Maolan ditch - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Maolan Jiayin ditch located in a small town 67 kilometers Lin Hinggan Mountains in an area of 48 square kilometers, more than 400 meters above sea level, mountain high average of nearly 80 meters, Qi up to 200 meters, 100 meters deep ravine, into the Heilongjiang River Mao Lan, Fairy pool, Peak Prince Edward, head Xiong Feng, Feng pigeons, rock, stone woman Stone Town Lake, and Longtan, Stephen Danfeng, such as falls Maolan ditch north of the scenic spots of the 10 rocks Qi, Maolan ditch the development of our city is the most magnificent stone forest unique natural landscape one of the group.

  Changes in the earth's crust is broken and folded to form the deep valley. 15 km long river valley. Lin Goushen here, Wild Thick, not only have a large distribution of natural forests and secondary forests and forest distribution of a wide variety of plants. Heilongjiang Province in 2003 was named the Tourism Authority of AA-class tourist area. The main attractions are Maolan Falls, Prince Edward Feng, Tan third-order, more than 30 pigeons peak. Maolan falls drop more than 10 meters, 7 meters, the Four Seasons Chung Fei inexhaustible.

  During the rainy season, flooding from the surging Gaoya Zhixie, such as the galloping horse, unstoppable. Prince Edward is the peak in the process peaks, the peaks of the overlapping range upon range of hills in the valley, where blocks and blocks of towering old Jufeng. Off like a sword sheath, Shen He rushed out, into the sky. Third-order Prince Edward Tan Feng 1 km away from this Rapid river, since the overlapping of the cracks in the rock gurgle out of the water along the three stone steps down mildly, the current plot Tam, Tam then spilled over to form a waterfall, three matched San Tan fantastic landscape. Tan is not far away from the third-order peak pigeons, the two sides in the high valleys of the middle of a mountain where they stand, the thin narrow Gufeng Pull off a shake The huge rock fall, the peak years of more than 1,000 pigeons Health habitat.

Jiayin ditch Maolan natural scenic area in order to Qi rocks, Artesian Bore Baths, Fei Bao, steep cliff, fog pit known. Area within Lake, waterfall, rocks, the river, dotted hole, Wild phenomena. Tulv Cangshan spring and summer while Pitt Flows, Japan Sihuo leaves, winter makeup silver-wrapped, King changed at any time, so beautiful.

  Maolan natural scenic spot into the ditch and saw the mountain Weiyi, green water turbulence, the flickering shadow-song, White Birch Kingston, which shade each other as a foil, or high-rise tall and straight, stop lying or twisting or oblique Pang Chu Yi, green and luxuriant, Zhuang boom, a tree-position Lumpur. Tao wind, Dunshengyayun. Outside the forest, winding streets, too light, like Chao Yin, such as the Teana, washing Di bone heart, the soul-an Wei soul.

  Gap sink Maolangoushen risk, high-shan Lin secret, with the exception of boating fun swim, Quan Masters ring, Vision Qi, Fei Bao view, the Service is also fresh air and fresh mountain breeze, the environment Yajing. Miao Feng could see a deep valley, the falls linked to fly, quiet gratifying. Qingshi slippery moss, shade Blot out the Sun, from falls on love setting and Fei Xie, rolling waves, surging Tao Sheng, the valley water scattered chimney, it is a cool mind. Falls under the clear bottom of the pool, can be seen live The fish in the water play. Bong-Ju Qi water a taste, feel perplexed about their sweet taste, Qinren the heart. Slowly along the mountain road trip, verdant and luxuriant trees, craggy rocks, the wild pigeon blur en masse. Depths of the Valley, plants, Niaoque Feiming, cabins, stone paths, built of logs of the bridge, not carving, Fun Abundant, many-tiered mountain, Central loop after another, short tall trees, tingle Quan Dong Dong, winding paths, the ever-changing, outside King King, Shan mountains outside.

