Miluo Qu Yuan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miluo Qu Yuan Temple was built in the Han, the original site without examination. 21 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1756), it will shift production to-trunk in the mountains. Keep this building has the main hall, a letter-Ting, Qu Temple Monument, and so on. In the main hall for the brick, single-Dan Yan, Qiqiang blue, yellow glazed tile-top review, Su ancient style, three-wide into the hall, during and after the two into the Ting had a home, before and after each day around wells, careful and precise layout of the Hong Chang. There are more than 100 years Cinei laurel trees, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, yellow and white flowers in full bloom, fragrant overflowing, it is intoxicated.

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View Zhulou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Legend has it that in the Qing Dynasty happy seekers can explore concept of bamboo, Xian Ya this is built, after the liberation in 1974 to repair. Zhulou view of Zhuhai, located in the Hongshan high point on Zhulou view, the endless panoramic view of Zhuhai, it is refreshing and pleasant linger.

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Yiyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yiyang ancient Jingzhou for the region, Hu had a sister, Chu is at the Spring and Autumn. 26 years of Qin Shi Huang (211 BC in) the establishment of county government, including its geographical and Taojiang this Yiyang County. As a result of benefits is located in the water (water-funded Gu Cheng) to the north, Yiyang named. Yiyang many cultural and historical tourism resources, the city of the territory included in the province, county-level cultural relics Care units, 42, 1949 has been discovered 23 cultural sites, tombs, Block 500, unearthed ancient pottery, jade, wood, iron, copper sword, Bo Hua, lacquer ware, glassware and so on more than 3,000 pieces of cultural relics. Yiyang City, the main cultural and historical tourism landscape in the city of Yiyang Pei Gong Ting, Qixia , White Deer Temple. Ten have the ancient city of Yiyang: Kwan Seto scared turbulent, fan-chi down the river, Long Qixia, Pei Ting Shu-yun, Bai Lu Wan Zhong, Gyeongju night singing, Sai Wan Chun Wang, Jin Bi Nao Watanabe, Gan Lei Ye Yue, 10 Up at State. Many of which are related to the three sites related to the well-known mo prior to attending Yunchang Single Li's "The Brothers Pavilion", Su refused to Yunchang clearance and the construction of "Lu Su embankment," Guan Yu, Lu Su negotiations Linjiang seat of the kiosks.

  Yuanjiang "end-result of running water" so named because, Yuanjiang city in the region of the main cultural landscape Kuixing Lou, Gun towers, Zhenjiang Tower, Museum of Dongting Lake. Kuixing Lou is located in the urban Northeast Yuanjiang 1970 Qianlong Dynasty (1794 AD), height of 15 meters, for the three-tier architecture pavilion spire, cornices each glass home accessories, as a dragon, phoenix for the two-story, three for the fish; steeple Three spherical glass gourd Po; on the second floor of Taoist worship that God is the key to the rise and fall of the article Kuixing God, also known as the "Fukui Buddha ", the ancient scholars have come to worship. Lingyun Tower 2 is located 5 km south of the urban Yuanjiang the million-Lake, was built in 2002 Chia-ching (Year 1797). Tower 33 meters high, seven-P Plus, for the hollow Stone pagoda-style pavilion, a total of 166,906 granite stone; tower built to be used as a "town Nie, in addition to flooding, "meaning, Tajian three connected ball-shaped gourd Tasha for the top, each Yanjiao are inverted stone dragon fish decoration, very spectacular, Dongting Lake is the existing two in the water one of the pagoda. Zhenjiang tower is located 35 kilometers southeast of Yuanjiang urban population of the small lake side, 1958 Qianlong Dynasty (178 AD ). 23.95 m high tower, the octagonal shape for the seven-P Plus, with three in-house for the wooden ladder connected. Zhenjiang Jiyu ancient tower in the town of flooding, the trainer is willing to Jiang Liu, Zhenjiang, said the ancient tower of momentum, "Yuan Yi-feng's 72 color Yue, in recent years more than 800 temporary Lake wave."

  Dongting Lake Museum, in Yuan In the urban areas on the banks of the Lake Grace, a collection of the Dongting Lake area of biology, plant specimens. Among them, more than 200 biological species, 114 kinds of fish, 71 kinds of aquatic plants. Office of the museum to display 800 square meters, visitors to the Dongting Lake and the change of history, and possession of 10,000 pieces of historical relics, ancient calligraphy and painting in 2000 Pieces, jade, bronze, ceramics, and so thousands. North Yuanjiang for alluvial plain in the Dongting Lake, China's canals, the success of the film forest and farmland, very spectacular. Reed's three large-scale farms, a total of 35 million mu, the endless, one Ludang water scenery.

  Westbound from the city of Yiyang Taojiang that is 8 km to the county seat, a well-known tourist area Taohuajiang here. Peach Blossom River in the age of 30 famous Chinese and benefited from a song sung. Early Chinese well-known children's song and dance musician Mr. Li Jinhui, who studied at the National Institute of Changsha Normal, was one of the female students from Taojiang very moving and beautiful , To the Lebanese left unforgettable impression. Li Jinhui moon in 1928 and the China Song and Dance Troupe to perform in Malaysia, according to his hometown of melody and beautiful impression, created a "Peach Blossom River is a beautiful nest" of the song, performed when the Chinese won the full house of cheering, Singapore will record company This song into irrigation records, South Qi brothers tobacco company for trademark song, a specially made cigarettes Taohuajiang, Taohuajiang has the reputation of Chinese and Southeast Asia, Hong Bian.

