Pamir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pamir is located in the south-west Xinjiang, the ancient Congling known to have called the roof of the world; in accordance with natural and geographical conditions, can be divided into eight parts of the text, said eight "Pago." Serpa of the Qing Dynasty in the al-Chu Li within a monument credit; in Pago have to build 8 Karen; China's Pamir Tajik and Kirgiz live the nomadic way Until the 1870s has been part of China.

  Bo Mier is divided into eight "Pa", from north to south as follows: Kepamier beads and even the Treasury,??????, Lang Pamir Curitiba, Al Erbomier Chu, Pamir, small Pamir, Tajikistan Shenpamier Kedun Ba,?????. Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang is located in north-east of the Pamirs, and neighboring Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, which borders the three countries, the border line is just 888.8 kilometers. In the Taxkorgan Tajik, the word for "crown" or "wear the crown", where tourism resources Fu, a unique natural landscape, climate and diverse ecology. 7546 meters above sea level in the territory of the Ata magnificent peaks, snow cover, known as the "tip of the Father."

  The foot of the hill is full of rocks in Ky Son, and plants. Fountains, hot springs, lakes, dotted Setsurei Valley Ranch, Stone City, Fort Princess Thousands of years ago the ancient cultural sites scattered between towering Bing-Feng. Taxkorgan went, people would know pleasant way. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset several times a day, I heard the tip of the Tajik beautiful legend, a unique understanding of the Tajik nation Folk of the people.

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Cass City plate - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cass City site is located in the city of Kashgar in the southern suburbs east of Turpan-Man River shore, known as "Yisikesa" City, the beginning of this century, the French co-Greek joint Bossi has been on the ground this investigation, as far as it marked the drawing paper, the city At that time, kept along the north and west of the city wall built two territories in the north wall 287 meters long, 205 m long wall up, wall-7 m thick. The plane similar to one Trapezoid, covering a total area of nearly 20 acres. Today, most of the sites for the units in the occupied section of only about 8 meters, nearly 3 meters high Canyuan left over from the old city.

  History is contained, the year-1970s, the city is set at the time Shule fischeri States Miyagi, then, it has become a business Banchao Victoria's headquarters, its name and Ban Chao Yang Kai-cause even in a chi, so some historical data on the call simply as "Ban Chao City," Ban Chao in the Shule, conform to the historical trend of development-oriented and rely on the West Region of unity of all ethnic groups, respect Local customs of the people. As a representative of the Western Regions in the Han Dynasty, he has always been people of all ethnic groups and Health Together, side by side in the first war, and achieved a brilliant victory again and again, China opened a new chapter in the history of the Western Regions.


  In the original site of the ancient city built on the site Cass City, covers an area of 14.5 acres to Ban Chao Center for the statue, Warriors 36 statues along the Shinto symmetrical, lining after 36 meters long 9 meters high large-scale relief semi-circular wall screen, built the door, gutting, stone arches, walls, construction beacon towers.

Ban Chao (32-102) to promote words or, Fufeng County of the Eastern Han Ping Ling (Xianyang in Shaanxi in the northwest), at an early age, "people have great ambitions," 40-year-old took time Toubicongrong, with the Chinese army will be sinus-West . Tianshan Mountains in the north of the Po-hai category (this Barkol Lake) in World War idling for the first music, then Yiwu Gongqu "(Hami today), accounting for Gong hehe. 73 In the summer of the year, he sinus-compliance orders, led by 36 Yingwu The Warriors, the world's second largest along the southern edge of the Taklimakan desert into and set fire to the Huns in Shanshan envoy, is to Moses cut division. After his strategic vision into the city in the Western Regions - Shule. At that time, Shule appointed by the Xiongnu forces pocket title, control, local residents living in an abyss of misery. Ban Chao decisive basket with a disability rate of 36 bypass to get off the train, through the frozen form of Han River Kizil, and its unexpectedly in Shule King Gong Bing-Lin Cass City set, the soldiers not to seize the blood Qiuci "left-designate" soliciting questions, so that the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty was forced to close 65-year-old Silk Road re-opened. The next 18 years, Ban Chao-li jump Shule, and wipe out potential Hun, Central Asia and the Western Regions name Wei, Duo completed the grand cause of reunification of the Western Regions, when his 60-year-old, East Government to enhance the "Western Regions Frontier Command", to Qiuci (this Kuqa) took office. Until the year 102 in the outgoing Beijing.

Cass City, site of history, and the names are closely linked to large classes. The Eastern Han Dynasty to commemorate the well-known statesman, military strategist and diplomat, who is the city of Kashi in the construction site Ban Chao Memorial Park. Park covers an area of 1 hectare (15 acre) construction started in 1994, 1996, the first phase of the project. Park has a 3.6 m high statue of the general Ban Chao; 1.9 m high statue Warriors 36 neatly arranged on both sides of the former, as in Ban Chao, a magnificent, Qiyuxuanang. Park also has a Wall, beacon towers, walls, and other relief. Bicao luxuriant park, surrounded by green trees Cong Cong. Deng garden sheets, the memory of our ancestors, there must be an overflowing chest between pride.

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Tang City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tang Wei in the Tang Dynasty city that is the first site of Zhou Cheng, local ethnic minority known as the "library Zisa heat up in accordance with" the ancient city, was built in 206 BC, since 2200, about history.

  Bachu county in the ancient city is located over 60 km north-east on behalf of the Department of hot Wazitage Hill (Hill gate) at the southern tip of the northern mountains on the eastern side of Yamaguchi Walls with soil, stone, since the beginning city, outside the city, large parts of the city outside. North and South have a Shing Mun, Tai outside the city walls have weathered to a soil beam, extending to the northeast city of about two kilometers Tang Wangcun (now the agricultural division Fifty-three of the resident group).

  Tang City to the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang Road An important ancient sites, with a very high archaeological value, is listed as key protection units of the autonomous region.

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He Mu, Ma De Kashi Tanganyika tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

He Mu Ma De Kashi was born in Tanganyika in 1008 and died in 1105, 11 of China's Uighur well-known linguist. After his long-term study, in 1076 became the first book in Arabic "Turkic Dictionary."

  The masterpiece, well-structured, clear entry, Into the rich vocabulary, can be called an encyclopedia on the Turkic peoples, the Central Asian countries to research the history, geography, customs, social life, literature and art, and other high value, and to study the various Turkic tribes History, geography, customs and products provided valuable information. This monumental work by many Home more than 10 kinds of published text, and China has become the world's cultural treasure house of art treasures.

  The tomb is located 45 km southwest of the city of Kashgar in rural Shufu Xian Wu Paer Yizi to special Mullah Hill hill. This quiet environment, lush forests and pleasant weather. The tomb was renovated in 1985 . Mausoleum on the eastern side of a mosque for Muslim tourists and villagers in the vicinity of prayer. On the north side of the grave of a cultural showroom, the display of "Turkish Dictionary" He Mu and Ma De Kashi Tanganyika's presentation on the life of books and other relevant information. In front of the mausoleum has a clear spring, it was known as the "holy water Shenquan . Quanbian one old Yang Cong, old tree trunks Qiu Jin, Climb, seen as a major spectacle.

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Yusup Hasi Ha Ji Fu Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yusup Hasi Ha Ji Fu tomb is located in the Sports City Road, covers an area of 965 square meters. Is the owner of the mid-11th century poetry Uygur scholars Yusup Hasi Ha Ji Fu. He was born in 1019 and died around 1080. Yusup Hasi Ha Ji Fu (about 1018 ~ 1095) 1 Uygur century poets, scholars and thinkers.