  Maolan groove of the most attractive scenic spots, is a few hundred meters outside the Galaxy falls. Twists and turns between tens of meters, a small water falls after another, trivial detail, Great Falls curtain down, such as the Fei Xie note. Falls to form the stream flow at great speed off, into the mountains in a dense forest. A log arch of the bridge across the river. Full of poetic. The two sides towering trees, wild flowers after another, Qinren air. A "wild-hair and delicate fragrance, and Fan Yin Jia-Mu Show," suddenly jump while exports. This is also the habitat You can not stay long.

Deng Fu Tieti chained up step by step, the roadside flowers from time to time which are in step. The group laughter Lang Lang, the daily chores illness, his music is really hard to say! Wizard, we see only Maolan scenic landscape in the ditch a few, there are no more good-looking. Hurry, hurry in mind that When the pen to come close, not only that the Three Gorges, the King could travel by boat, the more spectacular it!

  Maolan long trench clean, beautiful and moving, it has the Shek Pik Artesian Bore Baths, Wu Hai Yun-tao, Cheongdam waterfalls, cliffs risk ladder, Chengkungling Jinping, Lingqu Valley and the town of Stone Lake, pigeon-feng, a fairy pool, stone old woman, Master Shi Xiong waterfall, please General And so on dozens of landscape, fascinating, it is Xiasi.

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Yichun five business National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Five state-level forest park business is located in the territory of Yichun, Yishanbangshui a beautiful small town, this has a population of more than 40,000 of the town, tourist resources are very fortunate to be famous, known as the hometown of Korean pine, said.
  Park, towering old trees, vast Lin, the pleasant scenery. In recent years, has become the red Virgin forest eco-tourism brand for a major tourism area, the park has more than 250 kinds of birds real beast, Qi Babai species of plants, herbs, Cai Deng mountain.
  Lake Park is a heaven-sent one of the attractions, according to legend in the early 1950s, Board Jian, a survey of female players do not care who he stepped off the lake, thanks to timely rescue team, From difficult. But a blessing in disguise, the female team members more than a decade of marriage has not been sterile, and traveled all over Beijing, Shanghai and other chemists and health, all to no avail. He stepped off the lake in the near future, she was like a magic pregnant, but also a "dragon and phoenix" child! Many of her patients have seen the very old doctor wonder, hold the whole story, it is determined that Lake Force. So check the water tests have proven to be the kind of magic in the water for the material. Wen Feng, the capital of scientists and to use advanced detection equipment 38.6 meters under the lake there is a huge meteorite.
  Lake is a heaven-sent gift of natural beauty of the world. The lake shore, colorful flowers everywhere Zhankai, of the Yi San-ching , The faint aroma Qinrenxinpi. According to the test here in downtown anion concentration is nearly 200 times, far exceeding the content of the sea. Therefore, the argument that the lake into the forest park is a heaven-sent into fairyland on earth, how can we not feel that lingering affection, in which drunk. Camp Five National Forest Park is China's Class 4A tour Area, where China is the focus of the Korean protected areas, the number of Korean pine in the world in the first, Yichun known as the hometown of Korean pine is the resulting. Here's oldest Korean pine have been 500 years old, up to 36 meters, also head Wang Budao trees, about 1 meter diameter at breast height, only two Hebao. Camp Five National Forest Park A well-known outside of the project is to visit the forest bath, people walk through the forest, watching from the foot of stream flow, the sweet spring from the stones from the stream, with each breath up to tens of thousands of cubic meters of negative oxygen ions in the air, Away from the noise of the city, fully enjoying nature, there is a sense immortal.

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Taiping Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taiping Island is located on the south side of the centerline of Heilongjiang, 920 meters away from the Russian coast, tourism is the best to eliminate the department. Sino-Russian border in a river surrounded by water Island, 4.5 kilometers from the county seat. Dragon Bone Hill Nature Reserve, east of 4.5 kilometers, the island from east to west 1600 meters, 510 meters wide north-south, covering an area of Changes in water level of about 0.8-1.2 km between. From both North and South islands. Heilongjiang and Russia's North Island separated from each other and every other South Island waterways and the southern bank of relative peace.

