View on-feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nan Tianmen is located in the West. The ancients can be made in this country look more and more concept named Feng. On a clear day, night considerable Wanjiadenghuo Jinan, known as the Wang-down view on the Peak Hill Pavilion.

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Chung Mong people - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long sticks down, and may bend waved welcoming, also known as welcoming song, Tai Shan is one of the important symbols.

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Yun-step Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Happy in the North for the first three years, real name alabaster Bridge. North Bridge suddenly sink Pro cliff, stand like a wall such as the cut. Chenfeng Wu Ming Dynasty poems are: high Baizhang Ya lock Yunyan, Yulong Nerita dropped mid-air. Chang Fei Yu Jun fine weather, calm wind, string playing of the three since. Cang carry water cloud hanging Pianpian, Zhu Lian-Juan-juan on weaving. Meanwhile shoulder late Daozhuo Hill , In view of the setting sun Jing Yan more.

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Court-day pot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Four tree is located in the north, from Taoism to-day pot for meaning in Wonderland. Chia-ching years, Cui Ying-chen joint title: "The days of pot-ling territory to open sun, set Cuiwei way into the situation." Ting Road, together, "Gordon Hill this acts as half of the pot days, building a top-thousand more are still blessed." Double since there are openings Dangerous walls, and circled, can be a wonderful scene.

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Tomb of Feng Yuxiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xikou on the eastern side of the West, for the tomb of Taishan granite structure, next to the Pro Jian Shan, a solemn, solemn. Wang Guo Juan Mubi on the book title, "Mr. Feng Yuxiang Tomb" of seven characters. Mr. Feng's Head for relief. Mr. Feng Yuxiang inscription from the poem "I am." Bridge is the tomb of the general public, Mr. Feng was built in 1935. Cross-stone bridge The two sides, on both sides of the red metal in order to care, backed by trees in the Castle Peak, and more a solemn majesty.

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High Mountain and Flowing Water Pavilion - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain Valley is a stone by the High Mountain and Flowing Water Pavilion, is a legend Ya Fu Qin. Pertinent interpretation of the landscape here was a guqin music, "High Mountain and Flowing Water" great charm. Therefore, in-laws over Ya Zhong Ziqi and a bosom friend of the story.

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Pillar dock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dai overcast skies at the foot of the mountain from the peak Daidingzhangren by direct cable. There are Oriental Height Yuanjun palace, the two things at the temple, the main hall of worship three Eastern Hospital officials in the west Si Xia Yuanjun hospital in the main hall. Cave homes are a natural, "yellow hole" for the legendary Lady Xiuzhen Department. If the drop-Zhu Dong Ding, the trickle-down deep pool BUZZ sound, fine-sounding name " Stephen different. "

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Rime Glaze - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rime and Glaze is a unique natural landscape Taishan. Rime frost-like cream, ice-Si Bing, the wind in full bloom, thousands. So that the pine, trees full of plush end of the ice hanging down, like a huge white coral Zhu Zhu, Diange Qingsha put on a soft, white on the floor to start the Zhantan. Glaze made of rock, earth, the roof, Are filled with wood end of the ice crystal, so suddenly everything cohesion between the ice in the world.

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The rising sun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sunrise Mountain is a spectacular and touching, and is one of the wonders of Daiding, Mount Tai is also an important symbol of the rising sun with the issue of the first ray of dawn tear of the pre-dawn darkness, so that the sky from the east is turning into a dark and Yu Dubai, Red, bright until golden, glowing rays jet out of 10,000, final, round ball of fire leap Face, into the sky, the whole process as a skilled magician, in a rapidly changing inter-10,000,000 kinds of colorful images, eye-openers. View the calendar to Daiding for the visitors longing, but also many singing seekers can explore it.

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Heilongtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mount Tai in the Xixi Baizhang Ya, waterfalls pouring all the year round, the impact of Tan Cheng Ya Xia, Tan this legend connected with the East China Sea, Long free to come and go, named "Black Longtan." Every summer, raining, the three falls from the cliffs like Yulong Britain on giving the air, Gu Cheng, "Yunlong is three."

  Black Mountain in the Longtan Xixi Baizhang , Has Mashimo waterfalls, and if the sound of thunder, hanging like a silver Qianchi the practice. Falls perennial slump, the impact of Tan Cheng Ya Xia, Tan legends connected with the East China Sea Dragon King's palace, there are free to come and go Long, named "Black Longtan." There are scholars Miurun Qing Fu poem describes: "The true origins inexhaustible, to fly under the peak. Qianchi Tam down note, or hidden Dragon "." Longtan Fei Bao "Mount Tai is one of the attractions Xixi, Guanpu chant, give birth to an unlimited food Xiasi.

  Longtan and south-east have shiting, 000 of Xixi Pavilion. Qing Guang Xu Zhi Fu Tai-year-configuration problem together: "Jiuxiao Lung, Yun Teng-induced rain; Qianchi deep tan, water-Bo Yang is not." Baizhang Ya-tan North East is long bridge Built in 1925, the cross-river bridge, decorated with red bars and matched with the green mountains and blue waters, still lying on a wave of Changhong. There are relatively shiting on both sides of the bridge, for the East Shui Ting-yun, to the West Wind Lei Ting, built in 1965.

  Jiandi flat under the bridge, the stream flow from trickle, not a sudden flying Jian, the Galaxy might turn the clock back, with Chance Otto, also known as Stephen Chance days. Yabian there are a number of Aedes parallel to the east-west, yin and yang name sector, Feng Yuxiang in this column for protection, after the destruction, reconstruction in 1976. And the column is a bridge between the vast Shiping, smooth like a mirror, visitors sit on the stone, viewing Tingquan and night.

  Zhu Linsi northbound original site Zhu Linsi for the management of this area resident. Northwest has Zhulin Si Tallinn tomb sites, destroyed for a long time. In 1925, Yanzhou Zhang Peirong Zhenshou Shi, his wife, for real The Promise, The Promise to build the temple here. By the Temple Mountain Gate, the main hall, side hall in a palace and the Buddhist temple thing, renovated in 1986.

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Grand View Peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Huangding Road on the eastern side of the plate, Grand View Peak cliffs cut for the monument, covered with the title Le dynasties, which is the most famous emperor in 13 years Kaiyuan (725) Dengfeng at Mount Tai Yu-Yu Shu "Tai Ji Ming ", Commonly known as" Tang Mo cliff. " Cliff 13.3 meters high, 5.5 meters wide, the full text of 1,000 words, the book-to Tang Li. Ya Dictionary, calligraphy, Qiu Jin, Tang quite style. Wang Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty writer, said: "Ya Qiong-ming made days, if flying in the smoke-luan's table, was flying colors."

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Qi Great Wall Ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is located in Tai'an City, 15 km northwest of the 104 national highway side, the Chief belonging to the city of Jinan Changqing Xian million German village in the town of the Great Wall. Qi Qi during the Spring and Autumn is the Great Wall built by the war in defense construction, the total length of 500 kilometers, west Pingyin, Xiao Zhu Shan County, east of plastic into the Yellow Sea, Mountain, Lushan, Yishan, and so on hundreds of mountains and even One, Qi constitute barriers throughout the South. Qi is China's Great Wall was first built in the history of the Great Wall is one of the great ancient works. Tai Shan have about 10-km Great Wall ruins, on and off from the city-based sites, was faintly visible presence.

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Pu Zhaosi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Puzhao Si was created in the Yuan Dynasty, check Foguangpuzhao of Italy, the Six Dynasties is the ancient temples. Ling Han at its peak before the rise amid surrounded by a low-flow stream, Calocedrus pines shade, hillside, is a complete ancient Buddhist temple complex.

  Dai Feng Ling Han at the foot of a hill, take the "Foguangpuzhao" was named after Qing Dynasty "a few songs in front of the water, Chihiro Sihou Bi-feng, birds intermittent sound of the river, mountain clouds exquisite light," Chan-Yong. Eastern Hospital Zen Temple beautiful homes, thousands of green house west pole, the Drum Tower 10 minutes off the front yard, followed by a hospital in Mountain Gate, Main Hall, Mo Song floor, and other construction. General Feng Yuxiang had lived here, his tomb in Puzhao Si On the west side.

  Main Hall to the monastery, Mo Song for the floor, the central axis to form a three-courtyard. With veranda on both sides of the hall, Buddhist temple and gardens, and so on. 8 stone tablet embedded in the northwest wall of brick, the wall under the Northeast Legislative Ming and Qing rehabilitation at the monument.

  Mr. Feng Yuxiang lived Taishan, Mount Tai in customs and people's livelihood disease For the subject matter, to write a lot of vernacular poetry, the self-proclaimed "Qiu Ba poem" by Wang Chao-yun with comic books, made of carved stone tablet, remain in hospital. After the damage done has been re-engraved. Ju Lin backyard for the hospital, there is a song, such as the large canopy tent, the graceful wave, years of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu He Huanzhang Hill Tour this point, the title "doctor goods." Backyard with the main building Mosong Phase, the amount of title "Ju-lin of the old hidden" for the early years of Emperor Kangxi Yu Yuan monk home. Now turned into memorial. His couplets: "Song said, well said, good green bamboo, and my days in my brick-tile"

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Nan Tianmen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Since Nan Tianmen to West Temple Oriental Height God Street gate for the day, at the very top of Yang, relatively flat terrain. Nantian Men are the main attractions, the day Street, Fung Wong Shan, Confucius and so on cliffs.

  Nan Tianmen, also known as the door for three days. Nantian Men at the end of 18, was climbing to the top winding mountain path, is located in Longyan and Xiang Fei Feng Ling Between the Yamaguchi. Looking up from under, as if the sky palace, Goldenthal is the gateway to the Peak. Yuan Yuan was founded in the first year (1264), rehabilitation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties on many occasions, after the founding of the renovation of two. Now the building to maintain the style of the Qing Dynasty. The door for the tower-style building, the book: "Jiuxiao open the door, three-step Yang-sites; Chong-million order , The Pro down a thousand wonders of peaks. "Mount overlying air Pavilion, built-in 3-ming Wanli bronze statue of the goddess.

