Beihai Park Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park Park is a modern agriculture, garden and museum collections in one spot diversity, an area of 80 acres, has a 12-acre soilless culture of more than 10 new varieties of greenhouse muskmelon and from Taiwan, the introduction of the characteristics of fruit , A group of bonsai trees, flowers in the garden outside. Shi Shan are tailor-made for a natural shape The formation of a High Mountain and Flowing Water pieces of exquisite feelings landscape painting.

  Park, the park's painting gallery, museum stones, seashells, and other museum treasures exhibition in the world are rare stones and calligraphy masters of different shellfish, like a small museum. The calligraphy and painting exhibition gallery for a few pieces of generation master Zhang Daqian, Qi Zhen and others North and Huizong and others to copy the painting simulation; stones possession of the Library 200, about 400 from all over the world agate, rock crystal, and other odd-shaped rocks.

  What is noticeable is that the Museum will also be on display today, according to two??????of dinosaur eggs. Seashell Museum not only has the entire Southwest's largest car Lo, there are more than 400 species and thousands of our country from the northern part of the Bay, Xisha, Nansha, as well as around the world collected specimens from the shell.

There are also a variety of shellfish fossils and paleontology in the North Sea and the famous shell house with the quality of a museum display at home, their intellectual, artistic, one can not enjoy sex.

  Park Also keeping a treasure for people to watch the birds, such as: Australia ostrich, peacocks, mandarin ducks, and so on. Only a few hundred from Japan, Britain, the United States, Canada and other countries and regions pigeons Park has become one of the park landscape. Most of them were in stock on the open space and playing tourists, constitute a harmony between man and animal Department of beautiful pictures.

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Waterfront Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Waterfront Park in the North Sea in the urban areas to the north, the aquarium park in the zone A, Qingdao and Fisheries Museum of China tied for the largest fishery exhibition hall, built in 1978. Construction area of 1600 square, at 7 exhibition rooms and aquarium, pond turtles, seals pool. Display in the northern Gulf of more than 670 kinds of marine life specimens, More than 2800 pieces of goods. Among them were the United Nations as a rare and protected species of manatees (Mermaid) and samples of 600-year-old life, the country's largest, the heavy weight of sea turtles, and other marine life exhibits. There are 10,000 Whales Duojin heavy bones, several large-kilogram lobster specimens of the famous "Nan Zhu", as well as weighing More than 00 kilograms, more than 100-year-old sea turtles live. There are also breeding in the northern Gulf area dozens of sub-tropical fish. Tour the museum, such as roaming the oceans in the world, you make an eye-opener, an increase of marine knowledge.

Underwater World in 1999 to build, in the Waterfront Park area B, where beautiful Water Miss 6-meter-high giant water in the body for you to do wonderful diving patterns and feeding performances, a huge ferocious man-eating shark lunged at you in the face, the body of water, the sharks were dancing, but narrowly, so that You lost; China's first 360-degree perspective Harbor Road, a beautiful color, the magic wonders of the undersea In the view of showing your face in the sea, you will find that there is the sinking of the ancient Inca empire, the ancient Silk Road on the Sea of porcelain, the sunken World War II, from the Pacific and Indian Ocean more than 300 kinds of fish.

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Hong Kong Overseas Chinese beach resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Overseas Chinese in Hong Kong is located in the North Sea beach resort Yintan in the western town Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and overseas Chinese from East Airlines Lighthouse Road, west Tianhu hotel 350 meters to the west. Beach about 500 meters wide, Chunjing from the high-grade quartz sand formed by the accumulation of the Millennium, and its snow-white sand, such as silver, fine silky, rare for the world. The beach area of industrial pollution-free waters, sea water Quality indicators are more than water quality standards at the national level, more than two meters of sea water transparency over China's coastal sea water to more than double the average, air contains negative oxygen ions per cubic meter over 5000, higher than the inland city of 50 -- 1000 times. Pleasure Beach in various projects, yacht at sea, on horseback Surfing, beach football, and so on. Complete supporting facilities, such as car parks set up; In addition, hotels, shops, diluted water, transportation are very convenient.

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Zhu also Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Tong is also the world's coral exhibition hall shellfish from the North Sea Pearl Co., Ltd. states the text of the city to spend nearly 10,000,000 yuan for juice-based construction, is located in the middle of Sichuan Road. The Atoll Reef, the largest exhibition hall with the same distinction: it is - to demonstrate the seat of the marine shellfish, mollusks, corals on the theme of the new concept of marine life museum In particular, the coral ecology on display, the museum owned the world's largest coral reef ecology display tank, which uses the world's most advanced filtering technology for a living, the type of coral charm keeping thousands of mollusks in creating artificial ecological environment , Tang Yang of which you can experience the same as the divers to the tropical-shan Biosphere splendid and beautiful reefs.
Museum to display the shells samples are more than 600 varieties of nearly 7000, the keeping of live seashells in more than 70 varieties, more than 150 species of coral, sea fish species in more than 80 near 600, and other marine invertebrates near 200.

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Beihai Yintan Holiday Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beihai Yintan Holiday Resort is located in the southern coastal city of Beihai, 8 kilometers away from Beihai. Yintan west Overseas Chinese fishing port town, east crested sand from the Western, Eastern and sea beach area, stretching about 24 kilometers west, the width of the beach in the 30 - 3000 meters, the land area of 12 square kilometers with a total Area 38 square kilometers. Beach by the high-grade quartz sand piled up by the sun's radiation, the white, sandy beaches will be fine silver Fan Chu, the Yintan said, Yintan in the North Sea with its "long-beach, fine white sand, the water temperature in the net , Soft waves, shark-free "features, known as" China Beach in the first. "
Beihai Yintan holiday resort consists of three modules (Silver Beach Park, Beach Park, Hengli Ocean Resort Sports Entertainment Center) and shore land and residential villas, hotels composition of the group. Sea, sea sports, beach golf, volleyball, beach soccer, and other sports to watch, as well as large-scale musical fountain, tourism and entertainment Beihai Yintan Holiday Resort main content. Sea resort area of clean water, land and an abundant vegetation, quiet and elegant environment, especially fresh air. Because of its "long-beach, fine white sand, the water temperature in the net, soft waves, no sharks." Characteristics, which can accommodate the largest international sports and entertainment on the beach of And sea sports and entertainment projects, is the best in the South China coastal beach and sea sports facilities. Moreover, the wide beach, the sea water at low tide faster, the slow tide, the beach self-purification ability, swimming safety factor, the transparency of the water is greater than 2 meters over China's coastal sea water to more than double the average annual average temperature 2 .7 ?, each year more than 9 months can swim in water; parks, negative ion content in the air for the number of mainland cities to 50 times that of l000, in particular fresh air of various chronic diseases and senile patients in convalescence of the most appropriate environment, So many Chinese and foreign experts believe that China is the best bathing beach and the degree of Health resort, "Beidaihe in the South" reputation.

Yintan parks, buildings of various styles Rendezvous Court; Yan Wan-lined trail twists and turns; Coconut Grove unique style. Walking seawall, Isshiki the sea and sky, white clouds after another, it is like entering Wonderland, pleasant linger. Southwest also crown the first ridge side, wooded, verdant Cang , Tsing Lung recline like a sea, ocean and steep-walled, Feng Qi-risk, high considerable Sunrise Sunset, wall considerable reliance Wang Hai-tao. A built-in eco-park plaza, unique, beautiful lines; lush flowers and trees, green and luxuriant, has more than 30 buildings with coastal characteristics of various styles of the Rendezvous Court, Yu; Yu Wan-an extension of twists and turns of the show Yum trail; there are people in the North Sea reflects the spirit of the large-scale sculpture - love the sea; education southern unique style of Coconut Grove; there is entertainment for visitors to watch the big empty, high speed, exotic birds, rare performances, performances of Vietnamese ethnic customs, Russian customs and performances at sea, and other recreational parachuting performances can appreciate the exquisite play Skills can fight the sea, the sea can be walking, here connected to the sea and sky, the little bit of Hoi Fan: rolling waves, clouds after another, it is like entering Wonderland, relaxed and happy, pleasant linger.

  The water quality of clean sea water, transparency in the more than 2 meters. The sea water at low tide and fast, slow tide, so to swim Coefficient of all-high waters in the vicinity of Yintan each year more than 9 months can swim into the water. Negative ion content in the air here for the mainland cities of l000 to 50 times, so fresh and in particular, are various types of chronic disease in elderly patients and the most appropriate place in convalescence, "the South Beidaihe" reputation.

  There are beach chairs for the beach while on loan, you may have been lying on the beach until the sun sets. Beach Park has Asia's largest musical fountain sculpture, every night there are 4 fountain shows, each 15 minutes.

  Central Yintan there is a fairy bridge, the sea on three sides, with a land-based phase. About fairy bridge There is a myth, legends, fairy bridge from the sky into a rainbow, Japan Tiantai monk in the Tang monk Hui Yuen method, the sea after taking off when immortal bridge to the west, seen in front of 10,000 golden light, a rainbow, very beautiful, end up in The shore, one end of the drop in the sea, above the rainbow, sit two old man On the Road, if the sound Hongzhong, Rainbow, coiled snake, turtle heads held high. Ren Ji Ling monk round fleet to the Rainbow Department to open, by the shore, the rainbow disappeared, only a stone's like a rainbow, connecting land and sea, sea with the snake, is a form of two huge. Hui Yuen monk immediately fall on one's knees, and Bridge Department to stay immortal Japan.

  Booths are located in the view of the three Yintan the middle of the pavilion has a unique geographical location, surrounded by dense pine forests to make it more majestic. Three standing view of the sunrise view of the pavilion and watch the sea and watch Lin, is an excellent place to start.

