Yunmengshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as "Little Huangshan" Yunmengshan located in the Miyun and Huairou County, at the junction of the county, Gu Cheng, "Yunmeng Mountain" is in the suburbs of Beijing's famous scenic spots, Beijing is also well-known national-level forest park. Stubbs large mountain territory, cutting deep valley, Qifengyishi scene Fei Bao around the Artesian Bore Baths, unpredictable clouds, flowers, trees Yu, a very beautiful natural scenery. Yunmengshan National Forest Park with a total area of 2208 hectares, the main peak 1414 meters above sea level, the park landscape is rich in resources, dense forests, Manshan flowers, fresh air, clear water of sweet gas, but also have a very suitable climate conditions above sea level, according to the determination of cloud Mengshan than normal temperatures Hill Plain area of low 6-7 ?, air humidity and excellent ventilation. Yunmengshan and summer temperature is maintained at between 20-24 ?, the temperature around 28 ?.

  Yunmengshan is a feature of the scenery with mountains and mountains on the outskirts of Beijing, Beijing is unique to the region's forest landform, Zhongshan Park, said there Yunmengshan More: Qi-Song rocks, mountains Kwu Tung, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, wood-Rui Yao Cao more. It hung on the set of Taishan, Huashan risk, Huang Qi's, Emei in one of the show is to a peak, stone, tan, waterfall, Yun Lin to win in order to hung, dangerous, extraordinary show, quiet, the open-known Mountain, said the beautiful scenery in the world. Yunmengshan Six landscape features, Qi, different stones, Tam waterfall, smoke, forests, monuments, constitute not only a dynamic change in the picture space, to give the public a sense of aesthetic enjoyment, relaxed and happy people, must amazed that, pleasant linger .

Yunmengshan is part of the Yanshan mountain range, similar to the wonders of Huangshan peak forest Mountain View. Lotus petals in the area, from the Shihmen look up to the mountains, where blocks and blocks Sword stands, surrounded the ring Shi Feng, blooming like a giant lotus flowers. Shi Feng, some as a sword, and some like Wo Hu, and some, like the Big Buddha, as well as the Peacock ... ... Yunmengshan dense forest, vegetation coverage rate reached 91%, of which 4 million mu of natural Lin, there are hundreds of species such as pine and cypress trees. The increase in the dense forests of the charm of the mountain. The lotus petals welcoming pine, Pinus Wolong, Sumon Song, Feng Xiao Xitian mother and son on the Sword Mandarin song-song, Tengluo ditch on the old song, song, such as deer, are thousands, constitute a unique natural crafts. Lotus petals Yang Long live the village site, drought Yu Yu Niangniang of old trees, and so on, leaving many of the wonderful sounds of legend.

  Yunmengshan is a feature of the scenery with mountains and mountains on the outskirts of Beijing, the Beijing area is a unique landforms Hill Forest Park, Yunmeng Hill said there are more than 4: Qi-Song rocks, mountains Kwu Tung, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, wood-Rui Yao More grass. It sets Thailand The hung, Huashan risk. Huang Qi's, Emei in one of the show is to a peak, stone, tan, waterfall, Yun Lin to win in order to hung, dangerous, extraordinary show, quiet, open-known mountains, the beautiful landscape of the world, said.

Yunmengshan area of 500 square kilometers, the main peak as high as 1414 meters. The main mountain Volcanic rock composition, overlapping peaks, cliffs thousands of Ren, a little north of the Huangshan known.

Yunmengshan a total of seven valley, the Qi, rocks, pools, Nongyun, forests are hung, dangerous, extraordinary show, featuring quiet. Strange old quarry area in the mountains, such as "Takahashi Stone", "Sumon Tengu," "turtles into field "Remembering Old stone house" many rocks, vivid gestures. Cheongdam train falls, in particular the lotus petals of bovine heart Faso's largest waterfall, 30 meters wide, a waterfall Triassic, with a total drop of 86 meters, very spectacular. There are many large and deep tan, such as Lotus Lake, Bitan, Tam ventured, and so on, beautiful scenery. Yunmengshan six landscape features, Qi, different stones, Tam waterfall, smoke, forests, monuments, constitute a dynamic changes in the space of the picture, people relaxed and happy, pleasant linger. Yunmengshan with the travel and tourism, summer vacation and convalescence fitness, entertainment, exploration, scientific study and so on a number of functions, but also , Primary and secondary school students for wild animals, afforestation, bio-mineral study, to learn knowledge, collecting specimens, assistant training camp would like to garden. The annual tourism activities in April to watch the Yamahana, July's roaming cloud, 90, on the Hill, such as harvesting fruit, cottage-Gui is the retrospective of your history and culture of ancient mystical place Yunmengshan National Forest Park in order to win Lin, Xiao Xitian inside the area, Sun Bin Temple (the site), Austin cold wind, lotus petals, etc. is the essence of forest. There are vast, "Yun Meng Linhai," Guo Lin Shao-dropping "Walnut Jian", legend has thousands of old trees, "Yu Niangniang" and "Long live the Yang" and so on, Jinsong Calocedrus Lush trees and grass. The birch is worth more that the white birch as white as snow, beautiful tall and straight; Eva Purple rough skin, but also stand straight. Birch regular growth in the Northeast, due to grow tall, straight, so to see the Federation of shelter-forests in its shadow.

Fog is a feature of Yunmengshan, 7, 8 Were often filled clouds, from the Mountain View mountain clouds, illusory. A college in the early morning sun, rising, through the clouds and fog, or to transit, the picturesque King.

Yun Meng Shan Gougou there is water all year round continuously. Summer and fall, Bitan train, falls in groups, all more than 60 scenic Bitan, Fei Bao, 30 , Tan and white waterfall distribution is very dynamic and ventured Tam, purification and so on the clear bottom pool, a few fish. Lotus petals outside the stone wall of the dam, such as a spoon hanging on the Shek Pik. Drop more than 50 meters more than half of the falls, a waterfall and some Triassic waterfall, and the gap falls on the 100 meters, high-flow period of twenty-meter-wide waterfall site Yunmengshan cents to name the word falls as much as 22 cents shock waterfall, then Sally waterfall, waterfall Juxian, lying cents waterfall, waterfall fans cents, Ficus erecta waterfall, waterfall Dragon Pearl also waterfall, waterfall sky, and so on.

Yunmengshan for a typical mountain climate, summer temperatures average 20 - 24 degrees, wild animals and plants Is rich in resources. A pair of forest antelope from time to time, Paozi, deer, and other areas, two in the bush, Lin singing. The top level of the towering larch, and everywhere there are mountains of azalea, monocrotaline, is a collection of plant specimens of nirvana, if the thought of a "wild addiction," since you can take some of the raw Zhanjiang chinensis, sheep Ma Ye, Shan Vegetables, eat the flowers are yellow chrysanthemum Hill, so that you not only spoiled for choice, but also a Sinseong-hoe.

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Fahai Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming Zhengtong four to eight years (Year 1439), by the next Yingzong pet eunuch Li Huan Queen's children to raise funds in the Longquan Temple, the site of the original building. Yingzong Ming Emperor Qin said the amount of: Fahai Temple. Buddhism and sea that the majority of problems in order to give an example of the sea. Fahai Temple of great value and is the best preserved of the large-scale murals in the Ming Dynasty, is located in Daxiong Hall, completed in the Ming Zhengtong 2008 (the year 1443 yuan), calligraphy and painting by court officials Wan Fu-ching, Wang Shu, and other Suohui 15. The content of the murals of religious-based themes. Figure painting as a rich imagination and creativity of avoiding doing, though for religious personnel, but the artist was given a deep inner feelings, pure Sincere human touch people's hearts. For plants, animals also described the depiction of light into small, well-drawn. The mural design will reflect the high level of painting. Fahai Temple murals experienced more than 550 years, "the resplendent" at home and abroad, in the rare wall paintings. Fahai Temple mural was preserved Well, with the exception of good quality, building science and technology, but also to "Lek heap gold powder," "Halo stacked bake into" painting method. Use of color is completely mineral pigments. Using optical methods of payment have as many as seven. Murals in the overlapping parts of halo bake into as many as seven. So exquisite, diverse and sophisticated in the history of our unique murals. Wang Bomin scholars pointed out: "The temple murals and sea, although the mid-15th century works, enough with the Dunhuang frescoes comparable to the Song and Yuan Dynasties." In fact, it is by no means inferior to the Italian Renaissance master's works murals. Address: Shijingshan District 28 traffic patterns mouth: apple orchard by 311 I get off the bus in the model, or take the bus to the 366 model mouth, and then walk for a ticket: 20 yuan for adults, students 10 yuan

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China Millennium Monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuyuan Tan Park is located in the south, the eastern side of the military museum, to the west of China Central Television, in order to meet the new millennium, and specially built. In the southern tip of the Millennium Monument at the entrance to the China Millennium Monument is inscribed steles positive General Secretary Jiang Zemin's hand-written, "the China Millennium Monument" 5 characters, is the China Millennium Monument on the back of steles, inscriptions There are a total length of 270 meters bronze connected, engraved above the emergence of human beings from the time of the year 2000 tomorrow. Including the construction of the main hall of the century, East and West Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of digital multi-media, the circular hall of the century frescoes, the circumference of 117 meters, is the largest The mural-type varieties. On the ground floor of a multi-media digital Museum of Art, at the same time showing up to 504 independent image program. Traffic: 1,4,320,337 take the bus station and get off at the Military Museum. Admission: 30 yuan general vote, the votes of students 15 yuan, 25 yuan a group ticket (2 20 or more units with letter of introduction), university students, more than 60-year-old elderly, the disabled, military credentials pieces of 20 yuan Opening hours: Summer hours (April 15-10 7) Monday to Thursday 8:00 -- 18:00, Friday to Sunday 8:00 to 21:00; winter time Oct. 8 - the following year on April 14) Mon-Sun 8:30-17:30

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Yan Xihu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanxi Hu in 2001 by the National Tourism Bureau of the State 4A scenic spots and tourism, 6 years in a row as the capital of civilized area, in 2001 through the ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

  Yan Xihu 8 kilometers away from Huairou county, Beijing 58 km, 45 km from the airport in the capital, to facilitate traffic. As a result of the spring of each year there are groups of Dayan, crane, and other rare birds in this habitat so named. Lakes climate, pure blue lake, the water is the ideal holiday and entertainment venues, each of the 5 - 10 months to phase out the best. Yan Xihu located in the suburbs of Beijing Huairou 8 kilometers north of the city at the foot of the Yanshan, bounded by the majestic Great Wall, South cuddle endless North China Plain, is a landscape of the Yili Water Park. Yanxi Hu broad surface of the water, clear lake, spring and autumn every year flocks of wild geese often come to the lake habitat, and therefore its name. Third, Yanqi Hu Mountains in the north there are military mountain, 1,200 meters above sea level; West Luoshan red, 811 meters above sea level; East there is light golden mountain, 186 meters above sea level, there are mountain maple, pine and cypress, torch trees and shrubs, covering an area of 1.5 Square kilometers. Tourism in the entire area of vegetation coverage rate to 90%. Surrounded on three sides by mountains forming a natural barrier Lake sandstorm in the region without the invasion, humid air throughout the year, the average annual temperature of 11.7 degrees Celsius, annual rainfall 666.4 mm, the average relative humidity was 55%, 7-August for the 75-77% level air quality. Pure water quality in lakes, fish, shrimp, dozens of species of aquatic animals such as turtles and ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Since 1986, 3,000,000 yuan of investment, the park had a large-scale afforestation and beautification of the garden-style transformation.