  Yusup. Hasi Ha Ji Fu is the tomb of wealth among a group of Uygur traditional architectural features of buildings. The main entrance of the cemetery to the south, in addition to the garden center courtyard, can be divided into east and west of the two most western colt was a flat-shaped, top-to large-span stone circle The top of the worship hall, and before carved-ribbed ceiling, after the prayer room; is in the eastern Yusup. Hasi Ha Ji Fu's tomb is located, before 8 meters wide and 9 meters high and 3 meters deep and more great Gate Tower) , Followed by the main tomb for the foreign-top turn in a round of construction, a small middle at the top of the tower from the ground to the top-11 high And more. The middle of the room on the ground, color glazed brick veneer Tomb of the package, is the great poet's final resting place.

  Before and after the year 1070, he had written in the ancient Uighur a long line of the narrative more than 13,000 Long Poem, "Fuller wisdom." The rich-shi Vivid language, was involved in politics, economics, literature, history, geography, mathematics and medicine, is a major historical documents, literary creativity of future generations had a tremendous impact, both at home and abroad of great importance to historians.

  Tomb ride south, were rectangular, 4.2 meters wide at the main entrance, 8 meters high, are On each side of a 8.7 m high as the cylindrical towers, the burial tomb from the group, and the gatehouse of the main composition of the tomb. Foreign tomb in the main round, the dome covering the top, top center of a small tower. The unique layout of the hills, the great, simple decoration, solemn, is rich in ethnic style.

  Hall of worship for the flat-topped, the main The Green Room is a glass dome; and the eastern part of the building used in the tower (House bunker) a lot, about 10 blocks, of similar construction in Xinjiang rare; tower of exquisitely impressive, but also architectural decoration. The level of the entire building phase, main and sub-divided to form a complete group. Tomb wall with blue glazed white brick paste , The worship hall of the wooden pillars carved patterns Guzhuo strange, lush patterns, and the general production methods, the Islamic Xinjiang is a rare quality in the building for future generations by the rare, ancient Uygur reflect the superb artistry of the craftsmen and can be distinguished.

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IT Ga Seoul Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

IT Ga Temple is located in downtown Seoul Plaza, is China's largest mosque. It is said that here was a cemetery, in 1442, Kashgar's rulers Shaq Zimizhaer descendants of color in this set up a small temple for the prayer ceremony dead relatives and friends. In 1538, then people will Eerboke Ubud force expansion of the Temple, cheng Together with the Temple ceremony. Followed by a series of construction and expansion of the existing form of the magnificent scale and momentum.

IT Ga Seoul Temple is not a prominent position in its scale, but it is a Muslim Xinjiang "prayers" to. Worship here every day to people who have reached 1,000 2-3, Friday, "Juma" in the afternoon Distance of all Muslim men this week for the most solemn week, this time there are about 1,000 6-7. In the annual "Guer Bang" section, all parts of Xinjiang Muslims who, together with local, the number of weeks up to 2-3 million. Great week after Temple's play inside and outside the crowds of people, The fast-ming played the drums. Muslims beat co-author, jump up "Shaman Dance" (women can not participate), to all-night revelry.

IT Ga Seoul Temple of the autonomous region is the focus of heritage conservation unit. It is not only important Kashi places of worship, or an important tourist spots. The large-scale building of Islam, founded in 1442, after another by the expansion of rehabilitation, beginning with this appearance. IT Ga Seoul, which means holiday places of worship. Regulation thorough, and the magnificent Temple, a square brick arch floor, the door to door life as high as 12 meters to edge profile Central Qiongxing 15-floor gallery walls. Temple long from north to south 140 East and West 120 meters wide. Temple Gate Tower is light green in color, covered with fine carved designs.

  As soon as the door wide in the square, and within the square connected to the grand Mosque and taught by the Church, the very characteristics of the Islamic. IT Ga Seoul is the mosque at the center of religious activities, and Id al-Adha is Rozi Song of the places of amusement of the masses; every Sunday and holiday, tens of thousands of Muslims gathered in the Mosque and the door inside and outside the square, dressed in their holiday best of the Young Men's Uighur men jump up, "Saman" dance scene Very exciting.

  Temple-wide with a total area of 16,800 square meters, from Chapel, the Hall, the Gate Tower and other buildings of the subsidiary. Simen with yellow brick, plaster pointing, the door 4.7 meters high, 4.3 meters wide, the Gate Tower, about 17 meters high. The asymmetry on both sides of the entrance tower to the Kennedy an 18-meter-high tower Xuan Li, a Yi Wan Li are the top crescent. Daily Dawn, the temple to fall prostrate Arab-5 tower on a high Muslim call to come to worship. The gatehouse of the back of a big Beaconsfield Niyaz, also holding the top of a minaret. After entering the door, a huge courtyard, a hospital and water flowers and trees. North and South have their own wall in a row by a total of 36 teaching together for the fall prostrate Arab bishop preaching purposes; monastery chapel in the western part of a high stage, since the beginning And outside the hall; Temple by the top 158 of the column holding a light blue, box-like show. On the roof of the wooden pillars and corners, all beautifully carved and painted design of the caisson. Middle of the main hall with a wall niche, built-in car-seat, every church, Maulana stand Kannei scripture reading; if every holiday, Maulana in And Education. Lang Yan into the Muslim people must take off your shoes, regardless of social status, were followed into.

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Ata-feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ata peak 7509 meters above sea level, located in Wuqia County and at the junction of Taxkorgan County, Tajik means "the tip of the Father", is well-known climbing locations, but also from Kashi to Khunjerab the only way to the border control points.

According to legend, the peak Ata lived on the tip of a princess, and she was living in the opposite 8116 meters out of the second World Summit on the snow-capped mountains Qiaoge Li Feng Prince of love, ferocious know that the King was very unhappy with God on the club split the two connected peaks, breaking the tip of the Princess and the Prince Snow Mountain Sincere love for Valentine's. Princess Snow miss the tip of the day the prince, her tears have been Chung Eventually become a true glacier flow. The weather was fine, snowy peaks with a folder into the snow line under the glacier true, like ice princess of the elegant and long-sleeved Baiqun.

Ata solemn towering peaks, high purity, and also because there is such a beautiful legend, it was seen as Tajiks, as pure love .

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Xiangfei Mu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Apahuojia and the tomb of Xiangfei Mu Kashi is located in the eastern outskirts of the city of Kokand 5 kilometers of the village is a typical Islamic style of ancient buildings. Tomb was built in 1640 before and after. Munei is said to have buried 72 of the same family of the Five Dynasties, as a result of which has buried the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty famous Kashi Islam, "according to Chan" A Pahuo Masters Named after. Apahuojia tomb is the second generation, once won the Yarkant hereditary monarchy regime, have become the 17th century, "according to Chan" of Islam leader, well known far beyond its master missionary father.

Xiang Feimu like a magnificent palace, 40 meters from the entrance tower, a small ceremony Temple, Mosque, the Church as the main tomb and 5 parts. The dome-shaped dome, there is a visible Linglong of the tower. Tower top, and a gold-plated crescent, glittering, with a solemn silence. Tall tomb spacious hall, built half a person of high platform, followed by the Five Dynasties 72 Xiangfei family size 58 Qiu. Xiang Fei's Fenqiu in the northeast corner of the platform, before Fenqiu Victoria, her name written in Chinese. Hill tomb with blue glass tiles are built package, the above is then covered with a variety of patterns Huabu, both expressed respect for the dead, and the protection of the tomb mound. Mausoleum on the left, has refined the size of two of Islam's Mosque. Tomb of the back, there is a large tomb, the scenery is spectacular.

