Zhou Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan Zhou, also known as the Qinshan, in the southwest side of Luoyang. Xiaoshan west, just east of Luoyang, Loening, Chi Sheng, Yiyang, Xin'an, Luoyang five counties, Wan Yan ups and downs, as long as more than 180 km, 216 above sea level? 93 meters. Luo Fu Shan has in recent weeks Metella Ling, Zhou said the mound for Hill, the Hill-week fine-sounding name. Yamashita Zhou Valley, in order to take weeks . Zhou Shan Luoyang is a brief stop to the throat of the Guanlong.

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R. - Chinese tourism scenic spots

R. XIONGERSHAN originated in the south of the Luanchuan, flows through Songxian, Ikawa, to wear down Yique Luoyang, to the northeast into the Yanshi Waterinfo. A total length of 368 km, the basin area of more than 6100 square kilometers.

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Sivori Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sivori Grottoes is located 40 kilometers due north of the new County Sivori east, the south bank of the Yellow River between the vertical cliff. It back to the Green Mountains, facing the Yellow River. From east to west followed by a four stone reliefs, the two caves. In the grotto between the tower and a number of small shrines. Stone reliefs are pavilion-side tower. One seven-high 200 cm Every level between the large eaves, there are top with rounds of Aquarius. From the bottom, 1-3 on each floor of a carved Buddha, the Buddha, more than three, each one engraved Florence. To support people in the lower right corner stone engraved title-ming, the lower part is the middle of the statues in mind that the right and left and the lower part is dependent persons. Two three-tower, tower Route 7, the fourth five-tower. One of the main cave to cave, 174 cm-wide, 156 cm deep, 150 cm high. Portal to the north, around three sides inside the Cave of low-Bao Tan, all the statues in the Po scene. Zuofo wall is a knot Diezuo sit cross-legged on the square pedestal, 74 cm high, the lower part of the pedestal for the middle of Mount furnace, the two sides of the Lions. Disciples II 60 cm, stand a round pedestal, the Buddha 64 cm high, rosette on a round stand. Left (West) right (east) wall of the two birds with one Oliver II Buddha. Oliver-high 97 cm, 80 cm high-Buddha, stand like a wall in East Foshen light on a small number of Buddha. Kuding for-like dome, carving a Baogai. Baogai Center Flower, 4 Flying around the outside, a Lotus, chemical and biological child, for Oliver, Geshi support. Flying Lotus wearing a crown Bao, Phi fluttering silk, for hands-legs after the song. Choi was flying outside, flowers in the air flow. The outside is lianpan, tassels.
Cave II-95 cm wide, 54 cm deep, high-9 Cm. Wall is the main Buddhist niches under the curtain is Sakyamuni Buddha, sit cross-legged Diezuo end, said China and India. Two disciples on both sides of the four Buddha Shi Wan. And to Ku Ding carved lotus 2. Notes Zuobi carved statues, carved Youbi to support the ranks of people.
  Sivori Cave of the Yellow River is the only middle and lower reaches of the shore of a Northern Wei caves, it found that the grotto for our country Art, a new study has added information to confirm the Northern Wei Dynasty stone Buddha pattern established on the basis of chronology.

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Wang Duo's Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang God Pen Wang Duo hometown area for the state Class AAA tourist attractions, is a key cultural units in Henan Province, Luoyang City, tourism is an important part of the China National Tourism Administration also identified one of the tourist attractions in the country. Wang Duo pen of God House 23 km from the city center, and there is a public highway and the arrival path. 207 crossing the country to the former residence of Wang Duo pen of God, only 4 km; God pen to the west from the former residence of Wang Duo Han Guangwu Mausoleum 2 km, the distance to the west Ma Temple map of negative 1.5 km, from the eastern side of the mu-Dutch Garden 10 km. God pen with the former residence of Wang Duo and the White Horse Temple of the three spots, constitute a scenic tourist zone. By Luoyang City The Government approved a hard line on the north side of the Luoyang tourism.

  Wang Duo (1592-1652 years) Sri Lanka feel the words, stupid, Um, Qiao Song; Do not smoke, Tam, the old gentleman and fisheries; as a result of Luoyang ancestral home of Jin Meng, it is also called the Wang Jin Meng. In his profound knowledge of the painting, unique, Ming and Qing Dynasties is a time when a well-known book ?. Ming and Qing increase Taizishaobao granted, Guanzhi Libushangshu. Jin Meng of their former residence is located in the Old City, former residence of 2646 square meters and occupies an area of 80 acres of garden composed of two parts.
Wang Duo Emperor Wanli in the Ming was born in 20 years here, money donated Taibao, it said, "Taibao House." There are now calligraphy on behalf of Wang Duo Commodities (note to Park Hill) stone, in order to focus on heritage conservation units in Henan Province.

