Jianou Confucius Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Confucius Temple is located in Jianou Dongbei Yu Jian'ou City, was built in the first year of inter-Song (1039-1040), after reconstruction of destroyed destroyed. The over 10 acres to more than a temple of the stars lattice door, Buyun Bridge, with pool, Qiandian, Dacheng Hall, Minglun Hall, Cangjing Ge, Chong shrine, such as building more than 10. These are like building Hill The establishment of the Confucius Temple in Qufu, into a three-yard run through a north-south in the 800-meter-long central axis. The temple built around the wall, with Men Fang, Huang Wa Hung-yuan, the resplendent. Although less than Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong, Fujian House is indeed among the highest-level temple. Yang Rong Taishi-ming has the reputation as "the Southeast conception Wei." Dacheng Hall of the existing re-built Tongzhi 2008 (1869) completed in five years Guangxu (1879), and Ji veranda of the two doors for years to build the Republic of China. Now the provincial-level key cultural unit. Zhaobi by the Confucius Temple, the star lattice door, Mexico pool, Ji door, two veranda, thanks to Taiwan, the Great Hall of closed-end component of community buildings, To 4688 square meters. Dacheng Hall by the 34 major components of Phoebe column groups, according to the French to create the Song Dynasty, the use of "material distortion is to use" principle, pose a unique and superb construction process, imposing momentum, very spectacular. The center of the temple worship the statue of Confucius, on both sides of the four distribution (Yan Hui, Zeng Shen, and the hole, Meng Ke). "Jesus Christ Table "and" Sven is in the "two horizontal inscribed board hanging out between the middle of the Great Hall, namely Qing Emperor Kangxi and St Dezong Yu Shu Guang Xu, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty was awarded 10 reads the Confucius Temple in the first and a tenth block . The existing temple there Hee-ching years a stone-Royal. Dacheng Dian-zhong Li Ming Jiajing a site inspection in Zhejiang Huangyan Tang Mo Ke Wu Daozi Tablet pen portrait of Confucius.

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Memorial Hall of Zhu Xi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Solemn form, strict Mountain Memorial Hall of Zhu Xi, is a 1990-built veranda Hall compound. Museum's hanging of the board of the newly written, couplets, many of which are linked, concise language, the profound meaning, the striking color.

Ancient hanging on the door with a large plaque, entitled "Ji Zhu Xi Museum "of the five eye-catching Chinese characters. Comrade Fang Yi is in Wuyishan inspection of the left calligraphy, serious, vigorous, we have the style of calligraphy.

Zhu Xi lectures in the Wuyi Mountain for more than 40 years, the inheritance and development of a system of jurisprudence. Dianqian cursive on both sides of the door couplets Zhu expressed the inheritance and development of profound significance. Said: "Then the source of Ilo, Zou Kai-Min Lu of the Sea", the text description of Zhu Xi's Neo-Confucianism in China has become the ideological and philosophical history of the development of an important phase of the link. This pair of couplets hanging door appears to be dignified and elegant, eye-catching turned a deaf ear.

Basilica before a "majority of the letter and to make subtle, but extremely high-Ming Road Yong, "the couplet, the expression of the philosophy of Zhu Xi's system is extensive and profound life and the attitude of Confucian code of conduct. Hengbian hall before the writing on the" school-up day "words, forceful characters, Shuozhuang. This was the year in the Qing Emperor Kangxi In 1787 for "College Ziyang," reads the title of Royal, its meaning is more or less: "Science" Ge Wu, the "up" Zhizhi, "sex", "Days" for Germany, "Gewuzhizhi" epistemological Zhu Xi is the core of the moral as the embodiment of Heaven. That is, through moral training, the pursuit of "sincerity" of the state to heaven and earth sensors, to "harmony between man and nature."

Zhao first Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee The most enjoy hanging in the hall by Mr. Pan Zhulan written by a pair of couplets Zhuanti. Impressionistic narrative couplet, and briefly address Gai, explained Zhu Xi's jurisprudence, such as Confucius and Confucianism in order for the trunk, and take a lot of thinking and simple materialism of natural science achievements have laid a Zhu Xi and into a tie for late philosopher Confucius, and so on. Trans Union:

Jian personally is anti-poor rationale Zhi Zhi, Cheng Chuan-second stream;

Lectures and apprentices, with writing, with ten Xin Yong-chul's.

Mr. Zhao Puchu visited the Memorial Hall after 40 years of Zhu Xi and apprentices in the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian and the creation of a writing school system said that the achievements of the Qin . He should be the owner's request, the writing brush of a couplet to show their feelings on the Chongyang Zhu.

United said:

Through the ages in order to min, the second-Cheng Shu-school days;

The words "not far from complex," carefully Jiuqu Xi Gong line.

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Antique Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dawang Feng Wei-ran alone the large, a quiet place for the Wuyi Palace, visitors are longing for. The rise of the new Antique Mall, 000 Yasugongshang formed a business and cultural environment, a unified style, diversity, a non-identical. The Old Streets of up to 200 meters, the layout of the North and the South have Wuyi Palace, Yu Huangge, Peng Hillside Garden, five baht Zhuang, the concept of tea, local Walled, 100 Huan, Yan Ding Xiang, Xianzi Hall, the restaurant Bidan, and other construction. Set tea culture, wine culture, tourism, culture in one. Every single building to facilitate the visitors were shopping, tourism and economic development to promote business and cultural development. Old Streets are building awareness of the use of doors, windows, pillars of the space-frame Wuyishan, by the beautiful scenery of the composition of a natural picture, easy to watch. Also Huaqiang, cloud wall, Louchuang, as the water embraced by King. River gravel piled together with the avenue of green and beautify the environment, show a strong local flavor of the mountain, Chinese and foreign visitors are here to pay tribute to the environment, the United States, they said Man In the meantime, the poetic, Jade, helenahat local wares. Old Streets of Wuyishan landscape architecture is the art treasures, like a pearl in the flashing.

Mount Wuyi cultural construction of keys, the business culture and the organic integration of traditional culture, playing a cadenza of the movement will attract more Chinese Visitors come and look for a bosom friend.

You Ba 9, the concept of tea on Old Streets Qingchuan Court, Wuyi Seomang peaks, but see Danya Bi-walled, Tsui Chuk pines; 9 and a clean look down, see a hundred hi-flow between raft. Zhu Shao Cong tail in the first Red-billed Leiothrix wishes to fly high together, and the Maple Leaf Danshan Qiuyang Gong Yu, picturesque land, one Xing weather. In April cycle, and Fei Xiaotong post-tour warm tribute to Fushi:

9 from the stream, but what, on his words a thousand million re-Shan Ren.

Wuyi blurred clouds, obscure the two worldly paradise.

Wuyi Palace green grass, fresh Italian Fangweng poem.

Looking Back For Lady Sally , Haoshou go for that situation.

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Tianxin Yongle Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianxin Temple Wing-lok, is deep in the south-east of the motherland Qi Xiu - Wuyi Mountain in a Buddhist temple. Hill built in the early hours as the heart Om Wing-lok. "Hill Heart", referring to its geographical location, as a result of temple is located in a radius of 120 Mount Wuyi scenic area in the center, named. Ming Jiajing 2007, the Taoist Han-dong was once easy to empty its called Um expansion of the heart and body structure. Qing Emperor Kangxi years, the Wuyi Mountain Rail Rock Imperial Hall chapter of his age division as a result of re-light the monks of the religious structure into the heart Yongle Temple days. At this point, "Tien-hsin" also implies further rationale for the expression of Chan, Tung-ching as a result, according to Heavenly Creations "Chi Mountain," recorded days Xin Yongle Temple is located by the Mountain peak in the heart, "still hinge on the very day also, named." Ming Si stands at the hinge of the very famous, the consul-general overview of Siguan peaks in the temple. Temple named "Heart-day Wing-lok," Chan Yu also contains the "heart-day moon" and a number of "immeasurable life", and "non-Southern Buddha" Cliff precious stone, and Tien-hsin Wing-lok Xiangyingchengqu Temple, to the tourists, pilgrims left deep reverie Li Chan.

Late Qing Dynasty, Emperor Guang Xu Chen Baochen university teacher who gave "cause Ford," a horizontal inscribed board, is still hanging in the temple, is quite valuable.

Heart-day peak in the Qing Dynasty Yongle Temple on the occasion. Guangxu 26 years, Gushan to build the temple Mingseng De Jong served as abbot. He presided over large-scale construction is widely permitted by Sengshe; carry forward Buddhism, hi ten square knot jungle, which was to create a pagoda in a temple of the most memorable in history. De Jong monk from the pagoda in a temple abbot of the Republic of China to pass onto the 26-year, the Monastery has a total of 7-large ring, visual Caodong all over the world, Buddhism Wuyi People's minds, hearts days Yongle Temple worship has become ordained monks around the gym Gusheng. Reported, exuberant temple incense, a vegetarian more than 100 monks, Zhong Ding food, harmonious chime cymbals, wind around cigarettes, the more-money Mountains Afar, tourists can pay more for the pilgrims, Jan more famous name. Buddha's Birthday on the day, crowds pilgrims flooded Wuyi Road, which is not crowded, unprecedented.

Tianxin Yongle Temple, which is unique to the North's scenic Mount Wuyi Shan absolutely quiet. Surrounded by towering trees, bamboo and bamboo shelter, birds Chanzao, profound artistic conception, into the Temple, like immortals, much of "outer space" a sense of mystery, "Yan-Ping's Japanese Ge Lin Hong, Wo have the honor to turn Central, bamboo out Shusen, Wang Wei-ran's still between Pu Yun Ho. "(Tung-ching Heavenly Creations" Chi Mountain ") temple 170 meters long from north to south, west width of 150 meters, covers an area of about 26,000 meters (m). Well below the famous temple, but also deep meditation center, it is extraordinary refined. Ancient poet If the boat in "places LO Tianxin Temple," Chan said in a poem: "... 9 ... Shi Zhi, and South Nanshan, a more dangerous deep-sum exemption, deep reliance Yanlan bamboo grove, the rice guardedly Sha Tin, the Senate Wang Yan Wang Guihua ... Senate ... "

The temple is built on the occasion of the Ming and Qing dynasties once glorious moment, when the central axis of the temple built Maitreya , King Hall, Main Hall, Kwun Yam Temple, Fa Tang, the Treasury, Zhaitang, meditation hall, Ke Tang, pilgrims House, which has both sides of the three-tower emphasis on the floor, and the Drum Tower Piandian. Large cornices are song-structure-bar, a magnificent grand; small carved pieces are representing, absolutely beautiful. Chongyanxieshan Main Hall for the architecture, Yang Mi by the Buddhist community Strict sense. Ruthless years, for various reasons, the grand old pagoda in a temple no longer exists, Hill traveled to come here especially for a pilgrimage to mind more than a sense of loss, loss, hope, nevertheless Shigemitsu Treasure Palace, Philip Buddhism, so that has a long history of Wuyishan spent three Bingdi, Taoism Three co-existence of the Confucian teaching situation Zaixian to shine!