  Taohuajiang a total length of 58 km, is now the main landscape Phoenix Mountain, Peach Blossom Lake, shan shy woman, floating Qiu Shan, Zhuhai and Hongshan Luo Xi falls, and so on. Gao Shan women shame peak 75 meters, is located 15 kilometers from the county-owned River on the north shore, from the size of the seven peaks, the image of sit-Hill Bathing Beauty rest of the mountain after a female shame Stephen, said the local people: a shy woman drinking spring water to make Girls more beautiful color, the elderly anti-aging, Yang Chun every March, the mountain is covered with colored azaleas in full bloom, the view Shashi People. Q-day Taiwan, also known as Phoenix Mountain, located in the capital into Taohuajiang River. Legend of the Warring States period, the patriotic poet Chu Yuan had been exiled here for the famous "Heaven." One day mountains have been asked to build Court, the only left-to-deposit monument, a stone down the mountain into Jiang's capital, the legend of Qu Yuan in the fishing, later known as the Diaoyutai Qu. Days away from the question of Taiwan 2.5 km, there is a garden surrounded by mountains hole in the legend of Qu Yuan lived here. Taojiang southbound from the county seat 35 kilometers, has a water surface of more than 10,000 acres of Peach Lake. It is a 70,000,000 cubic meters of water storage reservoirs, each 3 to early April to the end, the Peach Blossom in full bloom along the coast, water Ying Hua . Dam on the rock Ziliang, Legend of the Northern and Southern Dynasties period to have a good name Panzi people in this immortal, and Shek Pik on eight Chinese characters inscribed: "A Bigger Bang, the first mountains"; Peach Lake in the many small islands floating in the water, boating One happy spring. Taojiang Hunan is well-known town of bamboo. 5 km from the county seat of the Hongshan, there are 5 million mu of bamboo, a gust of wind, bamboo rolling Tao, spectacular scenery. Peak viewing platform built in the Red Chamber, Denglou viewing, and visitors are often integrated into the natural feeling. Hill at the Qiu floating Taojiang County, 12 km south-west, the main peak of 752 meters above sea level, covering an area of 58 square kilometers, called "South . "Float Qiu Feng Shan, 48, has a peak floating Qiu cohabitation Buddhist temple, the ancient couplets:" Cui large range upon range of hills in Wan Xian Feng, Tan Kok Fei flow Zenghui Buddha Day. "Qiu floating in the mountains there are flying Stone house, as a legend-shaped meteorite, in its ancient engraved Created Shek Pik. Luoxi Taojiang County is located in Falls Township in the territory for the first Ishii, The county seat 35 kilometers. Luo Xi originated in the 847 meters above sea level Ji, to flow through 2.5 kilometers, Ding met with elevation of 103 meters Qiaoyan, rock 50 meters wide. Fei Xie down stream, the first by a stream flowing through washed-out Shihcao, Zaiyushikan, a small drop Tam, Tan Zhong down and pour out more than 20 meters, the event Shi Kan, the final bill down, the sound came, strange and magnificent.

  Yiyang from the westbound on the 145 km to the Anhua County. Anhua from 13 km to the south-west line, to the scenic Zhexi. Zhexi Reservoir in Hunan is one of the territory of large reservoirs, water catchment area of 22,640 square kilometers Lakes there are 45 small islands, scenic spots within positive development of the small area 5; pond area that is melting, Baota Mountain Scenic Spot, God Bay area, a scenic Fu Shan, Wang Mei-dong area.

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Edge cities and towns - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, the capital - Jishou, a natural barrier across the road Aizhai, Huayuan County, westbound more than 20 kilometers, then the Da Xiang, Sichuan, Guizhou provinces at the junction of a border town, a small town called dong tea. Tea is the dong Hmong names, "tea" refers to the Han Chinese, "dong" is a mountain basin, meaning that the Chinese intended to, Han is a place to live. Tea dong small town, is Hunan-Sichuan, Guizhou and must pass through. Songtao are on-sea, down Yuanling, Changde. Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, Sui Yong tea dong for the Office of City Association, the North and the South East Shing Mun and all buildings which have Duokou Fort. Anti-Japanese War, North China, Central China after the fall of many places in exile And small businessmen in this refuge, was a temporary dong tea. In 1941, the Nationalist government here has started a "National Tea dong Normal School," there are more than 500 staff and students. This is also the former site of the school, after school renovation, expansion and become a secondary school.
Dong tea, as a result of Shen from the The well-known novella "Border Town" as the background for the famous.

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South Hua Shan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Hua Shan National Forest Park in Hunan Province is located in western Hunan Phoenix a historical and cultural city on the south side of the ancient city of Phoenix, 700 meters high, a total of seven Jiufeng the river, there is the most famous old-Feng, Fu Yan, is a natural barrier. Lin Mao-deep in the mountains grass, wild flowers everywhere, clear spring ice-cold ice-cold, mountain Xiushui surprising Eight Phoenix is number one. South Hua Shan National Forest Park with a total area of 2240 hectares, the forest coverage rate of 96%, the crescent was surrounded by ancient city of Phoenix, clear water of the River Wear and the City, the park's natural color of the ancient city with many cultural echoes, the formation of an ancient city In the forest, park in the city, ancient-bashing, delicate and pretty, elegant Magic in one beautiful picture. Castle Peak, green water, natural dissolve the ancient city, as a result of use of each other, it is rare. Hua Shan said to the South for a long time before the spread of malaria, withered trees. He was riding Nanjixianweng passing here, drip Xianshui Jingping, Xiao Wu Qi as a whole mountain to do it and become beautiful scenery, has become the city side of the forest Park. In order to appreciate people Xian Weng, the South named Hua Shan Shan.
South China's Hua Shan blessed one of the big 72, is a natural and full of quiet green magic maze, with the South China Pinnacle Park, Dong Ying-hui, Ting Xiu Qi, the Portland Trail Qiao Song, God Temple bell, hang-Jingou , Kwun Yam Shan, Shen-wen Park, the strong Turkish monuments. Temple days, Wuhou Temple, the Temple Qi, pavilion, pavilion, floor, the humanities, such as Tower, making the other more beautiful natural scenery, and walk through the park, there is poetic, it is away. Prime Minister Zhu Rongji visited the ancient city of Phoenix splash-ink brush, "the ancient city of Phoenix," the former Minister of Forestry Xu Youfang visit the South China National Forest Park wrote the name Park.

South Hua Shan National Forest Park South is predecessor of the Hua Shan state-owned tree farms, in 1992 by the Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of Hua Shan National Forest Park South. Decades, the park to make full use of abundant forest resources, ecology and human resource development in the forest eco-tourism as the theme of the scenic South Huashan In recent years, were also introduced, it has become a bi Taoyuan, azalea garden, garden Lamei, Gui Garden, Cherry Orchard, the scenic resort of Sandy Bay is Qi Temple started to repair the development, Hua Shan South convalescence forest areas, such as South Temple Which can be developed. These projects will allow people to enjoy nature, the nature of the mold at the same time South Huashan fully aware of the rich forest resources, popularize scientific and cultural knowledge.

South Huashan is the natural habitats of park, there are more than 500 kinds of animals and plants, 30 kinds of rare animals and plants. Mild climate in the territory, while North Korea mist cage-ching, while the morning sun coagulation purple, shallow thick makeup to clean, safe barometer, a year Liu Yizhuo quarter of wonderful poetry, painting there are elegant Italian, fully demonstrated the attractive nature of the Kui Li.
South of the Great Wall,?????, the ancient city of Phoenix, the first Prime Minister of the Republic of China Xiong Xi's former home, Shen well-known writers from the former residence of the text, the famous painter Qi Huang Yongyu residential Tsui House, Taohua Yuan Gu, also Hmong style You double-hing, away.

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Jiang Shan Miao Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miao Village gang, also known as the barracks of the total, said the Hmong-ba, the ancient city of Phoenix is located 20 km northwest of a canyon, is a strong flavor of the Hmong live in small cottage. Miao said the gang for the solid-ba, which means plunging holes, because there is a cave Walled edge, plunging much, therefore its name.