  Wang Duo's former home is located in the town of state will be in the town of the Old City League Village, Henan Province, is a cultural unit, is the largest in the Ming and Qing calligrapher Wang Duo's house. Tianqi Wang Duo 2 years Jinshi, Guan Zhi-Qing Ming Libushangshu plus post Taibao Prince, was built Di. As a result of changes in the history of post-war come together, their former home destroyed in the war, in order to promote the art of calligraphy Wang Duo, display their original handwriting and calligraphy, tablets, and rubbing the Ming and Qing architectural art show, in November 1998 to start, according to the former residence of Wang Duo original repair Reconstruction, one-year End-Jun. After the restoration of the former residence of Wang Duo, the main package House and Home Garden House, covers an area of 180 mu, building area of 5,000 square meters.

Wang Duo Block hometown north to south, south of the Old City streets, is a Shenzhaidayuan House, as a whole for building the Ming and Qing Dynasties, into the deep layer 8. The first row for the Hall of the street, deep into the Miankuo 5 3, tall and majestic. Central House 2, in front of about lions have a home. , Wang Duo, will Mengjin UNITA, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty famous paintings, has became Libushangshu, East Pavilion with a disability University.

"Park Hill to be posted," the Department of Wang Duo, his son, Wang Qing Junji Wujiu in nine years, his father will be part of the book inscribed together, Zhang Yan Jin, Ding tiller to make it travel, which Le Dan Zhang Qing. Complete nine years of work, Junji in 16 years to complete. And another, "Lang Hua Museum paste" and "Dragon Museum paste turtle," and so on, the Ming and Qing Dynasties the altar of the new generation of book Wind in the history of Chinese calligraphy played an important role and impact on the international produced, especially by the Japanese people's favorite . Chong Wang Duo in the first year in the northern Shan Rong contribute to funeral expenses, Lin Jian Yuan Shan Villa Park to Park Hill to set the construction of Qiao Lin Yuan, Tingtailouxie, winding paths and corridors. Plants, compact layout, Jiangxinduju. Wang Duo planted in the park are favorite bamboo, the Indus, plum, Tengluo and so on. He also named himself as a different landscape. Hill to be 000 crown at the time, Zhongzhou be known far and wide, Sheng Jiubu bad reputation.

  Jinyuan La former residence of five, the shapes of the building before the house, the living room, Chudo, after the Church, after the house as the main body, with East and West rooms, each constitute a separate structure into the courtyard, each separately into the courtyard in order to build Qingwa blue, green pillars Chu, Taiwan that the stone Tiaoyan Hill hanging, brackets, five spinal six animals, brick patterns, small carved Bian lattice doors and windows, Guxiangguse, epitomizes the architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Ming and Qing Dynasties from the show's official residence on the overall construction towering, majestic, solemn cultural atmosphere. As the full House for Duo Wang's calligraphy style, "Wang Duo pen of God," "Only Xian Xi "Since 50", "Dazai Enso" axis to regular script, Lishu, Xing Shu, cursive Painting Gallery is divided into to original handwriting, stone, wood, rubbing in the form of a clear visual display of painting and calligraphy art Wang Duo Thinking and practice for people to enjoy the art of calligraphy and painting hung strong and subtle charm.

, Has a long history

  According to historical records, calligrapher, painter, poet, Wang Duo, the word sleep Adams, and feel the words, song, Qiao, Qiao Shi, Chi Um, snow-capped mountains. Wanli next 20 years (in 1592) was born in Luoyang City, Henan Province, Mengjin County, two-Huai Li (now League Mengjin County town of the Old City Village Council). 14-year-old Wang Duo Before school, 16-year-old into the asylum for the aged, 30-year-old move in, two 31-year-old revealed in the examination, into the Academy for the Lam Yuen Shue Kat Sz, Chongzhen 11 years, Ren Li You Shilang Department and Academy Bachelor Shidu, officials say Jing Yan, the official study Level, and so on. Hiromitsu the establishment of the imperial court, the cabinet meeting to Des, the following year (1645) to Qing. Junji clearance for three years to Libushangshu hospital official Hirofumi degree pipe, filling the "History of the Ming Dynasty," vice president. Junji six years, the awarding Li Bu Shi Lang left, filling the text of Emperor Taizong Record, vice president of the same year, Jin less security. Junji nine years (in 1652) passed away native place. Since the construction of the former residence of Wang Duo To date, nearly 400-year history. Area of 180 mu, to build Area of 5,000 square meters.

