Shanghai Grand Theater - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Urban Radio and TV 1.2 billion investment in the construction of the Shanghai Grand Theater, located on the northwest side of the People's Square, the building area of 70,000 square meters, 40 meters high, 2 minutes on the ground floor level, ground floor and 6 at the top of the layer 2. There are 3 Theater Theater, 1800 Main Theater, staged for the ballet, opera and symphony. The main theater stage from In the first stage, 728 square meters, 360 square meters of a post-stage and two side of the stage of 257 square meters, with a translation stage, the take-off and landing, rotation, the orchestra pit lift and electrical equipment, such as setting boom, is Asia's largest, The world's most advanced stage, one. 600 in the theater for chamber music A; 200 small theater for drama, song and dance performances. There are 12 large and small, ranging from rehearsal halls, and various Liangong Fang Jing-rooms, dressing rooms and a ballroom, cultural showroom, Maxim coffee shop, underground garage, and other ancillary facilities. Shanghai Grand Theater from France in the construction industry for a long time known as a big construction Design, his use of the world's most advanced materials, lighting, a new idea is to hand over to the Shanghai People's appreciation of the design. Grand Theater to the structure of simple geometric-shaped fluid style, crown-like white arc-shaped roof to turn Alice into the sky. Above the outdoor theater and classical gardens in the air, the shape of a cornucopia, a symbol of Shanghai to attract the world's cultural arts broad-minded. Shanghai Grand Theater is worthy of a dazzling crystal, the magnificent temple of world-class art. Address: 190 North Road, Huangpu District Huangpi, Tel: 63875480 opening hours :8:30-11: 00; 13:00 16:00 fare: 40 yuan for adults, students 30 yuan, the Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Museum Pass 50

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Shanghai Wild Insect Museum Nature - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Wild Insect Museum is located next to the Oriental Pearl Tower, tourism, beautiful, popular science education as one of the first live insect exhibition hall. Museum for the region: the promenade insects, Butterfly Valley, amphibious reptiles cave area, ecological zones touch, touch-zone waters, tropical rain forest, insects and Sharon science classroom. Here Visitors can watch the vivid and touching many insects can produce their own insect specimens. In short, Four Seasons has created all kinds of changes are thousands of insects, as the season changes, insect museum will also show you a different picture with the charm. There are also often organized by Sharon insects, and insects to the fans To a lot of fun. Address: Pudong New Area and Fung Road 1 Tel: 58405921 opening hours :9:00-17: 00 (weekends extended to 5:30 p.m.) Admission: adults 35 yuan, 20 yuan for children

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Jiangwan sports park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiangwan sports park, located in Shanghai Songhu Road, No. 245, a full range of facilities, the novel large-scale entertainment. Paradise Bay and the whole stadium as one solution, with an area of 25.4 hectares. Amusement park has more than 20 projects. At present, there Among the largest "wave pool circulation" The market can accommodate 4,000 people. From the introduction of Japan's major three-ring block and a joint venture in Shanghai and Hong Kong's 180-degree movie screen ball. Place on a national park in Shanghai, the air force's 4 military aircraft. 2 stands in the air has kind of knowledge, information and pictures, set all times and in all aviation knowledge in a furnace. Park also set up Canteen, fast-food restaurant, guest house, car parks and so on.

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Luchaogang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pacific is located in the West Bank, located in the eastern Chinese coast in the middle of the sea in Nanhui County of convex, and the Yangtze River estuary linked to the North, all of the ocean, coastal vessels will be subject to Luchaogang to enter the Yangtze River. Here deep and calm waters, known as the Cape of Good Hope on the western Pacific. The Luchaogang, transport, trade, tourism, Entertainment production and the development of a comprehensive investment environment has been formed. Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Chinese and foreign businessmen in the competition for this site. Jin Jiang has Luchaogang North Taoyuan, thin and the World Taiwan Hill Village resort in Wonderland; Northeast Grass in the world pool of quality housing; East Village are the Cape of Good Hope; West Park East Asia. Throughout the East coast, will form a wildlife park as "a little"; Luchaogang to mean an extension of 10 km to the north (including the film theme park in the East China Sea, Magnolia Village, Pudong playground shooting, Foster million racetrack and Taoyuan ) To form the "front line"; to center for Luchaogang, direct Tuo Shan, Shengsi, Zhoushan islands such as the formation of tourism, "Circle", will constitute the three Nanhui unique "coil-point" travel pattern, making it Shanghai's "backyard."