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North Sea Underwater World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Underwater World is located in the North Sea in the North Sea Waterfront Park, is the largest in southwest China's Underwater World Tourism project, the total area of 5 acres, there is a large body of water to watch 5, with a total storage of water more than 5700 tons, is divided into A, B - Museum District. A district in the North Sea is the original aquarium, the museum has a history of more than two decades, Qingdao Aquarium of China tied for first aquarium. The library had a more comprehensive marine aquarium. After the completion of the seabed in the world, in order to become a display of fresh water fish-based A district. A district is the most exciting area on a number of former aquarium fish, coral and sea turtles Office of the Museum. Area B is the new Aquarium, Showing the way for the Aquarium of the third generation model.
Underwater World in the North Sea and the size of the display in the National Aquarium of the 10 top spear. Among them, more than the first: first to Japan Eight Island Aquarium fish-shaped area to introduce the concept of China, the total fish more than three floors high, with heavy diving equipment The armed divers for deep diving performances. Will be the world's known as the Japan island of feather-shaped framework of the aquarium flat seabed tunnel into the North Sea, and keeping up a number of articles of the ferocious sharks. Then one shark may be able to enjoy the breathtaking dance performances; there is so far the largest, highest in the acrylic cylinder large fish pond, dozens of thousands of coral Fish (also known as Butterfly fish) in water in the body butterflies a hundred Yan; also the first domestic use of 360 degree perspective of the Cross Harbor Tunnel, the North Sea seabed so that the ship has added a sense of mystery and endless attractive.

  Underwater World in 1999 to build and will last for the second set. The total area of 5 acres, A large body of water to watch 5, with a total storage of water more than 5700 tons, and its display in the manner and scale of the National Aquarium of the 10 top spear. Among them, more than the first: The first eight of the Japanese island of marine fish-shaped giant introduced the concept of China, the total fish more than three floors high, with heavy diving equipment, diving equipment For deep-diving performance; will be known as the world's Toba Aquarium in Japan's flat-shaped tunnel into the framework of the North Sea, and keeping the scores of ferocious sharks. Some people will be dancing the shark thriller scenes of the game show; have so far the largest, highest in the acrylic cylinder large fish pond, dozens of thousands of coral reef fish Butterfly fish, also known as) the body of water a hundred butterflies Yan; also the first domestic use of 360 degree perspective of the Cross Harbor Tunnel, so that you will see a transparent Harbor. These enable the North Sea Underwater World has added infinite mystery and attraction.

Aquarium of the so-called third-generation, is to let the audience home On the seabed from the audience to their own experience to the activities. In the seabed through their own, want to enjoy. Underwater World is the North Sea as a theme, so that the fish in the upper reaches of the head, an excellent place for pent-up emotion.
The second visit is to give you the Cross Harbor Tunnel, the head of a sea of blue-chip, foot Deep sea-bed, as if the whole ocean to move the visitors around. Acrylic by the sea is around, there are beautiful coral reefs, the war years was the sinking ship, Huer there is a large group of fish to swim across a hurry, drilling eel in the sinking of the ruins of the ancient city of patience waiting for prey close to, if you Careful observation, Fishermen found when washing dishes accidentally fell into the sea of dishes. If you have more time to stop, we will find salvage divers busy sediments, clean oceans. When you see them doing the hard work, and we believe you will like the effort to protect the marine environment, to safeguard the common good of our beautiful sea. Harbor reached the end of the tunnel, through the dark and bizarre rock unique hole in front suddenly, dozens of sharks are a diver from the competition she desperately eats, the way tell you that the divers are wearing protective gloves, it is necessary to Otherwise, Miss diver's hand can be really dangerous.

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Luo Hong-ying forest protected areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hepu County in Shan Kouzhen Yingluo the West Bank. Forest, also known as the seabed. The State Council in September 1990 approved the establishment of the first national New Haven 5 Yeung type in a nature reserve to protect the coastline has a total length of 50 km area with a total area of 80 square kilometers, of which the Land and Sea 40 square kilometers. Area 60 0 mu.

  Mangroves are tropical and subtropical coastal intertidal zone of woody plants unique to the community, located in the mudflats, its growth and development depends on the cyclical fluctuations of sea water. Mangroves of different patterns, the tangled roots and seedlings of great value viviparous.

After the tide of Luo Hong Kong, Lam from the Red Sea tree composition of the primeval forest, tree height 8 meters, dense canopy, packing championships, staggered into a film, magnificent. High tide, hidden in the crown of sea water, people can be at sea rafting Shaotou green leaves, Cape Jingqi group, do not have a taste. Is a new scenic tour.

You Mi mangroves Qi, born upon the sea, with the tide and hidden, and the low tide now, is a national marine ecological reserves, at the same time, UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve.

  British Gulf of mangrove protected areas is the development of the mainland coast is better, more complete preservation of the natural mangrove distribution area, in particular the merging of the Hai Lam pure in our country are extremely rare, very valuable. High tide, the crown faint blue sea, if rafting the Green show, See Dan gulls dance group, fish and shrimp Divertimento, endless funny, its waters near or at the national level Dugong Protection of Animals (Mermaid) Nature Reserve.

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Pearl City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pearl City, also known as White City, is an ancient city, located in the North Sea 36 km south-east of the town of Sai Ying Pun, White Dragon Village. There is a legend in ancient times Bailong flew here after landing trace missing people come bailong that is auspicious, in the city where. White Dragon Pearl City area rich, high quality X-Rite, folklore Zhu also Hepu, "the story said to have occurred here. Pearl City for the square, 320 meters long from north to south, south-east 233 meters wide, inside and outside the city wall built Huozhuan, the wall is a layer of loess layer of pearl shell folder layers of the foundation. Wall Can be seen around the ancient workshop, scattered residual beta, over and over everywhere, then we can see Pearl Fishers Sheng. Pearl City has been the site of the Guangxi provincial heritage as a unit. There is also a Hepu Chu's story, according to legend Shun Di of the Eastern Han, Nan Zhu has become the central plains to attract merchants of the magnetic field. Hepu County officer was forced to close Hepu pearl market, a stall eliminated the time-chu, Chu collapse of the rural economy and become hungry die of hunger The wild wilderness. Later, Kuaijimengchang Alternate County, shifting political winds change, opening up the city of Chu. Zhu Beng has also re-Hepu, Hepu economic recovery has become prosperous township. "Zhu also Hepu" was called for a much-told tale.

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Grand Pavilion with a disability - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tower, also known as the four large arches with disabilities, is located 85 km southeast of Hepu County's Shankou Zhen Yong-an Village inside. Grand Pavilion with a disability as a result of the past have been enshrined in the attic Guanyin big named after people. The Court began in the early Ming, Qing Dynasty Daoguangnianjian had a repair for China Sea from the most recent one of the ancient architecture. Miankuo 3, 6 into the deep, two hours before and after the Court Up and down two floors, the two connected Pavilion, an integral whole. Coordination of the entire layout of the building, a beautiful composition of the solid unity.

According to local records records from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty Hepu region have been repeatedly hit by the turbulence and seismic shaking, near the farmhouse collapsed within a few years, with the exception of large people standing Kui-Ran Court. The Court of Architecture in there Great art scientific research value, and was listed as a state-level key cultural relics protection units.

  Wing Bay in the northern city bordering the sea, is the Ming Lian Wei state's 1000 Wing Shouyu by the seat of an ancient coastal defense against external aggression against the post one of the powerhouse. Tai Ming Court, who Hongwu Inter (1368 ~ 1398), dedicated to Guanyin as a result of big name people. Court to the Office for the four-post center around the four lower thoroughfare, known as the four arches. In 1988 the State Council, People's Republic of China announced a national key cultural unit.
  People at Wing Tai Kok city street, sitting north to south Miankuo 3, 9.7 meters wide and 6 deep into the total, 16.4 meters long by two connected before and after the construction of Zhong Yan Xie Shanding composition. For the front nine without purlin Gallery wooden framework, the back seat for the 11 non-purlin Gallery wood framework, the intersection of the two canopies set up for slide (Gutter), to form Goulian up roof. Block after three-four-post Office , Even as the overall in-house. Wooden doors and windows and set top decoration, laying wood floor. Lower open on all sides. Tai Chuan Dou-use wooden beam to lift combination mortise Mao link to Wang Fang-chu, the joint wear. Fang Shi Liang Dynasty, Wai Yan stigma of the Second Division in the first jump D ?, the ridge-top Court of dragons, phoenix, flowers, birds, Carving and so on.

Court-wide by 18 Yan Zhu, Kim Joo-10, 2 Shan-chu-chu network composed of vertical rectangle, Zhu Chu stone, the foundation stone plinth under the pier no. Zhu Chu-lip well Tun drum surface, round-faced lip to lip and Fupen Tun Tun lianpan Fu Pen, and so on. Lianpan slender taper, more delicate and pretty.
Genei landing micro inward dumping pillar to form a foot side, since no Health. As the shuttle-chu-chu-made, high-per-chu-chu to the system from top to bottom one-third of the land killed, close to the Song "to create a French-style" Mahbubani column made killing admission requirements. Sturdy timber columns, and high-chu-chu diameter ratio of 8.8:1 in Song "to create a French-style" provisions. Liang Jia ?? as "thorough, Lu Ming-made." The front nine purlin wood frame structure Chuandou use of two-component framework. The back seat of the Court is a major part of the high pass about 8 meters, the framework for the beam and carry-Chuan Dou, 3 Leung carried over to beam, beam 5-Chuan Dou Following is the entire skeleton from Liang Jia group, that is, 4 Zhong Yan and Kim Joo Kim Joo-4 with the composition. Genei, such as fitting doors and windows were rebuilt for future generations. First, set up between the two-story escalator. Front seat for the small-lattice windows. Gentle slope of the roof, the roof and give a high standard before and after canopy from the ratio of 1:4, a canopy 1.05 to 1.1 meters. According to Mr Tian Qu, "Wing City Tower rebuilt Great tablets with a disability" set, the first year of the Qing dynasty (1821) have been rebuilt. 1959 Guangdong Provincial People's Government funding for maintenance. Most of the post in 1983 due to be termite Zhu Kong, some components Impairment Fang Liang, also from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Government Maintenance section, Zhu Kong on the chemical resin reinforced pillars, the replacement of corrupt Fang Liang, and had a roof renovation.

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Cape Pavilion - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cape Pavilion at the south-west of Hepu County Lian Zhou Zhen, Lian state secondary schools today, the Northern Song Jing-year period (1004 ~ 1007 AD), in memory of Han Meng Chang Hepu Prefecture built. Pavilion Point to the name, is therefore time to bordering the sea, "the South China Sea in the corner." Cape into the pavilion is divided into two, for the first into the Gate Tower. Door Arch is the middle of the great circle, on both sides of the ear is the door. Qian Zhao at the top of the main entrance of the "Haitian Shengjing" 4. Ears were also carved on the door "on line", "Lee Yun". The gatehouse of the middle of a Department about 90 cm, 50 cm wide on the stone tablets carved in the Qing Dynasty into a mold of the "goose". The pavilion is the second into the main building Red walls, green glazed tile glazed, Diaolianghuadong. Pavilion into a square, around the same door, on the lining around doors and windows, surrounded by corridors, engraved with a variety of animal and plant motifs and legendary figures in history. Ting Qian joint column: "Although the Cape side, Shan Chuan-mei Fai; 000 booths available for a long time, Han Song Su Meng." Li Ting in the rear there are huge monument, "the ancient pavilion by the sea." Pavilion A back door at the top of the original suspension, "Bringing the days of Miles" important, as written by Su, the Rise and Fall of several booths, authentic work has long gone. Tingzhong now hanging in a word, is a set of fonts Dongpo from imitation.