  Inside a small house, in the main hall for the three-Ling Hou Temple, Song Zhenzong built at Taishan FENG East, Jianguantangchen Zhou Si, Ge Yong, ZHOU Wu three, later renamed the temple. Dongyuetaidi buy this statue. Main hall To the east and west side hall in a palace, the reconstruction in 1984, Wanli out for the bronze statue of the goddess. After the main hall is the new viewing platform, Shi Lan-Wai, wide open, looking Dai Jing-Zhu Yin. Tian Nan Tianmen Street Northeast Shihfang there, the amount of title Ming "or", the waste end of the Qing dynasty. Reconstruction in 1986, modern arms in the amount of odd title of "Street days." Place Back there on the north side of Luang Tower, built in 1989 for the city of Tai'an in the third guest house. Nan Tianmen Mountain to the east side of the CMC management district, local police stations, such as resident and guest house.

  Nan Tianmen points up and down two floors. Arched openings for the lower classes, and Lei Qi be stone, stone arch camber coupons, shop-top rock section, a disc of ice around the eaves, East and West 9.65 m long, 6.26 meters deep into the North and the South, 4.7 meters high. Arched openings 3.7 meters wide, 3.25 meters high, set on the stone reads "Nantian Men," a compliment. Stone veneer on both sides of the couplet: "the door open for three days Jiu Xiao Yang step sites, Chong-order 10,000 down thousands of temporary peaks spectacle." Upper air building Mount Court, Miankuo 3 8 43 meters, 5.2 meters into the deep, 5.3 m-high, five-second column purlin 5 beam, beam weight from planes, yellow glazed tile Juanpengzhongyan Xieshan Ding. That is, the lower canopy in the upper part of the wall, to the south is between the arch-opened doors, between the two opened a window. Upper door reads "empty Mount Court," white gold set off red walls, and yellow glazed tile roof with Ying, towering more spectacular.

Nantian Men are under the west side of the Shipeng, Nan Tianmen wall set to create the monument, the author of the Yuan Dynasty Duren Jie, Yan Fan writing. From the inscription, before the Yuan Yu Nan Tianmen is no room, a Taoist priest Zhang Yuan Dynasty was pure preparation, after a few years from construction. Nan Tianmen built to the north 3 Tai Temple, Miankuo 11.7 meters, 9.6 meters into the deep, 7.4 m-high, four-post 5 purlin beam before and after the seven-gallery, heavy beams from planes, five hard-top ridge. Circular columns, Zhu Chu-Fu Pen, purlin canopies, exhausted, and so the amount of ink line decorated with small painted gold. Qianlang Timor in relation to the monument as praise, such as carved Line. Nantian Men and Temple Between both sides of the side hall in a palace west of the original 3, before the founding of destruction, in 1984 the original use of the base wall reconstruction.

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Queen Mother of the pool - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huanshan Lu at the first East, South Longshan Reservoir, Gu Cheng, "Jade Pool." Cao Zhi San Guowei "East over the Queen Mother House, the view down between the Sacred Mountains of China" from a poem, Li Tang, there are "towards the Queen Mother of the pond to drink, dark days for the door Que" chant, shows the long history of the temple was built. Pool hours before and after both houses of the Queen Mother, Queen Mother of a front yard Quan, Gan clear pure spring water; after Madono seven, clay sculpture hall looked different life. Guan Baoting for the East and West have Laojun Tang, Tang Dynasty are on display in the "Yuanyang monument." Tickets: 5 yuan

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Yuemiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is located in Tai'an City, Mount Tai is the Feng Chan Yu Dao ancient ritual on a magnificent ancient buildings. Temple Mount in order to "Zong" and got its name, Tai Shan Zhu Si God, the so-called "House of God Dongyue." Mount Tai temple of the Qin Dynasty stone, engraved with the merit of the First Qin Emperor Ming II and the imperial edict by the prime minister Li Si Zhuanshu, has been more than 2200 The history of most rare treasures. Admission: 20 yuan

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Wulian County Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulian County Museum is in possession of various objects and natural specimens near 5000, of which 21 national cultural relics, artifacts secondary 67. In recent years, Wulian County Museum and give full play to its socialist spiritual civilization in the culture of the window and a bridge, has held a variety of 500 cultural relics exhibition, visit Members of 2,000,000 people.

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Arashiyama at sea monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Arashiyama sea Arashiyama monument is located in Rizhao City Office of the Arab-Israeli Ye Shan seaside tourist resort in the region to the coast of natural stone chisel to cut into Beishen, Ming and Qing period, the celebrity book of the four carved inscriptions, dating back three or four 100 years of history.

Ye Shan Arab-Israeli seaside tourist resort with beach into the center of Bin tourism and scenic areas in order to try to cover up the Arab-dominated Mountain Resort consists of two parts.

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Rizhao City Museum of Art and the masses - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao City Museum of Art is located in Rizhao City of the masses Lai Rd 1, was built in 1990, the embassy area of 2200 square meters. Cultural activities with the Office of (E) 5. Were middle-aged and old club (set up newspapers and periodicals section, vocal training room, recreation room, Research Opera, Opera entertainment room), children's arts and culture park Rehearsal rooms, party members and activity rooms, an exhibition hall. Mass culture, the work of the professional elite, post-secondary education more than 16 people, accounting for 53% of the total number of employees, 6 senior titles, 16 were mid-level titles, accounting for 75% of the number of professionals.
City Museum of Art mass organizations, major cultural and art activities every year no less than 150 (Field), the annual Spring Festival TV variety show, lantern carnivals during the Spring Festival non-performing acrobatics, autumn sunshine, the summer of Hong Kong City, Harbourfront literary competition. "March 8" Women's Day, "May 1" Labor Day "on May 4" Youth Day "on June 1" Children's Day, "11" during the National Day of all categories of text Game shows, as well as the activities of the National Party Congress, the National People's Congress held a large celebration held practice performances have been formed. By professionals (city) more than the average annual award of more than 36 people in the (city) more than the official Press published monographs published in the press works, as well as an annual average of more than 14. 1 Over the years created more than 500 pieces of literary and artistic works. Music, dance, skit, folk art, the theoretical articles have been at the provincial level, more than 60 state-level awards (pieces), the platoon guide, "Longwan Stone," "Bay 9," "top chef" award Huoxing works fine.
  Rizhao City Museum of Art and the masses, in 1996 in order to Provincial Cultural Office were awarded the "Cultural Festival of outstanding farmers organizations Award", "cultural activities in rural areas-the-art collective," Lian Nianpi Board as an advanced unit.

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Chia-Taiwan Folk Village Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chia-Taiwan Folk Village Tourism, Dong Gangqu located in the north-eastern Qinlou streets and strategic location, easily accessible. North Coastal Road, Central Bank and east, surrounded on three sides by mountains, side by the sea, sunshine and the beach dependent National Forest Park. Beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, with cold winter, not summer heat, it is good to leisure .
Chia-Taiwan Folk Village Tourism is a traditional fishing village along the coast, the villagers out to sea to fish for a living, the simple folk, and hospitality. Fourth Beach less than 100 meters away from Taiwan Chia, at dawn through the window of hotels and restaurants to enjoy a red gushing out of the spectacular beauty; Qian Yumi a golden sand Can be called the "little Chinese", valuables sandy beach wide formation, or dangerous undercurrent flow without the existence of superior natural conditions, high safety factor, the elderly and the children were learning to swim the best choice for water Talang; sea water Clean pollution-free, Health and a fan of the rich variety of fish, shrimp, crab and the brilliant colors and shellfish Throughout the year may come out of this sea-pickers, or refrain from fishing on the sea rocks, delicious seafood harvest, is pleased to savor the ancients that "those who are willing to hook," the independent state of mind; a variety of folk stay in the village shopping facilities, comfortable Elegant hotels and restaurants, family-style small farm house, the items are rich in tourism shopping To facilitate all kinds of simple washing facilities everywhere sunshine disclose the unique folk flavor; with dependency as the "Oriental Hawaii" sunshine Beach National Forest Park is green waves four seasons, visitors in the tourism and leisure, summer vacation, Enjoy the forests, beaches, sea, space together this touching romantic seaside wind And still to enjoy swimming rowing, as well as the Sand Sculpture designated sand beach, and other sporting events.
You are welcome to come to Taiwan's Chia Beach Resort eco-tourism, fishing family house to live, eat rice fishing, leisurely taste, getting back to basics of fishing family life.

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Galaxy Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Galaxy Park, founded in 2000, is used by the transformation from quarry pond, after the completion of the park to provide a good leisure entertainment, once a beautiful urban landscape.

  A city park, both in the city of a landscape and a public leisure, a good exercise to . With the urbanization and urban civilization increased, the park is open free to become the people's needs has become a measure of urban civilization and the modern benchmark.

Galaxy Park sunshine is currently the largest in the city, most full-function, art attractions with the highest concentration of new Park. Is a modern style of gardening art and cultural characteristics of the prominent image of the park. The Art of the many attractions in the park to show the strong sunshine culture, geography and the future development of the characteristics of the image.

The main attractions in the park art design from the famous Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai's poem: "sunshine incense burner Health Tobacco, falls linked to the former Chuan Yao Kan. Fei Liu thousand feet down, the suspect is charged Galaxy nine days. "Galaxy Rizhao City Park is the most dense atmosphere of culture and arts; leisure and recreational functions of the whole human Park.

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Lighthouse Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The lighthouse tourist spots located in the scenic coastal Rizhao, Rizhao City in the Yellow Sea in the first all the way east, south and adjacent Rizhao Port, the east is a boundless expanse of blue water, endless in the Yellow Sea, and north-million population (the second Rizhao City Beach) connected. As a result of high standing on the shore of the navigational beacon named after.

Lighthouse You have a scenic 2 km coastline, there are rarely seen in northern China's coastal natural rock group. Hot summer, visitors can play in the water in the rock side, the play, or pick up the sea conch, Haixie seized. Autumn and winter season, visitors can sit-in view of the sea shore, Kikunami.