  Second, the unique character

  Wang Duo pen House of God who changes the history of the war troubles, the serious damage. After the liberation, the People's Government allocated funding to repair, Wang Duo aims to promote the art of calligraphy, calligraphy display their original handwriting, tablets, rubbing and the residence of the Ming and Qing architectural art show .

  Wang Duo pen of God House a unique personality. By the entire House and House House Home Park Arts and then the two major components, embodies the former residence of a "god", a prominent Chicago Park, "Sin".

  For example, former home of "God pen Wang Duo," and "Xi Xian being the best option" as the main line to regular script, Lishu Xing Shu, cursive, Painting Exhibition at a number of rooms. Wang Duo poetry calligraphy and painting his achievements, particularly in calligraphy known. Calligraphy emerged from its body, and the highest achievements in cursive. The cursive style of the second set, Wang, Tong Yan San Kuangcao incorporation of the law, but also to absorb Huang Tingjian, Mi Fu's advantages, since a tree flag, cursive to a new height, the impact of Tan book more than 400 years. Wang Duo cursive Majestic, colorful. Abundant technique of writing to the main center, eight out front. Structure, mean flying, the interjection posture side, near singular position. Wang Duo make the best use of ink, the first "ink up" method. Wang Duo art of qi, qi in the form of work space on the partition. As the ancient Says: "A self-thinning were sparse, close to self-close and personnel can be sparse, airtight." Wang Duo's calligraphy pen line on the severity of the writing of Ji Xu, the lines of right and wrong, even off the stipple, vary the order, the group scattered words, between the lines of honey sparse, and both are careful pains. Perfectly reflects the ancient and high-hung strong aesthetic characteristics, A strong impact and shock force. Wang Duo all times and in all the calligraphy was known as "God pen."

  Three beautiful environment

  God pen for the former residence of Wang Duo five Jinyuan Luo, the shapes of the building before the house, the living room, Chudo, after the Church, after the house as the main body, with East and West and East and West Xiulou rooms. Constitute into each The single node, respectively, are building a brick Qingwa, as a whole to show the residence of the Ming and Qing architectural towering, majestic, solemn cultural atmosphere.

  God pen after the former residence of Wang Duo Garden for the "re-Chi Park." It is a classical garden, the garden of Health as a result of two separate weight 2.7 kg and 5.3 kg of Ganoderma lucidum named after Re-Chi area of 90 acres of park, the lake covers an area of 54 acres. There are trees planted in the park, peach, cedar, pine, bamboo, holly, Chinese rose, peony flowers, winter jasmine, Magnolia, Ligustrum tree, palm, plum, elm, cypress and so on dozens of plants . There Jiuqu Qiao, Heart Lake Island, Friends of the sound booth Reading together, Chunlan Court, the plum garden, a swimming pool, multi-floor, and so on. In addition, there are 54 acres on the eastern side of the pond, "Lotus Pond." Park re-Chi Wang Lian to the layout of the construction of the clean water as the center circle Labyrinth, and the value of the King-ho. Park-wide Huguang Cuise, Dieshi vary, flowers and vegetables help, recline small bridge, north of the gardening compatible with the thick Dignified and South Park Jun-Ya Lin Xiurun long. "Liu Yang low dance floor, banks of Haoyue, peach song to do, the fan breeze at the end of the" reputation of nirvana.

