Wuzhizhoudao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Cheng, "Kawasaki ancient continents", covering an area of 1.48 square kilometers, were irregular-shaped Butterfly, 1400 meters from east to west, north-south 1100 meters wide. 30 km away from Sanya City, Hainan Island is around one of the few fresh water resources are rich in vegetation and the island. There are more than 2000 kinds of plants, and a large variety of growth and a More valuable species and, if called Flora in the giant dragon blood tree, and there are many rare plants, such as "symbiotic", "parasitic", "strangulation".

Hainan Expressway near the east, the location convenient. Accessibility is currently China's largest hovercraft that can 70 passengers of the "drift boat" on the island. Support centipede, an island of tropical marine climate with mild Qishuang, pleasant seasons, is on vacation, casual, cold, winter swimming, an ideal place for entertainment. There are more than 2000 kinds of plants, tall and straight tall trees, dense shrubs Wei Rui. East of the island, the southern peak of 79.9 above sea level , Cliffs rise steeply, its next-stricken rock, stone waves hit, like snow spray. West and North-terrain gradually, Yi Wan beaches, fine white sand. Clear-bottom waters around the island, high visibility, up to 27 meters. Lo-rich luminous, sea cucumber, lobster, mackerel, sea urchins, pomfret and colorful tropical fish. In the southern waters of the sea Very good protection of coral reefs, colorful, exotic patterns. This is entertainment at sea diving tourists in particular, the first choice.

There are temples and monuments on the island. Legend has it that Wu Qing, a deposit by the name of the Road, traveled extensively during the visit to Hainan Island Alchemy Xiushen, see the end of the centipede support the island state of Feng Shui, Jie Lu accounted for the island live. The matter was then informed that Yazhouzhifu, but also to the island, the island scenery and see fruit with good feng shui, this invaluable piece of land that should not be for all individuals, should have the benefit of everyone. WU Dao then put an end to human behavior, by raising capital in 1898 leaving a building on the island, named "Sea View of Three Han" Chinese characters from the creators of Cangjie, which is rare in China. After the fall of the Qing Dynasty government, leaving no one, for the fishermen do not know what God, was sailing down reshape the protection of God Mazu. At present, the centipede, support the development of a one-third of the island, a swimming pool, dance halls, beer hall, gymnasium and other leisure time all kinds of assumptions In the north-west of the island. Visitors to the island for sunbathing, swimming, but also for diving, motor boats, fishing and other maritime activities and all kinds of sports on the beach.

?? ?? centipede Island's more remote areas, islands, blue sky, blue sea, white clouds, backed each other, a very beautiful scenic charm Is a typical tropical an ideal place for diving. In the Island Diving centipede is only a "submarine boat" approach is the best tourist received a simple diving training, or have participated in the South China Sea and the Bay of experience diving diving activities. The centipede Island coral protection is the perfect Sanya of the most hard corals, soft coral layers Permian, the color return to the colorful Lai, a wide variety of coral reef fish is a real dive in quality.

  At present, one third of the Wuzhizhoudao developed, a swimming pool, dance halls, beer hall, gymnasium, as well as other leisure facilities in the island's north-west. Visitors to the island for sunbathing, swimming, Can be carried out diving, motor boats, fishing and other maritime activities and movement on the beach.

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The size of Nanshan Dongtian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nam Shan Dong Tian size of the tourist areas, Gu Cheng Dong Tian Aoshan size, is located 40 km to the west of Sanya Nanshan of Xinan Yu, a total area of 22.5 square kilometers, the sea rise steeply pillow for Yazhou barrier in the south of the ancient city. Since the Song Dynasty mountains into tourist attractions, has been 800 years of history, the history of Hainan Island is the most leisurely The scenic spots. Its characteristics can be summarized as the following three aspects: First, since the Tang and Song Dynasty Dongtianfudi, Dong Tian size that is to say to the world of fairy Dong Fu, and the legendary fairy islands in the East China Sea three Penglai, Yeongju, comparable abbot, known as fairy islands in the South China Sea, Sin had been seeking to attract many of the people. According to historical records, the Song Dynasty Taoist immortal name, Legend Nanzong Baiyu Chan, as a result of hi Shenxiu Nanshan, Enteignis this, the construction of a Taoist temple, the spread of Taoist philosophy. At present, there are retained inside the area, "Tan Sin" and "foot fairy" and other historical sites, as well as a number of travel poems. In the Southern Song Chun You, Maokui County office here, as a result of Huang Yan, love Water, this Nanshan repeated visits to Canada and has found that large and small Dongtian. By this developing area, left, "Dong Tian size of the mind" and other words stone. Taoism is known as Dong Tian 10, 36 days and 72 holes of the said land. Now giant scenic seaside cliffs are under an "Dong Tian," there are ancient Diaotai. According to Zhi-Ya Zhou "records, and a" Dong Tian ", inside the cave, there is Shizhuo, Dan Deng, surrounded by a stream, like a fairyland, and indeed some people have been to, but found no one today, full of mystery. More mysterious is that Maokui County because of the size of the development of active Dong Tian, Yu Ren, Leighton Road, as Secretary, to retain as many followers, to fly Away. As a result of people admire his style cents, flying its Office Pro Nanshan construction of the temple hair to know the military, to be religious. Second, the wonders of seamounts mountain, sea, Linquan is an essential tourist attractions. Here, Yazhou Bay arc string hundred miles, blue dump million; Aoshan Cui Lin Yun Shen, Qi Dong-You; coast around the work of God Ax, the shape of the object's size Xiao Lei group; between the mountains like a magnificent ancient scroll painting. Since the Song Kang County, one after another Maokui only by the mountains, there is no lack of leaders of Chronicles famous leg Pro Tour, which wrote the magnificent poetry. Guo tour in 1962, "the size of Dong Tian", scenic mountain on the Island amazed color, "Yu Ya Aoshan County," a poem of praise for the "South Austin Qi Ming," on April 17, 1993, the general secretary of the inspection *** Dongtian the size of Nanshan, Suozhi interest, in the area, wrote in "clear water, far from suffering, King Cliff is full of spring "lines. At present, there are scenic spots well-preserved historical celebrities, such as "Dong Tian" Seamount wonders, "" test Jianfeng, "" stone boat "and" Sin ladder "," foot fairy "," should be Ling-chuen, "and so on, there are stunning Nanshan old song (Dracaena), the tropical rain forest ditch . Both human landscape "Jianzhen sculptures", "Liu Jin," "Bringing the rock Pavilion", and natural scenic spots, "Jianzhen Muhai" Xiantao Stone, "" Xiaoyue Bay. "Peculiar beauty of its sea view, Mountain View, and Dong Jing Shi, Zhu Ya-called landscape of each spot. Third, Fu Nanshan Nanshan is the seat of the auspicious mountain, in the minds of the people Nanshan and is closely related to long life is the true sense of the Shou-shan. In China known as the place where a lot of Nanshan, Chaozhou, Guangdong, Fujian's Putian, the Dazu, Sichuan, Shaanxi's Xi'an has Nanshan. The most famous of a number of Qinghai Nanshan when all the territory east of the Nanshan, found in the "Dictionary of Chinese famous mountains and rivers" (1992, Shandong Education Press). However, the size of Nanshan's Dong Tian is very unique; First, this is our country In the south of the mountain, is worthy of the name, the sense of the word Nanshan; Second, the size of the Dong Tian is considered in the South China Sea, "Dongtianfude." "Dongtianfudi" is the Taoist practice seclusion and longevity, is also a real person's immortal legacy, is the ideal place for long life; Third, China's third, fourth in the survey were significantly : Hainan, the highest average life expectancy of the population, and Sanya City of Hainan's population, the average life span for the first Sanya Nanshan for most of the existing 86-year-old or older reached as many as several hundred people, we can see here is a real place Fukuzawa , Changshouzhixiang; Fourth, the size of Nanshan Dongtian concentrated in the vicinity to have survived for thousands of years Shu-Ting - the United States has been referred to as "the Nanshan old song" Dragon's blood tree. Dracaena Agavaceae an evergreen plant. Cretaceous dinosaur era had emerged in the plant, known as living fossils, the World UNESCO listed as a protected species. China has set for its rare and endangered plants, the country is a secondary focus on the protection of species, mainly Tropical and subtropical areas Xuan. At present, this species has been on the verge of eradication, but in Sanya Nanshan area is growing as many as 30,000, mainly in the tourist area the size of Dong Tian, more than thousand years old, there are more than trees, there is a maximum of six thousand years or more. Fukuzawa place, bring up old millennium; God's foot mountain, neon magic emanation vancomycin wizard. People There is sufficient reason to believe that is the Nanshan Zhangshouzhixiang, "Shoubinanshan" well-deserved here. "Shoubinanshan not the old song," This is a true portrayal of the area. From May 1, 1999 onwards, Dong Tian size of the area into the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya for the overall development of the proposed public Miao-door Ye Feng Rhine, the South China Sea Dian-long, life-Antarctic, the five coastal leisure theme park and supporting the rehabilitation center, hotels, resort facilities, so that the size of Nanshan Dongtian tourist areas in order to become a Taoist culture, ecological and cultural connotations as to keep in good health For the rehabilitation of health, to tropical seaside scenery for the atmosphere of international tourism The land.

