Cyatheaceae Kingdom - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cyatheaceae on Earth today is not much to preserve the pre-ice plants, scientific research, known as "living fossils." Cyatheaceae Chishui National Nature Reserve, scientists have been referred to as "Cyatheaceae haven", which is China's first state-level nature reserve Cyatheaceae location, located in the town in the territory of the gourd Chishui City Shagou gold. Kim Cyatheaceae to ditch its ecological environment protection as the main target. On a high mountain where a deep valley, the weight stack Luan peaks and maintained a relatively good ecological environment of the original.

  Cyatheaceae, also known as tree fern, is the origin of an ancient glacier before the relict plant. As early as 8 years ago, about 100,000,000 million years ago during the Mesozoic Jurassic very Mao. It dinosaur with the Health and co-prosperity and become the biosphere on Earth in ancient times an important symbol. After the invasion of Quaternary glaciers, Cyatheaceae only in some low-latitude appropriate to the ecological environment and the proliferation of remnants have been identified as the national level to protect rare and endangered plants.

  Kim's Shagou Cyatheaceae, the number of multi - More than 40,000 trees, the concentration of population distribution, good growth, the typical structure, various types to a beautiful tree scene in quite vigorous disturbance reputation at home and abroad. Two-line Health and Cyatheaceae, the backbone of double-cross, such as trigeminal singular Cyatheaceae plant can be seen everywhere. By the scientific community as "the Kingdom of Cyatheaceae."
Cyatheaceae tall plants, plant height generally 3 5 meters, the highest close to 10 meters. General non-trunk branches, leaves of Health, such as the shape Jusan, Zhuangruo canopy, beautiful trees, evergreen Four Seasons, enjoy the "King of the fern" in the world.

  The number of Cyatheaceae as many as 4 million trees, the concentration of population distribution, good growth, the typical structure, various types to Scene in beautiful shape, tall and straight and vigorous reputation at home and abroad. Two-line Health and Cyatheaceae, the backbone of double-cross, such as trigeminal singular Cyatheaceae plant can be seen everywhere, the scientific community as "the Kingdom of Cyatheaceae." On a high mountain where a deep valley, the weight stack Luan peaks and maintained a relatively good ecological environment of the original. Cyatheaceae volume reached 4 million more trees, the structure of a typical Various types, the beautiful tree.

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Loushanguan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Loushanguan also known as Lou Guan, Kwan Tai Ping, Lou is a main peak of the mountain range, altitude 1576 m, 50 km north of the city of Zunyi, in Zunyi, Tung at the junction of the two counties. Prachuab south, south outlined the Guizhou-Guangxi, Guizhou for the throat, the military is vital importance.

Loushanguan close Shiqianfeng Ren million, the cliff-stack re-feng, No wall-li, like ax Ji, into the sky, Sichuan-Guizhou and circled over the road. According to the "next chronicle the history of ins and outs" contained, Wanli, Zong Bing and Liu Chao-Tung Yang Tusi, had broadcast this battle. Xianyao the first person Guizhou, known as "Kazuo when Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo", said.
Zunyi City from safflower Kong along the road north, Sichuan and Guizhou Zunyi County, Panchiao Whitehead mouth, deep into the canyon, the bottom-line Bay, and circled, that is, up to Loushanguan, 1400 meters above sea level, on both sides of the great Lou Hill (commonly known as Sun Zi Shan), is the main peak Lou Shan mountain range, near the South Two points for the small mountain Lou Hill, for hanging lights on the eastern side of mountain, stone Loushanguan remain here. Loushanguan odd dangerous terrain, Sichuan-Guizhou was an important pass, the military is also vital importance. According to the "side Meanwhile Minutes" has been set, Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, broadcast, Tusi in the Long Hai Yang Ying-store massive construction projects to build Ying Pun, and the Ming Dynasty rival, Loushanguan row in the grid digging, the construction of 13 wood clearance, so that the torsion Miao Jun Shou-squat. Wanli next 21 years (1593 AD) in February, the Secretary-Ming Wang Chao Tingpai all officers and men of John Shuaibingjinchao, Yang Ying-long military defeat, Loushanguan blood. Wanli next 28 years (1600 AD), Ming-bing MA court gathering in the provinces 240,000, Jin Chao eight hours. Liu Shu will be key to the re-Lvbing , By way of Qijiang, 9-breaking attack Lou Hill, "bypass roads from climbing into the settlement gate destroyed," Zhu Lei occupied high ground Loushanguan camp to "look over",

"Buffalo's attack opposite." Liu Ting and Yang Ying-long Department of soldiers fighting around the two sides suffered heavy casualties, Yang finally ended in defeat to Long, Loushanguan "Customs Pacific." Junji four-ching (Year 1647), Lee Ting-kuo, Sun is expected to be led by farmers Army ( "Army Onishi"), the Qijiang Loushanguan attack, defeated Shou Guan Qing, swept across the Southwest. Qing Xianfeng 2004 (1854 AD) in August, Tung YANG Long-hee (Yang), and Zunyi, Dasi ( Hill basin town) Yijun Yi Qi Shu-ju with the tailor, occupied Tung county, south Loushanguan capture, and then beat Nancy Kwan of the Qing Dynasty and the winners Fu Qiang Zhu Zhi Fu Zunyi has armed the militia, Zhidao Zunyi City, Taishan in the mine camp, Shaking Guizhou. Ching the first year of Tongzhi (Year 1862), Yi Wang Shi Dakai of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of belonging According to the Ministry of Canton, for the support of all ethnic groups in Guizhou peasant uprising, from north to south Loushanguan win, the United Southwest, yellow, white, a common military struggle, skelter.

Loushanguan go down in history of the National People's yearning to become a revolutionary resort, or in October 1934 started??????25,000 After the Long March. Early in January 1935, the Central Red Army of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Wang Jiaxiang, and Zhang, led by Comrade Zhu De, and so on, from south to north Fensan Lu breakthrough in the Wujiang River, into the city of Zunyi. Red Army Corps of the Central Military Commission ordered a regiment of Zhuijianqianjun Hou Tam, Loushanguan take, Tung occupation of the county seat. Red Army Kwan, the enemy has occupied a comeback Loushanguan. January 9, the Red Army seized the crossing, and seized a large number of materials, hundreds of enemy prisoners. January 10, the Red Army Fenliang Lu Zhuijian enemy, the troops rushed to the Tung, Joseph and confrontation in order to ensure a smooth Zunyi Meeting held to create favorable conditions. January 15, Compliance Mao Zedong established the meeting in the Red Army and Party leadership. In order to shake off the enemy's getting pounded, Fen Sanlu the north of the Red Army. January 29, the Red Army in Tucheng Xikou muddy and thick Chishui million a ferry crossing the Chishui River into southern Sichuan. February 10, North Central Military Commission decided to give up plans to cross the Yangtze River, East Huige . February 19, avant-garde force in the Second Beach Jiro Watanabe Chishui, then captured the county seat Tung. February 25 morning, three Legion Legion Peng Chang, Yang, political commissar of the command-and third take Loushanguan Legion, the Red Army made the first time since the big victory for the Zunyi opened a prelude to the battle. February 26 In the afternoon, after Mao Zedong Loushanguan stay, and then write through the immortal words of the chapter, "Yiqin E? Loushanguan. " In commemoration of the Zunyi Meeting and the Long March??????this great history of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Party Committee decided to stone tablets, the monument is 25 meters wide, 13.55 meters high, with 396 marble inlay into Yunnan Face, Mao Zedong inscribed "Yiqin E? Loushanguan "original handwriting:
"Strong westerly winds, the sky is called Yan Chenyue cream.
Chenyue cream, and broken hoof beat, trumpet pharynx.
Xiong Guan Road as the Iron Man, now moving more from scratch.
More from scratch, such as sea-shan, the Sun, such as blood. " Tie gold Chinese characters, dazzling. Today, Venezuela is not only the people's customs Hill tour of the resort, is to accept the traditional revolutionary education establishments.