989 in the fall, the president of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao Monastery in person, browse the restoration of the temple is to be hoped that the broad masses of believers Dinglixiangzhu Government, co-Xiang Cheng-setting effort. Pagoda in a temple and is pleased to important questions. Highway construction of the temple is being planned, the temple glorious return in the near future.

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Ying Zuiyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan Ying Zuiyan located in the scenic North Tien-hsin, Gu Yaju from the West Bank, about several hundred meters, will see the shape of an eagle's rock. Yingzui Yan is a seamless rock, bare Yan Ding, at the eastern end of outstanding forward, songs like a sharp beak, like a Zhanchiyufei, fighting the sky eagle. In particular the hook, "Takahashi" Health With an age-old Juniperus, Yingzui Yan adds to the charm and elegant, not that amazing. As a result, she is also known as Mount Wuyi is the most peculiar Yanfeng. Ying Zuiyan away from the resort, about 6.5 km

  Frame-day trip from the west at about several hundred meters, will see the shape of an eagle's rock. "Eagle independence Lun-free, sharp beak Angtou real life. Kamiyama, Not a bird who got fed up and want to Fen-hit no-dust. "Images vividly depict the Yingzui Yan's majestic.

  Zhang Jian Tong Ying Zuiyan in the south east, such as an eagle's head, with mouth (Health) with a Juniperus, wonderful image is 99 Wuyi Rock in the best King. There are peaks Danxia North Yingzui Yan, Zhang Tong Jian Bian in, the walls have holes, the legend of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the city Sung-rich farmers fear the military uprising against him clearing, Xiejuan to avoid this, the hiding hole. Later, he built a pavilion in the hole, and fitted with easy to gin up and down, called frame-day. This pavilion has been abandoned, Crane Have not been kept, only to watch for human remains to stay and become a King.

Yingzui Yan is a seamless rock cliff, and bare Yan Ding, at the eastern end of outstanding forward, songs like a sharp beak. Surprisingly, the hook, "Takahashi" went so far as growth in the first on an ancient branches of Juniperus Qu Qiu, Takahashi has added a bit to the elegant Expression of many, Yan Ding from the straight cut down the rock wall, Guangrun Yingjie, Bailitouhong, and the slight arch of rock ridge is a black-chang, a vague shown to be a crack as if the full wing .

Zhang Tong Jian in the stands next to look Yingzui Yan, Wulifengdian saw it, looking blue sky, wings For high-power , Fighting the firmament, very magnificent.

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Tian Yu Feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Peak travel days at 6 Sibei Jiuqu Xi, the center area. Every time after the rain or Dawn's clear here, Deng Feng Dian, the clouds look as if the ocean's waves, unpredictable, like exposure to Penglai fairyland Amamiya travel to Joan Tower, named "Days Tour."

You have a peak day, under the points list Pavilion Near side, is to travel into space; a rocky hill along the mountain stream along the flax is the next-day tour. A list of booth space travel, on the brink of the cliff, the largest in the top Ren million, is a wonderful view of the water Wuyishan Taiwan. Lean on a railing around here, the vast sea of clouds, suspended peaks, winding 9, bamboo raft down light, water panoramic view of Mount Wuyi, Open-minded people, forget the Tao Ran. Comment on the famous traveler Xu said: "The river is not going to be able to do Jiuxi of victory, the peak should be the first solid also." Therefore, there is "Wuyi the first peak."

Next-day tour of the southern tip of the built-day tour concept, where the passenger sen Museum, Fanny Hill, and other high-hotels, small shop, tearoom The provision of accommodation for visitors convenience. You view the day after the Miao-high platform, there is a rare hosiei. Meandering stream south of flax in the high-profile Miao and rush down to the west, the drop more than 100 meters, elegant chic, well-known form of snow Stephen landscape. Jian next to Shek Pik, there are more than 30 ancient stone Cliff, silver Beautiful.

  Next-day tour of the southern end of the Ming Jiajing a five-day tour of the redevelopment concept. There are loft-style temples, "fearless travel" and a tourist tea, Shangjing place. After the wonderful view of the high platform, there is a rare hosiei. Every season of maturity, mountain breeze, one after another on the pod at the Sala , Get out of the red beans, sparkling crystal, bright and lovely.


  Shannan by the meandering stream of flax in the high-profile Miao and rush down to the west, forming a well-known landscape of snow-chuen, the gap between more than 170 meters, elegant chic. Jian next to Shek Pik, there are more than stone ages Cliff, silver Beautiful. As an ancient saying goes: "eye off the ring Feiquan suspect rain, summer shade trees are cold." Miao in the high-profile behind a ridge east of the extension, the vibration of Yi Gang. This is in excellent shape and the Xianyou rock. There Xianyou Gang Museum, Friends of the three together, Gu Zhi-ge-sen days.

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Jiuqu Xi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fujian Wuyishan landscape Qixiu to the first, the soul of Wuyi in Jiuqu Xi. This article originated in the Wuyi Mountain peak pulse ? ? stream south of Shanxi Province Huang Gang, Qing Ying clarity, the stars from west to east through the towns and villages in Wuyi Mountain scenic area, a water Ying, to break 9, it got its name.


  Jiuqu Xi is about .5 Kilometers, covering an area of 8.5 square kilometers. Hill to use water, water Raoshan line, each song has a different view of the Italian landscape painting. "9 streams spilled liquid clouds, Shan Kwong-ching Baptist ripple down." Vividly outline the contour Jiuqu Xi's beautiful.


  Jiuqu Xi is to revert back to the order form. Wuyi , Sichuan area for an eye. The main attractions are: Dawang Feng, Man Ting-feng, monolithic peaks, such as stone Shui-Guang; break right from the north Tam Heung-bath, for 2. The main attractions are: Yunufeng, Sally Bang Rock, Rock Hall cents, and so on; by the knock Ray Beach, a stream south and folded to form a ring Bay, is 3. The main attractions are: possession of small , Xianyou rock, or peak, and so on; by the Longtan lying to the north to the ancient cone Beach, 4. The main attractions are: possession of large peaks, Diao Tai Sin, Royal tea, such as small-9; poem from the rocks, small ferry Hirabayashi 9 to the north, is 5. Zhu Wei Qu 5 Kuankuang terrain. The main attractions are: Yunwo, Wuyi Jing She, Cha Dong, hidden screen And so on; as a result Laoya to North Beach for 6. Zhu Wei Qu Ciqu the shortest trip. The main attractions are: peak travel days, drying cloth rock, Seonjang peak, rock sound, and so on; by the Lao Ya beach, near the village of flowers to control Rex Beach, is 7. The main attractions are: three-Feng Yang, pot peak days, such as rock-lang; Hibiscus Beach for the East and West 8. Qu "Water Park". The main attractions are: Sheung Shui stone lion, on the water turtle rock, rock trunk, Luotuo Feng, stone cat, sea-scale stone and so on; hanging scroll from the rocks near the bank to Qi Yunfeng towns and villages under the stars, is 9 for the main Attractions include: Qi Yunfeng, dolomite, Shuang Shi Shi play ball, and so on. The ancients Jiuqu Xi Yu, is Wuyi Palace according to the song sequence upstream.

Chong Tong Road since the opening, visitors from 9-1 down and, along this way, more light, swift. 9 Tour, riding on the boat for 8-9 bamboo root, peeled and roasted created post. Shallow draft, buoyancy, quiet and comfortable ride to visitors, open field of vision, Mountain View, water color can reward, and the drifting, white Ji Xu, both easy and narrowly, it is quite modern tourism in irritation with the tourism project.

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Natural rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Natural rock is located southwest of the city of Shaowu still the natural home Fang Zhen Yan Scenic Area, the area of 1200 hectares of the territory of Fujian is one of the national forest park. He will be accompanied by tour guides introduce the public that an area south-east monsoon type weather, climate and moist, Dongnuanxialiang.

Rock Scenic fell tin were ups and downs, peaks of the overlapping range upon range of hills Xia landforms. Beautiful, charming scenery. Qi have thousands of rocks, thousands of, life. Ji Guanshan majestic tall and straight, ran stand alone cement-feng, Ma clouds, the lion mouth Zhang Xiao-Feng Zhang, Turtle Rock peace of mind, the sister peak Tingtingyuli, Xiang Wei Yiyi, and Shuangshi Love, King Feng, days , Ma Feng, Ju Zhou Feng, Yi Xiantian mandarin duck, bath, and so immortal. One was in the middle of tours waterfall Yong Qi, the concept of Danya Lam, Songtao listen to the birds, and waves travel Qu River, climbing the top Pro, laid over Shiqianfeng Tsui, a Danshan beautiful clear water is relaxing, away.

  Kam Kai is a water-saving nine scenic spots across the belly A dynamic ribbon meandering through water features in between the mountains and into the Lake to form a variable 18 9. This is the natural essence of rock area, set "-hung, extraordinary and dangerous show, quiet," Great.

8 km length of the stream, the water width, depth different light is more than 10 centimeters, the most up to the depths of Meters, the cross-strait cliff lush vegetation, green and luxuriant, very natural environment. The whole stream around the rock fissures between the Valley Lane, and more cross-strait confrontation between the cliffs, white Qi, Feng returned to the river, rapids and calm pools turn of the bank and white. Bamboo pan-floating or bottom of the shuttle, or white water bank, from time to time to cruise around joints, and sometimes Gone with the Wind Forest.

Visitors sit in on top of bamboo, looking ahead Kam Kai-strait complexity of the dense vegetation, abundant biological resources, a wide range of insects. One long-sinensis leaf, the Jiangnan Keteleeria, Shen Zhang water, hosiei, fruit trees, such as Hong state protection of rare species in the eyes of the words. Natural scenic area, there are dozens rock Mammals, 100 species of birds, nearly 800 kinds of insects, like a natural animal park.

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Ukraine Junshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ukraine Junshan Guangze at about 20 kilometers to the east, the north Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve. As a result of a rock-top shape of a monkey, the monkey known as Hill. Ukraine Junshan peak 1477 meters above sea level, about 20 km radius, which rise amid the size of Block 30. Ukraine Junshan would have known since ancient times, there is a hill-Jun Wu, Yan Fei Quan, Xian Qiao Shi Chu Dong python, turtles down the mountain, the wind stone, Xian Yan, Shi-American husband and wife rock, Shuilian Dong, Xiang Lufeng more than 20 scenic spots. China mountain streams, exotic scenery, Qi-Song rocks, magnificent, shiny spots on the first, said.