  Yanxi Hu is the Yanshan The next Department of Water Park has beautiful scenery. As a result of spring and autumn every year, often to the habitat of wild geese, and therefore its name. To close, when the White Swan, to gull fresh water lake, Lake added vitality.

  Shan Yan Xihu three sides. Miangen mountains to the north, heavy Luan overlapping peaks, the Great Wall loom ; Hong Luosi the west; south of the North China Plain is endless; Yuanbaoshan the east, the lights Hill; mountain views, clear water, blue sky, green fields panoramic view.

Yanxi Hu broad surface of the water, the water quality good. Tourism in the region with fresh air and beautiful scenery. Lake Pavilion board, the South can be no hope of a view The North China Plain, the North is expected to be re-peaks of Luan overlapping down the mountains, it is relaxing, away.

  Mountain views, clear water, blue sky, green fields, the magnificent panoramic view. Four Seasons Yanxi Hu scenery, scenery million. Yang Chun, Crane tells dance, contend birds, flowers million Tuyan vitality; summer Huguangshanse, want to drop green, roaming water, ethereal intoxicating; autumn, Qishuang Fengqing, fruit delicate fragrance; the depth of winter, snow in the world, the dim innocent, picturesque. Yan Xihu District Tourism and Recreation facilities. Water projects are large passenger ships, floating restaurant ship, boat, boating hand, such as Jiao Tachuan. Boating lake, enjoyable; Flying umbrella, Drive Motor, favored speed, stimulating thriller, endless charm; bumper cars, water slides, mountain sports, and other interesting novelty item, suitable for visitors of all ages to participate in, entertainment.

  Yan Xihu Lake is like a door to the white Chang Fei Jia, magnificent, referred to as "the first Jiangbei . "Visitors into the lake after the door-long car ride along the road around the lake scenery list, there are Ferry, President Jiang Zemin personally wrote the" Yanxi Hu, "Stone. There are suitable for visitors of all ages entertainment pleasure of the water projects of 20 to meet visitors Different needs. One is full of exciting projects to fly water umbrella, Put off canopy in the speed traction, quickly took off, with the speed and direction of speed, twists and turns around, flying in clear water, blue sky, the thrills, endless charm; Drive is the second motorized water sports, boats in the MICE Animals kilometer lake, through the waves, not only enjoy the water scenery, but also the exercise - And courage. At present, more than 300 million investment in the country, only three of the largest water-screen movies have been put into use. Summer in the lake, with the melodious music, colorful surface of the lake's water column accompanied by music melody ups and downs, all of a sudden, Lake Central High a leap of 12 meters, 35 meters wide of the fan-shaped water screen, the film's That day, Ray, electricity, and so the audience will feel, the eye-openers. Yanxi Hu enjoy the cool air in summer is the summer, visitors can sleep in the area within.

  Yan Xihu District Tourism and Recreation facilities. Water projects are large passenger ships, floating restaurant ship, boat, boating hand, Jiaota Chuan; umbrella flying boat, motor Drive, Popular boats, bumper cars, water slides, mountain sports, such as land interesting novelty item for tourists of all ages entertainment. There are annual Spring Yanqi You Yuanhui, the Mid-Autumn Day garden party and other activities.

  Danzhuoshideng with the lake, in the shade of the trees, the wind, can talk, play chess, playing cards or Do bonfire party, with barbecue Yechui, happy fairy race. Also the local rental every account, the storm on the night blind support of Waterloo, Fun for all. Like friends can experience the excitement of bungee-catapult to play, also known as reverse bungee jumping. Participants are sitting inside the ejection, and then use a special transmitter to the high-altitude human bombs, and then the next Rebound on many occasions. This form of bungee jumping high in the 20 to 30 meters, bungee, and more fun & P polarity. In recent years, often white swans, geese, ducks and gulls fresh water to the habitat for the Great Lakes region has added vitality. Yang Chun, Crane tells dance, contend birds, flowers Tuyan million; the height of summer, Huguangshanse, Green For drop, elegant intoxicating; autumn leaves Bihe, Qishuang Fengqing, fruit delicate fragrance; winter, the snow-covered, the dim innocent and picturesque.

Yanxi Hu amusement park with a beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, on the outskirts of Beijing is a well-known sports, leisure holiday resort. A variety of recreational and entertainment facilities in the park, now Water, land more than 40 projects for visitors of all ages to choose. One umbrella to fly water, water sports, water sports from motor plane, flying down the water, water screen movies, bungee-rocket, flying trapeze, Liu Yong Jin, rock climbing, archery, fitness and entertainment Pool projects, such as by the majority of the tourists love. Accessibility by tourists You Lake, China km lake, or wear off waves and waves, winds and waves of fighting appreciate your taste. Visitors can also board Lake Pavilion, Huguangshanse enjoy, enjoy a happy return to nature.

Dark, cool lake breeze, the visitors to appreciate the beauty of the novel in Huguangshanse wonderful and colorful water-screen movie helter-skelter The sound of the fountain control, or in the open-air plaza Qinggemanwu, it is a pack Fu Xiang, pleasant linger.

Yanxi Hu amusement park services, facilities, accommodation, meals very convenient, is the leisure, tourism and entertainment ideal place.

  Around the lake has more than 30 hotels, restaurants. The Park Wooden huts, yurts and fully equipped, luxurious comfort for Chinese and foreign guests to holiday Yanxi Hu, tourism provides a good accommodation.

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Badachu Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Badachu Park is a long history and scenery of the Buddhist temple garden, located south of Beijing Xishan Scenic Area, 332 ha park side, the top 464 meters above sea level, is in Beijing after the founding of the first Key cultural unit.

  Badachu Park by Yu Mo Cuiwei Xishan mountain, slope - , Surrounded by Shan Lu division, as a result of well-preserved ancient temples named after eight, on the natural heaven, "King 12"
Famous, ancient Chan said that the "three-Hua Shan, such as housing, eight in Rizal, such as antique houses, 12 King is the garden outside the house, such as" clouds and "The Beauty of Xiangshan is artificial, Badachu beauty is natural, of its natural Western Hills wins all too well. "

Badachu Park Hill heaters in winter and in summer it is nice and cool. Fertile soil and rich vegetation. Of which there are 80 tree species, for more than 10,000, 18 kinds of valuable old trees, 590, Changan bungeana Temple; the Lingguang Si Aesculus; Great Mercy Temple in the ginkgo tree Temple permit fruit trees such as Chinese pistache are more than 600 years, the tree is still full, Chi Mei tree. Sumac, the torch, such as the maple tree leaves nearly 140,000, Qiushuang after the storied dye do, Dan Manshan flow.

  Park in the first eight ancient temples built in the Sui Mo Early Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties after the construction of Cheng. One very good, Changan, Great Mercy, Hong sector, fruit of five cards are the emperor Chijian Temple. Liao Ling Guangsi Zhao Xian Tower has been enshrined in the tooth relic of Sakyamuni, the Eight-Power Allied Forces destroyed by fire in 1900, after the founding of the PRC Premier Zhou Enlai approved the new tooth relic stupa.
  In the late 1980s water park area, "Ying Lake ", in the early 1990s grams next to the aerial ropeway, Fust mountain chute opened one after another;, pure big wooden arches and the ancient practice of the Mountain Gate will be produced. 10 years of reform and development, much has been Badachu, Beijing has become more a park for a class. That the new century, new parks and into the capsule, Center, room and board into line, off-Yu Kin-integration services to new ideas. In order to meet the needs of different levels of consumer demand for all kinds of tourists, Badachu Park in Beijing has become one of the most recent leisure entertainment.

  Badachu Park is located in Beijing's famous scenic spot south of the Western Hills, is a long history and scenery Mountain Buddhist temple garden, is the birth of New China, Beijing, after the first batch of key cultural unit, a Beijing park, park civilization (model) units, the National AAAA level scenic spots, fine parks in Beijing.

  Badachu Park is located in the Taihang Cuiwei Yu Mo, Po Ping, Lu division between the three hills, around three hundred 12 hectares, the highest peak elevation of 464.8 meters. Hill was surrounded by three-, shape the ARMCHAIR a great form of the Badachu Dongnuanxialiang unique micro-climate, thanks to this unique micro-climate, beautiful natural scenery of the Badachu moving, picturesque four seasons: spring, fill the fields The Apricot, peach, Spring, one after another, such as forsythia in full bloom, Cucu round, good-looking Shashi; summer, the rise amid Pinnacle, Cang elegant show, singing Bird song, the gurgle Artesian Bore Baths; in the fall, more than 10,000 sumac, the torch, such as maple leaves Species, Qiushuang after the Dan streaming mountain is covered with every good-looking; into the winter, the snow-wrapped, snow-condensate. Park Quality of fertile, rich in vegetation, the forest coverage rate reached 97.2 percent.
Badachu Park in the suburbs of Beijing is the most appropriate locations climbing one of the thousands of historical and cultural sedimentation and enrich the precious natural resources, "surrounded by three hills" and the formation of the unique micro-climate, as well as non-high-low mountain, so be Badachu Park Beijing Fitness name of the mountain first choice. In 2001, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau from a height of the mountain, the mountain environment and so comprehensive survey, the establishment of formal Badachu Park in the city for four places one of the best climbers fitness. Badachu Park in recent years, according to Yamagata's own landscape, climbing to launch fitness four lines: Step by step along the high temple tour, the physical well-traveled road running, visit the "stone" Xunyou adventure travel and watch the seal between the oxygen-Lin Yu. According to the mountain communities can be their own physical condition, different climbing routes, climbers reach the fitness end, a variety of innovative new designs, rich exercise that license to guide you on how science and mountaineering. To meet the different needs of tourists, Badachu Park in the mountain along the fitness equipment installed more than 100 pieces, covering nearly 4,000 square meters, free of charge for visitors. It was also built with two cobblestone-paved fitness trails and tennis courts, badminton courts, and so on. Beijing Olympic Park has been identified in the vicinity of 8 008 years of Olympic mountain bike training ground, will carry out planning and construction. Badachu Park in the future of sports fitness function, it will become increasingly apparent.

Chang-an Temple

  Park Chang-an Temple is located to the south gate of a number of years, was originally called "Temple of good," Chong Ming Koji 17 years (1504) After post-construction, the size of Japan, called Changan Temple.

Chang Shan Temple in West Hill Cuiwei, sitting east of the West, around the red walls, two-Tetraena. King is the entry of a brick wall, there are "happy to board the" words. Along the West Bank to pre-Yong Lu, Tang dozens of steps for the Hall of the Mountain Gate Monastery. Guan Yu hall for imaging, also known as Kuan Kung Temple. "Backward for" Main Hall "," Dian people, "said thorough, and the layout. Dianqian people of whom 2 White tree is particularly eye-catching, though still enumerate vicissitudes 100 Climb in Beijing Old trees were accounted for a seat. Chang'an Temple 500 of the original Ocean's statue, in the history of Chang'an are still Temple: "out the door days 10, a very strange shape, there are 500 under the veranda Ocean, "the records have been kept free, but can be seen in Chang'an Temple was the status and outlook.