  Surrounded by water, the island has beautiful scenery, Jade, and the island Biological in almost all of the original ecology. Island in Lake Fishing, swimming, wine Lin Feng, a panoramic view exotic scenery and the sun shines into Jiang days unaware Isshiki, a bright Hongxia, the setting sun back to the table, each A's Song, do not have the temperament; night to end Jiayin riverside hotel, eating dragon Flemingia River sturgeon fish, drink, "Mao Lan ditch" wine and watch the night Longjiang, earned dripping mind the wind Float in the air, what most of its music.

  The main landscape Pacific Beach, the island in the lake, Qingliangshan, Lang Island, fishing, such as Taiwan, in 2003 was named Class AA national tourist areas. Pacific Beach is located on the north shore of the western section of the island is 1,000 for a bathing beach. Island Lake is located in the island's two Hom Hill, 100 Square meters of the lake rise and fall with changes in Heilongjiang, the wet period the shore the waves, the dry season has become a valley.

  Qingliangshan in Yu Huang, Phellodendron, Ash, and so on more than 30 kinds of trees to form a precious island in the original forest. Canglang Island in the main channel of our side of the border, fast-flowing, from time to time there are two Sino-Russian Ships passing through, we could always see the enthusiasm of the Russians pay tribute to the wave, look into the distance communication.

Taiping Island is surrounded by the river, such as training, Yiyi Willowbank around the island, the island-phase Hushan, Qi Shu, Lin seafood, the distribution of Pacific Beach, Island Lake, Wan Tsui Road, Canglang Lantau, Cheung Chau and wishful Taiwan fishing, and so on Li landscape, as Molv a pearl inlaid in Heilongjiang, with its unique natural beauty attracts numerous visitors to become stunning tourist resort.

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Dragon Bone Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon Bone Hill is located 12 km west of Jiayin County, on the right bank of Heilongjiang, Linjiang old, buried as a result of rich dinosaur fossil named after, the provincial government has now been approved by provincial-level nature reserve for dinosaur fossils. In the area for the type of geological relics, with a total area of 33.44 square kilometers. After an inspection tour in the late Cretaceous fear In 1432 this had been dug up fossils of dinosaurs to birds head butt grass-foot suborder Microhadrosaurus the main section, as well as type of dinosaur found in meat.

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Xiaoxing'anling Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaoxing'anling Yichun Botanical Garden is located in the northern urban areas, is a round-the-clock free of charge and open city park, established in July 1978, 1984, opening to the outside world, with an area of 210 hectares, from medicinal Arboretum and Botanical Garden made up of two parts. Now, here's all types of cultivation reached more than 600 kinds of rare plants. The Botanical Garden and the introduction of a foreign species, most of them forest species, and will Xiaoxing'anling species together for the study of scientific research, popular science education and tourism. The park's tall and straight pines Calocedrus, Tingtingyuli white birch, the Hang plants flowers, trees on foreign soil, with many characteristics of birds Pieces to decorate a picturesque botanical garden, it is away. Transport: Take bus line 3 to get off at City Sports School, or by line 2, line 5 bus to the North Bridge, after walking off the mountain.

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Dinosaur Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yichun City water park is located on the west side, north-east is the largest dinosaur museums, with a total area of 4500 square meters. The Heilongjiang River Museum's exhibition of dinosaur fossils 7, in which up to a maximum of 5.5 meters, 10 meters long. In addition to the dinosaur halls, the museum also Biyou Xiaoxing'anling historical relics exhibition hall. Most of these dinosaur skeleton from the non-Jiayin County, Dragon Bone Hill. Dragon Bone Hill in Jiayin County, located in the middle reaches of the right bank of Heilongjiang, buried as a result of a large number of fossils of dinosaur paleontology 70,000,000 pre-named, thus leading to the national experts and scholars of great concern, especially for tourist visits of Chinese and foreign scholars, experts and visitors from the . Qualcomm: 1 x-ray, up to 7 bus line. Admission: 10 yuan (5 yuan students)

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Yichun Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yichun City in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province is located in the Department of Xiaoxing'anling hinterland, the Songhua River, Heilongjiang River between the two, known as "China's Lin", "Korean home," "Dinosaur home" reputation.