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Shanghai Cultural Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

1996 is the construction of large-scale tourist spots. Covers an area of 300 hectares, is located in Qingpu, Shanghai in the east side of Grand View Garden, Dianshan Lake to the east, has become the "nationalization of construction, customs activities, the ecological environment, local food," the distinct characteristics. Cultural Village to display the focus of the 10 ethnic villages and customs, Dai Zhu Lou, the White Pagoda, Myanmar Temple, the "daughter" Mosuo people, Bai carved residential towers as well as Torch Festival of the Yi, Miao Jia Diaojiao Lou, the Wa drum, the Miao Lusheng, Jingpo singing, the Dong's Drum Tower cornices Brackets, Feng Yuqiao, the Mongolian milk tea, and so on, are distributed rich cultural atmosphere. Street of the village with food, the supply of ethnic-style dishes and various types of snacks. Arena also has an integrated, national characteristics, the stage show. Pavaner such as the Dai, Yi on the Daoshan, Jingpo knife dance, Miao was the pole-climbing flowers, as well as the brilliant thriller "cock fighting, horse fighting, fighting the snake," athletic field fighting.

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Soong Ching Ling Mausoleum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

May 15, 1981, the approval of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau member of the Communist Party of China Soong Ching Ling. May 16, the Fifth National People's Congress Standing Committee 18th meeting of the People's Republic of China Soong Ching Ling decided to award the honorary title of Honorary President of the. May 29, 1981, the Soong Ching Ling leukemia as a result of illness In Beijing, died 90 years old. In accordance with her living will, her ashes buried in the cemetery, she des Nations, Shanghai parents on the eastern side of the cemetery, the Soong Ching Ling Ji Jin cemetery. Soong Ching Ling cemetery surrounded by pine and cypress green, quiet and solemn. The white marble statue of Soong Ching Ling standing in a pair of flowers. Cemetery that is behind the statue. The tomb of a Wozhuo Su Jing granite tombstone behind the white marble Tomb of the outer coffin as jade. Middle of the cemetery is the tomb of Soong Ching Ling's parents, Miss Li Yane is on the west side of the tomb. The building now houses the memorial cemetery and the Shanghai children's museum, Ye far and near who come to pay respect to the tomb. Traffic: 48,72,73,113,141,22 , 251,524,709,754,806,808,814,855,909,911,938 Road, Zhongwei line, Xu line. Address: Changning District Song Road 21 Tel: 62783126 opening hours :8:30-17: 00 Tickets: Soong Ching Ling Mausoleum 5 yuan, the Shanghai Museum for children 20 yuan (10 children)