  Hill said The total for the barracks are from the Miao people of the Qing Dynasty suppression of the uprising at the unmanning Zong Bing had set up camp. As for the "gang" after the liberation was in the mountains northwest Walled repair the mountains Reservoir, the water Miao Village, cultivated itself into the reservoir after the critical audience, it is referred to as "solid-ba" for the gang, for a long time, the SAR would then be changed to 000 "Gang." Jiang Shan, Keep the ancient customs of the Miao Jia. Xian Li and Miao of dazzling costumes, unique ambience of the wine bar, unique style drum cards, highway song, Bianbian field, you will make fresh and new, have brought great joy; there is a traditional festival "Si Yueba" hop on hop flowers "Six June," the duet folk song, and your heart will Shenyao Lumpur You see the Phoenix gang, you will regret for life. Miao is the most unique women's clothing. To go out, wearing a head Qingsi Pago, who wore collarless full Gunbian embroidery hand-made, embroidered pants Gunbian; Toupa Zhuiman T-shirt and Silver, a silver cap, Fengguan silver, silver necklace, silver bracelet, the son of Yin Jie, silver Brazing teeth, silver hanging , Silver belt, and so on, Yongronghuagui, Laluodafang. Jiang Shan women, clothing color Xian Li, Silver fine shape, is the quality of the Miao women. Miaojia wine bar is the age-old customs, the local address him by some of the "Friends of wine knowledge."

  South Phoenix is already a well-known Great Wall, as a defense - It is the Ming Dynasty in order to isolate the Miaoren submission has not yet built, which corresponds to that in that year the border of Hunan and Guizhou Miao settlements, Miaoren resistance to the imperial court of the attack but also the construction of a large number of security House floor and wall of defense. Has a strong military defense function is to Jiang Shan Miao Village has been characterized by Defense wall and the floor is the Miao Village constitute the main types of construction. This is the towers, also known as the House floor, security, it ranked high in the village, still revealed a spirit of dignity, and awe-inspiring off is not to be bullied. Diaolou of stones piled up from the base, built above the earth, up and down two floors in general, both sides have opened a narrow window, Lookout and fire. In the cottage, before almost every household has built towers.

  Diaolou is the largest one of the last century in the 1930s, where the construction of Wanglongyunfei Miller, who also had security throughout the Miao Wang Min, was still in the memory of his benefits. However, as time passed , The towers have been present in a deplorable state.
  Diaolou with echoes of a defensive wall, which built the village of Central, the general 4-5 meters high, has the same look on the wall and shooting holes. As the Miao Village gang hillside, it has been defense wall along the winding mountain straight, and at the top of the mountain fastness also follow the example of building the Great Wall The beacon towers. Zhai Men as a subsidiary of construction, most of them located in Xian Yao location, in order to enhance the defense capabilities of Zhaimen also set up at the top of the towers.

  Jiang Shan Miao Village in the end there are several 100-year-old, who also said that local people do not know. The formation of such a style of the reason may be that when With the very remote location, Miao compatriots to resist the harassment of wild animals and bandits, design and construction of these buildings and cottage. Once the wild animals and bandits have committed to, first of all, can play a role in the resistance is strong defense; if the offenders to break through the defensive wall and into the cottage, the families of the towers can be isolated and To fight against offenders.
  Now, the Watchtowers architecture has evolved gradually become a major feature of the residential areas, streets and alleys of the Town Hill is also building new high stone wall, closely guarded, to varying degrees follow the architectural style of the Miao Village.

  Now this has been full of suffering from the mountain fastness of Bingfei After finding the peace and quiet, defense that has long been used in the stone wall only Duanbicanyuan, full of moss, but these clouds from the towers of the 1990s, and today still proudly, is back Zhaona story fade away History.

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Temple-day - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tin Hau Temple, also known as the Third Temple, the Temple III, the city is located in the foothills southeast of view, visitors from the East Gate 100 stone steps to Jing Yan Jin Miao Mountain. This is a delicate process of the ancient buildings, the word for worship, "EC 36, 9000 to kill Miller," for loyalty to the imperial court, the brutal suppression of Hmong brothers were Fenghou the emperor, the last Zhao Ting had been poisoned by the industry in the Song Yang Yang Shi Sun should be the eighth Long, Yang Ying-tiger, leopard Yang Ying three brothers built the Temple. Temple is not only a national day of the old buildings of the model, but also to commemorate the revolution. From 1910 to 1911, Phoenix Miao Li-chen Armstrong patriotic people, he should be congruent to set up a national revolution Political power - the military government Xiangxi, and Temple-day celebrations. King of the temple, still have to preserve tenets of the military uprising Revolution slogan.

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Meng Donghe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mengdong He Yongshun County, Hunan scenic spot is located in the territory of the upper reaches of the Yuanshui Youshui in the middle. Since the Wind Hydropower Station after the completion of the formation of Gaoxiapinghu. Fuji from the door down to the Longmen Gorge, a total length of more than 100 kilometers, the scenic area of 255 square kilometers. Pinghu cross-strait Shek Pik Song Zhi, towering old trees, cave clouds, craggy rocks, Long Gap, Guanyin Dong, Shi octave de hole, hole Lions, Yuanyang Gap, Jinchan hole Brokeback Stone, March Ding Temple, a small Longdong, Wu Gorge, the yin and yang of God the wind tunnel, jumping monkeys, fairy Gap, Merry rock, rock, and so the old Division 15 of the main attractions. There are mountains and water, known as "Abduction 998 have no doubt, on May 5 Yixian Tian Tan Tan." You Is drifting narrowly and thrilling.

Mengdong He drift

By Fei Xiaotong, vice chairman of the National People's Congress as "the best in the world drift" Mengdong He drifted here, in secondary forests of the original mountain canyon, dressed in a body save clothing, leather by boat, into dangerous shoals and rapids Bo Along Beautiful view, Mu Hard flow, playing the "Shui Zhang," Gap-off clearance. KIWI original and inspiring area of natural intoxicated you will.

You Mengdong He Pinghu

Village by the luxury cruise from monkeys to jump Pinghu tour. The whole 40 miles, all the way water Bishan Green, Lin Lin waves, beautiful scenery, the more-yu, Ye Hou, Jian Rong drill, he boiled fish products. I did not forget this life-long tour.

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Miller ancient river - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miao Miao ancient river is the mother river of people, is located in Jishou more than 70 kilometers north of the city Department of Huayuan (yuan) County. Ancient River inhabited by Miao Miao 200,000 cell, evolved for thousands of years here.