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Sanya sail - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sail on the sea fishing boats have the club in Sanya today's most powerful luxury fishing yacht, owned boats have air-conditioning, bathrooms, and so on down the Diaoyutai. Fishing equipment readily available, safe and comfortable, convenient and quick.

  Reception at home and abroad every year tens of thousands of tourists and fishing enthusiasts, proved a number of good fishing spots, launch Island fishing, fishing, ocean fishing, deep-sea diving and other sea products and entertainment items, the current club captain and experienced fishing instructor, you will come to fish the waters of the Chingmei more, to experience the fun of fishing in the South China Sea!

Two-stone manifestation of professional fishing fishing: two-manifestation at the stone 2 sea miles southwest of the island, about 10 nautical miles away from Sanya, exposing the sea by two large rocks pose. Here depth of 15-30 meters underwater and around the coral reef, the growth of a large number of reference points, parrot fish, humphead wrasse, grouper, sea and big fish such as carp, is a very good fishing places.

  Far from the sea Fishing: ocean fishing spots in the election of six Bay, or Nanshan Bay, where the fish mast, a wide variety, is an ideal fishing nirvana. Suitable for professionals and plenty of time for friends from all walks of life to participate.

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Yalong Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yalong Bay National Holiday Resort is China's only tropical national tourism resort, located at the southern tip of China's tropical coastal tourist city - Sanya City, 25 km south-east of the Department. Planning resort area of 18.6 square kilometers, is a coastal park, luxury villas, convention centers, high-Star Hotels, resorts, tourism undersea world, marine sports center, golf courses, yacht clubs and other international-class tourist resort.
Bay mild climate, picturesque, here is not only the blue sky and bright warm sunshine, fresh and moist air, fell down the Castle, a thousand The attitudes of rock, the quiet of the original mangrove forests, wave-and calm in the Gulf, transparent and clear water, fine white sandy beaches and colorful landscapes, and so on the seabed, and 8 km long coastline on both video coconut Buddhist monk's robe, a large number of unique growth Yi Cao and the original tropical vegetation, features a resort hotel at the Cuolayouzhi Here, again like the one finally bright pearl, the Bay of dress and customs million, brilliant.
  Bay focused on the five elements of modern travel: sea, sand, sun, green, fresh air in one, shown clear signs of tropical maritime climate, the annual average temperature of 25.5 ?, the winter sea Minimum temperature of 22 degrees, suitable for swimming seasons and all types of marine sports. Here in the Gulf area of 66 square kilometers, can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people enjoy leisure, thousands of pleasure boats cruising chase. The clarity sea bottom, you can clearly see the seabed 10 meters below the landscape. Here 8 km long beach width Gentle, delicate white sand, natural resources and only domestic, international and any well-known tropical tourist resort comparable. Where Bay have been to all the people here have been intoxicated by the beauty of the CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman of well-known Hong Kong businessman Henry Fok Ying-tung had this evaluation: "The beautiful Bay Sea Hong Kong has not, Japan did not, as Indonesia's Bali, Hawaii, only the same type of leisure, but the Bay of sunlight, sea water, beaches, mountains, the air is better than the five elements of the Hawaii Tourism, Bay could be built Asia's best resort " . In 1992, the United Nations World Tourism Organization Secretary-General Weiniyake Bay on the inspection tour, Hui Bi excitedly wrote: "Bay has a unique natural conditions, the silver beaches, clear water, beautiful stretch of beach, unspoiled mountains and islands are the original The wild vegetation, this is a true paradise. "
Yalong Bay National Tourism Leave the district since 92 years since the establishment of the State Council for approval by the China National Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. Sanya's Yalong Bay Development Company Limited has invested heavily in high standards and high-speed Bay completed a project to develop Building. In a short span of 10 years, in addition to the completion of the infrastructure , Have been completed and dozens of world-class seaside resort hotel and an international-standard golf course and built a footprint of about 200,000 square meters on the sea-sports, tourism, catering and entertainment for the whole of the coastal parks and Butterfly Class 4A Valley countries such as tourist attractions.
In recent years, due to Longwan tourism facilities are becoming more and more well every year, not only attracts millions of foreign tourists to this tourist resort, and has become a large-scale organizing various conferences and fashion, health ideal venue for events. Since 96 years, has successfully hosted the `96 Chinese leisure travel vacation at the opening ceremony, the Second Globalization Forum, Four-time World Tourism Forum island, APEC senior officials meeting and the preparatory session of the International Triathlon traditional Sanya, two Chinese Professional Golf Union BAT Cup finals, the three largest of the highest level of the new Silk Road Chinese Model Contest Finals. It is worth mentioning that in 2001, organized by South Africa 51 session of the World Miss won the Miss World contest in the fourth Queen of the United States and Asia, said Li Bing, and the 2002 London organized by the 52nd session of the World Miss won the Miss World contest in the fifth Asia Oceania Queen of the United States that is the Wu Yingna T-Bay from the conflict-ying out on the stage, that is, and the world, go Brilliant!
Today, the Bay has been good reputation far and become well-known domestic and international tourism brand. At home, choose Bay Resort is a stylish, this picturesque scenery, comfortable and well-tourism resort facilities and unique tourism project has become a holiday paradise for tourists yearn! Bay legend:
Legend of a long, long time ago, is now in the teeth of the territory of Sanya Bay area, not the sea beach, close to the sea cliffs and is Gaoshanjunling. In the sea close to the mountains, is home to dozens of other families Li. A sea of beautiful mountain scenery and the moisture of Houze, this girl Rong Ruhuasiyu, clear, bright eyes, skin white like snow. Enuoduozi figure such as the areca, like the United States and all Ficus erecta. Called one of the unlucky girl was dazzling white skin, eyes bright star game to love, she said the young man no less than several dozen, but her love Xiang poor fishermen.
Day Several fairy Xia Fan, here's the sea bathing, Geely and saw her walking companion, who amazed the world there's such a beautiful woman. In the plaintive voice of the strange enough, they sink into one of the Harbor, Geely and they dare not comparable. Since then, the fairies are no longer here to bathe.
They fairy To the temple, they see the beauty of the world tell their brother and brother egg on their Xiafan take Geely and her female marry.
The seven handsome cool to listen to fairy fairy Fan Jian said there may Ficus erecta of the women's race, can resist the move Fan Xin, walking hand in hand they came to the seaside clouds, such as the See auspicious day to night and her female back towards the sea came back baskets. Sure enough, a well-deserved reputation, fairy seven eyes had been made. They forget that elegant, courtesy forget, one towards a girl blowing a breath, there is seven girl step on the soles of the feet as the wind as if they ran towards the mountains and peaks. Geely is one of them. Meanwhile Xiang and his partners came back out to sea to fish. Geely see them with seven men to run in the mountains, anger, they jumped up on the boat, is lagging behind. They shouted, their rationale for who did not. Exclaimed a woman who changed our hearts faster than lightning. They were good to the sea in the morning, evening They come on a change of heart.
Geely and her six women came to the mountains accompanied by seven fairies, fairies do not go seven, seven to the courteous courtship girl, seven women said that they have a sweetheart, and they can not accept the courtship. This fairy seven Yuexialaoren think of marriage is in charge and can not Demand. They regret that all the girls a glance, and then blowing them towards the tone, see girls home safely at the entrance, seven fairy floating in the air then returned to the temple.
Geely their home, they see the white fiance is a first, very strange. They fiance to elaborate on the extent of their Thing, and immediately fiance and marriage. However, they do not have a fiance marry them. The reason is that they suspect they are no longer the flower girl. Seven girls of their cold fiance;
Seven girl's parents they cool; her seven brothers and sisters in their cold; village Old people are cool them.
Seven girls kneeling in the sea, and to testify to the sea, they are innocent, not the sea ... words ...
The girl fell down seven heaven, and heaven to testify, they are clean, silent heaven
Seven miles into the bitterly girl, who died in order to prove his innocence. When the tsunami Shan Hu, rolling thunder, heavy rain poured down in the wind and the whirr of skirr thunder, Gaoshanjunling cliffs and constantly running it down, the entire coast there is a crescent-shaped mouth of the Bay, tight I suffer Bay appeared in a gentle extended, seven-kilometer beach, the sand white as snow, soft as cotton, such as small . Bay of jade blue sea, visibility up to 10 meters deep. Changes in the outside, seven relatives of the girl in the room did not feel that, in fact, their house and also with the Gaoshanjunling back from the cliffs, cliffs and Gaoshanjunling persistent, they do not house A retreat.
Regardless of seven Into the sea, they are after the fiance of wood in the mountains. Lightning in front of their passing, their thunder in the head explosion. Xiang days of shouting: "This is how going on?" Said the late hours, then soon, which sent a lightning moment beautiful girl, she told them: "Geely is their virginity, she This can not stand the aggrieved Touhai a suicide. "They melt in the bright eyes of sea water, so that the sea water becomes more clear, their white bodies were washed into the sea shore, Gaoshanjunling strange enough to give way immediately. Dianhua due to the gods in the sky, their bodies become The white sandy beach.
To stop the wind, rain A. Xiang as a fanatic who ran towards the sea, it turned out, a large white jade on the beach of the unfolding before them. Look at that sea water, the clear than before. They fell on the beach about bitterly. They regret their mistakes, remorse is unwarranted suspicion of doing them a disservice fiancee, also victims of their own. In the Gulf side, overlapping peaks of the mountain range upon range of hills and blue sky connected. Xiang sincere repentance they moved the Emperor of Heaven, he ordered them to open his door days. All of a sudden, lofty rays, sea gulls circling, dancing butterflies, such as Geely seven days from the woman evaded out of the gate, set foot on the peak. Xiang pleasantly surprised them, washed up on the run The top seven in the women's long retreat. They told them that they do not have to die, seven fairies who will be their eyes and into the water, their flesh has become a Dianhua beach, and they are entering the soul of the heaven. They have become the seven fairies. They also told them that the Gulf is the fifth Dragon King of the South China Sea Son-long teeth jurisdiction, it should be called the Gulf Longwan teeth.
To this day, Longwan tooth fairy may still beautiful. Longwan teeth have been to all the people all excited: "Basics of Global Sea Sanya, Sanya Basics of Global sea!" Such as blue tooth Longwan that pearl of the sea water, white like snow, soft as cotton, such as fine sand surface , That the United States and the girls may purely green scenery, people left an unforgettable impression.

