Kiln site in the Song Dynasty - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Dynasty kiln site is located on the left side with the Anting Creek Reservoir, about 10 km from the county seat. According to research, the kiln site of the base is large in the Song Dynasty porcelain workshop production, produced in the Pearl porcelain exported to Japan.

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Su Song's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Su Song is the prime minister at the time of the Song Dynasty, in order to clean governance, diligent love the people, an official close to 60 years, have done for the people left behind a lot of scientific work. Su Song's former home, "Hall Lushan," county in the Xibei Yu Yongfeng Township, an area of 1700 square meters, Su Song dynasty to settle here, "Lushan" Su Fujian has become the "title" So far moved to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and other places of the descendants of SU, are derived from this. The existing "Lushan together," Republic of China for the first year of reconstruction, for three two-care style mansion house, with an area of 750 square meters, the former residence of the existing Su Song-sitting statue, as well as Su Su descendants of the family tree Large portraits of famous people. Su Song in the new Science and Technology Museum, a display of his as politicians, diplomats, astronomers, drug experts, writers, historians performance. Su Song was also the first museum in the world's first astronomical clock, "clock tower" model.

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I irrigated orchard Wan Baoshan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

I irrigated orchard at Jimei tourism Wan Baoshan District 324 State Road junction while filling the pit mouth, covers an area of 500 acres of orchards, the mountain is not high, visitors are free to enter to visit the orchard. Orchard planting in a litchi and longan, Citrus gossip, and more than oranges, star fruit, persimmon, mango, strawberry, peach and plum fruit, and so for Seasons visitors hands-on picking goods ; 25 acres of orchards in the east and recreational fishing ponds can be carried out, barbecue, with barbecue areas, camping areas, farming areas, refreshments, restaurants and so on; other orchard also has a holiday villa, to provide accommodation and entertainment facilities .

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Hung Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park Si-Ming Che-hung at the South hung in the middle of the Hill. City on three sides, while Mountain, covering an area of 17.4 hectares, the highest point in the park 125 meters above sea level, on the other side Gulangyu higher Riguang Yan, high-sighted, Wang Wan Shishan East, view Gulang scenery of the West, South Grand Vision Tam, Tam II A number of islands in the north to see what's new for Xiamen City, the city is Looking good look in the distance. Temple hung an old hill, in front as a result of the unique topography, wind direction changes, vertical and horizontal rain when Yu Si intertwined, so there is "rain Weaving hung Hill," wonders, as one of the eight major Xiamen. The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Zheng Chenggong troops here is the cottage, Kerry called with the Walled, the remaining sites. Mid-levels also later boulders on Do not cut, "Park Yanpingjunwang" Cliff of the five characters. Into the park is surrounded by flowers and trees all over the species, Dengkou stone path around the rock cliffs and Mindanao in Lin Yin. West Slope stand to see Gulangyu, as a vertical banner landscape painting is a rare point of view. Peak and Kerry Jiaer built next to the Walled Garden, which is modeled after an antique castle building blocks, with Shuixie ponds, pavilions, gardens and natural lawn Shi, and technology products, "sleeping children" stone.

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Yu Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Yuan Garden Haoyue from Zhangzhou side of the road or road rehabilitation can be arrived at. The tranquil beauty of the landscape garden in memory of the people of outstanding medical scientists, well-known doctor of obstetrics and gynecology Professor Lin Qiaozhi, in 1984 and built. ?? ?? Yu Garden layout of the building's natural, standing in the garden of white marble carving of Dr. Lin Qiaozhi , Has "Dr. Lin Qiaozhi life exhibition room," Comrade Deng Yingchao personally planted in the garden of the two Araucaria beads, a symbol of Lin Xiu Yi doctor's noble character.

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Beach island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

As the city of Xiamen is an island, surrounded by sandy beaches along the coast particularly rich in resources, only the dark sea around the Island have used a lot of natural bathing beach. The most common are: Dade Beach in mind, Haoyue Beach Park, the United States and China Beach, Sea View Beach Park, Tsai Hong Kong after the bathing beach, and so on.

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Gulang way around the island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The new road around the island was opened in 1987, Ferry Plaza, from the beginning, the major landscape, to the west from the ferry back to the square to complete the week-long tour around the island. It is not only self-King, visitors can also enjoy clear water and blue sky on the side of the sublime, the browser side of the island's natural beauty, but also the many attractions on the island of effective intervention Bring tourists to the ever-changing scenery and endless reverie.

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Ri Guangyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Commonly known as "Huang Yan", located in central-southwest Gulangyu, 92.68 meters above sea level, the highest peak of Gulangyu. Legend has it that in 1641, when Zheng Chenggong came here to see the scenery here is far better than Japan's Nikko Hill, the "Huang" open, it will be named "Riguang Yan."

This is the diameter of a More than 0 meters of stone, overlooking the board, Xiamen panoramic scenery. It is a symbol of Xiamen, where there is "not on Riguang Yan did not mean to Xiamen", said. Ri Guangyan around, "Um Lotus," "heat-old" and "water-speaking Taiwan", "Zheng Memorial Hall," "leader Zhai Men" and the Cave, ancient history and the Mount Stone, and other attractions.

As the saying goes, "Riguang Yan Deng is not to Xiamen." Ri Guangyan Gulangyu is the leading attractions, including the Riguang Yan Qin and two parts of the park. Ri Guangyan a peak of more than 40 meters in diameter of the air stone stands to become a symbol of Xiamen. National hero Zheng Chenggong recover Taiwan, has troops in , Leaving many of the touching legend. Lei stacked stones scenic, natural Donghe, the shore of the waves, with verdant trees, flowers, full of romantic sub-tropical atmosphere. Have "a watt," "Lujiang Dragon Cave," "heat-old" and "small and labor leader," and "water-speaking Taiwan," and "high-meters" scenic spots.

Ancient text Tiyong a lot of stone, in the name of rock antiquity to add splendor. Ladder climbing, a top board, Gulangyu, Xiamen, Tam, Tam small islands panoramic view. Park Kum Ri Guangyan connected with the cable car through to modern pleasure-oriented projects, "Bainiao Yuan," "cinema" and "Heroes Garden" and so on, and move to form the natural landscape Ri Guangyan Jing, and this ancient organic integration. Area of environmental protection in December 1999 adopted by the ISO14001 standards, to become the first country to adopt the standards at the national level scenic spots.

Ri Guangyan well-known scenic spots of the Quartet, through the ages, has been attracting a lot of seekers can explore their Tao Hai-Tao Feng in the day, Yinshizuofu, leaving behind a lot of valuable manuscripts. Ri Guangyan through Temple Mountain Gate, the rise could be looking at a huge cliff. Ya Shang giant's Inscription - "Dong Tian Gulang" Riguang Yan in Wonderland-like scenery has done a brilliant general, is the first year of Wanli of the Ming dynasty in a written; "I Lujiang" Ri Guangyan point out is the first scenic spots in Xiamen, is the first year of the Qing dynasty by Cheng Lin Shu; "Hai-Tao Feng-day" right Riguang Yan pointed out that the characteristics of the Republic of China was written by Xu Shiying four years.

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Yuanhua movie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuanhua movie is located in the Tongan five significantly River in the West Bank town, ancient temples and well-known German Brahma Temple neighborhood, with a total area of 1000 mu, the Yuanhua Group is to invest in the construction of man-made Antique Town entertainment landscape. Yuanhua movie in the first phase of the project covers an area of 120 mu, Beijing Forbidden City is like a palace built in 199 The completion of the year. To Tiananmen Square, the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Yang Xindian, the Summer Palace of the Ming and Qing Street, a promenade and the main group of ancient buildings. The resplendent, ancient Italian scene, the magnificent spirit is the keynote of the first phase of the project. Tiananmen Square, Beijing Tiananmen Square smaller than 1 /4, wooden structure used big, cornices brackets, Diaolianghuadong, very fine work Ancient and glorious. Roof of the tower, the Hall of ridge decorated with dragon, phoenix, lion, the hippocampus, the Pegasus, hai, roar, unicorn, fairy, and so on more than 10 species of the mascot. Hall of Supreme Harmony, also known as Jin Luandian than Beijing's Temple of the original small 1 /4, furnishings and decorations are not the same as natural. Like the Summer Palace, Beijing is also a gallery of the construction of the promenade, with a total length 4 0 meters. Street is the Ming and Qing Ming and Qing Dynasties era of the old city of Beijing residents in the construction of civilian-oriented style buildings, old city like Beijing 38 shops, each shop is scaled down 1 /4, and the green-Hui Wa, with the capital Construction of the color appearance, so that there is a person the feeling of old Beijing. Saw On the right side of the family is fun for children of paradise - Fun Park, the combination of high-tech children's thinking and into the wonderful world of poker in the park set a jump ball, the magic zone, Stargate, wonderful games, such as Rainbow, the growth is Knowledge and a good place for recreation. His Royal Highness is located in Tai Wo is the Jurassic dinosaur world-class, Lined with green, white stones, lifelike dinosaurs of various types of distribution which, combined with the most modern science and technology, the true representation of dinosaur ecology, so that visitors experience the natural wonders of the Jurassic.