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Tian Ya scenic bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianchi is located in scenic bridge Ya Ma Chichiawan Zunyi County, 12 km from the town center, "Lake County's" reputation. In the past, here is the Official visit of the gentry, also known as the "paddy fields." Lakes area of 640 acres, 5 km circumference, the sub-Wai mountains, the mountains have a lake, mountain lake.

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Zhuhai Chishui Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhuhai Chishui National Forest Park, located in Guizhou Province for more than four kilometers east Chishui City, Akagiri flanking the road. To the vast park, "Zhu Hai," the main scenery. Park has 170,000 acres of bamboo, the mountains around the mountains, the park board "view of the sea floor," lean on a railing with a little perspective, the endless vast green of the original, Shop Hill covered ridge. Mountain breeze, Zhu Tao off, the blue waves ripple, it is refreshing. Body into the forest, such as the green into the ocean, blue waves everywhere over Tsui, bamboo rolling waves, heart, the elegant, cool, verdant landscape, people thrilled. There are in the region, "gong-day", "waterfall" and the "Eight Immortals Tree" and "husband and wife trees" from the peculiar Landscape endless fun for visitors to add, in order to give people better access to the return to nature.

  Zhuhai National Forest Park covers an area of 10,666 hectares, with sub-paragraph 3 King, the center spot for the wild bamboo Ping tourism and leisure areas. It is punishable by a beautiful Zhuhai, the group falls, forests, wildlife and Danxia Constitute a comprehensive view of the beauty show, it is summer leisure, vacation, resort ideal for convalescence, but also splash-ink brush seekers can explore the natural Kai King. Zhi Gaodian park in the "View of the sea floor." View of the sea floor, a total of 6 floors, 26 meters high, is a unique style, with appropriate scenery Zhuhai buildings. When Deng Lou view Layer upon layer, the vast expanse of Zhu Yun panoramic view.

  Feng Fu Shan, immediately Bibo 10,000 ares, such as spring rolls, like spray somersault, could not help but feel an upsurge of ups and downs, excited; Looking around again, Toyama near the Green Ridge layers of clouds and wind around the wind, Huang Ruo Shuitianyise of a Marine, elegant , Fresh, clean , Feel the breeze with clouds of fluctuations in the mountain breeze, as if a layer of gauze between the green mountains and downs, peaks when the green so that when they are hidden, beautiful, is thrilled. Every summer, the other leaves are on the verge of death, but bamboo leaves whirling, Fan Ye Mao trees, verdant Razor Hill, the shape does not change color, moving everywhere. This Into a forest, there will be an immediate need for carving natural pink picture; eyes looking only want to drop the Green Jade, overflowing fragrance; stone along the road through the vast Yuen, Lin Shen Ye Mao everywhere, Can not see the surrounding scenery, look no blue sky above, but see the sun continuously through the densely slit bamboo leaves from the Inter radio, as many Bright gold, dazzling, Ambilight, is dazzling, the wrong place as a holy temple, Zhang did not co-mouth for a long time, the fear awakened by the sweet fairy dream, so interest rates can not help Bingzhu Qi, walk softly, quietly To appreciate.

  Zhuhai National Forest Park have more than 40 kinds of bamboo are 12 and A bamboo pole variants of the millions of various types of bamboo. Chishui people too uncomfortable, said Qing these bamboo species name, they referred to as Taierhuazhi bamboo and "miscellaneous bamboo." Bamboo, also known as Mao bamboo, bamboo Oxytropis, Mengfu bamboo, bamboo scientific name. Because of Dilute bamboo, wall thickness, the degree of taper small, fine texture, use a wide, has long been famous, Loved by people.

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Site of the Zunyi Meeting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zunyi, Guizhou is the center of the north line of travel, the State Council in 1982 is the first batch of 24 released by the National historical and cultural city, one. It's a long history of the Tang Dynasty, said that the Zunyi County, the Southern Song Dynasty, when the broadcast moved to this legacy, and the construction of wall.

Well-known site of the Zunyi Meeting is located in the city of Zunyi safflower Red Zone Road 80. In January 1935, reached the??????Zunyi, the Communist Party of China held here in the world-famous Zunyi Meeting, so that the pull of the Chinese revolution, on the right of the fairway. After the liberation of the country to repair the site of the Zunyi Meeting, the Long March of Mao Zedong in Zunyi resident, the Red Army martyrs Loushanguan Park and attractions such as the Memorial.

July 1, 1957, "the Zunyi Meeting Memorial Hall," the official opening to the outside world. The main entrance of the "site of the Zunyi Meeting," reads as Mao Zedong's hand-written in 1964.
  Qian Jun was the second division here Bohui division of the chapter's official residence. Red Army's occupation of Zunyi Become the headquarters of the Red Army. In January 1935, the Chinese Red Army on the one hand, farmers of the Red Army (the Central Red Army) natural barrier breakthrough in the Wujiang River, occupied by the Zunyi of Guizhou. In Zunyi CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held an enlarged meeting. Mao Zedong's meeting re-affirmed the military line, the reorganization of the central leading body, established by Mao Zedong Zhou Enlai, Wang Jiaxiang three-person team of military command, Zhang was elected General Secretary, presided over the day-to-day work. Zunyi Meeting began with Mao Zedong, led by the new leadership of the CPC Central Committee, which saved the Red Army, to save the party.

  Then an enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the buildings in the main living room Upstairs held that year by indoor meeting rooms for the original layout. Middle of the room stood a large dark red rectangle Muzhuo, circle them around the table, chair, table placed under a charcoal fire octagonal-shaped basin. Middle of the ceiling, hanging round a porcelain mask of "kerosene" light. Wooden Frame Dongbi hung a mirror of the self - 10 minutes and two cabinets; Liangbi is a row of bright windows. "Zunyi Conference auxiliary showroom," next to the site of the Zunyi Meeting, here was the former site of the Red Army General Political Department.

  On display are 200 pieces of exhibits, in January 1935 during the Zunyi Meeting, "Red Star" of Zunyi County The Committee ordered the establishment of the grand occasion of the report, there are after the founding of the party and state leaders visited the site of the Zunyi Meeting of photos and inscriptions.

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Zunyi tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zunyi City, Guizhou Province is located in the north, a Hunan-Guizhou Plateau to the Sichuan Basin hilly areas east slope of the transition to the northern section, in the provincial capital of Guiyang City and Chongqing Municipality, and Sichuan, which borders the north-west, back to the north of the city of Chongqing, Guiyang in the face to the south . Guizhou is the second largest city, Guizhou is also a line north of the tourist center of the State Council Released by the batch of 24 national historical and cultural city is one.