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Shanghai Paradise Film - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There are the old street of Shanghai customs, here are the film behind the scenes ... ... a secret door into the garden is a standard European-style courtyard. Look on both sides of a Western-style building is obviously in all countries, big or lawn and fountain reminiscent of the "Princess Xixi" scene. At the end of the lawn is a Norwegian-style architecture ( It is now Shaanxi South Road, Mission Municipal Committee of the small building), is said to be a year in Shanghai, according to the British beloved daughter's dream of a fairy tale castle built. Miss two tour guides comment on the side of the building of these exotic. Thought that these imports are in the house, but I think you are cloned around Shanghai The building! "Old Song," on the road Fenyang "School of Arts and Crafts" ... ... can not help feeling of Shanghai "Building Exposition des Nations" should not be that belong to the Bund, but on the whole beach. Lao Fang yard was also on display on a video of the plant over the years costumes and exquisite scenes. From the Zhou Xuan, Ruan Lingyu, Shangguan Yunzhu Quiet, Gong Li, can be found in their wax. China still menswear, ladies, uniforms, police uniforms, the cheongsam history, is a miniature of the "Chinese clothing history museum." In the layout of the scene, the "sunrise" Chen Bailu in the bedroom and "a great president," Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the study. Although the film is used in the scene Appliances that can not be vague, like a full set of old mahogany furniture, and the screen is really old gramophone goods, the value of money. Ding Cheng heard the distant sound of the original "Old Nanjing Road" on the tram to open it. At that time the vehicle is clearly not now, but also in the same vehicle at a Jan. 23, and so on. Fortunately, Got on a vehicle is in, just sit! Sitting in the tram, see Nanjing is the case on behalf of four decades on the road - Wing On Company (now the Union Building), the Sincere Company (now the fashion company) and this new company veteran of the three major department stores in Shanghai and neighboring Home, "Shen Da snack shop" and "Lotte a tea house," standing opposite. A Hongtoushan a temporary name: "San Nanhuo shop", "Miss Tan Kam-kwong class", "Lun Yu Tai silk Council," Public Telephone (telephone booth), you may still have the intoxicating smell of the fishes of the film wine ? Under the car, gone through a "Xujiahui Catholic Church", after a similar Waibaidu Bridge "Zhejiang Road Bridge" On the go with the stream to an old post office, it was written in the "Valley is a national treasure", "Hunger breeds discontent", "Maochangmixing" too. 10:30 and 14:00 every day, there will be two film performances staged here. Ma Yongzhen due to return to the famous story of "a Lotte tea house" at the entrance, fruit Found on the road has set up a cushion, it appears that a fight is the inevitable. A host of fat from the audience of invited guest friendship of the two up. Although they were forced in full view of the mat in a veteran back, but this has been wearing a robe and play a small role in the field. To show Wu Mainly. With the pre-recorded background sound of fighting, martial arts stunts performed by actors in the film will not be any "Chu Jian in the streets", both fists attack, or add a sword that did not meet people. Movies common to fly a boxing opponent's weapons, is in fact the "opponent" with a throw The. The most that can blow each kick boxing has a good background can be recorded with the sound of Sisirukou, not the least bit bad sound "like a really like." No wonder Uncle Chan can be easily settled foreigners, or value-biao it! If you want to in the new century held a special wedding, here is the first choice -- The church before the carriage could be left both Qian Ying; age 30, Nanjing Road, tram, you can mark down the honeymoon - a group of both traditional and trendy wedding photography classic, is in the "shadow of luxury House, "not exclusive. Transportation: Shanghai Stadium every day by 8:40 green tourism Go back to 1330, including round-trip tickets, tickets are 55 yuan. In addition, the Western Bus Station in Shanghai, Jinjiang Park subway station to the Jinshan direction of the car to the outskirts of the bus station next to pier. Self-driving routes: the urban area - Shanghai Min Viaduct - Humin Lu - North Bridge - North Pine Road (State Road 320) : 57601627 opening hours :8:00-17: 00 tickets: 50

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Riverside Avenue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Riverside Avenue has adopted a three-dimensional level design, covered with flowers and green grass at the top of the slope, one can stand in for larger platform Puxi list of the Bund bearing of extraordinary beauty. Riverside Avenue in the rich world are, by the old pier into the unique taste Marina, Pier erect a giant eye-catching And the construction of a number of cable anchor pile. From 100 in the first months composed of a huge water fountain pool installed lantern in the darkness Taifangguangcai. Riverside Avenue is a set of flood prevention wall, Riverside Avenue, water platform, music fountain, Marina, known as Pudong in one of the "New Bund." Tel: 58875487 The opening hours :8:00-23: 00 Tickets: Free

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Maglev train - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sea magnetic levitation train line west of Shanghai Metro Line 2 of the Longyang Road Station, east to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, maxicabs a total length of 29.863 km. Sino-German co-operation between the two countries by the developed world first magnetic levitation transportation line on March 1, 2001 in the Pudong dug under the first shovel, December 31, 2002 line test Bank, Jan 4, 2003 officially began commercial operations. Is the world's first commercial maglev line operation.


  This included the world's coolest train, with the front compartment of 27.196 meters long, 3.7 meters wide. Compartment in the middle of 24.768 meters long, 14 Within 10 minutes at Shanghai's Pudong Airport and back and forth between the fight. One place, you will experience the plane to "land aircraft" brought about by the strange feelings.
  Maglev trains - 21 century ideal means of transport. The maglev train principle is not difficult. It is a magnet for the use of "same-sex repulsion, the differences PHASE ", so that the magnet has the ability to resist gravity, that is," magnetic suspension. "

  Scientists will be "magnetic suspension" of this principle in the use of rail transport system, so completely out of the train tracks suspended and moving to become "round" train, up to several hundred kilometers per hour. This The so-called "maglev train", also known as the "magnetic cushion vehicles."
  From my 70s to start the development of the maglev train, the first principle like magnetically levitated small car in the spring of 1989, "floating" up. In May 1995, China's first manned maglev train over the tracks in the smooth running To come. This magnetic levitation magnetic levitation train conductor 3.36 meters, 3 meters wide, 2 m gauge can take 20 people, the design speed of 500 km.

