Poplar River Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuerhe area inside the city of Karamay, located on the west side of the street Wuerhe, 217 national highway across the valley. Wuerhe located on the west side of the reception point, a straight line distance of 17 km.

Poplar River from the reservoir to Wuerhe east-west near the river, 24 km long, generally about 400 meters wide, the narrowest of about 200 meters, 600 m wide, on both sides of the steep river bank, about 20 to 30. Valley water in 5 to 10 meters wide, about 50 cm deep, more meandering river, the valley along the winding down.

  On both sides of the water is thick Hu Yanglin, the main tree species are Populus, silver gray Yang, Liu hair, sharp fruit angustifolia, a bell thorn bush Rosa, Liu. White thorn, and so on, many grasses, legumes and grasses for more than a species, such as splendens, bitter beans, licorice, and so on, vegetation cover up to 60%. Populus Xinjiang is the oldest and one of the rare species, is a desert riparian forest edge species, with anti-drought, sandstorms Royal, the ability of salinity, and tree Poplar is not as large, sturdy tree trunks and branches and more leaves are willow-and two-oval, round crown width, the adult Populus vigorous tall and straight in order to give people the feeling.

  Poplar Valley to the Populus, the type of tree species accounted for more than 90%, tree height from 6 to 10 meters, diameter at breast height of 20 to 30 cm, the largest Up to 40 cm. Valley walls of the two sides are light brown Cretaceous red sandstone and mudstone. Poplar River originates in the mountains of western Zhun Geer Wuer Ka Fisher Hill, a total length of 170 km of multi-year average runoff 109,000,000 cubic meters, finally flowing into Lake Eric. Topol above the valley to valley is the most dense sections of Lin, Jing Beautiful. There is a higher value, dense forests and valleys, meandering rivers, summer temperatures were significantly lower than the surrounding area is casual, a good place for summer vacation.

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One gram Well - Chinese tourism scenic spots

One gram well at Karamay the south of the airport. After the birth of New China, the drilling boom awakened sleeping tens of millions of years of oil and Hill, Hill Oil and opened a mystery, buried deep underground so that the flow of oil out for the benefit of the people.

  1951 to 1955 the country has sent a geological Inspection team to carry out geological and oil Hill test. June 16, 1955 from the 1219 Youth Dushanzi oil and Hill came to the well-drilling team leader, now in the front of the airport for one-wells. In the same year on July 6 drilling, Oct. 29 End of the oil drilling industry exhaust flow, Karamay oil field is found signs are still The middle class.

  It is the result of the first well Karamay oil field, it is known as the "One gram well" and in October 1982 in commemoration of the tablets. 4 meters high monument, the monument as a top five-star red flag, marble cutting system. Beizuo about 3 meters high. Square base, while 10 meters long, the basement with the laying of gravel, there are around 20 50 cm high pillars of the order.

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Mo Guicheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mo Guicheng also known as the "Windy City Wuerhe" Karamay is located in the urban area 110 km north-east of Wuerhe oil region, an area of about 10 square kilometers, here is a typical Yadandemao. "Ya" Geography is the definition used in the Uygur language and Italy as a "dangerous mound," specifically refers to the dry areas of a special landforms. The evolution of the desert is the bedrock constitute a platform for high-there are cracks or joints, heavy rains washed the widening fissures made to expand, followed by strong winds due to the continuous erosion, gully erosion and gradually form a low-lying land, the island-shaped platform into a hill while Or stone pillars, this place is like an empty city obsolete, old Chinese call it the "City."

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Ancient rock paintings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancient rock paintings in the Hot Springs County in Xinjiang Bole NATO's 50 km Qiong Ku Sitai White Callas and there are many ancient rock paintings. Most of these rock paintings carved on the lush vegetation, abundant water, beautiful natural environment is very firm in its position on the boulder. Rocks are shiny black sand, not deep notch, but relatively clear, at that time are reflected in the District of life. If a stone inscribed on the shape of 17 different big sheep and goats and so on the image, high or long 11-21 cm range can be seen at the time of grazing pasture and circumstances. Another piece of stone engraved with a person riding a horse, still ahead of a pony, is the top dog. From this piece of rock We can see that this is documented at the time hunters hunting. There are still a rock engraved with a shepherd, surrounded by cattle, sheep, horse, and other animals, and if there is a ring-shaped gate of the house, the circle has a dog (probably a wolf), a distance of a horse , The rest of the damage has been caused by natural clear identification. This Rock paintings can be used both to speculate: It may be a herd of grazing on the grassland; also may be subject to circle the herd of wolf attacks to shock scattered everywhere. All of these are very rough rock paintings, sculpture level is not high. From the general vicinity of the rock paintings are like stone and rubble, they may have some relation to each other, but Rock paintings in the earliest possible, should be the ancient art of stone carving Nomadic start. As a result, the study of rock paintings at the time of production and social life of a herdsman to a certain extent.

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Lake Wetland Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bortala Jinghe Xian, in the development of tourism has good prospects. There are Xinjiang's largest salt lake - Lake, Lake surface area of 615 square kilometers, 189 meters above sea level is the lowest point in the Junggar Basin, bortala River, Jinghe, Kuitun River and other rivers, large and small, Meeting from all directions Lake, Lake to bring immense vitality.

  The annual bird migration and breeding season, the gathering of Swan Lake, geese, ducks, and other waterfowl as many as 100,000 a few, the lake rippling wave, Timing water birds, wind and reed flowers float thousands of miles, is fascinated favorite. East Lake has a vast banks of the wild forest, clusters of Haloxylon white, red, Populus, I forget, Violet, and other surrounding plants and the vast Gobi in sharp contrast can be called the "Pearl of the Junggar Desert." Lake is rich in salt and sodium halide and egg resources, biomass-Artemia brine and egg production at home in Salt Lake for the first exclusive soft-shelled turtle.

2000 People's Government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region 6 menstrual Lake Wetland Nature Reserve was formally established. The total area of 2670 square kilometers, Lake-protected areas to the core, and water, marshes, meadows and other natural landscape into, as a result of sparsely populated, most still retains the original State currently has identified more than 300 kinds of plants, more than 160 kinds of vertebrates, more than 100 kinds of birds, 10 kinds of fish. One state-level protection of rare animals, 38, of China's biological diversity is an important part of the natural gene pool, arid region known as the "green maze," said the mysteriously primitive desert Health Fascinating tourist resources.

Jinghe Lake Nature Reserve to damp tourism resources, in terms of taste, uniqueness, image, or King's original source, intensive, has high ornamental value and is very suitable for Various forms of scientific test , The wild adventure, eco-tourism and other tourism activities, is a unique tourist destination.

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Hot Springs Bogedaer - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Springs County, located in the western region of Xinjiang Bortala Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, warm summer cold winter climate, the average annual temperature of 3.6 ?. The pleasant climate, beautiful environment, history, nature, good luck to create a tourism, the advantages of heat. The famous cultural relics are rare Stone City, Shirengou grasslands, ancient group of mummies, Who fascinated the ancient rock paintings, both scenes of hunting and grazing, and the original hard symbol. There are rare in the world of wild animals in Xinjiang salamander North (commonly known as Wawa Yu) - also the oldest dinosaur species than the animal, the species in the world's only hot spring located in my state and county Kazakhstan border between the two very narrow region, population Both at the edge of Endangered Species, has been included in the protection of the natural resources of the International Red Book Network.