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Weizhou with the setting sun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weizhou Island is the largest of the islands extinct volcano, located in Beihai City, south-east of 36 sea miles, with the Yintan across the sea, covering an area of 26 square kilometers. It's in a setting sun in the vicinity of the island, Weizhou can stand to watch the sun shines into the scene on the island, which is well-known "Wei, the setting sun." Weizhou Island's highest sea 79 meters, the island's population of more than 85% are Hakka, hospitality, honest hard-working. Sea on the island, marine and unique Karst landscape, the more well-known as "turtle dolphin arch-Bi" and "water Dan Ping", "French missionaries who head", "meta-volcanic bombs" and "Three Great Temple" and "Tang Xianzu Sea View Office "King . In addition, on the beach can be picked and a variety of conch shells. The setting sun from the island to form the accumulation of volcanic eruption, like a lotus flower in full bloom, from the island's coastal cliffs to the sea, the sea of sharks and shellfish, corals, and so clearly visible. Dongnuanxialiang on the island, retains large areas of virgin forest is found The adventure park. Traffic: The angle of the road, "the Ocean Terminal," there is 8:00 in the morning to ban the ship Weizhou, a speedboat to 9:40, 72 yuan; slow boat to 10:40, 40. To the island after the direct line car, per person charge 10-20 yuan. If you missed the 3:30 p.m. to return to the North Sea Cruise ships can go to the pier to find a cargo ship bound for the North Sea, they are usually in the middle of the night to 20:00 in the evening set sail, they are free to talk with the owner of a good price, 4 hours to reach the North Sea. Admission: 50 yuan

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Purdue Zhen Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

David Purdue Palace tea kiosk in the urban areas Road, was built only 24 years Guangxu (1898). The main building by the transit hall (tea stall in 1987 as a result of the expansion of the road demolished), the Mother Temple, home to three religious structures, Temple, dedicated to the god Buddha, is a set of Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism as one of the three religions of the ancient Temples. Hall of the two existing structures Caused by the same: the main hall on both sides of the house there are ears; also clear between the hall and on both sides of the inter-meeting; a ridge-top glass Shuanglongxizhu; carving flowers and birds are Zheng Ji hall; gallery wall before a top-murals. Xu Qing Liang Hong, "miscellaneous recorded in the North Sea," Chan said: "The temple bright appearance, the North Sea for the crown from the temple."
  Purdue Zhen Gong Beihai & P Sin Tong Benevolent Society, also is North Local self-sufficiency and self-management self-religious charitable groups.
  Qing Guang Xu for 23 years, the charitable sector in the North Sea have Liangchao Zhen, Zhang Huang, Chen Yu sleep, Cai Zhuo Chen, who super-wide, such as Wang Henggui people to raise funds for the North Sea in the eastern outskirts of the town to establish a tea kiosk to facilitate the exchange of passengers, shade shelter from the rain, hot summer heat, Pavilion in the post-secondary Tea equipment, supplies free of charge, the severe winter cold porridge coat Qiang do more to help poverty relief, the good reputation of Yang Guang, Wen Sheng distance.
  Luo Fu Shan from time to time Qianyuan Taoist priest Wu Jinquan hole (No. Chapter Road, the North Sea to the east village PANGXIDONG). Since the return of Hong Kong, the rough set Liangchao Zhen, Zhang Huang, Chen Yu sleep, and so on, was launched in Hong Kong and Macao to the Chinese Prospectus David Purdue created Palace (the Palace Zhen) in the tea kiosk opposite.
  David Pioneer Palace, Jianzhong in the early days of the first seat in the hall, the door to the amount of shock palace said David Purdue Palace, the couplets: "Kai-hong Purdue back to Seoul to persuade Deng Bian, Wang Zhen Gong teach his people a maze thoughts."
  Block transit in the first Hall of couplets: "Ji-min Purdue has Cares about the trick Faldo, David Di-Que Palace really good opt-Sin Temple. "
  Jade Emperor Temple dedicated to transit, the sun is lunar, and other statues, and the establishment of Nyorai The Story of the Buddha, Lao-hole St. tablets teacher, the Buddha set three religions of Confucianism and Taoism in a palace. Free from any religious worship, Wujin Quan presided over the term of office.
  Guangxu 27 , Mother of Kim Chun-expansion of the palace in the transit hall bring up the rear seat.
  Golden Temple couplets mother said: "The golden light shining, the mother of Dehong deep." Another stone in conjunction said: "I Lent fasting Buddha Shinsaibashi fruit, Xiu Xiu Xiu-de-gong to heaven."
  Golden Palace home in the main hall Si Feng gold mother of the Jade Pool, the three officers left the Great Hall of Si Feng (Spring-day official Middle official to the next Water officials), the right Sifeng Second Temple St. Ti (Guanshengdijun Wen Ti).
  Transit mother of the two gold hall, the incense was strong, many comply with the letter. David Ji Zhu presided over the palace want to perform good deeds, good way for the expansion of multi-line Carlo-economic welfare of the event is attached to the S & P Sin Tong Benevolent Society, the social welfare for local charitable cause. Sin Tong Benevolent Society & P absorption, regardless of the target men, women and children, those who perform good deeds, can be joined in the Friends Church.
  Pu Sin Tong Benevolent Society, will be funded by the Friends of the Hall of free donors.
  Cape detract from the fact that good works, from the Friends of the Church of directors elected each year a number of justifications for Ren Zhu.
  Pu couplets Sin Tong Benevolent Society, said: "The public good deeds, good people and the same." During the early years of the Republic, there are often groups of refugees from other provinces into the North Sea, with room and board, Cape Sin Tong Benevolent Society for the Relief Office, the ad hoc Liang engaged in foreign refugee reception, accommodation, food supply and they are being presented to the Sichuan capital, to help their return Lane. At that time, those managers who, led by Cai Li Guang, a maximum effort.
  At the same time, Qin Lian To the village, some non-chi women's abduction by the bad guys, sold to become prostitutes in Hong Kong and Macao, Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk, engaged in the rescue Stubbs, special Sin Tong Benevolent Society, in cooperation with the S & P, were rescued by the theory of women, all members Lian Chin, Po Leung Kuk Escort back to the North Sea, Cape Sin Tong Benevolent Society, then get reception with food and lodging, is responsible for notification of their relatives to identify. If no relatives to identify, Pushan Tuoshen listen to their voluntary resettlement to put it back in a free, re-living.
  Hai Phong, Vietnam and in the vicinity of the port, Lim Chin of Chinese nationals in the brigade to die, according to its regulations at the time, can only be buried on the spot for three years. Expiry Kugu out to be, returned to their native land. Pu Shan Cai and the Chinese defense contractors involved Sin Tong Benevolent Society. Kugu by the sea Chinese pay a good group, the S & P Sin Tong Benevolent Society, to receive and be responsible for notifying their relatives reclaim burial if no relatives come forward Pu Li Yi-Sin Tong Benevolent Society, dedicated, properly buried.
  Cape detract from the fact that good teams Liangchao Zhen, Zhang Huang, Chen Yu sleep, and so at that time there was foreign and local tourists in the North Sea are poor, in the event of illness, can not afford treatment, to remain free , As a result of the Year in 1914 (three years, the Republic of China) Prospectus love of Health to establish a hospital in the housing Ling Zhao, gifts donated medical drugs, able to take medical advice for proper management of hospital patients, it is convenient and generally poor visitors, as a result of post - Following the funds do not, the five-year closed down. Until the year 1942, and Love hospital dumping house-breaking, the shape of residual shortage, then when Ren Shi Huang was the local forest, Xu Yuan, Pu Tong-bit, up to Huang, Chen-order, Du Shou-ching, Tang Chin Nam, Huang Quan and so on, the rehabilitation organization Caritas House Committee on Health, fund-raising is undergoing renovation, rehabilitation medicine donated gifts do accept free drug treatment hospital, and so good.
  Year in 1918, presided over the palace David Wu Jinquan moved to the city of Saigon By Wang Lin (No. Jin Xiu) presided over the succession.
  Year in 1919, more shock on the palace into the home bring up the rear, the establishment of Mother Temple, the couplets on the "deep and solid possession, the mother still Fan." Si Feng in the main hall to Yuanjun mother. Sifeng Buddha Temple left and right Dian Li Si Feng Shui, Lu two cents Hall has left the Office of Sifeng Jeongyeolgong Mother. Office next to another room, Si Feng Chun-founder of the palace and join the S & P over the years to do good Tong Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Friends of the memorial tablets of their ancestors. To the times, David has a palace of the three temples, both gardening, dormitories, dining rooms, study halls are all, as evidenced by the spots say the North Sea.
  Year in 1928, the palace was shock troops stay long-term, full Transit mother with two gold hall, the statues and memorial tablets of instruments used in appliances were damaged, Pu Sin Tong Benevolent Society, the address of the original work in the transit hall right Office, now forced to move on to the Hall of the mother.
  Year in 1935, Hepu Pei Lin Kuo-Pak people at that time as president of Guangdong Province. Jiyu to the North Sea, noted the head shock palace seized by the army, is a The negotiations with the armed forces. Shock troops to be out of the palace, to recover two Tien mother of Kim Hall. Although the two have recovered Hall, but the building was damaged and more broken, Lin Kuo-Chang Pei raise the repair, rehabilitation Fortunately, the two Hall of the original, but the memorial tablets of statues, less than the remodeling.
  Year in 1936, Pei Lin Kuo-rough set of Eminent Persons in the North Sea and Hepu Li Zhongping, Lin , Wu Bingrong, Benny Wong Yiu-of, Huang Yi, Chen Chun-up, and so on, set up to do a sermon on the altar of good transit hall.
  Preaching good forum to disseminate the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius, the promotion of virtue and morality, good and evil speech retribution for the purpose of the logic of cause and effect. At that time, to participate in the forum were quite public, but only to do two years, because of the cost and a non-stop. Anti-Japanese War, North Residents to evacuate, David Sin Tong Benevolent Society and the activities of the palace were stopped. Anti-Japanese War early in the North Sea some concern, "the rise and fall of the country, every man is responsible for the" young people. Anti-Japanese youth organizations in the North Sea salvation missions. By David Hall of the Palais-day right of the Office for the Mission site, the anti-Japanese propaganda for national salvation movement. Anti-Japanese War after the shock victory of the religious activities of the palace, Sin Tong Benevolent Society, public welfare, Continued resume. However, the size of the previous narrowing. David Gong Lin Wang also presided over the death. David Gong affairs, responsible for the S & P Sin Tong Benevolent Society, who presided over the election. David Palace over the years there have printed books Goodness Preaching spread, but are generally good and evil karma spread of the booklet, not a formal entry of religious books,
  Year 1942 Philip Suzhou Social and Sichuan Weiyuan peak in Hong Hua Temple printing agency sent a large number of Buddhist books in the early entry-plane circulation in the North Sea. S & P rise to detract from the fact that good and his relationship with the Friends of the men and women from Buddhism to the letter, in accordance with Buddhist ritual, please Guangdong milk officiating Cloud Gate Shan Xu Yun Tai Juesi old monk and Jiangsu, Suzhou, Yeongam Old Master Temple Dodson, giving Buddhism Sangui in accordance with the law, this is the official religion of Buddhism in the North Sea are the Buddhist initiation.
  North West of the Buddhist lay in the creation of Zhuhai School of vibration, the flow of Buddhist classics and books printed Goodness Preaching issue.
  Year 1943 transit in the North Sea lay Buddhist Temple left the Office of the establishment of Buddhist Church, dedicated to the three Western icon, set Buddhist Collection, cultivation key to the Pure Land. Year in April 1945, the North Sea lay Buddhist group in Hong good health agency Zhen Gong, a month of good macro issue of science, to close down 18.
  Year of the North Sea in autumn 1945 collegiate lay Buddhist Temple in shock right side of the base, the establishment of the North Sea lay Buddhist forest, due to the resistance, is monensin . Year in February 1946, Hepu, Qinzhou, Mountain, Fangcheng, the four counties that Buddhist monks and nuns in Buddhist-Gong Zhen, initiated by the Organization of the Buddhist Association of China Guangdong Province, co-county joint anti-Qin Ling Club, the venue: with Palace in shock.
  David Purdue Palace was listed as a city of cultural control, the protection of rehabilitation. Its past history has been Chen , But "S & P public line, good with people with" the spirit of comfort for future generations of memory and memory.