Miller ancient river cross-strait summit Song Zhi, Wan Shun built halfway up the escalator to the boardwalk area before the depths of the line, Scenic Road is not, Baishui He, "Lions Ying-drive", "border patrol Chi You" and "Tian Tian", "Double Dutch rolls" as well as financial insurance in the United States and a staircase of seven spots, such as rock falls,
Miller was once the ancient river has been renamed River brothers (in order to promote national unity), but local residents prefer the ancient name of this river Miller Because the inscription inside a first for a national ancient history. Miller does not have its own cellular text, but the songs to their heritage and cultural history. Miao people in the songs, singing most of their ancestors Chi You. Chi You, he was later known as the God of War, in the movie Chi You, God of War and the bravery of the two Yanhuang Zhuluzhongyuan Dili, although Yourong.
  Miller ancient river not only the story of the legendary, there are risks odd beautiful scenery. Shen Jian canyon, waterfalls and pools, cave You He, in the public get pregnant.
  Miller ancient river has the following five characteristics:
First, the good of the natural environment. Huayuan County in Hunan, Chongqing and Guizhou provinces at the junction for the West Hunan Gateway to 319,209 while the National Highway running through the county seat, the traffic is convenient. Miller ancient river because of their own with the mountains close collins characteristics, constitute a Ku Shu-free summer, cold winter without the forest micro-climate, the average annual temperature of 11.4 degrees Celsius. "Natural air conditioning" and "Oxygen Bar" reputation, and called out Chongshan For people with a casual, convalescence, Bishu tourist resort.
Second, many scenic spots. Ancient scenic spot Miller River large number of tourist attractions, intensive distribution, Chi You have the Grand Canyon, Chongshan mu ecological forests, waterfalls Longdong size of the group, the old Walled Folk Village, Shek Pai my railings, waiting dam Wu, a sharp peak rock writing Stephen Lake, and other folk music. Chi You in particular the Grand Canyon, mountain high, Podou, in a deep valley, Mi-lin, its magnificent potential, rich, extremely wonderful, both the form and the United States and inner beauty.
Third, rich human landscape. A large number of cultural and historical artifacts for tourists to view, such as the Warring States era of ancient group, West of the first bridge - La bronze bridge site, described by Mr Shen from the border town of Cha Dong, Ya-You-Walled cucumber Qian Miao people the former site of the uprising, Zhu Rongji and others studied in eight of the National Department of High site, Chongshan Park, folk music Cliff Graves tide funeral, Ji Wei Chongshan sites such as the Acropolis.
Fourth, ethnic customs romantic text . Huayuan County, population 265,000, of whom about 80% of the Hmong population, is a typical Hmong living in the county, they preserved the integrity of the strong national characteristics of the practices and customs. "March III," "Si Yueba", "Dragon Boat Festival," "Autumn in time would be" more than 70. Miao song and dance Ruhuan Like a Dream, Group representing clothing and handicrafts, food culture aromatic overflowing, so beautiful.

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Hibiscus Town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Yongshun County, Hunan Province, a small town Bangshui, the 1980s a well-known film Mingyangtianxia make the film at the same time created a well-known Chinese film in the history of the two characters -- - Liu Xiaoqing, Jiang Wen. Originally called the Village to the town since then also the name of the film, then Hibiscus Town China's tourism in the territory. Photos from the following, you may also see some vaguely remember a similar picture.

  In the film, Liu Xiaoqing was selling bean curd rice, which is one of Hunan's famous snack, Hibiscus Town to non-rice eating tofu can not, even if it is also waiting in line Too. On the street has a small separation of Liu Xiaoqing authentic rice and bean curd shop's other non-authentic brand of warfare in this town are busy playing. I do not know what you want to eat a bowl?

  Hibiscus Town pier, there is a small movie theater, all day long just put a movie: "Hibiscus Town" Xu you are perplexed over, you can find at the cinema over the past memories; perhaps you are young, then you go into the Valentine's together, the dark era love story is also moving.


  Hibiscus Town from a number of places to go if you want to drift, along the river to the high And a half hours, the best in the world is drift - drifting Mengdong He's the starting point for Palace Hani; If you want to look at the original ecology of monkeys and Youshui on both sides of the scenery, can take on the Pinghu YOU terminal of the ship; If you want to go to the original Meeting forest adventure expedition, to a charter terminal at the time of the original forest stream; Guzhang want to go if the world is the only red Lin fun car does not need much time; want to go Xifeng Lake, rent a boat, carefree music Kenya and a half hours can reach ... ...

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Chao Shan Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chao Shan Monastery: also known as the "Temple Zhaoyang," was founded in Early Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties to repair a slight, is the territory of Hunan, the second largest temple. Shan Monastery distant bell, the poet had been Tsan of the Qing Dynasty, "bell-long road, not back Mountain", so named "flying temple bell."

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Dian Lu Ban - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luban is located in Xiangtan City Hall to build self-Ping Street, was built in the early?????, burned in 1912 and 1915 by the mud carpenter who rebuilt to raise funds. After the rehabilitation of temples broad, cross-Dianmen large, beautiful sculpture, wood mud has been meeting people, activities.

A stage door, the Chinese legend In early days for the birth of Lu Ban, carpentry mud people gathering to commemorate this. In 1926, Xiangtan mud carpentry will be set up, the venue for this place. Later lose office to open primary schools, special children were enrolled in carpentry school mud.

  Now Dian Lu compared to preserve the integrity of the Dianmen is "full view of the ancient city of Xiangtan," clay Part 3 of this sub-plans. Department of Wenchang Pavilion for the right to a small picture of the East Gate, Wenchang Pavilion of the original picture clearly visible. Central to the ancient city to city yaowan picture, winding walls and view of Hunan, Wen Dominic Zhucheng the door on the wall and the tower, Duokou, at a glance.

Outside the city wall is half the Diaolou Street, is the largest port in order to move The Stone Arch, the walls of Wanshou Palace, Temple of Kwan cornices, stone Nao mouth of the Shek Pik, as well as Temple Tang, Tang bridge, such as Bay, where a three-Street, 6th Lane, are realistic appearance. Left for the Department of Yangmei picture Island, town houses, style.

In these scenes the following is the mighty Xiang River, Jiang Baigezhengliu surface, the terminal Jiangan Fresh in our memory. This map is to study the ancient city of Xiangtan important information for visitors to visit Xungu You add the taste.

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Sea Temple will be - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sea Temple is located in Xiangtan City Council Street side of the Great Lakes, founded in Yuanmomingchu, construction area of 4760 square meters, sung at more than 100 resident monks. A total of 3 Monastery hall: the former for the Hall of Maitreya, in order to Wei Tuo Temple, Main Hall for the post. Zhaitang to the right side, to the left side of the Buddhist temple, after the abbot room for the residence.

Middle of the hall, the main Buddhist 3, that the Buddha Sakyamuni, Amitabha, the Buddha pharmacists. Emperor Main Buddha of the two, standing Ananda Thera and Venerable Kassapa. Hatchback hall, there are 24 heavens, Ocean's 18. Shrines on both sides, black with a gold-word couplet:

Luyuan Chuan-Deng early, as the letter of Wisdom, Fang Hua Miao , The Ganges Zhuo Shi Chang sector, with a view to permit Lime & P, seven of the village, a few Tongye for the fall, a few Li Xiao Gang Feng-ho action;
Longchi this will be the rain, Nan Xiang back to the Buddha, on behalf of the non-Zen, 500 S. Chan, Ho Hsing-Lin Association, a new, three-Tang Kai, see Lvyin well, with good incense Fan.