Spa magic. Spring water contains iodine, sulfur, phosphorus and other minerals, the water temperature at 42 - 61 ?, can cure a variety of skin diseases, arthritis, bronchitis, high blood pressure, stomach, Disease and infertility women have a very good effect.

  Bortala distribution of more hot, there is a well-known Ottke Holden Saier Ta Hot Springs, Hot Springs Eerxiati, bug Darfur, and other hot 3. This three hot springs are located in scenic beauty, but the former is located in the deep valley 2, the traffic is not only the local animal husbandry Can always go to Bath.

  Total bug hot, hot 3 is the largest. Apart from very close to the eyes of many hot springs, water temperature in more than 40 to 50 degrees up and down, spring up to a maximum temperature of 83 degrees, to cook eggs! Total bug Spa 1290 meters above sea level. Stephen banks of the River bortala Wan Flow, flowers and trees in the valley, the graceful green. Total bug Seoul temperature, carbonate-rich, sulfur and iodine, phosphorus, boron, bromine, and other trace elements, a wide range of diseases have a significant effect.

  Total bug in the hot spring spa town to the north. Walk from the town, about 10 minutes to reach Hong Kong in the build-lin The spa on the grass.

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Pass port - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Alataw Pass Port in Xinjiang is approved by the State Council of the railway road of both countries for a class of ports, port management area of 155 square kilometers, 15 square km land for urban planning. September 12, 1990, a new bridge between Asia and Europe through all Alashankou port as the Northwest's largest land port in its " Europe continental bridge section of the West China bridgehead, "the special status of being the world attention.

In recent years, builders of the port after a difficult start, has invested more than 500,000,000 yuan, past the vast Gobi. Han population to the Alataw Pass is now a development of import and export trade, processing industry The modernization of the main cargo transit points into Metro's land, and has become an important gateway to the west and opening up.

According to expert estimates, the Alataw Pass of Xinjiang, after the New World Bridge, a total length of 11,000 kilometers, through the Siberian continental bridge has a distinct advantage to avoid the Cold areas in the eastern port of non-frozen, so that the improved transport conditions, and to shorten the distance of 2,000 km, saving 30% of the freight, shipping more than 60% of the time to save freight. Can make Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions to the Carriage of Goods by this cost-effective transport lines to move closer. The new land bridge 4 % Of the mileage in China is bound to the provinces and autonomous regions along the railway to develop the economy, resource development, promotion of opening to the outside world and economic integration of eastern and western growth play an important role.

At present, the Alataw Pass of Xinjiang railway and highway port facilities, railway cargo capacity of over 200 -- 000,000 tons. City District bank, post and telecommunications, water supply, electricity, hospitals, radio and television, and other facilities, 11 new urban roads, housing built with a total area of 430,000 square meters, urban infrastructure and improving. The Joint Inspection Unit has Alataw Pass Customs, the Frontier Inspection Station, Animal and Plant Quarantine Bureau, the Health and Quarantine Bureau, Inspection Bureau, and the railway station, highways, such as Sinotrans enterprises from 16 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the offices, enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households.

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Tourism bortala - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"West to the different habitats in the world outside the soil of Hope" is described in the Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region bortala. "Bortala" the Department of Mongolian, meaning "silver-gray prairie." It is located in the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang south-west, north and west to Allah, gory and Jane do not set above the ridge as the border of Shanxi, and Kazakhstan Republic of the border; in the eastern and north-east, with Tacheng area Wusu County, Torricelli linked to the county; in the south and Nilka of the Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, Yining, Huocheng County, adjacent to the three.

Bortala a long history can be traced back to the Warring States period 2,000 years ago, has bortala Kind of nomadic people in Sierra Leone; Taiyue Shi was during the Qin and Han dynasties, the Huns, the Wusun to nomadic. Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties at Rouran, Yuet-like activities in the region. In the Tang Dynasty established bortala Shuanghe Dudu Fu, Xi Tujue for the nomadic way. Yuan and Ming Wei Late for Mongolia to the nomadic.?????from Zhangjiakou Chahar tune into Mongolia Bingding Bor Tunkenshubian pull, and after the return from the Volga River valley west of Torghut Zhu Mu drop in Jinghe.

Bo is a typical state of temperate continental climate, sunshine for a long time and big temperature difference between day and night. Rich mineral resources, and 39 kinds of proven mineral, salt, Glass crude saltpeter, limestone, copper, and other open Has great potential. As well as the development of the Chinese wolfberry, cold-water fish, Lake Artemia, fine-wool sheep, Ephedra, licorice, such as characteristics industries.

Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of Bortala terrain is characterized by three hills of a folder Valley - surrounded on three sides by mountains, valleys for. Summer rain in the western mountains, north-south mountain ranges on both sides of the multi - Chuan snow, with plenty of water, moisten the vast ranch thousands of miles, gave birth to the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers. Here the unique location and distant history, bortala created a unique tourism resources. Well-known natural landscapes have set high mountains, lakes, grasslands as one of the scenic spots Sailimu; area of the Asia The state-level nature reserve Haloxylon white-level autonomous regions and the Lake Wetland Nature Reserve, north of Xinjiang salamander nature reserve, where Xia Erxi Nature Reserve, also the oldest dinosaur "living fossil" North Xinjiang salamander (Wawa Yu) ; There representing the world rarely seen in the landscape rocks - rocks valley, winding streets har Valley fever grid; there as Suoi Tien, and Tian-Quan Aerxiati the hot springs, hot springs and E Tuokesaier Bogedaer Hot Springs, arthritis, skin diseases such as the effect of magic, Xinjiang is a hot Bogedaer Well-known health resort; tourism human resources distribution of a wide range of ancient ruins, rock groups, and the group of ancient tombs unearthed in the text Like a flash of pearls, bortala shows a long history of the ancient Silk Road and the blend of Eastern and Western civilizations afterglow. Xinjiang Tourism Festival, one of the three, set the annual cultural and sports activities, national conditions and customs in one of the "Naadam" Prairie Festival; as well as the north-west of the country - at the national level Alashankou port port. These magnificent multi - The human landscape and beautiful natural landscape attractive complement each other, forming a bortala unique cultural characteristics.

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Changji city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Changji city located in the city of Changji in the territory, known as the Tang Dynasty City. In the early 1980s, the Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences, sent the Archaeological Institute of archaeologists made a field survey. It is reported that the city was rectangular, about 1,000 meters north-south east-west width of 600 meters. Ben Zhu wall, about 6 cm thick rammed. In 1964 when East wall-to-deposit 500 meters, 600 meters north wall. The highest remaining wall about 6 meters, about 3 meters Qiangding widest point. North wall intact the basic, 15 horse face, to the west of Weng Cheng 8, 7 to the east. Ma face 19 meters wide, about spacing; 30 meters. In the ancient city of north-south who were Datu Taiwan, the main high of about 5 meters. Soil Lei Qi adobe bricks with a long colt wide. 20 cm, 12 cm thick. However, another 4-Taiwan soil for Ben Zhu, tamping about 8 cm thick, with the walls of the building law, these territories and Taiwan is the ancient city wall of the building during the same period. As the infrastructure construction in the ancient city found in two of the more significant sites and cultural relics.

