Grass-lan prison site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grass-lan prison site in Xicheng District Lan-grass alley on the 19th. In September 1931 for the KMT government held in Beijing, Tianjin arrested two members, as a temporary detention center here, in March 1932 with the words "Beijing branch of the military self-examination", commonly known as grass-lan prison. Prison take North, the west is a small building of gray two-story, was the prison office. Building blocks of a backyard-like room is a long-barreled cells, the cells are divided into North and South prison supervisors, each of 24 cells. Xicheng District to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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Beijing Library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Library is the National Library of China, the world's top five holdings have been one of the Library of 10,000,000. The library was built before Xuantong the first year (1909), the library said the capital. Officially opened in 1912, in Fort Shichahai Guang Hua Si (Gulou West Cryptotaenia alley). 1928 Renamed the National Library in Beijing, China Shipping Jyuren moved to Fort Hall. In 1931 in the North Sea side of the unitary built a new palace-museum, the Museum's possession as a result of Jin-Wen Ge "Si Ku Quan Shu", the name of the writing Kui St. Museum Street. In 1949 renamed the Beijing Library. Founded at the beginning to incorporate the Southern Song Dynasty Royal Library Hee Hall of the Ming Dynasty and the Royal Library's collections Wenyuan Pavilion, as well as the large library of books cabinet, the remnants of the Academy, "Yongle," Southern Imperial College school books, such as Dunhuang, about 100,000. After the founding of the rapid development of books in 1949 from 1,400,000 in 1979 to 14 00,000, but the book area increased by only 5 times. In October 1987 in Haidian District Zizhuyuan stone bridge on the north side of the road completion of the new museum, the construction area of 140,000 square meters, 19 layer (Layer 3 still on the ground floor) of the floor, stacks, the Treasury reported, the floor audio-visual materials, books in 2000 10,000, of-the-art, full-featured, text Museum Street was renamed the original branch. By the end of 1990, nearly 16,000,000 books. For the largest, most books in libraries, public libraries in the world are also among the best.

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Beijing Planetarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Planetarium is located in Xizhimen, a natural science museum topic, in September 1957 completion and opening up in Asia's first planetarium. The unique architecture and a white sun shiny copper dome of the hemisphere will give you a wonderful sense of magic. From the Museum's Space Theater, the Office of video Composition of the Observatory. Space Theater is a diameter of 23.5 m hemispherical screen, you can see a variety of unfathomable mysteries of the astronomical phenomenon: a meteor goods, the meteor shower, Aurora, Halley's Comet ... ... those who meet life's rare celestial phenomena can enjoy one by one. Not only that, you can see at different times, different places The Star, is really a wonderful Star Trek. In the small museum with refraction Observatory telescope to observe the sunspots, craters on the moon, the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, Saturn's rings, and other interesting phenomenon of stars. Planetarium Astronomy recorded in the development of China's glorious history, astronomy shows workers And lax efforts to explore. Here can be fully aware of the astronomical universe of knowledge, long experience.

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Lu Xun Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Xun Museum in Beijing is located inside the West Fuchengmen 2, was established after the founding of the first "literary biographies of the museum." The museum, formerly the West of the original three former residence of Lu Xun in Beijing, in 1954 in the former residence next to the museum, in October 19, 1956 death of Lu Xun's 20th anniversary of the completion and opening In 1994 the expansion of the new exhibition hall is the antique-style courtyard building, with the adjacent former residence. The library covers an area of 13,000 square meters. In order to the museum for display on the life of Lu Xun, experiences, ideas and the development of Lu Xun and children, youth and Lu Xun, and Lu Lu Xun and the fine arts and for international exchanges Title to introduce the glorious life of Lu Xun, particularly in Beijing, Lu Xun period, the main activity. The basic display as "the life of Lu Xun", a lively all-round display of the Lu Xun "the key player of the Chinese Cultural Revolution," a brilliant life. Lu Xun Museum's collection of cultural relics has about 21,100, more than 1.3 books . Lu Xun (1881 a 1936), Jiang gradually Shaoxing, a modern Chinese writer, thinker, revolutionary. House for "Lu Xun's Former Residence of King of the old display," This is a sophisticated small courtyard, the three north-south room, the room a thing, have maintained residence at the time of the year, Mr. Like the South is the room and meeting rooms will house the North East of the two rooms were Lu Xun's mother, Ms. Zhu An and the living room, in the middle for a restaurant, which houses a north north protruding between a small area of only 8 square M, is the President's bedroom and study, that is, the famous "tiger tail", Mr. self-proclaimed "Forest House", the display is Park. East rooms into showrooms, organized, "Lu Xun in Beijing on the 21st of the three West" exhibition. The library in 1993 was named the Xicheng District People's Government, young people, "a history of the two conditions" (China's modern history, the history of Chinese revolution and national) education base.