Xiang Fei is the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Ai Fei, whose real name is Yi Zimu buy wood heat, have a child-Yi Xiang, known as the "Erhan ypane" (semantic dimension "Hong girl"). She was selected as the emperor of the Qing Dynasty Feizi, thanks, "Xiang Fei", as a result of the capital against water Died. Rumors of civil ordered by the Qing emperor 124 transport carrying her coffin three years body home for burial. But according to modern research, her tomb in Hebei Qing Dongling, only her Xiangfei Mu Yi Guanzhong.

  Apahuojia tomb has gone through three hundred years of history of the baptism of wind and rain, their indomitable tenacity God stick to its ancient architectural style, to screen tourists here were fans of Xiang Fei, also came to worship for more Epahuojia to see the tomb is superb architectural style from the technical and artistic. Xiangfei Mu Epahuojia in fact, commonly known as the family mausoleum, is a typical Islamic style of the mausoleum palace-style building. Mausoleum Of the same family for burial 72 white orchid glass tile-covered tomb. The first generation of Islamic missionaries Aki. To buy and buy. Yusup hoga. After his death, his eldest son to inherit the mantle Epahuojia to continue to preach, and once won the Yarkant hereditary monarchy regime, in the peak of its right to rule the Kashi Seoul, Yeerqiang (Shache today), Hotan, Aksu, Kuqa, six Turpan city, accepted the "masters of the world," the title of the seventeenth century to become the leader of the Islamic Baishan Pai, after his death to the Apahuojia tomb. Xiang Fei is the granddaughter of Apahuojia.

  Xiang Fei Fei Zi is the Emperor Qianlong -- - Rong Fei, former?????Khan, said to khan Yi Paer always have a strong body of floral angustifolia, which is to become Xiang Fei, Xiang Fei legend died of depression, after the death of Emperor Qianlong to send 66,600 Sixty-six of the funeral procession, carrying the coffin Xiangfei return home, are not allowed to touch the coffin. When the coffin when sent to the Kashi Funeral procession left six people. Of course this is only legend, according to the Qing records, she lived in the palace for 28 years, died at the age of 53 and was buried in Hebei Fei Yu-ching Tanglin Park sleep, Xiang Fei legend brother spent three and a half hours from Beijing with Back to the relics buried in the hills north-eastern corner of the Temple, so let's memory is Xiangfei Mu Hong The dressed.

  Tomb from the entrance tower, the size of the Mosque, the Church as the main tomb and 5 parts. The gatehouse of the main entrance of the beautifully ornate, both sides have a tall cylindrical brick walls and doors, the surface of white trimmed with blue glass tiles sulfur. Abuts the Western Wall and the Gate Tower is a small mosque, before the ceiling painting the top of the high-profile follow-up, after Prayer Room. Cemetery in the west is a large mosque, due north from the top of the dome is a teaching by the Church. Tomb in the eastern part of the main cemetery, the entire complex of the main building, the roof of the tomb owners were round, his arch diameter of 17 meters, no beams, all outside the green glazed brick veneer and painted some of the inclusions are of different colors Design Patterns of yellow or blue tiles, even more magnificent, solemn silence. Tomb built in-house and a half people have a high platform, platform and neat arrangement of the size range of dozens of graves Qiu, in order to build the tomb were white glazed tiles of blue flowers, looks crystal clean elegance.

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City Week - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Dali Bai village, the local national characteristics typical of the most concentrated and most of the week is the city with hi Island. Zhou Dali City is located 23 km north, in the Yunnan-Tibet Highway and the adjacent Hudie Quan, Zhou Zhen-hi to the jurisdiction of the State of Dali is one of the largest villages for the state opening of the Bai tourist village folk. 80 village 0 people, almost all of Bai. Intensive residential village, a stone paved section of the roadway are caused by twists and turns, the tunnel entrance had been built with Zhaobi Gate Tower, was destroyed after organized crime. How big trees in the village sinense, as if Jusan Climb tower. There are ancient trees in small square stage, surrounded by rows of shops, entertainment and natural farm in . Announced a scattered village of Chuang Chuang Qiaojiao cornices of the residential Bai, also carved of civil engineering. Cangshan upper stream down the block along the cobblestone corner, water features flowing into the Lake. Here you can see the typical "Zhaobi a three-bedroom," "Five Tetraena courtyard" garden in the form of closed-end structure Bai's residential areas. There are only in a hospital, a hospital a few, were flat square. Qingwa to form the roof of one big word, two-story, Zhong Yan; to the main landlord or to the South, three or five, civil masonry, wooden frame with mortise combination of Mao, a hospital or to connect to a hospital as a whole, outside For more on the white walls (lime), under the ash ( Mud) paint. Doors and windows in particular the main central room housing the lattice door, goes for more than wood, red-chun, catalpa wood, Yunshan, and other valuable timber, the golden eagle on the rich, Xishangmeishao, unicorn, and so at Ching Cheung auspicious patterns. Block the door to selection of fine stone Castle Haidong Zaocheng sesame flowers, build a distinct edges and corners of the base, shelves well-structured, detailed carvings Chutiao brackets, cornices Qiaojiao wooden Gate Tower. Minyan: "Dali has Sambo, cobblestone Qiqiang do not ... ..." It is evident from this. Zhou City, where not a lot of historical sites, not to mention the near Hudie Quan, Long first pass (on clearance), the village was also with Silver Temple, Longquan Temple, the Temple Master; village after backing God, and other scenic Mount hole. Xu Ming Dynasty had traveled abroad in mind that modern Guo, Ding Ling, Fei Xiaotong and so stop a visit. Week in the city, you can also see a wealth of the nation tie-dye products. Tie-dye is the week the city since the late Ming and early Qing Bai people of non-traditional crafts, tie-dye-crafts culture, arts as a whole. Bar Cloth by hand-suture needle bar, repeatedly dip into cold-formed, color Cui Li Dai Qing, dignified elegance. Tie-dye cloth used to produce the craft is filled with rich ethnic flavor, but also very modern charm.

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General hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain peak point in the setting sun, is a perennial pilgrims like clouds of the temple, a huge banyan trees in front of the temple as if to confirm that people going through the vicissitudes of the temple, which is well-known resort of Dali-General. General holes in a long time ago there was a cave unpredictable, with the natural change, now when people have been unable to find The cave, but the temple incense, Qiao Ya Fei Bao has been on constant year round. General hole located in the northwest of Shimonoseki setting sun peak Cangshan Mountain Park, Mountain Park Calocedrus towering green pines, water features streams, waterfalls Feiming, shade-General In the meantime, an integral whole. General as a result of built-General named after the temple. Shall Bai Temple is Temple Master, Master God for the year 754 in the Tang Tianbao killed in the war, Lee Mi Tang. According to historical records, Tang Tianbao years back Nanzhao Tang and Tubo and to seek and Tang Dynasty were seldom held in Chung and Lee Mi-Ling Bing crusade, were defeated Nanzhao Wang Luo Ge, Li Mi is completely annihilated, and their Jiang and Shen also . Luo Ge Tang Bing clean up the bones, er of the West River to build "mass graves" exist side by side "of Germany Nanzhao monument" to commemorate. This reflected from one aspect of the pervasive influence of the Tang Dynasty culture and cohesion, but also to show the Bai people inclusive of the generous spirit of quality. General holes built in the Ming Dynasty, is rich in white Architectural style, there is the gatehouse of the main building, stage, hall, the Temple of Finance, Niangniang Temple, and so on, cornices brackets, Diaolianghuadong, strong emphasis on color color, gorgeous spectacle. Lee Mi hall home, neighbors lived about God and the God of Wealth. After the event of the birthday of the two, if the masses of all ethnic groups should also be held Jinmiao the festival. Here Beautiful color, the environment deep in the temple around the tree flowers, is Shimonoseki scenic spots. General Shihfang built in front of the temple, engraved on the "scenic spots setting sun", describe the main entrance were suspended at the "temple of the Tang Li," the important questions, three of the temple. Built outside the ancient pavilion and promenade, once again could be a bird's eye view panorama Shimonoseki; Pavilion Square and spilled down a waterfall, the gurgling fountain surrounded by four temples.