  God pen into the former residence of Wang Duo, not only to watch the construction of the Ming and Qing style and spirit of the poem Wang Duo pen calligraphy and painting but also to watch dozens of beautiful clothes out Costumes, play Wang Duo and their families, men, performance, "Wang Duo Blossom" Highlights of the event. Wang Duo's former home into the back garden again --- Chicago Park, both to watch dozens of colorful clothing of the actor's clothing goddess, cheerful follow the next song, marching light of the steps, "a fairy Xiancha" show, Can sit The stone garden table, watching in the park, "Ganoderma lucidum" and "Avenue", Youziyouwei to enjoy the "fairy" you have to offer "tea cents." Can pass through the thick bamboo forest trail, such as the flat mirror came to the edge of the pond, watching actors performing in the Ming Dynasty's "Water Music and Dance." If you are in the water on the twinning of the various groups of fish Interested, you can sit in the leisure brought to the pond while fishing or boating in the water freely. Former residence of Wang Duo pen God really is a tourism, vacation, fishing, boating, watching the Ming and Qing architectural style and Wang duo calligraphy pen of God, nature and enjoy the scenery a good place. Wang Duo pen of God House is a unique grace and the Shen Yun Connotation of Chinese and foreign tourists flocked to celebrate.

  Fourth, facilitate the traffic

  Wang Duo pen of God House 23 km from the city center, and there is a public highway and the arrival path. 207 from crossing the country to the former residence of Wang Duo pen of God, only 4 km; God Pen Wang Duo Liu Xiu from the west side of the tomb and former residence of 2 km, West Please refer to Ma Temple, from 1.5 kilometers, from the eastern side of the mu-Dutch Garden 10 km. God pen with the former residence of Wang Duo and the White Horse Temple of the three spots, constitute a scenic tourist zone. Luoyang was approved by the Municipal People's Government of a rare travel north of Luoyang line.

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Ansan million - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan-an, also known as Jade Spring Hill or Rock Hill, in the southeast of Luoyang, located in Luoyang, Yanshi, Gong Xian at the junction of three counties. Songshan Zhongyue and distant relative, the risk of deep ravines, majestic spectacle, for the south-east of Luoyang hub. Shan Wei Wendi taste of this when there are hunting a tiger Cheng Yu-chao, Sun has been the thorn Bajian. Col have this high-Ping Ling Wei Ming Di.

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Cave springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cave springs, located in grottoes Dianxiang Kou Yanshi County village of South River on the east coast of Ansan million love setting, sitting East west, the mountain surface water. Cave 6.5 meters deep, 4.8 meters wide, 12 meters high. In the middle of the posterior wall of the cave, Lord Buddha carved 2, is the only one on the north side of the Buddha, about 3 meters high. On both sides of the wall inside the cave carved shrines are about the size of more than 400 Block Kannei statues of the Buddha more than one or two disciples, the Buddha, there are a lot of cross-foot statues of Maitreya; niches carved lintel and the more proximal fly, IM, Lotus, the curtain backdrop, Ying Luo; Buddha under the Diamond Block Book Lions and squatting, lying, and other animals. Hard-carved statues simplicity works directly reflects the characteristics of the Northern Wei Dynasty stone carving art. Cave outside the north wall of the Tang Dynasty have 2002 days (in 713 AD) statues of a niche for a Buddha, two disciples, the Buddha, full face, strong body, for the style of Tang Dynasty art. South Cave outside wall, save a single tablets, engraved with the Department of mountains; of which there are caves on the history of records, writing more erosion has been unclear. The grotto of the Northern Wei Dynasty statues should be Tang and Song Dynasty Buddhist stone carving art.

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Prince Edward Shengxian monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Prince Edward Shengxian monument in the city of Luoyang, about 35 km south-east, this shop Yanshi County Gou Hill Top. Here the original concept of a Shengxian, the exercises had been ceased to exist, leaving only Cibei, 6.70 meters high, 1.55 meters wide and 0.55 meters thick, the first dragon turtle Block 1.3 meters high. Wu San-week calendar year (the year 699 AD) February the fourth Wu went to Luoyang by the Songshan Feng Chan, the return of live-in Gou Sheng Xian Shan, Prince Temple, 1:00 Chujingshengqing written inscriptions, and books for the pro-Dan. Ling described the surface of stone-week promotion cents Prince story, but in reality praise Wu's Spirit Week. Subtle smooth strokes, Italy-China. Top part of a tablet, "Prince Shengxian of the monument," 6 "white flight "Book on, Lu Bai fishes in the number of strokes. Inscription of 33 lines, 66 characters per line, and Xingshu cursive white, close to the chapter cursive scripts. Beiyin inscriptions from top to bottom, and" articles about immortals "miscellaneous poems, such as title, respectively, from Xueji famous calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty, Beijing Zhong Shao hand. Calligraphy lovers all ages as the "Prince Shengxian milestone" for the book Art.