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Wen Ti Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wen Ti Temple in Beijing is one of the Temple of the eight five Porphyra. North Maor City alley. Wen, also known as Temple zitong. Wen Gong, also known as the Temple of Wenchang. Wen Wen Ti is the star and Ti zitong into one of the god of culture and education. Wen to the ancient stars of the Guan Ming, is fighting Fukui (Kuixing) above the six-star general term. Zhou, Han Jin, Wen will be allocated to Jiaosi. Ti zitong this for Raytheon, Song, Yuan and Ming Jade Emperor zitong that priests in charge of Ti Chen Wen House and the human membership. Wen Ti zitong and stars have been respected of Taoism is the key to fame as a god-Lu, Ren million three-year extension of Mary Help of Christians (1316) combined the two as "uncivilized Fu Yuan Secretary-Lu Wen-hong Ti, "it said Wen Ti. Wenchang temple built in the Yuan Shun Di positive years, Jiaqing six years of the Qing Dynasty (1801) had major repairs. Wenchang temple there is the Mountain Gate, Bell-Drum, Fukui Light Temple, Guixiang Temple (Festival Wen Ti), Royal Beiting; also about Emperor Temple, the Temple of Finance, the Great Mercy Temple, a total of full-size Temple Hall Building housing 89. Second, the annual Spring Festival (in the Spring Festival on February 3, the day on which the legend is the birthday of Wen Ti), such as the size of the temple rites. Wen was only a Taoist temple, after the monk-led Sui Yi, Buddhist temple and is Huayan (first-yin). After the Revolution, the Wenchang temple to stop the festival. Temple site of the first half of the current Hutong primary school children cap. "Yu-Ming Wen Ti Temple protect the country and the old monument," Li was still hospital.

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The Embassy Dongjiaominxiang buildings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Embassy Dongjiaominxiang buildings located in Dongcheng District of Beijing Dongjiaominxiang, formed in 1901 to 1912, is a set of embassies, churches, banks, the official residence, the club into a European-style blocks. The existing embassy building in France, the Austro-Hungarian Embassy, Belgium Embassy, Japan Embassy and the Embassy of public Italian embassy, the British embassy, is Kim Bank, Citibank, Calyon Bank, Bank of Russia and China and the International Club and the French barracks, and so on. The existing building were retained to maintain the status quo of the early 20th century eclectic style popular in Europe and America, with water and Bizhu foot round brick, brick arch increase verandah, wood frame structure purlin angle, Poding skin. The Embassy Dongjiaominxiang buildings, Beijing is only the beginning of the 20th century Western-style buildings, is also a kind of imperialist aggression against China and the remains of patriotism education bases.

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House Mingrui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mingrui House that the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the 11th Street courtyard, is a group of large-scale sit south of the house. Access door from the east. Mingrui House is the first year of Qian Long Cheng Yong Jia-yi public Mingrui the mansion. Mingrui, the word Yun-ting, who Xianghuang Banner Manchuria. 24 Qianlong (1759) the army put down the revolt in Yili Prefecture Meritorious, be drawing on the shape Ziguangge (Zhongnanhai in the West Bank) honor. Qianlong in 33 years with the Myanmar military killed in combat. In this house belongs to the Republic of China after the bank manager Yue dry salt vegetarian. Inside the door is divided into four groups of compound, which is the home of the two side by side independent of the hospital is, for each of the hall Tetraena layer housing. A hospital in the eastern, less housing, and only two offers are free. West hospital room or more. Shawei the entire courtyard is the back garden, sand mountain, Hua Ting, the pavilion is ready. Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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Turret of the Forbidden City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Forbidden City turret, the outline of a beautiful, beautiful shape, especially from the blue waves of watching their reflection in the water, the pavilion Sin Temple is quite a scene. Turret of the Forbidden City is surrounded by the combination of convex-shaped plane, c. building, the roof there are three, is the top of the vertical and horizontal cross Europe and take the Peak, both from Singapore's water hanging Peak Pang slope on all sides of the Hall of combination, as a result of this there are nine on the roof of the main roof, so called nine Hall chiropractors. Middle-level "Goulian up" approach on all sides by the Bao Xia Xie Shanding Central arch of the roof of the center, as if Zhongxinggongyue. Canopy to the lower segment of Banpo the top of the canopy back, so that on the roof of a two-tier 5 to form a composite As a whole. As the turret of the various parts of the harmonious proportion, Yan Jiao beautiful, exquisite and unique style has become a symbol of the Forbidden City, is surprised and amazed admiration. With regard to the design of the turret, and a moving myths and legends: the original design when the turret, painstakingly designed for people to think more on Qin Shi Security, moved the originator of construction Lu Ban, he sent a Grasshopper cage. The cage is in the image of the "surrounded by Xie Shan, Zhao third floor," the construction of the framework. Grasshopper cage framework to solve the design in the design of technical difficulties, the Forbidden City built a turret.