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Brahma Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Brahma Temple in the same round of the Angarsk-Daqing Shan main peak, is the Sui Dynasty (AD 581 years) to build the temple, was originally called "Hing Education and Temple", later renamed as "Brahma Temple", in the past millennium, monks Cisi teachers come forth in large numbers, the Temple of Yuanyang , Should not incense. Rise and Fall of Lvjing Monastery, the number of followers at home and raise donations to build repair. In recent years, restored the Mountain Gate, German Church, Buddhist Church, the Clock Tower, Qian Foge, and other historical monuments in the old monastery has been restored. Brahma Temple was built in the Song Dynasty is a tower of Brahman, the three-tier square, solid stone, 4.68 m high, is the study of ancient stone carving art and religious materials. Zhu Xi is also one stone inscription.

YAN Li-first water , Said:

"Tongan big round of the Temple Hill Brahma temple in Fujian Province can be said to be one of the oldest temples, according to the records, it is in the Sui Dynasty emperor to open the first year, which is built in 581 AD. Dynasties after the construction, we are now Basically to see the new building, the old building only for the next Ming Dynasty tower. Brahma Temple in front of the entire complex is the Hall of King Kong, followed by King Hall, Main Hall, Guanyinge, followed by Cangjing Ge. "

These bottom-up construction in delivery times to build a central axis. The whole magnificent temples, towering show-hung, magnificent. Cultural Square in front of the And 23,700 square meters, Fang Shengchi, fountains and the corresponding services. Brahma Temple completed in 1997 opening, the president of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao wrote a "solemn Fanxing wide of the German-sik, the Nature and Man Yang Chang Zhuan" couplet, the Secretary-General of the National Buddhist Ching Lin wrote reconstruction tablets. Brahma Temple in the South to send a Rinzai Zen sect cases, the monks come forth in large numbers throughout history, the Tang Dynasty, Huang Bo, Hui, the Five Dynasties Road Pi, the concept of chi, inaction of the Ming Dynasty, the law, the Qing Dynasty is the Tao, no doubt, would be the modern-chuen, Council, and would like to master, and so on, all too Brahma temple abbot. Master Hong Yi and Wang ship, Master Yin Shun had this Guadan Si Hou Wen Gong's College, also known as Ziyang's College, Quanzhou is the first government official College. Yang Zhi also pavilions, kiosks Zhan, Qian Foge, Kuixing Court, are in memory of the Ming Dynasty and the establishment of Zhu Xi. So far there are also hospitals stone portrait of Zhu Xi, is precious. College of Architecture, scattered mixed, Qu Coiling, Lam Xiuzhu, quiet environment, is indeed a spiritual meditation, reading a good place for learning.

Brahma Temple on the north side of the Clock Tower is a Brahmin in the Song Dynasty pagoda, Fujian Province is the first heritage conservation unit. Mr Yan said:

"The tower of the original bridge in the town of Xi'an, 1 Mr. Zheng Zhenduo 57 years historians to study in Tongan, that the value of its high water will come Yandiao, suggested that the stone into the protection of Brahma Temple. Brahmin from the pagoda is 900 years of history, which is built in the Song Dynasty Yuanyou years, Xi'an was the end of the bridge Bridge bridge in the town of evil, God the town of Tower Bridge, which Relatively high artistic value, has a long history. "

Brahman three-tier pagoda, a square, solid stone, high-4.68 m, 1.78 m base, the base of Sumeru relief dwarf, surrounded by all levels embossed animals, such as statues, elegant simplicity. Block brake for the follow-up pots of lotus, with five-under round of the brake, a sharp brake to hoist This is the study of ancient religion and the history of stone carving art of the valuable kind.

Brahma Temple in the Republic of China in 2007 (1918) Zhang Shucheng warlords in the north have been burned down. Later, Brahma Temple reconstruction has gradually become the consensus of all walks of life. Water YAN Li said:

"In the 1990s, Xiamen City, Tongan, and other concerned governments at all levels of support, including the President of the Buddhist Association of Zhao's appeal, and so on, (Brahma Temple) to build up gradually. Brahma Temple abbot of the original study thick around appealing Master (has 12 overseas), to raise funds up to two million, only Brahma Temple in accordance with the size of the original building, now the Hall also built up a complete basic facilities, Xiamen has become a region that is able to play and can burn incense and tourist places of worship. "

Speaking of Brahma temple abbot of the original Master thick school, Mr. YAN Li-water respect, he said, reconstruction Brahma Temple, Master thick school credit.

"Brahma Buddhist abbot of the original thick school in Taiwan Yin Shun Master's disciple, Master Yin Shun claim to be the world's Buddhist instructor, is now more than 100 years old, still alive, Master thick school had been looking for him to Taiwan, Taiwan's Rock Master is also India Shun Master's disciple, Master of Science is thick Yue, who went to Taiwan to see her, she relies on four Appealing, the worshipers have been funded, but with many good businessmen to donate to help music before (Brahma Temple) with reconstruction. Fourth (1996) World Association held in Tongan, all four Hall of up to form the current scale.

Master Xue thick simple life, he usually ate rice distribution break Seed (seed Hackberry pickled ingredients) or dried, through the use of very simple, appealing to all the money spent on the building of Brahma Temple. His poor health, suffering from asthma, as long as he needs, although Chuan Zhao, apart from anything else, got up and left, such devotion from the spirit of the law is very valuable.

After he passed away, we miss him very much, Brahma Temple's abbot was a long quiet for the Master and from all walks of life, he built a mausoleum tomb, the tomb of such a monk in the hills as well as other parts of the Xiamen area are rare, Muta, put His bone-ling, a lot of people come every year to pay tribute to commemorate him.

Listen Friends, Brahma Temple, where the big round of the mountain, Tongan District is the main peaks, mountain Miangen, shape like a scroll wheel, from FLIP. Seekers can explore history, often to Probe into mountain climbing, Lin Feng Yin line, Zen ceremony, the splash-ink brush, leaving many of the best chapter text of the United States and Cliff stone. Mr. YAN Li said the water: "The whole big round of the Brahma Temple Hill and the place of history and profound culture, the Song Dynasty (James) Zhu Xi to the first Tongan to when the main book, often to play here, and even write some poetry, such as" Brahma concept of rain " "Brahma Temple Tour" in Tongan County are on record, and his great round to stay within the framework of Hill Cliff many stone inscriptions, such as "Chimonobambusa Wind Song" and "big round of the Hill" and "Bringing the Pavilion", according to the records recorded in eight, nine stone Cliff. Unfortunately, only now, "Bringing the Pavilion" is the word written in the words of Zhu Xi, is a county magistrate Liu Ming Sang-sighted to build the pavilion at the altar depicts the word down into a plaque, we have great The mountains to see the "Bringing the Pavilion" is the word of Zhu Xi's hand, is described in the Ming Dynasty, when it (copy Billiton) down. "

Tai Shan round of the beautiful scenery there is the famous "Eight round of the Hill": Diego round of the Shan Tsui, returnees Xun fan, green marsh Hexiang, Taying Dongxi, Rock You moonlight, the Vatican temple bell, Stephen shrine visit Zhan Shi-ting down. Mr Yan said:

"Round the mountain scenery is very good, there are eight rounds of Hill, the Tongan region is a well-known mountain, Xiamen Municipal People's Government in 1999 named King 20, will be the northern Longtan, Brahma round of the King of the two included in the second city of Xiamen Ten of King. "

Well, friends, the audience, the next "tea Min River" program, we have to take everyone to go to the northern Longtan, you are welcome to continue at the same time next week to "Minjiang tea" to guests.