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Scenic west coast railway line - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There is only one railway across the island of Hainan, Sanya from its origin, is the end of Changjiang County (stones) along the west coast of the extension of 214 km. It was originally designed for the delivery of the Yinggehai Changjiang salt and iron ore are built now are running a mixed passenger and freight cars. The line will go through a lot of beautiful places, of which there are no Well-known scenic spots. From the train, Sanya Station, will be followed through Phoenix Airport, the Asian Games ignition Taiwan, the ends of the earth, the ancient city of Yazhou. Sanya out, then after endless sea salt Yinggehai field, far away to see the Jianfengling, when the railway is a huge cashew plantations through. The We can see the coast of the windmill, a piece of mango and banana garden, as well as a seat Lin Li Miao village. Such scenery can be good until the terminal. Traffic: Jianfengling in the vicinity of the fare: 20 yuan Express; climbing 15 yuan

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Tung casualty list - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Casualty hole in the Lai Chi Town of Sanya City in the territory, away from Sanya City, about 15 km. Hole at the strange shape of a small mountain, as the natural limestone cave. Hole about 12 meters high, 9 meters wide, 18 meters deep, there are two central hole Chuidiao stalactite, such as the shape Jubi vacant. Ancient legends continue to drop when the nib, who Then the water in hand, Evans will be agile, Chengzhang write. Bottom on the ground a few blocks shaped like a large stone Yantai, legend has to be a god with the inkstone. Two "Ju Bi" in the "Cultural Revolution" during the destruction of Dong Ding is the only remaining vestiges half. There are a lot of stone inside the cave, casualty, "pen-hole off the casualty list," and "sharp Ling Ling Ling Feng Jian, "two lines, Shun read and read back the same, very mean, it is memorable.

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East-West Island sea turtle - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanya City is located in the sea off the southwest coast, there are two things the relative standing of the island, a small island near the turtle wins the middle, so the people of the two islands known as East and West hawksbill sea turtle Chau Island. East and West Island covers an area of sea turtle are 1.3 square kilometers and 2.6 square kilometers, the scenery is beautiful, in the early morning mist rising A hazy days of water; such as the sun from the sky float on the sea floor infected with ruddy, colorful scenery. Around noon, the sun rise in the sea mist Meng Meng, a small Island albeit not very clearly dim. Legend: two on the island, there is a beautiful legend. One day in a long time ago, the sea rising tide flooded crops House, the Warriors hold a two mountains blocked the surging tide, to rescue the people. Tips: Every summer and fall at the turn of the small Island near the sea is precisely the point where it enters the warm current and cold, moderate temperature. At this time there will be a large number of shrimp and fish swim here, go there at this time, you can get a lot of seafood.

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Sanya Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanya is the country's largest special economic zone of Hainan Province, the second largest city. Hainan Province in the south is the center of the city communications and transportation hub; the southeast coast of China's opening to the outside world gold coast on the southern tip of the important foreign trade port; is the southern gateway to the motherland; is the construction of an international tropical coastal tourist Metro. Sanya in international economic relations have a unique advantage. Sanya from the east to the western Pacific via the Philippines, Australia to the south by the South Pacific, south-west by the Indo-China and the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic, starting in Guangzhou, about 900 kilometers, is a true southern gateway to the motherland. Sanya or security Islands in the South China Sea as a rear base, and its strategic position in the defense of great significance.


?? Guchenyazhou Sanya, a long history goes back to ancient times. March 1992 archaeologists found a hole in the casualty list of 10,000 years ago were the site in Sanya, Hainan in the history of mankind A two to three thousand years ago, Hainan Island is the earliest known human habitation sites in China so far is the distribution of Paleolithic culture of the South a site; along the coast also found that the ancient Persians Graves. As early as the Qin Shi Huang's time to set the South San Jun, Ya Zhou is one of the elephant-gun. Now the Han Dynasty in Sanya Cities and towns established Milletia Zhuyajunzhi, Sui-based Pro-gun vibration, vibration of the Tang Dynasty replaced by the state. China's Song Dynasty to the southern tip of the county-level scale. Teikyo away from his and isolation from overseas, it is a time Sanya has been referred to as "the ends of the earth." Korean prime minister in the Tang Yuan, Ming Seng Jianzhen, the phase of the Song Dynasty Zhao Ding, Minister of Civil Hu and home textiles Po Road, and so has been to Yazhou, the region's economic and cultural exchanges and development has made important contributions.


Year in 1912, replaced by Yazhou cliff County, in April 1950 the liberation of cliffs County, the establishment of the County People's Government, in October 1954 the CPC County Committee County cliff Departments under the county government and moved to Sanya from the Yacheng. In 1958 and Baoting, Wanning and Lingshui prosperous region leak cattle cliff into the county (county), one after another in 1959,1961 separate set Baoting, Lingshui County. Cliff County reservation dominates the region. May 19, 1984 approval of the State Council revoked County cliff Li Sanya City (county level). September 26, 1987, the State Council approved the city of Sanya upgraded to cities. In the same year on December 30, prefecture-level city of Sanya was formally established, office listing.

Hill three sides in the urban areas, have adopted the North Ridge slope, there is the East Ridge of the General Assembly, Tiger Balm ridge 393 meters above sea level and the kaolinite Kau Ling), South Ridge to the south there, surrounded by the formation of force, rolling mountains, structured; the same time, the mountains will be an extension of the urban area is divided into a number of Castle Peak surrounded space for different parts of the city provides a unique landscape of the space environment . Looking back at sea, the mountains, such as green barrier has embraced a charming scene in the city of Sanya. Public The hills have provided a view of the sea, and bend the urban landscape of high ground. Sanya is facing the South China Sea, the Gulf more, many of the Gulf have Kai King. In a large urban area in the East China Sea, small in the East China Sea, Sanya Bay and the life of the people most closely related. The sea east and west is a second island in the South China Sea as if a door wide to the sea Increased levels of flu, the sea fog drifting away, which cover the two islands, added a little mystery; stroll on the beach, the city of Sanya as a sign of the looming Luhuitou. Sanya has eastern and western urban areas across the River 2, bis Cross River in the south of the sea in Nanhui, sinks in the North Island in the end, the natural shoreline and varied twists and turns, criss-crossing the upper reaches of the water network, the two The natural growth of mangrove green shadow dancing, water from time to time Niaofei Yi, Jin Lin diving, beautiful scenery, abundant life.