Yichun forest is the main north-eastern area of eco-tourism, forest, ice, rivers, and other tourism resources A feature. Away from the noisy metropolis, where clean air, clean water, quiet environment, is a return to natural forest eco-tourism and leisure tourist resort ideal place.

Yichun forest rich in tourism resources, 82.2 percent forest cover, an area in Asia , To preserve the integrity of the Korean pine virgin forest. Five nature reserves and business Feng Lin Ling with cold water into the nature reserve was approved by UNESCO and the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, five battalions National Forest Park has been named the national level AAAA tourist areas. Lin Hinggan Mountains in the small, rich biome Kind, the distribution of more than 1000 kinds of wild animals and plants, and Momoyama of the National Forestry Administration has the first opening of hunting wild animals. Yichun landscape peculiar to the text, Xing'an small after millions of years of geological changes in the forest in the formation of the rocks are thousands of rocks, Tangwang River Linhai Qi Shi, Shi Lang Xiang , Maolan Jiayin ditch, Nanchaxianweng Hill in north China is a rare geological wonders. In Jiayin County, with the first excavated dinosaur fossils ? ? Heilongjiang Long Manchuria, was the first Long Island known as God, and in the vicinity of their new found hidden a huge amount of Microhadrosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and so on Coelurosauria Dinosaur fossils. Yichun water scenery Li, the territory covered valley, well-developed water system, a total of 702 rivers and streams, rivers clear bottom, the two sides Hill Hideki odd fit to carry out a variety of tourism drift. Yichun snow and ice rich tourism resources, the impact of micro-climate, snow, snow quality, snow over a long period, Heilongjiang Province is the focus of the development of three major ice and snow tourism One. Yichun fresh air, the annual forests can spit out a large number of oxygen in the air rich in negative ions and oxygen gas aromatic plants, known as "Tianranyangba." Yichun four seasons, winter is temperate continental monsoon climate, is the concept of early spring flowers, summer heat, the foliage Zhongqiu, Shendongwanxue a good place. Yichun people Landscape is also very rich in Xiaoxing'anling Dinosaur Museum, Museum of resources, wood carving garden, stone Court, Hengshan group of ancient tombs, ruins, as well as joint anti-minority style park attractions, known inside and outside the province.

. Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province is located in the north-east, traffic is very convenient rail and road connections across the province, even if Throughout. Yichun from Harbin Taiping International Airport, 350 kilometers away from Jiamusi Mongolia's airport 150 km. Visitors can make use of these two airports is very convenient to travel Yichun. Yichun, is the boreal continental monsoon climate, cool summer, summer vacation is a good place to winter, snow Wrap in the world are scheduled to give you a worthwhile trip. As for room and board, you do not have to worry even more, with strong local characteristics of the delicacy, you will no doubt keep the big Sinseong-hoe, star luxury hotels, family hotels benefits, forest cabins warm, so that your long aftertaste. In addition, Yichun to travel, bring back some of the Sant Wooden products and handicrafts, is the best gift to friends and relatives. In 2000 was named best tourist cities in China.

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Kharrazi Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kharrazi of the original village was destroyed in 1998 Nen River floods. By the CPPCC National Committee and the China Charity Federation relief funding, the provincial party committee in the urban areas, under the care of the government, in the following year to build a modern village Kharrazi.

Kharrazi Village is located in the search Qi, Qi-Lin Road junction, near East Nen River, south-west and the moon separated from the island Sea. There are 300 residents of the village, Daur 182; population in 1036, which accounted for 70% of the Daur, with distinctive ethnic characteristics of the Daur Village. With the modern village construction, new infrastructure built there, Central Village Road, water supply, electricity, telephones, straw gas Thermal systems, afforestation and beautification projects as well as health, primary and secondary schools, one-stop shops, hotels, garage, Daur traditional houses, sports centers, Daur cultural exhibition hall, food halls, homes for the elderly, and other supporting facilities. And a unified style for the whole village themselves into the pattern of four small houses. Landmarks -- Decorated archway entrance to the village, by design Daur totem - the "Eagle" field hockey and the composition of the shot. Arches letter: "China's first village Daur." There are also vertical edge of the village, "Kharrazi city" and the monument, "Kharrazi briefed Village," the monument, as well as bilingual signs and landscape means that license.

