Sanya River Birds Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In March 2000 in Sanya City, Sanya River for the new Chinese Egret birds, such as nature reserves, national secondary protection of wild animals in Sanya egret therefore own a peaceful green home.

Sanya River Nature Reserve in the range of birds east of Sanya River and the River of about six , The width of 100-300 meters between the range of protected areas on land with an area of 930 mu, of which 210 acres of mangrove area, sand area of 721 mu.

Sanya is an important bird habitat, the territory of the Chinese Egret, hainana partridge and other rare birds are The country's important to protect wild animals. However, in the past decade, a sharp reduction in the number of birds, hunting, sale, purchase, slaughter of wildlife violations occur from time to time.

Sanya City in recent years to improve the ecological environment, Sanya River mangroves have been effective protection and recovery, , River currently has about 1000 Chinese Egret.

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Yacheng Confucius Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chao-Ming, the temple has a Great Hall, the door of civilization, Chong shrine, the statue by the Court. Jinmiao the time pilgrims flocked to a large incense, the Holy compliance culture, education and vibration, flow-yin, one after another, good customs Nikko. In particular, the famous Tang Dynasty monk Jianzhen left a large number of monks brought Buddhism to Japan, which is in the history of culture Yazhou with Odd colors treasures.

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Water Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cliff is located near the town, Hainan is well-known ancient village culture, the history of many famous people have associated with them, Yuan Huang Daopo female textile innovation has been home to the Arts. From the Tang Dynasty, many Mingshi courtier as a result of frame-up was a traitor and banished to the Yazhou to live here, such as the Tang Dynasty, Li Deyu, Zhao Ding Song Dynasty, more than Lu Xun, Hu Quan, and so on, as a result of And "You Ren Department with a disability at home." Lu Xun had more praise Fushi Water Village: "Zhu Ya Village landscape water, foot of the mountain forest they Mun. Parrot nest when the coconut-end, the partridge cry Peng Department of Health Zhu Sun. Salt fish home to the Hui-free city, Wo have the honor to Deng in distiller's grains . Far Atriplex-off battle to live well, but the suspect in the life of Taoyuan. "Hu Quan living 10 years later, Back to Hengyang, Hengbian wrote "Church Austin Brown & Wood."

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South Hot Tin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanya at the southern territory of the farm fields, and Wuzhizhoudao across the sea, yacht on the island just 15 minutes. East Monkey Island is 10 km to the South Bay is 19 km away, westbound corners of the earth is more than 30 km. South Tian Yu hot spring close to the sea east and the national highway from Phoenix International Airport 30 km, cross - Very convenient. Hot water volume single day since 3726 cubic meters, the water temperature 56 ?, high salinity.

Geology and Mineral Resources Ministry said since the flow of large, rare in the world, China can be called the first-chuen. South field with a variety of hot springs on human health useful minerals and trace elements are Fluoride treatment - silicon thermal Mineral water is not only beneficial to the health of the skin, but also the body of the body's systems have the beneficial effect of good to be able to adjust the body's autonomic nervous, to improve the physical, health. There have already been planned for the South Hot Tin tropical tourist city will become Southeast Asia's first-class travel and tourism degrees Resort. At present, the farm fields south of the 6 major agricultural sightseeing park (mango orchards, the people orchard garden nut, coconut garden, coffee and cocoa Park, rubber) is available for visitors, a number of resorts under construction.

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Origin Floor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddhists believe in, anything generated by the disappearance and fate to decide. Health is the origin of things to do and then edge out of things, some people will "edge" as "conditions" because the section of "East to West to" the historical origins, we have established a culture of Nanshan District, as required, we have built This is a large integrated office Because the Nanshan Cultural Park, you came to Nanshan, which are all caused by the cause. Nanshan people cherish the edge, so this building will be named as the "origin floor," I hope that this margin can be sustained and extended indefinitely.

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Sandi Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sandi, "referring to the air Matisse, and Matisse in fake Matisse, with a total of Buddhism embodied in the" safe "concept, which is a dialectic.

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Nanshan is not the old song - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Scientific name "Dragon Blood tree." Cretaceous dinosaur era had emerged in the plant, known as living fossils, the World UNESCO listed as a protected species, mainly in tropical and subtropical regions. At present, "Dracaena" Rare plants trees on the verge of eradication, but the city of Sanya Nanshan area is growing as many as 60,000 of its 30,000 concentrated in the tourist area the size of Dongtian. Lush, magnificent. Some old two years, the longest have more than six thousand years.

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in "eco", "culture", "education", "tourism" concept, not only to take a variety of scientific measures To save the protection of rare plants, such as in blood-long forest belt planted with dragon's blood tree are backed with low value of plants to prevent soil erosion and building a retaining wall, focus on trees for conduct such as the envelope; here at the same time carefully The design, construction reflected the traditional concept of the Taoist culture Shou Zi Ting, Ting-fu, and other cultural corridor Cultural landscape for visitors to show another ecological wonders.

Road, a cultural research scientist author: Fukuzawa place, bring up old millennium: God's foot mountain, neon magic emanation vancomycin Wizard! 800 years ago, the poet writers that love Nanshan, leaving all kinds of historical calligraphy. Yang did not know deep in the mountains, coincides with the Sheng , To show, a concept was fortunate to win also.