2 Lingguang Si

  Badachu present Lingguang Si is the most important of a temple, built in the calendar year Grand Tang (766-779).

  Emmanuel Hall Shanmen facing southeast, the Mountain Gate Dian-zhong worship the Buddha Sakyamuni pure copper paste bronze statues, a gift for Thailand Seng Wang. Ling Guangsi within the original five into the temples, is the only "Great Mercy Hospital," "fish house", "Tayuan" three courtyards. Great Mercy Hospital in the South Hall of Guanyin there, there are Buddha Hall North, East and West have 14 Pei Fang. Southwest Hospital has a gold fish pond, was built in Xianfeng, was Fangsheng Chi Temple. A lotus pool Meridional, cruising Jin Lin, Xu Ying Chi fish are numerous. Liao pool there, "Dr. Sally Tower," a tower, also known as "Portrait of a thousand pagoda", the tower was destroyed, "Eight-Power Allied Forces" fire. After the monks in the temple when the clean-up of the old tower Is for the soul of Sakyamuni Buddha tooth relic of the Shihan.

Northbound one of the original corridors for lying Xuan Yu, Buddhist abbot Center and Hospital. Yongxin is in hospital in 1958 have built stupa tooth, bone tower Genei seven gold pagoda to worship the Buddha's teeth a-ling. 2000 China Buddhist Association of New Yufo And the late Buddhist Association chief Zhao Puchu handwritten Prajna Paramita Yingbi as suspicious. As a result of tooth relic in the world, only two, so that the world's Lingguang Si Buddhist monks to worship.
3 Sanshan Um

  Um its three hills located in the Cuiwei, Po Ping, Lu division between the three hills named after. Sanshan Gold was founded in Germany three days (in 1151).

  Hall of the Mountain Gate 3, is on the Mountain Gate is the main hall 5, for a statue of Sakyamuni, the top of the door "is the World" Hengbian. Under the threshold of white marble stone-order side, "marble water," there are people landscapes, flowers and birds, such as natural texture, water Now, food for thought.

  Dongxiang have a back door open with Hin-phase, the amount of title "Cuiwei painting," Chu plans for the South, both sides have adopted a joint-chu said: "Distant water near Elizabeth Hill fog color, bright breeze net Zen mind." Shu was Changbai
Rouxii wrote. Xuan as having had a Hengbian, there are six sub-Qing Emperor Qianlong By Rong "pen Jianyang Lu Jing", no exercises had been kept.

  Long excluded terrain north, a very open field of vision, Zongmu overlooking the mountain scenery in light painting. Qing Emperor Yongzheng, Qianlong period has reached a high priest Li-day Zen master in the Zen abrasive arguments. The book's arguments, but at other times Mingzao far and near.

4 Great Mercy Temple Great Mercy Temple is located in Longquan three hills and Om Om mountainside between the Department. Legend has it built in the Liao and Jin periods, or the Northern Song Dynasty (about 1033).

  Monastery sit east of the West, the Mountain Gate there are two ancient Catalpa. To compound the entire three-Tetraena, Hall Shanmen have the amount of stone, "Chi Jian Great Mercy Temple," for the Qing Emperor Kang Xi Yu Bi. Mountain Gate has hall Large statue of King.

  Main Hall Shanmen to bring up the rear. Dian Qian Ming Dynasty are the two ancient bamboo pool, want to drop green. Middle of the hall for the Buddha III, on both sides of the "18
Ocean's "Legend has it that the statue is well-known sculptor Liu Yuan Dynasty masterpiece. Statues of different shape, the deep gas Road, lifelike. Like a tailor-made for its sandalwood And fine sand is carved from fetal still emitting a traditional aroma.

  After the Main Hall for the Yuantong Treasure Palace, Hengbian hanging on the door, "the source of the sea tragedy," a joint pillars words: "No move into the East gym Qiu Hui; glass in the world to the West is Amitabha." Goddess of Mercy for colorful seated. The old Dianqian two towering silver Tree, a few rough circle Climb, as much as eight years old.
5 Longquan Um

Um Longquan also known as Dragon King Church, located in the Great Mercy Temple in the northwest, the start Ming Ren Hongxi B F (1425). Junji-ching 2002 (1645) found in the clear spring Yihong, was to build a Dragon Temple.

Um-wide total of five courtyards, is divided into three on the lower, with the exception of Zhudian Dragon King Hall, there are lying You Ge, Tingquanshuixie, Miaoxiang hospital and Huazu hospital. Bo-Song Gao of the entire hospital giant, like clouds Blot out the Sun, unusually cool summer, should be very cool.

  This compact Mountain Gate Um, that is, into the Mountain Gate One pool, water continuously Longkou the outflow from the pool into the pool. The
Stephen fine-sounding name, "Longquan", 4:00 do not dry up, testing natural spring water for high-Sr mineral water. Tingquan left a small pool pavilion, this hand-drive late autumn, the rest into the pavilion, will be on the side teas, Tingquan side, the side of the Red Tour, leisurely like entering Wonderland. Top Dragon King Church; North hospital formerly known as Hui Yun Temple. It "Longquan Teahouse" has a long history in a significant impact on the capital, the Four Seasons and opening up to Ganlie spring water bubbles out of the other tea has a different feeling, a lot of repeat buyers, especially in the summer and fall season.

6 Temple incense industry

  Hong-slope community at Temple Hill, is the area Badachu A large temple, built in the Tang Qianyuan-year period (758-760).

  Shannon Temple mountain community take power, magnificent momentum, history is clear streets for the emperor in the imperial tour of the Hill. Temple divided into the leftist, third from right way, a total of five Jinyuan La.

  The middle road, the Hall of the Mountain Gate at the top of the amount of hanging with one stone, engrave on " Jian Xiang Temple community, "the second in Jinyuan La Gusong Qiu Zhi circled rear its ugly head, the" Long Song. "Visual on the second floor of another breakdown around. After the King for the Hall, Miankuo 3, for four kings, Chebyshev monk (Dadu Maitreya
Buddha) and Wei Tuo.

  Pick-order and there are five main hall, were hung round Treasure Palace, Before the two-stone. Which left the monument monument Yang engraved with the "Great Mercy Buddha since I like to make," Legend has it that Emperor Kangxi period for the rehabilitation of the temple of the Tang Dynasty unearthed at Bricks.

  Beiyin engraved with "Jingfo" word, such as Doo-Hong, Kang Xi Yu Bi. Jinyuan La and Four Samjin similar pattern, the main hall for the Main Hall, and for the Buddha III Ocean's eight. Canon floor for five Jinyuan La.
I left for another hospital, the only temple 3. The right to "palace hospital," for the Qianlong Emperor's summer palace, King built-in good homes.


  Miss Sarah hole at the top level slope, creating 46 years of the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1780). There in front of a wooden arches, horizontal inscribed board and outside the sub-Juan, "Lin strong" and "joy" for the Emperor Qianlong Yubi. Arches had before, a natural stone can be seen out the side of the road on the rough stone can be seen Xingshu "Pearl of poetry hole," Juan Department signed a Royal seal imprinted Qianlong.

  Bao-zhu-stop and Two-storey hall, "Xuan view," Kwun Yam Temple, together with the offers are about to form a compound. Guanyin bring up the rear with a stone
Hole, about four meters wide, inside the cave, such as gravel mixed black and white pearl, crystal scintillation, the solid-hole of the "Pearl of the" name. Legend has it that Emperor Kangxi years, a Zen master here Sea Xiu Xiu Vatican several times by Emperor Zhao . As far as he can remember chanting Qugui, it also named "Gui Wang Buddha." His body inside the existing law as early as by the damage
Bad, as is now the white marble stone. Bao-zhu-on items for the Hall of Buddha. Said the amount of the original "home Miao-round fruit," the right of the banners said "see the day lying clouds," Qianlong are Yubi.

7 is Vision beauty of the capital, to watch the sunrise excellent, it is a "small Western Mountain" reputation.
8 permit fruit Temple

  Permit fruit Temple was built in the Tang Tianbao years (also built in the Sui Ren-shou years), is the oldest Badachu a temple. An ancient temple Pistacia more than 600 years old, in order to the capital ?.
  Temple permit fruit sit south, located halfway up the division Lu. Mountain Gate dozens of stone-class. There are two vertical bands under the monument, on top of Stone Mountain Gate degrade the amount of "fruit-ji temple card". Mountain Gate to the north of Main Hall. Dianqian have a bronze bell, cast in the next six years, integrated (1470), who cast 10 minutes of "Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra "Juan Xiu, well-cast. East Hall to house meditation hall.

  Main Hall to the west of a house, house-to Aquarius, Qingshi production, on both sides of the gate inscribed with a couplet: "winding streets, flowers and trees with deep Buddhist temple." Simon out of this small house, there is octagonal Zhong Yan. North Pavilion is a large open-Xuan, within Wooden plaque, carved on, "Dr. Ting only" words. A plaque embedded under the monument, engraved on the "secret trick only Cliff Pavilion." Xuan open to the north of Weimimoya. But see here a huge rock from the peak out of the air, odd unexpected risk. Engraved on stone, "Valley natural" words. A lateral hole, "Wu Zhen-dong," Lu Legend has it that there is division in the Buddhist monk Rain for the people because of their experience there, Royal Secret Inspector "induction Zen master."
  Permit fruit Temple has a long history, is located in the Youpi, charming legend is, after all, Xungu You find the Shengjing.

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Yunju Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunju Si Beijing Fangshan County, located in the mountainous south-west mountain of a small basin, about 75 km away from Beijing, back to Zhu Shan-based, across the mountains to stone by the barrier, the Guru is located in the mountains. Yunju Si to the Buddha relic known as rock and is in the suburbs of Beijing with a stone, calligraphy, art, ethnic history, the history of Buddhism Major cultural significance of the monuments in Beijing as well as many national temple and the Buddhist temple industry occupies an important position. Monastery in 1992 was named "Beijing Tourism Humanities tired of the 10-point". Fangshan County in the northwest mountain areas, since Buddhism is the resort since the Sui and Tang dynasties, such as the top of the Temple Hill Doushuai, appointed six days Guan Shan Temple, Yun Meng Longquan Temple, as well as nine to twelve-feng and Doulv Temple as the center of 72 Um, and many other Buddhist relics sites, and Yunju Si Shi Jing Shan is one of the most well-known, to the "Beijing Dunhuang" reputation.

  Yunju Si was founded in the Sui and Tang Dynasties era, the ages frequent repair expansion in North China has become one of the famous temple. Temple Anti-Japanese War the Japanese army destroyed part of the fire is now the only remaining sites. Temple 1.5 km north-east Shi Jing Department has possession of the mountain trails 9 hole, preserved inside the cave, since the Sui Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty stone lithography by the board, together with the Tibetan monastery at the southern end point in Liaoning, the board by a total of 143l2 block, degrade tens of millions of words . Carved made to remove duplication, carved into account by the More than 12O, carved exquisite works for one of the treasures of the Chinese Buddhist culture. It is the world's oldest, most complete and best preserved stone Tripitaka in the history of Chinese Buddhism book worth. Yun Shi Jing lithography home size, far more than the sound of the Northern Qi Dynasty Doyama by Cliff Stone by Stone Mountain and valley carved by.