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Zhong Ling Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhong Ling Monastery, founded in 1911, is located in the territory of Qiqihar, Ke Dongxian rural prosperity. Zhong Ling, formerly known concept, as a result of a lack of Taoist priests, it was renamed Zhong Ling Monastery, is now a Buddhist activities.

The whole temple built in the shade, there are a Zhudian, re-hall 2, with 4 ko, accounting for 6000 square meters, construction area of 600 square meters, are brick, wall sculpture sunflower, peonies and other patterns. Ancient temple solemn, quiet environment, land-to enjoy life's reputation, so that visitors stop to watch.

Zhong Ling Monastery representatives of cultural relics, that is 1.3 meters high with a diameter of 0. Meters of ancient bronze bell. The whole 10 minutes from 23 templates, engraved 1500 Zhuanzi Yang Wen, documented the clock the whole process of casting. This micro-Zhong graceful style, sophisticated technology. Dawn is when micro-and melodious bell, the spread of the Quartet. As the ancients said: "actually nevertheless timely wakeup calls, the number of Ming Like awakened the world." Block ancient bronze bell as a great civilization and smelting technology, it is rare in the north, has a high research value and enjoy, Zhong Ling Monastery was as a local scenic spots.

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Qiqihar Gannan Xian Xing village 14 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

As the "Dragon River in the first village" of the city of Qiqihar Gannan Xian Xing Fourteen villages, more than three decades, has been insisting afforestation activities, planting 13,000,000, built a 1.07 million mu of the artificial forest. The group entered the forest, as if vast exposure to Lin, arranged in rows of pine trees, like poplar in Huan Each of the arrival of a friend. Forest Farm has become a paradise of animals, more than 30 kinds of birds and more than 20 kinds of animals live together in peace here.

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Park Hong-shore - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Red shore park, located in the city of Qiqihar Fulaerji area at the eastern end, the Nen River in the West Bank.

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Navy Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Forest Park located in the navy Qiqihar Angangxi navy camp area Manchu Zhendong 1 km, an area of 1.1 hectares. Combat Desertification at the national level is a pilot project demonstration area, that is, the original low-lying land, desert land for the development of broad, tree species with a needle, Joe, shrub-grass, good ecological environment improvement, waste management of sand resources together Development, agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry development of the base model, the fruit has formed two quarters, three quarters of flowering, evergreen the four seasons of sand, water, flowers, grass, birds, Ting, Taiwan, the floor, Tower, as one of Lin Garden Tour of viewing spots.

The park built in the park lying Longtan, the dragon boat docks, Jiuqu Qiao, Bridge, grass thatch pavilion, yurts, botanical gardens, a three-dimensional Tai Chi garden, fishing pond, SU Hui Park Resort, multi-purpose entertainment services, such as floor area, at the same time can be accepted by more than 400 meetings, sightseeing, room and board. Of these, three-dimensional map Tai Chi is the world's first giant statue tai chi three-dimensional sculpture, a botanical garden planted with Joe, irrigation, , Needle trees and flowers, 3,000,000, 306 Our goods, the only region in the north of China's rare and rare species on more than 200. SU Hui Park Resort is the melting of ancient architecture and modern design as one of the family structure of the buildings, the village with open-air swimming pool, hunting, playing shooting range, fishing grounds, the garden of the Great Wall Artificial waterfalls, fountains, and so on the landscape.