  Zunyi has a long history, culture goes back to ancient times, modern, well-known to the Zunyi Meeting, which laid the Chinese revolution in the history of the important position.

  Zunyi beautiful mountains and rivers, the unique scenery, especially in the mountains Lin, as the major holes features. There is a state-level scenic spots and four provincial-level scenic spots and cultural relics Department nearly 1,000 points. If known as the "Southwest art treasure-house of ancient sculpture," Can the tomb of Yang, known as "biological living fossil" Cyatheaceae state-level nature reserves, "another wonders of China," Shi Zhang Chishui hole Falls , Is really all there is nirvana, a step-by-step attractions.

  Zunyi Meeting site of the country's key cultural unit, the brick of this building, Chinese and western walls of the two-storey building, built in the 1930s at the beginning of the twentieth century, is second to none in the city of Zunyi was magnificent. Mao Zedong's hand-written "will Zunyi Site of the "six Chinese characters carved in a Hei Liang giant plaque, hangs high in the middle of the door.

  Early in January 1935, the Red Army arrived in Zunyi, here is a resident of the Red Army's general headquarters, the famous Zunyi Meeting in a small upstairs room held. Zunyi Conference of the Red Army is a critical moment It is the first time in the history of the Communist Party of China's independent use of the basic tenets of Marxism to solve China's revolutionary war, the major issues important meeting.

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Jin Lin swimming - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tongren of the upper reaches of the rock with a stone, under the provisional Jinjiang river, and its shape is like a fish, people call it carp mouth. Jiang's rippling surface whenever microwave, as the stone fish swimming in the non-stop, in the ancient rocks on an ancient temples built around the densely planted bamboos, known as the Jin Lin Monastery.

Lei Jinjiang in swimming, but not destroyed in Jin Lin Monastery in Ho Ho generation. According to folklore, there are upper reaches of the Yangtze River Rock egrets egrets flutter For Zhen-Yi, there are small upper reaches of the River Cat Rock (National Teachers Institute) in the cat like a tiger, the lower reaches of the Fisherman's Beach waiting to catch Yuliang, a tributary of river fishing net Tian Mu Shan (Xie In the vicinity of the bridge) has long been open net, Has long been open nets, the fish can go into a blind alley, so coming out here, no longer walk.

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Wat million in the air - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to government set-chi: Jin Jiang downstream along the East, there are on the right bank of a mountain, the following Feng, taper above, the Mountain to give birth to a towering stone pillars, high into the sky, the foil can not have been around things, its shape Just towards its potential use as Wat. The ancient "Cheng Lu Jin stem" also described as inadequate since it's strange.

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Ping Qing Xue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to government records Chi: hon south of the palace has a mountain to the top of the arch, such as screen, whenever snow post-clear, there are still many Peak snow, dazzling bright silver light, looking like the Qionglouyuyu general, is Very beautiful landscape.

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Six-lan-ray - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Six holes is the county seat near the first-chuen, through its sweet and cold, the water available for irrigation mu of fields. The place is shady trees, filled with water, and built a pavilion to worship God-chuen, where prayer is efficacious Qiu Yu. Department engraved on the stone of the "real source of milk-day" words, is Jiaqing years of the Qing Wang Prefecture Zhan'en left. There is an old saying: "The central Guizhou Hu Junyi, the United States alone in Tongren." Tongren of the United States to a large extent due to Jinjiang. Green crystal of Jinjiang, from west to east trans throughout, such as a jade belt haunted Tongren City, the formation of a lot of wonderful natural scenery, dizzying.

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Gun writing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tongren peak in writing to the other side of the South, and its peak height insert the cloud, such as steep cut. Whenever the rising sun, occasionally Asaka Mountain in the shade above the roof as colorful as colored paper, it deserves to be the city of Tongren is a major spectacle. Jubi such as citron in the colorful splash-ink artificial sky, the King is worthy of a Tongren a great spectacle.

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Jiang sound of clouds - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongshan, is facing a water, such as its Office steep cut line at the end of Jiang, its unpredictable river, cliff on the original "Jiang sound clouds", describe, I do not know what is left of the era, people do not know what to write The. According to records Jiuzhi: For hundreds of years, the Department has never been covered by moss, not wind and rain wear, but four Man already has his hand (text, pictures, and other wear and tear as a result of flooding or damp and blurred) and had gone to the Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty, Yuan Zhi Fu opened the first meeting also wrote, "Jiang sound clouds" in the words between the cliffs.

To date, Yuan Zhi Fu "Jiang clouds sound" is still the fourth highest in the cliffs above the bird's eye view Jiang, just downstream from the six holes after the completion of the dam power station, which has been in the river flow is slow, not Taosheng.

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Prince Edward Stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fanjingshan old in the south of Golden Summit, the first River Port, erected a 1748.2 meters above sea level, such as Jianpi poleaxe into the Rock, from afar, as if a giant is looking at, for the legend of the crown prince, so 000 Prince Edward Stone.

Prince Edward Stone Mountain is a strange attraction. Port River from the Under a hurry flow. Early in the morning, the sound of birds, mist-like continuous Qingsha quietly fade, pink clouds floating in the head in the clouds to stop halfway up ... ... Under these circumstances, the crown prince who is not a tragedy tears them sigh

Legend has it that Ming Wanli, Emperor of the Nine Emperors Feizi the emperor's mother to Guizhou Fanjingshan practice. Too small Did not see a mother, eat or drink crying scene. One day, he quietly slipped out of the palace, through difficulties and obstacles and hardships suffered as a result of the pain finally go Fanjingshan to the foot of the Port River. Looking up at the Prince Edward Jinding, the mother shouting, tearing people's minds, the voice of the tear in the valley echoed in the agitation between the peaks. Emotional fairy which His mother was distressed. Prince Edward was about to climb cliffs from the Hill to see his mother, was a god in the statutory facilities in Port Valley. Prince Edward feet could not move, hoping for a day visit, will soon grow. Prince Edward high long gods for fear of seeing his mother, Queen mother Sifan rise to nine, and Prince Edward in the head planted a Bodhi, Buddha Mountain is the town of Hill Bao, Zhang leaves are like a Buddha. Since then, not long Prince Edward, was turned into stone.

Wong said that a mother with nine in Prince Edward Fanjingshan practice, left the field after the birth, in order to raise the Orion. 16 years later, look for Prince Edward's mother, Queen mother was Kau statutory measures in the canyon, into stone. In charge of Fanjingshan Sakyamuni Buddha, Maitreya jealous of the rapid long Prince Edward Stone, where the Jade Emperor to complain, the Jade Emperor, a large cast of the Admiralty, all of a sudden hooded Prince Edward Stone, and two large nails and nail. Kim was Sakyamuni, Maitreya Forshang night stole break, the nails are still brutally nailed on Prince Edward Stone.
Nine Emperors mother enlightenment heaven, distressed son Despite the ban, will be tried in two nails into a towering old trees - Chen Xiang Mu.