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Du Wenxiu tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Du Wenxiu marble tomb is located in the city was under Xiang Qili Village. Built in 1917, Du Wenxiu Zhang Zhixun built by the son-in-law, for the side of the rectangular, nearly square positive, to the north-south, about 1.7 meters, 0.7 meters wide, 0.4 meters high tombstone, 0.3 meters wide, stone roof for Muding Tomb-building, on both sides of the larger Linen stone. In 1956, Du Wenxiu rehabilitation of Dali County People's tomb, tombstone changed legislature, the direct middle of the book "the tomb of Du Wenxiu" 5 characters, there is next to the two lines of small print: "The fate of the original light Ram was born in early October on the 8th; the end of the world Ren Shen Tong Zhi died in November 26. "Thus, Du Wenxiu was born in the Year 1 23 years, died in 1872, when only at the expense of 49-year-old. 1984 ~ 1985 renovation, the original mask in the tomb to 10 meters, 1.5 meters high Grave of the linen, in order to further its Qingshi were piled in the Islamic-break 3-tomb, the whole tomb 5.7 meters high. Tombstone "President Marshal MA Du Wenxiu ", Arabic for the end of the tomb monument, the tomb of Li preface Mr. Bai Shouyi and rehabilitation of tablets. South, east and west on three sides and the main entrance to the wall, covers an area of 1400 square meters. Du Wenxiu in January 1983 was released for the Yunnan Provincial People's Government The second batch of provincial-level key protection units.

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Jianchuan SHI Bao-shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

SHI Bao-shan Jianchuan Jianchuan county is located 25 km south-west, as a result of the mountain red Crack-like gravel into Cove, such as lions may like 10 minutes, was the name of Shi. Here wooded, stone unlimited interest, temples and unique, unique scenery, especially in the caves and Cliff Figures and a long reputation. The mountains dig in the years between the Tang and Song of the caves, enjoy the "West Dunhuang "The reputation of the national key cultural unit. These art treasures: 17 fine carving, a vivid image, unique content, rich colors of the national local caves. These caves are located in the stone SHI Bao-shan Temple, 10 minutes, the Lions clearance, sand Deng Qing 3, 67 km stretch of the Strip, about 140 statues body Bai Shun by the Tantric Buddhist gods to life here; Luo Ge grand tour of inspection of the scene is no longer mysterious, unusual for people to see; men and women who are religious deities to worship on bended knees while "white central Afghanistan," pray for children and grandchildren . Selected small grotto slave logic, the logic Court Feng, Mao different look for the three generations of Nanzhao Lord, the three most representative figure. Through these images, reflecting the history of Nanzhao generation. It is Nanzhao art, but also the nation's rich history for future generations Nanzhao study the political, military, culture, costumes, customs and so on, provided valuable information. This was followed by the number of life Characters. In the largest statue in the grotto, a religious figure. Such as Guanyin, Ananda and Kasyapa, Monju, Fugen, the king of the Group of Eight, King Wen, an increase of kings and so on. These images, most of the fine carving, a vivid image of their own personality. Such as: Guanyin is the same in the hands of the sculptor, the image varies: there know view , Kwun Yam Mannan, Kwun Yam slender waist, and so on. Bai these cultural and historical ancestors were delicate and elegant stone axes in order to remain in the Shek Pik, between heaven and earth. Not brilliant colors, no artificial air, there is no formal solemn, everything looked so elegant, vivid and Chun-hou. Dan Zhongshan to come to listen to Bai listen to the people to take a look at the history of these caves stirring. SHI Bao-shan to the best travel time is 7 at the end of the Lunar early August, the annual tradition of songs people will be away.

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Ying Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ying Hu is one of the provincial-level scenic spot, Ying Hu in the urban area 18 kilometers southwest of the foot of Tianzhu Mountain, the hydropower station is well after the completion of the formation of the Northwest's largest freshwater lake green, 540 km perimeter, area of 77.5 square waters Km.

  Sightseeing by car, first of all the eye-catching is ranked Firestone Kui-Ran Canyon Dam power station lock the dragon, crest length of 541.5 meters, 128 meters height, it is "the first dam in Shaanxi Province" reputation. Impregnable, magnificent momentum and attention. When the flood discharge, Fei Bao hanging, spray splashing Yu-chu, force, magnificent, lofty sentiments felt. Baceshijiu The famous Buddhist Baiyun Si Tianzhu Mountain resort, not far downstream in China is a self-designed and built large cable-stayed Steel, the world's advanced level.

  Ying Hu, Qinba title, swallowing the Han River, the vast Yan Bo, mixed boundless career. It is not only a broad and beautiful, full of water waves in Lake Yan, Diego Yu reactor, the islands spread all over the place, Xiangyingchengqu. Visitors from thousands of miles of rivers, mountains in Shuitianyise; North Korea to see pink clouds floating on the lake, the view of the morning sun into the waves, Goldenthal's Sunrise Hill wonderful concept; the afternoon, little fish fan, egrets direction, verdant mountains, Tens of thousands of fish swim up to play; In the evening, 10,000 light stars such as the Han and Ming with Xingyue Young stars, the same as in Dongting scenery. Now, Kim Lo, Ping, Yu Kwok-hing and other islands invested heavily in the construction, sophisticated chic Pavilion, Taiwan, the floor, House and the originality of the Middle Temple, Church, Gallery, and the zoo pavilion, Diaoyutai, water sports grounds such as landscape dotted In the meantime, So here's curios and Chu Yun-modern fashion, and reflected on Chuochuo Wild in the rural add radiance to each other, constitutes a magnificent picture, the more poetic, is all relaxed and happy.

  Ying Hu is the literati gathered poetry and painting and photography programs place. Ankang poet Yuan Yang Ying Hu visit, Daihatsu poetic inspiration, Huibi lyrics, "Chung Ying Hu Yong Yule" be respected. Said: Jimuyinghu, cloud the horizon Wang, Jiang drum fan waves. Man verdant coast, spent fuel cliffs, Shuang Ying Ti Green. Teng boat vertical snow-induced splash Yu-chu, a Fiat Lu Yang. With travel, beautiful scenery 10,000 ares Bihong dangling. Tsui Ying-peaks, according to warm fishing boat, Sau Ling Tsui tea song to sing. Lin Dong He, diarrhea Xiquan waterfall, Yue Tan Jing-scale. Criss-cross paths domain, in conjunction bacteria-yan, open sand wave Lang. Qinba the United States, magnificent Fairview, thousands of weather.

  Ying Hu is a cornucopia. Lake has 113 kinds of survival of a larger development of the value of the fish. If the price of expensive, transparent crystal, such as whitebait, with an annual output of hundreds of thousands jin; Lake tea, "well Feng, "Cha Cha Maojian noble materials, real tea flavor. Shore of Lake is also rich in citrus, more than 1,000,000 tons in annual output.

  In recent years, Ying Hu Administration to speed up the travel, music, transportation, housing and entertainment facilities in the complete set, so that the mosaic in Bashan Mountains between Pearl tourism, power generation sets, tourism, Irrigation, farming, ecology as one of the beautiful scenic landscape, "who pay homage to their mid-ants, small-Ying Hu Peng Bo hidden dishes."

