Ru Qingliangsi kiln site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ru Qingliangsi kiln ruins are located in Henan Province via sales@organosilicon.com Tel Baofeng large Qingliangsi village and the village of Nantai on the ground, is the Song and Yuan Dynasties period (960 -1368 years) a large-scale Yao Chang. In the Song of the top five in the Ming Yao, Ru is listed as one of the crown.
Ru kiln site in the central region of north-central village Shaozao to the Queen's porcelain-based Seyou Azure. Both types of bowls, plates, etc. Appliances daily life, and respect, the art display devices, such as bottles. Modeling generous solemn, delicate Taizhi dense, gray in color fetal slightly yellow, commonly known as "fetal Xiang Hui," a glazed open character of the detailed patterns on-chip, technology to produce exquisite, Green was the Blue and White Porcelain The representative works. Ru porcelain glaze is to win. Ru porcelain of the most important feature is glazed objects showing the elegant and pure blue sky, reflecting the quiet of the inaction of the Taoist ideas and the Song of the upper-class aesthetic fashion.

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So the three graves - Chinese tourism scenic spots

So the three graves, located 27 km west Jia county's Department of Small Emei Shan Dong Lu. Back Song Yang, Yu-surface water, beautiful mountains and rivers, the scenery pleasant. Great Northern Song writer Su Shi, Su Che and his father Su Xun dressed the funeral, and so far almost 900-year history. Su-seekers can explore the ancient tomb to admire, leaving many precious tablets poetry. Su Su Shi refers to the three, Su Che brothers and their father Su Xun three. Su Xun, "27 years before major work harder, to thank its by-between, a closed-door study," Kerry ( "Woo" left "right" right) in the early years, Ouyang Xiu was elected to the article were notable in the world. Li Xiao Shulang official Secretary of the province, the main ANALYSIS Bazhou book. Sushi at an early age by And the influence of the pro-strict mother's teaching. Su Shi's mother, he was admitted to a highly educated women, Shishu be well-read, well aware of the cause. She personally teach reading Su Shi, Su Shi guide follow the example of our predecessors, the ambitious tree, Li great ambitions, "the world is to clarify the" mission. Kerry ( "Woo" left "right" right), 2002 (Year 1057) Soviet Union Scholars examination, the newly appointed Henan Fuchang (Yi Chuanxi today) the main book, after examination by the system, 25 into the policy and put forward their own political views, was appointed as a matter of Dali signed commentary book Fengxiang House. Xining-year period (1068-1077 AD), and as a result of non-political Wang, Xiao Xiao was the only cook up charges as trumped-up charges San slander the imperial court, "relegate Huangzhou, after the shift Yu. From then on, Su Shi of the Song in the political arena in several ups and downs, have a knowledge of Hangzhou, Yingzhou City, Guanzhilibu, Bingbushangshu also have been down only Huizhou, Danzhou.

  Su Che, the son of the word, the same family and brother examination. Master Sheng Chixian first started out as a book. Politically, together with the elder brother of Su Shi . You Cheng Shang Guan Zhi, Shi Lang subglottic. Shao Sheng-year period (1094-1097 AD years) off the post Yu, Fu Leizhou responsible for the resettlement. Zhu Shi Ying Chang in his later years (this Xuchang City), said Yi Lao Yingshang bin. Su Che also of the World article. Su and his son account for "?????" of the three.

  Su Che in Shaosheng Year (year 1094) of Yu Zhi, during the Su-ying states across the border from Dingzhou, Ru in the pavement, and the younger brother meet. You get brother Su Che Yu view spots. Jia Yu Xian Zhu City, the treasure of ancient times known dragon and phoenix, Jun rooftop of the Yellow Emperor is a well-known. Two brothers to board the roof-Jun, Lin Fa Shan north, see Lin Fa Shan Yu Under the extension, "Mei Zhuangruo out," like home Emei, as agreed in the end-result. Jianzhong Yasukuni first year (Year 1101), Su Shi died in Changzhou, leaving a will funeral County Jun Yu Jia-Rui in the rural Taiwan. The following year, his son had the Soviet Union Zunzhu father coffin will be transported to the burial Jia County. Governance and 2002 (1 Year 12), in Ying Chang Su Zhezu, his son will be buried with a Sushi, "Su second grave." Su Xun buried in the Meishan Meizhou native place. Yuan positive 10 years (1350 AD) in winter, Jia Yang Yin County to the Soviet Union paid respects to the grave, that the "two public school of his father, a real old-chuen also taught, although Mei Ru Tomb of thousands of miles across, The Wizard of contacts, will Zhixiang around. "Su Xun Yi Guanzhong was home to both the public and the right graves. In this way, the original tomb has become the second three-Su Su grave.

  Three of the tomb and the Soviet Union back Songyueyumai according to Lin Fa Shan, in the face of water Yu Kuang-chuan, Jun Huang Di, in its rooftop, about two small-Ling and Wei Yi, like Emei, Shanmingshuixiu, scenery People. Hospitals have a wall around the tomb, opened the middle of South-Yuan, flavor, the doors on both sides of the squat stone lions guarded the power and prestige. Inside a mausoleum stands about Liang Zhang, Zhang Yu of Shihfang wide. Square engraved with the column about Su Shi said prison by the son of the poem: "Castle Peak can be Maigu Department, he alone on a rainy night in La Tortura." After the famous Church Square is 3, earth After the altar is, is the altar after the Soviet Union three graves, the hospital lobby planted cypress, green and luxuriant, towering Blot out the Sun, "Su cypress countless graves." Stele hospital buildings. Grave outside the hospital arranged on both sides of the Shinto Shirengou, Shima, Shi Yang, and so on. 300 meters southwest of the tomb and hospital Department Qing Guang Temple. There are three vegetarian Su Temple, dedicated to the Soviet Union three Like. Temple Temple grave official list of repair history, religious tablets. Among them, Henan Provincial Governor?????Bi Yuan enacts, "Bi Yuan monument." Bi Yuan has been the compilation of "Mirror continued," acquired the stone, the Governor Huguang Guan Zhi, a very heavy reputation. In 1996, the Qing Guang Dong Cao Dai Temple on the floor of the new plastic statue of a Sushi , With marble base structure, the towering graceful.