  At present, as the fastest means of transport on the ground, the maglev train technology has indeed other ground transport technology unmatched advantages:
The first It overcomes the traditional round of the railway track to increase the speed of the main obstacles to the development of broad prospects. The first round of the railway track in the 1825, after 140 years, its operating speed before breaking 200 km /hour from 200 km /h to 300 km /h and spent nearly 30 years, although the technical And also improve the development and continue to improve the speed of the room has not, but very difficult. Should also be noted that the round of the railway track to increase the speed of the price is very high, 300 km /h high-speed railway construction cost of more than 200 km /h quasi-high-speed railway nearly twice as high, more than 120 km /hour general railway Three to eight times and continue to improve the speed of its cost will also rise sharply. Compared with the world's first magnetic levitation train is a small model in 1969 in Germany appears that Japan is in 1972 to create the. May be just 10 years after 1979, the maglev train technology to create a 517 km /h Speed record. At present, technology has matured, access to 500 km /h practical operation of the construction phase.

Second, high-speed magnetic levitation train, the maglev often lead up to 400-500 km /h, superconducting magnetic levitation up to 500-600 km /hr. For Yun, the speed of the main purpose of shortening the travel time for passengers, the speed with the requirements of the travel distance is closely related to the length. A variety of means of transport in accordance with its own speed, safety, comfort and economic characteristics in different travel distance play the role of the backbone. The experts on a variety of transportation With the total travel time and travel distance analysis showed that based on the total travel time, 300 km /h round of high-speed rail travel in the aircraft compared to less than 700 km away when superior. And 500 km /h high-speed magnetic levitation, the superior aircraft than the travel distance to reach more than 1,500 km Thirdly, low-power magnetic levitation train, according to the study of Japan and the actual results, with 500 km /per hour, per seat-kilometer maglev train the energy of the aircraft was only 1 /3. According to the German pilot, when TR maglev train reached 400 kilometers per hour, every seat kilometers to the With a speed of 300 km of high-speed wheel-rail train flat; and when the magnetic levitation train is also down to 300 km per hour, it's comparable energy consumption per seat-kilometer railway track low round of 33%.

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Three Pakistani shrine - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Three Pakistani shrine," a King, including the Ruins of St. Paul and Fort composition of the scenic area. Ruins of St. Paul this is the Ruins of St. Paul's Church (formerly St. Paul's Church). In January 1835 to 26 by dusk the fire burned the left anterior wall of stone, about to be completed in 1637, has 350 years of history, is far The largest of the oldest stone building of the Catholic Church. Jesuit priest from design, unique shapes, architectural features blend East and West, Macao has become a symbol of the city, and tourists.