  Yunju Si Tang said that seen in the first chapter of the total 2002 (669 years) in stone, the era of the Sui and Tang dynasties have been a considerable scale. In the Tang Dynasty at the temple and the temple under the stones in the temple by the mountain, there is no test site of Temple, Ji Jin Temple under the ruins. Liao, Jin Yun Jusi times as a result of carved stone made by well-known, it is "by Stone Temple." As a result of the Ming Dynasty stone in the eastern foot building Temple valley, and the UN Yunju Si Mountain West, it is also known as the "valley of the West Temple," and the early Qing Dynasty called "Western Buddhist temple goes home," still retains the name goes home. Yunju Si frequent repair history, repair during the last 37 years is the Qing Emperor Kangxi (l698). Monasteries were destroyed before the scale of the event, the middle temple courtyard there are five, Six-Yu Jin. Temple hillside, each compound and gradually increased on each floor of the main hall next to the side hall in a palace there, a monk Road on the north side of Liu Ke She, the second north-south tower about separation, mountain spring water in front of the stream primers, clear spring and weeping willows, mountain fog wind around , The beautiful natural environment is indeed a good practice Department. "Marco Polo Bridge Incident," after the Japanese temple Fire damage to ruins, in the south have been destroyed at this time. Fan sites in Diagram Yunju Si, Si Yu and the northern part of the 10 small stone pagoda is the only remaining relic after the robbery. Fortunately, there are Yunju Si taken before the photos were destroyed, the resumption of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations, Japan will then send the photos. Buddhism since the year award 2 years in Iraq kept by the East-China, translated scriptures will be Many followers of the monks "punishment" of a cause. However, paper, silk screen, wood by volume, not only vulnerable to wind, fire, water, insect damage, but also vulnerable to man-made damage, the history of the two "difficult" period, a lot of hand-written Buddhist reduced to ashes, war Bing Huo also to the Buddhist temple, Buddhist classics devastating Difficult. Sengtu like to build on ways to let old Buddhist heritage. In view of the Mount Tai in Shandong, Hebei, etc. Gushan carved by the Cliff preserved, You Zhou Jing-Wan that the monk by the stone, can be a long time to Tianchang, so the succession of his teacher Hui Si's behest, a rich choice of white marble, Artemsia argyi Qingshi, You Zhou away from the city of Fangshan, After only a moment in the stone room in the cache of arduous work pinch. Jing-Wan was created by Shi and Cangjing Dong Yun Jusi Hill, he is willing to made-made stone as 12. The action was all sectors of society to be of support. Sui from the large leaves to the Early Tang Dynasty, Jing-Wan, 30 years after Buchuo moment, each engraved with a group of stone finished by the cutting of the hole sealed up. 10 Zhenguan Year (639 years) Jing-Wan into the death of his first son Hyun guide, Miriam monk, Siem Hui, Yuen continued with four generations of law presided over by the moment, and Kim Shin-princess played by the gift of the more than 4000 as the Department of Documentary, has carved through More than a hundred, in the possession of the points in Cangjing Dong. Since the Sui Dynasty to the Ming Cangdan a total of nine Cangjing Dong cut by the 4559 version; Galerkin Also in the south side of Temple Waxue, buried by 1O611 version of the block. Liao Qing seven days (in 1117) in the hole next to the tower building, that is, "Yun Jusi south," also called "pressure by the tower."

  Jing-Wan original stone as 146, part of the mosaic on the fifth hole on the walls. Fifth hole "LEIN hole" is among nine holes A large, and only an open Cangjing Dong, the holes can be in and out the door before, Zhang Kuange about 10 meters, there are four octagonal pillars support Dong Ding, the pillars are carved surface of a small Buddha statue 1O54 Therefore, "qianfoensis column." The remaining holes are all closed, stacked inside Cangshi by the board, and closure Portal stop, can not People.

  After rocks room is a treasure-house of China's stone by the world's precious cultural heritage. For its study of China's ancient culture, history, art history, as well as the Buddhist classics and have a great value and significance. During the Liao and Jin stone by the original "Khitan possession of" Documentary, "Khitan possession" has long been lost. Years from the Yingxian Wooden Tower found a "mutual covenant with possession of" Fragments, with rocks by the control room, exactly the same. After rocks room well-preserved, "Khitan possession" of Buddhism, Buddhist history in the world is a serious matter. After rocks room is a stone of the original board, was not as easily copied by the kind of corruption, the version of the high value of the collation At the same time, it preserves more than 50 versions of the Tripitaka not by the membership. Cut out the technical fine-kei, beautiful calligraphy is not only a valuable cultural relics of Buddhism, Chinese calligraphy is the art of fine carving. So come out, that is famous. In the art of calligraphy, carved by the Sui Dynasty is the master book, inscribed by the Tang Dynasty more Sui and Tang dynasties have a beautiful style of calligraphy. From the stone as can be seen in China's calligraphy-style changes and evolution of the text (such as: write custom, the word variant, Simplified Chinese, Wu during the week of the new characters, and so on) the situation. Stone by many scriptures attached to the back engraved with the title in mind that these questions in mind is to study the history of political, economic, cultural and folk customs as well as the people Valuable information. From the beginning of 1956 the Buddhist Association of China and relevant departments together on the rocks by the Housing Authority conducted a thorough investigation, excavation and preparation works, currently part of the stone has been carried out by the numbers, the exhibition shelves.

  November 1981 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Religions Buddhism home Luo Training inside the cave, in the original stone worship the ground under 5 centimeters, found one stone, under a cave, memory Shihan, silver letter, Yu Han, and so on, are set with the letter letter be sealed. One white Shihan, on the cover engraved with the words 172, also engraved with the letter within 83 word inscription. These words described Wanli in the Ming Dynasty II Year (1592), by Stone Hill for the first time in the Sui Dynasty was found by Tibetan Buddhist relic situation. Qingshi second letter, slightly smaller than the previous letter; on the cover engraved with "the great cause of Sui Year of the Rat 12 April 10 New Moon has been on the 8th letter in this cycle resettlement Buddha relic of the original three abbot Yongjie" 36 words Inscription. Buddha relic that has been here Zhen l300 years. Three white marble Shihan, a Choudou wedge-shaped building, the "Buddha relic," as well as up and down a total of 26 word paragraph. Four gold-plated silver letter, surrounded by Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku, basaltic four lines carved patterns, there are covered with flower pattern, with a Xiangzhu painted wood, pearl 11. Bai ten letter V Sophisticated, Zhang Kuange 12 cm, 17 cm high, have put 2 small red rice grains the size of the Buddha relic, accompanied by two next to the Pearl.

  On the origin of the Buddha relic, according to records: Sui Wendi had from the Indian Buddhist monk received bone, and was the first year of Renshou (601), 2002 Renshou 602), a four-year Renshou (604 years) to the three states issued by the National Buddhist relic, You Zhou is located in the industry, Hong Chi-chuen, Temple and Temple are fortunate enough to receive. Temple and the two are not far away from the Yunju Si. At the same time, the founder of Yunju Si Jing Bowl Master Chi-chuen, originally monks, is a Buddhist disciple Hui Si Tiantai, may very likely when The Emperor also give the Yunju Si Buddhist relic. "Sets Hanshan Dream Master" and "a little Teikyo scene" had been recorded in 20 years Wanli in the Ming Shi Shan Yunju Si-dong LEIN found three Buddhist relic. At that time, the mother of Emperor Wanli of the Buddhist faith, the support of San Yue Ying Ru Gong and then placed inside LEIN, but records of Tablets of the Buddha relic, the only existing 2, according to the experts inferred, which may be a mother Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty Imperial Household dependent man who might have slipped and lost or were left private. Currently, 2 Buddhist relics and artifacts have been related to the custody of the Buddhist Association of China, as soon as the repair Yunju Si will be sent back to within Yunju Si resettlement for people from all walks of life Ceremony.

  Yunju Si around the stone and existing Tang Liao Liao Zhuanta a total of six, and protect each other, Yunju Si special form of cultural Buddhism. One of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 years) built a square stone to the famous white marble caves Fangshan for raw materials, carved from. Single points Tap and two Mi Yanshi , The plane was a square, facing the door open a pointed arch, which put on armor engraved on both sides of the warrior King Kong, vivid. Tang Kai-yuan of which 15 years (727 years) of the building Liang Bi in the carved stone head high muddy nose to support the image of people, reflecting the Tang period of prosperity, national unity. The stone is the earliest existing ancient tower in Beijing, as You Zhou Cultural History of the Tang Dynasty research areas in the history of Buddhism and precious materials. In 1949, the People's Government of the Yunju Si Cang Shi has been the subject of the identification and sorting. Still well-preserved stone 14 by 278, were hidden in a stone by the side of the mountain and inside the cave, 9 Yunju Si in the custody of the artifacts. 1 61 years in March, Yunju Si will be the site of the State Council, Liao two towers, eight Tangta, and stone by Cangjing Dong, as a key cultural relics protection and to protect these precious cultural relics, one after another on the north tower of the Liao Dynasty Were reinforced maintenance, installation of lightning protection facilities, to protect the stone by stone by the board to build the library, so that those on the Millennium On behalf of precious cultural relics from generation to generation. Beijing Municipal People's Government in 1935 on April 1 decided to repair Yunju Si said. The first phase of the project, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Pilu Temple had been completed and open. Yunju Si relic of the original Millennium - a circular white marble inscribed majestic Mountain Gate has been the recovery. In order to better protect the stone as to prevent weathering erosion has been Set in 1999 on September 9 said 9 head 09:09:09, after all the stone will be re-sealed secret underground. Stone by the possession of the world and security, this will move it into a major event in the history of Buddhism.

Yunju Si as a result of a collection of more than 15,000 pieces of stone Buddhist Tripitaka as the "Beijing Dunhuang." At ????????????????????????????????????????????? ?? Yunju Si Fangshan stone engraved with Buddhist Tripitaka in the beginning years, the great cause of Sui, Tang has, Liao, Jin, Yuan and Ming dynasties more than six years, carved by 1122, 357 Volume, 14,278 stone, hidden in rock at nine via Cangjing Dong Shan and the crypt of Yunju Si. Wood is also "Long Tripitaka" more than 77,000 pieces of Ming Dynasty by more than 20,000 volumes transported inside a temple. By stone, by paper, wood, after the three already known by the world, "Sanjue." The exhibition displayed a "stone by the exhibition." Yunju Si into the six yard there are five major temples, and the east top of the mountain, Juma He pandering to the West, an area of more than 70,000 square meters, have both sides of the side hall in a palace and the imperial palace, Sengfang, and the North-South confrontation of the two towers, has a long history, Vicissitudes. After the liberation, after two large-scale repair Yunju Si solemn reproduce. Also the ancient Yunju Si "Hai Talin monument," said the existing monument, more than 20 blocks, Tower Block, 10, is a valuable cultural heritage.

Yunju Si Shi Shan in the East Village II, commonly known as Xiaoxi Tian. 450 m above sea level. Housing here is not only the origin of rocks by Kanke, also unearthed relic of Buddha, 4196 Sui and Tang dynasties stone For the national treasures to LEIN hole, the Princess cents for the tower on behalf of the many historical sites, with a very high value.