  Three of the tomb and the Soviet Union in 1956 in Henan Province have been identified as key cultural unit. Since 1997, Jia County, county party committee and government investments in three graves of the Soviet Union the development and construction efforts in the Qing Guang Temple on the second floor of the rehabilitation of the visual, remodeling the four kings, Buddha Monju, Samantabhadra statue in the temple built a three-Su Juan Peng, Qing Guang Temple in the East Kuayuan built monuments Dongpo, Qi Gong, Li Duo, and other famous contemporary calligraphers for a number of scenic spots and couplets reads books Dan has greatly enhanced Three graves of Soviet cultural taste.

Three graves of three Su-Su Memorial Park, Qing Guang Temple, the Temple three three-Su Sub-component. Three Su cemetery with a total area of 14,800 square meters, ride north to south. Entered the Shinto, Cooper matched. On both sides of the pillars are connected, Shima, Shi Yang, Dan Hu, stone dogs, the relative order Shirengou, thorough, and guards of honor. Squatting on both sides of the cemetery gate a pair of stone lions. Into the red paint on the door, is a head-high 5 meters wide, 3 The St. Paul Redstone, Hengmei inscribed, "Castle-sacrifice" vigorous 4 strong characters, is on the back of the Ming Dynasty Scholars, Zhejiang right Buzheng Shi Wang Jiong of yet, "Mr. Su Wen Festival III." Li carved stone columns about Sushi "by the son of that prison," the words: "The Department is Maigu to Castle Peak, on a rainy night in his own La Tortura." Shihfang too, have the eastern side of the room Lent 5 , Officials in the past, the festival three Su-vegetarian celebrity shower. For the middle of the earth together, the Department of Kangxi 1958 reconstruction, Li halls there on behalf of the Stone Tablets, there are many stone walls embedded stone tablet. After the Church to the altar, the altar after Mitsuzuka uplift, for Su Xun Yi Guanzhong, as the East Tomb of Su Shi, Su Che tomb for the West. Tomb of the word arranged in three south-west 6 Metella, Six Su Shi's son tomb. Cooper Park has 588, mostly when the value of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Climb, tall and straight green. Qing Guang Temple, located three Temple Su cemetery in the south-west 300 meters, the former Si Hou Temple, covers an area of 6903 square meters. Qing Guang Temple Nantian Men for the door, the door into the Hall of Heavenly Kings is, the Main Hall, three Su Temple in the Temple . Three Su Temple Hall was built in the Yuan Dynasty positive years, there are three color statue of the Soviet Union, in the middle Su Xun, Su Shi, Su Che Shi minutes or so. Kim hall outside, Yuan, Ming and Qing stone, the Qing Dynasty, "Mr. Su Jia Cheng three plans," particularly in the monument. Qing Guang Temple in the East side-door, to be the first small Emei Shan, there are 4.2 meters high in middle-aged cloth Sushi Volume holding the statue.

  Qing Guang enter the Temple, the vigorous Cooper, the green eyes of the people of bamboo, the faint sound of the zither playing in the bamboo forest from the news, such as Xingyunliushui Qingfu of your ear, Relics linger in the hospitals. Qing Guang Temple in a unique architectural style, the most obvious characteristics is entered Hospitals, Temple Temple-in-one, as far as This is extremely rare in the country. Qing Guang Temple in the small temple known, and Su has a bond with the Soviet Union three graves are closely linked. Su rough life, with the intimacy and Buddhism. He lives here repeatedly in the past, every time they break through Canton Road, Hing Temple monks and Xu Tan. In the later years, or even to the east slope of starting their own Two Fohao "Monk foot line" and the "ascetic." Dongpo's death, Gao Song to Qing Guang Ci Ming Temple, the temple monks 4:00 of the tomb and guard house, every Spring and Autumn Festival and the big brother of Su Shi's memorial day, for all their dead spirits, the soul-an.

  "Castle-sacrifice," Jia Square is located in the county of the "three Su-grave" the door Service. Qingshi For, 3.25 meters high, 3.54 meters wide, is a scholar in the Ming Dynasty Zhejiang right Buzheng Shi Jia Wang Ching-ming is still ?? the first year (1506 AD) built by February. Chia-ching years, county magistrate Li Huchen rehabilitation. Lintel carved positive, "Castle-sacrifice", describe their columns about couplets, Lishu Sushi "by the prison-show" poem "Castle Peak can be Maigu Department, he alone on a rainy night in La Tortura." Regular script on the back of Wang Shang ?? "three-Su Festival."

  Three of the ancestral hall of the Soviet Union three years ago statue of the Soviet Union has a 652-year history, are still vivid.

  Third Temple on the right side of the Soviet Union through a door, then came to the east slope of the Forest of Stone Tablets. Can stand Beilang We watch a calligraphy works, monuments Dongpo, is the second after the Huanggang in Hubei Province to commemorate the east slope of the construction of a well-known contemporary calligraphers from writing poetry to Su, words, the main contents of the Forest of Stone Tablets in large-scale, there are currently more than 300 tablets Block. Monuments Dongpo the planners of the ingenuity and invite 100 to master calligraphy Different book Grid's body will be SU's Masterpiece through the ages - "Red Cliff Niannu Jiao," written in 100, 100 formed a great singing Jiang to the grand scene is wide ranging, magnificent.

  Forest of Stone Tablets in the Park Yang-Su Tang, from Yu, a city folk artists on display are his creation of customs Su Shi's works of clay, which has led to a lot of public interest. According to the folk artists Xueming Zhi said that in order to "Su" carnival event, he worked continuously for 28 days, and finally became a set of plastic clay works. He works plastic "literary giant dragon", vivid. Su Shi standing body of a spiral of the dragon, dressed long , Wobi left hand, right hand stroking to be, thoughtful, he may still care for. In order to express the admiration of Su Shi, he made two poems to show to hold a memorial ceremony. A one wrote: literary hero in the Song Dynasty, the number of merit tired body paralysis. Emei Bai Yin Chang-off dream, the language of letters do not be afraid of Christmas.

So the three graves Jia built on the slopes of Mount Emei in small counties, the three sides Hill, South Ru bird's-eye view of water, steep terrain, quiet environment, the old hospital Baicheng Lin, dies gray four seasons. Special "King" and "objects" are easy to make the wind blow, vibration sound easy, it is always so much noise, more Yejing, "on a rainy night" The reason is obvious. Su added that the three famous Is a scene, ever since attracted numerous scholars to come here and paid respects to listen to the poet. Su Fen Yuan within towering over Cooper, mountain night attack, such as Sa Sa Xiaoxiao sound of rain. This is the famous one of the eight counties Jia, "Su grave on a rainy night."