A site of the ancient city is located in the south. In the shop was found under the surface soil to more than 100 pieces of ancient Fangzhuan. Fangzhuan reddish-brown, there are two kinds of large and small. 41 biggest long, long 31 are small, are 5 cm thick. Fangzhuan side of a lotus pattern.

Another ancient city in the eastern part of southwest, a cellar Site. Jiaonei there is a tank residue in the Yuan Dynasty of the Kingdom CaHeTai silver 1370. Silver-free round hole, the edge is not structured with a diameter of 1.3 to 2.6 cm and weighing 0.8 to 2.09 grams. Some have a pattern, for the other side of the text; both sides are some words in Arabic. Wrote: "In addition to security There is no god and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah. "

At the same time, silver and 8 of unearthed pottery:

Three bottles of an ear, terracotta sand, round lip, exposure, NECKING, flat, bottom diameter 17 cm, 48 cm-high.

An urn, terracotta sand, At the bottom of the deposit, the larger body, at the end of 25 cm diameter.

4 cans, terracotta sand, the upper part of the residues were, lanky body, flat, a more complete, a single ear, bottom diameter 11.5 cm, 30 cm high residue.

2 bowls, terracotta are coarse, round lips, big exposure, the oblique abdominal wall , Flat-bottomed, in which pieces of l, 11.8 cm diameter, 5.1 cm diameter at the end, 4.5 cm high.

Also in the cache was found not far from a Northern Song "skirt million TB" coins.

Based on the above: The city site is equivalent to the whole of the Song Dynasty, was built in Xiliao may be extended To use the Yuan Dynasty. This city is located in northern crossing to traffic, on a larger scale, is Xiliao to the Yuan-chang of the eight city Spurs. Therefore, it is not the Tang Dynasty, Zhang Shou-fort to catch the city.

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Miquan Niangniang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in Fukang County township autonomy Jade Pool territory of Kazakhstan, an elevation of 1950m. Niangniang temple in memory of the legendary figures of the Spring and Autumn Period built the Queen Mother of the West, Taoism gradually developed into one of the worship of idols. Years ago there was the grand scale of God's temple architecture, in 1932, Ma Zhongying disaffection When destroyed in the war. 2000-funded reconstruction of the parties concerned, the construction of the temple is located in the Tianchi Lake on the east coast on the original site, overlooking the panoramic Tianchi. The temple has kept the early years Niangniang iron temple bell and a statue Jinshen Niangniang remodeling. Niangniang Temple in a state-level key scenic spots in Tianchi Lake area, tourism price Larger. Each year, many visitors to pay a visit.

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Changji watt iron temple site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Fukang City, the Jade Pool Kazak autonomous territory of rural transport. Tianchi site is located 700m north, in memory of the Yuan Dynasty Changchun Department Qiu real machine built Taoist temple. Building is completely destroyed, the construction characteristics of the unknown. From the remaining sites, the size of the original length 45m, width 45m face 2025m2. Brick building block. At the top of its pig iron with iron-watt watt coverage named Temple, also known as Fu Temple. Was built in the early?????, Guangxu nine years with the expansion of both the North and the South Hall, Shing Road from more than 100 persons. Ma Zhongying destroyed in 1933 Rebellion. In 1934-1937, donors from all walks of life reconstruction. Each event The more, the remnant of the temple gradually, and finally destroyed in the Cultural Revolution in Posi Jiu. Although the site of residual damage, but its glorious history, and the Tianchi Sea Pro, high value tourism development, rehabilitation, the Tianchi Lake will become an important human attraction.

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Manas Junggar crocodile - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingshuihe Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture is the largest tributary of the Manas River, a total length of 60 km, is located in the middle of the Tianshan, even according to Khabir Hill Ga (Kazakh, commonly known as the Tian Shan) Mountain, about 46 km from the town, river water Kazakhstan Family resident of the township government. River water has always been rich with well-known and jasper. "Xinjiang Zhi map" Industry , Said: "Manas River-ching, production jasper, named River water, dark green jade-green Pitt, elegant, Pu (that is, the stone-pack) are great emphasis on a few pounds." River water in the upper reaches of the Manas River Tianshan Deep, the summer of 1990, I have the opportunity to go sightseeing. Here more than 2800 meters above sea level, at the mountain, Zhongshan, former . Imposing steep mountains, magnificent, gurgling water, soft and thick green grass, is a beautiful area in the summer heat is a good place. However, the river water has also been unearthed in the ancient crocodile fossils, but little known. In 1974, by the geological staff here, now known as the Crocodile Junggar Manas (Dz ngarisuchusmanacensis), an Asia of a crocodile. Its features: long and narrow lower jaw, kissed the Ministry of Light instead of contraction, the Minister of suture under the collar, the main component of bone by the teeth. Insert reach splint bone at the base of the suture: the Department of suture limited to the first 8 or 9 teeth Department. Mandibular teeth separated from each other On each side there are 13 to 14, nearly equal to the distance between teeth: Dog-shaped teeth, expansion of the base, there are two canine-like teeth before the tooth. Conical teeth, has a radiation pattern, formed on both sides of the ridge edge, the structure similar to the Asian crocodile. Mandibular Pattern sparse and generally small crocodile is a species of the subfamily than the lower jaw appears to be fine. A late Eocene era. Manas Junggar Has been documented in the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Institute for the preparation of the "Chinese vertebrate fossils Manual" (Revised Edition) 173, 55.4 Plate, Science and Technology Publishing House published in 1979. This crocodile fossil only in Hengyang in Hunan Province of China, Nanxiong in Guangdong, Maoming and Inner Mongolia have been found, Xinjiang Manas only one place, very valuable.

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Bear miquan blind spots groove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miquan blind spots at Bear ditch Changji miquan town 33km south-east of the River Po Yang Kazakhstan ethnic territory, a town 43km road from the Miquan accessible. An elevation of 1000-2200m. Bear blind ditch located in the scenic upper reaches of the River Iron Works, also known as the morning-Sahib River, scenic river length 21km. River You valley wide average of 85m, a steep slope, with an average of around 30. Downstream river valley gradually widened, reaching an average of 320m, the two sides slope gradient of 20. Upper reaches of the river is a beautiful, rich and concentrated spots. There are: Xiongdong blind, Agropyron table and table the moon. The former stone from his waist Peng folder of the two peaks and ride , Stoning around the closed side, grass trees and shrubs of Health, suspended the lower part of a 1.3m high stone hole, the area inside the cave, 9m2, top 1.8m. Water inside the cave, all the year round, dark, damp, steep terrain around the hole, the upper part of the forest clouds. This is the North goats, argali, the wild animals such as bears and comfortable living quarters. Agropyron Taiwan Bear in the blind ditch to the west, from east to west 2km, wide north-south 1km, from quicksand in the middle groove will be divided into East and West large grass-Taiwan 2. Lush pasture grass on the stage, the high grass 30-120cm, coverage in more than 90% of the herdsmen is a base for mowing and winter pastures.