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Qin Shi Huang military straight - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin Shi Huang was a construction of the world's oldest, longest and most of the super-wide road - straight military. This is the Qin Shi Huang was quick to mobilize the military build-up and transport material Liangxiang built, with the Great Wall is comparable to the border with military installations.

Straight length of 900 kilometers north of the original nine (now within The ancient city of Baotou in the northwest), south Yunyang (now Chunhua, Shaanxi in the northwest), Shaanxi and Gansu provinces across the 14 counties. Great Wall outside the road 164 m wide, the Great Wall within 60-80 meters wide road, the widest point for more than 40 large trucks or buses more than 000 carriages running side-by-side, the road is wide, wide world's most high-speed public By a hard act to follow.

In addition, there are straight on both sides of the building 1.5 meters height Yuan, that is similar to today's closed, is pedestrian and vehicular traffic, that is safe and fast. Therefore it was known in ancient times, "the highway."

35 years straight is the Qin Shi Huang (242 BC years) by the General Mengtian Have built and will last for 4 years, the use of the 200,000 construction workers to complete.

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Heihe forest park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heihe Heihe forest park is located at the source, Zhouzhi County, 108 National Highway running through them, the traffic is convenient. Park area of 4941 hectares, 95 percent forest cover, there are three major scenic spots, more than 100 scenic spots. Park inside the dense forest, the birds if Qi, craggy rocks, picturesque landscapes, animals, rare giant panda Golden monkey, takin and the ancient path along the cliff, such as the Diaoyutai see the history of human footprints frequency. Yamahana Spring in full bloom and summer shade of Blot out the Sun, the mountain is covered with red leaves of autumn, snowy winter, known as the Shangri-La in the north.

  Heihe forest park of the magnificent scenery and the simplicity of the original natural state, caused by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to pay special attention to the introduction of international organizations, the most popular eco-tourism concept, together with the park to build ecological protection and sustainable development in harmony to create a model eco-tourism area in Shaanxi Province.

  Heihe Forest Park in Shaanxi Province, 80 km away from Xi'an, covering an area of 4941 hectares, the forest cover 95%. The three major scenic spots in the park, more than 100 scenic spots, both the source of Heihe, South Taibai Mountain forests spectacular scenery beautiful quiet, and the path along the cliff ancient ruins and many ancient cultural legacy of famous people, there are rare animals in the world of giant pandas, The golden monkey to survive and protect the channel, so that visitors attraction Yuet , Away.

  Shaanxi Heihe forest park of the magnificent scenery and the simplicity of the original natural state, caused by World Wide Fund for Nature's special attention. The organization, together with the Forest Park, the source of the Heihe River in the south Qinling Taibai Mountain region to carry out ecological protection and tourism development together, brought in the most current The concept of eco-tourism, nature conservation and achieve sustainable development of a harmonious unity, the establishment of wildlife Xunhu system, the building of giant pandas Hill, is committed to the development of eco-tourism.

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Wang Shan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"This world famous only odd look in the landscape of poetry." This is the Ming Dynasty poet Liu Shan-chi Wang described the scenery. Lam Shun Shan, Gu Cheng Yu-shan, China's ancient 24

One of the filial ? ? Tam Shun burial named after the mother of this, Shaanxi is a well-known natural tourist attractions, from the ancient capital of Xian, only 60 kilometers of the West National Highway 312 in phase,

After the transformation of the 312 National Highway from the foot of the mountain through with the national parks into tourist attractions through road four lanes, traffic is very safe and convenient. Park area of 3645 hectares operation,

89.5 percent forest cover, the main peak elevation Yu Huangding 2 39 meters, is divided into six major scenic spots, 150 spots, both here Huashan risk of masculine beauty, and the charming show of Huangshan

Juan Li, Yu Huangding board, Huashan Xiyue Vision East, North Point loud Wei-shui, the view of the mountains south wind, Chang'an the ancient capital of bird's-eye view of the West.

  Shun Qi Song Mountain Forest Park , Craggy rocks, deep valley, Cheongdam little bit, enjoy the natural scenery is a good place. Yi Xiantian, a ray of daylight can be a wonderful scene;

Sister peak, Peacock Liang, Du Xiufeng more than 20 peaks, and so vivid; more than 30 days Gongqiao into rocks, and some, like Australopithecus, like gallop, such as the camel; some form, such as View lion, an eagle

Feeding, down Tigers; Pine and Stone, colorful, coming seven Tam Chi-ying Green bottom; Whitehead bolt caps, sheep, and so on the East River gurgling chain and the winding put on stream in the valley between the formation of a

Suspended a number of waterfalls flow; wooded hill, Pueraria linked to fly, Li Ya Tou Chung-soo, branches and leaves Chin, Sida black bear, goat groups. "Thousands of blue water far from the drop-Jian, Gao Yu and two cold"

(Tandoori-fu "and Yushan show"), Wang Shan Shan King, King Tin, Lin, water features, various levels of space, not a far-reaching the scene, each of the four seasons Shangjing poetic, Yamahana spring bloom, a hundred

Hua Yan; Blot out the Sun-day tree-lined, cool and pleasant; Hong Bian mountain is covered in the fall, the color spot Lan; Xuedui winter ice, and snow-wrapped, so that people Shen Yi, happy right quick.

  Wang Shan ancient human, one must be called. 110 million years ago, human ancestors live here will continue to proliferate into the Yellow River, creating a glorious history of Chinese ; Wang Shan as a "must Qinchu of

Chong, San Fu of the barrier "has always been vital importance for the military, the dynasties in this left a relic of the Iron Horse Ge Jin, seekers can explore, the man of transfer passengers, laid-sentiment, leaving three hundred poems, leaving

China's immortal chapter. Shun Shan is also the Buddhist resort, temples, Cliff Carved from the Han, Northern Wei, Sui and Tang dynasties so far, some existing, some still in ruins. Tang Dynasty poet Han Yu Chau was down,

In order to stop the snow, leaving "Yun Wang Jia Qinling Mountains lie over the blue snow clearance before the horse under the" lines. Sin Han Xiang, one of the sub-practitioner in this immortal, there are existing Bitian hole immortal Ridge, homes Cliff body, Lin Ying mouth, such as iron Watt temple. Wangshun Xiao Mother Temple, Guan Lan Road, the ancient path along the cliff, farmer Li leader of the men was Caobing trainer's son Magang, and other relics clearly visible.

  Wang Shan Forest Park in "the supremacy of tourists, the warm service," End of purpose, and constantly improve services, strengthen internal The rationale for first-class service, you are welcome to come.

Out of the city's busy and noisy, Wang Shan Forest Park is your return to the natural environment, a good place for the tour.

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The former site of the Xi'an Incident - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The former site of the Xi'an Incident, including during the Xi'an Incident Zhang Xueliang and General Yang Hucheng two of the only residential park, residence of Zhang Xueliang; New City headquarters House Huang; as well as the incident occurred and the incident dealt with the main activities of the high places of residence Gui Zi, Xijing guest house, and so on.

  Only park, located in Xi'an only way young people on the west side of Park Hotel General Yang Hucheng to the original villa, also known as Yang residence, the environment is very quiet. The villa is now into Memorial Hall, General Yang Hucheng, General Yang Hucheng in a display of relics and documents some of the Xi'an Incident.

  Residence of Zhang Xueliang, Xi'an is located in the founding of the way, things arranged by the three small building groups . Zhang was living in the West. After the Xi'an Incident, General Zhang Xueliang to the CPC delegation stay in the East Building.

