Beilianlingjiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Northern Alliance tanks, arbitrary Guchen North Pool. Longde Xian City in the northern part of the former Village of Grand Township, 20 km from the city of Long Dexian. He even got up to a tributary of the word Hebei source - the birthplace of Zhuanghe is Liupanshan vein on the west side of the middle of a well-known and Qiushui Gu Ling Peak Lake, Long Dexian Jiuzhi known as the "Eight". County as a "relic" a Record: "North Chi disorder, in Mountain County, a high-jun, Mid-levels in the home pool. Width of about 15, and sixth, a string and wind sound of water. Qingling audible. Waterfall when flying, such as the Bai Lian Wang, mountain He Bao Chi into force. "

Northern Alliance pool built on the north shore of the former king for the benefits of the temple. The Hill in front of a pair of stone lions, 12 Steps to the side hall, worship hall for the benefits of the king. Re-board the 12 steps to Houdian, Houdian a little leniency for a number of worship only God. Mountain Gate and on both sides of a hexagonal Dianqian the home of the Rock incense burner. Cinei the Yuan Dynasty are suddenly all the legislature Ruscha eagle, "Blackwater Longwangmiao monument," a piece.

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Shagou Beaconsfield - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shagou Beaconsfield in the north-eastern town Xiji Gou Xiang Sha Sha village on the west side of the mountains, the three sides Hill. Beaconsfield in slope-were, the East West High, Low, rich vegetation, next to the grave of more than brick-li, a small stone monument. Beaconsfield 50 meters on the eastern side of the mosque there.

Beaconsfield Shagou Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty was founded in the year, covering 30 Mu, the tomb of thousands of graves, mostly Muslim celebrities, Zheshi Tomb. In the nine-year (1920) Haiyuan earthquake, Ye Ren Zhe He Menhuan seventh generation leader Ma Yuan Zhang died, was buried early this (Qianzang was in Zhangjiachuan yellow Kong), so long as a Muslim place of worship. Lunar New Year early in November each year on the 8th, Yunnan Jilin, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia provinces and regions, such as the Hui people come here to participate in the activities of death.

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Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain, also known as Long mt, located in the southern part of Ningxia, located in Xi'an, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, the capital city of three of the triangle formed by the center. Guyuan in the main peak, two counties in the territory Lund, 2928 m altitude. Mountain roughly north-south, about 240 kilometers long and is in the Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi and the Loess Plateau Longxi Chiang, Jing River and Weihe River watershed, the twists and turns in a critical situation. Six ancient winding mountain path before re-up to the peak named. Hill, south-east down old Longtan sites, one of the sources of water for Jing.

Liupanshan stretches over 100 kilometers, there are more than 40,000 hectares of natural forest, in western China is the Jin river, river water, he got up the source of its The special geographical location and ecological features of a great drought in the arid Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the southern mountain region of the vast humid environment plays a very important role in mediation. In recent years, Ningxia has established one after another in the Mountain scenic spots and nature reserves.

In order to effectively protect wild animals, Liupanshan area every year to open Flying birds, bird's nest production and help injured wild animals and other activities. Since 1995, a total of wild animals released back to the 3000 (first); at the same time, the mountain of harm wildlife to crack down on illegal acts. Disappeared for many years at the national level to protect animals Jinqian Bao, from time to time in the Wild Mountain in Ningxia For the Protection of Animals appeared in the region; accompanied Liupan Mountain National Forest Park in the establishment of a number of years the number of rare wild animals has also been a marked increase.

Mountain has always been "no spring to summer to autumn," said Hill Migang peak 2942 meters above sea level, overlooking the main peak on board, Asagiri vague, vast sea of clouds Sunrise and the troubles, saw prestack heavy Luan peaks, one after another, and miscellaneous trees spring flowers, world Kiyosumi; nice and cool in summer time, the unique scenery; autumn when the mountain is covered with leaves, do storied stained; winter when the snow field to make the poor, snow-wrapped. In 1935, led by Comrade Mao Zedong's Long March??????arrive here later wrote a brilliant poem Qingping Le Mountain. " Today there are Jinian Ting Red Army for visitors to cherish the memory. Hall of Gap cool, r. II, Lotus groove, swing plane, the old Longtan, Heyuan, and other Jinghe leisure has become a summer resort with arid desert region alone keep the resort.

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Jing source of tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jing source of tourist areas - Jinghe originated in the hinterland Mountain horse tail Leung, Hong Dayong its water potential, Tuan Tuan Rapids, in the vein of Mountain is the largest river. Jinghe said in a clear, turbidity and pour thousands of miles with the Department of the Weihe River, it is still clear to see that half of the "clear", "Wei Jing Qing cloud" of this proverb Health. Liupanshan created Jinghe, gave birth to the Jinghe Liupanshan in Jinghe birthplace of stretching hundreds of years, Lam Xiuzhu, green and luxuriant, and thrive, the calling of birds Niaoque calling of birds, the country was classified as nature reserves.

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Wat ten Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wat tenth of the original Department of the Ming Dynasty garden Jiajingnianjian Xingbu doctor's Hu Bangzuo Guzhai, after its easy to master, the temporary wall live Weixian Bao Ding Shande richest man bought the garden, in the Jiuzhai brief on the basis of trade-off in 11 years Guangxu (Year 1885) to build more Ting Xie, Tim Hushan structure, and may only perfect, named "ten Wat Park." Ten Park is a small part of the community housing construction, construction of the community in addition to the "Cultural Revolution" in the garden were destroyed, the existing floor area of 10,400 square meters, housing more than 200 buildings, of which only ten Wat garden The size of the building as many as 34. Wat ten sophisticated garden design, the layout of strict Rendezvous Park Tse, rockeries and ponds, study rooms, corridors Quqiao all beautifully refined. The whole landscape has caused density, scattered phase, the North-South China's landscape architecture Dacheng, China's classical art of gardening wonderful. Wat ten square garden flat Cheng Zhang, from East and West, ancient in the three components of the axis. That is, into the garden The main part of the park - in the ten parks Wat axis view, the main hall as a "ten Wat Cottage," for the next inter-carved doors, hanging on the stone well-known scientist in the Qing Dynasty Chen Qi hand-written "countless Castle Peak baie Caolu" horizontal inscribed board. Front and white flowers and trees and rocks, the middle of a pool, a pool pavilion, a pavilion end of the Qing dynasty scholar Yan Xia Cao Second question, "according to the four Pavilion" plaque. North Pavilion risers with a welcome wall, the northeast corner of a boat-shaped building known as "solid boat." Water Observatory, do not have the charm. "If the boat steady," the South East, Water has a rockery, rugged trails, craggy rocks and mountains miscellaneous Tengluo-sik, Rosa, a kiosk in the mountains "Qingwei show booths," Ting Zhu A joint "extremely kiosk Hill, an exclusive right of the setting sun," there are kiosks and Yang blame one of eight states Baimiao Rohan McKinnon painted stone, charming gesture, intended to build new. A kiosk on the south side of Fei Bao, and the red stone, such as San Sui Yu-chu, scattered in the pool. Hill rectangle at the southern end of a corner kiosks, known as "La Xia Pavilion", the mountains surface water, Qiao Ran That the cluster over flowers, green trees as a foil. Bangshui the foot of the hill there is a kiosk called "Lan Yi-ting," Citing due west, the land Maoting a "small Canglang" elegant simplicity, like paintings at King, Go Tea is a good place. Canglang a small, along the verandah to the north, north up to the pool house. This gallery in the West axis with the axis of landscape Miao and separated only play the role of reasonable distribution of the landscape, has been added to the building to watch. The northern end of the promenade there is a small building on the second floor, "Lau Chun-yu," the television series "Journey to the West", "Gao Laozhuang" episode, this is the location for filming, the hospital's main building is "Hong Yan House, "the Department of the Ming Dynasty architecture, Before the platform, lean on a railing looking down, the garden landscape Tingxie panoramic view, as a result of such masters of the books get ink, named "Hong Yan." Yan Hong floor to the north of the backyard is now a showroom Zheng Banqiao topic, here's a wealth of historical materials on display and the Stone Tablets in Weixian Zheng Banqiao introduced during the performance and level of painting and calligraphy art. West House at the southern end of a line known as the "garden of gardens" in the west wing were "static, such as Hillside Garden," "Qiu Sheng Museum", the Office for the hospital to the north had "deep study Liu Tong," over the North Hall Rooms for the hospital, "Chung-fun House "Building this painting by a century carved beams and color still Yan, the main hall for the backyard," Xuean, "Kang Yu-wei to change at this park, entitled" Book nest , The hospital has Tiefo exhibition, is the largest in the Tang Dynasty Tiefo. East axis "Wan Chai" and other four homes, "Wan Chai" what if there is a hospital verandah, the IEC has built in the Qing Dynasty artist Zhen Hua Zhu Feng from 10 stone, West Gallery is a painter of the Qing Dynasty, the famous writer, Weixian County magistrate Zhaoziyongde Huazhu stone. Wat decade of the new park layout to Qiao, Jiangxinduyun highest reputation in the north of the park's first small, well-known Chinese garden expert Professor Chen Congzhou in his book ten Wat garden view, "Park said," in praise: "Weifang ten Wat park, a pool of water , Hennessy floating pavilion in the north ... ... wave of small garden, stone water to Rao's winner, as the most. " Wat is the garden a well-known ancient garden and a cultural relics exhibition hall, colorful cultural relics on display in groups on a rotational basis, to the audience and opening up in the garden were added to the rich cultural connotations.