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East to temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

(Temple to the East) East temple to temple, including Qian Long (Temple), Temple of God, God Temple, located in Qitai County, about 21 km east of the rural West to the East Village. East of the temple to temple is a temple of the three main groups, covering about 68 square meters, the block south, three Miankuo, into the deep 3, the top three for the beam Hill-style. Niangniang Temple covers an area of 125 square meters, the block south, into the deep 3, Miankuo 3, 3 Houdian Liang Shan-hard even Qiandian 4-Juan Peng Liang. Temple covers an area of 50 square meters, and Niangniang Temple, a group of temple buildings, its layout, with the structure of the temple is similar. Three of the temple as a whole, is located East River to the east coast village of small, flat open, surrounded by farmland and cottage, several hospitals large elm trees, especially quiet. Temple construction is a brick wall form cornices, very spectacular; Chudo within the middle of Guan Yu is a mighty tall as the (now gone). On both sides of the statue is 2 meters high, 1.5 meters wide of the blue Birds, were engraved with the dragon dance Feng, lifelike patterns. Shan temples in the wall around each piece of 3 m square of the murals, a description of the life of Guan Yu, brush impressive as lively as possible. Niangniang Temple is on the right side of the temple, first stepped into the door of the eye is Houdian Tangshang layout is tight, production of sophisticated South scenic spots, the clay-cliff rockeries, pavilions, representing; bridges, elegant chic. Fairyland landscape with a symbol of relief, had tied plastic 3 Nixiang have been no. Things for the gable paintings, which are "NABI Kingdoms" in the Yellow River Front, and so on. Qiandian things gable paintings for the content of the "five-win" "The sub-adults", the first phase of the Houdian Fang-off under the Central board has drawn map Sin. Temple is on the left temple, the temples have clay sculpture, murals and artifacts for the festival.

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Bogda Feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bogda Feng Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in Fukang City, and Urumqi in a straight line distance of about 60km, and the Fukang City, northwest in a straight line distance of about 49km, there can be asphalt surface-to Tianchi, an elevation of 5445m. Bogda Peak is the highest peak in eastern Tianshan Mountains, 5445 meters above sea level, stands in Fukang County, south of the mountains above The main peak and shoulder peak at about two even, and sambong, such as peak-shaped frame, the majestic spectacle. Peak area 15km more than 5000m above sea level within the framework of the peaks are 7, was nearly east-west alignment, an extension of about 9km, three of which are closely spaced, only 2.5km, together, the main peak of the East home, that is, Bogda Peak. 48 0m to peak, most of the bare rock, mainly from the mid-Hercynian intrusion of gabbro, because of the role of Bing Shi, Feng and blade angle ridge is developed. 3800 ~ 4800m, the smaller rocks exposed, for most of the snow-covered, paragraph development more than 10 glaciers. 3800m above the average peak of the West 49 degrees. , The northern slope of about 40. , And the east slope of the southern slope of a gentle, about 30. And more. At the end of the glacier at an altitude of about 3400 meters or so. 1600 ~ 2800m of Zhongshan with the distribution of forest and meadow vegetation, beautiful scenery, famous Tianchi in the spruce forest belt in that. Glacier snow peak, not all the year round, Flashing light, and the Valley of Tianchi Xiangyingchengqu green water, form the mountains here in the beautiful scenery of Pinghu. Bogda Feng Nuhao on wind, weather, the temperature often below the freezing point, it seems hard to believe that there will be biological. There's even a small amount of water has also become Dudong ice. However, in the snow-covered gravel, snow And other unnamed flowers are cultivated amazing ability to adapt, even in such a bad environment for high school students can be described as a miracle. Bogda Feng under the ups and downs of the mountains, is rich in resources. Above the snow line with the growth of snow and frozen chickens. Paozi appear in a pine forest, over a long mushroom, the lanceolata there, and Astragalus herbs, such as Fritillaria Mao buried under mountains of copper, iron and mica and other minerals. Yun ancient man of many people who praise Fushi Bogda Feng. This peak is located in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in the territory, it is considered state of the tin sign. Bogda Shan uplift of the first night at the Second World Diego, in the early Mesozoic and Tertiary been razed erosion in the Himalayas Yun Again for the uplift of the majestic peaks. Peak District remained of the original natural landscape. The peak has been opening to the outside world, opening to the outside world, Xinjiang has become the one of the 15 peaks. There are two main routes the top, from a Tianchi to Mizoguchi Xiao-dong, and then along the ditch to the three major winter turnout reached Osaka, then on to the top; another four workers from the riverside and ditch To practice daba (3700m), the top again. To carry out major mountain peak, scientific, exploration and other activities, some tourists who like to cross the daba, to do the inspection activities over the Tianshan Mountains.

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Jia Kang-Shek Mun Rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jia Kang Shihmen Yandiao-portrait of Kang-art home Shihmen Hutubi County is located in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture of the hinterland of the Tianshan Mountains, the convergence of two mountain north of the Office of the surface of the rock surface rock formation, Yanke about 220 square meters, sculptures With more than 300 people, 204 are high, and smaller meters 19 centimeters. Men and women, or station or lying, or clothing or bare Graph of men and women, with the double-headed, with the 3-images truly reflects the primitive people pray for fertility and reproduction of the population live scenes of group marriage system. Here the rock paintings by the experts over the past three years ago as Joe who since dark Nase more than 2,500 years ago, the Serbs had in the activities of the Pamir and Tianshan Mountains and in most parts of northern. With Like many nomads, their economic life "with the water one by one animal," the main and run smelting, and processing of iron. 3, BC century into the class society, the establishment of state power, the supreme ruler of the "Serbian king." Serbs like steeple caps, advocating licenses decorated with a variety of on-chip gold, bronze and a variety of animal pattern. On behalf of the Cypriot people into the home of the Western Regions, in Xinjiang on the stage of history played an important role. Hutubi County has a long history, culture and prosperity in the early Western Zhou period, the Hutubi human ancestors evolved here, work hard. They created a splendid culture, wrote a glorious history.

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Kala Mai mt - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changji in Xinjiang Kala Mai Mountain: ungulate Wildlife Refuge, located in the Kara-ri, the area, its scope than the North uran from Furukawa, Karameh in the south to the edge of Shannan, west Gurbantunggut Desert East Edge, the second in the east of Taiwan - Taiwan's odd - Mori north of the road with a total area of 14,000 square kilometers, is the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Large Wildlife Refuge, also is the same one of the largest protected areas.

  Kala Mai, Hill has hoofed Wildlife Refuge, located in the Kara-ri, the area, its scope than the North uran from Furukawa, Karameh in the south to the edge of Shannan, west Gurbantunggut the eastern edge of the desert, east To Taiwan - Taiwan's odd -- Mori north of the road with a total area of 14,000 square kilometers, Xinjiang is the largest wildlife conservation area, is the largest of its kind the country one of the protected areas.

The protected areas are a protected species at the national level snow leopard, Mongolia wild donkey, wild horse, Saiga antelope, goats and so on the North. There are two countries Animal protection goose Ling throat, as well as blue sheep, red deer, argali, such as dozens of wild animals. Here there are wild animals living environment Populus plants, angustifolia, persicum, Turku, Melaleuca leather, string and Parkinson's, Rosa, Red, barbed bell, wild rose, and other desert vegetation and protected areas Water resources, may be based on Made the desert hunting expedition an ideal place to go.