According to the test, carved in stone until after 12 years of the great cause of Sui (AD 605), Jing-Wan monk Fa-rectification to maintain, as inscribed in stone. After the cause of carved by the Sui and Tang, Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and six Generation, rolling in 1039, engraved with Buddhist scriptures 1122, 3572 volumes, 14,278, divided by the Stone Hill in possession of 9 and Cangjing Dong Yun Jusi Crypt, scale and lasted long, is rare in the history of world culture Feat, and worthy of the world famous Great Wall, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal match, is the world And there are precious cultural heritage.

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Yuanmingyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Haidian District in the north of the town of Haidian District, an area of about 5,300 acres of garden sites, where lush forests, rich springs, both southern and northern scenery double feature. That's been the "Garden of Gardens million" of the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park.

There Yuanmingyuan Park Wan Park "reputation, which was built in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong years, a number of the original 140 pavilions, with a total area of 3,500,000 square meters. It's the land and building area as big as the National Palace Museum, also equivalent to a water area of the Summer Palace.

  In the history of the Yuanmingyuan, by the Yuanmingyuan, Changchun , Spring Garden Qi (Spring Garden million). Park adjacent to the tight three-phase, known as Yuanmingyuan. Occupying a total area of more than 5,200 mu (about 350 hectares) than the entire scope of the Summer Palace will be even more significant, almost acres. It is the feudal emperors of the Qing Dynasty in 150 years, the creation and operation of a large Royal Gong Yuan. Yongzheng, Qianlong, Qing, dynasty, Emperor Xianfeng Five North Korea, have long lived in Yuanmingyuan leisurely and carefree pleasure, and this will be held in North Korea, the rationale for foreign affairs, and the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace) for the same time the national political center, the Qing emperor was known as the special "Royal Park."

West along the northern suburb of Beijing, with Hill, Stephen, lake, marsh Sheng has always been the feudal emperors and Qinguixianhuan association Gongyuan line configuration of the park. To the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, Qianlong period, a significant socio-economic development, filling the state treasury, the Qing emperor in order to pursue "I would rather God by blessing," the Home Park living, so in that the rise of an unprecedented scale with the garden-building situation.

  Ming Garden is the first Emperor Kangxi Emperor bestowed on the four sub-zhen Yin (that is, later Emperor Yongzheng) the Garden. Emperor Kangxi in the 46 years that the year 1707, the park has begun to take shape. November the same year, Emperor Kangxi once visited the Yuanmingyuan travel tours. Yongzheng emperor ascended the throne in 1723, thanks to expansion of the original park, and in the South Park building Hall of ground and above board in the main hall and the cabinet, six, the military value of all the Housing Department, Royal "to avoid hearing noise." Emperor Qianlong reign of 60 years, the business structure of the Yuanmingyuan Suisui day Xiu-hua, Shi Jun-water removal, cost tens of millions of silver. In addition to his Yuanmingyuan local building, reconstruction, and to bear in the east of Changchun new park, in Qi into the south of Spring Garden. Qianlong 35 years to that in 1770, three Yuanming Garden of shape. Jiaqing North Korea, mainly to the Spring Garden Qi renovated to build and expand, making it one of the main park home sites. North Korea light, failure on national affairs, the lack of financial resources, but the withdrawal Wan Ning, Xiangshan, Yuquan the "three mountains," the display Mulan and stop Rehe summer hunting, not to give up three Yuanming Garden and into the decorative.

Yuanmingyuan: the construction of the late Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Yongzheng in North Korea, to the late Emperor Yongzheng, landscape gardening group has been throughout the three acres of garden area. Qianlong years, there have been many parts of the park in the building and reconstruction. The Park To landscape garden group, the famous "Forty Yuanmingyuan King" (that is, above board, diligent pro-yin, Jiuzhou Yan Qing, the media goes on open, natural picture, Bristol-tung's College, Wan Pu care, the whole sky, apricot Museum Huachun, Tan Tan Dangdang, Ru this ancient Han, Changchun sen Museum, Wo Fang, Spring Wuling mountain as long as the river, and on cloud , Hong Ci Hu Yong, Department of Fang's College, on days the word Lin, Tan Bo quiet, Ying-water Orchid, Mizuki Mincerian, Le Lian Xi, Jia and more like clouds, flying kite flying, far from the North Village, Xifeng Xiuse four should House, the side pot Sheng Jing, who shower bath Germany, Pinghuqiuyue, Peng-Yao Tai Island, then the Housing Xiushan, Journey Into Amazing Caves, Habitat folder Ming Kam, virtual-Han Long , The Grand Duchy of Kuoran, sat stone-flow Pro, Quyuanfenghe, Dong Tian deep), as well as the purple room Bishan, algae park, if the fan Court, the text of the source cellars Court. At that time, the horizontal inscribed board hanging gardens of the main building of about 600, this is right for Chinese and foreign gardens of the Royal crown.

Changchun Park: Qianlong built in 10 years (17 5 years) before and after 1751 in a formal setting governing consul-general Park, Park Road West and the King of the main group has been basically completed, such as the Huai Dan Church, including through together, exquisite jade museum, never think of fasting, Haiyue cardigan, A full-ko, Hong stream bank, law-hui Temple, with Bao-ji, Hill House, love, to Gordon fan, Cong Fang Tse and so on. Later, he built one after another One day a small park and garden. The eastern part of the park from King (Ying Zhai Qing, such as parks, Kam Yuen, Shi Zilin), Qianlong was Sanshiyinian 37 years to build large-scale, including the Western floor area, covers an area of Changchun has worked acre park . Horizontal inscribed board hanging gardens of the construction of about 200.

Qi Spring Garden: earlier Prince is exactly thanks to the Di Yun Xiang, was built around the late Emperor Kangxi, after the grant to the University of Fu with a disability, to 35 years of Qianlong (1770) was officially incorporated into the Royal Garden, Spring Garden Qi name. At that time, including its scope is not yet in the northwest. Jiaqing four years and 16 years, the park's western region and has also come in two garden thanks, first, get married Shuang Xing Yong-West Village, put their house in order first, and with the Princess Hui Suk Park, the large-scale repair and reconstruction, building, the only park with acres of scale and become Park Habitat Qing emperor of one of the main garden. So far, three Yuan Ming Yuan in its heyday. Jiaqing first "Spring Garden thirty-chi King," poetry, and then one after another into the new King 20, at the time The more famous gardens there are enough group Jing-Tang-chun, Zhai Qing Xia, Qiu-han Hall, Dong Sheng room, four-Yi House, Chai Chun-taek, Chau Fung-lin, Wei Tang algae, and together, to enjoy Bi, bamboo homes, Rain Hillside Garden, Yanyu Lou, with floor-hui, Jerneh together, and Chang Tang, Xuan Qing Zhan, Zhao Liang Tse, Ling Xu kiosks near 30. The horizontal inscribed board hanging gardens built There are more than 100 blocks. Qi Gong Men Spring Garden, built in 14 years Jiaqing (1809), as a result of it than the big Yuanmingyuan Park II Changchun and Gongmen Gongmen built more than half a century later, also known as the "New Gong Men", are still in use. Since the early years of light, the index of the Spring Garden Road area have been converted to Church, the empress dowager as a caring place; Zhu Jing West Road Park, still have been light, Emperor Xianfeng of the scope of the Home Park. The garden was destroyed in 1860 after years of trying to repair Tongzhi, known as the Spring Garden million.

Yuanmingyuan is the artificial creation of a grand scale, the beautiful scenery of the large garden. Hill grounds stacked flat water, production of refined garden , Plant more trees and flowers. With intermittent hills, twists and turns of the water and pavilions, Qulang, Island, the bridge embankment, and so on, the room will be separated into more than 100 large and small surrounded by mountains and rivers Department, the charm of varied scenery group. Park water park with a total area of about three of four tenths in the ground small cut on the artificial surface of the water from the circle-ying Series of river lakes for a complete water system. Also in the park is made up of a stack of large and small, Hill 250 soil, water and combine with water to Hill, mountain water as a result of living constitutes the mountain complex to water, layer upon layer of garden space. The entire southern water like a garden-like smoke blurred water, can truly be said: Although the people do, since the days of Wan .

Yuanmingyuan garden landscaping to make more use of water as the theme of water as a result of interest, many of whom are drawn directly southern charm of the famous water features. After the Yuanmingyuan lake area, built around the lake after the nine islands, the country's territory, "Yu Gong", "Jiuzhou" symbol. All of the island to build a small garden or landscape group Both have their own characteristics, but also with each other to become King. Up and down the north shore of the sky, quite Deng Yue-yang floor victory over the list of Dongting Lake, "Lake Chuihong drive, Wan Yan is room for improvement, repair column wing folder, for wide-ting. ?? reflection patterns, Hwang Mei Yang threshold, overlooking the air, Bi-million hectares. " Tan Tan Dangdang in the West Bank, like Hangzhou Yuquan Immersi� commonly known as Fish pond "for the cutting of pond fish country music, pool Shexia week, thousands of Jinlin in the first." Peaceful Wanfang the western part of Yuanmingyuan, the housing built in the lake, as swastika-shaped, Dongnuanxialiang, unique look into the distance on the other side if officinalis Xiu Qi. Emperor Yongzheng like to live here. Mizuki Mincerian the northern part of the Yuanmingyuan, Tesi (Nishizawa) water diversion burglary, rotation Fan, "Lin Sese, cold water, the river winds moving music group, an Yamadori-ming." Emperor Qianlong like this in the heat. West Lake Park in Changchun Haiyue cardigan, white jade giant round table has three temples, far from looking like a mirage in general.

Peng Fu-hai of the island of Yao Tai, drawing on If the fairy islands of Penglai, formerly known as Penglai Island. According to legend, Qin Shi Huang Xu had to send someone by the name of the people, led by stem-plus Virgin Tongnan, east to the sea, to search for him in Wonderland, Qiuxian drugs to eternal youth unemployment. This, of course, can only be "on SeafacingSuperior Chou, Tao Wei Mang letter cigarettes hard to come by." Emperor Yongzheng and then let the craftsmen in the Yuan Ming East Lake's use of phosphorus Xun into a pile of stone the size of the three islands, the legendary symbol of the canopy Loi, Chou, the abbot of the "three mountains", the island has enjoyed Diange Taiwan, "Wang Jintang if it's five. Yuk House, 12" , And "in order to Xu Fu-hai," meaning, the East Lake named "Fu-hai." Fuhai in four other bank also has a dozen Office Lin Kai King. Fuhai, East and West, North and South each five-wide, 600 meters, and the waters around the small, a total of about 35 hectares, equivalent to the water park in the North Sea. Here the open water, beautiful scenery, in every Dragon Boat Festival holiday this Dragon Boat Race held large-scale activities. July 15 evening, He Deng Qing emperor to watch this. After the winter ice By the emperor of ice in the bed Fuhai Walks. Fuhai Yuanmingyuan in fact the water entertainment center.