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Museum of Chinese History - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Museum of Chinese History on the eastern side of Tiananmen Square, the Museum of the Chinese Revolution and neighbors. Was built in 1959. Synthesis of a towering Museum of the two magnificent buildings with a total area of over 65,000 square meters. The two wings and central parts of the central four-storey building is, for the remainder of the three, is the head-12 The side-column porch, Qian Zhao banners on a sparkling flag emblem. The light yellow walls, glass brick block set the roof, decorated with golden green lace, the entire outline of the building were particularly sharp. Through the lobby, solemnly entered the central hall, the building is divided into North and South each of the two symmetrical Points. For the Southern Museum of Chinese History, is a national collection of ancient China, modern research and cultural information about the history of science and academic issues. General History of China is the main display, covering an area of 8,000 square meters, to display information about Heritage 9000. In addition, often organized by the history and archeology Heritage areas such as special exhibitions. The Library has also arranged circular gallery closed, the light green wall, milk-colored chandelier, and even more elegant. Museum of Chinese History is the national museum, the main task of the national collection of important historical relics, to display our country has a long history and splendid civilization, and at the same time Bank of China's history and archaeological heritage, research, cultural relics and the use of social work education. Its predecessor was the National Museum of History in Beijing, the Imperial College in 1912 through into the preparations, after the end of the door to move along the Meridian Gate (north of Tiananmen Square), on October 10, 1926 opening. In July 1959 On the eastern side of Tiananmen Square into a new Museum of Chinese History, in July 1961 formally opened to the public. Museum construction area of nearly more than 30,000 square meters, up more than 40 cultural relics collection of 10,000. In this exhibition a success, for better people to the popularity of historical knowledge, carry forward Chinese civilization Li Bo make full use of the main advantages of time to do a number of thematic exhibitions, such as "China's monetary history", "tea set in ancient China", "Dunhuang Art Exhibition", was welcomed by the audience.

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Zhengyang Men (front door) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhengyang Men known as the front door, is the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing is the city of South Gate, only 17 years of Ming Yongle (1419), four-orthodox (in 1439) to build a rocket and Weng Cheng door. Zhengyang Men-tower high 40.36 meters, 41 meters-wide, 21 meters into the deep. Miankuo 7, Xie Shan Tongwa gray green glazed tile cutting edge, decorated with red beams on Huacai Yun Kim, for the three-Zhong Yan pavilion building down. Jian Lou-high 38 meters, 62 meters-wide, 32 meters into the deep. 7 width of the West, East, South, West, the three sides to provide a total of 94 four-story window of the arrow hole, after a five Baoxia, set up three, Xie Shanding gray Tongwa Glazed tile cutting edge, Zhong Yan fortress architecture, the city set up voucher door, Shing Mun and the relative.