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Changji North Old City Chamber site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Changji in Xinjiang North Old City Court Jimsar County site is located over 10 km north of the North Court of rural territory, the country's key cultural unit. The city, said Kim Han Dynasty town, after King division for the car seat of the tribunal, the well-known Chinese will have Genggong settlement of this city. Tang Zhenguan 14 years (in 640 AD) emperor of the Tang Dynasty set up in the city State, 2002 Changan (702 AD), Wu set up in the North retaining most of the Court House, the jurisdiction of the Tianshan Mountains to the north, until the Caspian Sea to the west of the eastern, northern part of the majority of the region. Song dynasty, Zhou Cheng tribunal for the Gaochang Uighur after Wang. Yuan Dynasty, located in the loss of other Bali Marshal House, is still the center of the Western Regions. The fifteenth century AD, the Ming Dynasty In the north destroyed in the war tribunal. North Old City is the only Duanbicanyuan court, but then losing on the size and style. Two points inside and outside the city. Outside the city of about 4600 meters week, is unlikely to rule rectangular; week in the city of about 3,000 meters, is located outside the city of the north-east a bit more. Second, both inside and outside the city moat. Road still fresh in our memory. Remnants of walls as high as 2 meters or more. The city's old market Tamiao, Yashu, outside the city's turret, and the enemy of Taiwan's Ma wall face, still faintly discernible. North Old City Court, has unearthed many precious historical relics, there are over Don King County Canbei, in the Tang Dynasty stone lions, stone carved designs ball, bronze mirrors, Po category of state , Lotus pattern Wadang, Kaiyuan and Fangzhuan TB, Qianyuan treasures, the Yuan Dynasty pottery, porcelain pieces, and so on. Now the city, rubble debris, colored pottery, still life for residents.

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Aromatic eco-tourism park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjiang is located in Bazhou County Shuo and the "fragrant garden eco-tourism" has developed into Asia's largest eco-tourism park aromatic. At present, the park more than 40 varieties of aromatic plant 1 million are being opened, the park has been turned into a fragrant world.

  In the park to see: full of purple flowers God endless vanilla, yellow powder of the Roman chamomile, lavender elegance of the scene in swaying in the wind, walking in the park full of flowers, rich floral Qinrenxinpi.

  "Eco-tourism aromatic garden" by the Xinjiang Tourism Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Central Bosten Lake is an important tourist attraction in one of the plates In May this year, was approved to become state-level eco-agriculture in Xinjiang two tourists one of the park. To the experts to visit its evaluation is: clear characteristics, set aromatic, ornamental and unique package.

  Wu, general manager of the Xinjiang Tourism Co., Ltd. introduced its "Eco-tourism aromatic garden" People "do vanilla, fragrance smell, popular meals and sleeping room incense, incense walk, wash Hong bath" in close contact with the aromatic culture, which was the most intuitive feelings.

  Here, visitors can not only smell of incense and incense Tap, Hong tours can also enjoy the fragrant bath, fresh taste by picking the production of aromatic plant Aromatic cuisine, but also can be admitted to the aromatic plant specimens hanging paintings, filled with the aroma of fragrant smoke light rooms, aromatic incense filled the pillow accompanied by the experience of aromatic dream.

  Japan aromatic cuisine, vice president of the Association of Chi Mei Zhu on behalf of the son was invited to come and teach cooking aromatic technology. Four series Hong mouth-watering dishes make people look after, after the food memorable.

  "Eco-tourism aromatic garden" to attract not only the uniqueness of the French experts came to the exchange of experience in growing aromatic science and technology, but also because of their higher value-added products and technology are attracted by the Shanghai and other places of business people come to buy. Looking ahead, the Wu Heart thriving, their goal is to the garden is completed, Asia's largest fragrance raw materials supply and marketing base.

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Yun Ye trench site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjiang Korla Luntai Xian Ye Gou Xiang Yun and policy Daya Township, the Han Dynasty to the Western Regions Frontier House seat of the Uzbek base city, was the Western political, economic, military center.

  Ukraine this city softball site no longer exists. There are two opposition Gou Xiang Yun ancient city ruins, one 1 km east of the township government office of a small city square, Stream erosion, only 1 meter city wall, built Rammed earth, about 100 meters week, the city spread of gray pottery green and white portrait of fetal point pattern or Bowen. City seems to be a tower in the south have Shing Mun.

  The other ancient ruins in the village government on the north side of Highway 10 km to the east, where he is called "white hill", wall, ridge And a trace of about 3 meters high hill, it is estimated that the tunnel is Feng. Huang Yun-pil of the opposition trench on the site to explore some of the pottery store, it is estimated that the Western Regions Frontier Command was set up during the House Shizu here with the ex-don.

  Shima according to the old name, is located in Korla City, west of West Chu court. There are two sites: one in the South Village, about a half Only one Gao Fu, on the ground between the red pottery; a village in the north-east, a red mudflats for oval, about 540 meters, 240 meters wide, have small land units, seems Housing construction site. Spread on the ground with red, blue pottery, Han Chuan for the site.

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Ancient rock paintings Qiemo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiemo County in the Xinjiang Korla Lekan Xinan Mo River in the Kunlun Mountains on the east coast of the section of river rock, rock, as long-term water erosion has become very smooth, with some 2500 square meters of rock characterization, a few dry pieces of images, characters, Images of animals, and horse riding, archery, dance, Xiangbo bare hands, and so on, are incised techniques A few millimeters deep. Yanke 20-50 meters above the river bed now, according to a high degree of Yanke and the river bed next to estimate the rate cut, Rock River Mole Kan creative era in 1000 BC In the past, it is estimated that the ancient Qiang Zaoke. 3000 BC Qiang has entered the Kunlun Mountains, until the Tang Dynasty in which they live Area.

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Hora Shan Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjiang Korla County ravine Hora I have spent the Tang Dynasty Temple 18. Department of adobe buildings, stone walls to the base Lei Qi, the temple was burned all. In 1907, Stein wrote a number of stolen here by the mud and waste paper Buddha. In 1928, China's archaeologists to explore Shan Buddhist green tile and wood, tile pattern with three Turpan The discovery of similar brick; wooden Buddha arch-handed chest, there were holes. With the mainland in the form of the tomb stone Wengzhong quite like.

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Tang Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shu-Tuen Mun Tang Dynasty ruins, located in the northeast Yanqi seven satellite township, about 2 kilometers, the site for the city square, the circumference of 450 meters, Rammed earth wall, the remnant of about 4 meters high. The city has buildings and warehouse sites. Debate can not be broken. NATO 1 km site, arranged in a 3 distance of about 500 meters of soil and Taiwan, may be at the time of the Feng Sui . There have been unearthed pottery and ceramics, such as spinning wheels, with the mainland is very similar to the Tang Dynasty products. It was also found to have Tiefu, iron sickle and the iron plow and farm tools such as the Tang Dynasty coins. Pottery unearthed in the same formation found in wheat, sorghum, millet, sesame seeds and so on the very fine flour, and some have been burning coke, it is estimated that At that time, the granary, had been a fire. Not far away, near the city also found that the number of square stone roller.