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Zichuan amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zichuan amusement park is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, Lu in the city - Zichuan. West of the famous clothing city, east Shandong key cultural units - the former residence of Pu. The total area (including the lake) more than 1,000 acres, with an accumulated investment of nearly billion, is a favorite people to linger, not music Sigui set of food, housing, travel, shopping at The body of a comprehensive, large-scale with Chinese characteristics Disneyland. Since opening in 1991, from home and abroad for pleasure to introduce advanced equipment and high-tech achievements have built a palace Journey to the West, Puzhao Si, Liu Yong Jin, Sino-US joint-venture car market, the Eight Diagrams maze, water park, rotating Tower, Chinese City, computer music dance and the water more than 30 amusement attractions. Lu in the region to become the largest and highest grade of the modern high-tech tourist entertainment, Qilu land known as a shining pearl of tourism.

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Wen-san Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wen-san Park is located 1.5 km south of Zichuan, south of the town of Cha Village in the mountains southeast of the Wen-feng, covers an area of 260 hectares, of which 142,000 square meters area of the waters of the text word-san said before Dongshan. Qing Xianfeng years, the village later Li Tao Li, Han Chuang hard Juren examination, the village has become the text The highest bidder, Li Ju Ren mountain worship mixed feelings myself, was called for the Shan Wen-feng.

  On the table for the native place of hopes and expectations of love, versus the opportunity to raise Juren Optional hills above the construction of Wenchang Pavilion, the statue again Genei Di Wen-Jun Zhang Yazi million on behalf of the ancestors of the text style. According to research, the Department of Wenchang Chinese astronomical constellations, specific text Palace's fourth star Six stars, Chu Yun-old legend specifically, it said mobile phone. Shi Cheng, according to records, Jin Zhang Yazi, Prachuab 7 Hill resident, literary grace, died on the battlefield, Chong Li Miao people for the sages. Plus Ti Wen Yuan Dynasty, Taoism, said Tong Di Zi-Jun, the owner for post-secondary examinations between God and Man Wan, the world is old school, Hall Paper industry Cisi Chong Kok, can be seen as a traditional culture of people of God, not to blindly believe in it as. Xi Wen's Court, according to Feng Dian-hung, overlooking the mountains and rivers, even with the city of the southeast corner of Zichuan Kuixing Lou echoed with the foot of the mountain village west of the village separated from each other in the first general to become Lu in Yangcheng city as a major human landscape. Xingyidouzhuan, time flies, and Wen-san never really delivered the text, a couple times. Some scholars to give lectures, a professor of the Beijing-Shanghai, the writing and civilized China, the younger generation is more Yuanshechongyang, Dr. study. Wen Ge destroyed in the Cultural Revolution, the early rehabilitation in 1997.

Wen-san park lush green trees and flowers To Lake Peak Wen-feng as the center, the construction around the gallery, kiosks, floor, House, the main components are from, the unique light, scattered high and low, the dynamic landscape in a row. Wu Wen-feng 250 meters wide, 10 meters water depth, water capacity 400,000 cubic meters, Xu Qing-feng, Lin Lin waves, dancing and weeping willows. Double-layer hexagonal pavilion by the lake bridge Into the water, reflected blue waves. The plump fish leap from time to time in the water, down from a ripple circle. 150 meters long, 4 meters wide, 15 meters high, 288 guard-rails are carved 288 different attitude of the head lions, 200 hectares of orchards in the south dam, green, green, the fruit of many. South East Lake to build a rockery, 6 meters high, the body Large, overlapping block arts, creating ravines, caves, Fei Bao, and echoed Hu Xinting. North West Lake 7 girls white marble stone, crystal-quality, beautifully decorated, life-like image, and spirits. Water Park in Hubei Province, has a standard swimming pool, the shallow-water baths and various water sports project.

  Swimming pool located to the north Reiter Fitness Path. Lake to the east of a small hill, digging renovation on three sides by water, deep lake, two hundred Longting Qingshi quality, unique style, echoing the North and the South, during the open-air food stalls, equipped with a variety of Shanzhenhaiwei. Lake west of the 10 stone head from under the Qulang into the lake, continue to Penzhe clear spring. Paradise is the face of children, Jiang Shuai Park, the rehabilitation of Wenchang Pavilion is located at the maximum-san, ko-construction area of 277 square meters, three-star anise, 22.8 meters high, elegant and unique architecture, the beauty of flying wing angle, Genei Set up a statue of the ancient seekers can explore and inscriptions, like the two-story plastic Wen Ti, the three-tier display Rare books, artifacts, the three-tier board, parks and panoramic city views. Its vicinity is the Hall of Hong text will be before the late Qing Dynasty in the political, military, scientific, educational and cultural aspects of successful school are involved in the King Juan wall, visitors to the Pro Hall, Adams monument time, there will be beneficial to us.

Also in the garden Lawn 500,000 square meters, also has 10 Square flavor of the monument, 20 pavilions of different styles and a variety of small-scale landscape architecture, as well as the shrine of Confucius Court, Forest of Stone Tablets, Stone Forest, Sin Park, the Park Water Margin, Chuidiao Yuan , The resort more than 10 scenic spots. Booths throughout the park, Taiwan, the floor, Tower scattered in the mountains, the main floor of the sub - , The strong growth of the trees flower, with shady trees, brilliant flowers, dark green in summer, red leaves in autumn and winter there are Qingsong, the effect of evergreen, beautiful and spectacular scenery. It is, "Wen-feng vicissitudes of life, different generation Lianfang, elegant and simple, long context."

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Shing-kui Park Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shing-kui Park is located in scenic areas Zichuan Du slope of the scenic Mountain, covers an area of 400 mu, which hillside and beautiful environment, with the Shan Jing-sheng, by JING Xiu Shan, natural scenery and man-made landscape for One is to watch the animals and plants, fitness and leisure, the ideal place for tourist pleasure. It invested nearly billion, has a wild -Park, museum specimens of rare animals, amphibious reptiles Museum, the national standard swimming pool, recreational park, an amusement park to the Big Buddha, customs Park Flower Garden, the race track, the largest ostrich breeding Jiangbei Park City is the largest, most of the all - Comprehensive Park is the provincial park civilization.

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Jiang Yan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang Yan Temple, also known as Lingquan Temple, Shunde Mrs. Temple, commonly known as the temple, located in the suburbs southwest of Mount territory south of Lantau Peak. It was built in the Northern Zhou Dynasty (557 AD), also built in the first year of Tian Bao Tong (742), Song Xi-ning 2008 (1075) expansion of the 11-year reign of Emperor Kangxi (1672) building, a In 2093 through the spring and summer building renovation, electric sound and light set features plastic Ten Images, Hall of the word describing the whole meeting, the stone steps to update and re-build the South, planting new plants, add clock tower, decorated teahouse , Covers an area of 3660 square meters, Yan Jiang Temple is the only 3-wood building one of the Tang Dynasty (Shanxi Taishan Nanzenji the For Guang Temple and two for the wood construction of the Tang Dynasty). Here is the worship of the Spring and Autumn Period Qi Xiao-an ordinary woman - Jiang Yan, which is the earliest existing home by a supreme ruler of the civilian population to create a favorable closure of the temple worship. Jiang Yan on the construction of the temple, "Let's take" Set: "Let's have a Xiaofu Jiang Yan, Xiao Yang Regardless of the matter, all the way water is not easy years to heart, a sense of Lingquan was born in indoor, Ji-Wen Jiang often cover the cage. Regardless of its strange need to get that water, not the value of ginger , Burglary cage made of view, that is spewing water, its bad Juzhai. Call it the cage for water, this is also Xiaofu River, the county Yi Du Yan Zhen Xiao-God Temple women's under. Jiang Yan was this beautiful legend of the gods as being, and which Li Miao temple construction. "Mount County" (Qing Emperor Qianlong) is contained, Jiang Yan Temple "when built Later Zhou Dynasty, Tang Tianbao years of reconstruction" (Later Zhou Dynasty may misuse of the Northern Zhou Dynasty - editor). By Koji itself to the world of the Song Dynasty, Jiang Yan was even a by-laws will be as Confucius Dadi , Fu Sheng Yen-Yuan descendants, the price has doubled. 1075 (2008 Song Xi-ning) Emperor Kang Yan Chi Feng "Shunde Lady" and "thanks for the amount of Lingquan Temple," the Yuan Dynasty and has been called the "Great Patriotic his wife." Jiang Yan Temple in the Song and Yuan begun to take shape when, after all ages repair, are the existing Ming and Qing period Building. In recent years, Jiang Yan Temple has been renovated. For city-level key protection units. Is now designated as the city of Ceramic Museum. Temple-wide 64 meters long from north to south, east 61 meters wide, has a major Mountain Gate, Xiang Ting, the main hall, two things veranda, and so on Qindian 73 dollars, the construction area of 1324 square meters. ?? Hill , Sitting south, Miankuo 3 11 meters into a 6 m deep. Xieshan Ding, Dan Yan glazed tile, both before and after the brackets, hanging on the door, "Jiang Yan Temple" horizontal inscribed board, Hangshuyinwen, a well-known Chinese calligrapher with Shu wrote in the autumn of 1982. Mountain Gate 1 on both sides of the lions are right, inside the top beam of "Qing Emperor Qianlong 34 years June Yi Chou Ji Dan times in the book section Zhongshu Ling Chiang reconstruction of this long, "" When the Qing dynasty eight-year-old Wu Zi Gui meeting on rehabilitation of Dan Ji "and the" rehabilitation of the Year in September 1982, "3 Liang inlay, solemn and simple architectural style. ?? hospital Ying-Zhong Yan 1.40 have a door to save a sharp-Xiang Ting, for the people of the pilgrimage, 8 5 meters, 5.1 meters long, 4.7 meters wide. Chongyanxieshan, and on both sides of the back wall to the bottom of the Matrix, built in brick, wood doors and windows are Zhuse ?? fan, the layout of coordination, refined chic. Lingquan is the central front yard for Xiaofu the main source of the river. The square was 7.5 meters square, 3 meters deep, surrounded by security guards have carved animals Column. Stephen next to a stone tablet stone title: "Xiaofu River from the old name, one more head-chuen, Hong deep. When He went to Lin Yu Ji, the world Xijin not filial." Stephen has now dried up, replaced by artificial cycle of spring water pools. Middle of the front yard to the main hall, known as "non-Liang Hall." Jiang Yan is the main temple building, Miankuo 3 13 , Into the deep 3 14.5 meters, 15 meters high. Xieshan Ding, Dan Yan brackets, wooden structures, glazed tile covering. Dianqianyanxia a wooden volume Gallery, Fang eaves are decorated with painted, hall roof beam "Qing Ding-you Junji September Qin Ming Ji Dan inspector general, Shandong ?? collar Shang Quan SUN Ting, Yu Shi Zhao Xi ban renewal" "Chinese Found States and the Netherlands cycle at San Nian-year-old on the ?? Wan Dan ap rehabilitation of Kyrgyzstan "and" overhaul in 1982, "Leung inlay 3. Veranda front yard of the two brackets are hard-Hill Construction, the Miankuo 5, deep into the a . ?? Jiang Yan Temple's back yard middle of a North Hall, "Qin Dian", Miankuo 3, into a deep, hanging Peak. West were on both sides of the "Hall of parents-in-law" and "Ye Niang Temple," were hard-top, wood ?? fan, for the construction of the Qing Dynasty general; Guo Gongci as a Hall of the West, the son of Hall of a hundred; East Hall as a bell Drum Tower, Dian Wang. ?? East Kuayuan three Ancestral Hall, West Kuayuan Yan God for the Department jurisdiction. ?? Cinei large stone stele, including Since ancient stele 79, Cinei embedded in the walls of the Temple.