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Shan Shan Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan-Shan Hall, also known as West Hall. Hill is in the Qing Dynasty, Shaanxi provinces in Luoyang businessman living in the land. Located in the south of the old Ma Guan (city) Street. Qing Emperor Kangxi, Yongzhengnianjian, Hill, the two provinces of Shaanxi Jia rich businessmen to raise funds to build large, light and Jiaqing rehabilitation of two 15-year, 25,000 more than the two silver. Zhaobi existing glass, the Mountain Gate, dance , In the main hall, Baidian such as construction and two stone lions right, pass a few stele. Zhaobi of which 12 meters high, 13.2 meters wide, carved from blue brick, glass color Fangzhuan middle of the set into a square 3 wall, carving on its Erlongxizhu, flowers, figures, color, carving a base Exquisite patterns. In the main hall as the center Building, Miankuo 5, into the deep 3, Xie Shan-top cover glass tile, Goulian brackets, unique. The library is now the focus of the provincial heritage conservation unit.

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Mangshan the foot of the Yellow River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yellow River as a golden dragon recline in Luoyang Mangshan Mountain on the north side, rolling east, running bluster, is a natural trench cutting, protect the ancient capital of Luoyang.

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Mangshan Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mangshan Hill, also known as the North Mountain, recline on the north side of Luoyang, Xiaoshan branch. Miangen things more than 190 kilometers, about 250 meters above sea level. Mangshan Hill to the north of Luoyang is a natural barrier, but also militarily strategic. Po Chu-poem: "North Mangshan tomb mound high Saga." Proverb says: "Health Jervois in the dead buried Mangshan North." Hill also Mangshan Ancient Maigu imperial ideals of the premises. Its peak for the Yun-Feng Cui, in this urban area due north, there are the Emperor Tang Xuan Yuan Temple. Mori out ancient trees, green clouds. Zhang national poet of the Tang Dynasty poem: "Habitat City-North Korea did not Jiechou, temporary-Mangshan travel to the north." Deng-Yuan Wang Fu, Ilo second win of Sichuan, the panoramic view; evening, House lights, like stars in the sky. "Mangshan Hill late Vision", known as the "King of the eight Luoyang" (Longmenshan color, Ma Bell Temple, Xiao Yue, Tianjin, Luopu autumn wind, copper camel Muyu, Spring Valley, sunny, late Mangshan Hill Vision, Pingquan Chao Yu) One.

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R. - Chinese tourism scenic spots

, R. luonan originated in Shaanxi's move irrigation Hill, East Bear had ears, running through Henan Lushi, Loening, Yiyang, the Luoyang River to the east of the convergence of Iraq, the North-East by Gong Xian God into the embankment of the Yellow River. A total length of 453 km, the basin has an area of more than 12,000 square kilometers. Luo has a clear head to be learned, not ice cold winter, it is referred to as "Luo Wen." Ancient Waterinfo Haradinaj, Zhu Jian water, increase traffic and therefore it's quite shipping.

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Longmenshan color - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang, Longmen is one of the Eight. The southern suburbs of Luoyang East-West confrontation between the two Shan, the water flow in Iraq, conformal if the door Que, named "Yi Que." Sui and Tang dynasties when the remote south gate of the Imperial Palace, also known as the Dragon. Shanqingshuixiu here to the rich and famous grotto art at home and abroad. Longmen Mountain, also known as the Western Hills, for the essence of caves, there are Zhenzhu Quan, Yuwang pool, and so on Wins. Dongshan, also known as the Fragrant Hills, produced as a result of Ge Hong named after. North of its peak for the pipa, the plane named after the shape of pipa, is the Tang Dynasty poet Po Chu-location of the cemetery. Temple in the Fragrant Hills to the south peak. The majestic stone arch bridge is like Changhong wave lying across the entrance Long, lean on a railing look around and see the picturesque Castle stands on both sides of the river clear North gurgling streams, verdant forests in the mountains, the birds indirectly, Biquan flying, ball-drop. Worldly paradise-like beauty attracts droves of tourists at home and abroad.