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Space city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jimei space city located in the town, located in the dragon boat pool and beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, covering an area of more than 1500 square meters, the city is divided into sub-sequence of the Office, the Office of the model, the Office of the satellite launch, multi-purpose theaters, barns and so on. Detailed picture to a wealth of information and in-kind model, using high-tech means to reflect China's space The development of the industry's history and current scientific and technological achievements, especially through the simulated launch and the satellite will perform with the participation and integration of entertainment, is a popular park attractions and tourist scenic spots.

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Xiamen Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen City in the district of any high places can see the two stand out from the Gulangyu: Lujiang stand in the first of the Riguang Yan Feng-hsiung as the building drums and the Strait of gossip floor. Eight Diagrams of the original floor of the master Lin Shou, Shu Zhuang is the original owner of Garden Liner Jia's cousin, the building was built in 1907, is now a museum Xiamen . As a result of the round building of the unique red cover on the top floor, the shape of gossip, people call the "Eight Diagrams floor." Museum to display the history of the Standing mainly Biyou "Xiamen ancient history" and "Xiamen modern history" and "Xiamen modern history"; separate exhibitions of the existing "all countries to display gifts" and "Xiamen sports stars Out "," ceramic collection on display, "" animal specimens "," Folk Taiwan "In addition, there are also temporary exhibition hall for the roving exhibitions at home and abroad to come to the museum exhibits more than 14,000 pieces. This comprehensive local museums, Xiamen is the understanding of the window.

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Heaven Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Shiyan in the west side of the drunk Xian Yan (ancient mountain as if it Zuiwo immortal, it is known as the "Xian Yan drunk." Summit of the big rock, squatting like a camel, known as "Luo Tuofeng "), An early Qing Song monks collect alms on the construction of the Heaven Temple. Former morning bell 108 monks, Savaka far and near, so there is Zhong Xiao heaven, "said one of the eight small to Xiamen. Teramae cover a huge hole into a review entitled" Liquan hole. "Hole wells have been called" Sin Well, "Ganlie sweet water, wine Good wine is, it is known as the "Liquan." Sihou rising all along, "asked Lu Xian", "Shi Xian Ji", "Shi Qi "" Kitchen bathtub, "King, and so on. Boulder peak, engraved" heaven ". Extremely close to have a natural cave, from the hole a loud call, they should think Shan Gu Ming, a very echo sounding, named" Zhang Xiao-dong "There are wall-Ming Wanli benevolent dwarf Shi generals and others sing poetry. Luotuo Feng board in excellent shape and look around, Ha Island panoramic scenery, it is refreshing.

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Zheng Yanwu field sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zheng Yanwu field site at Xiamen University, Lu Xun Memorial Hall before the big playground, a municipal heritage unit. Zheng Chenggong was before the troops on the Northern Expedition, in this election will be training, training of a million people have the "iron man army", and later became the main force to recover Taiwan. After the liberation of Xiamen University in the Tongan back of the floor, 1.80 Garden found a 120 cm long, 48 cm wide "training brain trust" of stone, existing in Gulangyu Zheng Memorial Hall. Mr. Chen Jiageng then select the site Yanwu booths set up Xiamen University, the moral of our ancestors carry behest, patriotic and prosperous.

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Bailudong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Xi Bailudong located behind the rock. Ming Dynasty temple was built, rebuilt?????, three additional Treasure Palace, the air holes, such as Luk Tung. Sambo Wan bring up the rear in a hole, hole Fuzhao a pair of white deer clay, making use of stone to the mouth. The hot summer months, often making use of loopholes in smoke poured out, can be seen continuously, it is referred to as "Bai Lu Han Yan," for small Xiamen Eight One. Reconstruction in 1993 and open to visitors.

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Nan Putuo Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Laofeng Nan Putuo Temple in the urban areas, the face of South Taiwu Longhai City, south of Xiamen University. Nan Putuo Temple in Xiamen is a well-known ancient temples. On behalf of the Ming Yongle period (1403-1424), late Ming (1628) Binghuo destroyed. 23 years of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1684), Jinghai, General Shi Lang Hou Construction, is due to the monastery from the main Goddess of Mercy, located in China's four major Buddhist temple, one of the Zhoushan Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang Province to the south, it said Nan Putuo Temple.

Temple House Nanpu large-scale, with a total area of 25.8 hectares, the construction area of 21,270 square meters. From south to north axis of a King Hall, Main Hall Hall of Great Mercy and four Cangjing Ge, together with the gallery around veranda, Drum Tower, Floor merit, the sea floor, will, weather Floor, Tai Xu libraries, college classrooms, is dependent homes. All of these building to fall back on the mountain, pushing up the levels, with a solemn silence. In recent years, the days are Fangsheng Chi Wang Diannan surface, the two new towers and the two ex Ting, as well as lotus pond, and so on, in the pool between the two seven from the Buddha Sakyamuni, the Buddha, and so on 7 Kassapa Buddha Stupa composed of seven, 11, ex-high tower, the South Asian Association for the rich Buddhist architectural style, so that the Nan Putuo Temple scenery more beautiful.

King also known as the Temple Hall of Maitreya, Maitreya Foci Xiao Yan Mei, shoulders lobe, Lu Qi chest, smiling, it seems that every visitor is waiting for that visit.

Maitreya in India is wearing a crown, not the body fat of the seated, and in our country will become a bag holding physical fat bonze. He is said to travel far and wide throughout, carefree, free, it is funny how he He always Meikaiyanxiao, and treat people. Later, he Yue Zuohua rock temple, levied mouth: "I Maitreya Maitreya, Qian Baiyi split, from time to time that the people of the world, people do not know since."

  Hall of Heavenly Kings is a stalwart on both sides of the tall, handsome and powerful of the four kings. The body appears to be resplendent. The roof Porcelain art, to enjoy Nairen.

Main Hall is a monk at every turn in 1932's reconstruction, a Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan construction, glass columns, Diaolianghuadong, with a solemn silence. The main worship in the past, present and future of the "three Thie Buddha", is in the middle of Sakyamuni, the Buddha pharmacists is to the east, the west is Ami Buddha.
On both sides of the Sakyamuni Buddha, there are two Thera, to the east is a great disciple of Venerable Kassapa, is a cousin to the west Ananda Thera, is in front of Guanyin Qianshouqianyan. Folklore: In ancient times there are old people, raised three daughters, one of the elderly sick, people need to do Yao Yinzi eye. Large female and two women, regardless of all, and my daughter Is willing to dedicate their eyes, and cure the disease of the elderly. Buddha moved the matter, they created a Guanyin Qianshouqianyan to commemorate her, and stood in front of their own.

Main Hall building, with the concept of "Taiwanese permitted," the four major characteristics: First, the wall "style shake-money shadow", "Autumn Chu Jiang Yin," Hill Bird, and "God shower River," "asceticism for six years," the comic story of the birth of Buddha. Second, the roof is Qi Qiao meniscus, the air Ziyan, Smart appears to be lightweight. Third, the delicate structure, about art, the roof has embedded "nine-dragon carp," and "unicorn running", "Phoenix Youth Pre-employment" and other patterns are cut porcelain veneer Formed. Fourth, building materials derived from local granite, stone green bucket, all the beams, columns, base, brackets, are unique bannister.

  Great Mercy Temple was built at the beginning, the fire was burning. Tai Xu reconstruction of monks in 1930, rebuilt in 1962. Great Mercy hall dedicated to Guanyin, and the remaining three sides to 8-arm Guanyin, the hands of an eagle hand-eye. Hold the hands of a variety of instruments used, different attitude, the Miao Zhen.

  Hall of Great Mercy for the three-star anise cornices, all with overlapping brackets built hall caisson, with all-wood brackets, not a nail. Caisson looking up, beautiful and unique.

Cangjing Ge Heritage House, a two-tier. Was built in 1936. Fa Tang is downstairs, is preaching monk said.