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Jiang Taigong tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Gong, Jiang Xing, who is still, the word Ziya, Qi is the founding Yuanjun, the history of our country's well-known statesman, military strategist and strategy at home. His book , and other military books flow to the world-famous. The Center Xindian located in the east, from ginger too Dressed, Jiang Taigong Temple, and so on Qiumu Ancestral Hall, Qi is an important part of cultural tourism. Jiang Taigong home dressed Fengtu is 18 meters high, 55 meters long track, at home before Shihfang, Calocedrus pines in the shade under the solemn silence. Jiang Taigong Jiangtai Gong temple to house dressed as the base, using the ancient north - The architectural style Ci Yu, Zhu Zhi Hui Qiang, dignified and elegant. Tai Gong sit middle of the hall painted statues, Taigong system introduced on the life performance. The large-scale antique buildings, many steles, tree-lined, quiet fresh, as is tourism, leisure holidays.

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Zibo City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zibo City Museum is the city budget in full, deputy county level institutions, was founded in 1958. Premises are built in 1992, is located in the downtown plaza construction area of 13,000 square meters, of which 9300 square meters exhibition building, 1500 square meters to the Treasury Heritage, 2200 square meters office building Museum of the existing full-service workers and 69 (the preparation of 69), 4 of which are high-level titles, titles of senior vice-6, mid-level titles and 15. Internal institutions have set up offices, exhibition, groups and industry, research custody of the Department of the Ministry of circulation (Heritage shop), Finance, the Ministry of Culture Industry, the Security Section.

  The It is a comprehensive, topology of the museum, the main function of cultural relics collection, exhibitions of scientific research and education in our city's spiritual civilization is playing an important role. Now more than 12,700 pieces of cultural relics collection, of which 37 objects, relics II 99; cultural relics were also nearly 20,000. Text A Celebration of the Arts in fine collections, including many rare treasures at home and abroad, such as Qi Linzi upper aristocratic family tomb unearthed bronze ware, gold and silver, jade, King of Qi as depicted the Western Han Dynasty tomb unearthed large giant mirror, the bronze statue Ge, silver , Smoked gold furnace, in order to fine shape, with exquisite technique that made several on display, Reputation overseas.


  Basic display of "Qi Culture Show" (Chen to be changed to "Zibo exhibition of ancient civilization"), "Heritage Collection Expo" and "Modern City", the system reflects the years of 8000 Zibo has a long history and splendid ancient Civilization, especially the reproduction Qi said in the Spring and Autumn , Rule the roost in the Warring States glorious history, has been carried out every year since more than 10 million viewers at home and abroad come to visit.


  In addition to the fixed display open all year round, also held every year and the introduction of temporary exhibitions in more than 20, so as to meet the needs of the audience, the museum has played a social education level . Held in 2004, "Zibo century industrial exhibition," a comprehensive and systematic review of Zibo 100 years of industrial development process of nation-building after the show to focus in particular since the reform and opening up the brilliant achievements, and look to the construction Jingjijiangshi, cultural market and green city Bright future. The exhibition has been carried out after the reception at all levels receive , Cadres and the masses, students from all walks of life, and so the audience 1O more than 10,000 people have become encouraged by the further emancipation of the people of the city would like to TU, venture-General, Ningxinjuli to speed up the development of educational positions. According to the principal leaders of the municipal party committee, the exhibition will carry out long-term. Over the years attached great importance to the cultural relics research has been published Department of scientific research papers and monographs each year, a number of papers in the province for more than professional journals, scientific research work in the province's top museums sector. The use of its advantages to develop cultural industries, to absorb 5 million units 1 20 investment projects and cultural welfare 5; the transformation of cultural relics has become a unique shop Lu The huge size of the area antique shops and art galleries, the country has become more influential diaspora regional cultural relics and works of art, auction centers.

  The library has been awarded the "Outstanding Museum in Shandong province," provincial and municipal "patriotic education base" and "civilized city-level units such as the honorary title. Intend Museum In the "city of Zibo City, the building of cultural programs for the" encouragement, to emancipate the mind, overcome difficulties and start-General, after three years of efforts to build Zibo City Museum of Antiquities Collections in the city to identify repair centers, cultural centers of scientific research, social promotion Cultural and Education Center, an important tourist attraction for the building of culture City and make due contributions.

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Tai Shan of the original palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill of the original palace is located in Mount Taishan city southwest of Phoenix Mountain, for city-level key cultural unit. Palace was built in 1602 (Wanli next 30 years), after several disasters, the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China has been rebuilt many times. The existing layout and construction were the Ming and Qing style. Yan is now one of the park attractions. ?? Jinyuan La palace for three, Shihfang, Mountain Gate, the main hall, side hall in a palace, Guanting, such as the Drum Tower 48 minutes, before the founding of the third house destroyed by fire, rebuilt in 1984 government funding, only to restore the original appearance. Mountain Gate sit north to south, Miankuo 3, into a deep, drawn outline in gold color, and glazed tile Danyan. Yan Xia Yunlong Shi Lang has 4, Mountain Gate, Dongshan side of the wall are embedded in the late Ming Tai Ma, in the town were written by Zhang Xia Yuanjun construction of the temple tablets. Hill in front of the balcony there is a four-post-rock a St. Paul, South Square, the amount of hope for the next rock, North ZHONG Dong Shu-Ling Chang, stand tall, generous simplicity. South's largest hospital, to build the East-West HS Guanting 3 , North Hall is the main palace building, Miankuo 3, into a deep, a former Dan Yan Ha, glazed tile on the review, the Lang Xia Ming has 4 Yunlong relief columns, Oriental Height Yuanjun worship hall. Gulou confrontation between the main hall about 10 minutes, what the side hall in a palace 3. Court for the Kuan Yin Temple. Yu Huangdian a back yard, the size, structure and Oriental Height Temple-rival, the only thing Liangbi the next gallery has embedded a square stone statues depicting the Buddha Zen Buddhism actually nevertheless timely wakeup calls the story. Dian Qian Ying Bi when one of them, Xu Mizuo, Bi Zhu Qingshi to structure and enough to 1.40 triangular stone reliefs Yunlong, up to the middle of the diamond stone, engraved on a "Buddha". 3 things the side hall in a palace, were three Sin Temple and the Church.

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Yu Tai Lake Ecological Park Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Tai Lake eco-village is located in Zibo City Hall 6 km in the eastern suburbs on the north side of 309 National Highway, 12 kilometers away from the Linzi. West Donghuan Lu (Luo Lake Road) east Mine Road, State Road 309 south, north Jade Emperor Hill Cemetery. Area of 277 hectares, the area of 124.40 hectares are planning.

  Set leisure resort, Eco-tourism industry, recreational activities, catering services into one, the integration of natural and human landscape. Park forest peach, green grass and Jade, such as Dai-clear water, as if that is a beautiful paradise, in which people feel good, pleasant nostalgia, and the general public is the best place for leisure and entertainment. Whole Area around it takes about half a day.

  Here tree, swaying bamboos, Yan Huguang full of water, pleasant scenery, ancient wooden Zhulou south of the Yangtze River, the people blame the painted totem, Hantaikeju of the Maitreya Buddha, like fairyland on earth! Into the unique pictographic style arches, then put a Huguangshanse Curtain.