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House on Prince - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Andingmen in the House on Prince Avenue Fang alley on the 13th, on the 15th. Cheung Wing-Prince on 000, is the third son of Emperor Qianlong, after the death of Grand Prince on Zhuifeng. Later on Prince adoptive heir to the cotton by Yi-level construction of the Baylor House. Hospitals are in the western (15) is less of the existing form of government Baylor First, there are 5-tang (dismantled), the main building and offers are also back yard, the garden is an East Kuayuan and residential life. Is the integrity of the eastern part of a group of large-scale off the courtyard, at the main hospital, the hospital and in the backyard, similar to the layout, and what offers are Beifang. Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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5 Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

5 Temple in Beijing is the most famous Temple Mount Tai 5, also known as the Oriental Height Yuanjun temple, were top of the East, West, top, top of the South, North-top, in the top. Top Dongzhimen in the east, the call goes top of the East. As a result of a temple adjacent to a centuries-old elm, Shunyi, who is also known as County area alone elm temple has been no deposit. South at the top of Fengtai District dahongmen outside the South Village, on behalf of the Ming and Qing Emperor Qianlong rehabilitation of 38 years, in years, dumping in mind that no deposit is now. West-top palace, also known as Oriental Height Guangren Yuanjun temple, known as the Temple of God, located in the Haidian District Landian Chang. Wanli Ming 36, said that protect the country and Hong Rui Qing Emperor Kangxi 51 years Guangren renamed Oriental Height Yuanjun palace temple, there are five into the main hall, next to the Division 72, as well as the Qing Royal St-monument, Qianlong and the amount of Yushu in conjunction Royal Shibei system. In homes had porridge for the plant, in 1949 after the nursing home for 70 during the Beijing into rubber metal factory. Existing Mountain Gate, the main hall, side hall in a palace and Bai. North at the top of Chaoyang District, North Datun Village.?????renovation, Houdian in 1976 as a result of the earthquake collapsed after the flip-top for the primary and secondary schools in the North. Mountain Gate is the only remaining, Qiandian. On top of the right in front of ten Caoqiao and Qing Emperor Qianlong 35 years of renovation, when the Republic of China re - . Existing Mountain Gate, the main hall as well as lions, Zhang Yushu amount of seal characters, the history of the author Kui stone, and so on.

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Wanrong old - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanrong old, Dongcheng District, South Gulou Maor alleys of the old house, 35, 37, was on behalf of the late Qing Dynasty Emperor Bo instrument of Queen's Brokaw Wan Rong Guo's home before marriage, is the great-grandfather of Wan Rong Guo Luo Changshun cloth built. This is the original home of a general. Wan Rong was canonized as "Queen", his father called three Cheng En public and the upgrading of the House Cheng En for public office. As a "Di", to the expansion. Four West Jinyuan La. Jinyuan La Road for three. A rockery back yard, pool, East have Jia Ci. West Wanrong the main building is home. Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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Tang Zi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tang Zi northbound at South River on the south, the seat of the palace building of the Beijing Hotel. Tang Zi was founded in 1644. In the original Chang Yu He left the door east, that is, the platform works the way I North Main Street in the vicinity of the West. Tang Zi for the temple called Manchuria. Worship customs clearance of 4 killed in action before the remains of their ancestors, the Qing imperial court set up The right, where there are significant political, military operations, the festival was held in the temple, the oath-taking, said at the time, "Ye temple." After entry, Qianlong period, "Ye temple" to "Tang Zi Ye." Major Tangzai building the temple festival there, and still won Hall of the Temple. Dianqian won a divine emperor at the time of Zhi Ji Shi-bar . "Tang Zi Heaven" is listed as one of the Ji Li Qing Dynasty. Tang Zi to be held in the worship is divided into two situations: First, the management of state affairs, such as al-day New Year's Day, the battle, such as the Arc de Triomphe; and the other is the general religious festival, say, the Buddha Festival, the Festival horse, and so on. New Year's Day in worship and religious battle, a The emperor in person at all, but there are special circumstances relating to send officials on behalf of the festival. Tang Zi in the Temple for the Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy and Guandi. Dian Ji Zhu won for God, God is the main New Zealand and Taiwan Huan Wu Benedict in this Kyrgyzstan and son Tony. Every time before the ritual salute, the first emperor sitting in the east Xiangdianyanxia the two sat on the mattress, Wang Le posts by Dan Bi in order to sit down. From inside the prison sanxian playing pipa, Manchuria Mask Dance Drama "Savimbi it" offer wine, and pray Shen Dao Qing, who Journey of Man side of the green light, while singing songs of God Manchuria. And the kings and emperors Baylor Fu Zhang decided to sing together. Xiangdian and then into a round salute Hall respectively. Libi, the emperor sitting in the middle between the West and face , Wang and other out on the original sit, eat fried cake offerings, after drinking the tea powder. 27 Guangxu (1901) because of "Xin treaty" Dongjiaominxiang provisions for the embassy district, also Tangzi embassy district. Face because of the Qing emperor, as a last resort, will be built in the Tang Zi move south riverside. Festival of Tangzi Bo goes to the demise before the end of the instrument. South River Tangzai Department has been dismantled.