  Yufo Treasure Palace is on the second floor, Myanmar Yufo 28, and collection of Buddhist Chinese and foreign books by the tens of thousands of volumes. Among the more valuable of the Song Dynasty, "Canon moraine sand," Ming Dynasty "Canon" and "Buddha Amitabha "Blood" by Lotus Lotus "," Japan's Canon "and so on, there are Tongfo the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty bronze tower, the Goddess of Mercy Shih Ming dynasty Mannose as well as senior monks in the calligraphy.

In 1924, Nan Putuo Temple by the Rinzai monks were to be replaced every ten to selecting the jungle, will be the first non-chuen, Master Yongxin Temple has founded in 1925 as the earliest Buddhist institutions - Taiwanese college. In 1934, Master Hong Yi also is expanding its support of the Buddhist Institute, Nan Putuo Temple Jiansi ushered in unprecedented prosperity during the year. In 1937, the college was closed as a result of the Anti-Japanese War. More than a decade between college students a total of 20 People, a lot of man-made Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries have made great contributions to the cause of Buddhism. In 1985, the college re-education, is being set up support centers in matriculation classes, classes are, for the two-year, starting in 1992 and an additional two-year study classes in China and Southeast Asia has a wide range of Impact. Nan Putuo Temple in Xiamen University, and only separated by a wall, but both artistic conception; "both ancient and modern, college students and young monk neighbors."

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Jiao Jiang Shan more than Sleeping Beauty - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longyan is coming from the car when rural land, in the mountains near the village from the road looked on the rise, we can see the mountains along the veins of a clear line down the mountain lays out a sit-in beauty, Meimuqingxiu, Low Fat Otto, Rufeng tall, calm sleep, life-like image, vivid, and made him look like, made him look Ling . This is rare in the world's natural wonders, "Jiang Shan Sleeping Beauty." Beautiful legend of the peculiar charm of "Sleeping Beauty land," there is still a beautiful Qiyan, moving euphemism legend. Many years ago, mountain village covered with tea trees, in the course of time Tianchang, a sun tea have become the Aura, "Camellia cents "." Camellia Fairy "gentle and sentimental, Chuchudongren, with a follow later in the village of married love. Follow later this was the gatekeeper Lao Golden Lion was down Xiafan. Upon learning of the Jade Emperor, enraged by the sending Tian Xia Fan soldiers will arrest Huigong Golden Lion. Helpless two soldiers Nandi days, "Camellia Fairy" sword in the abdomen, Yang Died on the ground; follow later due to expire exhausted, prone to die. Unreasoning passion for the Jade Emperor, moved and put them into points, Hill. "Camellia fairies," that is now into the "Sleeping Beauty", the follow later become today's Golden Lion Hill. Hill distant relative of the two, still tenderness Feelings, in the wind is said to also listen carefully to hear If the situation were continuous. Jiangshan charm: a child prodigy goddess of God tree, "Jiao Yang Tian Jiang Shan beauty." Is bound to suffer "Sleeping Beauty" so that the number of literati landscape poet away, can not recite. "Beauty" sit, the slim waist high full Chen Chu's breasts, sexy lips are equipped with misty eyes and rounded neck , After the head of hair flowing Zhen Zhao, both the East girls Xianya quiet, and the West girls plump and lively. "Beauty" next to a mountain, Huo Tuotuo like a "child prodigy" off-brother, leaned in the "beauty" abdomen, as if "beauty" the fetus inside her. Relative road on the hill, a hundred years Gurong, Yu Cong Cong, "information tree", "prosperity tree" magical, much of the local people burning incense worship. "Sleeping Beauty" and "one brother Hugh," the ancient banyan King III, the combination of a meaningful world charm: Goddess, a child prodigy, the tree of God. Jiao Jiang Shan so much land as a result of "Sleeping Beauty" and well-known, Hill is more a result of "Sleeping Beauty" and favored. Since the "land Sleeping Beauty" was found after rural land in the territory of many thousands of sleeping beauty for visitors to understand that "there are so many land-Jiao." Rural land is located in the northwest area of the new Law, A State-level nature reserve south of Meihuashan, only 18 km away from the urban area. Rock Hill land into a landscaped area, but see the cliff, the rock changes, the Valley, Luan group, the stream, Fei Bao, old trees, bamboo grove repair, or hidden or are, or broken or renewal of, constitute a harmony of our natural picture. Gurgling streams, mountain slowly, lingering ear, such as Mu-Shan's quiet and clean. "Monkey nine overlapping peaks", "Zhang Xiao Xian Dai" "Candles into the sky," "Ocean's stop", "km barrier", "Shi Yin", "Palace of Soldiers" and "Tai Gong fish hook," Echo Mountain View, and other steps, water features, dotted in the mountains, and doing Aura Charm for visitors to applaud amazing. Jinshan Department with a pass, a towering stone closed, a letter to "the first land clearance The five characters, heroic pressing. However, eight years before the renovation, the vicissitudes of the years it has gone. Only points from the abandoned in a side of the stone, still a little gone to see the history and legend. Inscription read, to know Cibei is fake, the original monument has been in the possession of Longyan Museum; clearance was originally called the "Tiemenguan" Dynasty Jiaqing October 16. Also a monument inscribed biography, "GUO Gong Ji Hui Hou-II," Li Miao people worship, and this Hsiang-lin Temple, the Song Dynasty national hero worship Kuok Brothers, Castle Peak shade trees, incense-filled, the pilgrims did not No, tell a story of loyalty and courage strong. Continuous hills, but also gave birth to Palace Pier 99 points and soldiers, "an ancient and magical legend.

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Monkey Island Dong Tian Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Monkey Island Dongtian rock, that is, Changle City, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese Monkey Island Ping Shan Dong Tian Yan, commonly known as Monkey Rock Island, is located at the south bank of the Minjiang River mouth at the north end, 15 km away from the urban area. Monkey Island rocks strange rocks, Xiao-shape, are thousands. Have been found are: wild boar, squirrels, globefish, seal, rabbit, turtles, geckos, lizards, Lei Crab, plunging the old snake, hens, parrots, goshawks, decadent eagle, a tiger, lamb, white horse, cattle, crocodiles, rhinoceroses, Hu Zhao, like ears, Xiantao, watermelons, drum-yu, Admiralty, Yan-basin, penholder , School bags, Qian Tong, Ji Gong hat, boots and King Kong, top hat, took Ficus erecta, Laojun couch, Yu Xian Gu pillow, perfect vision of fan shake Girl thrown shuttle, Journey Mian Yang, Sha Seng meditation, Buddhist Tripitaka crown, Sha Buddha ... ... Monkey Island, such as shade-covered, pine, bamboo, fig, Zhang, Lan, chrysanthemum, Lagerstroemia indica, Rhododendron, the son of Tang, Tieshu, Guihua, Ma Dan, Canna, Huang Yung, Magnolia ... ... layer upon layer, Cucu round, and then hot weather outside, on fire It also lost power. Main Hall before a Guangxu years under the 100 species of Camellia, the screen is the Temple of the Temple in the town treasure. Camellia thick stem, such as thighs, such as bending arch, high-Zhang Yu, canopy cover in the screen above the stone, each spring, blooming flowers on Chaziyanhong 1000, looked in the distance, thinking that a fluttering in the Red Cloud Hall . "Rock Point" on top of a chimney was a long two different species of uprooted trees, a banyan, who is also another strain of what Jiaobu Chu Shu, numerous fruit trees in the end had a direct and branches On. Two tree bark and a white one, the suspect came from Europe and Africa continents of the two lovers of different color, leaned together to talk sincerely . Shen Kun famous calligrapher in his life, Mr. Rock Inscription on the left, "one of the two-tree root with Mao and the" eight characters. Monkey Island rock caves as a result of overlapping holes to win a Minjiang not. There are now found in more than 10 caves, such as the "No. 1 hole," and "Fairy Cave", "Bian Fudong," "Filling holes-day", "Yongquan hole." Have Tortuous, step by step Jingsheng; some trails closed for the hole diameter hole to make open; some sets of hole hole hole hole on the stack; some, such as narrow band, which had only half capacity; like some wide Office, I share the feast shop; not have Yam hand, did not identify the North and the South East and West; some light shooting Magic, now have to reverse the course of events. There are many caves in the mountains have not yet Open mystery yarn. "Bottomless pit" in the "rock Ku", humid loess accumulation in the hole, the hole only big table, but a wide deep inside the cave. It has been drilled into the climb for a while, the light of flashlights and slowly being eaten Shadow, which has emerged under the buzzing sound, there is fear of unexpected but failed. Yin Yan-dong "is a mysterious place, go in Haoshi Zhe want to see what happens, lost Sensen cold, halfway from the back after a serious illness. So mysterious and terrible, and no one has dared to?????. Monkey Rock Island Center Temple construction is a screen for the Song Xiao Zhong years Mingchenlibu side-Ming Shang Palace Azeri degree C Cheng Create. Main Hall, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Guanyinge, Yang Buddhist mountains, etc on. Huating one by one, each Xijing, dotted green cluster, not only for rest, but also Shangjing. Condensate cloud Bridge, the bridge immortal, Onkyo show Qiao cloth rock gully streams, not only benefit Chinese Merchants, by the landscape. "Millennium", "Jinping," "high-Hai Kuotian" Hai Lai Shan Tao "and" one-two trees with root and Mao, "Cliff Inscription on the buildings and pavilions famous couplet from a poem, can try to figure out and appreciation, Yaxing added. Shui Jing-ting, after crossing the trigeminal Kangwoyizhong there. Japanese Ming Harassment, Monkey Island residents can not bear to bandit-torn, rose up in protest, hundreds of people were massacred Japanese pirates, Qi Urgent troops on the Min River, to drive away the Japanese, the soldiers buried near the bodies of the dead seekers. Later, the construction of the village of Monkey Island's Cultural Palace, the skeleton of freedom seekers from the large vein Yamazaki buried in the top of this shift. Monkey Island fan-shaped screen Temple Mountain Gate entrance tower was built on the battlements of a city wall, the reason is clear to this dust-laden centuries of tragic history. , Lower than the Shanmen the location of the cages River Hill also has special meaning because today is green and luxuriant hills was the site of Qi Jia Ying Zhai Jun, standing at the wall, the look is Yizhong, and look forward Walled site , And Yang would head as a way to express patriotic armed forces of reverence. Standing on a hill, the Code Riverside panoramic view of the scenery. Near the sea mu bank, Wei Cao grass, small cattle and sheep; Daoli Hong Kong ferry boat slow, the night singing and fisheries; Langqi Island staggered criss-cross paths, the pan-shop gold silver, Tsui Chin-green embroidered; the other side of the mountains, Central Interchange Li Jianghai , Lan Yin Yun gas, the foothills of lofty floor villa, traffic creep is a powerful ... ... magnificent " Shan Wanli map, "a bold and beautiful," Fang Ge Min River. "