  The lake reflected the broad shadows of Shandong, birds, diving, fishing, water, Jiang Sheng, we can often hear Isshiki landscape, King blending people, Fun for all. Adjacent to the surface, a fitness and entertainment district suddenly appeared in front. More than 100 different kinds of styles of body-building projects, safe and exciting. Since the park opened in 2002, tourists increase every year and?????more than 100,000 people, has so far received a total of 300,000 tourist trips

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Jiutian Dong Yi Yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiutian Dong is located in beautiful south of Lushan, in 1991 to officially open to visitors, after the repeated succession of expanding development, but the facilities are relatively backward scientific content low. In early 2001, a well-known Chinese scientists, caves, caves Chinese Research Association, headed by Professor Zhu Xuewen Design Group carried out a full-Jiu Tiandong The scientific investigation to identify and design, lighting and the completion of the renovation project, so that the Jiutian Dong is brand new, modern design of its scientific and ranking first in the nation's advanced level in the cave tour. Jiutian Dong tourists through the tour was magical and wonderful, develop scientific knowledge and enjoyment of the many harvest. The Cidong In order to "nine" because there are nine transit myths and legends, that is, nine days, and there are nine holes this big Dongting, the landscape with the myth of the temple with the United States and deceased mother, so I Jiutian Dong. Office of the nine are: ? between the Office of heaven and earth, that is, the hall light; ? step Office of days; ? Tianhe Office; ? Amamiya Office; ? days Street Office ? Garden Office of the kingdom of heaven; ? Survey Office; ? dream paradise Office; ? Office of Journey Into Amazing Caves. Jiutian Dong development in the 1990s to hold on the Paleozoic Ordovician limestone rock, the limestone of the Department of the sea (with), the sedimentary rock layers, the formation age for 4.4-5.0 million years ago, the formation of Jiu Tiandong only a million years Right history. Nine-hole cavity length 518 meters, 5-18 meters high, and from the run-length of about 1.2 km, the hole structure is very stable, the accumulation of chemicals inside the cave, the type of rich, as many as 37 kinds; rare type of which there are 7, a large area of the ball And needle-like crystals, milk, rock, stone flower, Shek Lin as the "Nine Four-way ", is the most rare type of landscape cave, and at the same time spend the largest stone cave, an important scientific and aesthetic appeal. 1994, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Chen Shicai Jiutian Dong identified as" China's largest Shihuadong Point "; 1999 In Beijing Normal University Professor Lu Yunting as "China Museum-quality landscape "; in 2001 the Geological Society of China Cave Research Association, Professor Zhu Xuewen scientific study concluded that," Stone Jiutian Dong Hua, a variety of types, the majority of the area, unmatched at home and abroad, "and as" the best in the world Shihuadong. "Tel :0533-3680 64 Address: doors disability Zibo City County town of Zip code: 255000 traffic routes: from Zibo Yiyuan to the station by bus to the town of Tumen ticket price: 35 yuan others: the opening hours :8:00-17: 00

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Zi bare hill area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zi Zichuan bare hill at the north training, Azusa Road, Zhang Bogong bare hill station three kilometers to the east, bare hill Zi Gui hole that is located in this scenic spot. Area of 1,500 mu. In a beautiful scenic spot, Lin You-Valley, famous relics, folk stories, abound, the natural landscape and human landscape where harmony. The incumbent of the Central Military Commission Madam President, the defense minister personally wrote the "Gui in Wonderland" characters 4, to give a high evaluation. The main scenic spots there are holes Gui, Gui-quan, Gui Temple, Azusa youngster Lake, Beaulieu door, Buyun Bridge, giant monument, the monument robusta, the dutiful son Temple, hanging out desks, Kuixing Court, the Jade Emperor, Ling-hon Temple, Ying Bi Porcelain, from the original forest, wildlife park, children's amusement park. The National Scenic Area is located in Zibo paragraph 205 Azusa bare hill station 3.5 km to the east of the Tibetan Department of Zi Village, covers an area of 100 hectares. The scenic area has been reproduced in the sub-Gui Gui Zi bare hill hole to give lectures and apprentices, dominated the history and outlook of the North Wang Chung-chiu child to a thousand Liufang Valley Yi Yun, the whole area surrounded by mountains, tree-lined, water gurgling, Jade, natural scenery and landscape the text integral whole, Huguangshanse add radiance to each other, green glazed tile walls wind around the clouds, scattered throughout the scenic spots There are addressed. The main attractions are: [Beaulieu door] Azusa Yamashita children have Yongsan, the old Wo Long, since ancient times was known as Yang Xiu Xian Feng Shui of the treasure, the first scenic spot into the eye of the Southern North is sitting antique, unique style of Beaulieu door, the door of the West have Nine Dragon Wall, the magnificent, unique sha , 9 into the dragon to ascend to heaven, belch out smoke, and vivid. [Zi bare hill giant monument To get into the door, the back of high monument stands facing the morning sun in the west side of the door, Cibei eight meters high and weighing 60 tons, spectacular Weiwei, the monument has been recorded from as early as the first Chinese Military Academy to the War of Resistance Against Japan, During the War of Liberation of moving a large number of heroes, such as: Zibo Mining Area of the first head of the underground Bright, Zichuan the first county-Tang Yan Xing, Xu Han, such as a national hero. [Gui Quan] Legend has it that the Warring States period Gui Xian Shi here to give lectures during the excavation for the rock-chuen, Mr. Gui years of drinking this spring, the 131-year-old throughout the year, it called Shenquan Gui has been enjoyed by the Shenquan Yu, Stephen as a result of the underground mineral-funded Rich in water containing strontium, zinc, magnesium, iron and other minerals and trace elements, long-term drinking can develop intelligence, longevity Yannian, Gui Quan Zibo City, the famous monument by the huge book to write a master Xin Sun. [Temple child] Chuihua walking into the door, is the dutiful son Temple, the Temple to the west of dutiful son, 40-meter corridor, the plant Hua Yi Cao, bending in the middle of our Jiuqu Qiao, the lotus pond under the bridge red carp in groups, play pool, a pool famous, only nine Safflower leaves Tingtingyuli Huai, with waves of electronic music fountain Young gifted the visitors into the dutiful son Music Hall - child Wang Qiao moving story twists and turns that will be a live show People in front of the door. According to the "History of Song" and set records Zichuan, the dutiful son Temple was built in the North Song Dynasty, after the Yuan, Ming and Qing previous repair, reconstruction in 1995. Wang child-chiao, Wang word shoulder, Weng Shi, superfluous. Yong Xi, born in the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty Zizhouzitong Villa. Wang Qiao intelligent learning at an early age, the man Zhixing, courage, Both Wu, Chung is to praise the year 1999 Khitan army of invaders state Zi, Wang Qiao parents and most of the Khitan people have been abducted by soldiers, after hearing the news, Ba Jian Wang Qiao to catch up, many times into enemy camps, and risk one's life Khitan soldiers deal several years, travel thousands of miles, can not find their parents, parents with the loss of national income , To the king a heavy blow to the spirit of Qiao, Qiao Wang then return home to their parents as wood's funeral and mourning for six years, the mourning period, Qiao Wang summed up by the country invaded, humiliated people and their reasons for seeking the North The pro-hand experience, and also dampen the book, there is a "three-side tour", "An Edge 3", "History says 10" Works in the hope aroused the attention of the imperial court, to protect the country Min, but failed to adopt the court of corruption, the country no place to hate Choujia done, worried and indignant at the disease into a bare hill of Yin Tsz-base blocks from Central Bingshu said cocoon with a long sword in the room, Chung Mu their descendants, in order to build temple on the festival. The Temple Gallery with modern electronic sound and light technology, lifelike display Qiao Wang's life, and that the real picture, the plot is moving Leixia ran poorly, three-step sigh. [Buyun Bridge] had a child Temple, Azusa youngster lake like a mirror in front of people in the show, set over the lake in a unique filial connection with the Temple of the Temple Gui wooden iron chain, the length of the bridge 50 meters wide, More than a meter, cross-over 10 meters from the surface of the cliff between the two sides, to the Department of neatly Qi recline to 5 large chains, wooden floor and handrails on both sides of the zipper has a fixed, one-step as if walking on the bridge Flutter into the long, the Qing Piaopiao clouds, distillation of thinking, such as boarding in Wonderland. [Tong Zi Lake] area of 50,000 square , Clear lake, the level of the lake as a mirror, Castle Peak Lvliu reflected on the lake, the water lotus Xiaoying tourists, the fish play in the water, boat line flies, tree-lined both sides of the strait, visitors to this fishing, Zhou something more fun. [Robusta monument] Cibei 5 meters high and weighing 20 tons, was built in Wanli of the Ming dynasty, according to the test , Also known as Cibei no word monument for the eight Zichuan squire to commemorate the millennium of the birth of Gui-old donor, no words to prove the Department of boundless beneficence, Cibei in-situ redevelopment in 1995, is still the original monument monument Cap. [Carved porcelain long Yingbi] a Guinness Book of World Records, a total length of 66 meters, the book-Han Li, building materials Qin Han brick with tile, binding with high-quality building materials, construction of the whole modeling flavor, embodies the well-known aspect of China's Warring States period, Yin Yangjia, military, Xian Shi Tao Gui 23 three-volume book on the life of dollars 8368 words , Is promoting the culture of Qi is extremely precious documents. [Temple Gui, Gui-dong Gui is the son of self-cultivation, and apprentices of lectures, and in ancient China known as the first military academy. The tall and magnificent temple, Huangwa red walls, Xieshan corner, colorful brackets, Diaolianghuadong, Cinei millet was something fishy about the seated apprentices and a series of lectures to introduce the story. Bai Yumi hole deep, inscrutable You Mi, Dongnuanxialiang. Inside Show unusual shapes with different circumstances compact stone, reliefs, frescoes shape of a variety of characters, lifelike, vivid, the use of sound, electricity, light modern electronic techniques to show the Gui-based array layout, the workshop Art of War, train and bring up The military Sun Bin, General Pang Juan, the six-phase closure of Su Qin, Qin unified help Zhang Yi countries such as a large number of outstanding military strategist and statesman, an interpretation of the Spring and Autumn Period alliances, Gongfa history of the war. Such as: Sun Bin requested the division out of the house, Pass battle of wits, race Tian Ji, Pang Sun battle of wits, such as the Battle of Maling; harder to study the Su Qin cited piercing cone, with a vertical into the beginning, Jane Su Qin back; of Zhang Yi Wang ideas, including the seven countries such as the EC. In Gui east of the temple there is an area of more than 10 acres of rock platform, called the book out of Taiwan, is said to Gui-drying to the Bing Shu. [Kuixing Court] is a three-storey high clock tower, the area is the highest point of view can enjoy the beautiful scenery area, it is refreshing, top-level security Pavilion Zibo with the only antique clock, and that made Zhener deaf sound, the human world can be cleaned up with the numerous worry Hui Qi, Muran changed in a breeding, growth and decline floating life of the vast potential of emotion, with the bell out safely, The honor three times, six Dashun voice, the voice of one of the nine auspicious sound encouraging people to strive upward, unity Jin, the courage and hard work, dedication own heart. In addition, the Jade Emperor, hon Ling Monastery. Legend has it built in the Sui and Tang dynasties, and later repaired several times, temples than the comb, tall and magnificent. In the early days Zhong drum, wind around Yunyan, were ready Department, in the stream, shows the bare hill Zi's bustling one, in order to promote the history, culture, keep Track, right opinion, Jizu, looking spectacular in 2094 to be in-situ redevelopment, and from Myanmar to take home a rare jade Buddha Light ice statue more than 10, white and delicate, life, respected by tourists. Wildlife Park: a wide variety rare birds and animals, bears, monkeys, camels, deer, peacocks, ostrich, golden pheasant, snakes Tortoises, lizards and so on with the gesture, set for the study of medicinal and ornamental one. Children's amusement park: a variety of play equipment facilities and more manned aerial ropeway, it is ideal for pleasure. Zi Shanqingshuixiu bare hill since ancient times, Lin Mao in a deep valley, over spring water and beautiful scenery and rich cultural, as is now open Have shown that the building of the ancient culture and modern civilization intersection of a miracle, really want to deal with the concept of a shopping destination to visit. Tel :0533-5331655 Address: Zichuan District of Zibo City, possession of two-Zhen Zi Village Zip code: 255190 traffic routes: from the station by Zibo Azusa bare hill to the bus stop eastbound ticket price: 20 yuan