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Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum line - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sun Yat-sen's palace (the seat of the death of Dr. Sun Yat-sen) is located in Zhang Zizhong Road 23. Was the emperor of the Ming dynasty Chongzhen Tianfei the home, called Spring Garden days, to the late Qing Dynasty replaced by Park. Early years of the Republic was chief of the diplomatic residential Wellington Koo. Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1924 to live in the north to discuss national affairs here. March 1925 12 , At the Sun Yat-sen died in hospital Westinghouse bedroom, three days after the transfer Biyun Si Ling Xiangshan. Here is the key cultural units in Beijing. Rooms are arranged according to their original furnishings. Jinyuan La three, four weeks around the corridors, beautiful gardens. At that time, Sun Yat-sen lived in the garden before the house is, inside and outside the suite, Beautifully carved flowers cover the ground. The door is hung, "the death of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Room" plaque. West set with the outside wall of a rectangular white marble stone, carved on "14 years of the Republic of China (1925) at 9:25 on March 12 Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the end-of-life." Hanging on the stone portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. To the right In the box was written "The prime minister will", the left side of the frame for the book addressed to the Soviet Union. Reads placed on "nation-building strategy," "Zhongshan book." All are displayed according to their appearance before his death. In 1984 as Beijing cultural relics protection.

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Song temple, and the brain Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song temple, and the brain Jingshan Temple in the Dongcheng District Court wish Backstreet song 23. The original side-by-side for the 3 major temples: East for the law-Yuan Temple, temple, for the song, West Temple to the brain. Is the Ming Dynasty and the Han by the plant back by the plant site. Temple Law yuan, a total of five Hall: Hall of the Mountain Gate, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Temple Wuliang, Main Hall Houdian. Waste is now. A total of six layers of the brain-ji temples. The first layer for the Hall of the Mountain Gate Drum Tower and 10 minutes, the second for the Hall of Heavenly Kings 3, the third level for the four-Zhong Yan Temple, Houdian for the fourth layer (also known as purification Hall) 5, the fifth-Hall 5 , A two-story bring up the rear. Song Jian temple, On a larger scale, is divided into 3 Road, the main temples in the middle. East temple there, together, and so on. West mainly residential Lama. Road: From the Mountain Gate to the floor after a total of five temples. Mountain Gate, the Drum Tower 10 minutes for the re-building; King Hall 3, Hall of red on both sides of the wall; in the main hall 5; throne hall 5 and the second floor of the House after 7. Temple, the temple of the brain most of the major architectural preservation Weichai. Beijing has been identified as key cultural relics protection.

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St. Nicholas Church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

St. Nicholas Church at Dongzhimen North Main Street East. Orthodox Church was established in Beijing in 1685 (24 years of Emperor Kangxi). Jaxa the Qing government in the city of self-defense war against Russia captured the intruder, as a result of Beijing to charge 59 people in one priest, Emperor Kangxi of their homes resident Hu Dongzhimen in the alley of a clearance Temple to pray for temporary, it is referred to as the Peking Man "Rasetsu temple" or Russia, "the North Hall." 1689 (28 years of Emperor Kangxi), Russia diocese will be named "St. Nicholas" Church (also known as the "St. Sofia" church, later renamed the "Our Lady of rest in peace," the church), is Beijing's first Orthodox . Orthodox Church "St. Nicholas" in the church were destroyed in 1900, followed by reconstruction, named "Tong result" from the church, the kind of floor, Chinese and foreign study, priests and residential components of the widow house. Hall led to a typical cross Orthodox Church, together with five top of the arch cross fort. 190 Years after the expansion of the church changed its name to "lethal together," call "the North Hall."

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Mie Er Church St. - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mie Er church in East St. platform on the 14th Street plant. Built in 1901. France to the high priests (Father) to create, is the last of the construction of the Beijing Catholic Church. Hospital is on the north side of a gray Western-style two-story brick building for the clergy to live. For the western part of the Gothic church. Halls From Mie Er. Church on the eastern side of 10 brick cottages. In 1986, the church re-dressing, religious activities, in order to focus on the protection of cultural relics in Dongcheng District.

