Shuangliu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shuangliu County of Chengdu is located in the southern outskirts of the West, 16 km away from Chengdu, Han Guang There are sites, lying Cloud Temple, Jinhua, and other cultural relics Um, as well as the ancient town of Huanglong Xi, Purple Lake Park, Lake Park tong, water-ming Temple million Parker, Buddha, and other attractions weir. Huang Longxi Shuangliu County, located in the south-east, 47 km away from Chengdu, Sichuan is history Of town and city-level tourism scenic spots, not only beautiful, beautiful environment, but also has a typical small town in western Sichuan style, to attract a lot of photographic film and television group in the town to film, "movie" and "Hollywood Chinese" Of that famous is the natural place for photographic film. Tong Lake Park is located in the Shuangliu Edge City, 18 km away from Chengdu, lakes and Begonia is featuring a new antique garden, covers an area of 250 mu, of which more than 70 acres of water surface, as in western Sichuan in a garden of the Black Pearl Cui. Lake to tong, named "tong Lake Park." Park for the layout of the ancient Chinese imperial garden style, built around the cleverest 15 Attractions, skillfully combines the Shuangliu county's long historical and cultural roots.

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Second Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Lei in the foothills of the Second Temple there is for the people of the ancient Bing commemoration of his son's achievements and to build the water, was built in the early Southern and Northern Dynasties, the Temple of Zonta, after the Song Dynasty, Wang Bing and his son has been called, was renamed the Second Temple. The existing building for the rehabilitation of the Qing Dynasty. Potential take the mountain temples, and at various levels, the magnificent scenery, surrounded by shade trees, beautiful environment After the main hall and a hall and Jiro statue of Li Bing. Shek Pik between the temple engraved with the water Bing formula: "the sharing out of deep, low weir for" "cut case of Wan Kok, every heart is pumping."

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Zhao Juesi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhao Juesi located outside the Blue Dragon field north of Chengdu, in western Sichuan has long been known as "the first jungle." Zhenguan years since Zhao Juesi Tang Jian, the monks come forth in large numbers, Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty years, broken by the Shan monks reconstruction. In 1989 presided over by Zhao Juesi - Master-ching will be the reconstruction of the existing Main Hall, Yuantong Temple, in the Drum Tower and the Buddhist Church, The southwest has become the most ambitious scale, one of the spectacular temple. Transport: Bus 1 from the Temple Zhaojue Si; 63 bus from the bus station to the west gate Zhaojue Si; Road 69 from the terminal to the Sands Zhaojue Si; 70 North Road from the train station to Zhaojue Si, 71 from the road to Wu Guiqiao Zhaojue Si; 10 And 60 bus routes also pass through Zhaojue Si. Tickets: 1 yuan

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Giant Panda Breeding Research Base - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Giant pandas are rare and everyone loves the animals, the world's biodiversity conservation sign is a symbol of peace and friendship. Chengdu belongs Chongzhou, Dujiangyan, Dayi, Pengzhou, Qionglai, and other cities and counties have giant pandas to come and go. 80% of China's giant pandas in Sichuan Province in the territory. Chengdu very fortunate to be in possession of large However, this precious gift of human resources, known in the world. Many Chinese and foreign guests, very concerned about the survival of giant pandas and the development of the status quo, often made a special trip to Chengdu to see pandas style. Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, with a world-class level, is located on the northern outskirts of Chengdu axes Hill, 10 km away from the urban area, A wide road and the urban areas linked to the panda, giant panda museum's valuable information, a wealth of exhibits unparalleled anywhere in the world, is the understanding of giant pandas, the return to nature, tourism, leisure and entertainment of a very good place. Bamboo Conglong around, tree-lined, Huaxiangniaoyu, fresh air and mountain scenery and clever artificial landscape Together. Giant panda, lesser panda, black-necked cranes, and other rare and endangered animals here to live and multiply refrain from being complacent. The embassy building, lawn, or the giant panda lying or sitting, or drink or play, or into or out properly, it is intoxicated. Admission: 30 yuan

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Fulong view - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the pile built concept Fulong, three temples, stands majestic, mountain-shun higher level. Qiandian displays built in 1974 outside the Gate River from the river bed in the dug out stone as Li Bing, 2.9 meters high and weighs 4.5 tons. Stone building in the early years of East Han Lingdi, 1800 years ago, existing in China's first round Stone, very precious. Houdian display are the Dujiangyan Irrigation District electric model. Fulong view on the left side of the bottle is Po, Pentium surging river, the magnificent. After the top view of Mission Hills has a pavilion, octagonal two-storey, lean on a railing overlooking, we can see fish head, and the Minjiang Bridge in the white water, Xiling Xuefeng.

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Dan Xianghu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shixiang Hu, Cheng Ya highway located 86 km, state-level ecological demonstration zone - Chengdu Pujiang County, Lakes as a result of ancient temples like stone temple named after, the legend of the three countries for the general Yan Yan place to ride like heaven. Scenic lake as a mirror Xiumu Pinnacle, the forest coverage rate reached 90%, better than the level of air quality, its excellent However, eco mosaics is like a piece of jade in the Chengdu Plain.


