Lee's great hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lee's great hall is located in the Tian Xiang Guan Shanghang well Tamura valley basin surrounded by mountains Pinnacle, River Tam Wan Ting and Huang, the scenery is very beautiful. The ancestral hall into the line three straight four-brick building, three hall and living room size 26, housing 104, covers an area of 5600 square meters. St. Paul-positive engraved on Loumen Enrong "to both sides of the couplet:" the prime minister, General Office, filial loyalty door. "Before the main hall on the screen engraved with Mingru written by the Ming Dynasty," Weng Li Tak-fire. "Structured hall, the extraordinary momentum, full Reflects the Patriarchal System under the Hakka architecture, Fujian is a land of precious architectural heritage. Lee's great hall was built only 16 light years, in memory of its founder Li Fujian Germany and the construction of the fire. Lee Tak fire from Fujian has more than 800 years, all over the descendants of Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi and Southeast Asian countries. In recent years, overseas Yezu roots of this stream. And was listed as a provincial heritage conservation unit.

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Lion Rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu is located in the town of the former Rock County, the landscape is a limestone cave, so named because of the shape of a lion. Lion, Nanan Gu Chen Yan Yan, Chinese scenic spots have been included in the dictionary. Deng Lion Rock, into the hole, the ancient is permitted, the center of worship will be 3 to Buddha. Taiwan is a former fresh water donated by the town of Yin Temple. On the north wall engraved with the Song Chengxiang Li Gang "Ling-sen can be like a clear head, wooden Buddha Nam-UN" on both sides of the stand-law of God. On the right side of the hole for Yi Zhang is how high the Buddha, the left side of the hole for a "towering water and Germany" and Matsu. Buddha bring up the rear with a winding paths through "Babel in the first hole," cool breeze attacks here, inside the cave, there are many good fortune nature of lions Like stone, stone monkey, such as the stone turtle, Yan Ding, engraved with the "pot canopy world," words, according to legend was the title of Emperor Qianlong. Out of the caves, go to the left to arrive at Kwun Yam Temple, the Temple He Xiangu, seven Shing Temple, the right to pass the God of Wealth Temple, Manual Buddha Temple, the Temple of Our Lady in the sky. Lion Rock in front of a natural spring water lake, called the "Lake Jiao" Clear as a mirror, "Kau Tam Chung on the" here is the well-known night.

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Meihuashan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuyi Mountain is located at the southern end of pulse and Bo-Ling Chang Dai between the foothills, Shanghang, City Link, a new three Romanian counties (districts) of the contiguous zone, known as the "Plum Blossom 18 holes." Song Zhi mountains here, the vast green sea, the storied Pinnacle, a renowned A lot of valuable resources and biological species, "the magic of Baoshan." The nature reserve 1 92-year A-level nature reserves in the world, and in 1993 joined the National Man and Biosphere Protection Network, the inclusion of China in 1994 to protect the ecosystem outstanding list of forest ecosystems and protected areas of priority list. Meihuashan Nature Reserve, 20 km East-West wide, 19 kilometers long from north to south, the forest cover 89%. Core for the 89,208 acres of protected areas, inaccessible, the South China Tiger, deer, pythons and an important habitat for reproduction. There are rare in the region to protect the country's large natural fir forest. Fujian's 20 "fir Wang," there Meihuashan 6. According to preliminary statistics, scientific data, protected areas only vascular plants Near 2000, Eucommia, Parker Jian, Ma Guilin, Fung light wood, Cang Long hemlock, argotaenia, half-Dutch Feng Shen Zhang water, and other rare species; there Cephalotaxus, yew, bell-E, Huang Poplar, Purple Heart wood, the South valuable species such as hemlock, there are 65 kinds of bamboo, as well as a large number of precious and rare medicinal herbs such as wild flowers. Huashan superior forest ecological environment for the growth of wildlife reproduction to create a unique position to become the natural wildlife zoo. There are more than 100 kinds of mammals, 300 birds, 30 species of amphibians, climbing more than 60 types of primers, 36 species of fish mountain streams, and nearly 100 species of animals travel wasp. China has Tiger, Jinqian Bao, the clouded leopard, antelope, black deer, Cabot's Tragopan, White Syrmaticus efforts at the national level, such as pythons and the protection of animals.