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Zhan Lu Shan scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhan Lu Shan is located 10 km south of Cha Heung-ping inside, dozens of vast, overlapping mountain peaks, Zhan Yun-Feng, Yunufeng, Qi Li Jianfeng, the shape of a penholder, when the clouds together, with no fixed Huiming. Yun-Feng Zhan board top, watch the sun has just risen, and other wonders of changing sea of clouds, overlooking the outskirts of Songxi picture. Spring and Autumn Period, the EU-Ye Feng Chang Yun's life, Zhan Lu Dao Shanzhong smelting sword, so named, and therefore "first sword under the sky mountains," said. Song of Jurists agent in the construction of Zhu Xi Yin rooms, award-giving lectures, in the foothills of future generations to build Zhanlu College. Zhan Yun-feng under Qingliangsi, the temple attack on the south side of Kwu Dian Chen Jian of the original temple, there are foothills, "added Om Yin" site in the mountains Shi Jian test. Hill in 1986 from the village of Dai easy to build roads, direct Qingliangsi ago. Rise amid scenery along the way, the height of summer, cool in the mountains. Four Seasons to the pilgrimage tourists flooded.
The mountain is located in northern Fujian Songxi County, is a live-in Zhejiang province's major portal. There has long been known as the "sword of villages," the reputation of being It has been built 1700 years of county history, cultural traditions and heritage deep. Numerous scenic spots and monuments in the territory, rich in tourism resources, the most famous, among Zhan Lu Shan scenic spot.
Zhan Lu Shan at the other side of the Songxi County Department of tea-rural territory, 10 km from the county seat, is the main peak altitude 1230 meters. Legend has it that the rule-Europe Spring and Autumn Period in the cast of this first sword under the sky - Zhanlu sword, the sword in the mountains. As a result, people Zhan Lu Shan, also known as the "first sword under the sky Hill."
"Resort to open the course of events, hold Zi Qi Lu Shan" This is the ancient hill of Zhanlu vivid portrayal. Here majestic mountains, green trees , Wei Xia steam clouds throughout the year, the Four Seasons fog condensate and pleasant weather.
Yuan Wang Zhan Lu, Jian-Feng, Zhan Yun-Feng, Girl sambong side by side, like the penholder. Zhan Zhan Lu Yun-Feng Shan is the highest peak. Jimu board peak around, to experience the full "list of small hills" feel. Fine weather, this morning in view of sunrise, sunset to send Are off to enjoy excellent. In case of rain, whether it is bird's eye view of the changes Wanduan Mangmangyunhai, or nearly Fimbristylis view of the Winston, there are people outside Xianjie sense.
Zhan Yun-Feng in the stands at around 2, and is Yunufeng Jianfeng. Yunufeng named after its arch shape, while Jianfeng towering mountains Jun, strange stone. Two peaks, very gentle Yunufeng of state, while Jianfeng show masculinity, like a pair of men and women serve in the Boy Yunfeng on both sides of the Cham.
Zhan Lu Shan people on board, in addition to see "Zhan Lu sambong" beautiful scenery, can also be times Guanshan Wanduan deportment of the rock landscape. These rocks form Different name Gu Du Zhuang, well that is wow. The independent Wuzi Rock Hill, like the roaring lion is called "Shi Ziyan," tired of this group from the Permian rocks, its like a grape has been called the "grape rock"; It is located at the foot of the Jianfeng "Cen-Road", Ren-known for its stand like a wall, to facilitate the Inscription, In ancient times there's more. Of which there are engraved in the Tang Zhenguan years, the rule of sub-accounts in Europe and the swords after Zhanlu origin of the name "Duanbei." This is an invincible side, "Cen-old" side of the rock, called "Hong Yan." Who remain here, it floated off Yixiang, civil He Xiangu have in this San Hua Hu Xiu cover legend. In fact, This is the smell from the cliffs to gain the upper hand Rui Gui woods.
Zhan Lu Shan humid climate, plant and a large variety of verdant trees, evergreen the four seasons. Visitors in different climbing season, to see the 4:00 showing of the forest landscape; Ching Ming Festival, Wen Shan everywhere the dizzying azaleas, for a variety of colors Yan Yan Du, The abundant spring; the height of summer, such as shade screens, walking in the shade of the small screen Blot out the Sun Road, listening to the gurgling sound of running water and Wanzhuan the sound of birds, people can experience a rare quiet and aloof; late autumn, Shuangye Dianran Molv in the mountains, the color spot late and the other a taste Tim; winter season, Greenfield scream and occasionally a Snow, the temperature suddenly snow-wrapped Hill, crystal clear.
For its great variety of beautiful natural scenery, of course, is attractive Zhan Lu Shan important reason, however, thousands of years, it was on the Hill Zhanlu so admire, but also due to the edge of its deep cultural history.
Legend has it that the Spring and Autumn Period big swords Europe-Ye Wang from the more regular orders, cast in this unique in the world Zhanlu sword. "No more" and "theft by finding", "Ci Yuan", "Ci Hai", "Ancient and Modern Chinese Dictionary of Geographical Names" and other classics Dictionaries are contained in the matter, and a large number of civil legend. Zhan Lu Shan King in the 16, the son of Ye-European swords there is a relic of the 8 , Including the European Ye-dong, Jian Chi Chu, trial Shi Jian, furnace Ping, Duan Bei, Dong Xian Gu, Ye temple in Europe, and so on. Ou and his son Ye's "first sword under the sky," the magic of legend, attracting a large number of seekers can explore the best in the world to visit this sword Hill. A famous Confucian scholar Zhu Xi in the Song Dynasty, built in the foothills of Zhanlu, "Yin Room" and in this study Writings, lectures, and apprentices. Zhu Xi's death, to commemorate him in the room Yin site built Zhanlu College of Science teaching. Zhan Lu Song from the College, has more than 700 years, to the early years of the Republic has barren run-down, but its ruins still surviving.
Yuan, deputy scientist Song Yang Yang Shi Sun at the time of seven babies to the Cham Zhan Lu Shan served as president of the College, under construction in the Jianfeng, "added Om Yin." Ying Yang later in the construction site of Yang's book room Zhaoju Young children and grandchildren and other family names into the Tong-sheng Hill to concentrate on studying. Over time, this place has now left in ruins, but there is still tablets, ancient mortar, such as incense burner left in ruins.
Deep Tibetan temple, which is a common feature of many famous mountains. Cham is located on the south side of Yunfeng Qingliangsi, Zhan Lu is the most complete in the mountains to preserve the ancient construction, the temple said. When the expansion of the Southern Song Dynasty, known as Um Zhan Lu Chan, the rehabilitation of the late Qing, Qingliangsi name. Temple for the entire wooden structure, Qian Dian, the Middle Temple, Houdian three main hall. On the left side of Houdian Ancient Temple, also known as the Temple Chen Jian, was in memory of the Song Dynasty anti-Chen Jin Ming Chen Jian Hu Jia built. Houdian is right in the three official Church, was in memory of people in Europe and the Ye-Ye temple built in Europe. There are Qingliangsi Temple, Church, F, Tower, Seng She, more than 90 Buddhist temple, 272 by Zhu Hong Ying support columns, corridors song Staggered spiral, the light appears to be handy. The ancient temples of the Millennium referred to as "Song Rui Zhu town," the Ming Dynasty famous since then, becoming the tenth Fujian and Zhejiang border counties of the Buddhist Holy Land, constant year round incense, during the temple, visitors as many as 3,000 pilgrims, many of them are Taiwan, Hong Kong The Australian attracted compatriots have come to visit.
Zhanlu beautiful scene in the mountains, not only retained a large number of cultural heritage, but also records a number of modern revolutionary activities of the heroic deeds. Anti-Japanese War, there was the Communist Party of China led by Zhan Lu Shan guerrillas resident; During the War of Liberation, the leaders of the Fujian Provincial CPC Committee has left lush in the People's Liberation Army led by the National ambush Army achieved a major victory; after the liberation, the People's Liberation Army set up a radar station here, in 1963, its forecast accurately, I have been shot down by Jun Air Force U-2 reconnaissance aircraft like high-one. These stories not only for Hill to stay Zhanlu the History of moving, but also for visitors to explore the addition of victory for them. After years of development, Songxi County has taken shape in a Zhanlu Hill as the center of the tourist spots. We believe that with the Zhanlu on the Hill this famous historical and cultural further development, beautiful Zhan Lu Shan will usher in a better future.

Zhan Lu Jing sambong 16
Zhan Lu Shan, located in the South River town 10 km, 1230 m altitude, the mountain condensate from limestone, granite, majestic mountains, verdant trees, is always flooded with Artesian Bore Baths, Wei Xia steam clouds throughout the year. 2000 years of European-Ye Wang from the more regular orders in the first sword under the sky cast - Zhanlu sword, the sword in the mountains. Humanities in the mountains and natural landscape is very Rich, the richest on behalf of King sambong 16.
Sambong: Zhan Yun-Feng, Feng champion (also known as Jianfeng), Yunufeng, sambong side by side, is tantamount to penholder. In the past there Yunufeng top, there are peaks champion Purdue stone, it is still ruins. Zhan Zhan Lu Yun-Feng Shan for the top, there are Xiange for the statue of the Eight Immortals, and Chen Xian, the ancient is the wish of the Qiuxian, son of the rule in Europe this dream a drive on the legend of Hebei. Sixteen King, a famous scenic spots include:
Jianchi: Europe is Ye-legend Cui Jian Department.
Shi Jian test: If a huge rock, stone sword chop marks. Om Yin added in, Jian-Feng, Ye-test for the European sword. Person "test sword," the word on rock legend in the early sword cast, brilliant Hanguang, the motion of wielding a sword of the trial, and boulder-go, the marks can be clearly identified so far.
Qingliangsi: Dragon Tang, founded in 2006, after the crash. Fu Song, Yuan, 2002, the County to commemorate the week before rain in the mountains, on the former site of the reconstruction, expansion of the generation of experience There are, in the main hall and Piandian, Sengshe dozens of Buddhist temple. Maitreya from the Dian-Zhong Feng, kings, Sambo, Guanyin, the Buddhist, and so on Rohan.
Om Yin added (also known as Um in): Science for the Northern Song Dynasty, when the seven Yang Yang Ying Shi Sun Zhan Lu Shan Chang took office building at the time, and have written, "added Om Yin mind."
Zhan Lu's College site At Jianfeng, Zhu Xi in the building, "Yin room" to build on the site. After Stephen's College this wind erosion, Binghuo the war, several hundreds of waste-hing, it is only a piece of debris.
Feng Zhan concept: a good eye in the days of dawn to board can watch the sun Cham Yunfeng from gushing out between heaven and earth, rising.
Ping furnace Zhan Lu Shan in the north, the grapes under the rocks, old trees, where Blot out the Sun, Jian Quan Qinglie for Europe and the rule of the son of swords.
Jian Mu: to the ancient pine for the truss, or drinking Tin Shui Guan lead. Yin spots in the right room, wood-Qin Jian sound of flowing water, such as father, Huang Ruo voice of the Angels.
Duanbei: Tang Zhenguan years engraved in order to write in block letters , Described Europe and sub-Zhan Lu Ye Jian, Zhan Lu Shan of reason, Zhan Lu Shan is the oldest one of the cultural relics. In 1300 by the wind and rain erosion, is now writing blurred, and the central cross-stone, it said, "Duanbei."
Rock board: also known as the immortal board. Cool in the letters left, according to legend Dion Cross and the North Pole in Xian Weng Mountain practice, often in this game, "Hill on the 7th China, the world has the Millennium", said.
Zhang Yan waist: Road side of the mountain for the elderly according to legend, the rock side of branches hand-folded, so that you can Yaotui eliminate the disease.
Shi Ziyan: Qingliangsi left, top peak, the peak of the steep, craggy rocks, Wu Stones were like a lion, Zhan Lu Shan is a must.
Zhi wooded hill stations: in the next Qingliangsi, Shannon had rocks, steep mountains here, the proliferation of dense forest, under a deep trench, the ancients carved title "Taiwan Zhi wooded hill."
In addition, there are mountains in Europe Ye Temple, Xian Gu hole, peach-and-Cen Road and a number of attractions.