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The Eastern Zhou Dynasty Ma Hang martyrdom - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Eastern Zhou Dynasty Ma Hang martyrdom is a Spring and Autumn period of the monarchy and the nobility Qi cemetery. Has found that large and medium-sized tomb, more than 20 blocks. 5, in which the tomb was found around a large-scale death of Ma Hang. North and South tomb 26 meters, 23 meters East and West, South Mudao 18 meters long, 12 meters wide, the outer coffin tomb is located in the central room. Natural stone Leiqi 8 meters long from north to south, east 7 meters wide and 5 meters deep. Early stolen tomb, funerary objects disappeared. Ma Hang martyrdom can only be retained intact. Ma Hang martyrdom in the tomb of the east and west, north. East and West, each lasting for 70 meters, 75 meters long in the north, 5 meters wide, three natural connection, to become one with a total length of 215 meters. 196 In the north western part of the excavation to clear 54 meters, Ma martyrdom 145; in 1972 to explore clean up the southwest side of 30 meters, Ma martyrdom 83; as a result of conditions have returned to the ground to protect. In 1982 in 1972 on the basis of the clean-up and clean up to 36.5 meters, 106 horse death by martyrdom Ma secret order The average per-meter section 2.8 above calculation, all of martyrdom in Madang 600 more than the number as many as on an unprecedented scale. According to experts, research, Ma martyrdom is the most 6 - 7-year-old horse population in their prime, is the man to death, according to the funeral ceremony arranged by Malaysia in two lines, arranged in rows, heads held high side , Four-legged twist, the gesture was a battle, as if they hear the action Zhangu Lei Siti will be vacated. At that time the Chinese people talking about immediate future, "Qian Cheng's" The Four Seas Feng Wei Jia there. More than 600 horses can be equipped with more than 150 combat vehicles, which is equivalent to a small feudal country's total military strength. As can be seen Qiu Wu Ba Qi of the first developed economy, strong military forces. After research, is the owner Qijing Gong, Qi Jinggong of mortar and pestle, Qi Jiang is the 25th monarch in the adjuvant Yan Ying, 58 years in office, Qi is one of the longest ruling monarch. It has been contained in the latter part of his "good governance palace, the dog-horse, a luxury, Given heavy sentences "very corrupt. And particularly fond of horses, in a special court to his horse, his love of horse dead horse also put to death. Huge martyrdom-horse funeral, to see the Qi The extravagant luxury public, reflecting the strength of strong Qi at that time. At the same time to study the history of the Spring and Autumn Period Qi, in particular, Qi economic, military and object systems, have provided very valuable information. In 1982, approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the government funding in the urban area, built on the spot with a national style, flavor of the martyrdom hall horse, and horse bones taken a waterproof, anti-corrosion, dust protection measures, 1983 The official opening to the outside world. Ma Hang, and found martyrdom of the excavation, it is rare. Since the opening, attracted a large number of visitors, from all walks of life at home and abroad has aroused great concern. Famous painting master to see Mr. Liu Haisu, impromptu brush wrote "A World Without a miracle Ma martyrdom of a decent, respectable man. International friends, former President of Austria Shi look after Greek Laigeboshi, on the spot wrote a tribute to the United States and the sentence: "This is an impressive, truly unique historical sites." Li Peng, Liu Huaqing, Hua Guofeng, Zhao Ziyang, Wan Li, Tian Jiyun, Yang Jingren, such as Lei more than a dozen of the party and state leaders have all come to visit, give Evaluation. See this ancient horses Lie Cheng Qi array of forces, people will naturally think of the Qin terracotta warriors and horses, but the death of Ma Qi Jinggong than 280 years as early as the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, and Qin Shi Huang was buried pottery figurine Ma Tao, Qi Jinggong The funeral is a real horse hehe. It was no wonder that the public saw King martyrdom amazing Ma Dawei, to write This poem Qinhuang figurines thousands of soldiers from the first glory to boast the world; Qihou martyrdom Ma called 600 unparalleled ancient and modern forms. Tel :0533-7830229 Address: Linzi district of Zibo Qi River in the town are Yatou Village Zip code: 255,422 road traffic : Take 6, 20 stations from Zibo Linzi way to travel green car ride 5 bus ticket to martyrdom Ma Hang Price: 10 yuan discount group tickets to this spot from the Linzi District, about 13 km

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Guan Zhong Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guan Zhong of China's Spring and Autumn Period of the great statesman, military strategist and thinker and economist. His assistant Reform Qi Huangong inspirational, Fuguoqiangbing, nine co-Zhu Hou, one of the world Kuang Feng Gong Albert and his people are the foundation, and etiquette, Jia Hui trade, open and pragmatic deep thought, won the world's Acura and after Lilly's . Confucius called "benevolence", Liang Chi-chao's reputation as "the greatest statesman of China" and "a giant academic circle."

Qi Xiang Gong, and Bao Shuya close friends with room for public Shi Chen Qi. Wang Zhouzhuang 12 years (before 685), Qi in the civil strife, help with corrective son of the white son (Qi Huangong) Duo-bit failure. Although at one time for the Qi Huangong hate, to the end of the world by the only, recommended by Bao Shuya, Secretary of State for reuse Huangong was to preside over state affairs. Huangong neighbors to the proposed reconciliation, after the first period, moving the country from time to time to be seeking hegemony strategy, and Huangong not listen to his words and the following year lightly LU attack, in the long war which has been spoon to beat Lu-jun. , The assistant Huangong good governance, the implementation of reforms aimed at Fuguoqiangbing.

  Political reform since the Western Zhou Dynasty "national" and "wild" system, "the State Senate and base their Kivu" ( "Qi Mandarin language"), country, rustic, get rid of attachment level, the regime set, Military power in the monarch and the aristocracy China. Militarily "to send military and internal affairs" and to implement the people-in-one soldiers, the military and political unity. "Country" in order to track 5, 5 out of association, led by the track; track for 10 years, a small man-made 50-jung, led by Yuri You Si; 4, even as, out of 200 single people, led by company commander ; Even for the 10 townships, 20 0 man-made tours, Heung-ju, led by Liang Ren; 5 a rural Shuai, a million military people from the rural Shuai, led by 5. 15 rural people, to form a total of the three services, Huangong rate in the military, the country's Secretary of State, the rate of Gao Yi-jun, to create large state-owned leaders of the three services, Army million people every military system. As the people of the rural people can not move from generation to generation dedicated to military service Therefore, the "night with the sound heard enough well-behaved; day battle each other head enough to know" ( "Qi Mandarin language"), will help improve the morale of the armed forces and combat effectiveness. And to strengthen weapons manufacture, use and development of the Yom Jiabing Act in order to increase weapons.

  Economic reform tax system, substantial financial resources to the country to protect three Supply, so that the Guoqi become a solid material foundation, the most powerful military country. In view of the Week for the name of Wang Shang Gong Zhu world, and hope that the United States to comply with the Central Plains Rongdi anti-harassment situation, based on "Zunwangrangyi" to call and file Huangong attack North Shanrong, Chu Nan Zheng, the royal family to help save Wei Xing Cun, to chair the AU, BR into the first achievements. Shuxunyuqi because there was respect for Huangong Zhongfu.


Guan Zhong's death and was buried at the northern foot Linzi Ushiyama, and this is a well-known tomb of Guan Zhong. Guan Zhong Guan Zhong memorial to the tomb based on the "tube" based on ideology, for the life of Guan Zhong to thread the arts through a variety of hand , To show the best in the world with the glorious life at the same time, a comprehensive and profound display of the "pipe" thinking of the prime minister and a comprehensive display of culture and history of the relative contribution to the community.

Qi Guan Zhong rule as to the performance of Pa, the Central Plains region to promote economic and cultural development, promoting national integration plays an important role. Guan Zhong of the "tube", which includes the military thinking of Guan Zhong of the inheritance and development, in the ancient Chinese military occupies an important position in the history of ideas.