  By the Group in Chengdu, unified planning, unified planning and development of eco-Shixiang Hu scenic area to follow the operation of a high starting point, the principle of sustainable development, eco-cultural theme of the radiation from the international leisure park, the International Conference on Heart, the future of the Habitat model of the ecological environment and state-level eco-agriculture demonstration zones, and other pieces of a man and nature, blending with the Health and the United States and harmonic picture. Dan Xianghu eco-mu ecological park is a scenic area development center as well as Dan Xianghu mussels in the area of Zhuhai.


  Erlongxizhu in scenic areas, from the day-fu , Guqin Taiwan, Bi-chun Park tours, such as the ancient College 16 Xiangshan King Shixiang Hu painted a focus on natural and cultural landscape, Shixiang Hu praised the great ecological, modern tourism and leisure-travel mode, well-designed, advanced The eco-tourism platform to insert the original edge of the area, and together with them on the table-shaped, with Health Ying, so that people can be comfortable, civilized and the most real close to nature, heart and soul of the intake of nature to human beings brought about by the rich nutrients. Today's recovery as a result of human industrial civilization and the negative impact of the loss of too many of the most valuable asset.


  "Water Music those who know, Leshan benevolent" is the first in ancient China Wu feel the true meaning of life. As early as during the Southern Song Dynasty, Shi Xianghu surrounding areas have been wind-ru Shengxing, Heshan ancient College is the typical case. Confucianism is several thousand years of Chinese civilization and the main essence of Buddhism, with its ancient temples like Stone Temple together to build a cultural theme park.


  Dan Xianghu located in the Both plain and the edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau junction with unique natural resources, large-scale ecological park to become animals, plants and symbiotic co-existence of heaven is a modern city looking for a piece of pure land. Yanbo on the wind around the lake in the early morning, evening light Jade forest green layers of video, Confucianism Buddhism infiltration Xin Sui, here King, so that those who enjoy temporary physical and mental Di net into the highest realm of harmony between man and nature.

  A poem read:
Water maze in the world odd, rare earth in Wonderland universe;
Green between the bottom Ying Ye Dan, the ancient temples in the forest Mountain Health;
No sun as the lake water, birds in the bin for a boat;
Sun Fei Yan Gong , But shells Yi Shenqing dust.

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Du Fu's Thatched Cottage - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Du Fu, the son of the words the United States, was born in 712 AD Henan Gong Xian (now the city of Gongyi). Two 20-year-old, roaming Wu Yue, Zhao Qi. 746-year test to Beijing, Ladi after 10 years living in Chang'an. 755 years, "Shih" After the outbreak of Fengxiang fled to join worship for Zuoshi Yi Su. Du said the deceased theft by finding. Su due to offend, China play down the state. Qi Guan westbound 759 years, with the Tianshui Valley Sichuan, in the western suburbs of Chengdu, Huan Huaxi River built cottage door. Before and after living for four years, writing more than 240 in the first, including "Shu Xiang", "cottage by the autumn wind break for the song" Famous. Yuan Wailang any one time calibration and Industry, the deceased and Industry, said Du. Bring home 765 years Shu-out water to stranded Kuizhou and 2002. After the Three Gorges on a rover Jing, Hunan, home to a boat. 770 died in the Xiang River in a boat, 59-year-old single year.


  Du Fu's life in the Tang Dynasty sung by the failure of the turning point, the war he was involved in the current situation of the displaced population, the real him And access to a deep understanding of the social scene at the time. Concerned about his worries, Fushi brush, pen thoughts and feelings. Chuan has left more than 1450 of the song, thinking skills and high art, Chinese literature had a profound impact and was later hailed as a "history of poetry." He is very much my poetry, To open to the combination of different opinions, the greatest poet of realism, the title of "Shi-Sheng."

  Chengdu, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage is known as the Holy Land in the history of Chinese literature. Du Fu to leave Chengdu, the cottage will be destroyed not keep. Five Qian Shu, Wei Zhuang poet find cottage sites, re-knot hut. To the re-establishment of the Song Dynasty, Du Fu's like painting on the intramural before Ci Yu-cheng. Since then, many cottage-hing repeated waste, of which two of the largest repair, in the next 13 years Koji (1500) and Chia-ching 16 (1811), basically, today laid a cottage on the size and layout. In 1952, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage and fully renovated, officially Release. In 1955 the establishment of the Du Fu Memorial Hall in 1961 by the State Council announced a national key cultural units in 1984 changed its name to Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum.

  Cottage with a total area of 240 mu, and its construction for the style of the Qing Dynasty, the garden is a very unique "hybrid" classical Chinese garden The former site of the cottage, Zhao Bi, the main entrance, the workplace, Shi Tang poetry, Chapman and Hall and Industry arranged in a central axis, with symmetrical on both sides of the corridors and other ancillary buildings, which have running water linger, Goulian small bridge, Zhu Shu shade, Appears to be both solemn and deep flavor and quiet, beautiful clear atmosphere. Industry Temple on the eastern side of "Shao Ling Cottage," Beiting, the symbol of Du Fu's Thatched Cottage cottage, it is reverie, Chengdu has become a well-known landscape. In February 1997, the Government has pulled out funds, Chuanximinju learn the characteristics of the reconstruction of Du Fu's cottage. Beiting House cottage is located in the north, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, construction area of 24 Square meters. 5-room main building, offers 4, bamboo Jia Qiang, to wrap Wong, Department of the roof of thatch grass cover, and then by Zhu Li, garden, garden medicine so that the whole building revealed in the thick of the ancient culture. Visitors walk through them, both made of exquisite feelings Sigu, heart and eye can enjoy the fun.