Sanya is located in a beautiful way to the mountains, sea, he characterized the natural environment, the city's attention to the construction of the natural landscape and urban environment, the ecological environment of co-ordination Line, "Hill - the sea - River - the city" clever combination of an integral whole, constitute a unique environment, Sanya features.


  By Sanya, no one here is not moved by the sea, the surf, walk the seabed, fishing, diving and the magic of Sea World Zero contact Much fun to explore the underwater world; or lying quietly on the beach and listen to the sound of the waves, so that the sun kissed skin. At this very moment, "Tatu Rongrong to the world of food," Sanya also has been the best response, live seafood, gourmet flavor, do not feel ashamed in front of the stomach.

  A long history and multi-ethnic Home, a cast of colorful folk culture and art, but also gave birth to a very rich local customs process and the essence of religious culture. Traditional customs and cultural life is exciting, myths and legends, folk dance, folk music, sculpture, landscape, religion, handicrafts and so on, the diverse genre, in the form of different landscape Sanya, the Sanya hard, so that visitors who feast for the eyes Lumpur.

  Sanya City is a mountain Bang Hai, Ye Feng Rhine full of the garden city. In the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone of Buddhism, Buddhist culture and to the ecological theme of fine sculpture; resort in the corners of the earth, there is always flooded accompanied Taosheng history Sculpture group of people; Luhuitou that the Peak Park lifelike sculpture figures in the story, "Luhuitou" beautiful love story; Bay Center Square, won a national construction "Luban Jiang," a modern sculpture garden and plaza, You brought back to ancient history. All in all so dizzying you.

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Rock Hill crater - Chinese tourism scenic spots

NORTHERN HAINAN ISLAND of ancient volcanic eruptions, here left over from the preservation of the world's most complete group of volcanoes, like Block, a natural geological museum of volcanoes - Rock Hill crater.

Rock Hill crater at the northern part of Hainan Island (also known as NORTHERN HAINAN ISLAND), adjacent to the city of Haikou, and dependencies across the Qiongzhou Strait.

  Crater The garden is a lot of efforts in landscaping, along both sides of the slope and on the stone steps. The middle is scattered through some of piled naked on the ground in the Huoshan Dan, in the Loess between Blackstone and dotted with the red and green flowers, it is also very unique. Park's most proud of is that it might, I am afraid that the honeycomb-shaped pavilion, it is like An open-air dance hall, covered with marble tablets under the pavilion, to sit next to people. On both sides of the pavilion also have a honeycomb-shaped building, side of the volcano was made to sell the handicraft shop, is displayed side of the volcano. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural phenomena and characteristics of the formation, and so on, other than there are illustrated VC Players also display a number of minerals, such as crystal and the like.


  Of which Seonin, Wolong two of the most spectacular holes, did not develop, but can enter into view. Fairy Cave saddle ridge from the crater 4 km, the hole on the basalt, "Shishi Xianzong" eye-catching stone, carved another hole hole In the 50's clean sand hole and found similar Fuzao of polished stone tools, human ancestors may have been the site of the cave.

Wolong holes from the Fairy Cave less than 1 km, 3 km-long, 7 meters high, 10 meters wide, can accommodate 10,000 people. Crater park for the World Tourism Day 96 China (Hainan) The venue has been built in accordance with the volcanic magma flows to the mountain Road. Lai Wan Park, near the township of wine, the world outside the well-known restaurants such as Dong Tian, taste our unique style of stone goat feast.

According to research geologist, NORTHERN HAINAN ISLAND Cenozoic volcanic eruption in the Early Tertiary, the last eruption is the Holocene Quaternary, Today about 10,003 years ago. After the sea million years, changes in the earth, is also here to preserve the 36 Cup ring cone crater site of the landscape, saddle ridge crater 222.8 meters altitude, North Naiqiong peak.

God may regret at the volcano's fault, here given a wealth of volcanic resources: United States The volcano, Rong Dong magic, perfect ecology, ancient human. In addition, climate, sweet spring water, fresh air, and so on, is the most suitable for human travel, a good place to live.

  With the rise of tourism, and the early 1980s, Rock Hill crater was classified as provincial landscape District wins. September 27, 1996 by the China National Tourism Administration of China to determine the World Tourism Day of the main venue.

Today, Rock Hill crater volcano has been constructed with a culture, landscape ecology, the construction characteristics of the theme park. The Plaza eco-volcano, the magnificent mountain, Old Attitude attitudes of the promenade, years ago the remains of volcanic eruptions mouth, and that the simple local conditions and customs, unique arts and crafts, food, such as Shan, on the outskirts of the provincial capital has become a popular tourist destination and is the best tourist attractions in Hainan Province One.

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Yang Shui Xian Zhuang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Western Development Zone, Hainan Province, Guilin, Haikou City, 15 km away from the water village covers an area of 5.5 hectares, surrounded by water, green grass and trees many different unique, is a unique antique style of Jiangnan, set Vacation, leisure, entertainment, as one of the large-scale resort-style garden. Water Zhuang elegant decoration, luxury and service facilities Wide, with luxury suites and 72 rooms of international standard, with the lobby bar, high-level swimming pool, tennis courts, Diaoyutai, water recreation, KTV song and dance halls, sauna massage, beauty salons, and other leisure facilities as well as the size of the room, business center and so on Business facilities, Chinese and Western restaurants and luxury box to put KTV Guangdong, the famous dish, such as tide and authentic French food.

Zhuang reasonable distribution of water, reflects the ancient southern antique garden, elegant, quiet, bridges, pavilions, Jade, together with the ancient oriental culture of the truth. Zhuang water around the island in the lake, islands in the House, set in Lake Lake, indistinct General mirage absolutely wonderful. Yang Shui Sin Chong Yang Guilin Tourism Development Zone, after all, Flower, the southern tourist resort of leisure resorts. One place is relaxed and happy, warm feeling.

Zhuang half of the water in an area of waters for the visitors set up a variety of water sports and entertainment projects. Zhuang water Tropical plants for garden features, and around the room before the window after the coconut trees planted, carambola, pomegranate, mango, litchi, yellow and other tropical and subtropical fruit trees. Actually resort.

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West Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinhua is located in Haikou City area Yoshioki Street, 75, is the worship of Hainan in the Ming Dynasty scholar Wang built. Wang lingao County Department of Hainan, the Chun Qiu Gao Caisheng, well-read, talented, but he sees their talents wasted, more than 20 years after entering political stratum has been hovering in the high state, Shaowu House, the House Linjiang Tong Zhi, 85-year-old single, Poems handed down West revealed a three-Zheng Shi, into the first and second into the courtyard between the second and third into the into the sun worship between al-ting, for both sides of the East-West Corridor hand, covers an area up to 1193 square meters. Temples throughout the Department of Architecture brick, single-brackets, Diaolianghuadong, sophisticated technology, the grand scale.

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Su Gongci - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancestral Hall is located on the eastern side of the five, in memory of the Northern Song Dynasty great writer and the construction of the Su Wu. There is Su Shi left Shuangquan, a relic of the hole discretion Pavilion. This is a garden-style courtyard, ancestral halls, trees, flowers Cuoluoyouzhi, Labyrinth streams, springs BUZZ. Su Gongci on the left side of the area is nearly 10 acres of Grace Park, Park Su-chuen, floating, Stephen Ting, washing the heart, such as Xuan Dongpo sites. Su floating fruit Fenqiangqianzhe wall next to a monument, engraved on stone "floating Su-chuen," the three characters, Beiqian cool spring water to fill up and down the side of two wells. Legend has it that this is the Su found here. Pure spring water, clear, bright, cool taste Gan. Sheng next spring, no more than a decade scale Use it to make tea, and alcohol very, known as "Stephen Hainan in the first" reputation. Now spring is still well clear bottom, but has not seen spewing water.

Floating in the top of the Su-chuen, Quan Su is kiosk and wash Xuan heart, it is said, both because of a poem by Su and from the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty Wengru case of Ye Built.