Lord Buddha back, is Avalokitesvara, the exquisite sculpture, body-Yao Jin. Legend has it that this plastic statue of Guanyin spent more than two 8000 silver, Kwun Yam before a couplet:

And now 32, sprinkle all over Daigo, pipefish bottle containing water purification;
500 out of his hands to Zhimi, Yang Zhan Ying Luo, air Rui Lin Wan.
Senju in the audio-visual concept, Buddhist believers and tourists often pay homage to.

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Galaxy tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaoshan Galaxy is located in tourist areas Xiangxiang city and its main Shaoshan for irrigation, drainage area in the region effective control of the 5050 square kilometers, the normal water level 66.5 m, the capacity of 21,000,000 cubic meters, the executive involved in the region peaks, Xiangxiang, Shaoshan, Xiangtan four The county (city) area, planning area of about 81 square kilometers Scenic Lake scenic area, including foreign, Flying Lian million hectares irrigated area, a triage area Sanxiang, Silver Tin area. Drift to the main tourist area, is a financial and leisure, vacation, entertainment, sightseeing in one integrated irrigation-tourist areas.

As the main tourist area of irrigated areas Shaoshan, in July 1965 to start, once in the President Comrade Hua Guofeng, under the leadership of the labor force, with hundreds of thousands of "Foolish Old Man of the Shan have ambition, we have the ambition mountains," the pride and enthusiasm, time took only 10 months, completed the victory on the main channel and the North Trunk and well water for irrigation. More than three decades, the irrigation area irrigated with two peaks, Xiangxiang, Xiangtan, Ningxiang, Shao , City Point, Yu Hu seven counties (cities) in about 2,500 square kilometer area of 100 mu of farmland, both the industrial water supply, power generation, navigation, flood control drainage, culture, and other features utilization, Hunan Province is the largest irrigation water , And irrigation works in a spectacular Wei-ran, Bang Bo momentum, vertical and horizontal channels criss-cross paths, the group Luan Tsui, such as water mirror, elegant environment, fresh air and foreign investors is the ideal place to open up. Location superiority. Galaxy Shaoshan tourism area around Shaoshan, Wushi, Ming Hua, Zeng's former home, water, and other well-known Temple House as a tourist attraction spots in the region goes, Temple, Chu Gongci, Dongshan College, a little bronze statue of Huang, the Confucian Temple Guxiangguse scenic spots and historical sites, and monitoring frequency Changsha, Ningxiang, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Shaoshan, the peaks and other places, and they are far less than 100 km, by public transport. 320 national highway, railway, as well as in Hunan and Guizhou built on the highway runs through the Swiss and, in the region and the vertical and horizontal channels criss-cross paths, around scenic spots in a string of close .

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Peace Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Peace Park is the founding of New China, Xiangtan Municipal People's Government for the development of urban construction and public utilities, in the urban areas to the north, the west of Hunan and Guizhou railway, accounting for 36 hectares, 23 hectares of water surface, 13 hectares of land.

Peace Park to the main forest unique climate, natural elegance of the ring The landscape was open to the public, the park has Zi Zhi, Zhang, Nan and Magnolia, more than 100 kinds of trees such as ginkgo, and potted plants, flowers, string and wind more than 600, more than 40,000 trees. Land coverage has reached more than 80% of the total area of forest land for more than 70%, highlighting the Park "green" the main characteristics and functions. The park's main attractions include: bonsai garden, zoo, roller skating market, Taiwan's flowers, children's amusement park. Children's amusement park special, large-scale electric plane, swing, rings, Block column, Yo-board facilities such as bumper car in a pair of green trees, and elegant environment, fresh air. Peace Park to cultivate the production of flowers, potted landscape, in the National budding. National Flower, Chinese Bonsai Association in 1982, the first held in Shanghai chrysanthemum exhibition, the show sent to the Peace Park Ju bar "Erlongxizhu" won first prize. In 1985, two in Hunan Province bonsai exhibition, the public peace Bonsai Exhibition to send the majority of the various types of awards.

In April 1986, the Central Advisory Commission of the CPC Central Committee Wang visited Peace Park Road, praised the bonsai garden of the Jiangnan style thick, bonsai garden and a hand-written "Bonsai Xiangtan" horizontal inscribed board.

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Yu Hu Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Hu Park is located in Xiangtan City, as a result of low-lying, the plot into a lake named after the rain. Xiangtan has been on for the scenic, ancient times, "Pitt weeping alone tower, red sunset half-bridge," read the famous so far.

The whole sub-Lake, in the next three lakes, covering about 12 hectares. Lake in the construction of a different style Star, Sin of two bridges, Bridge wide, open boat. For the best scenery on the Lake District, water as bright as a mirror, weeping Yiyi, Lake pavilions scattered, Qulang linked pretty beautiful, is now open for the park. South Bank has Fengzhu Um, Tao Gongci, basking Court fight, Wanshou Palace, and other monuments. In addition to the park to repair the original Hall of Origin An flower kiosk, double-wall Square, 000 King kiosks evening glow, but also a new children's park, water Xie, windmills, flowers, greenhouse and so on. Park also often held flowers, painting, photography and other small-scale exhibitions, Xiangtan has become the public and visitors entertainment, the central place of rest. Xiangtan City, the annual Chrysanthemum Show is here Line, with various types of chrysanthemums Yan Qun, beautiful, as Huse add unlimited life.

Lake pavilions, weeping smoke color, Lakeshore verdant green, flirtatious flowers, known as "Tiger Hill wins Miaojue West Lake" in the world. The main attractions are Hall of origin, took an kiosks, double-wall Square, the evening light, such as kiosks. Yu Hu for a long time. "Historical Lake City": "Legend has it that about 600 years ago, Wang Ming-kai III, Xu Fei this Spring, rain on the way, the money could see rain, tens of millions of beads jump, and a sense of King named. Another said that the low-lying Yu Hu, Yu Ji-cheng Lake, named Yu Hu. "Guangxu published" in Xiangtan County, "said:" Gordon -Ditch, into post-Lake, that the change of Yu Hu. Yan Liu for embankment, and more outside the Temple Park. "There was only one of the Xiangshui connected ditch, the artificial lake open only into. The whole sub-Lake, in the next three lakes, the water a total of about 360 acres. Before liberation, lake silt the lake, the lake stink, call Long Xugou for the Xiangtan. 954 years into the park and began Xiujun, lake and extensive planting trees, presumably to resume, "Yan Liu embankment," it's old.