Prince Edward Stone origins vary, according to legend a fairy scribes to wait for the Jiulong Chi Xia Fan, to ask questions, the result is not known, but the Prince has in years on the river stood looking at her mother's Port.

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Red, six monuments Front - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Indian River Tujia and Miao Autonomous County on the left side of the yellow-General mountainside, overlooking the Yokogawa. In May 1934, He Long, to be led by Guan??????Third Army from crossing the West Sichuan Pengshui Wujiang River, along the river quickly captured and Germany River Indian River, Songtao, youyang, 6 Xiushan County, adjacent to the vast number of regions, The establishment of the SAR government Guizhou And more than 100 townships Soviet. In August the same year, Ren Bishi, Wang Zhen, led by Xiao Ke??????of the Sixth Corps, as the Central Red Army's advance team from the break by Yongxin, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guizhou entered, arrived in India in late October Egi Huang, Songtao He Shilianghe along with the Department of victory in the realignment (Hong Sanjun is the resumption of the Second Army Designation). Then into the western Hunan, has opened up to the Yongshun of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou as the central revolutionary base while effectively with the Central Red Army's long march. 1976 Chinese-Indian River County Party Committee decided to set up yellow wooden monument, completed in June 1978. Monument Square was, the great small, 14.2 meters high, with barrier Level, covers an area of 720 square meters. Bei Shen Zhen is a positive title "??????Second, the Sixth Corps to join the monument Wood yellow" regular script characters. About embedded Beizuo realignment.

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Fanjingshan scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fanjingshan Wulingshanmo is the main peak, located in Guizhou Province in the Northeast Jiangkou Indian River, Songtao county at the junction of three. Forceful huge mountain, then Mo Yun-day, as early as the beginning of next on the title of "the case of Yue", is well-known Buddhist holy sites. 1986 is listed as state-level nature reserve, the same year, and opt-wing of the International Biosphere Reserve Net, as the "treasure of mankind and the earth."

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Mayang River Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mayang River Nature Reserve in the territory at the national level to protect the wild animals francoisi population by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ding and his doctoral tutor at the beginning of scientific study argues that there are 76 groups francoisi 736. Their number, density, the nation's number one. At the same time, study found that there are vertebrates in the region 26 Species, the state primary and secondary protection of the 32 kinds of animals, including black bears are a protected species II, indica, such as the vulture 27; there are 117 vascular plants are 478 kinds of Section 292, the rare and endangered plant Taxus, a ginkgo and other countries The protection of the secondary plant 12. Mayang River is located in protected areas along the river, Wuchuan 000 ethnic minority autonomous county in the territory, located in a main stream of the Wujiang River flood, Mayang River Valley and the extension of the cross-strait Strip, mountains and downs, vertical and horizontal gully, the area of 31,114 hectares of protected areas, the forest coverage rate as high as 63%.

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Tongren Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

You Tongren odd landscape, beautiful scenery and the United States and its demon Fanghua is intoxicated. East Temple, Wu Li Jin Jiang Sea in the city, like a faithful guardian of the day and night to protect the beautiful mountain city, the rocks on the mountain rocks, towering old trees, pavilions, a spectacular and elegant. Board with a little perspective, jade belt rivers, the city fly, Spring in Jin Jiang, collected At the end; Bi Feng, Liang Shan plane relative thing, competing Zheng-Hui; long enjoyed a good reputation around the Crystal Court, Jinjiang have three sides, as Yi Wan Crescent, Cooper is more vigorous, sweeping Tengluo, floating Dicui Cang, green and luxuriant.

Tongren City for the divide and Jin Jiang for three, three in the town as a bridge between the large number of embellishment Changhong wave like lying, and if Chuxiu crescent. Jinjiang River tributary of the size of the interchange, the broad surface of the water, such as the blue mirror, a river stone towering into the sky, such as the pillar of the city as a spectacle of nature.

  Legend has it that fishermen from time to time in the Yuan River in the Lost Tongfo 3, placed on the rock, called "bronze" and " Ren "in the name of the resulting. Spring season, the two sides Lvliufeixu, whirling Riying, River rafting, Huangruo painting outside, enjoyable time.

Tongren, although south-west mountain home, but China railway, road network cloth, unobstructed flight paths, traffic is convenient. Deep mountain here, and native products Special treasured for many years the world's good fortune Aura, Tianma, Eucommia, Mi Houtao for the rare natural treasures health tonic; Tongren Social rice, dried Tongren, such as cake fried flavor snack Tongren Prefecture, southwest special National characteristics, micro-hot and sour taste, the smell of the mouth Jin-sheng, spleen appetizer, Yan Bao health, food wish Can not.

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????? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?????state-level scenic spots, located in Xingyi City, 6 km north-east, he ra Wumeng originated in the green mountains of white, upper reaches of the river water is called, as a result of the middle reaches of the two sides do not have a horse ra and Dazhai Village and said he ra .

  From the Heyuan, about 100 km from the mouth of the process, the gap between the last kilometers, all under the Power, at an altitude of 1,200 meters on the magnanimous Hirakawa cutting out the 74.8 km long, 50-150 m wide valley, a deep valley?????of 120-280 meters.

?????is karst landscape of multi-level focus on performance, and to crack gorge, waterfall hanging practice group, Calcium and the famous wall. It's the landscape with the general structure of the canyon, a fact to crack, it was said that this was "the most beautiful on earth scars." It is rare to crack the world, created a scenic?????-hung, extraordinary and dangerous, steep landscape is very beneficial to drift Tan Qi and tourism activities, as the " Under the first seam, the first Chinese float ", the First China International drifting canoe race was held here. Qiaoya Canyon Scenic Area of cross-strait confrontation, the radical stream in a deep valley, silver waterfall Fei Xie; Rapids, rap, rock with water Stroke, the shore Jingtao, deafening. Yahua, a thousand-chuen, to fly cross-strait million hole. Riverbed from the two sides stood in the blue Backed by the white clouds, like Gutter; from the bridge overlooking the valley bottom, the river's rapid currents like to crack. The most peculiar landscape of the calcification group falls, a deep valley, the radical stream, waterfall, the protection of the ecological integrity of the original, so many Rock Johnson, constituted a "seam Xinan Qi, the wonders of the world."

  Ra River Gorge The groups are intertwined by the magnificent waterfall, Jian Qiao Feng-intensive problems of the cone, the two sides of peaks, and the temple, bridge, ancient battlefields, ancient Yi Dao, and other human landscape, full of ancient taste of the wild and mysterious deep color . According to the different characteristics of the landscape, the area is divided into top-down cars palm springs, colorful promenade, the Star Gallery Zhao cross the landscape.
Springs palm car is located in the upper reaches of the river ra car Buyi Guzhai palm. Zhaiqian from across the canyon, the valley each of the two sides of a hot spring, left the "son Stephen," right "girl-chuen", the water temperature 38 ? -40 ?, clear spring seasons. In the past men and women of the Buyi and river bath, enjoy Nature's gift, full of fun.