Yuanmingyuan was also a striking feature is built like a lot all over the country especially in the southern park of a number of scenic spots. Emperor Qianlong had six southern Jiangsu and Zhejiang Hongli, five patrol of the West on many occasions, Dai East Tour , Rehe parade, the Mukden (Shenyang, that is) and the winding and other places. To every one place, where he wins Italy's famous water park of scenic spots, let the accompanying copy mapped artist, returned to Beijing after the park like to build. According to incomplete statistics, the Yuanmingyuan garden landscape, there is a direct copy of Office, no less than forty to fifty. Ten of the West Lake in Hangzhou, even the name Word for word change in the park all like to build. As the saying goes: Who Jiangnan Road, good scenery, day-shift reduction in the Huai-Jun.

Emperor Qianlong's southern tour, like in the Yuanmingyuan has built around 000 Jiangnan Park. That is one of the Northwest Fuhai Alan Park. Qianlong's southern tour 27 years, has Haining Chen Museum Park as a line, and Ci Ming, "Alan Park." Hong Li liked the structure of the garden Jiamiao, returned to Beijing after four Yuanmingyuan in the House should be about, like the location of the building and carry out the conversion. Into a park, also called the title "Alan Park", was built in imitation of the other three parks are in the park CHANGCHUN. Qianlong was a 23 years in Yong Chai Hospital East, modeled on the West Lake in Hangzhou Wang Shi Garden has built a small park days; a Qianlong was 32 years, modeled on the Jiangning (that is, Nanjing) Zhanyuan built the park, such as; is a Qianlong 37 years , Modeled on the famous Suzhou gardens built Shi Zilin. If Park and Shi Zilin, there were more than 16 scenic spots. Yuanmingyuan the West Xiuse is Yongzheng, Qianlong Emperor per second in July Chu Qi, Qiao-based Tanabata feast. There can view the Western Hills, by far, the West Bank a group of overlapping mountains, Song Chun Zhi Luan, streams of urgency under the waterfalls. In the view of the past is like looking up the Lushan Shi Jun momentum, taking the name of "small Kuanglu." Pro sitting stone-flow, like from Shaoxing will Jishan The Orchid Pavilion. Yongzheng was built in North Korea, known as flow-ting Cup. Wang Dong-jin, and other literati, in March nine three yung ho (that is, have been on), will Huiji Lanting, the song flows beginning, Fushi wedge repair (the festival), called for a much-told tale. The Orchid Pavilion of the Yuanmingyuan, Che Jian, Qiao stones out, the sub-note shock, to build three Zhong Yan-ting between the open. Qianlong 44 years, collected ancient calligraphy masters, "Lanting Xu" Tie 6, together with the people at the University of Hong Li-min, and in their own handwriting, together, "Lan Ting-chu, eight volumes." Citing the Qianlong emperor to allow into eight points of the compass and replaced with stone pillars, each carved column of a note, which is well-known Yuanmingyuan Lanting eight-chu Kuoran Emirates, the general term for Double-Crane was also fasting, like the Wuxi Huishan send Park Chang built. The King of the northern half is the middle of the Qian Long, winding along the lines of static Villa to send the Shishi Yunlin rocks, which were used as Diedan. Jiaqing praise poetry, "Double-Crane vegetarian": deep-like structure in Huishan, 000 Park Chang-mail Youxian territory. Qu Qiao Seikei Xisongyoumao, holes Qudanbuwan. People know that the Summer Palace, the harmonic Qu Yuan, Chang is like sending Huishan park built, in fact, at that time in the Yuanmingyuan has also like to send Park Chang. Just like the two to build mood is different. Spring in Wuling, Moxie is the Tao Yuan-ming, "Spring in mind," the art of conception. Since the late Emperor Kangxi built, when North Korea called Taohua Wu Yung-cheng, who is Li's study, study halls "Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society." Cijing, which claims to have 10,000 P.davidiana. Chang Suzhou inside an old Taohua Wu, according to legend was the former residence of Tang Bohu. Yuanmingyuan the Taohua Wu, Xi Yong although its name, but the peach of Wu under-sheng is far from being compared to the best.

Third, a total of Yuan Ming Yuan 100 Park garden and landscape architecture group, known as a hundred of the King. Set hall, pavilion, pavilion, pavilion Xuan, Zhai Hall, the Gallery veranda and other landscape architecture, a total of about 160,000 square meters. Forbidden City than the full floor area more than 10,000 square meters. Park's buildings, both drew on the ancient palace-style architecture advantages, but also in the plane Purchase, the appearance of form, the group broke through the combination of many aspects of official norms of restraint, the subject of an extensive absorb, draw upon, in various forms. Many in our country to create the South and the North are very rare form of construction, such as word-Xuan, Xuan Mei-yue, Tien Temple words, there are Sector-shaped, bow-shaped face, Yuan Jing-shaped, the shape, mountain-shaped, cross, square Shape, form books, and so on. In addition, the layout of the garden, with the King as a result of power, thousands; Park in the King also linked with sets, deep into the layers to form a rich, natural harmony of the United States as a whole. French missionary-cheng Wang, a description of the image of a certain period, he said: Yuanmingyuan construction, changes in the form of more and varied Qi, have an original style. It's a small palace for each, as if the model is made in accordance with the peculiar, like a random arrangement, not a similar one with the other. All this with interest, it is not in the list, to enjoy the scenery of this, bit by bit to be carefully studied it. Yuanmingyuan Garden of the temple, is also a reflection of China's ancient culture, one aspect. An You Palace (Hu Yong Hong Ci), in accordance with the Jingshan life of the old Imperial Palace in the construction of the cases. Festival to instructions from Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng Emperor, "Royal God," is the Royal Park Zuci. Palace 9, Zheng Ji Chongyanxieshan to follow the yellow glazed tile roof, Park, the largest body of a building. There are built around the Yan Qiao Song, in the southern end of the axis of two forms in China, in order to give people a sense of solemn silence, Fang Sheng Jing pot, Fuhai located in the northeast shore of the Gulf, in accordance with the illusion of mountains Joan Tower's construction, according to historical records, here There are more than 2200 worship Buddha, the Buddha more than 30 blocks . This construction of the base in front of the white marble structure, "Mountain" characters, into the water. Building a large body as a whole, the resplendent. Whenever the early morning mist and smoke in the building when the time is hidden, like Joan Tower Yaotai general. This style of construction and the momentum of China's existing landscape architecture in the rare. Wei homes , Is a typical Buddhist architecture. India is said to be modeled on the ancient capital of the country Saro bridge layout of the construction, there are temples in the city, 326 houses. Kangxi, Emperor every time, Shou Dan empress dowager, Wang Jin-Minister of Buddha from all stored in here. Among them, gold, silver, jade, copper plastic, Fu year, the number as high as 100,000. Yuanmingyuan was burned and looted, only the premises caused by the loss, be it economic or cultural value of artistic value are difficult to estimate the number.

Qing emperor in order to pursue various fun in the park CHANGCHUN northern border areas has also introduced a European-style landscape architecture Known as the "Western House", by the harmonic funny, the bridge method, array million to spend, raising cages, the appearance of the square, sea Yan Tang, Ying Yuan-concept, water law, the concept of the Water Law, the method Hill and line method, and so on the wall More than 10 months of construction and composition of the garden. Qianlong in 12 years (in 1747) to start planning, to 24 years (in 1759) was basically completed. Western missionary Giuseppe Castiglione soil, Michael, Wang Cheng, such as design guidance, the construction of Chinese craftsmen. In the form of construction in the late Renaissance in Europe, "Baroque" style of gardening as a form of "Le Notre" style. But in gardening Decoration and construction have also learned a lot of our traditional practices.

Western The main fact is that the artificial fountain, said, "Water Law." Characterized by a large number of momentum, rely Siqi structure. Combine to form the main market, the sea water law and Yan Tang three major groups fountain, is quite interesting.

Trolltech harmonic: Qianlong was 16 years into the autumn of the first building, for three main South floor of a large sea-hall fountain, with bronze geese, sheep and Western Copper over the composition of the fish tail stone fountain. Building the right and left, Qulang out from the floor, octagonal hall, is playing both western and Chinese music.

Hai Yan Tang: Western House is the largest palace. The main building at the main entrance to the west, before there is a large pool stage About eight-shaped pool was ranked 12 have cited personal Shoumian statue (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, pig, it is our sign of the Zodiac 12) , Followed by every day and night stop water flow, a time (2 hours), noon time, the Chinese zodiac fountain together, commonly known as "water clock." This Zodiac used in place of the West nude statue of the well-designed, it is foreign things serve China, a combination of Chinese and Western masterpieces.

Water law: the West is the floor, the most spectacular fountain. Form for the building-stone shrine, resembles openings. There are a large lion head below water to form a seven-story curtain. To the bottom of the former Chrysanthemum-round fountain, the pool has a copper center deer, water from the Antlers 8; two domestic dogs have 10 copper, emitted from the mouth water, and deer are direct, passing layers of spray. Known as the "Guru dogs." Water around the front of the law, have a huge water tower, for a square tower, Shi Sanceng, the top emitting water There are 88 towers surrounded by brass in, and all water together. At that time, the emperor was sitting on the opposite side of the concept of water law, the group to watch the fountain, the British envoy Macartney, the Netherlands envoy win, and so on, have been here "to pay respect to the" wonders of water law. It is said that if all the fountains, this place is open, as flash floods, Savaka, Xu, Talks to be playing near the sign, its grandeur can be imagined.

Front million to spend, is modeled on Europe's and construction of the garden maze. Its main features are: high-Si Chi word patterns carved brick wall, separated into several maze Road, so called "Front million to spend." Sheng, whenever the Mid-Autumn night, money Front sitting in the center of the circular booths, armed with a yellow colored silk lady-in-waiting who created the Lotus lamp, routing gallop, the first emperor who can get the material reward. Therefore, also known as yellow rain or yellow lantern. Although the entrance to the center of the pavilion in diameter but the distance of 30 meters, but this array into the difficult easy out, easy to come to a dead end, sitting in the Qing emperor , Lotus lights around east towards the West, cited for pleasure.

Western floor area, the whole area of not more than three-Yuan Ming Yuan fiftieth of the total area is only a small partial only. However, it is like to build our country into a European-style garden piece of a successful attempt. This is the history of our country garden In the history of exchanges between the East and West gardens, occupies an important position. Its construction has caused strong repercussions in Europe. A Western Europe witnessed its praise of Western missionary territories House: Set in the beauty of a good interest, where people can imagine that, the grand fountain and strange everything, including the largest, with the Chateau de Versailles Crowe St. church to keep pace with the fountain. The missionaries concluded that: Yuanmingyuan, China's Palace of Versailles also.

Yuanmingyuan reflects the ancient Chinese art of gardening essence, is the best at that time a large garden. Emperor Qianlong said: "The real treasure tender soul of the district, the emperor Yu Yu , To no more than this. "In the world but also in the history of landscape architecture occupies an important position. Its reputation spread to Europe, as the" Garden of Gardens million. "Big French literary giant Victor Hugo in 1861 in this evaluation:" You To imagine it was just a matter of the heart fascinated, as the moon, like the castle building, Summer Palace ( Yuanmingyuan) is one such building. "People often say this: there are Greek Parthenon temple, Egypt has pyramids, the Colosseum in Rome there are, there is the East Palace." "This is a stunning masterpiece unparalleled."

