Maze Journey to the West - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to the classical literature of China's famous work "Journey to the West" and large-scale drama "Journey to the West," the main plot and characters, was built in the West Sheshan inside the maze, in August 1989 opening. Maze 500 meters long, 22 scenes, Dongnuanxialiang inside the cave, the temperature drying. Maze highlighted the "wonderful changes" The use of sound, light, electricity and the means to make false, the world does not exist in the realm of many, such as Shuilian Dong, Huaguo Shan, in the East China Sea Dragon King's palace, the Jade Pool, a bottomless pit, Huoyanshan, and so on, into a magical charming visual image . To shape the image of the vivid characters, the audience into the myth of the marvelous world. In the visitors fans In which scenes and learn their way around the landscape, like a calendar body to review its position once the "Journey to the West" fantasy.

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