  Ma Zhen Yin-Long to 20km of the canyon, known as "colorful gallery." Valley there are three clear spring flow, water with the switch mt, mountain water as a result of living, this "prize"; Paul Ma Shu-shan leading cave Department head high waterfall, splashing water, fluttering vegetation, and color Phase embraced the "second prize"; BUZZ promenade in spring water, gurgling streams, aquatic animals shuttle chain and the vitality of the "three color"; Yicao flowers should be born of water, swaying in the wind, full of vitality, and this is "Four Color"; promenade of the two pig farms in the Rock River, palm trees matched Xiushui River, the canyon known as the "Jade Pool," "colorful" Star Gallery from Xingyi City 6 km, is the essence of the core part of the scenic canyon. It falls in large-scale groups and the formation of rock wall of the main page of landscape features, I can not. Ra Tianxing Qiao from the bridge to the 9.7 km section has 56 falls, the 36 year long slump. One long-only .7 Km Star Gallery paragraph Cyclones have turned their fire on waterfall, waterfall Pearl, the veil waterfall, five intermittent Diebao, fishing, waterfall, waterfall wash heart, the way curtain waterfall, waterfall, such as the Office of flight 13. 120-200 meters high waterfall, waterfall 20-110 meters wide, strong as the Galaxy gap, such as soft Qingshaniaona. The accumulation of fly stalactite, stalagmite, Column, Dan Man, and other features constitute a solid block of "Qionglouyuyu." Choi spots a rock gorge from top to bottom, the three ancient gorge, caves heaven-sent, Wuli Valley, Cai River, the ancient Yi Dao, bathing rays, dolphins, Buddha, the middle reaches of the painting, spending plantains Yu, Tian Xingqiao unique natural landscape, and so on.

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Qi Hong Guizhou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wine factory in Guizhou factory-built Qi Hong AA certification through the scenic park, Guizhou Province has become the only eco-tourism industry demonstration zone.
Qi Hong in the vicinity of the park scenery make it more relaxed and Happy. Hong Qi to the floor, although the road curved surface is formed, if the fall is, you can also see that the fruits of attractive roadside Park Hong-Qi infrastructure did not say is, there are car parks, swimming pools, there are restaurants. However, in my mind, it is still the best showing by the natural landscape, Qi Hong side of the floor, is the rise amid frequent, the magnificent peaks million.
Hong Qi in the upstairs view of peaks, hazy morning view can be seen; impressive all-noon , Peak forest as if just out of bath; West sunset in the evening to see 10,000 rays, which rise amid shade, so beautiful. No wonder a few years ago in Hong Kong this artist painting, can not bear to leave. Enough of the noisy city, here will be less irritable, which is one of the many tourists visit this personal feelings, and the artists will have a profound . Can not bear to leave this artist to paint the mood, said Qi Hong floor is an excellent viewing platform.
Hong Qi out of the building, is to look down the quiet Nagoum Longtan Valley, water in the valley year round continuously, and Qinglie, flowing water features audio, streaming to the lower level, also show girls like soft, Some tim , And some shy. Qing-feng, a stretch of slightly switchgrass, relaxed and happy people. In addition to this clear water, and that the hanging bridge, the ancient stone road, the simple thatched houses, people can easily think of "other bridges" lines.

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Po Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xingyi City Gang slope ecological protection zone at the national level scenic spots?????Lin Dongfeng scenic area, an ecological protection zone at the provincial level. In the region rich in biological resources, unique topography, is a typical karst region, China is also the same latitude topography, animal and plant species to preserve the most END One of the regions. Zheng Zhunzhen the entire region, including ethnic village, the village of mud down, the village of Great Qing, Yan Feng Village, Village slope, and other 9 village, 73 villagers Group, 2103, 9032, with a total area of 108 square kilometers (16.2 acres) of arable land Area of 7232 mu.
Pei Gang natural ecological protection zone In the region of the Triassic strata of the Mesozoic, the composition of the rock for the dolomitic limestone and limestone in the region above sea level change in the 759 - 1588.1 meters between the type of karst peak forest landform, the basin, such as depression. Vegetation: Strip on behalf of vegetation for the evergreen broad-leaved forest, in the context of Karst and under the influence of man-made To keep evergreen broad-leaved forest vegetation, deciduous broad-leaved forest, scrub rattan Rock Hill, Rock Hill bush vegetation. Most of the mountain region of the cap structure. Forest coverage rate for the 70-80%. Biological resources: the rich biological resources in the region, there are more than 100 species of animal resources, there are 40 common species, including pythons, the , Macaques, White-bellied golden pheasant, owls, cats, tigers and so on a national animal protection. There are many plant species, about 600-800 species of camphor wood thorns, red-chun, Xiang Mu, and the wood, Gui-chuan, camptothecin, such as gold palm is the national plant protection. Dendrobium-rich region (eight), the Honeysuckle, kidney fern, Ban Langen, First-class nearly 30 kinds of Chinese herbal materials.

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Chahe three water spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three water Chahe Zhenfeng County, Guizhou Province is located in scenic areas in the territory, is located in western Guizhou golden tourist line in the node from Huangguoshu state-level scenic spot only 90km, from the river ra-level scenic spot 95km. She Sancha Lake centered around radiation, with scenic mountain, the peak cluster, the stone forest, lakes, islands , Canyon, the underground river, Stephen Tam, karst caves, fossils, such as rich and varied, are thousands; ancient cultural sites, tombs, ancient architecture, cultural revolution, Cliff fascinating stone; Buyi village, FORMATION Miller, national conditions and customs, rural Scenery and ancient crafts, products, people linger favorite snack flavors. Scenic area About 50km2, focused on attractions, Cuolayouzhi, unique.

Sancha deep lake surface, the color clear, sparkling, attractive scenery, playing waterfowl, Jinlin chase; far from shore peaks rise amid permanent, hovering clouds, the national coastal villages, spread all over, along the shady trees, flowers, lush forest Road winding deep, F, Taiwan, the Pavilion, which was hidden Court. Smoke too faint Castle Peak, near the lake to see if the long Dai, a good natural Ink Painting! Double peak - the best in the world Qi, Qiu Feng from two independent organic combination, the combination form of Kit Kat, the proportion of harmony, and outline a clear, vivid, like a Luo Cheng Yu Ru's mind, large round, plump, body-building, charming, or is Xiasi, envy or Mu. This is a masterpiece of the Creator, can be described as a miracle on earth, the best in the world.

Gem bamboo forest, with exquisite Juanxiu the main characteristics of karst landscape, caused by a stone forest density. During most of the charm model, such as home Love, Excalibur Sword, Sichun girls, regardless fat as a mirror, two cows for hegemony, turtles, and other day to ask, indifference to life, vivid and attractive. In the area, the Buyi and Miao village in the natural layout, architecture style, folk customs, folk customs, dress has its own unique features. The annual national traditional festivals, "June 6," are cited Lost wallet, folk songs, dancing, throwing the ball line, the dragon dance, and so rich and varied cultural and recreational activities, strong local flavor, rich ethnic customs.

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Long River Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon River in the scenic town 74 km from Xingyi, since 1989 Lubuge Station following the completion of the formation of a 20-kilometer cross-strait high of about 2200 meters, more than 1400 meters water depth, water storage capacity of 110,000,000 cubic meters of altitude deep Lake - Long Lake opened. River more changeable fog, especially enchanting. To be Gas cleared, the two sides of Castle Peak, Tengluo tangled together in the fight matched the lake, the Shenmi HANGING COFFIN, the old old, playing monkeys, birds Puchi's voice, lifted a fairyland on earth for many years confinement veil Everything has become a lively up. "Taiwan" in the area Wan Feng Lu barrier border, where three Eguchi, Long Open Reservoir panoramic landscape, and so on.