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Sand civil and military landscape - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Civil and military sand at the Changle City on the southeast coast, the town land area of 28 square kilometers, lying flat, vertical and horizontal ports, marine plains, sand dunes into the wind, stripping the landscape, such as touch-type residue Hill. Sea and air connectivity of the two Hong Kong high-grade highway running through the whole territory, 20 kilometers away from the urban areas of Changle, starting from the airport, only 8 km distance. 198 In January 4, the United States, "International Daily News" carried an article praising here can be built-Hawaii tourist resorts. Sand Man Mo was originally called "Mother of sand wind", so to the Gulf, two of the original North and South Cay, South Island when the north wind blowing sand plot, the plot's North Island when the south wind blowing sand, named "the wind surrogacy", which means here Naifengmusuo . In 1956, reclamation-governmental organizations to develop here, the vast wasteland of sand moraine landscape into a charming coastal plain, coastal beaches into foster million Casuarina shelterbelts, sand can exercise restraint and a "green treasury." "The wind surrogacy" phenomenon no longer exists, the names according to the dialect homonym for "civil and military sand." After reclamation, the original Gulf Changle become the largest, with 5,000 surface acres of freshwater lake, Lake at the southern end of the 1600-meter-long seawall, outside resist tide, the water inside the store, the western end of the seawall has 18 gates to control Neihu The water level, a result known as the 18-hole Lake. Lake rich in fish and shrimp, duck Lakes habitat group, Lu, and other birds, the development of high value. Lake land to the east by the accumulation of sand from the natural, planted Casuarina and slash pine, with the formation of thick windbreak. Seawall is outside the farming village Sinonovacula seafood, and other treasures of the beach. And the beach is covered with large areas of forest between the water of the wetlands. To the east across the beach , Flickering across the position of Health Casuarina forest, open flat beach and the ocean's eye immediately. In one scene Yanbo vast, dotted with a haughty independence of the Keys, which is included in the local history of the "Queen Mother of the reef," local villagers commonly known as "hammer iron frying pan," and it Xiasha seaside resort of "Cloud Reef, "away with confrontation. Hyobu the Ming Shi Lang Chen Shi-Yong left the province:" There are two reefs in the sea, faintly Zhi-column, with the Queen Mother of Mica, who called to have a good, the sea can be Xi Tan line, wave to the four Water "." Changle Zhi "," Song Yang Fei Ji-kai-di-section, negative, Wang Yi, Wang Guang-navigation through this, thinking of future generations, as called for the Queen Mother of the reef. Next to Shi Qiang stands, such as fan, who called for the two-rock fan. "High tide" double rock fan "of the wind and the waves like a sailboat, but in the eyes of many young visitors more like a pair of lovers are kissing, some people called" reef lovers. "Flow back when people try to walk through Rock on the beach, play hard granite, sea Tour after weathering Into the various wonders. "Queen Mother of the reef" is still retained a shrine dedicated to Matsu, said to have been more than 600-year history. In recent years, local villagers to raise funds and more than 30 million, on top of reef in the construction of 8 meters high stone sculpture as Matsu. Man Mo-shaped sand so beautiful victory, to win a lot of insight on the soil they tend. In 1994, former North Olympic Committee Chairman Mr. Zhang Fengxu the lead developer of several joint investment 200,000,000 U.S. dollars, the choice of wetlands to the north, the 18-hole Lake of the prominent East, the construction of cross-strait exchanges in order to highlight the main line, sports and leisure-tourism resort in one of the Strait Olympic city. Planning and construction are the main contents of golf, tennis baseball Land-based fitness, water sports, pleasure craft, fishing, riding, shooting, and other G-8 club, as well as vacation villas, the international leisure Museum, Museum of ecological conservation, children's play area. So far it has built an international standard 18-hole golf course and clubhouse, villas, and other ancillary facilities. Ball came to visit on weekdays and tourists stream No. Since 1996, held several sessions of the Olympic tournament Strait, a large number of Asia's top players play here. In practice this will not only allow you to play the world's highest standards of athletic and can swing in batting, to enjoy the sea, lakes, beaches, marshes, sand dunes, grasslands, forests, reefs, Feng and other natural scenery, the sky looking over the sea gulls, drilled a pair of pheasants, walk through the lake's surface and egrets play the wild, so much you enjoy the natural beauty of the natural Qinrenxinpi. It is no wonder that the world-renowned American designers are delighted to praise, it is "Asia's finest golf course", "I most proud of Goods! "