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Mang Dang Shan scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mang Shan Dang located in the northwest city of Nanping, about 15 km away from the urban area. Here the peak 1363 meters above sea level, the scenic area of about 120 square kilometers, the main source of the river valley, rock, Foshan, Hom 3800, deceive unsettled foreign attractions. Mang Dang Shan Shan to deep You Lin, Qing Quan said the heavy fog, is a summer tourism, forest must stay Premises.

Canyon Creek area sources have Baizhang Fei Bao, the source of the river Um, the dragon bridge, plunging stone, Dieshi immortal, the barometer trees such as fir, Wang Jing, known as "ten Qingxi, Ren-cent rise steeply, Melaleuca level, trees Wei deep. "


  Stone Buddha in the vast Department of Shandong down from the mountain side of the road Yuan Wang on, we can see a high of about 10 meters, overlooking the bow of the stone, it is therefore named after Hill. Shan Temple in the Song Dynasty ruins and stone Cliff. Zeng Song to "know no good in front of Hill, is scheduled to fly small Jiufeng" of the poem depicting the beauty of landscape stone Foshan, there are those who praise the Hill with Wuyi, Mount Lushan, rooftops, Dang, and other famous match.


  Mang Shan Dang of the East with a paving stone's Fujian and Jiangxi Road, about 5 km, local call, "Hom 3800." The old trail Yamahana vegetation on both sides of the decorative rocks in between the rocks, Metasequoia millennium, the ancient giant Zhang Xiong Zhi in the mountains above. Hom from the very first view only, Hill and downs, the meandering stream, Ladder Road, impaired fog cloud cover, particularly the charming scenery. Deceive for the vast unsettled foreign Dang Shan Feng Dian, after the rain when the early Qing, a long-term perspective, the steam cloud Xia Wei, hanging rainbow, deceive quite unsettled, vague feeling down.
  Mang Shan Dang is now direct access to the highway, there are vast Villa finishes such as tourism service facilities Accommodation for visitors.

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Wuyi Mountain Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuyi Mountain scenic area and include nature reserves, scenic areas in which a radius of 60 square kilometers, it is called "A Qixiu South East", the view was summed up as "3399" and "33" means twisting in the mountains about 9 Jiuqu Xi kilometers, "99" refers to the folder out of 99 sen cliff rock. Wuyishan landscape of the essence in Jiuqu Xi, Bi-Qing stream, the complex folding Rao Shan, the formation of "Shan turn after another, the peak water flow hold" of 9 wins, Wuyi Mountain in some of the most famous mountains and high cliffs on the play on HANGING COFFIN mysterious Jiuqu Xi are included in the side. There are scenic spots in case of Lin Ting kiln site in the Song Dynasty, Wu Gong, and other attractions, great human values.

  Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve in China's south-east of the existing area's largest, retain the most complete in sub-tropical forest ecosystem in the region, which rise amid the proliferation of dense primeval forest, forceful into the scenery, ancient, Juanxiu in one, and has a great abundance The biological resources of the United Nations be included in the "man and nature" of protected areas.

  Here is not only beautiful but also a long tradition of the humanities, history of the Xia and Shang have, on many occasions, such as the Southern Song Dynasty and the Western Han Dynasty period of great prosperity, such as aircraft to sink as a symbol of the ancient Yue Chuan Guan culture period, the ancient village to the city of Seoul to mark the West Culture period and represented by Zhu Xi in the Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism during the Cultural, which are famous for the addition of a deep sense of history.


  Wuyishan City in Fujian Province is the only name to the famous tourist city, which was the predecessor of the Sung County, built in the Northern Song Chunhua five years (AD 994), 989 evacuated in August in the county to build the city. The territory of climate, beautiful scenery, rich products, has a long history, renowned Humanity, a unique tourism resources, the country's famous tea areas, food areas, old revolutionary base areas and forest areas. After the reform and opening-up, the state has focused on the establishment of this nature reserves, scenic key tourist areas, tourism Leave the district and a class of air ports; now Wuyishan City in northern Fujian Province has become a tourist, economic and cultural center. ?? ??

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Wu Long Huguangshanse - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tingjiang of water, wind nanliu. Cross-strait range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, the river is a tortuous, multi-stream Beach urgency. Cotton Beach is one of the dangerous shoals of well-known, the end of the twentieth century, voted heavily in this country, the state-level key water control project - Mianhuatan Hydropower Station, opened a new chapter in the development of age-old Ting Jiang. Because the construction of water Station, built in the Mianhuatan a high dam, the main stream stopped Ting Jiang, Yi Hong from jasper, "Gao Xia Pinghu out." The river water from the lake is the Dragon Lake. Since then, Huguangshanse beautiful, powerful and the Hakkas add radiance to each other, laid the "earth storied town" Yongding "East West" Travel pattern for the development of tourism in Yongding show broad prospects. ? Huguang Dragon Lake, located in the southwestern Yongding county, in the main stream of Tingjiang cotton beach in the central valley, cross-Yongding, Shanghang County, the waters of an area of 65 square kilometers. Winding mountain lake in the Valley, such as off-the dragon, from the local people It took a beautiful name - Dragon Lake. Ting Jiang was fast, this is extended to 10,000 ares blue, with "full of water waves Yan Fang Qing, empty scenery deceive rain also odd," the scene. Yan Bo vast lake, more than 100 islands, peninsula, the numerous bends Lake, Lane, spread all over. You boating lake twists and turns along the lake , Lane slowly forward, while dozens of kilometers wide, flat open; Department narrow channel line, its winding streets. Jusan island in the lake have caused such Furongchushui, thousands; Peninsula, China Lake, the mountains hold water, Xiangyingchengqu. Inquire lake, water depths of up to Bai Yumi, villages, fields submerged under water. It is said that the original Ting There are first 19 days of the palace, now submerged in the lake have been more, only a well-preserved in the Dragon Lake on the edge of the Shanghang Yuzu Xiang Feng Lu Feng-kang Village, a thing of the past Tingjiang developed shipping witness. ? the original scenery, high mountains along the two sides in a deep valley, steep Shek Pik; Now, in the view of Lake Hill, Hill is no longer high. Four lake Pinnacle range upon range of hills and undulating hills. Xiong Jun Xiu Wang Shou-shan, beautiful scenery and the Swallow Yan, Qi Jue rocks of the Mount Ta Chai, the mysterious beauty of the graceful peak ... ... Enaduozi, beautiful. 1242 meters above sea level is the highest peak of Wang Shou-shan, Fujian and Guangdong provinces of Chiang, is a granite landscape, magnificent mountains, Yun Shan table, the spectacular scenery. Dragon Lake into the formation of forest tourism resort. By boat to the foot of a mountain, looking high, the panoramic view of hundred miles or so, someone says: Ting Zhou octagonal floor, looking, looking under the bridge-Ting Chiu Chow; Tingjiang ribbons around the foot of a mountain, Meijiang rolling to the east. "Yang holding pen, a Lake Gang, stone chessboard, a half-day furnace, Dian-wu, Wu Yan-lung, wind bun stone, track immortal "Eight in the mountains," Wang-high eight, Jing Jing drunk people. "The more odd-shaped stone varies, or mantis, such as wall-climbing, or to pry into Herbie, or has residue Inscription of the ancients ... ... Wang Shou-shan in verdant green all the year round, pine, cedar, plagued Zashu, Camellia, yam, Around the fruit, but also a habitat for a variety of animals, there are colorful little birds, birds with long tail, red crown of white pheasant, and wild boar, leopard, wolves and other animals. It is said that the twentieth century the 1970s and 1980s has been active in South China. Swallow Yan, "Shi Yan multi-hole" got its name, good luck to the Kit Kat, mountain Set of Miao-rock of Leila, the deep caves, the temple of fame and sperm production. "Um Bao-yan lion" in the "lion Bao-yan" and "peak-like" between two peaks, to build on the rock in the air, Um, Feng Shan even then, the vast gray; Annei to stick to hit, as Peng-Peng Ring, may want to collapse Um, read ran in the Office of tablets, known Om has kept a few Years, still as stable as Mount Tai-an, Dayton Xinyou release. Um, stand like a wall Cliffs can be seen, "Fairy Cave" and "day-light" and "Dragon King's palace hole" three holes side by side, a special form. "Fairy Cave", as a result of resident and immortal, big holes and wide, flat top, side, there are three cone-shaped wall. "Dragon King's palace hole", such as holes Qu Lane, wall-hanging " Liver, "" Long lung, "can be seen," Yi Xiantian, "" Rainbow Arch Bridge, "King." Day-light "under a number of bands, is the" soul-dong Om ", according to the mountain, masonry walls, Diecheng The platform built. Anqian stand, but see Shiqianfeng Wanluan blow against our faces, ever-changing clouds, Raoshan Gone with the Wind, the monument contains "Ziqi often", fans Piaomiao. "Swallow palace" is the greatest rock swallows most of the caves, pines stand Yan Ding, Bamboo problems; hole next to the old song Qiu Pan, Pan sinomenine wrapped; hole from the top to gaze at various levels Qiao Ya-li into the wrong; hole In a proper way, there are holes in the Road, there are hole-dong, dong dark hole, connected to each other; Dongding different shapes, such as snapper Insects such as scorpion, such as saliva pharynx, such as the angle out from inside the cave hovered like ... ... I do not know the level of up and down the whole forget to come and go on the road, but since ancient times, asked pursuit track still flocked to King for all good-qi And admire very much. ? Dragon Lake boating life, full of Suozhi, with the exception of view of scenery, also along the shore of Lake full board Road, a human landscape. "Lee's great hall" on the banks of the Dragon Lake. This temple is located in Shanghang well Tamura Tian Xiang Guan Valley basin, from Lee's descendants to commemorate the ancestor of Fujian Li Tak fire and light was built 16 years (1836 AD), the Department of four straight three-brick Construction, covers an area of 5600 square meters, the knot Strict extraordinary momentum in Fujian are extremely rare. On the front door of St. Paul-carved "Enrong" to the Qing dynasty emperor for the grant; joint letter to the door, "the prime minister, General Office, filial loyalty door." Lee Tak from the fire has more than 800 years, all over the descendants of Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong and Southeast Asia, they will once a year to Zuci Yezu root. Sally Lake Village known folk song. Sin Village in Shanghang County in the town of all, is an old Hakka village of small, simple folk customs. Everyone in the village of men, women and children will sing folk songs, "The rural folk song" reputation. Every major folk festivals or activities, Shifan, boat lights, puppet shows and so on are all in the village of Deng , Who is popular entertainment. Fyodor Moreton Walled Lake is also on the edge of a tourist destination for Shanghang County, "the most ancient sites." As early as the year 1017, local villagers to avoid this Jie Lu and Kou, named "Chai Po-wu," set up after the introduction of Buddhism Guanyin leaving, three are evolving to become members. Here Shui Sau Ching, stone barriers Bingzhi peaks, beautiful and Xian Yao. Tuo Walled Shanghang at Mount Lu Feng Yu Zuxiang under Fangcun territory. As a result, Dragon Lake is not only a tourist area inhabited by Hakka people, She is also a habitat. She's colorful life, intertwined with the Hakka style, rippling in the banks of the Dragon Lake, Drunken tourists away.