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Qiongya the former site of a major - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiongya "a" site area of 1839.09 square meters, construction area of 994.26 square meters. For the brick building, built in 1920.

In June 1926 for the first time the Chinese Qiongya's Congress held here. After the liberation of Hainan in 1950 and has become Forces, and Haikou in Hainan authorities and office accommodation. In 1984 the city government will be identified as the site of the first municipal heritage location. In November 1994, the provincial government will release its first batch of provincial-level protection for the unit.

In August 1996 the municipal government of Haikou start The former site of the complex, as well as the relocation of residents age 20 after the removal of the building. May 1, 2000 Qiongya "a" site as a base for education in revolutionary tradition and tourist attractions, the official opening to the outside world.

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Jinniu Ridge Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou is located in downtown city on the south side of the middle of the sea's Road Show, covers an area of 105 hectares, with Taurus Lake, comprehensive Zoo, pigeons Park, Butterfly Garden, Chuk Yuen, Park nut, pineapple secret garden, tropical garden sub-tropical fruit orchards, Flower Park, the cemetery of the martyrs, fitness Square area of green land rate of 96%, is the capital of Hainan Sea Park City, with nine of a lake in a large garden area. All year round, green trees in the garden, fruit fragrance, Feng Fei Splendor, Yuanti bird song, Xiang Ge Qun air, beautiful scenery and Zhu alone is King laid a good place to go hunting interest, reputation, "Haikou spots."

Park entrance on the road show in the middle of the sea on the south side of road Zaiman of the flowers and trees on both sides of a straight hundred meters Park Avenue through the door. To enter the gate, the Taurus is the scenic waterfall. Looking up at the door on the rise, we see a tall, strong-wai's golden light shines all over the huge cattle, it is Siti is firmly riding high at the top of the stone, head east view. A clear flow of Rock Hill man had Zhixie , To the steep rock hang a large and long shiny silver of the curtain, that is, "Taurus Falls." A beautiful landscape based on the legend. Legend has it that a long time ago, in the old city of Haikou on the outskirts of this mountain, shrubs overgrown with weeds, combined with drought every year, residents living very difficult. One year drought in the sky God, after a cow here, see the mountain is covered with vegetation and Yuan Yuan Kujiao want to burn crops, Mianhuangjishou people, the Health and compassion from the study, at night, Siti forced to tread, the powerful head east, which Hill mid-green trees, Flower tired fruit, harvest crops. In order to thank God cattle, people simply Shan "Jinniu Ridge." Falls under the Taurus is a garden by green trees, rattan studio, surrounded by walls of the open rattan, is in the public falls under the Taurus ideal to take a photograph. "Falls Taurus" Taurus is the symbol of Park Ridge, a symbol of courageous people to the sea to forge ahead, making progress, the revitalization of the spirit of the sea.

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Haikou Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancestral Hall, also known as the five exhibition hall, and "Hainan in the first floor," corresponding to the distance, is a spectacular scale, the momentum of the grand architectural style of the ancients, elegant style, rich in content, the Museum Center II, on display on the third floor of Hainan history celebrity life, "Flow human sea," added style.

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Pak Mun tourism and entertainment park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nandu was an alluvial silt from the small-Beach, 1988 at the beginning of Hainan, Hainan Huandao Home Investment Co., Ltd. will expand Haidian Dao Wai Yi Wan hectares of land and sea-made, Pak Mun Tourism Entertainment Park in Haidian Dao built on the north shore. The entertainment park for swimming, restaurants, entertainment facilities, a comprehensive , Where the white sand, has a clear head, Lang-ping, is an ideal training after building up the waterfront Yongchang; where the tree-lined, and in the sand on which to set up colorful tents, people are longing for the summer heat, the resort's leisure Manner. Pak Mun tourism and entertainment park has a top hotels in the North-South style of the food stalls, Ancient bag that special flavor of the United States Shuanyang Rou, also has the East Village style, circus acrobatics, Ocean Club, shooting range, children's parks, sports grounds, motor boats at sea, beauty salons, and other centers of the entertainment complex, really Haikou is for the city's leisure place of Yi Jing.

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Dongshan Lake Tropical Wildlife Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou to Sanya, located in the middle lane highway 27 kilometers, covers an area of 2000 mu, has to watch traffic area on foot viewing area, service area centers, such as the lakeside resort. In the road to watch Cervus be visible in Hainan, the Manchurian tiger, African lions and 200 Asian elephants, and other animals, walk to the viewing area can watch the monkeys Fruit Hill, pythons Island, hippo pool, and Bainiao Yuan Tan crocodile, and so on. In the services area, but also a taste of the Hainan - East Park, produce the goats and the rare real game meal.

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Five Ancestral Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The shrine also known as "the first floor of Hainan" and is located in the city of Haikou and Qiongshan border, this piece of wooden buildings built in Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, is the commemoration of the Tang and Song dynasties were demote, five from Hainan -Ming Chen: Li Deyu, Li Gang, Zhao Ding, Li Guang, Hu Quan.
Five stone Cinei public life, thoughts face Ancestral Hall has five nearby nursery school together, the five public Jing She, Jia Tong concept, Su Gongci, arch bridge, Hechi, Wind Pavilion, King Park, which form a group of community buildings.
Ancestral Hall five-year tour in the region, many precious cultural relics on display, hand-written Huizong Zhao Ji, "Shen Xiao Chao Yuqing Wanshou Palace," the most well-known, and its thin gold-book Delicate and pretty vigorous, the study has important value of calligraphy. There are also well-known old Hai Tang clean calligraphy, is also very popular with people like.
  Five Ancestral Hall and the city of Haikou is located at the junction of the city of Qiongshan. Five Ancestral Hall is a general term for the ancient buildings. It contains five Ancestral Hall, Su Gongci and watch Jia Tong, nursery school together, the five public Jing She and Joan And so on.
  This ancient building was built in Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1573 ~ 1619). Ancestral Hall for its five main buildings, two-story wooden structure, 9 m height, surrounded by Yan Lang, without the brackets, for the first building in Hainan, the Hainan, said the first floor. Ancestral Hall is a commemoration of the five was down to the Tang and Song of the Hainan Island History-Ming Chen, that is, the prime minister in the Tang Li, Yu Li Gang Song Dynasty prime minister, Zhao Ding, the Southern Song Dynasty general anti-King Hu and Li Quan. Terauchi possession of Huizong Zhao Ji written in "Yuqing Shen Xiao Chao Wanshou Palace," the monument, research on the theory of Taoism and the thin-gold calligraphy have important reference value.
  Su Gongci Ancestral Hall and adjoining the five, Rise to Um, the last Ming million to set up the ancestral hall, said Su Gongci. Memorial is a famous Song Dynasty poet Su Shi, also Chongsi his brother Su Che, the Soviet Union, also known as the Second Temple. Su Cinei display poetry, and so on more than 30 pieces of tablets. Temple before a couplet: "can be an eye-opener here, who can be equipped with Meishan." Singapore home because they do not disgrace the sea Area, lectures Ming, Nikko education, the humanities Qiongzhou Sheng, Su Shi is from the beginning.
  Five Ancestral Hall is a general term for the ancient buildings, including five Ancestral Hall, Su Gongci and watch Jia Tong, nursery school together, the five public Jing She and Joan Park. Five Ancestral Hall is being demoted to Hainan Island to commemorate the history of the Tang and Song Ming Chen 5, that is, the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty Li , The Song Dynasty prime minister Li Gang Yu, Zhao Ding, the Southern Song Dynasty general anti-King Hu and Li Quan. Terauchi possession of Huizong Zhao Ji written in "Yuqing Shen Xiao Chao Wanshou Palace," the monument, research on the theory of Taoism and the thin-gold calligraphy have important reference value.
  Five Ancestral Hall ancient buildings built in Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1573 ~ 16 9 years) and Qing Guangxu 15 (1889) repair, renovation and then many times, the building area of 2,800 square meters, together with the garden, Jing-quan, ponds and about 100 acres. Near to downtown, the unique beauty since ancient times "Hainan and Taiwan scenic spots" known.
  Five Ancestral Hall for the construction of the main two-story wooden structure, 9 meters high, surrounded by Yan Lang, without the brackets, for the first building in Hainan, the Hainan, said the first floor. Hanging upstairs, "Hainan in the first floor," He Hengbian. Cinei column, the Qing Dynasty in conjunction long landing sound:
"Tang did not build cheap, Song Pianan hate, heaven and earth a few talented people overseas turn, Qianxian Road Lease, the post-hing, dry There is righteousness in this building. "
"There are only, I do not know Youshen, they are allowed to torture evil, stronger Kwong; they first have to worry about it after the music group I hope to rise, Mr Lau negative view."
  Church nursery school and five at five public temple on the right side of the Ancestral Hall. Was the mainland scholars to give lectures to the students and Hainan Institute By history. Grace Park in five of the left side of the Ancestral Hall, which includes the floating-Quan Su, Su Ting-chuen, Fubo, and other temple buildings and gardens. It is said to float Su Su Shi Quan cut the Jing-quan. "Stephen Hainan in the first" reputation.