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Three Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang Town, three located in the Village of King Wu Hang Twelve, "Cheung Ping Xia shop" where at the foot of the Ping Shan, as a result of the river tong, Nanxi, North River, so named because in this together. The first batch of 5 for the provincial history and culture of one of the village. Changle, 15 km away from the urban area, the land area of 16 square kilometers with a total population of 13,700 people. Sankei also known as Ding . Tong to the upper reaches of the river, has a capacity of up to three million square Creek Reservoir; into the lower reaches of North and South both Kai, Nanxi into the sea, Fujian North River estuary. Sungai North and South since the Tang and Song dynasties have been built stone bridge 5, namely: the bridge, Ping Qiao, a small bridge, and when the bridge under the bridge. North of the river bridge, 43 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, 4 high. M, the stone bridge there, "Song Xianchun has been renovated in autumn," the lettering. Predecessors have a couplet here summed up the mountain scenery: "Ping Cheung Kam-product shop Xiashan, Longtan Indian beads floating on water." Zhu Chuan and try to visit this school, Le "First Mountain" 4. Third, we can see the river's natural beauty of the landscape. Three of the River Ping However meters high, but the beautiful mountain scenery on the way. Thousands of rock the size of the mountain. Hericium such as, for the first pig, Mujixiadan, five snakes, and other gatherings, life, and lifelike. Halfway up a "comply with Yu-dong", three from a backwater of rock 25 meters long 6 meters wide constitute a boulder. Around the towering old trees, villagers Enjoy the cool air in summer holidays. In the vicinity of the "nine-dong", for access to natural Shihmen, more than 10 square meters of the cavern where the memorial tablets of "nine-sen" and many pilgrims come all the way from the hole, "Dream Garden." Mountain rock with a deep I do not know at the end of "Longjing days," a legend Shentou Mavericks to the water hole, inadvertently or Well no, the next day at the beach found the body of the Mavericks. Standing on the broad flat hill, "Longbei" Jimuyuantiao, blue sky and the sea phase, the vast Yan Bo, north of the airport south horns Hill, Changle Tone of the South in the vicinity of the villages in the panoramic view, enough to make visitors feel good, away . Three River reservoir, there are two peak Huge overlap, there is an above Jia Qinglin Inscription "Zhong Cheng", in the two-phase stone coins into the slot, after the winds will be rolled flat. Three beautiful river landscape scenery has attracted numerous Aston Minghuan come to visit, leaving many recite the river scenery of the three famous works, artistic standard of high stone Cliff are Bibi , The river has become a magnificent three human landscape. North of the village of Mount cents for the next two-word rock from overlapping. Carved above a "catch-ao" regular script word, every character in the 80 cm square; a piece of the following? Quot; Qingli Dinghai autumn, hurricanes, involving more than is the peak, the concept also Hyperion, the only question Weng, "Zhuanshu. Only Weng Su yuan of sun, then make the observation of Fujian, a famous calligrapher. There are 2 rock to the right Wu Yan Zhuanshu Poems, Song described the local "hurricane lift up the sea, the original low-pi halogen irrigation" and the tsunami disaster, were Xining years Fuzhou Song Zhi Fu Hui Zhang Lian so that the transit and transshipment of Fujian Magistrate Jiang Qi's title . Cliff stone for the study of these Song Zhuanshu style and historical geography of the city of Changle changes provided valuable information. Zhi-chu Temple, won concept, such as eagles Ling Temple was built in the Song Dynasty temples Pavilion, near the mountain rocks, Cuoluoyouzhi. The earliest and largest Tang Xian Tong is a six-year (878 years) to build the Temple of Dangyang, although destroyed as a result of war damage, but the site still huge Pillar of the trough, and other building materials. Sankei religious temples and cultural thrust of the Vice good theme for the legend of the story, so that tourists in the next Silk Hill in the United States to feel the perfection of human nature. Court Ziyang (commonly known as the Temple of Zhu Xi) are next to the strains of Maizhokunggar, Zhu Xi is a legend in the residual ink spilled on the bamboo dyed black, thousands of years in this line of the magic is still Maizhokunggar Strong pull. Since ancient times, Japanese dragon boat races, the unique three-night river race route. The dragon boat crossing the night in our province is unique local customs. From the village across the Nanxi the annual Dragon Boat Festival reflect light at night, the river made in the dragon boat competition, the two sides and the crowd on the bridge, such as Chung, great excitement. Three River with its blend of landscape, natural and Qixiu Has a long history, renowned Humanity, created a culture of high-grade tourism resources development and utilization of the potential is great. In recent years, the history and culture of the village management committee to take effective measures to protect the mountain's Cliff Inscription was no longer mining, and green hillsides to plant trees and river streams to prevent pollution. Has been two-dredge the North and the South River Visitors can dragon boat into the water from the scenic tour.

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Should be significantly Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Should be significantly Palace, also known as Grand Palace and temples. Is located in Zhangzhou City, Changle Village town cents. Song was founded in 2008 in Shaoxing that the year 1138, 860 years ago. Hundreds of years, the palace should be significantly renovated several times. According to the inscriptions unearthed records, the last renovation in the Qing dynasty 21 years that the year 1841. About Guangxu in the Qing period is over 100 years ago, because of a crisis like the tsunami disaster of extraordinary attacks, should be marked with neighboring cottage palace overnight by a sandstorm buried in the ground. Passage of time, earthshaking changed in. After a number of years, people here and built a village, the village's name is "Qi Xian", but Gong should be aware of significant and "immortal" on the ground floor of the village. June 21, 1992, the Fujian Daily published by the State Council approved the construction of the Changle International Airport. Day later, the airport is located at Sin Village, a village in Cunju of a sand dune, a dig-dug, and even dug up Wall! The Administration has been informed higher authorities quickly sent to guide excavation site. After half a month, the morning turned into a sand dune and India? Size statue more than 0, lifelike clay statues displayed in front of people. This is the Fujian Province to explore the largest number so far, the most complete group, the oldest age group clay statues. At the same time, unearthed There are more than 20 pieces of pottery, stone, horizontal inscribed board, as well as some of the Gubi, Yantai, and so on, most notably a piece of Qing Dynasty Emperor Jiaqing Banci the board, though the edge has decomposed, but "would like to be more" pro-Yubi three books Still clearly visible. By the cultural relics experts in research, here is the 800 years of history should be marked . "Changle County" became known, the palace should have been marked as a county are 15 scenic spots and historical sites. At that time, should be significantly palace known as Grand Palace, because there are Piandian Matsu worship, also known as Tianfei Gong. After three Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties, the best incense is not bad. A large statues that Dian, the Matsu Temple, the wife of Hall of Water, sea patrols and Minister Ma Temple Hall of the military. Experts concluded that the site has been excavated only be a significant part of the Temple of the Palace, the former palace still buried in the nearby farm structures under more than 10 households. Shows that year should be significantly scale of the Palace, the magnificent momentum. Why is there such a barren place where a wealth of the temple so? Why is there a remote parts of a temple could be Ka-ching Thanks to the emperor's important? Is this significant in the history of the palace should have what kind of status? It is inconceivable that, after more than a hundred years of burial, just unearthed, the statues onto red, green, golden color and so on has not been reduced somewhat, and vivid facial expression, the expression varied life. Similarly incredible is that the temple Things well preserved, even half of the walls collapsed, leaving only a shell of rotten wooden pillars are not easily Xiulan tiles but did not find a. More remarkably, a month later, the Fujian Daily published a remarkable discovery of the palace should be reported the next day, hundreds of beautiful butterflies big Xiang Ji, who knows where this, stop statues , It does not go out and grasp it does not fly. Then a few hundred frogs and grasshoppers have also emerged, is also a huge fat even with the oldest old are unprecedented, unheard of. No one knows where they come from, why come, why do they not come after the departure. All of these perplexing issues Waiting for tourists eager to explore with us, and research. It should be obvious to see the palace, was based on ancient architecture expert planning and design of the reconstruction, the new sub-surface and underground palace ancient palace in two parts. The first phase of the project construction area of 5600 square meters, to retain the original site of the old elevation, as the underground palace, the original statues and columns , According to the shrine, such as the protection of the old location for viewing and research. Part of the overall layout of the ground plane axis symmetrical, the traditional courtyard of the palace of the form. Li Zhao Bi ago, has followed by St. Paul, the Mountain Gate, General Temple, the Temple Tianfei, Dian, the courtyard about 10 minutes for the Drum Tower, on both sides of the turret Xiangzhi backyard, side hall in a palace wings attached , Around the hospital corridors, primary and secondary clear, orderly pattern, the grand vision. The second phase of the project construction area of 10,000 square meters, has a garden, car park and a comprehensive House, which currently is on the planning design and construction. From the attic of the mouth-and-order-shun, are allowed to enter ground floor of the ancient palace visual impact. Unearthed in the palace only to see the ancient Temple of the two. Hall before and after the Walls are well preserved. Repair records of the stone was unearthed in the former Dianmen the left side of the wall. Qiandian into the door on the left for the shrine Matsu, the sea patrol to the right side of the Great shrine. Houdian worship in the main hall of the local Habitat Shou King gods, Piandian left for the gods of Chinese medicine, right Piandian Water for his wife. Respect the statue and its pedestal are fixed to retain in situ