  13 years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1674), in order to strengthen the northern border, from the navy moved to Jilin, Heilongjiang, is currently in the navy via sales@organosilicon.com Tel navy camp site set up in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang This is the first water to military training, the navy was In the name of the business. Forest Park in 1992 To start construction, pay attention to history and culture of modern civilization and unity, ecological protection and landscape construction, completion of the national characteristics of Jilin, water, flowers, grass-ting, Taiwan, the floor, Tower as one of the landscape, 2002 In June, the Navy Forest Park was named AA national-level tourism zones. Forest Park has grass thatch pavilion, boat pier, and other 38 spots, there is a three-dimensional map Tai Chi sculpture, design unique, magnificent. Forest Park Longtan lying there, clear lake, swaying reeds, wild play. Every time the sun sets, with Lin Feng Shui goes a long way, "Autumn has long colored sky" feeling. Here, there are two quarters of fruit, three quarters of a , Evergreen Four Seasons, Canada oak tree, Pinus sylvestris narrow crown, Cheng Hung, and other valuable trees more than 260, more than 200 million trees to improve the regional environment. Park's open-air recreation area was also a swimming pool, basketball court, the entertainment park, villa fishing areas and groups, such as supporting facilities, attracting tourists.

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Reservoir Scenic Area audio - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the right bank of the Nenjiang River middle reaches of the tributaries of the sound, Gannan Xian City 4km north-west, with a total area of 29.75k ?O.

Set reservoir flood control, irrigation, power generation, aquaculture, tourism and leisure as one of the comprehensive artificial reservoir. The total capacity of 226 million m3, the length of coastline 43m, the average water 10m, the greatest depth of 15m, as a neutral body of water, water transparency 1.8m, for the hilly areas around the reservoir area to prevent silt into the reservoir area, close planting trees and grass in the mountains, the source of water for the river closure and the sound of rain. There are more than 10 species of fish in the reservoir area.

The main reservoir from the main dam and auxiliary dam, spillway , Jin Shuizha such as power plants and buildings also pose a hostel, a restaurant, store, and other supporting facilities in 4000 ?O, open boat, fishing, such as catering services.

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Mountain Yidong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yidong Mountain is located in Qiqihar city in the western mountain Nianzishan 4.5 kilometers, covers an area of 300 hectares, the highest peak elevation of 406 meters long, the country is "AA" grade scenic spot. Green area by the old quarry area, Yi Dong Shan, Long Feng, Dover and Temple River Park landscape poses. Rise amid ups and downs in the region, rugged rocks, the King Cuoluoyouzhi, seamless, turtles, cattle, frogs, dragons, lions, tigers, monkeys, such as King thousands of different stones, life-like image. In particular, the Big Buddha is natural, the head 4 meters high and 3 meters wide, its shape resembles Lord Buddha, has been in Qiqihar City of the Buddhist Association of verification "of the National rare."

  She Dong Shan got its name in the mountains Snake-dong. Qiqihar with this snake is a rare, but here there is a snake, and became "Sally." She Dong Shan jaru winding rivers, mountains and rivers between the arm Binzhou railway (in the East, said in the past, the East Rail-ching). Wei Yulan "old news City," "East Eren build-money when Railway, a snake, to see Eren, in order to hit the gun away No, angry snake stone drums, a few people to death. You would not come back, the natives thought of God. Purchase a few holes stone, stone oven. To pray more, Yiyue Fairy Cave. "Some people think the Russians are a case of a tornado; was of the view that local residents are opposed to the road here, attacked the Russians, Eren missed the time limit to the snake as an excuse to stall on . I agree with the latter. Powers to carve up China, in order to brave the swift and fierce famous "red beard", "Colts Mongolia" anti-road struggle is not in the book.

  Stone Tablets many scenic spots in poetry, Ting, Taiwan, the floor, Tower flavor, a long and rich cultural background. She Dong Shan Paleolithic culture is found, Digging out the knives, stone axes, stone tools and mammoth teeth, and so on, in 1987 the city of Qiqihar has been identified as the municipal people's government focused on the protection of cultural units. Yidong Mountain tourism project colorful, recreational facilities, restaurants, mountain climbing, swimming, rock climbing, horse racing, paintball, the wonders of the project, such as high-altitude Liusuo Health is a good place for leisure.

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