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Wind Point Temple National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wind Point Temple National Forest Park in the urban areas and 8 kilometers north, the wind park's cave temple was built in Northern Wei Dynasty, 1,400 years ago, our country is one of the oldest Buddhist temples, and the Shaolin Temple, the White Horse Temple, the Temple with a par. Wind Point as a result of Temple Temple of the East Hill are named after the size of the wind Xuedong, Yishanbangshui built, the wind Yamaguchi point, the two Shan folder , Verdant trees, gurgling water, winding northbound Li-Wa Lane 3, in order to find the temple, there are the "Tibetan temple in the mountains," "pass habitat Qu Department quiet," the poetic. Temple embrace of the mountains in the north have Zi Xiao-feng, a side of the purple Yunfeng, Hat Feng, Xiang Lufeng, pomegranate, and so on nine mountain peaks linked Weiyi, towards the temple, "North Wind Kowloon Even the ancient temples of Taiwan see "reputation. Terauchi Hall, Pavilion, F, Taiwan 140, and the potential to build on the mountain, high and low Cuoluoyouzhi, changing scene in beautiful focus. Earliest existing building Tang is the first year of opening in the construction of seven Zuta, 24.16 meters high, for the nine square Miyan Zhuanta. Permitted in built in the Jin Dynasty ago 800 years for Danyanxieshan architecture. Pilu Temple is located in the permitted after the 11-year re-integrated Ming (1475), hall-week 2007 Yongle there Zhu Wang Su's offer of a white marble statue of Buddha Sakyamuni. Court suspended the three-tier bell was built in the Song Dynasty, Genei hanging there for seven years and announced that the Northern Song Dynasty (1125) in the foundry A bell weighing 4998 kg, the immense ancient style, clear inscriptions. There are temples around the Yuan, Ming and Qing on behalf of the 84 Temple, in Henan Province is the second large Tallinn. Wind cave temple has a long history, many seekers can explore here left a valuable footprint. Into a new China, the Monastery has been listed as key national cultural relics protection One of the units. Is now opening to the outside world, and many are attracted to our international friends.
Guaipo wind cave temple is located in National Forest Park, in the mountains there are a magical place, whether driving or riding a bicycle, when the uphill start, or do not have to pedal, bike or car will run more faster The downhill, Have to start the machine or force Dengju, or will not move forward. In the back slope under the Sheung Shui, water from the lower stream Xianggao Chu. This follows on the next As the mysterious phenomenon, known as the "Central Plains a must."

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Hill Shirengou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shirengou Shan scenic spot is located in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, Lushan County, located in the Shandong section barberry. Gu Cheng Shan Shirengou mt, as a result of Sun-yao Liu tired Li Yao temple for the worship and the name of Liu point of origin. Yu Huangding main peak (Stone Toad) 2153.1 meters above sea level. Hill Shirengou peculiar peaks, numerous waterfalls, lush forests and hot springs Liang, scenic glory, set "-hung, insurance, the show, extraordinary and quiet" in one, divided into Ling Dong Tam, Shek Yu Fei Zhang, Divergence, Longtan white, semi-Xianju, Shirengou, Jiguan Dan, white bovine Town, Mi Dong, some of the top 10 hot springs. Experts with the evaluation of the "Hua Shan risk, and the Emei-jun, the beauty of Zhangjiajie, Huangshan's show." Tourism, summer, the infirmary, scientific research, a good place for adventure. Gu Cheng Shan Shirengou mt, as a result of Sun-yao Liu tired for the memorial temple named after Li Yao, Liu point of origin. Warring States period, a great thinker and social activist Mocius come to earth at the foot of mt, Mo native place of the existing sites.

  Mountains rise steeply, such as different peaks , Colorful rocks, Shirengou Hill is the natural beauty of one of the special features. Yu Huangding standing on the main peak, Qian Yan Among a Myriad, go flying phoenix, the level of near and far, very different view, constitute a collection of different pieces of the United States and pictures. Xinhua News Agency Mu Qing, director of the original board twice Shirengou Hill, and Hill Shirengou Xiuse by intoxicated, is pleased to left, " Show only, "the calligraphy.

  Gu Cheng Shan Shirengou mt, Yongsan, Yao is tired of Liu Yi Sun Li Yao temple to commemorate the ancestors, as the birthplace of the world Liu, Shi Feng, like many in the mountains due to the human form, known as the history of post-stack Shirengou, Shirengou Hill.

  Shirengou mountain rocks Qi, Yamahana, leaves, Waterfall, spa, lake, sea of clouds, the forests, rare birds and animals and the human landscape constitute a complete system landscape, the landscape has now been named a number of 240; 60-200 meter-high waterfall 17, a number of high pillars 40 , Shiren, general-feng, Chien Zhang Yan, Wo Hop Fung, white bovine Town I, Queen Mother of the car Tong Tianhe, 9 falls, the gate of hell, Nan Tianmen, the Mount has been reported that al monkeys around the scenic spots, such as Guanyin.

  Shirengou Hill is located in the subtropical and warm with the line, is rich in animal and plant resources. Hill Shirengou unique scenery of the seasons, Jade Spring, Green Creek Ying Yin; Hong Bian mountain is covered with autumn, the layer Do stained; winter snow-wrapped, Linhaixueyuan. Early summer is a taste of "the world to do Fangfei April, the Peach Blossom Temple in full bloom before the" fresh image. The height of summer, when the plain land, "Chiri like scorching fire", the temperature of 35-38 degrees, only 23-26 here, it is nice and cool.

Whole Shan people, almost all were covered by green wood shade. Spring waves, Cucu round of the azaleas on the dotted Linmang green leaves, the more Zhuangban pretty scenery. Scorching summer, the Bi Tian clear sky from time to time, Yunzhewuzhang moment, sometimes down into the sea of clouds, and sometimes up into the blue sky. Autumn, the leaves fill the fields, walnut, macaque Peach, persimmon, Yamanashi, Shan Shan grapes and other fruits, strings of numerous, readily desirable. Winter snows fell, the snow-wrapped Shirengou Hill, 48, General Stone, clad in pure white gowns levy; Bamboo pines, icicles hanging arrhizus. Shirengou Hill might well be described as all four seasons Kai King, always attractive.