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Ling Shansi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingshan Si Temple was originally called al-chung, Baoen Si, Yi Ming Temple in Phoenix. In Luoyang, 40 kilometers southwest of this northern Mountain West Yiyang county, according to the back cliff, facing the River, the North Block of the Southern Dynasties, and the majority of the Chinese Buddhist temple in different directions. Legend has it that buried this week Ling sleep, named for its Shan Mountain, also named Ling Shansi. Temple of the original building Mountain Gate, Qian Dian, Pilu Temple, the main sanctuary, after the Tibetan and floor, side hall in a palace or so, and so on. Mountain Gate is the only, in the permitted (also known as Great Mercy Temple) and the main sanctuary, and so on. Great Mercy Temple, the main sanctuary for all Danyan Xieshan Ding, Liang Fang brackets and retain the Jin Dynasty architectural legacy. Buddha III, the main sanctuary for the clay works of the Ming Dynasty. Behind brick There are embedded on the stone ages Tiyong 28. Before the main sanctuary under a seven-stage pagoda, integrated 17 years on behalf of the Ming (1481). Temple outside Tallinn, East Point, southeast of Phoenix has Stephen. Ling Shansi verdant Cooper, Piaomiao Yunyan, gurgling Artesian Bore Baths, exquisite temples, known since ancient times "is one of the wonders that thousands of light The temple. "

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Spring Valley clear - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Valley Park is a large bureaucracy of the Western Jin Shi Chong's house. The scale of the park, anywhere to build thermal cutting of the Taiwan Chi, Rendezvous Pavilion, blue pond, add radiance to each other, together with Shigeki dies, Kingston Xiuzhu, round pear, peach brilliant, Liu Si wave, flowers Yan Jing, Yu Qiong, as the temple. Luoyang, one of the eight major King, "Spring Valley clear," referring to the Here is the beauty of spring. Valley Park on the site, there are diverse views. However, most people think of Phoenix Mengjin County Township sent to Taiwan in a village southeast of the many shallow valley-shaped bags.

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Royal Abbey - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ikawa into the goal off, in Los Luan Guo Zhaicun the west side of the road, there is a spring water is renowned in the past to the "imperial Abbey." According to the "Luoyang County" as set out in the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan Monastery was built in 10 years (722), as a result of the Department of the Royal temple named after, the goal for one of the 10 monasteries. The original scale of the event, after repeated damage, is the only gal Hall and the West wing. Dian-back Garan according to the south of the Longmen Mountain, the original hall mural, now has more than annihilation. Hard to top-Hill, Qingwa blue, five-six animals ridge. West rooms have been transformed beyond recognition. Dianqian a diameter of one meter more than the ancient brick, has a clear head and shallow water Gan said Wugou.

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Han, Wei Old City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han, Wei in the Old City 15 kilometers east of Luoyang City, Waterinfo the south, north Mangshan Hill. Year 25 years, this capital of the Eastern Han Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu, followed by San Guowei, the Western Jin Dynasty, as are all the Northern Wei Dynasty, which lasted a total of 330 on behalf of 4 years. Mainly as a result of the Eastern Han, Northern Wei dynasties, the Han, Wei said Luoyang Old City. 1962 full To explore ancient, that keep this site residues Dongyuan 3895 meters long, long residual Nishigaki 4290 meters, 3,700 meters long residual Bei Yuan, Yuan for the South Waterinfo Chongjue. Can Yuan on the ground is generally higher than 1-2m, the eastern section of the Beiyuan 5-7 meters above the ground. Rammed earth walls are used to build version of the form. The city was irregular rectangular plane, the surrounding 14 km. The main building in the city has Miyagi, palaces, Yashu, gardens and so on. Is a national key cultural unit.

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Kuan Yin Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kuan Yin Temple is located in Ruyang county more than 10 kilometers southeast of Taiwan, the village of the northern slope of Silla, also known as the Temple under. Ruhe to the north, near the East River Plate studio, according to the South Lantau Peak, the lush green trees, scenic, and quite worth a visit. Kuan Yin Temple sit Southern North, the former after the high-low, according to the construction of the axis are followed by a large Mountain Gate, the high-rise tower, the first big 3 Second Temple, the Temple III (is permitted), the exquisite stone, "three-step air bridge", the symmetrical Xu Ying Ge, Wang Xia Ge Shi Yao and two holes. Kiln for the stone Buddha in the east, the amount of questions "facing the wall why", the "Mo Shan to him by stone, but also to people here," contained in the thought-provoking meditation machine. To the west of the amount of kiln title, "Ze new saint" There is a clear spring out of the kiln, the stone bridge to move around the hospital, Wang Chi soup into things. Cave uplift after a high-profile, there are five big things and Dian Tang rooms. Planting a few rough on the stage of the Ginkgo biloba tree Wai and "twisted bars Lotus Park", visitors can enjoy more than the previous shade. Tang Yin Wang Chi temple there, wash well, such as the heart of King, The water level of wells or both droughts and floods, has always been the same, I can not.