Haitian win a hand here, beautiful scenery, four-year Ran, is the view of the sea, Kikunami to see the sunrise good to excellent. Each year to the sightseeing tourists 200 million.

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Rizhao international fan base race - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao international game fan base with a total area of 106 hectares, of which land area of 65 hectares, 41 hectares of water area, is the host city for the 2005 European level, the 2006 International 470 World Sailing Championship, the construction of the base facilities, the entire project Investment of about 190,000,000 yuan, the main content of the works have Chi, bank protection, the berm, a floating pier, small-scale, sculpture, and lighting have been completed, including 17,000 square meters of the yacht club, water control center Treasury measure and shipping room, which is currently under construction as well as the torch to Taiwan and services center.
The construction of the West Bank three game fan base is the most important building. Bit The northern part of the yacht club, free of wind-like plane with the ship body, making it the lake west Dianjingzhibi on; water in the central control center constitutes a powerful simple, full body, built on the idea of sailing from the image , The movement is full of tension; at the southern end of the boathouse rooms measure, passed Zhang Wai synthetic membrane structure of a semi-circular space for large gatherings provided a good venue. Yuan Wang in the West Bank, water control center as if about to sail the yacht, the yacht club is like a voyage of the ship, brave the wind and waves. Three of the main building fully embodies the original ecology of the free curve, like the sea waves on the extension of the Large tracts of forest ecology at the foot.
September 9, the state water sports management center, deputy director of the seats more than in high spirits came to inspect the base, look basin, rather, he said with emotion: "I have in 1990, Rizhao in 1992 to participate in the national championship motor boats, 10 Years later, made here The earth-shaking changes! "Athens Olympic Games had just returned from leading the side more than I visit the other hand, are happy to say:" There can be comparable to the Athens Aquatic Center! "
Just at the Athens Olympic Games women's access to Europe's seventh-class players in China Shen Xiaoying, a base that feeling on the eyes The praise of the natural environment and competition venues, facilities, water base of the Athens Olympic Games even better. She said that there will be a blessed her.
Tour fan base has become the focus of concern for the people of the world, has become one of Hong Kong City Zhangshangmingzhu. Municipal party committee and government on many occasions leading to the main base for inspection, the concerned bases A progress every detail. The city set up by Zhang Lichen, vice mayor of command for the game fan base headquarters building. This year on August 20, the deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Wang Xiuzhi is completed, such as the mayor of the city leaders, accompanied by sunshine to the international fan base to inspect and guide the work of the tournament. Wang Xiuzhi the car on board the floating Jianbu Pier and listen to reports on the situation of terminal layout, structural understanding of the principles of design and construction of the terminal and function expressed keen interest. In high spirits when he visited the facilities of the Ministry of complete examination after a thumb up: "well, I have been to more than 30 countries, have not seen such a good game fan base, the international sunshine Cup base is not only bright spot in the sunshine, Shandong is also a bright spot. "
Rizhao to the success of the national short-listed 40 cities charm, in addition to her unique ecological environment, unique human history, every bright spot in the city, all the charm of the city constitute an integral part of moving. International fan base with one another for this game The most moving into a city and become a most beautiful card. Market-oriented operation of the quality of operation
Rizhao international game fan base already in excess of sports to meet the needs of our city to become a new tourist highlights. Base from design to construction, has always been permeated with "high starting point, high standard, high-quality, building Goods "principle, strive for excellence, the base disguised as a fine.
Yacht Club, and so the three of the main building design, the country is facing, arising from the global public tender. Experts from a number of programs designed to seek a masterpiece and Italy, after a careful study and several rounds of screening, the final choice of Tongji University Design. Then, to be followed by expert assessment, publicity to the public, the effect of design plans will be placed in People's Square, listening to the people to express their views so that the views of the people has become an important basis for decision-making.
International fan base from last year's race on June 6 to start the construction, with the headquarters and construction units have signed the quality of "military orders ": Meticulous construction material to be used as meticulous, meticulous supervision. In the projects, through the command post seminars held in the form of experts, to improve construction quality, the organization has held the door I berm basin wharf, green forest, the hotel management And other experts, seminars, and other units of the yacht club set up Publicity for all the people, listen to experts and the public comments and suggestions, and actively applied to the engineering building, out of a fine building a new road project.
I doors of the berm and engineering Cup fan base is the focus of the building. I doors are connected with the base of the channel field, I block the door with a sand berm, Lang, the beam of the three major functions of water in the entire game fan in the building to play a decisive role. To this end, pre-construction expertise of the State Oceanic Administration commissioned the Institute of Marine Research carried out in the first hydraulic model test of sediment and hydrological elements of the investigation, in Dongying, Qingdao trial of the two bed rooms, static test-bed. In the experiment base , By the Qingdao Harbor Engineering Investigation and Design Institute is responsible for the design.
In order to ensure that the door mouth and part of the berm construction project quality, and the headquarters of the implementation of the project bidding, the expert judges of the units of the tender offer, construction and construction technology, and other factors, a comprehensive assessment to determine the final Qingdao Anti-building projects in Hong Kong successful corps in the North Sea. This year on June 17 and September 14 the two large storm surge, it seems to counterparts in the berm and the door to a real test works, but works as a whole, they are allowed to play the wind and waves, Kuiranbudong.
Rizhao international race fan bases, most of the praise or the decision-makers The forward-looking, market-oriented Sai-building fan base for the innovation work and add a new bright spot.
In the race fan basin construction, the use of bold market-oriented philosophy of city management, in accordance with the requirements of city leaders and give full play to market-oriented operation in the city operating in the role of the basin excavation works for the National Open tender, the application units all over the country, 76, after a careful selection of the bidding units, selected the final four construction units. In the tender to develop the specific, fully embody the concept of market-oriented operation, greatly reducing the cost of the project, the basin of earth and stone digging in the light of local market conditions and national transport projects to estimate the fixed 53,610,000 yuan for investment, through tender, with a total cost of 36,630,000 yuan, 16,980,000 yuan of savings, lower the cost of 32%.
Other construction projects are all in accordance with the market-oriented approach taken by open tender, under the premise of guaranteeing quality, reasonable to lower project cost, the pressure Period, to save money. To address fan club tournament, and other buildings after the use of such issues as the headquarters of the clubs and water sports centers of the two buildings to implement the transfer fee, so that business and entered the race to assume the mandate to receive, not only for the government to win the money, but also for the future The management of maintenance and break a new path. Routine, so the scale of building the fan base of race, the Government should allocate funds 400,000,000 yuan. After the surrounding land and fan club tournament to implement market-oriented operation, the Government need not only to invest, but also access to nearly 2 billion benefit from the facilities.
Asia in the first world-class
Rizhao fan of the international game In the sense of quality, reflected in the base of each of the details. The main design concept reflects the culture and marine sports culture, a high degree of unity.
It is reported that fan base game of the total green area of about 250,000 square meters, designed in line with local conditions, science and rational use of natural topography and landscape plants for , Man-made engineering and natural sites with integration, bearing the city's unique geographical features of the characteristics of context, "the sun, blue sea, the beach" nature of these cities will be displayed in the building of the landscape in front of people.
Beilin Court of landscape design in accordance with current international practice more popular: Touch he earth lightly - lightly touching the earth, creating a landscape that is, in the same time protect the environment. The entire combination of base-building architectural style and the unique requirements of yacht race, background on the status of forest land for construction "protective design", to "see in the artificial nature" to maximize People involved in nature, embodies the sailing culture.
Cup fan base to stand on the east coast basin, looking around the ring, sparkling in the middle basin of the dam formed by a small waterfall Road, the center of the pool like a floating pier was deliberately placed on the piano keyboard, playing a wonderful time Movement, to participate in the competition's fan From here, as I approached the door to the sea. Sailing around the parking area and green space design is more sophisticated, white sail-like membrane, the grass slopes to watch the event Taiwan, parking areas spread all over the island green fish ... ... there is quiet pool, fish in the world, tidal pool, Kikunami Square , The forest path along the cliff of metal, are less To. If it is at night, the base is showing a different mood: "If the lights deep-sea fish stocks enjoy the vast expanse of the silent sea, distant sound of the waves, wonderful feeling to infiltrate people's audio-visual ... ..."
"International water sports base can be said to be the first country in Asia first, few in the world!" 8, the State Sports General Administration Cui Dalin, deputy director of the Chinese Yachting Association, the State Sport General Administration of water sports management director of the Center for Neve and his 6 in the city to inspect the work of sports, international fan of the international game Al-issued heartfelt praise. Cui Dalin, said: "Al-modern design, green Flow, complete supporting facilities, Canada, South Korea and other places are beautiful, can be said to be first in the country, in Asia, few in the world. Rizhao international water sports base for more than two-time World Cup fan made full preparations and, more importantly, the significance lies in the fact that it is the cause of water sports in China's rapid development has made important contributions to "
Sept. 17, after 8 days of intense competition, "Ling Cup" National Sailing Championships and the 2004 National Youth Sailing Championships in the end, from nearly 300 athletes sailing in the interpretation of the Passion of September, for the sunshine of the international fan Base Cup for the first time the use of the ceremony.
Rizhao international fan base also match their sound quality was the State Sports General Administration, China's water sports management center and the National Association of sailing to determine the national sailing training base. This means that the base will take more and more state-level, world-class, as well as pre-tournament training, as a display window of sunshine image She will greatly increase the visibility and reputation of sunshine.
As the waters away from the game for the 2008 Olympic Games sailing the waters of Qingdao only 62 sea miles, the environment climatic conditions similar to the two basic, there are many links to the city for warm-up match. In China, large-scale event will be at sea In one after another in the city held. At present, Qingdao, Yantai, such as micro-Hill's three water sports base in the province have been moved to our city.
German National Sailing Committee officials and his staff of 16 people came to the sunshine of the international game fan base is here to see first-class training and competition facilities, that the non - Suitable for water sports Germany's training base before the game, which the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation.
It is reported that fan base has ushered in the tournament in Germany, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions and international experts to visit friends, race fan base is To enhance the image of sunshine a window to show the charm of the city moving picture.