  Since ancient times, many well-known poet to stay in this excellent work, "Bi weeping alone tower, red sunset half-bridge" has been showing so far. Yu Hu now inside pavilions, Threshold back to the field, Zhu Shu shade, standing rockery, prepared very elegant. Lake in the construction of a different style of Seven Star, Sin of two bridges, Bridge wide, open boat; a new children's park, Shuixie, windmill, garden, greenhouse, but also to repair the original Hall of origin, took an kiosks, kiosks evening glow, Shuangbi Square, 000 King, and so on. One " Corner "in the history of this is the case: Chia-ching years, there are two Minnv, said," Yan Hui Shuangjue ", Xiangtan are trapped into a brothel. Jianzhenbuqu two-night vote Yu Hu died. Is Yi Ren Li for the two women Yu Hu on the Square next to the local algae SHI third overall title for the tomb of "Shuangbi graves," Fong said the department "Shuangbi perfect" time for the poet Sheng Yong.

  After the liberation of the destruction of St. Paul, in 1985 and reconstruction: Huan girl lake side by side double-double statue, as the new seat of St. Paul and are engraved on the "perfect Shuangbi" 4. Vertical column to restore the original 2 Square Alliance:
Bi Hai Yan as their lives; like white water table together.
Qingzhongfanghun to stay Stone; Pepper double as the moon-E.

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Shuifumiaoxiao garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Water Temple House Shao-owned small park located in the intersection of the two water port on the south side of the East. Water park is small Xi Lou government as the main temple, along the east bank of water injection and an extension of a new small garden, an area of 2000 square meters, was built in 1982. Garden slim, sleek, beautiful scenery, is located downtown, easily accessible, especially for the elderly Activities. Especially in the summer, the sold-out guests, tea and recreational activities are very fun people.

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Taishan East National Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East Taishan National Forest Park located in the Sea of Lianshui Xiangxiang South Economic Development Zone, across the river in the urban areas with a total area of 370 square kilometers. Here location and convenient transportation, beautiful mountain, like the air Fung Cheung-yee, said the United States Xiren "Eastern Taiwan from Feng", named Phoenix Mountain is the first of eight Xiangxiang.
Link Taiwan is a study of juvenile learning Mao Zedong Dongshan College, and students point land, it stimulated the market to text. General Tuo was a famous general of New China, Chen Geng, Tan Zheng, Huang's footsteps a little. Venta, Phoenix Temple, octagonal, Baiyun, Jingxing kiosks human landscape, forest tourism?????added. Dragon and Phoenix Villa Entertainment small village, children's entertainment market for vacation and leisure provides a warm place. East side of the Taishan, a fairy well, drying Healing Stone, Stone Book, which are tailor-made for Xianji name. Phoenix in the mountains the old temple is built to address regression, and the other priests in the foothills of the Tang Xianlin repair a concept, there are two like a fairy.
Dense forest on the mountain, green trees , Retaining the summer shade, Ye Yingqiu red, round flowers, birds contend beautiful environment, beautiful scenery. The natural mineral water, water Ganlie flavor, such as Law, Lan Hong, Shen Shui can be called the East.
Human heritage, long history and famous. The text of the original tower, octagonal, Phoenix has more than 1,000-year-old Temple; in the Tang Dynasty Two women's practice of drying Dan Qiuxian Healing Stone, drug wash well, flanking the unique charm Double Stone; purple tree Hyun Taiwan, the unique landscape; Taiwan leader, General Tuo tall and straight beautiful, magnificent momentum; quoted Feng Bridge, the door-rise buildings, Antique, excellent structure, unique; Phoenix loft Ting Xie-Hill, Forest of Stone Tablets paintings, plants, Shan Zhen In one flavor, attractive, fresh and new.

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Chairman of the bronze statue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great generation, the Chinese people's great leader Chairman Mao's statue stands in the red Shaoshan Plaza. Here Shaofeng backing, is at the center of Shaoshan Chong, from the Chairman of the House, the Hall of Mao, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall are very close.

  Chairman of the bronze statue by the Chairman of the founding ceremony on the image of the design, South West Block, North Korea North, Chairman of the body Wei, two-hand books, dressed in a tunic, his eyes bright smile, and spirits. 6 m high bronze statue, red granite base 4.1 meters high and 10.1 meters height, weight 3.7 tons statue. Base, General Secretary Jiang Zemin wrote the name of the special "Comrade Mao Zedong," five characters spangle Chairman of the square is the magnificent bronze statue, there are song-sik, Park, and then planting a flower bed of holly, camellia, rose flowers and so on.

  December 20, 1993, the General Secretary Jiang Zemin made a special trip to Shaoshan, Mao Zedong for the opening of the statue. Immediately, the President of the square in front of the statue be spent on The world's oceans.

Up to now, this is the Shaoshan most scenic spots to attract tourists, people here to pay respect to the majestic great man, take pictures, people feel proud demeanor of a great man and to the great strength and not before.

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Tomb of parents - Chinese tourism scenic spots

, And always will think of condolences - parents tomb

The parents of the death of Mao Zedong respectively in January 23, 1920 and October 5, 1919, buried away from his former residence less than 1 km on Cheung Pei Shan.

Cemetery about two trees on both sides of the white marble stone, carved on Mao Zedong wrote, "the text of the mother Festival" and "Mother of Hope Festival in conjunction . "Mother Festival text" is a four-character poem, Qingzhenyiqie, sincere and moving, his poems read: "Wumu alas, to die suddenly. Shou 53, gave birth to seven children. Seven more than three, that is, the people Qin East. Other infertility, two men and two women. My brothers and education, prepare hard calendar. Cuizhe for grinding and therefore meet unexpectedly disease. Never in the middle are sad history. Not Finally, to be spit Xu Wen. Yuyan this is only the two ends: an Austin Brown & Wood, a hate bias. Wu Mu Gao Feng, love most. Close proximity of one set all. Sorrowful-kind, the Department of Shu moved. Love can force was originally in good faith. Do not go for words, by no stretch of Qi Xin. Rectifying nature, not the slightest changes. After the Shouze are structured. Mind Secret, cleavage at the situation. Things considered exhaustive, no-hide. Clean wind, spread in Qi. Yi-Chen is not dyed, exterior and interior physical and mental. Five German conspicuous is the big end. Combining character, such as in the behavior. Where the hate side, at the end of Sangang. Who did not stretch, for there is not. Mental anguish, as Zhuo. Yu-day between people, to dump the iceberg. Times are Generation, place of education. If immature, referred to in the Huang. Disease when taken in hand, heart acid colon. However, Hu generation children, works for the good of all. The meeting also pregnant, well-loved. Or an ex-, or Laocui. Close size, are reported to be responsible. It is total, the Austin Brown & Wood-hui. Law must be sincere Chen, the effect is not illegal. The hate letter to the will of the Residual missing. It is read It is, the more this is not the heart. Shen En-rearing, Margaret Chao Chun-hui. When the newspaper, fine sea birds. Wu Mu alas, the mother dead end. Although the body destroy, the soul is eternal. Yousheng day, when all pay a debt of gratitude. Day living, with all the pro-am. Also made this a long time is short. However, pull out big, shallow Purchase. Dien family at this time, to make such a beginning. After Chen, and all day long. Sleeping yet! "

(October 8, 1919)

Great generation of parents is also very simple burial, pay here, too saddened by people, rather Gan Huai.