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Ancient Tang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tang Temple is located in the ancient city of Luoyang in the eastern suburbs Tang valve in the village temple, the Longhai railway, Jiaozhitielu, Mr Tong Road at this intersection. Southern North Monastery sit, and Chinese Buddhist temple, "sitting south" in different directions. According to the information recorded in the ancient Tang Fu Temple was originally called to Temple, built in the Tang Dynasty, the original site in the outskirts of this city of Luoyang Township Chan tower of the West Village "Tang Cliff Temple" Department. Ming River flood, Temple will be destroyed. After the flood, villagers will be retained some of the remains of the temple north a few years to rebuild the temple. Temple of the existing Hall of the Mountain Gate, Hall of Guanyin, the White Palace, the legislation permitted, and more than 10 steles side.

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Court Fuchang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuchang Court is located in Yiyang county seat 30 kilometers west of the village of Fuchang. According to the records of the old records, have built Fuchang Sui Dynasty palace. The existing building began in the Ming and Qing Jiaqing 24 years (in 1819) to conduct a comprehensive repair and renovation in recent years and the new one. This Court, sitting south, the Court, yellow, and green glazed tile roof covering, before the Court of buildings which have more than 120 stone-class, Magnificent potential. There are plastic Genei Jin Shen founder, the Court of things on both sides of the cliff on the construction of a Lvzu, Hua Tuo, Laojun, Lu Ban, Manual, Schiff, and so God holes, the first month, wind around 15 cigarettes, the constant sound of chanting . His Excellency, "Yan Tang study," Song for the construction of country music Des. Hall of the original three, for the Qing Juanpeng architecture, and 4 Housing, constitute a small courtyard. On the walls of a few ten ancient tablets, "Yan Tang in mind" for the people of the Northern Song written by Fu Bi, surviving. Court Fuchang of the third lunar month every three days of ancient temples are held in the General Assembly.

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Tomb of Fan Zhongyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fan Zhongyan tomb in this Yichuan County Rural Peng Xu Yingcun both NATO and a half kilometers, according to the North million in Ansan, south of the river song, Jiulongshan the east, Longmenshan Seomang. Cooper inside the cemetery area, a total of more than 520 strains. Before and after the burial of the two sub-domains, with a total area of about 35 acres. Former domain has a brick-paved Qingwa of Mountain Gate, and Shihfang, Weng Shi , Shi Yang, Shima, and other pieces of a few. Fan is also the ancestral hall in the former domain, the side of the hall of famous hanging blue plaque The Scarlet Letter "Road to acting," Guangxu Emperor of the Qing Dynasty for the title. The ancestral hall before a few-tall stone, brick retaining a Beilou, Fanwenzhenggong on both sides of the Shinto monument for the top part of a tablet of the Song clan of the book "Yin praised tablet of" words, the inscription for Li By Ming Chen of the Song Dynasty, the famous man of letters written by Ouyang Xiu, Wang Zhu Shu Fan friend Dan. Fan Zhongyan after the ancestral hall of the tomb, the mother of Ms. Qin Guotai Zhong Yan Zhong Yan, the eldest son of the tomb and the tomb of Mary Help of Christians net. After the front of the field for the second son of Zhong Yan Chun Ren tomb, followed by three sons Chunli, four sons and grandchildren purely tomb tomb. Again after more than 10 meters, and the Tang Shang Shu Pei compliance Tomb. General burial order, after the father before the child even before the Sun. Fan Zhongyan tomb is the tomb of the most, followed by the eldest son, second son and grandchildren at the far post, so-called "child pulling back Sun," is more unique.