In particular, those charming spring, Streams, waterfalls and pools. Shirengou mountain spring, mischievous and lively, it seems like trouble Oh, Ruqirusu, good change, full of vitality. Hundreds come together to form a spring of clear streams, such as Hill's soul wizard, gurgling water features, Dong Dong tingle, and the side of the pedestrian Duige, serve as a guide on the side. Streams from the mountains along the Valley Teng jump out case A precipice, the formation of large and small waterfalls, light has Feixie, Bangboxiaosa have, Zhang Er have bachi, hanging Shi Zhang also have a few. Dishuichuandan, into a water dam. Longtan black and white Longtan, there is room to hide ... ... Tam steep mountain stream, hidden in the mountains. Among the many waterfalls, white Longtan the most spectacular waterfall. Water from the Zhixie top-down, such as the Pentium Fei Liu Bailong come, intense acoustic Huhou like thunder, a voice a few miles away. Low, water float in the air, flying spray; height, the smoke cloud water, filled with Ling. Tan Zhong fish, flickering, then suddenly-scattered, not calm floating.

Shirengou Hill or the animal park. Jinqian Bao, Ye leopard, gold eagle, giant salamander, Mi deer, antelope, otter, Zhang Zi and so on more than 20 rare species of animals, from Le happy here. In recent years, the eight points of the compass steady stream of visitors, for all her natural beauty by dumping. She is painting, poetry, song is. You have to her natural, a natural-qi, the risk was floating in the air, hung a seamless, too Sau happy Red dye she did not merely lonely.

Wang once said: "You are nearly Fu Yi people who, beyond insurance, to those who are widowed. KIWI Rose and the world of strange concept, is often far from risk." Hill Shirengou spread deep forest, even if people do not have wonderful deep Shi Chuan. However, 36 spots, 72 spots, beautiful everywhere Paintings, each have a period of the history of moving stories and wonderful myths and legends.

  Hill is the landscape, the stone garden is a poem. Shirengou Shan mountain posed by the granite, granite, as a result of joint development, in a few tens of millions of years of nature's sculpture, so that the ridge of the mountain had changed dramatically, Shi Feng Lin, cliffs Layer, formed thousands of granite peak forest landscape. Scenic areas within 2000 meters above sea level in more than 100 peaks seat, looking Zhu Feng, Yunyan out of the table, the last to see the mountain, like Qingonghanque. Cliff Chien Zhang Majestic, the elegant splendor of Phoenix TV, free and easy stretch sister peaks, verdant and luxuriant white bovine Town powerful, and Canopy collar landscape The name "Shirengou", Heng Kong born, overlooking Vientiane, the deplorable nature of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial Guiwei magic.

  Stone, the bones of the mountains, water, mountains of blood, the blood and bones, Shirengou created a beautiful mountain scenery. Many mountain peaks, stones, Jane air show, totally natural. Named 240 in many parts of the natural landscape, the size of the 40 peaks, spread all over, Cuoluoyouzhi, Yu Huangding peak 2153 meters, is really good everywhere to peak, the path to do things on its fans. Shiren Mountain, mountain, stone, has more than 000. Some pictogram rise, and some from the beautiful myths and legends. Gordon North viewing platform, the main peak Yuan Wang Yu Top, Yu Huangding seen as Waterlilies, cloud cover around the fog, albeit not very clearly. Shirengou peak, peak Laojun, fairy-feng, such as the Ling-fei West. Phoenix looking Yuan Wang of Taiwan, and Japan to see Herbie Mochizuki; Dragon back as the dragon head vacated. Toad standing stones, Jimuyuantiao, the list of small hills. Hop Fung, trunk peak, Mount reported that the United States does not Admission.

  Shirengou mountain sacz high, due to the cold, light, peaks, rocks and fog effects, there are many pine trees, exotic variety of shapes, and some deep-rooted, Tucui exquisite, and some may Alondra root, stone-breaking stand: The song also seems like the word, like painting You Si Song, Qi-Song also Zhennai.

  Shan Fog does not rain, mountain water does not show, the Shiren Hill has a singular large number of streams, waterfalls. Longtan black and white Longtan, the Longtan East, on top of Tam Tam slump, the waterfall under the waterfall, rushing water, and some, such as Longtenghuyue, sonic booms Canyon; some ladies such as Si Jun, curtain wall; also the first heaven and earth, QI Xiu great. Longtan white waterfall , After heavy rain, endless trickle, appear out of the blue come together to form a strong current of silver, uninhibited arrogance, which came tumbling fall, a huge impact, among numerous small water, shake to-day activities, such as wind and thunder trend.

  Early in the morning, the sun as the orange ball of fire from the vast expanse of dense fog in Flaring from becoming soft Strong, to shed ten thousand crags and torrents of golden halo-hui. When the sun sets in the West as the sky cast a red curtain, the steam cloud Xia Wei, embraced the sky, mountain land covered with a red like a wedding, showing a brilliant rose-colored. Shirengou Hill Road is the most wonderful of the best in the world known as the slippery slide Shirengou Hill, commonly known as the slippery slide, More than 1000 meters of granite chute, a mere break in the dense forest in packs, and the Shan-shun, the best in the world is really slippery. Here, whether the man, woman, old, little can be too much to slide, slide freely, outside of which it Huan and the sound of laughter, already climbing the fatigue thrown cloud nine, and that the joy of childhood In the mountains again. SHI Feng cable in Shirengou on the south side of the Taiwan Mizoguchi Phoenix to a total length of 999 m, 341 m vertical, with 70 basket, the word started, the cycle of rotation, per hour one-way passenger transport 320 people. This 70 yellow basket, as if two strings of lanterns in the green valley, fluttering up and down slowly Moving in the quiet, static in action. It is not only to reduce the fatigue of climbing tourists, but also adds a scenic landscape. Tai-feng, General Office, along the valley, General rising, the Silver Line to Maple Valley waterfall, 1200 meters by Maple Valley Ropeway, the South or the man peak viewing platform. Tour leaves and watch the monkeys worship Guanyin; over three Fei Gu Yu Huangding direct, list of small hills.