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Yulei Shan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Leishan Park is located in the urban area of Dujiangyan, on the eastern side of the Second Temple, Yu Lei, Yu-Ping, Herbie, the instruments on Zhu Feng, an area of 400 mu, "Doo rhinoceros", "Gu Jiao", "Golden Rooster" and "with Hui "" Lotus "," Yun drainage "and" access ", the" Jade out "and other attractions, there are about 1.7 km of the ancient Yi Dao The mountains towering old trees, such as shade cover, the top may be overlooking the Dujiangyan irrigation picture.

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Jiulong Gou Chongzhou scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chong is located in the northwest city, 38 kilometers away from Chongzhou urban area, 76 km away from Chengdu. The main scenic spots by the water Jiulong Gou Shi-chip, the Western Hills forest temple and King film consists of three parts, Jiulong Gou dynamic among the most attractive landscape stone water. Jiulong Gou in Longmen mountain range above the mouth before the fault zone, the mountains An elevation of 700 meters to 3868 meters between the ups and downs, their relatively high degree of disparity. Lush forests in the region, lush flowers. Jiulong Gou at the top of the top big mountain, 2600 meters above sea level, thus overlooking the north, Cueifong countless snow-capped mountains such as the rough waves, clouds, sunrise, Buddha, and other meteorological landscape seen from time to time. The temple was most dense forest area Hidden majestic ancient temples, Chengdu is a well-preserved forests in the larger temple.

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Chengdu Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

.... Chengdu in western Sichuan Basin are located in the middle reaches of the Minjiang River Lot, the plains and hilly area, mountainous area almost equal. Chengdu is located in Chengdu Plain in the eastern zone, since ancient times Dujiangyan irrigation water, so "people from the flood, I do not know hunger," "Tianfu of the soil." To the southwest city of Chengdu since ancient times, when the three countries to Shu Han, the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms when Qian Shu, Hou Shu capital, rich in cultural relics, in 1982 the State Council was announced for the state historical and cultural city. Chengdu city has 2,300 years of history. Since the Qin and Han dynasties, on the Chengdu to agriculture, hand - Prosperous and developed a culture that is ancient in southwest China's political, economic, cultural centers and major cities in the Yangtze River Basin. Chengdu, Luoyang and the Han Dynasty, and so on will be listed as one of the top five. Business prosperity of the Tang Dynasty, along with Yangzhou, known as the "Yi-yang (Chengdu) II." Chengdu printed in the Song Dynasty "pay" and is the world On the first use of the notes. South Silk Road is the starting point for the city of Chengdu. Du Fu's famous poem "window containing future Xiling Snow, the door-Park Wan-li Wu ship," vividly depicts the Chengdu city at the time as the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and south-west economic and cultural center merchants like clouds, the busy flourishing.

  Chengdu Resource-rich, rare plants Ginkgo biloba, and so on Davidia. There are rare animals giant panda, lesser panda, golden monkey, and so on. There are more than 860 kinds of medicinal herbs, Chuanxiong, Radix-chuan, Wu Mei, Chinese and foreign famous grin and so on. Chengdu rich in tourism resources, Chinese and foreign well-known historical sites. The city's existing 172 human landscape, particularly Temple, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage, the Tomb of Wang Jian, Dujiangyan, the Second Temple, Mount Qingcheng most unique.

There are national key cultural heritage unit in Sichuan Province and 19 units. The world's only giant panda breeding research base. Located in the Jianmenshudao, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Shan, such as the Yangtze River Three Gorges The composition of the Central Sichuan Tourism and the National Tourism Central point of contact, or go to the mainland Tibet's main channel, tourism is very advantageous geographic location.

  Hantaikeju the only giant panda is China's national treasures, was also seen as a symbol of peace and friendship between the peoples of the world and has become the common wealth. 196 , When the World Wildlife Fund to set up, delegates unanimously elected to the image of giant pandas as an international emblem, flag. The giant panda is China's products, mainly in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu provinces, the total number of wild giant pandas less than 1000, of which more than 80% in four Inside, on the outskirts of Chengdu Dujiangyan, Chongzhou, Dayi, Pengzhou have a small number of giant pandas to come and go. In order to strengthen the protection of giant pandas in the wild, the city of Dujiangyan in Chengdu has Longxi-Hongkou National Nature Reserve, the city has a provincial Chong saddle River Giant Panda Nature Reserve, Dayi County, built at the provincial level River Giant Panda Nature Reserve.

.... Chengdu is a very personal characteristics of the city. First of all, in the climate. Chengdu, a climate characterized by a significant number of clouds, bright sunshine duration was short. Folk proverb "Shu-Quan Fei Day" is the gas The description of the characteristics of the image. Chengdu climate Another notable feature of humid air, although summer temperatures are not high, but it appears to be hot; the average winter temperature is 5 degrees, but cloudy day, the air wave, but it is very cold. Second, Chengdu Shu culture is an important birthplace of the founder of Chinese calendar Palace on the first school to do - Shishi school. In the Tang and Song economic development, cultural prosperity period, the well-known poet Li Bai, Du Fu, Liu Yu Li Shangyin such as Chengdu, Chengdu recite a great deal of creative helenahat of poetry, and left many cultural relics.