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Sin Chong Dukang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

For thousands of years, wine ancestral town of talented people by virtue of Baoquan, the traditional process, so that the wine Dukang continuous development of China's wine culture to create a monument Block, chairman Wan Li and follow the "Dukang village is the birthplace of China kaoliang wine , The cradle of Chinese wine culture, there are many valuable cultural heritage of wine, you want a good increase Protection for the benefit of future generations, "the instructions Dukang brewery site in China completed the construction of the first wine culture destination - Sin Chong Dukang. Dukang cents at village 25 km north of the city, Long Feng Ling Ling and between Yishanbangshui, antique Design and construction of the main corridors for the hospital-style pattern of scattered high and low, the actual contrast, the structure, Type, color-Han, Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Cui's performance marked the history, culture and customs of the era pattern.
  Dukang river cross section Dukang Sin Chong. Dukang at the West Bank and East Coast, 9 and Sang Jian Xian Qiao second bridge will be part of the two things into one, gurgling water under the bridge, Bitou clear, autumn during the summer season Yinhui Can smell a natural wine, from the source to the village of Dukang 300 meters, spewing Baiquan, Qinglie visible, commonly known as "a hundred years", one of the largest-chuen, "Stephen Dukang" water line was Dukang wine Spring, the water for re-calcium sulfate mineral water, containing more than 40 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body, in Stephen Mandarin shrimp color, the two hold two-phase, running back tired, State Councilor Li referred to as "the world is a surprising." Dukang of duck food in the river shrimp, egg orange, and yellow for the double, containing the history of Dukang villagers in the past, "not satisfied eggs tribute grain." East Coast Park is the alcohol in the park's Park, John Tai Sin is the Mountain Gate, Henan Social Sciences Dukang China Wine Culture Research Institute, Chinese Dukang Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Luoyang City of patriotism education bases located here, the environment elegant table fall on the viewing platform on the top of Long Ridge, the board of Taiwan, Sin Chong Dukang all Panoramic landscape, the park alcohol, Qualcomm had brought into sharper focus, in front of the display is a three-meter-square Wine wall, is down an qing Fang Zhong Yan Fu-style Chinese courtyard house wine culture Expo Center, which can be a taste of more than 10,000 kinds of wines, more than 700 kinds of wine, for thousands of years of Chinese culture and Dukang liquor distillery Dukang Glorious history.
  Dukang the West Bank for the construction of the main temple, which is in accordance with the Temple of the Eastern Han Dynasty Dukang Recovery from mold, the symbol of the temple in China has a long history of the ancient wine Dukang Jin Jue, Xiandian drunkenness in Keju drink in the Pat Sin, sitting with a white marble sculpture of well-third of the rice wine Zudu Kang as the ancestral hall, right and left sides of the hall Frescoes by masters of the well-drawn, well that wine on both sides of the ancestral hall for the Bei Lang, a Li Kuchan, Li Keran, Zhang Aiping, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Japan, celebrity friends, such as 64-bit pen Dukang song, praising the village cents calligraphy; the right side of the wine museum Gong, Pavilion & Dragons, the left over wine museum, Fengming Pavilion, on the north side Liu Ling there again, Ruan Ji and Ji Kang, and so happy to live a gifted scholar in the history of Merry scene Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, according to the natural trend Lake got up the building, bathed in the Royal Pavilion Temple and a symbol of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations of friendship forever Cherry Blossom Park, south of the pike have a cross-poem "Why worries, only Dukang" WEI home, wine Zudu Kang tomb, with its large-scale Vegetarian stuffed ancient sculptures, reproduced Dukang year history of the brewery story, realistic image, life, Temple Dukang Zuixian couch for the left side, right side of the Dukang for that year, "there is not food, the Commission Ms Sang air, into a pent-up flavor, has long-air" found in the wine Laotailongzhong secret ancient wine villages.
  Dukang Sin Chong is beautiful, beautiful mixture of high-quality and unique cultural landscape of wine attracts guests around the world, Yu Xian Zhuang Dukang watch The Greatest Places, Culture and Sport, Dukang wine products.

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Metro City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Fort Zhougong Miao, in Luoyang city on the eastern side of the road Ding Ding. 5 performance in Luoyang capital structure and outlook of the ancient capital city as the main content of the history of the building. In September 1989 to build an official museum. Planning to display the exhibition area of about 8000 square meters. Zhou Gongmiao for the Southern District ancient buildings, their display in Langfang on both sides of the axis of Zhou's life matter , Historical relics, charts, the performance of a statue of Zhou east insurgency, a major event such as Luo Yi construction. North and East to display the history of the building of the ancient capital city and capital of 5 (Xia, Shang and Zhou, Han, Wei, Sui and Tang dynasties) model of large-scale open-air display area. Western for the small garden, bridges, kiosks scattered trees, grass blossoms and the United States, Hennessy Majesty Ying. The museum is the financial capital of the ancient architecture, landscape into one of the new museum.

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