  Metro Yellow House, located in the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government in this compound, Zhang and General Yang launched the Xi'an Incident Command, Xi'an was also the location of the Office of appeasement. Chiang Kai-shek after caught First of all, Huang was brought to the living room floor, East, a few days later transferred to the high-Gui Zi residence.

  Gao Zi Gui residence, located in Xi'an Hyeonpung the founding of the road bridge, and the adjacent residence of Zhang Xueliang Kim Lane. Chiang Kai-shek was a shift accommodation charge. As to its military and political officials of the KMT's Shaanxi Chen Cheng, Wei Lihuang 10 people, and later from the Beijing arrived in Xi'an, Song Meiling, Song and others live here.

  Xijing guest house, located in Xi'an Jiefang Road and the four-way intersection in the northwest of the West, 30 in the early to Yang in honor of the Kuomintang officials built. At that time, with the Kuomintang of Chiang Kai-shek to the military and political officials Shan Chen Cheng, Zhu Shaoliang, Wen Jiang Ding To live here.

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Tai Chi Yun Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Chi Yun-ji is one of the world-renowned Buddhist temple, Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty Translation of the four games, one of China's Buddhist law of Zuting Consciousness-only cases so far, 1350 has been here for years.

  "En Wild Goose Pagoda Temple", located 4 kilometers away from Xi'an area of the Grace Temple, built in 652 AD, according to legend is ci Temple's abbot presided over the first Master Xuan (Tang Sancang) from India after the return of the country, in order to worship and storage classical Sanskrit and Buddhist relics and other objects Duzao personally designed and built. Gao and Tang emperor of the Tang Dynasty have been pro-Yubi book "Tang Sancang order Shengjiao monument" and "reference sequence Sanzo Shengjiao monument in mind."

  Shan temple door, 10 minutes, the confrontation between the Drum Tower, the axis of the main building are Main Hall, Fa Tang, the Wild Goose Pagoda, Xuan Zang Sanzo hospital. Clock Tower in the Ming Dynasty to fly an iron bell, Jiaqing October 27 (Year 1548) cast, 30,000 re-jin, the cast of "Zhong Wild Goose Pagoda". For the well-known customs in one of the Eight. Vitex Terauchi Peony Pavilion cultivation has more than 70 kinds of luxury.

  Wild Goose Pagoda is a pavilion-style Zhuanta, the 64-meter high tower, 25 meters long while Taki, a total of seven, was a square tower cone. All-brick tower mill on the use of crack, on the brick wall shows prism, it is clear the separation wall room with traditional Chinese Arts style building. There are ponds in the vicinity of Qujiang, apricot and Le Youyuan round, and other scenic spots, beautiful scenery. Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an is a landmark building, is a must visit in a way. In recent years, due to the Xi'an area, and other environmental factors, the Wild Goose Pagoda has a tilt more than 1 meter.

  Department of the Wild Goose Pagoda Tang Yong Hui three years (Year 6 2-year) by Xuan Zang Tang Sancang for resettlement from India through the back like, Li, Zou Qing Emperor and allowed to build. Tower is 64.5 meters high, a total of seven, bottom side were tapered, the bottom edge of each 25 meters long, equipped with a tower staircase for visitors to board, looking down at the whole picture of Xi'an, it is refreshing. There are beautiful tower line Buddha, a well-known "Tang Sancang Shengjiao order", "Tang Sancang Shengjiao sequence in mind," the monument, a tower of Chinese photo exhibition, She Lizi Buddha, the Buddha foot stone, stone tracks, and so learn from Tang.

  Wild Goose Pagoda in the north of Xuan Zang Sanzo hospital, there is enshrined Dianshang Master Xuan top of the seated bronze and bone relic, Temple wall Buddhist monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty full of life a huge mural for the engraved copper, stone and wood carvings. Is the largest of the Xuanzang Memorial Hall for visitors to pay respect to the visit. UNESCO team to visit here, Xuan Zang Sanzo reputation as a contemporary of Dunhuang Academy.

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Xiangxi scenic hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangxi is located in scenic hole well south of the city of about 5 kilometers. According to the inscription records, was founded in the early years of the Ming Dynasty integrated. Sin was Legend has it that Lu's Alchemy spiritual place. Xi said, "Xianzong Kwu Tung" for the well-being of the Eight. Xiangxi scenic holes with a total area of more than 10 square kilometers, sub-Xiangxi, three doors, centipede , Mill neat's foot of the five scenic spots, more than 50 scenic spots. More than 85% of forest cover. 12 kinds of rare and valuable trees, was referred to as "living fossils" for the protection of plants at the national level. In December 1989, Xiangxi scenic hole is listed as the first provincial-level scenic spots. Xiangxi scenic hole, surrounded by mountains Ping phase out, the luxuriant vegetation Rui, Lin Ting-yu, one of the bright beautiful scenery! Brook, clean water, hanging cloth curtain hung. Cross-strait stream, rich green trees, Qingxinqishuang, Bicao flowers, grass flat. The rich have a long stream of "pilgrims Spurs" (commonly known as Qili Xiang), in full bloom every spring, with flowers to water, water flower broadcast , Fragrance far, an intoxicating, named "Xiangxi hole." In the past, Xiangxi hole with its beautiful scenic charm talented, classical architecture and the magic of legend, attracting numerous visitors, leaving many precious cultural relics sites. There are existing Xing'an Prefecture in the Song Dynasty, wrote the Greek-sun's "Tour of Xiangxi," Pu-hui of the Ming Dynasty poet Quatrains statement late Qing Dynasty and the last county magistrate Lin Yang Guang the author of the monument. After the liberation, in the leadership of the province and a number of foreign visitors to watch the Xiangxi. In recent years, the well-being of urban construction department and a rehabilitation Yu Huangge, Ladder, cloud bridge, pavilions, kiosks-yu, caves, the statue; and tree flowers, and even an entirely new look. Call here "Clouds pavilion built over the bamboo Cong Shan, flowers, guests laugh, stream-ching Four Seasons" in Wonderland.

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Yu Huagong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

That year, "an area of 9 ares" and "5 Hall of nine" large-scale mosaic on Yuhua Gong in the northern city of Tongchuan City, 42 km, four-week rolling mountains, dotted in between the green mountains and blue waters. It was like a forgotten pearl of a thousand flashes in the oasis on top in the shade, 800 hectares of the northern margin of Qinchuan Songtao . "Alpine Circular much better than that of Li Shan-ching," the emperor's summer palace. Li Yuan Tang Gaozu is, Zhenguan Emperor Li Shimin, Emperor Li Zhi of the Tang Imperial Villa Dian other. Xuanwu Men's changed, and so many of the Early Tang Yuhua Gong-related event at all. Yuhua Temple is a master of the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang returned from the Western Regions to learn to do meditation Translation, passed away. Hyun Yuhua Temple to live in the Masters four years, translated over 200,000 ares of Huang Huang-long ceremony "by Wisdom." Japan's law on the case when Tang was born in the Yuhua Temple Square Chau, Xuan Zang for their ancestors. Love Yuhua mountain peaks overlap, and verdant forests. Han Quan Xia there, and no Great Heat, the scenery is different seasons. Yang Chun, Hill, then all over , Since fighting between Yan; Blot out the Sun in summer shade, cold-ching regression; late autumn, the brilliant red leaves to make dye-storied; winter, Shan Yin Yi dance, like floating leucorrhea. Nishinomiya, in particular Orient House to form the giant Bing-Feng, secret even from top to bottom, Yurun crystal, silver and shiny, beautiful people from lingering. Here in the cultural landscape for the solution , With tourism, summer vacation, scientific research teaching the value of the three. Bus: travel to Xi'an, Tongchuan North Kwan, bus-ride to Yuhua Gong. Bring their own cars starting from Xi'an along Xi'an - Tongchuan - a road trip to Huangling Jinsuo clearance, under a road is the road to strong copper bridge, lie along the highway diesel Yuhua Gong. Ticket prices are: 25 yuan