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Hong Hang do Earthen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongding said that if the door is a museum of Chinese earth storied residential buildings, Hong Earthen pit Folk Culture Village is like condensed Yongding Hakkas the museum. Hung Lung Hang, a home to more than 500 households, more than 2000 small mountain village, surrounded by mountains. Hongcheon River, clear, lively, small, winding, The village had; Xiqiao stand, look at Castle Peak, such as Dai, continuous ups and downs; look at both sides of the earth storied building, the majestic simplicity. The unusual nature of the villages, as a result still has more than 30 blocks of different sizes, different area of the Hakkas, and the world fame. In the village of the most magnificent "Earthen Prince" into a vibration floor, the smallest "Pocket-sized circular floor," or floor, the Potala Palace-the-floor, Kui, Yu-fu-style mansion floor, the walls are thick Jing-yang ... ... natural mosaic floor terrace in the valley, the river bend On shore, and the mountains, streams, villages in the composition of the natural beauty of the melody idyllic. Earthen buildings, as if a solidification of music Fixed period of history, in the tight encirclement of the small mountain village in the world about the Hakka people's spirit of entrepreneurship and civilized life. ? "Cheng Zhen floor," the age-old story Earthen Yongding, a number of different, Kan Buwan, but the two can not look at non-, or else the earth storied journey in vain, "Prince earth storied" reputation "Cheng Zhen House " Is one. Interpretation of the building one by one down through the ages the story fascinating. Cheng Zhen-building, built in 1912, so far nearly 100 years of history. The circular building, near an area of Law ?? Jiao ?? nur wish to send up clams Gui ?? intestinal worm pharynx Jiong Gao ? umbrella cover 4 to send Zhu Yun Shan winding ?? ?? Napa ?? grave stop Japanese ? stop ?? foot Lue silly copy protection Site ?? ?? stop Shan Qu?Beimobaqu umbrella stretched Jiezhiduohuang ?? wish ?? Allium Yun Ju?Yunxianaozhi umbrella 3 ? ? re-acquire crude wooden Gaotutuanrui ?? Xingchuanghuandan ?? gun away Qiang ?? ?? engine family grave Dian ?? stop making bare ?? ? Fu Yang Tuo armed force swept fat ?? forgive? Vibration into the floor, into the door, hall door engraved on the "concept of the party" word, which means The village to learn the same neighborhood as a model ", there was Li Yuanhong President of the Government of India Peiyang. It turned out that Lin's landlord of the Senate in 1913 to do, and then the president of the Senate had a total of Li Yuanhong, Li Yuanhong well aware of the Lin family's ancestral Ji charity, the vibration into the floor when completed important to give credit to the gifts. Now, in the main hall floor, the walls Eye is also still visible Hengpi 5, Li Yuanhong year are major wrote the president. Vibration into the floor, inside and outside the ring floor, the two posed. Ring a four-storey building 48 each, according to the "Book of Changes", "Eight Diagrams map" construction layout, at the Eight Diagrams; Gua Gua between the building and fire brick wall, the wall set up in the arch, self-closing into hospital , Non-interfering, then the entire floor to open the door the same, even as a whole. This is the vibration into the floor, a major architectural features. Sub-floor, two-ring, and the screen door on the first floor of the hollowing of the corridor on the second floor of cast iron railings, flavor, delicate appearance. Inner floor, which like the western-style decoration Chudo hall, bright and spacious, is a multi-purpose hall Both for the whole floor, people celebrate the wedding venue for meeting people's hall of procedure, or to receive guests or acts of view show. Chamber Shilianghe framework supporting pillars, the roof was triangular, like the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, and the heavy weight of a few columns, Shilianghe in more than 80 years ago without a road, the car-free, three-inorganic Operations, how into the building and architecture, modern people are so hard to imagine. "Soil" and "foreign" relative, as vibration in the floor to be reflected in clear-cut. Like western-style brick and inner decoration of the building, in other civil-beam frame structure of the ring floor, "foreign territories, Chinese and Western" style for the earth Rare. Building, between East and West on both sides of the ring floor, each with a well, Eight Diagrams is just the yin and yang at the poles. Wells in the eastern side of the anode, the legend of housing construction began, many workers drank the well water, after all become master craftsmen, there is the "wisdom of the Well", said. The west side of the cathode wells, water quality Qinglie Gan , Chang Yin water to the delicate skin, UFA bright, handsome man, beautiful woman, and the so-called "beauty well." Visitors to this, ultimately, to Hekou well water, so a little wiser, more beautiful. More peculiar is that the distance between the two wells 30 meters, however, in the same horizontal plane, but the water temperature, water level and water clarity varies with . There is also a building together, the "green belt as cultivation, and hiss of love bamboo garden", containing known as a "king" of the "belt", the word in the word, the word sentences can be said to "bring" Biodegradable word out to more than 100 words, the endless mysteries. The reward for this landlord, an expert to crack the mystery of which are often attracted tourists arrested Flexible gills. With all the stories, crowned as the national key protection units as well as vibration of the floor, stunning visitors. It had the Great Wall in Beijing, the Lama Temple and the model for the Chinese ancient architecture representative of the United States unveiled a model of Los Angeles International Building Exhibition, the well-known. ? "Potala Palace" Kui - This is a palace-style structure to the floor, building mountains, some too, "Potala Palace"-like momentum. From a height, and the building behind the ridge of effective intervention, like the Tigers down the mountain, Kui-floor, which is "head." This is the floor of the Qing Dynasty Hanlin degree Wu Yi Fu according to the geographical characteristics of a tiger-shaped design, with the landlord to Lin Yang was sworn brothers. China usually does not open the door, clients came to the only open the door to meet. The building is very beautiful carved eaves beam, but the "Cultural Revolution" during the destruction. The three-year-old completion of the earth storied building, about 15 meters, before and after the building before the situation on the mountain after the high-low, constitute a rich appearance of the image, with the ups and downs The hills echoed. Thick wall, the only top-level windows and only open the door to a different, very close. Phi about building their own house in a well, cover the upper part of Jingtai top, and opened a small window, with a view to preventing the rain get wet in the rain, but also easy to water, which is a distinctive feature of this floor. The most distinctive when the deal is in front in two The loft-style, canopies for Xieshan top-down, and after the floor of the canopy back to form four overlapping roof, the roof of the pavilion and stacked so that the hospital building to a unique landscape. Kui-floor, was built in 1834, covers an area of 6000 square meters, more than 20 families now live in the mouth than 100 people. More than a century, Rending building boom generation talent , A prominent fame, and the examination to obtain goods Guanzhi seven more than four, more than 20 university students, overseas Chinese have more than 40, as against the door said, "Kuixing Lang Sheng Zhao civilization, the family together in Sri Lanka Weather New. " ? "palace-style mansion of a masterpiece," Fu Fu Yu Yue House floor, Yongding is the mansion of-the-earth storied Representative for the Hong Earthen first in a square hole. Year in 1880 started the construction at a cost of hundreds of thousands of Koyo, after completion of three years, covers an area of more than 7000 square meters. Tingzhou building by the landlord to a friend, Zhang Zhi Fu Xing Bing design, like western-style architecture, magnificent. Building the mountain surface water, Shanqingshuixiu, as a result of the wind outside the entrance tower The reasons for a spin on the oblique angle of the outlet into a hospital's front yard wide Zhaizhang (Ping Lau), Zhaobi ago, the parapet walls of the small stream and river with stone masonry on the floor, build a fine, the issue as one with nature, Very harmonious. The former is a two-floor building, with both sides of the three cross-linked housing; after the five-floor, and the two horizontal Then, constitute a high-rise around the co-Wai's more defensive layout, style mansion is the actual development of the earth storied floor to the side of the type of transition. Chudo brick for the pavilion, Diaolianghuadong, gorgeous fine. Chudo and take on both sides of the corridors and rooms before and after, the building will be separated into six large and small courtyard to make room for a richer level. Two House The toilet at home to ensure that the buildings clean. According to the landlord about the ethnic Lin, a former landlord, the father of the Qing Dynasty, "the doctor court," the fourth official, it will be allowed to build such a palace-style houses. Axial symmetry of the whole building, scattered houses, imposing momentum, when the height of the two live 27 more than 100 people. House members for their Zhang Zhi Fu Bing, the stars, on both sides of the couplet, "Fukuda carefully, the margin after the former light" to clarify the floor, also expressed the pursuit of the landlord. ? "pocket-sized circular floor," or if the House floor, or if, built in the year 1901, is the smallest so far found a round floor. With a diameter of 17 meters, a three-storey building, only ten , In order to traverse the single-floor, round circle, slim, sleek. A door is on the door is the room, inside a hospital in the wells, about two staircases, side of the stairwell wall to cut off, you can play the role of fire. Round House, 6 people live, with only five meters in diameter hospital, although a very small space inside the building, but the whole earth storied home Up-and orderly. According to legend, the original home of the landlord to a lack of housing, after a dream of a "red round here on the whereabouts", they do everything possible to raise funds pick their own land and labor, spent three years to build such a circular floor. As a result of the small floor, like the appearance of Hakka people used bamboo tube made of the amount of rice tools, "or rice," or named as . Many visitors also known as the "pocket-sized earth storied building." It is said that the name "such as the floor, or" there is a deeper meaning, that is the starting place of good wish - such as the Japanese sun, light years.