.... Pleasant climate, far-reaching calendar , Rich products, so that Chengdu has become a quiet, relaxed, full of fun tourist place. As one of China's historical and cultural cities, Chengdu is rich in tourism resources. More than 1,500 years ago Zuo Si Jin Dynasty poet once sincerely called it "both Li and Chong." Whether it is "Shi Xian" Li Bai, or "Shisheng" Fu have been infinitely deep emotion eulogize the unique charm of the city. Indeed, Chengdu is not only a peaceful and prosperous, both the profound cultural heritage, natural environment and beautiful city.

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Western Xia Imperial Tombs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Western Xia Imperial Tombs, also known as the Western Xia Ling, the Western Xia Mausoleum, "Oriental pyramid" that is located in the western suburbs of the city of Yinchuan foot of Helan Mountain, about 35 kilometers away from the urban area, is the Western Xia Dynasty imperial dynasties location of the tomb. Hill 10 km long from north to south, east 4 km wide, inside the distribution of the imperial mausoleum 9 and 140 more than kings and ministers Tomb object, near an area of 50 square kilometers. By the Western Xia Imperial Tombs of the Buddhist architecture, so that Han culture, Buddhism culture, the party of the organic integration of the national culture constitute the mausoleum of China's construction in unique forms.

Western Xia Ling grand scale, thorough, and the layout. Each Mausoleum, the integrity of the independent Construction groups, sit north to south, was vertical rectangle, with the size of the Ming Tombs fairly. Currently available for the visit of "Capital Cities-ho" and "double-ling," two spots.

Then again for the charm, the hill is now set up a sound and light equipment. Whenever night fell, the silence from the shoot on the floor of the yellow light, According to the white hills of Taiwan, the turret, the walls of God, like a myth in the world. Visitors can take carriage from the east into the hill, the cemetery to visit the site to watch the "Western Xia Wang," and so on to introduce the history of the Western Xia laser film.

  Western Xia Imperial Tombs of China's largest existing on the ground remains the most to preserve the integrity of the emperor's mausoleum It is the largest of China's Xixia cultural relics, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is the most important heritage and a history of the most mysterious of the cultural landscape. China's 119 key national scenic spots, the Western Xia Imperial Tombs Scenic Spot is the only one to the emperor's tomb consisting of scenic spots. Due to Bajiubainian to natural and man-made As a result, building on the ground were damaged, but the remaining sites, in particular, 9 Capital Cities hills and Taiwan have proven more than 140 Peizang Mu the orderly staggered, to spread all over scattered in the foothills of the Helan fan, still can see the old glory .

Western Xia Imperial Tombs hill with a total area of more than 50 square kilometers east-west width of 4 5 km, about 10 km north-south, along the Helan Mountain West, east of Yinchuan Plain, low-lying east of the West High, flat open, at an elevation of 1130-1200 m between. Its size and the Ming Tombs Beijing quite. Built in the early hours of every cemetery are underground mausoleum, the tomb, construction and landscaping on the ground, covering all independent About 100,000 square meters, roughly the same shape and layout. As the Western Xia Dynasty and the mainland are closely related, so the overall layout of the plane cemetery, in accordance with China's traditional for the North-South axis, symmetrical pattern of the arrangement, compatible with the shapes of the Mausoleum of the Tang Dynasty and the Song of the basic layout and architectural features, and In the hills of Taiwan, Room, Beiting, the angle of Taiwan, and Western Xia have unique architectural style, created a culture of the Han nationality, the party of ethnic and cultural characteristics of the all-embracing Buddhist culture.

  Capital Cities of the past, according to historical records, from south to north gate of the distribution of trouble, Beiting, on the city and Miyagi, Miyagi, there are hills tower Xianling and Taiwan and so on Building. Taiwan hills to build into a compactor, the seven-story octagonal, layer by layer within close, for each sub-office closed canopy structure of wood and hung Wadang, roof and water animals; compactor outside Taiwan have a brick package, the hills were tower shape Taiwan -Like. Today, the only Taiwan-Rammed earth hills, and Canyuanduanbi rubble.

  Western Xia Dynasty to the 11th century is a Century, the party established by the people of the western part of the local governance of our national power. Wu Jianguo million from a total of 10-Timor, which lasted 190 years until 1227 for the eradication of Mongolia. 9 of the Western Xia Imperial Tombs are moved to Yuling Li Dynasty, King Li Jialing, Wu Jing Zong Li Tailing, Li Yi-liang were Jo An Ling, Li Hui were Xian Ling Chang, Li Chien-shun evil spirit were significantly Ling, Ren Ren-Xiao Li Shou-ling, were Lichun You Zhuang Ling Huan Xiang and Li were safe Kang Ling. Since the Western Xia Li Jing Di Wu Yan Li Modi to proclaim oneself emperor of national subjugation and a total of 10 Tai Chuan, if the increase Jingdizhuizun of their grandfather moved to Li, his father Li Deming, 12, a total of Dili. Western Xia Imperial Tombs, only 9, after three generations of emperors Genghis Khan died out during the Western Xia Dynasty, the tomb could not be made. Cemetery is divided into three regions: Southern, Central and North, the area south of the Jialing and the largest Yuling, commonly known as "dual-ling."