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Star Island Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Star Island Lake is located in the North Sea 24 km north-west Hepu County Department of flood tide Reservoir, 50 km away from the urban areas in the North Sea, about 1 hour drive. 1026, large and small islands like the one finally shining stars in the Sala area of 600 square kilometers of the blue green water, therefore, named Star Island Lake.

Dongnuanxialiang Star Island Lake, the lake wide, deep water, return water to peak, surrounded on all sides of Castle Peak, spread all over the island leaned across and clear blue water, Huguangshanse, green shade, fruit Man Shan, Jade, thrive, Water here according to the island, mountains around the water, the water flow in the forest, mountain forest in the long lake Island, Hill co-existence, mountain, island, comparable to water, lake water accounting for general graves vaguely. Huguangshanse in the shade, "City Water Margin" unique charm, during which Tang Yang, one of the lead Sigu exquisite feelings.

Star Island Lake tourist area restaurants, dance halls, entertainment, conference room, a swimming pool, shooting range, Island Villa, yacht lovers, orchard tourism and entertainment facilities such as holiday tourism services were readily available, Yechui, game and barbecue under the tree-lined fishing, and music is not Sigui.

Star Island Lake Yintan tourist areas in the North Sea and the formation of a "sea of a lake, a salt-light, Green Island beach," the advantages of the travel pattern South China has become a new tourist hot spot, is the online travel golden Beihai Yintan of a pearl.
Star Island Lake and pleasant weather, wide lake, the water around Castle Peak, the scenery is very charming, it also has a "City Water Margin", China Central Television is shooting "The Water Margin" location of the base.

The construction of a total of 4 parts First, Yangsan area in the district were the first to create a customs clearance in the second and the third customs, military camps, broken Jin Ting, observation deck, Ju Yiting (including the Church loyalty, there are 108 men statue), after the Walled 8 The tourist attractions.
  Second, Wenshu Temple (the temple monks Lu), including Houdian, corridors, the Mountain Gate. Third, Yongjin Men (including the castle, in order to stay Fang La Land).
Fourth, water Jervois Street (the shop on the street there are many stories of the statue figures, included stone, pagoda).

Men walk in the Ju Yi Liang Shan Shui Bo, Tang Yang in the old water Jervois Street, look at that along the way All Men Are Brothers lifelike statue figures, it can not help but feel like that in troubled times in the Song Dynasty, and green wood from the era.

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Ancient tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancient tomb is located in Hepu County, Lian Zhou Zhen 3 kilometers southeast of the ancient tomb group, about 1000 more. Pit into the tomb bricks and tomb pit. Han Dynasty, Houzang prevalent in the south to the officials, generals and immigration, after the death of the buried Hepu have more items buried with the dead.

There are cultural relics unearthed in recent years, copper lamp-feng, copper house, pearls, agate, Patricia Tao and housing, ceramics, and so on. These relics of ancient China's military research, culture and the arts, politics,

Ji, as well as the people of our country with the friendly exchanges between the peoples of South-East Asia, trade relations, provided in-kind materials. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a key cultural unit.

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Tourism in the North Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guangxi is located at the southern end of the North Sea, the northern part of Dongbei An Bay. Located east longitude 108 � 50'45 "~ 109 � 47'28", latitude 21 � 29 '~ 21 � 55'34 ", 206 km northwest away from Nanning, 198 km east of Zhanjiang, Haikou City, south-east from the 147 sea miles . Urban North and South The sea on three sides, Weizhou (24.74 square kilometers), the setting sun (1.8 square km) island in two, Weizhou about 20.2 sea miles away from the urban area.

As a result of the urban area north of the city of Beihai on the brink of the sea and named after, began the early years of Qing Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Jiaqing years as the city along. 187 In China and the United Kingdom, "Yantai Treaty" into port. December 4, 1949 liberation of the town at the time as it is, in the jurisdiction of the Hepu County, in January 1951 changed cities in Guangdong Province, in May the same year, commissioned by the leadership of Guangxi Province, in March 1952 was placed under formal Guangxi, in May 1955 re - In the Guangdong, 1956 For the county-level cities, Hepu County in 1958 fell to the people's commune in the North Sea. In 1959 the town changed to the county level, in 1964 for the restoration of county-level cities, in June 1965 and assigned to Guangxi. Approval of the State Council in 1982, opening a tourist city. In October 1983 for the restoration of cities. 198 In April the State Council, has been identified as the further opening up of 14 coastal cities. July 1, 1987 Hepu County, the city was placed under the jurisdiction of the North Sea.

Beihai City in Hainan Province and across the sea, neighboring Southeast Asian countries, backed by southwest Yunnan-Guizhou provinces of Sichuan, in southwest and south-east Asia in Hainan Location, location. With a total area of 3337 square kilometers, the urban area of 957 square kilometers.

  North Sea is a beautiful coastal city, known as the "South Beidaihe."

Sea and the North Sea are all the wealth. Sea, the beach, sea Forests, coral seabed, coastal tourism, seafood ... ... Of these, the most fascinating is the beach, where a very high quality of the marine environment, water clarity, fine sand and waves of light. According to experts, research, the North Sea beach resources equivalent to Dalian, Hebei, Yantai, Qingdao, Xiamen and other places of the sum and spring , Three quarters of the fall will be swimming. Local produce is also well-known "Nan Zhu", the North Sea also known as the "Pearl City."

  China is located in Beihai city of Guangxi in the south, the northern part of Dongbei An Bay, with a total area of 3337 square kilometers with a total population of 1,360,000, of which the urban population of 500,000. North Sea Southwest back, facing the South-East Asia, land and sea near Guangdong, Hainan, Hong Kong and Macao and Vietnam, in southwest China and the Asia-Pacific economic region, has a unique geographical advantage. In 1984 to become the first batch of China's further opening up coastal port cities. Since reform and opening up the North Sea for more than 10 years after the city of Nu To achieve a leap-forward development of a rich, beautiful, and civilized modern garden-like port city has begun to take shape.

Beihai City is rich in tourism resources, marine resources, the comprehensive advantages of tourism is even more prominent. Sea, beaches, islands, seafood, marine treasures, the forest on the sea, sea Corals, marine culture, ocean beach sports, sea routes, constitute a "perfect" system of marine tourism. Since 1984, the tourism industry developed rapidly in 1988 as a Chinese major cities, has now become important in the South China coastal tourist city.

Sand If the blanket Yintan paved through the sea corridor, Miao Miao smoke on the wind and sun Weizhou Island, Star Island Lake sparkling waves, Adventure, White Dragon Pearl City Chi Chu also tell of the ancient Hepu and vicissitudes of life. After another white clouds and blue sky, the sea next to the open-minded, Saman Abas shells on the beach, networking at the front of the house In the women under the shade of the banana Lin, albeit not very clearly ... ... This is the North Sea, is on the southwestern coast of the magnificent paradise.

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Gala slope on the ground floor of the Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China and Vietnam in Guangxi gold Jingxi Tourism with the state border town of Long city, a unique exploration of the customs border tourist spots, it is the slope Gala "on the ground floor of the Great Wall." Founded in 1892 Gala slope of the underground fortifications, has been China's National Defense in military bases. In the mountains for many years by the construction of fortifications, and the surrounding terrain with Hop to Singapore Gala Hill as the center, there are nine authentic defense system, with the surrounding mountain tunnel linked to tenderness. More than 10 km-long underground fortifications, the twists and turns through the customs border dozens of caves in the mountains on the ground floor, forming a strange pattern of the maze of the military. The facility has a defensive fortifications underground water Huogong attack, tanks and infantry, Machine guns and cruise missiles, nuclear explosion, and so their different functions, at the same time observing communications, command and scheduling, troops out of the underground control center, the design of scientific, the ambitious project, a solid defense. With the adoption of strong light and shade bunkers guard authorities to open the thick titanium steel manufacturing solid fortifications door, walk Cast reinforced concrete tunnel, the sentry post, post, arsenal, soldiers living room, underground water, as well as food, and other hospital facilities.

