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In the quiet of the Shanghai Sinan on the road, the road along the east side of the No. 73 (the original Masi Nan Road, No. 107) is a small Western-style buildings, for the three-tier garden villa, which is when the delegation of the Communist Party of China offices in Shanghai, Zhou said the residence. Since then the party's offices in Shanghai, are also known as the residence of this week? There Paragraph twists and turns. In 1946 the Chinese delegation to rent a house, as is the intent of the Office of the CPC. However, the KMT did not agree. June 18, from Nanjing to Shanghai's Dong decisively, said: "No to set up an office, said 'weeks residence'." Week of residence be named. This is a small house, was All Chinese people in the country, is the one at the end of the third floor of a building, the door will be able to see Tengluo flower, looks quiet and pleasant. Lvyin Yin in the central lawn, planted a big tree branches and leaves flourish Ta Song, where Zhou Enlai received the Special Envoy of the President of the United States, General Marshall, on behalf of the Nationalist government and Shao Lizi, and Wu Tiecheng On behalf of the three-Shen Jun-ru, Huang to exchange views, and so on, also held a press conference for Chinese and foreign reporters. July 17, 1946, Zhou Enlai, Chinese and foreign reporters at a press conference held here, to the more than 100 people to a small room packed with many of the reporters late windows and doors had to, stand on the balcony Listen. In the near future, according to the instructions of the CPC Central Committee, the CPC delegation to withdraw Yan'an, in the evacuation, the residence of weeks to pay the "democratic alliance" to take custody. After the houses were illegally taking over the KMT government in Shanghai, furniture, furnishings all of the loss. After new China was founded, the site located in the Memorial Hall, Zhou Enlai, Dong bedroom, etc. Indoor hours to restore the original setting, open showroom to introduce the history of that year. In 1959 as a municipal heritage unit. Now, the delegation of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai in the former site of the Office of the furnishings are replicas of furniture. Traffic: 17,24,36,41,42,96,104,128,1 6,575,780,781,786,835,864,869,933,911,920,932,945, eight-lane tunnel, the front-line bridge, travel on the 10th line, Huaihai Road, free sightseeing car. Address: Luwan District No. 73 Sinan Lu Tel: 6473 420 opening hours :9:00-11 :00,13:00-16: 30, Monday, the four did not open fare: 2 yuan

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