Guan Zhong Memorial area of 200,000 square meters with a total investment of nearly 3,000 million museum is divided into zones and parks. Museum District covers an area of 50,000 square , The Chinese prime minister from the main hall, and Guan Zhong "pipe" thinking on display hall (Bao at the turn of the tube, with al Huangong, Qi Guan Zhong rule, the first Spring and Autumn Pa, the light through the ages), Guan Zhong Temple, the tomb of Guan Zhong, and other components; Park covers an area of Area of 150,000 square meters, is the main square, green space and facilities and so on.

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Huantai horse riding Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Tap Lake is located in the northern part of Huantai County, 12 km East-West all-Lake, 8 km north-south, an area of 96 square kilometers. In 1995 by Shandong Provincial Government as a provincial scenic spots. Lake scenic and pleasant weather, many historical sites, is a natural tourist destination, known as the southern North's reputation. Lake of the clean water Ying , The river aspect, interwoven into a network of ring-down reed, a vast lotus pond.

  Tap Ma Gu Cheng Shao-Hai Lake, also known as Lake officials, because of their intense suffering of the clean water, unlimited scenery, ancient longing for the VIPs, there will be multi-seekers can explore. Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo had boating on the lake, leaving behind a well-known Famous: Cuigai see red over corruption mounted, the lake feel a night cream. Volume is the secret Kam-yun, from teaching to write Pilian autumn. "Since then, the yuan Hyobu Qin Shi Lang was there and poetry, selected poems contained" Jinqiu "Lake of the word life, so that the horse riding, also known as Lake Jinqiu Lake.

Ma went to Tap Lake visitors, all praised the scenery Ni, beautiful. Than it was for the West Lake of Hangzhou, some people than for Italy's Venice, more people, more is called "Jiangnan in the north." But others say Lake riding horse is a horse riding Lake, which has its own characteristics, it has its own personality, it's beautiful and there are too many mysteries, is a famous win any Can not be compared. If visitors from Huantai county, 20 km taxi companies can be close to Lake. Looking ahead, there is a merging of Taiwan's largest deep field, for a whole together, separated by clear water, like a giant chess board. A look at carefully, and Taiwan have a crop field on the stage, Taiwan down the clean water, fish swim in the water, all foreign Lakes of the people of poetry and creativity. In recent years, due to the dry climate, water scarcity, crop structure adjustment Lakes region, merging planted lotus drought every summer, and Taiwan is on top of a field of flowers in the world, green ocean.

Lake is located on the phoenix from the town, where the country is a model of small cities and towns. Wide On both sides of the road, rows, Chuang Chuang a small building along the street, including cornices brackets, Diaolong painting of the classical-style building houses and more modern "Western-style house," its various forms, has its own characteristics to make people Dizzying, much appreciation. Lakes may receive food from the people of a new life, new features can also enjoy the building The rural craftsmen superb skills. Into the lake, there are a number of sites, Accessibility by boat, enjoy the whole lake, enjoy the "Qu Wei water have no doubt that Penny's light at Yau Yat Chuen," the wonderful scene. In the meantime tour, tours can be lotus, lotus root can be white goods, many of the lake for you to enjoy delicious. Visitors on the boat Or to abandon the ship sat on the floor, the hospitality of the people on the lake will be applied to Xianou, lotus leaf wrapped put on the grass or the Ship, a hit with fists, and went Xianou broken, clear voice can be heard, and file and sugar food , The fragrance of the heart Qinren ... ... 1972, U.S. President Richard Nixon's visit to China, had eaten the white horse riding Lake And Shannon, sweet and crisp.

Lake with rich historical charm, sites can be seen everywhere. East Lake on the south side of a Rural-ting sites, according to legend Qi Jinggong to disguise the pursuit, it is also known as the city disappeared. There will be the site on the eastern side of the city, said local sub-East, Chuan Qi Huangong for the Department of UNITA will. North Bay Village 2 km-long Department Li Taiwan , Su Fu Shi board, has a sheng Department and the east slope of Temple Pavilion. China's ancient village that is Pei Lu Lian, Lu Zhonglian still in the village of former residence and Gu Zhi Lu Lian Well, the village has five North-yin Temple. Sage V, Shu Yan of the Warring States to, Luzhong Lian Han-House, Zhuge Liang, Su Song Dynasty. Five of the original temple for the three-yin-yin Temple, rebuilt many times, 984 years into a five-square-yin Temple. Cinei Diaolianghuadong, the brilliant wall, the wonderful architecture, history Tiyong celebrities, horse riding Piyou Lake painting and calligraphy exhibition room. Five-yin Temple on the north side, Xu House Night, Gu Zhi Xuan Yu-yang and the tip of the site. Wherever he went, there will be some wonderful stories and legends, it is away. Horse riding past the lake beautiful, beautiful now. Lakes in the People's Party under the leadership of the Lakes Region is committed to open-source pollution control, protection of development, make full use of the lake's natural resources and eco-tourism and dignified history of the human resources to speed up construction, horse riding Lake tomorrow will be more beautiful and better.

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Kaiyuan cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Kaiyuan" Tang Li Longji in office when the year, more than 1,300 years ago. 20 Emperor of the Tang Dynasty 25-year-290 not only left us with nearly 50,000 Tang, and the creation of the "Spirit Kaiyuan" It's glorious history, this has more than 20 million years old holes, both There are magnificent magnificent natural And more since the Neolithic period, the value of cultural relics, especially inside the cave, opened the first inter-carved stalactites and cultural relics, real to us again in 1300 before the Tang culture, one aspect and fully demonstrate the broad-Kaiyuan deep rich connotations , Later in 1300, Kwu Tung years of peace and prosperity again, In order to reproduce the development of the world, this is the hole named "Kai Yuan-dong".

  Mount circulating around a Minyan: guozhuang gold, silver source. Its meaning is clear is the black guozhuang the river bank, a source of water along the Mau Doi, grain-Fu Fung, which is the source of nature's gift. In fact, for Mother Nature Stephen created the unique geological features, it is inexhaustible wealth of priceless. The source of its unique natural conditions and the wonderful spectacle of the cave Kaiyuan, become a rare tourist destination!

  From the mountain city of Shandong Bo Wa Lane will come to 40 trip as a "Shandong A hole "Kaiyuan cave.


  Tour Mount, you should explore the ground floor of the palace secret, or else this will be a tour of scenic Mount a major regret. The world cave, were varied, but Kai-dong's wonderful spectacular enough and the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, Guangxi match. It is said that solution The name is due to open inside the cave of the Tang Dynasty are the first between the stone and named Cliff, "Kaiyuan." It not only has a 20 million years ago the water casting into the infinite power of the natural landscape and more since the Neolithic Age, in particular, Sui, Tang and Song Dynasty carved stalactites, and other precious cultural relics. Kai Yuan-dong as a result of the natural landscape and human Value in the territory of Shandong unique, well-known karst expert of the National Tour Zhaojun Fen Kai Ming Bi pleased after the hole, under the title of "Shandong in the first hole," five characters, deputy scientist Zhu Shan Song of the 20th Shisun, now the Palace Museum researcher Jin Zhu Mr. Jin pro title, "Kai Yuan-dong" of holes.


  Accompanied by guides sincere passion about, has unwittingly into the hole. Come to realize, Dayton unusually cool feeling, just tired of climbing and Handi gone, "Dongnuanxialiang, like spring all year round," meaning began.


  Kaiyuan hole is a cave-hall corridor, a total length of 744 9 meters, the hall has six components. Light help railings along the steep steps going down, much to hear, "Hua Hua" of the water, they entered a "Shuilian Dong Office," Office of the Kaiyuan the first hole. Chamber stalactite form different shapes, Stone Man, flag stone, stalagmites feast for the eyes. "Shuilian Dong" gets its name from a small hole on the Shek Pik Small hole in the stone where the exudation Flows constantly, and there are still wall like a thermometer of goose control, annual testing of the temperature inside the cave. Stalagmite-like lions on the dimly discernible, "Li" and "F" and "event", the experts for research in the Song Dynasty stone, nearly thousand years ago. The second is the Office of the "Dragon's Back Office." Gutter also known as Dragon's Back, the total length of 45 meters, from the Office of the Office of the six to have the whole structure Longji. This long, deep, the United States and the Dragon's Back at home in the cave is rare. Office of Surface stalagmite "the first year of opening the" three stone's readable.


  Through the "dragon" of heaven, into the "Pearl Beach" Office, as a result of Dong Ding wall covered with white tablets of the ball, like a pearl named after. Some of them have long become a coral stone, stone grapes. The Chamber "Dinghaishenzhen Attractions can not but make people think. This is a stalactite, it's under Dong Ding, the next into the water, think of the Monkey King from the East China Sea, where access to the Dragon King Jin Gu Bang. "Dinghaishenzhen" next-gen very much like "a little hand" of the stalactite. Legend of the local people, 20 million years ago, when the mountain collapsed, Wukong coming quickly, with their top-Jin Gu Bang, where, removed from a major disaster. After Bai Gujing know, like stealing, the mountain was found by clamping the magic of her "hands." And then move forward, fact sheets slightly Juxian the Office of longevity and the Office of the Office of Kuan Yin. Yu Kai-yuan Tung, in particular, it is worth mentioning that "Pan Sidong" living god "Borneo pagoda", as the Chinese Buddhist-like cases of "Chu Zu," "Dharma facing the wall," stars such as longevity, but also taste, "a source at the source" of the outflow of long life Water, Qunxian is a good place for gatherings.


  Kai Yuan-dong made available to visitors of both God The natural scenes, and precious cultural relics. Block the view of a stalactite of thousands of spots, one by one to listen to a wonderful little story, one can not help imagination. I will stay in the beautiful fairy tale, and Huer people into the "vineyard" and "Guozigou" ... This is a fascinating people Fang, the eight to 30 years, as if through a long river of human history, enjoy the wonders of the underground palace, so memorable. Kaiyuan out of the hole, looking far from the Castle of the clean water, Quan He's surrounded by villages and bustling crowds, can not help it if there is an indistinct place in Tao Yuan-ming described the sense of Shangri-la .