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Hill to float - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill, also known as floating to Fuqiu, located 9 kilometers Juxian Story, 298.9 meters above sea level, Chu Department at the end of West Plains, a brief Juxian, the two Yinan sector. In the West Jucheng high floating Vision, the trend was the rise of the ground, there is a sense of water to float. Sambong separation of the Hill, Arch tube connected to constitute possession of the wind-You-air habitat.

To float Mountain, the view of eight, twelve King, III and IV Stephen Park. Qimu Xiuzhu, ranking lush valley, rugged rocks, gurgling streams. Millennium ancient temples set temple, built in the Jin Dynasty, the temple at the whole before, during and after the three Jinyuan Luo, five Hall 2, a palace veranda of the two Hospitals. The main building, the first Chi cornices, Diaolianghuadong, both Hin Elegant, simple and generous, is a typical northern charm of the old buildings. The temple "by the school floor," Mr. Guo Moruo Department in 1962, autographed by the title. This is the House that year by Liu Xie school, now into the life of Liu Xie gallery. Liu Xie as plastic Museum, displaying a variety of versions of "Wenxindiaolong" history and literature. Feng The collection of data, the total issued Zeng history, "Yang through the ages must" praise!

Temple will be the central front yard, a stand of towering old trees and branches, this is the "first world ginkgo tree", tree height 24.7 meters, 15.7 meters diameter tube. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period, the public and hidden Lu-Chu UNITA will be under a tree, calculation, the age when more than 3,000 years. This strain of the ancient ginkgo tree, although the vicissitudes of life experienced, but so far YE Mao Chi-wing, vitality, it is unique in the world for a major spectacle.

Floating to the magic mountain, located in the Yi River in the central zone. Siwuyinian about, or here Ocean sea, and later as the crustal uplift, the sea water receded, the formation of the land. Still later, the constant changes in the earth's crust, the ups and downs several times to form a unique spectacle of geological remains, the scientists as "natural geological classroom teaching." In April 2001 by naming the provincial government of Shandong province's Department of Geological Park in the fourth, to become a floating Quite a value of the research scene.

Floating late as it is outside the State of Chu in the history of one of the Eight, here is not only fascinating history and culture are more abundant accumulation. Inside and outside the temples, between the Pavilion, there's evidence could not finish reading the history of stone; Qingquan popular Gap, Yunlong River cliffs, left to see Cliff End of the stone; the Museum of Chinese roots, a display of the world's most ancient Genyi Tan products; peak fire on the stage, the evening mist in the dawn faintly visible smoke continuously; temple will be ancient temples, has always been a famous Buddhist holy sites , The elimination of the law stresses "meditation", speaking Hui "Kegon", the concept of sending dark clouds Seselj, Sam Dan gold, into Buddha The mantle, hard-law heritage of every Mingseng, every spot, all the period of stay-paragraph story moving and beautiful legends, interesting, worth reading a hundred times.
Hill is not high, there were 000 cents, the Ming Seng, Joya High Road to Sin? To this end, said while the mountains.

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Peach Blossom Island Park style - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Peach Blossom Island, located in Rizhao City Donggang Qu Qin Lou Shimamura Peach Street to the east sea area, Qian Yumi away from the shore, covering an area of 0.5 square kilometers, the city is a sea area of the island domain only recently.

Rippling blue waters, rich products. Standing stones on the island, beautiful scenery, God springs, Taiwan rituals, incense and other natural stone King And modern terminal building, the Pavilion into one, is reluctant favorite.

Tourist boat, evening bonfire, the sea rush pickers, leisure fishing, and other tourism projects, the majority of popular tourist favorite: Legend has it that Sin travel attained on earth, and over 100 of the provisional value of the Queen Mother Wan, similar to Yongsan Assembly of Immortals crossing to the Jade Pool birthday Lan Tsai-held white flowers into the sea of blue laws, the Dragon King of Mo Ang Sun, Mount leap picked blue Erxian He went to review, do not think the return of Aung leap, the trouble caused by resort to arms.

  For complete break things Sin, the Haizhen here to see rich, the appetite of Dunsheng Xing, Qi said: "There are a Yongsan Shiquan, who can take it." Voice Ups and downs, accounting for only Tieguai Li, Mr. Stone shouted: "God has come to springs." Sure enough, one is Li Shiquan, a big mouth, the unfathomable deep, surrounded by stone, incense floating in the morning, especially water Qinglie , The Assembly of Immortals heart-hi, Wai-chuen, drink. Mr Sin was wearing a peach Lvxian show off Stephen, with the call said: "This is also Shenshui Peach." Assembly of Immortals laugh, that is, from a breeze, the Eight Immortals crossing the sea away. Since then, the Longshan Shiquan into a bottomless pit, from the fall of the East China Sea surfaced, said that it is the sea eyes, the God Shui-chuen, called Peach, who uphold the reputation of the name, there is no lack of ancient incense.

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Scenic rivers and mountains - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao is located in the urban rivers and mountains 10 kilometers north, "the source of many he" got its name, 628 meters above sea level, the height of Rizhao in the eastern peaks of the first, go a long way to pull Peak trend, rising Weiwei, Cheng said, "Duan Yan cliff, Ap Yiran a barrier. "
  Lofty mountain rivers and mountains, magnificent momentum, around the monuments, scenic spots everywhere Goldenthal go a long way to make visitors feel Hill. Rizhao on behalf of the modern image of the giant "sunshine" should be engraved in the rivers and mountains above Xuanbi. "" Word length of 20 meters and 17.5 meters wide: "as" word length of 25 meters, 25.5 meters wide. It is the character of Cliff stone in the world, included in the Guinness World Book, added to the rivers and mountains Great scenery.
Rivers and mountains of the rugged rocks, cliff side of the peak may Fupi cutting. South along the rugged path to upward climb, the scenery along the way, dizzying. First of all, that is when the house after the Guanzhuang Cun mason common people and the Republic of China in the 2007 legislation, "the monument mountains." Inscription: "Cibei for the community, not following industry Monument Kai-Shek and, if convicted, plus heavy punishment. "This can be seen that to maintain the original appearance and protect the ecological environment in the rivers and mountains have long attention exist side by side are about to quit. Predecessors built for the regulation, has not the slightest offense, so effective regulation of the townships about the people really admirable.
And on the road, see a temple structure of the rocks, Hill is the town where the gods. Visitors old mountain, the mountain god bless pray here safe and sound. There is a bottom left of the Seven Wonders of the festival from the mountain "stage." In front of the temple, the undercurrent of mountain spring water features such as Qinse voice, as if in the never-ending play to the soul of the people taken Nagqu Guqin Music "High Mountain and Flowing Water", however, is oil Sigu of exquisite feelings. Eastbound from the temple about 150 meters, the mountain can be seen down waterfalls. The main peak, the North and the South have a huge stone, named for its resemblance to rock the ball, looked like rolling in, the next step is to traumatise. To rush through, step by step and look back. It too can not bear to leave.
By the ball through the winding stone Drive eastbound Department Bai Yumi see that the isolation of shiting built on granite, "Wang Hai Ting", the peculiar style pavilion, four eight-leng standing pillars, four pillars are covered with stone cornices pick angle , Four-Yun Ting Ding angular stone for stone, the stone was covered pavilion sharp lotus-shaped. Shilan embedded under four Ting Zhu, a simple structure, Elegant. Pavilion angle wrote an inscription for each of four East: "Wang Hai," West: "Dai-sighted," the South: "Guan Feng," North; "Yang Chen." Ting Shan Uehara hanging a bell, weighing about heavy, hit an area of Jishi Li Yuan Hun can hear his voice clear, the House also called the Clock Tower. Shek Pik on the pavilion after the county magistrate Lee Ming Xing Wanli Poem:
Da Huang break on a peak, the Lan and Autumn light gray.
Wall hanging open as if barriers to vaguely see wide ocean.
Stephen halfway up the spilled milk stone setting, the setting sun-day cross-hole leak.
Man will be excluded Doujiu En Yin, Yun Fei outside the remote office.
"Hai Ting Wang," the right upper Ya Shang, a Hall of Ling Guan, a Taoist priest bring up the rear of the room, at present, the only remaining rubble, the Hall of Guangxu was rebuilt 13 years, the monument in good condition so far, the former palace-like victory can be seen.

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I-million waterfront areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao City-million population is a scenic coastal city in the region's largest scenic coastline of 5,000 meters, covers an area of 7,600,000 square meters, she was beautiful and pleasant to the natural environment, moist air, clean wide sandy beaches, clear and transparent sea water Bright sunshine to the world that the tourists here can be Bath Beach, sea, sun, sand bath, beach volleyball, and other sports, sunshine is the best way to reflect the "blue sky, blue sea, the beach," characteristics of the area.

Scenic areas within the park area is the center of the region, the area of marine ecology and to highlight the theme, into a harmonious coexistence between man and nature of the Read, set square, green space, restaurants, shopping, parking, entertainment, as one bath, sunshine is the "ecological coastal city of Oriental Sun City," an important symbol of the city of Rizhao is an important window opening to the outside world and the leisure and entertainment city The living room. Chinese and foreign tourists each year to receive more than 3,200,000 passengers, the peak time Visitors to be up to 150,000 people.

Scenic areas within the lagoon, is a natural haven, the history of the Merchant Shipping are parked, "10,000 ships arrived safely in port," meaning, the name-million population, but also moral of all peace and life safety. Ping million lagoon mouth was a quiet and beautiful Sea, local fishermen have been transformed into aquarium. The person is being a mythical concept, as envisaged in the mouth million square into a lagoon-style classical Shuicheng, using the name of Rizhao City, the ancient name - the sea Shuicheng song. I believe that one day, with the classical style of the city water will come.