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Wang Chuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Chuan is the Lantian Xian Yi Qinling mountains at the northern foot of a beautiful Sichuan Road. Chuan Yi points out of water since then, meandering into the Bahe. In ancient times Chuan-chuan had water inside the interjection of the lake, the two sides are also a few mountain stream at the same time interjection to the lake to flow from the mountains will look, Hustle ripple ring together, as if the shape of car rim, which got its name. Special here Wang Chuan would like to mention, because it was once the stronghold of the Tang Dynasty famous donkeys, poet and painter of the "Wang Chuan villa" on the amendment here. Wang was a poet and often with Pei Yu Di, led a leisurely life of Fushi playing. (There for twenty Wang Chuan Wing "and" Wang Chuan map). The "Wang Chuan Villa" after the name only Lu-ci Temple. Aston sentiment was evident. Transportation: Three House to Xi'an to Lantian Xian Bay aboard the passenger train. Mileage: 60 km stay: Hotel Lanyu. Phone :029-2721332. Address: County on the 3rd Street Gate Price: 127 yuan human c /bed Four human 5 yuan /bed, Double 15 yuan /bed (who may be more concessions). Lantian Xian government guest house telephone :029-2751396. Price: 30 yuan /room (the lowest)

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Hing Education and Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shao Ling built upon the original Hing Education and the Temple of the Tang Dynasty Fan Chuan is the first of eight major temples here is the well-known Buddhist monk Xuan Zang's final resting place. In the year 664 well-known Buddhist monk Xuan Zang to be buried after the death of the Emperor Tang White Deer 2002 (the year 669 AD) and Gaizang Fanchuan wind habitat for the plateau and the construction of a five-storey tower dedicated to the following year as a result of Su Tong Jian Si : "Hing Education", a name from this temple xing teaching. Hing Education and south sit Temple, visual sector of the two floor Jiadao confrontation, weather solemn, Zhongnanshan view, the peaks rise amid permanent, beautiful scenery, is a Buddhist who visit and pay respects to the remains of Hsuan-tsang resort. Terauchi possession of the Ming Dynasty bronze Buddha, the Buddhist Myanmar jade a, History books by the thousands of volumes. Premier Zhou had accompanied Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru came here to pay respects to Mu Ta Xuan Zang. Xing Xuan Zang also known as the Temple dedicated to teaching. Changan Qu Xing taught at Temple hospital Cien Ta, Xuan Zang (602-644), monk of the Tang Dynasty, one of the founders of Consciousness-only cases. After the death of the beginning of the funeral White Deer, Chapter 2002 of the total ( 69 years) Qianzang this site tower legislation, the establishment of Temple, thanks to the amount of Su-tsung, "Hing Education." Buried with the dead side of his two disciples and Kuiji round dedicated to testing. Xuan Zang is a square tower five-story brick structure, a high pass about 21 meters, 5.2 meters long base. A higher plane production in Southern shrine room, built-in statue of Xuanzang; more than solid two-story wall upon a hidden column, Amount of brackets, Yan Xia Corbel build two rows of teeth water chestnut son. Tower closed at an appropriate, dignified style, the pavilion for the early works of classic-style tower. On both sides of the disciples were dedicated to rectangular three-storey, about 7 meters high. Among them, "Kita see" for the first year of Yong Chun Tang (682) was built, and three (826) reconstruction; "side of the Park Tower" Five-year governance and the Northern Song Dynasty (1115) from Zhongnanshan Fung Tak-ling bone to move when the building.

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Tai Chung Yeung Wanshou Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Chung Yeung Zhongnanshan Wanshou Palace is located at the northern foot, 40 kilometers southwest of Xi'an Huxian ancestral town of Um, Taoism is one of the three major Zuting, founder Quanzhen Pai Wang Chongyang early religious and Metamorphosis of the left has always been the enjoyment of "the world ancestors Chambers, "the honorific title," the whole truth the Holy Land "reputation. June 25, 2001 by the State Council announced to the whole The fifth key cultural unit. Zhe Wang Chongyang name, the word know that the Chung Yeung, son of the village of origin Xianyang Dawei, Song lost Guanzhong, lived in South Huxian Teramura. Masataka gold four years (1159) in the case of Han Gan River Zhongli and Lu Chun-yang Erxian formula to award the following year award Erxian complex case of "five-Wen Ling," was Wang Chongyang South Temple Qingxiu three years, Dading in three years (1163) to move Jiangcun and Liu Yu Chan and Li Ling Yang Um religious balance. Dading 2007 (1167) East tour to Shandong, Wang Chongyang close Ma Danyang, Fuji Sun, Wang Yuyang, Qiu Changchun, Chang Tan Zhen, Liu Changsheng, John Swire and so only man-made, the latter said "the whole truth of Seven." Chongyang Gong Has been very popular in the Yuan Dynasty, the palace domain River floods in the east, had just arrived in Zhongnanshan, bounded by the Wei-shui, the palace pavilion as many as 5,000, nearly 10,000 priests live. Khan, Chifeng Zhongyang Gong changed its name to the "big Chici Chongyang Wanshou Palace." Palace maintains more than 40 channels Quanzhen Pai teach the history of steles, including Wang Chongyang Teachers and seven true portrait of the monument, "so that no dream," Shi Bei, "Tai Yuen possession of Albrecht's Royal service monument" so-called "monument Sanjue" and "really open to teach the whole secret language of the monument," Five million emperor and the imperial Tang Dynasty Stele WU Dao of "Zhong Kui play ghost map" drawn Monument, and so on. There are world-famous hospital, "Tomb of the Living Dead" and Chung Yeung footprints Stone founder, Lao Zi Yuan Dynasty stone , In the Ming Dynasty and the founder box big sister Ma Danyang Hand-Flocked disciple of the "Millennium hold ancient ginkgo tree." Chongyang Gong is located in the beautiful scenery of Zhongnanshan of North, South Qingliangshan there, Xian Wang Ping, Cao Tangsi East and West have Louguan Tai, in the Guanzhong tourist scenic spot with a decisive position. It is rare relics in the Chung Yeung Festival Jin Yuan Dynasty in the literature, the study of ancient China's sociology, history, human science, language and learning the art of calligraphy, and so on, have a very high value of the extraordinary history, is not treasure the tour, with the long-term prospects for tourism development. All are welcome to invest in people, to show vision; welcome to visit friends at home and abroad Pro. We believe: In the near future, she will Zhongyang Gong Taoist magic of the Holy Land, the brilliant culture, unique historical status of the show in the world.