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Gap site oas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gap vache site is located in Xinjiang Korla Ruoqiang County, 80 km south-west of the dunes a pair of strange Liu, Gap vache is the economic center of ancient Loulan, as early as the Han Dynasty before the handicraft industry here has been well established. According to the "History of the Han Dynasty. Chuan-Western Regions, "it reads: Ruoqiang," Hill iron, for the soldiers since. There are soldiers bow, spear, sword clothes, sword, A. " Vache Almost completely ruins hidden in sand dunes Tamarix package. The site also maintains dozens of linked hands before and after the workshops and metal smelting and burning hut containers of residual site. There appears a large number of crude and glassware in the Yuan Dynasty Chinese instruments, as well as the Sui, Tang and Song period of coins, silk fabrics, handicrafts, and other cultural relics for the study of ancient "Silk Road" between East and West Road South, in particular the development of China's glass industry exhibition history has provided valuable materials. Korla in the Xinjiang site and did not Ruoqiang County to the south line of State Road 315, 4 km away from the road.

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Zhuoguoteqin city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bayingolin Luntai Xian is located in the city about 20 kilometers to the southeast, the earth building for the city, slightly rounded, about 1200 meters week, the wall has been decadent, and the remaining 6 to 7 meters high the mound. There are a small circular lake, Lake Center, a high-profile appears to be the site of the ancient architecture, there are two small mound to the south, who appears to the left of the warehouse, who appears to the right of the institution Site. City have a rectangular land south-east corner of Taiwan, like residual bunker site. Outside the city east and west on each side of a hill, the eastern side of the hill is also slightly on both sides of the rectangular mound is a brief round, to the east, and a small mound, or the old Department of camps for Tian Xu Block of Tuen Department. The city has spread Hongdi pottery and flowers. It is believed that the city of the Han Dynasty Tian Xiaowei of the city.

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Bayingolin Yi Xiantian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Valley desperate, "Yi Xiantian" Kuikewusu in the Stone Forest to the west, along the rugged Road of the Patriarch 30 km to its wooden Tower, in the range Among a Myriad of thousands have an absolutely wonderful King "Yixian Tian."

  The so-called Yixian Tian, in fact, the valley is a cross-section of the mountain range formed by Zhaixia Corridor, a long 4 km, 2 meters wide, on both sides of the Shek Pik some 300 meters high, Liang Bi distance to the top and bottom of the same distance from the bottom-up look at to see only the "Yixian Tian." Summer and fall season, spring water here, under the Youyan beach, walking difficult. Spring Festival in winter, before crossing from the bottom and, here is a herdsman spring game The only channel of the summer games. Out of the "Yixian Tian", is the front of a vast mountain meadow boundless grassland.


  On both sides of the ridge of the cliff about 100 meters deep, on both sides of the stone there Takahashi, Yixian Tian, and other natural landscape, many rocks, Quanyajiaocuo, very steep terrain, Kazuo quite as customs million Kai-Mo trend.

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Suk and Kim Hester - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South of the Tianshan, Bayingolin at Heshuo County in the northern mountainous region known Hongshan, a water basin between lush mountains, this is our country's nuclear research base of the site. Kim Hester Bishu which is located on the Hill. "Kim Hester," National Highway 314 from only 2 km, Mongolian known as the "crown of the head of the Phoenix" Generations of the Mongolian People work hard, the crystallization of hard work, there are so-called "southern Xinjiang in the first package" of the large yurts, the largest in southern Xinjiang Lama Miao, efficacious treatment, the sweet taste of natural mineral water, the well-known Su said the "Tianchi South," the Hongshan Reservoir (the reservoir of heavy countries, there are various varieties of MINERAL capital , Wild animals and plants. Kawasaki vomit along the mountain road ahead to reach more than 20 km mountain pastures, where the deep blue sky, white clouds Ruxu, like carpet grass, the cattle and sheep flocks, the drum Lama Miao profound melodious; the northern slope of the mountain pine Mexico, mushroom circles, Xue Shen Nong, such as Lotus work; Marmota twitch play, frozen foot-ming, eagles soar, Lush trees, flowers everywhere, and hare jumping hills, steppe horse, Ma Touqin faint sound pleasant to the ear, the smell of tourists away. Elm millennium, the stream of glaciers, vast grasslands, dense forests, he said Yangbian When you stay in the grasslands, you will notice the nature of the Bang Bo momentum. This is the best win of nature tourism . Tourists come here, you can enjoy and feel Shuo Dortmund ancient customs of the ancient and strong, it's mellow cream, the delicious meat Shouzhua, the oldest of the melodious and special-suk Masterpiece, will set you feel boundless steppe feelings . The annual event that screen up even more crowded, horse racing, too cursory, camel races, the doo , Archery, wrestling, and entertainment items: mountain climbing, fishing, rowing, evening bonfire, national costume show, dance grassland, national tourism products. Wild animals can visit the exhibition hall to pay respect to the national defense education bases. Show-down soon and see a bright future group of ancient tombs, more Xinchishenwang. Now with the scenic district , Said Heshuo Sanjue scenery.

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The ancient city of Milan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Milan site of the ancient city is located in Ruoqiang county seat 80 miles east from the Tang Dynasty Ancient Tibetan garrison fort and the surrounding distribution of the Wei and Jin periods of ancient building sites, as well as the Han Dynasty and the water conservancy project sites in Iraq on the composition of the city. According to historical records, the Western Han Dynasty, the Western Regions here for the Loulan city on the Iraqi nation. Yuan Feng Han Zhaodi four years (77 BC ), Wang Shanshan (ancient Loulan country) Tu Wei Qi Han Dynasty sent a request to this Lingbing grain Dynasty, the Han and Li Shi Sima to send an 40 Dynasty on Iraq. Tang Dynasty, this place is occupied Tibet, the Tibetan construction of the castle is a military fortress. In the 19th century, the British Stein has carried out excavations here, stole , A large number of murals, such as text, the 50's, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps agricultural survey as the second division team into the Han Dynasty discovered in a complete system of water channels and buried in the desert under the vast fertile farmland.

  In 1973, archaeologists in Xinjiang in the Milan side of the river to explore the ancient Tang Dynasty spit Shu ancient castle ruins. Shu is the ancient fort site of the ancient city of Milan, which are more representative of a building, which is located in the new Road to Kam Highway, 56 meters wide north-south and east to west about 70 meters, the square was irregular. Rammed earth wall is built, Rammed earth layer in the red folder switchgrass, compactor with bricks piled on the floor, the Western Wall, there were two wide -6 Meter gap, may be the ancient Shu Shing Mun fort. The northern part of a large ladder-shaped slopes, from low to garrison Fort cavity wall according to the North Slope to build housing, housing for the flat-topped, no openings, constructed in a manner similar to the Potala Palace in Tibet. Fort eastern part of a large-scale housing, in the south for a high near 13 meters of earth and Taiwan, Li-rod soil on the stage, appears to peak fire . East and west sides of the castle, arranged in a pagoda and a large number of large-scale ruins of the temple. According to historical records, ancient China's famous Buddhist monk Fa Xian, and so on, in the West or the East India to return home on the way here to say Buddha.