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Valley slope kaolinite and a hundred sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Valley, a hundred sites in Baise City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at the completion of that township and village a hundred large Tuen Northeast Valley, for the Paleolithic site. Valley, a hundred well-preserved ruins of the original landforms, rich burial stone products. Has found that a large number of stone products, and glass for dating meteorite specimens. The surface of the site also found that more large Stone gravel. Kaolin slope in the ruins, unearthed the stone and glass products 69 meteorites, and so on. Then unearthed 90 pieces of stone products, confirmed that red brick is of native stone formation, the inference about 70 million years ago, human activities in Guangxi's history much earlier. A hundred-and these Kaolinite slope is the site location To preserve the best, most work. Baise Basin, the study found that many Chinese in Southeast Asia and the South Pleistocene history of human development and environmental changes of a group of the richest information.

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Lingyun water hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ryong'am or before the Qing Dynasty was originally called Ling-dong, located in Lingyun county 1 km north-east of the Baihua Mountain, outside Tetraena Qi, towering old trees, birds contend that the water rippling blue waves. Emperor Kangxi in the early years, the entrance hall of the temple there, Li Buddha, incense very Sheng, visitors constantly. Large hole, 30 meters wide, high-3 M-3 at hole, exquisite rock, the penetration of sunlight, particularly bright, famous ancient poet inside the cave to leave a lot of poetry tablets, the highest Dongding engraved on the old quarry area, "Dong Tian in the first" grand vigorous four - 000 characters for 43 Qianlong (1778) left so Wangyu De Jiang observed the title. The total length of hole 5 0 m, there are underground river inside the cave, the Four Seasons regular stream, cave stalactites, stalagmites, Shilan, such as thousands of stone flowers. At present, the development of a "language of Shuangshi", "Bao Zhen Hua Mao", "Golden Lion breast-feeding," "shou honda stick Peach" and "hoping for Camel," "Babel Tower", "Sea Lion" and "Kwu Tung Ganoderma lucidum "" Virtual Ling Hand, "" Quiet Room "and other 14 spots. Underground hole into a river Chengbi River" water source ", the holes have water," he Chengbi father. "Multi-year average flow of 9.03 cubic meters /second, with an average Low-flow 1.2 cubic meters /second, the underground river drops 200 meters. Waterfront Department block walls, when Bar, with walls look, fast-flowing, if Ben Lei Tao anger, shock Valley. Stalactite cave ancient structure, different patterns. Dozens of the original Buddha statue, has long gone.

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Gong Bao government buildings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xilin that rural workers in that village workers. This is a group of government, including Gong Bao, Nanyin College, the first Rong Lu, Cen Hall, by Shouting, thought-building, such as filial Square dutiful daughter, Qing Dynasty period (1875-1908) the ancient buildings. Gong Bao-ching Yunnan-Guizhou Governor's House is the British Grand Cen called by the Qing Dynasty Prince Taibao, The grant aims to build its name. Built in the five-year Guangxu (1879), Cen-British Grand (1829-1889), Guangxi resistant, the word Yanqing, No. Martini. End of the Qing dynasty general, the rate of armed Xianfeng early to join in Yunnan, Li Yi Liang Department, county magistrate, South Road, known state, governor of Yunnan, the Hui people to suppress the uprising. 12 Tongzhi (187 Year) term of office of the Governor Yunnan-Guizhou. 10-year Guangxu (1884) was ordered to fight the French army, no war retire. Guang Xu died 15 years to recover the Prince Edward Jin Taibao, overflow, "Xiang Qin." Jinyuan La three buildings, brick building. 3 Miankuo forward, backward 5, the Beam-stack Liang Jia, hard top, cover Qingwa. Liang Fang, all decorated with canopies board watercolor Hill figures, there are carved doors hanging amount of Kowloon "Gong Bao House" Hengbian. Zhaobi front of the legislature, home to about lions, the outside wall area of 1350 square meters.

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The seventh red peasant army site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven Red Army military, including the former site of the Baise Uprising Memorial Hall, Hall and the Guangdong Province House breeze. Baise Uprising Memorial Hall, located in eastern Guangdong Hall-sur-Baise Youjiang the hill, condescending, Baise City glance. The construction of a magnificent memorial hall, regret momentum, not just a revolution of historical displays, the museum's own Is a beautiful scenery. Guangdong is the Baise Uprising Command Center, is living in the Qing Dynasty Bose built by the Guangzhou merchants. Architectural style and design is very similar to the Chen Clan, is a three-two corridors, brick, building solid houses, Xiang Man Shek Wan on the roof of the doll. Staff recovery in 1978, Registry Office Manager and the layout, organized auxiliary display, the display Baise Uprising seven Red Army's information heritage. Red House is a breeze seven former site of the Political Department of the Army, is located in Baise city of Zhongshan No. 55 all the way, this is a three-storey brick building, the construction area of 267.6 square meters, was built in 1911. Red Seven Special Branch officers here is the drafting of the document, the development of posters, slogans, printed political propaganda material, the publication of "Youjiang Daily". The summer of 1929, Deng Xiaoping faction of the CPC Central Committee, Zhang Yunyi to wait until the leadership of a hundred wide revolution. In October, Deng Xiaoping, Zhang Yunyi headed wide of the Fourth Battalion of the unitary guard and teach in Guangxi Youjiang to the team, Wei Baqun with the leadership of the armed peasants to join. In Baise, Ma Ping, the town side (this Napo), and other places, such as the eradication of the reactionary armed Bear-ho. On December 11 in eastern Guangdong Hall Plaza, in front of the assembly, declared that the Baise Uprising, the establishment of the Seventh Army??????. For the former site of the national key cultural unit.

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Shaman Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaman Falls is located in Baise Jingxi county, 70 km away from the city of Baise, 32 kilometers away from Jingxi county, Guangxi in recent years is the sharp rise in the popularity of a spot to KIWI known, is the gap between China's largest waterfall. 165 m high waterfall, 30 meters wide, about 10 kilometers to the south will be able to see de-day falls. Tong Falls and falls elsewhere, it is located in a seam to the edge of the stream to the cliff top of the seam to drop down to form a long chain of 130 meters, in the summer when the water flying several hundred meters, people close to the hard, winter and spring when it came Falls Under, also found that the air falls down and away to escape, more magic to get disappeared. Following the More than 600 walk-class ladder, to the Canyon psychic viewing of waterfalls, but also to see the exotic vegetation in valleys, streams and caves, experts have been called the "psychic wonders." Traffic: visitors from Bose by Morocco's first railway station bus station, about 3 yuan, in Baise up to coach a scenic bus fares 10 Can also participate in the city of Baise, Nanning, or travel agencies to fight organized businesses can be arrived at Spiritism falls directly.

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Music industry group doline - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Recently, Bose music industry in the county discovered the world's largest doline group, doline group range from a radius of more than 10 square kilometers of a number of huge doline cave-like composition.
The largest doline "Da Shiwei," over 500 meters in diameter, more than 400 meters deep, the bottom there is magic on the ground floor of the forest and underground river. Other doline, Hang between the cave and connected, very rare, so as "not a Chinese."

  Doline local people will be referred to as "Shek Wai", in northern Guangdong, Guangdong doline called for the "basket", but "Da Danwei" than northern Guangdong, the "sky-basket" 30 times larger.
  Doline at Taishi Wei Fun Brush the village, from the music industry in the county seat 28 kilometers. Taishi Wei on the ground floor of the primeval forest area 96,000 square meters, the first in the world. Taishi Wei doline vertical depth of about 613 meters east-west length of 600 meters, 420 meters wide north-south, the volume of about 080,000,000 cubic meters.

  Taishi Wei bottom Only the rich forests there are different kinds of trees and millions of the mysterious animal, and some called the "living fossil dinosaur era", some at the national level to protect rare plants and medicinal herbs, there are human beings so far have not been recorded in the ferns. There are two virgin forest at the bottom of the underground river, a warm-cold river in the world of rare fish deceive. Shek Wai around four kilometers of the mysterious Long hundred Grand Canyon, 30 km long winding streets of the cloth such as Liuhe attractions.

  Taishi Wei in the surrounding villages and unique white-Qi Jue, Tree, Su Hang, Tang Jia Tuo, a Mongolian, swallows, blocks the wind rock, Tuo, piercing and so on dozens of doline, Has become the world's unique "doline group." "Doline group of" peripheral, and to take gas hole, hole wasp, Xiong home to the East and West, such as holes in more than 50 scenic spots cave with match.

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House breeze - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven Red Army Special Branch also includes the former site of the military, the breeze at the floor all the way in Baise City, Zhongshan, 55, which is a three-storey brick building, the construction area of 267.6 square meters, was built in 1911. Seven of the Political Department of Red Army officers here is the drafting of the document, the development of posters, slogans, printed political propaganda material The publication of "Youjiang Daily".

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Eagle's Nest natural scenic area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eagle's Nest group of agricultural landscape natural forest land to tourist areas and Huguangshanse as the main feature of the area there are 7 major attractions are: Eagle's Nest Lake, agricultural Mission Hill, former residence of chromium Luddite Lions Bay, the ancient town of Wing On, the palace, where Le Temple , Jinyin Hu. Eagle's Nest scenic area is located in the west gate of salt, Gong Jing-Rong district in the western side of town , The provincial Department of protected areas, natural scenery. Covers an area of more than 4,300 acres of scenic spots, was formed in 1955, scenic areas, there are things Hubei and Hunan, water storage 2,640,000 cubic meters. Room and board: Eagle's Nest Lake fish, Dou Hua spring, Fentiao stewed chicken, goat barbecue (chicken, rabbit) Road home. Hotel savor local farmers The most appropriate living, the general price in the 10-30 yuan /day. Festival: Peach Blossom Spring Council, Dan Liuhua will be the beginning of summer, summer and fall leisure summer, the National Day joy week on ...... on activities.