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Um land and water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Um Lantian Xian land and water at 10 km east of Cape Town, Shun Yamashita, the Six Dynasties for the temple to preserve the delicate ancient rare and colorful known as "China's second Dunhuang." It is surrounded on three sides by water, like an island, there Timor Castle stands, there is water circulation week, it said Um land and water. Land and water is located in the Um The shape of a fish lying on the tail of the island. According to records, land and water Um today is the ancient Wu Zhen Yu Chu-lan Annei North Putuo Temple of water and land, destroyed Um, people put the land and water temples called Om. According to the "Lam County" and the monument records, land and water Um ancient temples Department of the Six Dynasties, with Tang, Wu Zhen under the Temple formed a group of Buddhist temples. Five Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing rebuilt many times. Um land and water is a small courtyard sitting, before the Mountain Gate 5, on both sides of the North and South have 13 rooms, 3 hospital in the Middle Temple, the West has 5 main hall, is a complete Buddhist temple courtyard as a whole appears to be Beauty of simplicity. Color mud-walled plastic land and water is the essence of Om Said plastic wall, also known as the "hidden plastic" or "Ying Bi" is a Chinese painting, carved-in-one wall of the art form, to make more use of landscape, flowers for the subject matter and color to impose form Yuandiao relief with a combination of exceptional style . Um land and water in the Wang Shan, Wang Chuan-line tour, can be used to this day, Two-Day Tour, even if There are just a two-day weekend, can also Huguangshanse list and a well-known cultural monuments. ?? ?? 1, traffic: Lantian Xian, about 10 km east of the foot of the mountains Shun, Yu-xiang, coaches or the door to the station car can be. ?? 2, Admission: 10 yuan ?? 3, the opening hours: 9: 0 - 17:00 (Daily)

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Zhuge Liang's Tomb Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mianxian in the 4 km west of the edge of the Chuan-Shan Road, Wuhou and the tomb of the Han River every other (ancient Mianyang (mian read three times) of water) Xiangzhi distant, self-contained and features. In 236 AD, that is, the first 29 years after the death of Zhuge Liang, Liu Chan was Xiazhaolici. At that time, as a result of "building of the capital, forcing temple," was chosen in the temple site Dingjun Under the Wuhou Ping, near the Tomb of the temple. This is the only Xiazhao by the emperor and silver to the construction of the Temple, which has "the best in the world Temple." Other Temple, that is, Gurung Xiangfan in Hubei Province, Nanyang in Henan Wollongong Temple, the Temple in Chengdu, Sichuan, Sichuan Fengjie Baidicheng Temple, Wu Baoshan in Yunnan Temple, Lixian County in Gansu Qi Shan Fort Temple, Qishan of Shaanxi Wu Zhang Liang of the original temple, and so on. On both sides of the hall, the front gable and Yan Xia, many steles, carved on the military and political history and celebrity seekers can explore poetry. Yan Zhu after the suspension of Mr. Yu Youren, wrote the couplet: "The name of the universe down, root out the portrait of the wind." Hall is Liang shrine sit on the statue, a very significant kind wisdom. He held his left hand Liutaobingshu, ask the right knee. Qintongshutong legislation to be beside him, holding a sword and India holding a ribbon. Shimonoseki niche Xing, Zhang Bao-side in security. He reads the top of the blue shrine on the "good guys through the clouds," 4 for the characters in italics Jiaqing eight years of the Qing Dynasty (1803 AD ) Yu Shu-Yan Emperor lead in the palace, "station fat" to Mianxian by the imperial and Industry to be Mianxian Lang on behalf of the Emperor will be important in this suspension. There are doors on both sides of the Alliance: "Central Plains undecided, the soul of this gan He backfire; Yong Xi Shu Wai, lost testament military funeral is scheduled." Liang told the Union at the time of death Kuanggu regret. Wu Since the Wei and Jin Temple, the ink leaves a lot of famous people throughout history. Li Shang-yin of the Tang Dynasty, Lu Song Dynasty, the Ming Xue Xuan, Wang Shizhen in the Qing Dynasty, have come to this inscription Fushi. At present, the steles are retained more than 60-and 30 multi-important, the more than 20 pieces. Among the many stone tablets, the first few Zhenguan 11 years Tang (AD 795 years Shen Jiong Li of the moment, "the prime minister Shuhan Zhuge Wuhou Temple of Inscriptions and the new order," one of the most precious monument 1, transportation: trains, Xi'an - well: K4753, K765, get off at West Mianxian, Wa Lane 3 car that is up to; or From the use of Hanzhong Hanzhong - Mianxian bus fare is 5 yuan. Tickets: 10 3, explain: 10 people within 20 yuan. 4, the best time to visit: March 3, 4 will have the opportunity to see the full bloom of the drought, as well as Lin Ching Ming temple.

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Pagodas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pagodas at 1 km away from Xi'an City Department recommended in Temple. Jian-ji, founded in 684 AD, Tang Emperor in 100 days after the death of their Xianfu built, so the initial call from Xian Temple. In 698 AD renamed Temple recommended. Temple recommended the other our country is a great translator justice of the net Master Translation Service. Pagodas Jian In the year 707, a total of 15. Master Yi Jing in order to save India from the back of the book, a letter to request court-funded construction of the imperial court.

  55, a major earthquake County Pagodas collapse, officials destroyed the top two, now only 13. Wild Goose Pagoda built in the Tang case between the Year of the Dragon King (AD 707-70 ), Is a Zhuanta Miyan Shi, beautiful tall and straight, add radiance to each other with the Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Emperor (Li Yan) destroyed the Buddha when it is only the capital of one of the four temple, the ancient capital of Chang'an reservation has become an important relic of the Tang Dynasty and Symbol. "Wild Goose Pagoda Zhong", referring to the cast Cisi Jin Mingchang three years (the year 1192 8000 kilograms of a big iron bell, the monks in the past the bell, bell spread far and wide, Chuan "Guanzhong Eight".

  Plane was a square tower, the bottom 11.56 meters long, the bottom of the tower high above descending layers, the more the more on promoting the overall outline of the circle was a natural brake and the volume curve, and the Wild Goose Pagoda style Different.

  Pagodas Miyan Shi for a square brick building structure, the first layer of 15, about 46 meters high, the North-South face a production. From the tower bottom layer by layer with reduced admission, the more the better to promote, exquisite beauty and style. Qingshi structure for the door frames. Internal space for the drum tower structure, structure-based wood floors, a wooden ladder set And on.

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Shaanxi History Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an is located in East and Xiaozhaizigou Cuihua intersection in the northwest side of the road, covering about 70,000 square meters, is the national Museum of History is also China's largest and most modern Museum of History.

  Shaanxi History Museum is a large-scale modernization of the national museum. Occupying an area of about 70,000 square meters, construction area of 5 663 square meters. June 20, 1991 into the opening. Building the museum draws on the construction of the Tang Dynasty powerful broad, free and easy Xilian features from the traditional Chinese palace "axial symmetry, the master-slave in an orderly manner, the central hall, Si Yu Chong-floor," the structural characteristics of large-scale, dignified and elegant, simple generosity reflects National style, local characteristics and the spirit of the times.

  Museum of Science and Technology to implement the introduction of modern management, computer management of cultural relics, museum district offices have the flexibility to control the air-conditioning system, a variety of large-scale modernization of the national museum. Occupying an area of about 70,000 square meters, construction area of 55,663 Meters.

  June 20, 1999 into the opening. Building the museum draws on the construction of the Tang Dynasty powerful broad, free and easy Xilian features from the traditional Chinese palace "axial symmetry, the master-slave in an orderly manner, the central hall, Si Yu Chong-floor," the structural characteristics of large-scale, dignified and elegant, simple person, body National style, local characteristics and the spirit of the times. Museum of Science and Technology to implement the introduction of modern management, computer management of cultural relics, museum district offices with flexible control of the air-conditioning systems, multi-functional lighting systems, fire alarm system closely, specialized antiquities protection of the Center for Science and Technology, State 6 The same language Yes, there are computer-controlled library and nearly 10,000 square meters of-the-art objects to the Treasury, a fully functioning facilities. More than 3,000 pieces of cultural relics on display were unearthed in Shaanxi from the hundreds of thousands of cultural relics selected by, for the most rare treasures. In particular, for the first time to meet with the audience of 40 murals Tangmu COA Beautiful composition, brilliant colors, it is rare for the wonderful art.

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