

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Hu Xi Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Xi Yan Wan Shiyan located in the south-west side. Rocks have the temple, said temple East, also known as Yu-Ping Temple, on behalf of the Ming Wanli, the Rise and Fall of Lvjing, rebuilt in 1984. Mountains to build the temple, as Shixue room, deep in a critical situation. Hu Ya-dong there, Ye Yue-dong, folder-day trail, flying whales, such as stone from victory. Mapping the moon at night, there is a Peru's sense of color, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival for the best, it is referred to as "Huxiyeyue." "Huxiyeyue" Xiamen is one of the eight King.

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Jimei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jimei is the home of Mr. Chen Jiageng.

"Jimei" Jimei types of schools and the general term for a variety of cultural institutions. It consists of Mr. Chen Jiageng founded in 1913, before and after the cost of more than 100,000,000 yuan, the famous South-East Asia. After decades of development, at present, Jimei, the total construction area of 100,000 M, school teachers and students have more than one person. Village school, including Xiamen and Fisheries Institute, Jimei school of navigation, Fujian Institute of Physical Education, Teachers College of Jimei, Jimei Finance, and other colleges and universities as well as secondary school, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, nurseries. In addition to the school premises are outside the auditorium, a swimming pool, gymnasium, electricity Hospitals, hospitals, clubs such as sailing. Grand scale, perfect equipment, it is rare in China. Jimei was personally under the guidance of Mr. Chen Jiageng founded, the village school because of the melting of Chinese and Western architectural styles in a furnace has become a symbol of Jimei. In particular, the Jimei School Road South, Jimei Nanxun floor of the overseas Chinese schools, Hai College of Education building, or the majestic tall and straight, or want to fly the air, the building was full of personality.

Ao Park, the highest in the "park tankahkeei". Ao Park, 8990 square meters, Mr. tankahkeei spent 10 years at a cost of 650,000 yuan, to design, build by the Governor. Building and garden birds Are reflected in his teaching at the Yu Yu, entertaining ideas, including ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, astronomy, geography, science and technology, culture and education, calligraphy and painting, animal plant, and many other industrial and agricultural production, there is not nothing, all-inclusive, broad and profound , Grand View is a museum.

Ao Park from the porch, monuments, G composition of the tomb. 50 meters long porch, veranda Chinese Gallery, the four-way permeability, mosaic Liangbi 58 stories of historical figures Loudiao Qingshi, 653 Park Ao is the essence of stone. Gateway to the outside wall, there are 291 kinds of stone, of which 229 relief, carved Shen 42, which has affected 20 birds. In addition, the National Community celebrity celebrities famous couplets of calligraphy Inscription, the true grass Li Shu-seal characters are all kinds of lines, good calligraphy, carved exquisite art is the art of stone carving in Fujian Bao soul.

Jimei Liberation Monument, the Park Ao is the main building. 28 meters high monument, a symbol of the Communist Party of China after 28 years of struggle, made Li, Chairman Mao Zedong is a positive personally wrote the "Jimei Liberation Monument." Chairman Mao wrote in the town as a monument to the liberation of the monument is the only one. On the back of the monument was written by Mr. tankahkeei and the handwritten inscription. Monument to the base level of the four-level 13,10,8,3, 13 Fiscal his career peak years, 1 Level of difficulty for years, the eight-year war for 8, 3 for the three-year war of liberation. Beiqian for a 7 meters high, 30 meters wide Zhaobi, carved in the middle, "museum concept of" words, there are 12 relief, middle relief inlay China, Fujian Province and Taiwan Province 3 map, reflecting the hope that Mr. Chen reunification of the motherland Desire.

  If we turn to Mr. Zhao Bi is the tomb, the Tomb of the sit-afternoon, life was Guixing, covered the tomb with 13 hexagonal blue stone Xiangpin from fighting. Khouang tomb as a "wind" shell, the inside of the tomb from the 15 Green fight mosaic stone reliefs, carved on Mr. Chen Jiageng before going through life. Around the stone record Dumping of Health-funded schools, the absolute sincerity of the country life. Mr. Chen Jiageng in August 21, 1961 died of illness in Beijing at the age of 88 years old. Tankahkeei tomb in 1988 out of the National key cultural units, not far from Ao Park has "come back together," the tree front bronze statue of Mr. Chen Jiageng there. It also has a residence and Mr. Chen Jiageng Ping Gallery deeds, constitutes an important base for patriotic education.

In 1992, Mr. Chen was completed last wish, in Ao on the beach before the park construction "tankahkeei Park." Park covers an area of 30,000 square meters, built around a set of antique glass pavilions Xieshan buildings with a total construction area 5500 square meters, and Ao park blend in even more beautiful, in October 1994 Mr. Chen Jiageng 120 of the birth anniversary of the completion and opening to the public.

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????? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?????Xiamen Island is located in the south-west coast of the hill Hu, 17 years Qing Dynasty (1891), when construction of the fort took five years. Zhaiqiang platform with the Department of Ukraine camphor tree juice, lime, glutinous rice mixed with sand to build, the most well-known Fort was purchased from Germany's Krupp Arsenal a giant So far, well-preserved, the effective range of up to 6460 meters, took silver 50,000 to buy two. Anti-Japanese War early in the shot had hit an invading Japanese warships.
In September 1997, established the glory?????Treasure Museum, which displayed a small gun is in the Portuguese XIII The production, 11 cm long and weighing 0.22 kg, 2.4 cm in diameter, is the world's smallest artillery. In this way,?????have on the world's largest and the smallest two guns.
Hu, Hill, prominent on the southern coast of Xiamen Island, Xianyao terrain, and Teng's grave on the other side of Lantau, Ogata, c. Xiamen Port blockade of the wonderful horn from the Ming Dynasty has since Fort, the troops stationed. Qing Emperor Guangxu 20 (1894) on March 8,?????commence work after two years and eight months of construction, in 22 years Guangxu (1896) be completed on November 8. Battery-to-bunker, half-wall Two things set fort, and their main guns placed shot. Bird table with camphor tree juice, rice, lime, reinforced paper, mixing sand "concrete" from Hang Zhu, abnormal Le Canal, to avoid enemy artillery shells exploded wounding caused by gravel.

Battery Tunnel between the two exchange, store in the middle rounds, so far there are 29, who Covert security activities. Exit of the tunnel attached below 2 barracks in the middle for the playground. Fort install 2 Germany Krupp Arsenal in 1893 to create the all-steel gun, caliber 280 mm, 50 tons of heavy artillery, Baochang 13.13 meters, shot rounds of regulation Road, 7.36 m in diameter, 4.6 m high shot wide, 5. 9 m, 360-degree rotation, with a range of 16,000 meters. Fort existing East an artillery battery, artillery and Conservation 2. In 1958, "Daliangangtie Movement", was demolished in the West guns.

1999 Winter in the spring of 2000, Chinese cultural relics experts, scholars, military science, the number of guns here Study, found that 28 of the Health?????Krupp steel big gun is the world's largest existing coastal artillery, "the Shanghai World Headquarters, Diogenes," the "2000 Guinness World Records Diogenes" in 2000 August 24 in Shanghai, "2000 World Diogenes licensing records show" Published by the "World Diogenes Award for the best project," This is my heritage to declare Diogenes of World Records for the success of the first.

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