  "Fei Bao hanging cliffs, You Quan Shi upper class." Shirengou Hill has numerous charming spring, streams, waterfalls and pools. Shirengou mountain spring, mischievous and lively, it seems like trouble Oh, Ruqirusu, good change, full of vitality. Hundreds come together to form a spring of clear streams, such as Soul of the Wizard, gurgling water features, Dong Dong tingle, and the side of the pedestrian Duige, serve as a guide on the side. Streams from the mountains along the Valley Teng jump out of the steep cliff face, the formation of large and small waterfalls, light has Feixie, there are chic Bang Bo, Zhang Er have bachi, hanging Shi Zhang also have a few. Dishuichuandan, into water . Longtan black and white Longtan, there is room to hide ... ... Tam steep mountain stream, hidden in the mountains. Among the many waterfalls, white Longtan the most spectacular waterfall. Zhixie water from the top down, such as the Pentium Fei Liu Bailong come, intense acoustic Huhou like thunder, a voice a few miles away.

  "Cream off the tree or bear, deer drink Lin air stream." Hill geographical conditions were excellent, very rich in animal and plant resources. Inside the plant area and a large variety of species to build, clearly the dominant species, flora complex. According to preliminary investigations, Shirengou Hill only has 1211 kinds of seed plants, coupled with root plants, ferns, and so on a total of more than 4,000, of which more than 40 have been included in the And the protection of provincial-level home. Large tracts of virgin forest in the area of the existing rare and ancient rhododendron forest, the Millennium Furuki more than 150,000. Abundant plant resources for a large number of rare birds and animals provide a good habitat, the area has more than 125 kinds of terrestrial vertebrates, there are a large number of aquatic animals and non-vertebrates. Into the area Squirrel shuttle can be seen everywhere, Niaoque chirp, the monkeys climb trees, golden pheasant dance, as exposure to natural zoo.

  "Yin Qing Qi fog change with the King 4:00 shift." Shirengou Hill because of wet weather, combined with the terrain, fog days a year more. Filled with heavy fog, when it is hidden at the summit, such as the sea in a small drift , Filled with mist, such as Qingsha, tobacco media, long exchanges, or a roll Haibo Tao Yun Chung, the waves have surfaced. In certain weather conditions, the Buddha will appear, such as weather rainbow landscape, the magic Piaomiao, endless changes, like a fantasy wonderland.

  Like the Ruhuan enjoy the natural scenery, you can Wash in hot springs in the area. Shirengou at the foot of the hill, along the River Valley line, on soup, in soup, soup, etc. under 5 group natural hot springs. Water temperature as high as 60 degrees, with more than 20 kinds of trace elements in Hot Springs, with high medical value. In addition, the Mountain View area Shirengou also distributed a hundred of the original ancient folk customs Gorge waterfall , The ancient temples of the Millennium Wenshu Temple, the little-known Mi Dong Villa, Asia's largest aviation Expo Center, and other attractions.

Wang once said: "You are nearly Fu Yi people who, beyond insurance, to those who are widowed. KIWI Rose and the world of strange concept, is often far from risk." Hill Shirengou spread deep forest, even if hidden also wonderful Shi Chuan does not. However, 36 spots, 72 spots, beautiful picturesque everywhere, and each has a section touching story of the history and wonderful myths and legends.

  Shirengou love of nature in the mountains, give her the beautiful scenery and endless charm. Here in 1980 after it became desirable tourist destination, 2 In 2002 the State Council was announced as the national key scenic spots, in 2003 by the China National Tourism Administration for approval of the class 4A state-level tourism zones.

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Nan Zhao Shirengou Hill is room for a tourist area south of Lake scenic waterfall group (Kowloon area I) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There is room located in the scenic Lake Falls group Cui Nan Zhaoxian Township in the territory, about 30 kilometers from the county seat of the lower end of the Jiulong Gou, also known as Kowloon mouth area from strength to strength Lake Falls, Selenastrum Lake Falls, cattle Magic Falls Lake, Lake stone Waterfalls, pools swirling falls, falls into ditch demon, and other components of the six falls, with the most room for improvement Falls Lake Armstrong Her name has become one by one on behalf of the scenic area, said. ??

Falls Lake is room for the whole area of focus falls on the cliff hanging above the water unpredictable, "Tam added a waterfall," a "dumbbell" shape. A fortress tower in the old quarry area between the two Shan valley, spring to form a width of 10 meters long 0 meters of falls from strength to strength and flying Gaoya, diarrhea in the canyon, water transpiration, is quite spectacular. And the formation of the two cliff top Yadi Tan, Tan-mouth lights to the top, there is room for the end of Tam Valley. Light-tan mouth drop by more than 6 meters of the jet into a red pit, about 20 meters square, suspended mid-levels, around Qingshi win a hand, slip Ching-ying, Molv water, I do not know of many deep. Water and along a low-flying cavity down, looking up, the lights exactly like the mouth, so there is such a name. Tam is room for the bottom of an area of about 30 square meters, legend has Tandi Cave, the depth of room for improvement, there was 9 dam inside the dragon, where it is known as the Kowloon canyon mouth. Green leaves, a Feibao Up and down the two-tan, unpredictable. Since the dam overflow water to form vertical waterfalls, big water, the upper, middle and lower three were landscape, like the upper part of the Lions came out, such as the central arrow million Li Xian, Kuang Yu Fei into the lower part of tobacco; water an hour, such as when the Bank of space training , And the rainbow in full strength. Falls Lake a stone waterfall San Tan, Tan matched waterfall, attractive scenery. Tam stone waterfall pool at the upper reaches of the river valley to another, so named because of their unique sound. Mizuochi Tan Zhong, listened to as much drums, is wonderful. Selenastrum Lake Falls, about 40 meters high, such as shape as a result of Selenastrum named after, falls for more than four meters high. This is the upper reaches of the first to enter the scenic waterfall. Magic cattle at the Cold Lake Falls On the river. ??

Falls landscape around the base dependencies, Saga stand like a wall, the gallery is natural, and Qian Chi-ting, Longwangmiao, the Fairy Cave, pool fairy, fairy home, Lady Chi, Optimus Prime, Hu Xiaoyan, the water rocks, soldiers will be days of rock, Dragon King Feng, Yunufeng, mitral peak, a sedan chair, and other natural landscape. ?? In 1996 have been built since the Nanzhao Zhenwu to the top spots, there is room Lake scenic highway 41 kilometers and mobile, Unicom, the two station, the construction of the Mountain Gate, parking lots, and built a stone road more than 3000 meters, 1093 square meters viewing Platform, the Dragon Resort, Hotel Longtan, there is room leisure Shan Tam Galaxy Resort and a number of other services.