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Rui Wales Government - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rui House of Wales there are two: one in the winding streets Donghua Men crossing Nanpu Temple area, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the street. The former Wales Rui Jin after the Beijing home, while the latter is the resumption of years of Qianlong Rui Spyker Wales after the new government. Rui Prince Regent is the beginning of the Qing Dynasty Duo Ergun, is the 14th son of the Qing Dynasty Nurhachu, Huang King's younger brother. Zonta first year of the Qing Dynasty (1636) Jin Feng Rui Wales, is the founding and early Qing iron hat Wang of the National People's Congress. Beijing, the election for the south palace Palace, site of the Donghua Men on the south side of the street. Junji 2008 (1651) Duo Ergun's death was forced to seize title, the abolition of the Palace. His son win in more than ten Junji Year (1657) Baylor sealed in stone alley adults (now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Street) to establish Baylor House. 43 Qianlong (1778) Rui resumption of Wales title, hit by descendants of the people, to Baylor House, Prince Rui new government. Housing more than 500 of the original, only the section of wall Wading left, the two stone lions incomplete.

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The People's Heroes Monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Monument to the People's Heroes in Tiananmen Square Center. September 30, 1949 Chinese People's Political Consultative the first plenary session passed a resolution to build the monument, as Mao Zedong's memorial foundation. After extensive discussions of the National to determine the monument type, in August 1952 to start the construction of a formal, completed in April 1958, with May 1 grand opening. 37.94 m-high monument, Beizuo be divided into two levels, surrounded by white railings, all sides were level. Block-shaped bottom for the Begonia, 50.44 meters wide East and West, 61.5 meters long from north to south. Block was the top box. Pedestal is the size of a two-tier Xu Mizuo. The lower Great Sumeru Department of waist surrounded by a mosaic 8 huge white marble relief, were smoking Humen, Gold Fields uprising, the Wuchang Uprising, "May 4" movement, "Wusa" campaign, the Nanchang Uprising, the anti-Japanese guerrilla war, the victory of crossing the Yangtze River as its theme. Victory in relief on both sides of the crossing of the Yangtze River, and another two in order to support front-line, welcome to the People's Liberation Army The decorative relief. 2 m high relief, the total length of 40.68 meters, with more than 170 carved figures, general and vivid display of China's People's Revolutionary past century's great historical facts. Xu Mizuo inscribed around the upper small to have a peony, lotus, chrysanthemum, such as the composition of the mantle down 8 garlands. Two Xu Mizuo supporting a tall Beishen. Heart monument is a 14.7 m long, 2.9 meters wide and 1 m thick, and weighing as much as 103 tons of boulders. Heart monument positive (north) title Mao Zedong inscribed "Eternal glory to the People's Heroes," the eight gold characters; the back of Zhou Enlai wrote the inscription is: "to three years , In the people's liberation war and revolution at the expense of the people of the People's Heroes are immortal! 30 years since the people's liberation war and revolution at the expense of the people of the People's Heroes are immortal! This dates back to???????, since then, in order to oppose the domestic and foreign enemies and for national independence and people's freedom and happiness In the previous fight at the expense of the people of the immortal heroes! "Beishen on both sides of the decoration with a five-star, and the banner composed of pine and cypress wreaths relief, the People's Heroes, a symbol of the revolutionary spirit lives forever. The whole monument with more than 17,000 pieces of white marble and granite structure, the magnificent, solemn A national key cultural unit.

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Purdue Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Purdue hall at Temple Street, Dongcheng District, Nan Chizai Purdue in front of Lane. South City is the site of the Ming Dynasty palace part of the Hung. Regent to the early Qing Dynasty (Rui Wales) Duo Ergun after the Beijing home, known as the Core of the old House of Wales. 33 years of Emperor Kangxi (1694), turned into a temple of La Maha Tanganyika. In 1776, Qianlong will grant Monastery "Purdue Temple." There are also a Core House in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Prince Street, is the resumption of years of Qianlong Rui Spyker Wales after the new government. Purdue construction of the magnificent temple hall, the tall platform, Xu Mizuo-Miankuo 9. Huangwa cutting edge Dianding Green, the former Ha Huang Lvwa for cutting edge. Canopies fly out A total of 3 layers, as seen in French construction.