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Guilin Yang seaside tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiongshan City is located in the north-east of the coastal zone, 19 km from the town government, 24 kilometers away from Haikou. Tourist market has a swimming beach, the International Sports Village, Thailand Hua Guoyuan, sunny resort city, roaming the world's Park 5, a number of other small projects, Hainan is one of the resort. Coastal tourism market, is a coastline Up more than 10 years of large-scale natural swimming pool. Here clean water, shark-free waters, seabed with rocks, coastal slope extension of the small, shallow-water coastal zone up to 20 meters; Wangong such as the ten-shaped beach, rock slope belt such as walls, white sand, such as silver, such as fine at the end, such as soft Mian.

  Guilin is a kind of time outside in the Ming and Qing Yi Feng Lin is because there are foreign and Taejon million more than its name. Jan 1, 1962, the state-run farms like Guilin, an official announced the establishment of. Hainan in May 1988, changed its name to the farm, "Hainan Province, Guilin, the state-owned foreign farm", in July 1991, the Hainan provincial government formally approved the establishment of the "Guilin Yang economic development zone" Open into a set of people, the two brands of leadership.

  Guilin Yang terrain for the open sea sediments into the ocean Guilin plain, slightly higher than the surrounding, low-intermediate, the majority of the plains area, 10 meters above sea level plain below. Quarter of a tropical rain forest climate, warm climate, light, Yun-year average annual temperature of 24.1 ? Rainfall of 1760 mm. Well-developed animal husbandry, agricultural and sideline products rich tradition of producing high-quality rice, cantaloupe, watermelon, and other known reputation. Guilin Yang has a 6.8 km long coastline and two beautiful bays, coastal waters produced in the large white shrimp, Gao Xie, mackerel and other species, such as seafood, shellfish, is renowned in the Quartet Guilin in the north-east of shallow ocean, the original 72 villages, the Ming Dynasty in 1605 a major earthquake this village into a sea of 72, created a world-famous "village Harbor" wonders. There are in the vicinity of the country's largest maritime forest - mangrove forests. Has a unique value tourism development. Guilin is located in the Western outskirts of the provincial capital Haikou. A total length of 12 km, the zone of the high-level cross-road and cement-yu East Sea Route connects north-south through the development of a second cement-km trunk roads and tourist areas have been started, respectively, to connect the development zone and sea-based Development Zone of Dongying. Planning of the United States and the sea International Airport Development Zone in the vicinity of 4 kilometers. Sea, away from Haikou, Guilin, Yang only 8 nautical miles, Hong Kong, Haikou, Hong Kong's former shop Fortunately, the ship is a direct route to Guilin Yang beach.

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Dongshan Lake Wildlife Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongshan Lake Wildlife Park is located in the city of King Shan Dong Shanzhen, is located in Yuzhong line in the sea 27 kilometers away from Haikou Department of Dongshan Lake, covers an area of 2,000 mu. This is like having a wild nature of the concept of the zoo, Hainan is a unique good place for sightseeing.

There are more than 100 species of zoo animals, including 50 0 than the first (only). In addition to stocking a variety of rare birds and animals, but also to allow the rare and endangered tropical animals at the zoo in the home. Zoo Jiangxinduju design. Visitors can watch the traffic in the area concept of African lions, tigers, bears, and other natural beast in a state of grace, walking in the area to watch the Asian elephant, giraffe, crocodile, hippopotamus Giant velvet, long python, Minghe, pony, and so on, but also outside Huaguo Shan Shui Liandong and playing with the monkey, worry-free detached, infinite delight, with no support structure in Bainiao Yuan walk.

In the services area, you can also taste the famous Hainan - East Park, produce goat and the game really hard to come by meal Park to be set tropics into the zoo, botanical garden of tropical and tropical orchard three-in-one, has a good tropical system ecological tourism and leisure areas.

.... Visit a wildlife park, you can understand the nature of the lovely Conservation of Nature inspired to protect the interest of the animals. For the convenience of tourists, zoo Opened up a service center area to provide food, rest, buy souvenirs and other services. The zoo in 1995, opening the second half.

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Beach holiday - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Holiday Beach is located in the coastal city of Haikou's Road West Extension Qing Ling Road in the north, from east Xiuying Beach, west of the five source area 6 km long and covers an area of 54 hectares (excluding the beach and sea) of beaches from 3 Xiuying Kilometers away from the inner city, 11 kilometers to the sea. For the people of the sea, as well as visitors at home and abroad for sightseeing, Leisure and resort construction of a set of water sports, beach sports, tourism, leisure, culture and entertainment in one, natural and artificial landscape made for a combination with the characteristics of an international tropical coastal city and popular tourist attractions and leisure resorts.

Area running from east to west into the sea sports area, the sea Restaurants and cultural areas, bath on the beach area, leisure resort features four major areas. Since July 10, 1995 and opening up, is white sandy beaches, clear water, cool sea breeze and bright sunshine, the towering coconut whirling, the Green Wave and downs of the Casuarina forest belt, and so pure and beautiful nature and design Unique Heart, and optimize the complete package, the new design and cost-effective large-scale recreational facilities, plus the services of both popular and distinguished guests, warm and thoughtful, Haikou City won the general public and foreign tourists praise the people I can not, by reputation, "Ye Cheng-sur-mer Grand View Garden. "

From downtown to the sea - by six-way concept Direct bus Beach Department of the population. China and Pakistan after the road trip coconut trees, tall and green, cover the road overcast; out a flower bed, Bai Hui Yan dispute, each colorful Ying, was enchanting. Along the beach to the west over 10 km long extension of the Qing Ling Road, along the left is a lush forest of Casuarina, a new forest belt between scattered from the resort, Bin , Playground, and so on; boundless expanse of blue water is right along the Qiongzhou Strait, sea vessels between the size of the shuttle, to compete with each other, Li Yin-splash. Yecheng visit along the way this special coastal scenery, it is all the more fascinated show that the crown Qiongdao beach holiday.

The most scenic beaches in the entrance area is located in the central sand Japanese bath area. Among Palestinians from traveling to the population of tens of meters, more than a dozen He Bao Wai stem the huge banyan style of the ancients is the most eye-catching. In the warm welcome and soft music, electronic control of Gurong Grateloupia Ying-mao who leaves in the breeze, Cui Ye Guo Zhu flashing light. Although visitors into the area, has long been more cordial and cool quickly. Into the beach District bath door, neat appearance of the eco-car park, criss-crossing the road lanes, the different shape of the flower garden, variety and state of the tropical landscape tree, red and blue color Ganglv the semi-circular building materials, color variations in the size of restaurant Pavilion ... ... simply dazzling. Looking to the east and west ends of Vision, the crescent Km of beaches, all over the various types of recreational facilities, beautiful layout, building new set, color harmony, and integrated into a muddy sea, the beach is like a giant mosaic of colorful sapphire edge of the lace. Living in such a spot color and style make a false charge of the elegant seaside Grand View Garden, it welled up in his perception that the holidays are beach To the people living in cities back to the Park provides a natural environment and modern beach, the sea from a variety of recreational facilities, fitness Yishen is the ideal situation.

Beach on the eastern side of the water by performing halls, leisure parks, marine club is composed of three parts, covers an area of 80 acres of "water world", its construction One style of ancient Rome, with a capacity audience of more than 1800, the year the invitation of star performances at home and abroad synchronized swimming, diving at high altitudes, such as land-based dance style, art appreciation, the trend of sports, fashion travel together to add beach holiday tour Yaqu more.

  Bath on the beach The west is the elegant environment of leisure resorts, there are new here to build vacation homes, in particular, the structure of bamboo resort, all sorts of every account, simple and coastal hammock, and other accommodation facilities for the beach during the day's play of the people and providing a comfortable environment for the overnight And equipment. Experienced a number of recreational activities to visitors, right close by home overnight at the sea beach Court, sea breeze, cool fun at all; Taosheng in small voice, long sleep; iQue Penglai, carried away, I have to do is wave sleep lying Sin Tao of interest.