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Auspicious Zhongting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A large bell hanging within 1.8 meters high and weighing 0.8 tons, the so-called "trouble light to hear the bell", said to loud bell can be an addition to the annoyance, it is the practice of blessing the bell. "Three" in Chinese on behalf of the figures "," Buddhism in behalf of the "Buddha, France, and Monk." It is three times the bell ceremony table misfortunes.

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Paradise City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is the sub, is located in the beautiful city of Sanya Sanya River, is a strict layout, unique garden park. The project has been open to visitors there are "popular Express" video game World, open-air market roller skating, and the door to landscape areas, a rockery group, catering, and other areas.

, Sanya city park has entered the second phase, the main items are: Sham Shui Po, shallow-water swimming areas, wide chute, the spiral-shaped water slide, and other water facilities Qu Yuan; water with artificial hills cinema screen laser architecture; water Stage; unique roller skating wheels of the open-air dining area law. Beautiful and well-integrated Services will form a set of Sanya city park recreation, entertainment, to watch one of the modern theme park.

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Chan Yuet Court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chan Yuet Court have 300 guest rooms, elegant layout. Chan Yuet Court has completed the financing for hotel, is about to begin.

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Luhuitou Peak Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanya is located 3 kilometers south of the sea on three sides of the seaside hill, the main peak of 275.1 meters above sea level. Luhuitou as a result of a beautiful named after the legend: a long, long time ago, a brutal master dong, wish to take a rare deer horn and Li forced Ah young black deer hit the mountains. On one occasion mountains and Afghanistan hunting Saw a beautiful Hua Lu, being a leopard spot of hot pursuit, with arrows and the Arab-Israeli dead leopard spots, and then pursued Hua Lu has been up for nine days nine nights, 99, turned over Mountains, Sanya Bay to the south catch up with the coral Ya Shang, Hua Lu Yanbohaohan in the face of the South China Sea, there is virtually no way. At this point, the young hunter trying to Dajian Hunting, Hua Lu Feelings Staring at the sudden turn into a beautiful girl came to him, and they married. Deer deer girl please Lailiaoyibang brother, defeated the main dong, they settled on in the old quarry area, and cultivated men and women weave through generations multiply, then the coral cliff and built a beautiful manor. "Luhuitou" because Famous in the world. Now, Luhuitou Peak has become a beautiful Peak Park, according to the legend of the beautiful mountain sculpture in a 12 m high and 9 meters long, 4.9 meters wide of the huge stone statues. Sanya City has also been referred to as "Lucheng." Hill headland here and reflect the waves, can stand on a hill overlooking Hao Han The sea, overlooking hills, panoramic view of Sanya City, the most spectacular scenery.

Luhuitou Park, winding streets, built along the mountain Halley's comet observatory, listening to wave the white pavilion, the view of the Red Sea dry, Valentine's Island, in addition to Monkey Mountain, Deer homes, Liao Fang Li, turtles Turtle paradise Xianchi fish such as scenic spots for viewing, so that visitors to the music Erwang. Luhuitou four seasons in the mountains of flowers in full bloom, Chaziyanhong, colorful, more good news is, you can enjoy the treasures of Hainan coconut - coconut red.

Luhuitou the foot of the hill. Here we can see that spot colors make a false charge of parrot fish , Colorful starfish, crabs send bizarre, far from being handsome of sea cucumbers, sea worms and small sub-rare fish, in addition to the sea Tieshu, Liu Hai, tree coral, sea anemones, feather grass, soft corals and Hai Bang, jellyfish, sea Spurs, such as sponge-Harbor to watch, wonderful, fascinating.

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Underwater World Quest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The warm climate, water quality, colorful corals, a variety of tropical fish and other undersea plant, so that Sanya, Hainan has become the best diving activities. Diving tourism activities, there are two options: take the dive boat and dive directly.

By diving vessels, including submarines and Tourism: Cable is located in Sanya City "One aviation brigade," a submarine tour allows visitors to see the seabed, through closed-circuit television landscape. Underwater tour of the entire 50 minutes.

Semi-submersible boats Harbor: at Yalong Bay in Sanya City. Dive to 1.7 meters, visitors through the seat next to the window glass fiber reinforced plastic considerable undersea coral and tropical Group. The whole tourist trip Harbor about 1 hour.

Snorkeling and diving can be direct: to provide every guest a diving glasses, breathing tubes, life jackets and webbed feet, from snorkeling guides on the knowledge and attention to the matter, snorkeling and sightseeing tour along the water, the main activities in the 1-3 meters Light Area.

Scuba diving: Diving visitors to wear special clothing and diving equipment, training by the coach about half an hour, carrying bottles of compressed air in diving, led by coach into the seabed. Dive depth ranging from 4-15 meters.

Night diving: diving during the day and the difference is Preparation of the voice of the flashlight, diving submarine during the night even more mysterious, more stimulating.

Harbor walk: wearing anti-gas hood pressure, along with the coach, accompanied by boat through the ocean floor staircase went 4-5 meters water depth of the seabed around the coral. The whole trip about 20-30 minutes. Underwater cameras: the professional divers using special cameras equipped with underwater camera equipment, underwater photography services for the visitors.

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