005,2006 level in Europe, 470 in the world sailing championships in 2007 and the first National Water Games will be held here. Using all-area, all-weather, open management style, with fine services, services for the fundamental truth to the pursuit of social benefits, the responsibility to create the image of sunshine Has won the provincial women's demonstration Kong civilization, civilization integrity unit at the provincial level, provincial Youth Civilization, the provincial small service business model, such as the honorary title.

Beach Ping million from the mouth to extend 10 km to the north, connected with the Shan Haitian beach, a huge gulf. Bay beaches are all high-quality Fine sand has a clear head, open layout, Beiyi dense pine forests, is a huge natural beach, which can accommodate 300,000 people bathing.

  Tourists on the sea sunrise substantial, by speed boat to visit beautiful scenery, sea, beach volleyball, fishing at sea, and other entertainment projects. Tourist spots in the sea Hotel, Restaurant dining establishments such as restaurants, which can accommodate 600 people dining at the same time. Can be admitted to the scenic Sea View Hotel, and so on, can accommodate 300 people live in the same time. Scenic spots in the store can buy handicrafts, souvenirs, seafood and so on.

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Rizhao Beach National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao Beach National Forest Park, formerly Lunan Beach National Forest Park, 1992 by the former State Ministry of Forestry approved, the city of Rizhao in depression Sand Donggang Qu large tree farms on the basis of the establishment of a national forest park. With a total area of 788 hectares, of which forest area of 526.7 hectares. Park structure of the tree to Japan Pinus thunbergii main coastal city of Rizhao is an important part of the protection forest. Banghai the mountain park, Lin matched with a 7 km coastline of gold, slow wave wide beach, sandy Xirun, clean water, the experts as "the only remaining unspoiled coastal China's Gold Coast." Chinese-American physicist, Mr. Ding Zhaozhong The beach "by less than Hawaii."
  Since 1999, in the city and district party committee and government attach great importance to the right and under the leadership of each community, as well as strong public support, accelerate the development stage into the park. To date, construction of infrastructure facilities in the park to complete a total investment of about 63,000,000 yuan. , 3,000,000 yuan investment in water supply engineering, design and construction of water supply capacity to 5,000; projects power supply to invest 1.60 million, up 10 kilovolt power line; park road widening and hardening the coast road north through investment 24,000,000 yuan; coast Moisture embankment project, the use of water bond funds 14,800,000 , According to the standard case of a 50-year moisture-proof construction of embankment 2800 m and a river-crossing bridge; 2,000,000 yuan of investment on the construction of sewage treatment to 500 of a sewage treatment plant; communication facilities with a total investment of 10,000,000 yuan, the construction of China Unicom, Mobile A communications base stations each designed to install program-controlled telephone capacity 1000; 4,000,000 yuan-funded construction of a high-end wash room; other facilities including car parks, waterfront plaza, street lights, signs, such as license-oriented investment of about 2,000,000 yuan. Park will be provided with better infrastructure changed, tourism and investment environment improved.
  Good infrastructure facilities, combined with favorable investment Policy-ming cited the large number of investors coming to invest in the development of the park into the city, the area to attract foreign investment are an important carrier. Since 1999, into the garden of 29 investment projects with a total investment of about 90,000,000 yuan, of which have been completed and put into use in 25 projects, and built a sunshine holiday inn, the wine business Parkson , The Gulf Hotel, clear water, multi-service hotels, such as places of 20, 1500 to meet the people stay at the same time, 5,000 people dining; animal amusement centers, such as TOWER project has been completed and put into operation; In addition, the park also carried out to introduce people Cycling, water Knight, European-style aristocratic carriage tour Sea boats, motor boats, off an umbrella, beach car, bungee jumping, and other entertainment facilities, projects. At present, the park facilities, improve services. Continue to enhance tourism services, tourism continued to increase capacity. According to statistics, in 2001 - 2003, and other Chinese and foreign tourists received a total of 1,100,000 people, of which To be national, provincial ministries and key world leaders and celebrities more than 160 people; Park 3 years to achieve a total tourism income of 7,000,000 yuan, the park can be forecast to achieve a comprehensive tourism revenue of more than 3,000 yuan. At the same time, the park also contributed to the development and promotion of other related industries with good economic performance And social benefits.
  In recent years, the increasing visibility of the park, tourism planning in Shandong Province has become the "five front-line areas" in coastal tourist areas, an important part of the city is the first AA-class tourist attractions, and Shandong Province crowned as the top 10 spots of the new points standings. 2003 - 2007 priority to the development of Shandong Province Focus on tourism projects, "Sun City theme park" and "Four Seasons Beach" project has been the site of forest parks, parks for future large-scale development, the development has laid a good foundation. Rizhao Beach National Forest Park has become a tourism and leisure, summer vacation, business travel and movement of the sea, an ideal destination.

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Rizhao tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao has a long history of history. Hsia, Shang period is Dongyi. "Spring and Autumn Lu filial piety laid the first time," said a prominent figure in the early years of the Western Zhou Jiang Taigong "Dongyi people." Fung Ka streets of this village south-eastern Qinlou have Jianggong Taiwan, the legend is Taigong fishing site.

  Western Zhou Dynasty to the early Warring States is a country Chu. Year The 11th century, are out weeks after the closure of Shaohao for the descendants of the monarch Chu, Juxian this capital city of Shenyang. In 431 BC, Chu Chu was the country out. History has experienced vicissitudes of life, Song Yuanyou 2002 (1087) home town of Rizhao, a Juxian, check the "sunrise early as first light" (Qianlong period, according to the "sunshine records," records) of Italy, "Sunshine" in the name.


  China's coastal city of Rizhao is located in the middle of the Shandong Peninsula on the south side, the Yellow Sea to the east, and across Japan, South Korea sea, north of Qingdao, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province in the south, the West all-Chinese inland provinces and autonomous regions. In the Pacific Rim by Central and yellow circle (Bo) Sea economic zone, China is the focus of the development and construction of the distribution of productive forces and the coast and the main axis of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge junction. With the country's western development strategy, the east bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge - increasing the value of sunshine for International Development has doubled.

Rizhao Rich in agricultural resources, has long been known as the land of plenty reputation, Shandong Province, is the food, peanuts, tea, aquatic products, silkworm cocoons, flue-cured tobacco, fruits, vegetables, livestock, an important source of Chinese herbal medicines and so on. More types of forest resources, forest reserves 1,950,000 cubic meters, the forest coverage rate reached 26.9 percent. Rizhao-funded marine Rich in Shandong Province is an important base and distribution center for aquatic products, with the country's largest seafood market, is one of the four major aquatic products breeding center. Bayu-rich coastal waters, Daoyu, the economy, such as yellow croaker fish and Coelomactra, shrimp, sea cucumber, abalone, and other high-quality seafood. Non-metallic mineral resources, a large quantity of quality , Granite enjoy good reputation. The proved reserves are 150,000 tons of asbestos, 300,000,000 tons of granite, gneiss 550,000,000 tons.

Beautiful sunshine and pleasant weather, a warm moist monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 12.7 ?, the average annual humidity of 72%, 22 frost-free period Days, the average 2533 hours of sunshine, with an average annual rainfall 870 mm. Air quality standards at the national level. More than 100 km long coastline, Golden Sands 64 km coastline, the port more than 20 km shoreline. The water quality of coastal waters to maintain the national standard for a class. Is a national sustainable development experimental zone, State Ecological Demonstration Area pilot cities and key cities nationwide environmental protection.

Bang Hai mountain sunshine, a long history and is rich in natural and human resources, "the blue sky, blue sea, the beach," famous for. This wave has a clear head steady, thin Ping Sha Beach, is not along the coast of China More than a summer, vacation, resort and the rest open sea sports grounds, swimming beach good natural site. There are coastal Rizhao National Forest Park, Shan Haitian tourism resort, the million-population area, a lighthouse and a number of scenic beach.

Rizhao rich cultural, he left the territory of Ling Yang The excavation of the original Tao as early as 1000 years of Oracle, our word for the ancestor. Longshan culture of a typical representative of the City of the two sites known as "the first city in Asia." Rizhao has black pottery 5,000 years of history, treasure of Chinese civilization. Cliff stone rivers and mountains "sunshine" in Chinese characters for the world's most Cliff. Hill to float More than 3,500 years ago, "the best in the world ginkgo tree," and the former residence of Liu Xie. Wulian Hill for the provincial scenic spots, Su Shi of the Song Dynasty in the state of Missouri do know, entitled "The Wild Goose Qi Xiu reduction" praise the Hill.

Rizhao municipal government attaches great importance to tourism, the tourism industry as a pillar of the top five Engineering industry. Rizhao is a world in 2005, "European level" Sailing Championship, 2006 World Sailing Championship hosted 470 cities; in July 2003 in the State Environmental Protection Administration issued a national focus on environmental protection, urban air quality ranked third on the list, the Yangtze River in order to become North of the urban environment air quality The best cities; in the first by the Shandong provincial government announced the "garden city in Shandong Province," the list, Rizhao City on the list; in December 2003 Rizhao City passed the acceptance of the China National Tourism Administration, to become "China's excellent tourist cities." Shoupai official ceremony will take place on January 8, 2004 held in Zhengzhou. Japan City tourism as "eco-city beach, Oriental Sun City"; sunshine tourism slogan of "Shan Yu Teng-May, the sea tours to the duration of bright sunshine." Sunshine will of the people's mind as the sea around the world to welcome the guests.