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Lubuge Power Station - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The viewing platform at the cliff "ladder million" following the ancient Yi Dao is the last area of 200,000 square meters, the underground power plant known in the world - Lubuge power station. The total of 11 power plants on the ground floor level, 14 countries-the-art equipment decorate the meantime, the four-unit capacity of 600,000 kilowatts, is a large artificial cave. Where the wind Lubuge Play area guests will see this style. Huangnihe down along, to the Huangnihe, according to river, river water into Nanpanjiang Jiang's three-point Eguchi. Here Shan-ching, Shui Sau, the old tree, four is not unique folk customs. Some people call the "cross-step three" sister Walled: Walled Pouilly Guizhou, Guangxi Zhuang Village, Yunnan Walled communities. Lubuge is a scenic natural beauty, cultural and modern science and technology in one scenic area, where transport, car, boat trip, is the ideal place to visit.

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Penny King City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuquan Yang Lao station in the county, 23 km from the county seat. The river around here, Zhu Shu Mao-Chang, Wang Legend has it that bamboo is located in the eastern city on a hill and a half years. On-site inspection, there are ancient ruins in the mountains, age unknown. History records that in ancient times, a woman was lodged in accordance with the water-wan (Ji Jin may southwestern Guizhou Panjiang North), see giant 3 foot drift, is not willing to push, there are measure emphasizes children, who get to the autopsy as a boy. And long, bright-owned, Maria martial arts. Day trips, recreation of the Rock, from life to make soup from those who said: "The water here." He was hit Choujian stone, water poured from Shixue. F-abandoned as a result of the break wild bamboo, the growth of large tracts of bamboo forest To be named for the bamboo. Later, the powerful, long-hung side, the establishment of the Kingdom, claiming to be al Yelang.
Yuan Ding six years of the Western Han Dynasty (before 111), Kwanza-hit troops, Yang Ke County home. Yelang Korea Hou, Wang has been called. Legend has it that as a result of arrogance Jian killed. Pu Yi of the local chiefs quite objection, and bamboo for the post-Wang Third son of Emperor Wu Feng, the father of the temple food distribution to die. Where Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan in the territory of King City, bamboo, bamboo King, the Temple of bamboo, bamboo Wang historic temple, the story noted here.

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Cat-site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cat-dong site is located in Xingyi County in Guizhou Province to the north of Cat Hill, is the late Paleolithic sites. In 1975, has been discovered, unearthed a total of 4,000 pieces of stone products, core, stone and structured than those of large, in which the largest number of stone tools. The vast majority of stone tools from the back to the surface rupture from processing, In order to fine processing, sharp and single-convex-shaped scraper most typical.

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Dr. Anlong embankment - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dr. Anlong county is located in the northeast embankment, was built in 33 years of Emperor Kangxi (1694 AD), weeping willows on both sides of the embankment of the trip, lotus pond more than 53,000 square meters, 300 meters Quqiao, the Dutch concept of kiosks and a few galleries Zhulou Buildings, together as one. There Dibian the Ming Dynasty, "Mr. Tomb of eighteen," Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty, "Mr. Tomb of eighteen" Feng Hui Tongzhi years of the intifada leader Zhang Linxiang, r. He Zangmu map, the South Ming Emperor Yongli the National Palace, the Royal next school grounds, hospital examination of the Qing Dynasty, Tibetan stone house, and other stone temple arms and monuments, scenic, elegant style. Is not only an ideal tourist destination, but also to the late Ming and early Qing study the history of higher value.


Enron's financial historical sites and natural scenery cultural as one of many scenic spots and historical events and famous people connected, and therefore unique. Enron on behalf of the ancient city of Ming Yongle, the architectural style are quiet and plain-watt light gray ash, alley antique Qingshi; 18, Mr. Ming Tomb, Feng Hui Tongzhi years of the intifada Zhang Linxiang sleeves, r. He Zangmu map, the South Ming Emperor Yongli the National Palace, the Royal next school grounds, hospital examination of the Qing Dynasty, the temple arms, and other stone monuments Tibetan stone house, the House Xingyi couplets many homes Examination, the Huguang Governor of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang minister in the military Spent his youth, Guizhou is the only preserved the integrity of the feudal era of imperial examination sites. Zhao Dong Beiyu embankment areas in the county is divided into ponds, the two-day standings Hill. Scenic ponds in order to show booths, show featuring the Netherlands, building on years of Emperor Kangxi of the public and recruit embankment on the Trans-Ping in 10 years; West paddy embankment, embankment Hawthorn East, very poetic. Tian Shan list are mainly cultural relics.

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River Park is - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River Park is based on the original river is the old course of reform and built to tour, leisure, entertainment and tourism-oriented park. River Park is built in 1992, the expansion in 1997 with a total area of 350 mu. Park is divided into east and west zones, is to set up centers for the River King, Shuixie verandah, courtyard Taiwan Pavilion, Meixi Penny Drive There Jingqiangyingdiao. Among them, particularly the most Shuixie a variety of characteristics. With column Court, the Pro-yuan Square, Yu Xuan upon, such as fasting and meditation are following the water built, unique style and elegant. Western Park in southern gardens and the way in the Tang Dynasty, the building of architectural styles from Japan, Eastern-style natural landscape into a modern and abstract-style garden as a whole. Park tourism resources in the waters type of scenery, biological type of landscape, architecture and monuments, recreation, and other types of knowledge, the type of rich, solid perfect. Wu Yu-rank is a distinct style of building water, the lake dancing shadows, lake fishing, Immersi� bow. Court column is based on the high ground in the park, follow as a result of the Tianzhu Weibei calendar Built. Weibei famous and as a result of Tianzhu Mountain, Tower pillar with a result of Tianzhu Mountain and ask people to this ancient memory. Fire Bulls Tian Dan is very famous in the history of the war example, it took place in the territory of the roughness of the Old City Jimo, the designers of this modern garden approach to the performance of the park construction. The red torch trees, said the fire, as Horn said the AC adapter, a map Fire Bulls ran in the park. Fire Bulls here on the north side of Qingdao is a key cultural units - the former residence of Zhang Peng. Park planning Jiangxinduyun design, unique artistic conception, so that the area has a high aesthetic value, cultural value, the value of gardening, history, values and the value of science, to win Tourists to wide acclaim. It's building fully tap the roughness of the historical and cultural origins, have greatly enriched the Pingdu tourism resources.

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Ditch monkey nature reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Monkeys ditch at the heart of central Guizhou Long, the county seat 13 kilometers south with a total area of 200 square kilometers, Qi Shan, Shui Sau, Quan Qing, Ling-dong. Long, simple folk, the Han, Miao, Buyi, and so on more than 10 nationalities live here. Rich, fascinating scenery. Monkey-ditch scenic mountains, grasslands, ethnic customs, Kwu Tung coffin To one that is tourism, leisure, the summer resort.