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Jinhua Cyatheaceae Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinhua Cyatheaceae Rongxian Nature Reserve jurisdiction of the Golden Flower is located in the region, adjacent to health, Yibin County, covers an area of 7 square kilometers. Provincial-level nature reserve for rare plants, in 1987 as the Golden Flower Cyatheaceae Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province, Jinhua, four-ditch Well, ring Zigou beaches in the vicinity of the deep, 4 km in length, width 10 M in area, into a film distributed more than 3300 trees at the national level to protect the rare plants - plants known as living fossils of ancient plants all over the tree-fern. This tree fern highest more than 3 meters, 20 cm diameter trees, leaves 4 meters long, lush leaves and branches, leaves Zhuangruo Fissidens, beautiful patterns, sunlight, particularly Enaduozi. Ferns in the region as many as 120 species of ribbon Growth into distribution, is the study of ancient geography and ancient climate, ancient kind of rare. Jinhua cockroach Diego area range upon range of hills, magnificent mountains, a number of cliffs, deep groove risk. Gurgling water trough, Feng Mao vegetation, irrigation staggered rattan, Hongyan trees, beautiful scenery Red Rock Reservoir vast ocean, Shuitianyise. Shirengou Feng, Yi Xiantian, Kau Bridge 18 holes, wonders different habitats, attractive people win.

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Mission agricultural eco-tourism spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mission agricultural eco-tourism scenic spot is located in the southwest edge of Zigong, 18 km away from Zigong, transportation, communication is very convenient. Scenic areas are deep within the landscape Hill, 400-480 meters above sea level in general, are more Minjiang River basin water slide the root origin of the river. Rural China with a monsoon climate, abundant rainfall, Frosty period long, cool and moist. For many years and the mean temperature of 17.1 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 36 degrees Celsius in summer, winter minimum temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, an average of 1106 hours of sunshine, with an average frost-free period of 300 days or so, the annual rainfall over 1,100 mm. The township with a total area of 23.5 square kilometers and a population of nearly 5 00, less farmland, forest land and to account for the main Yilin, the whole area of the existing 25,000 hectares of forest land, forest coverage rate has reached 70%, Lin mostly mixed, with pine, fir, Bo, Zhang, Nan, Camellia oleifera, Rhododendron and bamboo-based, there are more than 300 plant species, forest birds of 200 species, white , Pheasant, owls, Eagle, rabbits, wild boars, wild cats such as the protection of national forest birds often come and go. Township enterprises within the framework of pollution-free, dense forests, beautiful, fresh air, natural scenic features. In June 1999, the provincial and municipal experts study assessed approval of the Mission to become farmers in Sichuan The first city-level ecological demonstration zones state in 2000 has been identified as national natural forest protection zones, the development of eco-tourism potential is enormous. ?? ?? In recent years, the agricultural college in the city of Tourism Development Zone, with the support of the district, has embarked on planning, development of resources in the Gulf, the city of Zigong City Planning and Design Institute has completed the agricultural college You develop the master plan is divided into the natural landscape and cultural landscape of the two major categories of the six sub-50 spots. A natural scenic spots 8, 12 secondary natural attractions, three-level natural scenic spots 9, a humanities 2 spots, the secondary spots Humanities 8, three spots Humanities 11, as a mirror lake level, water music Long, Jing Ying Shen wall, floating Cuise air, twists and turns deep, spectacular gorges dragon, a taper of the Indian mountains, steep rock box, strange rock eagle, gongs and drums magnificent mountain, Lion Rock, wearing a mysterious cave , The Taoist priest hole, trunk holes, pig-mouth, but also the security of Walled Xian Yao, the stockade, the beauty of the long-En Temple, the grass Temple, the Yu Tan Temple, Temple Kokonoe. Inside the area also has a history of the revolutionary base of education, the right to Li martyr, a martyr Lu Deming, Hongo's re-learning the martyrs Guo and Li Xiao Ting deeds of the older generation of display for visitors to pay respects.

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House wu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu former residence is located in the southeast Rongxian, about 15 km from the county seat of rural Taiwan, Tsai Jin Yan Cun, this civil structure housing the remaining three, two of which have a floor area of 96 square meters. In 1958, wu back to the county Office of donate to Jiuzhai teachers. Teachers in 1983 after the relocation started Jia Yan Cai Secondary School (now the name Charter school). 1988 Miss 110th anniversary of the birth of the country come back, even in the tight old wu reconstruction of the West's former home, two-stone to repair rural roads, bridges and Jia Yan Cai. After the repair of the former residence of wu, an area of 15,500 square meters with a total construction area of 1050 square meters. Door to door hanging Chinese President Yang Shangkun important topic of "wu House." On both sides of the door pillar engraved with the couplet: "Jing tree flowering brothers music; tax Shu-Tian Sun Geng no." Middle Yuanba placed wu bust. Statue pedestal engraved with a positive Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Deng Xiaoping's inscription reads: "China's outstanding proletarian revolutionary, educator Historians, language experts wu. "Incised on the back of the base on the life of wu brief inscriptions, for the traditional text block. Xu Xiangqian central room door hanging Marshal of the board wrote," the former revolutionary body. "Yan Zhu and on both sides of the door, there is also a couplet:" The difficult start, can not Shou-yeh , Notes and material difficulties Mo virtual decent fight everything; home easy, easy Zhijia, want to make it self, direction when the scale of good legislation "." Pizhenyanling 100 thread; three Taber still allow the heart. "Wu central room display of 60 and 70 Birthday, the CPC Central Committee and Chairman Mao Dong, Xie Juezai's message, and so on, life poem. Zhiyou Chen central room Wu relics, as well as to reflect its image of a revolution; Zhizuo central room to display his memory of the people of wu picture.

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Two-Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Two-Lake Scenic Area, located 1.5 km north of the city Rongxian. Dongchuan is located as a result, the life of the two River junctions and the water got its name. Lake is a dual set of agricultural irrigation, urban water supply, flood control, tourism, power generation and aquaculture species, such as multi-functional comprehensive benefits in one of the artificial lake. Rainwater harvesting Lakes area of 80.25 square kilometers The project area of 5195.75 acres of land (of which: project covers an area of 788.78 acres, 3504.03 acres of land inundated, and other management in an area of 902.94 acres), with a total capacity of 58,000,000 cubic meters, 500 storage capacity 43,800,000 cubic meters; control surface irrigation 21.6 Million, in cities and towns Water, 500 - 2000 million cubic meters. The reservoir will be built wing of the county flood control capacity by a 5-year return period to improve the standard of once in every 20 years. Lake has gone through three two-three times on the tortuous course, in October 2089 and the fourth resumption of work, the main project in nine years, O to start on August 10, six in 2092 Completed by the end of the dam filling, in June 2095 project completed, on February 5, 2096 formally accepted the transfer of project management, project acceptance assessed as excellent, the completion of project expenditures for property 74,368,300 yuan. Sungai Lakes region has always been a state-wing cultural resort, here is the Northern Song Dynasty scholar Wang Old haunt, the foot of the stone turtle book Sungei Wang Xiang Ge is built, "Hengxi Corner" site. Huang Tingjian seekers can explore such as the ages, such as Lu You have to travel here, the visit to Cuba, wrote the "simple people with disabilities very good, a thousand miles to Yu Shi-Shu villages," such as praise poetry. Hanlin end of the Qing dynasty, poet, calligraphy and painting at home this ZHAO Xi growth. Proletarian revolution Wu had met with the underground and patriots, engaged in revolutionary activities. Sungai Tower books also ring the mountain to water the beautiful scenery and rich cultural wing to become one of the eight states. After the completion of two-Lake, the dam, "Sungai reservoir" of the four Qiu Jin, the forceful characters, former Defense Minister Zhang Aiping to be Written by virtue of the clean water Castle, opened up a variety of tourism projects, so that the two-Lake Rongxian become a large-scale. Beautiful tourist destination. Two-tourism Lake Scenic Area in order to quiet Huguangshanse featuring beautiful, magnificent lake, Yan Bo vast, clear water, grass green. Around the mountains Hold, Wan Ting rise amid ups and downs, the Castle of the clean water, waves Luan shadow, depicts a beautiful landscape picture, during which foreign mobility, it is ecstatic, double-Yi Ni Lake to the natural scenery and sophisticated artificial scenic spots has become the most Rongxian Unique tourist destination, the lake area hotel, Hill, Chashe, Zhulou, Entertainment City, Recreation , A swimming pool, fishing and so on. Or luxury, or elegant, or the mountain, or Bangshui, features, Xingsan distribution, the beautiful beautiful Huguangshanse, festooned with more and more attractive. To discuss business, tourism, leisure resort ideal place. Two-axis for the Lake dam to the existing four Tourist areas: commercial and cultural scenic spots: the dam is located on the east coast, Yishanbangshui, broad vision, including the construction of tower-Han Tsui House, a classic feature of the three-star hotels - Hotel Golden Delicious, Daijiazhulou buildings -- Point Village, as well as the range of commercial and residential elegant chic, and other farm music, home-fitness , Facilities, plants everywhere, flowers everywhere. Standing on the shore of Lake Kui-Ran Tsui House, the Court stacked cornices, decorative China and the United States, Denglou view, Yuanshanjinshui panoramic view, is a good place to watch Huguangshanse. Stone Mountain Scenic Spot: The dam is located in the West Bank, stacked rock peaks, green forests. LAN Lin Huang Jue, Taolin, Lin has begun to take shape. Tao Xing spring flowers, red Ru Xia, a walk in the forest, such as Taoyuan into fairyland. Shan scattered distribution of cloud water Villa Resort Huaguo Shan Shui Liandong and leisure village, luxurious style, unique style, which rise amid the tall and straight, lush forests, the Black Man Yamahana, the song of birds, but also travel People forget Lianyuan . Mongolia's play area last spring: the dam at the lake in the West Bank. A Celebration of the Arts where ancient architecture Lan Lake Hotel, Dai-building Zhulou Teahouse and sightseeing boats together, tourism is a good place. You Dengzhou this lake, boating or leisure to enjoy Hushan Xiuse; waves or wind, water and spirit savor It is both broad mind, relaxed and happy. World's play area: at the bottom of the dam, with children amusement park, swimming pools, Xin Yuan Zi, a fishing game, and so many projects, advanced facilities, the pleasure is peace and tranquility, excellent fit and healthy place to go. Zigong is the two-Lake area of great potential Travel resources, we will protect the green mountains and blue waters, improve the ecological environment at the same time, step by step development of the "Book House Pursuit" and "Ring Guifeng Show," "clean water rafting," and "Villa Yan Liu," and "blue wall of the bridge Chui" "Shihmen visit to Cuba", "Ke She Wind," "white water expedition", "Tung Wan Fish Fun" and "dangerous double-bridge sink" Tour attractions. We believe that the future of the two-Lake will be more green mountains, water and more beautiful, more green trees, more flowers Yan, this land of southern Sichuan's tourism Pearl will be even more beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural connotations, Xiao Ying P Plus visitors.