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Yinque Shan Han Tomb Museum of bamboo slips - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yinque Shan Han Tomb Museum Bamboo Linyi is located in the urban areas of Southeast Effects of the Han Dynasty shan and are an important Yinque Shan cemetery. Han Yin Queshan Bamboo Museum sits south of the West Yinque Shan, Yin Queshan Han Tomb Museum Bamboo is the first of China's Han Tomb Museum of bamboo slips, unearthed their precious cultural relics which have important historical value Yinque Shan Han Tomb Museum Bamboo is the most valuable in one or two of the bamboo slips unearthed in the tomb, the two tombs were unearthed more than 7,500 pieces of bamboo slips, wow amazing is that bamboo slips and other artifacts are in the medium and long-term water immersion , And the bamboo slips on the analysis of the ink-ching is still discernible, can be seen at the time of the technical skills The right hand side of a long bamboo 27.6cm, width 0.5-0.9cm, thickness 0.1-0.2cm, about the length of its Chinese-foot 2-foot 1-inch, in line with the system of the Han Dynasty Jane books. Chien-wen for Lishu, some correct and some scribbled handwriting is not out of the hands of one person, but the technique of writing skill, with a deeper knowledge of calligraphy. Simple Words Lishu early as the Qin and Han Dynasties, should be written in the text to King in the early Emperor. Two of the tomb of Jane text: "The Art of War" 13 grandchildren and five Lost; "Art of War Sun Bin," 16; "Yu Liaozai" 5; "Liu Tao," 14; "law-abiding Shouling "13; soldiers of the political articles 50 and yin and yang Seasonal, like divination 12; "Emperor Guang Yuan Yuan spectrum Almanac" (the first was discovered in China, the most complete spectrum of ancient history). The bamboo slips unearthed in the history of our country's military, text, sound old Paul, Jane ancient books and ancient calendar system of research, both important values.

  "Sun Tzu Law "and" The Art of War Sun Bin, "Yi Haomu bamboo slips were discovered. Bingshu with two tomb unearthed, lost nearly two thousand years of the "Art of War Sun Bin," return to the world in order to clarify the more than 1,000 years on the Sun and Sun Bin and his controversial book outstanding. (Due to the "Art of War Sun Bin," the lost, it was felt that "The Art of War" Sun and Sun Bin as the two men, it was suggested that Sun is ... ... Sun Bin). Confirmed the "Historical Records" account is correct. "Sun Tzu Wu, Qi people. Grandchild is dead, after more than 100-year-old Sun Bin, Bin Sheng Juan Afghanistan, Bin Sun is also the world after the Sun also. ... ... Shichuan his Art of War." Millennium is the plot of First Instance, once a . Bingshu two in 1972 caused a sensation when he discovered that many people at home and abroad come to visit, especially the Japanese have to be expensive to buy a bamboo slips.

  Yinque Shan Han Tomb Museum in addition to the bamboo slips, but also valuable on display since 1970 in the Effects of Shan, Yin Queshan more than 100 graves The unearthed part of the antiques. Such as lacquerware, pottery and so on. Effects of Shanxi Han Bo Hua which is the heritage of one of the products, in 1976 unearthed the tomb on the 9th, Bo Hua coverage in the linen Guangai above, accounts of the deceased living fragment, depicting immortal, immortal fantasy picture of heaven. This is the second Bohua Changsha Wang Bohua heap after the discovery of another major find, only to the north of the Yangtze River, the study of human life during the Qin and Han dynasties, paintings provide valuable information.

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Sheng to the amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheng amusement park is set to leisure, entertainment, food, planting, breeding, agricultural tourism as one of the country AA level tourism zones, amusement parks can be sung at Luojhuang Chuang Sheng District Office, covers an area of 2000 mu, plans to invest 200,000,000 yuan RMB 110,000,000 yuan has been invested. The main attractions: the zoo, Bainiao Yuan, Bai Park, the eco-park hotel, Chinese stone ages Chi Du Museum of Art, picking park, children's park, water park, the production of greenhouse flowers, nursery stock breeding base for deer breeding base for ostrich breeding base. Amusement park east of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway export Luojhuang 9 km from the 206 national highway less than 1 km, east Linyi Airport (9 km) north Shi Yan Linyi railway station (3 km), situated in prime locations.

  When you enter the amusement park, the tourism environment and pleasant throughout the year allows you away: the arrival of spring, picking the park more than 30 Chinese mu peach, red Bartlett, Lizao high-quality varieties, such as open competition, the Peach Hongyan, White's a pleasure to look at you so that Pear; the arrival of summer, the water park all the way you wash away the dust: The outside of the province's largest artificial wave pool, wave-the-art facilities made available a variety of changes in the shape of the waves, the sea will be in the fluctuating nature of the Landscape, a vivid simulation, so if you enjoy living in the sea as the passion and waves ; In the chute as high as 10 meters platform, shun high-speed, spiral, straight seven-speed slide down, sparking heavy spray of water into the moment so that you forget the feelings of all the thrills and stimulation! The height of summer, lotus flowers in full bloom in the park, "lotus leaves next day without Pitt study, young Japanese for other red flowers," of endless lotus, so that Open mind, relaxed and happy.

  October autumn, fresh fruit Man, visitors can hand off his colorful fruit: a single weighing 400 grams of the Chinese peach, 60 grams of Lizao allow you to very pleasant surprise to meet the harvest of your desire to experience the joy of harvest, at the same time, so You eat too much food a farm, goods A pure green, and even make you reluctant to leave!
Winter ... ... When you enter Bainiao Yuan, but also make you all sorts of feelings, the garden brings together a variety of odd birds Jane more than 80 species of birds only 1,000 of which are: red-crowned cranes, oriental white stork, peacock blue, and other key state The protection of birds as well as rare birds and exotic black swan, fire Birds and so on. Bai Niaoyuan designed to mimic nature, close to nature as the keynote, Taiwan, bird-watching, bird-ting Love, sand off the gull-yan, Song of the parrot promenade attractions such as the design is unique. In the garden, visitors can enjoy the colorful exotic birds, pleasant to listen to the birds, the birds enjoy a variety of comic performances, animal After the speech, but you will laugh, people experience the fun of birds live in harmony.

  Ecological Park Hotel Linyi is the first eco-tourism and green agriculture and catering services into one comprehensive eco-tourism park, the main dining area by the green, tourist areas, can accommodate 400 people dining at the same time. According to the eco-park and the Netherlands Smart features of the greenhouse construction, unique style, with good permeability, rockery stones in the park, bridges, plants, people away, is your ideal place for leisure. Grand View Garden in this plant, you will Yan Colombia to the concept of anthurium, Dutch tulips, Morias acacia, date palm in Africa, West Livistona of Banna, the Taiwan Cycas, the moth orchid, and so on, are thousands, Chaziyanhong, beautiful. Hence, the inspiration of your life romantic reverie, so that you only visit one of the world seems to go and watch all over the world who spend.

  There Lunan largest playground; there is a third country, mountain Province's first ostrich breeding base for deer breeding base; since the founding stone rubbing from a stone inscription to fill gaps in the history of Chinese stone Chidu Museum of Art; ... ... the scenery here, so beautiful.

  Since the amusement park opened in 2000, the average annual number of tourists received more than 500,000 people, tourist groups to receive 2 0 times more than corporations. Yimeng the agricultural landscape is a special tourist routes of travel, but also Luojhuang reform and opening-day tours of the main attractions. Has been named: the city of Linyi popular science bases, primary and secondary school students in biological science education base in a civilized city parks, animal husbandry advanced units, such as Green advanced units honorary title of 2004 As the first batch of outstanding national agricultural tourism demonstration sites.

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Ma horse's mane Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma horse's mane Mountain, located in Junan County, 10 km north of the city, the scenic area of 50 square kilometers, the mountain 662.2 meters above sea level, is Wofo Junan scenic spots is an important component part of Yishui Mengshan beautiful mountains and rivers in a bright The Pearl, a brilliant wonderful.

Ma Shan horse's mane pulled Songran The sky, towering majestic, magnificent, there are more than three days of the lakeside blue lake surrounded by mountains into Huguang, Meng Ling-Yan full of water, like a mirage Seonwon Naengjeong. Ma horse's mane Luan Pinnacle Group, tall and straight Xiufeng Jun Qiao, unexpected stones, yo Lei Lei; precarious cliffs, steep shaky; faint Shen Jian, spewing clear spring; Feibao hanging, gas Teng Chung; Hill over the vigorous pine and cypress, Tengluoqianchan; Yamahana Jing Yan, birds contend.

Ma Shan four odd horse's mane, four strange, the four insurance, four of the show said. Four odd: I started a long reed Stone, whitebait 10,000 travel Tianchi, the top non-black bottom, the light green background red belly. Four strange: Ma Shan four-horse's mane The roof top was shorter than the Hill to help, hundreds of thousands of foreign-day Stonehenge, in northern Shaanxi Red opened over and over. Four insurance: 72 Eagle worry Jian, drilling a three-day fly-day chicken hawk; tower 81 peaks towering peak side; cliff, such as cutting Chien Zhang, also met with monkey guts war; Ren million precipice Daojuan Curtain, read fairy also chilling. Four persons show Hill is surrounded on three sides of the clean water, mountains and rivers linked Artesian Bore Baths Fei Bao, the red sea of clouds and teng up red, Gusong Laoteng on with sleep.

Ma Shan horse's mane CMV scenery, numerous attractions, among the most high-profile symbol of Ma Shan horse's mane - Ma Shi mouth. Ma Shi population by as much as three 80-meter natural stacked stone base from its shape, such as neighing I named Ma. 535 m above sea level, stands at the top Shannan. Legend has it that when Jinbing against Yue Fei, a prominent military exploits, but were up Jianzei Qin Hui, the crisis in the pavilion die a martyr, his white horse neighing Ma Bei Fen, Yue Fei loaded Fenti Here's running now, into a boulder, head south, not Forget the fight against foreign aggression at all. Today, local people every night, can still hear the voice of the tragic Liema bray. For thousands of years, people horse I Fengruoshenming stone, the number of people with lofty ideals for their idol worship, and encourage their own enterprise.

Ma stone from the mouth to 80 meters, pulled unexpected, huge rock on top of a long thick reeds Lie Ma as the horse's mane mane, the horse's mane Ma Shan "horse's mane," the resulting word. Heat to the cold, green and luxuriant reed, the proliferation of life and life.