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Yellow Gudu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yinchuan City is located 15 km east of the east coast of the Yellow River, the Yellow River Pentium There, the ancient Great Wall Gu Du Feng, the vast sand dunes, beautiful countryside, there are the famous Shuidonggou Paleolithic sites and newly developed tourist resort Jinshui Western Xia Dynasty and the movie, very fascinating. Today, a flight of the Yellow River Bridge Gu Du shore instead of Ningxia Hedong Airport with its largest neighbor, is the best place to visit.

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I worship Temple Twin Towers - Chinese tourism scenic spots

I worship the twin towers at the Temple city of Yinchuan old city about 50 kilometers northwest of the eastern foot of Helan temple worship in the mouth, they like the twin brother of the two guards on both sides of the Yamaguchi, especially tall and straight. Temple Beit I Helan Mountain is one of the well-known Yamaguchi, Alexander Goushen here, quiet environment, the East side openings, open field of vision. Pass in the flat There are a large construction site on the ground, according to the research, here was the seat of the Western Xia Dynasty Buddha Temple. Mizoguchi built on the twin towers on the north side of the Taiwan temple ruins on the ground. East-West confrontation between the Twin Towers, about 100 meters apart, were eight-Shi Sanceng Zhuanta pavilion. Straight from the plains of the two towers, not the base, a higher floor, usually without decoration, to provide coupons due south gate Access to thick-walled hollow tube-shaped tower snapped.

  East tower of the total of about 39 meters high, the tower was Cone. Corbel towel each tooth edges and corners and Corbel brick canopy constitute the waist, back outside the canopy pick. On the octagonal tower block flat seat, flat seat in the middle for a net-shaped brake blocks, for the "13 days" pagoda in a temple. Above the second floor, each floor in each noodles are affixed with a colorful The two face, side by side around, angry Yuan Zheng, Fangs of the exposed, very powerful. Shoumian Lianzhu mouth painted red. Shoumian between the sun and occasional clouds are painted patterns. Corner tower wall decorations Pearl of colorful flame.

  Four tower of the total of about 36 meters high, the proportion of co-ordination body Tower, East Tower is more than sturdy. On the second floor by more than a few Corbel teeth edges and corners and Corbel brick canopy constitute the waist, piled waist-Block, Wai Yan decorated with circular Therocephalia components. Octagonal tower for the brake blocks, brake Yanxia Block, decorated with painted side-by-side lianpan. Corner decorated with brick power of God, the power of God quite naked belly, Angiopteris hand, Xu-xu as a bull. Rizal seat for "13 days" pagoda in a temple. On the second floor Yan Xia back side are statues and colorful decorative patterns. Center wall at all levels of shallow rectangular home shrines, Kannei a colorful design animals and Babao, on both sides of the niche for Shoumian colorful, with Shoumian I tassels seven series, was down eight-shaped, covered with wall. Shoumian anger on open networks, outside the Fangs bare, the mighty terrible. Tower wall corners are the Pearl of the fire , Cloud up the sun and colorful patterns, these statues and decorative motifs, covered the whole tower. Among the statues, dressed in a robe of the Ocean, there are columns of the old man and stick Yili expression of the healthy are cool. Luo Ying hang of them, the waist line with a long, hand-law enforcement. Some Shenbi, some jumping, free movement, expression varied, Filled with a strong flavor of live cattle and the strong religious color. Only the 12th floor West Tower to the east of shrines in the right upper side, Tangut. In the east the 10th floor of a seat, put forward a complete set of green glass animals. There are shrines built-in the top six-rowed a wooden brake center column of about 30 cm in diameter, a Mexican book column brake Western Xia Notes and the Vatican text. Twin Towers building combines the traditional characteristics of the Central Plains pagoda, but also the arts of painting and sculpture together constitute the two magnificent, colorful art.

  When the twin towers built in, no historical records, Wanli Ming Xiu Fu-ling, "Wanli Shuofang Xinzhi" Juanshou "in the town in Ningxia Road map ", in the worship on the Temple I marked the twin towers. According to the relics found Tasha speculated that the Twin Towers in the early Yuan Dynasty have been a decoration, repair of Tasha, a makeup powder wall, but not the big tower repairs. After the founding of New China, the determination of carbon-14 Twin Towers Kuchiki, experts believe it is in advanced Western Xia built. In 1986, the National Organization on the strength of the twin towers were reinforced repaired Xi Tata Shashi, a hollow sealed dome built-in room stood a group of cultural relics, silver Mongol Empire "towards TB," Yuan "in Toppoly Note ", silk quality" picture painted Buddha "(Thangka)," paper silk flowers, "wood" on music Just like the two-body "," wooden window-dressing "and the copper statue of Buddha, and so on. Twin Towers in 1988 was listed as the second batch of national key cultural unit with wide.

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In the western Chinese movie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xia Xi movie Department of Yinchuan City in the northwest of the open wilderness, there are two ancient castle ruins, which is famous for the ancient city of Fort domestic Town. The castle is a cultural unit in Yinchuan, China is now the seat of the western movie. ??

  Two Castle is the Ming and Qing Dynasties for the defense to the north of Helan Mountain Family invasion Fu (Yinchuan City) and set up military fortress. Fort Town got its name because of this. At the local people called "old fort" and "Newcastle." According to local records records, the old fort for 13 years before Koji Ming (1500), the new fort was built only five years, Qian Long (1740). ??