Yuanmingyuan, known not only to garden, but also A Royal Museum, a very rich collection, called the treasure house of culture. Victor Hugo once said: "Even if our country (France) all the treasures of Notre Dame all together, not with the large-scale and Huang Fu-tang of the East comparable to the museum." Exquisite luxury furnishings in the park, a large number of collections of art treasures . According to the head Yuanmingyuan in the West over the description of "Wealthy glory of the garden scene, to the non-color scanning can surmise that the Europeans can not imagine." "All kinds of valuable treasures, the accumulation of all this royal villas, 10,000 in 1000." Upper-carved of red sandalwood furniture, exquisite pieces of ancient porcelain and enamel bottle pattern lamp, weaving gold woven silver Brocade, Zhan Tan, leather goods, France's largest pure gold plated bell, beautiful map of the total Yuanmingyuan, precious stones embedded system Shooters map, the scenery of vividly characters horizontal inscribed board, as well as their other fine art products in Europe and a variety of bizarre decoration Goods, everything.

Yuanmingyuan in a collection of For the rich heritage of books, is to name a few. Wen Ge source, is modeled on the Fan Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion Library built for the famous Royal Pavilion one of the four North, Qianlong built in 40 years. Court of Qian Long Qin collection of "Si Ku Quan Shu" Kangxi and "integrated ancient and modern books," each one. "Si Ku Quan Shu" is the largest in ancient China A comprehensive series, the book received more than 34O0, nearly 8 million rolls, more than 36,000 copies. Reflects our country's ancient civilization, and shows the great spirit of the Chinese nation. As a result of the "book" chapter book cover vast, and at the time of its particularly to those who choose to be grouped into the "Si Ku Quan Shu-hui to" 12,000 dollars. "Hui" Two copied, stored in the National Palace wield an algae-tang, another collection in the park CHANGCHUN with by the Church of Dongxiang "delicious taste Hall." In addition, by including outside the Church there is a well-known Wenxuan - Xuan Chunhua, is designed for well-known collection of Fateh, "Chunhua Ge Tie" version of the copy built. "Ge Tie" was originally a North Ningchun of three years (992 years) of Mo Ke, Wang, including, as well as the Wang Cang Jie, Yu, Confucius, and so people calligraphy of 99 tracks. Tie points Shi Juan, is China's first large-scale cluster Tie, known as progenitor of all posts. Qianlong period, according to the "Pavilion Tie" of the Northern Song Dynasty "in the early formation of this gift," after a more refined set after the trial, Mo Ke Shi hook. Lasted three to three Qianlong 2007 (1772) spring, Mo Ke by the 144 version of the note, embedded in the Chunhua Xuan before 24 or so in corridors. This is the famous "Qian Chunhua Pavilion re-engraved note." It goes without saying that robbing the Yuanmingyuan destroyed, the park's collection of "Si Ku Quan Shu", "book-hui," "Ancient and Modern Books integration", "Chunhua Tie "version of the copy, and other precious cultural relics books, not all survived. This reflects one aspect of the imperialist invaders set fire to Yuanmingyuan, human and cultural damage caused by the enormous.

Of course, not everything is perfect. Yuanmingyuan so great that a few turn towards the emperor Continued expansion, alteration, coupled with awareness of the decadent feudal emperors, no matter from which point of view, there is still insufficient. However, on the whole, Yuanmingyuan is indeed a very good quality garden. It can be said that it is set in China for thousands of years Gardening fine art of Tai Shing, the classical gardens in China to a new ??. At that time, who witnessed the event, saying that it is indeed good. Some Westerners, China's impressive gardens, is also from the beginning of the Yuanmingyuan. In short, for the Yuanmingyuan we have to win the honor this ancient civilization, was once the pride of the Chinese nation!

  The Yuanmingyuan Garden of the World, Xianfeng in 10 years, that is, in October of 1860, was British and French forces burned the savage looting has become China's modern history of a history of humiliation.

  Now the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park to the theme of the site, forming a solidification of the history and full of vigor and vitality of the garden with atmosphere The combined unique tourism landscape, not only of great political value of history, is a unique tourist destination. The tragedy of the destruction of Yuanmingyuan, the Chinese nation was a humiliating symbol of the rebirth of Yuanmingyuan has become and will continue to work hard to become the Chinese nation, the growing prosperity of the witness. With the special plan of Taiwan, in 2006 completed the basic objectives of the park site has been clearly shown in front of us. We firmly believe that a green Yuanmingyuan is bound to become a jewel in the Olympic Green; a basic integrity of the Yuanmingyuan's Olympics will certainly become a bright spot.

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Beijing Zoo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Zoo: Xicheng District in Beijing Xizhimen Street. Real estate here is the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu 32 years into the expansion of farming ground, a variety of cultivated plants, domesticated animals to watch, the more the outside world for two years, said park offerings million. After the liberation of all-round renovation by the expansion of the western suburbs into the park, renamed Beijing in 1955 Park complex. Park construction area of over 50,000 square meters, the museum has rhino, hippo Hall, the liger Hill, Bear Mountain, Monkey Mountain, as the room, museum antelope, giraffe Hall, Xiongmao Guan, Marine Animal Museum, the Museum of amphibians orangutan Museum, Museum songbird , A small zoo, deer park, and so on, my display Zhenqidongwu such as giant panda, tiger, the golden monkey Elk from all over the world, and other representative species of animals, a total of more than 490 species of animals close to 5000, China's largest zoo

Pinnacle Park, the Church, kiosks, trees and animals are intertwined Scotia Court, covers an area of 865,000 square meters. This is the Ming Dynasty's royal estate, the early Qing Dynasty Qiu is the royal family, private garden, the late Qing Dynasty replaced by farming ground, a number of domesticated animals for the royal family to watch, about 200 were imported from Germany. Commonly known as "sacrificial offerings million park."

Now has a range of more than 600 kinds of rare birds and animals, only 7,000 dollars for China's largest zoo, One of the world-famous zoo. Its main task is to feeding, breeding, showing a variety of wildlife, animal advocacy of scientific knowledge, an important research base for one of the animals. China has major exhibited a wealth of wild animals and rare animals. Such as the giant panda, golden monkey, white-lipped deer, deer Mi (commonly known as "Sibu Xiang") Takin, the Siberian tiger and crane, pheasant and so on. At the same time, also received extensive outreach representative of the world's precious animals, such as the Arctic polar bear, American bison, kangaroo Australia, the European brown bear, Africa Zebra, Wildebeest, giraffe, African elephants, snakes and so on. Foreign heads of state gave custody of the animals in this exhibition. The ring Beautiful animal kingdom, a day lead to a large number of children and foreign tourists, Beijing's famous tourist destination to.

The main embassy building
Giant Panda Museum

  In 1989, by the 11th Asian Games held in Beijing in the east, Beijing Zoo repair New Giant Panda Museum. The new Museum is located on the eastern side of the original Xiongmao Guan, North Building on the north side of the door of the central axis. Area of 10,000 square meters; construction area of 1452 square meters; outdoor sports scenes of 2000 square meters. To the construction of the entire Chinese classical gardens, "topology" based on the principles of philosophy, with its forms of expression " Diagram "in the form of composition. Modeling shoot was like, 11 pairs of bamboo-like ring. For the construction of the main concrete structure, to the rear of the aluminum curtain walls in order to support the network. For the eastern and central-fold, to the west Arc, both unity and change shape, and with the release of Template-concrete walls between a rough one small, one-ming Dark, Xiangyingchengqu.

The giant panda is unique to our precious animals. Giant Panda Museum at the design stage of the competition means used by the construction, landscape art and zoology and other experts and the superior department in charge of the leadership of the panels will be formed from the ten submitted to the program in selected Beijing Architectural Design Institute. The clever construction to the idea of the new style, reasonable layout and complete construction Shoushe become a feature of Jiao Jiao, is the perfect combination of artistry and utility model.

Museum giraffe

  Beijing Zoo chief Deer Museum for completion in August 1957. The library is situated on the long river south of the zoo, the zoo is the highest in the western premises. Museum for the single-storey brick structure of the steeple of the building, rather European style, the top 8.9 meters. Hall visited the central span of 5 meters, 20 meters long. Museum of the giraffe Shoushe an area of about 200 square , Is divided into 7, animals and people in close proximity separated by a narrow margin of one network, an excellent effect of the exhibition.

  Jinbangshoushe 5 of the outdoor stadium with a total area of 3000 square meters or more, sports grounds gap between the railings, the breeder can be based on the needs of different animals to spread out in all sports grounds Sports outer ring around the 2.5 m wide channel of the visit, in order to guarantee security, with the exception of net foreign visitors are separated by railings and, under the network also has built 60 cm high wall, which greatly enhanced the safety factor.

  In order to take care of the giraffe special physical characteristics, the main habitat or whether the premises have Shed build Significantly higher, giving people a sense of up tall and straight.

  In addition to the Museum of giraffe feeding giraffes, also raised with a number of goats and rabbits, both rich in animal life and the environment to meet the needs of tourists.

Gorilla Museum
987 years, I built a garden of the new Museum of gorillas. The library covers an area of 8000 square meters; construction area of 1430 square meters; outdoor sports ground area of 3600 square meters; the total project cost of up to 4,200,000 yuan.
Museum floor space than an increase of nearly 2 times the show homes have a built-in day-to-day activities of the mountain gorilla , Habitat aircraft, painted the background there is the wild orangutan life murals, using large windows show 34 mm thick glass composite, Chuiji to ensure security. There are outdoor stadium rocks, pools and sports facilities such as fences, outdoor showroom and gallery to have the stadium as a channel, string cage door gate for the mechanical hand, and the gorillas are not directly Touch to ensure the safety of the feeding. Museum also has isolation rooms, treatment rooms, breeding rooms, nursery room and feed processing room, and so on, the wider the keeping of gallery operations, to improve the conditions of feeding and management.

Golden Monkey House

  Museum built in the golden monkey in the western region Ling Chang, west gorillas , Blackwater Ocean to the east, elegant environment, the South and the North open flat terrain. Area of 1000 square meters, construction area of 500 square meters, outdoor sports ground area of 320 square meters. The library is a class of our country in order to highlight the protection of animal production and is also following the Giant Panda Museum after the construction of the park, I focused on another premises In the design of the premises to abandon the traditional animal model of the design, construction of a new concept to people, animals and the natural environment combine to network or studio wall, ramp, stairs and other architectural vocabulary of physical co-Wai, Segmentation, weaved space into innovative landscape garden, so there is no lack of elegant and lively. Antelope House District
  Beijing Zoo antelope of the new museum in September 1997 for completion. Antelope east of the new Museum of small animals love the club, Takin west district. Museum of cement for the structure of the building, look for things like co-chief. In the middle of the main building for the indoor Shoushe composition. Indoor from east to west, there are two Wide access, better ventilation. North-South fence for the outdoor stadium-style animals, construction of the main room more than 6 meters high, 20 Shoushe indoor animals, for a 24 square meters, in the middle of push and pull off the door and into a 12 square meters, as of The temporary animal quarantine and the use of string. Shoushe there are fresh water animals Slot, up and down for water, drinking water for animals, food. Shoushe each animal also has heating equipment.