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Nan Zhao Shirengou Hill tourist area south of Zhenwu top spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhenwu top scenic spot is located in the south of Shirengou Hill (Nanzhao Xian, Henan Province), 41 km from the county seat, with scenic Qi stands, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, Shi Zhengrong blame Jinsong tall and straight, falling Hard flow, the forest coverage rate reached 98%, well-known scenic spots 62.

Zhenwu set-top scenic landscape, "North South-hung show" in one main Wulong peak 2108 meters above sea level, towering peaks of the five dragon take off like the sky, the Mount has been reported, Luotuo Feng, Xiu-Feng Jing, Everest and God-like nature of the magic amazing good fortune.

Zhenwu Qishanxiushui top of the area left many beautiful legends. Zhenwu top 2102 meters above sea level, according to legend Emperor Wu of the early religious, and so on the peak to watch the sunrise, cloud steaming Xia Wei, is particularly spectacular. Our Lady for Our Lady of Niangniang Gong practitioners preaching, top Gu Feng, co-Shek Pik Wai, rising mist, mysterious and hard. Mu rhododendron forest, when the flowers red, white, yellow, purple, thousands, more beautiful head.

Zhenwu top The area is the gateway to peak lion, climbing stairs at the starting point of two of the Longtan, the river water levels drop stack, clear water. Chuan Lin vagina, rising to the white snake hole, hole about 2 meters high, can allow dozens of people inside a white plastic fairy. White Snake by the hole up, you saw a waterfall, little water, but the drop of about 120 In the wind under artificial thousands of silver articles, so that silver waterfall. On its way, that is, to the wall You Long (formerly known as a snake swim waterfall), about 30 m high wall of water along the Shek Pik gap winding down like a Youlong. You Long over the wall, then into the mountains million rhododendron trees, flowering season, Manshanbianye, gorgeous colors. On its way That is, to the east and west Phoenix TV. Taiwan is between two Phoenix Valley, where clouds impressive scenery, wildlife and a large elm out of two long Hengzhi constitute a "fairy bridge." Access to zhenwu at the top of the competition on the way there Xiufeng, three boots, Sin Temple cuckoo, black pine and light spots such as stone Nao, Nao Mitsuishi tall majestic mountain, Peak on a smooth boulder, the pneumatic of stone, moving with the wind, the legendary founder Wu Feng true self Lianwu place. Zhenwu under the lofty stone-top waterfall, as a result of the surface patterns similar to the Shek Pik named after water, wind tunnel are top of the stone waterfall, 000 Yixian Tian, a 15 m long and 6 meters high, is only the most narrow width of 50 cm day Cave passage. ??

Zhenwu top scenic spots located in the center of Shiren Mountain is the second main peak, 2120 meters above sea level, Gu Feng towering, majestic spectacle, during which a platform built Zhenwu Miao old, is still based temple, is said to be here really early religious founder of the Wu Manner. Zhenwu top-northwest is the most Shirengou Hill Peak - plunging stone, the stone is located Fengdian, Xiong Jun tall, magnificent, Jinchan similar patterns, known as civil plunging stone. Jinchan covers an area of 50 square meters, and head dehisce the East, legislation on the "very top of the Jade Emperor," stele. Rock on the north side of the "Three Realms Stone" (Nan Zhao, Lushan, Songxian cut-off point), the so-called "one foot in three counties . In the three realms of the surrounding rock, Gusong clouds, hemlock into the clouds, mountain winds, bursts of Songtao. ??

Plunging down the mountain from the rock, go east to the north of the road tour, will be available at the Taiwan-truths, the door Zhenwu, bergamot Rock, the Mount has been reported, the Palace of Notre Dame, Gui City, Chien Zhang cliffs, peaks and sisters, Echo Taiwan, to make the sea blackfish , Days door, the door for two days, the Jade Emperor, to drum-and third-dong, and other attractions. Valley truths commonly known as "ghost Kwan-ming," Podou slippery here due to the effects of magnetic fields, people come to tell jokes, often hear people voice whispered behind, the local people is mistaken for ghosts in the song. Mount reported as if hoping for a rooster herald the break of day, the legend of white cattle World War II, the rooster to defy fate error herald the break of day, go white cattle, angered the Jade Emperor, Li Jing King tota life will be beheaded rooster, Chi Chien Zhang crest in the column. Zhenwu towering cliffs on both sides of the door, whistling wind, which look into the distance Zhenwu top side of the moon back Herbie, vivid. Zhenwu door on the left side of a Shi Feng, similar to the shape of bergamot Yan said it is bergamot. Mount reported on the eastern side of a Gufeng, the summit co-Wai stone wall, forming a natural air Shicheng, Qian Yan Among a Myriad outside the city, towards the mountains Arch, Shing Mun rock wall is erected, the city inaccessible, filled with mist, the legend of Notre Dame for the Nu Wa Practice of preaching, known as the Palace of Notre Dame. Gui towering Cliffs on both sides of the city, the following is a deep Bottom of the valley, the terrain strange, mysterious and hard, here is said to the Warring States period when the sub-practitioner Chu Gui place. Gui Valley on the eastern side of the city, has been inserted as the clouds of the cliff, known as the Cliff Chien Zhang, Xian-feng Valley on the west side of the wall on two pillars, such as the arch of the fairies, the sisters said Feng. Chien Zhang Ya-feng and sister combination For a natural viewing platform, called Echo Taiwan, is a legend Gui-Taiwan military training exercises. Taiwan can be seen on the surrounding landscape in all its three sides are cliffs, unpredictable, most people need to crawl before they can reach the crawling, it is also known as the "test gallstone." Nan Tianmen, the door for two days, three of the Jade Emperor is a deep canyon. Tian Shi Feng doors on both sides of the tall, have a natural relief, said the two gatekeepers of God; Shek Pik on both sides of the door for two days, showed a dragon, the middle of the valley there are stone beads, said Erlongxizhu; on both sides of the Jade Emperor, A towering golden boy, the Second Lady Feng, Hu Jia said the two children; in the south side of the Jade Emperor, a pine tree uprooted and a Qing Gang Dry and Health, said the couple tree. Tortuous mountain road, at the foot of the visitors appeared to drum rock, stamp their feet hit, Dong Dong sound. Three-dong was built in the Ming Dynasty to the one in col 3 Shimen arch, each for the Shihmen a temple rooms, separate worship Fu, Lu, Shou Sanxian, Stone Arch in exchange for a small door, a statue inside the cave, the old, Stele Stone, this still remains. Stone Arch upper part of the original days of the temple god, this only Matrix. Fuxing around the three-dong, Paul Star, longevity sambong ring out, open and tranquil environment.