Beach holidays, how pleasing the name! Beach holiday, the connotation of how fascinating! As if she was a mosaic Yecheng in the coastal Pearl, with its Really texture, luster and the Museum of eye-catching and dumping it. Her, to the history of tourism chapter in Hainan has added a brilliant.

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Dongzhaigang mangrove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hainan mangrove forests in order to Qiongshan, Wenchang most of which Qiongshan Dongzhaigang mangrove area is a protected area visitors to one of the most scenic areas. Mangroves are tropical coastal mudflats on the unique evergreen plant, as most of its trees are among the mangrove branches, so will its ecology as the mangroves. Around high tide, dense Tidal mangrove forests have been submerged, his only green waves Suibo crown to become the spectacular "forest at sea."

  In 1980, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government in this re-Qiongshan City Dongzhaigang mangrove nature reserves set up the waters. This is the first to establish a mangrove protection zone. Dongzhaigang mangrove Lin Area stretching over 50 km with a total area of 60,000 hectares. Tens of thousands of mangrove trees, the root of the root staggered, climbing sticks with sticks, leaves covered with leaves, put to the formation of the complicated and confusing. A total of 16 of China's mangrove Section 29, Dongzhaigang on the distribution of Section 10 of 18, accounting for 60% of the mangrove species over. Dongzhaigang mangrove species in the Red Sea are the main rugby, cricket Lam, mitral Hai Lin, Kok, fruits, candel, Lam white, sea and bone roots and paint the sea, Aegiceras, Le rats, water Liu, Wang Rui, sea, such as mango .

Dongzhaigang thousands of mangroves, and beautiful scenery. From afar, you might see on the coast, saw the vast expanse of the The sea, showing a Ding Ding of the green crown. These mangroves grow Zhi Fan Ye Maung, the level of letter, color structured. If Gangcha along the winding watch, you can clearly see that each tree in the first four weeks are dozens of long-distorted aerial roots, reaching a radius of one meter, to insert a cross-mud, like cages, the local people call "Hung over the chicken." Of the mangrove aerial roots, like its amazing! Some, such as the lead in the first monkey, vivid; some as a myth in Xian Weng, Laotailongzhong, very poetic. Mangroves to watch the best landscape Time is the sea at high tide, draw a small boat into the mangrove area. All-around is a strange and beautiful patterns Congcong Green crown, is in the middle of a long tortuous way, the forest waterways. The surging tide Chuaner pushing a leisurely along the water waves, Huzuohuyou, visitors can only see blue water and green canopy, and feel the magic charm of the mangrove as a pair of fog over the same round Chung, filled with sea ... ...

  Dongzhaigang mangrove protected areas are not Has high research value and attractive, but also a very important practical value. Mangroves as a green Great Wall on the sea, effectively prevent the tides and strong winds on the farm cottage invasion, and its root deep root in the soil, can protect the soil from being washed away by tide, and can stop the rain from being on land Brush down the soil. Its leaves fall into the sea, after a period of decay, into a nutrient-rich food for fish, shrimp, crabs and shellfish for human consumption.

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Hainan and Taiwan College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the town of Haikou City Wen Chong Road, is a legend, after the commemoration of Hainan, the first man-made gifted scholar, Chiu Chun-Ming University who built. Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty was founded in 40 years (1705), reportedly because of Qiu Jun, Hainan and Taiwan, said Hainan and Taiwan, which it is named College. Hainan and Taiwan Normal School is now the site. Its main building high-Kui Xinglou Layer, Lvwa, Red Gallery, white walls, is a national characteristics of the brick building has been well preserved. Leung Kui Xinglou on the second floor in a pegged to the plaque, a letter to the "Scholars" of the word, the word big. This is the year of the College of Gaocai Sheng Min Zhang day in court, after examination by the grant. Diaolianghuadong building, unusual and unique; trees in front of the building Yam, Yajing beautiful environment. Here was the highest institution of Qiongzhou, Hainan is the ancient Shi Dengke people entering political stratum stairs essential. Famous Cantonese opera, Qiongju "College Search" on the story took place here. At that time, the Japanese scholar Zhang Min and Qiongzhou House in the town have a girl's love Taiwan, Taiwan furious town girl severely punished, the girl fled into the College for help Zhuizhi sent to Taiwan in the town, palm College Education Xie Bao speak up in front of the decline to receive a guest, to wit, and Cheng Ye will be sent outside the city girl, so Zhang Min and married the maid. Hainan and Taiwan with the College "College Search" and famous at home and abroad.

  The story takes place in the Yongzhengnianjian-ching, a day of Chung Yeung Festival in September, government qiongzhou town Department of Trillian women with the town's Miss Taiwan to go out kite-flying, two-person play are proud of, surprise, like a kite strings accidentally broken, the wind kites falling in the last Hainan and Taiwan's College, the hospital was a scholar Zhang Min Picked, Zhang Min wrote in a kite on a small Shiyi Shou, Zheng and from time to time to look for Trillian, met Zhang Min, See the hands of Japanese-min has been holders of the poem written on it only a kite, can not help but feel the action, also include a kite, the two are love at first sight, they dump Blues each other. Trillian story of a young age to become the lackey of the suffering of life, are sympathetic to Zhang, two more to open their hearts to each other, make ... ... Zhong Chang v.


  When Lin will be returned to Miss Kite, wife of Taiwan in the town found that kite on the poem, and then falsely accused an excuse, said Zhang Cui-lian and bad move, in the severe beating, torture in every possible way, his wife plan to sell Trillian Road Zuoqie to Taiwan, although Trillian Haide was a very tough battle, but we do not succumb to violence. In a high wind on the black , Trillian Nvbannanzhuang escape from a dangerous situation. At this time of Trillian is unaccompanied, to think of a scholar Zhang Min, is the poetry he wrote, were also extremely Zhang Yi, then fled to the College to find Min Zhang. Just an ordinary scholar of the day, Zhang Min with Trillian for Mr. Yu Xiebao, Mr. Xie Bao Trillian great sympathy for the suffering of life, the more they appreciate the two major Feudal break through the cage, take this for Valentine's. Trillian heard of the town of his wife fled to Taiwan's College, anger has been under siege Yinbing College, claimed that they would searches College, College use force to hand over Trillian. Distress, Mr. Xie Bao brute force, justice, fight for an excuse for military attache (Taiwan and Hainan in the town where Senior military officer) could not search College and the town of Taiwan, together with the state to find people at National Taiwan University Road reasoning. Taiwan town no option but to allow line with forbearance. Take advantage of this opportunity, Mr. Xie Bao Trillian cleverly sent outside the city, searched the town of Taiwan's College off the air on the way.

  Since then, said Zhang Wen, and Trillian in the country became Women, woman and efforts both within and outside the home all the housework, men also dampen the study, at last examination examination. Since then, and the story of the people of Hainan has become a topic talked about.

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Xiuying ancient fort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiuying ancient fort is located on the north side of the road?????Xiuying behind the village, together with ancillary buildings throughout the Fort area of about 10,000 square meters. A total of Fort Beaconsfield, Zhendong, Dingxi, Zhenwu, Zhenwei 5, 200-meter-long coastline on a small hill in a straight line along the east-west direction and build. Gun north gate, facing the sea, four Surrounded by a solid wall. Two rows of barracks, ammunition depots relative, in the middle is the big playground. Playground on both sides of the towering trees, lush and full of vitality. After a century fort, but the basic well-preserved. Hainan is the brute force of the people, to resist outside to witness the historical disgrace. Haikou municipal government announced in 1985 for the fort city Heritage point unit.

In 1890, the Qing government to resist the French invasion, ordered the army to prevent the coastal ports. Guangdong and Guangxi Governor Zhang Qiong temporary access to the sea to inspect the situation, ordered the construction of Fort Xiuying. Fort Xiuying ancient fort in size 5, Beaconsfield, Zhendong, Dingxi three artillery , For two Zhenwu Battery.

5 from Fort east to west line, the north side by side, Hu Shi to the sea, majestic. 5 guns were bought from Germany Krupp gun works. Battery control room set up on the south side of the East, behind the practice field and barracks. The entire Taiwan area covers an area of 33,000 square meters. Show Hainan is a Fort Ancient large military installations, but also in ancient China's large-scale military facilities. It's Guangdong Humen Fort, the Shanghai Wusong Battery, Tianjin Dagu Fort said China's four major ancient fort.