  Two A North-South, are sitting east of the West. Hillside next to the road on the eastern side of the old fort has been wiped out wind, the only Canqiang rubble as a reminder, the remaining shapes. City 175 meters from east to west, north-south 160 meters wide. Loess through the town to the north, is the site of the old fort Weng Cheng. Further north is the 200-meter Newcastle. Newcastle complete than the city, East and West 170 meters, 150 meters wide north-south, with loess wall by Ben Zhu, more than 10 meters high. Bi You semicircle to the east of Weng Cheng, Shing Mun on the south side of a slope can be boarded wall. 5 meters wide wall, the wall building block there are 1.8 meters high battlement Qiangduo mouth. Four corners of the original city wall built turret, turret-based site faintly visible. ?? Fort Town after centuries of vicissitudes and its powerful, simple style, to become foot of Helan Mountain tourist landscape; and its unique mysterious charm has attracted many well-known Chinese film artists of great interest to be commended for artists "Mysterious treasure." ??

  8 Since the 1990s, from director Xie Jin, Cong Shan, Zhu Shimao starring film "Wrangler" in the shooting success of the Fort Town, won the "Hundred Flowers Award," Wizards film directed by Zhang Yimou and here the film "Red Sorghum", the first film Time to board the "Golden Bear in Berlin," the podium. Gong Li, Jiang Wen also lucky enough to film from this castle Market rise to become a famous movie star. Teng Ji, director of the film "Ballad of the Yellow River", on the mysterious castle charm won international awards - "Gold Montreal." Since then, the famous Chinese writer Zhang created a castle in the western Chinese movie, there have been Xi'an Film Studio and Taiwan co-production of the "five-kui," "five women A rope "; Beijing Film Studio, Hong Kong co-production of" hero Fong Sai Yuk's Youth "," Ashes of Time "; director Xie Jin, Xie Tian, starring Siqingaowa" old dogs "and" wilderness goddess "" Conquerors "and 40 films have been shot in the success of the film sensation at home and abroad. The famous director Huang Jianxin, Actor Wang Yumei, Wang Fuli, Zhou Jing, Zhang and Taiwan Golden Horse Award winner, a must in China's "western movie" location - Fort Town - show-off style. ??

  Town are now two ancient fort, and also to retain the recovery had taken some of the original movie props and the King, for You To watch. Old Fort scenes display a "rumor of the Yellow River," "Tie Jiangying" real movie "Red Sorghum" in the moon gate, wine workshops, nine children (Gong Li played) and nine children home when they get married by the sedan chair, Sheng Alcohol Dagang, a bowl as well as the film "Pluto" in the "Feichao floor." Baonei new soil have room streetscape The film "five-kui," Liu Shenzhaitaiyuan real home, also has a film archive, and so on-screen television services. ??

  "Chinese films from the world." Town castle in the western Chinese movie of the past have already lost to the decline of the castle, has brought new vitality. When you walk in those scenes in film Hang around in the hard truth of the props, as if the dream came to the film world, so fascinated you surprised refreshing.

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Fire Danzhai Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ningxia fire Danzhai "Danxia" Landscape at Xiji County fire inside Danzhai Xiang, planning area of 9795 hectares. Here, "Danxia" focus on the landscape merging distribution of vertical rock joints to retain complete, wall-like mountain steep vertical, cylindrical mountain where they stand, to form a spectacular Danya, the landscape Danfeng, Soil at high altitude is extremely unique.

Danzhai fire landscape in the region has 216 kinds of higher plants, single species, is more just a matter for the Bureau; category up to 104 kinds of vertebrates, including the protection of animals at the national level 2, 7 kinds of secondary protection of animals, the protection of the Sino-Japanese agreement provides for the protection of animals 23, the China-Australia Agreement on the protection of 20 protected animals, the type of plant communities and ecosystem types, with high ecological value. Landscape Area is located in the ancient Silk Road, rich in relics of human culture has always been to Buddhism, Taoism and Islam spread of land. There are caves in the region to Yuntaishan represented by the size of the group of a dozen caves, 12 Porous, Stone Temple Hills, black kiln "Beaconsfield", such as religious Shicheng, a number of historical sites, cultural landscapes rich in the protection and study of great value.

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Yun Wushan Grassland Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guyuan in the county seat 45 kilometers north-east, there is green grass of a mountain, that is, Yun Wushan. Yun Wushan main peak 2128 meters above sea level, mountain base from dolomite, red gravel, soil and soil Hui He and short black clay soil, meadow vegetation growth. In 1982, in Guyuan Yun Wushan County set up an area of 400 Hectares of grassland nature reserves in 1995 were classified as provincial (regional) level nature reserve, which is China's Loess Plateau to establish the first class of grassland nature reserves. There are 51 plants in the region to protect Section 131 is a 182 kinds of animals 40 Section 74 is 80, 14 beneficial insect Section 28, Section 5 spider 7 . Protected areas protected by these objects is the grassland vegetation and its ecosystem, including climate, soil, insects, wild animals and plants, micro-organisms and so on.

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South Huashan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haiyuan county seat is located 7 km south, for the Liupanshan Yu Mo, as a result of the shape of Lotus Hill, Yi Ming Lin Fa Shan, due to the high mountain air cold, rain or snow and the Spring and Autumn Snow said.