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Shaoshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaoshan is located in Xiangxiang, Ningxiang, at the junction of Xiangtan, 40 km from the city of Xiangtan, 120 km away from Changsha City, population 100,000. Legend has it that Shun this southern tour, see the beautiful scenery, Shao music was played, to be cited Feng-yee, and the birds-ming, mass, "Shao's and three women here and win, Feng Bird Book titles that women are to Sin . "Shaoshan it Got its name. Xiangtan City is now. Shaoshan in Hunan Province set Authority.

Shaoshan, the mountains, which rise amid Song Zhi, and magnificent, Bamboo pines, Toshihide fields, mountains and rivers with interest. Shaofeng Nanyue for one of the 72 peaks, color magic; reservoir into the blue sky youth, young Castle, the rippling blue waves; Ciyue the Um Song Chao, the mysterious "cave in the West" - Dishui Dong, Fu Ping break, Di Shuidong Eight, and other well-known screen landscape, dotted inspiring area of natural landscape.

Mao Zedong's former residence, the Hall of Mao, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and the new bronze statue of Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong's poetry Forest of Stone Tablets, Shaoshan martyrs cemetery for hundreds of millions of people, such as respect, Shaoshan credit to the luster.

  Development of the area's former home is now open, scenic areas Shaofeng, Di Shuidong area, the stream 4 major scenic spots such as the 51 spots. Mao Zedong's former residence, bronze statue of Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong Memorial, Lin Mao Zedong's poetry card, Mao Hall, a building Dishui Dong, Shao Ming Garden, the martyr cemetery in Shaoshan, and other human landscape ... very bright ...

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Mao Chun-Ancestral Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mao Chun-Ancestral Hall is located in West Chong Shao-Shan Muzi corner down the mountain, the Department of Housing Mao family of David Hall, is a brick, construction area of 1,000 square meters of two-story building. In 1925, Mao Zedong's home to carry out the peasant movement had held a secret meeting in Zuci. In June 1959 when the Shaoshan Mao Zedong had to return to their home Temple.

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Mao Zedong's poetry Forest of Stone Tablets - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mao Zedong's poetry at the Forest of Stone Tablets Shaofeng halfway up the mountain, 4 km away from Mao Zedong's former residence, in 1991, the construction work began officially in 1993 on display, with a total area of about 20,000 square meters, the garden by 100 white marble, marble, granite, etc. Is a collection of 100 poems of Mao Zedong, Mao to mark the main 100th anniversary of the Garden as a whole in accordance with Mao Zedong's revolutionary career, is divided into 5 parts, according to the chronological period is divided into 4:
The first area for youth written by Mao Zedong's poetry.
The second area for the Revolution and the Second Revolutionary Civil War period.
The third area for the Red Army Zheng, the Sino-Japanese War and the liberation war period.
The fourth area for the founding of New China after Mao Zedong's poetry.
Garden of Shibei, different style, endless change. That highlight the quaint, simple traditional characteristics and the pursuit of novel, bold change, so that Shibei Shaofeng with the natural beauty of the seamless, The audience away.
  Forest of Stone Tablets in the exit stands a huge Shibei, engraved above the Mao Zedong in June 26, 1959 in Shaoshan wrote an article entitled "Qilu. Shaoshan to." Cibei 12.26 meters wide and 8.3 meters high and 0.99 meters thick, birthday and the anniversary of the death of the birth of meaning.
Forest of Stone Tablets Zedong Poems, as a whole is characterized by emphasis on "building Habitat" and "creative" and affordable movement, King Xiang De poems, each poem is King, King of each poem is for the Shaoshan a steep Tim never, ever let The visitors felt the visit of Chairman Mao's poems revealed the heroic spirit.
By-laws: Forest of Stone Tablets in Shaoshan Mao Zedong's poetry Monument sequence "
Mao Zedong's poetry Forest of Stone Tablets, built 100 years of the birth of Mao Gong Zhi also. Hengyue located in the foothills Shaofeng 72 peak, 20,000 square meters of the camp. In marble, white marble, granite it. In big and small differences. Utterly different form, a forest tree monument, Cuolayouzhi. Thousands of support Luan, Stephen Yue Qin folk song voice; Among a Myriad North Korea return Song of the high gas bamboo. Seiran rain and fog, each of the 4 o'clock for eight Shaoshan added a must. Asaka Zi Qi Lian Heng Yue, fly under the Dongting Mu Yu, who made an impressive sincerity say.
Forest of Stone Tablets for the five scenic spots, according to the four-year period, the poetry inscribed Maogong 28 manuscripts, books on contemporary scene Yasuhisa the total recorded 22. Giant Monument 12.26 meters, 8.3 meters high and 0.99 meters thick, meaning birthday and the anniversary of the death of the birth of the scale for most of the country.
Shaoshan Mao Gong is Johnson's son, to force the course of events, Chak Yin people, full of daring, founded the East, slightly Wu Wen Tao, this must Kuanggu, K-Swiss Shi-Shu, weeping ghost scared of God, like a force of power Jin Ge voice of the Iron Horse. Reading Rulinzhanzhen, exciting favorite. Sao giant altar, only around world view, to put this on the Forest of Stone Tablets, the former light-yu, one-day total of Yang, Gong Mo Dayan.

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Mao Zedong Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Hall is located in Fengshan Shaoshan Chong cited, as cited Fengshan Shaoshan mountain range off the clock. Memorial Hall in 1963 began to build, on October 1, 1964 the official opening to the outside world, together with the subsequent expansion of the area, with a total area of about 1,000 square meters 8.

Former residence of Mao Zedong Memorial Hall is located on the south side of 500 meters, for a Zhuanmu mixed cement structure, according to the then first secretary of the Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and South Africa Tao Zhu instructions for the memorial design principles: "The appearance of rural and urban content." In accordance with this principle, the whole building in a creative way to the countryside for farm structures, Hunan style with the style of Suzhou gardens combine solemn set, Su, in one beautiful, white Fenqiang, Lichtung within the park, a crisp single gallery, little bridges and a rockery, garden pavilion, giving the Revolution into a traditional art education in the halls of feeling.

Memorial Hall, about the original have a pond, before the museum is a large square, on top of the door to state in detail Deng Xiaoping's words Golden book characters: "Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Hall."
The door is a spacious hall, the former Office, a 2.67 m high, weighing more than 3-ton statue of Mao Zedong's stand-off before the red, wearing a windbreaker Mao Zedong, left-handed pinch service cap, his right hand before the play. Along a corridor full of flowers, approached the Office of sequence, In order to display the country's six major revolution in commemoration of the picture, that is, Shaoshan, Mao Zedong's former residence, Shanghai, site of a major, Yangjie, the former site of the Zunyi Meeting, Yan'an, in Tiananmen Square. To show the historical process of China's revolution.