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Dahua Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dahua Fuqing City Mountain is located in the town of Fuqing City-yang, and the region at the junction of Minhou County, Dai Yun is a branch of the Mountains, planning area of about 22.8 square kilometers. Dahua Hill because of their high-shan, Lin Shen, little-known but dangerous way, still maintains its original natural state. Pinnacle rise amid here, 10,000 ares Lin Tao, a non-save Treasure species, such as yew, ginkgo, Phoebe, Keteleeria, camphora, and so on can be seen everywhere, apart from the depths of a dense forest of plants flourish and more rare birds and animals come and go during which can be a model for biodiversity conservation. Dahua Hill had a double-odd - Feng Qi: Qi strange rock, Wu Li Shan, the Red Army, as some sculptures, some as less beautiful Some, like the Tuodui Weiyi, just as some Yatou, some as a strange steamer ...... pleasant scenery stunning. Qi River: Mountain River Dahua, in the odd bed, a staggering formation of the river bed, almost in a block of stone washed out, dotted with stars like Milky Way, embedded in the Above the bed, food reverie, in which the name of the vortex flow, has become an excellent natural massage bath. Hill also Dahua Shuangjue - Falls: the steep mountains, the disparity gap, created a mountain waterfall Dahua group, and some grand, some elegant, some, such as when supergraphic air dance, and some, such as pearl-drop Set to show Different forms of the same extreme and the United States. Goto blame - the sturdy Lao Teng and climb down the cliff, between the deep-rooted in the jungle, come to think that it has entered a tropical rain forest. And other landscape in the region compared Dahua mountain landscape scenery resources, have a high uniqueness, in order to carry out mountaineering, rock climbing, camping, Insurance, hunting, upstream, Guanpu, butterfly tours, fishing, such as eco-tourism activities provided good conditions for the source markets around the stronger the attraction, is a good development prospects of the scenic spots.

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Huang Bo Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Bo Hill, formerly known as Jiufeng, Huang Bo Huang Gangxiang in the village. Zen Buddhism in China is one of the five cases of the Rinzai Zuting. Shan Lin high density, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, Fei Bao Ming-chuen, said that very quiet. Monuments in the mountains of the main temple there, Tallinn, Hu Pao-chuen, stone turtle, Fei Bao, and so on.

Yun Yun Zuta that the Greek Muta. 11 large and medium-sized (587), passed away in the Greek Yun Tang Emperor granted to "break the occasion of Zen master" title, Huang Bo buried in the village of Santana former base in the mountains. Tower 3.1 meters high, 1.2 meters wide. Aquarius for the pyramid-style, for Tazuo Xu Mizuo, fat waist drums, hollow of a tree on the corners tilt, the tower body under the rough small vertical cut over the mantle. Front doors moment tower. Hexagon brakes, high-top canopy. A follow-up bowl, Lin Yang, Bao-zhu-3. Stone tower surrounded by Luo Wai, Lo Wai before Shitai, columns, stone, carved Shitai middle of the "broken the occasion of Zuta transportation." Lo Wai middle of the back of the stone inlay. Engraved on the "ancestor of the Greek mountains Yun-off occasion of the posthumous title of Zen master tower."

Huang Shu tower Greek transport in the 40 meters to the east of Muta Department. That is, LI Chen Huang Shu, Tang Xian Zong is the 13th son of Huang Bo had with the Greek Yun Buddhist Temple. After the death of LI Chen, Huang Bo monks to build the tower in memory of the mantle. To cut and polish granite tower block stacked, square for the plane, the base for the double-decker Xu Mizuo, under the waist. Each side carved the four statues. Bao for the tower -Like.

Fozhi tower in the Zen master Yun and Huang Shu Zuta between the towers on the hills. Tower times Ca Mau decorated with lights, covered tower degrade the leading five, a huge shiting cover the whole tower. Pavilion tower columns 6, 3 meters high. Inter-column version of the barrier to China. Pavilion doors magnificent carving, stone giant Liang Hong, support brackets covered pavilion, built a top-brake. Ting Zhu engraved on "Fozhi abbot of a Zen master tower life. Xuan 2002 and the Boxer on Chung Yeung Chi-year-old Tan Zhi, and other small division to build".

Wei Zen master also shore tower in the village of Huang Bo pair of Lin Feng, was built 55 years of Emperor Kangxi (1686), commonly known as the "clock to build a small bell," "Tower of Tower." Outside the arc-shaped tower with Shi Lei Cheng Large bell-shaped. 4.3 m high tower housing, bottom diameter 4.5 meters. Tap Mun are due south. Tasha layer 3: Block, which is round, Miss Sarah. With 2.47 meters high tower, 1.2 meters wide. It may also be its bell-shaped. Rizal review for the bowl, Lin Yang, Bao-zhu-3 Xiangdie. Positive moment, "Wei is also an Zen master tower." Between the inside and outside the tower, can accommodate dozens of people. Also An Chung-hing, is the late Ming Huang Bo Buddhist temple founder of the second generation.

An Zhu Ting Yong seamless tower to tower only cut and polish stone, the stone tower for the pavilion construction, six hexagonal column, pillar inscribed with couplets: "Zen seamless security tower, is scheduled to Rui Zhu Gong." Muta is the Lord of Song Shan Huang Bo Um Ji Cui nun An Zhu Yong. Its name means " Lantern Festival yuan. "

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Shizhu Shan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan Zhushan, Wang Fuqing Road Town is located 25 kilometers. Hill as a result of the "stone images can often come to Cape, bamboo want to make space for Mount Dragon," named after. There are mountain Carnation Temple scenic spots, such as Shi Ziyan 128. Travels Xu Ming said: "Rock the most wins, nine cents for the Dream Garden" is now Fujian Province, one of the top 10 spots. Dan Zhushan scenery carnation to Temple as the central authority from the reservoir, Zhang Shi Dengkou away on the eastern side of the mountain, the entire 1400 level, 8 pavilion, walking about half an hour to Carnation Temple. Monastery built in the top of the cliff halfway up the mountain peak under the cliffs, the mountain side, three left, looking like castles in the air, days Sally Court. Saga Sihou peaks, stands around the green, green glazed tile walls, elegant beauty. Tang Temple was built in the first year of large and medium-sized (847), at the beginning of the "concept of Lingbao." Song nine-year main road (1173) Fumihiro rehabilitation of the prime minister, as a result of many around the stones You bamboo, was renamed the "Carnation Temple." There are nine temples are built-in Xiange, Royal Pavilion (Hall of Heaven's Soldiers), the Land Office, Kwun Yam Temple great people, Ziyun floor, Jade Palace, the Great Mercy Temple, and so on. Carnation Temple has two characteristics, one is mainly Taoism, Confucianism Road release of the three religions coexisted for a long time and live in harmony; Second, the dream of civil and cultural activities for a very long time. If the nine Xiange enshrined in the "Ho nine cents," Dream Garden is the place. Temple Yashi left on the "Carnation mountains, day dreaming," Cliff Inscription. Temple of the west side of the hole there is peach, Xian Qiao, Shek Mun, a stone-meter, and other scenic spots.


  Temple, a carnation from the West to "focus Alchemy", Suoi Tien, "Shi Du North Korea", "Shi Fu-hu," leading to the main peak peak champion. Fengdian 534 meters above sea level. At Viewing: The four-week rise amid Bentu, Yunshan marsh fog, sunny days boundless expanse of blue water lake carp, snake winding mountain streams; overlooking the East China Sea is indistinct then ho days, island, albeit not very clearly, the visitors into the sea suspect Chou.

  There is a huge stone peak champion, said the stone sea, covered with stone on the sea shellfish fossils. Cang Changed in the history of stone as a witness, the visitors lead to endless reverie.

To turn back from the main peak, in pink by the temple, away from the Temple Shu Shibu Ziyun a hole. Spacious and quiet inside the cave, Huang Lin plastic statue of a real person. Legend of the Five Dynasties for Hou Liang Lin Huang, Chung Ji-Alchemy here, who come for treatment. Hole "should not take "Cliff Inscription for the card. Ziyun hole with every other relative of the lake south end of carp in the mountains, Ziyun tower. Ming behalf of the tower, pavilion-like, granite structure, 7-angle 8, 24 meters high; tower There are stone can climb to the top of the tower.