Ma days of the horse's mane down the mountain lake, the waters of the vast, vast Yan Bo, the water quality Ganlie sweet, like a peacock blue uniform of the horse's mane Hill Ma extrajudicial score disguised as powerful and beautiful. On the habitat of swan, wild geese, mandarin ducks, cormorants, crane, and other rare birds, is a natural wildlife protected areas. Kok Shan riding on a speedboat around the needs of more than 2 hours a week. Li speedboat from the whitecaps like dragon somersault. Fish in the water free to Viiv, a few fishing boat carrying people around the lake so that Forget the noise of the earth, as if exposure to the Jade Pool in Wonderland.

Ma is the horse's mane Hill Block magic mountain, is also a hero of the Hill Block. Anti-hero of the Southern Song Jin Yang Miaozhen in the Walled Yamashita, the rate of hundreds of thousands of elite women from excelling in their profession to play a heroic movement. So far, Yang Miaozhen still in the mountains of Morocco personally Stone characters: "Jiading four-year Walled foot of the Snake", which is included in the annals of the national heritage. Peak Gan Lusi a site, the former site of the barracks and living with the grinding stone, stone, stele and the residue of the ancient city wall. All this so that visitors have a quiet unlimited ancient feeling.

Ma Shan horse's mane Rich in vegetation, such as Red, rhododendron, azalea, Yingchun, forsythia, and Jin, Fendai ... ...; "Compendium of Materia Medica," recorded in a variety of valuable medicinal 3O0; there are odd birds Jane animals, such as the red belly of the green back gold Toad, transparent natural whitebait species, including pigeons, pheasants, badger dog, Rex ... ...; there are even Professor Lin Ye Not the name of the tree, shrub and Tengluo ... .... Fresh air, people are into the big Oxygen Bar. Ma Mountain horse's mane of the United States and the exhaustion of the "Ci Hai" in the words of praise are all indescribable; show the scenic, ancient and modern works of artists who are better than none. You do not believe this to travel, there would certainly be surprised to find the Our great God so there Chau Chi Mei's landscape, the magnificent scenery and let your heart Shen Chi Kuang, away!

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Snow Mountain Tourism Zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yishui Snow Mountain tourist area (AA level) is located 3 km east Yishui county Department. Includes snow-capped mountains, the mountains, Masan, with a total area of 2,000,000 square meters. Snow verdant trees, stone buildings, since ancient times, "Snow King 72" that are "hot bed", "cool kang," turtle back Bridge, the bridge immortal, light stone bowl, Li Shi, cock rock, stone plunging, Ma Shi 24.0pt stones and other Jinghe various forms of Qi-Song. Snow rich cultural connotations. Li Kui killing a tiger, Liu Xie asked school and many other beautiful legend, a wide spread. During the gathering has become a scenic spot is the built-in, Tsui Chuk Garden, Snow Mountain Scenic Area for the icing on the cake. Snow is the holidays People's leisure entertainment. Located in the suburbs, which are easily accessible, including snow-capped mountains, the mountains, Masan, with a total area of 5,000 mu. Qi-Song in scenic areas, forests, leaves, cliffs, rocks, streams, an integral whole cliff, and the myth of the many-status. In the area inside play, in the Rainbow Valley Walk in, touch the rainbow; camouflage trench firing shells Zhong Cai, the thrills; Zhuanghu amusement park in rural, warm and quaint; autumnale leisure resort in the middle, elegant and comfortable; Destroys the Formations of Stonehenge to break out of the talent show; Qingren Gu in love Romantic love; sunflower sunflower map view of the forest patches, strange Qiao Jing, as well as slide , A fish pond, and other unique creative touch of novelty items of pleasure. Snowy Mountains tourist area for its strategic location and beautiful scenery, rich culture, elegant and comfortable holiday living facilities, a great variety of activities to meet people entertainment, tourism, leisure, the demand for vacation, tourists Li Tourist resort.

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Four openings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yishui four openings located in the rural hospital in the first four-door East Village when the Shanxi Lu close to a natural limestone cave with a total length of 3,000 meters, East, West, North and South of the four doors, so that the four openings.

  Legend for a long time ago, here in the dense forests, often jackal, wolf, tiger, leopard four against the human animal. Lu once passed here, to hear the matter know, the light motion of wielding a sword, four animal pressure on the foot of the mountain when the secret. In the course of time, four animals have been thinking, if agreed mountains, is no longer harmful. One day, four animal at the same time to the North and the South East Quartet Washan struggling to escape, get rid of all of the results. Hill then have a hole, the hole will have four doors, this is the "four Hole, "the origin. Four animal to escape after the Second Lu passing here, think of pressure on the foot of the four beasts, looking for a long time, no trace, there is only one hole 4, is strange, so Guanqiao hole, the hole was found In the hole, hole day, thousands of water transfer, into an abyss, unique scenery, magnificent scene and then listen, There are wind around sounds. Lu letter and decided to practice here. Lu was informed that a peony fairy here, and here came in a hole near the practice, so there have been remembered by future generations as Lu opera Peony story.

  The magic hole and the mysterious legends form the strong openings of four people Cultural atmosphere, and also near the line of palaces, towers Shengxian, the Forest of Stone Tablets in Yimeng Park, Lake Bath, The Peony Pavilion, and so constitute the landscape are different in that he's unique landscape with high aesthetic appeal.

In 1999, Yishui good for a long time bronze Crafts Co., Ltd. Qufu Normal University, invited experts of the Department of Geography A system of "four-door Yishui County tourist district building plan", according to the planning, development of the main inside, outside, Sally Bath, Bath fairylakea four-level scenic spots. At present, phase one and two over, and open to visitors. Four large stalactite cave openings, the pan-day, the Longtan, Taiwan and the Lotus-hole, Hole on the landscape, and so on, the sub-dry hole, water tunnel, water tunnel from the north gate to be rowing, south gate on the side of the wall engraved with the "Dong Tian" Daewoo, has Wucongkaozheng era. Lu near the temple, Kwun Yam Park, Yueya Hu, the Millennium ancient ginkgo, and other attractions. Four characteristics than the openings of resources obviously, holiday tourists come to this.

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Yimeng Stone Forest tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yimeng Stone Forest tourist areas are mainly located in the northern town charges 10 minutes after more than 10 mt sq km of land, produced exquisite stone garden visible, rickets wrinkle, the set of "thin, leakage, through, wrinkle, ugly," as one, day to brew Building, a ghost ax martial art can be said that the world is a must. Stone Forest Yimeng some tourist areas like the Tigers down, and some, like Beaulieu lying Some, like the Youth Pre-employment eagle, and some like a monkey climbing, as well as the fairy ... ... Xiafan, thousands, Xingshenjianbei, is a story of a rock, a piece of stone in an article.

Yimeng Shilin County tourism fee stone garden has a long history. As early as the Ming Wang will have great Other charges in the county town of Zhu Tian Yuan Garden, built as a house, garden on three pieces of legislation rock garden, on the base are engraved with the words, so far retained. Qing Emperor Qianlong 30 years, Hong Li for the second time the emperor clear streets for the emperor's southern county fees, fees on county praise Fushi garden stone: "Linglong unexpected fight the odd position of high and low Ya affordable, to make this intention Public works, I did not have to worry You Si-yin. "

Yimeng Stone Forest tourist area with the county charges garden stone decorate the courtyard garden, flavor, and the Jiangnan comparable to Taihu Lake stone garden. China's classic "A Dream of Red Mansions" Yihong Yuan in the Grand View Garden, the fee is used Xiaoxiang Guan County, stone garden In 1986, U.S. President Ronald Reagan's Adviser on National Minorities Mr. Liu Chuanhu has made a special trip to the county fee, to select four stone garden, returned to the United States, legislation in Hawaii and other places. Linyi City, and South Korea as a friendly exchange of Jinhae city, in April 2001, the city of Linyi Municipal People's Congress and the leadership of the principal led a group to visit South Korea City had selected two pieces of stone garden county charges a symbol of friendship as a gift to Jinhae.

Yimeng Stone Forest tourist areas identified by experts, the cost of resources is the Stone Forest County, the largest in China, the largest number, the best shape of the buried stone forest type is found in northern China at the turn of the century's biggest natural-qi , Echoed with the Stone Forest in Yunnan Province, one of China must be called. At present, tourism has been the topic of experts to do the planning, site selection will be in charge County Xu Jia Ya tourist areas Yuhuan Hill, according to the rough-style gardens, stones selected to optimize portfolio construction, "Stone Forest Yimeng tourism" to make it Melt into stone forest tourism, customs Shopping and leisure as one of the well-known tourist attractions.

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Yinan Han Tomb Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yinan Yinan Han Tomb Museum is located three kilometers west of the North Village, which is in a Yinan civilization YA Beizhai Seoul Matrix Han Dynasty built on the basis of a thematic museums, the main show Beizhai group of Han Tomb And Yinan unearthed in various parts of the Han Dynasty stone. The Tibetan Museum Stone and other relics of a political Economic, cultural, military and Buddhists, etc., have a very high value and research value.

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Xingshan cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xingshan Mengyin cave is located 10 kilometers south of the city's market towns peach apricot village. Cidong Xingshan was in the village on January 6, 1994 to build housing when they were quarrying. Portal from the cave in the middle of the explosion, two bottomless, further development and construction. Development is now more than 360 meters, and in 1994 Dec. 17 to formally open to visitors.

  Xingshan carving of natural caverns, thousands of stalactites inside the cave, very spectacular. To spend precious stones, so much so that the other is pretty rare in the cave, there is very high and watch the value of tourism. Tung sets of holes inside the cave, even the hole-hole, a hole Lake, There are islands, many rocks, the wonders of the stack. "Wo Niu" model well that the "Dragon King's palace" and other scenes with people outside the WTO in Wonderland, fairy-tale world.

  At present, Xingshan cave tourists have been fine, and 5 km outside the Mengshan National Forest Park, 20 km away Yun Meng Meng and Lake Gushan formed a circle tourism, cave Xingshan only tourists in the peak reached on the day thousands of people.