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University of Macau - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Letter from the University of Macau Bridge, not far from Australia, the University of Macau is Macau's highest institution, with literature, business administration, language, law, engineering, such as teachers and curriculum, students are mostly local. It's very beautiful environment of higher learning, is a good place to learn.
University of Macau is South Asian celebrities such as start-up funding, on March 28, 1981 held its inauguration ceremony. East Asia, formerly known private universities, in September 1988 to 1991, to the public, trusteeship by the Macao Foundation, in September 1991, officially renamed the University of Macau, 25 professional schools.
  Macau Grand The birth can be traced back to March 1981. When Ricci Island West Limited by the Macao government leased land, the founder of Macao's first university - the private University of East Asia, which is the predecessor of the University of Macau. The creation of the University of East Asia, Macau marks the modern higher education ??.
  The establishment of the University of East Asia in the early years, most of the students are from Hong Kong. Later, in line with the Macau handover of political power in the transitional period of human resources needs, Macao Foundation in 1988 to buy and restructure the University of East Asia, the establishment of Arts, Business Administration, Social and Human Sciences College and the College of Science and Technology Three-year course will be changed to a four-year; subsequently, the establishment of the Faculty of Law and Education. English is still the main medium of instruction.
In 1991 a new constitution University, the University of East Asia officially changed its name to the public University of Macau and Macau in order to cultivate talent for the goal. University reorganization, the sharp increase in the number of students from Hundreds of people at the beginning of its current five thousand people, and Macao for local students from the school when the proportion of share of 39% to 90% of the current. After 20 years of change, of the University of Macau has a sound Education system, there is the Faculty of Business Administration, Social and Human Sciences College, College of Science and Technology, Law , The Institute of Education, the Center for matriculation courses and extracurricular courses and special programs center. The award bachelor, master or doctorate degrees and higher specialist. University of Macau has a more than 350 teachers, have a wealth of teaching and professional experience, some graduated from Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan Britain's famous university. They worked in various international seminars and international academic journals have published papers on hundreds of articles, research results have been three patents. At present, the Macao University has been involved in and completed by the China National Natural Science Foundation-funded 10 research projects, the European Union and the Organization of Eureka four research and development Head.
Macau University campus, about a thousand computers and more than a powerful computing capability of the Department of workstations and servers, and the establishment of the Macao region, the largest wireless campus network. More than 40 schools as a result of the laboratory needs to set up courses to meet teaching and research. University of Macau International Library North Korea is determined to electronic Development of the area, although only the existing collection of more than 180,000, but the electronic information is constantly increasing. South East Asia Library has information on reserves up to international organizations documentation center.
University of Macau is a member of various international organizations, universities, such as the International Association of Universities, International Association of University Presidents, such as the Association of Universities in the Asia-Pacific And in 1991 began an international exchange with China at present, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and the United States more than 20 countries and regions by more than 90 universities signed an academic cooperation agreement or exchange students each year and over one hundred foreign exchange born Australasia students. In addition to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other places outside the entrance, Australasia from 200 Year in mainland China in 14 provinces and cities to carry out the work of students.
University of Macau as a pioneer of higher education in Macao, Macao that provide high-quality higher education as the goal. In response to the requirements of social development in the future, Australia and expansion of the general teaching building, laboratories, offices, research centers, student activity center Quarters, and set the pace with social development programs.
University of Macau both teaching and scientific research will continue toward the goal of the two, and fully prepared to meet all challenges, so that the University of Macau has become an important in the region with world-class institutions of higher learning.
  School covers an area of 10 Square meters, including more than 000 new school buildings and teachers quarters. 5-storey teaching building (also known as Lou Dafeng) is the core of the University; four-storey library, an area of 630 square meters, adequate equipment; 14-storey hostel, covers an area of 334 square meters, equipped boarding . Also build a cultural center, meeting Heart, sports equipment and so on.
  University of Macau-based undergraduate college (three-year university boarding), Pre-School (second, three-year preparatory boarding), the Institute of Technology (two three-year higher certificate) and the Institute of Macao. Studies and public college in the University of Macao. University of Macau as the medium of instruction Made, mainly in English, a combination of Chinese and Portuguese. About a year tuition, and 30,000 patacas. 1996 University of Macau opened its first Chinese Master of the door, putting an end to ethnic Chinese account for the vast majority of Macao's not set up a local Master of Chinese history.
  University of Macau from 1991 to 1998 Trained a 2128 graduate, Bachelor of 2043, 84 master's degree and a doctorate.
Cultural Center (including a theater and an exhibition hall):
Multi-function theater can accommodate 760 people, a central control system, lighting and sound system, can be used to conduct seminars, table And various cultural activities.
Multi-functional exhibition hall with an area of about 413 square meters, the combined on-site set up exhibition boards, single-seat chair and Taiwan, the public address system, suitable for holding exhibitions, seminars, or 230 people at the same time of the examination.
Ho Yin Convention Center (including the four semi-circular theater classroom :

- HG05 & HG06, each of which can accommodate 192 people.

- HG03 & HG04, each of which can accommodate 94 people.

- To seat all the layered arrangement is suitable for group meetings and award .

Australasia international libraries (including the Lecture Hall of STDM, multi-functional exhibition hall and the Lecture Hall II):

STDM Lecture Hall can accommodate 145 people, the allocation of central control audio-visual systems, simultaneous interpretation system and LCD projector. Suitable for a wide range of The seminar.

- Multi-functional exhibition hall with an area of about 233 square meters, equipped with audio-visual central control system and simultaneous interpretation system. Can be used for holding exhibitions and various cultural activities.

- Lecture Hall II with a capacity of 85 people, allocation of central control audio-visual system , And simultaneous interpretation system and LCD projector. Suitable for seminars.

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Macao Sports - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jockey Club is located in the vicinity, which can accommodate 15,000 spectators, with real grass soccer field, all-weather running track, long jump and speed training ground and so on-the-art facilities. This stadium for the hosting of international and regional sports venues, and a number of pop concerts are also held here.

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