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Earthen Yongding - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongding is located in the western Fujian Longyan region, where the distribution of a long history of the Hakka style residential buildings, which are collectively referred to as "Earthen Yongding." Earthen floor is divided into round and square floor of the two, Yongding county has 360 yen floor, floor to seat 4,000.


  Earthen houses are round Hakka Model, it is like to come out on the ground floor of the "mushroom", since the days on giving as a "flying saucer" in the Cold War, it was the West that China is a nuclear reactor. Building on February 3 by a round circle, from inside to outside, with sets of elements, the outer ring more than 10 meters high, four-story, Yier Bai rooms, a kitchen and meal , Is a two-story warehouse, three, four-bedroom is; the second lap there are dozens of two-room, rooms generally, is a manager of the ancestral hall, is living in the building of hundreds of weddings and celebrations to be held in place. There are building wells, bathrooms, mill facilities. Earthen use of local Benzhu immature soil, not steel and concrete wall on the basis Up to 3 meters, 1.5 meters Qianghou the bottom, followed by up to narrow, top-level Qianghou not less than 0.9 meters. Along the circular wall with wooden separated into many rooms, the corridors for the inside.


  Hakkas building radiates with the wisdom of the Hakka people, it has earthquake, fire, the defense features Good lighting and ventilation, and Dongnuanxialiang. It also reflects the structure of the Hakka people from generation to generation the tradition of solidarity and affection. Just a few hundred people living in the house with a big day and night to get along with the harmony of home, of course, it is very important, the simple Hakka Dunhou of this character is also evident. Earthen entered, you can immediately sense To the kind of deep sense of history and moderate atmosphere.

  Yongding Hakkas, many of the earth storied building was designed by the Eight Diagrams map, traditional Chinese culture chromium and India which are deeply engraved. The most typical representative of the course into a floor vibration.

Cheng Zhen-Hong Kengzhen floor at Lake Village, built in 191 , Covers an area of 5000 square meters, hanging Peak lift beam architecture, both inside and outside the sub twice to form a floor in the House, the House floor, there is a pattern. Is the front door, "Sunda Gua" back door "Qian." F-4 outside the circle, each 48 per Gua 6; each diagram for a staircase, as a unit; and Gua Gua between the arch to the same. There are a hall, two wells (coincide, "gossip" Yin and Yang in the bipolar), three (or is the door and side door at both ends, the Italian gossip together in Heaven, Earth, Mankind Sancai) and the eight units. Gua Gua and is separated between the firewall, a diagram of the fire will not bring disaster to the whole floor; and Gua Gua Gua located between the door closed, self-contained side, to open , The parties can be the same. Once the thieves into the flat, shut the door Gua, to live turtle arrested in the urn. Like the ancestral hall and a stage, the stage has four perimeter-li nearly 2 meters, 7 meters high near the large stone pillars, up and down both sides of the stage 30 two-room into an inner circle, on the second floor corridor of fine iron grille Railings, is transported from Shanghai to this Embedded system. Hall door and there are early years of the Republic's President Li Yuanhong "Tong-concept", "Voice of justice contained" inscription, and so on. There are permanent and the building Couplet wrote more than 20 pieces, displayed in earth storied culture.

The whole floor of the existing facilities in Suzhou garden layout of the Western as well as the construction of ancient Greece Characteristics. Chinese and Western architecture can be wonderful. 1995 model of its construction and the Temple of Heaven Beijing as China's north-south circular building on behalf of the United States participated in the Los Angeles World Exhibition Building, caused a sensation as the "Pearl of the Orient building."

  Yongding Why should build on the Eight Diagrams Earthen? If we try to identify the root causes of history: First of all, from the Hakka migration from the Central Plains, the traditional Chinese culture deeply influenced, and gossip is traditional Chinese culture in one of the classics, so living in the construction of the building, used, it is reasonable Are. Second, after several generations moved, in order to survive, they face In the natural and social difficulties, and the Eight Diagrams since ancient times, it was Paibingbuzhen to resist the enemy. From a security point of view, in the design, construction earth storied building when the use of the Eight Diagrams, the wisdom of the Hakka people, it is not surprising.