  Todaiji is the site of the ancient city of Milan and a representative of the buildings, it About 6 meters, points up and down two floors, the outside wall of the tube is higher, built inside a 12 m � 0.6 m � 2.4 meters shrines, Kannei the remaining half of the floating plastic Buddha and the like King, which has the following four weeks There is stigma cirrus floating plastic. Permitted on the eastern side of the ruins of a building below, there is still a large Buddha statue Block and abandoned in Big Buddha on the head. West and the Todaiji Temple is a relative of the Buddhist temple built buildings, it 5.6 m � 12.2 m rectangular-Sumeru base as the central corridor outside the home around the base, the base has a diameter of 3 meters or so round Buildings. Buddhist temple sites in the Western Regions is typical of early Buddhist culture. Gesture as a vivid, beautiful lines, design patterns, concise, to study art history and Western culture has provided valuable materials.

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Ya Greatest Places - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bayingolin Ruoqiang County in the northern part of Lop Nur region, with large areas of "Ya" wind zone, he distributed to Lop Nur in the west of the north, to Lop Nur in the east of the Ya most typical terrain. This wind and the scope of what 35 kilometers wide, about 100 km north-south, an area of 3500 Square kilometers, where Kong Fu, covered with a layer of white saline-alkali soil, some very thick layer of salt, and another part of the Fu Kong, itself a white mud cream, in the early morning sun in the mapping, a brilliant reflex Silver, ancient books called the "White Dragon heap." He is to the east of the Loulan a natural barrier Loulan is to go to the necessary land. Ya all over the Lop Nur region, also known as Jarre, was Lop Nur region, critical Uyghur on the hill called. -20 Beginning of the end of the 19th century, the Swede Sven. Hedin and the British, the British Stan, one after another visit to Lop Nur region, the author mentioned in the Ya - Therefore, it is called Ya World Geography workers and archaeologists general terms of terrain. In the age-old local legend, Ya often referred to as the "City." Lop Nur as a result of development around the typical terrain Ya, it seems like the city named after Long. Legend has it that distant era, near the Lop Nur countries, people do not have clothes Zheti Do not wrap food belly, and the king was in porn and alcohol, the Jade Emperor about the incident, they posed as a monk Xiafan "appealing", without fatuity Road, King's charity is only a little salt, the Jade Emperor was furious, to transfer water Shiozawa, flooded the country , Water back there have been "City." Yuan Dynasty, the Italian traveler Marco Luo came to Lop Nur area, he wrote in the note: "The best way is to sand dune valley, could find no food, and pedestrians in the night ride, then heard a ghost language." Whenever Yuebaifengqing night, camping, "City ", The scene Pojue eyes, not the ancient city, the ancient city increasingly rising. Rob desertification in the northern part of the wind mound group, this wind , With an area of about 2600 square kilometers, Lop Nur area due to the windy winds all the year round, Tianzhangrijiu, trench soil spread all over the audience. Taiwan soil from a variety of changes in posture from time to time as a huge fleet, and sometimes Whales like countless articles in Sha Teng-flip in dance, sometimes like Zuozuo Pavilion up the house, sometimes like the ancient city of Walled . Exposure to complicated and confusing, deep soil of Taiwan's population, are everywhere mysterious, strange, weird, "pavilions", is imagination, away.

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Stone Forest of the Tianshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone Forest of the Tianshan Kuikewusu also known as the Stone Forest, as a result of the Tianshan Mountains is located in the western section, Nala Ti at the northern foot of the Hill Suda Kuike Wu and Osaka under the name, a long 9000 meters, 5,000 meters wide, 30 meters high degree of the relative nature of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial , The odd-shaped stone forest was carved state strange, thousands. Stone Forest in the "European Castle" Guarded silence, "unsheathed sword," pierce the sky, "pedestrian animals," or lying or lying. Stone Forest in a grotto, as condescending Pavilion. There is also a hero on the grotto Ga Le Chu Yao-teng for the people of the legend. Advantageous natural conditions, so that wild animals into the Stone Forest "Shiwaitaoyuan" groups Big Head sheep, geese Ling throat, the shuttle Stone Forest, reproduction habitat. In the vicinity of the snow line may be taken to the snow lotus, Codonopsis, Chinese caterpillar fungus, and other valuable traditional Chinese medicine. Stone Forest in the center Cheongdam Yihong, known as "Lu Ching-hu." In the water there is a strong smell of sulfur, is a legendary hero Le Teng-Ga washing powder left behind by the smell.

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Tiemenguan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the urban area on the northern outskirts of the West, the Tianshan Mountains, customs on both sides of the cut, such as rocks, where the ancient Silk Road is an important channel of the middle way. Now visitors can see the Chengguan is the new two years ago. Kongquehe clearance from the edge flow, the flow is very fast, you can sit leisurely river for a while. He has a following of a hydropower station, near the Health There are areas in Pear Orchard.

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Bosten - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bosten Lake in the Great Lakes region and into the small lake, from the Great Lakes region are Korla City, 57 km, a small lake 21 kilometers from the city of Korla, the 1000 square km area. Visitors can tour the Great Lakes region.

A vast lake in the Great Lakes region, Oulu fly, there are five black water, fish, big fish, and so on. In Lake Restaurants can eat fresh fish meal; small lake in the western Great Lakes region, lake thick reed, a habitat for swans, gulls sand, egrets, wild birds and so on, there are still large areas of the lake water and duckweed, the scenery is beautiful .

  Surrounded by high mountains around the Bosten Lake, in the spring of climate variability, drought, dry summer Hot, cool quickly in the fall, cold winter, evaporation, and more sunny days throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 7.9 ?. The average January temperature of -12.7 ?, extreme low temperature -30.2 ?, the average water temperature of 0.6 ?; 7 average temperature of 22.8 ?, extreme high-temperature 38 ?, the average water temperature of 23 ?. All sunshine rate of 67% -68%.

  Bosten reed Fengmao resources, wild animals all over, often Huangyangchuan, red, and other rare animals come and go, the lake has been flat valuable species of fish kiss (big fish) and the Tarim Schizothorax (pipefish). "Sui", recorded on the Lake "fish, salt, Po, Wei Lee. "Bosten Lake District in the eastern part of a number of months with a diameter of 10-30 meters underground water-chuen, emitting hot summer and winter, the water outflow from the southwest corner, as the source of Kongquehe. The south bank of East Lake has an area of 691 square kilometers of Elemis Ula's desert, extreme drought and the huge desert lake and wetland reeds to form strong The contrast.

  Gu Cheng Bosten Lake, "West Sea", Tang said that "sea-fish", the mid-Qing Dynasty to be known as the Bosten Lake, is located at Yanqi Basin, south-east of the territory Bohu Xian, China's largest inland fresh water lake throughput.

  Bo nur Sternberg, Mongolian word for "standing", as a result of three standing Shan Heart Lake in Lake Named after. Bo Huxian from the Bosten Lake City, 14 km from the county Yanqi 24 km, 1048 m altitude lake, 55 kilometers from east to west, north-south width of 25 km, slightly triangular, the Great Lakes area of 988 square kilometers. Distribution of the south-west of the Great Lakes have a size of the dozens of small lake, a small lake more Park, with a total area of 240 square kilometers of deep water east of the West, most 16 meters, the most superficial 0.8 - 2 meters, the average depth of about 10 meters. With a total area of 1228 square km of snow-capped mountains and the Bosten Lake, Huguang, oasis, deserts, odd birds, and animals with the co-prosperity of Health, backed each other to form a variety of wind Picture. Great Lakes waters of the vast, vast Yan Bo, Tianshui win a hand, Han Hai in the desert known as a pearl. Small Lakes region, Cui Wei Hexiang, the mysterious Deep Labyrinth, known as "Shiwaitaoyuan."