  Guanyinyan in the west side of Banshan Ting, such as the huge canopy, Heng Kong out from the high 0 meters, like a giant W, the civil referred to as "a watt." Mottled cliff Tai Hen, gap-chuen, China, the mistake roots plate, the rock on "Carnation," engraving, Cang natural handwriting. There are immortal in the vicinity of Guanyinyan Ping, Sally bed, Shi Ying He, Mandarin Stone, of Waterloo, and other stone dragon.

Carnation from the temple under the Ruiting Yang Yong Deng narrow , Peach-off hole to small winding streets that Penglai "Yixian Tian." If the rock split in Excalibur, Liangbiqiaoli, Gap Road in stone stile. Gap Road, more than 10 meters length and look to the blue line. Gap Road exit at the top of a stone left, look For the fall, Road in a tree blocking our way. "Dangerous cliffs line resistance, the way trees", difficult to Risk.

From the Yixian Tian along the stone stile and climb the 100 meters in the distance, steep cliff overhead, dumping For cliff. Gurong Qingya insist aerial roots. Looking up at the cliff top, three old quarry area stretching like canopies like the sword, named three-Zhong Yan. No risk here, is also elusive.

  Carnation temple on the west side of the "sky-hole , The hole 2.8 meters high, 7.2 meters deep. Dong Ding holes have to look on, and named.

Dan Zhushan under carp lake. 15 square km lake, Lake, there are small islands shaped like a carp. Habitat on the island year round thousands of egrets, in the evening, the egret nests, crowded, making good fun. Yacht around to watch Huguang Color. Rippling blue lake, Lake occasionally diving out of the water, the scene might well be described as carefree travel Kenya, as in Wonderland world.

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Fairyland in the East China Sea (Well immortal) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wonderland is located in the East China Sea south of Shan Wang, here, there is a nearly 50 meters in diameter, more than 40 meters deep-sea natural shaft referred "Well immortal", steep wall, the bottom three holes with the same ocean. "Well immortal" next to Hill may open in the middle of the Grand Canyon, referred immortal Valley. Outside the Valley for the vast sea side Well connected with the immortal hole. The tide did not rise, visitors can enter the rock wall along well. All over the bottom of the well rounded pebbles, the Department of natural sea water erosion. At this point, if people from the "Well," I view the bottom, steep rock, down from the mottled, like a young person's bottom ants, the concept of human well-fat bottom of my heart is true, Halo head spin, fear of fear of heights And withdraw troops as quickly; Department, who are bottom up Zuojingguantian, following waves surging from the soles of the feet, flying Taosheng relaxation induced by a kiss for the spray flying snow and sleet rock accompaniment, and even pressing Liang Qi hole to Xu Yin Feng. In the face of falling off the mottled appearance of the strange rock, people can not help but lament the sea and the vicissitudes years old magic of the pen?

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Hai Tan god - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hai Tan Pingtan Island is a rock god "Shuangjue" One of (the other for foreign Shipai), the South China Sea is located in the rural village of Tong Lantau South Africa and the South China Sea, the head god on the beach, which stretched the South China Sea. Length 330 meters, 150 meters wide. 36 meters at breast height, in the first 33 meters long, 35 meters wide in the first, in the first 31 meters high, 18.3 meters long neck, lower body Alice a columnar rock weathering, such as the characteristics of men and 4.15 meters high, 4.50 meters diameter tube, the family line for the neighboring Yu Fu-worship, as long as the word touch this material can be a big Pan Xiaozi Health. Are in deep weathered granite spherical shape, such a great world spherical shape weathering rare Qijue the world. Most ironic of all, in Hai Tan god who has the gall to see a lot of interesting scenery, such as the characteristics of men look at the past is a rewind of the god boots around the body's natural sea seems to crack the Great Wall. In the central body, many of the cylindrical stone, large and small, almost pure round , As if heaven pole was broken and scattered across the world. All these and many others.

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Dragon and Phoenix in the first (the first Dragon King) Beach - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingtan Island is located in the east, as a result of the legendary phoenix and dragon son of the fairy tale of love and got its name. Here the beaches are broad flat, clean sand and detailed, about 2 km coastline, the width of 500 meters, only 1% of the slope. Chengbi clear water, sparkling crystal, Chao Sheng, such as music, both of Hawaii romantic, and Beidaihe Magnificent style. The beach backed by green forest, facing the blue sea, beautiful environment portfolio, and Feng Fu, Yang sea of light, is an ideal summer resort vacation. Dragon and Phoenix in the first seaside resorts were turned into national forest park. ??

  ?? field than some of the beaches, Pingtan Island beaches are one of the largest Characteristics, it is a very fine sand, you can get a man in a lie, not in any discomfort. There are very white sand, those shore by the sun to dry after the sand is actually close to the milky white, very good-looking. In addition, Pingtan island's beaches are very gentle, very open, but also to carry out for beach volleyball, throwing objects from a , And other entertainment sites. ??

  ?? dragon and phoenix head for the East Beach is looking for a beautiful sunrise at sea. You can 4:00 in the morning came early, or simply spend the night a few dozen yuan rent a tent with a friend Cup staggered chips, through the night, waiting for the spectacular beauty of that moment. Here. Sand bath Sun, sea, Hua Sha, archery, horse racing, the game ball, diving watch, adventure, fishing, pickers, no inappropriate and have to watch it for pleasure, vacation, convalescence, summer, the study of scientific research and teaching practice, such as multi-level, comprehensive The function of tourism.

  According to modern science test, where sea water containing Manganese carbonate, potassium chloride, silicon oxide, and other organic matter, beneficial to health, and various skin diseases have a good effect, the higher beauty, the value of convalescence. After the water swimming, beach, forest rest take-off, the concept of morning sun, moon night tours, access to sea far, far away from earth to enjoy the romantic, warm, The quiet life on earth as Hainan and Taiwan, it is easy for even more fun at all, the music is not Sigui.

  Beach Chengguan from less than 1 km, can drive directly, but also to walk.

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Dazhang River rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River rafting dazhang dazhang River in Fujian Province is located in the center, located in the Fusha the right side of the road, away from the city of Fuzhou, the provincial capital 50 km, the traffic is convenient, and provincial-level scenic spot Qingyunshan add radiance to each other. Dazhang River to open three tourism projects: Tourism floating rafts, drift exploration of passion, rubber boats Leisure. Visitors can meet the aspirations of the Water Entertainment . Happy drift in setting the scope of the set period of time, the safety of open waters of the river dazhang by the visitors themselves at the helm, the stroke play mode. Tourism drift with the drift of passion, the whole set for 8.6 kilometers, which lasted 2 hours, passing through nine Seto turn eighteen. Dazhang broad river channel, Chung Bo Fan spray. A Kai King sites, beautiful. Cross-strait craggy rocks, towering old trees, bamboo-Tao Chung, Tsui Shan birds, it is refreshing. Pai, the boat under the fast stream, the twists and turns Feizhou fully enjoy the waves of intense fighting, singing propeller hit the Bold, far from the hubbub of city life and back to Park, near mountain and simplicity, the city is a natural human feelings, and the blue sky Mountain, a total of stream water to breathe the best way of outdoor activities.

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Shuikou Power Station - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shuikou Power Station in east China is the largest hydropower station, located in the middle of the Minjiang River in Minqing County, Lan He's magnificent dam, a magnificent view of the power house, lock, the ship lift, and so on to form a beautiful landscape. Castle peaks overlap the two sides in the reservoir area, the landscape embracing the lake, the water wave Lin Pi-net, fresh air People feel good, and also forgot to hang around.

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Temple holy water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lotus Temple in holy water at the mountain, as a result of a rock Sihou spring water and making use of the name. Monastery was built in three years, San Song (1096), Siyu and the mountain building, ancient style. Temple has spilled around the open pool, Qi Yun-dong, Taiwan recently, Cape Mian Shi, Ting Ting Quan, and other attractions, Cliff quite a lot of stone. In recent years, the incense its peak, visitors Zeng, is the cultural units at the county level. Han Song Dynasty under eight stone placed inside the cave, Qiyun Monastery, 16 of them for eight years Chunyou the Southern Song Dynasty (1248) Chen mason will be engraved with the edge and the other 2 are works of the Ming Dynasty, is the most complete existing, the most highly skilled technology One of the rare stone, a provincial heritage conservation unit.

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