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Longyan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longyan City, Fujian Province is located in the southwest, known as western Fujian, and Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces adjacent. Its geographical location between latitude 24 � 23'-26 � 02 ', longitude 115 � 51'-117 � 44' between. 19028.3 sq km area. Romanian jurisdiction of the new district, Zhangping City, Changting, Yongding, Shanghang Wu-ping, Liancheng County, 5. Population 2,858,900. In addition to Longyan, Fujian dialect Zhangping passage, the rest of the passenger traffic in western Fujian dialect. Longyan of Fujian Overseas Chinese for one of the area.

  Longyan City from northeast to southwest tilt the terrain, showing the high East-West low, with an average elevation 60 meters, the mountain hills in the city accounted for 94.83% of the total area. Rich in forest resources, forest cover 72.3 percent, forest reserves 72,320,000 cubic meters, bamboo growing stock 240,000,000, Fujian Province, is one of the three major forest areas.

Longyan City is more abundant water resources. The whole Catchment area of more than 50 square kilometers of the river there are 110, with a total length of 1504 km, mainly belonging to Tingjiang and Jiulong River. River runoff in 18,400,000,000 cubic meters, the theoretical reserves of hydropower resources 2,080,000 kilowatt, the development of 1,408,000 kilowatt capacity. National key project, installed 60 KW Mianhuatan Hydropower Station No. 1 generating unit has grid.

Longyan in Fujian Province is the main mining area, and more varieties of mineral resources, large reserves. Metal ores of iron, manganese, copper, lead, zinc and rare earth, molybdenum, tungsten, gold, etc. 28. Non-metallic minerals are coal, limestone, marble, kaolin, Run more than 30 territories. The city has proven reserves of 26 minerals have, according to estimates of experts, including 17 major mineral ore worth more than 750 billion yuan. Anthracite, iron, manganese, copper, gold, platinum, rare earth, kaolin, fire-resistant clay, bentonite, and other 11 kinds of proven mineral reserves in the province accounted for first. One iron ore Volume of 540,000,000 tons, accounting for 80 percent of the province; kaolin ore reserves of 74,260,000 tons, accounting for 46 percent of the province; 673,000,000 tons of coal reserves, accounting for 49.45 percent of the province; manganese ore reserves of 2,370,000 tons, accounting for 60.5 percent of the province; expansion Run-earth 15,440,000 tons, as the only areas in the province; Copper Mountain is In recent years, the country's second largest copper mine was found.

The main agricultural products in western Fujian to rice, flue-cured tobacco, tea, and other sub-tropical fruit, flue-cured tobacco, citrus, peaches, dried sweet potatoes, salt, such as peanut crisp with good prospects for development. Industrial products are mainly coal, cement, farm vehicles, cigarettes, timber, Kim, rosin, and so on.

The main scenic spots in western Fujian: Guanzhi Shan state-level scenic areas, City Link, the national A-level Meihuashan Nature Reserve, a national historic city of Changting, Furuta unit of the State Council heritage site of the world unique Earthen Yongding, Silla Long-Kungtung Mountain, Ting Jiang Hakka mother River, and other scenic spots and tourist areas. Characteristics of the formation of "a hole on the first floor of a mountain site of a city district by the River" one of the seven "Travel Network.

  Western Fujian is the well-known old revolutionary base areas. Revolutionary base in the city has 610 villages, 23,600 revolutionary martyr , The province accounts for more than half the number of martyrs. In 1955-1965, Shouxian general membership of the 68 western Fujian, Fujian Province, who account for 82% of the total number of generals, including General 2, 7 Lieutenant General, Major General 59. The people of western Fujian to the Chinese revolution's victory, made great sacrifices and contributions. Long-term revolutionary fight Created a hard-working people in western Fujian, the fine work style of hard work and plain living and perseverance, dedication to the revolutionary spirit of courage, which is building an open regional economic western Fujian in the spirit of the valuable advantages.

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Zhongshan Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongshan Road and weaved off and Siming Nan Road, Xiamen is a traditional downtown business district. Here both large-scale commercial shopping centers, commercial buildings, such as Hualian and the first department store, there are a wide range of a mix of retail stores. Zhongshan Road shopping spots, taste prices, the fair price for the feature, visitors continued all day. Qing day Stores since it started business in general for 9:00 in the morning, hours of operation to most of the night. Zhongshan Road on the streets of the commercial buildings, mostly old-fashioned style and layout, so some road congestion, every season or holiday shopping, here it Rentouzandong, in the bustling row upon row of shops on both sides, have been kept River The rate of vehicles and people rub shoulders crowded downtown site lays out a noisy busy street, as the ferry arrived in a lot of public transport vehicles, and they also wear mostly straight and Zhongshan Road, so traffic is very convenient. In addition to its own mountain in the sea takes in hundreds of rivers, each slip will bring a pleasant surprise, Licensing, there is a high-heeled shoes is the "Ladies", hiding in the tall hill behind a night market, and so on.