Xia Song period, the Huashan mountain and the West are collectively known as Hill days. According to the South Moon Hill, near West Huashan northwest, south-east then north-south mountain, was the East - To the northwest, about 35 km, 25 km wide, with a total area of 950 square kilometers. The average height of 2600 meters, Ma Wan Shan peak 2955 meters above sea level, the highest peak for the Guyuan area. Fertile soil surface, with an average annual rainfall reached 600 mm, cool climate, grass Feng Mao. Hill south of the South have Xianshu Hill ranch, was once the country Jun Machang, and there are now grazing goats and yak. Secondary distribution of natural wood in the hills north-west, Pinnacle range upon range of hills, pleasant scenery. There are trees on the mountain Lingguang Si field. In the central hills, such as the Bridge Songzhi Wufeng shape, so that five-Hill Bridge. Bridge trench five out of five Central Quan, pooled water from the Mountain Gate public.

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Ma Linhai hanging - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Mountain is located in the ditch hang Dong Lu, the western region in Pengyang County, 30 km from the county seat, he is the birthplace of one of the mushrooms.

Here fell across the mountains, ravines China, the towering old trees, pines and cypresses Conglong. Dies gray, green everywhere, like clear water. "Uneven mountain trees, shrubs tied qun Ma. Jimuwengyu sea, Cong enough thorns. "Pengyang County is currently the only natural forest area is the largest county in the state-owned tree farms.

Qing Dynasty, Ma linked to ditch sparsely populated forest region, an area where only a few hundred live there are 8 people over 50 population. At that time, White Birch Nanshan, lush green pines, the northern sea buckthorn, mountain stacked Huai, channel davidiana Tilia clouds, Liu Goudi, Yiyi Creek, immersive, into the Utah wilderness. It is said that there was a different person riding into the ditch, going to be caught, not income, linked to ditch the name Ma, thus obtained.

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Hill Baoziwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill was originally called Baoziwan Guanshan, Jingyuan Xian is located in the southeast corner of the city.

Baoziwan perfume Wo Yu Shan-chuan as a dragon, You Si, a strong defender, standing in the East County, appears to be a magnificent, towering tall and straight. 1958 meters above sea level stood high in the mountains Baoziwan, Jingyuan Xian City panoramic view of the new Chuang Chuang the building, layer upon layer of where they stand, you might see a little perspective, an overlapping peaks, Castle Peak everywhere, Qi Qing Yu Xiu, added to the splendor of the mountain city.

Now the old cerro Baoziwan soil into a brick wall, refined chic of the pavilion by an "dragon head" above the Qiaoba appears to be beautiful. Board " "Gallery, the West can enjoy the scenic spots in the mountain city of Jing source, there is an orchard east, the north is Songtao, South Taolin there, a beautiful scenery. Morning view of sunrise, a red sun rising from the Shanao in glowing rays 10,000, the Mapping Mountains and rivers. Yanbo vast valleys, thin fine mist, when the distance Oldies hidden at a significant, dense smoke condensate may Wanmabenteng, such as rolling waves Weather million, is particularly spectacular.

BU Zi Jing, today has become a source of the places people visit, during holidays, meal after work, people came to visit the mountain city park, very happy.

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Erigeron Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Story Pengyang, there is a towering mountain, tall and straight Junqiao the mountain, stands, and this is Erigeron Hill, commonly known as the Western Hills. Shandong, City Link, the mountain West, muddy mountain city as a whole. Tang Dynasty, Pengyang Baiquan County for the administration and build the city. By the Song Dynasty, the military guard for the needs of the expanding wall, so the formation of the grid . As in the Ming Dynasty, an abandoned building, the city Pengyang repeated incidence Bingxian, organized crime, disasters such as earthquakes, customs dilapidated city, gradually barren depression. Although the town fade, the wall still momentum. As a result of the old temple built in the mountains, also known as the Temple Niangniang Western Hills.

Erigeron Hill, there is still a source of legend. According to legend, the late Qing Dynasty , A person's Hubei Ji Zhao Mazi fung shui master Pengyang passing, with up and down, but see the unique Xishan mountain, with the Lotus Hill East, with the North Aoshan Xiangzhi, the three hills into the meet-and-Ru River Valley eastward to wear. Jin Shan with its ancient city, shaped lamp lights, feng shui is a rare treasure. Then the local people: the Western Hills is the seat hole Erigeron Pengyang the rise and fall of the main vein. If in Lamp Tim oil, according to the wick, light oil into the booth, Pengyang will thrive. When people and not knowing what, "Erigeron Hill," a result of the spread.

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Second Shili Pu Beaconsfield - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guyuan county Southern 20, the silver level on the eastern side of the road, across the river water, lush trees in the elegant environment, according to a towering mountain of a set of traditional Chinese architecture and Islamic architectural style in one of the temple, magnificent, ancient Elegant, dense silence of God, this is the home of the famous Second Shili Pu Guyuan Beaconsfield. Second Gongbei Shi Lipu 16 years since the creation of Emperor Kangxi, as a result of natural or man-made or a number of reasons, have been damaged many times, the expansion of maintenance, were able to reach the scale of today's brilliant. Architectural pattern and style show full of Islamic culture and integrate Chinese traditional culture of strong cohesive force. First, China EC building a combination of cultural atmosphere of the Islamic architectural style. Second, we have fully demonstrated the implication of the Islamic culture painted carving process.