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Higashiyama Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongshan Longtan Park in the urban areas of the West Bank, an area of about 100 acres, is the first of Guizhou complete open-ecological leisure park. Wen-feng Park to the main Wenfeng Ta King. Wenfeng Ta Tower, formerly known writing. In 1840, the fund-raising Duyun people into the seven-story stone pagoda Miyan, the tower was six-shaped surface, 33 meters high, 9.5 meters diameter heart, Tasha steel crown, as Taki Qingshi paved. In 1982 and 1999 to repair. Total Wen-feng Jiang Jian every other tower on the east coast and across the Ma On Shan, Ta Ying, Shan Ying reflect in the water, "Longtan spring up," King. Park Wen-feng traditional gardening practices, is divided into a number of separate both King and harmonious blend of scenic spots. Park Lamb in the United States have planted fescue, ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass turf, and other high-quality 5,000 square meters, the Bank may, Caryota, the elderly, and other precious palm trees and flowers more than 100 varieties of trees, the greening rate of 80%. Park built in the open-air square dance, as well as a variety of small-scale sculpture. Park green grass and flowers Tuyan air Clean, very elegant environment.

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Maolan National Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiannan Maolan National Nature Reserve is located in Libo County in the southern suburbs of karst forest Maolan state-level nature reserves in China's subtropical karst forest cover Uehara nature preserve than a treasure well, with a total area of more than 130 square kilometers, Forest coverage rate of 91.59 percent. Here the growth of up to 500 species of tree, known as living fossils of Ginkgo biloba, Liriodendron and other rare species, unique to China there is a kind of palm tree leaves and shot hair hanging bamboo, bamboo seats, and so on. Lin preservation and musk deer, monkeys, musk deer, the South China tiger, bison, bear, leopard, monkey and many other white-old wild animals There are protected areas River Falls Township, Xiaoqi Kong, the cave groups, Yuanyang Lake, seven holes customs of the Yao, and so on the landscape.

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Cave group - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To cave to the main group, more drought-cave, waterfalls, valleys, peak cluster, cliffs, lakes, River, ethnic customs, religion in a document.

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Zhang Cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Cliff uneasy in the city of Duyun the northeast corner of Red Hill Friends of the Shek Pik. 1.51 m long, 0.75 meters wide. Cursive, line 4, a total of 28 words. The body of "different views of love, truth movement, this habitat Bangkok, the spring water to drink," signed "40 Mingjia Jing, Zhang Shu-floor Cape." Fu philosophy word, the word hung strong and powerful, energetic Jie, the spirit of deep spending, Pode generations of respected calligrapher.
Zhang, Guangxi Liuzhou, 32 Jiajing (1553) Scholars, the principal Xingbu granted. Shu Yan Song criticism over the right post, drop Duyun garrison. Duyun who admired his moral articles for the school building and the Yongsan Church Road-house lecture by. Longqing the first year ( 56), Zhang Yu She also called. You leaves the mountains and secluded, Gan Qingquan cases. One Valley, OG old song, Zhang trickle home to the day-to-day Gouliu, an impulse, love and Morocco in pre inscription on the cliff. Duyun Aiwujiwu people in the Qing Dynasty, that this is the book Xianji claw for follow-up to the booth, show-he fine-sounding name; Yaqian sewage pool Dressing cited Long Note the well water, which kind of lotus. Also in the East Pool Pavilion aircraft, mountain and a half to build booths for those who stay in Cuba open. As a result, has become a party spot.

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River spring scenic water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River spring scenic spot of water a total length of 6 km, is part of the scenic Xiaoqi Kong, Zhang Jiang is the most beautiful scenery for some to Buyi Guzhai Walled named after the spring water. Hill origins of the moon primeval forest, Libo county flow through to the west. Xian-feng spring water from the river, cliffs, caves, beaches, rapids, ease Beach, formed a dense forest 29 Unique landscape of the canyon.
Qiao Feng Tingxiu the two sides, the delicate in Linglong. An inter-old clouds, miscellaneous colorful flowers. Xiao-chun of the first to reach the end of the paragraph, the drop of about 100 meters. Clear river flowing along the gorge, from time to time if Qingsha soft, quiet if Pingtan, off from time to time, such as archery, Rupu ups. Drifting boat, narrowly The level of the upper reaches of the river as a mirror, quiet and peaceful, Dangzhou the river, like in the middle reaches of the painting. The lower reaches of the river, changed the face of calm, like a beast of rage in the valley between mountains Chong Wang Zhi Chuang, Xiang Pizhou in the spring of water of the River Beach nine through 18 waves in a noisy, thrilling, exciting beach plum, White Beach , Beach and sisters from great heights. Spring River water has become a well-known drifting attractions in Guizhou, capital of the Qiannan Duyun City, formerly known as "cloud" Hmong means "City of Choi Wan", Jiang Qing Liu Jian and city wear, Wen-feng and the ancient tower Wen-feng of the new garden and lounge bridges, the son of a hundred bridges, Dongshan Kuixing Court, Western Hills Kowloon and the Temple Yao Dong Tian Lin, and other scenic spots allow you to receive Linglong to the beautiful scenery of the town.

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Xiaoqi Kong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaoqi Kong Yuanyang Lake area of the world the same latitude unique karst landforms water area of forest to small, beautiful, ancient, said the quiet, scenic walk for King, the compact layout. There are well-known seven-hole Old Bridge, 68 ring River Falls, Rajat Falls, Hill Cove primeval forest, forest Ye Zhulin funnel, bell-day , Wolonghe ecological corridor, and other scenic spots, more shade in the forest of Yuanyang Lake.
River on the south side of the mountains and forests of the ups and downs, the growth of a Monstera, which named Hill Cove. Lin difficult twists and turns in the mountain-shaped Guaizhuang many different trees have strong roots grow in the cracks in the rock cliff One of the original Wild. Species in the mountains of the rich, amazing, many of them rare species, fungi, live in more than 100 species of birds here, there are more than 10 kinds of rare birds and the protection of the country, can be a rare bio-gene pool.
Hill Cove and connected Ye Zhulin, inaccessible, shade trees Blot out the Sun, Cool for the world. Rattan trees in the forest wrapped around the tree, wrapped around the tree rattan, is the largest so far found in the landscape Ye Teng, during stone-packet, packet-stone, eye-openers.
Water Forest is a very unique forest. Look carefully, where thousands of trees, all rooted in the rock in the water, and Have been rooted in the rock bottom of the river bed. A stone in the water, stone, tree, tree planting in the water, such as water, stone, tree Xiangwei dependent wonders of the eye-openers.
Through the many forests, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the two major blue-chip of the lake, lying quietly in the forest surrounded by trees. Lake Dengzhou people, while in Yaojiang Yuanyang Lake for a beautiful lake, careful people will find the lake different shades of color, there were red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple seven-color. We take a look at the lake, the verdant trees are put on the lake to tilt brush, trees and colorful words in color in the water after the water absorption, reflection and refraction of the water and become colorful. Yuan Department of two small lakes connected by natural lakes, large and small lake about 700 meters between the "Water Park", the two sides into a studio Xiumu dendrite. Turn Four Lakes shade, water birds with Hu, You must realm, outside the meantime, like a fairyland.