Order of the Central Office, shows a landscape model of Shaoshan, Shaoshan 2 0 square kilometers in this concentration, the Office of the sequence, on the steps, over a rockery, came along corridors and meeting rooms will be a living room wall erected a giant statue of Mao Zedong. Further east to the upper floors, courtyard of the three products was arranged in shape, in the atrium of the diagonal, each with 2 small homes Nam Home is a platform, and scattered under the mixed-dong, Children low light for the memorial within two of the treasures: Mao Zedong's former residence in Zhongnanhai and relics exhibition (copy).

North House Office of overload, with a gray Jingwo Jim vehicles on board labeled: Mao Zedong in June 1959 to Shaoshan the car. Has become a precious historical relics. To , Memorial Hall is the most deep, a more than 10 meters long and seven wide, eight-meter-yard, warehouses and heritage of Mao Zedong and Mao Zedong the same library, the hospital has two exhibition halls: Shaoshan helenahat Nairen thinking and our international friends in Shaoshan. Which display a well-known Chinese and foreign people visit Shaoshan photos, gifts and wrote original Comrade Deng Xiaoping during a visit to the Memorial Hall had left a down-to-earth: "Your history is on display, as long as history is in line with the line."

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Mao Kam Ancestral Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancestral Hall at Shaoshan Mao Kam Chong Shau the Tuo, Mao is the branch of the family room Kam Temple, south-west towards the northeast Block, Qingwa blue, the floor area 600 square meters, 50 meters on the right side of his hair is the ancestral hall. In 1925, Mao Zedong set up a secret association of farmers, held a secret meeting. In 1927, Mao had This study peasant movement.

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Di Shuidong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Di Shuidong is the Chairman of the villa, located on the west side of the Shaoshan red corner, and 3 km away from the former residence of the President. Di Shuidong days, Shaoshan is a famous scenic spots in the group, drop by You He, Ping rest tiger, the leading mountain scenery and Di Shuidong one component, such as construction.

Di Shuidong about 2.8 kilometers There are a stream inside the cave, after another ANGLE, I You He Northeast and North Korea to open. Lush trees along the creek, the tall and straight in a mixture of dense pine forests of bamboo, and more than 100 species of wild flowers grow Manshanbianye. Here's a rare ginkgo tree, privet, and so on more than 30 Tieshu, where there are azalea flowers, Lamei, hibiscus, Rose More than 100 species of chrysanthemum, and so on, here's a rare medicinal honeysuckle, licorice, sinensis, such as ginkgo, more than 20 species, habitat You Di Shuidong You He is a gifted King one of the major characteristics of the people in place such as the King in Wonderland. No matter what season you come here, and elsewhere have not see the scenery, and see that spring is here to spend the ocean, Manshanbianye Ban Lan open the magnificent wild flowers; here in the summer shade everywhere, set up a verdant forest green earth; in the fall with hopes are backed green leaves so that you can not help Du Mu issued by the phrase "Shuangye red flowers in February," the chant; winter Here is a world of white, snow cover Qingsong, flashing silver in the green, more You also enjoy a different feeling.

Tuo buried in the ravine leading a four-terminal Mao Zedong's great-grandfather, Di Shuidong is on the south side of the mountain, the leader seemed to be named after. Di Shuidong a building south of Shanbi leader, a dragon in the first plastic, spring drip water features, it is called ambergris, which is leading the seepage Hill ?.
Ping Niu at tiger rest on the mountain-shaped, with Hill leading the confrontation with You He separated from water, the terrain KIWI Ping, an Pingshang overlooking Shaoshan hundred miles of red King. En-Pu Mao Zedong's grandfather was buried here, here, formerly known as the Great Shek, later renamed. Feng Shui is said to someone here, is a rare treasure. Since 1 32 years until the spring of 1949, the KMT had sent agents to dig three graves of Chairman Mao Zedong, as a result of the protection of local people and did not succeed.

Tiger Pingshang break, Mao Zedong grandfather's grave has been repaired, and the tiger pavilion built next to scenic spots, railings overlooking the scenic spots, an extraordinary impression. Di Shuidong a building is a well-known attractions, scenic Dishui Dong is the main building. It is a brick cottage Qingwa the villa, saw the canal open and plain. Villa building is well-known, the reason for this is that 1966 years from June 18 to June 28, Chairman Mao Zedong once lived here, lived 1 Days. The itinerary of Chairman Mao quite mysterious, and the reason is not clear so far. This mysterious factors contributed to the current stream of tourists come from.

Building has now turned into a showroom, with Chairman Mao Zedong in the year used to live here in the office, bedroom, living room, Room and so on. Office with a large desk, table brush frame, Yantai. Jiejing bedroom and elegance, the President of the bed very wide very long, there are two bedroom desk. Than the Office of the large conference room, Chairman Mao Zedong in this meeting, conference rooms and a restaurant connected. Put table tennis room entertainment center of Taiwan, there are a lot of photos on the wall With Chairman Mao in the grip of the racket photos. In addition, there are air-raid shelter, with shock, anti-virus, anti-nuclear and other functions, Cidong extended break into the tiger Ping rock, about 100 meters long.
Di Shuidong Pode area currently favored by tourists, to come here every day to visit a lot of people, and has gradually developed into a red Shaoshan King The famous scenic spots.

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Qi Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi memorial at the city of Xiangtan White Horse Lake Scenic Area. To mark the outstanding artist of the people, the World Cultural Celebrity Qi, the Central Propaganda Department in 1983, the Ministry of Culture approved the construction of the Xiangtan Qi Memorial Hall, 10, 1993 at the completion of the completion of the same year the opening ceremony to be held on May 23 . Fort And 10,000 square meters, 2,000 square meters of the main building. Qi collection of the Museum's Chinese painting works and the early works of dozens of pieces of carved and a collection of recent contemporary works of hundreds of famous paintings. Memorial Hall around the beautiful scenery and is the heritage of the city of Xiangtan units.

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Peng's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Peng's former home is located in the southwestern Landscape Junxiu Xiangtan in Hunan Province, Wu Shi Feng next. Former Residence was built in 1925, Block northwest toward the southeast, brick, Fenqiangqingwa with flavor Jiangnan typical general of farm structures. Jinhua has been by his younger brother's former home, living in splendor, named the "three-Yokado."
1958 961, Peng twice in their hometowns, their hometown in 1961 when the survey lived 34 days to receive the visit of cadres and the masses more than 2,000 people, and this written material 5 rural areas to investigate the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee for reference.
After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th, the rehabilitation of Peng, Xiangtan County The Government has allocated special funds for maintenance of the House and the southwest side to provide a supplement to the showroom. Deng Xiaoping's former residence in 1982 for the title, in 1983 by former home in Hunan Province as a unit-level protection. In the same year on August 1 the official opening to the outside world.
100 years birthday Peng, the former residence of a comprehensive maintenance, rehabilitation and Peng back to 1961 when the original display. In the same year the official opening to the outside world, come to pay respect to the steady stream of visitors.

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