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China Town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"China Town" Secrets little tiny place, not 10,000, but a radius of ten, they live with more than 100 family name, a unique spread of the "military family," and its customs, since the Qing continues to this day. Zhongshan ancient town of strange cultural phenomenon, which has been concerned about the outside world. ? Family Names live Zhongshan, in Wu County Xinan Yu 11 kilometers, the New Stone Age have a footprint of human existence. In the year 736 AD set Pingchen Wu, market Ping Wu, Wu County, Wu-ping, in Shan, China Town, after the change, the test can be written in history over more than a thousand. Since the Central Plains across the border dressed precarious, Hakka More together to form a clan, a village on the first floor is more of the same clan. Only Zhongshan, only Wuping ancient seat of this old city by city, Metro, the city within three villages, covering an area of not more than 2 square kilometers, is home to the family name Bai Yujia residents, the country's unique. It causes, "the people in the town," began the Hakkas south and the establishment of the Wu-ping Zhongshan ancient town of Tang and Song dynasties, when the market is already, the county seat of governance, E-Minfeng, a "small city". South line from the Hakka people have lived here, Zhongshan become a factor in the name of the complex. 24 Wu Ming-hong (1391), the court martial to set the world, all over the country to establish health and the soldiers . Zhongshan-old vital importance for the military, Wuping therefore set up fortification by 1000 (referred to by Wu), the military power TIAN. Dozens of family names from all over the transfer of troops to Zhongshan, in the Luo Ji, open-establishing themselves on the spot, evolved. The Army set up the family name, family name, Zhongshan is another factor in the complex. Long years, the population gradually Zhongshan Some surnames are gradually lost 4 ??? Surname Green, a left Nianyuhuajia old woman, died when the elderly, Zhongshan again less a family name. As a result, the number of Zhongshan last name in the end, there can be exact. However, at least no less than 100 name is convinced beyond a doubt. ? Caojunjiahua The setting, the Army set up the family name, and formed a strange Zhongshan another human landscape - the military, then home. At that time, Wu set up after the military domain Shou-third of the soldiers, seven land. A number of non-commissioned officers served after the service to demobilization, and become residents. However, these non-commissioned officers Luo Ji, the Army is a family Not subject to local jurisdiction, and the status of people of different households, as distinct from military and g, they came from Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and other areas, several dozens of dialects, often brought to the exchanges between the language barrier. In order to get along with the long-term, the development of production, living arrangements, free from bullying the local people, they allow more We have been part of the Jiangxi-based dialect, absorbing around the more familiar dialect, part of the incorporation of the local Hakka, a "miscellaneous compensation," the dialect. After long deliberation, the convention will be a unique dialect as a "military family, then." Although the "military family," the use of a small population, small area, like the Hakka Party The sea area in a small isolated island, but they have a strong sense of independence, the military or at home with his family when speaking of "military family," conversation; Hakka woman to marry military families, but also to be speaking " If the military family "and to their children; in a number of purely military home villages, and even the teachers are teaching gymnastics," the military at home if . As a result, in the Hakka dialect of the siege, "the military family," from generation to generation, Li Wuliubainian not bad; small Xiao Wu, the two go hand in hand dialect, instead of miscellaneous people living in chaos. When I first arrived in Zhongshan, you listened to a military family in Southern accent and his sentence to the north, Zeze flat, thick light, such as reading hieroglyphics difficult birth, Misunderstanding, then to Italy, created a joke, it added. ? name affixed to a joint Zhongshan magic. That is not to say away the "fairy-Leisure"-Xian Yan, Feng Qi Dong Chang You-dong, Yang ten people Bamboo Village, Wu-ping, one of the Eight "Longyan rain" and "Dan Wells Spa," and not to say Solidification of the history of Old Bridge, the ancient tower, the ancient city gate, do not say that the mysterious old city, "Tong Jing", north of the city, "Hung-chuen," and "a rock-meter," Qieshuo that the people of the Church from generation to generation together, they It is amazing stroke the table to others. Alliance Church, also known as the Alliance's family, the family name against the amount of doors. It provides an overview of the family name by name or country of origin, the ancestor of land reclamation Titles on the life and deeds of their ancestors praised the text, merit or performance, it is also known as the "mini-family genealogy." During the Chinese Lunar New Year, happy marriage, Zhongshan each of the last name, then both sides of the door in the hall or a red paste on both sides of the family name together, we play up the atmosphere of celebration, but also to show off Menting, and cherish the memory of ancestors, Future generations of King ancestral education were read, self-cultivation and promising. Hakka people's strong sense of roots and promote Jude, Shishu pass on from generation to the fine traditions of the Alliance ran on. For outsiders, as long as a couplet to see, to know why the family name. "Han Ming Chen section, the Song of Science", Han Ming Chen Zhu praised the upright Jian and Zhu Jia Song Dynasty scholar's learned, to encourage people to be honest and outspoken and study to make improvements, which is linked surname Zhu. "World Kowloon section, ten German masters," Zhao told a relative of the Warring States Linquan to Germany to teach children, nine-story talent, to encourage future generations to be based in Germany, son of martial law in the Education, which is the most common surname Lin Alliance. Alliance name Multi-joint "section, the first World Bank, the first of the new world, the sound of distant home", close knot, multi-Xia Lian ", famous old masters, the long-Ze World", Sha Wei, as a hundred couplets in the Garden Flower. Tracing to its source, the United Church people showed that people Zhongshan King Mu ancestors were distinct traditions. ? my lantern show Said Wu Ming by the beginning of the establishment, Zhao Tingpai military guard here. Every Lantern Festival, and numerous military exploits of the generals can not Guandeng back to the city of Nanjing, then the emperor Qin Zou Qing imperial court by the grant, according to the rules of Nanjing by Wu in his downtown lantern lantern show on the 13th day from the beginning until the tenth day Under the lights on the 9th, the "arms to make the lantern, such as Nanjing City, "Lantern Festival lanterns on the popular downtown, the National can be seen everywhere, but here the original temple with a lantern, lantern and play a combination of" lantern show, "but distinctive style. Tailor-made lanterns big surgery, placed on the stage, Upper-bar all kinds of people, flowers and birds, animals, vivid image, after the five-point lights Fun, very good-looking; lower staged a puppet show, brought great joy to see the audience. To make light of such practices, the length of the scale, in the form of beauty, love of people, its neighbors to the rare, centuries-old connections to a legend. Only through the ancient city gate, "Ying-yan door," walking in the ancient streets of the Old City, watching the street Side of the old arcade-style house, to imagine, "Yuan Xiaoye Zhuishang every door all the beautiful lanterns," the scene, listen to the local proverb also run out: there is no fresh food, food to the twentieth day; there is nothing better, Talk to the light. This is Wu's event by trouble portrayal of the lantern. Old, Temple City 13, Temple temple Lanterns. The size of the 13 monasteries, the emperor 2 rare temple, the temple first emperor Zhu (Zhu Yuan Ming) and the other for having Zhenwu Temple (Ming Chengzu Zhu Di); there are 3 Xu Da Ming dynasty's founding hero, often Yuchun, HU hero of the shop, were called sand-chung temple, the temple HONG Sha, Sha Chi Temple. Wu is located in Zhongshan History has left a clear track to enable a small town with a rich heritage of the times; of an era, inadvertently left a small town deep inside.

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Meihuashan Tiger Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tiger Tiger Park to find a trace due to the unique geographical location and ecological environment in the world A key state-level nature reserve by Chinese and foreign Meihuashan! Experts as "the most ideal habitat for South China Tiger." In 1992, the World Wildlife Fund, Dr. Jialikele couple camped Meihuashan came from the United States, research And look for a South China Tiger. Meihuashan in two years, found traces of a number of South China, such as the hanging tree, to hang, feces, hair and so on, but unfortunately no real capacity of South China. Meihuashan foreign experts look for the tiger's experience told us study hard abnormal wild South China Tiger, also let us feel more Wild South China Tiger to the mystery. International agencies and local governments huge reward for shooting wild South China tiger, so far as a hard to come by. But the newspaper has repeatedly disclosed the news coming out of the South China Tiger is still attracting a lot of people looking for the tiger disappeared into the Meihuashan. However, it is necessary to look at the mysterious Feng South China, today there is no need to wade mountain climbing, thousand Million hard to find, as long as into the Meihuashan South China Tiger Park could have a wish. ? Tiger Tiger Park to see a goat was driven into the South China Tiger territory - kept breeding of wild South China tiger - a large forest, grassland. Does not seem to be aware of the danger of the arrival of the goats as if nothing had happened to enjoy the warm Light, fresh air, Ken Zhao grass. At this time, hiding in the bush in the South China Open, has been sensitive to the smell of Songshangmenlai delicacy, like a gentleman stood up, did not aim to look at the goats, all of a sudden pounce as fast in the past, had a few goats An Dao to the ground, a bite of the goat's neck, Tear it in half ... ... If the South China Tiger hungry belly, it will be goat mouth, non-stop fun, it is neither killed nor released it, the strong and the weak play of the game's real scene. His strong physique and powerful figure, quick to test their abilities, people realized that the "Baishouzhiwang" Meng Qi. Meihuashan in China Tiger Park to see the tiger, the zoo do with the tiger is very different. Tiger Park to see the tiger, it is to see the wild, look at its powerful, strong, fresh look weak. If the tiger in the zoo, in small cages, the Wild have been lost, to see a live chicken will be scared straight to hide, then the tiger park in the Castle Peak and accompanied by a tiger, and the King The spirit, to revive HW. Tiger 6 of the existing park into a tiger, baby tiger 2. 6 into a tiger, three female three-hung, the origin Suzhou and Guilin. Two baby tiger was in July 2001 in the Meihuashan South China Tiger Park was born. With the further breeding of wild success of the Tiger Tiger Park capacity will be increased gradually. Came to the world, the South China tiger can be 20-25, 3-year-old will mature green in spring and autumn heat and mating, the birth of each child is only 1-3. However, South China mating difficulties, led to the breeding difficult. It is said that at present, the National Zoo in as a mother of one of South China. ? "national treasure" scarcity South China Tiger South China tiger, also known as the Chinese Tiger, tiger Xiamen, China is a rare and unique species of the tiger, at the national level to protect animals, is the world's five remaining subspecies of the most endangered tiger A, is listed as endangered in the world top 10 The first of the species. According to the survey, is now the only remaining wild South China Tiger is only 20 to 30, together with the support of the Chinese zoo is not About 50, far less than giant pandas. The startling figures mean that South China Tiger is more rare than the Giant Panda, the more valuable. However, the South China Tiger has been widely distributed in the east and south China, central China, southwest China, and so on more than two dozen cities, the 1950s are still active in the China 4000 Manner. A short span of half a century, due to the deterioration of the ecological environment, man-made over-hunting, a South China Tiger has been extremely endangered status. At this time, "concerned about the nature, South China Tiger-friendly, concerned about their own humanity," the cry, straight up the clouds. Meihuashan South China Tiger Breeding Research Center, the Meihuashan South China Tiger Have been set up. Western Fujian in China, the first to start a great project to save South China tigers. ? "South China Tiger's hometown," Meihuashan western Fujian, an economically less-developed areas, was launched to save South China took the action because the South China Tiger is on the verge of extinction because it is Meihuashan Chinese and foreign experts as "the hometown of South China Tiger" Western Fujian were well aware of the "Save the South China tiger is to save his own humanity," and an ecological Meihuashan South China Tiger Park, home at last. Open map, it is not hard to find, near the Tropic of Cancer Department, with most parts of the desert is the only Meihuashan like a green pearl inlay on the Tropic of Cancer, the reputation of Chinese and foreign experts "North return to the desert green belt by Tsui." Meihuashan located in the southern margin of the sub-tropical climate, undulating hills, endless green sea, rich in animal and plant resources. In particular, there is relatively closed to the outside world, very little human disturbance, are still preserved a large area full primeval forest; forest coverage rate as high as 95%, Hui More than 60 species of rare plants, more than 40 kinds of rare animals and rare insects, become a "wildlife sanctuary" and "bio-species gene pool" and "natural zoo", was included in the national forest and wildlife nature reserves in the world A-level nature reserves as well as China's priority list to protect the ecosystem. More than 10 years of expert fact-finding and investigation traces of wild South China tiger, has confirmed that "Meihuashan South China Tiger is the largest number of existing, the most frequent activities of the region." South China Tiger Park, the success of the Green Fan, proved Meihuashan South China Tiger is indeed the best habitat and reproduction, also works to save South China Tiger has really Hope.