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Yao style - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yao has its own language, a Sino-Tibetan language family Yao Yao Yao languages languages, the situation is more complex, more than half of them said, "Mian", a Miao-Yao languages Yao languages; there are two-fifths of those who say " Bounou "language, a Hmong support; Guangxi region, some said," Lajia "language, is a Zhuang and Dong languages. Multi-Chinese, Zhuang, no Text family, common Chinese.
Yao's rich oral literature. Yao's a lot of fairy tale legend, such as the origin of human ancestors and the source of legends there, "The Very Beginning," "Pan Wang." Yao is the nation's love song to sing for good to be on everybody's lips this song to a long history of the nation Reflect their lives. Yao is the most famous "Song of the plate, Wang" and "Mi Tuo Luo", known as the Epic of the Yao. Song and Dance of the Yao people are often reflected in their fight against the production, class struggle and a variety of activities. Among the most representative is "encouraged by the long" and "encouraging copper."
Yao-wen is a beautiful dress One of the most prominent feature. Yao's textile dyeing and printing as early as recorded history. Song Dynasty, "Yao cloth spot" on quite well known. Yao's Cross and embroidery are also well-known since ancient times, there are also historical records. The five colors of their clothes, clothing Huaqun spot, mostly on Cross-made embroidery. Historically, Yao had the "Pied gorgeous" in mind . Now, encountered or festive holiday activities, they will wear their most beautiful Pied, to participate in various activities. Man in the good years, Yao has a rich distinctive ethnic characteristics of peach, embroidery, printing and dyeing, weaving works of art, from the Unit as a mountain stream out of the clear spring, with the living, with History, circuitous Wan Yan, goes back to ancient times.
Traditional weaving Yao is a unique arts and crafts. Shan Mountains is rich in natural resources, inexhaustible, for which Yao has knitting handicrafts to provide sufficient raw materials. Bamboo, Ivy League and a variety of woven wood are good Materials. As a result of the Yao people in the system Use of these materials even weaving, rattan, wood and so on. Yao is very good at weaving bamboo folk, common Zhu Kuang a fabric, Zhulou, bamboo basket, bamboo basket, bamboo fence, and so on. Quang Nam area of Yunnan braiding Yao's a delicate beauty of bamboo to cry, the local women of the Yao a must-have accessories. In addition, throughout the civil Yao Ding small woven basket, nothing small baskets, small boxes of poor and the like handicrafts, their slim, sleek, sophisticated decency, not only supplies but also Baldric, by the people of other nationalities welcome. In addition, the Valley mats, mats Yao is widely used in the weaving materials.

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Fuquan throwing Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuquan throwing at Valley City suburbs, is a fish Liang Jiang, Zhu Liang Jiang, 3 River Valley and the convergence of three rivers formed after the general term for Ma Jiang Kazakhstan, Liang Jiang Yu Zhu named the upper reaches of an ancient stone arch bridge - Golden Bridge spending. Is a financial and natural scenery cultural history into a tourist destination with a total area of 10 square kilometers. The central attraction for the Sanjiang area, the three odd Pelton, good scenery. The back three rivers, the South Bay even old Liang Jiang ferry Xiangqin Gorge, north of the River Sea Fuquan Taoist holy mountain, taking all of the West River Leung Fairy Cave. In the three rivers merging high and steep cliffs, forceful Bang Bo, Wu Li river a piece of stone, about the high tens "General across the river," Master and drive the sheep left behind, "Shi Jin Bian", said. River from the water about 50 meters, there is a waterfall, under its passengers with one stone, "the movie Herbie waterfall." Throwing Valley landscape has a beautiful legend, such as "Niu Wang Tou Jing", "beautiful black bear hold" and "bean Bridge" and "grass Well. "Ancient City Wall, Old Bridge, the ancient Yi Dao, the ancient stone Cliff, so that tourists stay away from a noisy modern city of Pure Land." Tofu Bridge "bridge-building with its exquisite technology included in the history of China's bridges. In the Bridge also preserved ancient man of letters left by the Wing Bridge poem.
There are other attractions cents Fuquan Dong, Xian Qiao Shi Lin, Ge-bridge scenery, and so on. There are ancient cultural sites Fuquan City Wall, the scenic valley is throwing a unique human landscape. 14 years before Ming Hongwu (1318). Simon Shuicheng from the small town outside the city of Shuicheng and 3 constitute a wall, linking up and down, magnificent momentum, as Guizhou's Badaling. "In addition, city water dependent, water and the scene in the city, water as a result of interest from the city, there are more of the same value. Xinan Yu also Taoist holy city ---- Fuquan Hill.

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Guizhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is rich in tourism resources, have the same latitude of the world's only well-preserved forest landscape of the karst areas in the territory Zhong Ling Shen Xiu beautiful mountains and rivers, the ecology of the original ancient, rich mellow folk customs. Diligence, wisdom, courage and the innovative people of all ethnic groups in the long-term Health Life and created a breeding splendid culture and long history of the formation of the ancient mystery of the unique natural landscape and human landscape.

  Qiannan of as many as 60 tourist attractions, including state-level scenic spots a provincial scenic spots 4, the National Nature Reserve , 5 provincial-level nature reserve in order to Libo Zhang Jiang as state-level scenic spots leader of the South Line of Guizhou Tourism has become a tourist hot.

Due to its unique geological features of the landscape, long-term mixed multi-ethnic co-existence, as well as pleasant climate, beautiful landscape Qiannan so magical, moving Resource-rich and unique ethnic customs, history and culture of famous monuments, tourism is the height of summer and summer holidays.

  The territory of overlapping mountains, rivers, vertical and horizontal. During cross-Miao Ling Mountains, stretching throughout branch, the main peak Yun Wushan in the Autonomous Prefecture in central Guizhou. The main rivers in the eastern part of Cao have to cross the river, Liujiang, Zhang Jiang, in the south have Nanpanjiang, North Panjiang, Red River, Huangnihe western, northern part of the three Chahe, and so on. ??


  Buyi areas, products, resources are very rich. Products, the rich variety of rice, corn, barley, wheat, oats, rice APF Sorghum, millet, such as red beans and other food crops, tuber crops, vegetables, fruits, and other non-staple food products; have tung, sesame, peanuts, oil seeds Levin, cotton, ramie, Muk Min, sugar cane, tea, flue-cured tobacco, fungus, Cash crops such as mushrooms; there Tianma, Eucommia, March 7, the Chinese, Galla, Polygonum multiflorum, musk, Al powder Dendrobium, Ganoderma lucidum, and other valuable medicinal herbs; there are buffalo, cattle, horses, mules, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and other domestic animals and poultry jackal, wolf, tiger, leopard, bear, deer, fox, roe , Wild boar, blue sheep, monkeys, pangolins, pheasant, duck, golden pheasant, bamboo chicken, Tuan Yu (turtle), Wawa Yu (Giant Salamander), and other wild Animals. On the ground floor of the main resources of coal, iron, aluminum, zinc, antimony, manganese, copper, molybdenum, selenium, arsenic, phosphorus, mercury, gold, asbestos, gypsum, silica, Ying Dan, rock crystal, ice stone, marble, diamond, glass Sand and so on.


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