Above the hole, "Kai Yuan-dong," the words, is the agent of Jurists Song Zhu Xi Shi Sun 25th, researcher at the National Palace Museum is Mr. Zhu Jiajin the book. Kaiyuan in the hole on the eve of the opening, the domestic authority of the karst geological experts have been Kaiyuan hole inspections, demonstrations and agreed that Kai-dong's natural landscape and Wen landscape in the north of the Yangtze River is the layout of the rare, delicate design unique in Shandong province. As a result, domestic well-known karst expert Zhao Junfen personally wrote the "hole in Shandong in the first" reputation, well-deserved Kaiyuan hole.

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Lushan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lushan Mountain is one of four in Shandong, located in the center of Shandong Province, is black, Timor, Kenya, the Yi River, the birthplace of four, the main peak of 1108.3 meters above sea level view of Yunfeng, Lu was in its peak. Lushan Forest Park located in the heart of the main peak position with a total area of 42 square kilometers, the park stands the mountains, ravines China, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths Dense forest, is a typical scenic mountain.
  Lushan step-like features of the landscape and good water conservation, so that the waterfall streams around the Lushan mountain in Pinghu, into the Lushan, as if Shanqingshuixiu south of the Yangtze River into the water. Ultra-km altitude, dense forests, far away from cities, villages, so that the air Lushan The new, climate Wenliang. Park is divided into botanical gardens and watch Yunfeng, the old quarry area-ming, Lin Hua, the East China Sea, North Sea and the six-day scenic view of clouds, the sound-day city of God, Heaven and I, Sky Shi, and so on a number of 140 attractions, tourism route 50 km. One sunrise sea of clouds, hung four competing show on Kikunami on, the birds will be in summer, 10,000 stone maze Yi Xiantian, for it to see Barry, the sound-day City of God, the ladder of the woods, next to impossible and Jujube ditch valley falls, Feng Shi Lin Yudi, camel Monastery, Erdaogou Forest Beach, North Ping Jiangnan Water Village landscape, and so on a high Tourism grade.


Rich natural landscape Lushan is the main resources to attract tourists. Here four Colorful scenery. In the spring, letting a hundred flowers bloom, the fragrance overflowing; the height of summer, to avoid shade, cool and pleasant; autumn, Sihuo leaves, wild fruit fragrance; the severe winter, Tsui Chuk pines, ice-hung. Lushan as if entered into a cornucopia of natural, animal and plant resources and is rich in forest cover to 95% of the plant 300, 168 kinds of birds, 22 kinds of mammals, 561 kinds of insects, most Lu flora and fauna in the Kingdom.

  In the Lushan, you can enjoy the mountains and unique treasures, such as the delicious pickles Kikyo, mountain sweet fruit, a variety of vegetables, nutrition, as well as a wealth of rare fungi in Diet and so on. Here, you can fully indulge your passion, heart and soul into the embrace of nature. Tourism management in order to maintain the natural beauty Lushan, where the relatively light commercial air.

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The original forest National Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The original forest National Park is a national class AAAA tourist areas, national key scenic spots, the 10 new scenic spots in Shandong Province, Shandong Province Top 10 Forest Park, which is divided into Phoenix Mountain, Yuwang Shan, Wang Lushan, the top SIT, Jia Gu Taiwan's five major scenic spots, covering an area of 1702 hectares, includes more than 120 peaks. She's rich By ancient, exotic, rare species, Shanguangshuise beautiful, ancient, immense, imposing temple and a long history of beautiful legends, as well as the depths of the forest and customs of minority songs and dances attracted many Chinese and foreign tourists to come to the tourists.

  The original forest National Park is located in Zibo City, Mount Xiaofu River, south-west of Mount City, in 1992 by the Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of the country, with a total planning area of 1702 hectares, Wang Lushan, Yuwang Hill (that is, the original Hill), Yueyang and Hu Shan Shan mountains constitute the four, under the The top five spots: Phoenix Mountain area, a scenic Hill Yuwang, Wang Lushan scenic areas, scenic spots and the top SIT Jiagu Scenic, undulating mountains, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, thousands of images, the top 800 meters above sea level.

  Phoenix Mountain scenic spot is the original forest National Park, one of the top five spots, an area of 2800 mu. Bo mountain city located in the south-west, Mount from the train station, bus station 2 km. Scenic mountains in a critical situation, the landscape is so extraordinary that forest Dense and beautiful environment, cultural landscape, rich in natural scenery, numerous places of amusement fitness is mold, eco-tourism, leisure holiday resort of.

  Phoenix Mountain scenic spot is the original forest National Park, a major scenic spots, which brings together Lin, Stephen, the hole in one valley, has a long history and rich cultural Cultural superiority, has historically been an important religious activities, but also military history of the battle to land. The Song of the Jade Emperor, Mount Tai palace in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty Lu Temple, and other cultural relics in the shade of dense forest; treasure of 5,000 years of Chinese scroll - rock paintings, colorful, magnificent; the Great Wall of China's earliest - Qi Great Wall Sites, scenic spots throughout East and West; anti-Japanese war left by the gun turret, the bunker is still preserved, and patriotism is a living material; karst formation Shi, is rarely seen in northern China's natural wonders; strong national characteristics of the cloud-step Bridge; between man and nature The perfect combination - Niaoyu Lin; leisure resort forest park, style-specific Park vulgar style, simplicity Xishuangbanna sentimental song and dance performances; shocked to stimulate the movement of the kart; civilization elegant tennis and bowling entertainment; look forward to seeing you at any time.


  Phoenix Mountain (also known as small-shan) as a result of Hill like Phoenix named after. History is an important sites for religious activities Spring and Autumn is also the military's battle to. The Song of the Jade Emperor, Red Gate and the Mount Tai palace in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty Lu Temple, and other cultural relics in the shade of dense forest, 5,000 years of Chinese history a rock paintings displayed on the cliffs. Qi in the Warring States Period of the Great Wall runs through the scenic East and West, Meng Jiangnv cry of the Great Wall that is out of this story. When the anti-Japanese Left by the gun turret, bunkers, so that after the concept into the imagination; karst formation of Shi for the wonders of the North, leaving seekers can explore the history of the rich cultural heritage.

  Phoenix Mountain forest area is rich in resources, there are more than 120 species of woody plants, 600 species of herbs, is a natural botanical garden. Hill around the green all the year round (orientalis), golden all over the mountain early spring (Forsythia), May flowers white like snow (locust), the mountain is covered with red Sihuo late autumn (sumac, Melia, Yu Shan, the torch), in the summer may Tingting Girls (Wong Jing), see the fall of red everywhere (axillaris, boxing dolls, etc.), formed a spectacular landscape of forests. Green gourd swimming pool is surrounded by the Summer enjoy the cool air, the ideal place for fitness; forest park swing, hammock, the suspension bridge, a tightrope, sliding Faso, nearly 100 species of Bagua Zhen, and other recreational facilities so that you are away; customs into the garden to enjoy not only ethnic minorities Juzhai style, but also in taste Hill-style dishes at the same time, watching from the various regions of ethnic song and dance performances; the thrills of karting and bowling civilization elegant entertainment world at any time waiting for the tourists coming; in Niaoyu Lin, the harmony between man and bird, intimate "exchange "; At the edge ancient Qi Great Wall, visitors can stroll on camels, savor The charm of the Silk Road.


  Hill of the original existing three-star hotel a foreign tourist, various types of parking lot 5, the flavor of various food establishments 5, the formation of the basic food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, Yu-stop service system has become a national youth activities Camps and environmental education base in the city of Zibo, Bo City patriotism education base, the national youth camp activities, nature reserves, steep mountain terrain park features unique, dense forests and beautiful environment, cultural landscape, rich cultural and recreational places of various body-building, the mold is, back to nature, The leisure resort. In 2002 was named " Eastern Province of the 10 new scenic spots, "one of Zibo is a well-known tourism brand.

  The original forest National Park rich in forest resources, there are 120 kinds of woody plants, 600 species of herbs, is a natural botanical garden. Around the mountain is covered with green all the year round (orientalis), early spring over the golden mountains ( Alice), May flowers white like snow (locust), the mountain is covered with red Sihuo late autumn (sumac, Melia, Shan-yu, torch trees, etc.), summer girls may Tingting (Huang Jing), see the fall of red everywhere (axillaris, baby Boxing, etc.). Nature's gift Road to form a magnificent landscape of forests. "Shi Jing Han Shan on the far ramp, the depths of white clouds Others. "Land and Water side, a deep, warm simplicity of the original Shan Shan Ren generally open-minded, full of passion for the world to greet guests, friends of P Plus.

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Museum of Ancient Chinese car - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cars, our ancient land-based horse is the main means of transport. Car system is a combination of different opinions of handicraft sector. China's ancient car with its excellent performance in the world's leading long-term. Riding a horse used in a very important component - stirrups, but also China's first invention. In this regard, China has made to human civilization A great contribution.

Ancient Chinese car museum in 1991 to build the museum, completed in September 1994, covers an area of 20 mu, building area of 3600 square meters, including the Spring and Autumn and the traveling exhibition of ancient Chinese car exhibition hall to display in two parts. Museum of Ancient Chinese car is the first system in contemporary China, the most END , Traveling to sites and cultural relics on display into the museum. The library includes the Spring and Autumn martyrdom carriage hall and the ancient Chinese cars on display hall consists of two parts: after the Spring and Autumn Lee is charged martyrdom, scale and range of support, Ma's beautifully decorated for the country's number one contemporary, out of the 10 national archaeological discoveries One.