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Altun Mountains Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Altun Mountains Nature Reserve is located in Ruoqiang County in Tibet at the junction of the middle of the Altun Mountains, is about 4,000 meters above sea level, covering an area of about 45,000 square kilometers, which is China's largest nature reserve of a mountain.

The protection of life in the region on the brink of extinction of many rare animals, mountains, Wild yak, Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild donkey, and so there is a large-hoofed animals, there are a large number of birds clustered in various mountain lakes, as the number of Qinghai Lake.

The natural landscape is very beautiful, the world's highest allocation of Shanghai desert plot on the beach, inland plateau Lake Ice-free - the Arab-Israeli grams Lake, "Hill Plateau Guilin "The new Qingfeng, glaciers covered wooden Bing-Feng Zi Tage, in addition to thousands of Leiquan, yin and yang Lake, the devil, and other Valley attractions; also found in the mountains with a lot of Tibetan carved in stone on the Tantric mantra.

  Located in the eastern district of the northern slope of the Kunlun Mountains in the middle of large depressions in the basin, east of the Qaidam Basin, South Hill and possession of the Kunlun Mountains Plateau phase, the northern part of infertile by the drought of the Aershan shield. Complex terrain in the region, constitutes a unique landscape of protected areas. Plant species and their distribution on full display from the Central Asian desert to the transition of the characteristics of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, more than 300 species of higher plants species. And the distribution of a greater area of the alpine grassland, The deserted rare here, so many wild animals live and reproduce the plateau of the park, the area of distribution of a wide variety of rare birds and animals, higher animals, 63 species of national importance to the protection of wild animals, Tibetan wild donkey, the Tibetan Antelope , The original Tibetan antelope, snow leopard, black-necked cranes, possession of frozen chickens and so on, and a larger population, Micronesia Higher, as the "natural zoo" and "have-hoofed animals in the world." The establishment of protected areas, the protection of the typical plateau ecosystems and bio-geography, geology, meteorology, and other subjects of the study are of the utmost importance.

  Altun Mountain Nature Reserve is a closed basin, inland river Basin to the center together, forming more than 10 high altitude lakes.

A Yake is one of the largest libraries in the Great Lakes, an area of 510 square kilometers. South East Lake is a hundred miles away from the plateau's largest bank-kul desert, more than 4000 meters above sea level, is the world's highest desert.

From the foot of a huge sand, clear spring poured out, showing a connected Shahu, sand-chuen, co-existence, the desert and swamp white wonders of the scenic spots. The sand dune Stephen, much like the Dunhuang Crescent Moon Spring, spring water poured out of the formation of river sand.

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Tarim River and the Taklimakan resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in Yuli County, 105 km from Korla in the urban areas. The resort was known as the "Green Corridor eight years," the Tarim Basin is an oasis in the desert, where the original growth, as well as with Hu Yanglin Apocynum medicinal plants. Here, visitors can not see the desert landscape of sunrise and sunset, Inspection of the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei described "desert Guyan straight down the long river of the yen," the poetic; camels in the desert can also sit cross-legged on the paradox, look for the daily lives of local people. Yuli County ditch tombs there are ancient ruins Ying Pun, the Treasury Luke Rock Hill, Cullen Ya Feng Sui, and other monuments.

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Bayingolin Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bayingolin Bazhou referred to as China's largest autonomous prefecture-level areas, can be the first Chinese state.

Bayingolin, in the Mongolian word for "rich and beautiful around the valley," the vast region, the disparity in height (nearly 70,000 meters), a gift from nature, plus the history of allegiance to love, form Bayingolin a broad, wonderful, unique and diverse natural and human landscape. If you do not feel that it is hard to imagine this piece of land of the natural landscape so there's a huge difference, China's largest desert - the Taklamakan desert sand waves and downs, fell across thousands of miles; quality of the famous alpine pasture grass Bayinbuluke Mountains, lush aquatic plants; China's largest inland fresh water lake - Bosten boundless expanse of blue water, the desert is called the Water Park; Bayanbulak Swan Lake flocks of swans flying in the days of water between the stunning beauty; Mysterious Lop Nur Desert is a spectacle and Ya; Altun However, protected areas Setsurei Qi, lakes and sand dunes in the same manner, the exotic scenery; like a runaway horse Tarim River, the Pentium roar of the river are open, green quiet along the winding Kongquehe Fuwo Bazhou in the vast land. Lin Tian verdant green, beautiful scene in; hero desert tree - branches of the Tarim Populus whirling, Unusual state. Lakes, deserts, grasslands, mountains, Bing-Feng, as well as many historical sites ... ...

Bayingolin and most wealth to the vicissitudes of a history, the ancient Silk Road from China and South Africa 2 here after; the early Han 36 Western States, there are 11 countries here. Pieces of land have been flying Zhang Qian as ambassador to the banner of the Western Regions, had left the Hengdao immediately Ban Chao Tang and majestic West learn the hard way by step. Sleeping in the desert thousands of the ancient city of Loulan, the first site of the sea and many other relics of the Han and Tang, to tell the people of the ancient Silk Road and to open up the rise and fall; solemn Man-Han Palace and the spectacular momentum Temple is in the reminder of Wo Baxi to mobilize people to the east of the feat.

Bayingolin scene in the vast resources of the vast, rich products. Ma Yanqi well-known ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign famous Korla fragrant pear, the Tarim Oilfield and broad prospects. Exposure to the vast grasslands at the Naadam event, sit cross-legged Next to the campfire listening to the beautiful sounds of singing Jiang Nagel, at this time may feel full of colorful ethnic customs Bayingolin.

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Aige Mai in the central city reached - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aige Mai, also known as Central reached the ancient city of central ancient city of Kim Jong-duck, at Sanga Aksu in Xinjiang in the northwest town about 40 kilometers to the ancient Qiuci in the territory of the city was an important one. City to make a square, Rammed earth construction, the wall base remaining, about 1 meter high, triple. Wai outside the city of about 3351 meters, 510 meters inside the Circuit City, in the soil line Fu, like Tower Site. Fu numerous sand in the city, a vast, New Bridge has unearthed bronze seal, such as wood lettering. According to its geographical location, city walls and triple the size of the characteristics of the Northern Wei period may be the capital of the country where the Qiuci.

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Bash the ancient city of Tunguska - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tunguska bash at the ancient city of Aksu in Xinjiang and the new county, about 40 km south-west, is the larger one of the ancient city. 6 m high wall remnant, about 1,000 meters week, slightly square. Is to build a city: for the lower layer of soil, a layer of red willow, the cross-base building, with the upper part of masonry bricks, is not as obvious in the Time. After excavation, remains of the city housing, furniture, linen, footwear, Hu hempseeds, cake and other objects, as well as in the Tang Dynasty instruments of the residual paper. City seen from the pottery analysis, the activities of the city for the height of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Anxi is under government care are a major army in the town.

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