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Xia Dong Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xia Dong Temple is located in Zigong artesian well on the road to Gongjing workers next to the nursing home, built in South Ming Yong calendar year (that is, in 1654 Junji 10-year-ching). Is a pray-in opera houses of the temple's play. Summer-seat Temple north to south, from Qiandian, Houdian, Tetraena Xilou consisting of a two-day well-stacked temples, large and small hospital Are linked to the corridors, extending in all directions, is a Chuandou-and-beam buildings. Xie Shan roof, roof Qi Qiao, the murals were Diaolan Tiandan In a nutshell, the construction of its functions is very clear, the whole building has been preserved with high artistic value and historical value. As the Monastery was built in the frequency of war , A larger span of history in stages of construction, construction technology and the idea of reunification is not great for the study since the late Ming, rare scientific research and construction materials.

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Xiqin Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the city of Zigong in the artesian zone section of the West Jiefang Road music hall, after the dragon and phoenix upon the scenic mountain, overlooking the busy downtown area, Diange towering, exotic shapes. In January 1988 announced a national key cultural unit. Salt Museum in Zigong City in the Library. The West Hall, Temple of Wu Shing Temple, Zhu Gong Dili tablets, also known as the Temple, commonly known as the Temple in Shaanxi. The early Qing Dynasty, Shaanxi businessmen to operate artesian salt, and wealthy. In order to "paragraph Syria Things" and show full of luxury, in the first year of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1736) building, which lasted 16 years, 17 years in Qianlong (1752) for completion. Light 7-8 (1827-1828), and large-scale expansion and Pei Xiu, "the older of the tenth extension Shuozhang address, a separate mountain in the main hall," and "magnificent times before," Occupying a total area of 3451 square meters. This is a typical Chinese architecture, the combination of plane, the whole side, emphasizing symmetry, the central axis clear. In the central axis Purchase of the main building, four to concourse walls and other construction components have depth, level, Core Pacific-5 compound the size of groups. As a dotted the West Hall, the main decoration is looking for stone carvings, across the hall, as many as several hundred to lions, perform, Yong Kim, Ben drum, and so the sculpture pavilion of the most prominent. Shishi door 2.27 m, the sudden augmentation head, wearing haired, four-sharp claws, two lions traveling abroad turned out at each other, for opening-Si Hou, Poxian authority. Entrance, Yong Kim, Ben 3 of the wooden drums, focused on the 22.3 m long, 6.7 cm wide of Mulan, there are more than 350 people, the appropriate density, blade with a forthright attitude. This , The amount of Fang, Fang contrast, pick Leung, Chui Hua, on the wooden railing, myths and legends, historical stories, social life and drama scenes, still life flowers and birds are carved exquisite art, lifelike, so far clearly visible. Before the liberation, the West Hall of the Republic of China as the location of the Zigong city government, dilapidated, destroyed on the brink of ruin After the liberation of the grand old buildings, has finally returned to the hands of the people. Zigong City People's Committee office here, made the protection of construction and maintenance. The spring of 1959, Deng Xiaoping and other central leaders to visit the West Hall, Ning told time and again, it is necessary to properly protect themselves. In view of the leadership of care, taking into account the Qin Hall itself is a reflection of Zigong salt, the salt industry development history, has an important scientific and artistic value, then, selected as the "Salt Museum in Zigong City," through a comprehensive restoration and rational distribution and display a variety of Ancient drilling, the rule well, look for fishing tools. And use of sound, light, electricity and other modern Performance means a true representation of the Millennium Well Salt of salt production techniques and the evolution of change.

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Salt Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Salt Museum in Zigong City was built in 1959. China is the establishment of the earliest and one of the Museum of Natural History of Science and Technology. The main museum collection, research, Chinese salt industry to display historical relics and information. Museum with a clear-cut features and rich connotations. To provide visitors an understanding of the fine Chinese culture window. Museum houses paintings carved beams can be seen under a number of precious historical relics salt, both detailed picture of the text shows that there are a wealth of information displayed in kind, vividly demonstrated the ancient skills of working people smart. After collecting the history of the collection Well Salt tools, contracts, books, I-thin invaluable cultural relics, and so on, drilling Governing well is a tool to retain only the ancient Chinese Dayton drilling tools. One display, "Well Salt history of the development of production technology" from the drilling, Brine, natural gas, salt and so on, the display of two thousand years, the ancient Chinese working people to human civilization made an important contribution. The West Hall, Temple of Wu Shing Temple, For tablets Dili Guan, also known as the Temple, commonly known as the Temple in Shaanxi. The early Qing Dynasty, Shaanxi businessmen to operate artesian salt, and wealthy. In order to "paragraph Syria Things" and show full of luxury, in the first year of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1736) building, which lasted 16 years, 17 years in Qianlong (1752) for completion. Seven light Eight years (1827-1828), and large-scale expansion and Pei Xiu, "the older of the tenth extension Shuozhang address, a separate mountain in the main hall," and "magnificent times before," Occupying a total area of 3451 square meters. This is a typical Chinese architecture, the combination of plane, the whole side, emphasizing symmetry, the central axis clear. In the central axis On the layout of the main building, four to concourse walls and other construction components have depth, level, Core Pacific-5 compound the size of groups. As a dotted the West Hall, the main decoration is looking for stone carvings, across the hall, as many as several hundred to lions, perform, Yong Kim, Ben drum, and so the sculpture pavilion of the most sudden . Lions gate 2.27 meters high, the heads of sudden nose, and wore haired, four-sharp claws, two lions traveling abroad turned out at each other, for opening-Si Hou, Poxian authority. Entrance, Yong Kim, Ben 3 of the wooden drums, focused on the 22.3 m long, 6.7 cm wide of Mulan, there are more than 350 people, the appropriate density, Sprightly law. In addition, the Fang places, lining Fang, Liang pick, Chui Hua, on the wooden railing, myths and legends, historical stories, social life and drama scenes, still life flowers and birds are carved exquisite art, lifelike, so far clearly visible . Before the liberation, the West Hall of the Republic of China as the location of the city of Zigong Disrepair, destroyed on the brink of ruin. After the liberation of the grand old buildings, has finally returned to the hands of the people. Zigong City People's Committee office here, made the protection of construction and maintenance. The spring of 1959, Deng Xiaoping and other central leaders to visit the West Hall, Ning told time and again, to well-protected In 1959 by the central leadership with Comrade Deng Xiaoping, and other initiatives to create, and Guo wrote the name of the museum were mainly responsible for the collection, research, in order to display the region as the center of Zigong, Sichuan Well Salt production and development of historical, physical and information. Collection of ancient Chinese tools drilling group, a more complete preservation of traditional drilling tool group. Well Salt possession of the operating leases, books, books, and so I rock drilling, drilling for the study of Chinese history, economic history, management and commercial economic development, providing an extremely rare and precious material in kind, an important academic value. "Well Salt history of the development of production technology" for the museum to display the basic, all-round display from Well, Brine, Brine lose, and the use of natural gas, salt and the development of all aspects of the speech, as well as rich resources, long history, great creativity, unparalleled skills; Zigong displayed as the country's historical and cultural cities of the basic Connotations.

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Sungai Rongxian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sungai, that is, water and Wu Feng Shou River this confluence sungaigerong, feng shui is a great place, Rongxian located about 2 km west of the River Asahi source. In earlier years, there is the "Book Corner" is the old wing of the state library; "Sungei Wang Shi Xue," Huangshan Gu is the Northern Song Dynasty inscription of "dong", and the Southern Song Dynasty poet -- Lu Tong, sentenced favorite plum. Sungai is the scenery, landmarks, books, plum, Chang Lu You only attracted to this "late landing", "Feast" and "search-Mei", play, leaving many well-known poems. However, at this time of the Sungai, began to emerge desolate, lonely scenes, so there was Lu You, "Sang air passengers Health grass ball, Ye Du-empty boat late raven "poem. ?? ?? 1988, the city of Zigong People's Political Consultative Conference to the city's proposal: Sungai irrigation reservoirs, in line with the central authorities and the State Council to strengthen the agricultural base, to develop agricultural production instructions Spirit. To the development of national economy and enhance the agricultural potential and improve the self - The ecological environment and so on are of great significance. Proposal to be adopted quickly to implement. To start in October 1989, which lasted four years, and in 1993 built Sungai reservoir. Height of 51 meters, 400 meters long dam, the Treasury area of 2.5 square kilometers, to more than 6000 million cubic meters of water, More than 20 rural irrigation of 21.6 million mu of cultivated land. In 1994, in Rongxian rich Togo to start the construction of Cao Chong Mei tunnel, which is water with a combination of farmland irrigation projects to share. For the construction of drainage, and management style; channel 34 kilometers long (of which 25 km culverts), 5 km long pipe, tunnel 2 , 13 Aqueduct, regulators, the sub-gate, flood gate diarrhea 26, there are 100 small construction, engineering voluminous difficult, in 1996 completed a comprehensive water, with the exception of Rongxian in favor of a national commodity grain, Shourou Zhu, citrus base The building, but also the elimination of the lower reaches of Sungai the floods, while for months Public tribute 80,000 cubic meters of water to meet most of the water (to be on 180,000 cubic meters). Water, the people of the city's open mouth smile, drink a glass of sentiment "in the two-Lake water, both Hong Long tea." "Kumufengchun new green vomit, Sungai Pinghu, Chunxiao out." Sungai Reservoir is not only the people of Zigong The survival of lakes ", but also a good place for tourism. Afar, like a dragon dam recline between the two Shan, magnificent. Hand-written by General Zhang Aiping, Zigong art produced by 11 meters high, 8.5 meters wide of the "Sungai reservoir" of the four bright red, Qiu Jin strong characters, mounted on the front of the dam's artificial green Pingshang, particularly eye-catching. Took to the crest, a bird's eye view of the broad surface of the water, microwave Yan full of water, dotted their Green Island, dependent landscape, a quiet. Island after a group of wild ducks, in the evening when the setting sun, some of Yu Yu surface, the Youth Pre-employment and some blue sky, really, "Luo Xia and distraction in full strength alone, a total of Autumn color Tianyi long" Fun.