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Jimei, Xiamen tankahkeei Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

10,000,000 yuan investment in the construction of the tankahkeei Park, and is linked to Ngau Park, covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, construction area of 5500 square meters.

Park tankahkeei to Chinese-style courtyard for the main body of the park, the hole is to make Hong Zhu cornices of the glazed tile pavilions, which I attached a With the winding corridors into one-stop distribution. There are water parks, Quqiao, Shilan, lawn, the structure is arranged in a pleasant feel.

  The eastern side of the park has a monument honors teachers, a giant sculpture of a candle, on the stone engraved with the donor schools of the names of individuals and units. With the commemoration of teachers Relative Park West, there are vertical, "Tao Li Fang Fei" sculptures, students look forward to the "Jimei Liberation Monument", the main memory of school Enze.

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National heritage. Stone of St. Paul - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shihfang also known as St. Paul, decorated archway, Zhangzhou dialect called "Dutch", meaning "a person-En Cheng Huang praised by the" construction of the Memorial. Zhangzhou, a large number of St. Paul, the rich have always been known for. Years of the Qing Dynasty records the location, there is the name of St. Paul's, up to more than 400 blocks. Despite the history of changes so far have preserved the past 0, located in Zhangzhou in all districts and counties. One of the most representative of St. Paul, located at the northern end of the road Xiangcheng Qu Hong Kong's top two-door, "the third overall pick in the Book of History" and "Yang Jing Li Square, (Shoni Jae-III)," the Ming Dynasty, two of St. Paul, and Xinhua Road at the eastern end of the Yue Kai's mouth, "Min Yue-hung voice" and "Zhuang Yong simple," two of St. Paul in the Qing Dynasty. Was named a national heritage of a total of four stone arches, which are located in urban Hong Kong, two-door northbound section Shihfang top of the Ming Dynasty, that is, "the third overall pick in the Book of History" Square and "slaughtered three-Two" Square, and I Xinhua East Street, Yue-ching Shihfang generation, that is, "Warriors simple," Square and the "Voice of Min Yue-hung," Square. Shihfang Shihfang are four wooden structure, 3 12 F column. Top two-door Shihfang the Ming Dynasty, on the north-south cross street stands, and the old city's South Gate Street, the very composition of the characteristics of the Old Streets Landscape; I Street, Yue Qing Qing Department of Shihfang platform thanks to St Jude's rationale for the Blue , Xu Fengli, a magnificent, 5 Loudiao Square has the image of foreigners, reflecting the Ming and Qing Dynasties and foreign Zhangzhou Between a good picture. Zhangzhou Hunpu exquisite stone carving of St. Paul the Ming and Qing Dynasties, flowers, birds, beast of the charm, a vivid image of a typical demonstration of traditional stone carving art Zhangzhou both elegant and refined Bold fluid characteristics. This four of St. Paul, in the form of construction is quite similar: both are Fangmu stone structure, with Whitehead and to Qingshi Construction, Stone distinctive color contrast, the overall natural harmony. To note the three columns on the fifth floor of 12. On the roof of the home are decorated with fish-shaped ridges, eaves-wing solutions are a natural Qi Qiao Xiao Jiu. The following are important both Liang Fang insulation layer. Place on the general shape of Liang Shuo, Fang, columns, carved as well as the brackets, Queti spent version, such as various types of the Department of Chuizhu , The clever set, convergence precision. Place on decorative carving around, respectively, with incised, carved lines, relief, Loudiao, by various means, such as double-eagle engraved with dragon and phoenix, flowers, birds and Ruishou, such as figures, vivid image. Not only has the harassment to the delicate taste of the South, and into northern rough style of masculinity, reflecting the Zhangzhou Traditional arts and cultural preservation of a strong central plains and bold colors absorb foreign cultural characteristics. Zhangzhou, is the ancient peoples left behind a precious wealth. In November 1996, the State Council announced this Zhangzhou in the urban areas of four of St. Paul, the fourth for the national key cultural unit. The attraction is located in Xiangcheng Qu, an urban ride , 9 bus to Kowloon Park Station to get off, and 1.2 yuan fares.