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Linyi City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linyi City Museum in the Confucius temple, is a comprehensive geological museum. Linyi a long history and culture goes back to ancient times, 1-2 million years ago during the Stone Age, our ancestors had on this piece of land to create civilization evolved. The territory has so far identified more than 700 units a wide range of items, materials on a variety of cultural relics 10,000, the Chinese A 20 artifacts, relics 32 secondary, three-level cultural relics 362. Linyi city's history museum can be traced back to before the founding of the PRC, according to the 1945 "Linyi County," containing "the public education Linyi County Museum stone attached to the preservation of two, a museum room." After the liberation of the county cultural relics work control . In 1960 in Linyi of the original five-yin Temple and the establishment of cultural relics Bei Lang showroom, and in 1963 set up the collection of artifacts group. Heritage Gallery in 1979 set up the following year to build the museum. In January 1998 to move into the new Museum of Confucius Temple. Museum covers an area of 6975 square meters, construction area of 2 00 square meters. East penthouse door for cultural relics stores - Wenyuan Pavilion, operating jewelry, necklace bracelet, jade stone, the four treasures, ancient and modern calligraphy, rubbing from a stone inscription rubbings business, and painting and repair of cultural relics and identification operations. Dacheng Hall is a museum, a historical exhibition, 22 galleries have been opened for foreign visitors . The entire history of cultural relics exhibition is divided into 10 Court: basin Yishu River ancient human origins, has a long history of the Dongyi culture, magnificent bronze culture, forceful broad culture of the Qin and Han Dynasties, the illustrious history of porcelain, bronze mirrors history, monetary history , Painting and calligraphy collection. Collection of the Longshan Culture period artifacts on behalf of the eggshell Cup handle high-volume accounts for 60% of the country. The number of bronze ware, fine shape, Shang and Zhou provided an important archaeological materials. Linyi City, South Fang Zhen-Hong stores in the Western Han Dynasty unearthed in the "golden clothes-hard steel", it was rare treasures. Ancient porcelain, bronze mirrors and silver currency, so beautiful. Huang Shen, Han Feng, and other high-calendar Famous paintings to life, it is refreshing. Get into the galleries, like the scroll of history started, as all of our hard-working and brave nation of ancient and proud civilization of the ancient and proud nation. Binary to facing the courtyard Minglun together Miankuo 5, and Hill Dan Yan hard for the rehabilitation of the Qing Dynasty, is now an artist, painting, collection They, collection of stones, bonsai, Genyi, treasures, such as calligraphy and painting exhibition. All common stock of 10,080 pieces of cultural relics, of which 314 state-level cultural relics, there is a collection of stone ax, shovel-yu, black shell, hollowing handle high-Cup, I double-white pottery, bronze, gold-hard steel, such as clothing 27. This , And in 5000 the Longshan culture jade, stone, bone, horn, pottery, 5000-7000 years ago Dawenkou culture stone, bone, pottery, in 7000 before the North stipulated in the fossil and grinding disc, 1200 Million years ago, cattle, horse teeth fossils, there are 6 million years ago, the trilobite fossils, and so on. One Black shell, the hard steel jade artifacts, such as clothing, have been transferred to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in Japan and other countries on display. Minglun and the Great Hall of the Church to the west side of the Han Dynasty Stone Gallery, the Gallery mounted since the founding of the city since the discovery of different content and different techniques of stone carving. East Gallery mounted a large number of statues and tablets. Study of ancient China's political, economic, military, cultural and other in-kind to provide a great deal of information. Three of the office building into the courtyard for the antique-style two-story building, museum management, conservation and research institutes are located here.

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Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery in East China - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery in East China is a large garden to commemorate the revolution. It is located in the city of Linyi River shore, Calocedrus pines, the monument inside the tower, the country's most famous cemetery of the martyrs.

Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery in East China was founded in 1949, when the East China Bureau of the CPC Central Committee proposed that in Shandong Province People in the Linyi government has decided to set up large-scale Revolutionary Cemetery, South Africa and Venezuela touro the implementation of specific areas. In 1950, the main project of the martyrs and the martyrs memorial monument will be completed. Since then, they have carried out a building. At present, a total of the buildings, including towers, churches, shelters, museums, tombs, such as Square, 15, of similar size Wang . Linyi at the beginning of the martyrs cemetery, in October 1986, replaced this approval of the State Council, the National side by side for the first batch of buildings to commemorate the martyrs protection unit.

East Block revolutionary martyr cemetery south to the north, covers an area of 1,920,000 square meters. Square-door for the construction, 36 meters wide, high-1 .8 M, glazed tile veranda Dianding yellow, blue brackets have to rule out cloth, red Biane title with the words "Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery in East China," 8 golden Chinese characters, is well-known contemporary calligraphers, the former director of the Political Department of Huadong Jun Shu area with hand-written .

  Martyrs monument in the park's central cemetery for the 50-building Ting Zhu By the tower granite, limestone, steel reinforced concrete structure, high 47.5 meters tall and straight majestic, Songru the clouds. Comrade Mao Zedong wrote a positive for a "revolutionary martyr monument," 7 characters, gold Yi Yao. Tower before the broad market Gong Festival, on both sides of the cloth out of various styles of the Tomb, the Pavilion. To the east side of the former, followed by Luo Binghui stone pavilion, Hans? Heber tomb, and Chen Ming-Xin Rui joint tomb, the tomb Luobing Hui, Wang Lu Tomb of water; from the west side to the former, are often multi-en tomb, the tomb of Liu Yan, Zhang Yuan Tomb of life. After the Memorial Tower as a revolutionary martyr, a traditional palace-style building. Baoxia the top of the front, the amount of title "Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall," 7 large gold , Dignified and classical. Ying-Ying Bi halls to the door of Comrade Zhou Enlai has an inscription: "People's Revolutionary martyrs of the immortal!" Yingbi is on the back of Ren Bishi's inscription: "Eternal glory to your achievements!" On both sides of the former Yingbi, a display of water Lu Wang, Zhao Vice-inch-fu, Liu Yan, Zhang Shou 4 million martyrs of the half as stone reliefs East and West sides of the center of each of the great monument to the martyrs through the roof, above 62,576 engraved with the name of the martyrs, including county-level mission for more than 372 martyrs. Memorial Hall of the left and right wings are the revolutionary martyrs of World War museum and gallery stories, 3 buildings as "goods" out-shaped cloth, Tabori under the shade of large, distinctive style.

Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery in East China have a wealth of historical revolution. In some buildings engraved with the commemoration of Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Ren Bishi and other proletarian revolutionaries of the inscription personally, is a premium; with Shu Kai Wu Qi, and other well-known Chinese calligrapher and wrote the inscription of the tombstone, a style; 36 in Memorial Hall to the Revolutionary War story for the subject matter of relief, Xi Lian-blade, smooth lines, vivid characters; Luo Binghui stone kiosks and the whole body Luobing Hui Yuan Diao Stone to the simple blade, showing the general during his lifetime and heroic bearing Xuan Spirit. Many of the cemetery of martyrs during his lifetime collection of manuscripts, diaries, letters, literary and artistic works, photographs and relics of the martyrs, but also an important revolution in the history of heritage value.

In order to carry forward the revolutionary tradition of the CPC Municipal Committee of Linyi the revolutionary martyr cemetery in east China as an important base for education on a regular basis Organization of the masses of cadres to carry out education on revolutionary traditions. Today, the revolutionary martyr cemetery in east China has been named the Central Propaganda Department of National Education and revolutionary tradition and patriotism education base base.

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Rainbow Snow Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Not experienced wind and rain, how can Xiancai Hong? Who have seen every day of the Rainbow King? 999 who had heard of Shannon Rose? Who tried to "live ammunition" to stimulate? Who have traveled in space of mystery?

In recent days, the official business of the snow-capped mountains Yishui Rainbow Valley, you will do the scenic landscape include: Rainbow , Qingren Gu, Happy Valley, Valley field, Hua Cao, Mo Yu, and other entertainment attractions.

Rainbow Valley, the main landscape for you to create a deep sense of style in the rain, walking Caihong Men, Rainbow around his head, at the foot of stream water features, open up right next to Ting, Taiwan, the floor, pavilion, so that you Xiancai Hong every day, every day Mu Yu-hsiang. Unique The color Hua Cao, Hua Cao's 108 meters, within a few seconds while speeding, enjoy the thrills. In Happy Valley, the original facilities and climbing into outer space, flying turtles, laser gun bumper car, space fitness device, such as mad cow in the province unique, so your exposure to the joy of the sea, to forget the time and age. Getting back to basics Mo Yu, not only allows you to experience the fun of childhood, but also get barbecue room to barbecue and enjoy the joy of victory. Camouflage Valley will take you across time and space, return to the "war" era, according to the demands of an actual set of trenches and positions, "desert", "to capture the city" and "dense forest gun battle" tactical combination The new paintball gun, allows you to experience the thrills and stimulate the war. 999 roses to the promenade to lead us into the Qingren Gu, Cupid's arrow than Chute, Liang Kexin closely dependent, up a common love of the sky; Yuelao Temple and the Song-style thanks Moon Valley every other relative, the mountain on the construction of power The facilities house the couple, the former Housing Hill In full bloom, spring water gurgling behind, so that couples in the right right assail the nostrils on the path of love and enjoy the fragrance.

Everywhere inside the area can be sat on the floor of the lawn, clean the asphalt down in the full fruits of fun riding Langxia extension of the snow-capped mountains. BUZZ Qingquan, gurgling mountain, wild flowers in full bloom, the birds Timing make sense regression Tai However, the happy.

If you still something more to say, but also to pre-Ting Yuxuan enjoy classical music; the mountains to watch the large-scale theater performances; Xiulou to wait for your breath before the Hydrangea into your arms; or to see the car, "Feiyanzoubi" breathtaking.

Meng said that if its steep mountains and has a Just the atmosphere, snow-capped mountains Yishui Rainbow Valley is because of their warmth, romance, stimulate and highlight the beauty of classical beauty. Yishui Snow Flower allow that Rainbow Valley will be 800 years Yimeng a unique and beautiful landscape.

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Jingtieshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

District G: Gansu Province Jingtieshan latitude and longitude: longitude 98 �, in the vicinity of latitude 39 � structure: the western section of the Qilian Mountains

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