Wu Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Jiading district outside the town of Nagaoka, Southern Dynasties founded in prison 10 years Liang Tian (511). The beginning of construction, covers an area of more than 10 acres, at the two things, Chongfu Eastern Hospital, the Hospital of the West Wing Tak. There is the middle of Main Hall, Great Mercy Pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, such as building more than 100 (non-governmental have been said of 5408). Temple incense throughout the year No. After the liberation, Wu has been the subject of Temple Theater, farm machinery station, the "Cultural Revolution" in the Main Hall, Great Mercy House, and so on have all been dismantled. In 1994 to raise funds to build more than 100 million on the repair of the Wu Temple and the King of the Mountain Gate Hall, in May 1995 the official opening to the outside world. Wu not only for the reconstruction of the Temple of the Buddhist majority of the letter An increase of sites for religious activities, but also for the vast number of tourists increased by a tour sites.

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