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Temple and condensate - Chinese tourism scenic spots

And condensate in the temple pond North Main Street, Dongcheng District 46. Known as Cloud Temple. Qing Emperor Yongzheng 2008 (1730) Chi Jian, Yi Si-yun God. East take doors west, is in front of the glass bricks for Yingbi. Temples were sitting south. The main building has four floors and 10 minutes Gulou hall. The temple is now the school, Ying Bi, visual Has been removed and the hall still Houdian. Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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Chairman Mao Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is located in the south of the Monument to the People's Heroes in Tiananmen Square, located in the original Chinese portal site, south of the small square in the Ming Dynasty "Main Street board", commonly known as "Street board," the east "new road", south west of the city is Cipri. Completed in May 1977, covers an area of more than 57,000 square meters with a total production An area of 28,000 square meters.

Memorial Hall at the top of the door is a mosaic of "Chairman Mao Memorial Hall" He white marble plaque. Date structure of the tall red granite base, stands the 44 granite pillars, the high golden Qing Qi Zhong Yan glass roof, is a nation with our style of a square Wei building.

Memorial Hall has 10 rooms opening to the outside world. Five of which are introduced:

North Hall. Memorial Hall is the main entrance into the North Hall, which is held in commemoration of the main venues. Central Office with a 3.45 m high white marble stone of Chairman Mao seated. Seated behind , The decorations are excellent performance of the motherland's mountains and rivers Rongxiu huge tapestry painting.

To pay respect to the Office. This is a core part of the Memorial Hall, the Office of the middle block is a black granite coffin-bed, surrounded by flowers around. An Shui Jingguan placed the coffin on the bed, lying Guannei Mao's remains, covered remains of the Communist Party of China flag, At a solemn silence.

Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De Revolutionary Memorial Hall performance. Through a large number of artifacts, documents, pictures, letters, reflecting the four leaders in the creation of the Communist Party of China, to create a people's army, the creation of People's Republic of China, the leadership of the socialist construction of the great exploits. Office of Film, on the second floor, you can watch the reflection of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, and other celebrities in the history of China's documentary on the life of the fragments, "a brilliant last forever."

South Hall, is the export lobby. Marble walls, engraved with the poetry of Mao Zedong "Man Jiang Hong and Guo" Track, is the font of all silver gold-filled tires. Them below 10 Pinus pots, flower pots with Yunnan unique color green flower made of marble, and take advantage of its natural texture mill made of Shaoshan, Jinggangshan, Jinsha, Dadu, snow-capped mountains, grassland, Yan'an, the picture of the Great Wall and so on.

Memorial Hall is surrounded by pines Tsui Mainly green belt. Pine trees are Beijing, Qingdao cedar, cypress and pine Pinus; there are 36 Fangshan red fruit trees, 13 Yan'an Ching Chung. North and South outside the door of the east and west sides, each with a head of 15 m, 3.5 m high the sculptures.

Or to display Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the famous collection of Chinese contemporary book The Arts Center, a collection of more than 2000 kinds of calligraphy and paintings.

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Paul Yonekura - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu rice in the rice Chen Dongcheng District alley, 71,73. Ride south, Ming 40 Jiajing (1562), Ming and Qing dynasties Beijing officials salary-meter storage silos. 30 granary early Qing Dynasty, Kangxi 22 (1683) to 57 granary, the late Emperor Guangxu reduced to 43 granary. The Wall warehouses and brick granary by the city. 5 per granary, Miankuo about 23 meters, 17 meters deep into the left, about 7 meters high, as a competent tile roof, open-top transom, suspended for two Shan Shan gable Wu Hua, former warehouse in the Ming Dynasty of the original warehouse market supervision title Monument. Replaced by the army in 1911 after the clothing factory. Hospital now has two stores keep , In order to focus on the protection of cultural relics in Beijing.

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Li ancestral hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li ancestral hall in the Dongcheng District of the West of the total cloth alley on the 27th. Li Hongzhang (1823-1901), Hefei, Anhui Province, when the Qing dynasty Scholars, a former Governor Huguang, the Northern Province Governor and Secretary of State for Trade. Shi's death, "Wen-zhong." Qing Dynasty is the only capital in the establishment of the ancestral hall of the Han Chinese officials. The main building has door-yee And offers something to enjoy together, such as Beiting. There are things to enjoy together and vicinity.

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