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Five significant Diaoyutai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Five significant Tongan Islands, located in the town of five significant, is a 100,000 square meters of man-made lake. Broad surface of the water, sparkling water waves, the lake a lot of pine plantations will not only increase the lake's environment beautiful, but also from an angler to enjoy the cool air to avoid positive. East Lake has also built 20 slim, sleek box, can withstand the summer , Can ward off the winter cold. Diaoyutai facility is complete, can accommodate more than a hundred of restaurants and dozens of conference rooms, there are 340 Diaotai also equipped with a fishing rod, fish erbium and other necessities. The main gate of the Diaoyutai distinctive taste, arched door frames on the sculpture of a smiling shot - Jiang Taigong. Catch fish on the bending Yugan, full of myths very strong color.

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Tongan Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tongan Tongan Museum in the Confucius Temple, in 1986 to build, opening in January 1990. Covers an area of more than 7000 square meters, construction area of more than 1400 square meters. Tongan set up two museums and exhibition halls to display an open-air garden. Dacheng Hall of Hall "in Tongan important historical display" and "with Display the history of the Masters, "" heritage collection on display "in three parts. Historical Relics on display, through pictures, text and information on cultural relics, ancient Tongan reflect the Neolithic Age to the new-democratic revolution of the important historical events and important historical figures of the activities. Masters on display, there is a great scientist Su Song Dynasty And Chen into a national hero in the Qing Dynasty, modern Chinese Tan Kah Kee banner of a group of local celebrities, such as performance on the life issue, the performance of the Tongan sages of the great exploits. Collection of cultural relics on display, including Green River Anting with the Song Dynasty porcelain (also known as the pearl porcelain), more than 300 representative in kind. To show the history of ancient and modern living side-working people The art of creativity. Two corridors and exhibition halls of the exhibition organized by topic, such as "ancient collection of paintings", "Tong An exhibition of calligraphy and painting house painting," and "Xiamen painting and calligraphy works of calligraphy and painting at home", "Tong An exhibition of modern farmers." Stone garden display, the display from the Tongan Song has more than 300 kinds of stone tablets Relating to customs, religion, construction, manufacturing and so on, have a distinctive local characteristics. Stone in the garden, in the Tang Dynasty tomb animal, Song Xi Town, Bridgestone, General, Weng Zhong Qing, and so on, life-like patterns, exquisite technique, known as the "Tongan terracotta warriors and horses." Tongan heritage museum collections and specimens of more than 2,000 pieces.

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Su Song Science and Technology Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Su Song Science and Technology Museum, located in the Tongan West Street. It is a construction area of 2400 square meters of the six-storey building. Su Song (1020-1101 AD) with Anren, prime minister of the Song Dynasty is well-known politicians, scientists. In his astronomical instruments, machinery design and technology in the field of herbal medicine, there is ground-breaking On, for our country and the world scientific and technological development have made outstanding contributions. Britain Needham said he was "ancient and medieval China's greatest naturalist one." Su Song is the most outstanding contribution to the "clock tower", this is one astronomical instruments. High around 12 meters, 7 meters wide and weighs over 20 tons. Points Layers: the upper is a celestial globe, celestial globe is the instrument of middle and the lower-time automatic. "Clock tower" is the world's oldest astronomical clock. Year in 1090 (Song Yuanyou five years) made him the instrument, like, 10 minutes into one. There are three major contributions: First, the design of the armillary sphere in the activities of the roof, and now Like the Hong Kong Observatory dome; Second, the armillary sphere of four travel instrument and possession of objects simultaneously see the operation, Robert Hooker Europe as early as 600 years; clock tower of the third day value system on the drive wheel escapement control is a pioneer in modern clocks and watches . Second, Su Song in the medicine. Year in 1061, he wrote, "Materia Medica After "20 volumes, recorded 780 kinds of drugs, with a specimen that map. This is one of the world's masterpieces in the history of one of the drug. Su Song is also a politician, he ordered the preparation of diplomatic history, "Hua Rong Lu-wei recorded in the letter," Vol 229, 5 books a total of 200 volumes.

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