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Shang Hua painting Township - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangping to three of the town is not, in addition to Huaxiang Yongfu, Southeast Asia, tea, and the other is the rural bridge painting, Shang Hua. Newbridge, Gu Cheng harmony, with a long history and cultural development, according to legend Zhangping built in the county before the writers come forth in large numbers. It is a historical and cultural inheritance of the truth, the farmers here in farming , Splash-ink brush like, good painting style village, in the hearts of the expression of longing for a better life and the pursuit. They may paint, and never thought to bring their own or good and never thought I would be able to territory whom, just a pure love, a continuation-Xi, but the country style, so to win a new bridge " China now The rural folk painting ". Township in the size of the country in which only the title, enough for them proud. Modern painting allow that non-odd civil enzymes as well as major, new bridge in bloom. It is the oldest and youngest; both Traditional folk art form and content, into the modern concept of farmers and the pursuit of Re-form the performance of the external and internal re-discover the spirit. "Zhuma light" and "Le Lantern" and "hi-chi wedding", "Zanjia fruit taste treat," "mushroom incense is strong," a ... ... paintings, the hands of farmers from the village, the painting is their life With the work, the painting is around them and are familiar with the matter - They want, naturally unrestrained. Its beautiful color, crisp lines, exaggerated style, fresh images, the simple emotions are moving. Their work is composed of a seven-color note after another local movement, jumping rhythm of rural life, to disseminate the rich fragrance of the soil. In their eyes Painting has not only face, or farmers who will be pleased to see a form of propaganda. Their paintings, such as "national policy of one-stop propaganda", "Jishengfuwu to back", "and only child," "tax information" and so on, the Acura after the reform and opening up new villages, new look. Rural bridge painting, picturesque, King's favorite subjects.

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The only four-fort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The compass, paper-making technique, printing, gunpowder, is the four great inventions in ancient China, the Chinese nation as a human society made an outstanding contribution. One printing, from the Tang to Qing Dynasty, far ahead of the world, Asian and African countries have Far engraving printing, but also opened the world's first printing. Four Fort Ancient Town, is the only living Block Printing on behalf of the witness, is the ancient Chinese civilization, world leader in the Record. ? Block Printing has a long history four Fort, located in western Fujian, City Link, Changting, Qing Liu, Ning at the junction of four counties, is in a remote mountain town. However, there has been printing the its prosperity and well-known in the printing industry to become next National Block Printing of the four bases present in the preservation of one of the most complete, the list of "history and culture of the rural Fujian Province," the surviving ancient Publication Group is also included in the key state protection unit. Fog through the ancient town of Yan Village, a well-Chuang Chuang wind and rain erosion, Wind & Fire's house, the gatehouse of the stands, Qiaojiao cornices, literary drift. Publication is ancient. Fog Tower is only a village still known as the "Indian room" of more than 100 sites Department. Four Indian fort Publication is a basic family workshops, multi-family from generation to generation operating, and the family of a private nature and characteristics of the significant. Fog Chow Kok village and housing estates of Ma Ma, is operating four Fort engraving of the printing industry of the two families. Chow Contains language: "My elbow Qianlong in the township, the book industry very Sheng, who accumulated wealth each other," the Publication of "extensive efforts for the past engrave, cloth all within the four seas, the Indian product Soo, Rao Ruosu closure." Hui-Ming and Qing Dynasties housing is a combined residential and Publication of a typical construction, Tianbao by the Church, the Church of the Treasury, John Lau Po, was founded in 1809 Three brothers surnamed Zhou from the construction, covers an area of mu, the Office of the Kowloon-18 Well, there are more than 140 rooms. The Office of the middle and lower public places, the Office of the side and put on the first residential rooms and living areas, the second Grand Prix in front of the side rooms and rooms for Publication and India, for backyard storage room and other objects. Published books sold in Jiangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, hanging, and so on Jervois . According to historical records, four Fort engraving of the printing industry there is the Southern Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty Chenghua period (1465-1487), eight years Wanli of the Ming dynasty (1580), said the origin of the three. He said that while the later, to be Textual Research, but it's enough to have a long history. Hundreds of years of development experience, in the Qianlong and Jiaqing, Three generations of light entering the Indian peak g Square than persimmon, forest floor, book, book from generation to generation, at least 100 large, small and medium-sized Publication spread all over. Local booksellers up as many as several hundred, fixed-point distribution, trafficking flows. Steady stream of foreign books are also approved for sale here, so that the fort has published four books, "Jiangnan monopoly, national marketing, spread far and wide overseas . After the printing industry with innovation and technology development, to diminish in the late Qing to Early Republic has been almost no out. ? "copyright" early awareness in recent years, "the fight against piracy" and "the protection of property rights to know," Sheng Jian, the "copyright" growing sense of the people of the heart. In the four-fort, "copyright" of the modern fashionable term , Has long been at the time of its original seeds. Fourth, China Block Printing Exhibition Hall inside the castle, a dark mottled wood block printing plate, layer upon layer, placed in the window. "Possession of all the board and look at the carved reserved" and "possession of the vegetarian plate, carved up reserved" the words carved on the Indian board, clearly visible. According to the four old fort Memories, "board possession of all" ethnic regulation, is operating four Fort printing four Indian fort brush printing industry Chow, Ma family, the development of the two to resolve family disputes as a result of inter-cropping Members of the public-selling books printed, and for Diaoban Disputes arising from, and the clarity of copyright, copyright protection. Family of the new regulations also cut off many restrictions on board: general not allowed to cut open Some board books; the popular book on loan book printing plate, as is all, not to separate tags if there is any violation by the chiefs to intervene. As a result, then, the value of Diaoban very high, not only because Diaoban production is not an easy task and, more importantly, have the means printing money and has a wealth distribution Diaoban E, since However, Chow and become, Ma family, the separation of the first two possessions. For the family to coordinate the various workshops between the normal operation of the production, Zou, Ma family, the two also developed a regulatory group, known as the "one-year-old set." It is said that in the coming year before the first lunar month, the Publication should be published in next year's sales of all books of all varieties Shuayin Proofs, posted on their doors Publication on the wall, the first day so that families can understand each other at a time when the drop in Publication of a book case. In case of duplication of books, then the chief or the authority of the elders came on the regulation so as to avoid duplication. Then, before the formal arrangements for the Publication of the production that year. "Possession of all board "One-year-old set" to develop not only let us see the four Fort engraving of the printing industry distinctive characteristics of the family, but also showed us the four Fort engraving of the printing industry's oldest functioning of the internal management. ? from the remnants of more ancient version Diaoban, rare ancient books and local information on genealogy research, in order to adapt to a different level Readers demand for the four Fort variety of types of books printed, all-inclusive content, about 9 more than 900 categories. Of these, for children of young science of the Enlightenment "You learn the story on King Lam," "Three Character", "Zengguangxianwen"; son give test services have a "language capital Code," "Jane asked papers " The addition of fine classical statement "there are writers like g's" Book of Changes "," The Book of Songs "and" The Analects of Confucius "and" Mencius "by Shi-in literature books, ancient poetry and personal collection, but also people's day-to-day entertainment Novels, stories, drama, and so have the day-to-day application z Reading, medical books, but also geomancy, or card Star count of the books and the like. In the fourth version of the ancient castle, there are rare treasures: first, "Jin Ping Mei Xiu Xiang." The advent of the Ming Dynasty book, "The Golden Lotus" is listed as banned books, in Beijing, Han, Hangzhou and other places difficult of the press, and published a four-fort, "Jin Ping Mei Xiu Xiang", the existing library in Jilin University, is published On an outstanding event. The second is the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Outlaws of the Marsh" Kanben together in the same pages in the ink lines to be divided into upper and lower of the two and a half, published in the upper half of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", published in the second half of "Outlaws of the Marsh." This version is more rare in the history of printing. Third, "The West Chamber", using even the history of Indian pottery paper, the word Black, red punctuate for the rare ancient books in quality. Fourth, the "Butterfly Lovers" mixed calligraphy, each book page for a picture next to text with illustrations, try to be different. Five members of the National Chi is known as one of the Ming Dynasty, Li Xiong, "County of Ning." Sixth, a small forward, said the Classical Novels loaded, "the Analects of Confucius" (Zhu intrinsic Annotations), 7 cm long, 5 centimeters wide, the pages on the part of the real printers only 6 cm long, 4 cm wide, did not cover, the only book, "The Analects of Confucius" to Juan Liu Volume 10, a total of 212; characters in the book up to a maximum of 260 words, the book's title printed on the side of the "Four Books-wide note "," Eight say ". This is the fourth China Block Printing Exhibition curator of the castle from the local farmers to find and book worms have been spotted with a small loss last name. The book's small, easy to carry, such as today's A pocket dictionary, or for the imperial examination in ancient times used to cheat? Is not known.