---- True Nakahara Huang Wu-top, you are welcome here!

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Shihmen Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shihmen's water-control project construction so that the Xixia in the northern mountains between the formation of another landscape Gaoxiapinghu ----- Shihmen Lake scenic spot. Area with a total area of more than 10 million, more than 10,000 acres of water area. Scenic areas of natural scenic landscape and abundant. Green mountains and blue waters, blue sky and white clouds, into one trip is , The leisure ideal.

Shihmen Lake scenic spot located in the South-North Water Transfer engineering Danjiangkou Reservoir ---- source, such as clear-Pitt, the level of habitats, such as cross-strait cliff Xian-feng, thousands. If Guitusaipao, like dinosaurs into the River, Mirs as the Youth Pre-employment, if the possession of elephant fans. Verdant vegetation in the mountains, Mi-mao bamboo, Jade. During a boat trip, the fish leap in the water, the sky crane fly Lu, Ying Shan Lake, linked by mountains and rivers, and beautiful. Fountain in the region, the number of falls. "Stephen line," Fei Liu down, "Stephen Phoenix," spewing four seasons. "Stephen Phoenix," also known as the "Central Plains in the first-chuen," Sunrise on the water, up to 10,000 cubic , Rich in a wide range of trace elements. This high-quality visitors can swig of mineral water. Huoxiao famous hole wide, not only deep, rock walls and shapes Qite Qi, who like animals, the south-pointing carriage. There are only tens of thousands of bats inside the cave, sooner or later, into the wind when Chu Dong four, even more fun to visit. Tang dynasty poet Li Bai, Jia Dao, the Yuan Chang Yu writer here, leaving behind a number of immortal poetry. After the completion of the Heart Lake Bird Island, five Songping Village, nine ditch Cliff Mountain Resort, not only to allow visitors feast their eyes, but also to enjoy the idyllic life-style folk.
Scenic spots available in a variety of boats, speed boats, visitors can travel by boat . There are many upper reaches of the Xiang Pizhou, drifting along the river to the reservoir area. There are two things the two sides in the reservoir area with the National Highway phase, but also tour by car, on foot can watch all of happiness. Shihmen Lake Scenic Spot and South Temple, Lotus Lantern, the dinosaur egg fossils linked to the exhibition hall, with North Lungtan groove, chicken-phase sharp angle, is the tourists Xixia Japan will travel by land, residents of the region is the best place for leisure holiday.

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Temple Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xixia Temple Mountain National Forest Park and the town only separated River irrigation. Park with a total area of 7.6 square kilometers, the natural and cultural landscape rich in competing show peaks in the park, verdant forests, Huaxiangniaoyu, gurgling streams. The main attractions are the first of China's sacred Buddhist temple, one of the natural light, the great poet at the end of Banshan Ting Yuan and the stone statue depression Booths and so on. Fengdian board, the county seat Xiuse panoramic view. At present, rare in the park zoo, the Botanical Garden is planning to step up. Temple Mountain National Forest Park to facilitate the 312 national road traffic, railway Ningxi and around the park, hotels and other service facilities, universally welcomed guests to this visit and to cooperate in tourism development.

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Nanyang City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanyang City Museum Nanyang rely on Temple built, to the southwest is the largest integrated local museums, Henan Province for outstanding patriotism education bases. Rich museum collections, which have strong expertise. Collection of nearly 20,000 kinds of artifacts, many of which are precious cultural relics. Museum-wide 120 employees, including senior Said 3, 6 mid-level titles, and 18 junior titles.
Nanyang City Museum exhibition on display, highlighting the attention of local characteristics and culture of the three countries show. The basic display as "the history of the Eastern Han Dynasty Nanyang Wax Museum" and displaying more than 200 pieces of cultural treasures, cultural relics and auxiliary wax exhibits, show East Nanyang Commercial developed, scientists, as well as handicrafts Zhang Heng, St. Zhongjing medical history and culture of our country has made tremendous contributions to the Eastern Han Dynasty reflects the Nanyang "both Li and Kang" scene. It also offered the "culture of the Han Court" Showcase "Dance 7" in the Han Dynasty music and dance, dance to make the Han Dynasty in Nanyang will see a bright future. "Temple Museum Garden" three-in-one Nanyang become a museum so that the display window of the ancient civilization.

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Sizhou tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Si Zhou, also known as Tower Surabaya Tower, located in Tanghe county south-east corner in the former site of the Bodhi Temple. 2002 San Song (1095) building, 47.33 meters high. Located on the bottom of the platform, open-arched gate to the south, the second to the tenth floor on each floor to provide a. Under the brackets are brick home, windy corner Duo, Yan Xia Ping for the seat, a tower Heart column, the column built around the 88 rotating disc stone step, the first-person door can be the first step along the top board. Each floor has a wall inside and outside, or 2 tablets niche, Kannei carved Buddha. Top-tip save to 1.80.
Provincial heritage unit, located in Tanghe county seat inside. Plane was octagonal, 11 for the pavilion Zhuanta, 51 meters high, 7.6 meters long while Taki. Bottom-up evenly on each floor tower height reduced Miankuo convergence layer by layer, so that the tower slightly off line, there are upward ladder, with the exception of the sixth grade to ninth grade in the second outside the class Biyou 1-3 The door, along the spiral stairs to board can look up. Sizhou Tower, also known as Tower Surabaya, Bodhi Temple in the Song Dynasty, the famous Tang Dynasty architecture, ancient as one of Eight - the "ancient Taling smoke," Song was founded in 2002 Santa (1095).

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Laojieling Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xixia County, located in the old sector Ridge Nature Reserve in the northern County, Shannan barberry slope of the Department of the lot to the old Ridge community for the community and the city of Luoyang Luanchuan, Song County adjacent to the east and in rural Baotianman Nature Reserve, one after another . Protected area was established in 1982, Nanyang City is the largest provincial-level nature reserves in 1998 and designated as national Nature Reserve, which is a tobacco town in the western forest, east of Yellowstone is a forest Um. The geographical coordinates of latitude 33o38'-33o47 ', N 111o17'-111o31'. 23 km from east to west, north-south 16.7 km wide, with a total area of 23 hectares, of which smoke tree farms inside the town of 150,000 , Yellowstone Om 8 million mu of forest in the territory.