  In the size of the fence within 12 hours as sports grounds, sports grounds in each ranging from 50-30 square meters. Sports is also in the iron fence installed shade and shelter in a fence part of the grass shelves. Monuments in the park

Chang floor concept

  Else, Park View House, built in Chang Qing Emperor Guangxu 34 years, as is the extension of the Empress River by boat on the way to the Summer Palace, a palace built for the construction of the European Baroque style, mixed Zhuanmu two-story building structure, surrounded by deep Outside The mountain walls to move windows, roof for the attic. Red brick walls, plaster and plastering partial foot line and brick floriation. Hurrying to love-column-shaped curve ball in gable Shangzhui decoration. Both ends of the front corner for the eight-shaped attic, overlying metal arched roof. Chang concept floor shortly after the completion of Empress, Guang Xu died, the actual Not used. Herald Sun Yat-sen's revolution had come to Beijing in view of smooth floor of the living. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, Beijing's first plan was born on the floor in the view of Chang, known as the "smooth floor view of the program."

  Lu Lu Tong Mok Mo Hall is 20 grams of the World To commemorate the age of 30 French biologist Lamarck and built a three-story wall of Chinese and western, culture and education is by law Foundation, the National Research Institute of Peking and the National Museum of Natural Beijing, and other co-chair with a refund of the Boxer Indemnity Jointly built by China's first floor, botany research, China was a modern plant science research The base. The entire plane was rectangular, French 3-story, brick wall for the red and white ash, south of the middle of the floor, inscribed with "Lu Ke-Mo-Tang" words (now gone), to a laboratory for the two-story library and , For the three-room samples from the Beijing Institute of Botany Institute of use. Here in 1949 established State Academy of Sciences Institute of plant classification, in 1953 changed to Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. China is now the Institute of Plant office and the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the preparatory office of museum specimens of plants.

Song Jiaoren Tower

  Revolution pioneer in the teaching of the Chinese Kuomintang elder Song Yuan Shikai of the Government in Beijing as chief of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the experimental farm site spring sacrificial spirit to live together. In March 1913 of the National Song Jiaoren elected prime minister, Yuan Shikai was assassinated. Since then, in the spring of sacrificial spirit of the Song Jiaoren lived together in the north set up a 2 m high, "Song Jiaoren Tower," Tower Used in ancient Greece obelisk in the form of ring around the tower planted 100 cypress trees. Summer early in 1966, the Cultural Revolution broke out, Song Jiaoren because the KMT veteran status were unfortunate, Song Jiaoren monument was destroyed, the remaining two-story concrete base.

Four Tomb
  Four Monument site of the tomb with a disability on January 26, 1912 of the National Revolutionary Peng Jiazhen pioneer was pregnant with bombs, four in the West Hung Lo plant in the assassination of Socialist Party leader Liang Bi, who died success. January 16, 1912 by the revolutionary party member Huang Meng, Zhang Xianpei, money, such as iron, if Wu Long, Yang Yu Chang, Luo Ming Code, such as Zheng Yuxiu 18-member Municipal organizations in Beijing Donghua Men waiting to assassinate Yuan Shikai, created Donghua Men, Yuan Wei Duichang killed on the spot, and so on more than 10 people. Member of the Revolutionary Huang Meng, Zhang Xianpei, Yang Yu Chang, and other 10 people were arrested and killed. In February 1912, praised the interim government in Nanjing Huang Peng Zhang Yang's four-revolution performance, Peng confer posthumously As a general and Pengjia Zhen, Yang Yu Chang, Huang Meng, Zhang Xianpei, such as farming in the four martyrs cemetery construction site. The entire cemetery was being octagonal-shaped, about 1 meter from the ground, is neutral about 8-meter monument, engraved monument, "Peng, Yang, Huang, Zhang four graves of the martyrs." The base of the south-east, northeast, southwest, northwest have Steps leading to the monument. Four of the martyrs buried in the south, north, east and west sides of the Ishizuka, each tomb have inscriptions, records of deeds of the martyrs, as well as decorative pin of the Chinese Kuomintang. In 1966 the Cultural Revolution broke out, in order to show that "the revolution is determined to" Red Guards destroyed decorated with Blue Sky and White Sun of the four marking the tomb of the martyrs, the first A four-to-deposit Tomb monument sites remaining.

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Hong Luosi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong Luosi tourist resort located in Beijing Huairou county 4 km north of the Red Luoshan south. Hong Luosi built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the expansion of the Tang Dynasty, was originally called "Daming Si", sitting south, the hillside, the layout of strict magnificent momentum. Temple covers an area of mu, at Intermediate People's Court, Kuayuan East, West Kuayuan, under Hom East, West Tower House, 5, etc. Ups and downs, there are large areas outside the ancient forests and vast mountain field. Yi Ming Zhengtong years, "protect the country and funded Fu Monastery", as a result of the wonderful fairy Rhodospirillum legend, known as "Hong Luosi."

  Hong Luosi the Eastern Jin Dynasty was founded in Yonghe Mu Di (345-356 AD) years. At that time, China is the North 16 times the country after Zhao Rule. Jinhuai Yongjia Timor four years (AD 310), Western Buddhist monk plans to clarify the East China missionary work, after being Emperor Zhao Schleswig, Danhushuzhi priority ceremony, Zhao was in the territory of preaching and apprentices, or building Temple. He was formally approved by the state and apprentices in China (the Chinese people to become a monk) the first person, after Zhao Shi Jianwu Dynasty (2004 Yonghe the Eastern Jin Dynasty, 348 AD), died in Ye-ji Temple. According to "Gao Sengzhuan" records, the Buddha map in the post-cheng ZHAO Hong law more than 30 years, Jiansi has reached 893, that is, Hong Luosi one of them.

  Hong Luosi side for ten permanent Temple in north China is the largest Buddhist jungle, a thousand years Buddhism is the Holy Land, presided over the temple with many previous royal life were, frequency monk that Buddhism extraordinary. Jin Jue has a well-known Buddhist Zen master, has Unsan Zen master of the Yuan Dynasty, on the occasion of the Qing Dynasty wake up (Dream East) Hong Luosi presided over the Masters, the creation of the Pure Land Rhodospirillum Dao, Buddhism more prosperous. Guangxu years, the Indian monks to Hong Luosi light repair the Pure Land school law , After the creation of the Pure Land to Putuo gym, the World Bank "has the South Putuo the North Rhodospirillum there," said.

  The temple has a history of dumping more than 300 cultivated land, known as "the day to eat 1 ares" in Huairou County, Beijing and several other districts and counties in the lower house of the Agency. Emperor Kangxi in the year 1694, your visit to Hong Luosi Historical records, Hong Luosi expansion of the rehabilitation of a number of occasions, famous both at home and abroad, strong incense.

The temple covers an area of mu, 5 minutes courtyard, room 244. Court to the Mountain Gate, King Hall, Main Hall, Temple for the three-axis, there are four things side hall in a palace; Hall of Avalokitesvara, Garan Temple, a time when founder Peter Hall India-ray and Hall chanting Patriarch several rooms. Eastern Hospital for the reception; homes for the Yongxin retreated to the West and Liu Fang Tang decade; Hom North East under the old monk to step back and Liu Yan-tang chips, Gong practice field for the South; Hom for the snail on the West Tower and the ashes together.

Hong Luosi Qiyuxuanang there in front of the big three of the four-post-giant arch, painting houses carved beams, It was upstairs to vice chairman of the Standing Committee of Lu Jiaxi wrote, "Beijing North brake giant", describe. Hanging on a piece of the main entrance of the couplets, "a vein Miao Di Zhu Quan Senate, the two peaks Lo Xiu Nyorai card." Yingbi door with a letter "Shengjing Sumeru" words, before the break from eastbound Yingbi, visitors walk through the forest of bamboos in a tortuous path, Jue abundant interest.

Hong Luosi a unique natural environment, it Luoshan Bei Yi-hong, Hong Luohu according to the South. Feng Mao trees, to make dyed-storied, towering old trees that shade the entire temple in the acres of pine forests, forming a "blue Tibetan temple," a beautiful picture. There are a variety of trees around the Temple 60 Many more than 60 plant species, forestry and the proliferation of a variety of live wild birds and small animals. According to the forestry department's forecast, Hong Luosi area there are a variety of trees more than a million trees, forests cover more than 90%. Temple of the Eastern forest garden bath (Rohan said the local channel) growth of 1,000 acres of lush Gusong Shu Lin, a hundred The old trees on more than 10,000 trees, Beijing is one of the important group of old trees. Zodiac in the forest with stone, there are 500 to 000 with the proportion of life-size sculpture Qingshi from "Ocean's." Gusong walk through the forest, breathing the fresh air, enjoying elegant environment, you have different patterns or visit in the Luo Hanlin Or can be seen everywhere in the open on Shizhuodandeng, in the refrain, to achieve longevity effect. The local people in a popular saying: "Ocean's pretty in the groove, physically fit and eliminate the disease."

Terauchi have male and female ginkgo, for the eastern side of the female, but the results do not bear fruit; hung on the west side for the opening However, no result, the peculiar is that the west side of the male ginkgo tree 30 meters high, around the trunk, gave birth to 10 dry side, since the Tang Dynasty are said to plant the ginkgo two years, every change of dynasty, they grow more A dry side, this is only a legend, but the ginkgo trees in the Millennium above, it is the Queqiewuyi. Big Treasure Palace after the "send Wisteria song," Main Hall on the west side of the back of an old growth hundreds of years of flat-topped pine trees more than 6 meters high, there are 9 branches, and straight out in all directions on the eastern side, with more than 10 below Root timber support, flat-topped pine in the vicinity, there are two rough Wankou flying dragon and snake respectively as the Wisteria born around the same pine tree on To form a huge canopy, covered an area more than 400 square meters, late spring and early summer each year, Tengluo strings of flowers such as purple pearl, covered with branches, pine green and purple flowers rattan limelight one after another, so that visitors stunning. Hong Luosi This is a great landscape.

Hong Luosi according to the North's Red Luoshan, Lu more gentle, Xiuqi the mountain trails to reach the top Rhodospirillum easily climb to visitors. The vegetation on the mountain sub-district Bai Shulin, pine forest, the forest leaves, from the Luoshan red top, you might see around: the South is a vast plain of the broad, pastoral, villages, towns panoramic view of the town; Northwest is a broad stretch of the Mountains are military In the surrounding mountains, winding paths, like the Great Wall, like the dragon in mountains meandering top; view to the east: Yanxi Hu, Qinglong Xia panoramic view of the beautiful scenery. Hong Luosi scenic Luoshan dividends, Hong Luosi, Kwun Yam Temple, Cheng Xiu park, forest bath Park, 500 Ocean Park area six, and "Penny Royal", "male and female Apricot "and" Wisteria send song "King Sanjue embellishment In the meantime, the cultural and natural landscape perfectly harmonious integration into one, which is a scenic Hong Luosi Baizu ceremony, climbing fitness, sightseeing, Yishen a good place for a better tomorrow.

Environment and tourism elegant, towering old trees, evergreen years, Four Seasons flowers Cultural and natural landscape King show. Wisteria send Song, Royal Bamboo, the so-called male and female ginkgo Sanjue King; Temple of the West Zhenzhu Quan, Bitou like a mirror, such as boiling bubble beads, called Shenquan; South Temple of Hong Luohu, rippling water, overflow of Lau Kwong Choi, a rowing , Swimming, fishing holidays. After years of development and construction of scenic areas, and gradually Has become a "food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, entertainment," in one integrated package with full scenic tourist resort.

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