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Guanzhi Shan Tian Kai King - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dai Maung Cungu no dumping, there are priceless Zhi-feng. "National key scenic spots Guanzhi Shan, who do not like the Shi Fen Dai Cun Gu, natural beauty, graceful pure. Scenic Area in only 1.5 km away from the county seat, a radius of 100 kilometers, set of mountains, rivers, rocks, Tung, Stephen, Temple, in a park with Guanzhi Shan, Gate Lake, an Walled bamboo, Danzhai flag, the five scenic spots Jiulong Hu, Hill has a surprising Shui Sau, secluded valley, Yan Xue Shen Xiu's blurred. Trip Guanzhi Shan, after the first mountain lake swim, but also after the first mountain lake swim, but "against the tour crown tai more fun." ? Shihmen like landscape of Guilin City, a car came to the Shihmen Lake, Bishuidanshan To eye. Green looked at the lake, Yan Huguang full of water, water with mountain around the water, Shan Ying Zhao, Shan Chen Zhao water, exciting feel God blurred. Located in the hills southeast of Lake Shihmen, in the early 1970s for the construction of reservoirs and irrigation conducive to the formation of the artificial lake, covering an area of 400 mu, such as a piece of jade, such as a pearl Mounted on the Guanzhi Shan Qi Xian-feng of the valley surrounded by mountains, "Shek" open, therefore its name. On the boat slowly forward, sometimes through a narrow canyon, sometimes saunters along the lake open, "the water to go mountain, mountain backwater Bank of China," mountain breeze, comfortable and cool. Hill back in slowly, slowly back in the water, To see the end of the lake, "have no doubt failed", "vista" and suddenly Department winding, mountain water around the ring, water legislation Observatory. Jade Island dome, thirsty horse drink-chuen, Fengseng cap, the bell manul monkey, elephant water, double-feng, gourds Lane ... ... a vivid spectacle of the water, in the distinctly , Then a King King, and even a painting of a painting, the boat is now on the blue line, in the middle reaches of the painting. Occasionally, and 12 egrets, ducks, smell and sound of the ship Jing Fei, over the water, vitality, attracted numerous visitors exclaimed. Huguangshanse, and 9 of Wuyi show significant clearance of the Lijiang River in Guilin. There is a poem: "The suspect is a poly Xianjia Basin, Tim Hill water located home course of events. Wuyi Lijiang Xiuse the United States, both to the memory Liancheng Bi. "? North Zhi Yi Nan Danxia Shuangjue next to a boat before climbing, laughing all the way all the way Huan. Chuanlin from time to time and, from time to time and take the edge of the wall; leaning over the cliff temple from time to time, careful, sometimes climbing grasp chain, a step Break; listen to the birds in Shen Jian Look at flowers on the cliff; Yuanwang range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, cliffs look at the last peak from the side. City Link is located in the county's Hakka pure "first Hakka Mountain" Guanzhi Shan, with its ancient shape of a judge wearing a crown of haitai name, "Wu Li ground, not even from high post, not far from the care and potential" , According to legend began in the development of the Song Dynasty, ancient times, "eight Places ", Sanjiang (Min River, the Jiulong River, Ting Jiang)," View of the upper reaches of the first "reputation. And as a result of the" World Natural and Cultural Heritage "with the Wuyi Mountains of a Department (Wuyishan vein), the same Danxia landform, mountain-hung Qi, and enjoy, "North Zhi Yi Nan, Danxia Shuangjue" reputation. Line all the way to go, a peak here, there Rock, such as the Wo Hu, such as the gallop, such as squatting division, such as the monkey show, uncanny workmanship, the state significantly; Triassic Tam, Hong palm Valley, Tiger Rock, Yin Feng, Dan Tiyun stack, such as Yi Xiantian 100 000 Attractions wares. Lei back, is a cliff close to the rugged stone Road. I have heard that there are 365 steps, such as A year of 365 days and nights, smooth opinions on the Hill means that a year on safety and good luck. Rising, who risk their calendar, of course, with no distraction. Looking back occasionally railings overlooking, Lotus Peak, women show peaks Luotuo Feng, Ruyan Fengfeng, powerful and magnificent, life-like shape. If the wind around mountains fog, mist Rock Road Wind-by-wave shape of carp. Lei over the back and climb to the Peak, the highest longevity Mountain Pavilion. Going through short-term "hard" and finally arrived in the Peak, Automobiles at Full Dunjue great, is a kind of relief and comfort relieved. Sunny case of cloudless blue sky, overlooking lean on a railing, towns, fields, hills, panoramic view, "unlimited scenery in the Xian-feng" All earthly ideas and personal considerations, swept away. From long-ting, all the way down the mountain. "Yi Xiantian," Guan Zhishan the peak for a split second, left for the peak of Ganoderma lucidum, Wu Laofeng right for the two peaks completely separated from the pitch only two, three meters. Come inscribed "The first view of the upper reaches of the" five-word before the rock wall, looking down at the foot of the mountain city, Sichuan 9 text, such as wind around ; Cottages scattered, many buildings, picturesque Tianchou. ? relatively long life Kamiyama different yin and yang, water Guanzhi Shan, Qi-hung, delicate and pretty, unique landscape, "Sanjue": First, bamboo Walled an area of the "longevity Stone", to life; second, Penny Walled an area of the "Watergate wall" , Magnificent; Third, Guan Zhishan The area, "according to a candle-day", from where they stand more than 50 meters into the sky. In fact, the area along with the development of new scenery constantly coming out, the King must Guanzhi Shan scenic spot of color has been far from wonderful, "Sanjue." "Root of Life" and "the door to life," co-exist in the scenic area, said Yin and Yang Shuang Jue, so that visitors marvel "Hakka Kamiyama," "life Kamiyama," "masculine best in the world, gentle unique in the world" from the critical praise. Overview of the world famous scenic spots, there are positive or negative, are not uncommon, but relatively the same yin and yang, it is rare. The so-called "life Kamiyama," construction. "Root of Life" in the top Guanzhi Shan Shouting under the canyon, is a huge cylindrical pillars, a great high. Looking up at or near both the height overlooking it are as high an erection, Ran Wei male penis erect. However, it Jue stand in the valley, between heaven and earth, the sky directly, the filling of masculinity, in order to give the Endeavor, the endless struggle ?. "Gate of Life", Shek Mun in the Shek Pik on the side of the lake. Shek Pik smooth emergence of a slit, Fengzhong Water Department has a black hole, the hole around the long grass, moss, and reflect light into the water hole, which is Huo Tuotuo humanity, "the door to life." "Root of Life" and "the door to life," days To set up, with the crown in tai. This is God's land and water to give it the greatest gift, which is nature's uncanny workmanship good fortune, which is the earth and human blood, the same style of watch and arm. It was perhaps this has given us life in front of the Creator, but also ashamed to tell, but the nature of our call this a life, The source of life for us to show the life of tension, of primitive life. "Root of Life" and "the door to life", which is really unique Guanzhi Shan belong to the United States, Guan Zhishan This is the real magic, mystery. In this regard, Guan Zhishan tour is full of a concern for humanity, divinity flashes of brilliance Health Hajj, "haitai far upright, and always will, to make the lives of the root causes of relieved." ? College of cultural crown strength of character tai mountain, in the absence of disseminated culture, it is only a lifeless rock. The Guanzhi Shan is a living thing, not only in that it combined the "Gate of Life" and "the root of life" in one, but also because Is distributed with a strong mountain culture. Yamana by the "East Tian Shi", "Lin-san," Yi Ren was the "crown tai" should be replaced, given the mountain culture. Xie Zhi, is a legendary ancient animal, like sheep and Unicorn, "on their merits, see people struggle, that is not directly touch angle", France Which can distinguish between right and wrong, and thus judge the hat known as the "crown Zhi", to show impartiality, Chuxie Fuzheng meaning. Hill "crown tai" All this shows the far-reaching implication. And the world famous, not Guanzhi Shan Zhong Ling Yuk Sau of the majestic mountains in order to rule the roost, not to incense well-known peak, but many are proud to College. Since the South To the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and many literati in the mountains have Jie Lu Chang, has "College Hill II" and "sing-chiao Hillside Garden", "Dongshan Cottage", "Xiuzhu College" and "five-hyun's College," ... many ... The College has become a Guanzhi Shan Yao's scenery. For centuries the sound of the influence of the book, the moisture Guanzhi Shan proudly of the strength of character. College of prosperity, culled from the tour, the mountain also retained a number of valuable ancient stone Cliff and important questions, many of the College, temple, the Rendezvous Pavilion, and other human landscape, as well as a chapter Tiyong water Guanzhi Shan Fu article. To date, left the mountains for more than four stone Cliff Branch, including the Southern Song Dynasty Daru, Fujian jurisprudence of the four home Luo Yan hand-written from a "stand like a wall a thousand Ren," Huang Ming Dynasty Mingru just the title of "crown Zhi", a famous modern calligrapher Rodin's "long life", Zhao's "good fortune 10 minutes Shenxiu" calligraphy, and other treasures. The most precious is that the Dongshan cottage collection with two important questions: First, the national hero Lin Guan Zhishan board when the hand Hengbian of "The Merry Jiangzuo"; Second, the well-known scholar of the Qing Dynasty, "Si Ku Quan Shu" Ji Xiaolan compile the total in Fujian inspectors during the term of office, western Fujian Mu's school still Chongwenmen wind, made a special trip to visit Guanzhi Shan, leaving "step up Dongshan "Calligraphy, Yu Shan to express their minds. Yuk Sau's Guanzhi Shan Zhong Ling, profound cultural heritage. So far, City Link text Its peak, as many writers out in the highest national level, there was "literary County" that was built at the foot of Guanzhi Shan in China's Fujian Writers literature base.

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Hakka capital - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hakka ancestors did not, there will be no "Hakka, the capital of the" ancient form of Tingzhou. Ting Jiang did not, there would be no ancestors of the Hakka settled. But this does not mean too much. Ting Jiang origins Changting, Fujian, Ning of the territory, far from the North nanliu pass through into the western Fujian, Guangdong, and Meijiang Huihe Cheng Han, Chaozhou Pentium into the sea. " Are launching the East, "Jiang Only" Southern independence "; according to the gossip shows, the South is a small, named" small water ", after the synthesis of water DING" Ting ", and" Ting Jiang. "This is a four Fujian One of the famous river. Tingjiang ancient bamboo verdant valley, rich resources, fertile land, climate, it is a chance to recuperate, On behalf of the proliferation of treasure. From the beginning of the Jin Dynasty, tens of thousands of Han Chinese Central Plains - Duobizhanluan for Hakka ancestors, famine, one after another across the border, to settle at Tingjiang River Valley, farmland reclamation, and keep the formation of ethnic Han Chinese in a unique public system - Hakka. After that, many Hakka people here from the start, down 800 years Ting Jiang Tao repeatedly assured the public that the water transfer, Yan broadcast at home and abroad, the creation of new living space. Ting Jiang moisture cross-strait land plump plump, bringing up a generation of Hakka people. As a result, Ting Jiang basin to become the cradle of the Department of Hakka people, the world's major Hakka settlements and ancestral home, Ting Jiang called the "Mother River Hakka." The passenger The influx of a large number of our ancestors, so that at the upper reaches of the Tingjiang Tingzhou to "avoid public service more than three thousand families" and home state. Hakka ancestors created Tingzhou, Tingzhou led to the prosperity and development. Tingzhou become the headquarters of the Hakka and "capital." Tingzhou city, deeply branded on the Hakka's prints and filled with Hakka food Working, not just fighting to open up the spirit of innovation. Hakka museum in town that is strong roots in the ancient city of Hakka and the show is a Hakka history, culture and customs of enrichment. Women's wear cool clothes and Li Dajin of clothes, all kinds of aprons, shoes, bib children, the mandarin tradition of men, the bride's Jiayi, married skirt The Hakka people, such as traditional costumes and a variety of unique and exquisite life appliances. Hakka mother's garden, like a ship berthing at the riverside town, mothers between the crook of the arm, waiting for the Fan set sail, wind and the waves. From the perspective of "Hakka mother," before the statue, looking at long Tingjiang water to the south, a Hakka folk songs, more than Wave. Have a voice, more strongly: "I dream Changding find thousands of degrees of their native land, the Hakka people is a common root." Walk through the Old Streets of the Old Streets Guxiang long and narrow area, occasionally in some Guci outside to see 12 to erect the stone bar high, and its peculiar shape, antique. This is a unique Hakka Long flag is not flying the flag for the flagpole, but the family group sheet, to show off to the world of the family's fame and glory. The more who qualify as fame, the family ancestral temple flag outside the Shilong more, can be seen from the Hakka people for thousands of years to form the traditional emphasis on teaching. Tingzhou ancient customs are simple, warm and good people Tingzhou . Regardless of where visitors are Hakka tea Diyan, ask a guest to stay for dinner drink of rice wine, hospitality, a sincerity. "There are friends from 2 sides Yuan, joy!" Tingzhou of a rice wine, but wine is not known for skill, not the color of wine flavor, not to drink in the mass, but in order to Hakka wine Good friends Friendship.

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