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Long mountain woods - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long mountain woods is the end of September 1983, quarry workers from the quarry's was found, up to a 23.3 m, maximum diameter of 1.3 meters, small branches, 10, a small 13 m long, the largest With a diameter of 1.08 meters. After initial identification, long a type of Ginkgo biloba may be small Tsugae types of strains may be, are in the Mesozoic period of growth in the region of large trees. Two of the woods with a high degree of silicification, hard texture, the larger, and the ring structure of the fiber material is very clear, the upper part of a high carbon content, the surface to preserve some of the less. This is buried in the woods two years ago .6 Million in the next Jurassic Shaximiao at the bottom of the sandstone, and the origin of dinosaur fossils in the mountains shop adjacent to the group phase, and belong to the same geological structure units, the study of the Jurassic period, the region's ancient Zigong Geography, ancient climate and environment, as well as the relationship between dinosaurs; study of Zigong area of the earth's crust Animals must have scientific value. It was thus that the record of the vicissitudes of large woods, known as the "natural monument."

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Sun Sea wells - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yandu most people take pride in, which is known as the world's population was first proposed by an artificial super-km deep well drilling. It drilling technology, can be called in the world. This well is located in the Xiangjiaba Yamashita Nguyen Da-an District, covers an area of 3 acres, well-altitude 341.4 meters, in a long-Yan Tang called the Next to the pond. The open wells drilled in the Qing dynasty 15 years (Year 1835), which lasted 3 years, the tenor Zaocheng. 1001.42 meters depth, both brine production and gas production. At that time, the amount of brine from the jet about 14 cubic meters per day, and be able to Nissan 4800-8000 cubic meters of natural gas for 14 tons of salt Combustion. According to records, when the wells drilled into the sea 11 years later, Russia's Vladimir Semyonov were drilled in 1846 has become shallow wells, produced a small amount of oil wells. 13 In a few years later, Dirac only in the United States in August 1859, 21.69 meters drilled into a deep well, but only from the well produced 1.8 tons The oil wells. In view of this, the Chinese nation is not only a hard-working and brave people, and have proven track records in the world of intelligence. Sun sea wells drilled, not only opened a piece of the Jialing River Ji-Triassic limestone formation of the secret area, and as a result of this Xingshi salt, salt gentry and merchants all over the territory, set up drilling , King 1:00 busy city. 1.2 square kilometers around the area, drilling has 198, an average of 6060 square meters will have a well presented, "Crane" the proliferation of clouds cookstoves, depending on the vertical and horizontal tubes, steam fog cloud Wei, one of the bustling Well Salt Production image. Sea-sun well focus changed its name several times, for the first Yuan-chang , Ronghua stoves, kitchen Qianyuan, just four stoves, have been renamed after the benefits of the new focus in mind Germany, with the sum of the new focus in mind, the mind-sen with the kitchen, with the mind-sum benefit stoves, kitchen and Germany Star, Fu Tso-yi with the mind , Credited with building sum of kitchen stoves 7. 150 years ago has such deep well, then gradually reduce the amount of brine, and dried up, but Natural gas layer has "replaced", is being broken for the Nissan 8500 cubic meters. Vicissitudes of life on earth, until the 1950s, sea wells as a result of reduced production, pressure and lack of production. On the exhaust later, with the exhaust pipe, the gas will be sent to the Zaofang for the current round of eight on the salt pan fried, there are a number of class Public Works operations, ban production of about two tons of crude salt. In 1988, the sea-sun well as an official of the National People's Sichuan Province have been focused on the protection of cultural relics. Well, a new kitchen repair and restore to the time when the cattle learn the brine, use of low-pressure natural gas wells producing salt, boil the real scene; Weiran it retains the stand, with a log, System from the cable bundle, as much as 18.3 m "Crane"; the use of leverage by the number of people in the foot pedal step on the shelves pestle impact of drilling wood frame pestle. The Salt of the ancient ruins of the old opening to the outside world for foreign visitors. Zigong City, Sun Park, the history of the sea Well Salt former Sun Yat-sun, sea and the sea park well be extended integration Into a cloth is located in Zigong city in the central area of the northwest edge of the city around the four main roads and highways should be linked with, in addition to the Kingdom of Zigong Dinosaur Park, Lantern Park, the West Hall, and other online travel, location, convenient traffic . North and South Park 500-700 meters wide from east to west is about 1700 meters Planning for the total 100.45 hectares of land, the city of Zigong is the major tourism projects.

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Zigong Dinosaur Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zigong Dinosaur Museum's appearance, much like a huge rock caves, peculiar aesthetic style, our country is following the Xi'an Banpo Museum, the Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang, after the construction of another large-scale professional on-site museum. It covers an area of 25,000 square meters, the display area of 3600 square meters, is divided into three tiers. Shop display in the mountains for fear Fossils buried at the scene and dinosaur fossils unearthed in the main.

The exhibition is divided into three parts:

The first part focuses on dinosaur-related and knowledge-based, such as biological evolution, the fossils, geological age, classification and evolution of dinosaurs and so on.

The second part of the main referral Shop the mountains of various types of dinosaur fossils. They displayed in the large spacious room fitted frame, there are several vice-complete dinosaur skeletons, "Tianfu Omeisaurus" is the Office of the most eye-catching giant. It was the first branch of the slender neck of the Lao Gao, from the ground about 10 meters, 20 meters long body, thick body, tail Very long legs forward, heads held high standing. In addition to the hall, "Tianfu Omeisaurus", or a ferocious can eat "Tianfu Omeisaurus", "building gas-long" skeleton, but it is only 45 meters long body. Other progress of the original phase-in sauropod dinosaurs - Lee Shunosaurus, small body, two-legged walking Ornithopod - Yandusaurus more teeth, compared with the early primitive Dragon Sword - Taibai Huayang Long, Long flying in the air and water travel ferocious carnivorous plesiosaur, and so on.

The third part is the burial site of dinosaurs. To the people here to show the large-scale excavation of the site. Museum of Zigong in the world and the United States Dinosaur National Park, Canada Dinosaur Park along with a dinosaur known as the world's three major museums. Zigong Dinosaur Museum in Zigong City, Sichuan Province and the mountain shop.

Zigong, Sichuan not only the famous salt, but also an important source of dinosaur fossils. Along the Jurassic (135 million -2.1 million years ago) terrestrial strata of considerable development, the dinosaur fossils buried in the early Jurassic period, the mid-level land, and this period of the dinosaur fossils of dinosaur research in the world is weak Links, so the Zigong Dinosaur fossils in the world for the study of the evolution of dinosaurs, provides a wealth of Key of the raw data. According to the geological study, the Jurassic period, with the Zigong is the open lake area, the hot climate, Fengmao water, towering trees, the dinosaur is the ideal place to live, shop and the mountain is the calm sandy shoal in the death As well as the river was moving from a distance of dinosaurs Wrecks have been buried in the sand on the bank together. To the accumulation of silt and the remains buried in the turn for a very long period of time, after one or two billion years after the long years of backlog, and finally see today the formation of the fossil-bearing sandstone layer.

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Western Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunnan is located in the northern gate of the Jinsha River water Fuxian side. Yibin 32 km away from the urban area, Yunnan Fuxian 4 km of water.


  Yibin city by the Grand Canyon to drive only an hour. Grand Canyon is a "San" and "Gap acute", "marine insurance," the Jinsha River valley, in the picturesque Grand Canyon under the 2380 The hidden depths of an odd-chuen, in Yunnan Province in 1978 was the exploration drilling team found. By the experts at the national level, water temperature 85 degrees, high water pressure, flow, Water Day, it amounted to more than 8,000 cubic meters, ranking first. Rich in beneficial to human health Piangui Suan, S, Tc, lithium, bromine and selenium, radon, copper, , And other minerals. Department of high quality hot springs.


  Grand Canyon Hot Springs eco-acre park covers an area of more than 300. At the same time can accommodate more than 3,000 people bathing, is the largest natural open-air hot spring bath. Eco-Park Hot Springs has a high level of emotional appeal of the petals of different hot springs, hot springs drugs, on the floor Stephen, vinegar, hot, hot wine, hot milk and security to stimulate a big water-skiing slope Road.


  Of the existing park: 400 berths which can accommodate 600 people dining at the same time catering hall, which can accommodate 500 people Convention Center, more than 140 rich and elegant VIP rooms between lovers and pool villas Steiner more than 1,000 people play the national landscape and the Avenue Plaza. Also with Huacao Chang, tennis courts, badminton courts, beach volleyball, and other entertainment facilities.

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Li Zhuang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan-li Yangtze River in the first ancient town - is located in Yibin City, 19 kilometers in the eastern suburbs of the south bank of the Yangtze River, the river Kwai with the big round of confrontation between the Hill, and the organic integration of the Yangtze River, forming the "Introduction Minshan River, the flow of Zuse, Gui Ling Feng Pai, the show Yu Seonwon Naengjeong "the natural landscape. Here and pleasant weather, flat terrain, convenient sea and land transport, with a long history (built in the town This 1450 years), the renowned human landscape. In 1992 was named famous historical and cultural towns in Sichuan Province, in 1995 was classified as national, provincial pilot of small cities and towns in the town. The town has embodied the characteristics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties construction of the temple, the temple of the ancient Xilou, ancient streets and old residential areas: a high appreciation of the value of the ancient culture of Hui Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, Dongyue Temple Fair "Nine-palace 18 Temple"; architect has been referred to as Mr. Liang Sicheng "column structure of excellent, very proud in the foot when the world's" Temple of the screw rotation, and "House Kuixing" "Window of a white crane", "Kowloon Stone", said a total of four ancient town must. Anti-Japanese War, Academia Sinica, Central Museum, China Society building, the University of Nanking, the Institute of Arts, the National Institute of Tongji University, and so on a dozen institutions of higher learning and research institutions to move in Li Zhuang, well-known experts and scholars such as Li Ji, Fu, such as Tao Meng, Wu will be good, Liang Lin Hui As a result, Tong Zhou, Yong Liang, Li Zhuang many workers wait up to five or six years, the Sicheng " Architectural History "to carry this on for the tripod in the birth of Li Zhuang. The autumn of 1940, the day on the plane in Kunming, Yunnan-Burma bombing campaign to force teachers and students of Tongji in Kunming, the relocation of the sixth. Yibin in crowded population, not resettlement, Nanxi more gentry not happy, enlightened gentry Li Zhuang people from all walks of life convene deliberations, unanimously welcomed Li Zhuang big move in, and issued "with the big move Chuan, Li Zhuang welcome to all the needs of the local supply," the message.

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