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Yulin Rongxian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rongxian, "three" tourist areas and the county seat is located 10 km away from the county seat of the territory Danzhai Xiang, the whole area of the peculiar structure of the pavilion, beautiful gardens and beautiful landscape is away. Rongxian, "three" from Zhenwu Ge scenic tourist attractions, the Royal landscaped area, a scenic Du Qiaoshan three parts. Building 000, refers to the National Ancient heritage spots by the unit slightly Zhenwu Ge Taiwan area; celebrities, is the reflection of "the four beauties of ancient China," Yang one of the legendary life of the Royal landscaped area; famous, is the China Taoist 36 Dongtian of the 20th Dong Tian And autonomous regions Duqiao Shan-level scenic spots.

After a little Taiwan Wu Rong Pavilion at the east side of Kam was a "day Namgyal structure," in 1982 by the State Council as a national key cultural unit. Slightly built in Taiwan by Tang Qianyuan 2002 (759). To the well-known poet Yuan Jie Ren Rong Rong Xian Dudu Fu Jing Lueshi tube, in the east to build state capacity slightly by Taiwan for training soldiers, the concept of travel scenery In the early Ming Dynasty, platform slightly as Jian Zhen Wumiao, the first year of Wanli Ming (1573) Zhenwu Ge Temple will be built by the three-tier pavilion, which is now Zhenwu Ge.

Court-wide net for the leveraged structure of the wood, high-13.2 meters, 13.8 meters wide and 11.2 meters deep into the whole do not have a Tower , With nearly 3000 wooden frame components, in order to leverage the structure of principle, in line tandem with each other to support each other constraints, to coordinate the formation of a reasonable beautiful solid unity as a whole. The two-story with four large columns, although under the upper floor, Liang Jia, with columns and tile Court, the ridge decorated with a heavy load, the column left foot but not landing, The whole structure of the Pavilion of the most sophisticated, most peculiar. It relies on principles of leverage, such as scales, like the whole building to maintain balance. Zhenwu Ge structure of the Kit Kat, unparalleled anywhere in the world. 400 Over the years, experienced a Zhenwu Ge 5 earthquakes, typhoons 3 large, still intact. Zhenwu Ge as the "day structure Namgyal", and Yue House, the Yellow Crane Tower, Tengwang Ge collectively known as Jiangnan floor of the four, is the only acne did not retain the integrity and reconstruction so far of the four floor.

Zhenwu Ge Deng, Jiang embroidered bow can be seen sparkling waves, Adventure travel leisurely, while overlooking Duqiao Shan Wan in front of towering majestic. In 1962, the famous ancient Professor Liang Sicheng go to the experts detailed study Rongxian Zhenwu Ge, published research papers will be slightly by the Taiwan Zhenwu Ge outstanding public architecture of the world. Numerous experts and scholars, tourists have come to study, visit Zhenwu Ge. South China Institute of Technology professor, old buildings long Jurists Qing-zhong praise for the inscription: "A concept nanqi ; Former vice chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee Fei Xiaotong evaluation of the inscription: "leverage the structure of seven wins Heavenly Creations"; well-known professor of business Chengzuo praise for the move inscription: "Namgyal structure"; the United States praised the professor wrote?????Said: "The performance of the construction of the Chinese people's knowledge, science, the spirit of the perfect balance . "Slightly by the Taiwan Zhenwu Ge building reflects the ancient Chinese wisdom of working people.
Originally named Yang Yang Yuhuan, Yang Rong Xian ten rural village outside. Tianbao years of the Tang Dynasty 743-755 AD ?? years, 4 assistant written by Xu Zhen, "Yung Yang Fei, Puning County, tablets," it reads: "Yang Fei, Chong Yang, who is also foreign ... ... "The inscription of" all-appointed Tang, "Vol 430, a complete record of Yang Rong for the Puning County, Key has said Rongxian Puning County? Chong Yang (Yang Heung this ten foreign Village) people. Rongxian ten in the rural village outside Yang, Yang Fei has retained Hill, Yang Fei Temple, Yang Fei, and other well sites. In 1998, in the east of Royal Zhenwu Ge dressing floor of the construction of the Royal Park site. The park covers an area of 15 acres, is based on the life of the Tang Dynasty Yang legend and the construction of the Tang-style buildings. Each building simulation using silica gel as characters, the Tang dynasty Reproduce born Goodfriend, Rugong Yuhuan, the drunken beauty, the Royal Bathing Royal dance, Feizixiao, and other attractions for visitors to watch the legendary Yang's life story is a lot of historical figures garden tour.
Duqiao Shan, also known as Nanshan, Xiao Shao Shan, located in the territory of Rongxian Danzhai Xiang, distance of about 10 km south of tolerance to high and a sharp one in every 000. Among the around - Km, is a three-in-one to teach the Holy Land (Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism), the well-known since ancient times for religious tolerance, the Holy Land, scenic places and lectures, book Road to China as the 20th Dong Tian Dong Tian 36, 1988 was Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as a scenic spot. Feng Qi, the number of holes, quiet valley, the risk Road, is Du Jiaoshan The main characteristics of light, full-size Hill has 300 caves, ancient rocks from nearly 1,000 houses, of which there is a rock on the building up as much as 72, the rock to retain their precious cultural relics. Keiju rock area is part of Duqiao Shan, Du Qiaoshan located in the western region, an area of about 4 square kilometers, in recent years developed into a self - Religious scenery and culture as one of the tourist district. At present, the Buddha has a golden Chinese characters, Namsan Tower, Fu Fu and bridge Shouting, the source of the Buddha underground river rafting, mountain climbing cable car sightseeing, 500 Ocean Hall, Temple Keiju rock, and Monkey Mountain View monkey corridor, guests Shuangshi , Show the tortoise crane, Lianchi, Jiuqu Qiao, Wang Buddha Pavilion, the Botanical Garden, seven The moon, Kowloon and the gathering clouds river landscape Temple and many other attractions, especially gold Buddha, describe Mr. Zhao Puchu Department must pens, 108 meters high, 88 meters wide, the wonders of the world.

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Tian Guan Gate - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tian Guan Gate, also known as the gate of hell. In the north and east of the city of Yulin Prefecture flow at the junction of the Tianmen Shan. Shek Pik on the "day the door on" three eye-catching Chinese characters. Long Ridge and the dog Tianmen Shan mountain range, two relatively old, towering peaks, the day to close the door tight narrow clearance, in a strategic pass, is the ancient and modern roads. Now the newly-yu (Lin) North Stream) from the asphalt road through here, communication is Wuzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beihai, an important Hepu Gap. Tian Guan Gate has a long history of the Eastern Han general Ma Yuan Fubo Jianwu in 17 years (the year 41 years) more than two Shuaibing Lin Yi Zheng, after the clearance has been built, there praise the Tang Dynasty poet, Ma Yuan Shi-Wen Ting-yun "Han-class to make the South China Sea, to avoid Manbing Yulin, Tian Ya-chu boundaries for the payment Ao outside tribute to lose, miss a traitor Italy, who serve the country out heart, a coffin bone-Young Chung, Tu smoke drifting chapter." Emperor of the Tang Dynasty when the prime minister Li Deyu (847), being relegated to the status Yazhou Sima, the doors have been days when writing Kwan said: "One to ten years, where Yazhou? Health Gate of hell. "Shen Quan poet of the Tang Dynasty period (Yun-Qing word) was down to write this off" into the gate of hell, "a poem:" Zhang Xi-Jiang Road, today to the gate of hell. No one old land, the passenger flow has also changed a few. Since the other way in Beijing, temples and decadent decline Yan. Xi sandy places, the lines go the same way morning, thousands of Ma Wei-Ren, Zhou million line of re-Bay. He asked me to vote in the West To do quite a hundred. "Great writers of the Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo, Lingnan down and get North Korea to the amnesty, after the clearance, and" sub-Yun Wang Yulin, "a poem:" The night passers-by state living homes, up from the sea Chunni hand; Chinese envoys spare white Therefore, Hou melon in a decadent Tanzania. More difficult for non-life fate, the last days of the year to make Grace; text multiple false shame Shijun , Ning Wen Xuan update the old Cape. "Xu Ming Dynasty in" Diary of the Guangdong West "wrote:" North County, West flow gate of hell for ten, ten for the East Goulou Hill, the Rock Hill branch of the large show of things out, and the ghost door cliff Britain was GU, Bimodal folder legislation, which passed, and the victory is less than the Goulou. Wang Lin from the north of that is surprising, Known also ghosts door, only to the county from the Wu-southeast of the more income, with less than by their hatred for. "

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