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Dong Yue Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guyuan City from three years away is a towering Songzhi of Dongshan, since the Dongyuetaidi build shrines, on the Hill changed its name to Dong Yue Shan, Guyuan has become a famous culture. According to historical records and old memories, to the end of the Qing Dynasty, there is a "house Jiutai 18, 72 hall," the grand buildings, the smell Northwest.

Jiutai are as follows:

The first: the Mountain Gate II: Main Hall, to the Tibetan Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, Shifosi

Third: Memorial Lu, Taiwan's fourth-Ling Guan: Temple, the Temple

Fifth Taiwan: Medicine Hole-sixth Buddha: Wulong monument

Seventh Taiwan: Taiwan's eighth floor of the Jade Emperor: Dongyuedadi Palace, Palace children and grandchildren

Taiwan IX: Iron Ridge rope

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Luo Ying pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luo Ying Pengyang pagoda is located 60 km north-east city of Frederick Township Village small, high-tower 15 meters, the plane was eight-for-Zhuanta seven-story pavilion. Shen Jian overlooking the pagoda, Bei Yi Gao Shan. East and the famous seven hills, like steamed across the river, seven Hill is unique because of the seven named after the hill. These are Hill Zhuangruo First, natural Tiancheng, Qi Xiu Zhong Ling, from west to east, equidistant lower priority, make people feel good fortune of nature is really uncanny workmanship, and indeed Luo Ying pagoda comparable another unique natural landscape. Ky Son Pagoda, backed each other, the summer sun, in the green hills overlooking the pagoda shiny, seven-qi , Yu Cong Long Tsui.

Luo Ying pagoda in the southern mountains of Ningxia is the only existing ancient tower of a Ming Dynasty, a high historical, scientific and artistic value and was listed as a provincial-level key protection units.

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Sumeru Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yinchuan is located 320 km south of the eastern foot Sumeru, 55 km north Guyuan county. Dig caves in the Northern Wei Dynasty in the late 1400 years ago. During the Tang dynasty here is a large-scale Buddhist temples, has 132 caves have preserved in the distribution of 8 cliff, said "King Wan Temple." Ming Zhengtong to years, Wang Chuo-ji monk-speed letter Yingzong Ci Ming emperor, "a round-ji." Grottoes years, wind and rain erosion, combined with man-made destruction, the earthquake has a more complete imaging of more than 20 caves, mainly in the floor of the Big Buddha, "Gong children and grandchildren," Park-ji, and Peach Blossom Temple with 5 holes, and other scenic areas within. Figures up to the existing 4 , Cave 46, there is also a real person than 40 statues of great respect. Although the cave was the 51st earthquake damage, can still be seen from the room before the main room and around our ears room, a large scale; the main room 26 meters wide, 12 meters into the deep, more than 12 meters high, the statues of up to 7 meters, The main room of the large open square surrounded by Tower niche, a niche for Two Buddha, rectangular, open-bed scene, above 3 sit side by side with the Big Buddha, 6 meters tall, imposing majesty, is the imaging of treasures.

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State of the ancient city of Xi'an - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The original county line west to the sea about 20 kilometers, it is an ancient city sites pop up. This is the history known as the "throat of solid Jing, Gan Liang Jin with the" State of the ancient city of Xi'an. King Song Yong Xi 2002 (985), all day, the area occupied by the Western Xia. In 1042, the Western Xia in the foot of the mountain all day (today Huang Wancun) To build luxury magnificent hall 7, complete with Fuku premises. Yuan Hao and did not move here's held a grand wedding. Since then, whenever the summer season, and Yuan Hao's move did not drink here, play hard. Zhou Cheng Xian today is rubble, city North Qing Ta serious, only seven or eight-foot wall of the slope Man Lung soil, south of the existing situation is better, then we can see around the city of Cheng Hao care of the traces.

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Tang Guan victory - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guan in the Tang Dynasty one of the seven original state, the old, earthquake or Zhen Guan Gate. Jingyuan Xian in the 1.9 kilometer west, the north bank of the perfume, Lund - the source of road the Jinghe through. Jingyuan Xian Jin-young is now a perfume that is Guanzhuang Village. The site was a square, each side 500 meters, covering an area of 250,000 square meters, the East-West 2, East Gate has Wengcheng 49 meters long, 38 meters wide, the city has been cultivated for agricultural land, remnant walls of about 1 meter high. Spread on the ground a large number of pottery of the Tang Dynasty brick, tile cord is also the Han Dynasty, one after another in recent years out of the soil Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasty porcelain and "Kai Yuan Tong Bao" copper coins.

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Lund City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Dexian is located in Mountain City, 5 km west of the Sweetwater River. Open terrain here, "red Tanzania for the soldiers" for the deployment of military history to. 9, the Republic of China in the winter by the earthquake, the city wall and the gatehouse of the total collapse. In 16 years, the conversion to raise funds, the wall 12 meters high, 12.5 meters wide base, Dingkuan 6 meters high wall of 1.5 M , 0.4 m stack, Cheng Hao, 5th Floor, wide, cited a clean, cool water into the trench. East Gate, "Cui Yong," Simon "Feng Deng," South Gate "Green give up," North Gate "Ying-yan." Brick arched openings, two-tower cornices brackets. North is the only remaining wall, the wall 1147 meters. The wall being built in the Ming Dynasty. Seongnam unearthed golden generation "Deshun Guangji Temple buried under the tower of the story rather than remember the "pillar of the steles and 8.

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