  Zhongshan from the landscape Nature Reserve, northwest toward the main peak - to the South East, the branch was extended to the south plume. The steep mountains, ravines China, the rise amid peaks again and again, magnificent. The highest point in the region 2212.5 meters above sea level, the lowest point in 600 M, the relative elevation over 1600 meters. The main peaks are: chicken a sharp angle, is located in the north-east Pacific Zhenxiang is Xixia, Luanchuan, three Songxian County, Chiang, 2212.5 meters above sea level for most of the peaks, as a result of the summit Gaochu far to the east appears to be hoping for singing The rooster is famous. Hill Green lanes are clear on purple, clear and majestic; When the wind around the clouds, the time when they are hidden, its spectacular King abnormal. Laojunshan, located in the northwest Pacific Zhenxiang from Xixia County, about 50 km to Xixia, Chiang Luanchuan County, 2192.1 meters above sea level, a peak in the Tang Dynasty built Laojunmiao. According to Ming Jiajing "Nanyang Chi House" set: "Laojunshan sudden cliff peak, clouds loom , Lao Shi Chuan Road this study, the drug kitchen, furnace Dan relics are kept, named. "The Hill, as dozens of virgin forest area, Laojunmiao renovated, a lot of climbers who visit.

Yu Huangding, located in the northeast Pacific Zhenxiang, 2203 meters above sea level, and for the Xixia Songxian Chiang, hanging Gusong coast, different patterns, with the surrounding Attitudes reflect the position into a mountain peak interest. Mo Yun Sang pile at the North Town, 2075 meters above sea level to peak plug-shaped clouds might Moyun named after. Whitehead square meters is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, border, the town of Taiping Township at the junction of three, 1689 meters above sea level, the tower Gu Feng, Lin Alexander dense, iron ore production, "Ridge Paper weight, children playing clearance, or high on the Bai Sharp, "said. Yamashita there are two stone temple, Chia-ching of the existing three-year," Whitehead sharp iron monument, "Two. Gongs at the stone industry Walled Township, north-east, 930 meters above sea level, steep mountains majesty, as a result of the mountain like a huge rock The gongs, Danzhai has built its peak. Field in the region have a second observation deck, were nearly 2000 meters above sea level High-sighted, the region most panoramic view of mountains and rivers. In this high mountains, hanging trickle Mountain, like silk, silk falling, falls into many large and small wonder. This sub-tropical warm temperate zone in the north of the transitional zone, with an average annual temperature of 14 ?, the average annual precipitation of 900 millimeters, is not only a good Tourism, summer resort, but also to protect and study the use of natural resources, to explore the transition of China's south and north areas of the law of the evolution of animals and plants ideal.

  Laojieling the protection of animals and plants in the region is rich in resources. Protected areas of forest with an area of 20.31 hectares, the forest coverage rate to 83.3 percent. Where Lin , The natural forest area accounts for 92.9 percent. A total of about 2200 kinds of plants, of which more than 1600 kinds of vascular bundle plants, 125 under Section 516 is, Henan Province, accounting for more than half of plant species. Listed as national key protected plants have Cercidiphyllum, Shannon Fruit, Eucommia, ginkgo, walnut, water sinense, Coptis Acer money, Euptelea, Ash, Tianma, wild soybean, tatarinowii, Zhen-hua, Qinling fir, purple stems, japonicum days, the red-chun, Wido, and so is 20; protection at the provincial level there are yew, magnolia, Henan Mao grapes, tree spinulosa edge, leaves on March 7, nobile, a sodium flowers, bulb, leaves the right to the right of Henan, Henan, such as Begonia Lu Gang of 24 vertebrate 4 Section 55 heads of 182 kinds, accounting for 8.6 percent of animal species, accounting for Henan Province, 43.5 percent of animal species, of which 30 MAMMALIA, Reptilia 10, Amphibia 7, 135 kinds of birds Gang . As the national animal protection Jinqian Bao, Artemsia argyi leopard, musk deer, antelope mane, Number one, the golden eagle, the Golden Pheasant, mandarin ducks, giant salamander, and so on; provincial animal protection fox, badger-like animal, a dog close, Huang You, otters, leopard cats, woodpeckers, owls, flying squirrels, and so on. Hailed as "natural plant and animal kingdoms."

  Laojieling designated a conservation area, the county party committee and government to develop a protection-building measures Now the protection of the ecological environment in the region to maintain good. 311 Old State Road, crossing the border ridge, the formation of forest road network. Funiu smoke, the vast Lin, the top North Sunrise, verdant and luxuriant Gusong, Ferris Qi, and other magnificent scenery amazing! Old and valuable trees, rare birds and animals, and more appreciation for the people! Laojieling Shanqingshuixiu Nature Reserve, bird Flower, the Meteorology Series, might well be described as colorful natural parks, scenic tourist resort unlimited. In October 1985, Comrade Hu Yaobang visited mountain areas in western Henan, from the Xixia to Luanchuan in the old sector Ridge community has left a very valuable card of the camera, left a very rare commemorative!

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Ne Zha's Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ne Zha hometown tourist area located 12 km from the county Department of State road 312. Legend has it that "NABI Kingdoms" Ne Zha was born on Prince Edward here. Area with the Legend of Ne Zha Chen Tang Guan, Heng Fa Chuen, Cui Pingshan, Shi Lang village, the nine Bay River, and other features its own attractions.

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Dinosaur egg fossil museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fossilized dinosaur eggs in Xixia County, paleontology natural heritage protected area is located inside Dan Township, 25 km from the county seat. The protected areas have been found in fossilized dinosaur eggs, 7 Section 9 is 18, respectively, accounting for half of China's total, the total number of one-third of the world. Because the number, type, intensity, and so on, the degree of preservation is better than It, therefore, the higher the value of tourism and scientific research, known as Qin Huang Ji-bing domestic helpers after the "miracle of the world's ninth largest."
With the large-scale geological park of dinosaurs, fossils of dinosaur eggs and dinosaur egg fossil museum relics exhibition hall of the building, the proliferation of interest-bearing dinosaurs of the Cretaceous era of good ecological environment will once again show The world.

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