Old car exhibition hall is divided into three exhibition halls, one after another era for the order through a large number of in-kind artifacts, models, old car restoration, photos, pictures and text, a car show, car, the emperor's carriage production, development of technology to improve the process and Traveling in the war, traffic, transportation, production, life and the role. The main display Different times, different performance of the car to recover ancient 19, 100 pieces of the model. There are a variety of traveling accessories, archaeological finds, such as the murals are national cultural treasures. Ma martyrdom of 32, 10 trucks, 10 cars lined up in the ancient, 32 in the first Maang Erwo, Siti curled, as if driving a Mercedes-Benz vehicles linked.

  Ancient Chinese car museum contents of the museum collection of ancient Chinese study of the Great car, fully demonstrated China's car by a long history of technology in cars and vehicles of the world's leading position in the history of the development. The library is situated 126 km Jinan-Qingdao Highway, with both sides of the large parking lot, the traffic is to .


  Lee is charged martyrdom after the Spring and Autumn Period, divided into one hole, second hole. One pit 32 meters long and 5 meters wide, 10 cars, Ma 32. Two pit 8 meters long, 3 meters wide, 3 cars, MA 6. National out in 1990 one of the top ten archaeological discoveries.

Spring and Autumn Ma Hang martyrdom martyrdom 10 vehicles, Ma 32, scale and range of support, Ma's beautifully decorated for the country's number one contemporary, set one of the top ten archaeological discoveries. Old cars on display after the exhibition hall to display Juma Keng Lee unearthed and all types of vehicles Linzi district unearthed ancient car recovery vehicle until the National unearthed ancient types of vehicle recovery trucks. Set State study of the ancient Great car, Hui of the Chinese ancient treasures of the essence by car, fully demonstrated China's car by a long history of technology in cars and vehicles of the world's leading position in the history of the development.

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Shandong Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zibo is one of the birthplaces of Chinese ancient culture, homogeneous culture has a long history, rich cultural relics. There are North Xin culture, Dawenkou culture, the Longshan culture and Yueshi culture, and so on a number of sites 400 and 804 points, a wide range of items, including the national key cultural units a provincial key cultural unit 5 , Municipal units 47 key cultural district, 77 county-level protection units. Collection is rich in cultural relics, the city hall (Room) collection of more than 25,900 pieces of cultural relics of ancient Zibo enough to reflect the culture. Linzi such as the Spring and Autumn unearthed large copper container, elegant shapes, patterns clear; the Warring States period inlay Silver sacrifice respect of turquoise inlay, simple shapes, vivid image, is the ancient art of the best; there is a high-Ge, Ying Qing porcelain, and so on, are objects. Dragon rectangular copper throughout the Western Han Dynasty is the largest so far found in domestic and bronze mirrors; the Warring States period of three moire button mirror, ornate chic, unique, reasonable layout, Kan Home of the ancient art treasures. Qi in the Old City in the Northeast dig out the tomb of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Ma Hang martyrdom, martyrdom more than 600 hp motor, known in the history of archaeological wonders, reflecting the strong Qi at that time. These rich and valuable cultural relics collection, Zibo is a witness to the history of ancient civilization. Zibo China-Tianbao, Renjiediling. In this ancient land, once born, nurtured over a large number of political, ideological, military and cultural giant. Such as white ginger, Tien Tho Rang, as a result of Tian Qi, Zuo Si, Gusi Xie, Fang Xuanling, to name only appeared once in the Qing Dynasty Pu, Zhao Zhixin, Wang Shizhen three Well-known writer, known as the three-Xiaofu celebrity culture. When "academic freedom" with the world of Qi, also attracted many celebrities to persuade students to come, such as Confucius, Mencius, Xun Zi, Yuan and so on many occasions East tour Qi, Li said, to give lectures in the history of the emergence of "a hundred schools of thought "Sheng track. Zibo still have a glorious revolutionary traditions of the city during the War of Resistance Against Japan, Zibo people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, with the Japanese invaders and the Kuomintang army bloody battles, the world-famous "black uprising Tieshan," "Ma On Shan to fight" and a record of the KMT Diehards bloody "too river tragedy" occurred ??. Zibo people in such places set up all kinds of monuments (Pavilion), to express the people's revolutionary history and to recall the memory of the martyrs.
Zibo City's heritage, before the founding of the management of non-formal institutions, cultural theft, the sale of a serious phenomenon. After the founding of the PRC, the cause of cultural relics by the party and the government As the protection of cultural relics department in charge of culture has become one of the primary. 1957 Urban Culture drawn, for the first time the city's cultural relics survey, the first to map out the city's cultural map. In 1958 the establishment of the Temple Mount Jiang Yan Zibo City Museum, 1962 revoked in 1975 1 , Formed to restore the city museum. Since then, the cause of cultural relics have been greatly to the development by the end of 1985, the city's various museums, the Hall of Fame, the management of cultural institutions a total of 12, engaged in cultural work of the staff have more than 140 people were in charge of the city's heritage management, protection, collection, Acquisition, display, And access to research, promote the culture of Zibo, the socialist construction.

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Li Tsung-jen Historical Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Tsung-jen Historical Museum in Taierzhuang built on the former site of the old train station, surrounded on three sides by water, beautiful scenery, unique architectural style, a major local tourist attraction. Li Tsung-jen Historical Museum exhibit is made up of four and a component of the Office of Film, a comprehensive introduction to the life of Mr. Li Zongren, especially the troops on the War of Resistance Against Japan and the Japanese Royal return to ancestral Before and after the patriotic feat. Mr. Li Zongren possession of the Library of each historical period of more than 200 pieces of photos, literature and history information on more than 1,000 copies, and the remains of more than 60 pieces of cultural relics, a rare video. The display of the content of these great historical heritage value. Li Tsung-jen Historical Museum is a great Taierzhuang Visited the site of an important part of the line is to carry out patriotic education, the promotion of national self-confidence is another base for education, is actively promoting the great cause of peaceful reunification of the motherland and promote cross-strait exchanges and national unity of the people of a specific material. Mr. Li Zongren (1891-1969) Guilin, Guangxi, was president. Is a well-known patriotic (famous) people. Li Tsung-jen evaluation of Zhou Enlai "has two good life, is a Taierzhuang, is a return to the motherland ... ...." A lot of tourists every day, Li Tsung-jen visited the historical museum and watch them later said: "Li Tsung-jen Historical Museum is to The must-see tourist. "Taierzhuang high visibility, relevant departments have been identified as patriotism education bases. You can Xuzhou in the next train or plane ride and then Xuzhou Taierzhuang direct bus about 100 minutes. Zaozhuang is also available from the railway station and get off at West Point, by Xue Direct Taiwan-city children The bus.

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Mo College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mo Jing He Tengzhou College is located in the park. Jinghe Park is located to the north bank of the city, good country on the west side of South Road, Cheng He advantage of cut-off after the completion of the land surface. Park since March 1985 to build, after seven or eight years, has now begun to take shape.

  Mo Zi, a great thinker in the early Warring States Period, Mohist School Founder. Zhai name of Mexico, Birth and Death is not known. Modern scholars generally believe that Mo was born in 476 BC or so years, died in about 390 BC. Mo was born and where, but also controversial. "Historical Biography Mencius," he said, "Dr. Song," "Spring and Autumn Period, when Lu dye" that he was Lu, Some said he was Song who was living in long-term Lu. Mo self-proclaimed "this is no Zhai Jun on the matter, under the non-agricultural difficult," seem to be the "people" class. But he also acknowledged that he is a "slut." He may have been craftsmen or the owners manual, with a rich variety of production technology skills. Mo "day and night do not To Ziku for a "long-term efforts in the country between the leaders, his political propaganda. Legend has it that he had only Gong Song Chu, the implementation of universal love, non-offensive ideas." Tour Southern Methodist to make "propaganda" has People "for Shouyu. You also repeated Chu, Chu Hui, Wang Xian book. Chu thanks to his refusal to leave his later years to Qi in an attempt to persuade Of cattle-cutting Lu, was not successful. Yue Mo official invitation, and Xu fief, to 500. He "listen to Wu Yan, I used" to go to, regardless of manor and Tseuk Luk, in order to achieve his political ambitions and ideas. Mo is the logic in ancient China one of the pioneers of the important thinking. "Mo" He consciously comparison, the use of a large number of logic approach to the establishment of demonstration or political, ideological and ethical. Mo put the first name must be consistent with the idea. He is also the logic of China for the first time in the history of the debate, category, the concept of logic, and so on. "Part column farming", called for "debate on who can talk about dialectical And called for "debate" as a know-how to learn. He refuted the views of other people often say "son did not like Wu Yan review, it is also the unknown", and "there is no reason from it," there is no reason why the subject of debate as a reason. Mo's "debate" Although the Commission refers to the technical debate, but it is built on Category (such things) out there (in accordance with the ground) on the basis of, and therefore belong to the logic of the argument by analogy or areas. Mo said the "three" is the ideological discourse of standards, are also proof reasoning. Mo was also good at using the analogy of the methods to expose the Lundi self-contradictory. Mo as a result of advocacy and enlightenment Mohist re-develop the logic of the tradition established by the late Mohist the first Chinese ancient logic of the system. Mozi's philosophy reflects the patriarchal slavery from the liberation of the small class producer of the duality of his thinking in a reasonable factor for subsequent thinkers materialism by inheritance and development of its mysterious Just after the Qin and Han dross for the purpose of theology Lun Zhesuo absorption and utilization. Mo Mohist as the founder of the Qin Dynasty in the history of Chinese philosophy have had a significant impact. Mo said in the next teaching, a lot of words and deeds, without the book autographed. Keep this "Mo" in his book "Shang Xian", "is still the same," "Universal Love," " Attack "and" prudence "," Day funeral "," Days Chi "and" ghost out "and" non-music "and" non-life "and other articles are disciples of their disciples or longer on his record of thought and speech. This study is an important basis for thinking Mo.

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